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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Council stalls No land given BY MATT BOKOR Oracle Staff Writer With less than two months left before USF must reach a decision on proposed Bay Campus ex tension, the St. Petersburg City Council yesterday delayed consideration of the move The University .has requested the city council's aid in finding land for campus extension. Board of Regents policy prohibits state universities from spending money for land purchase. USF needs a decision on ex pansion by March so a presen tation for building funds can be presented before the spring legislative session. Neither USF Pres. Cecil Mackey nor Bert Hartley, vice president for Finance and Planning, would comment on the situation last night. Cecil Mackey ... eyes expansion But Mackey did comment on his Wednesday tour of the Fred Bullard tract, one plot of land being considered for expansion. The land is "ideal for fisher-Photo furnished Jack's up beanstalk as clever puppeteers do childrens' drama see story on page 7 man," he said. The St. Petersburg City Council is reportedly considering offering the University part of the Albert Whitted Airport, adjacent to the present Bay Campus, for ex pansion. Mackey would not in dicate whether one tract was preferable to the other. "There is no way to compare the two," he said. "We don't have all the in formation yet:" He also said the Bullard land, about 50 or 60 acres, is smaller than the 100 to 120 acres he would like. But he said it is in "desirable" surroundings and studies are now being conducted. "The land woilld have to be filled some to raise it to an acceptable level for building," Mackey said. Pinellas county developer Bullard, donor of the tract, said the average elevation of the land is two-and-a-half feet, which makes it a "buildable piece of property Bullard estimated the land to be worth between two and two and-a-half million dollars Oracle photo by Robin Clark Symbols of unity This window, part of the newly completed geodesic dome for the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Tampa, is one feature of the new structure on Davis. Road, just off Fowler Ave. The dome will be dedicated tomorrow and Sunday at the church. i f r iday's Jan. 25. 1974 l 0 R A C L E J Speech not funded wlth expected ald P.Y MATT BOKOR Oracle staff Writer An administrative spokesman yesterday said Academic Affairs "just didn't have the money" USF Speech Association officials were expecting to .receive Dr. James Dickinson, assistant vice-president for Academic Affairs. said. "We di\i not sup plement the Speech Association with our money Tony Carvalho. chairman of the Student Finance Committee. said a "verbal agreement" was made between officials in Student Affairs and Academic Affairs calling for joint Speech Association funding. "STUDENT AFFAIRS gave $5,675 of Activity and Service Fees," Carvalho said "But that should have been matched with about $3,000 from Academic Affairs Dickinson said "that was not my un,derstanding." Dr John Sisco acting chair man of the Speech Association said. "I expected the $5,675 from WU SF-FM rocks more than most Despite recent cutbacks. WUSF-FM airs more progressive rock mu sic than the majority of the nation's publicly funded radio stations. according to a survey released yesterday. Eighty-one. out of a total 1-18. Corporation for Public Broad ca sting ( CPB l radio s tations a c ross the Unit e d St ates re spond e d to th e s ur v ey Only 10 indic a ted th e y air more rock mu s i c th a n WUSF -FM which airs Ill hour s of rock on th e program Undlrgrnund H ail H.oa d The s ur\"l')' was pr r p a red by Di l\l:tnny Luc off. station rnan;1ge r of WllSF -Fl\1 in an attempt to "determine what

