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The Oracle

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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
Beeman, Laurel T. ( Editor )
Harris, Andrea ( Managing editor )
Thompson, Sue ( Advertising manager )
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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University of South Florida -- Newspapers ( lcsh )
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Energy Rationing Plans Ordered Ser nlatccl cclito.-ial on pagl' I WASHINGTON :\IPSO:\ said the energy s aving measures are being devised after a letter from Mautz ,,as received. The letter outlined methods underway a t state agencies and requested state university presidents look toward conservatio n The l ettei advised the presidents that computers to monitor the utilization of electricity. moderate peak loads a'.1d minimize use of current" have been installed at Florida A&M University and Florida International University "If these pilot programs are successful. "e will seek to have similar ones at all universities. the Jetter said urged the presidents to also adopt, are: extinguish every other light in public corridors, lower all thermostats two degrees when heating and raise them two degrees when cooling and turn off all air conditioning units at 4 p.m. "I urge you to take whatever additional steps you deem practical to conserve energy." Mautz' letter said. But Thompson said some of the recommended procedures would be difficult to implement at USF. He noted extinguishing lights in halls could present a safety hazard. "\\"E H:\ \"E to take safety measures into account, Thompson said. Shutting off air conditioners at .J p.m. would not be practical because of the structure of USF's generators. Thompson saict But he said he and Physical Plant Di 'rector Charles Butier plan discussions with utilities workers to decide on other conservation methods. "It would be premature to say what we will do at this time." Butler said. "But if it is a directive from the chancellor, I"m sure we will act on it." CLEP Study Underway, Faculty To Donate Ideas BY S.\:\l>H. \ \\'HIGllT .\ssistant :\1ws Editm \ College Lc,eJ Examination l';ogr a 111 1 CJ.I::P1 v a Iida t ion i s now underway in the State Univer s it y System in their mil' ... l{iggs said. "Hut can serve :1s res m1rcl' people for th e memlwrs. TIH' nnn111iltl'l' chairman is I<.:d (";ilrill't'll. director of Ad\;1nccd T

2-THE ORACL!:: November 8, 1973 Contradictory Testimony Given WASHINGTON (UPI > Senate Rules Committee Chairman Howard Can non D-Nev .. said yesterday closed door t estimony t aken from a witness critical of vice presidential nominee Ge rald R. Ford contained "con tradictions" and may warrant Justice Department sc rutiny for possible perjury. The panel took private testimony from three witnesses but spent most of th e day questioning Robert N. Winter Berger, a former lobbyist about allegations he made against Ford in a book "The Washington Pay Off. and in an affidavit Winter Berger filed earlier \Vith the committee. Debt Ceiling WASHINGTON t o I.JI with bipar tisan s upport wa s an anwndmcnt by Hep. Stc\en D Syrnms. H ld a h o to trim c \ en further a cutback appro\'ed by the House Ways and !\leans Committee Planned Execution OAKLAND. Ca lif. (UPI> Palice said yesterday the murder of Dr. Marcus A. Foster. Oakland's popular black school s up eri ntend e nt. appeared to be a planned exec ution Foster. 50. was shot with a pistol in the c h es t a nd abdomen Tuesday evening as h e was getting into a car in an ad ministration building parking lot after a school board meeting Cambodian Battle PHNOM PENH ld reports said. The reports said abou: -150 o ther persons-half of them Cambodian soldiers had managed to escape the mass killing a nd prisoner roundup by the Khmer Houge who had only h ours before captured th e strat egic town 26 mile s southwest of Phnom Penh Pipeline Hitch WASHINGTON (UPI l L egis lation to allow construction of th e trans-A laska oil pipelin e ran into another obstacle and was sPnt back to llousl' and Stnate negotiator s for furt ht>r rnnsiderat ion. Hep John Melcher. l>Mont .. ll'ithdrew the bill from House consideration only minutes bdore it was to be taken up for fin a I al'! ion. It \\'as leanwd that Hep James T. Broyhill. H N .C. planned to bring up a point of order against tlw bill and its supporters fearPd the motion would carry. Hospital Strike ( ll l'I l Nt'W York hospitals caught in a bitter. strife torn s trike by nonm ed ical hospital workprs. yt>stt>rday cut services eve n inc luding emergency aid York ho spitals and nursing homes hy : l0 000 members of the Drug and Hospit a l Workers Union e rupt ed into picket line viol e nce Tuesday and yes terday and l!I pers ons were arreste d. Nine Slain LODI. Calif. ( UPll -Nine person s were found slain in an 't>xecut ion massacre yesterday in tlw master bedroom of a large ranch hom e in Ca lifornia's rich wine countrv. Tlw were found early yes t l'rd<1 v ; n I he n ew $65 000 hnnll of Walttr P a rkin, who opPrat

THE ORACLE -November 8, 1973 3 Panel To Probe USF's Identity The American Associ a ti o n of U niver s it y Profess o r s 11\A U P J w ill sponsor a pan e l discus si o n c alled "Who is the U niver sity. a t th e Brow n Bo ttl e in early Decembe r A AUP Pre s .. J ack M oore said las t night. The p a n e l w ill f e a ture a n a d m in i s t r a tor. student, faculty m ember and possibly a Bo ard of Regents m embe r who are as yet unnamed. Moore said. He s aid th e group also plans to invite Pres. Cecil Mackey and Vice Pres. for A cademic Affairs Carl Riggs. Moore said he plans to ask Riggs to speak about general faculty matters. Jack Moore him. But he said he would not discuss solely the survey, but would discuss general faculty problems. Student Vegetarians Eat Practically Free ... at the Family Kitchen in the Episcopal Center. "Yes, I'm sure I would probably go to that." Higgs said last night. "Provided, of course, we can arrange a time that will fit in with my schedule and I'm sure we can.'' Moore said an exact date and the names of panelists would be announced later "We will talk about things like who is the University lawyer," Moore said. "They say he is working for the University, but it looks like he is working just for the Administration." They're Meetin' 'N Eatin' At The Family Kitchen The group had earlier asked Riggs to speak about an AAUP survey conducted this y ear.which showed 5i per cent of the r espondents lacked confidence in Giant Hot }tE:P!'S CRrSPY .PIZ'Zlt Giant Cold D espite the poor turno u: earlie r this quarte r th e F amily Kitche n will continue. ; 1ccording t o W endee Wech s b c r g o n e pf till' kit c h en's coordi1wtors The Kit l'i w n is loc a t crl in th e USF Episcop:il Cent l' r and through the coope r;1tin efforts of of thosf' w h o cat th e r e a h ot ngpt aria n meal i s SlT\Td enr y \H'ekday. The cost cents i f yo u h a\c it. :1n n rdi11g l o the s ign on t h e k itclwn s dn1wti on can T\\t) \\ : 1go 11hc11 ;JS le\: ;is f i\ p peopl e a 11Tre c:11in)-! :11 t h e kit c h e n tllf' future looked h il'a k. b ut last 11cek :1rn1111d :1. 1pl c \ 1en c :1tin g t lwrl'. ( < h s h e r g sai d B l'c:n1S l \\(' rlidn 1 ;1d\l0lliS I'. rnanY p l'n pil-arl' u11;1\1:1r1 ol llH kitche n. \\'l' h!'l ll' r g s:1id .\no t h e r prnhltrn \\ 1c h s l H :g 111>11rl i s t h:1t man:I H'op l t ;1ri 11 o r cl 1:1nin g "TllF \\1101.L 1rl1;1 of t l w kit c h e n is cooki ng. cil'ani11g :1nrl 1at111g i n ; 1 L'Dmn11111itY sit u:1til1n. \ .getari : rn ;111rl :ill t h :1t fun. \\l'ch s b e r g s a i d \ l n m i s not om o f t ill' kil dw11 s prnb l l' m s. ; 1ccorr!111g In \\1c h s b c r g Til l' kit<' hc-11 h:1s "The whole idea of the kitchen is cooking, cleaning and eating in a comm unity situation, vegetarian and a ll tha: fun -Wendcc W echsberg r1n11 .ed h l'l p from (; o u rn11H '11t. ll l': 1 d T 1 : 1c:1t!'r s po nsor s h ip :!!lrl rl1111;1t in11,; lr11111 d i n rwrs scn Trl Tlw kitclwn is npcn to enr1 Oil!' i n I h1 1om111u 11itY. 11Pt .iust st udl'11ts t-:\THYO.'\F I S \ll'icll!lll' ti:l' r 1s n11 d i s1Tim i n;itinn 1 \l"l')ll lor p1oph th;1t \\1 lll' i p l'il ok 11r 1k;1n 11p. \\. 1 schlwrg s: 1 irl .. \\ ,.1 on t \11111 T \ 1 11 11-i-1ks ;1g o 11\H'll :ii t1Hl:11H ;111 d 111111wr:ilio11 \ITrt' :11 TAPE TOWN STEREO. llc 111')' F\11 IOI \ ll\ I). I 0 I I 7::WI 0 :00 p .111. -a minimum. \\.echsbcr g said rule s s u e h as o nl y those \ \ ho ill'lp m ;1_\ l'at 1 n n c on s id e r e d hut dropped. Sandwiches Sandwiches \\ !'just clec idl'rl th;1t i f nobociY 1ws \ I T \1 on lwn d i n nl'r t h a! nig ht : llld 110! \1orr\ aho11t it. \\. 1chslw1g s:1i d "Som c tinH'S 1111hmh s i11tn i t :111d t hat"s l'llO\ Ion 3 doors north of Skipper weekrlavs 8:30-11 Rd. on Neb. Ave. PANTS TOWNE FLORILAND MALL GRAND OPENING THOUSANDS OF JEANS, BAGGIES, PLAIDS, CHECKS & STRIPS PANTS AS LOW AS-$5.99 TODAY'S PANTS-YESTERDAY'S PRICES "COME ON DOWN AND GET INTO OUR PANTS" CLEAR PLASTIC BELT REGULARLY 5.00, 1.00 WITH PURCHASE OF ANY PAIR OF PANTS. MONDAY THRU SATURDAY 9:30 to 9 : 30 SUNDAY 12:00 to 6:00 GOOD NOV. 8 thru NOV. 11


