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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
Wickstrom, Valerie ( Editor )
Wright, Sandra ( Managing editor )
Thompson, Sue ( Advertising manager )
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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University of South Florida -- Newspapers ( lcsh )
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Workers take rest from daily routine USF grounds crews enjoy a lunch break with a stretched-out snooze and an Oracle beneath the moss-covered oaks behind the Language-Literature bull ding. Staff, students, and faculty have been enjoying outdoor activities this winter during unusually mild Florida winter weather; weekend outings and picnics have been afmost commonplace. The only problem the weather poses is for those who enjoy their afternoon snoozes too long-and miss classes. oracle photo by Chris Malone Plant clinics successful More than 50 persons, ranging from students and staff to members of the University community, were on campus Friday at the Botanical Gardens to hear Director Dr. Derek Burch discuss plant care and answer questions from the audience. Clinics were held at noon and 2 p.m. tuesday's Jan. 22, 1974 ORACLE Vol. 8, No. 98 12 pages Bargain ideas aired BY MATT BOKOR Oracle Staff Writer During the first public hearing held by a Florida Supreme Court commission on collective bargaining yesterday, an American Federation of Teachers

2-THE ORACLE January 22, 1974 Nixon aide charged with lying WASHINGTON Herbert L. "Bart" Porter, former scheduling director for President Nixon's re-election committee, was charged yesterday with one count of lying to the FBI a month after the Watergate break-in. Porter, 35, testified at the Senate Watergate hearings in June he had dispensed $69,000 for campaign "dirty tricks," in cluding $30,000 to $35,000 to G. Gordon Liddy but had lied about it to the FBI, to a grand jury and at the trial of the original seven Watergate defendants. Franc slump PARIS -France floated its currency yesterday to defend the economy against the impact of big oil price increases and the franc immediately slumped on money markets. At the end of a hectic day's trading, the franc had slipped 4.8 per cent against the dollar. The official commercial dollar bought 5.22 francs today against 4.98 francs at closing Friday. The financial dollar used by speculators and tourists was 5.35 francs compared to 5.17 Fridays. Financial sources said the six month float decreed Saturday was an effective devaluation of the franc, but would prove a stimulus to exports and help bridge an anticipated large trade gap. Suburban exorcism DALY CITY, Calif. -By permitting the ritual of exorcism to be performed in a suburban home, Catholic church authorities have touched off a wave of "devil wizardry" causing many people to think they are possessed or obsessed, a theologian said yesterday. "This nonsense is ra1smg havoc with the people," said the Rev. Peter Riga, a priest at St. Mary's College. "I have had six people come to me within the past r Wirt ntws Edittd by Annt Laughlin "'-.... week saying they think they are obsessed." The Rev. Karl Patzelt, a 57-year-old Jesuit who performed the series of religious rites last August in the home of a family in the San Francisco suburb of Daly City, released a four-page report he submitted to church officials. While he was at the home, Patzelt said, "the devil revealed himself each time during the service by knocking both husband and wife down, often to the point of unconsciousness, choking them, twisting their arms behind their backs. ... Only the touch of the relic of the Holy Cross brought im mediate relief, or brought them back to consciousness." Beef price hike With barely a protest from consumers, beef prices have been climbing back to last year's peak in many parts of the country and in some cases have gone even higher. industry sources predicting an average 33 per cent hike due to spiraling wholesale prices in the past two months. Terrorist step up LONDON Palestinian guerrillas and European un derground movements have held a series of recent meetings on ways to step up terrorist attacks throughout the Continent, Western intelligence sources said yesterday. The Palestinians reportedly want the European groups to supply their members with logistical support ranging from false papers to hideouts for their operations in Western Europe. Eiffel buyer NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S.C.

