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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Complaint Filed Against Howen BY SANDRA WRIGHT Assistant News Editor SG Pres. Bill Davis, in a formal complaint to State Attorney E.J. Salcines, yesterday accused a USF administrator of illegalities in connection with the administrator's refusal to release information maintained in an office file Davis mailed the complaint after over two months of unsuccessfully seeking access to a file relating to the SG constitution maintained by Dr. Joe Howell, vice president for Student Affairs. Howell yesterday released a portion of the file, but Davis said more documents were needed to comply with Florida State Statute 119.001, which deals with public documents. "THERE IS no question in my mind that there has been a violation of the law," Davis said. "They appear to have reversed their stand by releasing part of the file, but it is a facade." Howell said he made his decision concerning what information would be public after receiving a legal opinion from USF General Counsel Larry Robinson. Howell said other papers contained in the file are "working papers" not covered by the law. Letters in the file now public are two to Howell from USF Pres. Cecil Mackey, one from Howell to former SG Pres. Mark Adams and three from Davis to Howell requesting the file. Howell said Davis has already seen these documents. "WE SORT of adopted the policy that when a question came up, we would let Larry decide," Howell said. "I just had him go through it, and I got advice on what was public." Davis specifically requested a letter from Howell addressed to fridag's other University vice presidents concerning the SG constitution. He said Howell was "acting in his official capacity" when he wrote the letter and it should be public. "Public records shall mean all documents .letters ... made or received in connection with the transaction of official business by any agency," the law states. DA VIS said Howell's refusal to release more information amounted to a misdeameanor which the law says is punishable by removal from office or impeachment. "It is unfortunate that the situation at this University in regard to the inherent rights of students to select their own ORACLE "There is no question in my mind that there has been a violation of the law. They appear to have reversed their stand by releasing part of the file." -Bill Davis representatives, has deteriorated to the point where laws are broken in order to disguise the machinations of those state of. ficials wishing to undermine this Nov. 16, 1973 Vol. 8, No. 83 12 Pages right," Davis' complaint states. "Nonetheless, it appears that the law has been violated," the complaint continues. "Now I am afraid it is up to you." Ruckelshaus: US Needs Redistribution Of Power Former Deputy Attorney General ... William Ruckelshaus spoke in the gymnasium last night before 1,200 students and faculty members. Carn;1g the current Watergate scand&l and related public reaction evidence of a "crisis of trust," former U.S. Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus last night said a redistribution of political power is needed in the country. "A few years ago there was a saying. 'power to the people, going around," Ruckelshaus told a crowd in the USF gym. "What we ought to do is diffuse power through the country." RllCKELSHAUS said the 'recent revelations of corruption in high places" indicates a need for increased citizen participation in government. said citizens should "attack with vigor" issues of importance and should not grow apathetic "In a free society. if we don't have a minimum amount of trust Profs Say Faculty Union Could Give Added Power BY SANDRA WRIGHT Assistant News Editor Although no agreement has been reached by the Board of Regents (BOR) concerning eollective bargaining for faculty nwrnbers. many USF professors seem to feel unionization would offer them benefits currently unavnilable. "In view of the continued reluctanee of University administrators to permit good 1-(rt'i\'!lncl' procedures and in of tlwir rl'!uctance to def in(' goals and criteria and in view of their rl'lt1l'tll1H'l' lo account for tlw di:>trihulion of facully salaries, unionization may be rwccssary to nd1in\' things good ad ministrations should achieve without union pressure. Or. Harber. assistant pt'\if\'ssnr of Politirnl Science s:1id Yt'sflrday. U.-\IUlt-:H. a nwmbl'r of the .-\i;socintion of \ Pt'\ikssnrs 1 .-\Alf pl lw h>ds a union rntlwr thm; an organization such as AAUP would survive as a professional association, but not as a bargaining agent. Barber said an organization such as the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) of the AFLCIO would be a desirable agent. rm. IHVIN(; DEEH. Engli s h professor and lfSF AFT president. said lw f e d s the i\FlCIO affiliated /\FT would be the best faculty b;1rgaini11g ;1gPnl.. But h e said an clcctio11 i s nPcd1 d lo dPl.