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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Four Food Service Bidders Considered USF officials are considering bids from four companies, not "a rank order preference of all companies. including current contract holder Eastern Food Services, that wish Company representatives will meet with King. Vice Pres. for to service all snack bars and cafeterias on campus, Ray King Student Affairs .Jew Howell and Dan Walbolt assistant vice director of Housing and Food Service, said yesterday. president for Student Affairs, Monday, King said. He said one :::!.[ King said about six or seven companies expressed interest in company will be chosen and the dec1s1on announced Wednesday. ::::::: the contrafct USFt anHnouncedd Eit wt ouldh cdancbel s1dlele\\d'fb:1u,lt, ds1:d,\lnlo) thkenoh:dwbheyenHteolsda1Edahsetedrnd woats ge fc.onst'_,''::::_:__,:_' _.,=:'.';.'_, astern s contract a ter 1s quar er. e sa1 as ern a su 1 n 1 ir ii] mitted a bid along with the four companies now und e r con meeting with representatives from the bidding firms v H sideration, but officials had rejected Eastern 's proposal. "They said there are four bidders that are eligible and I won, .. ,i.!,i_:,: ffi "WE ALREADY know them (Eastern! and besides there is a dered if there were any others," Howell said. "I guess I should have technicality involved," King said "That's all behind us now and as ked but I didn't. M there's no use beating a dead horse." King said the company selected will pay the University $25,000 a @ 11 The four "qualified" companies are Morrisons, Inc year and will supply fooo services in snack bars and cafeterias He Professional Food Service Management Inc., Saga and Sersaid $10,000 of this sum is spent on electric bills, $8,000 on heating @ Nov. 28, 1973 Vol. 8 No. 87 32 Pages Lucoff Accused. Of Delays BY SANDRA WRIGHT Assistant News Editor Three USF students yesterday drafted a complaint to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) charging WUSF station manager Manny Lucoff with illegal actions in permitting public access to documents maintained. in the station's headquarters. program changes and obstructed their efforts to copy the in formation later by not allowing them to use office Xerox equipment. However, Lucoff said no substantial delay had occurred and noted he "didn't realize there was a problem'' concerning the files. "I DON'T see any basis for a complaint," Lucoff said. "Public files were available to anyone who requested them machine_ He said he was forced to bring his camera to photograph documents "It was a decision on my part that we should not provide duplicating equipment for all who wish to see our files," Lucoff said. "I saw the potential of a dangerous precedent being established. I saw no reason to get into the duplicating business." BUT DAVIS said Lucoff's refusal constituted a violation Florida State Statute 119.07. "Every person having custody of public records shall permit them to be inspected ... and he shall furnish certified copies thereof on payment of fees prescribed by iaw," the statute states. Lucoff said he feels the com plaint is a result of students dissatisfied with cutbacks in the progressive rock music program the Underground Rail Road. He said it was an effort to prolong the issue "as long as possible and to embarrass those who made what they perceive to have been a negative decision relating to it." Manny Lucoff ''Dr. Lucoff has engaged in delays under federal law and has unreasonably obstructed persons' efforts to obtain copies of public documents, SG Pres. Bill Davis, one of the complainers, said. "He has attempted to disguise the extreme amount of protest reaction from the removal of their most popular program (Underground Rail Road). Thomson stated in an af fidavit that he requested Lucoff to open station files on Oct. 16 and his request was denied. He said Lucoff referred him to USF General Counsel Larry Robinson who said the documents would be withheld several days "to make sure there is nothing in them that shouldn't be. Deeb Continues Efforts DA VIS, SG Attorney General Ed Schlessinger and John Thomson said Robinson later told him to return to Lucoff to further discuss the file. But Thomson said he did not pursue the matter then To Open Faculty Records Thomson signed the complaint which claims Lucoff violated FCC rule 47 requiring specified documents in stations to be open to the public during regular business hours. The three said Lucoff delayed their attempts to obtain documents relating to WUSF-FM Schlessinger's affidavit states h e was denied access to th e files the first day he requested them and later when he was allowed to. see the documents he was prohibited from using a copying BY SANDRA WRIGHT Assistant News Editor A spokesman for State Sen. Richard Deeb R-St. Petersburg, said yesterday Deeb will continue to support a bill r e quiring faculty records to be open although the Florida Cabinet overturned a -Oracle Photo bV Robin Clark Catch Up On The Latest Techniques The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office will be handing out pointers to I all those who want to become crime specialists today in front of the UC in their crime prevention mobile exhibit. A perfect way to learn how to protect your home or business. Or then again, you just might want to see what the opposition has been up to lately. regulation closing them. Deeb has pre-filed a bill for consideration in the spring session of the legislature which calls for all university employes' records to be open. The Board of Regents recently voted to close the files but the state cabinet rejected their proposal and sent it back for rewording "WE THINK this thing .is important and we are going to press it," Bob Rackham ad ministrative assistant to Deeb said. "All public employes' personnel records are subject to scrutiny." However Dr Jack Moore, USF American Association of University Professors president, said not all records should be open without. a thorough review and consideration. "This is a complicated lega: matter that needs to be discussed, Moore said. "The mer e fact that professors are state employes does not mean that all their records should be open. MOOHE S/\In completely open files could be a violation of professors' constitutional rights "Just because vou contribute to someo ne 's sala1 :y doe s n't give you carte blanche over their private lives," Moore said. "One of my demunals is professors do not have enough details about the kinds of information kept on them to make files immediately available." Rackham said although the question of open files involves legal technicalities, he and Deeb feel all records should be public information. "IN A WAY he (Moore) has got a point there," Rackham said. "We get to a point where we are dealing with degrees. But there's nothing in this office that Dr. Moore can't see." Moore said he would like Deeb to address a USF audience concerning his concept of higher education. "Why I get upset is I see a continuing policy of academic harrassment. It is ultimately aimed at the whole concept of a liberal education I think," Moore said "What might be interesting is for Deeb to come t.:> the University and express what his concept of a university is." RACKHAM SAID Deeb would accept such an invitation. "Yes, he d love to come any time that fits in his schedule, Rackham said. "He would come for an hour and a half or two hours, whenever or wherever. Sen. Deeb is not sitting back somewhere taking pot shots at people


