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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Shevin Opposes Closed Records BY Si\NOHA WIUGHT Assistant News Editor A sp o kesman for Florida Attorney General Robert Shevin said yesterday Shevin will oppose a recently passed Board of Regents (BQR) policy that exempts faculty personnel records from public in spection. BOH. policy 11111s t lie r ;I( ifit, d hy th e S tak C;1hi11et before ii i s implemented. .Jim ll;irr ett, executive assisl:1nt to Slicvin, said Shcvin would ;1s k the cabinet. to r e fuse lo adopt th e policy. "HE WILL fig h t the new rules," Barrett said. "Faculty arc ernployes of the slate just like we arc. All our records are public and their's should he. The r ecently passed Omnibus Education Bill gave the BOR power lo c l assify the faculty I I ORACLE \ ov. 20, 1973 Vol. 8 No. 84 12 Pages performanee as 'limited ac cess." But Barrell said S hevin f eels information n ow contained in t h e faculty files i n public information "There may b e some reasons for some parts being closed," Barrett said. "But I don t kno w of any now, and I don t think Mr. Shevin does." A SPOKESMAN for Secretary of State Richard Stone said he is uncertain whether Stone would vote to approve the proposal. He said he was uncertain of the leg a Ii ty of the policy, noting some attorneys may interpret it to be in conflict with Florida Statutes Chapter 119 dealing with public documents. "It is a question of abrasiveness between the two laws.' Randall Kelley, education aide to Stone said. "It is a question the governor and cabinet ca n t decide." Kelley said he thought Stone objec ted to the policy "from a philosophical point." but noted it "may go be y ond this" when the cabinet reviews it. He said Stone or other cabinet members may ask for a legal decision on the statute granting till' B< lH pmnr O\er the r ecords. IJH .JESSE Bl:\FOIW. l 'SF Faculty Sena t e chairma n. said Ill' w ould object to totally open records but would not object to opening student evaluations. He said completely open r ecords would encourage administrators and faculty to review the files to prevent inclusion of objectionable material. I think it would sterilize the personnel files if they require it to be public," Binford said. "Nothing of value would be in it." State Sen Richard Deeb, R-St. Petersburg, has pre-filed a bill requiring open records. A spokesman for Deeb said yesterday the senator would "really push for passag e of the legislation. Bob Rackham, administrative essistant to Deeb said Deputy Attorney General Barry Richard helped in drafting the bill. He said Richard was "very much in favor" of the legislation which will be disc ussed in the spring b y the legislature. "We're not going to let down on it," Rackham said. Oracle Photo by Robin Clark Women Learn Self-Defense Wine Sales Need Jenny Harding, left front, and other women practice a counter to the face, one of the basic attack methods taught in the women's self-defense class at USF. The class, sponsored by SG through the coordinator of Women's Affairs, finished its session last Wednesday. Final BOR Okay BOR Makes No Decisions On Collective Bargaining The Council of Presidents endorsed yesterday a proposal t h a t would allow sta t e univer sities to sell w in e on their premises. Stale University System C han cellor 11obert Mautz said the proposal will now g o to the Board of Regents ;111 s lil1d lill' rnrnpl;1i11t ll'ith s1:111 .-\llorn1:1-: 1 S:tl('illl'S l;ist 11p1k afll'r 11111\11! n l11', 1d lo n Ji;1.;1 :1 l<"ll1r ; 1ddnss<'d lo 11llll'r I 111,1:;11 1 w,. pr": ;irJ1s ,H'l'r11i11g l""i"'.l'J ii '1 ll/1> 111 1111111 :.;11d .. Till' IJ\l(':;t ion I S \\'ll('ll dot' s it s top IH'ing privatt and bt'come a public fi1H'lll l ll 'll t 110\\ U I. S.-\111 ht lt;1 1 i s s;1id II(' f<('ls Florida S tat11tt' chapter 11 r<'q11 ins till' dlll'llllll'lll to IH' p11hlil'. H e noted tlw 1:111 s:1vs :ill do1th rl'L1ti11g to official l111:,1111'ss I st:i11 ;q.:11ll'i1s he 11JH'll lo i n spection. I>\\ 1.-.; .\Ill 11, 1hi111\s S:ill'i1ws wil! prnhablv 1"1111d1wl :111 11110 Ill(' t 111111'; l1t.l l pr11h:d1J 1 li:in' lo <'.111: :.. 11il "Tl1< l1<' w il l 1!;1,.,. l

2-THE ORACLE November 20, 1973 Nixon Gets Crisis P we rs WASHINGTON -The Sen ate vot e d yesterday to give President Nixon sweeping emergency powers to ease th e energy crisis, including authority to ration fuels and relax clear air standards. The bill, which passed the Senate by a 78-6 vote also would authorize Nixon to offer incen tives for saving fuels and direct state and local governments to adopt conservation measures along the lines of the federal program. Saxbe Ineligible WASHINGTON ' f o r that po s t was ra isccl hy Con g ress durin g his e lcc kcl f Prni ATHENS (UPI i -A spe cial military tribunal began handing down s tiff s entences to martial Jaw violators yesterday after three days of student-worker riots against th e Greek gov e rnment in which at least 11 p ersons were killed and hundreds were arrested. Police and army units with helicopter air support stood guard at key points and rounded up several persons near the city center who defied the ban on public gatherings. Court Action Wi\SHINGTON t U P I i T h e Supre m e Court agreed yesterday lo rule thi s t erm on lower court act.ions which would integrate D e troit are a school s by trans f erring pupils betwee n the inner c it y and th e whit e suburbs. At least six other cities face similar situations. The Supreme Court announce d it would hear oral arguments on a n appeal from lower court rulings brought by Michigan state authorities and 42 of the suburban communities. A written decision is expected before the court adjourns in June. LAR SALES 11650 N N ebraska (t;or11c r Fowler) 97J-0990 Ponliat 197:t Firebirl' La Parle. Tampa. and llil'hard Pettigrew. Miami. Shields Likely TALLAllASSl<:E 1 llPI l Harmon Shields. added as a fourth nanw to cabinet aidps top thn'<' < '!Hlil'<'S to !wad tlw Natural He sou rccs I lPpa rt 111 <'n t. a ppeared likPly. souncs said. to g<'l 4-:1 or :i-2 appro\'al of tlw eahinl't wlwn it mPets today. Tiw only fwo sun \'ol<'s agaim;t ShiPlds. tlw contro\trsial f lorida news briefs director of the Marine Hesources Division undl'r retiring Natural Hcsourc.:cs Dire<:tor Handolph I lodges. were (;ov. Heubin Askew and At torrwy c;l'neral llobert Shtvin. SOUIT('S said. I<:duca t ion Commissioner Vloyd Christian was prepared to vott against Shields. but not al the expense of splitting the cabin('( with 22 l FO \\ U:R 12Milt East Frmn l'SF tntrarwe:> The Oracle is the official student-edited newspaper of the University of South Florida and is published four times weekly. Tuesday through Friday. dunng the academic year period September through mid-June; twice during the academic vcar period mid-June through August, by the University of South Florida, 4202 Fowler Ave., Tampa, Fla. 33620. Opinions expressed in The Oracle are those of the editors or of the writer and not those of the University of South Florida.,Address correspondence to The Oracle. LAN 472, T .. mp, Fla .. 