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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
Beeman, Laurel T. ( Editor )
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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wednesday"s Nov. 21, 1973 ORACLE Vol. 8 No. 85 16 Pages Cabinet Rejects Closed Files Idea BY SA!\DRA WRIGHT As.sistant News Editor Gov. Reubin Askew and the Florida State Cabinet yesterday voted unanimously to reject a Board of Regents president, said last night he has requested another meeting with Board of Regents d suit ngainst 1;ov f{1uhin i\:;l\f'W 1111<1 llw :;talc c;1!1i1wt lo gd llw 1 011fr;wt 1111d 1111 ordcr to lt;dl w11d< l1y 1!0111wy 1\11 I tl11 ... .Ii"" 1 ol 1 lw 1111 ;1ski11g i i hnll lo c o1f' : ln11'fi111. w111: d1wd l1y" f ,1 1 '1111111v < 'i1..-1il1 <'011rl II : 1 1id lliili lw would s till Jwar 1111'11 arf}.tt11w11l1: asking for the contract although he considers the bid invalid hccaust> of irrq.(ularities. ll11sh has said the not suh : ;t1111ll11I 1111d should havl' lutn 11\'<'rloolwd "''l'l 11 ::I 11 lc' ot l'lorida can ::w11Jlow llu Hush said. '!'hi" l(oo11ey company began work on I.he Medical weeks ago. Bush has said that since work has begun, it is questionable how much good it would do to pursue a lawsuit seeking the contact. ''There is no basis anywhere in the evidence for the conclusions that the guvernor and cabinet illegally awarded the contract to Frank J. Hooney Inc .," Judge W. May Walker s order states. "Nor is there any basis anywhere in llw or record that. the governor and ca bind hastily, arbitrarily, capriciously or without due regard lo public polil'y made such award.'' System Chancellor Robert Mautz said last night he does not foresee an election at this time. "I think we are prohibited from doing that," Mautz said. "My guess is it would be practically impossible ., Gov. Reubin Askew has asked the BOR to consider faculty requests "in good although no legislative or judicial guidelines for selecting a bargaining agent exist. MEGILL said he sent the letter to Dr. George Bedell, BOR director of personnel and ra culty relations, Nov 16. But Mautz said he knows nothing of the letter and is uncertain whether he would set up the meeting. "I haven't received it and so I don't know what we'll do," Mautz said. Megill said he would request the regents answer all the proposals made during the Dec. 7 session. He said he would also ask for a committment on an elec ti on. "By then they will have had our proposals six weeks,' Megill said. "Even the BOR can act in that time."


2-THE ORACLE November 21, 1973 Europe To Take Mideast Stand 1l"PI1 -\\.t>stl.'rn Europt>an nations took a lll'\I". still sPcrl.'t. stand on the :\liddle East l'risis y<'sterday in an attempt to soften :\rab oil rl.'strictions and gingprly sought to help tht> Dutch \\ithout endagrring their O\\n supplies l\Ieeting for t\\o hours behind closed doors in CopenhagPn. the foreign ministprs of the nine European Common l\larket countries decided on a statement to be relayed soon to the Arab oil producing nations. It was belie v ed to be similer to an earlier statement calling for Isra eli withdrawal from occt pied Arab lands. Japanese Rationing TOKYO d all gas stations to l'lnst' on Sundays and holidays atfrr failing to gPt opt'rators to do so Nixon Speech l\!El\IPHIS 1 l'PI l -Prt>sidC'nt :\ixon told the nation's Ht>publican go\'t'rnors yestC'rday lw was sorry if he had "added to their burden ... but assured them he knew of no further scandals in his administration. Gov. l\teldrim Thomson of New Hampshire said Nixon "laid it on the line" about the Watergate aff a ir and other issues ranging from the economy to the energy crisis ... "We raised some terrible questions ... reported Gov. Tom McCall of Oregon. "I wa s amazed. I've known him for 20 years and I've never seen him more calm and relaxed." Id news w 0 r britfs Ford Approved \\'.-\Slll:\(;ToN 1 l :l'J l The Sena It Hules Commi!IPP tmanimously appro\ed (;erald H. Ford's \'il'P presidt>ntial nomination and sent it lo llw floor with a prt>diction the St>nalt' would \'Oil' overwhdmingly for confirmation in about a \\'l'l'k "I ft>d ht> is qualified to be Presidt>nt. St>n. Howard W. Cannon D-Ne\'., the committee chairman. said of the Hepublil'an leader. Saxbe Approval WASHINGTON l UPI l Sidestepping a tough decision. the Senatl' .Judiciary Committee agreed to let the full Senate judgt> tlw c o nstitutionality of the nominatisigned to remove a constitutional impediment to Saxlw's nomination. Ruble Devalued MOSCOW l UPI l The Soviet Bank for Fort>ign Trade devalued the rublt> against the dollar yt>stl>rday by about three to four pt>r cPnt. a western bank source said. Thl' source said l he Soviet bank inforrnl'd fort>ign banking representatives that under the realignment, one dollar will now Pqual 74.6 kopecks against the old rate of 72.5. TWA Strike KANSAS CITY, Mo. n Skipper Road at Livingston Avenue) For a religious experience that is just a little bit different, TALLAHASSEE WPI> -The Pollution Control board authorized a temporary refaxation of its clean-air rules yesterday to cope with fuel shortages in-'a move called "a giant step backward" by its chairman and "socialism" by a former Supreme Court justice. Wade Hopping, the 1968-69 appointee of Gov. Claude R. Kirk Jr. to the high court, told the board that the electricity industry he now represents wants the authorization for air-quality variances. But he said the industry does not go along with a provision which says any "windfall" profits made as an indirect result of the fuel shor ta;;;e must be invested in research -or returned to consumers. "What you're saying by this rule in effect is the moving of funds it's an interesting theory, and I think it's called socialism," Hopping said. Board member John Robert Middlemas snapped back, "I don't think that's very proper for one of a few industries in the state not having any competition to talk about socialism." Delayed Decision TALLAHASSEE (UPI) -The almost certain selection of Harmon Shields as state natural resources director was delayed yesterday during a tense meeting in which Gov_ Reubin Askew was accused by Senate PresidentDesignate Dempsey Barron of deliberately trying to "erode" the cabinet system. "This is a sorry example of government, the kintl of thirig that brings people to distrust government," Barron said after Askew used a technicality to put off a final vote on a successor to Natural Resources Director florid a Randolph Hodges for at least two weeks. "We shouldn t have one man rammed down the throat of this cabinet by a 4-3 vote," Askew said. "We should pick an out standing man that can get a consensus and we 'll delay this as long as possible to avoid a bad decision.'' Land Controls TALLAHASSEE Comptroller and Banking Commissioner Fred Dickinson said yesterday that there is "nothing unusual" irr an Internal Revenue Service investigation of his personal income tax returns and also records of his banking department. It's not the first time, he added. "The IRS has previously con ducted similar audits of my returns and I anticipate that because of my public position and income level, other audits will be made in the future," he said. plan now to worship with us this Sunday morning at 11:00. You will especially enjoy our very talented USF guitarist. Paesano's For Fast Take-Out Or Dine In 988-1447 10829 S6th St. Tcm pie Terrace 'YILLAGE. PRESCRIPTION CENTER 988-3896 10938 N. 56th ST. TEMPLE TERRACE, FLA. 33617 ... the alternative pharmacy no lines no personal service and student, staff, and faculty discoum on Rx's t*************************** t SOUTHWESTERN PLASMA t CENTER t 1218 Franklin St. t t Cash paid for plasma donors. Donors may -iC t receive up to $50 in a 4 week period. t Bring this ad and receive BONUS for your first time in. Hours: iC Mon. 6:30 5:00 Thu. 6:30 5:00 -tc it Tues. 6:30 2:30 Fri. 6:30 2:30 -tc Wed. 6:30 5:00 Sat. 6:30 4:00 il