2-THE ORACLE November 28, 1973 Ford Approval Voted By Senate \\'ASHI:'\GTO'.\ 1 CPI> The Senate. in a roll call for the history books. \'Oted 92 to 3 yesterday to confirm Rep. Gerald R. Ford of Michigan to be the next \'ice president of the Cnited States. The House was expected to follow suit late next week. putting Ford into office as President Nixon's hand-picked successor to Spiro T. Agnew, who resigned Oct. 10 when he pleaded no contest to a charge of income tax evasion. Voting against Ford were Sens Thomas F. Eagleton, D-Mo., the Democrats' vice presidential nominee last year; Gaylord Nelson, D-Wis., and William D. Hathaway, D-Maine. Soon after the vote, Nixon telephoned Ford to congratulate him. Ford quoted Nixon as saying "it was a great vote, and he wished me well in the vote on the House side." Japan Exempt ALGIEHS 1 l"PI > Arab leaders decided yesterday at their summit meeting to exempt Japan and the Philippines temporarily from oil cutbacks. The action left only the United States and Holland under a total oil embargo and freed the rest of the world from cutbacks in Arab oil suupplies until 1974. President Anwar Sadat of Egypt. who called for continued use of Arab oil as a weapon against the West. said war with Israel could resume at any time. but that fighting alone could not resolve the Middle East conflict. Skylab HOUSTON WPll Flight controllers yesterday postponed for at least two days any maneuvering of the Skylab space station because of an unexplained high rnnsumption of the thruster gas that stabilizes the big ship. :\ marH'U\ 'l'r to study the earth's resources and a position change to ,iew the comet Kohoutek were cancelled. The two moH'S had been scheduled for today. In the meantime. the pilots ha\'e more time for other research that does not require maneu\'ering the vehicle. woods Testimony WASHINGTON WPI> Secretary Rose Mary Woods testified yesterday she told President Nixon there must have been a "malfunction in the tape" that caused erasure of the full 18minute Sl'gment of a crucial White House recording. Woods. who testified l\londay that she accidentally trased part of a Nixon-Haldeman corwersat ion while transcribing that tape on Oct. I. said yester day slw could not believe she was responsibll' for the entire 18minute gap. Delta Crash CllATTANOOGA. Tenn. 1 UPI I A lklta Airlines DC9 jet carrying 77 persons on an instrunwnt landing in a thunderstorm apparently struck approach lights and crashed short of its runway last night. A Delta spokesman said there were "eight to ten" injuries but no fatalities. Steel Hike PITTSBURGHU.S. Steel Corp. is seeking government approval ot a proposed 6.5 per cent boost in the prices of a wide range of steel products. it was announced yesterday. If approved by the government, the higher prices would become effective Jan. 1. Defense Oil WASHINGTON

THE ORACLE -November 28, 1973 3 Outdoor Concert Plan 'Has Merit,' Howell Says USF Purchase Of Fontana Hall Discussed By Howell, Robinson USF officials met with representatives from Fontana Hall yesterday to discuss purchasing the apartment complex for student housing. "We just talked about prices, costs and supportive materials," Dr. Joe Howell, vice president for Student Affairs, said. "We did nothing definite really, we just met and talked." Howell and University Gneral Counsel Larry Robinson represented USF, Howell said. But he said they had agreed to not disclose information concerning deliberations until a final agreement is reached. "We have agreed that until we have some firm agreement we would not say anything," Howell said. Jett Chosen Co-ordinator For Vets PAVE Program Representatives from various Florida educational institutions met here Tuesday to discuss ways to make veterans more aware of the educational benefits available to them through the G.I. Bill. The Veterans Affairs coo!" dinators from 19 Florida public and private colleges and universities and junior colleges selected Bob Jett, coordinator for Veteran's Affairs at USF, as state-wide coordinator for Programs to Advance Veterans Eudcation (PAVEJ. A similar meeting was held of state-wide veteran's club members to coordinate their plans. The club representatives to hold a meeting in Gainesville on Jan. 18 to advance further plans for an official lobbying organization in behalf of veterans. BY P:\TTY DH:\PEH Ora de Staff \\'riler Dr Joe llowcll, vice president for Student Affairs, said yesterday that an outdoor con cert facility proposal submitted by SG "has merit" "In concept, the idea has merit," Howell said. "Such a facility would be better than outdoor events as they now stand." TllE FACILITY proposed by SG would consist of a permanent outdoor stage and a sodded area large enough to seat 5,000 people. A six-foot high chainiink fence with a large entrance would be bordered by a substantial hedge_ The hedge would isolate the stage visually from people without tickets and acoustically from the surrounding area. According to Ben Johnson, special assistant to SG Pres. Bill Davis, the proposal is in response lo the tremendous need for an oncampus facility for concerts, lectures and other events drawing more than 600 people. "There's a real need for a facility of this sort," Johnson said. "The demand on auditorium space for these events is really tight." JOHNSON SAID that a similar proposal was recently im plemented at Florida Atlantic University (FAUl and cost between $25,000 and $35,000. He said that it took the SG at FAU almost two years "to convince the administration to do it." "We 're hoping for a little faster response," Johnson said. JOHNSON SAID that the main advantage of such a facility was that it was within the capabilities of the University. He said that the facility could be built entirely with University funds. using a portion of the Activity and Service Fee. To have the facility by next year, funds should be drawn from the deferred maintenance account now and returned later, ac cording to Johnson. The proposal suggests that the facility be located between the southeast corner of the large parking lot east of the Language Literature Building and the baseball field. Jett said the conference w1s held to explore ways in which institutions can cooperate to conduct programs to reach veterans. "Cheers, stamping, clapping from a good audience de manded more than a dozen final curtains for this stupendously impressive company of dancers." YOUNG WOMEN AND MEN: MAKE A CAREER OF MEDICAL CARE IN THE ARMY. HOWARD PALMER THE SUN MELBOURNE "The present Limon company is one of the strongest in terms of energy and sheer exuberance." "There is a real need for a facility of this sort. The demand on auditorium space for these events is really tight." .JOil:\SO:\ SAID that this site had both adequate parking and was far enongh from any residential area that might object to the noise. Howell said that he wanted to talk with Davis and Johnson before finalizing his opinion. "We do need someplace with a decent sound system to ac comodaie a large audience", Howell said, "but if we're going to build any outside amphitheater, we should do so in a way that chairs could be added. MIKE GIHOIR, Student En tertainment and Activities Council program director, agreed that space in which to schedule many major events is at a premium. "There aren't enough places to -Ben Johnson have larger events," Girior said "This limits us to a degree." "Right now we have trouble bringing big name entertainment to USF," Girior said. "The ex pense of the groups necessitate bringing in large audiences and the facilities to do this are limited GIRIOR SAID that while he would rather see more "advantageous" facilities built, such as an auditorium seating 2,000 to 3,000 people, he would probably go along with the plan. "I find it difficult to think I would ever be against it," Girior said. SG is asking for an immediate start on a detailed evaluation of the proposal by the Office of Student Affairs. Life Insurance Sales Career We Ofler: SSOO Monthly Salary Bonus Arrangenient Great Opportunity For Advancement Conve?-t io n (Agent & Wife; .. Oppofiunity To Jo:n Company s = 1 Agency Q!alifiG1tions: Coilege G1 J dua!e Loyal 311c! Honest \.\li ll ingness To Work Anlbition To Excel PERSON/\L INTERVIEW WILL BE HELD BY APPOINTMENT ONL.Y Ca ll 933-3918 for Pers o nal lnterv1ev ... Adcock Moore-Adcock & Associates Med1ccJI care Jnd treatment 111 tocL1y's Army 1s J highly 1ewcJrd1ncJrccr We'll trarn vnu to worl1 with phys1c1ans, 11ursl's. cJL'nt1sts. psychologists cJnd social workers. Arid pay you a good salary w1111,. v11u lp;1rn Plus many <'Xt't'liL'11t ll<'""\. 1ts THe .Jose Limon oAnce cornPAnv cal 988-9237 or 228-2157 December 6, 7, 8, 8: 30 University Theatre 3 Different Dance Concerts admissions 3.00 USF fulltime students $1.50 tickets on sale Nov. 19 Theater Box Office 1: 15 to 4: 30 weekda s