33620. Second class postage paid at Tampa, Fla. The Orule reserves the right lo regulate the typographical tone of all advertisements and revise or turn .. way copy ii considers objectionable. Programs, activities and facilities of the University of South Florida are available to all on a non-discriminatory basis, without regard to race, color, religion. se>e, age or national origin. The University is an affirmative action Equal Opportunity Employer. bills to take such steps as reducing automobile speed limits. banning illuminated outdoor advertising, returning the state to Daylight Saving Time and, perhaps, mandating Sunday closing of all but essential businesses. Mackay said he'd like lo see the governor given broad general powers to take these and other steps if the emergency demands it. SHAGS LAYER CUTS STYLING RAZOR CUTS PH. 971-3633 University of Tampa Student and reserved football tickets avail. 13520 University. Plaza & .uJ03 Busch Plaza CHARLES CHAPLIN in his Greatest Role ---I I THE liREAT DICTAmR \\'ith Jack ()akiP and Paulette Goddard written, directed and scored by Charles Chaplin NoY. 23. 24. 25 7 & 9:30 pm ENA Ge:>nnal Admission 81.50 l'SF Stude:>nls 81.00 Florida Center for the Arts. Film Art Series Next week Nov. 30, Dec. l, 2 "The Chaplin Revue"


THE ORACLE -November 20, 1973 3 Betz: Growth Needs Control The Tampa Advisory Committee on the Environment heard both citizens and area organizations representatives on the desirability of controlling growth in the future in its first open hearing on area growth last Thursday night, according to Dr. John Betz, committee chairman. Betz a USF Biology professor, said that the committee and audience "reached the general consensus that area growth needs to be controlled." "IN THE Tampa Bay Area, we are at the point where it is questionable if further growth benefits the community," Betz said. Betz said that while there are no legal methods to stop growth, it can be controlled. The Committee heard reports from Eldra Solomon, speaking for the League of Women Voters, and individual audience members. ACCORDING to Betz, 50 to 100 people attended the hearing. Betz said that after the final meeting, May Hi, the committee will report its recommendations to the Tampa City Council. "We have no power to get a referendum on the ballot, Betz said. "It's up to the council to forward a ny recommendations to the county commissioners who may in turn advise the legislature. Betz said that the next hearing is scheduled for Dec. 13 and will include discussions of power supplies as related to growth in the area. Representatives of Tampa Electric Company and Florida Power Company will be invited to speak at the meeting. PART TIMERS Temporary work, unloading & warehousing materials. Pays $2.00 per There is no job waiting when assigned, you can drive directly from your home. We also have office & clerical ass.ignments. CALL 933-3427 MANPOWER, INC. FHEA Director Urges New Faculty Membership 1919 E. Busch, Tampa Richard A. Hix son director of the Florida Higher Education Association ffHEA>, said yesterday that collective bargaining is coming lo th e State Un iversity System. Hixson spoke here to encourage USF faculty to join the FHEA, the university-level branch o f the statewid e FEA and national NEA teachers' unions. Fourteen faculty members at tended the meeting. CALLIN(; L ISF a "hotbed of apathy," Hix so n said th e 10member FHEA chapter at llSF must make other fa culty members aware of th e ne ed for unioni za tion lo improve t enu r e a nd salary conditions Th e State U niversity Systl'm is an industry that can save money by restricting tenure and holdin g salaries down." s;1 id Hixson Hix son said unionization is necessary because an inherent "adversary relationship" exis ts between the facult y and ;1d minislrators since a d ministrators havl' tlw powl'r to fire faculty members. llE SAii> slate universitv administrators hirl'd tlH' author of N ew York's Taylor Act. a law governing bargaining right s o r public employes supposl'dly to teach law on a univers ity level. but actually to train stall' SG Checks RR Protests SG leaders plan to seek ; i cctss to all documents relating to WUSF -F'M r eprogramming ;111d Underground llail Hoad rnls today al i I a .Ill SG or In format ion Hi cha rd l\ikrric k said y e s terda:, :. Merrick said S(; will carr: camera equipment to photo graph the document s IJl'causl' station director Dr. Mann:. Luco l l ha s denied them ac('('ss to duplicating cqu ipml'nt ---. university administrators in collective bargaining procedures. Hix so n said the faculties must ed ucate and prepare themselves because the Board of Regents, Council of Presidents and C hancellor Mautz want collective bargaining, hut on their terms. He said a weak b;ffgaining agent wo uld he worse than none. Hixson said he believes the FllEA should join for ces with the American FPderation o f Teachers < AFT l. a branch of the AFL-C!O. and th e American Association of Univ ersity Professors I A A lJ I' 1 on a stat ewide levl'I lo form a strong, united bargaining unit. lllXSO:\ said th:it while Fl-IEA is mon '"ltnterist' in philosophy and AFT is more "liberal and labor-oriented. the ideologies of the groups rire not of prime importance because most teachers are n ot committed lo one organizalion. Hixson said the organization is a "vehicle to achieve power" rather than an expression of political views. Hixson said FHEA r epresentatives have approach e d the AFT informally about combi ning forces but the FHEA has no definite plan s lo merge wit h any other organization. Hixson. one o f FHEA's forty l obbyists. said the FHEA has mo r e power and leg al resources than other organizations wishing to represent the faculties of Florida's stale universities. eommunil y colleges and private col leges in collective bargaining with college and universit y ad ministrati\e personnel. THE MAHA VISHNU ORCHESTRA with spe(ial :ut-sl ARGENT plus spt(ial added allraetion PAPA JOHN CREACH Thurs. Nov. 22 7:30 p.m. Bayfront Center St. Pete :\\ ailable al: Modnn \lusi(' Tickets $4 advarwe $5 dav of show ,; St. Pett -Musi(' Othssn St. Pdt' -S1t-no-Ha111a Clean\ alt'r -Hasputin\ Tampa Tapes Tampa Badront frnlt'r Box Office EASY TRAILS ;,:sz t WHITE ROOTS OF PEACE \\"ED. NOV. 28-12:00-2:00: Films-U.C. Ballroom :!:00. Upen Forum-l1.C. i\lall :!:00: Crafts in Gallery (i:OlHUlO: Film-C.C. Ballroom 8 : oo: Pa n c l Discussion-LC. Ballroom :00. Open FnrumL.c. Ba llcoom 00-11 :OO: :rnd Cr;ifts-LC. Ga!lery OUTFITTERS FOR: us .. Backpacking Quality Camping Member of 8711 N. tl(l1'1 Stll'' I .P'/ 110.RIDA '/ /IWXIAllON IN( TELEPHONE ( 813) 988-0045 Canoeing Camping L111111.i. r 1<:11d.1 :nt;o, 1 ALS O v; I' I \ ..'; 1 Specializing lt'l LIGHTWEIGHT Sleeping Bags, Back Packs. f Stoves, Coolers, Etc. C1\IV!l' '. tll'lll\111'.< \\11111 I\) CJ l I i\J T .\I 1 .. 1 I ( : : t \ II; \f'! -; ._,. \. ;._,,.:1:.-:.:.,,: ..