Oracle photo by Bill Phillips Can't Copy 'Em? Shoot 'Em! That's what Ed Schleshenger and Mike Einstein (foreground) decided to do yesterday when SG was not allowed to make copies of the letters and petition s sent to WUSF protesting the cutback of Underground Rail Road programming. THE ORACLE -November 21, 1973 3 Admissions Outlines Courses Designed For Adult Students l"SF rograms d('sigrwd Psecially for non-traditional students wishing to take full or art-time graduate or undergraduate courses will be outlined by Lee Lea\'engood. counselor for the Ceuter of Human Dl'\'elop _ment. at a seminar entitled "Re-Focus Your Futun'_ .. These rograms include:-Bachelor of Independent Studies tBISl. an older adult oriented degree program for those who cannot attend regular classes where each student proceeds at his own rate. Nine 'weeks of on-campus study an' required. Your Open University 1 YOU-l. t e l ev i s ion courses broadcast on WUSF-TV. Channel J(i_ Specia l student enrollment. a s imlifi ed registration plan a llowing students to bypass regular admission procedures by presenting a special enrollment form to the class instructor during ttw first week of classes for enrollment on a space a\'ailable basis. Auditing. a means of attending class without taking exams or having to turn in required work. -Course by newspaper, which allows persons to earn credit through articles printed in three area newspapers -Credit by exam. -Associate of Arts (A.A.) degrC>es for persons completing 90 hours of required courses. In addition, other USF per sonnel will outline admission procedures, academic advising and special services such as developmental programs, speech and hearing testing, career and vocational counseling and personal counseling. The program will be at 7: 30 p m : Dec. 4 at TECO Hall, 111 N. Dale Mabry, Tampa. Refreshments will be served and brochures will be available. Ad Office LAN. 472 BOR Statements Planned About Megill Dismissal Plans are being made to tak e sworn statements from all Board of Regents

