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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
Beeman, Laurel T. ( Editor )
Harris, Andrea ( Managing editor )
Thompson, Sue ( Advertising manager )
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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University of South Florida -- Newspapers ( lcsh )
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Indian Lore On UC Mall Kahratohen, above left, and Rarihokwats, members of the American Indian organization White Roots of Peace, addressed a group of USF students attending an open forum yesterday. At right, this Indians' tepee displaying handicraft on the UC mall will be open to students until rioon today. Board Delays Study Of Oracle Departure BY SANDHA WRIGHT Assistant News Editor The Board of Student Publications yesterday postponed studying ways to move the Oracle off campus until an open hearing is held and lega l "questions of conflict of interest" are researched. "Can stale employe s, which we are, participate in establishing a private corporation on state time and in state buildings," committee member Dr. John Hatcher asked the group. This is certainly a question we have to have an answer to. general community co uld come in and express their ideas," Schlessinger said. But Don Baldwin, board member, said he felt this probably would not Mackey s decision to move the paper. "If we conducted a survey that indicated 99 per cent of the people didn t want to move it off campus, I don't think it would change his mind," Baldwin said. THE HEARING is scheduled for 2 p .m. Jan. 9. Oracle Editor Laurel T Beeman told th e group she f e lt Continued on Pagp :i Future Undecided; Center Needs Docs HY CllHISTINE STEVENS Oracle Staff Writer The USF Health Planning Board will us e data from its student opinion poll in its recomme nd ation concerning administrative Student Health Center restructuring plans, according to Bill Lipp chairman of the Board. Revamping plans may includ e moving the Health Center off campus and possibl y contracting campus health services to a private corporation, Lipp said. LIPP SAID he hopes to get the results of the survey and the Board's recommendations for restructuring the service to Dr. Joe Howell vice president for Student Affairs, by the end of next week. Lipp said the Board's presentation will include the Board's philosophy of physical a nd m en tal health th e campus atmosphere' s e ffect on student health, what the administration is and could b e doing to fost e r a "We're a doctor-and-a ha If short right now and having trouble attracting doctors. This is because of low pay and the ambiguity regarding the longevity of the position." -Larry Stevens healthy atmosphere, and an evaluation of present campus health facilities Lipp urges students to complete the opinion poll forms in Tuesday's Oracle and return them to the Health Center in the UC or to the Oracle office in LAN 469. HE SAID he hopes the health service will stay within the university system because contracting it to a private corporation would cause "all policy and decision-making to be taken away from the University." Lipp said a private corporation would, have a profit motive and not be concerned with "wholistic health policy" including students' emotional needs in relation to the University com munity. Howell said he is "not thinking the service might be contracted to a private corporation, but it is a possibility." He said he is waiting for input from the Board's survey. to make decisions about revamping the service. USF PRES. Cecil Mackey last week asked the group to determine the feasibility of moving th e Oracle off campus a nd devise a plan to do thi s. But the board members voted to po s tpone work on th e issues uni.ii a legal opinion could be obtained concerning th e possibility of a conflict of int e rest relating to establishing a private corporation. Members said th a t because I.he Oracle would probably be operated by a non profit corporation off campus, forming s uch an organization cou ld c reate co nflict. of int erest. II Board Considers Health Data II LIPP SAID he is convinced that Howell is "involving caring energy" in plans for the center. Comrn member Ed Schlcssing e r said h e felt the group also needed lo so licit input from Unive r sity community res idents concerning whet.her I.hey wanted the Oracle off c;impus "WE NEEB lo hold an open hearing where m c mli c r s of the BY NEIL 11/\HTBAIU;tm Spei:ial to the Orad1 The uncertain statu s of the on campus Student Health Service has made it difficult t.o keep the service staffed, Dr. Larry Steven s direct.or of I.he Student. llealt.h Service, said recentl y. "We'.r c a doclor-and a -half s hort right now and havin g lrouhle attracting doctors,' S tev e n s s aid. ''This is be cause of low pay and lh c ambiguity regarding th e long<'vily of I.he po si tion." llllHIN(;

