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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Bidding Draft Questions Legalit BY S:\:\DRA WRIGHT A ssistant :\ews Editor A "rough draft report.. con ce rning bidding procedures used in awarding a USF audio-visual project. indicate s some Ulegalities may occurred. a source reported yesterday. I guess in a technical sen s e you could say they violated some law s ... the leg i slative source said ''A lot of it is a question of interpretation of statutes ... nnd testimony gin n in a pre \ ious hearing showed that Resource Inc.. which recei\'ed the contract. had completed o\er iO per cent of the project before bidding opened Com pany officials said they began the work on authorization from Dr Carl Proehl of th e Sta te Department of Education \\as awarded. this may bt> interpreted as malflasancl' in office ... He said this makt-s handling of the contract suspl'ct for a co\'<.'rup But trying to pro\'e something like that is really diffilult." the spokesman said l "SF; \"ice Pres. for Finance and Planning Hert Hartley told the com mittee last week that he conducted an "administrative revitw" after the contract was granted. but some committee members s his departure from USF '"'I am 1joyi11g m y l'rl'hlc said. "M) wifl' e njo ys ha vi ng llll' around .' Nov. 9, 1973 -:: Oracle photo by Brian Ashford Watch It! Don't let this graffiti fool you speed freaks, the limit Is still 10 MPH In parking lot No/ 7 between the Library and Education Building, contrary to the inscription on the sign above. No Oracle Tuesday Monday is a University holid a y and the Library and University offices will be closed. There will b e no Tuesday edit.ion of the Oracle Tuesday's Bulletin Board will be published on Wednesday The deadli1w for Bullet in Board information is noon Tuesday. '"'"'"'' ,,. Vol. 8, No. 80 16 Pages VA To Receive Unclaimed Vets' Benefit Checks All veteran advance education benefit checks which are not picked up by 5 p .m. todafwill be returned to the Veterans Ad ministration and the student will probably be ter" minated by the VA, Bob Jett, USF director of Veterans Affairs said yesterday Jett said he currently has about 45 advance checks in his office, which students should have picked up over two months ago. He said the VA may have already terminated these students since they have not notified the VA they are enrolled at the University. "ALL THESE have probably been terminated by the VA for veterans benefits," Jett said. "If the, find out they have been they should get back : n 'otltact in" n.flice Jett said his otfi..:; begin procedures to ha'.' i.' st1J1icnts recertified for benefits if tilcy are cancelled by the VA. But he said students should contact him to ensure they would not be charged for benefits not received. "The VA may tell an indivual that theoretically they did receive the benefits, so theoretically. since they did not contact the University. they must pay it back," Jett said .JETT ALSO noted many veterans who have received permission to defer fee payments for liO days have not yet paid. He s aid Nov. 2:) is the deadline. but veteran s may w a it until Nov. 30 if they wish to pay a $25 late fee. If the fees are not paid th e n, .Jett said the student's ngistration would be cancelled and till' VA would be notified Tlw veteran will th e n have to pny hark all the education benefits he received,,; Jett said. "Veterans still could find themselves canceled for lack of payment of fees." .JETT SAID he is uncertain how many veterans have noi paid fees. "The computer center is creating record problems for almost every office on campus," Jett said. "We can't even get an accurate listing of students who have paid, let alone veterans who haven't paid Any veteran or dependant of a veteran who has not received his VA education benefit check should see jett in UC 166, he said. Any vet experiencing problems with education benefits or fee deferrment should contact Jett's office. "It is going to be a real serious problem for some people," Jett sa!d. \ .. :. ,, "The computer center ls creating record problems for aline>st every office on campus." Bob Jett. -..


2-THE ORACLE 9, 1973 Nixon Requests Rationing Power WASHINGTON (UPI) With two experts cautioning that Americans must drastically reduce gasoline use to avert rationing, President Nixon formally asked Congress yesterday to quickly enact emergency legislation em powering him to ration gas and heating oil. Following up his broadcast speech to the nation Wednesday night on the nation s energy crisis, the President sent a special message to the House and Senate outlining his proposals He said "It is my hope that rationing of energy products will never be required but if circumstances dictate there should be no impediment to swift ac tion. ------Oil Exports Up WASHINGTON The Cost of Living Council said yesterday that despite a shortage of healing fue ls in this country, U.S exports of fuel oil in 1973 likely will be almost triple last year's exports. The council s aid, in response to a request by Rep Les Aspin DWis., for information, that exports this year probably will reach 5 3.3 million gallons a 184 per c ent increase over l ast year s 18.8 million gallons. Aspin suid that the e xport price in Aug ust wus $Ii.Tl plr 42gallon harrel. Arab Refusal HIYADH S a udi Ambia In a dramatic breakthrough for the personal diplomacy of Secretary of St a te Henry Kissinger, the United States yesterday announced Israel a nd Eg y pt had agreed on a fivP-point pact to avert a new war in the Middle F:ast. Formal unnouncement of the agreement will be made simultaneous ly Friday in Washington, Cairo and Tel Aviv after notification of U .N. Secre t ary General Kurt Waldheim, aides to th e traveling secretary of state said. Prosecutor Power WASHINGTON The new special Watergate prosecutor said yesterday he has been assured he can sue the presidency if he thought it n ecessary. Th e stateme nt came less th a n a day after President Nixon said he would fight to rc.rnove any distrust of him b y the publie Leon Jaworski. in his fir s t testimony before Congress s ince ta king over th e pros ecutor's job thi s w e ek said that he was assured by Nixon through White House Chief of Staff Alexander Haig tha t I would have the right lo sue the President." Bad Tapes WASHINGTON Rose Mary Woods testified yesterday it took her nearly a month to transcribe eight Watergate tapes for President Nixon because the quality is very bad on some," with conversations marred by rattling dishes whistling and distant band music. Libel Suit Filed By Rebozo WASHINGTON Presidential confidante Charles G. "Bebe" Rebozo sued the Washington Post Co. for 10 million dollars Wednesday in l\fiami Federal Court, charging he was libeled in a story about a stock transaction. Rebozo said the Post libeled him Oct. 25 when it ran a front page story alleging that Rebozo cashed $91.500 in stolen stocks in 1968 after he was told they were stolen. The Post carried in the second paragraph of the story a denial by a lawyer for Rebozo. The Post based its story on sworn statements in a Miami court file from Insurance Investigator George H. Riley Jr., who said under o; he. told Rebozo Oct. 22, 1968 that 900 shares of IBM stock Rebozo s Key Biscayne bank accepted as collateral for a loan had been stolen. Rut Rebozo close friend of President Nixon, said in his suit that Rilev could not have told him ()n Oct. 22 that the stocks were stolen because the brokerage house from which they were ,.;tolen did not know about the t hdt until Dec 5. Capitol Cutback T:\LLAHASSEE -The strange sight of air blowing fr<'<'ly through raised state office building windows. and maintmance men removing lightbulbs 1i, the dozens from once too h;igh ,!lY lighted hall corridors arid v11Jpt -Gov. Reubin Askew said in two yesterday that the nation's fuel shortage means a chilly winter and poor tourist turnout for Florida. "At first, we believed the state would escape serious problems this winter, while expecting fuel allocations next summer that could seriously restrict tourism,'' said Askew. "Now there are loud warnings that we may even have a long winter as well." At an Orlando Chamber of Commerce "Orange Juice Club" meeting, Askew said the state needs to "diversify" its serviceoriented economy and attract non-polluting manufacturing industry which is not quite so dependent upon fuels. Gurney Probe MIAMI -A 29-year-old Orlando man will tell a Federal grand jury all he knows about alleged illegal fund raising on behalf of U S Sen. Edward Gurney, D-Fla., the Miami Herald reported Wednesday. INTERFAITH CHRIST CHAPEL INTERFAITH + For a religious experience that is just a little bit different, plan noW to wenhip with us this SUDday IDOl'Ding at. 11 ;.oo. You will especially enjoy our very talented USF gwtarilt. ""' Orclt is the olficial studenl-ediled newspaper of the University of South f hnd nd 1s published four limes weekly, Tuesday through Friday, during !tie dm1c IJ('riod September tltrough mid-June; twice during lhe academic year mid Junt through August. by the University of South Florida, 4202 Fowler T nlP Fl. uno. l'pinn>n 'pnssl'd 1n The Oracle are !hose of lhe editors or of the writer and not Un1vn11y ol South Florida Address correspondence to The Oracle, LAN lnp Fl. ll620. cl-. polge p;ud al Tampa. Fla. The Oracle reserves the rigMto regulate tht h "'"'0' .1ph1c"'1 tont.' of II advertisements and revise or turn away copy 1t _considers \'l\1td11Mt.tblt'. t' ''11' .1ct1v1f1t'S and t11c1httes of the University of South Florida are available r, .-11,,n .. 11'.'tt d1scnmmtorv bcls1s. without regard to race, color, religion. sex, age or n.11t"n .. 1 "'' '111n Tht' Un1vt'rS1ty 1s an ilffirmat1ve action Equal Opportunity Employer. The Herald said Larry L Williams will testify after he pleads guilty within two weeks to two charges in connection with the fundraising filing a false income tax return and offering a gift or gratuity to a Federal employe CHARLIE CHAPLIN'S CLASSIC COMEDY MODERN TIMES with Paulette Goddard written, directed and scored by Charles Chaplin "One of the 10 Greatest Comedies Ever_ Fibned" -1972 International Critics Poll Nov. 9,10,11 7:00 & 9:30 p.m. ENA Admission $1.50 U.S.F. Students $1.00 HURRY! HURRY! Only 40 Serles Tickets Left Buy Yours Now General $12.00 U.S.F. Students $8.00 20 per cent Discount over Single Admission Price Theatre Box Office Hours 1: 15 -4: 30 p.m. Weekdays