THE ORACLE -January 22, 1974 3 Selective aids get SUS okay BY SANDRA WRIGHT Oracle Managing Editor The State University System (SUS) will honor restrictive scholarships ''unless they are challenged in court," SUS Chancellor Robert Mautz said yesterday. But a USF official said yesterday there is "no way" the University will continue to offer scholarships which specify a certain sex or race must be the recipient. "I:\ OTHER words. we are not giving any more scholarships that are restrictive in terms of race or sex or anything like that." George Goldsmith. director of Financial Aids, said. They have been eliminated from our program." Goldsmith said two scholar ships limited to women had been "relaxed" to include all USF students He said the change was made after he contacted donors concerning possible illegality of the restrictions But three other scholarships administered through Gold smith's office contain restrictive clauses, he said. However, these will not be awarded until the University obtains a legal opinion concerning them or until the clauses in question are removed. TERRY EDMUNSON. director of the USF Foundation which offers the three scholar ships in question said he has not contacted the donors. He said he has stopped accepting limiting scholarships pending a legal qpinion, requested in September from University General Counsel Larry Robinson. "We are routinely telling donors we are not accepting restrictive scholarships," Ed-munson said. "We have only had one like that (since the question arose l and the people said 'okay .. we won't put any rc>strictions on them .' That's the policy I've put into effect." Steve Wenzel, assistant University counsel, said he "has identified the question and begun research." but would not speculate when an answer would be released. 110\\'E\'EH. Mautz said Charles Miner, general counsel to the 1''lorida Board of Education, has answered a question con cerning restrictive gifts "I thin!t the answer is you've opened more doors than we can close." Mautz said. "I think he (Miner) said it is really a jar of worms and he said he can't do the The question can be extended to "whether you can have scholarships for athletes and is that discriminatory?" Mautz said No definitive statement will be issued by the SUS, he said. SMILE# Buy An Oracle Classified Ad Race mix plans being completed -CAR SALES 11650 N. Nebraska (corner Fowler) 971-0990 BY WAYNE SPRAGUE Oracle Starr Writer The revised University System (SUS) plan to integrate state universities will be completed in about a week, SUS Chancellor Robert Mautz said yesterday The U S Department of Health, Education and Welfare

4 -THE 0 RA CLE January 22, 197 4 ..... (' I Enforce or drop no smokin g rule WE VOU DOWN FOR 81 OLOG-'r' 100 AT /0!30, AOOM I Ob. Will THIS BE SMOKff\JG-OR NON-SMO"'((Vc;. S If;.? Tru e fac t s USF has a Unive r sity regula tion whic h prohi b it s smokin g in th e classroo m UNLIKE Colby ( K a n sa s ) Com mu nity Colle ge's "cu s sin fin e w hich c h a r ges g am e room u sers 25 ce n ts for "vi o l e nt v e rbal outbu rsts U S F not only d oes n t fine, b u t usu a lly does n t e n for c e i t s s mokin g prohi b ition The Or acle b e lie ve s t h e r e a r e s e ver a l sound r ea s o n s for h aving this s mokin g r e gul a tion mos t importantl y b eca u se s mokin g aff ec t s the health o f non s mok e rs and p a rticul a rly a g g ra vates h e alth c onditions of pe r son s with breathing disorders The no s moking rule also has an economic basis in that USF s smoke-filled wind-0wless classrooms would place an excess burd e n o n the a ir-conditi o ning sys tem W e w i s h the burd e n o f m a intaining a h ea lthy e n v ironm e nt could b e s h a r e d by b oth s mok e r s and non-sm o k e r s, but unfortu nate l y c ommon c o ur t e sy i s not always observe d b y s m o k e r s who c ould allev i a t e so m e o f the p r o b l e m IF THE Admini s tr a tion choo se s t o e nfor ce t h e no-s mokin g rul e w e hop e s m o ker s will r ealize t h ey a r e s till able t o u s e offic es, l o ung es, and h allwa ys ; those who fee l th ey c a n t c ontrol the ur ge during cla s ses could cons ider c h e win o r dippin '. N ev erth e less, w e f e el in the interest of ridding this University of hypocrisy ( a nd pos sibly some smoke) th.e no smoking regulation should immediately either be more stringently adhered to or abandoned. No move best move for Health Center Kudos to Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Joe Howell for his decision to keep the USF Health Center on campus. We feel students can best be served by an on-campus facility Our only complaint is that a decision was not reached sooner The status of the Health Center has been in limbo s i nce before former Health Center Director Dr Robert Egolf resigned in August 1972. A PROPOSAL to move health ser vices to the University Community Hospital