4-THEORACLE G Voic Only One Of Many With a few exceptions, SG has been doing a fair job of representing the students and getting things done this year. However, SG Pres. Bill Davis and others must realize the representation is limited and SG is not a voice for all who attend classes here. THE STUDENTS now holding SG offices were elected by only 20 per cent of the student body. That's not a very .earthshaking percentage, nor is it the first USF election with minimal participation. This University has an atypical student body and needs a different system to permit the various types of students to get involved. More than a quarter of the students here are married. Many of them are middle-aged, part-time or graduate students. They have needs that can't be understood -let a lone met -by a group that is composed primarily of young males. not feel they arc represented by SG should be allowed to contribute ideas and suggestions and not be ignored by ad ministrators because they arc not speaking collectiv e ly. College councils and other student organizations arc vi::ib l e student forums. Participation is sometimes just as slight as student involvement in SG activities, but that doesn't make these groups any less valid. We are not calling for an end to SG; it serves a function and should continue its duties without claiming to be the only student voice. This puhlic don11nen! \\as prnmulgatetl at an annua l l'OSt of $1 IX.(i!Hi. l.i or !Jc JH'I' copy. to in !Jr. H.ose's commentary is the notion that the teacher may either retain his integrity or "treat students 'gently".' ls the instructor faced with the choice of regarding himself as an inhuman teacher machine and his students as learning machines, thus obliterating all sense or human fragility from the classroom. or of losing his integrity" It's been my experience that the best teachers are those who treat the students gently, who recognize their students as unique individuals rather than as some sort of amorphous mass of pulsating brains which have no existence outside of the classroom. Fl'.\1\LLY when one cuts through the philosophical and metaphysical frostin1g the divine right of teachers, etc. onereaches the hitter core of Dr. Hose 's argument: "the indefensible fiction that he c the student J is somehow the "equal or ihe faculty member in the classroom. In a n essay which should lie required reading for l'vtryorw entering first grade. Jerry Farber stated it more succinctly: "Sludl'nts are niggers." This is the int<'ileelual basis for attacking student l'\aluat ion s and for scorning tht' idect !hat students should be treated gently. This is also th<' idea that poses as great a lhnal lo academic freedom as the old .Johns Committee or some of the more l'l'C<'nl excesses of Senator Deeb. You sec. academic freedom is a l\i:ol'dgcd sword. Certainly the teacher mus! he free lo express his ideas in the classroom but so must the student. Students do have minds some of them have damned good minds but if ttie teacher regards himself as superior in every way to his students the learning process will become the teaching proc!'ss. The instructor's contempt for his students will produce an at mosphere in which the communication in th<' classroom can go in one direction only The students will be expected to gulp down greedily, uncritically, every truth which the professor pronounces. ls this the creation of educated minds? God help us. No, students aren't niggers. Not any more. Not around here. It will take us a long time to come up from slavery but we 're on our way. Who knows maybe someday we'll be able to get rid of grades. Dennis Clarke 6ENG :; O ,:::f &J < I -o RA c LE I !!/). ,.111 IH:.-\DLl'.\ES: General news :i p.m. daily for following qay issue. Advertising (with proof) Thursday I ::\ \\J>. \ J>(l<'t'lllakt'f .\\\ard 1967. 1969 noonforTucsday,FridaynoonforWednesday,MondaynoonforThursday,TuesdaynoonforFritlay. Bl'adlines extended one day without proof. Classified ads taken 8 a.m.-noon two davs before \ ( : P \ 11\ ll lt r i ('all Si IH't' J

DOONESBURY by Garry Trudeau THE ORACLE -November 20, 1973 5 Profs Charges Dropped By State Attorney's Office Three of the four charges filed against USF professor Dr. David VanDercar were dismissed yesterday in Hillsborough County Traffic Court. Ronald Meyer, a Florida Education Association attorney representing VanDercar. said last night that State Attorney E.J. Salcines' office dropped the charges of driving under the influence of narcotics and having no valid inspection sticker for a motorcycle. The third charge, having no driver's was dismissed by Judge George Edgecomb. "TllE STATE'S attorney's office acknowledged they didn't have any e1,idence against him," Meyer said. "I have had correspondence with Salcines suggesting they check and see if they had any evidence against him. because I had looked and I couldn't find any." Only one charge, speeding. was not dismissed, Meyer said. He said Edgecomb assessed the minimum fine of $15 for the of fense. VanDercar has claimed that University Police officers Joe Moore and Tony Wall harassed and threatened him when they arrested him in connection with the charges. Meyer said Edgecomb yesterday said he would like to speak with \\' all concerning the a1Test. "llE SAID he wantld to talk !o Wall to see why the charges \\'Pl'l' filed in the first place." i\0ll'Yl'r said. "But I don't t'xptt'I anything will come of it." VanDercar underwent a blood test, which proved to be negative. to establish his innocence in connection with the drug charge. JACKSON1S BICYCLE STORE 114 Buffalo Ave. Phone 232 l 1-75 South to Buffalo exit -112 block west of Fla. Ave. Quality and Reasonable Prices are our standard Wheelchair Wheels-Repaired-Retired Discounts to USF and Staff Continued. INDIVIDUAL-DIS TING TIVE Bicentennial Group Plans Panel SANDBLAST STYLING IN THE QOBEY) PIPE THArs Panel discussions on problems that led up to the Revolutionary War will be presented during Qtrs. 2 and 3 by