THE ORACLE -November 9, 1973 3 Open Faculty Records Requested TALLAHASSEE UPI l-Sta t e Sen Richard Deeb. R St. P e tersburg yesterday proposecl. legislation to repeal a law prohibiting public inspection o f university professors and administrators' personnel records. Deeb said the law. which exempts the personnel records from another law requiring all public records to be made available to the public, was "It seems that some mysterious fourth branch of government known as 'education' is determined to place university faculty above all of us." pa ss ed last session as o n e of m o re than 20 bills thrown into an omnibus education act. "It appears that someone managed to sneak into this all encompassing bill a clause which -Sen. Richard Deeb \\ould allow ptrsomwl fill's of stall' uninrsil\' faeultv and administration I<; bt l'losl'ct to tlw public. as oppose>d to till' rt>quire>nwnt that ntords of all othe>r public t'mployl's ht> optn ... Dt>e>b said VanDercar Test Negative; Hopes For Case Dismissal BY SANDRA WRIGHT Assistant News Editor Dr. David VanDercar, who has claimed University Police rsity faculty abon' all of us ... lie said hl' is prt>paring a bill that m1\1ld makl tlw univl'rsitv n rnrds subjl'l'I to publie l would guess that these same univt>rsity faculty members who want their records closed to the pubiic are in the forefront of !host> shouting that elected and appointt>d public officials should display not only their personnel neords but also their income tax stattnwnls. and the income tax statPnwmts of theirchildrep and llll'ir families, and everything t>lst about tht>mselves," Deeb said HONDA VILLAGE sales service parts Honda's are our business Our only business mon. 9 til 9 weekdays 9 til 6 971-8171 14727 N. Nebraska Honda Car Dealer -LAMANCBA New Apts. La Mancha Dos now has vacancies in the new section of the complex. Reservations are befog accepted for im mediate occupancy or for next quarter. 1 block from campus on 42nd St. $72 -90 per month Phone 971-0100 \ .. ( llllEFEATIEll MARX BROTHERS Road Runner Little Rascles Pink Panther Flash Gordon I .Jesse Binford, chemistry profes s or a nd faculty advisor for the USF Rike Club, said I.he commissioners' approval i s r e ally great." The director y photiigrapher i s sc heduled t.o IH'gi11 t a king por 1.ra its on can1p11s starting llow P v c r th e s it.tings will be c ancell e d unl es s th e n is an a dequate numb e r of reser vation request s mad e hy s<'11iors and candidate s hy : i p.m today, Stalnakf'r s aid $1.00 at the Language Literature Auditorium-USF J ................................. .. Binford s aid that the permit. for I.he Fletcher Avenue path is still in the works at the DOT office in Tallaha s see Binford said h e met. on Mond a y with Karran Schenk deputy director for ({oad llcscrvatio11 s 111ay lw made in LAN '172 or hy calli11g lht. Office of Student Publication s, txt.. 21;17. There is no to stud!ts for s itlings Guitar Sale 30% off all instruments Survival Bookworks 12303 Nebraska Ave. Fowler and Fletcher


4-THE ORACLE November 9, 1973 Commentary Dorm Security Tricky Business Is police surveillance of dormitories necessary? It would depend on what we are discussing when we say "police sur veillance of dormitories This would rest upon lhe offenses that are occurring, whether they be sexual assaults, robberies or this type. We have not at the present time nor to my knowledge ever had internal sur veillance of dormitories We have maintained surveillance of parking lots and other areas where we are ex periencing a high volume of breaking and entering of vehicles and other related offenses such -as motorcycle thefts and car thefts on the campus Are the resident instructors

.,. --). J < THE ORACLE....:. November 9, 1973 5 P rof Doesn't Know Rock From Stock I've been hearing strange things lately, like classical music on a Friday night at the Natural Kitchen Early Friday evenings are barren of rock music with the Underground Rail Road reprogrammed for night owls only and WFSO signing off at sunset and beamed somewhere else anyway and WQSR's rock program not coming on for a few hours yet. THIS ALL began when a broad casting professor who never learned the difference between top 40 and progressive radio formats was ap pointed to head Educational Resources His name is Manny Lucoff. Lucoff may or may not be consciously working toward Pres. Cecil MackeY'.s apparent goal of a nearly rock-free campus, though it is inconceivable that Mackey would have appointed anyone who wasn't either compliant or at least pliant It's also worth considering, however that Lucoff may not be the permanent appointee, depending on what was on his resume (a public document, by the way) and Mackey's mind. Mackey is reportedly satisfied with the cuts in progressive programming NEVERTHELESS, if the man who controls the radio isn't listening to listener surveys