4-THE ORACLE November 28, 1973 Hardhats' Hoots Hassle USF h as become the sce n e of yet another battle: USF construction workers \"S. the virgin ears of f e male students. The "'crude a nd ill-m a nnered .. l a n g u age of construction w o rk e r s has so incen se d some USF wome n that SG Sen Sandi Crosby sponsor. e d a r eso lution stating that th e con s truction (Editorials) workers should either clean up their language or clear off th e campus. Forcing construction workers to mfod their tongues is lik e requiring students to attend classes in coats ties and socks it can't be don e. Then again an unwilling s hould not have to be the target of obscene hoOts and hollers that can be h eard clear across the campus. The University can do one of two things. It can instruct the campus police to shoot on sight any construction worker caught uttering an obscenity. Or it can instruct its female students to change their majors so they will not pass near the sites Failing that, perhaps USF s coeds will be better able to take the comments in stride if this sign were prominentl y displayed at each construction site : "Please don't feed the animals. ''I think there is a place for it." -Cecil Mackey Learn From Prof In Classroom Editor : This letter is in res ponse to th e current opinion b e ing debated as to whether our University professors are p ublic s servant s. and therefore th e ir p e rsonal files s hould b1? availab l e to a nyon e who i s First one must ask wliat is a publi c se r vant? A rc we not all pub lic se rv a nt s in any job th a t we m ay endeavor with hop e full y the primary objective to serve the people in the most beneficial way to them and their env ironm e nt ? The fact that the University prof essor is working for the state, in my opinion, does not give the state the right to gain such a controlling position as to keep a running file on its employes. Such files seem to possess definite restrictions for how accurately can a per son be interpreted on paper and who and how man y p e ople are involv e d in making up this individual's file Ther e for e, files seem to leave open a great possi bility of misinterpretation The idea that the professor would not object if he had nothing to hide is a frightening reversal of reasoning for it i s of my opinion that many professor s could not expound on their true values for they would be considered too radical by those who keep their files Or perhaps the professors' personal beliefs kept out of the classroom, but found on file might prejudice a student enough not to take a class (letters) press e d and whe ther they will be inco rporated into his or h e r own personal perspective Editor : Toni Dunn 3 ART Sick Behavior We commend Sen Sandi Crosby for her resolution concerning the construction workers. It is not a "ridiculous" resolution as some male senators contend : It is more than the lewd language that is in complaint it 's the threatening insinuations that the comments imply Let them swear all they wish but not make suggestive sexual remarks. Perhaps Sen Howard Steele should worry less about being laughed at and be more concerned with the un comfortable position of the females of this campus. For every objection reported, there must be 10 complaints that go unheard. Therefore two reported complaints about any particular worker more than justifies his immediate removal. There is no reason why we must tolerate such sick behavior. Sherry Plaster 4GPY Marilyn Jenks 2DUS N .EEDME A teacher's profession requires him to teach of himself what. and all insights he has gained from his field of exploration. Nothing should restrict this flow of ideas from being exposed to the student. The educational atmosphere should be one that con tributes to a free exchange of ideas without a continual log being kept by our bureaucracy. If a student wishes to learn from a professor -a file is not the place to go but instead his or her classroom From there the student has the direct and untampered view to make any personal judgment on the ideas exTins public document was promulgated at an annual cost of $148,696.45 or 9c per copy, to disseminate news to the students, staff and faculty of the University of South Florida.

THE ORACLE -November 28, 1973 5 SG Defends All Students' Rights Editor : :\fter reading thl' :\o\. :!ti editorial e ntitled s(; \"oil'e ( l >rn of :\!all\ .. I relt a brief response \I as in orde; I \1as pleased to see tlw l lr;n ll' addres sing itself to a question as im portant as student reprt'S t 'ntation. Thrre an'. howrnr. a fc\1 short comings in the editorial which I would likr to discuss. The editorial begins by stating that SG has done a good job this yrar "1r1th a fe\1 exceptions." tlw editorial ne1er defines what those "fl'1\ exceptions" are. Based on this damning evidence. the editorial concludes that we must realize SG is "not a voiee for all who attend classes here ... Following this "conclusion .. there is a intrusion of fact. It is true that only about 20 per cent of the student body votes in SG elections. But compared to voter turnouts in public elections for local officials, it's not that bad. And. furthermore, statistical breakdowns show that this 20 per cent is a fairly cross section of the student bodv. So while turnouts are not "earthshaking" they are respectable. The editorial then goes on to state that we have an "atypical" student body and that we need a "different system" to permit a wider range of involvement. It never says what a "typical" student body is, nor does it define how ours is an "atypical" one. Furthermore, it never defines what it means by "different." Ditferent from what'? In the next paragraph the editorial point:;: out that more than a quarter of (letters) stuo('Jl!S ;ire 111;1rril'd. and that m;1n1 of thist' an' "middll' aged. part tillll' or gradu;1tt studt;nts ... Thl' 1ditorial "ni11dt1dl's" that tlw meds of tlH'S(' studl'nts t'crctary of Information ( lttters policy) The Oracle welcomes letters to the editor on all topics. All letters must be signed and include the writer's student classification and telephone number. Letters should be typewritten triple spaced. The editor reserves the right to edit or shorten letters. School Kids Records 1 --------------. ------!J I ; f The latest from flutist Tim Weisberg includes spectacular support from top musicians on the L.A. rock scene. -----{I I I I ;,.t The latest from fkrtist Tim Weisberg includes spectacular sulJIX)rt from top musicians on the LA. rock scene. ---f ; 1 ;,.t The latest from fkrtist Tim Weisberg includes spectacular support from top musicians on the L.A. tock scene. ON SALE THIS WEEK FOR ONLY 2.99 4237 BUSCH BLVD. HOW Tb 9"1 TllR-E: ... (corner of Busch & 46th) FOWLl"R. USF' 1 Y2 MILES FROM CAMPUS l l ... MON. -FRI. NOON 9 p.m. scu '&-VDx SAT. NOON -7 p.m. (i I