<'rtllilH' what f:w11ll.V wish lo reprPS>.'111 1111'111 ''/\FT ;i I r1lllo11:; 1n :.:11d .. Tl11 AFT i s tlw 0111.v 011lfil :iru1111d 111:11 really u11d1rsla11d:; ll1;1t !\FT rq>r(s1t;1f1v1:; 11wl \\'1111 officials fro111llll'1\()1( :11111 l:in1lt 1 grous T1JCsd;1y lo dts l'11: ;:; bargaining lh'l'r said 111''1' will begin a llH'llllH'rship driv1 :111d information campaign on campus soon BUT DH. HOBEHT Wimmert, chairman of the Systems Engineering Department, said he is opposed to faculty u11ionizat ion I lowcver. he said f!'eis unionization is inevitable and could prov ide "short term" l w11<'fi ts. "I a111 opposed to pressure of this nature coercing the state of Florida into concessions of s; d;rr i<'S," Wi111nwrt said. "But I f !'l'I 1 e r y that tlw staft> lr:1s p1rikd ; 1 11u11tlwr of ;;tupid ;l111rls tlr:il ; 1n 1TP;1li11g ;r IH't' d 1111 I l11s \\'111111H rt s: 1id f ; 1ntll r lr:1d lll<'f lo d1sn1s. ; llrt po: .:;tl 11 It t v ol 1111 i u111.;i1 i1lll .. \\. 1-: 1 : 1: I: I \IT 111;1 \' I w ft l1 1 d 11Jf11 )llllllll/', C \ t 'll !I \\'c ;11 t 11p l'":,1-.I," \V111111111"t ;;11d I li'1I 111111111:. n.tliy .11111 ;11 1111lrp1Tlf\' ;11111 111:11 1:; wlt1 I :1111 oppo:; d 111 1111'1 II 1\11! Ill' <;oq.:1 ll<'ddl l\01\ < ontinucl 011 l'ag1 : 1 in our institutions, the system won't work," Ruckelshaus said. "Trust in a free society is very important." Ruckelshaus blamed much of the lack of trust.on "overpromise and underperformance" of of ficials. He said many legislators promised dramatic results from plans they proposed and citizens were "disillusioned" at their final products. "THE PROMISES made so far outstripped performance that disillusionment was bound to set in," he said. "There are still problems crying out for new solutions." Ruckelshaus said he feels Pres. Richard Nixon and Congress must J'.lintly appoint a special Watergate prosecutor if the public is to regain trust in the administration. He said Nixon should also begin disclosure of all Watergate materials. Ruckelshaus said he "resigned or was fired, take your pick," after he disobeyed a Nixon directive to fire former special prosecutor Archibald Cox. He was acting attorney general at the time, following the dismissal of Attorney General Elliot Richardson. "THE PHONE rang for me and I was attorney general for 20 minutes." Richardson said. ''L didn't really get a chance to get all my programs in that 20 minutes." Ruckelshaus declined specific comment concerning whether Nixon should be impeached. "You don't need me to tell you if he should be impeached," he said. "You can figure that out for yourself." Oracle Photo by Robin Clark Shadowy Hallways One of tlu hallway light tonscrvatlon. l'h)1skal Plant workers disconnects a as part of USF's contribution to energy Set' story on page 10.


2-THE ORACLE November 16, 1973 Gas Bill Defeated WASHINGTON IUP!lThe Senate yesterday narrowly an effort to force President Nixon to impose gasoline rationing by Jan. 15. but left him free to do so if the energy situation warrants. Taking up an emergency energy bill handed down by its Interior Committee. the Senate rejected the mandatory rationing amendment 48 to 40. But it ap pro v ed by voice vote a new provision on the President to allocatt fuels to states and regions eco.iomically depressed or short on transportation for fuel deliveries Charges Retained WASHINGTON l UPI l-A federal judge yesterday refused to dismiss criminal charges against Egil "Bud" Krogh, Jr. who headed the clandestine White House "plumbers" unit. The decision, handed down in a written opinion by U.S District .------lwor Id news briefs Judge Crt>rhard A. Gesell. cleared the way for Krogh to be tri e d on two counts of making false declarations-similar to perjuryin connection with a Watergate Grand Jury s investigation of plumbers unit activities. Benefits Hike WASHINGTON (UPll-The House approved yesterday by an overwhelming 391-20 vote a two step 11 per cent increase in Social Security benefits starting next April for 29 million retired or disabled workers widows and dependent children. The Senate Finance Committee has approved an almost identical 11 per cent increase, and final congressional action is expected Oil Drilling Delay Asked By Shevin TALLAHASSEE The Uniterl States insisted yesterday that the armistice arrangeme.1t in Korea be maintained "until a better alternative is put in its place :'. ... ... "F""' "'"'''" /t,if11111 f .11.11/," ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, 111.; II U11.IJd11 /' /1. ; _;JI HONDA VILLAGE sales service parts Honda's are our business Our only business mon. 9 til 9 weekdays 9 til 6' 971-8171 A&-b:O::i: 14727 N. Nebraska Authorized Honda Car Dealer ..... .. proudly presents ... HONESTY': or 'a great place for a haircut' ... -rStarring Mieke -formerly of ic Headquarters Adam formerly of L'oreal Paris headhunters -Miami opening Nov. 17 th appointments now being taken. call 2SI-2653 .. .. : 2227 So. Dale Mabry : Acadamy Award Special Effects T H E M and Roger Corman's 50's Sci-Fi Hit AITA CK of the CRAB. MONSTERS 1'Midnight Madness" Friday, November 16 Midnight ENA $1.00 Joseph E. Levine """,." FEDERICO FELLINI'S "Midnight Madness11 Saturday, Nov. 17 Midnight ENA Film Art Series $1.00