4-THE ORACLE I STOP! Limited Energy Supply November 8, 1973 Conserve energy. These two words seem to be perfectly clear and to the point; we've all heard them before. This time those two words really mean business. We are now faced, in the U S. and the world, with an energy shortage. The subject is no laughing matter, and we must all pitch in and do our small yet essential part. WE CAN ALL argue about who is to blame -the government for not foreseeing the crisis or the oil industry for not building to keep up with the growing demand. We can even accuse the warring nations in the Mideast. But arguing all of th a t is not going to do anything about the issue at hand. If anyone is to blame, it is the consumers. We greedily waste nature's resources as if it w ere a constitutional right. And when someone reminds us that the supply is limited, we take it as a great affront. It's time for a n about face. Stop using e lectric can openers! STOP using e le ctric p e ncil s h arpe n ers! Stop using electric h air curlers! Stop using electric toothbrushes! Stop using self-cleaning ovens! STOP! Stop! Stop! Stop going for a drive! Stop "running down to the store!" Stop making several daily trips to USF Eat on campus (bring your lun ch)! Hitch a ride to school, or form a car pool! Whate v e r you do, STOP a nd think. Think about what YOU can do to h e lp conserve Amc1ica s e n ergy. There's a nother advantage think about h ow much m o ney you will save. Thanks To Blood Donors Nineteen students and staff memlwrs responded to a ple a for help recently with such immediacy and cooperation that they may well havf' saved four liv es. Four patients at the Universitv Community Hospital began bleeding heavil y almost s imultaneously. 01w of the patients used more than :1.J units of blood in 48 hours. In desperation. l!w Blood Bank called some of the dor mitories here and asked the students for help. Can't Believe No One Saw Rip Off The students and stall members donated their time and blood willingly In a letter to Dr. Joe Howell. vice president for Student Affairs Blood Bank recruiter Ann Ketchum wrote that the effort "was a substantial contributing fa ctor in saving the patients lives. She singled out for s pecial com mendation Robert Bradsha w t lw resident instructor for Beta Hall. \dio coordinated the spur-of-the-momlnt blood donation. Editor: Over the weekend I was one of the chosen few to have my car broken into and an expensive tape player liberated. Heard it before? Sure you have. Last year the University Police heard the same thing about 46 times. For those of you with H.P. 45s, that's $3,806 worth of junk stolen out of cars. That doesn't include stolen cars, or more recently, a stolen golf cart. CAN ANYONE ho .nestly say that no one heard, saw or knew anything about all these rip offs? How can anyone hot rod across campus in a golf cart and not be seen, even at any hour of the night. There are almost 4,000 eyes tl;lat live on campus. Nothing occurs on campus that some innocent by-standing eye doesn t happen to see. Tell that to everyone who has had a bike "borrowed," a car broken into or any other way ripped off You sure would have to do a lot of talking to a lot of people Do we need more greenies? More security?. Dan Walbolt's storm troopers'? Do \Ve need every third eye (letters) on campus to be a cop? I sure don't, but then again I sure liked that tape deck. If it comes down to a choice, everyone is going to lose To all of you this doesn t concern, who walked by while I lost a $50 tape deck-thank you. Sorry you couldn t spend the time to call security. Your schedule couldn't be that tight; finals aren't for a few weeks. l thank you The rippers thank you. Security thanks you for keeping them in a job. Douglas MacPherson 4EGC Appreciate Film Editor: I was very dismayed to learn of the proposed cut of both Classics of Sound Film and Classics of the Silent Film recommended bv Mass Communication Department Ch;irman Emery Sasser. It disturbed me to think that probably two of the most worthwhile courses offered in the Department are in jeopardy. Exposure to classics of film, both sound and silent, should b e an integral part of the background of any student's background, especially a student in Mass Com. These films provide a vast reservoir of social insight and of moral trends and their development. Where else but in these courses are these masterpieces so readily accessible? Where else are these masterpieces accessible with such knowledgeable commentary a nd superb accompaniment t han with the very competent and multi-competented Dr. Parker'? Dr. Parker captures the hearts of his students. not merely their minds. One leaves Dr. Parker's class not only with a letter grade but with a sincere love and understanding for a nd of the ex pressions of creati\ity which in this case reveal themsehe s on celluloid. John Romano .tCOl\I Th e concern for oth e r s these students d emonstrate d i s heartening and should not go unnotic e d. Efforts such as this one not only prove that "getting in volved" is still very much a par! of our existence. hut also make young people look good. As Ketchum \\Tote. "Thl' Blood B w :J ..... x* \\.\I'. PETE DICKS \lakeup Editor w 0 R A L E \L\HlLY:\ \I. EH>:\. Copy Editor I I D.\ \'E Sports Editor LEO STAL:\ \KER :\dviser I P-k '11ESS DE.\DLl:\ES: General ne11s :1 p.m. dail.1 for fol1011ing da.1 issue. Ad1ertising (with proof> Thursda) M noon for Tuesda 1. Frida 1 noon for\\ ednesda1, \londa) noon for Thursda), Tuesday noon for Frida). m wt. ANPA Pacen1aker Award 1967. 1969 Deadlines da) 11ithout proof. Classified ads taken 8 a.m.-noon two days before Jf:a Yi ACP All-Anie:>rican Since:> 1967 publication in person orb) mail 11ith pa)ment enclosed .. \d1ertising rates on request, 9i-t-2620, ,,::::::::..


THE ORACLE -November 8, 1973 5 Evil: Eroded Professors Rights It is time that someone exposed an unspeakable evil which enshrouds this campus. It is an open secret you live with every day. You never allow yourself to identify it down to the root. You believe, half in hope, half in fear, that this evil will not exist if only you refuse to identify it. I will now identify it. THIS EVIL is: the erosion of the rights and preroga Uves of the professor. Rights are conditions of existence required by Man's nature for his proper survival. Professor's rights are con ditions of existence required by a to execute his proper function. These must include the right to choose subject matter within a course context; the right to employ one's own reasonable methodology in teaching the subject matter; and the right to test and to grade student work by an objective standard and by rational principles The source of all rights is not whim. but the Law of Causality. An entity cannot act in contradistinction to its essential characteristics. It is a fact of existence that professor's rights. like any other legitimate ones, are, and must remain, absolute. They cannot be compromised by any segment of University community: legislature, administration, student body or faculty. WHEN THESE rights are eroded, it becomes impossible for a professor to function effectively, and then the University becomes the kind of fear ridden place in which everybody is at once victim und perpetrator of intellectuul and moral extortion. "Extortion" is precisely the right word here. Quarterly student evaluations subject the professor to urbitrary, capricious. incompetent, malicious, subjective and unprovable attacks upon his reputation. The law of the classroom becomes : treat students "gently," be "pals" with them or your evaluations will suffer, as well as your salary and job security. corrupts: absolute power corrupts absolt..tely ... The administration has also com promised the rights and prerogatives of the professor Its guiding principle appears to he: "Qon.'l make waves." Translated. this means: accede lo student complaints about rigorous academic standards: give in to student demands for increased control over curriculum re.g., invite minority-group pressure to influence reading lists and A s k yourself ho\1 long the good teacher will continue to function at full efficiency in the face of such_ adYerse conditions f acuity commentary .\SK YOl'HSELF hov; long it will take him to realize that his best effort is not.being rewarded but punished by the ill-mannered student who runs to the chairman seeking a reprieve from objective standards. or by the weak willed administrator who does not wish to rock the boat. or by the pragmatic senior colleague who tells him that questions of academic standards are determined by "what works" rather than by reason Then think again about the professor of integrity and ask yourself what effects his new-found knowledge will ha ve on your education. Student evaluations are incompatible with faculty rights and must be abolished if is ever to survive as anything more than a collection of parking lots. TllE TORTURE of evaluation is a self-inflicted one as well. Faculty are asked to evaluate each other without any objectively measurable data, with objectively defined criteria, frequently without ever having ob served the activities of a colleague al all. St>nior faculty know that they have a strangle-hold on junior faculty by means of this procedure, because evaluations figure prominently in promotion. salary increases and granting of tenure. Many of these older professors appear to enjoy their power. To them I quote Lord Acton: "Power discussion subjects> ; and most im portantly, allow the student to maintain the indefensible fiction that he is somehow the "equal" of the faculty member in the classroom. IT IS AN obscenity for the University community to maintain that it is trapped in this mess by acts of the legislature. These outrageous procedures were not enacted of their own free will. Factions within the University undoubtedly lobbied for them. If these factions now wonder why Johnny can't read or write a simple declarative sentence, I can only say to them: "Brothers, you asked for it." The conventional wisdom is this, that since the academic job market is in a terrible state, those professors with the talent. integrity and clarity of vision to see the situation for what it is will be forced to stay at USF indefinitely. I do not for a moment believe this is No, I do not mean to imply that everyone at USF is involved in this unspeakable evil. I know that there are other men and women of reason on this campus. We are its last hope. We must not give in by saying cynically that there will always be such evils at universities and that we must learn to live with them. One cannot live with evil; one must eradicate it. Student evaluations, faculty-peer evaluations, minority-group pressure and all the other encroachments upon professorial prerogatives are not the metaphysically given-they were created by statute or by administrative fiat and they can be repealed The time for this is long past due. Michael Paul Rose, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Humanities with Gravel Friday November 9 GYM 9 pm Tickets Available at UC Desk $2.50 with ID : every 50th person to ticket : from now lo Friday,. 9 J9 .73. al noon : will another Jicket: : ...... : (you must luivc this coupon, student ID); ******************************