6 -THE ORACLE November 28, 1973 Public Campaign Funding Passes First Senate Test WASHINGTON WPU A bill to finance the campaigns of candidates for Congress and th e presidency from tax funds-a nd outlaw private contributions in those elections survived its first test in the Senate y esterday. B v a vote of 59 to 36, the Senate to t a ble, and thus kill the proposal, indicating strong support for tlw concept of public funding of election campaigns. The bill would provide $90,000 in tax funds to House candidates, $175,000 to Senate c andidates and $21 million to presidential can-didatcs. The y would Ile forbidden rrom spending more or from acce pting contributions from an y oth e r source. Th e hill excluded primary campaigns for llousC' and Senate scats. so members a void e d un d erwriting primary challcng< : s to their scats a v ital issue lo members from safe districts. Still facin g d ebate and separate votes were provisions to: --Match dolla r for dollar from f ederal funds contributions of up to $100 lo candidates in presidential primaries. To b e ('ligihll'. a candidatt would ha\c to rai s e $100.000 in small con tributions lit would op erate und e r <111 O\"l'ttll sp<:nding limit of $ 7 million Doubl e th<: ('X isling inconw tax dwckoff so ta x pa. vC'rs could signif y of tlwir nturns th a t $2 of th e ir taxes $ 4 for ;1 .ioing nIurn would go to finance e le c tion campaigns. The rnon cy would automatically be earmarked for that purpose unl ess the taxpaye r specified he did not want his taxes used that wa y Data Collected USF's Equal Opportunity Committee is collecting information about specific campus desegregation programs which will be submitted, a long with data from the other eight state universities. to the Board of Regents t BOR l Jim Vickrey, director of tie said he is pleased b ecause USF has "at least 756 black students" compared lo the goal of 74!i set last summer by the campus Equal Opportunity Committee. Vickrey said the goal is based on the number of high school and junior college graduate s and th e number of college -age blacks in the area. Vickr e y said the BOR will use the "update d and additional information" being collected now to submit anothe r report to the HEW University Relations. said questionaires concerning counseling and recruitment programs for blacks and funding of these programs were given to USF staff and faculty "in. key areas from counseling to financial aid." He expects to have the resits by Dec 10. Weapons, Drugs Shown Vickrey said the department of Health, Education and Welfare F .E.T. 2 .16to3.92 _JI 1'.Ja m --k L-- NATION'S LARGEST TIRE DEALER !!!! If.FREE CATALOGNO TRADE IN -7500 E. FOWLER AVE. PH: 988-4144 9.30 Iii 6:30 Mon. thru Fri. 8:30 to 2:00' Sat. Spin Balance Alignment -Movntin9 Free -,-!>-0_1 _2.ND' AVE. (YBOR) PH: 248-5016 Mounting Spin Balanciilg 8:30 7o 5 :30 Mel-n. thru 8:30 to LOO -----


DOONESBURY New Humanities Department Plan Avvaits BOR OK Unanimous approval of a proposal lo e levate t h e USF Humanities Program to departme nt a l statu s by th e Undergradu a te Council Monday push ed the proposal o n e s t e p closer to the Boa rd of R ege nts. Approv e d by the G r aducile Council l a s t week. the proposa l must now b e approved by Dr. Carl Higg s, vice pr es ident for Academic Affa ir s, and Pres. Cecil Mackey. F i ve undergraduate cou r ses in engineering, two cell biology courses a nd 12 geology courses were a l so approved by the council. A fr es hman seminar course, GUS 001 Decisions and Out comes, received council approval. The noncred it course i s designed to teach freshmen deci s ion making skills, particularly i n choosing a major. by Garry Trudeau f KNEit/ r COtllfJ COVNT ON YOU, f3EOR6E.1 THE ORACLE -November 28, 1973 7 AAU P Holds Open Meet Monday At Brown Bottle The :\nwrican Association of l ni\'l'rsity Profes s ors (:\AUPl 11ill hold an open meeting :\londay at 1 :HJ p.m. in the Brown Bollie to discuss "Who is the .. "It 11i!J be a combined social eH'nt with some discussion of who is th!' uni\'ersit y." AAUP Pres. Jack !\loon' said. "Students arl' inl'ited as are any members of the Uni\'ersity community and "Students are invited as are any members of the University community and the town. There will be free beer." the lmrn. There will be free beer ... l\1oore said a panel discussion is schl'duled to begin about 8 p m. He said he is not yet sure who would be on the panel but there -Jack Moore would be a faculty member, at least one student, at least one administrator and either Rep. Richard Hodes, D-Tampa or one of his staff. 'Sunshine' Slows Hiring UF President Moore has said the discussion would entail issues such as various duties and responsibilities of USF personnel. He said matters of authority such as "who is the university attorney" will be included in the talk. Moore has said he would invite Dr. Carl Riggs, USF vice president for Academic Affairs, to the meeting and Riggs has expressed interest in such a discussion. But Moore said yesterday he was not sure which administrators will be present. The Board of Regents ( BOR l is still searching for a replacement for former University of Florida Pres. Stephen O'Connell. but problems are occurring because of Florida s "Government in the Sunshine" law, a BOR spokesman said Monday. "We are still in the process of trying to line up a group of people to interview," BOR Chairman elect Marshal Criser said. "But a number of people have said they would not be interested in having their names included in that type of thing.' Correction In a story printe d yes t erday concerning the SG Senate meeting the Oracle e rroneously r e port e d t h a t the Senate passed a proposal askin g that the administration pay for the "Campus Digest pag e or that SG be granted fre e and eq ual space. It s hould have read only that the Senate passed a proposal recommending that the administration pay for the "Campus Digest page. Criser said that since names of all candidates are required by law to be disclosed, many per sons decline to show interest if they already have jobs The AAUP is particularly interested in student input during the discussion, Moore said. The Brown Bottle is inside the Schlitz Brewery on 30th Street. "The list is not what we would like because of this," Criser said. "We Sell the lest & fix the Rest" 237 EAST DAVIS BLVD. Tampa, Florida 33606 Phone 255-1361 Hardware Keys Made 15 SPEEDS 10 SPEEDS 3 SPEEDS LIGHTWEIGHTS FOLDAWAYS Charge Financing TANDEMS ADULT TRIKES BOYS' BUZZ BIKES Hours.; M W F 10 om Bpm NOTE: All bll

