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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Oracle Photo by Robin Clark One of the Two Kushner Suspects Gary Lige Tillman, 19, is led by sheriff's deputies from the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office. Boy's Body Found; Two Men Arrested BY ANDREA HARRIS Managing Editor A body believed to be that of 11-year-old Jonathan Kushner, son of a USF professor, was found in a shallow grave yesterday near Sligh Avenue and 53rd Street. Two Thonotosassa men have been arrested and charged in connection with his murder. Hillsborough County Sheriff Malcolm Beard said in a press conference last night he is "reasonably sure" Kushner was murdered near the 7-Eleven store in the 11000 block of North Dale Mabry Highway where he was last seen more than a week ago. "It was just out of this world how they helped us. They created so much enthusiasm with this effort." -Malcolm Beard HE WOULD not comment on the condition of the body, the cause of death or the motives involved in the murder. The boy was the son of Gilbert Kushner, chairman of the,t, of Anthropology and associate dean of Behavioral Sciences here. USF students and faculty joined in the police search for the boy Oct. 28,-the day he disappeared, and continued the search even after the official police hunt was called off Oct. 29 ACLU Eyes State Manual; Parts 'Unconstitutional' JOHN PAUL Whitt, 30, and .Gary Lige Tillman, 19, both of Shady Oak Trailer Park in Thonotosassa, were arrested around 3:30 p.m. yesterday in Tampa and c)larged with first degree murc.i.:!r, Beard said. They are being held without bond in the County Jail, he said. Beard said a joint investigation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Hillsborough County State Attorney's Office and the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office resulted in the arrests. BEARD SAID USF par ticipation in the search "had a great deal to do" with the arrests and discovery of the body. "It was just out of this world how they helped us," Beard said. "They created so much enthusiasm with this effort. "They didn't give up, even though we had abandoned the so called search and begun the investigation," he said. BY SANDRA WRIGHT Assistant News Editor Portions of the revised Statewide Campus Police Manual appear to be "clearly un constitutional" and the Tampa chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union ( ACLU) will request the Florida ACLU association to review the document local ACLU Pres. Jack Moore said last night: "The state meet. ing will be in December and I imagine they will really blast it then," Moore said. THE MANUAL is designed to be a practical and useful guide to University Police (UP) throughout the state, according to State Security Coordinator Palmer Wee He said the preliminar y draft of the manual was revised after input was solicited from a USF committee and other University groups. "W e adopted a numb e r of the recommendations that w ere s uggest e d by th e USF group ," Wee s aid. "B ut not all of the r ec omm e ndations of that group w e re accepted hy the Spec i a l Projects Committee." The Special Pro.1ec ts Com mitte e headed by r ege nt C h ester F e rguson corre l a t e d input from all nine univ e r s iti e s r e l a tin g to the manual. W e e said F e r g u son's group s e nt th eir su g gest e d inside today's Oratlt SEC;JtETTI months. p. l'llHEI> go1s to hodia. p. : t six Cam-D \ \"IS wants oppn 1111tings. p. ; ) <"llE .\P TllHILl.S in 1111' lT. p ti l"SF ( emson. p. N In manual revisiono but not all the comments from the USF group "THERE were some changes in there that I thought came from the USF committ ee but evidently I was mistaken," Wee said. "I didn t get a separate report from them. SG Pres. Bill Davis a committee member, said he plans to forward a copy of the group's review to Wee. A passage of the manual Moore labeled unconstitutional refers lo UP gathering information relating to "potential troublem a kers. "UNIVEHSITY Police must necessarily rely upon the intelligence sources of outside police agencies to report the identities and activities of potential troublemakers who may wish to use the universit y campus as a base from which to a dvance illegal and disruptive programs that threate n orderly o perations," the manual states. But Moor e s aid t h e r e f e r ence to "potential troublemakers rathe r than c rimin a ls. m a kes the unconstitutional. "S o m e of that s tuff is so c le arly uncons titution a l I don' t know why they both e r l o pu t it in." Moor e s aid Bl' T \VEE said th e inform a tion would b e ga th e r e d con ce rnin g persons su c h as "a rin g of thi eves pla nnin g t o op erate in parkin g lots" on cai: pus. H e s aid h e fee ls the pa s s a g e is con s titution al. "IL does not r e f e r to activists." W ee s aid. "It is t a lkin g about. c riminal c ondu ct." D a vis said h e i s c onc e rn e d ;1bout sections rde rring t o right s of U P offi cers. ":vlEMBEHSllll' 1n an organizat ion or on<' wlHrc disclos11rf' w ould cmharass or he prejudici a l t.o the'sts of Llw d epartment and lh1 u;iive rsily'" is subject to "in v e s tigation ancl : 1ppropriat1 dis position 11ndn 111:1n11al rul1s Moon s aid lltis viol:1l1 s { II' officrs Till: .\I.\."\ 1 .\I. licc distributed to some UP officers in the state, Wee said noting he expects the other officers to receive copies this week. The body was discovered in a wooded area on information from Tillman and Whitt, Beard said. Whitt and Tillman will be arraigned within 24 hours pending a Grand Jury hearing, Beard said. UP, Dorm Student Liaison Discussed By Committee BY SANORA WRIGHT Assistant News Editor Set' rt'lated editorial on page 4. The idea of employing student "resident security managers" in dorms, to report observed illegal activities to University Poijce