2-THE ORACLE November 29, 1973 Senate Passes Bill To OK Saxbe WASHINGTON (UPI) The Senate _approved 75 to 16 yesterday legislation to override a constitutional prov1s1on preventing Sen William B Saxbe from being confirmed as attorney general. The bill passed despite a warning fr om Assistant Senate Democratic Leader Robert C. Byrd that the constitutional obstacle was "complete, final, absolute and beyond remedy by legislation President Nixon has not formally nominated Saxbe, a maverick Republican, pending passage of the bill to allow Saxbe to serve at the old $35,000 -a $7 ,500 cut from the pay he receives as a senator which still must clear the House Medicare Hike WASHINGTON (UPI) The Senate voted yesterday_ to br.oaden Medicare coverage to pay most of the cost of prescription drugs for 16 common diseases of the elderly The proposal was attached by a 77-11 vote to a bill to increase Social Security benefits by 7 per cent upon enactment and by an additional 4 per cent in June, l.974. Medicare government health insurance for the elderly now pays about 42 per per cent of the medical costs of 20 million persons over 65. Campaign Money WASHINGTON -A scientis t who sued the govern ment for $1 million claiming he was turned into "a human X-ray machine" by radiation con tamination is undergoing clinical tests, but does not pose a cianger to anyone else, his attorney said Saul E Bramer, a metallurgist filed suit Tuesday in U.S. District Court in con nection with an accident on July 21, 1971, at the Atomic Energy Commission's laboratory at Los A l a m o s N.M the -birthpl ace of the a tom bomb. 1 Million Acres WASHINGTON Preside nt Nixon as ked Congress yesterday to turn more than one million a cre s of federally owned de sert, wildlife and coastal a reas into s p e cially protected national wilderness preserves Nixon proposed 12 sites stretching west from Arkansas to California for inclusion in the National Wilderness Preser vation System created in 1964 to keep unspoiled areas in their natural condition inddintely. Congress has already designated more than 11 million acres for protection under the law Fuel Shortage Planned, Shevin Tells Gas Corp. TALLAHASSEE (UPI) Attorney General Robert L. Shevin told an oil company at torney yesterday' that he has no personal knowledge of any oil producers conspiring to rig the fuel shortage. But Shevin said he is sure his staff can prove in court that the current crisis was contdved by major oil firms in an effort to boost profits, drive small in dependent dealers out of business and prod government agencies into approving environmentally questionable projects such as oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Attorney William Simon of Washington, D.C., representing_ Exxon Corp ca!led Shevin into the small U S Magistrate' office for a deposition in Shevin's anti trust suit against 17 major on companies, Exxon-. Daycare License TALLAHASSEE (UPI) Overriding Republican op position the House Health and Rehabilitative Services_ Com: mittee recommended that the state adopt a licensing system to regulate daycare centers as part of a statewide growth policy on health and social services. Tpe Committee last year approved a -controversial bill esteblishirig state licensing of daycare centers, but the died in the 1973 legislature "If you wanted to open an unlicensed daycare center, you would have to move to Florida, because there's no other place in the country where they have unlicensed daycare centers," said Chairman Richard Hodes, D-Tampa 1 florida news briefs Allstate Hike TALLAHASSEE (UPI) Allstate Insurance Companies increased automobile liability insurance costs an average 15 per cent statewide yesterday but a company official said the hike is not an indication that the no-fault insurance system is failing "It is never a ple asant task to increase rates," said Dwight Livingstone, the associate vice president of Allstate's Florida office "However the company has not made an underwriting profit on private-passenger automobile insurance in Florida for several years and our un derwriting losses for the first nine months of 1973 are $14.9 million Woman Sought MIAMI (UPI) -Mary Axelson Cropper was being sought by police yesterday for-' questioning about the hospital room beating death of her 82-year-old mother, playwright-artist Mary Mc Dougal Axelson. Dade County Sheriff's detec tives said the 44-year-old Crop per, Who sings in New York night clubs under the name "Sandy Stevens," was seen running from her mother's hospital room just minutes before Axelson was found bleeding profusely from facial injuries. A Sheriff's spokesman said a warrant 1s t:>emg sought for Cropper's arrest, but none had been filed by mid-day yesterday. The Orule is the olliciI student-edited newspaper of the University of South Florid nd Is published four times weekly Tuesday through Friday, during the udamlc yen period September through mid-June; twice during the academ_ic year .. 1Mriod mid June through August, by the University of South Florida, 4202 Fowler Ave Tm!MI, Fl. 33620. Opinions expressed In The Or.cle re th?se of the editors or of the writer and not those of the University of South Florlda.,Address correspond,l!nce to The Oracle LAN 471, Tm!MI, Fl. 33420. Second CIHs postg !Miid I Tmp, Fl-The Orcle reserves the right to regulate Ille typogrphicI tone ol all dvertisements nd revise or turn away copy it considers o111ect1onable Protrms, activities nd fullltles of the University of South Florida are available to II on a non-dlscrlmina!Of'y bilsls, withou t reg.rd to rce, color, religion, sex age or 11a.i-1 wi9in. Tiie Uni'(enity Is n fflrmtive ctlon Equal Opportunity Employer. Remove Devices House Transportation Committee recommended yesterday that pollution control devices on cars be disconnected to save gasoline, and its Chairman said the legislature should not meet earlier than Jan. 7 to deal with the energy crisis Rep. Vernon Holloway, DMiami said after conferring with Washington sources he informed Speaker Terrell Sessums that it will be at least 30 days before federal guidelines to save fuel supplies are issued Adams Speaks ATLANTIC BEACH (UPI) Lieutenant Governor Tom Adams came from virtual obscurity yesterday to blast "that short-sighted, long-winded minority that makes its living talking about the ecology for st;mding against every reasonable solution to the fuel shortage including drilling for on off the Florida coast weather Fair today and tomorrow with highs in the mid 70s and lows in the upper 40s._ Slide lecture ALPINE TREKING AND MOUNTAINEERING-A NATURAL YOGA Dolf W aldmeier Thurs. -Nov. 29 7-9 p.m. U.C. 201


THE ORACLE -November 29, 1973 3 Masters In Administration Awaits Regents Approval Oracle Photo by Robin Clark BY SANDRA WRIGHT Assistant News Editor A Board of Regents CBORJ committee has recommended the BOR approve plans to establish a master's program in Ad ministration and Supervision at USF, and a said yesterday he thinks the Regents will endorse the proposal 'When I something, it usually gets passed," Dr. Allan Tucker State University System vice chan cellor for Academic Affairs, said. "This program is especially designed for persons already teaching." Board Of Student Publications USF DIRECTOR of Graduate Studies John Briggs said the i:ecommendation was "good news." prepares rec6mmendations for Mackey to push Oracle off campus. "It is mainly to help people that have been in the profession some time to get training," Briggs said. "Ap parently there is a bad need for it." H ealth Center--Continued from Page I sure that there are doctors and nurses and that people get treated." Stevens said that the decision is being considered at higher ad ministration levels than his office, and that he is seldom con sulted "The administrators had a meeting with us (Health Serv i ce staff) the other day and they asked us, "How many doctors will it take to run this kind of service or that kind of service?" he said "But I haven't been apprised of which way they're leaning STEVENS SAID that ttie problem for administrators is to decide what type of health ser vice they feel is needed. He said he prefers keeping the service on campus. "Of course there are benefits in moving, too," he said "I think the administrators felt it would upgrade the quality of care. Second, they felt that nroll nHnt procedures. The prno s al also c all s for eac h uninrsity to s ubmit a propo sal lwfon Sept t rn11c ernin g eff o rt s ainwd at s horttni11g time n quind in cla s ses. shortened degrees, Tucker said He said university academic vice presidents and the Council of Presidents have endorsed it. "Cheers, stamping, clapping from a good de manded mor e t han a dozen final curtains for this stupendously impressive company of dancers HOWARD PALMER -THE SUN .. MELBOURNE "The present Limon company is one of th e stron g e s t in t erms o f energy and she er ex ub e r a nce." send the BOR a proposal for a PhD in Medical Science. The University has already received planning approval for the program which would bring the total number of doctoral degrees offered to seven. Tropical Briggs said USF personnel had worked swiftly to develop plans tor the program "We hope it gets similar prompt treatment from them JBOR> so we can start it next fall .. Briggs said The Christmas Fish Is Coming! Take care of the fish hobbiest on your list with a gift certificate or a complete aquarium set-up. Specials for this week: 20o/o off on all Angels 5 for $1.00 good thru 12/6fl3 7038 W. Hillsborough Ave. Peacock Alley Shopping Center Turktr noted the s tudent s m<1y lw ahlt to t>arn a d<'gree in less than thnt> ytars by u sing the mt'lhods Sll!o(!o(estPd. -THe JOSe Limon DAnce COITIPAnv TllE l'HO(;H.\:'11 propo s ed wns dt\t'lopl'<:I from suggestions hy :1 Sl'l\'\'ial task forl'C' studying December 6, 7, 8, 8: 30 University Theatre 3 Different Dance Concerts admissions 3.00 USF fulltime students $1.50 tickets on sale Nov. 19 Theater Box Office 1: 15 to 4: 30 weekda s