4-THE ORACLE November 21, 1973 USF Drags Environmental Feet USF and the rest of the country has shifted gears to implement some energy-saving policies dealing with the decline in available natural resources. Steps the University has taken include turning on only a minimum of lights and organizing cleaning crews so that only one floor is worked at a time. THESE CHANGES are so secondary that few people have even noticed them. They have enough impact, however, to save the University money and energy. But we should not be too quick to applaud USF administrators for initiating forthright and enlightened policies We should instead ask them why it took the threat of a drastic, nationwide shortage of energy to prompt them to common sense action. We should shift into yet a higher gear and lead the search for more solutions. THERE IS no valid reason why en ergy-saving programs could not have been implemented months and even years ago. Such measures, as our economist Pres. Cecil Mackey should know, mean greater efficiency. Perhaps some good will result from the energy crisis if it teaches USF to permanently tighten its environmental belt. Now is an especially appropriate time for the administration to take action to (Editorials] provide mass transit for its student body, which is, after all, composed primarily of commuters. OTHERWISE, the decline in future enrollment may be directly proportional to rise in gasoline prices. The Bay Campus is heading in a direction that will not only result in some imaginative ways to conserve energy but will get students involved in the problem. II .. and thank you for the war that made all this possible!" The "Energy Saving" contest will award a prize to the student who submits the most workable plan to conserve energy on the campus in St. Petersburg. Behavior Of Women Restricted Perhaps the larger Tampa campus could benefit too from such a contest. Even without a contest each energy-saving suggestion from all sources should be seriously considered. Editor: In answer to Jim Tatum, may l say that he has taken my remarks out of context. The Oracle was correct in its reporting. I did describe a dinner at the home of the director of the Museum of Anthropology in Ecuador in which the lady of the house served the guests, was not seated at the table and took no part in the socializing before or after dinner. I did not mistake her for the maid. I was introduced to her upon leaving. I did not say that this incident could be generalized all over Latin America. I too have dined with middle and upper class families in which the lady of the This public document was 1>romulgated at an annualcost of $1-l!!,696..15 or 9c per copy, to disseminate news to the students, staff and faculty of the University of South Florida. nt of the per issue cost is offset advt>rtising revenue.) (letters) house was not only the hostess but often a colleague However, I recognize that this pattern is at present confined largely to professional and younger "westernized" families. I did say, and still hold, that all over Latin America, with the exception of the above groups, women are excluded from the social and business lives of their husbands. The lives of the women are supposed to revolve about kin, both actual and fictive, and children. Mr. Tatum is correct in his statement that this tradition is found among In dian families. It is also found among those families which comport themselves in traditional ways and whose values remain traditional. Mr. Tatum's quotations of false ideas that Latin Americans have about women from the United States merely underlines the fact that accepted behavior for women in the United States is very different from accepted behavior for women in the traditional Latin American society. That was my point. Evelyn S Kessler Assistant Professor, Anthropology Poor Shut Out Editor: Admission to graduate school at USF appears to be only for the rich if Dr. L. T. Karns has his way. I was recently ousted from the graduate school of library for changing entrance dates twice. Two is allowed by the Admissions Office but a second change was overruled by Dr. Karns, College of Education Inability to obtain funds was my reason for the change. Vicious and insidious discrimination in our society is common. However, this attitude has no place in a University. Robert Snow Jr. ( lttttrs policy) The Oracle welcomes letters to the editor on all topics. All letters must be signed and include the writer's student classification and telephone number. Letters should be typewritten triple spaced. The editor reserves the right to edit or shorten letters. Letters received by noon will be considered for publication the following day. Mail boxes are located in the UC and Library for letters to the Editor. .. il tt i LAURELT. BEEMAN ANDREA HARRIS SUE THOMPSON wednesday's ORACLE :\'PA Paetmaker Award 1967, 1969 ..\( :p ..\ll-..\1neriean Since 1967 "ark of Exetlltrut 1972 Editor Manap:ing Editor Advertising Manager CLAUDIA McILWAIN News Editor PETE DICKS Makeup Editor VIVIAN MULEY Entertainment Editor MARILYN M. EVON Copy Editor DAVE MOORMANN Sports Editor LEO STALNAKER Adviser DEADLINES: General news 3 p.m. daily for following day issue. Advertising (with proof) Thursday noon for Tuesday, Friday noon for Wednesday, Monday noon for Thursday, Tuesday noon for Friday. Deadlines extended one day without proof. Classified ads taken 8 a.m.-noon two days before publication in. person or by mail with payment enclosed. Advertising rates on request, 974-2620, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. -5 p.m. Stories and pictures of interest to students may be submitted to The Oracle in LAN 469 or the suggestion boxes in the Library and UC ................. ..................


THE ORACLE -November 21, 1973 5 Learn From Our Teachers 1-:ditor: 'frs. l\lr Clark t 'Students Have l\linds '. Oral'!<'. No\'. 20l. students are tapabl<' of expressing opinions and txchanging idPas -as mcch so as their temhers But one must first have something t usually called an 'tducation or 'txperience' l on which to basl' lhe opinions and ideas llnforturiately. anyone under 30. especially under the American system of education. is almost inevitably profoundly lacking in an histori cal base for his thought. I hate to use an old saw but it's so true that we "stand on the shoulders" of the thinkers of the past and that thos e who do not learn the lessons of history ar<' doomed to repeal ils mistakes Unless one has a good summation of past thought and work. of hisl!)ry. of (letters] geography. of facts if we must repeat the trials and errors of our predecessors we will not make progress. Yes. we have all lived and ex1wrienced human relationships, so we should be competent to discuss philosophy. society, religion, etc. But tven in these areas we cannot ex perilnce everything; and we should, ptrhaps live and learn a little more from our teachers. older people modt>rn and ancient authors before Wl' dtmaild a voice equal_ 'to theirs Jean Fisher 6LIN ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... AMATEUR TANDEM BIKE RACING Now At Golden Gate Speedway Prizes Including; E. Fowler Ave. tn;f W! it $40 ,000 H 0 MES Rules and Regulations 1) All races must be conducted on Miljan, Inc. approved or franchized tracks, stadiums or other facilities. 2) All participants must be a member of the Amateur Tandem Bicycle Race Association (A.T.B.R.A.) membership fee is $2.35. 3) All participants must enter races and pay weekly entry fee of $2.oo; all such entries must be scheduled ONE week in advance. 4, Deadline for first race is November. 24th for race be conducted December 1st .. The following schedule of races and prizes shall apply: First Race -winners qualify for semi-final race of the week. Second Race -Winners of the first, second and third place qualify for weekly finals. Third Race -Winners are the weekly winners who qualify for track finals and recieve a Color T .V. each. Fourth Race for all weekly winners, the winn-ners are the TRACK CHAMPS and receive a $500 gift certificate each; trip to Las Vegas for National Finals to be held October 5, 1974 via United Airlines, for one wee k all exp e nses paid vacation in Las Vegas for the winnwr AND one guest each. 1975 WINNEBAGO'S 1975 AUTO'S $500 and TRIPS TO LAS VEGAS FOR TWO COLOR T.V.'S Practice Sessions Tues. -Fri. 9-4 National Finals October 5, 1974 First Race -Winners receive 1975 auto each. Second Race -Winner receive 1975 recreational vehicle each. Third Race-Winners are NATIONAL CHAMPS and receive a $40,000 home each )labor and materials) erected on winners lots anywhere in U.S.A. These rules and regulations are limited to the open division racing program and are subject to all local, state and federal rules and regulations pertaining to amateur racing and prizes. Participants shall race on rental bikes provided by Miljan, Inc. Bikes will ; available for rent at the track for practice from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Tuesday through Friday. Race day s will be Saturdays at the Golden Gate Speedway. MILJAN AMATEUR SPORTS Participants in any amateur bike racing program conducted by Miljan Inc. must follow the following rules a nd regulations to b e e ligible for all prizes:


6-THE ORACLE November 21, 1973 USF Jumps With Nation's Elite HY MIKE KASZUBA Assistant Sports Editor USF's seven-member parachute team will deviate from the traditional Thanksgiving weekend of turkey stuffings and collegiate football when they take up defense of last year's sixth place finish at the National Collegiate Parachuting Cham pionships at Southern Illinois CSIUl in Carbondale. Bo Underwood, Brahman club treasurer and public relations BY ALAN HINDS Oracle Sports Writer Here is some Hindsight on who will win the Reisman Trophy and the order of the other contenders. Winner: Roosevelt Leaks Texas 1. Kermit Johnson ( Rbl UCLA 2 John Cappelelli (Rb) Penn SI. 3. David Jaynes (Qb) Kansas 4. Lucious Selmon (Mg) Okla. 5. J.J. Jennings ( Rbl Rutgers RECORD 6. Archie Griffin ( Rbl Ohio St. 7. Dennis Franklin (Qbl Mich. 8. Wilbur Jackson ( Rbl 'Sama 9. Condredge Holloway (Qbl Tenn 10. Woody Green ( Rbl Arz. SI. 46 Wins 30 Losses 4 Ties FLORIDA OVER MIAMI-Newly included in the American Heart Foundation's list of danger signs is ... No. 10 ... becoming a Gator Fan. Florida has won or lost five games by an average margin of two points per game. Catching improved Miami at the Orange Bowl should cause an energy crisis in itself with the power needed to maintain a stadium full of pacers. VANDERBILT OVER TAMPAThe Spartans must be careful not to crumble. After an embarrassing loss to Chattanooga, Tampa had the Big Boys take their Tangerine away. OKLAHOMA OVER NEBRASKA Can the powerful third ranked Sooners be stopped? The last real chance belongs to the 10th ranked Cornhuskers. They can certainly give them a Humm-job but have little chance to blow them off the field. ALABAMA OVER LSU -It was rumored that second ranked 'Bania might be. offered two bowls one for the first string and another for the second unit. Such is the quality depth of the Crimson Tide that the game with undefeated and seventh ranked LSU might be just a mere formality before taking the SEC title. PITTSBURGH OVER PENN STATE With the growing prominence of the Fiesta Bowl-bound and 20th rated Panthers, the Nitany Lions are becoming uncomfortable with Pitt being in the same state. The Orange Bowl committee will find it settling also. UCLA OVER SO. CALIFORNIAThe cruising speed for the eighth rated Bruins is close to 45 points per game. That numerical average is fine for gasoline conservation but bad for the ninth rated Trojans. UCLA should have enough to take them from L.A. to Pasadena. OHIO STATE OVER MICHIGAN What chance does even the mighty fourth ranked Wolverines have against a team with helmets dotted with lucky Buckeyes and behind every face-mask a guy that looks like ornery Woody Hayes? MARYLAND OVER TULANE -It is a rarity that this game would involve two bowl-bound teams, but in 1973 the 17th rated Green Wave has made its biggest years and the Terrapins under a new coach have finally come out of their shells. OLE MISS OVER MISSISSIPPI STATE-Considering the speed of the Bulldogs, it may be their best chance to beat Ole Miss in the last ten years. But they are awfully traditional in the Magnolia State and the tradition is that there is no joy in Starkeville on the last game of the year. ARIZONA STATE OVER ARIZONAAnother state championship at stake and also the Fiesta Bowl bid and the title of King of the Desert. Arizona has a new look this year but unfortunately, the 13th rated Sun Devils have the same old style. man. said Monday afternoon before the USF team left for Illinois, "I hope we can do better than sixth place, but the com petition can get pretty sticky and we'll probably finish right around sixth again ... maybe a few places higher if we 're lucky." LINI>EH\\'OOD SAID the club would take two novices--0 -100 jumps, three intermediate jumps, and two advanced members-

THE ORACLE -November 21; 1973 7 Playoff Picture Brightens !\lore often than not. the mental anguish of waiting for an im portant game can be as demanding as the action itself And that s the position nine intramural squads find them selves in as the Thanksgiving break prolongs the anxiety until 5 p.m. Monday when playoffs for the campus football, championship begin. TUE Football Conference t AFC>. lone di\'isional race remaining to be decided t Tau Epsilon Phi-TEP defeated Delta Tau Delta. 14-0. for the Green League title last night l. finds the Docs pitted against the Chimps. both clubs earrying 7-1 marks. Facultv of the National Football Conference tNFCl takes its 7-1-0 record against the Zoos of the Fontana Hall Athletic League ( FHAL l. undefeated in nine games. An Artful Driver Tuesday at 4: 15, the AFC winner meets Andros champion Winning four races in 1973, including the one-and-one half hour endurance race at Lakeland International Speedway (above) in August, earned Allan Adderley the Central Florida Region's road racing championship for the showroom stock class. A USF art major in his second year of road racing, the USF Sports Car Club member drives a Dodge Colt sponsored by Tampa's Brooks Massey Dodge. U (!) lllG .THEATRE. NEBRASKA AT FOWLER 971-0007 ORACLE sports britfs KEY STER Due to the Thanksgiving break, both Argos Pool and USF's gym will be closed Thursday through Sunday. However, Andros Pool will remain open Thursday and Friday from noon to 6 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p .m. Also canceled for the holidays are Saturday's judo classes. USF's Rugby Club had no trouble the .500 (2-2-1) level Saturday, defeating Naples 28-0. The contest, only the Brahmans' second home game of the season, found Terry Williams and Tom O'Donneil figure heavily in the scoring. Williams had two trys while O'Donnell made good GENERAL HELP we will train A r e you a n ambitious p e r so n w h o i s nol afraid of hard work? Do vo u want to learn ? W e will l.raii1 y ou lo ope r a t e a centrifuge a l our piasma cente r at 238 W. Kennedy. This position involves cenlri fuge operation packing, shipping, recor d keeping and HEAVY lifting. Medica l corpsman experience would h( des ireahle. W e off e r a s tarling snlary o f $4BO per month plus s to ck program, profit s hari ng paid lif e insurance, paid vaca tion s i ck leave and full tuition reimbursement program. Thi s is a steady, p erma n ent position w ith r egula r raises. 7::lo am to 4 : 3 0 pm, Monday tl;rough Friday. If yo:.i'rc inte rested, apply in person to: Bill Cos n e r Supervisor Hyland Donor Center 23B W. K e nnedy Tampa, Florida e qu a l opportunity employer male femal e on four of five conversion attempts. If it were not for St. Petersburg Junior College, USF's mail-ographic bowling team could be sitting in first place. In four games, the Brahmisses have defeated St. Leo and Tampa, but twice have fallen to the Trojans, their most recent setback being a 2,242-2,063 loss. Plus 2nd BIG IDT Both Color, X Midnight Shows Fri. & Sat. Cont. Shows from 11:45 "Keup on 1ell111 rne ;1l1oul lhc g ood life. llto11. 11 mcikcs m e pu ke" /:'/VI! l&lltlll A BBS Production /:l//!t:t!B s t ar rin g JACK NICHOLSON Karen Black and Susan Anspach directed IJy Bob Ra l n lson. l l y !Juli drllt t\dr1 c 11 t oyc< roduced by Bob fl<1l o l snn ;uul H1r:hnrd W11L hiln1. t l rtHhr c rn 801 1 Scl1110idor "Best Picture, Best Diroctor, S 11pport in9 Actress" Now Y ork Film Critic llw:mls Wednesday Novernb