2-THE ORACLE November 6, 1973 Segretti Sentenced To 6 Months W.-\SHINGTON 1 UPI l--Donald H. Segretti. the White Househired lawyer who admitted playing dirty tricks on 1972 D emocratic presidential con tenders. was sentenced yesterday to a six-month jail term which he described as a "fair sentence. ntws / Id 1 .W 0 r britts The sentence was imposed by U.S District Judge Gerhard Gesell, who added three years probation after the jail term. Segretti. 32, of California. could have received a maximum three years in jail for his guilty plea on three counts of violating federal election laws. Segretti had pleaded guilty to one count of conspir:lcy and two counts of distributing unlawful political material. Soviet Marines lUPil-The Soviet Union has sent up to 2 ,000 marines to the Mediterranean m ships designed for amphibious landings. the Pentagon said yesterday. But it said the Russian force was not .. militarily significant" ;rnd should cause no alarm. The l l nited States normally maintains an 1.800-man M a rine landing force aboard one ship m the Mediterranean, but added a second 1.800-man contingent after fighting broke out between the Arabs and Israelis. Oil Embargo CAIRO WPil-Egypt said yesterday the Arab embargo on oil to the United States will continue until Washington adopts an "even handed" policy in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Arab diplomats criss-crossed the Middle East and more war t::ilk ll'as heard. The F.gyptian com wtather Partly through tomorrow with a slight ehance of showt>rs. Highs in tht upper 70s to lowt>r sos with lows in thl' mid tiOs. Spill law Cap Proposed TALLAHASSEE

DOONESBURY (l.JfU, 9AS!CAUY, I'M SICK Of' tAOS! I'VE GOT by Garry Trudeau HERE'S All 7Ht HONEY I'VE 601. WHAT /JO YOO Sl/66C5T? I Water Shortage: 'Poor Planning' Gerald Parker, chief hydrologist for the Southwest Florida Water Management District, said Tampa's chronic water shortage is caused by poor planning rather than an actual lack of water. "Tampa was caught with its plans down, said Parker, speaking Friday at USF. He said Tampa has a wellfield that will provide enough water but will take about two years to develop WHEN TAMPA'S water supply became salty in 1957 the city dammed the Hillsborough River to get water, but it doe s not provide enough wate r t o d ay. Tampa waite d until a sho rtage existed instead o f pla nning for growth, Parke r said. He said Pine llas Count v has placed a t empora r y m o r a t ori um o n urineccessar y buildin g. Muc h of th e water in th e ir a quifer. o r water-collecting underground r ock l a y e r is salty, so th e c o unty bought land in Hillsborough a nd P a sco countie s for use as well fields When a community pumps waters out of a wellfi e ld it uses water coming from a l arger surfac e land area. P arker s aid the wellfie ld are a s of Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas counties ov erlap because wellfield planne r s did not a llo w for community growth ; rnd in creasing water usage. HE SAID Florida laws con cerning watP.r rights are based on an old English law defining water rights along flowing streams and are not applicable to wellfield runoff areas. This has resulted in recent conflicts between the counties over water rights. W e don t ha v e any workable water law yet," said Parker. He blame d man-madE pleasure -bo a t canal s for the s alt wate r contamina tion of w ater s uppl y in coastal a r e a s. H e said thi s h appe n e d to a great extent w h e r e construc tion was b e g un on t h e wes t ern e n d o f th e proposed c rossF l orida b a rge canal. Pre si de nt N i xo n s t o pp e d con stru ctio n of th e can a l l ast year P A RK E R SAID the Ma nagement Distric t o ffice recently denied a phosph a t e company's r e quest for more we ll s t o serve th eir ex pandin g o p e r a t ions for cing th e m t o re-use a n d conserv e th eir wa t e r The M anage m ent District's legal p owe r s t e m s from th e W a t e r R eso urces A ct. Pho s pt>at e i ndustri es in the L a k e l a nd a nd B a rto w a rea use 3:>0 milli o n gallons o f w a t e r a day, whi c h Park e r said, i s e nou g h to s uppl y a day's wa t e r to fiv e c ities t h e s i ze o f T ampa. Grad Council Okays Masters Program Proposals for a Mast e r of Ar ts d egree in Anthropol ogy a nd for departmental sta tu s of the Humanities Program receive d unanimous approval b y the Graduate Council at yest erday' s meeting. "The proposal for making a dlpartment out o f tl11 Humanities program mus t now hl' approved by th<. !In dlrgraduate Council a11<1 hv U r Carl Riggs, \ ic e prcsirkn t for Acade mi c Aff ai r s. It. ca n th e n b e s ent to I.he S t a t e Univ e r 3 it y S ys t e m C h a ncellor s Office for r e f erra l lo th e Boa rd of H e gents." D aniel Rutenberg Hum a nities c h airman, said. Th e p roposed pro gram f o r a Master of Arts degree in An lhropolo gy whi c h includes urba n a nd rrutlic-al anthropolog y, a nd p11hlic arc-h<'olog y mus t a l s o g o llw : Hmw r o ut e b e for e it i s in< 'orporahd in th e Univ e r s ity ( 'lllT in 1I11111 BOR Acts On CLEP The state Board of Reg ents c d With Air Cond. Ba nk Fin a n ci n g up to :36 month s Ope n M o n Thru Fri. 9 to 9 !17 1-0 !l!IO Sat. l 5 THE ORACLE -November 6, 1973 U.C. TOURNAMENTS Bridge Nov. 8 & 15 CTR 256 Chess Nov. 13 CTR 200 Billiards Nov. 17 UC Gameroom Table Tennis Nov. 13 CTR 002 $1.00 Registration fee Entry Blanks CTR 222 Nov. 1-9 A TI ON Ar u. t>ES"-HOW t Deadline Nov. 8 Nov. 9 Nov. 9 Nov. 9 PAESANO'S Italian Restaurant For Fast Take-Out Or Dine In 988-1447 10829 56th St Temple T e rrac e 3


4-THE ORACLE November 6. 1973 8-gentsg Wonu On Friday, the Resident Security Committee had another ''brainstorming session" and once again they produced another totally absurd "suggestion" to alleviate some of the resident halls security problems. The latest idea is the selection of one resident student within each hall to act as a "liaison" between that dorm and the University Police. DIRECTOR OF Public Safety Paul Uravich suggested the idea because he said many Resident Assistants (RAs) and Resident Instructors (Rls) are not a ware of how to report crimes. But Director of Housing and Food Service Ray King says he has an adequate staff now ... and if we don't, then we should look at ways to retrain them." We agree. friends and neighbors and if they violate University policies or state laws, they would then be turned over for criminal prosecution. In the long run, general paranoia would pervade the dorms and Ray King would most lik e ly have a hard time finding occupants. BETTER CAMPUS lighting, an escort service, urging Solve stud ents to lock their doors, m aking sure bicycles are properly secured to fixed ob jects, locking automobiles and many more such activities are what the committee should exam in c to solve the inadequacies of present security. These are realistic problems with realistic and acceptable solutions. These problems cannot be eliminated, but they can be reduced. It is imperative that the committee attune its thinking and its actions to those problems here and now. THESE INDIVIDUALS have been selected to hold responsible positions and these are the people Uravich should seek out and develop as effective liaisons for the University Police. To hire and train another individual to fill a that already exists is senseless. Beyond that, what resident of a aorm would take on the task of being a police informant? Such a position would require a person to keep an eye on his Sleep soundly tonight, your student liaison is awake! Reader Protests Gallo; Supports Boycott Editor: I arri writing in response to the large ad for Gallo wine carried in your issue of Oct. 25. You may not know that the United Farm Workers Union has been on strike against this company since June 2 7 of this year. In mid-August, UFW President Cesar Chavez called for a nati onwide consumer boycott of Gallo's wide range of products which include Boone s Farm, Spanada Tyrolia anc Ripple wines as well every three bottles of wine sold in the Gallo wine r Award 1967, 1969 ..\CP :\11-..\mtri<'an Sin