DOONESBURY by Garry Trudeau YOV KNOW, If WE COf/t[} GE..,. SOMf Of -:ilf5f REF!JGU5 OVfR ro IJIA5H/N6TON, /I/Hf Rf. THEY {0/Jlf) Wl3U l088Y ON THC!R OWN BEHALF, I BH WEO 6H ,, 'tt51tt./'Uf{ (JEOPlEJ. I Bargaining--Continued from Page l director of personnel and faculty relations, said no elections would be held to select a bargaining agent witil official guidelines are set. "I feel it would change all our lives drastically in the ways we relate to each other,'' Dickinson said : "Unionization may be such as to defer examination of curriculum change and reform with the institution. "Theoretically we could hold elections but until we have guideIAnes, we are not prepared to hold any," Bedell said. "The system is just not dispossed to holding elections until guidelines are given by the legislature or the Supreme. Court.'" ON OCT. 29, the Florida ,THEATRE, Supreme Court said that "within a short day" it would appoint a committee to report on guidelines for faculty collective bargaining Dr. Hans Juergensen, Humanities professor, said he favors the principle of collective bargaining but "questions" unionization. "Collective bargaining may be good because the fringe benefit situation here is bad," Juergensen said. "A group being attacked has to defend itself." Dr. James Dickinson, USF assistant vice president for Academic Affairs, said he feels bargaining may financially benefit faculty but would probably inhibit facultyadministrative relations. NEBRASKA AT FOWLER 971-0007 KEY STER Plus 2nd BIG HIT Both Color, X Midnight Shows Fri. & Sat. Cont. Shows from 11:45 COMPLETE WATERBEC .......... 49.95 Complete bed includes ready-to-stain floor frame quality mattress with 5-yr. guarantee; fitted safety liner, and foam pad. Stained and upholstered frame packages are also available. WATER MATTRESS (all sizes) ....... 19.95 WATERBED HEATERS ..... U L Recogniz ed with 2-yr. warranty. CUSTOM FRAMES From $20 Mad e to your specifications We Sleep Better If You Sleep Better today's world 70:{4 W. Hi llsl>orough Peacock Alley) Ph. BB4-2054 THE ORACLE-November 18, 1973 s Henriquez Vies For Clerk In Tampa Special Election France's Hmriqul'Z. seeking thl' post of Tampa City C'lerk in a spl' cial l'il'ction Tul'sday. said yl'stl'rday that a major function of the cil'rk is "bl'ing unbiased" when supplying public in formation. but slw is now on lea\'e of absence pursuing her eampaign. Publil' of the l'il'l'tion and functions of the clerk an' a 'major hindrance in the l'ampt1ign. slw said. "Tlw fumtion of the office is to niakt imrt that whatever plans tlw city l'om1cil or the rilayor makt' an ncorded legally imd inadt'_ said. "If peoplt.' art' fo laws ;\nd changing faws our office is the plact.' to come to set. how they are set up." said the granting of voling rights to 18-yel;lr-olds was "one of the best things that has happened recently." She said that because most students "know their own minds,"they are able to make intelligent "You ha\'e to treat the pros and cons alike no matter what your own \'iews are." Henriquez said. "You ha\e to be neutral." election choices THE :\IOTlll<:n of a USF student. Henriqu ez has in the clerk's office 19 vears an

4-THE ORACLE November 16, 1973 Hold Off Drilling Decision In Floric fa L'11L'rgy and Llff s h o r c oil c;1rry thl' same cnnnntatinn CRI S I S. There i s n o cioubt the r e i s a critical s hortage llf the e n ergy upo n whic h this natio n thri\'es. Althuugh s u c h a s hortc1g c is properly ciecmed a cris is." by n o means s houlci : 1 panic for fuel begin. THE U.S. En\'ironmental Protection Agency is ri ght in refu sing to s uccumb to D epartment of Interior pressure to begin drilling because the latter has not conducted adequate studies on what could happe n if a spill should occur. Californians received similar assurances in '68 that the r e was nn Ill't'd for conCL'rn about ";1ccidt'ntal oil spillagl'." In Fthru;11y. 1%9. one of the largest f' Excell>ttce 1972 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. -5p.m. Stories and pictures of interest to students may be submitted W: 'to The Oracle in LAN 469 or the suggestion boxes in the Library and UC. .. .. ..