DOONESBURY THE ORACLE -January 22, 1974 5 YeAH, If We CAN6tf 11-!IS Flll1P IN TIME. l J.'t1 NOW [)()NT SAY : GONNA 86 ANYTHIN6 ti/Hitt I 0 ON 1.V.. HVH? ()0 1H& UfAp-/N, ',\ OKAY? by Garry Trudeau SG campaigning in dorms may be limited, says King J. W. SNCA[) IS ON& SI/CH HIM, llrlf 15 A Bl chairman this week to lay ground rules. "We want them to work out a program," King said "We don't want to work out a program for them Bell said she would like blanket approval for any candidate to be allowed to put up or distribute anything, within. reason, at anytime during visitation hours. "I'd like to avoid the hassle of going through the RI," she said. Organized meetings with the candidates for the dorm residents will also be discussed, Bell said. Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs Daniel Walboit said posting of campaign literature is permitted if it is done properly and on existing bulletin boards. Walbolt said he thinks active distribution on a door-to-door basis should be regulated. "We certainly anticipate,'' Walbolt said, ''King and Bell will come to a satisfactory decision that will be in the best interests of the residents." BOR sponsors energy seminar Special to the Oracle The first of a series of faculty workshops on "Florida's Energy Policy" will be held today and tomorrow in Tampa. At the first meeting of the Florida Interinstitutional Energy Committee on January 8, thE;! Committee decided it would be profitable to hold a series of twoday workshops in which faculty representing expertise on a particular energy-related issue, would meet to brainstorm and to assist the Florida Energy Committee in exploring quickly and efficiently a number of issues on a specific topic. CLEP to be reevaluated The Interinstitutional Energy Committee, established to serve in an advisory capacity to the Florida Energy Committee and its staff, Will serve as liaison between th e Energy Committee and the universities in Florida. Membership on this committee is open to those universities in Florida which have the interest and capability for research in the energy area. The Committee is coordinated from the Board of office. BY WAYNE SPRAGUE Oracle Staff Writer A study, ordered by the Board of Regents CBOR> to determine validity of College Level Examination Program CCLEP) tests, will be repeated. at USF because officials feel the current study is inaccurate, Ed Caldwell, director of Advanced Testing and Placement, said The subject was discussed behind closed doors during last week's Council of Deans meeting where the colleges of Natural Science Language-Drug analysis results Ten drug samples received during the first week of January were analyzed through the Rap Cadre Drug Analysis Program. The samples were deposited in the door of AOC 211, where they were picked up by University Police and taken to the Cleal"Water Free Clinic for analysis: The Drug Analysis Program is a free service for students, and results take abbout one week. Results so far for January: nescriptlon Purported Contents Analyzed Contents green and white capsule Speed Amphetamine '" iiite crystals THC PCP clear capsule, white powder unknown no positive results brown gummy substance hash oil no positive results Literature and Social Science agreed to participate in the study, Dave Jordan, Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affaiis said THE BOR requested Placement conduct the study to determine if the 50th percentile is a valid cutoff point for academic credit, Jordan said CLEP was given Jan. 5 to students who had been at USF for one quarter to gauge average competency of students in various fields, Caldwell said. This assumes students attain a certain degree of competency after a set period of time, but it would be more accurate to give the test to students who have completed courses the CLEP covers, Caldwell said. The new test will give figures based on these assumptions, Caldwell said. THE COUNCIL of Deans also approved a change in the Natural Science catalogue, assistant professor in Natural Science, Walter E. Williams, said. Because of the change, all Natural Science majors must complete a minimum of 43 hours Boards revievtt services BY TONY BRIGGS Oracle Staff Writer The Student Advisory Boards of Business Administration and Language-Literature met Friday and Monday lo discuss services and actions they should take this quarter. The Business board approved a request by Delta Sigma Pi for $200 for food for a picnic they are sponsoring for Big Brothers of Tampa. Bob Talrico was voted in as a member of the board in the Economic slot and the Economic Club announced it was folding Bl' Sl:'l:ESS HOAHI> President \'illl'l' Budney also set up a t'o111mill<'l' to investigate possibililil's of moving the mailbox at tlw northeast corner of !ht Sol'ial Sl'il'nCl' building to a mon location bet Wt't'll Husintss Administration antl Sol'ial !kitncl' Tlw Studt'nt Council of ml'! in flrmally on !