Davis Proposal Requests Open Campus Meetings A proposal that would require all USF committees and councils to be open to the public has been submitted to USF Pres. Cecil Mackey by Student Government (SG) Pres. Bill Davis, 'There are currently seve1al University councils and standing committees which either choose to, or are instructed to, bar members of the public and the Arts, Crafts Celebration Next Week The USF Women's Center will hold a Celebration of Women's Arts and Crafts Nov. 13 to 15 as a way of reaching women through their creativity, according to Wendee Wechsberg, a member of the Centers' board of directors. Art will be displayed all day during the three-day show in the UC Gallery and on the UC Mall from 10 a.m. to noon and from 2 to 4 p.m. Contributions of poetry and prose will be compiled into a booklet and made available during the show. Women will sing, dance and interpret oral readings on Nov. 15, Women's Performer's Night, in the Empty Keg. Wechsberg stressed that the event is noncompetitive. "The purpose is for women to share their art with the campus," she said. "Everyone has artistic ability, but there have been no great women artists in history because women have never been emphasized in the arts until very recently." All campus women are invited to submit their art, crafts and writing to the Women's Center, UC 159, by Nov. 8. Arrangements to appear at Performer's Night may also be made at the Women's Center. Decision Sessions Offered Sessions teaching decisionmaking skills will be offered to students by the Division of University Studies

6 -THE ORACLE November 6. 1973 Cheap Thrills Available In UC Basement BY PEGGY SCHROEDER Oracle Staff Writer Free diversion, or how to spend your time without spending much money could easily describe impressions of the Gameroom in the basement of the UC. Jim Blackwell, supervisor of the Recreation Area, is on hand daily to manage activities "MOST students don't even know we exist/' said Blackwell Most of those who do know but who are not regulars may think of pool as the only activity, he said. The billiard room encased behind gfass picture windows, is equipped with fifteen pocket billiard tables, two snooker billiard tables and one carom billiard table, along with a variety of other recreational games. "Snooker," explains Blackwell. "has smaller pockets than pocket billiard and the table is bigger The balls are smaller too." He continues, "Snooker takes more precision than regular billiards." THOSE DESIRING even more challenge are sure to enjoy carom billiards. This game is played with only three balls and is more exacting than any of the other games, Blackwell said Billiards is the only activity with a fee Seventy-five cents per table Is charged for each hour regardless of the amount of people who play. SEAC Plans Tournaments This Month Four tournament events will be sponsored by the Student En tertainment and Activities CounCil

THE ORACLE -November 6, 1973 7 u. ............... L H 1l' FineArtsStudentAdvisoryBoard It OUT elections of representatives wm tie held November 14 lt Repeats Poe deadline for candidates applications 5 p.m. Wednesday, November 7 lt :! (applicants see Brenda in FAH 110 lt ""P' for candidate roster) ic 2 representatives will be chosen lt from each department: mwk dance ""--Oracle photos by Brian Ashford Selection Miss Uhuru Crowned "The Masque of the Red Death" plus selected poetry by Edgar Allan Poe will be presented in a repeat per formance of "Silence and Shadow,'' presented by the Speech Comm uni cations Department. ie theatre "f"" iC visual arts Terry Rambert (center) was crowned Miss Uhuru at the fourth annual Miss Black Uhuru contest Saturday. Sheree Brtmms (right) was first runnerup and June Williams (left) was second runnerup, Above, Rambert becomes overjoyed when she learned she had won the title that nine black women students at USF vied for. "Si lence and Shadow" was adapted and directed by George Randolph speech instructor. IT WAS originally presented on Oct. 31. The encore performance will take place Wed nesday at 2 p m. in LAN 103. Admission is free TU highlites The cast members are Alan Scheck (as the Poe figure) Marian Rush Wansley Hancock, Steve Bradley, Eva Cristiani, Joan O Conne l John Slattery, Nanc y Jirkovsky, Bonnie Dennis and Bill Rousseau. TODAY 9 p m., Ch. 13-James Stewart as Hawkins." 11:30 p m Ch. 44-MovieBob Hope and Bing C rosb y tangl e with natives along The Road to Zanzibar." WED:\'ESDAY 9 p .m. Ch. 13-Cannon Ca nnon s client tonight is a man suspected of murdering a woman who collected overs. William Conrad stars. 9 p.m. C h. 44Movie Maril y n Monroe in L e t s Make L ove. 11 :30 p m. Ch. 13-Movi e -Paul Newman plays Billy the Kid in Th e Left Hand ed Gun. 11 :30 p m C h 44-MovieHope a nd Crosby get involved w ith Anthony Quin!'l awl Arabs on "Th e Road to Morocco. TllURSl>1 \ Y 4 p.m. Ch. 10Movie -"Fiv e Million Years to Earth" a se ie:-:;:e fiction f ilm about the discov e r y of a Martian spacecraft in a London subway. 9 p m., Ch. 13Movie One of the best films of the 60s comes to TV: "Th e Graduate," starrin g Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft as Mrs. Robinson the older woman who seduces Benjamin t -. .He\t ... d At SHAKET'S we serve fun (also pizza) (AND SANDWICHES) 8114 N. Fla. Ave. Tampa, Fla. 935-3101 OUTFITTERS FOR: Quality Camping an:mber of 8 711 N 40th S'. ree l FLORIDA ASSOCIATION, l'NC. TELEPHONE (813) 988-0045 Backpacking Canoeing Camping T:impa, Florida 33604 Specializing In LIGHTWEIGHT Sleeping Bags, Back Packs, Tents, Stoves, Coolers, Etc. W E ALSO CARRY CAMP TRAILS, OPTIMUS, WHITE STAG, EUREKA, WENZEL, MOUNTAIN HOUSE, COUGHLAN'S, TRUE TEMPER, ESTWING,. CUTTER, COLEMAN AND OTHERS.