the USF Bicen tennial Committee as part of a 1976 Bicentennial program being developed. according to Cecil Currey. P istory professor and committee chairman. The committee. fo;med during Qtr. :l of last year. is designed to provide a USF perspective on the n a t i o n a l B i c e n t e n r. i a l celebration. It is composed of six faculty members and one graduate student. Currey said that the committee is hoping to have a discussion during Qtr. 2 on the Intolerable Acts. a series of acts imposed by Payment Deadline The fee payment dc>adline for veterans and their dependents using the fiO-day deferment plan is tomorrow at :1 p.rn .. according to Boh Jett. director of the Office of Veteran Affairs. "All students planning to pa:.. in person should be reminded that the cashie1"s oflice \1ill lie closed Thursday ;ind Fricfay for the holidays ... .Jel l said. "Tlw de;1rlli1w for flcs mailed in is l\o\'. :!'.!. midnight and \:o\ :rn. midnight." 1\ccorcling to .Jett. all fees mailed in after t\ov. :!'.!and before :\o\'. :w ll'ill han a S2:J late fee added "Students \1ho ha\Tn paid alter :\o\ :HJ ll'ill haw llll'ir registration dropptd .... Jett said The (', \L1111pi11g, clJppi11g lrulll 1 gu()d ,1ucJicncc dcrnJt1dcd 111mc 1h.111 J do1cn 1111.1! L.Urt.1i11s Im this stupc11dow,ly illlprcssive U>lllp<1ny ()I d,lllcl.'rs." llOW1\RD P ,\Uvl[R -Tiii SUN MELl:30URNL : "The pr esent Lin1011 compJny 1s mH. ol the strongest i11 1e111is ul energy .111d -,hen l'Xl1he1.111u UUN l\1U)0N1\C,I \ PRICED RIGHT 41/ -JET BLACK ,,,n,e JEWELE'D FINISH SHELLRAOOR STYLED JOBEY LINK CUTS DOWN COSTLY PIPE REPAIRS IN A HUGE VARIETY OF SHAPES THIS P!PE COMl:S EQU!PPE.D WITH THE SENSATIONAL NEW JOBEY LINK --COME IN FOR A FREE DEMONSTRATION PIPE AND POUCH 9326 Floriland Mall Ph. 933-2176 THe JOSe Limon DAnce COITIPAnv December 6, 7, 8, 8: 30 University Theatre 3 Different Dance Concerts admissions $3.00 USF full time students $1.50 tickets on sale Nov. 19 Theater Box Office 1: 15 to 4: 30 weekdays


6-THE ORACLE November 20, 1973 Plays Tonight Through Saturday Exciting Hypocrisy For 1Miss Reardon1 BY DAVID RUTMAN Oracle Staff Writer The word "exciting" could probably be the best word with which to describe the Theatre For New Repertory's current production of Paul Zindel's "And Miss Reardon Drinks A Little The show, as directed by Peter B. O'Sullivan, is both wildly funny and moving but also revealing of the ways people try to hide their faults, insanities, and .,idiosyncrasies "AND MISS Reardon Drinks A Little" is the story of three -;isters, two that life together and on(' that is married. Anna is wly losing her mind, but all l .. :ee are a bit insane. The insanity is due primarily to the invisible presence of their domineering mother who had reeently died and the pressures. on all of them working in the school system. Anna tries to collect animals, insists that she got rabies whe n bitten in Italy by a cat and is a strict vegetarian who won t allow meat or animal furs in the house Ci\TllEHINE lives with Anna and is forced to eat chopped me a t from a candy box lest Anna ex plode in a lecturl' on vegetarianism. She protects Anna against verbal attacks h y people, hut manipulatl's hl'r against people wlwnl'vl'r 1Elvis On Tour' To Be Screened As SEAC Movie "Elvis on Tour starring Elvis Presley, will lw pres<'11IPd to11ighl by the Student EntPrlai11111111t and Activitits Council as tlw last Tuesday Night Special fil111 s.111. (review) possible. Catherine is also becoming a n alcoholic and speaks with a dirty mouth The third sister, Ceil, is the married one She did littleto help her sisters when their mother lay dyirig but when she died, Ceil rushed to the apartment to suck up" all she could get that belonged to their mother. The play takes place in Anna and Catherine's apartment after Ceil comes to visit to discuss commitment papers for Anna after Anna has seduced one of her students Mi\Hl.t\ Dixon shines in her performance of Catherine She is the Miss Heardon who "drinks a little" as the title sugg e sts, hut it sav es her s a nit y lo a degr ee. Dixon is all pro material in her performance. mo c king Anna in parts hut joining with Anna lo slop at tacks of the ir w a y of life lier vocal quality is fine and her deliver y is first rat<' C

THE 20, 1973. 7 Lit Hour Scheduled The final Literature Hour for the quarter, presented by the Speech Communications Department, will be held Wednesday at 2 p.m. in LAN 103. Tampa Book Fair Set At Fairg rounds "A Death in the Family," James Agee's study of American life in death, has been adapted and is directed by a 1971 USF graduate James The ninth annual Tampa Bo. ok _Fair will be held Nov. 26 through 30 at the ElectricalBuilding of the Florida State Fairgrounds. scheduled visits by school children in the afternoons with evening programs open to the public. Admission is free. "Chart Your Course," the theme of the fair, will offer ac tivities for all family members, according to Bernadette Stro ck, chairman of the event. TV Offers Holida)' Fare Visits by authors, illustrators, photographers and publishers have been schedliled, along with special movies and workshops. The agenda has up for Sponsors ofthe event, which is held annually to promote interest in reading and to enrich the background of participants! indude the Tribune Co., USF, Hill$borough Schi>olSystem,. the Tampa Women's ciub' .. and'-=the\ Tampa-Hillsborough ,i;ibrarY. TODAY. 8 p.m., Ch 13 A ctiarlie Brown Thanksgiving Charlie Brown hosts a Thanksgiving J.nner for the "Peanuts" gang 8:30 p.m., Ch. 10 Movie -: !'air" starring Natalie Wood as u 32-year-old woman; crippled since childhood, having her first love affair p.rrt .. Ch 13 Shaft -Shaft AY 8 p m., Ch. JO -Movie --Rex Harrison talks to the animals in the musical "Dr. Doolilllc." 