Panel Decides Watergate Won't Affect Presidency (I THE ORACLE -November 16, 1973 HOUSE of BEAUTY SALON MAKE YOUR HOLIDAY APPOINTMENT EARLY!! BY IH \'ID lffSS Oracle Staff Writer A seven-member panel representing a \\ide spectrum of local political thought agreed that the Watergate affair would have no lasting effects on the institution of the American presidency. The discussion Wednesday evening in the UC Ballroom. was requested by the Department of Student Affairs and set up by Sotorios Barber. assistant professor in political science. TllE OTllEH members of the panel were Pete Rooney. member of the \'ietnam \ 'eterans Against the War: Ors. Arthur B. Levy and Earl Black. assistant professors in political science: Dr. Richard Hodes. state representati\'e from USF's district: Patricia Leib. graduate student in political science and Richard Frank. general counsel Financial Aid Checks Ready For Students About two-thirds of the Florida Student Assistant Grants have been received by the Office of Financial Aids and may be picked up today after 9 a.m. at the Office of Finance and Accounting, ADM 196. According to George Gold smith, director of Financial Aids, approximately 200 of the expected 309 checks arrived Tuesday. "The balance of the checks should follow shortly The delay of the remainder of the checks is probably due to the students switching schools to USF after they filed the frant application," Goldsmith said. "These students have been waiting since September for their grants and many of the students have expressed their immediate need for the money." "All students receiving grants should check to see if th .eir money has come in," Goldsmith said. Bay Campus Collects Gifts For Children The Management Association of the USF Bay Campus is planning a Christmas gift project to brighten the Christmas of some foster children. The project, tentatively called Christmas is a Child, should yield gifts for 40 foster children, ac cording to Jean Tschiederer, coordinator for Student Activities and Organizations at the Bay Campus. "We have a list of what each child wants most, and hope that individual students can get together and buy the item," Tschiederer said. "The emphasis is on older children," Tschiederer said. "They are usually left out at Christmas because people tend to think of Ii ttle children then." CHARLIE CHAPLIN tn with Jackie Coogan and A Rare Chaplin Short THE IDLE CLASS with Edna Purviance November 16 17 18 7& 9:30 pm ENA admission $l.50 USF Students $1.00 j NEXT WEEK : Nov. 2:J, 24, 25 "The Great Dictator" Film Arts Series Flon

6-THE ORACLE November 16, 1973 Classics, Student Films Abound This Weekend A variety of movies. ranging from cinema classics to student produced films. \\'ill be highlighted this weekend on campus. [f 11 m sJ and ;it 111idnight in LA N ltn. ; \E:'\T produced films. made last year. will be presented by th e Department of Mass Communications film sequence in order to raise funds for needed film equipment. Sunday at (i and B p m. and Monday at !l and IO::l O p.m. in LAN 10:1. GRAND OPENING SPECIAL!!! The films lo be scree ned are Ed McCraw's "The Image l\1akl'r." Scott "Afterwards," Robert Nickerson's "The Vengeant" a nd Robert Hancock's adaptation of Poe's "Masque of the Red Death.' lOo/o OFF ON ALL MERCHANDISE HOURS: M 3 9 Good thru 11/17173 CYCLE ACCESSORY WORLD T 3.9 w 3.9 T clused F 3-9 .\ "' v \t' "' s 10-4 Admission is $1.. 