8-THE ORACLE November 6, 1973 Clemson Roughs Up Brahm a n s HY 0.-\\' E i\lOORl\lAi\!\ Oracle Sports Editor Not only is USF suffering jisappointment after Sunday's 2 ) setback to Clemson it is physically depleted from the Tigers' attack. Among the more crucial Brah man injuries are the loss of second leading scorer Pete Mohrmann and defensemen Tom Rat z and Bill Bourne. Mohrmann is out for the season with a bone chip in the ankle while Ratz and Bourne are sidelined indefinitely with painful bruises "IT WAS a very physical game on our opponent's part, said coach Dan Holcomb of USF's only shutout defeat this season I can t think of anybody on the team that doesn t have some ailment. They 1akr 1220 E. Fletcht>:r Ave. I lpt n IUHI 11111 h:OH pm l'llfl'\L 1111 :.!;!77 BICYCLE SALES AND REPAIRS 5224 FOWLER 988-9316 I I HOURS: 10-6, 10-5 SAT. 112Mile East From USF entrance


Miami Here We Come oracle Photo by Tom O'Donnell A three-week layoff can make a team rusty or can give them the practice needed to improve themselves. For USF's Rugby Club they'll be hoping for the latter as they prepare to enter an unofficial tournament with University of Miami and Miami Tridents away this weekend. The 1-1-1 Brahmans haven't seen action since an Oct. 20 8-8 tie against Orlando. USF A waits State Finals After Fourth Place Finish BY RIND\' WEATHERL \ Oracle Sports Writer Coach Jane Cheatham 's spikers rebounded from their poor showing at the Florida State University (FSUl In vitational a week ago, with a fourth place finish in the .Jacksonville University (JU) Invitationill Saturday. Not that USF's womens volleyball squad blew everyone off the court in the 14 team meet, but the Brahmisses did thrust themselves into competition for Jane Cheatham o n e of two s tate openings in next week's state finals. Williams Removes Shaw From Cagers A'ready having three men quit the squad this f all. USF basketball coach Don Williams announced yesterday that first year player Embee Shaw has been "separated" from the team. Suspended almost a week and a half ago for walking off thP practice court, Shaw's separation, according to Williams, was made tor academic and physical reasons. "WE'HE interested in hi s reconstruction," said Williams of the guard-forward. "We'll reconsider his po s ition Qtr. 2 if his grades are good." Also Shaw has been given a physical fitness program to follow. The 6-foot-4 Shaw follows Rob Mineer. Ken Kellstrom and 13rad Dent as players who have left th e team for one reason or another. "Thirteen i s the number we s t arted out with." ex pl ained Williams last night. "We probabl y would have m a d e so m e cuts to get down to that number anyway." TBRC Prevails In Road Ra/lye The British Auto Enthusiasts 1 BAE) fo1md out. Saturday th a t they had hesl not fool around with Tampa L y Hallye Club when it comes lo American history. In it s f{allye America." TBJ{ C asked er.trants to keep track of streets n amed for presidents and states. i\nd u s ing its historical ;111d rallying knowledge, TBl\C grabbed th e sccom! of three int c r cluh challenge rallyes with B/\E. "USF played exceptionally well. They showed that they can beat the number one and number two teams in the state, Cheatham said after her squad kno cked off runner-up MiamiDade South two games to one and took one of three games from tournament winner FSU. ''\Ve did not get another shot at South.' Cheatham said after her team beat the Miamians Friday 15-13, 12-15 and 16-1.J. "because of the seeding in th e fin a l s which were single elimination.' Ca lling th e victory over MiamiDade South "a feather in our cap" Cheatham has two weeks to read y her spikers for the state finals Nov. 15-17 in Lakeland at Florida Southern College. "If they< USF J play in the state tournament lik e they did Friday against Miami-Dade South. they'll take it," the USF coach said. The Hrah1111sse s will Join 13 senior division colleges and seven junior di vision college at L a k eland in competition for the state volleyball championship. The top two teams will then trave l to West Georgia College Nov. :rn-Dec. 2 for th e regionals against schools from Florida, Ceorgia, Alabama and Mississippi. THE ORACLE -November 6, 1973 TAMPA'S ONLY NATURAL FOODS RESTAURANT serving fresh & wholesome natural foods 5326 E. Busch Blvd. Temple Terrace (next to Pantry Pride) 988-30;;..;:;0;..;;:;.8 ____ Every Tuesday: Mon.-Thurs. 11 am-9pm Fri.&Sat. 11 am-1 Opm Sunday 5pm-9pm 11 am 8:30 pm -All the crisp garden salad and-or fresh fruit salad you can eat $1.50 GRAND OPENING Introducing the Newest Concept in Hair Styling ... Stereophonic Sounds in Completely Private Rooms where you_ may enjoy a cocktail ... Compliments of the House. Come In and Visit Us Soon. You Will Be Pleasantly Surprised. Meet Manny Pineiro and Richard Nichols and their 50 Owls, and Relax While Your Appearance Is Enhanced by a Professional. FOR MEN AND LADIES FOR AN APPOINTMENT PHONE 933-2413 14932 N. FLORIDA AVENUE (ONE BLOCK SOUTH OF BEARSS PLAZA) 9: 00 am -9: 00 pm, MON FRI. 9:00am-3:00pm SATURDAY FOR THOSE WHO GIVE A HOOT HAND MADE CIGARS -100 per cent tobacco TONIGHT Dr. Evelyn Kessler on Bad ankles forced Mineer to end his basketball career whil e Dent chose to sit out the season in an effort to build his strength. A fr!'shmen. Kellstrom left after the fir s t few weeks because of home sickness. ll;1v!' and Mary !'aimer, driving fort he host t luh. tonk top honors with the Bi\;,;s llick and Mar:v lloovcr finishing in th e r111111<'r-11p spot. "Anthropology and Won1en" TllE BH:\111\.1:\!\ roster has now been trimmed to t:l pcopl(' but Williams is pleast>d with tlw !Pam's status. Co-rallycmastcrs ('harlic S111ith 1 :1ssociate professor in tlH' ( '1>ll<'gc of I ;111d I l;I\'<' l';1rk<'r 111;1p(H'd out ; 1 :lli.O:!n1ill' rout!' through T ; 1mpa and St l'l'fl'rshurg for th e conf!'st;111ts 8pm UC 251 9