10 p.m., Ch. 1:1 ---Kojak Kojak !Telly SavalasJ in vestigates the hi za rre strangulation death of a woman. .ll::lO p m .. Ch. Ill Wide World of Entertainment ''.JFK A Time to Remember" shows films of the late Prcsidtnt on th(' eve of the .tenth anniversary of his assassination. Tlll'HSIM \' lOa.m .. Ch. 8 Maey's l'aradP The 47th annual Thanksgiving Day parade is lt>il'east from Npw York. l:l noon. Ch. 1:1 Football Washington llPdskins vs f)ptroit Lions I ::lO p.m Ch 8 Al in i TU highlites ... Through the Looking Glass Lewis Carroll's popular story is presented with Tom and Dick Smothers playing and Tweedledum :1 p m., Ch. 8 Football Miami Dolphins vs. Dallas Cowboys. 8 p m., Ch. 8 -Movie Rex llarrison and Audrey Hepburn star in the acclaimed musical "My !<'air Lady !1::10 p.m .. Ch. JO --Movie "Kung f<'u." lhe pilot film for the popular TV show IJ ::!O p.rn .. Ch. 10 Wide World of 1<:ntertainmenl lloward C'osell is roasted" by show biz and sports notables in "Salul< lo llumhlP lloward." FHll),\\' :1 p.m .. Ch. 1:1 -Festival of LivPly Arts for Young Ptople <;ilhl'rt and Sullivan's comie op('ra "11 M .S. Pinafore is pnstntPd. B::IO p.m .. Ch. 10 Odd C'ouple Oscar is fontd lo nmain al honH' with an ult'Pr .Jaek 'k : .. :.-' .... i l(l:; .. 0 "erY A TONIGHT LAN. 103 75 w/ID 8:30-10:30 .K' gman and Tony Randail star. m., Ch 44 -:Concert Performers include Van Morrison, Mott. The. Hoople, Richie Havens and Fresh Flavor. 1 a;m., Ch. 13 Movie Want to see what Perry Mason looked like before Raymond Burr and Monte Markham? Then watch ..Case of the Velvet Claws,'' a 1936 film with Warren William as Perry and Claire Dodd as Perry's newly wedded wife, Della StreeL SATURDAY 2 p.m., Ch. 44-Movie Boris Karloff stars in "The Strange Door." 8:30 p m Ch. 13 MASH Hawkeye u s your _let one hand Wash the other office hours Mon-F:fi 1() am to 4 pm f-4 = We feed your Mind, Body, & Spirit TAMPA SONLY NATURAL FOODS RESTAURANT serving fresh & wholesome natural foods 5326 E. Busch Blvd. Temple Terrace __ (next to Pantry Pride) 988-3008 \1011. -I la111-1 )p111 Fri. & Sal. l la111-l0p111 .)p111-9p111 h t'n T 11 am 8:30 pm All the crisp garden salad and-or fresh fruit salad you can eat $1.50


8 ORACLE November 20, 1973 USF Readies For Round Two BY DAVE MOORMANN Oracle Sports Editor It may have been a disap pointment to Brahman fans that USF played its first round NCAA play-off game at West Virginia. But for USF's soccer team the trip was rather enjoyable as it walked away with a 3-1 come from-behind victory over the Mountaineers. "IT WAS VERY good finally at the end," said Coach Dan Holcomb of the Brahmans' performance. "We used a system of pla y we incorporated ,in the Rollins game and we were finally able to get it together The triumph, raising USF's mark to 10-2, vaults the Brahmans into second round action against the winner of next Sun-day' s Madison-Clemson en counter Yet, for a time the Mountaineers looked like they were going to turn in a repeat per formance of their 1-0 regular season win against USF last season. UNABLE to generate an attack, the Brahmans found themselves down 1-0 at halftime, thanks to Jack Cardoso's goal at 22:40 of the opening period But Sean O'Brien, looking sharp following an early season Achilles tendon injury, and scoring leader Mike Knott took part in a second half scoring flourish for the Brahman victory. Picking a most opportune time to convert the team's first corner kick, O'Brien, with an assist from Brah misses Hope For Region Bid Although USF failed to qualify for regional play at the Florida State Volleyball Tournament this weekend, the season may not be over for : the Brahmisses. Fl,or ida State, winners of the meet, and runner-up Miami-Dade South, 11>:\'"I' bring home a trophy hut Wl' did beautifully." she said of lhl' team which managed to defeat f<'lorida State in one of threl' "It was l'Xcellent play." Besides losing lo lhl' stall' champion SPininoll's. llSF split with Florida lnttrnational ai1d Stetson llniVPrsity. In thl'ir only ITil'l'lings till' Brahmissl's pasily turiwd back .Tampa and host ltarn Florida Sout lwrn. "Till' rpsults Wl'l"l' a litlll' hit diffl'rl'nl than 1 prl'dit'll'd. Clwat ham said of l hl' rl'gula r sl'ason finall' which ft-at url'd soml' of tlw mos! highly skilll'd volllyhall l\ p l'\'l'r SPl'n in this statl' Continuing to lwstow praist' upon l l SF. tlw Brahmissl's l 1 oss said. -rm \'Pry pniud of thl'Sl' kids. 1<:vlrvhodv knows that South FI'orid0a is ;m tlw map. Life Insurance Sales Career \\tom_,-: SBO(l M \>11thly Salary Bont1!=i A11;111mlntent Omx.11 turnty For Ady. rncernent Co1w1'11l1on ,A\1t'111 & W1fp 1 Qpor lurnty To Join Comp.mys : 1 A9t.rncy Col! C m Gr.1du(itc .Loyill amt W1!hnqness To Work Amb1tu.rn To Excel PERSONAL INTERVIEW WILL BE HELD B' APPOINTMENT ONLY Call 933-39 t 8 for Personal Interview & Associ:.Jtcs Mike Knott Frank Bono, tied the game at one apiece at 21 :06. KNOTT, shutout in the last two regular season contests, then handed USF the triumph with goals at 29:33 and 38:55 of the final period For USF, the game played at Mountaineer 1', ield where West Virginia had lost only once in three years, was its first action on artificial turf this season. Theatre for New Repertory Presents THE NIGHT OF THE ASSASSINS University of South Florida Oct. 25, 26, 27 Ma ti nee Oct. 27 2: 30 PM and 8: 30 PM Reservations: 974-2323 USF must now wait for its second round opponent, either the South s fourth rated squad in Madison College or Clemson, the region's top school. A VICTORY by Madison in its playoff with the Tigers means USF, third in the South prior to Sunday, would host second round play before Dec. 1. A Clemson win means another trip to South Carolina where Clemson defeated the Brahmans earlier in the season 2-0. "Since we beat them last year, we might wan t to play them again," said Holcomb of Madison who fell 2-1 to USF in college division first round action last season. "But I think the fellas would like to get another shot at Clemson." Still furious over its setback to the Tigers, a physical game which saw the loss of USF's second leading scorer, Pete Mohrmann, the Brahmans want retaliation "IT'LL BE an entirely dif ferent ball game