6-THE ORACLE November 9, 1973 Special Code Explained on ,pastries sold by and Saga Food services. 100 Students Late With Otr. 1 Fees A record of 19,800 students have enrolled at USF this quarter, but about 100 have not yet paid their registration fees, Bob Wallace, comptroller, said yesterday. Wallace said the University is today mailing bills to students \.;iio have not paid. If fees are not paid within about one week, the student's registration will be canceled, he said. "We will notify therri this is how -much they .owe us and see if they agree," Wallace said .. "If. they don't agree, we'll zap them off." Wallace said he suspects many of those who have not paid have dropped out, but have not notified the University. "It looks like it is a possibility they have enrolled but aren' t attending," Wallace said. Wallace said about 500 students had not paid fees prior to the original deadline of Nov. 2. He said the additional time is being granted "assuming those who haven't paid didn't see the first notice." But, if fees are not paid by the deadline specified in the bills mailed today, he said registration would defintel/be canceled. I THE LOSERS 14929 N.Nebraska the Showcase of the South for Rock Music THIS WEEK RUBY SMOOTH Bud on Tap glass, glas$, night Entertainment .75 at door 1.00 Fri.&Sat. Special Code On Pastries Reveals Expiration Dates l\Y l'.\TT\ lllt.\l'EH Orad1 ff \hiltr :\urnh1rs a11d lt-tters 011 11TappPrs for p;istril's sold 011 campus rt'lll'es1t 1\pir;1t ion datl's hut ha\'l' a special coding. accnrding tn distrihutnrs. Dnlh :\ladisnn produl'ts. which Zing\'rs. pnund 1akl'S and fruit pi1s. and Billl' Hihhon produl'ts which include 1Tt'alll filled snack rakes. pound cakl's and fruit pit's. hnth us1 il'l'l'llllll'r according to .John Coate. general sales lllanager of Dandy Bread Co. TllE L:\ST two digits npnsent the day of the month. For instance. the code numbers :,mi would mean the product should hl' removed from the shelf or machine by Nov. 9, the fifth lllonth. ninth day. of this six month 1wriod "My salesman must pick the pastrits up that day and bring thPm back to us ... Coate said 'Thl'n WP put them in our thrift storP. whl'rt' they're good for ;111ot htr Wl'l'k ... < 'oatt said that the past.ries he handle s arl' good for two weeks. Tiii: l.1\ST two digits signify t lw day of th e month after which thl' p;1stries can't be eaten," ('oatl' said. DRUGS W c will save you money on presaiptions! THE DRUG SHOP "'The small super discount drug store" 10905 Nebraska Phone 971-&Wl JrwJJiia'"dfial -l732 NORTH DALE MABRY, TAMPA OPEN DAILY FROM 5 PM All The Antipasto You Can Make ,, All The Wine You Can Drink With Dinner -. -One Dollar Buys A Highball Or Cocktail SPAGHETTI choice of Sauce 3.50 SPAGHETTI and MEAT BALLS 3.95 EGG PLANT PARMIGIANA 4.25 CHICKEN MAMA MIA! 4.95 VEAL PARMIGIANA 5.35 SHRIMP MARINARA 5.50 STE AK PIZZAIOLA 6.25 "Tl)e Gral)dest ltalial) Restaural)t Ever" ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACC.EPTED I SPECIAL ... USF STUDENTS I : sJoo OFF with ID : I ( MAMA MIA! OFFERS $1.00 OFF EACH REGULAR ) II I DINNER PRICE FOR YOU AND YOUR DATE. I OFFER GOOD ONLY MON.-WED. II DURING THE MONTH OF NOVEMBER. II


Elevator Breakdowns Stop Short ... the wheelchair students wanting to go up (above) and down (right). Wheelchair Student Stuck By Elevator Breakdown Barbara Toll, one of USF's wheelchair students, .had to be carried down three flights of stairs in the Social Science Building yesterday because, she said. "The elevator was broken for the second time this week She said the elevator had been broken "on and off for the past three weeks," making it difficult for her and other wheelchair students to get to some of their classes. DALE HARTMAN, Student Organizations adviser, said the elevator had been causing problems but had been fixed earlier this week. He said he has requested that after Qtr 2 registration all classes in this SOC building with wheelchair students be moved to the first floor Last year, on Big Wheels Day, administrative heads were given a tour of the campus in wheelchairs so they could see the ca mpus from a handicapped person s point of view. Hartman feels the event was responsibl e for increased attention to the n eeds of handicapped students. There are approximately 31 11 h ee lchair students on campus this quarter. Kenneth W. Thompson. vice president for Administrative listed items that have h1 or will be done this year to aid the handicapped: wheelchair WATCH FOR I :tU:I S. \l'ESTSHORE 81.lD. ramps will be repainted, ad ditional sidewalks will be added one north of EDU and one from LAN to Maple St., hand rails will be placed on all ramps, bathroom threshholds will be lowered on the main building floors, kick plates will be placed on all glass doors public phones will be keys will no longer be necessary to operate elevators, and elevator pushbuttons will be lowered. PLANS have been made to put room numbers written in Braille five feet from the floor of all classroom doors so blind students can find their classes Handicapped students have asked that all doorways on campus provide a 32-inch-wide clearwrance, require no more than eight pounds of pressure to open, and be made of a non breakable substance Glass doors WE INVITE YOU TO VISIT should have a metal kick plate 16 inches high. Toll said the administration is "doing a good job" in im plementing recommendations of the student advisory committee for handicapped students. She said the elevator in SOC is the only major probleM Thompson said his office is having an analysis of all campus elevators prepared because there have been problems with a number of them. Thompson said the study will determine what companies are responsible for elevator main tenance and identify frequency and types of problems by elevator and building. Thompson said it is important not to be critical of maintainance until the analysis is completed, although he said "We're not getting the service we'd like." Jff irst Oiqurrq TEMPLE TERRACE 10002-56TH STREET We invite you to meet other USF students who attend our Sunday morning Bible Study at 9:30 am. College students meet in the youth center at First Baptist Church for coffee and donots at 9:30 am. Worship services beg1in at 11 am. SUNDAY NOVEMBER 18 7:15 P.M. world wide pictures presents ISN'T IT GOOD TO KNOW eastmancolor with BILLY FOR TRANSPORT A TI l1'J CALL: 988-ll38 THE ORACLE November 9, 1973 MARILYN MONROEA""'T HERB SI plus Max Fleischer's Classic Cartoon ''Popeye meets Sinbad the Sailor" FRIDAY NOVEMBER 9 MIDNIGHT ENA $1-.00 TWO MASTER Pl ECES OF YESTERYEAR BUSBY BERKELEY'S GREATEST MUSICAL GOLD DIGGERS OF 1935 THE CLASSIC GANSTER FILM PUBLIC ENEMY !AMES CAGNEY iEAN HARLOW SATURDAY NOVEMBER 10 MIDNIGHT ENA $1.00 7