6 -THE ORACLE DOONESBURY ... _.: ::--:. ) ... : ..,,.._-: \ l't 3 UR:-:.., Non'mber S, l !:173 by Garry TrudeaL J 80,' 50."l f NOlf 'l\lll\ I It> liii1'l':lli/t' dt1r1111lt>I'\ \ 1 s1t:1t1t111 rq:11\:1ti1111,; St:1lt' l 11i1tr,;1t1 t'li;111t tlllll' l\oll\'rl \l:lut: ,;;ll!I 1tslt'rd:11 Ill' 1s 1111 l't'rl:illl 111i;1t tltt 'l'l !ht l'l'lJll<'SI 11i\I 11:1\l' .. i I 11 ould Ill' p!'<'111;1t11r1 l o ,;;i1 Ill,\\, ii11t till' pt!ilttlll II i\\ lit <'tll1,;itkrtL" \L1111;,s;1id "l\11!, in 111: 01111 opini1111, I would s;1\' till' li11rd1 Ill prllol 11ii I lw 011 t Ill' st11t\1ts {ll S lilll\ tli;1t :Ill\ d1;111g!' ll' llliltl ;1ct11:1il: 111;1kt' l't111diti.111s lH't t ('I' .. 11<1\\ F\ Fl\, .lot \ 'ito, S(; stnt'l:11'\ l11r lksid1t ,\!lairs ;11 l Sl', s;1id ill' lt't'ls till' IH'lition :rnd ;1 rl'i:ttl'll Slll'\ 't': t'lllll't'rning dorm li1'i11g 11, m1ld pron' a IH'l'd lnr ;1 lilwraliHd polic> ', lit' said thl' pl'tition :11l: SF11oi1' lws :1lJout 1100 signatun,;_ "l think that if till' hurckn of roof i,; on slucknts, Wl' can ro\'idt' ;1d1quat1' proof th:1t l'Xll'ndl'd l'isit:ltil\n would ht' lwrwfici:1l." \'ito said. \L1utz noted many "\'tr>, 1 ornlil'ated" issues. sul'h as St'curity :rnd prival'y, must lll' rpsoh'l'd if l'isitation privileges are t'Xll'ndl'd, Current regulations e nd 1'isitatio11 at 11 I would say the burden of proof will be on the students to show that any change would actually make conditions better." --Robert Mautz I' 111 :-.1111tL1_ 1 1hro11gh Tlnrrsd;1_1 :111d :11 1n1d111ght l'rid:i> :111tl S:1t11rd:1\' l s;1 id rl'sidn1t s would s 11lllllil tl1tr st11d1l's to tlw BO!{ thrn11gh tl1t Statl'widt < ourll'il of St11d1t llody l'nsidlt s II(' said lie thi11ks it 11,ill ns11lt in a poli l'y t'l'l'i sio11 I thi11k it 1 s i-:oi11g to help tl1111gs," Vito said I li1l11' t till' 11< ll! i s willing lo t'll11sid1r 11s :1d11lts jus t lik( the l1gis l:it 11r1 has ... CHARLIE CHAPLIN'S CLASSIC COMEDY MODERN TIMES with Paulette Goddard written1 directed and scored by Charles Chaplin "One of the 10 Greatest Comedies Ever Filmed" --1972 International Critics Poll Nov. 9,10,11 7:00 & 9:30 p.m. ENA Admission $1.50 U.S.F. Students $1.00 HURRY! HURRY! Only 65 Series Tickets Left Buy Yours Now General $12.00 U.S.F. Students $8.00 20 per cent Discount over Single Admission Price Theatre Box Office Hours 1: 15 -4: 30 p.m. Weekdays


SUPPLEMENT TO THE ORACLE -November 8, 1973 7 The information in this newsletter was compiled as a service to students by the Division of University Studies from information obtained from the Colleges. Division of University Studies NEWSLETTER DECISIONS AND OUTCOMES The Division of Univers;ty Studies and the Counseling Center for Human Development are offering group sessions to help students learn decision-making skills that apply to personal, educational, and vacatfonal decisions. Included are opportunities for exploring the best way to make well-considered decisions by means of real-life situations. These groups will meet throughout Quarter II for two hours a week. Included in the weekly Jssions are: 1) Values clarification-'-how people come to hold certain beliefs and establish certain behavior patterns. 2l Applications of process of valuing to students own lives. 3 l Developing decision-making skills. 4) Application of decision-making process to educational and career objectives. 5 l Introduction to career counseling and guidance. 6l Administration of the Kuder Occupational Interest Survey and the Edwards Personal Preference Schedule. 7l Test interpretation and discussion. 8) Exploring appropriate educa tional environments (raps with profes sors). 9) Evaluation and future planning. The schedule of meetings for Quarter II is as follows : Tuesdays Tuesdays Wednesdays Wednesdays Fridays Fridays 3-5 PM 3-5 PM 2-4 PM 2-4 PM 10-12 N 10-12 N FAQ 148 LAN 344 LAN 346 FAO 148 FAO 148 FAO lOON Students who are interested in learning decision skills may sign up by contacting Ms. Dore Beach, Academic Adviser, FAO 126, Ext. 2645. Y.O.U. (Your Open University) USF College Credit Courses by Television in your own home or in a reserved room on campus. QUARTER II SCHEDULE <'NUSF-TVChannel 16) 0377 FIN 201-501. Personal Finance (5) 4: 00 PM every weekday 7:00 PM every weeknight 0717 EDC 585-504. perceptual motor Development (4) 5:30 PM, Monday, Tuesday, and Thurs day. 8:30 PM, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 2820 ENG 211-501 Current Novels (3) 5:00 PM, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 8:00 PM, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 2361 MUS 371-501. Issues in Music (2) 5:00 PM, Friday 8:00 PM, Friday 4967 PSY 201-501. Introduction to psychology ( 5 l 3: 30 PM every weekday 7: 30 PM every weeknight SSI 301-501. Social Science Statistics (4) 4: 30 PM, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. and Friday 9:00 PM, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday COURSE BY RADIO (WllSF-FM, 89.7) 2362 MUS 205-501. Introduction to Elec tronic Music (3) 4:00 PM, Monday and Wednesday HOW TO HEGISTEH For Early Registration. simply fill out your registration form the same as for other courses. Show complete Refercnc(' number. Prefis. course and section numbers. l lHGEi\'T: If you rPgister for a Y.O.ll. course. notify the Y.O.U office imnwdialely th a t you are registering. We need your name and adctress sot hat course materials can be mailed lo you prior to the beginning of class. The Y.0.ll. officl' is lotatPd in the basl'11tl'nt of tlH' I.ihrary. l'l.I :!11-D. T(0l<'pho11P !171-:!:lll, Ext. :!:I. College of Fine Arts Crn1rsPs npl'll to no11 m;1jors ({u;1rll'r 11. l!l7:1I !. S oilH' or will 1101 ;ipp(';lr ill llH pri1il 2 2171 MUS 373-001 Enjoyment of Music 3 2179 MUS 374-901 University Com-munity Chorus 1 2196 MUS 376-901 Rock Music Survey 2 2197 MUS 376-902 Rock Music Survey 2 All Theatre classes listed except TAR 303--001 and 002 are permit courses and require the signature of the Theatre Ad v.isor. He will be in F AH 236 at the following times: Mon Tues 1-3 10-12 1-3 Wed 1-3 Thur 10-12 1-3 Fri 1-3 Reference Course Credit 2390 TAR 212-001 Theatre II 6 PR: TAR 211 2391 TAR 212-002 Theatre II 6 2392 TAR 303-001 Modern Theatre Practice 5 2393 TAR 303-002 Modern Theatre Practice 5 2395 TAR339-001 Theatre History 5 2408 TAR 481-002 Intermediate Puppetry 3 2410 TAR 481-004 Stagecraft for non-majors 3 2411 TAR 481-005 Make-up 2412 TAR 481-006 Advanced Make-up 1 2413 TAR 481-007 Tech Tar for Dance 3 2415 TAR 481-009 Ethnic Tar Workshop 3 2416 TAR 481-010 American Theatre 3 2417 TAR 481-011 Intro to Chinese TAR 3 TAR 1 sections are dirccte8. S. J Sr .. no majors. HUM :m. 312. 313, s. J. Sr. HUM 545, J. Sr CLS 352. 355. 527, 571, S. J. Sr. CLS 583-001, 002. open to all levels. AMS 301, 311, 312. 313, 383, 481. 483. S. J. Sr. REL. Most courses in Religion are open to non-majors. Any modern language courses num bered 310. 311, 313, 410 are open to any student and are conducted in English. Humanities Department HUM 538. African-American Humanities. Offered Quarter III. HUM 545. Latin American Humanities. Offered Quarter II. American Studies Department AMS 383. Creative American Woman. Offered Quarter II. AMS 483. American Architecture. Offered Quarter II. AMS 483. Americanization of English. Offered Quarter III. Philsophy Department On page 96, the catalog should be changed from "prospective graduate student should take" to "all majors must take": PHI 301, 311, 317 tmay be taken in any orderl PHI 383. Love and Violence. Offered Quarter III. Religious Studies REL 316. New Testament Greek. Please note that this course is being offered Quarter II. Classics and Ancient Studies Department CLS 583-001. Basic Sanskrit IL Offered Quarter II.' CLS 583-002. Old Slavonic. Offered Quarter I I. Many CLS courses are excellent elective courses to complement particular majors such as: CLS 359-Science majors. CLS 321, 351, 352, 527, 529-Humanities majors. CLS 371, 373-Social Science majors. CLS 354, 355, 356, 371-English majors. English Department The following English courses are of fered during Quarter II especially for non majors: ENG 200. Speed Heading Development. ENG 383-003. Jewish Literature. ENG 383-004. Great Films: Sound Film Classics. ENG 383-005. Popular Arts in ;\Jodern Literature. ENG 211. 212. 213. 214. 215, 216. 217. 350. 351 ENG 372-001. American Indian Literature. ENG 373-001 Folklore and Popular l.itera tu re. ENG 376-901. Th(' Bible as Literature. ENG 383001. 002. \'ocabulary nnelop ment. The following courses are for both non majors and majors: ENG :JOO. 301. :l02. :l!O. College of Social & Behavioral Science SSI :l4:l-001. ,.\s ia t an Kin!(doms I. l\lr. Hajendra B. Thapa from :\cp;il will be conducting this class for only one quarter. SS! :l41(Hlt Latin .\lll!'rica 1 :\lt>xicol. Dr. Hogelin D iaz-Czuerrero will bf' conctu('ting the class rl'garding :\lrxico. .luninr nr St'n1or stancl111g. ,\(;I: :\t:i \pplil'll (;l'rnntology. This cm11st' i,; for students intensltd in \\t1rking 1\ith the l'ldPrl1-. Time \rill bt' s pt'nl \\orking 1\i1h the in an ; 1gt'llL'' or inslil11Iinnal setting. .\II SS! :\l\:l are nffl'rcpartmtnt For flexibility. prospecthe Physieal Education majors should consider cer tification in a second area. Double cer tification is different from a double maji1r. College of Engineering The following computer courses ari:> appropriate for non-engineering majors: ESC 301 ESC :ml ESC 302 ESC :lO.t These computer courses are applicable to Area III of the general distribution requirements. College of Natural Science Suggested l'Olll'St'S for non-sl'itntI' majors: AST 203. 20.t. :lil BIO 205. 206. 207. 255. 256. 2:17 BOT 371. 372 CHM 271. 371 CHM 483-002. Thr :\lincmor_ld of Molecules, :\toms and El<'t'trons. This is a new course for non-scil'lll't' majors at the Junior-Senior lrnl. Tlw purpose of the course is to impart to tht' non-scientist an understanding of tlw scient isl 's concept ions of t ht' microstructure of matter-both li\'ing and non-living. GLY 201. :m GL Y 201-001. 002. Oll:l Earth. En,ironmPnt and l\lan. GL Y 473. in Earth Sd1t'. This course is designed for education majors: however. the conttnt is similar to that of GLY 201. MTH 107. :\latht>matil's and tlw :\lod1'1n World. This is a new course. the first in a two course sequence 1 MTH 107-lllll >. for libtral arts majors who do not need to utilizl' mathematics. It will illustrate thl' relationship of mathematics to our \rnrld and will put the de\elopml'nt of mathematics in a historical perspl'etin'. MTH 107-001. !! !\IW. l'l !\lF MTH 107-002. 12 !\IWF. IF PHS 20!!. 209 PHS 210-002. ('ontro\'ersfal lss111s in Science. What is a scit'ntific contro\prsy: Discussion of past and present scil'nt ifit contro1ersies. PHS 210-004 .. \1rospat and :\Ian Non-mathematical approach to aeronatutics Pla11l's. rockPts. aeronautics. nll'ttorology. na\'igat ion. PHY 271. aJHI One of the topics ctiscussl'd is thl' 1rwrgy crisis and possible solutions. PHY :m PHY :122. EIPdronits. l'H: ( lrH' 11! general physics. P!IY :i8:l-OOt. Optil's-Fint .\rts. For Firll' ,\rts majors. hut not 1xl'lusil'l'. !!as laboratory. l'llY :i8:l-Olll -Fi1w .\J'fs. For Fine :\rts majors. but not L'xl'lusiu. llas Pl I Y '>8:lOIJ:l .. \1nustits-( '0111111 For Communicology majors. but not 1xclusin Professor Eichhorn is offering thl' lollowing course for