4-THE ORACLE November 29, 1973 Traffic Courtesy Needed With rising gasoline prices and shortages of fuel, more members of the University community appear to be riding bicycles to school and work. This increase in nonpolluting transportation is encouraging, but we hope the drivers and cyclists will be more con-siderate of each other. In addition to following the rules of the road, riders should 'Editorial make sure they are clearly visible, especially if they ride after dark. Drivers should be patient when they have to pass and be careful not to run the rider off the road. Courtesy for the other person will prevent more unfortunate accidents like the one on campus Tuesday in which two bicycle-riding coeds were injured. USF Landscaping Wastes Tax Money Editor: Admit tl'rlly I am a commuting studl'nt \\'hti is normally apatlwtic lo llniversity affairs. but I am finally incensed enough to qut'st ion sonw oft. he money-spending policies here. Spt'eilkally I am teed off by the replan'nwnt of tlw lwdges and other shrubbery at various places on campus !t'.g. betwt'en the education and business buildings and in front of t he administration building l. Landscaping is not cheap and many hours arc spent in the process. Other than the at'sthetic value

DOONESBURY HOT OAW6i ANOTHf!<.. ORPff!. fOI< FIV!3 Rf(Jbi5 FROM 5NATOR.. W(KR I I GR.AT.I \ 1301 .. wow, fl.I& 5T!Ll GOTA WAYS TO NO GO YU. /f!OO!NG. I O/f'AY, f&UAHS, YOt/U 8& TH& LAST ON!3S HEY, 8055/ 5ENATOP-. 1l/NNCY ON TO 60 .. I by Garry Trudeau WEU, WHAT'5 THAT BRING I tlS TO? HOW J i MANV lEFT TO HOtlS&? :I JUST HOP/3 We OON'TlWN OUT OF l/BER A L.5. I HE SAYS H& U TAK& 'tMI / / 11 2J :;; Escort Protection Service O n Trial Start i n g Otr. 2 An escor l prolec lion ser v ice l'o r USF s tud e n ts i s s ch e dul e d lo begin n ex t qu arte r on a tri a l accordin g lo Kerry Kenn edy SG coordinator o f W o m e n's Affa i rs. Kennedy, who represents SG on the e s cort committee, said th e ser v ice's m ain pu r pose w ill b e to prevent o r d e t e r non s tud e nt s fr o m coming on campus and acco s tin g stude n t s. Th e service, first s c hedul e d t o b e gin earli e r this quarte r w a:; d e l a y e d for further ass e ssment of th e situation in orde r t h a t th e ser vice b e belt.e r o r ganized. accordin g lo G eorge O r r a s Cadre r epresent ative. Th e ser v i c e will pro vide escort prote ction t o both m a l e a nd f e m a l e students S unday t h ro u g h Friday, B p m to I a. m. Kenn e d y said th e onl y c onc e rn ri g ht now i s gettin g th e $100 need e d for t h e phon e in t.he escort ser v ice offi ce. In a poll take n last quarte r b y th e n.ap Cadre, !JO p e r cen t of th e s tud e nt s who res pond e d favore d th e impl ementat ion of s u c h a service, K e nn e dy said. YILLAGE PRESCRIPTION CENTER 988-3896 l 0938 N. 56th ST. TEMPLE TERRACE, FLA. 33617 ... the alt e rnai.ive pharmacy no lines no has sle personal service and student, staff, ancl facult y discount on Hx's THE 11-FASHIOll STORE THE ORACLE -November 29, 1973 WESTS HORE PLAZA NORTHGATE SHOPPING CENTER BRITTON PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER DOWNTOWN: 705 FRANKLIN STREET PANTSUITS HOLIDAY FASHIONS SPOTLIGHT THE PANTSUIT. GREAT FASHION WEARABLES IN ACRYLIC KNITS,POLYESTER TWEEDS, CHECKS, AND SOLIDS 5


6-THE ORACLE November 29, 1973 Eastern Not Told We also make xerox copies N. extra chor99 colored bond t paper So le1 lelln Envelop Catalog sn ... 11 1Atllorheod1 Bulletin. Circulan Form1 Handbill Of Bid Elimination Notice Poat Caod1 Dir eot Mail B Stuffera TWO LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU BEITER insly'prints Tampa. Flo. 33609 879"68" 5101 E Blvd Tampa. Flo 33617 9852083 3 T I L L Robot E. G. Cecil Walks N 0 v 30 5 At Engineering Festival Edgar G. Cecil, a walking, talking, six-foot robot will be one of many attractions at the Second Annual Engineering and In dustrial Open House to be held here Feb. 22 and 23. The College of Engineering is hosting the event. It hopes to bring the public, the college and industries together, according to Open House co-chairman Ralph Bosek, 6EGR. THE MECHANICAL man, built by Gary Bennett 4EGR ; was named after Edgar Kopp dean of the College of Engineering, and Pres. Cecil Mackey. His middle initial is based on the first name of his creator. Bosek said that 100 Bay Area companies and 75 national companies have been invited to exhibit or send a representative to the fair. "Last year for our first open house, 33 Bay Area companies participated," Bosek said. The companies have also been asked to donate, at their option, $25 or $50 to be used for engineering scholarships "OUR ATTENDANCE last year was in the neighborhood of 10,000. We are hoping for 15,000 people to attend this year," he No Reply Received On Davis Proposal A SG proposal, submitted more than two weeks ago, to open all campus committee meetings has received no response from ad ministrators, SG Pres. Bill Davis said yesterday. Davis said he sent the proposal to USF Pres. Cecil Mackey but has not heard from him "IT SEEMS to me it's a value judgment that has to be made," Davis said. "lt shouldn't take that long to decide to conduct public busines s in public." Mackey could not be reached for comment. SKI ASPEN ... $317.00 Includes: Although the proposal requires all committees to open meetings, it allows any session where ''personal'' matters are discussed to be closed. Closed sessions would .require an agreement of two-thirds of the committee. DA VIS SAID he feels Mackey has had time to act on the proposal. "Maybe he hopes if he doesn't decide the recommendation will go away," Davis said. Round trip air fare from Tampa to Denver Transportation from Denver to Aspen Lifts For more complete details contact: American Overseas Travel Corp. University Of South Florida Adm. 102 Ph. 974-2695 Your On Campus Travel Agency Hotel accomodations based on 2 persons in a room noted He added that 1,800 high sc hool an d junior high school students from Pinellas Polk and Hillsborough counties attended last year. A $190 first prize will be awarded to the winner of a science fair for high school students "The chemical engineering majors will put on a magic show that utilizes scientific properties and special effects," Bosek said "WE ARE working on a massive campaign for the Open House that will advertise on all local available mass media," Bosek said. Anyone wishing further information can contact Dolly Gooding at 974-2581, ext. 224. presents The Red Hot Profs. SMALL GLASS BUD OR SCHLITZ BEER Reg. 30 Price 20 during performance courtesy Eastern Food Service DON'T MISS IT "A truly amazing performance" Memo Maker "They're great" George Papoon A new concept in living from the creators of Carrollwood, a totally new type of condominium, that doesn't even look like a condominium ... rather, a large, conventional home. Raintree combines the privacy and tax-saving advantages of home ownership with the leisure-life maintenance-free,advantages o f apartment living. There's a 'bonus plan' at Raintree,choose from seven different floor plans, including a 'bonus'. Finish your upstairs room yourself, and save, or, have us complete it for you in any of three other designs. Each Raintree home enjoys a private entrance ... garage .. and patio. Each is filled with luxury and convenience features. There's recreationgalore,a big 15-acre lake. Jogging and bicycle trails. Tennis, Billiards. A clubhouse. Swimming pool. And more Precompletion, 1973 prices; lower, 1974 interest rates, while construction costs continue to rise, the interest rate shows signs of decreasing. And, since Raintree homes won't be completed until early next year, if you buy now, you'll enjoy this year's prices .. next year's interest rate. See Raintree today, pre-completion display center open daily, lOAM to 6PM, A new concept in living is being built here. Be part of it. street 1ntree Phone 8131988-5121 New Living by Sunstate Builders. Inc.