\londay. sine!' only six of the 18 members were present. The main topic was a suggestion by John Williams that. the council publish a synopsis of Lang-Lit courses along with a list of texts required and an inW also make 11-:r;;,x copies structor evaluation. Kathy Hoyt questioned the evaluation part of the synopsis because comments differ greatly' and she said the evaluation might be misleading. N. extra chGrge for colored bond paper Sale lltra EnvelopH Catalog SnHtt Letterhead Bulletins Circulara Forms Handbill Notices Poat Caoda Dire;t Mail BrochurM ln1truction1 HouM> Organt e Data Shffts e Coat ShHta Ordr Form Price U1t1 We k ShHtt RHumH Annovncmnta Cl Stuffen TWO LOCATIONS TO SERVE rou BETIER I insly'prints "347 W. Kenndy Blvd. Tampa, Flo. 33609 879"'684 5101 E BvKh Blvd. Tampa, Flo: 33617 985 2083 in the colleges of LanguageLiterature, :Fine Arts or Social Science, he said. The Council discussed a quarterly hu:icheon to be given jointly by Pres. Cecil Mackey and the Vice President of Academic Affairs Carl Riggs to honor professors visiting from other universities. Guests would include the visiting professors, the deans of their respective colleges and the chairman of the department in which they taught, he said. Dave Heinz Imports Sales Service Parts 238 8485 1101 E. Hillsboro. Ave. "O.loe In die is aglow with atmosphere and ambience! Beautiful cinematographg-.all lit bg the brilliant m ind of the filmmaker!'' -JUDITH CRIST. New York Magazine "'Chloe' is Eric Rohmer's best!" -WILLIAM WOLF, Cue "Roh1ner is a poet, humorist and a superb filmrnaker!" COlUMOIA PICTURES Prscnis -VINCENT CANBY, N ew York Times BERNARD VERLEY ZOUZOU 1N ,, ERIC ROHMER The creator of r1LM nv .. My Night at Maud's .. & .. Claire's Knee. Selected to open the 10th New York Film Fest1vot !ENGLIS H SUBllTlES 1 .... rnA"COIS[ VlRlV. c ... ... ,.,,,., N(SlM ALM!N{)ll05' .... 1 J!AN r1rnRC RUH .......... RQldollR .... Pllllll l (()Tllllll. II 1 Lh.J lU l''til kARB[l SCllAOfOlA r-N! .. [R.J_ .. ] first Area Showing Wed. Jan. 23, 7:30 & 9:30 p.m. LAN 103 $1.00 Florida Center for the Arts Film Classics


6-THE ORACLE January 22, 1974 USF welcomes in the big time Williams, wife, team knew Brahmans could pull upset / BY PAM JONES Oracle Sports Writer Saturday night's upet victory over the Florida State Seminoles may have surprised a lot of people, but Coach Don Williams was not one of them "The only ones who thought we could really win were the team, myself and my wife," said Williams Not only that, but Vi]Jiams also thinks the Brah mans have a good chance of winning when they face the Seminoles ii1 Tallahassee on Feb. 9 THE CROWD played a big part in Satl1rday's v l ctory, giving the team niore supportthan usual. In 'Williams' opinion, this year's ( sports USF's cheerleaders, in con junction with athletic director Dr. Richard Bowers have an nounced students wm be ad mitted free to Saturday s Long Island game, according to cheerleader Cheryl Toth Toth sa i d the move was made team i s very subject to the of the crowd; if the crowd is high, the team plays better ball. One of the biggest factors in the game was the work of Warren Walk and Gerald Long in closing in FSU's Larry McCray. Williams credited this to the effective use of the zone defense, making McCray unable to move freely." The coach was also pleased with the defense of Arthur Jones against FSU's top scorer, Larry Warren, saying "Jones is as good defensively as Warren is of fensively WILL THE win over a nationally known basket-shorts J in appreciation for last Satur day's student support in the USF homecoming upset of Florida State 95-94. This Saturday's 7 :30 p.m. Long Island contest will be played at the Fort Homer Hesterly Ar mory. UNIVERSIT-Y" .. BICYCLE CENTER SALES and REPAIRS Ut>al.-r 1220 E. Fletcher Ave. ( u 11:00 1u11 ft :OO pm l'IUl,1-. 