8-THE ORACLE November 8, 1973 Committee's Structures Rapped BY S A NDR A WRIGHT Assistant News Editor A recent memorandum outlining charges and mem, bership of USF's 22 official committees and seven councils has come under fire from SG for creating a n in e fficient a r.d un w i e ldy" system. Th e c ouncil s and committee s a r e {ar too l a rge," B e n Johnson SG secretary for A c a d e mic Affairs s aid With 2 2 committee s h 2v ing a total membe r s hip of 165 facuJt y the r es ulting system w ill b e inefficien t a nd unwieldy." TllE COMM ITTE E and counci l stnicture h a s been rev i e w e d a nd revised for over a year, ac cording to ):<,acuity S enate C h airma n J esse Binford Input was s oli c it e d from F aculty S en a t e, Caree r Se rvice S enate, A dmini stra ti ve a nd Profes sion a l C ouncil a nd SG b e fore Pre s Cecil Mackey r e leas e d the fin a l structure. J oe B u s t a, exe cuti ve assi s t a nt t o Mack ey, said yes t erday h e does n o t think th e committees a r e too l a r ge H e s a id th e d es i g n a t e d s i zes w e r e s p ec ifi e d t o insure a r epresent a tiv e g roup w o uld b e a ppoint e d wa nt t o k ee p th e com mittees s m all, b ut w e wa nt a n opportunity to exist so r epresenta tiv e p e r s on s can s e r ve, Bus t a s aid BLISTA said tha t w hil e th e a ppropri a t e sen a t es will ser ve as th e ex clu sive source for all admini s trativ e, s t aff a nd fac ulty m e m be r s, SG will n o t b e th e only source o f s tud e nt n o min ees. H e said th e office of S tud e nt Affa ir s will b e a seco n da r y c h a nn e l SG Pres. Bill Dav i s has prot es t e d thi s m ethod o f s tud e nt sel ectio n a n d said it i s a n a tt e mpt to und e r mine SG's pow e r B ut Vice Pres. for S tud e nt Affa ir s J oe H o w ell has s aid h e f ee l s thi s "second a r y m e th o d wo uld e n sure a c h a n ce for all s tud e nt s l o se r ve o n committees. Th e Facull y Se n a t e i s s t ill on r eco rd in o pp os iti o n lo th a t," B inford said. Th e only practic a l way to i s t o h a v e s om e s tud er.l Instructor Retraining Plan Keeps Disciplines Updated BY EDALCOFF Oracle Staff Writer State U ni versity S ystem < SUS ) Chancellor Robert Mautz said yesterday that a statewide in. s tructor retraining program no w under way is an attempt to keep some instructors teaching whose present disciplines are now non. existent or overstaffed. I feel a sense of moral obligation to the faculty members I think they should be able to lead a productive and happy life with the SUS," Mautz said. LAST summer, the Florida State Legislature "earmarked" $ 45 000 for the retraining of facult y members whose present discuplines are overstaffed due to changing student enrollments. The retrained instructors will move to areas where their ser v ices are needed I believe that this statewide retraining program is a national first," Mautz said. According to figures released by Mautz, USF received $9,000 for the retraining of three instructors while Florida A & M University received the balance SG Senate Vote Against Police Dorm Patrols The Student Go vernment Senate unanimously endorsed a resolution Tuesday night against the idea of establishing University Police rs would be to in timidat c to prevent \ ictimltss crimes .... l'aul l ra\ ich director of Pubic Saft'!y and St>curity. and Dan \\'alholt assistant vice president for Studcnt Affairs, have i;uggt'stccl that plainclothes of fict'rs patrol till' d imns or student liaisons \\ ith l '1' hc established Tht' n s olut lorl s:tid it is un fortunatt' that acts of any s11rt 01cur." hut it would Ill' "11\lirt 1111fortu11att' for an at n111sph1r1' 11f intimidation to txist within 1li1rmitori1 s whil'h alnady aft'i11\l kss pri\ acy to nsidents th ;1n th anragt 1linnid1'." of the $45 000 grant to retrain 1 2 instructors. "OTHER SUS schools either had no n e ed for the retraining or did not have enough time to decide on their retraining can didates Mautz said The memorandum from M autz informing the SUS schools of the retraining program for the 1973-1974 aca demic year was not mailed out until last A ug 21. The USF instructors to undergo retraining are: Robert O 'Hara, Patricia Waterma n and Kemper Merriam, William Scheuerle, assistant vice president for Academic Affairs said WATERMAN, who was with the former Behavioral Science l)epartment, will retrain for a posit ion in anthropology. Merriam will shift from ac counting to a new area of business called taxation Former Eng)ish Prof. O 'Hara will retrain in his present area of linguistics. He will specialize in an area of linguistics known as semiotics," which deals with the brain's use of sumbols JACK MOORE. president of the local chapter of the Am e rican A ssoc i a tion of Univ e rsity Profe s sors < AAUP), said th a t the AAUP recognize s the fac t that tenure do e s not gu arantee a job He added, th ere a r e many other alter n a tives for teachers whose disciplin es are o vers t a ffed other th a n r e training." "For instance many teach ers ca n function at other dis c iplin e s It just mean s th a t th ey will not be leaching a t their hi ghest c a pability," Moor e s aid According to the retraining guideline s set down by the C hancellor s Office the can did a t e s may be r e l eased from all teaching responsibilities during their retraining, but will still receive full salary. The grant, up to $3 000 per candidate, shall be used for relocation tuition and other expenses incurred during retraining. Each candidate will choose the time and place for their retraining, the time of which will not exceed the length of three academic quarters. Mautz has ; ; sked the legislature for $60 000 fo,the continuation of the retraining program for the 1 9 73-1974 academic school year. VILLAGE PRESCRIPTION CENTER .. the alternative pharmacy no lines no hassle personal service and a student discount on Rx's Terrace Village Shopping Center 10938-B N.56 St. 988-3896 KINGCOME'S TRIMMINGS : WE SPECIALIZE IN MONOGRAMMING : : FOR * NEEDLEPOINT, ALTERATIONS, RUGS, : : PILLOW KITS, DRESSMAKING, & : WEDDING ACCESSORIES. : *USE OUR LAY-A-WAY PLAN NOW FOR CHRISTMAS: : : 11615 FLA. AVE. AT FOWLER... : PH. 935-8168 e l ected b o d y n o min a t e s tud e nts." FAlTLTY Se n a t e r e qu es t e d Mack ey make SG th e sole s our c e of stud e nt n o min ees, but Bus ta said Mac k ey d ec id e d agains t th a t p a rtl y beca use SG is n o t th e sam e t y p e o f or g ani zatio n as th e oth e r Unive r sity se n a t es. I think there a r e r easo n s tha t r e l a t e t o th e fact tha t the g r o up s a r e diff e r e nt," B u s t a said. B u s t a said Mack ey a tt empte d t o a dopt th e w i s h es of the m a jorit y o f USF p e r s onn e l co n s ult e d a bout th e committee s tru c tur es. BLT JOHNSON said h e f ee l s th e c h a r ges of m a n y committees a r e not w ell written. Th e s p ec i f i c c h a r ges a r e, in m a n y cases. poorly w rit e n a nd diffi c ult to und e r s t a nd a nd w e predic t they will b e i g nor e d o r will s tifl e and di s t ort th e o p e r atio n o f th e committees," John so n sai d Howe v e r B u s t a s aid h e f e el s th e c h a r ges a r e c l ea r a nd e a s y to und e r s t a nd I WOLILD d isagree with him," B u s t a said I think all the c harges a r e cl ea rly writt e n B inford said e xcept for the m e th o d o f s tud ent m embership sel ectio n h e i s h a ppy w i th the committee and c ouncil p a ck a ge W e a r e sati s fied and think it is l o n g o verdu e, B inford s aid. PART TIMERS T emporary work, unloading & warehousing materials. Pays $2.00 per hour. There is no job waiting when assigned, you can drive directly from your home. We also have office & clerical assignments. CALL 933-3427 MANPOWER, INC 1919 E. Busch, Tampa Seniors, Master Candidates: Reservations being taken NOW for portrait sittings for the 1974 USF Senior Directory which replaces the USF Yearbook Ca/1974-2617 or visit LAN 472 to make your reservation NOW for Sittings next week! NO CHARGE FOR SllTINGS The Directory will be inserted during Quarter Ill as a free supplement _._ to the Oracle


