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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Gotcha: Zoology students trap mice Tom Myers, 1 PMS, gets pinched but not quite so hard as will the unsuspecting rodent below. The UC bookstore reports a regular supply of mousetraps sold to zoology students for use in zoology and mammalogy studies. According to Gregg Sheldon, biology lab manager, the traps are used to catch field mice for use in Dr. Larry Brown's classes. ''The traps are used to catch rodents to measure the productivity of selected fields and for other other ecological studies," Sheldon said. And even if you're not in a biology class, the type traps are perfect for catching other big pestslike Florida palmetto bugs. Williams quits cage post, remains coach until June BY MIKE KASZUBA Oracle Sports Editor Williams will remain head Brahman mentor for the balance of the season. Don Williams, USF's first and only varsity head basketball coach, announced his resignation yesterday in a letter sent to President Cecil Mackey, effective June 20. "I think I'd like to move on to something else," Williams said in a telephone interview last night. Continued on page 12 Dan Walbolt Mackey won't pass or veto SG Constitution Walbolt says the University shouldn't "be in the business" of approving internal constitutions. See story on page 6. ORACLE Jan. 15, 1974 Vol. 8, No. 94 12 Pages SUS asks academic 1nqu1ry BY SANDRA WRIGHT Oracle Managing Editor A State University System (SUS) official said yesterday he is requesting an investigation to determine the role of "special students" and their effect on, academic standards at USF. Allan Tucker, SUS vice chancellor for Academic Affairs, said he will ask USF Vice President for Academic Affairs Carl Riggs to "make some inquiries" to determine: -What is USF's definition of a special student? -How many special students attend the University and do not meet state admission requirements? -What are the University's admission requirements for special students? -Are special students allowed to attend classes with regular students? -How many special students are there in the new certificate program begun at USF which lets non-degree seeking students earn "certificates of con centration?" USF officials said yesterday the "special student" classification is used for students who do not meet minimum academic standards for admission, students whose records are not in order when they apply, and students dually enrolled at USF and either Hillsborough Community College

2-THE ORACLE January 15, 1974 Egyptians reject Kissinger plan 1 1 l PI 1 --Egypt rejected yestl'rday the t ro ops disengagenwnt plan worked out by SetTetary of State Henry .-\. Kissinger Egyptian Foreign :\liniste r lsmai Fahmi said in .\swan He s aid Egypt 11as demanding that it be redrafted into an "Egyptian plan ... The Israeli plan Dr. Kissinger brought \\'ith him was not satisfac tory ... Fahrni told a news conference near the end of a day of negotiations between Kissinger and Egyptian leaders including President Anwar Sadat. Fahrni said Kissinger was returning to Israel tonight "with an Egyptian plan and an Egyptian map on 11 i .th lsral'i along the :-\ul'z Canal Agnew disbarment : \'.\:\ : \!'OLIS 1l'l'I1 : \ sptcial three-judge pa1H'I n tomnHnded unanimously yesterday that fornll'r \ in President Spiro T Agnew be disbarred for dtnitful and dishorwst .. conduct in deliberattly \iolating federal income tax laws :\ final decision on :\gne11 s disbarment expulsion from the legal profession -will be made by the l\Iary!and C'ourt of Appeals. the statl''s highest court. The court had named the spl'cial parwl after tlw Maryland Bar .-\ssociation asked disciplinary action be taken against Ag1ww. First Rationing l'OHTL\ND. Ore t UPI l -The nation's first gasoline rationing sy s tem got off to a smooth start in Oregon yesterday with both motorists and dC'alers agreeing the plan would sub stantially cut service station waiting timl' In Portlaud. whl're motorists sonwtinws have had to wait as long as two hours to buy gas in recent weeks most stations had adopted the new plan sell it fast I with devised by Gov. Tom McCall with the cooper a tion of dealers. Under the system, motorists with license plates ending in odd numbers buy gasoline on odd-numbered caldendar days and even-numbered and personalized license plate holders buy on even-numbered days Everyone can buy gasoline on Saturdays. Most stations are closed Sundays Adjust oil prices CARACAS (UPI> Venezuela will not freeze its oil export prices and plans to adjust them as of Feb. 1, a high ranking Mines Ministry spokesman said yesterday ll.S.F. /\ commitment to studt>nts. IC you want to help makt> it that way call 974-2401 or wsit U .l'. 151i Officials say security lax in McMahon hospital cell @ Oracle Classifieds ::,. TAMPA

THE ORACLE -January 15, 1974 3 Davis calls for Shevin to seek document release Oracle photo by Robin Clark New BOR chairman Marshall Criser .. succeeded J. J. Daniels here Friday BY S .\:\I>H.\ w1rn;ll'r Orade :\lanaging Editor Dan !)paring. assistant Florida attornl'y gtneral. said yt>stl'rday lw is .. looking into .. docunH'nts maintairwd in till' Student Affairs office at l'SF to dltermine wlwtlwr l1ni\'ersit\' officials are \'iolating Florida 'state law by withholding them. "\\' e are looking into tlw sLtuation .. Dearing said .. I dont know what we will do until I talk to !\Ir 1 Hobert l She\'in 1attorrwy gPrwral 1 ... S(i PHES. BILL Davis consulted Dearing after un successfully trying to gain access to a document concerning the SG constitution. Davis had requested Hillsborough State Atty. E.J. Salcines to require Dr. Joe Howell. USF vice preside nt for Stud ent Aff a irs. to surrender the document but a spokesman for Salcines said he felt the material was a '"working paper" not covered by Florida Statute 119. However a 1972 court decision. Copeland vs. Cartwright. stated the "work product" classification is not valid in Florida. "There is no work product BOR elects chancellor, U F head Meeting at USF Friday, the Board of Regents named a new president for the University of Florida, a new chancellor of the university system and extended visitation hours for resident students. Dr. Robert Q. Marston was appointed president of the University of Florida and Dr. E T York now acting president, was named chancellor-designate. Marston, a scholar-in-residence at the University of Virginia was praised by Mar shall Criser, of Palm Beach, as a "recognized scholar." Marston s appointment was approved unanimously by the Board. Chancellor Robert Mautz said the appointments will take effect in late August or early Sep tember. The BOR unanimously passed a motion to extend dormitory