10-TH E ORACLE Novtmbl'r ti 1!17:1 ---ORACL---E -------Bull tti n Board TODAY Unitarian Universalist Fellowship The Fellowship, as part of their annual canvass, is having a dinner Nov. 6 at 7:30 p .m. at !he home of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Newman 11503 Areca Rd. If interested call Bev Rodgers immediately at 985-1489. Christian Science Organization The Christian Science Organization will have its weekly meeting Nov. 6 at 4 : 30 p m in UC 200. Everyone is welcome. Counseling Center The Counseling Center' s services for Tuesday evening are personal counseling and Drug Rap Cadre. For information call 974-2832 or go lo AOC 204. MSIA The Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness will meet Nov. 6 at 8 :30 p m in the UC for a seminar. A dollar donation is Everyone is invited. PSA1s how to arrange for these servi ces which are free, costs on others and procedures to follow. Prof. Waller E Gristci will open the workshop, displays of most types of ad vertising will be available to students and student organi1ations. Everyone Is welcome. ASPA The American Society for Personnel Administration will hold its meeting Nov. 7 al 7 :30 p.m. in UC 158. The guest speaker will be Mr. Thomas Swiger, assi5tant vice president for Personnel, First National Bank. All students interested in the per. sonnel field are invited. Tampa Bay Ra I lye Club The Rallye Club will meet Nov. 7 at 8 :30 p m Maris' s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria, 3671 S W estshore. The meeting will consist ot discussion of r esults of Rallye America and upcoming e v ents. Anyone is w elcome. USF Flying Club Charlie Chaplin Retrospective Charlie Chaplin Retrospective this w eek presents "Some Like It Hot" Nov. 10 at 7 & 9 :30 p m in ENA. Film Classics This w eeks film "Public Enemy" and 'Golddiggers of 1935,'' will be shown Nov 10 al 7 :30 & 9 :30 p m in LAN 103. SUNDAY Unitarian Universalist Fellowship The felowship will meet Nov. 11 a t 11 a. m to h ear R e v Adrian Melott speak on: "Myth, Miracle and R eality". For furthe r i n formation call 988-8188. :.The f ellowship will als o b e sponsoring a Folk D ancing g e t -together Nov. 11 7 p rn Both events will lake plce I the Fellowship near campus Mov i e Som elime5 a Great Noti on w ill b e shown Nov 11 at 7 30 & 9:30 p m in ENA. snoblc: Medica l 111usrrations,'' in the Theatre Gallery, Nov. 9 through Occ. 7 Library G.allcry The Library Galler y will present the e xhibit: William Benton Museum, University of Connecticut: "Kacthe Kollwih: P rints," through Oec. 14. Plane t arium The Plnetulum will present "Coamlc Fireworks, on Sun days at 2 : 30 p .m. all though Nov. make xerox copie1 H EAi> C LASSIFIED A D S 1 The Underground llailroad Petition Drive I s Still On Petitions arc available in UC 156 .loin The Fight A gains t Cultural Discrimination paid for by the Committee for Fairness In Programming Salee lett.,a Catalog sn ... 1. e lkJll o tina Form1 Notic" Oire;:t Mail Envelope Letterhead Circulars Handbills Carda Brochurff Language-Literature Student Council The Language-Literature Student Council will meet for a reception and meeting Nov 6 al 7 p .m. in LAN 462. Presidents and-or representatives of Lang-Lit Academic Clubs and their advisors are invited. The Flying Club will mee t Nov. 7 al 7:30 p .m. in SOC 146 for a general meeting. All club members are a s k e d to attend. Charlie Chp!ln R e trosp ective lnatructiona Data ShHtl Order Forma Work ShMla House> Organ Testing and Advanced Placement The Florida 12th Grade Test (for early admission) will be given Nov. 6 in .FAO 220. For further information contact Mrs. Anita Paule! at 974-2987. WEDNESDAY Sigma Della Chi Sigma Delta Chi will meet Wednesday at 2 :00 p.m. in LAN 126. All members and membership candidates must attend and the upcoming initiation banquet will be discussed. USF Geology Club The Geology Club will meet Nov. 7 al 2 p.m. in CHE 206 for a meeting and lecture on "Mineral specimens as collector's items" given by Or. R G. Stevenson. Anyone in terested is invited. Society of Sigma XI The USF chapter of Sigma XI presents a faculty research award lecture given by Or. H.K. Eichhornvon Wurmb of the Astronomy Department. The topic: "A Closer Look al Some Off-Broadway Stars: Velikovsky, van Dani ken, the Hollow Earth, and Astrology. The lecture will be held Nov. 7 at 7 :30 p .m. in PHY 141 The public is Invited. Psychology Club The Psy:hology Club will Meet Nov. 7 at 2 p .m. in SOC 037 when Or. Rundus will present and discuss a film in the area of child psychology. Everyone is invited. Phi Beta Lambda Phi Beta Lambda will meet Nov. 7 at 7:30 p m in UC 203 when Roger Kennedy and Brian Abeles will speak on job opportunities with Penn Mutual. Business and business education students are welcome. Speech Department The Speech Department will present Literature Hour: "Silence & Shadow," in LAN 103 at 2 p m on Nov. 7. Access Access for Wednesday evening (Nov. 7J on WUSF-FM's (89 7) at 6 :30 p.m. will be Paul Uravich, director of Public Safety and Security. Early Registration Early Registration will run through Nov. 13. Counseling Center The Counseling Center's services for Wednesday evening will be Veteran's Counseling, Personality and Career Testing. For further information call 974-2832 or go to AOC 204. AICE The American Institute of Chemistry Engineers will meet Nov. 7 at 8 p m In ENG 120A for an organizational meeting which will include discussion and election of Charter officers. And also upcoming events will be scheduled with the ASME. All Engineers are invited. USF Lacrosse Club The Lacrosse Club will meet Nov. 7 at 2 p m in PED 104 for an organizational meeting and showing of the 1973 NCAA Lacrosse Championship Game. Anyone is welcome. World Affairs Council The World Affairs council will meet Nov. 1 at 2 p.m. in UC 252 for a special meeting. All members and prospective members are asked to attend. Windjammers Sailing Club The USF Windjammers Sailing Club wlll meet Nov. 7 at 2 p.m. in SOC 12 for sailing. class and at 6 p .m. for a general meeting. For those who cannot attend either functions call 971. Anyone interested in learning to sail or sail or race intercollegiately is welcome. Engineering College Association The Engineering College Association will meetfor a council meeting Nov. 7 at 2 p.m. in the Dean's reference Room. The meeting .. will include a vote to change t.'1e ECA Council elections to Qtr. 3 from Qtr. 2. Free coffee and all interested are invited. Anthropology Club The Anthropology Club will meet Nov. 7 at 2 p.m. In SOC 127 to plan activities. All In terested are invited. Stuclent Organizations Student Organizations will hold a publicity. workshop Nov. 7 at 2 p.m In the UC Ballroom. Tom L-is Is In charge. The ; workshop wlll Include Information. from all sources concerning for organizations such as: posterS, .ditto and mimeograph services, WUSF, Oracle, University Center, mailouts, Educational Resources (graphics), Information Ser vices, special programs, radio and area TV, Student Accounting Organization The Student Accounting Organi1ation will meet Nov. 7 al 2 p.m. in BUS 107. Speaking a l this