THE ORACLE -November 8, 1!:173 9 Riggs Reports Violations Of Free Hour By Faculty ****************************** PHOTOGRAPHERS : * * * Dr. Carl Riggs, vice president for Academic Affairs, told the members of the Council of Deans on Tuesday that there are reports of teachers violating the Monday, Wednesday and Friday free hour and that faculty should be reminded not to schedule c\ass related activities during those times. Riggs said that this was just an informational session and that the only action needed at this tim e was to remind faculty. Ben Johnson, SG secretary for Academic Affairs, said that even if the instruct.ors and students agree to have classroom related activities during the free hour, it is still a violation of a University policy. "There is rarely a situation where someone will not hf! in convenienced if srimething is scheduled during the free hour," Johnson said. "J<:ven if the instructors :;ay that attendance is voluntary, there will he an unfair advantage in favor of those who attend." .Johnson said. According lo Uni\ersity Policy :\o. !J of ,July I %8, "The t:niversity will hold no classes ween 2 and :1 p.m on Mon da ys, Wednesdays and Fridays. It is expected that cultural events, extra activities and social affairs will he scheduled during these free periods." No other event will prevent students and faculty from attending a lecture or cultural event during the free period. : The ORACLE is looking for : : experienced photographers : apply in Lan-Lit 469 ****************************** U.C. TOURNAMENTS .. DeadlineBridge House-Senate Override Veto Chess Billiards Table Tennis Nov. 8 & 15 Nov. 13 Nov 17 Nov. 13 CTR 256 CTR 200 UC Gameroom CTR 002 Nov. 8 Nov. 9 Nov. 9 Nov. 9 WASHINGTON CUPll Congress handed President Nixon a stunning setback Wed nesday as the House and then Senate overrode his veto of a bill restricting his powers to wage war. The lawmakers acted over Nixon's objections that it was both unconstitutional and dangerous to the conduct of U.S foreign policy. It was the first of nine vetos to be overridden since Nixon was re-elected just one year ago. The House overrode the veto by just four votes more than the required two-thirds majority 26-1 to 135. The Senate vote was 75-to 13, 13 votes more than was needed to override. In the other attempts to override, the House failed to gather a two -thirds majority six times and the Senate twice. The House voted after im passioned pleas by vice presidential nominee Gerald R Ford, R-Mich., and other con-Correction The already existing program for a Masters of Arts degree ir Anthropology was not approved at Monday's Graduate Council Meeting as reported in Tuesday's Oracle. The approva l was given however to a group of graduate courses in anthropology con cerning medical and urban an thropology and public ar cheology. NOW OPEN BOBBY'S SMOKE HOUSE Turkey, Ham, Chicke.1, Mullet THURSDAY SPECIAL: Turkey San., Vi Price Reg. $1.40, Today 70 t 1 ; 4 Pound Smoked Turkey Your Choice, Kt>ttle Beans or Slaw, and Smoke House Sauce 1902 N. 40th St. Smiles south of Busch Gardens scrvalivcs who said the bill was a "potential disaster." IVfost support for the President in the Senate came from con servat.ive Hepublicans like Sen John Tower, l{-Tex.. who declared Congress has "placed the President in a position of calculated disadvantage" in conducli ng foreign pol i1:y. I \ \ I \ \ I \ \ \ \I\ I I I But liheral Sen. Thomas Eagleton, D-Mo., also opposed the hill and charged in a vigorous shouting match with Sen. Jacob K .. Javits, H-N.Y., that the bill \\'as "merely chit-chat" and "gives the President unlimited unilateral authority to commit l .S. troops anywhere in the world under any conditions." $1.00 Registration fee Entry Blanks CTR 222 Nov. 1-9 <@ A oO THE PIOneeR concERT ffiott Tlie Hoople nov. I I Blood. Sweat & Tear1Dec.9 Jonnny na1ft Jan.13. WLCY-FM sunday 8-9 pm Live concerti on tape


10-THE ORACLE November 8, 1973 Kollwitz Art On Display Depicts Human Suffering Oracle photo by Brian Ashford BY l'l:<:1;y Sl"lllWFllFlt Orad1 Staff\\ rit1 r l'oig11a11tl\ dtprtssing. p;1.-;sion;1fl'I> 1 nilit;111t. > l'f hl';\11tifull> lu1111a11 till' prints of Kathe Kollwit z ;ire on ('\hibit in thl' l.ihrar\ (;;dll'n through llt t l l. lt s lhl' l"oil('ctio11s first show in till' Soutl\(';1st This displ;1> of Koh1i11.s \1ork consists of :;:; of llll' 111: ; prinls and Ii dr;1\1 i11gs 111 thl' \\';liil'r L;1t1 of co1uu 1tin1t Thl' lh('m; \lic conlt'lll ; 1rnusts il'l'iings ol pity. s>111p; 1t1i\ l<'lld('r!ll'SS and SOITO\\' as ()\\(' l'iews \\' Ollll'll ;111d L 'hi!drt'll purst1l d by !l('a th. Art on Display "IH:.\Tll .\:\I> \\'0111;111 1Tod und Frau1 ;1l \l!ll1tchi11g. is a n example of the pursuit. E;ich !in(' s ho\\'s st ruggl('. from t lw soft gentle ge;itures of th l' child to tlw dark encompassing gras p of Death. This \\'0111an. lik(' tach woman in the sho\\' is muscular a11d detl'rmincd. Death and Woman (Tod und Frau), 1910, Etching in the Kathe Kollwitz exhibit in the Library Gallery. An excerpt from Kollwitz's diary cxpbins h('r d10iel' of subjects: ... My real motive t'or choosing my subjeets almost exclusive l y from the life of the workers was that onl y such subjects gave me in a simple and unqualified way what I felt to be beautiful. .. film fare AUSTIN-closed for remodeling. BRANDON TWINS1. That Darn Cat-7, 9 2. Don't Look In The Basement-7: 30, 9. BRITTON CINEMA 111--1. The Outside Man-1: 50, 3: 50, 5:50 7:50, 9:50. 2 Don't Look In The Basement-2, 4, 6 8 10. 3. Fiddler On The Roof-2, 5, 8. FLORIDA-.:Closed due to the fire at Wolf Brothers. FLORILAND CINEMA Il-l. The Optimists-I :45, 3:40, 5:35, 7:30, 9:25. 2 American Graffiti-1:30, 3 :25, 5 : 20, 7 : 15, 9:10. HILLSBORO I-Walking Tall-'2:35, 4:50, 7:10, 9:30. HILLSBORO II-Jeremiah Johnson-2:05, 4, 5 : 55, 7:50, 9 :45. HORIZON PARK 4-1. The Stone Killer-2, 4, 6, 8, 9:55. 2. Night Watch-1: 45, 3:45, 5 : 45, 7 : 45, 9:45. 3. Henry VIII And His Six Wives-2, 4:30, 7, 9:30. 4 Just Be There-1: 30, 3:30, 5:30, 7:30, 9 :30. FeatureLady Kung Fu and Fists of Fury-times unavailable. TAMPA-Blackenstein-2:15, 3:45, 5:15, 6:45, 8 : 15, 9:45. TODD-Double Feature-Generation and Two For The Money-continous showings from 11 :45 a.m. with midnight shows on the weekend. TRANS-LUX ;1ml !lit ht ;1rlhrt;1k111g i11dustrial rt \ 1>1111 i1111 ;1s port r ; 1yl'd 111 (;t rli ; 1rd IL111pt11i;11111s tlr;1111a "' TIH \\ l' ;11 t 1s f >russia. she began art in >truetio11 al age 12. In 1890 she mad!' h<'r fir s t etchings. From I h;1 t point s hl' devoted herself t \l'lusi\'ll.1 to graphic arts and ;ilmos t lo the use of 1rnrki11g p('opl(' a s subjec t .\!OHi : Tlll .... \ll: s ; 1rt lro111 ( ;,rn1;111 111ilit;1ns1n i11 I lit 1\11 l I \ I I H 11 ;1 r ;111d Koll wit 1 "sopposit io11 111 it. tilt L1tts of JHl\' trf.\' and l11111gtr. tspt Ti; i!I\ during till' \la!' 1 r ; 1 ol i11IL1iio11. ;111d till' a ss; 1 ssi11;1tio1111! tl\l' lt;1tkrs ol lht ( ;t 'l'\11;111 p11lit iv; d l'l' \ 01111 io11 of 11\dl fl'I' lit'!' to11tint1l's : ... J wa s g ri ppl'd Ii> l h(' full font of the proliL1ria11's fat(' portraying tlH'111 ;1gai11 ; rnd again opened a s;;kt_\ \'; il\'t fo1 m(': it 111ade life IH';1rali l l' ... (; ; ii l('r_v hours for th e free t:-;hiliiti1111 an to ;1.m t o I p m ;111tl :.' : p .111. l\!ondays through S;1t11rd;1\s and 1 -:1 p m on Su11d ; 1 \'s l\11\1. ;1rt S t t'lll S lo Ill' ;111 ;111t111i1ogr;1ph> i11 pr111ts ll11rn i11 Ill \ll1;1f \\';IS fht 'll !:;1 s t SPEND CHRISTMAS IN JERUSALEM Trace Christ's footsteps from Via Dolorosa to Calvary plus many other historic places. Departure from Tampa Dec. 19, 1973 Return Dec. 28, 1973 Round trip from Tampa $696.00 For more complete details contact: AMERICAN OVERSEAS TRAVEL CORP. University of South Florida Adm. 102 974-2695 On campus Travel Agency MARILYN MONRot: Ar HtR s s r plus Max Fleischer's Classic Cartoon 11Popeye meets Sinbad the Sailor" FRIDAY NOVEMBER 9 MIDNIGHT ENA $1.00 TWO MASTER Pl ECES OF YESTERYEAR BUSBY BERKELEY'S GREATEST MUSICAL GOLD DIGGERS OF 1935 THE CLASSIC .GANSTER FILM PUBLIC ENEMY JAMES CAGNEY IEAN HARLOW SATURDAY NOVEMBER 10 MIDNIGHT ENA $1.00