visitation hours. The proposal, which must first be reviewed by the State Board of Education (State Cabinet) before becoming effective, would extend night visitation by one hour on weekdays and two hours on weekends. SG head elected to chair The move came after a presentation by the State Council of Student Body Presidents showing that the additional hours would not increase security needE or contribute to the energy shortage on campuse s. student body presidents A "blue ribbon committee" was also named to make recommendations on whether or not to accept state wide rules on grievance procedures for faculty. USF Pres. Cecil Mackey was one of five members appointed to the committee. SG Pres. Bill Davis wa s elected chairman of the State Council of Student Body Presidents Friday by a unanimous vote. Davis succeeds Lee Constantine of Florida Technological University. The Council is comprised of student b ody presidents from each of Florida' s 12 state univ e rsities. Davis said he plans to work to make the Council more "assertiv e of students." In other a ction the Council decid e d to p e r s onally approa ch state Cabine t m embe r s this month on ex t e nd e d vis it a tion hour s for dormitory students. Th e Cabinet mus t approve or di sapprove th e B OR d ec isi o n on ex t e nd e d vis itation hours. visitation proposal getting through the Cabinet. But then that's what they said about it getting through the BOR. CAMPUS CYCLERY BICYCLE CLINIC-BRING YOUR SICK BIKE TO US. BICYCLE SALES AND REPAIRS 5224 FOWLER 988-9316 Y2Mile East From USF entrance exemption in Florida upon which respondl.'nts may rely in opposing inspection by petitioner of the preliminary site plan reviews." tlw court's ruling states. Howell said last night he is unawan of the case but will "'dwck it out tomorrow ... He has said lw madl.' the decision to withhold the document on advice from llnivl.'rsity General Counsel Larry Hobinson Davis said he discussed the Copdand vs. Cartwright decision with Dan Wal bolt. assistant vice president for Student Affairs yesttrday. But Wal bolt said last night because Davis "didn't bring it to me" but only discussed it. lw was not sure of its im plications. Hut he indicated he would consult Hobinson before any revised decision "tllEHE ABE ONLY two things that would cause us to release it," Walbolt said. "Either Mr. Robinson could change his mind, which I don't think is likely, or if someone tells us we're wrong. I would expect we'd abide by an order of a court of law." "If the state of Florida, acting through the state attorney and the attorney general, refuse to deal with the fundamental issue of public documents, I as a citizen will seek a writ of mandamus," Davis said. "It would necessitate going to court." Your Environment is going to affrct you. Have a positive 1ffcct on it! Call !174-2401 or \ isit l l.C. 156 UNIVERSITY BICYCLE CENTER SALES and REPAIRS l'rand1i!itd 1220 E. Fletcher Ave. Op1 11:00 11m h:OO pm ..... '111-2211 THE Ll\l'I' PICTURE SHOW A Fil m S y PETER BOGDANOVICH ACADEMY Cilf:=:n C .... BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR -BEN JOHNSON BESTsuPPDRTING ACTRESS IOl -CLORIS LEACHMAN ili}q;: l.QJ INCJ.UD!NG .. BESTPICTURE ,.Wl. COlUMBIA PIC T U R E S Pra se nts A B B S P RODUC TION nt1: LAIT SHOW A F il m b y PETER BOGDANOVICH 111111n'i1 llMOTH Y BOTTOMS I JEFF BR10G S I ELLEN B U RSTYN I BEN JO H N S ON I C L O R I S LEACHMAN a n d 1 n ti Oduc l'\'iJ C Y BIL L St-1CPHERD IS J;1Cy/ O o1ec!e d by PETER BO G OAN OVIC H / Sc1eenpli1 y by LARRY McMU RTRY In:! PElER BOGDANOVICH Bil!td on1ht> n ov e l tl y LARRY M c MURlRY/EKuhv e P 1oo u c e 1 BERT tiy STEPHEN.I FR I E.OMAN rjil Onf,!ir1al Sound track A l b um s un MGM and Co1umbi i Reco r ds Wednesday Jan. 16 Thursday Jan. 17 7: 00 and 9: 30 p.m. LAN 103 $1.00 Film Art Series Florida Center for the Arts C hip Fuller, F l orida Atla ntic Univ e r s i t y, told th e C ouncil B OR Chanc e llor Robert Mautz s a id it wa s his opinion there was almos t no chance of th e exte nd e d Refreshments served today at the Want classes that aren't lwinv offered? Want to help decide what courses arc offered' Call !174-2401 01 vi sit lJ C. 1 5fi grand opening of FOCUS are compliments of Shakey's.


4 -THE ORACLE January 15, 1974 Student equality includes pay The recent disclosure that students receive less pay than non-students for doing the same work at the textbook center is another case in which students are treated as second-class citizens Many students who work during the summer have grown accustomed to being payed less than some of their co workers The usual excuse given is they are only part-time" employees or will be working only for a specific length of time Employers do not seem r to take into consideration the fact that students perform on the job as w ell or better than "permanent" employees However, it i s hoped the Univers i ty will not continue to allow such discriminatory employment policies We feel the Personnel Office and the Student Career and Employment Center should work together to develop a plan whereby student and non students are given equal pay for e qual work f ditorials It is better to burn the candle at both ends, and i n the middle, too, than to put it away in the closet and let the mice eat it. -Henry Van Dyke Debators deserve funding support In a few short years USF's debate team has grown to become the largest in Florida has gained prominence throughout. the Southeast, and has achieved national recognition Last spring the Debate Team took second place in their division at the Florida Intercollegiate Forensics Association State Championship Tournament, advancing them to national competition for the first time in the history of the program. THE OPENING of the tournament season this year appeared to hold great promise when inNovember the team took top individual honors at the Ap palachian Mountain Forensics Tour nament in Boone N C Despite the recognition the Debate Team brings USF the Administration cut Debate Team funds Such a move is discouraging to those who have been participating in the deb .ate program. Any prospective debator who may have been considering coming to USF mav now decide another university is more responsive to his needs THE MAJOR EXPENSE of the Debate Team is travel. Other expenses, such as equipment, uniforms etc. are mimimal when compared to the ex penses of at least one USF athletic team. However, the Oracle is not proposing athletic funding cuts There are several alternative sources from which funds may be released to continue the debate program Reserve funds held by Student Affairs could be used or the Student Finance Committee could allocate some of its resources. Perhaps Dr Mackey will bail out the Debate Team with funds from his en tertainment account as he did a few years ago when funds were needed to send members of the Judo Club to the pre Olympic trials We hope this valuable program will be funded so it can continue to promote USF on the tournament debate circuit. ORACLE VALERIE WICKSTROM Editor SUE THOMPSON Advertising Manager ANPA Pacemaker Award 1967, 1969 SDX Mark of Excellence 1972 SANDRA WRIGHT Managing Editor ACP All-American since 1967 MIKE ARCHER News Editor Photo Editor ............................... Robin Clark Layout Editor. . . . Dave Moormann Sports Editor ..... ................. ..... Mike Kaszuba Entertainment Editor ...... ........ ...... David Rutman Copy Editor ...... ..... .................. J e an Trahan Editorial Assi s tant ..... ... .. ......... ....... Bruce Haddock Adviser ...... ...... ...... ................. L e o Stalnaker News phones-974-2619, 2842, 2398 DEADLINES: Gen eral news 3 p m daily for following day is s u e. Advertisi ng ( w ith proof) Thur!tday noon for Tuesday, Friday noon for W ednesday, Monday noon for Thursday, Tuesday noon for Fridoy. Deadlines ex1ended one day without proof. Classified ads t aken 8 a m .-noon two days b efore publication in person or by mail with payment enclosed. Advertising rates on r equest, 974 2620 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p m Stories and pictures of interest to students may be submilled to the Oracle in LAN 469 or the suggestion boxes in the Library and UC. O racle photo ov tsili ..,n11 1 1p!> Students at Textbook Center ... equality at both ends of the line Resigned SCEC head praised for fine job Editor : The University will b e l o sing a valuable man with the resignation of Donald Colby from the Student Career and Emplo y ment Center I had the opportunity to meet this man last quarter in regar-ds to a class project on recruiting practices Though not widely publicized he and his staff have en couraged, through letters and presentations. Many national and local companies to recruit s tudents here that w ould otherwise go to the big name universi ti e s His office is never satisfied with what has been ac complished but continues to attrac t employers that ha v e never been here or are unaw a re of our existence I also witnessed him last quarter personally attend many class e s to en c ourage graduat ing stud e nts to utilize the services of the Career and Employment Center If the University accepts his resignation I hope the Administration can find a replacement who is just as energetic and do as much for students and alumni in locating employment a s he has done This is an important position, for our reputat ion and how Don Colby ... here 11 years employers view the University from possibly their only contact through the Center will be at stake Fulton S Homes 6BUS Center 'rips off' men Editor: I have remained mute on this subject to allow the Women s Center time enough to get it together, but the time has come when their organization should be looked at with a critical eye They have had the funds and the time with which to establish themselves and to "represent" the women of this university. They now are claiming Student Affairs is giving them the run around. It seems anyone not completely enamored with their program is at tacked, accused of being sexist, and guilty of various other atrocious crimes Dr Howell has been more than obliging to the Women s Center He has Thi s publi c docum ent wa,, promul gate d a t a n annual cost of $14 8,fi!Hi.45 or !)c per copy to diss e minat e n e w s to the s tud e nts, staff and facul ty of the U niver s it y of South Florida.

DOONESBURY by Garry Trudeau THE ORACLE-January 15, 1974 5 .I KNOW, I KNOW. --...._ TllAT5 ASGCR&T, BY THE t will present its recommendations on the site of a new state college of architecture, possibly USF, to the BOR within a week, Edgar W. Kopp, dean of Engineering said yesterday The AIA has recently visited both USF and Florida Technological University

6-THE ORACLE January 15, 1974 Gregory: U.S. 'gum, beer, fear' It is up to the "yoWlg folks" to. save America but they don't have much time to do it, Dick Gregory said here last night. "Never before in the world have we older folks put such a burden on saving the world on you young," he said. Speaking in the USF gym, Gregory covered everything from Watergate to the assassination of President John Kennedy. "This country is built on popcorn, bubble gum, beer, and fear, he said. SG Constitution not official, Davis BY PATTY DRAPER Oracle Staff Writer The amended SG Constitution, under review by USF administrators since June, will not be approved or disapproved by USF Pres. Cecil Mackey Dan WalLolt, assistant vice president for Student Affairs said last mght. "We feel the University ought not to be in the business of approving such internal con stitutions Walbolt said. "It makes them official university documents." SG PRES. Bill Davis yesterday said Mackey's decision not to act on the Constitution could "remove guarantees" of the students' right to a voice in University decisions. He said the current constitution had been recognized and adopted as an official university document. "We'll still put the Constitution up for a referendum vote of the students, but we have no guarantee the University respects the student's' right to organize and represent themselves -in University matters," Davis said. "We have no guarantee of the future of SG." Davis said amendments to the Constitution are minor, "mostly procedural" and time required for the Administration to act "indicates the w e ight of the decision on what to do about SG Di\ VIS SAID h e received a letter last May from administrators which. said all amendments to the S DAVIS S/\ID he received a lette r la s t May from administrators whi c h said all amendments to t he S G Constitution would b e considered for approval of the vice preside nt of Student Affairs a nd th e president of the University This would assure the Constitution was in harmony with state and university laws and regulations and could be treated as an offical university document. "Mackey said he would not interfere with SG as the student governmental body at USF and he has reneged on these verbal promises, Davis said. "It's disappointing that Mackey is not willing to commit himself to the students' right to select their own represen tatives, Davis said. Mackey could not be reached for comment last night. Every Day people help plan the future of U.S.F .You can be one of them. Call 974-2401 or visit U.C. 156 Direct From Its U.S. Premiere Chaplin's look at America in the 1950's KYng written directed and scored by Charles Chaplin -.::::. I ==()' January 18, 19, 20 7 & 9: 30 p.m. ENA Admission $1.50 USF Students $1 Children under 8 $1.00 Next week: Jan. 25, 26, 27 THE GOLD RUSH Film Art Series Florida Center for the Arts. Gregory said "young wnne kids" cause so much trouble because they don't fear the same things that their parents did. He said that government and big business have tricked Americans into watching the blacks and big business have trucked Americans into watching the blacks and not what they were doiing "Watergate has been going on a long time, Gregory s a id, but this is the first time you white folks were not watching us niggers but coaxe d the President." The first t ime whites were not watching th e blacks, they made l>OHl\I LIFE depressing you'? Why not he part ol' making it a hl'lter scene'? Call !lH-2-tOI or visit l1.C. l:lH them gel out of Vietnam, he said. Gregory said that the bad thing about fear is that it is impossible to have fear and knowledge at the same time. He said that young whites have become s o aware that they've been made the "new niggers He said that young people are upsetting older ones because they were showing th a t morality comes fr o m with i n. not from without. He urged young people to organize across the nation and protest the things they view as wrong H e said that America is being closed down on two side s "We 're morally destroy e d and nature's mo v ing in on us Gregory s aid DAIRY QUEEN 2222 E. Fletcher 971-9050 braziel 2 BIG BRAZIERS and 2 FRIES SA VE Reg. $1.88 Now $1.38 With this coupon Good thru Jan. 19 Reg U.S. P a t Off Am D. Q Corp. 197 2 Am. D Q. Cor p. Good Tip for College Students Special University of South Florida Student Health Care Program Open Enrollment Extends Through January 23, 1974 The cost of an unexpected accident or illness could put you out of school unless you're prepared for it. Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Florida plans offer you protection from the time you enroll in the program through Sept. 14, 1974, at a special rate for University of South Florida students: Single: $26.70 Family: $91.50 The open enrollment for students will continue through January 23. Application forms and information are available at the Health Service Center, third floor of the University Center We believe there's more to good health than paying bills. Blue Cross'"' + V Blue Shield@ & Blue C ross Associat ion 'Jil0 Nationa l AS'SOCation of B l u e Shield Plans


THE ORACLE-January 15, 1974 7 Swimming: An up-down weekend r:Men..J BY MIKE KASZUBA OracleSports Editor In what could be termed the lull before the storm, Coach Bob Grindey's swim team brushed off Miami -Dade 90-27 in Saturday's meet. Grindey termed it "a workout" for the teams' up coming Louisiana State University encounter. "We've dedicated the last three weeks to the LSU meet," Grindey said. "This meet really served as a vehicle for our preparation "I thought they would be better, but one thing did happen-their team captain and A vital part of Miami-Dade South's punishing was New York freshman diver Donn Schulte backslroker didn't make the trip. Their captain was taken off the learn for disciplinary reasons." Freshman 1John Connelly was again the story for the Brah mans, who pushed their record to 2-:l. Connelly broke the 200-yard freestyle mark by four seconds, missed another record by a tenth of a second, and cooled off Miami -Dade's Emilio Abreau Abreau, the National Junior College Association record holder in the 200-yard individual medley and the 200-yard butterfly, impressed Grindey with his a bilities. "He just about lived up to everything everyone had said about him," Grindey said. "But he just jumps into the pool and swims ... and you just can't do that." (Women_) BY RINDY WEATHERLY Oracle Sports Wl"iter USF 's Bridget Vache set two school breast-stroke records in vain Saturday as Coach Rico Maschino's women swimmers were thrashed by a powerful University of Miami Hurricane squad 85-27. Vache's new marks, 36. 7 seconds in the 50-yard and 1: 18.0 minutes in the 100-yard breaststroke and Sue Skinner's victory in the one-meter diving event. were the only bright spots in a an otherwise disappointing showing against the Hurricanes Miami is at least as good as Florida ... maybe better," Maschino said after USF's loss in a comparison of the Hurricanes to the University of Florida the nation's second-best women's swim team last year. Despite the setback,' Coach Rico Maschino remained op timistic about USF's chances this season. "At this time we ha\'e possibly three people that could qualify for nationals. he said :\laschiho also said he hopes to increase the size of his team bv encouraging new students to out quarter. .He extended an invitation to anyone interested to attend practice at the natatorium on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6:30-7:30, or Tuesday and Friday from 5:007:30. The Brahmisses have ano.ther tough test Saturday when they face the Florida Gators in a dual meet at Gainesville. ENGINEERING STUDENTS Feel shoved off in a Want. to help plan new directions for U.S. F ? Call !174-2401 or visit U.C. 156 New Years Resolution: To fill all my Rx's at the Village Prescription Center The only pharmacy in to\Yn where I can get a Student-Staff-Faculty discount on Rx's. Village Prescription Center 10938 N; 56th St. Hours: 10-6 mon.-Sat. Phone 988-3896 J. B. L. LOUD SPEAKERS Cheatham names cagers the choice of over 90o/o of the With only three seniors among eleven members, Coach Jane Cheatham's women's basketball team will open its 15-game schedule Thursday at Rollins College. /' : ., "'. 1-17 Rollins College A St. 1-26 CFSC Inv. H 1 30 Rollins College H 2-2 U of Florida H 2 5 9 Flagler Inv. A 2-12 Eckerd College H / 2 15 1 6 FSU Inv. A /'. 2 -19 Florida Southern A / / 2 .20 Manatee Jr. College H 2.23 U of Florida A W,/. 3 5 Tampa U A / 3 8 9 Regional A ///j /, \ '/ / /,' L. \ >. j I < / / '/J.1 ine-up :'1' i :::, ; 14 'IJ1 1iiii I. 1 \ 1 1 \); \ '.\ti _.---::::-:-::.:: / 1 '//I; 1 1, r 1 / r 1 \ / /1 / ; l i 1 f 1 1 1 1 / / .. -_;,::.....-, I \ ******************* -tc HELPLINE TRAINING iC January 19 & 20 and January 2(> & 27 iC -iC i nformation, for more rail iC t 974-2760 or 971-2555 t .****************** "I've got eleven very talented girls," Cheatham said of the squad she named Friday. ''Their shooting and ball handling look good." The Brahmisses this year will also add height centered around 5'11" freshman Rosalie Whaley, and senior Lauren Scott, and will play for a controlled-type game according to Cheatham. "I like a good control game wait for the open shots and find the weaknesses in the opponents' defense the coach, coming off a 11-3 record last year, said "The potential is there," Cheatham said, adding "it's a just a matter of putting it together." BORED? Unhappy with the soc i a l and cultural programs USF offer s ? Help plan new ones. Call !174-2401 or visit u c 151i major recordinQ Bring in your favorite record & compare. WHERE tlJJworld OF COURSE 4812 E. Busch Blvd 988-7059 come closer to th e truth about a Gcid ali'. i e a fellowship alive and a fai th TUESDAYS 9 p.m. UC 255