Two Cyclists Injured In Collision With Automobile Two l:SF coeds were injured. one seriously. when the bicycles they were riding collided with a mo\ing car at the tast entrance of parking Lot :l. located directly across Holly Drive from the physical plant. The accident. which occurred at 9:.t5 a.m .. injured Deborah Cannon I DUS. and Nancy Reuben. l ENG : both are suitemates in Kappa Hall. Both were taken by ambulance to llniversity Community Hospital. Cannon was listed in serious condition apd Reuben was treatNl for a scalp contusion and released according to a hospital spokeswoman .. THE SPOKESWOMAN said that as of .t::lO p m .. Cannon's condition was "poor." Cannon suffered a skull injury, the extent or nature of which was not released by hospital authorities She is presently in the Intensive Care Unit. Speculating on the cause of the accident, Florida Highway Patrolman H. P Powell said, "the car, a 1971 Javelin driven by USF coed Rigina Alonso, 2COM, was preparing to exit out of the east exit of that parking lot. The two girls were entering off Holly Drive into the same en trance." ,, ...... .... Prof Asks Response To Middle East Trip cannon and Reuben collided with the front of the car. Cannon flew over the front passenger side of the car, breaking the antenna. She landed on the lot ap proximately 10 feet behind the car." Powell said. "I am not filing any charges," Powell concluded Oracle Photo by Brian Ashford Japanese Entrepreneurs Visit USF Dr. Mark Orr chairman of Interdisciplinary Social Science and John Crawford manager of the Council of 100, pause with 17 visiting Japanese businessmen in front of the administration building while touring the campus. The men are in the Tampa area looking for possible business investments. r-L ) UP Beat BYEDALCOFF Oracle Staff Writer The University Police received 17 complaints from Nov .. 20 through Nov. 26 according to Paul Uravich, director of Public Safety and Security. The number of obscene phone calls mounted during the same period as four calls were reported. Women's. dorms Kappa, Delta and Gamma received obscene calls. _UP Cpl. Tony Wall said that there have been attempts to trace the calls but so far nothing has turned up. "SOMETIMES at night we can keep the on the phone for 20 or 30 minutes. But we have trouble getting help from the Wilson said that the Sarasota Police Department is in vestigating the case. A ten speed bike valued at $100 was stolen from the south side of the gym. A three speed bike was taken from its parking place outside the north end of Mu Hall. Estimated value $35. Also, a $15 transistor radio was taken from a room fu Mu. Two cases of vandalism were reported during the week. The cable leading to the receiver of a phone on the third floor of Beta Hall was cut. The grill on an exit door on the second floor of Iota Hall was vandalized resulting in $10 damages. Dr. Abdelwahab Hechiche, associate professor in In ternational Studies, is seeking student response to a possible trip to the Middle East next summer. Hechiche will be in the Middle East to gather research for a new course and said he could coor dinate his research with the trip to spend as much time as possible with the students. THE PROPOSED trip itinerary would cover Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel and possibly Egypt or Iraq and parts of Persia, according to Hechiche. He said students studying in language, religion, archaeology, anthropology, international relations, art or music would find the trip informative, and could possibly receive credit for their studies there. Hechiche is also looking for students who might be interested in participating in a one-year program for -credit at the University of Haifa in Israel. HE SUGGESTED that students interested in either program take courses in Hebrew or Arabic that are offered at USF. He said it was vital for those students who might be interested phone company at that time," Wall said. Detective Betsy Colson, in vestigating the calls, said that anybody who receives a call is urged to contact the tJp THE CHAPLIN REVUE Three on campus traffic ac cidents were reported during this with total damages estimated at $230. ONE CASE OF breaking and entering into an auto resulted in the theft of a man's shirt, trousers and tie. A University Staie Bank checkbook was also taken from the same car. someone apparently found a way to beat the rising cost of gasoline. A USF student reported that 1/4 of a tank of gas was taken out of his car on Sunday. The gas cap was also taken. Estimated value $3.50. One of the two license plates reported stolen last week was recovered by the Atlanta, Ga. Department. TWO CASES of grand larceny were reported to the UP. Two cash boxes containing ap proximately $105 were taken from the USF Continuing Education Office in Sarasota High School. tJl> Lt. Charles in the Omcle exf. 2620 472 a selection of three previously unavailable shorts A Dogs Life written, directed and scored by Charles Chaplin Nov. 30, Dee. 1, 2 7 & 9:30 p.m. General Admission $1.50 U.S.F. Students $1.00 ENA in Pithcr program to contact him as soon as possible, preferably before the quarter break. Those interested should see him or leave their name, address and telephone number in his office in SOC :l94, ext. 2249 or 2510. "They do not love Hcuben said that she feels that a "blind spot" exists at the scene of the accident. "We couldn't see the car coming, it all happened very quickly Reuben said that do not show their love." William Shakespeare Choose Keepsake with complete confidence, because the famous Keepsake Guarantee assures a perfect engagement diamond of precise cut and superb color. There is no finer diamond ring. T-M Reg. A.H. Pond Co. now .ro-PLAN .Youa ENGAGE"MENTA.NDWE"n"DiNG'l Send new 20 pg. booklet, "Planning Your Engagement and Weddina" plus I full color folder and 44 pg. Bride's Book gift ofter all for only 25. F-7j I I (PloueP:ino I Address-------------------Citv-----------'Co.---------State---------------Z.ip ___ KEEPSAKE DIAMOND RINGS, BOX 90, SYRACUSE, N. Y. 13201 I I I I I I


THE ORACLE -November 28, 1973 9 WALK TO STlJDENT APARTMENTS AT CLASS DORMITORY PRICES THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE It is now possible to live in a luxury apartment at a cost comparable to that of most dormitories and walk to class as well. La Mancha Dos is located I block from campus and rent is only $72-90 per month. Plus, at La Mancha Dos you have all the traditional advantages of luxury apartment living including the privacy of your own bedroom, a full kitchen, living and dining rooms, wall-to-wall shag carpeting, and central heat and air. We also offer planned social activies, recreation rooms, pools, T. V. lounge, pinball, billiards, ping pong, tennis and basketball. Soon there will also be sauna and excercise rooms. ALL THIS AT A PRICE THAT EVEN THE DORMS HAVE TROUBLE MATCHING. So join the new movement to La Mancha Dos. Reservations for next quarter now being accepted. La Mancha Dos Apts. 13700 N. 42nd St. (Off Fletcher Ave.) Phone 971-0100