I Friday Concert Folk singer Bob Seger, who has recorded such songs as .Midnight Rider," "Need Ya" and "Seen a Lot of Floors," will be. presented in con cert Friday at 9 p.m. in the Gym. SpoQsored by the Student Entertainment and Activities Council, the tickets for Seger are priCed at $2.50 and available at the UC desk. I Ii Mental HospitatAllego:ry Staged at Bay Campus : "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," an origihal adaptation o( the off-Broadway hit written by Kesey. will be presented in readers theatre style .at the USF St. Petersburg campus Saturday and Sunday evenings. The free performance is operi to the public and "'ill begin each night at 8 in the ai,iditorium. THE PRODUCTlQN. was adapted and will be directed by Bern'ard Powns. assistant professor of Speech, arid performed or (tltf Speech The production, one of humor and pathos, is called an allegory of modern conformity It takes place in hospital where a isn't, mentally iU)s anp sllows the 9the f patients wham is like to be i:dree man Nest' l i>resrite receive1975 recreational vehicle each. Third RaceWinners are NATIONAL CHAMPS and receive a $40,000 home each )labor. and materials) erected on winners lots anywhere in U.S.A. These rules and regulations are limited to the open division racing program and are subject to all local, state and federal rules and regulations pertaining to amateur racing and Participants shall race on rental bikes provided by Miljan, Inc. Bikes will available for rent a:t the track for practice from 9 a.m: to 4 p.m., Tuesday 'through Friday. R ice days will be Saturdays 13. t the Gold_en Gate Speedway.


ORACLE November 8, 1973 Sw, immers Open With Falcons H\" :\IIKE KASZl'HA Assistant Sports Editor About the only interruption of what C'oach Bob Grindey has Oracle Photo by Bill Phillips Dave Pennington hopes his hours of practice pay off come Nov. 30 against Miami-Dade North. Parachutists Mingle Prestige With Fun .. Sports clubs are usually formed on the basis of providing students with fun while teaching them a skill In striving to accomplish this. USF's.Parachute Club has gone beyond most people's ex pectations. developing into one of the nation's finest jumping teams. SIXTH IN THE country a year ago, the Brahmans are looking for a better finish at the National Collegi.:lte Tourney iri. Carbondale, Ill Nov. 21-24. And last weekend was a .good indicatiljn as to just how good USF is Competing agains.t top rank professionals anCI amateurs in the state, USF individuals placed high in every category at the .. Florida Parachute Council Meet in Zephyrhills. Mike Sparr took the novice accuracy category with Lynn Lisa finishing fifth and Gary Thompson sixth THE INTERMEDIATE ac, curacy class also had a USF jumper, Mike McPhillips,-on top The club's most experienced jumper and president, Bo derwood placed twice in ad vanced competition : He finished 16th in accuracy while being the fourth best in style. NMih tG.,w,pa OTO CRAP 1022 W. Bush Busch Blvd. 93S-9339 Photo Supplies & Se1Vice Center Film Cameras Chemicals Paper MAKE THIS HOLIDAY SEASON YOUR "GREAT OCCASION," AND GIVE A GIFT THAT LASTS FOREVER-SPECIAL, 1-SxlO CUSTOM COLOR PORTRAIT AND FOR WALLETS, FOR ONLY $14.95. CALL FOR APPOINTMENT. Camera RePJir Student Discount Quality for those who care" thus far l'alll'O a "grl'at train111g season" is tlw diangl' i1f l'SF' s oplni-ng swim llll'l't oppmwnt from Auburn l'ninrsity to :\liami-Dadl' !'\orth "\\'e had Auburn sdwduled tPntat inly but tlwy l ouldn 't l'ome bl'l'aUSl' t lwy had a l'hange in thl'ir l'Xam sdaduk ... t;rindl'Y "\\'l' had to nphll'l' tlwm :111d 1wedl.'d a honw llll'l't bl'fon Christmas. so Wl' got l\liami Dade." (.;HI:\ I> E Y S \ ID l'\'Pry otlwr year the team gops through a '.'hl'a\y road schedule ... With this season already having sl'\ l'n away meets out of an 11-ganw slate. the l'oach said he Sl'hedulld the Miamians here Nov. :lo to gi\'l' the Brahmans another honw meet. Other than the scheduling technicality. though. Grindey said his four returnees and eleven newcomers are "doing just great" and added he is in no way disappointed with any of his recruits. "We're an extremely young team: the coach said But he admitted "We're still pretty much untested yet. "W WE'HE WEAK at any one position, though, it would be in the backstroke. Scott Koznar is our only backstroker and we have no back ups for him And he's only a freshman .. :," Grindey said. The coach said the team is now finishing its "early season training" in which his swimmers are covering 10,000 yards daily in the pool. "From now on wl"ll bl' slacking up a littll' bit with our sprinters. :\ow bl training on spt'l ifil' spl'l'd work and they l'an t swim that many yards." lw said "Bl" I' Ol'H m i ddlt distalll'l' and distaml' swimnwrs will gPt almost no nst at all. lw work mon on l'n duralll l' .. up to 11,:iOO yards a day now," Grindey said. Though USF will largely be facing thl' same opponents as last yl'ar. (;rindey said all the t l'a ms should be tougher, l'SPl'l'ially the Universities of. l\liami and Florida. "Wlwn people have more momy than you do. it's hard to hold tlw lirw in competition," c;rindty said Sal .. lettr Envelopet Catal .. sn.... Letterhead lulletina Forma Notic ... Dire;t Mail TWO LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU BETIER insty-prints .... e 4347 W Kennedy Blvd. T .ompo, Flo 33609 Tompo Flo 33617 879'684 985 2083