Charlie Chaplin in a scene from "Shoulder Arms." Marx Brothers Play Head Theatre "Coconuts;'' the first film made by the Marx Brothers, will be screened Friday and Saturday at midnight as this week's presentation by Head Theatre. Made in 1929, "Coconuts" concerns Groucho as a phony land dealer in Florida with Chico and Harpo as his assistants, sometimes "COCONUTS" WAS a Broadway play, the Marxs' second. Their first, "I'll Say She Is," was never made into a film, but their third Broadway hit, "Animal Crackers," became their third film "Coconuts" was also one of the first sound films made. One of the wild sequences in the fihn has Groucho giving directions to Chico: "Ok. I want to go down to that stream there," points out Groucho, "Until you see a viaduct." "WHY-A-DUCK?" asks Chico. -"I'm ok, how are you. I said I want you to go to the viaduct." Again asks Chico, "Why-a-duck?" Groucho attempts to explain; "Say you were riding a horse down to the stream and you wanted to ford over. It's too deep. You need a viaduct." "WELL, IF YOU got a horse, why do you need a Ford?" reasons Chico. "I'm sorry I brought it up." Groucho tries to give more instructions to his Italian cohort and ends by telling bim about a wire fence. "Why-a-fence?" ponders Chico. Along with "Coconuts," Head Theatre will be presenting the usual short subjects. Admission is $1. I I I --r ., ll1f.l I I 1 of 11 I') ;andiviclt I WHERE BE'ITER GIANT SANDWiaIES : ARE MADE! 1 2324 E. Fletcher I Sun. thru Thur. 3 -11 I Fri. & Sat. 8 -12 I JVoom I 25c Pepsi with every $1.00 order with this ad.I -I Limit l per. customer I ----------------------' Chaplin Portrays Varied Characters In 1Revue' llY \ l\T\:'\ \ll'l.EY E11t1rtai111111t Etlitor Florida Cl'ntl'r for tlw :\rts will l'Otll'lud( this quarter's portion of its sperial program Charles Chaplin Hetrospecti\'('. with thrl'l' ran' Chaplin short films. "The Chaplin Hl\ue" will featurl' "A Dog's Life." "Shoulcllr Arms" and "The Pilgrim Friday. Saturday and Sunday at 7 and !l::lO p.m in ENA. Tickets are $1.50 and may be purchased at the door 45 minutes beforr showtinw. TllE TllHEE films in "The Chaplin Hevue werc made under Chaplin's l\1illion Pollar Con tract" with First National Pic tures in which he became his own producer as well as director. Chaplin composed musical scores for the films in 1958. Before the showings. there will be a prologue in which Chaplin shows the construction of his studio and discusses the silent film. "A Dog's Life" features the famous tramp character, out of a job and hungry. He meets a stray dog and later the girl of his dreams, and prospects begin lo look up for the forlorn character. IN "SHOULDER Arms," Chaplin portrays an awkward army private in training camp and later fighting overseas in World War I. This hilarious film was one of the first major Chaplin classics and has been hailed as the original of the whole genre of service comedies. "The Pilgrim, one of Donovan Stars In New Film The famous soft rock star, Donovan, will star in the premier showing of "The Pied Piper" Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 8 p.m and midnight with a matin'ee Sunday at 3 p.m at Beaux Arts Gallery Admission to the showing, which will also feature "Peace Game"-Africa's newest film on animal life, is $1.25. Beaux Arts is located at 7711 60th St. in Pinellas Park. (films) Chaplin's early satires. explores smalltown America its Puritan mores and accompanying Chaplin portrays a bogus minister who has managed LU to upset a few people al the time of its release-the film was banned in the whole state of Pennsylvania "Charles Chaplin Retrospective" will continue in January with such films as "A King in New York," "The Gold Hush." "City Lights," "Limelight" and "Monsieur Verdoux By Popular Demand, Worship is Noon. Swadays at the Episcopal Center on SO th Street 11 For Information, call _j THE CHAPLIN REVUE a selection of three previously unavailable shorts A Dogs Life written, directed and scored by Charles Chaplin Nov. 30, Dec. 1, 2 7 & 9:30 p.m. General Admission $1.50 U.S.F. Students $1.00 ENA. DANCE CONCERT University Theatre 8:30 pm Fri., Sat. Nov. 30 -Dec. 1 fulltime-students $1 others $2