8-THE ORACLE January 15, 1974 Quintet plays The musical group. The Ars :\ova 1 "new art .. 1 Quintet will present an of chamber music tonight at !l::lO p m in the t ni,ersity Theatre. sponsored by the Department of l\lusic The concert. along with a performance by student soloists torporrow night. are part of the Department Series for Traditional. Contemporary a nd Experimenta l Music The Ars No\'a Quintet. a faculty organization formed in 1972. will p1:esent a concert of traditional and contemporary music The program includes "Qui ntet in E Flat Major. K. 452" by Mozart: :\umhrr :!" by .. \nton Hl'icha a contl'mporary of Bl'l'thm rn and nnl' of tht' first composPrs for tlw \rnodwind quintrt: Op. -ti" bv :!Oth l'l'nttir\' Danish composer Carl '.\eilseri and four familiar songs by Stt>phl'n Fostl.'r arrangrd by Quintl't lll('mbl.'r :\od Strnms and sung by bass-baritone Jprald lkynolds of the music department faculty. The Quintet prrforms both at USF and in a sprit>s at tlw Tampa Public Library. The nl('mbrrs of till' :\rs l'\11\a Quintet arr l\lartha lfrarick. llut e: Noel S tl'\ Pns darinl't: Alan Hoop e r ba ssoo n : Jam l's Ryon obol.' and Douglas Hill. horn "Quintet in E Flat Major. Op. BB Ars Nova Quintet ... plays classics Bob Dylan's life saluted on stations WUSF, WQSR In honor of the Bob Dylan and the Band concert planned for this weekef}d, two r.adio stations,. WUSF-FM and WQSR -FM, have planned musical documentaries on the life of Dvlan WUSF-FM radio will present an original radio special about Bob Dylan Thursday at 7 p .m. The show, hosted by Dave Dial will be six to twelve hours in length and will feature interviews with Dylan and others and a lot of rare Dylan music. DIAL, A self-proclaimed "Dylari freak'," has previously hosted musical specials about the Rplling Stones and the Beatles. The Dylan show will be presented on the program "Calliope." For those who can' t make it to Hollywood,. Fla. Saturday to see the Bob Dylan concert but. still want to spend the evening with his music,. all is not lost. SATURDAY FROM 6 p .m. until midnight, radio station Sertomans make gift The Tropico Sertoma Club of Land of Lakes-Lutz is donating $1,QOO a year. to the USF Speech and Hearing Clinic, according to .. or. Stewart Kinde, chairman of the Department of Communicology at. the clinic Kinde .said the m1mey raised by the club goes towards therapy materials, supplies. and elec tronic equipment for the clinic. The clinic is funded by USF, he said, but it needs extra funds because it serves. the people of the community. The diriic handles cases which are needed (or the training of students in that field, he said. The Sertoma Club is a national organization which money for speech and hearing clinics by sponsoring Turkey shoots, carni,vals and other fund-raising activites, Kinde said. He said the age of the clients range from birth to old age and no one is cha,rgd for the treatment' they receive at the clinic. U.S.F. Love Itr Or LeaveIt; or if you've got the time, try to change it. Call 974-2401 or visit u.c. 156 .,/ ........ WQSR-FM (Stereo 102l will present a special six-hour program on "Bob Dylan, the Man and his Music". The special was produced by the BBC in London and is presented on the same day that Dylan and The Band will make their first Florida ap pearance in eight years. The progaram is narrated by Tony. Scaduto who authored a biography on Dylan. Scaduto brings over 20 hours of personal interviews to the presentation to show the personal side of Dylan and his music. Also appearing on the program will be the Byrds, Jimi Hendrix. George Harrison, Woody Guthrie. Leadbelly. Pete Seeger. Jt:dy Collins, Fairport Con vention. Peter, Paul and Mary, Richie Havens, Joan Baez, the Animals, Johnny Cash and Leon Russell. TllEHE WILL also be previously unreleased Dylan material including live concert performances and rare tapes. The program can be heard throughout mid-west Florida. COMPUTERS your thing? Got ideas about programs or services the Computer Center could offer ? Call !!]4-2401 or visit U.C. l'ili Archaeology in Israel Summer 1974 The Expedition to M eiron interested students and faculty meet Wed. Jan. 16, 2:00 p.m. LAN 118 You are cordiaily invited to the Grand Opening at Finest Photographic Supplier. PART-TIME LAB HELP NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. APPLY IN PERSON. SOUTHWESTERN PLASMA CENTER 1218 N. FRANKLIN With all the money you on Rx's filled at the Village Prescription Center, think of all the zany patches funky posters concert tickets o ccult jewelry pitchers of beer and other fun stuff you'll be able to buy. Get your student/staff/faculty discount on Rx's today at Village Prescription Center 10938 N. 56th St. ours:10-6 Mon. Sat. Phone 988-3896


THE ORACLE -January 15, 1974 9 Jam session starts big week SEAC' is sponsoring a series of musical eYents this week as part of Homecoming festi\ ities Tonight at H p m. in the Empty Keg. a free acoustical jam session will be held ,\LI. '.\ll"SICL\:\S are welcome and group auditions will be held for SEAC actiYities during this. the first of planned weekly jam sessions Tomorrow. from 9 to 11 p.m on Crescent Hill. the 1950"s sounds will liYe again as the group Big Slick and the Greasers" appears. "Big Slick and the Greasers occasionally known as eas:v Artist displays ceramics Currently on exhibition at Tampa Public Library's first floor display area throughout this month is ceramic sculpture by Elisa Gomez, library staff artist. Gomez is also a senior at USF majoring in art and art education J The contemporary collection is mostly made of stoneware. One item is raku, a Japanese technique of pottery making. The display can be viewed from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 5 p m. Saturday. UP recover pot,,pants BY BRUCE HADDOCK Oracle Staff Writer A pound of pot and a pair of levis were among the items recovered by University Police last year. Investigator Russell McKee of the University Police atuns indude a Silwrian tigtr riding atop an Indian elephant and a European daredevil who lillrally bathes in fire Orw of !ht big features of the show is tlw llanneford Familv harl'l>aek riding act. utilizing ninl' pl'rf(irnwrs and se\'en horsts Tlw al'! has appland on the thl'l'l' major h'll'Yision rwtworks. in l\ladison Square Garden. the Lond,m Palladium. tlw Calgary. Stampl'