Cagers Learning Williams Hopeful Despite Setbacks BY DAVE MOORMANN Oracle Sports Editor Considering all that's hap pened, coach Don Williams h as done a good job of remaining optimistic abou t the 197: 3 -74 basketball team. First, four players are missing from the squad which began practice over three weeks ugo. And secondly, USF's only two centers are beset with injuries. "GEHALD I.ONG i s hobbling with a sprained a n klt> and maybe we'll get a little workout out or him,., explained Williams. And Warren Walk,'' healing from < 1 muscle tear in the back. i s huck for light work." Brad Dent. sitting out the year. and Embee Shaw, suspended for Bay Campus Sets Ra/lye It seems road r allyes are the thing to conduct nowadays and USF's SL.Petersburg Campus is joinin g the trend with an .. Auto Rally." Saturday. Registration begins al G: 30 p.m. at the southwest corner parking lot of Tyrone Mall in front of Robinsons. The first car lea,es half an hour later. Sponsored by Bay Campu s :\IanagPment Association. prizes 11ill be a11arde d to the first three finishers. Entrance fee is S:2 per car and a party i s p lanne d following the rallye. Qtr. 1 were Hw on l y other Urah mans capabl e of' filling spot. Yet Williams h as remained composed and said I.he squad is progressing. "WE'ltE ('0:\Tl'\'l; fl\(; to l earn the offenses," h e sa id. "We've learned I.he number two offense a l r<'ady and we'r e half way horn<' on that.'' "We've lwen working on the full court zone and it' s corriing w days and because of t l w injuries we've slowed done a little bit. .. he said yest erday. ";\ LOT OF TlllN<;s don't go as fast as you like. espec i ally w ith all the injuries and looking al everyone. We're still in the teaching stage ... Besides the center position. which Williams termed a "lhin s pot. the other four s tarting pos itions ha\'e been heavily contested for "It s still good ... lhl' Brahman boss said of the players hustle. The competition is pretty good ... i------Intra murals------...... I Iota Is One Andros lot<1 1 s Greg Gingold caught 1 1 1 o touchdo11n passes against an f: < 1 J defens e h e had e a rlier 1111111ss11J11c r Boh Lehr said Iola I l"ould 11 in tlw title outright 11ith a 1.1111 111111 1'.1J1ilcl h;i1<' to face Eta I in ;1 pl;1rnll should Eta ll dent lotas pcrf1 1 t rrcrird \1-"ITH tr;iiling HI ;it Iii(' e nd ol tlw firs t h;tlf'. loto sp<1rk1rl to 1 11\-"Ii tlw1r firs t possess ion of th(' s1.,>111I 1wri11il 11h('11 r1gul;1r r 111;i111l1;1('k i(ll'k <1111(' in '" r I\ r 1 t I 1 I ) ;i kl r 1 .'-'! ;1rl111)-'. lr<>111 1J1 1 1 1 .'-;11 I 1 :11 i ( r :,:, dr1>1 r I ol ;i d"1 1 11 l r J 1111 1.1.i :" ; ;,r d 11111" I 111i rr ; 1 rnilr l 1 ,,. 1, 1(11,.,._ rlw11: l11:t1t\ : 1 r111! !11 (;J!lgolrl. 11 iJ., 11s. 1-:1:1 1111,.;,.;1d wli;ll a 1n111111!1d !11 :111 II\ 1 :1rtl f11ld gil:tl 1111 Ii l 1ir1. ; J-:t;1 s 111111 t11twlid111\ 11 ,.,,r, r .111111..; lilt' k1vk1111'. lo!.1 took possession o l t11e !Jail on their own H os s then put on the clincher a p la:late r 11 IJl' n h e again found t h e elusi\ e Gingold. who had this time slipped behind his d e f ender. for a S5-yard touchdo\\'n reception. Iota 1 7 -0-0 Eta I / 1 0. II S 2 0 The t a I 5 3 0, ZC'til I s 3 -0, Lilmbd

14-THE ORACLE November 8, 1973 Mautz Asks Drug Policy Repeal BY S :\NDRr\ \\'HIGHT Assistant Nt>ws Editor State llnivers it y S y stem Chancellor Robert Maut z yesterday s aid he h a s requ es t e d Gov. R e ubin A skew to a s k the Florida L e gisl ature to r e peal the law requirin g s tud e nts convi c t e d of m arijuana possesion to be expelled from universities I think this is a bad law Mautz s a id In a letter to the governor about three weeks ago I asked he request it be repealed." MAUTZ SAID part of the reason for his request relates to a drug study conducted at state universities He said the study was requested by Askew after a Btll Davis drug-related death at University of Florida "Tha t arou se d int e r est in th e whole s ituation, s aid M a utz. W e did a s tud y th e r e and a much l e s s s pecific study a l each university." S G Pres. Bill Davi s said y e s terd a y h e i s g lad a n d frankly s urpristd by M a utz' r e qu e st. I think th e ch a ncellor i s r e sponding to a surv ey that in dicates 5:l p e r cent of s tud e nt s at UF smok e marijuana," D a vis said. "In light of the budg e t a ry crunch. th e chancellor can't a fford to lose that m a n y students. DA \'IS said SG Attorney General Ed Schlessinger is now drafting a resolution to be sub mitted to the Statewide Council of College Credit For Gov't Worf< Students can now gain practical experience in urban government and administration through a four-credit course. POL 571, Field Work, is available to all graduate students or seniors with close to a "B" or better average in. their majors. Positions are available with the For Charity USF s Bay Campus will be the scene of a drive Nov 14 and 15 to provide Christmas gifts for patients at Chattahoochee and Arcadia State Hospitals, according to Jean Tschiederer, coordinator for Student Activities and Organizations at the Bay Campus The drive, called Project Cheer, is sponsored by the campus' Psychology Club and is coordinated through the Mental Health Association of Florida. Any student wishing to con tribute items from the selection list or similar items should bring them to the activities desk in Building B on the St. Petersburg Campus The selection list includes things such as pens, note cards, stationery, cosmetics, instant coffee and games. Refreshments will be served to those who contribute. The Psychology Club initiated the drive after visiting the Arcadia hospital last spring and seeing how many things were needed by the patients, according to Pres. Jerri Humphrey. Jon Kushner Memorial Fund The Social Science Student Advisory Council will be collecting money from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. today in the lobby of the Social Science Building for the Jonathan Kushner Memorial Fund. Proceeds for the fund will be used to aid children in the Tampa Bay Area The money collected will be given in the name of the College of Social Science. Tampa City Council the Tampa Metropolitan Development Agency the Hillsborough City Coun ty Planning Commission and the Temple Terrace City Manager's Office Additional positions may be available in the State' s At torney s Office for Hillsborough County, the St. Petersburg City Manager' s Office and the Madiera Beach City Manager's Office. Applications are available in the Political Science Department Office, SOC 352, and must be returned by Nov. 16 Students wishing more information should call Prof. John Sidor, ext. 2358. come in for a demonstration of the world's most complete 35mm SLR system Our new F-1 35 mm SLR system is completely new, designed from the beginning as a total, fully Integrated unit. The system consists of the newly designed F-1 camera and 180 separate accessories, five .interchangeable viewfinders, a remarkable new motor drive, and a 250 exposure film pack. More than 40 different interchangeable lenses from !he 7 S .mm fisheye lo !he 1200 mm telephoto. :The versatility of the F-1 system allows for automatic exposure control, completely unmanned photography, automatic calculation-free electronic flash photography, extremely low-light automatic time exposure settings from 3 seconds lo 60 seconds .. We can give you all the information and help you to make the right selection Southern Photo & News Inc. 1515 Marian 2234239 Film Lib 1ory Pharo & AV Equ ip! Sale > & Ser v ice Ample Free Parking F-1 camera with FD 50 50mm f:l.8 Lens $47440 S tud e nt Body P r eside nt s sup p o rtin g M a utz r ec omm e ndation li e s aid 1 h e la w i s arc h a i c a nd should 1wve r have b ee n adop te d pro ces s i s the most important in 1 011l rollin g the problem, Mautz s;1id. "Of c our se, we can t have e11011g h police to complet ely do away w ith drug u se Mautz s aid h e b eli(! VCS drn g probl e m s a rc l esse ning now. H e s aid parti c ularl y hard-cor e dru g u s e i s d e clinin g If /\ s kew ac c e pts the r e comllH! ndation, Mautz said it will b e pre se nt e d to the l egis l ature n ex t spring. "I think th e e ducational CAUTION! THIS STEREO COULD GET YOU EVICTED ,...., WHEN YOU CAN SAVE $200 ON THIS STEREO ... IT'S WORTH IT! 250 WATTS OF POWER AM-FM STEREO TUNER IC/FET CIRCUITRY 3-WAY 12-SPEAKER SYSTEM GARRARD PRO TURNTABLE COMPONENT SALE Earphones $5.95 I Record Changers BSR McDonalds $39.95 GARRARDS $41.94 8 Track Tape Decks $39.95 Air Suspension Speakers $129 pr (12" woofers, 6" midrange, 3Yi" tweeter) -.. .. -4712 N. Armenia Ave. Mon. Fri. 9-9 SaL