m eeting will b e Ronald H Jordan, special agent with the FBI. Anyone in t e r ested i s invited. SG Student Government will sponsor a rock 1n roll street dance with the Outaws. Nov. 7 from 9 lo 11 p.m. at Crescent Hill. Anyone is welcome to come rock 'n roll. Testing and Advanced Placement The Miller Analogies Test will be given Nov. 7 in FAO 220. For further information call 974-2741. THURSDAY Women in Communications The Florida West Coast Chapter of Women in Communications will meet Nov. 8 at 7 :30 p.m. at General Telephone Co. (downtown> for a tour of the telecommunications center. For further information call Bobbi Campbell at ext. 2181, ADM 190. Bridge Club Tbe Bridge Club meets every Thursday at 7:30 p .m. in CTR. Anyone is welcome. OZOG-CHEN PEMA School The OZOG.CHEN PEMA School will present Nov. aats p m at the Tampa Public Library a selection of films done In Tibet, Sikkim, and Bhutan. They are an authentic glimpse of the Tantric Buddhist tradition as practiced by the Nylngmapa and KrvYut!UI school. The program will be by John Sheppard. The public is invited free of charge. Counseling Cente.The Counseling Center's services Thur sday evening are Reading-Study Skills, Career & Personal Counseling, Black Peer Management, Tutorial, Career Information, Library (AOC 103 A), Reading Lab (AOC 104). For further information call 974-2832 or go to AOC 204. Faculty Series There will be a Faculty Series in Traditional, Contemporary and Ex perimental Music: "University Symphony" Nov. 8 at 8 :30 p m in the Theatre. Everyone is welcome. FRIDAY Concert There will be a concert Nov. 9 in the GYM at 9 p m for S2.50 with Io. Playing will be Bob Seger & Gravel. Everyone is welcome. Movie "Sometimes ci Great Notion, will be shown in FAH 101at7:30 & 10 p.m. Nov. 9 Faculty Series The Faculty Series in Traditional, Con temporary, and Experimental Music will present Nov. 9 "Faculty String Quartet and Faculty Woodwind Quintet, at 8 :30 p.m. in the Theatre. Charlie Chaplin Retrospective Charlie Cahplin Retrospective: "Modern Times" will be presented Nov. 9 at 7 & 9 p .m. in ENA. Midnight Madness This week's Midnight Madness will be "Some Like It Hot" to be shown Nov. 9 at midnight in ENA SATURDAY USF Lacrosse Club The Lacros5e Club will meet Nov. 10 at 10 a.m. at the Intramural Held for a club practice. Anyone Interested in playlng lacrosse is Invited, especially beillnners. Movie "Sometimes a Great Notion" will be shown Nov. 10 at7:30 & 10 in FAH 101. Faculty Series The Faculty Series in Traditional, Con temporary and Experimental Music presents "Faculty Chamber Players" on Nov. 10 at 8:30 p.m. in the Theatre. Charlie Chaplin Relro1peclive presents "Modern T i mes" o n Nov. \ 1 a t 7 & 9 : 30 p m i n ENA. Englis h F orum Eng l i sh Forum w ill meet Nov 11. noon to sunse t a t Hillsborough State Park for a poetry festival. The charge is 25 c ents p e r person. Food and drinks will be serve d Faculty and student poets will r ead their works. Everyone attending should m eet in the first parking lot at the park at noon For more information see Jay Dietz in LAN JS8L MONDAY !Nov. 12) Counseling Center The Counseling Center's services this evening (Nov. are: Speech & Hearing and Veterans Affairs. For further in formation call 974 or go lo AOC 204. Humanities Club The Humanities Club invites anyone in lerested to attend their meetings Mondays at 2 p.m. Humanities majors are especially encouraged. Interesting programs are planned 1nd refreshments are served. Officers for this year are: Vicki Hull, president, Paul Sink, vice president, Nancy Cutken, treasurer and Fraser Anderson, secretary. TUESOAY(Nov. 13) Unitarian Universalist Fellowship The Fellowship will meef Nov. 13 at 8 p.m. for "Open Reltjonshlps" an on-going group for couples, not necessarily married. For wrther information call 988-8118. Movie "Or. Zhivago" will be shown Nov. 13 at 7 p.m. in the GYM. Testing and Advanced Placement The Schol and College Ability Test (SCAT) will be given Nov. 13 in FAO 220. For further information and appointments call 974-2741. THURSDAY (Nov. 15) l.E.E.E On Nov. 15 The Institute of Electrical and Elec!ronic Engineers and the Florida Engineering Society will sponsor a joint meeting al 8 p m in UC 215. The program will include a Westinghouse presentation, "Offshore Nuclear Power Stations." All members and their guests are invited to attend. Women's Program of Rap Cadre The Women's program of Rap Cadre will sponsor a "training to do counseling" meeting Nov. 15 at 7 :30 p m in AOC 218. This will be an information meeting regarding the different types of counseling lo be trained. They are problem pregnancy, abortion, rape and birth control. r >r further In formation call 974-2767. CONTINUING EVENTS University Volunteer Services The UVS is hosting a Florida Student Volu teer Convention the weekend ol Nov. 9 through 11. Volunteers from all over the state, as well as. guest speakers from The Washington Volunteer Center w!ll be at tending All intersted students, staff and faculty are Invited to attend meetings 01 workshops, speakers and other activities. For information call ext. 23Ba. Committee of Seniors A Committee of Seniors has been formed for anyone who wishes to voice an opinion, suggestion, complaint or comment having to do with the Modern Language Department. If interestl!d see student representative, Mady Flem al in LAN 212. Her schedule is Mon. & Wed. 1 lo 2 p.m. and Tues. & Thurs. noon to 1. USF Art Department The Art Department will present thru Nov. 27: "Undergraduate Photography Students Show/' at the Teaching Gallery. Also the Art Department will pr&cJnt a faculty one-man show: "Jeffrey Kron DONATE ON A REGULAR BLOOD PLASMA PROGRAM AND RECEIVE UP TO $40 A MONTH BRING STUDENT ID OR THIS AD AND RECEIVE A BONUS WITH YOUR FIRST DONATION HYLANo ooNOR CENTElf 238 W. Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, Fla 33602 appointment available tO fit your class schedule Monday through Friday call 253-2844 Announcementa Coet Sh H h Price Lia ta Re11ume1 c Stuffen TWO LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU BETIER inslyprints 4347 W Kennedy Blvd Tampa. Flo 33609 879 4684 5101 E Busch Blvd Tampa, Flo 33617 985-2083 Seniors, Master Candidates: Reservations being taken NOW for portrait sittings for the 1974 USF Senior Directory Ca/1974-2617 or visit LAN 472 to make your reservation NOW for Sittings Nov. 13-16 NO CHARGE FOR SITTINGS The Directory will be inserted during Quarter Ill as a free supplement to the Oracle ...