r UP Stat BYEDALCOFF Oracle Staff Writer The University Police will meet tonight in LAN 346 at 8. The meeting is open to the public and students interested in joining ACLU are invited to at tend. Theatre for New Repertory Presents AND MISS REARDON DRINKS ,..:, LITTLE Centre University of South Florida Nov. 16 thru 18 and 20 thru 24 Curtain 8:30 P.M. Rese rvations: 974 2323 BAKED VIRGINIA HAM w /Fruit Sauce VEGETABLES Puree Squash Fresh Garden Peas Creamed Onions Snowflake Potatoes Candied Sweet Potatoes ASSORTED SALADS DESSERTS Hot Mince Pie w /Rum Sauce Pumpkin Pie w /Whipped Cream Hot Indian Pudding APPLE CIDER NUTS & MINTS Price Adults $3.95, Children Under 12 $2.95 12 Noon to 8:00 PM MOTOR LODGE-1-75 EXIT ON FOWLER AVENUE WEST PHONE(813)9ll-6531


10-THFORACLE November 21, 1973 1Great Dictator' Fuses Tragedy, Satire, Comedy Hl'\'iewed by D.\ YID lffT:\L\:\ Orade Starr Writer Hil arity. tragedy politica l s a tire and anti-Nazi propaganda are all fused tog e ther in Charlie Chaplin 's "The Great Dictator." showing Friday, Saturday and Sund ay at 7 and 9 :30 p m in ENA as the thi r d film in the Film Arts Series "Charles Chaplin Retrospective. In this 1940 film. C haplin portrays a dual role: Adenoid Hynkel. dictator Tomania and his looka like. a Jewish barber in a Tomanian ghetto. Cll:\PLI:\ \\'.\S always told of his resemblance to Hitler so he d e cided to use the resemblance to start his first dialogue film. Chaplin wrote a nd directed the film which began production before World War II Many protested the film under the impression that Hitler could be I film fare AUSTIN CINEMA II -1. The Way We Were 1 :40, 3:45, 5:30, 8, 10:05. 2 t;xecutive Action -2, 4 6, 8 10. BRANDON TWINS -1. Charley -7, 9. 2. Stone Killer 7: 10, 9 BRITTON CINEMA III -1. West World -times unavailable 2 Salty -times unavailable 3 The Deadly Trackers -times unavailable. FLORIDA closed due to the fire at Wolf Brothers. FLORiltAND CINEMA II -1. American Graffiti 1:30, 3:25, 5:20, 7:15, 9:10. 2 The Way We Were 1:15, 3:20, 5:25, 7:30, 9 :35. HILLSBORO I Cops and Robbers -times unavailable. HILLSBORO II-West Worldtimes unavailable. Head Theatre Offers Comedy Head Theatre will present Laurel and Hardy in the film feature "Pack Up Your Troubles," along with Flash Gordon s next episode, Bugs Bunny and Merry Melodies cartoons, and "Dating Do's and Don'ts Friday and Saturday at midnight in LAN 103. Admission is $1. HORIZO N PARK .t -1. Charley Varrick 2 4: 15, 6:30 8 :45. 2. The Deadly Trackers -2, 4, 6:30 8:45. 3 Executive Action -2, 4:30, 6:30, 8:30. 4 Salty 2 4 6 : 15, 8 : 15. PALACE-Double Feature Black Ceasa;3 6 :25, 9 :45 and Black Mama. White Mama 1:30, 4 :50, 8:15 TAMPA The Black Six 1:40, 3:15, 4 :50, 6:30, 8 :05, 9:45. TRANSLUX

'. "' Thanksgiving Rock Spectacular The jazz rock sounds of the Mahavishnu Orchestra, pictured, along with the rock sounds of Argent and the violin sounds of Papa John Creach will explode on stage Thursday at 7: 30 p.m. at St. Petersburg's Bayfront Center. Tickets are $4 in advance and $5 the day of the show. They are available at the Bayfront Box Office. Kronsnoble Art Exhibit Relates Hospital Procedures "Medical Illustrations," a oneman art show by Jeffrey Kron snoble, USF associate professor of Visual Arts, is on display through Dec. 7 in the Theatre Coffee Hour To Promote Community A Student-Staff-Faculty Coffee Hour will be held Monday at 2 p m. in UC 255-256 in an attempt to form a program in which all members of the University community will have a chance to interact and communicate. The Student Entertainment and Activities Council