8 -THE ORACLE DOONESBURY p YiAH,mt U DON'T 6CT i l10NlffNT5 YOllR HOP 1'M HOSrtY .11P. weu ec .. UKKY lfll/t IN /'OUf!H15! FINO ANY I / f"'Y r Jr:' l::!f OH. YEAH I'M 5l1Ri I IJON'T HAVE 70 l<.tM!Nt? AN Ol' fROOPER LIKE >tX' ... \ .I\. November 9, 1973 by Garry Trudeau !T's PRUTY /,(//ilJ C()(/N1RY, SO I HOPE YOU!E'c NOT !NCL!NEO "ff) 6/VIN' IN TO MTl6l/li I wf "r" \ f,\i Btn IVATW IJ/lfTCN&O 50(/L {)/() 1HIS HAPPEN /)(JR.ING 1HE SECRET 80MBING5? l "STUDENTS" XMAS IS COMING! PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW : FOR THAT ''SPECIAL POISON." GIVE A UVING GIFT THAT CAN BE CHERISHm FOR YEARS ,) ,t., A CACTUS GARDEN TERRARRIUM, A DISH .. GARDEN, OR HANGING BASKET. FREE BOWS AND GIFT. CARD WITH G EACH ORDER. ALL \ L'i.IT1b ETPLOCS IT \ \, : 3' ,.,.. REQUIRED) BOUTIQUE PLANT ADOPTION CENTER CORNER 56th ST. & 127th AVE. BET\l'EEN FLETCHER & FOWLER DAltY EXCEPT WED. 8 to s:30 Risech Tops Debators The USF Debate Team took lop individual honors at the Ap palachian Mountain Forensics Tournament in Boone, North Carolina this past weekend, according lo Gerald .Partney director of foren s ics flavio Hisech was named first place individual speaker over 158 contestants in his division while Zach Teich placed fourth. Another USF student, Tom Howfand, placed fifth in im promptu speaking. Parlney said he was encouraged by the results of the tournament. "In two of the three tour naments we have attended this year, South Florida debators have not only taken high in dividual honors but have ad vanced into the final elimination rounds This is the best opening to the tournament season we have had in my three years of coaching at USF Next weekend, Nov 14 and 15, the squad will travel to Montevallo, Alabama for the season's fourth tournament. ANNOllN{'EMENT Due lo a University holiday Nov. 12, the Bulletin Board deadline will be Tuesday noon instead of Monday noon. Bulletin Board will run in Wednesday's Oracle !WINNER OF 6 ACADEMY AWARDS! METROGOLDWYNMAYER PRESENTS A CARLO PONTI PRODUCTION DAVID LEAN'S FILM 11' -'. OF BORIS PASTERNAK'S DOCTOR ZHiVAGO/ : JN PANAVISION AND METROCOLOR .:_, A TUES. NOV. 13th 7 p.m. "BRING A BLANKET" Starring Paul Newman, Henry Fonda Nov. 9,10,11 7:30-10:00 p.m. THE NO B.S. TRUTH ABOUT COMP ARING SPEAKERS MANY AUDIOdealers alter the output and the response of a speaker by inserting L pads or resistors between the speaker and the ainp. WE DO NOT!! because a) What you hear when the speaker output is altered, is of course not what it will sound like when you get it home; in the home you would hook it up straight! b) Any insertion of an L pad or resistor will also act as a choke or high frequency filter. Thereby filtering out the highs from that speaker! c) If one speaker will produce more acoustical energy from the same amount of electrical input, it obviously is of a superior design, as that is the primary function of a speaker. d) The more. efficient a speaker is, th. lower the volume setting on your amp: therefore, a great reserve of power is available for loud bass transients. An And the :amp lower dist.ortion at these 1ower volume settings. ID other words "the more efficient the speaker, the better the fidelity your amp wlll deliver!" EVERY DEMONSTRATION :IN OUR STORE IS A STRAIGHT HOOKUP! NO UNDERSTAND IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT Come in and we will explain all aspects of audio We have the product and the knowledge to back it up We are o en 9-9 weekdays and 12-5 Sunday


Housemaids, Foremen Receive Title Changes DEADLINE TODAY W :\ S H I 1\ (; T 0 !'\ t l' P I I -"It is no! n'alistic ... said Carnwn H. '.\laymi. din'ctor of the Women's bureau. "lo l'Xpl'l'I that womPn will apply for job openings ad\ert ist>d for forc>ml'n. salc>smen. or crt>dit mc>n. Nor will mc>n apply for job Vacancies calling for laundresst>s. maids. or airline> stc>wardc>sst>s ... Longshon'men will be Housemaids. henceforth. will be kno\\'n to the go\'ernment as "lodging quarters cleaners ... an.l foremen as "blue collar worker super\'isors. long .;fiorP\\'orkers. printing blcome printing press operatl)rs and structural metal naftsnwn will be strt1ctural nwt a I workers. OMNIBUS II It s in the interest of eliminating sex designations from job titles. Otlwr revisions include In all. 52 titles are being changed by the Census Bureau for its record-keeping. at the request of the Labor Department's Women's Bureau and Manpower Administration. and the Federal Inter agency Com mittee on Occupation Classification. The> Cc>nsus Bureau announced the changes Thursday in line with federal law prohibiting job discrimination based on sex. The suffix "men.. has been dropped from most of oc ('Upational titles and replaced by "\\orker" or "operator." l'lergynwn to clergy: newsboys to 1wwspaper carriers: office boys to office helpers: shoe rt'pairmen to shoe repairers: fislwrmen and oystermen to fishers. hunters and trappers: airline stewardesses to flight atlt>ndants: bus boys to waiters' assistants. and firemen to fire fighters. SOUTH FLORIDA REVIEW SUBMISSIONS LANLIT 472 MILJAN, INC. AMATEUR SPORTS Participants in any amateur bike racing program conducted by Miljan Inc. must follow the following rules and regulations to be eligible for all prizes: Rules and Regulations 1) All races must be conducted on Miljan, Inc. approved or franchized tracks, stadiums or other facilities. 2) All participants must be a member of the Amateur Tandem Bicycle Race Association (A.T.B.R.A.) membership fee is $2.35. 3) All participants must enter races and pay weekly entry fee of $2.oo; all such entries must be scheduled ONE week in advance. 4) Deadline for first race is November 17th for race to be conducted November 24th. The following schedule of races and prizes shall apply: First Race -winners qualify for semi-final race of the week. Second Race -Winners of the first, second and third place qualify for weekly finals. Third Race -Winners are the weekly winners who qualify for track finals and recieve a Color T.V. each. Fourth Race for all weekly winners, the winnners are the TRACK CHAMPS and receive a $500 gift certificate each; trip to Las Vegas for National Finals to be held October 5, 1974 via United Airlines, for one week all expenses paid vacation in Las Vegas for the winnwr AND one guest each. National Finals October 5, 1974 First Race -Winners receive 1975 auto each. Second Race -Winner receive 1975 recreational vehicle each. Third RaceWinners are NATIONAL CHAMPS and receivea $40,000 home )labor and materials) ercC'.ted on lots anywhere in U.S.A. These rules and regulations are limited to the open division racing program and are subject to all local, state, and federal rules and regulations pertaining to amateur racing and prizes. Participants shall race on rental bikes provided by Miljan, Inc. Bikes will 1 available for rent at the track for practice from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Tuesday through Friday. Race days will be Saturdays at the Golden Gate Speedway. 9