( t: 1 .. A S S I H II A II S ) THE ORACLE -November 6, 1973 11 LAMAKCBA [ HELP WANTED l SERVICES OFFERED .1 ( MUSICAL ) New Apts. MEN or WOMEN wanted for permanent part time employment taking inventory in drug, grocery, and variety stores. Reply RGIS Inventory Spec. 5445 Mariner SI. Suite 208 Phone 079-3876. GIRLS-Earn Extra Money In Your Spare Time And Gain Valuable Experience As A Model. Free-Lance Glamor Photographer Needs Models For Part-Time Work. Experience Or Perfect Figure Not essential. Call Sue For An Appl. 9 to 5 248-1112 PART TIME help wanted flexible hours, no experience necessary. Apply Barnett Sewing Machine Co. 872-8657 4325 w Kennedy Blvd. UNDERGROUND COMIX Largest selection in Tampa. Zaps, Freak Brothers, Mr. Natural, etc. Survival Bookworks, 12303 Nebraska Ave. Open 7 days a week 11-7:30 p m ATTRACTIVE females needed for part-time in clothing store. Experience In retail selling helpful but not absolutely necessary. Please call 933-3758. JOB opportunity for on-campus student interested in astrology. If you need extra cash send Your name, birthdate, year, place and hour of birth t o "Campus Astrology," Box 397, Aberdeen, South Dakota, 57401. No lees, this is a bona fide job offer. JOIN the people business Openings for trainees. We want people who want to grow with us Excellent company benefits, 40-hr work week, salary. Apply in person, 1202 E Fowler Ave. FULL OR PART-TIMF. WORK, 8, 6, or 4 hour shins. Mornings or evenings. General plant labor.' CAST-IRON CORPORATION OF FLORIDA. Faulkenburg Road & Hwy. 574 Phone 626-1550 ( MISC. FOR SALE ) 10-SPEED bike. Excellent condition. Firm price $65. Call 833-5474 after 6 p m any day. FOR SALE: Contract for Quarters II, 111 at Fontana Hall. Included is 15 meals weekly. No deposit. Contact Tim McGuire rm. 1015 Fontana Hall or leave message at desk. IRISH SETTER Pupples-7 weeks, with papers; males & females. Cute, healthy, and very affectionate. Partially housebroken. Good bloodlines; very smart. 575. After 5 and on weekends 971-4249. 10-SPEED Schwinn Varsity, excellent condition, Call 988-2002 evenings. WE HAVE denims In regular and bells and cords In bells. Also, boots, shirts & westerr hats. Only 10 min. from campus. Berma Western Wear 8702 Nebraska. CLOSEOUT on knit men' s pants, some slightly Irregular. Only S6.50-pair." Cal between 5 and 7 p .m. Monday and Wed nesday only for information 876-1908. MOTORCYCLES & SCOOTERS I 10 YAMAHA 360 Motorcross-Excellent condition. Must sell ; l"m desperate. No reasonable offer refused. $400 or be s t offer. Call 974-2271. Ask for Roy. ( FOR RENT ) MALE roommateown a big room in a nice two bedroom mobile hom e C entral air, s min. to USF. Pool. laundry lacilities. All conveniences S80 a month for more in formation call 971-8808. LA MANCHA DOS Tampa's o nl y st ud ent apt. Complex. $72-90 per month. 1 bl ock from campus on 42nd St. 971 -0100 ( LOST & FOUND ) REWARD for m a le Siamese cat with r e d (Ollar and bells. Please return. He l oved 986 1713 or 971-5676. ft pays to qrJverfise in the Oracle ext. 2620 Ur 4 72 TY PE everything-proofreadingincluded. Specialize in fast service. Maybe same day. Call Linda 977-1903. If no answer call 988-1519 FAST, accurate typing service. 48 hr. ser vice in most instances. 2 min. from USF. Between 8 :30 and 5 :0 0 call 879-7222 ext. 238. After 6:00 call 988-3435. Ask for Liz. SPECIALIZED TYPIST IBM CORRECTING Selectric, carbon ribbon, pica or elite. Type changes and Greek symbols. All types of work and styles. 5 min. from USF. Nina Schiro, 971 2139. If no answer, 235-3261. TYPING: Accurate and fast. Turabian, term oaoers, Theses, resumes,weeklv assignments. Close to USF. Call Lucy Wilson 988-0836 EXTRAORDINARY TYPIST 5 plus years of Quality term papers di sse rt at ions-stat is tic a I d at a-thesis Turabian-US F-Campbell-1 BM Selectric, carbon ribbon, 4 type styles, picaReferences on request. Call Gloria 884 1969. TYPING Books, These s R eports Call: 877-5554 STUDENT Move r s, furniture moving, hauling, odd jobs Call Ray or Elaine 4 to 7 p .m. Mon. thru Sun 949-5247. CAMPUS ART SERVICE GRAPHS-CHARTS-LOGOS LETTE RH EADS-BROCHU RES-NEWSPAPER LAYOUTS-HANDBILLS Call Mel Johnson 971-2634 after 6 p.m. ( PERSONAL ) ABORTION is safQ. llbortion is legal. In Clearwater call toll tree for Information. Dial 1 -800-432-3753. ATTRACTIVE room, modern trailer park, free in exchange, companionship for 13 yr. old girl weekday eves for working mom. References. Call before 3 :00 or weekends. 971-2657. DATING: /Compute r -style. Complete in formation, New Friends, P .O. Box 22693P Tampa, Florida 33622. FOR THE BIGGEST leather bargain in town see the Craft bags of leather at Crafts Unlimited As low as 69 cents per pound. Two locations fo1 your convenience. 4948 Busch Piaza; 4041 Henderson Blvd. "Lac eable Leather" was designe d with you in mind. -------------DESPERATE? PREGNANT? NEED HELP? Call SOLVE 227-8461. We provide maternity clotMs-baby clothes-housing jobs -transportation & financial assistance 227-8461. HAVE PROBLEMS? Call HELPLINE a t 9742555. If you are a woman and n ee d to talk to another woman, call the WOMEN' S LINE at 974-2556. CARSON OPTICAL -11710 Fla. Ave. 935. 7854. Eyeglass RX. & photogray; plastic or harde n e d lenses made Gold wire fram e!' & fashioned frames. Duplicate broke n l e nses & repair frames. Ul0Glm NEBRASKA AT FOWLER 971-0007 Oral Generation Two For The Money Hoth Color, X Midniht Shows Fri. & Sal. :0111. Sho" s f rn111 11 :.I.) 1936 CABLE &. SONS Grand Piano. Pro Rebuilt. $900. Leave number at 884-7687. GUITAR STRINGS Lowest prices in Tampa. All kinds of musical accessories. Survival Bookworks, 12303 Nebraska Ave. Open 7 days a week 11-7:30 p.m. [ AUTOMOTIVE ) MERCEDES 1970 280 SE Automatic. Perfect. Reasonable. One owner. 