12-THE ORACLE November 21, 1973 Johnson Opposes Class Switch BY ED .-\LCOFF Oracle Staff Writer Ben Johnson. SG secretary for Academic Affairs. said that proper channels were not used in sw i tching Sound Film Classics. COM 358, to Selected Topics in English Studies, ENG 383. According to Johnson. the switch was arranged by the course instructor and the two department heads concerned without going through proper channels which would have allowed an opportunity for student and faculty input. procedures would have included approval by the college council. college dean. undergraduate council and vice president for Academic Affairs Dr. Emery Sasser. chairman of !ht' !\lass Communications Department. said that lw saw no nason why the switrh couldn't be drne. "There was agn'enwnt lwt ween tht' tourse instructor. Dr. .John "Knockv" Parker. Dr. John Clark chaini1an of tlw English Department. and myself. .. Sasser said "I SEE no way in which the Rehabilitation Workshop Aids Through Meditation Meditation techniques that relieve physical and mental problems by promoting relaxation were discussed by Dr. Dan C Overlade, former president of the Florida Psychological Association, at a USF Rehabilitation Club workshop here Nov 16 through 18. Dr. Calvin Pinkard, director of the USF Rehabilitation Studies program, said Overlade explained how increased selfawareness through meditation can lead to altered states of consciousness that can replace drugs in treatment of ulcers, high blood pressure and other diseases that have an emotional basis. Pinkard said Over lade presented a "smorgasbord of unwinders'' including meditation involving relaxation of each body part separately, meditation on Bay Survey Asks About Reopening 1Mushroom' A survey to determi11e whether USF Bay Campus students want to reopen the Mushroom, the campus coffeehouse, is in progress currently at the Bay Campus, according to Jean Tschiderer, activities coor-dinator. The survey asks students if they want entertainment like the Mushroom offered, Tschiderer said. The Mushroom closed last March "mostly for Jack of money Tschiderer said. Tschiderer said that if students want the Mushroom, it will be reopened on an experimental basis Qtr 2. WHITE ROOTS OF PEACE North American Indian Communication THUR. NOV. 29 Group WED. NOV. 28-12:00-2:00; Films-U._C. Ballroom 2:00; Open Forum-U.C. Mall 11:00-5:00; Crafts in Gallery 6:00-8:00; Film-U.C. Ballroom 8:00; Panel Discussion-U C 9:00-11:00; Open Forum-U.C. Ballroom 9:00-11 :00; Arts and Crafts-U.C. Gallery University Series music and candles and fantasy exercises with music Pinkard said about twenty three membe r s o f th e Rehabilit a tion C lub a social professional group of students working for their M.A. in rehabilitation counseling attended th e workshop Pinkard said the s e s s ion was an intrapersonal workshop' concerned with se lf-awar e n ess rather than communica tion between individuals. He said self-awareness leads to self-actualization or realization of individual potential by helping people to see their abilities more clearly. film course is connected with St>lt'ett>d Topics in English St udit>s: it is clear that an abuse of El'\(; :rn:l is taking place .. .Johnson said English Chairman Clark -said that there was a long tradition of offtring different courses through ENG 383. "This is a film course with a litl'rary tmphasis. Clark said "K:\OCKY Parker has been in the English Department for 13 years: he was only on loan to the Mass Com Department to teach COM :!57 !Silent Film Classics> and COM :iss." Clark said. "This is not a permanent change that would require a change in the catalog, so I don't think it has to go through all the red tape," Clark concluded. Dr. William Scheuerle, assistant vice president for Academic Affairs. said that he had seen the memorandum that was sent to Dr. Carl Riggs, vice president for Academic Affairs by Johnson protesting the switch of courses : "I felt that it was a college matter so I referred it to Philip Hice dean of the College of Language -Literature.'' Scheuer lt said. "We Sell tlle lut & fix the Rest" 237 EAST DAVIS BLVD. Tampa, Florido 33606 Phone 255-1361 Hardware Keys Made 15 SPEEDS 10 SPEEDS J SPEEDS Mu'>fcr (horyt- llGHTWEIGHTS FOLDAWAYS TANDEMS ADULT TRIKES llOYS. & GIRLS. BUZZ BIKES fmonc 1ng H our\. M W f 10 om tlpm NOTE: All bll