10-THE ORACLE November 28, 1973 Parachutists Land Sixth At SIU BY MIKE KASZUBA Assistant Sports Editor For a team that is handed no scholarship money, builds no intricate recruiting system, receives virtually no publicity, but yet does its jumping in the name of USF, the Parachute Club's second consecutive sixth place finish at the National Collegiate Parachuting Cham pionships seems like a whole lot of effort for nothing But for club treasurer Bo Underwood and the other six club members who journ eyed up to Southern Illinois University (SIU! at Carbondale for last weekend s championships, it was worth eve ry bit of the 24-hour Winnebago ride and foregoing of a homecooked Thanksgiving meal. "WE REALLY had a great time," Underwood, who placed second in the nation in the overall advanced style an d accuracy competition, said. ''S outhern Illinois really got a lot of people behind their hosting the tournament. they had the president of their university there, some people from the state government and even a tenth reunion for memb e rs of their parachute team," he said. Cansler, Nicki Watts and Mike McPhillips took eighth out of 15 en tries and Rich Kavan a ugh place d tenth in the accuracy's novice division UNDERWOOD, competing for "Those service academies don't really have any outstanding individuals, but they usually have nine of their people finishing in the top ten ... Competing against the service teams and all, I really consider us a fourth place finisher ... -Bo Underwood his fourth and according to National Collegiate Parachuting rul es his last championship, captured "pretty sure it was an eleventh" place finish in the advanced accuracy event and a third in the advanced s t yle event. The tot a l s of both scores l e d U nderwood to the second place spot behind the University of Alabamas Royal Hatch, whom Underwood jokingly referred to as "the world 's oldest college stude nt. Hatch, who, according to Underwood, is also in his last year of national collegiate competition, carried off a $550 parachute a $500 scholarship and $250 worth of jumping eq uipment for his weekend's work. "There was a big difference between first and second place finishers," Underwood said. "All I got was a bunch of medals and ... oh yes, a $30 jump suit." -Family Illness Makes Kiser Question Mark John :Kiser, Coach Don Williams' 30-point scorer in last week's Green-Gold game, may miss the Brahmans' opening basketball game Saturday The championships, drawing 54 universities and 154 individual contestants, was won by the United States Military Academy at West Point with the Air Force Academy runnerup JM Play Nearing Finish because of a family illness, USF Sports Information Director John Renneker said yesterday Renneker said Kiser left for his Kokomo, Ind. home after being notified yesterday morning his father was ill. "We don't know when John will be back," Renneker said. "He could be back Friday or he could miss both the Florida and Florida Tech games. "THOSE SERVICE academies don't really have any outstanding individuals," Underwood ex plained, "but they usually have nine of their people finishing in th e top ten "Competing against the ser vice teams and all, I really consider us a fourth place finisher instead of the sixth," the USF parachutist, who remem bered his first jump ever as "a real gas," said. Besides Underwood the club's three-man relative work team made up of club president George It's semifinal time in intramural football action, with Iota 1, Tau Epsilon Phi (TEP) and Sigma Alpha Epsilon

New Outfits For USF's Meter Maids A new look, the "un-uniform" uniform with fashionable gold pants, matching gold vests and a green pullover shirt, is being sported by meter maids here. Modeling the outfits are (left to right) Orchid Bellow, Julia Griffin and Janet Price. USF-Produced Film Shown In Lan-Lit "This is USF," an 11-minute sound and color film which gives the viewer a dramatic capsule tour of the Univ ersity of South Florida' s Tampa Campu s, will be shown to students and faculty today Wednesday, Nov 28. The mini-documentary will be screened in the LANLIT Aud i torium <10:3) at 2, 2 :20 and 2 :40 p m Th ere is no charge. This is USF" was written, produced, directed and filmed by a c ampus team headed by USF cinematographers Bill Buxton and Alan Ewbanks and student assistants Tom Keating, Mark Jones an BOWEHS and BO!'> \\'11.1.1.\:\IS are "Access" guests next WtdnC'sday on WUSF-FM at 6 :30 p m 5th & 6th Floors Added To New USF Library The steel beams of the 5th and 6th floors of the new $7 million library were added recently to the structure. The six story library, which will hold one million volumes, is expected to serve the university needs until the 1980s. Com pletion is set for 1975.


12-THE ORACLE November 28, 1973 Dance Recital Spotlights Students, Pros Professional choreographerdancers and student performers will share the spotlight during USF s Dance Department s fall Dance Concert. Friday and Saturday at 8 :30 p m in the University Theatre The five part program will blend dancers, costumes lighting and music in a kaleidoscope of rhythm and motion "ELAN VITAL" will open the performance It is one of the two dances choreographed by Susana Hayman-Chaffey, currently artist-in-residence at USF while on leave from the Merce Cun ningham Dance Company in New York where she is a lead dancer with the company. She recently le<:tured and demonstrated at the Speech Communications Department's annual Celebration of Literature. "Elan Vital" is a discipline piece which approaches as closely as possible a static state .. in which stillness and tension are balanced Hayman-Chaffey said It is set to the poem "Sysyphe by Shoichi Kiyokawa. It will be performed by four dancers: Royes Fernandez, 6>rmer lead dancer with the American Ballet Theatre for 25 years and a new member of the pa.nee Department faculty; Chase Robinson, faculty mem ber, formerly with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company ; Haydee Guiterrez, former ballerina with the Ballet Con certo Company of Miami and also (dantel a facult y memb e r a nd Hay m anC haff e y HA YMAN-CllAFFEY' S "Still Falling is another d a nce set to the poem and v i sual image s of "Quintuplet" by Shoichi Kiyokawa as well as to the music of the popular English rock group Traffic The work is a series of movement phrases which explores Hayman-Chaffey's interest in the numerical possibilities for recombinations of letters afforded by the alphabet, according t o the choreographer The duet from "Landrover," a piece choreographed by IYierce Cunningham, one of America's most acclaimed contemporary choreographers, wilr be performed by Hayman-Chaffey and Robinson. The duet is an example of pure movement fluid, slow and lyrical, according to R'>hinson. A SERIES OF vignettes choreographed for USF by New York City Ballet soloist Jaques Ambroise during a recent visit to Tampa, will be another highlight of the evening. "I Won't Dance" will be per formed by students and faculty. It. is set to the music of Jerome Kern arranged for piano. The Faculty Dancers USF Dance Students perform in a dance scheduled for the fall Dance Concert. seven brief pieces in the dance are based in classical ballet and show the influence of the Balanchine style, including the arm movements The finale, "Rhythm Ritual," a self-accompanied piece choreographed by Dance Department chairman William Hug, is ano ther of Rug's "fun pieces" combining movement with handclapping and challenges the dancers to maintain rhythm without the support of standard musical accompaniment. ALL OF HUG'S work has received wide acclaim for his fluid movements. One of his recent works "The Runner" was performed by USF dance students during a dance concert last year, where it was hailed as the best piece in the recital. Reserved seat tickets for the fall Dance Concert are $1 for students and $2 for the public. They are available at the Theatre Box Office ext. 2323. Swiss Climber To Give lecture, Present Slides Alpine Treking, Mountaineering and Natural Yoga will be the subject of a slide s o u n d-1 ec t ure presentation Thursday at 9 p m. in UC 252 by Swiss mountaineer Dolf Wald meier Waldmeie r will show slides of his mountaineering life and explain his ph i losophies about health and Alpining. He 'll also select students to climb with him next summer. "Mountaineering serves a trifold purpose, explains Waldmeier. It's good for the body mind and spirit. VILLAGE PRESCRIPTION CENTER 988-3896 10938 N. S6th TEMPLE TERRACE, FLA. 33617 ... the alternative pharmacy no lines no hassle personal service ST. From left, Royes Fernandez, Susana Hayman-Chaffey, Chase Robinson and Haydee Guiterrez. and student, staff, and faculty discount on Rx's Ars Nova Quintet Hosts Tampa Library Concert The Ars Nova Quintet, USF's r<'sident woodwind quintet will p(rform today at 7:30 p.m. at the Tampa Public Library, 900 N :\shl<'y St. Tlw concert is free and will take plac<' in the Library Auditorium nwmbers are Martha Htarit'k. flutt>: James Ryon, oboe; Noel Stevens, clarinet; Alan Hopper, bassoon; and Douglas Hill French horn. The program will consist of "Six Dance-Caricatures" by Roy Douglas, "Suite" by Chou WenChung in which harpist Marilyn Marzuki performs with the quintet, and "Quintet Opus 43" by Carl Nielson Slide lecture ALPINE TREKING AND MOUNTAINEERING-A NATURAL YOGA Dolf W aldmeier Thurs. -Nov. 29 7-9 p.m. U.C. 201