than before." Holcomb said of the prospective Clemson-USF matchup. "We've learned a lot since then. And the return of Sean O'Brien to mid field has strengthened us." Aside from Mohrmann USF will be in good physical shape for the game, though Tom Stein brecher and Tom R p tz didn't see action against West Virginia No matter if it is Clemson or Madison USF, in its fifth post season tourney, will be striving to make it out of the South for the first time. And Holcomb said, the Brahmans have learned ... They've learned the season, no matter how successful, never seems quite as good following a tour nament loss Barely there in Spar k.l jn<3 b\ack&gold Lurex FLORILAND MALL T ompo, Flo rido 154 1 S. DALE MABRY Tampa, F lorido EXECUTIVE PLAZA Brendon Flondn CLEARWATER MALL (!1."'orwoter, Flondo WINTER HAVEN MALL \'\1'1n!er Hove n. Florido LAKE PARKER MALL lokeland. Florido 395 PARK AVENUE SOUTH Winter Park Fir.ride FIELDS PLAZA lee1burg, Florido CUTLER RIDGE CENTER M1orni. FIOrido t SQUTHWESTERN PLASMA t CENTER t 1218 Franklin St. t Cash paid for plasma donors. Donors may t receive up to $50 in a 4 week period. t t Bring this ad and receive BONUS for your t first time in. t Mon. 6:30 5:00 Thu. 6:30 5:00 Tues. 6:30 2:30 Fri. 6:30 2:30 Wed. 6:30 5:00 Sat. 6:30 4:00 .._ ___________ _. *****************************


Oracle Photo 'by. Brian Ashford Warren Walk (21) scores two of his 14 points, as Glenn DuPont (25) and Ron Counts (11) look on. Cagers Have Speed BY DAVE MOO RM ANN Oracle Sports Editor As USF Coach Don Williams emphasized before and after Friday's Green-Gold basketball game, there's a lot of work to be done in preparation for the Dec. 1 season opener at Florida. But one thing was quite apparent in the White's ((}old) 119-113 victory-the Brahmans are much quicker than in past seasons. THE GAME'S high scorer with 32 points, 5 ft. 9 in. guard Leon Smith had his White squad running up and down the court as did his partner Skip Miller who threw in 31. It wasn't a bad night for the Green playmakers either with John Kiser tying for his squad' s high with 30 points and Jack James adding 16 "I thought we handled ourselves very well Williams said following the game. "We found the open man better than I thought we would. I'm pretty pleased. "WE HAD A GOOD shooting night," he explained, "but I think we had too many fouls and in the second half we began to relax on defense. The show wasn t entirely run by the little men as forwards Arthur .Jones and Glenn DuPont Brahmans Pace USFSCC Event With Six Wins CSF's Sports Car Club finished Qtr. 1 activities in grand s tyle Sunday taking six cla ss1s. including a pair of orw two finishes. in the "IJUl'lDual Autocross The Brahman s had lh1 top two finishtrs in bot h ('Sports class and B TrarrsAm .Jim 1;1wlz anrl !J:rnn:Shi<'lcls plac1d first anrl :wcond in !ht formtr. 11hilf' .Jrihn Cannon and Bob Thagg;1rd turrl('rl tilt' trick in llw lal ter B-S1rl;1n class lwlfJngc"I to Bob \ ';iii 11.ith B -Sports class going lo l.1"si: J .. rrl;111. ;1 l sv slat! 11Hrnb"1 S!.'ls;u1s w;1s 111111ilwr 111w 111 1111 f'-('nrull1 ( ':1f''/!,i11 _\ '...;f:1rl"\ To1r1 1t:i ,.,,1111111it'fl lwr \11n111ng 1>.;1ys 1n thr ladies P"r!1r1111;"""' 1!;1:-.: 1-.;1111111g lwr 1-..111 ,.1r;11, .h' 11<'11.i"' "!till' '""r scored 25 and 15 points respectively with Green center Gerald Long tallying 30 points and Warren Walk 14 for the White. Although Long displayed a beautiful outside shot and Walk grabbed a game high 10 rebounds, Williams had some reservations about the center position "HE'S REALLY not a center and it s hard t o ask him to do the things we want of him inside," said Williams in reference to SKI ASPEN FROM: $317.00 Includes: Long. "We want to get him outside on our offense a little more." Of Walk he said, "He's the strongest one we ve got on the boards, but he's not quite fully recovered from the muscle spasms in his back." Working through the Thanksgiving holidays, including Thursday morning, Williams hopes to have his center problem and all other worries smoothed out in time for the Gator clash. Round trip air fare from Tampa to Denver Transportation from Denver to Aspen Lifts For more complete details contact: American Overseas Travel Corp. University Of South Florida Adm. 102 Ph. 974-2695 Your On Campus Travel Agency Hotel accomodations based on 2 persons in a room .. -. 11;_":_ ___ M etrocolor T ON'-GH T 8:3 0 1 0 : 3 0 LAN. '103 -75c w/ID THE ORACLE-November 20, 1973 KOIN KLEEN WASH-DRY-FOLD 18'PER POUND DRY CLEANING BY LOAD OR PIEtE DROP OFF & PICK UP IN 24 HOURS ATTENDANT ALWAYS ON DUTY OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 7AM-10PM 9307 56th ST. TEMPLE TERRACE PH. 988-9790 EUROPEAN MOTOR CAR SERVICE OF BRANDON OTOYOTAOMGODATSUN OALFA ROMEOOFIAT O JAGUAROTRIUMPH o FERRARI -:-FOREIGN CAR REPAIR & SERVICE "OUR ONLY BUSINESS" COMPLETE RESTORATION SERVICE 689-0016 BEHIND KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN HWY. 60--1-012 W. BRANDON BLVD. RRANDON I SHAKEY5 PIZZA PARLOR 15 NOW SERVIN& GREAT NEW +-IE.RO SANDWlCHE5. BIG I +.IOT, AND GOOD!!! 9


10-THE ORACLE November 20, 1973 Bulletin Board TODAY Baptist Campus Ministry The Baptist Campus Ministry will meet for vespers Nov. 20 at the Baptist Campus Ministry at 6:30 p .m. Anyone is welcome. Christian Science Organization .The Christian Science Organization will have its weekly meeting Nov, 20 at 4:30 p,m, UC 200. This is a testimony meeting and is welcome. Counseling Center The Counseling Center services for i:-uesday are: Personal Counseling and Drug Rap Cadre. FOr further information go to AOC 204 o r ca!I 974-2832. WEDNESDAY ECA The Engineering College Association will meet Nov. 21 at 2 p.m. i n the Dean's con. ference roorn for a Engineering Council meeting. Open House Committees will be discussed. Free coffee will be served and all interested persons are invited. Counseling Center The Counseling Center services for Wednesday are: Veteran's Counseling, Personality and Career Testing. For further information go to AOC 204 or call 974-2832, Speech Department The Literature Hour presents "A Death in !he Family," on Nov, 21at2 p,m_ in LAN 103, Theatre Department The Theatre Department presents "And Miss Reardon Drinks A Little," on Nov. 21 at 8 :30 p,m, in Centre Stage, Access Access for Nov, 21 will feJr men Jnd women have earned SI S,O!Hl ;ninimum. 