Ruckelshaus Formtr l .s. llt'puty < ;l'rlt'ra I Willia 111 H uekPlsha us < l'l'nter l nwt with l"SF studt'nts. faculty and staff members last Thurs day evening at a reception in the KI\':\ following addnss in tht' 111. Huckt'lshaus. who was dismissttl hy l'rt'sidl'nt :\hon rt't'l'ntly for nfusing to firl' \\"at1gatl' SpPdal l'rostcutor .\rehihaltl Cox. sptnt tht on both tht Tampa and St. Ptlp of lSF. BIS Enrolls Stude _nt From Bangladesh USF's Bachelor of Independent Studies (BIS l Adult Degree Program has enrolled the student living the greatest distance from the university. Cynthia Bryant, an administrative assistant for the U.S Foreign Service, has joined BIS from Dacca, Bangladesh, where she is stationed with the Agency for International Development. Her hometown is Orlando BIS is an "external degree" program through which a student may live anywhere in the world and earn a liberal arts degree from USF. The student must come to the university for only three three-week seminars in the course of the program. The enrollment of Miss Bryant is one of several for the program which, when it began in 1968, was one of only five such programs in the U.S. and the only one of its kind in the Southeast. Last year the program graduated the first external degree graduate in the Southeast, a Sarasota housewife with grown children who has since enrolled in graduate school. This spring BIS graduated the first USF student to conduct his studies outside the state of Florida. There are now 108 active students in BIS. The program has enrolled students in 17 states and three foreign countries Speech Clinic Gets $1000 Sertoma Grant Tropico Sertoma of Land of Lakes and Lutz, a club dedicated to the ser vice of man, has pledged a $1,000 yearly grant to the Speech Pathology and Audiology service clinic here. The service clinic is used as part of the clinical training for speech pathologv students The money will be used as a supplement to the depart ment's academic budget. Dr. Tony Zenner, speech pathology professor, said the grant will help in the replacement and repair of electronic equipment used in therapy and testing Over the past year the clinic has made three presentations to the Ser toma. "We got the money because we presented a need," said Zenner One club member whose daughter was b e ing treated at the clinic sparked Serloma's interest in the clinic and its n ee d s, according lo Z e nner. "The relationship b et.wee n Sertoma and our department. i s not one -sided," said Zenner. "Our s tudent s have been helpful in the club' s fund r a ising campaigns and realize that. thi s grant i s valuable to them The grant will be donated quarterly in $250 installments. t Engineering Society At USF Officers of USF's newly-organized Gamma chapter of Tau Beta Pi, national engineering honor society, stand by a monument of the honorary at the University of Florida in Gainesville. The group hopes to erect a similar monument at USF in time for their formal installation as a chapter. Officers, from left to right, are Frederick Miller, president; Robert Mullen, recording secretary; Robert Lynn, treasurer; Bill Collins, corresponding secretary; and Ronald Schneider, vice president. I Music Dept. Plans Gala Yule Feasts Musical merriment of the Renaissance and the hearty food of Olde England are the Yuletide season ; fare when gala Madrigal Dinners are presented by USF's music department at 6::l0 p.m. Nov. 30and Dec. 1 in the UC Ballroom. The USF Chamber Singers, under the direction of music department choral conductor Robert Summer, will be accompanied by a small instrumental ensemble in a concert of carols, madrigals and Christmas motets. During the meal, the elaborately costumed singers will entertain with carols and traditional dances such as tht' pavane and branle. Trumpet fanfares will herald .each course of the meal, and will include Wassail Bowl, Boar's Head and Flaming Plum Pudding Processionals. The menu is drawn from the pages of history: roast boar (pork>, flaming plum pudding, wassail, roast potatoes spiced gravy, glazed carrots, breadand winter salad of apples, celery, raisins and nuts. Ticket reservations at $5.20 each <$5 admission+ .20taxl may be made with the USF Theatre Box Office < 974-2323 l Nov. 21 and 26 only. (The Box Office is dosed on weekends and during the Thanksgiving holidays. l No reser vations can be accepted after Nov. 26. Total seating capacity is 250 per evening, with a maximum of eight persons per table. Campus Communicators l>R. JOE HOWELL, vice president for student affairs, is the guest on tonight's "Access." To ask your question dial 974-2215 and listen on WUSF-FM at 6:30. "SOUTH FLORIDA MAGAZINE," an INTERCOM of the air, is on each Friday at 7:45 a.m. and 9 a.m. on WUSF-FM PRESIDENT MACKEY will talk with interested persons at a Hotline session Tuesday from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p m. in Eng. 104. Minority Student Workshop Speakers Dick Pride, director of l'roj1d \ lpw11nl Bound, talks with C happel Myles ccnttr, of l':tkncl ( ''. and Rosalyn King of the University of Norl.h l'lodd11, during an all-day workshop held nt USF on the needs on minority students. Ntnrly 60 Florldn members of the Southern Association or Black Administrators attended the Nov. 9 event.


14-THE ORACLE DOONESBURY W E U U V IN6570N, CAN YO(J Fl6t/!? ovr HOW 70 GtT THESE \ 1 fOL-KS TO a!ASHINGTON? !I FRANkl-Y, WE'Rc 0 i I s rt//'1 PECJ. I I o j HI, PHREO. EVERYTHING HI/ ()l/!.T BACK \ THERE? --------; _r ...,.-;:;,:::; I HOPG IT Atl f(IORKS 01/T. rRANKlY. I'/1 A /...ITT/.E BIT a/ORR!EP I IJON'T ffNO((J A SO//l 111ER; ANO .I HAV/3 NO !PEA a!HS-' CAMPS IN 77-IE HMl1 ... tvA5HIN6TON UHM& r AREA? I 177-llNK r..,... ......... job mart The Studen t Caree r and E mployment C ente r announces t h e following iobs are now ope n OFFCAMPUS PART-TIME POSITIONS Nurse r y Helpe r !Ch ildren) Cle rical ( 11 Ga s St a t i on A t tendant Babysitter Housekeeping (2) A ccountant Blue Prints I Rea j e r ) Teac h e r 's Assistant (2) Bookkeeper (2) Ac1r1iinistrative Ass istant Diwatcher Waitre sses 1 2 ) Paper Roul e Helper Sw itch Board Operator Warehouse Work (3) Yardman Security Guard Painter Taxi Drivers Sales Work (3) Film Librarian National Youth Program Assistant L ibrary Helper AU-plane Cleani ng Inventor\ Control Clerk Bus l n&ss Education Teacher ON -CAMPUS PART TIME POSITIONS CWSP Rc' <"r<'llf l on Aide 12) .(ll'ri ti...t-\ Plllh.'h('I .\\"'h"'1"At DrAv. Ing N1-Jht F"At n l 1 OPS \ 11 ,11.Atu.'tl Public11tion\ Clerical ( 4 ) Veterans Administration Counselors (Several) For further information, please contact the Student Career and Employment Center (Employment. Sect i on) AOC 105 Lang-Lit C ollege To P ost Requiri d Qtr. 2 xts Th e C ollege of La n g u a g e L it e r aturc i s providing lis t s (if r equ ir ed t ex t s for courses offered Q t r 2 acco rdin g t o Ma r k L evine, vice pres i de n t o f SG. L evine said tha t each depart men t in th e c oll ege will have th e lis t availabl e in t h e o ffic es. LEVIN E s a i d th a t h e h a d submitted th e propos a l l o th e Council o f Dean s la s t June where it was r e j ec t e d because it n eede d work Accor ding lo L e vine, P hil i p Rice, d ean o f Lang uageLit e r ature said the p ro p osa l h a d m erit" a nd agr ee d to try it in th e College o f L a n g u age L i t e r a ture. Th e purpos e of th e lis t i s lo l e t s tud e nt s know w h a t boo k s a r e r e q uir ed f or a c ourse so th a t th e y m ay g e l t h e book fr o m a noth e r Floridians Use More Electricity S_uecial lo the Oracl e T A LL A H A SSE E Flo ridia n s have a long w a y t o go just t o c u t th eir use of e l e ctri c energy t o th e n a tion a l av erage. In 1972, th e average a nnu a l r e s id e n t i a l con sumptio n o f e l ec trici ty i n Florida was abo ut 40 p e r ce n t m or e th a n t h e nation a l a v e rage of 7 ,691 kil owa tt h ours accordi ng to fig ures compiled b y t h e P u blic Service Commi ssi o n The figure s on average a nnu a l residential consumpti on b y customers of the four major investoro wned power comp a nies in Florida for 1972: Gulf Pow e r Co. 11,826 kilowatt hours; Tampa Electric Co. 11, 6 2 7, kilowatt hours; Florida Power & Light (FP&Ll, 11,367 kilowatt hours; Florida Power Corp 10,277 kilowatt hours. In 1960 Floridians used about 20 per cent more electricity than the national average, but last year it was about 40 per cent more. Use of air conditioning is c. major factor in the increased use of electricity in Florida. FP&L reports that almost 75 per cent of its customers now use some form of electric air conditioning, compared t o 55 per cent just four years ago FP&L al s o says use of elec tric ranges and water heaters has increased 8 per cent in the same four years. If payg to ndvertise in the Oracle ext. 2620 Lan 472 "Dean Rice agreed t o give the book li s t a try ... If it works out we can think about the rest of the course inform a ti on proposal." -Mark Levine mayb e ch eape r source o r in th e cas e o f a n e l e ctiv e co urse, see w hat boo k s a r e required a nd d eci d e if th e y w a nt t o b u y tho se boo k s for a n e l ec ti ve course, L evin e sai d LEV I N E s aid the p r o p os al was par! o f a l a r ge r course i n f ormation pac k ag e b y SC to t h e C oun cil o f Dean s. Th e r e qu