10-THE ORACLE January 15, 1974 ,. ORACLE Bullet ID Board TODAY Seminar Program Or. Julian Sturtevant from Yale University will speak o n "Scanning Calorimetry in Biochemistry" at 4 p.rn in CHE 105. Everyone is welcome. Yoga Club The Yog' Club will meet today and Thursday from 6 lo 7 :30 p m in GYM 101. The charge is SB for the quarter and today is the deadline to apply. Anyone interested is invited. WEDNESDAY SAO The Student Accounting Organization will meet Jan. 16 al 2 p m in LAN 116 to hear guest speaker Dr. Abraham Briloff, a professor al City University of New York, E v 'eryone is welcome to attend. ECA The Engineering-.G:ollege Association will nieel Jan. 16 at 2 p.m. in the Dean's Con ference rvom in the Engineering College. 0-uring this College Council meetil}9 the l'ocal college organizations will present activities an\1 exhibits, that are scheduled for engineering open house, to the council. Free coffee wi1I be served. Windjammers The USF ,Windjammers will meet for a general meeting Jan. 16 at 6 p.m. in UC. Anyone .interested in sailing is invited. Photo Club The Photo Club will meet Jan 16 a t 1 pm. in the UC for elec tion ot officers. Pre.Medical Society The Pre Medical Socie 1 y will meet Jan. 16 at 7 30 p m in CHE 1 05 to discuss entrance requirements to medical school and firs t year experienc es as a medical student. Anyone interested is invited. Young Democrats The Young Democrats will meet Jan. 16 at a p m in UC 101 for a regular meeting. Anyone is welcome. THURSDAY Baha'i Club The Baha'i Club will meet Jan. 17 al 6 :30 pm. in UC to hear David Donaldson talk about "Reality of Divine Spirit. Anyone is welcome. Amateur Radio Club The Amateur Radio Club will meet Jan. 17 at 7 p rn in SOC 387 for a regular meeting. Anyone intt:rested may attend. PR SSA The Public Relations Siudent Society of America will Jan. 17 at 8 p .m. in LAN 455 for a general business meeting. All members and interested Mass Com munications majors are asked to attend. UVSsees need for more helpers BY MARGIE MARINO Oracle Staff Writer University Volunteer Services ert K Selander. Professor ot Zoolo9y nt the of Texas in Austin. will speak on .. Ger.etic Drift and Populalion Structure" Jan 17 at 3 30 p m in ENA Everyone is welcome. FRIDAY Plant Clinic There will be a Plant Ctinic on Jan. 18 at both noon and J p m in th e Botanical Gtir dens. Dr. Derek Burch will speak and an swer any questions regarding plants. Those interested are encouraged to bring clrlY sick plants the y may have The clinics are limited to JO eact,. Call Oracle oft ice a t 97.! 2398 tor reservations. SATURDAY Baha'i Club The Baha'i Club will meet Jan. 19 al 6:30 p m and Jan. 20 al 1 p m to hear Ben Levy talk on "Today we walk on Israel's soil." MONDAY Circle K Circle K will meet Jan. 21 al 2 p.m. in UC 201 tor a general meeting. Anyone is welcome. CONTINUING EVENTS ASPA The American Society of Personnel Ad ministration is having a smoker Jan. 25 at 6 p.m. at the VIP room at Busch Gardens. All management majors interested are welcome to attend. Refreshments will be served Busch Gardens style. For further information call Roger White, Public Relations at 966-3193. English Department The English Forum Literary Magazine, "Every Other Week" is now on sale in LAN 356L USF Lacrosse Club The !Lacrosse Club practices are held Monday thru Thursday at 4 :30 p .m. and Saturday al 10 a.m. al the Intramural Football Fields. Students and staff are in vited to participate. Beginners are always welcome. Florida Suncoast Writers' Conference The Conference will be held Jan. 25 from 9 a.m. lo 3 c 15 p m and Jan. 26 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. al the St. Petersburg Campus. The events will consist of Speakers: Several nillionally known writers and editors o t mogilzincs novels, plays. TV Scripts and short s tories. Sev eral professors will also speak. TtlNC will be n workshops ranging trorn juvenile li1 eratur.e and science fiction to poetry c1fld photoiournalisrn. RtQislritl1on blanks are available through ltH. Enqlistl Oepi\rlment Ftes E:arly regislration S25. 5pr.cial ldculty tee s1.SO. S tudent fee ( 1 day) SJ. S fu (1tnt IN' 11 d,1y s ) $6. Special buffet din nrrs anc1 lunc tll'on s etre clddilional. Any writt>rs cispirin q or published. are W1'I C O l1ll' Helpline Trflining TllL'rl' will I Jl.' Tr<11n1ng meetings JiHl. 1 9. 10 1 6 n Fore more information c,111 9 7.1 '1)5 5 or '1767 or come by AOC 211 Orientation tor Mature Students The Otl1et.' o t New Student R c 1cll1ons is sponsor1nq (lll tor Matur\nq Sludl'nl s Jan. 1J at 7 : 30 to 9 :30 p m in UC 225226 and 255256. All Students over 25 years of age. For further information call 9742076. Testing and Advanced Placement Tests lo be given: Jan. 22 the School and College Ability Test (SCAT) in FAQ 220. Jan. 26 lhe National Teacher Examination (NTE) in BSA and BUS For further information call 974 -2741 or go lo FAQ 201. NOTICE Please submit announcements for Bulletin Board by noon each Monday. \\'01\IEN Like lhe way the l1ninrsily treals you'? Want lo lwlp make some changes happtn'? ('all !17-1-2-101 or visit l .c. l!lfi -JACKSON'S BICYCLE STORE 114 Buffalo A,e. Phone 232-0661 1-75 South to Buffalo exit 1/i block west of Flo. Ave Quality and Reasonable Prices are our standard Discounts to USF and Staff Continued. WHEELCHAIR WHEELS-REP AIRED-RETIRED DONATE ON A REGULAR BLOOD PLASMA PROGRAM AND RECEIVE UP TO $45 A MONTH BRING STUDENT ID OR THIS AD AND RECEIVE A BONUS WITH YOUR FIRST DONATION HYLAND DONOR CENTER 238 W. Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, Fla. 33602 appointment available to fit your class sched11!-:-. Mon day through Friday call 253-2844 0 ,q We feed your Mind, Body, & Spfrit Tampa,s only Natural Foods Restaurant serving fresh & wholesome natural foods Daily: five lunch specials for under $1.00 (available 1 lam 3:15pm) January Lunch Special: vegiburger on wholewheat bread w/melted munster cheese & homemade sauce 95' Egg salad sandwich plus Homemade Soup of the Day 994 i rganic Peanutbutter & Banana Sandwich plus Soup of the Da 99, 5326 E. Busch Blvd. {next to Pantry Pride) 988-3008 Crisp garden salad plus Soup of the Day 85' teame Vegetable Plate served on Organic Brown Rice 95, Temple Terrace Mon. Sat. 11 am 9 pm Sunday 5pm 9pm