4ZI8 E. Busch Blvd. 988-0501 HARMON KARDON 75+ ( 4 channel receiver) POWER stereo 45 X 45 W. RMS 20-20K quad 18X 18 X l8 X 18 W. RMS 20-20K INTERMODULATION DISTORTION .15 % at rated power T. H. D. FREQUENCY .5% at rated power 1 to 100,000 Hz at :I: l Db twin power supplies for low distortion. all Quad decoders built m. "Joy stick'' built in. stereo synthesizers built m. handles up to 8 speakers. NOTHING CAN BEAT THIS 75 + FOR THIS PRICE! (if you can exceed the response & distortion levels WE'LL GIVE IT TO YOU! Free Basf cassette or reel of tape free with this ad! STEREO WORLD (THE ABSOLUTE FINEST) open 9-9, Sundays I to 5 4Zl2 E. Busch Blvd. 988-7059


Celebration Of Literature Susana Hayman-Chaffey, a dancer with the acclaimed Merce Cunningham Dance Co., will present a lecturedemonstration on "The Word and the Dance," today at 4 p.m. in LAN 103, as part of the Celebration of Literature, sponsored by the Speech Communication Department. Free presentations will continue through Saturday with the Reader's Theatre production of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" at 8 p.m. in LAN 103. FAH 101 75 w/ID Freshmenf Sophomoresf Juniorsf REAL ESTATE as a career investments/property management/sales If you haven't thought about it, we'd like to give you some insights. 1. DEGREE NOT NECESSARILY REQUIRED. The ability to get along with people is the paramount requirement. 2 AGE IS NO FACTOR. The average age in the Olson organization is 29 3. INCOME HAS NO LIMIT AND BEGINS IMMEDIATELY. Odetta Performs In Concert Oracle photo by Brian Ashford All Olson first year men and women have earned $15,000 minimum. and will be featured again today and Saturday at 9 p.m. in the Empty Keg. The famous blues-folk musician will be presented with autoharp player Bryan Bowers. Admission is $1. 4. OPENINGS ARE AVAILABLE. Expansion at Olson & Associates has never slowed This multi-office firm has a plannea expansion rate creating openings daily. TU high lites TODAY 4:30 p m Ch. 8-Merv Griffin featuring the cast of the TV show MASH. 8:30 p m., Ch. 10 -Odd Couple Bobby Riggs plays ping pong against Billie Jean King in an episode in which Oscar is losing his shirt betting against Bobby. 10 p.m., Ch. 8 -The Blue Knight William Holden stars in the co n c ludin g chapter of the polic e mini-series. It::in p m .. C h. 4 4 -Movie -Humphrey Bogart his last film Th e H arder Th ey Fall. 1 p .m .. C h Midnight S peci a l -David Bow i e ho s t s from London w ith guest artists Marianne Faithful and the Troggs. EUROPEAN MOTOR CAR SERVICE OF BRANDON OTOYOTAOMG ODATSUN "10# OALFA ROMEOOFIAT O JAGUAR OTRIUMPH O FERRARI __ -LI FOREIGN CAR REPAIR & SERVICE "OUR ONLY BUSINESS" COMPLETE RESTORATION SERVICE 689-0016 BEHIND KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN HWY. 60--1012 W. BRANDON BLVD. RRANDON 5 NO EXPERIENCE OR FORMAL TRAINING NECESSARY In fact, people without real estate experience are preferred. 6 OLSON SPECIALIZES IN WATERFRONT REAL EST ATE. Working conditions are the finest. The customers are usually more affluent, and a higher majority of sales are made for cash. For more information and a free brochure, write or phone collect: Personnel Director 12601 Gulf Boulevard Treasure Island, Florida 33706 (813) 360-0855 EASY TRAILS &! Quality Camping Mtmberof OUTFITTERS FOR: Backpacking Canoeing Camping 8711 N 40th Street FLORIDA TRAlb ASSOCIATION. INC. Tampa, Florirla 33604 TELEPHONE (813) 988-0045 Specializing In LIGHTWEIGHT Sleeping Bags, Back Packs, Tents, Stoves, Coolers, Etc. WE ALSO CARRY CAMP TRAILS, OPTIMUS, WHITE STAG, EUREKA, WENZEL, MOUNTAIN HOUSE, COUGHLAN' S, TRUE TEMPER, ESTWING, CUTTER, COLEMAN AND OTHERS.