THE ORACLE -November 29. 1973 9 "'*"" mwl Class.ICS and Saturday at midnight in the ENA. Madness series is bringing back John Waters' I Edward G. Robinson stars in the role of the "Pink Flamingos" for an encore performance t\ smalltime hood who rises to become the Czar of Saturday at midnight in ENA @ H h gangland in the classic film "Little Caesar" STARRING female impersonator Divine, the :g I g 11 g .ht Friday film concerns Divine s battle with two people ,,,,,, HUMPHREY Bogart and Lauren Bacall will who desire to steal her-his-its title as the star together in William Faulkner's screenplay Filthiest Person in the World :t "To Have and Have Not," also on Friday. This Divine wages the grossest battle and wins As m: film was the first time Bogie and Bacall were a capper to prove herhis-its filthiness, Divine ... together on the screen. actually endeavors to eat dog excrement on film. .. ;; .. Admission is $1. Admission to the underground classic is $1. Madness Edward G. Robinson !::::\ I Ross, Williams Exceptional In 'The Blues' BY DAVID RUTMAN Oracle Staff Writer Diana Ross and the Supremes are probably known worldwide for their singing talents, even though one story goes that Ed Sullivan once forgot their names and asked the audience to AUSTIN CINEMA Il-l. The Wo.y We Were-1:30, 3:3 0 5:35, 7:40 9:45. 2 Executive Action-2, 4, 6 8, 10. BRANDO N TWINS1. Salty-7: 10, 9. 2. Poseidon Adventure-7, 9. BRITTON CINEMA III-1. West World 1 :5 0 3:50 5:50, 7: 50, 9: 50. 2 Salty-1:20, 3:20, 5:20, 7:20, 9:20 3. The Deadly Trackers-2, 4 6 8 10. FLORID A-closed becaus e of the fire at Wolf Brothers. FLORILA ND CINEMA Il-l. American Graffiti-1: 30, 3:25, 5:20, 7 :15, 9:10. 2. The Way We Were-1 : 15, 3:20, 5:25, 7:30 9:35. HILLSBORO I-Cops and Robbers-1:30, 3 4:50, 6 :30, 8: 10, 9: 50. HILLSBORO II-West World1:30 3:10, 4:50, 6:25, 8:10 9:45. HORIZON PARK 4-1. Charley Varrick-2, 4, 6: 1 5 B: 30. 2. The Deadly Trackers-2, 4 6: 15, 8:35. 3 Executive Action-2, 4, 6: 15, 8:45. 4. Salty-2, 4, 6:15, 8:15. PALACE-Double Featurewelcome "those three colored After seeing Diana Ross make her acting debut in "Lady Sings the Blues," it is doubtful that anyone will forget her name for quite some time. The Hammer of God-2: 30, 6, 9: 30 and Blood on Sa tan's Claws-4:15, 7:45 TAMPA-The Black Six-1:40, 3:15, 4:50 6:30, 8 :05, 1:35. TODD-Double Feature-Daughters of Anomoly plus a surprise second featurecontinuous showings from 11: 45 a. m TRANS-LUX ( Town a nd Countryl-The Stone Killer-7, 9. TWIN BAYS .t1. American Graffiti-5, 8: 15. 2. Pippi Longstocking -6: 30, 8: 1 5 3 Vanishing Point-6:15, 8:15. 4. C r y of the Wild-6, 8: 15. ON CAMPUS UC FEATURE-Lady Sings The Blues -Friday, Saturday a nd Sunday 7:30 10 in LAN 103. FILM ABT SERIES-Charles C h aplin Retrospectiv e -The C h a plin Revue featuring A Dog's Life Shoulder Arms a nd The Pilgrim-Friday, Saturday and Sunday-7, 9:30 in ENA HEAD THEATRE-the Marx Brothers in Coconuts plus assorted shorts-Friday and Saturday-midnight in LAN 103. MIDNIGHT MADNESS-Little Caeser and To Have and Have Not -Friday-midnight in ENA. Pink Flamingos-Saturdaymidnight in ENA. DIANA ROSS BILLIE HOLIDAY LAN 103 75# w/ID Fri., Sat., Sun. DY SINGS THE BLUES Nov. 30, Dec. 1, Dec. 2, 7:30-10:00 "LADY SINGS the Blues, the somewhat fictionalized account of Billie Holliday's l ife story, will be presented by the Student Entertainment and Activities Council as its final film offeri ng of the quarter Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 7:30 and 10 p.m. in LAN 103. Diana Ross shows a great acting ability in the film and for a first film it's a monumental acting job. She acts and sings "Lady Day 's" tunes with real talent and that singing style all her own Also starring with her is Billy Dee Williams the actor who played Gale Sayers in "Brian' s Song. Williams glides through his performance as Billie Holliday's boy friend whom she met in her early days working in a Harlem nightclub WILLIAMS IS one of the most talented black actors around today and has been given the title of "the black Clark Gable." Lad y Day 's life according to the film. started off in a house of ill repute" as a cleaning girl moved up to a prostitute after being raped by an angry client, then from smalltime nightclub singer to a major vocalist. The film also explores her losing battle with drug addiction a nd how it eve ntuall y killed her. The film shows that a whit(' musician first started her on drugs but according to Billie Hollida y s book Lady Sings the Blues it was one of her black husbands who first gave her drugs. (review] HER ADDICTION ruined her working life as well because New York State took away her cabaret license, even though she was the first popular singer to appear in concert in Carnegie Hall. Starring along with Ross and Williams in the highly en tertaining film are Richard Pryor and Sid Melton. Admission to "Lady Sings the Blues is 75 cents. Back By Popular Demand One Showing ONLY! Saturday Dec. I Midnight ENA "Midnight Madness" $1.00 NOTE: "To Have and Have Not" and "Little Caesar" will be shown Fri. Nov. 30 (ONLY at midnight Raggedy Ann's & Andy's Children's Nursery 4704 East Busch Blvd. Hot Meals, recreation Any age child 985-1340