4. Ol'ENINCS ARE AVAILABLE. Exp,m.,iori .it Olson & Associcltes has never slowed. Thi., multi-office firm has a planned expansion rate, c rl.iting opPnings daily, S NO EXPERIENCE OR FORMAL TRAININC NECESSARY. In fJct, people without real estate experience .ire preferred. fi. OLSON SPECIALIZES IN WATERFRONT REAL ESTATE. Working conditions .ire the iinesL The customers usuJlly more affluent, and ,1 higher majority of .,.iles ,ire made for cash. For more information and a free brochure, write or phone collect: Personnel Director 12601 Gulf Boulevard Treasure Island, Florida 33706 (813) 360-0855


P.\RT-TIME help wanted, 20-30 h r s per wk M e n's clothi ng store. Contact: Mr. George Spoto 255-6681. PROFESSIONAL couple (Indian) with 10 yr. old boy seeking help (4 to 7 p m ., carrollwood) daily and some weekends. Please call Dr. Majumdar. 933-6145 ( p .m.'s) PART-TIME grove work. 52.00 per hr. 94916331 Hanna Rd. Lutz NEED an to help prepare income tax returns for 1974 tax season. Some knowledge: in field necessary. Would prefer person who could-work afternoons 1 6 Call for Inter.view. 932-0322. Bermax Tax Service,' 1\102 !'lebraska WANTED: Resear-ch Assistants to begin Decembt.r 1 st. Full time, competitive salaries. Contact Dr; Shiloh SOC 115 9742140. .. .ANTED qualified student to tutor my 5th son on one-to-one basis. Mostly reading and phonicS-.:.will pay. Call 6265810 to 4 p.m. 884-1300 after 5 :30 p.m. TELEPHONE work. Exper1ence not required. 4 hrs. daily. 9-1, 1-5 or 5-9. Weekly salary $42 plus bonuses. IMS 8775707. STUFF TO WEAR Full & part-time employment needed for dynamite junior boutique. Experience necessary. Apply in person at Floriland Nla11. THE PENINSULA Motor Club (AAA) is considering all majors for Domestic Travel Counselors for the 3rd & 4th quarters of the co-op program. Students interested in assisting members in p lanning trips, making reservations & providing gene'ral traVel information, please contact Mike Turnerat the co -op office Call 974-2171, Room AOC 105, for further information. [ MISC. FOR SALE ) FOR SALE: '68 Nova Custom. V-8. bucket seats, 8-track tereo, floor shift. Very good running concl $575. 65 watt GibsGn "Falcon" guitar amp. S 150. Call B ill at 974-6596 Room 111. NEED someone interested in moving to Fontana Hall to take over my contract for Qtr. II & Ill. Contact Rm 825 or call 977-5162. MODERN twin burner 75,000 BTU automatic space Will heat entire house. Originally purchased for 5312. converted to central heat, so will sell for S75. Call 920-6284 or 974-2421. LIKE new 100 watt Fanon Public Address amplifier. Solid state design, lull m ike inputs, bass and treble, and master volume. 5249. New now sold on best offer. Call Bob McCoy 971-3273. 4 MONTH old N i kon 50mm. 1x4 len s. s110 or best offer. Call 971-2456. FOR SALE: Cannon FTQL SLR camer a. Auto flash, 2x converter. case, filters, accessories. $125. Jon Kanter 986-2554. CAMERA EQUIPMENT-500mm M irror Lens Nikon mount 5100. 300mm Vivitar Telephoto Lens, N i kon mount. T -4. 575.00. Schwinn 10-speed, Perfect 590. Phone 971-1023 ask for Bill. FOR SALE: Fontana Contract Quarters II and 111. No security deposit. Contact Sue Ordinetz Rm. 412 971-3942 Evenings. K eep trying. WE HAVE denims in regulr and bells nd cords in bells. Also boots, shirt & wl!stern hats. Only 10 min. from campus. Bermu Western Wear 1702 Nebraska. TYPING Books Th e s e s R eports Call : 877-5554 FAST, accurate typing service. 48 h r s e r vice in most instances. 2 min. from USF. B etween 8:30 and 5 :00 call 879-7222 ext. 238: Alter 6 :00 call 988-3435. Ask for Liz SPECIALIZED TYPI ST IBM CORRECTING Selectric, carbon ribbon, pica or elite. Type changes .and Greek symbols. All types of work and styles. 5 min. from USF Nina Schiro, 971-2139. If no answer, 235-3261. EXTRAORi:,.INARY TYPIST 5 plus, years of Quality term papers dl ssertations-stati stlcar dat a-thesl s.....: BM Se lectric, 'carbon ribbon, 4 type styles, pica References on request. Call Glori a 884-1969. CARSON OPTICAL 11710 Fla. Ave 9357854 Eyeglass RX. Sunglasses & photogray; plastic or hardened -lenses made. Gold wire frames & fashioned frames. Duplicate broken lenses & repair frames. BERKELEY TYPING SERVICE mile from campus; work done by U C English graduate. Overnight service available. Call 971-1336. TYPING-FAST -NEAT ACCURATE IBM Selectric. All types of work. Close lo University. Call 988-0836 Anytime. Lucy Wilson GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS Available for quarter I. Per box of lilly S15.00. 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You are urge d to make contact w ith your ministers in higher education at the University Chapel Fellowshi p Find ou t what resources are available to you See Clara, Bob. Bill -or call 988-1185." S TUDENTS. CHRISTMAS IS NE .AR. So what to g e t that special someone when funds are low ... How about a beautiful 8x l 0 color portr ait of your smiling face A S2S value lor just SS. Hurr y while there i s still plenty of t ime. Call th e sludio now 988 7042, 9 :305 :00 Mon .Sal. FREEDOM to progress af your own rate ot spe e d TRUE FREEDOM MONTESSORI DAY-CARE 914 North Ca.lie Cl. 933-1107 S 1 S weekly HELP lemle in di1treu. Nffd mle S iame1e ul for mllng. Cll 106' LAIWANCBA La Mancha Dos now has vacancies in the new section of the complex. Reservations are being accepted for immediate occupancy or for next quarter. 1 block from campus on 42nd St. $72 -90 per month Phone 971-0100 THE ORACLE -November 20, 1973 11 .-.-----MOTO RCYCL E S & SCOOTERS n H O NDA 350. 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Best time before 10 a m I APTS. & HOUSES TO SHARE ROOMMATE needed Dec. 1 Two bdrm. new duplex in country. 