8-THE ORACLE November 16, 1973 Brahmans Out To Defeat Odds HY DAVE MOORMANN Oracle Sports Editor field advantage is often an overworked phrase, but for West Virginia nothing could be more true. hindsisht By Alan Hinds Oracle Sports Writer FLORIDA OVER KENTUCKY -By limiting their turnovers to those served at breakfast, the Gators have sprung two consecutive upsets and could proceed to a 7-4 record. OKLAHOMA OVER KANSAS -Third ranked Oklahoma has the Brothers Selmon, perhaps the greatest defensive triumvirate since Sultan, Trojan and Abstinence Only a Heisman-like performance by David Jaynes can win it for the 18th rated Jayhawks. AUBURN OVER GEORGIA-Two crunching ground attack teams meet in a struggle heretofore witnessed only by veterans of the department store clearance sales. ARKANSAS OVER SMU -The Razorbacks have gone with youth. If assistant coaches can bring enough pampers, they might regain some of their football prestige. AIR FORCE OVER SMU -It's "Win one for the Zipper" for the Flyboys who catch Arizona looking ahead. ILLINOIS OVER MINNESOTA -This one decides who will take third place behind Ohio State and MichiJ(an TULANE OVER VANDERBILT -The Commodores' entire offensive backfield is among the SEC's top but it's not enough to stop bowl-bolllld Tulane. TENNESSEE OVER OLE MISS -The Big Orange like to go Holloway for a tauchdown and that's enough to take them. to the Gator Bowl as well. \ DARTMOUTH OVER CORNELL -Football is so deemphasized at Ithaca that the Big Red wears shoulder pads by Dr. Scholls COLORADO OVER OKLAHOMA STATE -Touchdowns should come as easily as Watergate subpoenas at Boulder Selected lo host Sunday's first round NCAA soccer match with USF', the South's runnerup squad has two things in its favor -Astro-Turf and past per formance. .JUST ON('f<: before have the Brahmans played on the arlifical ground. that being in last season's 1-0 set back to the Mounlainneers "The bail really runs fast and it skids." said coach Dan Holcomb of the turf's effect on the game. "It's lively so your control has to be near perfect and the strength in your passing exact." "Maybe three or four of our guys played on it last year. he said. "but we're going to get three stints on it before Sunday's game." LEA VIN(; for West Virginia this morning. USF is scheduled to workout on Mountaineer Field once this afternoon and twice tomorrow. Besides getting adjusted to the new surroundings, the Brahmans must figure a way to halt West Virginia's home success "Talk about home field ad vantage. they've only lost once in three years there ... exclaimed Holcomb. "And that was to Howard 2-1 last year. sports ARE YOU--/GolNG ... ? In brief USF's Rugby C'lub is at home for the first time in O\'er a month tomorrow when it meets Naples at 2 p.m on the soccer field In their most recent encounter. the 1-2-1 Hrahmans tell to defending state champions l\liami. 30-L '.'Duel-Dual Autocross. USF Sports C'ar Club's final e\ ent for Qtr. l. will be staged Sunday in the parking lots across from the gym. Rl'gistration begins at 9 a m. with the first car out at 11 a m. Entry fees are $3 for club nwmbers. $3.50 for USF students and $.\ for all others Tomorrow. beginning at noon tlwre will be a trial autocross for $1. Dte Bennet captured both wonwn 's high game and series in l1SF Bowling League action Tutsday with a 182 and -t52. Bob King's 2:ll was good for best nwn 's game while Bob Wimmer rollt' and we're well rested." A victory over the 10-1-3, 12th ranked Mountaineers, means second round action for USF, probably against fourth rated Clemson, a club which defeated the Brahmans 2-0 earlier this year. INTERFAITH CHRIST CHAPEL INTERFAITH + (Close to USF-on Skipper Road at Livingston Avenue) For a religious experience that is just a little bit different, plan now to worship with us this Sunday morning at 11:00. You will especially enjoy our very talented USF guitarist. WE INVITE YOU TO VISIT '1Iqurrq TEMPLE TERRACE 10002 -56TH STREET We invite you to meet other USF students who attend our Sunday morning Bible Study at 9:30 am. College students meet in the youth center at First Baptist Church for coffee and donots at 9 :30 am. Worship services begin at 11 am. SUNDAY NOVEMBER 18 7:15 P.M. world wide pictures presents ISN'T IT GOOD TO KNOW eastmancolor with BILLY CALL: 988-ill8 12303 Nebraska Ave. THe Jose Limon oAnce cornPAnv between Fowler and Fletcher December 6, 7, 8, 8: 30 University Theatre 3 Different Dance Concerts dmissions 3.00 USF fulltime students $.50 tickets on sale Nov. 19 Theater Box Office 1: 15 to 4: 30 weekda s