10-THE ORACLE November 29, 1973 Senate Backs Lucoff Complaint The SG Senate in urge nt l eg islation Tue s d a y night went o n r eco rd s upporting the formal complaint aga inst Dr. Manny Luco ff. s t a ti o n manager for WUSF FM to the Federal Communications Commision. ffCCl. The r eso lution noted tha t FCC regulati o ns r e quire. that records shall be availab l e for public inspe ction a l any tim e during busin es s hours ." It a lso noted L.u coff. in r e fusing to l e t s tud ents see public records of WUSF o n one occasion a nd m a kin g acc ess to thes e r ecords difficult on a nother. see ms to have c le arly v iolated the regulation. SEN. SANDI Crosby sponsor of the r es olution, urged Senate suppor t of the measure "since we ve been fighting him so regularly." "The man' s working overtime to make life difficult for people," Crosby charged. In a second piece of urgent legislation the Senate recom mended that the new Oracle editor be chosen by the Board of Student Publications instead of Joe Howell, vice president for Student Affairs. BECAUSE THE Oracle staff registered an eight-to-eight tie vote for candidates Valerie Wickstrom and Paul Wilborn, Howell will chose one of the two as the next Oracle editor. The proposal contends that in view of Howell s "biased role in terms of the Oracle and its survival off campus," his capability of making a professional and objective evaluation is questionable. Crosby, sponsor of the resolution, said that Howell "probably had some part in the decision to grant the Oracle in dependence." "HOWELL HAS said that if the Oracle goes off campus it will probably fold, therefore he'll probably pick an editor who will help it fold," Crosby said. Sandi Crosby The re s olution s tat es th a t the Board of Stud e nt Publications is a mor e obje c tive mean s of c h oosing an editor for the Oracle and is a m ea ns to inv olv e th e whole University communi ty.'' The Board is compos ed of USF faculty stu dent s and area medi a p e ople. IN OTHER action th e Sen a t e passed a bill to reorganize the Senate committee structure. A l so passed were two other resolutions concerning the Oracle, a measure supporting extended dormitory visitation hours and a request that two excessively absent Senators resign The Committee Structure Bill which passed with little debate will become effective January, 1974. The standing committees will then be Rules and Calendar, Resident Affairs, Student Affairs, Academic Affairs Community Relations and Special Projects. THIS MOVE would dissolve some current committees and create new ones, providing a more equitable distribution of work within the Senate, ac cording to the bills' sponsors, Sens. Lee Evey and Ron Cotterill The Senate also voted to sup port the State Council of Student Body Presidents' efforts to revise Security Committee Plans Talks On Ticket Appeals The Security Advisory Committee will meet Dec 4 to discuss the idea of establishing a campus "parking ticket appeals board," Committee Chairman Ed Kopp said yesterday. Kopp said the proposal was sent to the committee by SG Vice Pres. Mark Levine. It asks the group to consider setting up a group to hear complaints from University members who disagree with citations issued by University Police. "IT WOULD only be for non moving vilolations," Kopp said. ''He said he wanted due process." Kopp would not speculate on whether the idea would be en dorsed by the committee. He said a similar group operated at USF several years ago but was disbanded after complaints. "A student brought suit, so the story goes," Kopp said. "He said he wanted due process." THE PROPOSAL would allow a selected group to review an appeal and decide whether the appeal is a valid one. Although Vice Pres. for Administrative Affairs Ken Thompson had previously an nounced the Security Advisory Committee would meet behind closed doors, Kopp said the group will hold some open meetings. BI.CYCLE CENTER SALES and REPAIRS l'l'IJllchised Dealer 1220 E. Fletcher Ave. ()pcn U:0011m (t:OO pm I'll( t".i E 'JTl-2271 the current Yisita1 ion policil's of tlw State and ur ges the BOH to let stuctents decide tlwir oll"n Yisitat ion lwur s The Sta t e Council 's re com mcndation to the BOH includes a tll"ohour L'Xtension of 1isi(ation. both morning :rnct night TllE HESOl.l"TIO:\ 11";1s :IL' ccpted acclamation In action concerning the Urack. the Sl'nate p;issed ;1 reso lution n i tical or thl' N ol' :'.O < 'd itorial. "S{; Voice One o r M a ny." The r eso lution h eld tha t the edito rial 11";1s "inaL'l't1r:1lt'. unfounded. unsupportect :incl tot a lly irr es p o n sible. The Se na t P rca ffi rnwd its posi tion that SG is rcprcsenlative of USF s tud ents and tha t it l'X peele d th e OraclC' t o s top publi s hing s uch irn'sponsibk writin g und e r th e au s pic es or 'Editori als "They ought to act like a r ea l newspap e r if they're goin g to print one." Crosby, the sponsor. sa id. "They ought to r e s ea rch th e ir editoria l s befor e the y print s uch trash. A resolution immediate ly today's world ontemporary goods for your home & body beanbags india spreads beaded curtains art prints stoneware environmental graphics imported bedspread.Ci dried flowers l oriental & sce1iic 0 tapestries organic grooming works moroccan blankets CJ waterbeds & accessories -, 1934. W. Hillsborough peacack alley 114 932 mi ,,,..,,,,, following expressed support for the Oracll' in its future off ram pu s endeavor. After anwndnwnts. it furthe r resolved that thl' SC oppo se d Mackl'y' s d ec i sion to throw the paper off campus and said th e Oracle shou ld continu e to receive student A c tivity and Service Fee fund s. KARATE Tournament Dec. lst.-Sat. 1 p .m. U.S.F. GYM $1 donation WHITE ROOTS OF PEACE North American Indian Communication Group THUR. NOV. 299:00-11 :00; Open Forum-U .C. Ballroom 9:00-11 :00; Arts and CraftsU .C. Gallery University Lecture Series OPEN HOUSE Free Beer at Live Music LA MANCHA DOS APT. Our new Phase II apartments are now ready for occupancy and we want to show them off. So all day Saturday, December 1, we are holding a party. Come by and take a look at our model apartment and enjoy the festivities. Rent at La Mancha Dos is only $72-90 per month. We are located off Fletcher Avenue on 42nd St., 1 block from cam pus. Drop by Saturday and get the full story. FREE Polaroid Camera will be given to everyone signing up December 1-8. 13700 N. 42nd St. Phone 971-0100


WALK TO CLASS THERE IS AN THE ORACLE -November 29, 1973 11 STUDENT APARTMENTS AT DORMITORY PRICES ALTERNATIVE It is now possible to live in a luxury apartment at a cost comparable to that of most dormitories and walk to class as well. La Mancha Dos is located 1 block from can1pus and rent is only $72-90 per month. Plus, at La Mancha Dos you have all the traditional advantages of luxury apartment living including the privacy of your own bedroom, a full kitchen, living and dining rooms, wall-to-wall shag carpeting, and central heat and air. We also off er planned social activies, recreation rooms, pools, T. V. lounge, pinball, billiards, ping pong, tennis and basketball. Soon there will also be saunfl and exercise rooms. ALL THIS AT A PRICE THAT EVEN THE DORMS HAVE TROUBLE MATCHING. So join the new movement to La Mancha Dos. Reservations for next quarter now being accepted. La Mancha Dos Apts. 13700 N. 42nd St. (Off Fletcher Ave.) Phone 971-0100