1111-:?277 ball power make the team overconfident? Williams doesn't think so As he put it, "This team has been through a lot already They handle situations as they come up. Overall, Williams considers Saturday's game a solid per formance against one of the top teams in the country "The players want to believe they can continually play on that level," and, added Williams, "I think they can." About that last play with three seconds left on the clock, Williams said, "With no time outs left, all I could do was call the in-bounds play ... But FSU wm wish forever. they had guarded Jones. ALL DAY, ALL NIGHT, ALL WEEK! 10c: DRAFT 'Pitchers $1.00 11 AM TUES. 'FRI. at 6 PM Thurs., Fri., Sat. THE OUTLAWS Ml BACK YARD 6902 N. 40th St. New Year, New You. -Half price for two at ElairiePow Resolved for 74 : To trim the cost of trimmin g (yourself and a friend) Bring your mother da ughter, neighbor etc A t' Elaine Powers, you get personal attention every inch of the way. "Team Time and modern machines make it fun. Unite! 2 join for thericeofl \\1oea. body fri


THE ORACLE -January 22, 1974 7 Brahmans cruise, 95-60 BY 1'11KE KASZl'BA Oracle Sports Editor Those basketball followers who first became impressed with the initials USF when they preceded the number 95 opposite Florida State's 94 in Sunday morning's newspaper ai.:e going to be im pressed again by those initials USF and that number-95. For those who overlooked the opposition in yesterday's game that impression and that number will carry those initials to heights of greater respect. Bl'T FOR those who noticed the competition-University of Missouri at St. Louis nJMSLl-it was just a case of one un dermanned team playing out of their league. UMSL was 35 points out of their league ... giving the Brahmans a ho-hummer instead of a spine tingler, 95-60 last night at Curtis Hixon. EVEN WILLIAMS anticipated a walkaway, saying,"We set a Oracle photo by Robin Clark After a big night FSU 6'8" Warren Walk again sparked USF last night. Women cagers seek first victory tonight BY RINDY WEA TH ERL Y Oracle Sports Writer USF's women's basketball team will be looking for their first victory of the young season when they meet St. Petersburg Junior College tonight at 7:00 p.m. Despite a setback in their initial outing, Coach Jane Che'atham is pleased with her team's progress to date. "First game jitters had something to do with it," Cheatham said of USF's 55-41 loss to Rollins College. "Statiscally we outplayed them. We controlled the ball offensively and defensively off the boards. But we were cold we just couldn't hit." The Brahmisses tallied the first two points for their only lead of the night. They trailed at the half 28-15, and were unable to narrow the margin, though they found the range in the final period. "I think we would have won if we'd played another quarter," Cheatham said. "Rollins will be back Saturday (for the Central Florida Senior College In vitational), and it will be a dif ferent story." Leading scorers for USF were Agnes Colston and Jamie Wise with IO points each, and Mary Ann Holmes and Debbie Gunter, with eight apiece. "Though she only played two quarters, Colston was really the sparkplug," noted Cheatham. *Want To* Dump Nixon? Action Meeting Tonight Room 203 UC or call 935-8187 or 621-1957 for Information goal that we would hold them to 70 points or below ... they scored 90 against us the first time. "We needed a rest ancf since we kept our promise in keeping them under 70, we'll take a day off from practice tomorrow ... ac tually we could have held them to 50." Seminole fracas TALLAHASSEE

8-THE ORACLE January 22, 1974 1Devastations' group didn't play BY DAVID RUTMAN Entertainment Editor Failure of two musicians of the rock group 'the Devastations" to show up forced cancellation of the post-homecoming game dance scheduled Saturday night. s etting up equipment prior to the g a me and play at IO p m., arrived after the game was in progress and w ere not able to play during The group, scheduled to begin "Everyone was (feeling) up and It was sa'd. to tell them to leave." Phyllls Marshall "It's just one of those things." Joe Howell "(I) tried to call their agent's home.' -Richard Alter "I don't mean to infer we're threatening a lawsuit (but a lot of peCJple were disappointed.)" -Dan Walbolt Rock group (Devastations) not all showed up halftime, according to Richard Alter, associate program direct or of SEAC. ALTEH SAil> he arrived 5 p m S a turday at Curtis Hixon Hall to check on technical set-ups and to see if the Devastations were set up. "There was n o group, he said. After the game had started and the group hadn t arrived, Alter said he "tried to call their agent's home, but to no avail. THE GROUP'S leader Howard Carroll, came in at 8 p m with some of the band and set up, Alter said, however "the rest of them never showed Alter left Curtis Hixon Hall about 9 p m. and left Warren Harris in charge Harris paid the band in advance their fee of $400; Alter said he left at 9 p.m "just to get out of the way I assumed everything was under control." EVERYTHING WASN'T under control and Harris claimed to have had some difficulty getting Carroll to return the check The Devastations' agent, Dennis Wheeler, could not be reached for comment on the group's activities. Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs Daniel Walbolt has asked Phyllis Marshall, Student Affairs Coordinator, to itemize costs and other the University incurred as a result of the cancellation of the homecoming dance "l DON'T mean to infer that we're threatening a lawsuit said W a lbolt, but there were just a lot of disappointed people." Dr. Joe Howell Vice President for Student Affairs, said, "It' s just one of those things. We're not going to hire them again Concerning possible lawsuits against the Devastations, Howell said the re are plans to report I.he group to their union "WE'LL TRY ho get a more responsible group next time Howell said In a meeting with the Homecoming Committee to recap the events, Marshall said the group s union contract called for them to be set up with a technical rehearsal by 7 p m "The homecoming Committee is concerned ... They don't know what legal steps they can take"

Rocking with Shakespeare "Two Gentlemen of Verona," winner of the 1972 Tony and New York Critic's Circle Awards as Best Musical of the season, will be in the Bay area tonight for a single performance at St. Petersburg's Bayfront Center at 8: 30 p.m. conduct an informal seminar on the evolution of the production from the Shakespeare original. Several of the principal actors, the musical director and choreographer of the tour show, in cooperation with the USF Dept. of Theater, will attend Theater for the New Repertory classes today to Joseph Papp first brought his comic version of the play, complete with belly dancer, into the public eye in 1957 as part of the first summer of free Shakespeare productions in New York's Central Tickets for the Bayfront performance are available at $6, $8, $10. "He left behind a silver bullet'' This bullet sculpture is part of the many sculptures on display in the oneman show "Ernest Cox: Sculpture." The show, presented by the USF Art Department will be on display through Feb. 15 in the Teaching Gallery. Trucking Co. in Dynamite Chicken The comedy im-provisation group the "Ace Trucking Company" will appear along with many stars and pop celebrities in the film "Dynamite Chicken," being presente d by SEAC tonight at 7 : 30 and 10 p m Shown in LAN 103 as part of the Tuesday Ni ght Spec ia I fi Im series, th e film also fC'aturcs Lenny Hrurt' Malcolm X, Paul S h a Na Na, Richard Pryor, Joan Baez, Rhinoceros, Leonard Cohen, Ron Carey, Tu Matur (over traditi Janu 7:30 p. University Kupferberg, and Peter Max. Musical opens at UT The new "Theatre in Residence" at University of Tampa will present "Cudey McDimple in the Falk Theatre Friday through Jan. 31 and Feb. 1-2. Curtain time is 8 :30 p m. and tickets are $1.00 for students with I.D Ricld's laundry Basket don't come today V ou should be .sfudyilg CAMPUS CYCLERY BICYCLE CLINIC-BRING YOUR SICK BIKE TO US. BICYCLE SALES AND REPAIRS .,_ll&\I 5224 Fow!R 988-9316 1hMile East From USF entrance World's Leading Authority In Hypo-Allergenic Cosmetics offers THE COUNTER BALANCE T COLLECTION ulatedfor oily skin. cription Center 56th St. 988-3896


10-THE ORACLE January 22, 1974 Student makes waterbeds BY Jl"DIE COX Ora. cle Starr \\'riter A water bed factory in Peru isn' t e very business major' s dream. but Gary Lane 3DUS found his calling manufacturing and selling waterbeds during his OffCampus Term 23 in UC 255-2 and 225 from 7 :30 to 9:31J p.m. All sl_o; I nterested in international job placement and exchange programs to an open meet ing on Jan 23 at 2 p.m. in UC 215. THURSDAY Natural Science Council The Natural Science Council will meet Jan. 24 at 2 p .m. in SCA 204, lhe computer conference room, tor a meeting ot the College of Natural Science Student Advisory Board. Anyon e interes ted is welcome and refresh men ts will be served cso The Christi an Science Organization will meet Jan. 24 at 4 :30 p .m. in UC 200 for. a regular meeting. Seminar Program Dr. George R Jurch; of USF, will speak Jan. 24 at 4 p.m. in CHE 105 on "The chemically Induced Dynamic Nuclear Polarization lnv.estigation'.of the Thermal Decomposition of tert.Butylperesters. Baptist campus Ministry The Baptist Campus Ministry will meet for lunch Jan. 24 from 11 :30 a.m. to 1 p m. at the Ministry. Everyone is welcome and a charge of 75 cents is as!