THE ORACLE-November16, 1973 9 Williams Unveils Cagers Green-Gold Tonight i( Presents i( i( Kohoutek: The Millenial Comet i( BY DAVE MOORMANN Oracle Sports Editor If what coach Don Williams says is true, tonight's Green-Gold basketball encounter promises to feature two. equally balanced squads. will be John Kiser, Jack James, Neal Walk. Glenn Dupont, Tim Dietz, Ron Counts and Curtis Martin. Opposition will be provided by the White's

10-THE ORACLE November 16, 1973 FISll Energy Crisis Here Too; USF Works To Conserve PETS EXOTIC FINS NOHTH 1:3516 N. FLOIUDA A VE AT FLETUIEH ft pays to t1dverfise in the Oracle ext. 2620 L:ir 472 BY PATTY DRAPER Oracle St'aff Writer University campuses are not immune from crises affecting the general public, and USF is no exception Steps to conserve energy have already been implemented here and other proposals are in the works, Joe Busta, assistant to the wesident, said EVERY other light in the Administration, : Science Center Chemistry, Life Science and buildings have been turned off, Charles Butler Physical Plant director, said. Cleaning crews in buildings are now working one floor at a time, he said, instead of splitting up and cleaning the whole building at once. This way, only the lights on one floor will be on Butler said he has also recommended that some street, parking and recreational area lighting be turned off. "WE'VE got to face it and do what we can without hurting anyone," he said "We definitely don't want to jeopardize the University community in any way.'' Butler said his recommendations are tentative. "It just depends on how far the ad ministration wants to go." The campus is heated and air conditioned by natural gas, he said If the supply is interrupted the University will use its backup supply of high-sulphur fuel oil. USE OF the fuel oil is prohibited by anti-pollution laws but these laws may be suspended in the advent of a fuel shortage he said. Commuters may be hardest hit by the crunch Gas prices will continue to rise, but local gasoline supplies will be adequate "until March or April" when demand catches up with supply, Joel Power ; area public affairs supervisor for Amoco Oil Company, said. Power said he thinks gas will be heavily taxed before rationing is considered. Ask Experts Panel Begun. A series ot staff training programs entitled "Ask the Expert will give USF staff nwmbers a chance to discuss rlepartment functions, depart ment contact persons, current forms in use and operating pron'rlurcs with representatives of various University depart-. nwnts. .Ii m Kimbler Personnel St r\'ices training manager, tntouraged staff members to qutstion tlw "experts" at programs pres>nted by Perso111wl Strvic>s. Space lltilization. Phy>ical Plant, Cart't'r Planning and Placement. Finatll'ial :\ids. Financ<' and :\t'l'ounting. Computer lksearch Cttlttr and l'ublit Safety and Stcuri t v. Tlw il!'oi.:rams which will be ht'ld nwrnings :!. will l>t al\lhll1tH'1'd indi\idually. 1"1\1' mfor n1ati1>n and \'all 1xt. "We've got to face it (the Energy Crisis) and do what we can without hurting anyone. We definitely don't want to jeopardize the University community in any way." -Charles Butler "That's what they're talking about in Washington right now," Power said "The idea is to make gas more expensive and less desirable to use He thinks gas will be rationed within two years, "although both government and industry are against it." IF USF'S 15,000 commuting students were restricted to 15 gallons per week, they could drive to school and home each day only if they lived closer than 22 miles to the campus. ,,.. University of University of TAMPA vs. CHATT A NOOGA University of South Florida STUDENTS STAFF FACULTY *Buy 1 $3 ticket -== ==== :=:;::::;::::::====== get 1 FREE* Tickats available at USF University Center $2.00 & $3.00 -*SAT. NOV.17* :*TAMPA STADIUM 7:30 P.M. "STUDENT SPECIAL" ) (prices good thru 11-24-73) ,) "I ; l '.6 ""<'TT g 1 98 50 Grafts regular $2.25, all vant1es now $1.98 /\\ ,\ 'r\ ,.-. "Old Man"