12-THE ORACLE November 29, 1973 Womens' Plans Run Out Of Gas BY MIKE KASZUBA Assistant Sports Editor USF's women's ath.letic program surrendered twjce to the immovable of the gasoline shortage this week, as the shortage won yet two more victories in its current battle with the irrestible force of motor travel. In two separate decisions placing women's athletics, at least temporarily, into the energy-conscious mood of the nation, women s coach Jane Cheatham said both .a volleyball regional trip and the cheerleaders, attendance of USF's first seasonal basketball game were cancelled due par tially to the state Sunday gasoline station shutdown OF THE volleyball can cellation Cheatham said, "We had a meeting Sunday to vote and some of the girls wanted to go and Finals Tonight These players are part of the intramural volleyball which began Monday with 12 teams aspiring to be number one. Today at 8: 15 p.m. in the gym,. the winners of the Sigma Nu vs. Penthouse, and Underrated vs. Sigma Phi Epsilon games (unavailable at Oracle press deadline) meet for the campus title .I Prospects Cofd For ff Ockey TeBm USF junior Don Jary, a former is finding C'Ut there are places that believe it or not don't like ice hockey-'and the Tampa Bay area is one of those places. Jary has attempted to form an ice hockey team' of student signees. Yesterday, 10 signups and one month later, he admitted "things aren't going too well." "The only thing a player has to do i!! chip in $2 for ice time,'' the former youth hockey coach said. Playing its four month season exclusively against the St. Pete Stars, a more successful amateur hockey rendition, Jary's team plays its games at St. Pete's Bayfront center. Although Jary said the team started its season two weeks ago, in terested parties can contact hini at Bayfront Center between 11 and 12 p.m. Henry's Complete Foreign and Domestic Car Repair and Service FAST SERVICE 28 Years Experience All Makes, All Models Phone 971-9161 13614 Nebraska, Tampa "I just think we're prejudging and should wait until we're faced with the facts of the matter. Just looking at the basketball schedule, we have only two driving trips ... so I don't see any problem with the gas shortage I :\JAD E the decision that due to the g a s situation and that the r e st of the old uniforms hadn l come in, we would not have our kick-off till Monday

THE ORACLE -November 29, 1973 13 Grindey: Optimistic Oracle photo by William Parker BY DAVE MOORMANN Oracle Sports Editor Often a youthful, inexperienced team leaves one with doubts. But not USF swim coach Bob. Grin dey. He has great expectations for his squad which opens the season here tomorrow against Miami-Dade North. "We're looking for a record breaking swim," said the coach who has 15 freshmen on the squad "We're working very hard and we look fine." IN AN ATTEMPT to revitalize the team which sank to 1-9 last season Grindey recruited some top high school prospects from around the nation which have left him excited about the coming year. "They're doing very well," he said of the youngsters. "I expected them to be good." Originally scheduled to meet Auburn this weekend, USF got Miami-Dade North to agree to the 7 :30 p m contest tomorrow when Auburn changed plans. "THEY NEEDED meets and we needed meets, Grindey said explaining his reason for arranging the contest. "It pays to swim against teams in the state and we needed a home meet." Swimmers get in final practice, Although a junior college (JC), the Falcons won t be taken lightly by USF With Tom Buckley at the helm, they captured the state JC crown and placed sixth in the nation last year. for tomorrow's meet with Miami-Dade North. ,.....----Intra murals-----..... Bad Climate Prevails In its lone meet this season, Miami-Dade North defeated Georgia Military College, 85-26. In Football Tourney Yesterday's football semifinals were no contests, the rain won them in a runaway. Battling wet weather and chilling winds for 11 minutes, Iota 1 the Zoo, Tau Epsilon Phi (TEP) and Sigma Alpha Epsilon

14-THE ORACLE November 29, 1973 Survival Course Needs Students BY .l.\:\I{'E 11.\HTB.\H(d:H to tlw Oradt Off-Campus Tt'rn1 1 OCT l DirC'ctor l\.t>ith Luptnn said rect'ntly he is disappointt'd by the small number of st ud t'nts who h the course is dtsigned to give students an umierstanding of th e problem s of urba n living through interaction with an urban community. He said students will live in the urban areas of New York or New Orleans months in ac comodations arranged by OCT. The course will be offered for the first time during Qtr 2. he said. Ll!PTON SAIDthat about 50 students have come to the OCT office to inquire about the course, "The evaluation is based on how well the student used the resources, how involved he became, and how able he is to relate his experiences in the written paper." -Keith Lupton but only nine s tud ents han. 1nrolled. "We can take 1:2 s tud e nts in N ew York City and 1:2 s tud e nts in N ew Orleans, h e said. "A t th e moment. we have only two students going to each city." Five students are go ing to San Francisco in an independent v enture. but they will make their o\\'n housing arrangenll'nts. Lupton said. l.l'l'TO!\ S : \11> that OCT \\'iii continue to offer the course regardless of how many st udents enroll. "Actually. we've been doing this type of course right along but we never gave it a name." lw said. "It has been go ing on for SG Requests Daycare Space BY PATTY DRAPER Oracle Staff Writer Following two years of effort to obtain daycare services for the USF community, SG Monday submitted a space request for an on-campus daycare center, according to Tony Carvalho, SG secretary of Finance. The request was submitted to Dr. Joe Howell, vice president for Student Affairs, who must sign the request before it may be considered by the University Space Committee. "BEFORE anything goes to the Space Committee, a vice president must be behind it," Carvalho said. "If he signs it, it means he would like it to be considered." The detailed request asks that rooms 101, 103, and 103A of the Andros Classroom Building be allotted for a daycare facility Carvalho said the space will be available when the new library is completed. Financial Aid Info Ready Now Financial aid applications, Parents' Confidential and Student' s Financial Statements for the 1974-75 school year are available in the Office of Financial Aids, ADM 172. George Goldsmith, director of Financial Aids, said all necessary information concerning financial aid can be obtained from his office. "It would really help us and the students if they would get their applications in before the holiday. The sooner the applications are received, the sooner the students will know if they have received financial aid," Goldsmith said. "Continuing students applying for scholarships must have a GPR of 3.0 as of April, 1974, have a financial need and have their application in our office by Feb. l, 1974," Goldsmith noted "Also, students wanting con tinuation of other aid, loan or CWSP Y pt r s1111 l>;1sis 1.uptllll said Ill' tri('d to dt' s ign t lw t 1111rst i I mild lw l'o111par;1hl1 i11 l'u11t $ ;i da:-. whi1h 1 s h;1rcl to lin 011 in ;1 largl' l'it:. Lupton s aid I ttll studtnts how to do it in oritntation." ht' sai d "I know it can lit' dom'. l'\'l' don!' it." Lupton said trans portation to NP\\' \'ork or Npw Orll'ans will be tlw largt st l'ost factor l 'H(;t: pPopll' to take thl bu s ... Lupton said "We might as wl'll start the m right off with an imwffity t ype of attitude by d11ing it thl' way innercity people would do it." Lupton said that grades will he l>ast'd on tlH paper each student i s nquind to write during the : 1 s t rnonth of th e quarter. Tht !'valuation i s based on how Wl'll the student used the rtsourl'es. how involved h e l>tl'allH'. and how able he is to rl'lati his Pxperiences in the 1.1Titlt'n p;qwr." lw sai d HE SAW that s tudents will t'arn an average of 12 credit hours for the course. Two ncdit hours are required by OCT and are graded on a n S-U l>as1s Lupton said. '!'h e nmaining hours are optional and may be designed by the student. Giant Hot lEl'!'S CRtSl'Y ftZ'Za Giant Cold Sandwiches (!) 3 doors north of Skipper weekrlavs 8:30-11 Rd. on Neb. Ave. SOPHOMORES JUNIORS SENIORS REAL EST A TE. as a career investments/property management/sales If you haven't thought about it, we'd like to give you some insights. 1. DEGREE NOT NECESSARILY REQUIRED. Thl' ;ibility to g e t along wilh peopl e is the pJramount requir(mt'nt. 2. AGE IS NO FACfOR. Th e LJverJge age in the Olson organization is 29. 3 INCOME HAS NO LIMIT AND BEGINS IMMEDIATELY All Olson first year men and women have earned $15 ,000 minimum. 4. OPENINGS ARE AVAILABLE. Expansion a t Olson & Associates has never slowed This multi-office firm has a planned expansion rate c reating openings d a il y. 5. NO EXPERIENCE OR FORMAL TRAINING NECESSARY. In fact, people without r eal estate experience are preferred. 6. O LSON SPECIALIZES IN WATERFRONT REAL ESTATE. Working conditions are the finest The customers are u sually more affl uent and a high e r majority of sales ar e made for cash. Take a few minutes and hear the foll story of real estate as a profession. THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 29 9: 30 -4: 00 AOC 106 Contact your placement office for an interview, or a brochure can be obtained by writing: Personnel Manager, 12601 Gulf Boulevard, Treasure Island, Florida 33706