10-THE ORACLE November 9, 1973 Former Attorney General Ruckelshaus Speaks Here hen was the last time you stood up and applauded a movie? Vvilliam Ruckelshaus. former Deputy Attorney General of the United States. will speak Thursday. Nov. 15. at 8:30 p.m. in the gym. under the sponsorship of the University Lecture Series. Ruckelshaus, nominated to the post of Deputy Attorney General by President Nixon in July of 1973, was dismissed last month for refusing to fire special prosecutor Archibald Cox. Ruckelshaus served as Deputy Attorney General and Chief Counsel of the Indiana Attorney General's Office. during which time he drafted the Air Pollution Control Act of 1963. In 1967, Ruckelshaus was elected to the Indiana House of Representatives and served there as the majority leader. He William Ruckelshaus ran unsuccessfully as the GOP candidate to the United States Senate in 1968, being defeated by the incumbent, Birch Bayh. Ruckelshaus then became an Assistant : \!torrwy l;t'IH'ral. runl'lioning as !wad of tht Ci\il Di\'ision of tlw lkpartnwnt of .lustiet'. From 1970 until 1\1/:1. Huckelshaus SN\'ed as ad ministrator of ttw ll .S. l:n \'ironmental Prottttion Agt>ney and was the ehitf enforetr of federal laws on air and wati.r pollution. pesticides. solid wastt disposal. radiation control and noise pollution control. Prior to his appointnwnt as Deputy Attorney General. Ruckelshaus was Acting Director of the FBI from April of 197:J until July, the period after L. Patrick Gray had stepped out of public life. i/ -9:30-WALKING TALL "Might just turn out to be this year's sleeper and emulate the runaty -7:30-"THIS PROPERTY 3 -11:00-DUSTIN HDFF---.. .. "STRAW TECHNICOLOR DCDS11 Testing Incoming Students Finds .Bad Hearing, Speech i@J BOOKSMAKEGREATGIFTSFOR Approximately five per cent of USF's students have a speech or hearing problem which, if 80 Engineers To Join New Honor Society About 80 students from all engineering departments are members of the new student chapter of Tau Beta Pi, the National Engineering Honor Society, USF's group was accepted at a recent convention in Gainesville Students are selected for the organization on the basis of academics and character. Formerly Tau B'eta Phi, the USF society provides tutorial service, tape recordings of textbooks for blind students and other activities. This is the third chapter of Tau Beta Pi in Florida and will be designated the Florida Gamma Chapter. allowed to go unnoticed, may affect the students' pursuit of a career or active social life, ac cording to Lee Kasan, assistant director of Speech and Hearing for the Counseling Center. "At the beginning of every quarter, we try to identify speech or hearing problems by testing all new students," Kasan said. "The speech and hearing program, in use at USF for nine years, tries to identify and cure problems in speech and hearing that are known or unrecognized by the student. Participation in therapy is completely volun tary," Kasan noted. Kasan said the importrance of a speech or hearing problem is relative to a student's planned occupation. "For instance, a lisp may not affect someone who is planning on doing chemical research, but it will have a bearing on someone majoring in education," he said. "When students come to us for help, we discuss and evaluate their problems. After that, it's up stewart Talk Set Today Rodger Stewart, executive director of the Hillsborough County Environmental Protection Commission, will speak today in CHE lll at 2 p.m. Stewart, known for his "somewhat unpopular en viro.nmental decisions," will speak on the topic of in Hillsborough County, according to Dr. Richard Davis, chairman of the Geology Department, who scheduled the Stewart speech Stewart's talk is part of a series of visiting lectures, usually sch.eduied on Fridays, Davis said The speech is free and open to the public. Busch Blvd. at 22nd st 2 big Braziers & Fries regular $1.88 for $1.38 Save 50 to the student to decide how import.ant the problem is to him," Kasan said. If a student does want help, Kasan said that there are various group and individual therapy sessions depending on the nature of the problem. One group, the UN, is com posed of foreign students who have trouble speaking English. "We try to tailor the help sessions to the needs of the student," Kasan said. The Center is certified by the American Speech and Hearing Association. Anyone interested in having their speech or hearing tested may contact the Counseling Center at ext. 2833. SIDDHARTHA 1;45, 3:15, 4:45, 6:20, 7:55, 9:25 R-Rated Give the gift that lasts and fasts. We 're you 're one-stop shopping headquarters with thousands of titles to choose from. Gift cer tificates available. I PARTY! I iFREEBEER andwinel : : Free Keg' And. Case of Wine : i Sat. Nov. 10 3 pm I TOAD HALL i : Fowler at 17th st. : i Next to Mason Trading Co. i '**********************************************'


. Viviano SteriOLE-Nvember.1m 11 University Store Grando d phones given away each hour Drawings will determine winners. You must be present to win. System Specials A special buy on Pioneer Quad Receivers allows us to offer_ this system at this $439 special low pr1ce. Pioneer QX4000 quad receiver ... $369 00 Garrard 40B .................. $ 49 95 Deluxe base .................. $ 19.95 Dust cover .. 5.95 Grado cartridge 4 air suspension speakers with 8" woofers & 3V2" tweeters 159.80 Total List Price ........ $629. 95 A full 1 O octaves in quad $69? 108 watts RMS Pioneer QX8000 ...... .... .... $569 00 Garrard 42MS 64 95 Dust cover 5.95 4 Advent small speakers 300 00 Total List Pr ...... $939 90 Fo,stuff like: 1800' reel of tape or 60 min. cassette Toeach customer. While they last at the University Store. Component Specials Quad Receivers Pioneer QX8000 list $569.00 On Sale for $395.00 Pioneer QX4000 list $369.00 On Sale for $275.00 Headphones Koss Pro-4AA HVI Cartridges Grado F3E Shure M91ED Grado FCR list $60.00 list $39.95 list $49.95 list $54.95 list $25.00 A full 1 O octave system $ 400 40 watts RMS Sherwood S7100A receiver ....... $219.95 2 Advent small speakers 150 00 Garrard 408 with base and dust cover 62 00 Grado cartridge 25 00 Total List Price ....... $456.95 On Sale for $39.95 On Sale for $29.95 On Sale for $24.95 On Sale for $22.50 On Sale for$ 9.95 All prices good at both locations Free gifts at the University Shop only v1v1ano Aavet1t, Bose, ESS, AR, Pioneer, Sherwood, Marantz, Garrard, Dual, SAE and many others. stereo shops Now in 2 locations So ut r rampa 1536 S D a l e M abry Nl H tl1 r a m pa N ew Univer sity S t o r e 11158 N 3 0 t h Street