( t: 1.4 4 S S It 4 It ( HELP WANTED J STUDENTS! Full or part time openings are available to earn mone. y selling ice cream in your area. The hours will be arranged to lit your class schedule. Circus Man Ice Cream 876-5263 4610 W. Ohio Ave. EARN a little spending money and still have time to study. Babysit five nights. Call 971 7137. PART-TIME secretary on campus-OPS. Typing & shorthand required. 10 hrs. a week this quarter, 20 hrs. a week next quarter. A really nice place to work. Call 974-2585 for interview. WANTED Student Tour Guides to show campus to new and interested students. Work a1 your convenience call 974-2637 or stop by CTR 222. JR., SR., or Grad. student with B average is needed to fill part-lime afternoon position as legal assistant. If interested call 872-8424. STUDENTS wanted for permanent pBrt time employment taking inventory in grocery and variety stores. Reply RGIS Inventory Specialists S445 Mariner St. Rm. 208 Phone 879-3876. WANTED: Person with van to drive to Palm Beach on an errand. no plus gas. Call Peggy 971-8427. EXPERIENCED ENCODER OPERATORS needed Immediately for temporary assig'1ment lasting 8-12 weeks. From 6-10 p.m. Ideal for students, prestige location. Top pay, no fee. Call Pat or Dee Manpower, Inc. LUNCH servers, hostesses & bartenders. Excellent salary & benefits. Apply in person. 1430 E. 7th Ave. Tampa. REPRESENTATIVES needed! Earn 5200 plus each semester with only a few hours work at the beginning of the semester. INTERNATIONAL MARKETING SERVICE, 519 Glenrock Ave., Suite 203, Los Angeles, California 90024. WANTED Part time French teacher. Available mornings. Needed immediately to teach 2 high school students, French 11 and 111. Tryon School. Call Rod Highsmith 988-7228. PROGRAMMJNG POSITION AVAILABLE Campus community asst. 20 working hours per week 5250 to 5325 per quarter. Call 2637 or fill out applications at UC 222. PART TIME telephone representative for tax-sheltered investment company. $2.50 hr. plus monthly bonus. Work in office 5-9 p.m. Mon.-Fri. male or female. Call 872 9236 M,W. or F. between 1and5 p.m. ( FOR RENT ) TILDEN Apartments 988-5268. $170.00 month, SlOO damage lee, W-W carpet, unfurn. cen H-A, 2 bdrm. 5610 130th Ave. between Fletcher & Fowler off 56th 2 BR duplex, centrar A-H, W-W carpeting, dishwasher, disposal. S160month and 5100 damage deposit. Laundry facilities on premises. Liberal landlord. Call Ron Hawthorn 933-1910 (six mo. lease) ( AUTOMOTIVE ) SAVE ON GAS '69 VW automatic. Low mileage, radio, good condition. Must sell 974-6375. 1973 DODGE Van Tradesman, 100, 6 cyl. 225 cu. in. Windows on sidedoors & rear. Excellent condition. Must sell. $2300. 949-5247. ( REAL ESTATE ) REAL ESTATE Fish Farms, Fish Camp, Commercial, Residential, Riverfront, Acreage, Apt. Complexes, Motels, a few of the categories we handle. Call us. Let u help. ELSIE PICKARD, INC., Phones 677-1677 & 6771241. OVERSIZE 1 1 ACRE Near U.S.F. Yr. Old 3 BR, 2 BA, Huge L.R., Pan. Fam. Rm. Ser. Porch, Cen. H & AC, Cpld. Drapes, Dwuh. Ref. Wash -Dry. Free water, County Taxes .. 11 1 per cent Mtge. \JS,900. Owner 988-3896 or evenings 988. I TV, RADIO, STEREO I QUAD system, 9 months old 4 KLH no 2 3 dual 1118 turntable, KMdon and 15 amp. 1900. (,1!1 9710269. I SERVICES OFFERED I FAST, accurate typing service. 48 hr. service in most Instances. 2 min. from USF. Between 8:30 and S:OO call 879 ext. 238. After 6:00 call 988. Ask for Liz. CANOE RENTALS DAY OR WEEK EXTRAORDINARY TYPIST 935-0018 6 plus years of Quality Univ.ersily work (reference furnished for USF & IBM Specialized Typist-Secretarial etc.) I BM Selectric, type changes, carbon rib .. 90 wpm rush jobs Gloria 884-1969 CARSON OPTICAL 11710 Fla. Ave. 935. 7854. Eyeglass RX. Sunglasses & photogray; plastic or hardened lenses made. Gold wire frames & fashioned frames. Duplicate broken lens & repair frames. PREMEDICAL PRE DENTAL SIUDENTS Have you been accepted lo medical or denial school yet? If so you are eleigible to apply for a Navy medical scholarship which includes full tuition, 5200 per year for books, and 5400 per month spending money. Call 985-1010 for complete info. U.S. Navy, 561h St. Temple Terrace. SPECIALIST IN TYPING IBM Selectric that CORRECTS ERRORS, Pica or Elite. Carbon ribbon. Close to USF. All types of work. 9111-0836 Lucy Wilson. ( PERSONAL l SINGLE, Divorced, Widowed -join our discussion group Northeast United Methodist Church. 6400 lSth St. 2J8..43S9. HAVE PROBLEMS? Call HELPLINE at 974-2555. If you need to talk to a woman, call the WOMEN'S LINE at 974-2556. GET INTO a Grand Break! Climb some rock, rappel, camp out In the rustic setting of Tallulah Falls (remember Deliverance). Join a team of your peers with Bill and Gary as your climbing leaders. March 16-24 is the date. Cost $40. Call Bill 988-1185. ABORTION is safe. Abortion is legal. In Clearwater call toll free for Information. Dial 1-800-432-3753. STEP INTO a world of Greek women. Sorority rush sign-up Jan. 8-13 University Center-Argos--Andros. QTR. 2 opportunities al the Univ. Chapel Fellowship: Personal Growth Groups 1) TA format Mon. 7:30 p.m. 2) Thurs. 7:30 p.m. 3) Sexuality Seminar afternoon TBA. Call Bill 988-1185. Christian Meditation Thurs. 7:30 a .m. Wesleyan format. Worship Sun 10:30 a.m. Godspell music Tues. 7:30 p.m. Discussion of theological and faith questions Sun. 5:00 p.m. In terracial church Wed. 6:45 p.m. Friends and fun any time. All meet al UCF. A UNIQUE opportunity for personal growth and a lot of fun I A sailing cruise through the Bahamas during Spring break what a break!! Interested? Call Bob Haywood at 988-1185 for further information. I APTS. & HOUSES TO SHARE I MATURE iema. le student to share nice apartment with same. Contact Cheryl at 971SO between 12 and S p.m. or 977-1009 after 5. Apt. is only s min. away from campus. Rent reasonable. MALE ROOMMATE own a room in a two bedroom place. Central air and heat, four miles to campus, pool, laundry, S80 per month, available Feb. Isl. For info. call 971-1344. FEMALE roommate needed; own room; 573.35 monthly; neat roommates; call 971-6598. ATTENTION Reasonable rent, quiet home. Will share fully furnished home with responsible grad student, instructor or medical student. Owner absent' four to six months yearly. References and security deposit required. Box 9218, Tampa 33604. NEED a roomm3te? S.G. is trying to help people find people. If you have a place to share with someone or need someone to share a place with you, stop by our Community Services window (outside UC 156) and let us know. MUSICAL J LES PAUL, Gibson. Good Condition. Sacrifice sale 5275 or best offer. Call Harv at '88-0774. PIONEER cs77 speakers (26 in. tall) Piolteer PL41 Prof turntable, AKAi 150D Tapedeck Creel to reel) Snsui 2000 am plifier (AM-FM radio) 100 watts. S600 or best offer, will consider part. 94?-5247. ACOUSTIC. Research tuner, AR3A spkrs, and record player with Shure M91ED, FM antenna-list S 1Q85, asking 5700, perfect condition, warranteed. Call for Early at 920-2606. ( MISC. FOR SALE ) AKC Irish setter 13 weeks, wormed; Beautiful, healthy male, $100. Phone 971-9736. WICKER AND RATTAN FURNITURE Headboards, Chairs, Tables, Peacock Chairs, Shelves, Baskets, Stools, STRAW MARKET.11154 N. 30th St. between Busch & Fowler 977-5907. WE HAVE denims in regular and bells and cords in bells. Also boots, shirts, & western hats. Only 10 min. from campus. Straight leg Levi cords in 3 colors have just come in. Bermax Western Wear 8702 Nebraska Ave. YOU AND U.S.F.: Is it a one way relationship'! Help make the Univ. aware of your needs. Call !H-1 or vi s it U.C. 156 LEAR JET A-20 (the inventor of 8 TRACK) 8 T. car tape deck with fine head aligningList $44. 