l5 THE ORACLE-November 21, 19793 ( t: A S S I H II AllS) [ HELP W.ANTEO ) PART-TIME help wanted, 20-30 hrs. per wk. Men's clothing store. Contact: Mr. George Spoto 255-6681. PROFESSIONAL couple (Indian) with 10 yr. old boy seeking help (4 to 7 p.m., Carrollwood) daily and some weekends. Please call Dr. Majumdar. 933-6145 (p. m.'sl PART-TIME grove work. $2.00 per hr. 949-4725, 16331 Hanna Rd. Lutz. NEED an assistant to help prepare income tax returns for 1974 tax season. Some knowledge in field necessary. Would prefer person who could work afternoons 1-6. Call for interview. 932-0322. Bermax Tax Service, 8702 Nebraska. WANTED: .Research Assistants to begin December 1st. Full time, competitive salaries. Contact Dr. Shiloh SOC 115 9742140. WANTED qualified student to tutor my Slh grade son on one-to-one basis. Mostly reading and phonics-will pay. Call 6265Q10 to 4 p.m. 884-1300 after 5:30 p.m. STUFF TO WEAR Full & part-time employment needed for dynamite junior boutique. Experience necessary. Apply in person at Floriland Mall. THE PENINSULA Motor Club !AAA) is considering all majors for Domestic Travel Counselors for the 3rd & 4th quarters of the co-op program. Students interested in assisting rriembers in planning trips, making reservations a. .. SERVICES OFFERED TYPING Books, Theses, Reports Call: 877-5554 I r AST, accurate typing service. 48 hr. ser vice in most instances. 2 min. from USF. Between 8:30 and 5:00 call 879-7222 ext. 238. Aller 6:00 call 988-3435. Ask for Liz. SPECIAL! ZED TY Pl ST I BM CORRECTING Selectric, carbon ribbon, pica or elite. Type changes and Greek symbols. All types ol work and styles. 5 min. from USF. Nina Schiro, 971. 2139. If no answer, 235-3261. EXTRAORDINARY TYPIST S plus years of Quality term papersdis'6ertations-stafistical data-thesis Turabian-USF-Campbell-1 BM Selectric, carbon ribbon. 4 type styles, pica References on request. Call Glori a 8841969. TYPING FAST. NEAT. ACCURATE IBM Selectric. All types of work. Close to University. Call 988-0836 Anytime. Lucy Wilson. GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS Available for quarter I. Per box ot fifty SlS.00. Please call now. John Curry Jr. l_a Mancha Apt. 31. 971-1602. PROFESSIONAL TYPIST IBM SELECTRIC w-carbon ribbon, type changes and Greek letters. TURBIAN & other styles. S minutes from USF. Call 9716041 after 6 p.m. ( FOR RENT ) LA MANCHA DOS, Tampa'< only student apt. Complex. S72-90 per month. 1 from campus on 42nd St. 971-0100. BRAND NEW 2 bedroom duplexes, un. furnished. Located in very nice neigh borhood 6 minutes from USF. S.155 a month, garbage and water included. Call 985-1126. FONTANA HALL contract for sale No deposit required. Quarters 11 & 111. Con tact: Mary 971-0764 Room 514. MALE OR FEMALE student wanting lo sublease room at Fontana. Call Terry 971 2537. FREE Sl00.00 FRE. E FONTANA HALL CONTRACT FOR QTRS. l & 3 Call Rick at 971-8977 MOTORCYCLES & SCOOT-=RS 72 HONDA 350. Good condition with new tires. battery and cables. S600. Call Phil at 988-7025 between 5 6 p m 1971 TRIUMPH Bonneville 650. Cal' 988 9329. ask for Bobby. ftll_!.s[.,.. Acoz.ssoRi

16-THE ORACLE 21. 1973 WANT TO UNCOMPLICATE YOUR LIFE? Before you move into an apartment consider: *Who will buy the groceries? *Who will decide what's on tonight's menu? *Who decides what time the meal is served? *Who will cook your meals? *Who washes the dishes? *Who will clean the bathroom? *Who will vacuum the floor? *Who will mop the kitchen floor? Fontana Hall uncomplicates your life by doing all these things for you. Stop in.and look at our way of easy living before decide on next quarter's housing ..... F -ONTANA HALL 4200 E. Fletcher Ave. Tampa Phone 9719550


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