12-THE ORACLE November 9, 1973 Zany Marx Brothers Star In Head Theatre BY DAVID RUTMAN Oracle Staff Writer The merry madness of the Marx Brothers will be spotlighted in this week's presentation by Head Theatre. The showtimes are tonight and Saturday at midnight in LAN 103. Groucho, Chico, Harpo and Zeppo star in the film "Horse Feathers." "Horse Feathers" features Groucho as the head of a university whose football team is failing. THROW.ING ACADEMIC needs to the wind, Groucho decides to set off the search of some football players for the team. In addressing the professors on matters of priority at college, Groucho asks, 'Have we got a stadium?" "Yes," agree the professors "Have we got a college?" he goes on. (preview] "YES," ECHO the professors. "Well, we can't support both. Tomorrow we start tearing down the college!" The shocked professors cry out, "But where will the students sleep'?" "WllEHE THEY always sleep," replies Groucho, "In the classroom.'' Things get so bad at the college that Groucho is forced at one point to give a science lecture. "O.K. baboons," commences Groucho, "What is a corpuscle?" CHICO HEPLIES, "That' s easy. Firstit's a captain, then it's a lieutenant, then it s a cor puscle. Eventually, after some shady deals, Groucho gets his football players and the film climaxes with the wildest football game ever played. Hounding off the bill with "Horse Feathers" are the Little Hascals Pink Panther, Road Runner and another chapter in the Flash Gordon serial. i\DMISSION is $1. "Celebration" Has Scourby TU h ighlites The Department of Speech Communication is presenting its second annual "Celebration of Literature," Nov. 15 through 17, free in Lan 103. The festivities will be broken up into three areas: "Literature and the Stage" will feature actor Alexander Scourby; Dr Frances Mccurdy, guest authority on Individual Oral Interpretation; a production of Ken Kesey's "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest;" and Dr. Leslie Coger, guest authority on Group Interpretation. TODAY 8:30 p.m., Ch. 10-Odd Couple -Felix decides to make a movie about a typical day in the life of Oscar. Tony Randall and Jack Klugman star. 9 p.m., Ch. 13 Movie Robert Redford, Robert Blake and Katharine Ross star in "Tell Them Willie Boy is Here." 11:30p.m., Ch. 10In Concert -a 90 minute tribute to Cat Stevens, featuring Linda Rondstadt and Dr. John. 11:30 p.m., Ch. 13 Movie "The Fear Chamber" starring Boris Karloff plus "Superargo Against Diabolicus.'' 11 :30 p.m., Cb. 44 -Movie Bob Hope and Bing Crosby week ends with "The Road to Bali." 4:30 a.m., Cb. 8 Movie Sidney Poitier stars in "A Raisin in the Sun. SATURDAY. 2 p.m., Ch 8 -Movie "War of the Gargantuas." 8 p.m., Ch. 13 -All in lbe Family Archie suspects that-. Edith is turning Catholic. Cuoll I O'Connor and Jean Stapleton star. 9 p.m., Cb. 8-Movie -.. Buck and the Preacher" starring Sidney Poitier and Harry Belafonte. 9:30 p.m. Ch. 13 Bob Newhart Show Bob's therapy group revolts when Bob decides to raise his rates. 10 p.m., Ch. 13-Carol Burnett plenty of laughs are in store tonight as Tim Conway guest ll :30p.m Ch. 44-Movies-a double feature for feminists: "Thl' Bride of Frankenstein" starring Boris Karloff and Elsa Lanlhester and "Weird Woman Sl'NDA\' I p:m .. Ch. 8 -Football -The llolphins fnce the Baltimore Colts at l\liluni. ti p.m Ch 13 CBS News :-\1wd11I Ten years after his ,tt,uth. President Kennedy's forti1tn polky is reassess. ed. 7:30 p.m .. Ch. 10 Movie "Airport" flies into your llvln,; room. starring Dt>nn Martir Hurt l.amttster. Helen Hayes an Stbt>Jll. MONDAY 9 p.m Ch. 8 -Movie "Barefoot in the Park" starring Jane Fonda and Robert Redford. 11:30 p.m., Ch. 44 -Movie -Humphrey Bogart stars in "Battle Circus TUESDAY 4 p.m., Ch. 10 -Movie "Kung Fu" the pilot film for the TV show. 10 p.m., Ch. 8 The Hlue Knight -First chapter in a four day "mini-series" based on Joseph Wambaugh's novel. William Holden stars. 11:30 Ch. 44 Movie Humphrey Bogart stars in "The Caine Mutiny." Literature and the Dance" will feature Susana Hayman-Chaffey, lead dancer from the Merce Cunningham Company; Shoichi Kiyokawa, concrete poet; Dr. William Hug, choreographer, chairman USF Dance Depart ment. "Literature and the Film" will feature Will Hindle, winner 1973 New York Film Festival; Dr. William T. Ross, USF professor, critic of literature and the film; Stan Vanderbeek, award winning avant garde film maker; and student-made films. 'VE MOVEDI l_H.E BEITER HALF 1snow cTORV PANTS in Temple Terrace at 56th St. & Busch Blvd. 116 BULLARD PKWY. u .s'" EST SELECTION -BIGGEST SAVINGS Groucho Marx and friend FLORILAND CINEMA 2 "**** (HIGHEST RATING) GUARANTEED TO PLEASE NEARLY EVERYONE. BY ALL MEANS GO AND SEE IT!" -l

THE ORACLE -November 9, 12'.73 13 Chaplin, Monroe, Seger Scheduled For Weekend A wide \'ariety of films and entertainment is available this weekend on campus. including five movies and a rock concert. Charlie Chaplin fans will find ._,_m11ch pleasure beginning tonight