251-6926 evenings. 1969 Buick Skylark Custom, factory air, power steering and brakes, excellent running condition. Beta 411 Phone 974-6358 or 974. .. APTS. & HOUSES I TO SHARE MALE roommate for 12x60 2 bdrm. trailer. Share expenses. Near USF. Call 971-7569 for info. ( REAL ESTATE ) A GOOD START-in this cozy 3 bdrm. home located just 10 min. from USF & VA hospital. Kitchen has eat-in area. Decorate !o your good taste! Call-for appt. Pauline Ferraro Assoc Res 877-4922 Coyle Really Off. 877-8227. SPLIT bedroom arrangement. Great 3 bedroom home with panelled kinQ-si1e master bedroom. Large kitchen with breakfast area. Fully carpeted living room with breakfast .rea. Full carpeted living room with lovely bay window. Central heat and air. Garage. Sidewalks. A0 Great Bu y FHA-VA Financing available. Upper 20's. Call for appt. Pauline Ferraro, Assoc. Coyle Really. Res : 877-4922. Off: 877-8227 La Mancha Dos now has vacancies in the new section of the complex. Reservations are being accepted for immediate occupancy or for next quarter. 1 block from campus on 42nd St. ---------$72 -90 per month Phone 971-0100 EUROPEAN MOTOR CAR SERVICE OF BRANDON OTOYOTAOMGODATSUN OALFA ROMEOOFIAT o JAGUAR OTRIUMPH O FERRARI __ )J FOREIGN CAR REPAIR & SERVICE "OUR ONLY BUSINESS" COMPLETE RESTORATION SERVICE 689-0016 BEHIND KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN HWY. 60--1012 W. BRANDON BLVD. BRANDON "FAT CHANCE'' WEDNESDAY NIGHT SPECIAL AT THE WHIPPING POST ALL GREEKS ADMI'ITED FREE & 1 FREE DRAFT YOU MUST WEAR YOUR JERSEY ALSO DON'T FORGET HAPPY HOUR EVERY TUESDAY & THURSDAY NIGHT 8:00-9:00 lOc DRAFf $1.00 PITCHERS Nuclear Power For those enrolled in Physics, t. --.:'.!:..-r.:.w' :: :: .m For I.Wormatlon: .. see I':!.,-. "---?'-' 'he -.Navy () r Information Team in "" i\OC105; "Nov, 7th thru 9th 9: 30 -2: 30 or Call Navy, Temple Terrace, Anyti m e 9851010. or Engineering


12-THE ORACLE November 6 1973 Vets, Women Begin Prison Reform Plan Representatives of the Viet nam Veterans Against the War ( \'VAWl announced plans for an initiative to reform prisons and jails in Florida at a press conference here Friday. VVAW member Carl Brown said that the organization became interested in penal reform through the imprisonment of som e of its members and other political prisoners.' PLANS FOR the initiative include: a communications system to allow prisoners with grievances to obtain an attorney's advice; a push for parol agencies to find jobs for all ex convicts; more meaningful trade schools in prisons: a better in prison education system; and in general, more attention given to rehabilitation rather than punishment. Vietnam Veteran Pete Rooney quoting an author of an essay on prisons said, a society can be judged by the way it treats its prisoners." Rooney citing inadequacies in Hillsborough County Jails, said that three bail bondsmen, with the cooperation of jail guards, had forced poor women into sexual intercourse before they would bail them out. Correctional officers are given a course in human relations and are told not act like "judges and juries." Those found guilty of abuse are fired. -Maj. Al Perotti HOONE\' said the shower and sanitary facilities were inadequate. resulting in "crabs all over the place." H e also mentioned over crowd ing poor food, sadistic matrons ( in wom en's prisons ) and the absence of written literature in the jail. Director of Corrections in Hillsborough County Major Al Perotti, when contacted said that all employes eat the same food as the inmates, "even Sheriff Beard, if he were to visit would eat it. PEROTTI, correctional head for 10 years, said the correctional officers were given a course in human relations and are told not to act like "judges and juries." Those found guilty of abuse are fired. He said although the cells are overcrowded (14 men in a 12-man celll, they are sanitary. Perotti denied the "bail bond sman" charge saying that for it to be true. guards and matrons \\'ould hav e lo be bribed to a llow the bondsmen up to tlH' third floor of the jail and this wa s "im possible" in thi s case. llE S : \11> that publications suc h as Time and Nrwswcck are allowed into jail but thi s was the chaplain. Dr. William's, jurisdiction. The VVA W initiativ e i s takin g concrete form through see kin g publicity !aw cases in behalf of prisoners who feel their rights have been abused. "test mailings" to ::;ec if prisoners are receiving mail they s h o uld and more intervi ews with prisoners. Ed Cooper. USF coordinator for VVAW. called for better medic a l treatment in prisons perhaps including m ethadone treatments for heroin addicts MEMBERS of VVAW and representatives from th e Women s Center plan t o go to the county jail Saturday to interview several women prisoner s. The VV AW is trying t o finance these initiativ es with donations. Those wishing more information about the reform initiative should write VVAW Prison Reform, P.O. Box 11212, Tampa. Fla. 33610. DAIRY QUEEN 2222 E. FLETCHER 971-9050 SAVE 50 2 big braziers and 2 fries Reg. $1.88 now $1.38 good through-November 10 s.o.q. Sfandard tr \\illi this lTnb('alahle rftarn For ])ry Cleaning J)rapcries C11ar:11tl('cll lc11;..:tli En n lk111li11 1'1.-at,.; a!.,..olutcl\ H'rlit'al '"\..,. Sarntonc B1i;..:hl<'r, cl1 ;111<'1" ,..pa1kli11;..: ndo1,.; a11


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