( t: 1.4 4 S S I H It 4 It S ) ( HELP WANTED l SERVICES OFFERED ( PERSONAL ) WANJED qualified student to tutor my Sth grade son on one-lo-one basis. Mostly reading and phonics-will pay. Call 626-. 5810 to 4 p.m. 884-1300 after 5:30 p.m. TELE PHONE work. Experience not required. 4 hrs. daily. 9-1, 1 5 or Weekly salary 542 plus bonuses. IMS 8775701. FULL OR PART-TIME WORK, 8, 6, or 4 hour shifts. Mornings or evenings. General plant labor. CAST-IRON CORPORATION OF FLORIDA. Faulkenburg Road & Hwy 574 Phone 626-1550 PART TIMI! salesperson. 6-9 p.m. weekdays, 10.S p .m. Saturday. Radio SNlck 9182971. PART-TIME SALES TRAINEE required for gift store specializing In So. Asia. Commission & subsidized. buying tour to Indian subcontinent after one training. Call 933-6145 (PM only). STUFF TO WEAR Full & part-time employment needed for dynamite junior boutique. Experience necessary. Apply in person at Floriland Mall. NEE;D A maid for apartment complex part time. Call Laurie at 971-3784. ---------------NEEDED: Student Circulation person for delivery of newspapers on campus, mornings only. Call Mrs. Varga 974-2617. Must have car. THE PENINSULA Motor Club (AAA) is considering all majors for Dnmestic Travel Counselors for the 3rd & 4th quarters of the coop program. Students interested in assisting members in planning trips, making reservations & providing general travel information, please contact Mike Turner at the co-op office. Call 974-2171, Room AOC 105, for further information. ( MISC. FOR SALE J LIKE new 100 watt Fanon Public Address amplifier. Solid state design, full mike inputs, bass ;ond treble, and master volume. 5249. New, now sold on best offer. Call Bob McCoy 971-3273. 4 MONTH old Nikon 50mm. 1x4 lens. 5110 or best offer. Call 971-245'. FOR SALE: Cannon FT ..QL SLR c;omera. Auto flash, 2X converter, case, filters, accessories, 5125. Jon Kanter '86-2554 CAMERA EQUIPMENT-500mm Mirror Lens Nikon mount 5100. JOOmm Vivitar Telephoto Lens, Nikon mount, T-4, 575. 00. Schwinn 10-speed, Perfect 590. Phone 9711023 ask for Bill. FOR SALE: Fontana Contract Quarters II and 111. No security deposit. Contact Sue Ordinetz Rm. 412 971-3942 Evenings. Keep trying. t REAL ESTATE ) A GOOD START in this cozy 3 bdrm. home. located just 10 min. from USF & VA hospital. Kitchen has eat-in area. Decorate to your good taste! Call for appt. Pauline Ferraro Assoc. Res. 877-4922. Coyle Really Off. 877 -8227. TREES-IN THE TERRACE Don't miss this beautifully landscaped 3 BR, 2 bath home. Large family room with wet bar. Tastefully decorated. Central H-A. Lovely home, obviously loved Call today. Woodie P. Beane, Coyle Really Assoc. Res. 988-1605. Office 877-8227. TYPING Books. Theses, Reports Call: 877-5554 F AST, accurate typing service. 48 hr. ser vice in most instances. 2 min. from USF. Between &:JO and 5:00 call 879-7222 ext. 238. After 6:00 call 988-3435. Ask lor Liz. SPECIALIZED TYPIST IBM CORRECTING Selectric, carbon ribbon. pica or elit

12-THE ORACLE November 16, 1973 CLEP Evaluation Asked PR 0 0 BY EDALCOFF Oracle Staff Writer The Undergraduate Committee of the Faculty Senate has sub mitted a proposal to Pres. Cecil Mackey concerning the use of the College Level Exam ina ti on Program (CLEP) in response to the request by Dr Carl Riggs vice president for Academic Affairs, for faculty input on the CLEP tests. According to Ed Caldwell, Director of Testing and Advanced Placement, the CLEP tests have been offered here since 1967, but did not receive much emphasis until the summer of 1972. More recently, the Board of Regents .. .. '. ; ... : : ; I)'; ( :... < $72 -90 per month Phone 971-0100 PRESENTS THE MASTERS' WORLD OF KARATE& KUNG-FU Nov. 16 8 P.M. BAYFRONT CENTER ARENA ST. PETERSBURG $5 Advance $6 D a y of Show BOX OFFICE 9 :30 am-6: 00 pm 898-6365 Tampa Ticket Locations: !;ud\lt'l T;ipcs Records 1 Still1 St. (988-298 5) frrr;1ct' Vill;igc Shopping C c ntt'r :'urh' 50::' LrL1erty Federal 1;1d, 1 1111 N : West Shore 1;1v,1. 1S7ll-S157l '' ..... .: 1 .,, !' 1 ) ,.,II ::.,. ... .. .. ', ',.. Make the holidays work for you at Walt Disney World! .. .. _,, ,, ot., > l ...... : 1/ You've worked hard in c la ss thi s .Fall s o why not make the holidays work for you? Full an d part-time Christmas job opportunities are avai labl e at Walt Disney World in Foo_d_ S erv ic e, Custodial, Merchandising and on many of our cxc1tm g attractions. Hiring is in progre s s right now! See your Placement Director or call or visit the Walt Disr!ey World Employment Center at the int erse ct ion o r 1-4 anJ State Road 535 southwes t or Orlando, (305) 828-3131 bdorc D ecember 1 5 Walt IV)isney World AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER .. ... .. .. ; .A ,,,.;. ;


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