14-THE ORACLE November 9, 1973 Soccer Squad Turns To Hoping HY D.\\. E :\IOOIOL\:'\:'\ Oracle Sports Editor The only thing USF's S.lccer team can do now is sit and wait. Winding up its regular season Tul'sday. thl' Brahmans rank Sl'eond in tlw South. just alll'ad of Wl'st \'irginia ,\:'\I> BOTH squads want the two spot which nll'ans hosting hindsi1ht BY HINDS Oracle Sports Writer GEORGIA OVER FLORIDA Until last weekend both were among the teams in the countr-y, then they as if they were among the ranking teams. It'll show in Saturday's televised game w,h(I is just pretending. VIRGIN TECH OVER FLORIDA STATE The combined record >: two teams is 1 win and 16 losses. The Gobblers couldn't even despite catching them in a compromising The psych lip for games by ripping apart wet 1$, however, the most interesting game of the week. : '. OVER STATE -The Tigers can send .. tlieir toward the end zone but all too often they forget to '. witll .them. The Bulldogs, after an impressive start, haveseffi.ed baCkto their.mediocre style of = .. t;ifOTRE DAME -In a year or two; the 5th ;:: Irish will no lo.nger consider Pitt as a stepping stone in their ::,_ become one. I W!>uld have gone with an upset for Piuithers hadI not sat on a bottle of Nair recently. :PENN STATE Some believe the Wolfpack a diance agajnst the sixth rated Nittany Lions as William : .. oominated for Attorney General. But with a little ; N :C. can provide tll,e week's biggest upsE:t. VANDERBILT Previolisly the doormat l>Otb made dr8IJlatic rises to respectability The Wildcats can be as "Sir" after the -: ..: .KEJN1STATE "."""These.teams are in the sinall and big fune. football, yet both are .Jt should .be a short stay for the 19th rated Golden .' ;;;.J{f.J :;Q:>RAl:>,O ""'.7 Unranked Colorado will have no iitea .Kansas' The Buffalos move as their : JaytrawkSare as shifty as Nixon's position ; .. : : MISSOURI -Because of the NCAA probation, have no bowls ... but they do, and enough \ lQth rated Tigers. 'Ille Greeriies lost theil' top tailback when At New Orleans it are caught with their pants doWn. M ot1f ... ; ; .. first round act ion of tlw :\C:\:\ tournanwnt. But 's it's no longl'r in l'SF' s hands as to wlwn thl'y 'll tnd. Tlwy must simply wait for \\ l'st \"irginia to dost' its stason tonorrow and for toUl'lll'\ hids to be issutd Tm'sday 1-:nn if !ht l\lountaint't'rs defeat \'illinova Saturday as coach Dan llokomb thinks tlwv will. lw said. "It's just a but I think \\'t'll end up thtn \numbl'r twol IF SO. IT nw:uis llSF will nwl't the Souths numbtr thne ttam. in all probability West Virginia. here. Werl' thl' Brahmans to be third. they would play at Wl'st Virginia The Mountaineers were triumphant i1. the teams' most recent meeting. a HI victory last "I haven't seen them since last year." Holcomb said. "but thev had JO players graduate so "<. ;.,i ;J.:;; ;.'.j ... -.! to,:BEER EV,ERY .. ... \ ... : A LEPRECHAIJN"S .. ... ;;,_,,'\ _,: "phis .. ANll STUFF! 12 I iii g "It's just a guess but I think we'll end up there. (number two) The last possible day we can play is Nov. 24, and that's.the date I'm shooting for. That'll give us time to heal. We've just been resting the last two days. We're just trying to rest and heal up." -Dan Holcomb "and that's tlw dall' I'm shooting for That 'II gin us tinw to lwal. .. ninth nationally. best in U$F history Bt'stt with injuril's all season. l IS!<' will Ill' without its sPt'ond kading ston-. Ptlt Mohrmann for tlw tounwy Tom Batz won t ht ahll' to lwgin pral'til'l' until 1wxt Wl'l'k, hut otlwr than that the ttam is in good physil'al shape, llokomh said In outscoring opponents, lJSI<' recorded six shutouts, with frtshman Dave Dolphus in the 1wts most of the year for injured Tom Steinbrecher. : "\\'E'\'E .ll'ST hem resting the last two days. he txplain(d "Wt"re just trying to rest and heal up i\('llOTllEH ST. 1 ;0UIS first year player, Mike Knott, was high point man for USI<' with i2 goals, two short of matching tiie all time record The Brahn1ans deserve somt rest after a !1-2 season which saw them set one record. have an individual fall just short on. anolhf'r and have them soar lo U!W's ranking was rattir surprising to many people. Not that they weren't worthy of it, @ t it took tough loses to number t.W.o St Louis and fourth-rate d Clemson before the Brahma'is reached ninth in the nation .. SCHEDULE (SAME AS OTHER USF COURSES) CHANNEL 16 WuSF,TV Enrollment Unlimited USF Credit Courses. by in your own home or in a res. Eirved room on .campus. II SCHEDULE 0377 FIN 201-;-501 I.'ERBONAL FINANCE (5) 4:00 '7.;oo p.m. MTWRF .. (Dr. Leslie Small) 28.20 ENG 211-501. CURRENT NOVELS (3) 5:.00 8:00 p.m. M{R (Dr, Lawrence BroEir) EDC .585-504 PERCEPI'UAL MOTOR DEVEI:.OPME!fr (4) 5 :30. 8:30 p.m. MTR, (Dr, Louis Bowers) 2361 MUs 371-501 ISf'!UES IN. Ml'Js'ic (2) 5:00 or $:00 p;. m. F (Dr. Jacques,. Abram) .496'.7 PSY .201-501 INT :ROD{!CTION,TO (S) 3:30 7:30 .MTWRF (Dr, 5242 SSI 301:-5{)1 SOCIAL (4) < 4:3o _9:00 p m. MTRF: ( ,Dr. JC11r:l'Achenbach) {WuSF-FM i I f i : '' j; ,. : .. .. .. .. ... : ;,-, 2Q5,:;50l INTRODUct'l'.ON TO ELEcTRONIC -MuSIC ( ; ;' ; ; c : .'.J ? : J?.m ,'.MW: RIDISTR.!\TIONFill regist.ration form the same as for other courses: ShoW''; ; complete reference,. prefix, cours e and section ; the Y.().U, Office IMMEDIATELY:thatyou,are REG-.::1 ; I STER ING. We need your name and address so that _.materials fo. r th. e course ,can be maile' d to you pi-ior to the beginning of class. i ; I The Y.o.u, Offic:e is located in the basement of the Library, ULI 20-D, Telephon. e 974-2341,. ext.' 23