( I .. A S S I H II [ HELP WANTED ) SERVICES OFFERED I PART-TIME help wanted, 20-30 hrs. per wk. Men's clothing store. Contact: Mr. George Spoto 255-6681. WANTED: Research Assistants to begin December 1st. Full time, competitive salaries. Contact Dr. Shiloh SOC 115 9742140. NEED an assistant to help prepare Income tax returns for 1974 tax seHon. Some knowledge In field necessary. Would prefer person who could work afternoons 1-4. Call for Interview. 932-0322. Bermax Tax Service, 8702 Nebraska. TELEPHONE WORK. Experience not required. 4 hrs. daily. 9-1, 1-5, or 5-9. Weekly salary $42 plus bonuses. IMS 8775707. Morning Restaurant Help Salad Maker Bus Boys Girls Waitresses Good Pay-Company Benefits INTERCHANGE-RED CARPET INN 109 E. Fowler Ave. See Chef Clemenceau LIVE-IN personal aid needed by psychologist in wheelchair. 2 evenings plus weekends. Must do some cooking, driving, upkeep of Temple Terrace home. Prefer graduate student. Room, board salary. Cail 9118-4452. STUDENTS! Full or part time openings are available to earn money selling ice cream in your area. The hours will be arranged to fit your class schedule. Circus Man Ice Cream 876-5263 4610 W. Ohio Ave. CAREER Counselor needed. Masters level plus 30 qtr. hours and 3 years experience. Call 974-2831. Counseling Center for Human Development. WAITERS Wanted. Will train, experience preferred. Apply in person -Holiday Inn East. 2708 N. 50th St. & Columbus Drive. PART-TIME rental agent needed Saturdays and Sundays. Call Laurie at 971-3784. I APTS. & HOUSES TO SHARE I QTR. II on, would like young dependable male to share 12x60 trailer located just 2 mi. from USF. Rent $60 mo., own bedroom, plus;, util. Call Rick after 9:00 p .m. evenings at 971-2236. MALE ROOMMATES need to share 3 bedroom mobile home, A-C & furnished. $55 a mo. & share utilities. Less than 3 mi. to USF. For Christmas and-or Qtr. 2 & 3. Immediate occupancy. Call Ron 971-5321 eve. NEED!!! 2 girls to sublet apartment at La Mancha Dos, starting December 1st. $72 a month! Call 977.5532 anytime and ask for Marti or Wanda. FEMALE graduate student to share 2 bedroom apt. $110.00 a month. Call 971 after 5:00 p.m. CHICKS! Share house on river near 40th St. S56 mo. & 1 / 4 util. Private room and no hassles! Call Mark, Duane or Jan 239-9114. NEED NOW: At least 1, preferably male, roommate (who has ski boat?) To split S175 mo. rent on 3 bedroom, A-C house on fantastic private lake. Only 16 min. USF, Beach, Dock. Von 920. I PERSONAL l GET INTO A GRAND BREAK I Climb some rock, rappel, camp out In the rustic setting of Tallulah Falls (Remember Deliverance). Join a team of your peers with Bill and Gary as your climbing leaders. March 16-24 is the date. Cost $40.00. Call Bill 98a-11B5. ABORTION is sale. Abortion is le9al. In Clearwater call toll free for information. Dial 1. ( HOMES J 12x60, 2 BR, AC, dishwasher, furnished, fireplace, shag, tied down, 2 miles from USF. l400 down l98 per month. 5 months old. Move In today. Call Lee Arnold collect Cltarwater 443 days. .... TV, RADIO, STEREO I 11.. ... WESTINGHOUSE stereo record player with stA11ct. rt'Cord holde r and !.peaken. S7S.00 Cll 138 1116 ( LOST & FOUND ) LOST A bl4'ck \houldN billq somLwherr 111 fht' Lii 00\ arra. Plr.

16-THE ORACLE November 29, 1973 LIVE WITH US Freedom to visit with friends is only one of the nice things you'll like when you live at our. place. You'll be pretty much on your own to live the way you like when you live with us. So .... make t he right move. COME TO WHERE THE LIVING IS EASY. FONTANA HALL 4200 Fletcher Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33612 Phone (813) 971-9550


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