'h expenses $85 mo. Come out and meet me! Liberal female prererred. 100 E11stfield Rd., Apt. 32, Goldenrod. <.Fowler to Willlams-T.hon.l -----L e aving for Africa-must sel: at sacri fice : '68 Ford Wagon, A C new brakes. $900. '64 Chevy Van. Custom interior. Rebuilt engine. $800 977-5421 ----------1968 PONTIAC Firebird convertible, mechanically perfect, beauti ful condition, power steering, radio & heater, a i r con ditioning, electric top & more. $1195 or best offer. Bruce 974-6217 Rm. 304. 71 Ford. Tori no G T., factory air, power steering and brake$; AM-FM radio. Ex celient co n dition Call 626-9579 alter 6 p.m. FREE 5100.00 FREE FONTANA HALL CONTRACT FOR QTRS. 2 & 3 Call Rick at 971-8977 1970 Pontiac LeMans Sport. Auto A C, PS, PB, Vinyl roof, low mileage. Still under warranty. Call Scott 884-8474 days or 985. 2813 evenings. FOUND: Gre y cat near 131st and 23rd St Phone 971-5179 JOIN THE NAVY AND SEE THE WORI D CHANGE. There was a tim e when thoughts of Na v y life ev o ked ima g e s of t a too p a rlors, gunboats o n th e Y a ngtze, and Black stew a r d s ser v ing c how N o m ore, brother B eca use the Navy' s goin g full s pe e d t o corr e ct a r a cial imb a l a nc e that existed in th e p ast W e re d e d i c a t e d to m a king lif e better for Blac k N avy m e n a nd w o me n offb ase, as well a s o n W e r e wo rking h a r d to eliminate possibl e cultural bias in ou r tests. An d, most import a nt. w e' r e working to give Black pe ople a s trong v oice in the future dire c tion o f the N av y b y r a dic ally s tepping up o ur c a mpaign to r ec ruit an d tra in Blac k o fficers NROTC, a t Annapoli s and other officer candidate and nurs e progr a ms For the Black college graduate we have programs to become Na v al officers in just a few month s For example, at Officer Candidate School you can b ec ome an offic e r i n nin e teen intensi v e week s eliminatin g basic training alt o g e th e r And for Black m e n and w o m e n who become N aval officers, w e o ff e r post-graduate degree programs, rhe Langua g e I n sti t u te at Monte rey, and dozens o f aviation and prof es sional s chools. The number o f Black officers in the Nav'y ha s d o ubled sinc e I 967. And w e' re going to do even better in the turure Tha t's righr. Black officer s N o t only Black sailors For the Black student about to enter college, we have hundreds of openings in Be a Naval Officer: Beca use we too h av e seen that the world to change -----------------' I United Navy I 8808 N. 56th St. I I T emple Fla. 33617 I I Plc;asc send in t o rm : w o n o n Navy P r ograms I I '1pplicabl e t o : 1----NAVAL AVIATION PROGRAMS I I OFFICER PROGRAMS I I I I Nome Ag e I I / \ddri.:ss I I -.-------., I ... )ilil------i--"1lf-.. And there's no place lik e home to get it on.


12-THE ORACLE November 20, 1973 Tribune Offers Student Rates Ikduccd s ubscription rates to tlw Tampa Tribune arp no\\ available to students living in apartments in the immediate USF area. according to Mark Levine. SG vice president. The rates. lowered from 85 rents to 45 cents. could mean a total three-quarter savin g of about $ Hi according to Levi11e. Levine said the rail' change. proposed b y SG. was an inciirect r e sult of the mass transi t density survey conducted last year. According to Levine. density studies were presente d to th e Commemoration Aired Kenneth P O Donnell today at l p m Tribt111t" s City ('irculalion M;inagt'r, i\lan Carll'!'. w ho agreed the n ex t day" to redu ct rates for USF s tudent s. Levine said the co uld affect about ti,000 students. The reduced rates a r e available to sluclenls livin g in ;1parl111L11ls 11f 10 11r 11111r1 1111its. money later 1220 E. FletelH'r Ave. H:OO u111 h : OO prn l'llt '\!I -!.!.71 Both Color, X Midnight Shows Fri. &. Sat. Co11t. Shows from 11 : ,t.":) AMATEUR TANDEM BIKE RACING Prizes Including; Rules and Regulations 1) All races must be conducted on Miljan, Inc. approved or franchized tracks, stadiums or other facilities. 2) All participants must be a member of the Amateur Tandem Bicycle Race Association (A.T.B.R.A.) membership fee is $2.35. 3) All participants must enter races and pay weekly entry fee of $2.oo; all such entries must be scheduled ONE week in advance. 4, Deadline for first race is November 17th for race to be conducted November 24th. The following schedule of races and prizes shall apply: First Race -winners qualify for semi-final race of the week. Second Race -Winners of the first, second and third place qualify for weekly finals. Third Race -Winners are the weekly winners who qualify for track finals and recieve a Color T.V. each. Fourth Race for all weekly winners, the winnners are the TRACK CHAMPS and receive a $500 gift certificate each; trip to Las Vegas for National Finals to be held October 5, 1974 via United Airlines, for one week all expenses paid vacation in Las Vegas for the winnwr AND one guest each. $40,000 HOMES 1975 WINNEBAGO'S 197 5 AUTO'S $500 and TRIPS TO LAS VEGAS FOR TWO-COLOR T.V.'S National Finals -October 5, 1974 First Race Winner1-; receive 1975 auto each. Second Race -Winner receive 1975 recreational vehicle each. Third Race-Winners are. NATIONAL CHAMPS and receive a $40,000 home each )labor and materials) erected on winners lots anywhere in U.S.A. Thes. e rules and regulations are limited to the open division racing program and are subject to all local, state, and federal rules and regulations pertaining to amateur racing and prizes. Participants shall race on rental bikes provided by Miljan, Inc. Bikes will available for rent at the track for practice from 9 a.m. to 4 p .m., Tuesday through Friday. Race day s will be Saturdays at the Golden Gate Speedway. MILJAN AMATEUR SPORTS Participants in any amateur bike racing program conducted by Miljan Inc. must follow the following rules and regulations to be eligible for all prizes:


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