( t: A S S I It r HELP WANTED J 1 SERVICES OFFERED MOTHER'S HELPER, 4 yr. old, Live-in, beach & soine travel, sep. apt. min imum 1 yr., 565 per week, beginning May, 251.36. WANTED : Photos and drawing for the cover of the SEAC calendar. Any persons in terested in submitti ng work should drop it off at CTR l22 or contact Paul Rutledge STUDENTS! Full or part lime openings are available to earn money selling ice cream in your area. The hours will be arranged to fit your class schedule. Circus Man Ice Cream 876-5263 W. Ohio Ave. STUDENTS wanted for permanent part time employment taking inventory in grocery and variety stores. Reply lnventor. y Specialists 5-145 Mariner St Rm. 208 Phone 879-3876. I EXPERrENCED ENCODER OPERATORS needed Immediately for temporary assignment lasting 8 weeks. From 6-10 p .m. Ideal for students, prestige location. Top pay, no fee. Call Pat or Dee 253-0408, Manpower, Inc. REPRESENTATIVES needed! Earn 5200 plus each semester with only a few hours work at the beginning of the semester. INTERNATIONAL MARKETING SERVICE. 519 Glenrock Ave Suite'203, Los Angeles, California 90024. NEED mature responsible reliable person to maintain household with 2 children ages 4 & 7 3 p .m. to 8 p.m. 3 to 4 evenings per week. Days vary wk. to wk. Must be able to transport children. References please. 52.25 per hr. 935-1381. ( FOR RENT ) APT for sub-let, 1 br. furn., 5123 mo., call after 6:00, 97l-4412, W. T. Ward Apts. FURNISHED townhouse. Share with responsible male. Complete recreational facilities. Reasonable. 933-1589. TRAVEL OPPORTUNITIES I JAMAICA 9 day projects March break-4 credits, 5320 and 13 days in June-5 credits. 5385. USF faculty led. see K. Lupton, OCT Prog., FAO 122, Ext. 2536. Apply now limited. [ REAL ESTATE ) OVERSIZE '12 ACRE Near U .S.F. Yr. Old 3 BR, 2 BA, Huge L R Pan. Fam. Rm. Ser. Porch, Cen H & AC, Cptd. Drapes, Dwash Ref. Wash -Dry. Free water, County Taxes. 7112 per cent Mtge 535,900 Owner 988-3896 or evenings 988-0063. REAL ESTATE Fish Farms, Fish Camp, Commercial, Residential, Riverfront, Acreage, Apt. Complexes. Motels, a few of the categories we handle. Call us. Let us help. ELSIE PICKARD, INC .. Phones 677-1677 & 677 1248. FAST accurate typing service. 48 hr service in most instances. 2 min. from USF Between 8 :30 and S:OO call 879-7222 ext. 238. Alter 6 :00 call 988-3435. Ask for Li1. CANOE DAY OR WEEK 935-0018 LOSE WEIGHT, IMPROVE GRADES, QUIT SMOKING through increasing self awareness and self improvement skills Contact peer management at. 2767. PREMEDICAL PRE DENTAL STUDENTS Have you been accepted to medical or dental s chool yet? If so you are eleigible to apply for a N

12-THE ORACLE January 22, 1974 Mautz won't open evaluations BY S.\:'\DH.\ \\'HIGHT Oracle :\lanaging Editor State University System Chancellor Robert Mautz said yesterday the Board of Regents ( BOR l will make no further attempts to gain State Cabinet approval for closed faculty records The BOR"s attempt to make faculty evalual ions confidential have twice been rejected by the cabinet and Secretary of State Richard Stone has said the group will continue to reject attempts to close the files. "We tracked the statute Wmnibus Education Act> the 6 now on Board Two new members were ap pointed to the Women's Center Board of Directors at a meeting Sunday night. Elaine Hayes a member of the board, said Paula Hite, 2 DUS, and June Schafer 3 ENG, were appointed to replace the vacancy left by Clidine Thompson, who Female talk scheduled An open forum for all USF women will be held Feb. 4 from noon to 1 p m in the UC Ballroom. Sponsored by the Status of Women Committee, the forum will be a discussing period for women faculty; career service and ad ministrative professional employees and students. Opportunities and services available to women .at USF will be discussed and those attending will be en couraged to point out areas they feel need work on. Anyone attending must bring lier own lunch but coffee will be served. resigned from the Board Friday. Hayes said although the board normally has five members. Hite and Schafer were both ''\veil qualified" for the job and both were accepted. The Board now has six members. THOMPSON resigned because she did not have enough time to devote to the Center, according to Elaine Carlyle, another Board member. Hayes said the Center hopes to reach more students this quarter. "We are here to serve the women of the campus," she said, "And we feel most people don't know what the Women's Center is.'' To promote interest in the Center, Hayes said a program on women in professions is planned. She said the Center will have women of various professions talk to women who are interested in those professions. "We would like to have feed back from the students to see what the women on campus want,".she said. "Do they want to talk to airline stewardesses or surgeons?" Hayes said students