THE ORACLE-November 28, 1973 13 LIVE WITH US U _nless you're working on a B.A. in housecleaning, you know doing housework is a drag. When you stay with us, we do th_ e cleaning for you .... weekly. You'll have more time for social activities and the other fun things in life. This is just one of the reasons why you'll like it here. So ... make the right move. Come to where the living is easy FONTANA HALL 4200 Fletcher Avenue Phone 971-9550 Tampa, Florida33612


14-THE ORACLE November 28, 1973 Alice Cooper -A New Look With Alice:' A Florida Spectacular Alice Cooper will perform in -only one Florida performance on his latest holiday tour, which begins Dec. 7 in Knoxville, Tenn and the }i'lorida city that has been designated for this spectacular evening of entertainment is Tampa. "Christmas With Alice" will take place Dec. 22 at 7:30 p.m at Tampa Stadium. Special guest stars will include Z Z Top and negotiations are still being made to book Todd Rundgren ADDED highlight of the show which was not included on Art Student Displays Work David Martin will present his gi_:aduate thesis art show Dec. 3 through 7 in the Teachi : g Gallery The Gallery is open daily from !l a m. to 5 p m .: LUTZ PAINT & BODY SHOP The place to have ar repaired correetly. 907 I 29th Ave PK. 971 111 5 (mUsi-ij A lic e Cooper s previous tour will be featured so ngs from th e group : s newly released album ''Muscle of Leve ." The album features such talent as Liza Minelli the Pointe r Sisters and. Ronnie Specter, along with the group. "Christmas With Alice tickets PSE are on sale in Tampa at Budget Tapes, Rasputin's and the stadium box office: in St. Petersburg a t Music Phile : in Clearwater at Stereo Tapes and Modern Music : and in Sarasota at Asylum Records Tickets may a lso be ordered through the Tampa Stadium Box Office. Mail order tickets will be limited to four tickets per order and 25 cents should be included for postage an d handling. All tickets are $6. BOOK X-CHANGE end the used BOOK BUYING BATTLE BUY STUDENT BOOK S AT STUDENT PRICES FROM STUDENTS COLLECTIONS Dec. 3,4,5,6&7 Jan. 2&3 SALES Jan. 4,7,8,9, 1 0&11 9am to 4pm RETURN OF UNSOLD BOOKS Jan 14,15,16,17&18 ONLY! 9am to 4pm approved by student government Need help? Cliff Notes and Monarch Notes From WHITE ROOTS OF PEACE North American Indian Communication 1 r Group 12:00-2:00; Films U.C. Ballroom 2:00; Open Forurn-:U .C, Mall Crafts i11 Gallery 6:00-8:00; Film-U .C. Ballroom 8:00; Panel Discussion-U .C. THUR. NOV. 299:00.:11 :00; Open Forum-U .C. Ballroom 9:00-11:00; Arts and CraftsU .C. Gallery university Lecture Series