95 NOW $34.95 You've Got A Friend 4812 E. Busch Blvd. 988-7059 r THE ORACLE -January 15, 1974 A LOST & FOUND ) MOTORCYCLES & SCOOTERS 11 1 MAN'S WRISTWATCH, Seiko, gold with gold band was lost around Alpha parking lot J an. 2, 1974. Please contact Mark Rich man Fontana Hall 311. The watch has sentimental value. A reward is offered. THE ANSWER to the gas hasS!e! '70 Yamaha "Twin 90", super reliable, little maintenance, asking S165. See it at Prince Manor Apl..E2. 1301S F Firth Cl., { 131St. 1 block west of USF) LOST Black leather and brass bracelet, Turkish, Lost Wed. 1.9 around Admin, Soc., Lib., or Lan:Lit. It REALLY holds a great deal of sentimental value. If found please call Debbie al 971-7599. TRAVEL OPPORTUNITIES I REWARO Lost gold watch, black face, diamond. At 120 00 please call Diane at 97-4-6293 room 345. JAMAICA -9 day projects March break4 credits, S320 and 13 days in June-5 credits, 5385. USF faculty led. See K. Lupton, OCT Prog., FAO 122, Ext. 2536. Apply now limited. New Ye, New You.. Half Pf!Ce for two at ElaillePow Resolved for '74: To trim the cost of trimming (yourself and. a friend). Bring your mother, daughter, neighbor, etc. At Elaine Powers, you get pccsonal attention every inch of the way. "Team Time" and modem machines make it fun. Unite! 2 j9in for eofl. 8921 N. FLORIDA AVE 935-3156 (NORTHGATE CENTER) 415 S. DALE MABRY 879-5590 'Can you believe all this in a private new apartment community for S 165 per month? Security Guard, Billiard-Fuss Ball Game Room, Professional Tennis Court, Party Lounge (music as you like it.) Planned Parties Olym pic Swimming Pool with Terraced Sundeck, Roman Stone Tables, Benches and Umbrellas Garden Gazebo for Outdoor Barbecue Large but Secluded Laundromat, Thermostatically Controlled Central Heat and Air Conditior 1 (no window or wall units) Tampa's only Roi 1 Stone Entrance Way ... And the apartmE., .. ..; themselves have spacious rooms with Sep arate Dining Areas Tampa's Finest. CALL 971-6755 143rd Ave. F l e l c h e r A ve. Un iv. o f S ot1ll1 Fl:i


12-THE ORACLE January 15, 1974 Policies investigated Continutd from pagt 1 f a ll. .. Good win said. "'They ha,e really helped our enrollment. They ha,e really boosted us up there. I'm proud of these students ... THE SPECL\I. student classification \1as firsi used in 1911. one quartl'r lwfon l'SF Pres. Cl'ecil :1Iackt':came to l 'SF. an said. That quarter tlwn Wl'rt' spl'l'ial studt'nts at till' St. Pttl'rsburg campus. rt'cords show Resigned Continued from page I ''I've been thinking about this for about the last year. but there has been a more concentrated effort Don Williams .. leaves in June in the last fi\'e months ... The former Hillsborough High School coach cited th e la ck of a junior \ 'a rsity sq uad and the teams assorted-reasons loss of eight of its or i gina l 17 members as two main ingredients contributing to his resignation. Vice-President for Student Affairs Dr Joe Howell said Williams had t a lked to both himself an d Dr. Richard Bowers. athletic director. Friday before making an official announcement yesterday. "Dori talked to me and gave m e his reason for resigning and since we both agreed that the program s hould conti nue, we decided it best interest of the basketball program--, considering his attitude, th e vice-president said. Howel1 said Williams' resignation had "no relationship at all" to the coach's recent removal off a teaching-research funded line Bowers said plans for selecting a successor would begin "like tomorrow 6-18,l can earn 5 hours credit. ACOUSTIC JAM Empty Keg 8 p.m. Free Jan. 15 The cost for the March projects if $320. Cost for the June project is $385. Costs include roundtrip air from Tampa, room, break fast, dinner, and local transportation in Jamaica. Not in cluded are travel tax leaving Jamaica, and fees for academic For further information con tact the OCT office, F AO 122. Guitars, Amps & Accessories At Discount Prices. Old And New Instruments CHARLIE'S 4505 MUSIC S. Dale Sponsored By SEAC Hut t lll'l'l' h;1 \ L' hL'l'n onr 1.000 spl'L'i:il st 11dl'nts .. l'\'l'r:quarter sinn' :\lackl'\' ;1rri\'l'ct ;1t the l 'n inrsity. Tlll'rl' arl' l'UITL'ntl:l .:l-1-1. "(lf tlHlSL' l.:l-1-1. arl' !ICC stucttnts. :il\I an post IL\ and BO! arl' unctergr:1duatl's... Dr \\'illiam SdwmrlL'. assistant \ il'e pnsicttnt for :\cademic ,\ffairs. said. "'I ha\'l' askld ctiffl'rl'nt officl'rs to ma kl' ;1 thorough study of tht courses thost' studtnts ha\'l sigrwd up for and that will tak e the res t of the week.'' Schl'uerle said h e believes some of the 801 students are high school students. He said he is not sure what level of academic courses these students are taking. "TllEY ('r\N take any course unless it has a prerequisite and of course they do not sign up until after other s t udents and must get the instructor's approval," Scheuerle said. ''I'll bet my Sears attention math, chemistry, physics, engineering and accounting students: bottom dollar they're mostly in 300 to 400 level courses." Tucker expressed concern "special students" may lower standards in classes they attend jointly with regular students. "If they are in classes with regular students that might lower s t andards because the teacher will have to talk to th e l e vel of the lower student," Tucker said. "That doesn't smell too good, does it?" The ELECTRONIC SLIDE RULE does simple calculations or complicated functions 169.95 The calculator that's loaded with features. You can add, subtract, multiply, divide. Has automatic repeat and automatic constant. Gives negative answers. Performs chain and mixed calculations. Look at the problems you can solve with it. Computes square roots, solves quadratic equations, raises a number to any power, calculates in radians or degrees, performs hyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic functions (sine, arc sine, cosine, arc cosine, tangent, arc cotangent), calculates with pi at touch of a key, performs logarithm functions. Does more calculations than any other calculator we've ever offered. See it at your nearest full line Sears store today. SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back Sears SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. at full line stores in: TAMPA ST. P1,fE CLEARWATER LAKELAND SARASOTA BRADENTON WINTER HA VEN


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