with suggestions can drop by the Women's Center or mail them to UC Box 438. given to pair o f m arine scientists Grants totaling more than $97, 000 have been awarded to two USF -marine scientists. The first grant, for $45,900 from the National Science Foundation, was awarded to Dr. Kent Fanning of the Marine Science department. ACCORDING TO Dr. Fanning, the purpose of the gra.nt is to study the deep waters of the East Caribbean Sea, and in particular to study the dissolved silica located there. "I'm attempting to decide whether dissolved silica got there mostJy through diffusion of 5ediments;" said Dr. Fanning. "I'm also hoping to get estimates of how often water in the east Caribbean Sea is replaced by water from the Atlantic A SECOND GRANT for $51,998 was awarded to Dr. Thomas Hopkins, assistant professor in the Marine Science Institute. The grant, from the Florida Power Corporation, will be used to expand the university's in v olvement in ecological impact studies of the Florida Power Corporation generating plant at Pres. Mackey on Hotline today Dr Cecil Mackey will answer student, faculty, and staff questions today in the first Hotline session of Qtr. 2 Mackey will appear in UC 158 from 11: 30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Crystal River. Dr. Hopkins' topic for research is phytoplankton, a source of food for marine animals. From his studies he will be able to evaluate what effect, if any, the generating plant is having on the area. Mature students meeting planned The Division of University Studies is sponsoring an Orien tation Seminar for Mature Students Wednesday from 7:30-9:30 p.m. in UC 255. According to Lee Leavengood, advisor for mature. students, the seminar is aimed at students over 25 or above the traditional college age. "The purpose of the seminar," Leavengood said, "is to give adults the information to facilitate their academic process, to make them more comfortable on campus, and to help them identify and become acquainted with other mature students at USF Speakers for the seminarwill be Patricia Adams, counselor and advisor; Adrian Parrado, clinical psychologist at the Center for Human Development; and "Leavengood Leavengood said the seminar will cover such information as academic advising' financial aids, developmental courses available, job opportunities, al)d others. last time ... l\lautz said. "There's no use to keep butting our heads against the wall. ln"T :\1:\l"TZ said BOR policy will still allow closed faculty evaluations. "I assume they (faculty rvaluationsl will still be confidential." Mautz said. "But that's just faculty. not other employees." However. what constitutes an evaluation and an official file may differ according to who is viewing the situation, Mautz said "What they intend to be an official file" is not always clear, he said. "I guess the lawyers are having a fun time," Mautz said. .LAST WEEK. respondir)g to a question from an Oracle reporter. Florida Deputy Atty Gen. Barry Richard said he felt the law required evaluations to be open to the public. However. USF General Counsel Larry Robinson denied access to t>valuations disagreed opinion. and with said he Hichard's Mautz would neither endorse nor refute Richard's opinion. "That's his opinion," Mautz said. "It's worth as much as mine." llSF officials last week also denied a request for xeroxed copies of portions of personnel files which were released Jan Dunn. assistant state attorney general said this was not in agreement with Florida Statute 119, which provides for those in charge of documents to make copies of them. Mautz indicated there is no statewide policy concerning duplicating documents USF also has no uniform policy regarding document copying, Robinson said last week. He said he is currently working to develop one which would apply to all public records housed within the University. Buy one 89 cent special Get one for % price. TAS-T FRIED CHICKEN 2301 E. Fletcher Ave. Offer good at Fletcher location only 1-22-74 thru 1-25-74 Good Tip for College Students Special University of South Florida Student Health Care Program Open Enrollment Extends Through January 23, 1974 The cost of an unexpected accident or Illness could put you out of school unless you're prepared for it. Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Florida plans offer you protection from the time you enroll in the program through Sept. 14, 1974, at a special rate for University of South Floritla students: Single: $26.70 Family: $91.50 The open enrollment for students will continuethrough January 23. Application forms and information are available at the Health Service Center; third floor of the University Center. We believe there's more to good health than paying bills. Blue CroSS@ +' Blue Shield@ (ii) Blue Cross W' National Association of Blue Shield Plans


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