( t: A S S 11., I H It 4 It S ) THE ORACLE -November 8, 1973 15 I TIBETAN BUDDHISM c HELP WANTED J MEN or WOMEN wanted for permanent part time employment taking inventory in dru"g, grocery, and variety stores. Reply RGIS Inventory Spec. 5445 Mariner St. Suite 208 Phone 879-3876. GIRLS-Earn Exira Money In Your Spare Time And Gain Valuable Experience A Model. Free-Lance Glamor Photographer Needs Models For Part-Time Work. Experience Or Perfect Figure Not Essential Call Sue For An Appl. 9 to 5 248 1112 PART TIME help wanted flexible hours. no experience necessary. Apply Barnett Sewing Machine Co. 872-8657 4325 W. Kennedy Blvd. ATTRACTIVE females needed for part-time help in clothing store. Experience in retail selling helpful but not absolutely necessary. Please call 933-3758. JOIN the people business. Openings for manager trainees. We want people who want to grow with us. excellent company benefits, 40-hr work week. salary. Apply in person, 1202 E. Fowler Ave. FULL OR PART-TIME WORK. 8, 6, or 4 hour shifts. Mornings or evenings. General plant labor. CAST-IRON CORPORATION OF FLORIDA. Faulkenburg Road & Hwy. 574 Phone 626-1550 PART-TIME salesperson. 6-9 p.m. week days, 10-5 p.m. Saturday. Radio Shack 9882971. 2 STUDENTS wanted for part-time steacty work at private residence. One for maintenance & landscaping of grounds -and one for inside household duties. Close to USF. Hours to suit. 949-1735. c MISC. FOR SALE ) WE HAVE denims in regular and bells and cords 1n bells. Also. boots, shirts & western hars. Only 10 min. from campus. Bermax Westefn Wear 8702 Nebraska. CLOSEOUT on knit men's pants. some sligntly irregular. Only S6.50-pair. Cal! s and 7 p.m. Monday and Wed nesday only for information 876-1908. 10-SPEEO Schwinn Vars'ty. excellent condition, Call 988-2002 evenings. IRISH SETTER Puppies-7 weeks. with papers; males & females. healthy, and very affectionate. Partially housebroken. Good bloodlines; very smart. S75. After S and on weekends 971. 42H. --------UNDERGROUND COMIX Largest selection in Tampa. Zaps, Freak Brothers, Mr. Natural. etc. Survival Bookworks, ... SERVICES OFFERED \ TYPING Books, Theses. Reports Call 877-555< I FAST. accurate typmg service. 48 hr. ser v1Cl' 111 rnos.f instances. 1 min_ from USF. Between 8:30 and S :OO call 879-7222 ext. 238 Alter 6,oo call 988-3'35. Ask for Liz. SPECIALIZED TYPIST IBM CORRECTING Selectric. carbon ribbon, p1ccl or l'llfl'. Type ctianges and Grl'C'k symbols. All tvPl'S of work sty1C'S. S mm. from USF. Nina Schiro. 9712139. If no answer. 235-3261 EXTRAORDINARY TYPIST 5 plus years of Quality term papersd issert at ions-st atistica I data-thesis Turabian-USF-Campbell-1 BM Selectric. carbon ribbon,. 4 type styles, pica References on request. Call Gloria 8841969. CAMPUS ART SERVICE GRAPHS-CHARTS-LOGOS. LE TT ER HEADS-BROCHURE s. NEWSPAPER LAYOUTS-HANDBILLS Call Mel Johnson 971-2634 after 6 p.m. TY PE everything-proofreadingincluded. Specialize in fast service. Maybe same day. Call Linda 977-1903. If no answer call 988 1519 ( PERSONAL J CHRISTMAS is near. Puzzle Rings 4.17 bands, chain rings 3-24 bands, sterling silver 14K gold made by Jose Grant. Call Tracy 971-5577 between 8-9 :30, a.m. or after 7 p.m. call when I am home. DATING: Computer-style. Complete 1n-format1on, application-write New Friends, P .O Box 22693P Tampa. Florida 33622. ATTRACTIVE room. modern trailer park. free in exchange. companionship for 13 yr. old girl weekday eves. for working mom. References. Call before 3:00 or weekends. 971-2657 ABORTION is safe. Abortion is legal, tn Clearwater call toll tree for information. Dial 1-800-432-3753. APTS. & HOUSES TO SHARE SAVE-Sublease my room at Fontana Hall Quarters 1 & J at reduced rare. Male or female. Call Scoff 971-5900 N J security deposit. MALE roommate for 12x60 2 bdrm trailer. Share expenses. Near USF. Call 971-7569 for info 1 .230_3 N .ebraska Ave. Open 7 days a week r J ,,,,.,. -{ y ears otd. Found 1n v1c1n1fy Jf Sk1pp('r Rd MERCEOES 1970 280 SE Automatic Pl'rfect. Reasonable. One owner. 251 evenings. 1969 Buick Skylark Custom. factory air. power steering and brakes. excellent running condition. Beta Phone or 9H-6359. ( MUSICAL l GUITAR STRINGS Lowest prices in Tampa. All kinds of musical accessories. Survival Bookworks, 12303 Nebraska Ave. Open 7 days a week 11-7' 30 p.m. ( FOR RENT ) MALE roommate-own a big room in a nice two bedroom mobile home. Central air, S min. lo USF. Pool. laundry facilities. All conveniences S75 a month for more in formation call 971-8808. LA MANCHA DOS, Tampa's only studeonf apt. Comple x S71-90 per month. I from campus on Und St 971-0100 The Undergrouttd Hailroad Petition Drive Is Still On Petitions arc availahle in t.:C 156 Join The Fight Against ('ultural Discrimination paid for by the Committee for Fairness In Programming Call to identify 971-9656 ask for John. R Ew#.R D for male Siamese-cat w1fh red collar and bells. Please return. He is loved. 986-1713 or 971-5676. ---GOBILE HOMES ) 12x60. 2 BR, AC. dishwasher. furnished, fireplace, shag. tied down, 2 miles from USF. S400 down S98 per month. 5 months old. Move in today. Call Lee Arnold collect Clearwater 443-6488 days. \FBR\SI\ .\ \T FO\\ I.FR 9; 1-000; Oral Generation Two For The Money Roth (:oior. X \I id II il1 t Fri. lX Sal. tout. ShoH from 11: 1;; MOTORCYCLES & SCOOTERS 70 YAMAHA 360 Molorcross-Excellenf condition. Must sell; l"m desperate. No reasonable offer refused. S400 or best offer. Call 974-2271. Ask for Roy. 1972 YAMAHA RS-JSOcc 2000 miles. 5 months old SS75 Call Dave 971-5419. [ REAL ESTATE J TREES IN THE TERRACE Oon'f miss this beautifully l<111dsCilPl'd 3 BR 1 bclth homl'. LclrQl' fclmlly room with Wt.'t bar. T astctully decorakd. Ct.ntral H A Lovely homl', obviously lovld. Call Today. WOODY P. BEAN. Assoc. Res. 988-1605. Office 877 8227. A GOOD START-in this cozy 3 bdrm. home located just 10 min. from USF & VA hospital. Kitchen has eat-in area. Decorate to your good taste! Call for appt. Pauline Ferraro Assoc. Res. 8H-4922 Coyle Really Off. 877 -8227. Suhurhanette Beauty _Salon Distincli\i l' Hair Styling and personalizt>d Style Cuts }or \h n '-'(: \\"onun 2211 E. Fletcher 971-7432 The first in a series of rare films photgraphed in Tibet, Sikkim. and Bhutan (1940-1959) will be shown in the >?" auditorium of the Tampa Public Library, 900 Ashley Street, at 8:00 p.m., Thursday, November 8. These films ill offer authentic giimpses of the Tantric Buddhist tradition fj as practiced by the Nyingmapa and Kargyutpa school. fa The public is invited free of charge. ... ..,.. I 10 WEEK SCHEDULE (SAME AS OTHER USF COURSES) CHANNEL 16 WU SF-TV Enrollment Unlimited USF College Credit Courses by Television in your own home or in a reserved room on campus. QUARTER II SCHEDULE 0377 FIN 201-501 PERSONAL FINANCE (5) 4:00 E. 7:00 p.m. MTWRF (Dr. Leslie Small) 2820 ENG 211-501 .CURRENT NOVELS (3) 5:00 or 8:00 p.m. MTR (Dr. Lawrence Broer) 0717 EDC 585-504 PERCEPTUAL MOTOR DEVELOPMENT (4) 5:30 or 8:30 p.m. MTR (Dr. Louis Bowers) 2361 MUS 371-501 ISSUES IN MUSIC (2) 5:00 or 8:00 p.m. F (Dr. Jacques Abram) 4967 PSY 201-501 INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY (5) 3:30 vr 7:30 p.m. MTWRF (Dr. Paschal Strong) 5242 SS! 301-501 SOCIAL SCIENCE STATISTICS (4) 4:30 or 9:00 p.m. MTRF (Dr. Karl Achenbach) COURSE BY RADIO (WUSF-FM, 89.7) 2362 MUS 205-501 INTRODUCTION TO ELECTRONIC MUSIC (3) 4:00 p.m. MW (Dr. Larry Austin) TO REGISTER DURING EARLY RroISTRATIONFill out your registration form the same as for other courses. Show complete reference, pref ix, course and section number$. Notify the Y.O.U. Office IMMEDIATELY that you are REGISTERING. We need your name and address so that materials for the course can be mailed to you prior to the of class. The Y.O.U. Office is located in the basement of the Library, UL! 20-D. Telephone ext. 23. PAESANO'S Italian Restaurant For Fast Tah:e-Out Or Dine In 988-1447 l0829 56th Temple Terrace t SOUTHWESTERN PLASMA t -tc CENTER t t 1218 Franklin St. t ic Cash paid for plasma donors. Donors may -tc : receive up to $50 in a 4 week period. t ic : Bring this ad and receive BONUS for your : : first time in. Hours: ic Mon. 6:30 5:00 fhu. 6:30 5:00 it. Tues. 6:30 2:30 Fri. 6:30 2:30 ic ic Wed. 6:30 5:00 Sat. 6:30 4:00 ic :***************************:


16 -THE ORACLE Non .. mber 8, 1973 Maybe the way to.change the world is to join a large corporation. We don't make a lot of noise, but this is where it's really happening. You see, a large corporation like Kodak has the resources and the skill to make this world a little mor e decent place to live. Andwe intend to do what we can to seC' that this is exactly what happens. Take our home city, Rochester, New York for exa m ple. We cut water pollution in the Genesee River by using natural bacteria to dispose of unnatural wastes. We cut air pollution by using electrostatic precipitators In a new com bustible waste disposal facility We helped set up a black enterprise program in downtown Rochester, and we'.ve been experimenting with film as a way to train both teachers and students-including some students who wouldn't respond to anything else. And we didn't stop with Rochester. Kodak is involved in 47 countries all over the world Actively involved. Why? B e c a us e it' s good business. Helping to clean the Genesee River not only benefits society but helps protect another possible source for the clean water. we need to make our film. Our combustible waste disposal facility not only reduces pollution ... but just about pays for itself in heat and power production and silver recovery Our black enterprise program not only provides an opportunity for the economically disadvantaged ... but helps stabilize communi ties in which Kod::1k can operate and grow. And distributing cameras and film to teachers and students not only helps motivatr the children ... but helps create a whole newmarket. fo '>hort, it's simply good business And we're in busi ness to make a profit. But in furthering our business interests, we also further society's interests. And that's good. After all, our business depends on society. So w e care what happens to it. Kodak More than a business.


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