( t: 4 S S I H II c HEU' WANTED J SERVICES OFFERED I PART-TIME help wanted, 20-30 hrs. per wk. Men's clothing store. Contact: Mr. George Spoto 255-6681. WANTED: Research Assistants to begin December 1st. Full time, competitive salaries. Contact Dr. Shiloh soc 115 974 2140. NEED an ms"stant to help prepare income tax returns for 1974 tax season. Some knowledge In field necesHry. Would prefer person who could work afternoons 1-6. Call for Interview. 932-0322. llermax Tax ServicP, 1702 Nebraska. TELEPHONE WORK. Experience not required. 4 hrs. daily. 9.1, 1, or 5-9. Weekly salary $42 plus bonuses. IMS 877 5707. Morning Restaurant Help Salad Maker Bus Boys Girls 'Nai1resses Good Pay-Company Benefits INTERCHANGE-RED CARPET INN 109 E. Fowler Ave. See Chef Clemenceau [ MISC. FOR SALE ) .CAMERA EQUIPMENT-500mm Mirror Lens Nikon mount SlCO. 300mm Vivitar Telephoto Lens, Nikon mount, T-4, us.oo. Schwinn 10-speed, Perfect $90. Phone 971 1023 ask for Bill FOR SALE: '68 Nova Custom. V-8, bucket seats, 8-track stereo, floor shift. Very good running cond. $575. 65 watt Gibson "Falcon" guitar amp. S150. Call Bill at 974 6596 Room 111. NEED someone interested in moving to Fontana Hall to take over my contract for Qlr. II & Ill. Contact Rm 825 or call 977. 5162. I NEED someone (Male or Female) to take over my contract al Fontana Hall for quarters 2 & 3. You keep my S50 deposit at end of year. See Ben Hail Rm. 632 or phone 9719787. { AUTOMOTIVE j ANTIQUE Pickup truck, 390 VB '53 Ford body; '67 Mercury engine; '69 TBird tr-ansmission. All exceUent condition. New tires, radio, but needs brake job. Make .offer. Ph St Pete 347-0817 CORVETTE, 1972, 350, stick, bryar blue, custom interior. Cash. 971-1469 between 5 l' .m. '71 CAMARO. RS-SS. 4 speed. A C. Power. New tires. Dark green with b lack vinyl interior. Excellent cond ition. 988."1 081. $2200. APTS. & HOUSES TO SHARE I FEMALE graduate student to share 2 bedroom apt. $80.00 a month. Call after 5 :00 p .m. NEED!!! 2 girls to sublet apartment at La Mancha Dos, starting December 1st. S72 a month! Call 977-5532 anytime and ask for Marti or Wanda. CHICKS! Share on river near 401h SI SS6 mo. & l / 4 uti _I. Private room and no hassles! Call Mark, Duane or Jan 2399114. NEED NOW : Al least 1, preferably male, roommate (who has ski boat?) To split S175 mo. rent on 3 bedroom, AC house on fantastic private lake. Only 16 min. USF, Beach, Dock Von 920-2767. ( MOBILE HOMES ) 12x60, 2 BR, AC, dishwasher, furnished, !!replace, sllag, tied down, 2 miles from USF MOO down S91 per month. 5 months old Move in today. Call Lee Arnold collect Clearwater 443-6411 days. Ty PING Books, Theses, Reports Call: 877-5554 FAST, accurate typing service. 48 hr. ser vice in most i nstances. 2 min. from USF. Between 8;30 and 5:00 call 879-7222 ext. 2:18. Aller 6 :00 call 988-l4lS. Ask for Liz. SPECIALIZED TYPIST IBM CORRECTING Selectric, carbon ribbon, plea or elite. Type changes and G reek symbols. All types of work and styles. 5 min. from USF Nina Schiro, 971 2139. If no answer, 235-3261. TYPING FAST NEAT ACCURATE IBM Selectric. All types of work. Close to University. Call 988-0836 Anytime. Lucy Wilson GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS Available for quarter I. Per box of fifty S15.00. Please call now. John Curry Jr. La Mancha Apt. 31. 971-1602. PROFESSIONAL TYPIST IBM SELECTRIC w-carbon ribbon, type changes and Greek letters. TURBIAN & other styles. 5 minutes from USF Call 971 6041 after 6 p.m. EXTRAORDINARY TYPIST 5 plus years of Quality term papersdisserlalions-slatistical data-lhesis Turabian-USF-Campbell-1 BM Se lectric, carbon r ibbon, 4 type styles, pica. References on request. Call Gloria 884 1969. TYPE term papers, reports, etc. Reasonable. 872-9807. ( REAL ESTATE j SPLIT-BEDROOM ARRANGEMENT In this immaculate 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with garage. Beautifully landscaped with a well & pump for easy care. L-shaped living & dining area with fully equipped Kitchen. 529,500. PAULINE FERRARO, Associate Res.:877-4922 Off.:877-8227 TREES-IN THE TERRACE Don'! miss this beautifully landscaped 3 Br, 2 Bath home. Large Family Room w-wel bar. Tastefully decorated, w-w carpeting, custom drapes, Cent. H-A. A lovely home-obviously loved! Asking only S40,000. Call today: WOODIE P. BEANE, Associate Res.: 988-1605 Off :877-8227 A GOOD START in this cozy 3 bdrm. homelocated just 10 min. from USF & VA hospital. Kitchen has eat-in area. Decorate to your good taste! Call for appl. Pauline Ferraro Assoc. Res. 877-4922. Coyle Really Off 877 -8227. [ PERSONAL FREEDOM to progress at your own rate of speed. TRUE FREEDOM MONTESSORI DAY-CARE l 914 North Castle Ct. 933-1107 515 weekly ABORTION is safe. Abortion is legal. In Clearwater call toll free for information. Dial 1-800-432-3753 GET INTO A GRAND BREAK! Climb some rock, rappel, camp out in the rustic setting of T"llulah Falls (Remember Deliverance). Join a team of your peers with Bill and Gary as your climbing leaders. March 16-24 is the date. Cost S40. 00. Call Bill 988-118S. MOTORCYCLES & SCOOTERS 72 HON DA 350. Good condition with new !ires, battery and cables. $600. Call Phil at 988-7025 between 5 p m 1971 Honda CB 450. Excelleht condition, only 3,700 original miles, S650. Includes atcessorles. Ph. 971-5573 Best time beforo 10 a m AllS) ( FOR RENT ) LA MANCHA DOS, Tampa's only student apt. Complex. 572-90 per month. 1 from campus on 42nd SI 971-0100 BRAND NEW 2 bedroom duplexes, un furnished. Localed in very nice neigh borhood 6 minutes from USF. S1S5 a month, garbage and waler induded. Call 985-1126. FONTANA HALL contract for sale. No deposit required. Quarters II & Ill. Con tact: ary 971-0764 Room 514. MALE OR FEMALE student wanting to sublease room al Fontana. Call Terry 971. 2537. SUBLEASE La Mancha Dos, 567 a month, poolside apartment. Call Patti or Bonnie 977-0185. ... I TV, RADIO, STEREO I ... WESTINGHOUSE stereo record player with stand, record holder and speakers. S75.00 Call 238-5116. STEREO for anyone interested in good equipment. Rabco St 4 and.Infinity lOOl's. 988-1907. PANASONIC reel to reel tape recorder, upright model. Automatic reverse. Sonics speakers, four woofers and one tweeter in each. 75 albums on tape. Two headphobes. ph. 347-0817 in Pete. Offer. OVER A BARREL? Don't be ... use ORACLE Classifieds NEBRASKA AT FOWLER 971-0007 DAUGHTERS OF ANOMOLY Plus 2nd BIG IDT Roth Color, X Midnight Shows Fri. & Sat. Cont. Shows from 11:45 THE ORACLE -November 28, 1973 15 *****************************! : GRAND OPENING Visit Jo-Carols With Your Child : : Under Six and Register for Free Toys. : !"URSERY KI!'\DERG.-\RTEi'\ ** \ (i (}d:r.(1, PRE -SCHOOL ** LIC:E:\SED 0:\ Ill "TY :* !\cw Ultra:\fockrn ('(;.Q{'J(,. IA Phones: 988-1033 or 238-7010 : m 8IP0-8114 North 40th Street J$. Tampa, Florida : I near Busch Garden I _. Open 24 Hour** ****************************** DIANA ROSS IS BIWE LAN 103 75# w/ID -Fri., Sat., Sun. DY SINGS THE I BLUES Nov. 30, Dec. 1, Dec. 2, 7:30-10:00 M.D. DISCOTHEQUE Quad Sounds Dynamite Food Game Room CJ p LJ Headphones At Bar z w r. ci. 2950 W. Hillsborough LL Ave .,., ;o Between Dale Mabryftj d & Armenia Cl PEN HOUSE a ;o z r l\N\CiG Free Beer at Live Music LA MANCHA DOS APT. Our new Phase II apartments are now ready for occupancy and we want to show them off. So all day Saturday, December I, we are holding a party. Come by and take a look at our model apartment and enjoy the festivities. Rent at La Mancha Dos is only $72-90 per month. We are locate d off Fletcher Avenue on 42nd St., I block from campu s Drop by Saturday and get the full story. I' REE Polaroid Camera will be given to everyone signing up I >cccmbc r 1 8 1 :noo N. 1.2nd SL Phone 971-0100




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