( t: A S S I H II A It S ) THE ORACLE -November 9, 1973 15 HOUSE OF POMPEII BEAUTY SALON 10918 N. 56th SL r HELP WANTED ) SERVICES OFFERED :1 ( MUSICAL J FACIAL PARTY FEATURING MEN or WOMEN wanted for permanent part time employment taking inventory in drug, grocery, and variety stores. Reply RGIS Inventory Spec. 5445 Mariner St. Suite 208 Phone 879-3876. PART TIME help wanted flexible hours, no experience necessary. Apply Barnett Sewing Machine Co. 872-8657 4325 W Kennedy Blvd. TELEPHONE work. Experience not required. 4 hrs. daily. 9-1, 1-5 or 5 -9. Weekly salary $42 plus bonuses. IMS 877-5707. JOIN the people business. Openings for manager trainees. We want people who want to grow with us. Excellent comp;;;ny be11efits, 40-hr work week, salary. Apply in person, 1202 E. Fowler Ave. FULL OR PART-TIME WORK, 8, 6 or 4 hour shifts. Mornings or evenings. General plant labor. CAST-IRON CORPORATION OF FLOR I DA. Faulkenburg Road & Hwy 574 Phone 626-1550 PART-TIME salesperson. 6-9 p .m. week days, 10-5 p .m. Saturday. Radio Shack 988-2971. 2 STUDENTS wanted for part-time steady work at private residence One tor maintenance & landscaping of grounds -and one for inside household duties. Close to USF. Hours to suit. 949-1735. c MISC. FOR SALE ) LIKE new 100 wall Fanor. Public Address amplifier. Solid state design, full mike inputs. bass and treble, and master volume. S249. New, now sold on best offer. Call Bob McCoy 971-3273. 4 MONTH old Nikon 50mm. 1x4 lens. s110 or best offer. Call 971-2456 FOR SALE: Cannon FT-QL SLR camera. Auto flash, 2X converter. case, filters, accessories, S125. Jon Kanter 986-2554. ( AUTOMOTIVE ) 1967 Chev. Van, Air conditioned, Insulated, paneled and carpeted. S600. Call anytime, ask for Dick 933-1676. TRIUMPH-Fire Engine Red. $700. 1965 Herald 1200 41,000 .miles. Great Condition. NEW : Tires, generator, transmission, shift, top-carpeting-wood paneling. Call: Mary 988-0410 & leave note. MERCEDES 1970 280 SE Automatic. Perfect. Reasonable. One owner. 251-6926 evenings. 1969 Buick Skylark Custom, factory air, power steering and brakes, excellent running condi tion Bela 411 Phone 974-6358 or 974-6359 .. APTS. & HOUSES TO SHARE I SAVE -Sublease my room al Fontana Hall Quarters 2 & J at reduced rate. Male or female. Call Scoll 971-5900. No security d e posit. MALE roommate for 12x60 2 bdrm. trailer. Share expenses. Near USF Call 971-7569 for info. MOTORCYCLES & SCOOTERS MOTORCYCLE BMW 1968 Classic. Excellent condition Will consider trade for VW Bug or Van. Call 988-4559 Carlos. 1972 YAMAHA R5350cc 2000 miles, 5 months old 1575 Cil one 971-5419 TYPING Books, Theses, Reports Call: 877-5554 FAST, accurate typing service. 48 hr. ser vice in most instances. 2 min. from USF. Between 8 :30 and 5 :00 call 879-7222 ext. 238. Aller 6:00 call 988-3435. Ask for Liz SPECIALIZED TYPIST IBM CORRECTING Selectric. carbon ribbon, pica or elite. Type ch;mges and Greek symbols. All types of work and styles. 5 min. from USF. Nina Schiro, 971-2139. If no answer, 235-3261. EXTRAORDINARY TYPIST 5 plus years of Quality term papers d i ssert ati ons-st atlstica I dat a-thesl s TurabianUSF-Campbell-1 BM Selectric, carbon ribbon, 4 type styles, pica. References on request. Call Gloria 884 1969. CAMPUS ART SERVICE GRAPHS-CHARTS-LOGOS LETT ER HEADS-BROCH u Res. NEWSPAPER LAYOUTS-HANDBILLS Call Mel Johnson 971-2634 after 6 p .m. TY PE everylhing-proofreadingincluded. Specialize in fast service. Maybe same day. Call Linda 977-1903. If no answer call 988-1519 -------------( PERSONAL ) CHRISTMAS is near. Punle Rings 4-17 bands, chain rings J.24 bands, sterling silver 14K gold made by Jose Grant. Call Tracy 971-5577 between 8-9:30 a m or after 7 p m call when I am home. DESPERATE? PREGNANT? NEED HELP? Call SOLVE 227-8461. We provide maternity clothes-baby clothes-housingjobs-transportation & financial assistance 227-8461. HAVE PROBLEMS? 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NEBRASKA AT FOWLER 971-0007 SASSY SUE Plus KEEP IT UP Roth Color, X Midnight Shows Fri. & Sat. Cont. Shows from 11:45 REDKEN FACIAL PRODUCTS WED. NOV. 14 7:30 P.M. REFRESHMENTS & DOOR PRIZES The Paulist iSamodern nmn of today working for tomorrow seeking answers to the problems that beset us in cities and suburbs in parishes and on campus praying sharing counseling celebrating The Paulists modern priests on the move serving Christ throughout North America For more information about the Paulists, send for THE PAULIST PAPERS-a new vocation kit of posters, articles and recordings. Write to: Father Donald C. Campbell, Room 103 Paulist Fathers 415 West S9th SI., New York, N. Y.10019 PAESANO'S Italian Restaurant For Fast Take-Out Or Dine In 988-1447 10829 56th St. Temple Terrace PRESENTS SUNDOWN


16-THE ORACLE November 9, 1973 Chaplin Becomes Fifth Departure BY :'\llKE KMZl'B:\ :\ssistant Sports Editor USF's basketball team lost its fifth player since Oct. 3 when junior Rick Chaplin withdrew from school yesterday with plans of returning to his native Indiana. Thr ti ft. -I in. lb. guard forward said he \1as going to "sit out school this year" and plan1wd to play on soml' independent teams near his hometown of Kokomo. "I 11.\\'E TO (;ET myself Chaplin's departure leaves coach Don Williams with 13 players, including newcomer Ron Counts, after originally having a 17-member roster. psychologically togethrr and get back on my feet again. When Things Go Wrong... orce photo by 1a111 Phillip "When I came back (this fall l. \Villiams asked me how my at titude was. I told him that I thought we were really going to have a good year and then hr told me 'We (the coaches l didn't think your attitude was very good. That's what I think started everything ... explained Chaplin. who said he felt he was con-This shot of a Pi Kappa Alpha (PIKE) Epsilon coasted to a 31-7 victory. Next receiver futilely swipping at a pass tells week's intramural action will have a WILLIAMS, in a telephone conversation last night. preferred not to comment on Chaplin's leaving. the kind of game it was for PIKE limited schedule because of the Monday yesterday, as its opponents Sigma Phi holiday. However Chaplin said, "I talked with Williams earlier yesterday, but nothing was definite then. I wanted to talk to my professors first.. .to find out whether I would make the drop date and not leave here with a bunch of F'$ for not completing the quarter." Scrimmage Open Today sidered a problem by the The public is invited to attend coaches. today's basketball scrimmage He continued, "I just don't like scheduled to begin at 3 p.m. in the it here. The academic advising is USF gym. poor ... a lot of guys that are in Today's workout is the last their sophomore or junior year chance to see USF before coach G N b don't know what's coming about Don Williams unveils his cagers reensteln 8 $ in their studies." in the traditional Green-Gold TtR.ES GRAND OPENING SPECIAL!!! game next Friday. Bowling Honors I SUNDAY STUDENT SPECIAL I \ 10% OFF Last week, USF Bowling I I League found its men's division I 99 cents Chicken Dinners I ON ALL MERCHANDISE dominated by one person while 1;4 of smoked Chicken, Kettle Beans, Cole Slaw I two women shared top honors in I & sauce, Sunday, Nov. 11, 1 P .M.-MJ.dnight. their category. I Smoked Chicken to go by the pound $1.44 I Barry Greenstein rolled his I I way to top singles game with 204 5 cent Draft Beer, Sun. 8: 30-9: 00 I and to high series with 546. I Women's singles went to Arlene I Bobby's Smoke House, adjacent to I Rosenfeld at 192 with Laurel I Mi Back yard I Byrnes' 460 good for series I honors. I 6902 N. 40th St. ---------------------HOURS: Good thru 11I17173 CYCLE ACCESSORY WORLD M J.9 T 3-9 w J.9 T closed F 3.9 s 10-4 4818 E. Busch Blvd. 988-0501 TONIGHT with Gravel 'Friday November 9 9 pn1 Tickets Available at UC Desk $2.50 with ID : every 50th person a ticket : _,/('" "':: '}@/"'''. .. from now to )..f.73 at noon # ...... .. ,, I will. reC't 3\i'ile?7ticket free. I : (you must have this coupon, student ID): ****************************** ..,.


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