2-THE ORACLE. January 25, 1974 House mandate sought on Nixon W ASHIN G T O N

Proposal not. reconsidered THE ORACLE -January 25, 1974 BY MARY RUTH MYERS Oracle Staff Writer An SG proposal for a .parking ticket appeals board will not be reconsidered by the Security Advisory Committee, Chairman Ed Kopp said yesterday Kopp, dean of Engineering, said committee members felt the board was not needed. "The committee did not feel the need justified the necessary time expenditure required to set it up," Kopp said. THE COMMITTEE ended talks about the board after University General Counsel Larry Robinson said an appeals board would violate state statutes, Kopp said. But he said a differing opinion from. Florida Atty. Gen Robert Shevin reopened discussion. SG Vice Pres. Mark Levine, who drafted the proposal, in dicated he felt it should have been handled by Public Safety and Security Director Paul Uravich,. Uravich, however, referred the idea to Kopp's committee. "I never before saw where a University committee had to go to anotherUniversity committee Report nears completion BY WAYNE SPRAGUE Oracle Staff Writer The completed energy con servation program for USF will be released next Thursday, Ken Thompson, vice president for Administration said last night. Thompson, who will finalize the report, has received suggestions and proposals from Student" Affairs, Finance and Planning, and Administration, and said he will soon receive the report from Academic Affairs. "WE CAN'T and won't ccime up with gigantic strides in energy conservation," Thompson said. "The overall system at USF is modern and efficient; there are no ways USF can dramatically cut energy use as some older institutions can." The report will combine steps the University has taken, planned steps, and steps that may be taken "if things get bad enough," he said. Also included will be an analysis of gas used in connection with University business This will aid in determining the effect of gas rationing or a severe shortage, Thompson said. "I'M VERY happy with the utility situation," he said. "USF has decreased use of natural gas over the past three years andnas curtailed the increase in elec tricity use. The lighting situation has also improved ''immensely,'' Thompson said. "Most of the aesthetic lights have been turned off and I see more and more room lights out all the time," he said. Thompson said he had also received unsolicited input from publications, other universities, the federal government, and concerned persons. Speech Continued from page I. funding basis that was entirely inappropriate ... THE BASIS in cutback decisions was previously made on the "availability and access of the activity to all students, in terest in the activity ... and the chances of success of the program," the letter said. "The Debate Team has more than met all of the above criteria," Levine's letter stated. VETERANS VETERANS AWARENESS WEEK Mon. 8:00 pm Veterans Survival Seminar UC 203 Wed. 2:00 pm Veterans Survival Seminar UC 251 E Wed. 6:00 pm Rep. Ray Mattox speaking on "Proposed Legislation of Veterans Benefits Particularly Education" in UC Ballroom 7:30 to 10:30 pm Free Beer at Brown Bottle at Schlitz Brewing Co. Vets, Staff, Faculty, call 97 4-2291 or stop by and pick up your free ticket UC 166 Fri. 2:00 pm Tree planting ceremony Speaker W .B. Mackall Direcior Dept. of Community Affairs UC Mall sponsored by Veterans Awareness Council before it went to the appropriate administrator," Levine said. Levine said the SG proposal has not yet been made public and should not have been referred to the committee. "We gave it to Paul Uravich so he could get legal advice on it. He should not have given it to the Security Advisory Committee." "I THINK the need is present for an appeals board if only one student or staff has a grievance not settled satisfactorily with the University Police (UP)," he said. .Levine said SG has received many complaints from students about parking tickets. Uravich said UP are trying to deal with all ticket problems. Anyone wishing to discuss a ticket problem can discuss it with UP personnel, he said. "If the ticket was improperly written we will invalidate it. We want to take care of all our parking problems without anyone having to go to the county court," Uravich said. Kopp said the committee felt the po!ice are already negating improperly written tickets. "I understand the problem has alleviated itself in this way," he said. Several years ago USF had a parking ticket board but it was discontinued after a student threatened a lawsuit when he said the committee did not provide him "due process." The Student Senate also passed a resolution urging Howell to "reestablish the Speech Association's budget so the debate team can continue to perpetuate the ideal of academic excellence : coMPLETE .WATERBEP, ........ $54.95 Complete bed includes ready-to-stain floor frame, quality mattress with 5-yr. guarantee, fitted safety liner, and foam pad. Stained and upnolstered frame packages are also available : WATER MATTRESS $24.95 WATERBED HEATERS .... 29.95-49.95 U .L. Recognized with 2-yr. warranty. CUSTOM FRAMES ..... FROM $24.00 Made to your specifications We Sleep Better If You Sleep today's world presents ... 7034 W. Hillsborough .Peacock Alley J Ph. 884-2054 HONESTY'' 0 *STARRING* Adam-formerly *of Oreal, Paris Headhunters, Miami For Appointments Call 251-2653 Open Monday Friday 10-8 Saturday 10-6 .; 2227 S. Dale Mabry -Tampa s


4-THE ORACLE January 25, 1974 Charge rejection deters input r 1'C \-E ---.. ANOTHER Fl RE PUT OUT BV THE STUDENT PUBLICATIONS BOARD! OR JS IT?? E ditorials and letters Board's position clarified Editor: As a Board of Student Publications member I would like to clarify points about our Wednesday meeting. I don't believe it a waste of time to consider alternatives to making the Oracle independent of the University. I do believe it would have been a waste of time for the board to accept Pres. Mackey's charge and then try to propose alternatives to the charge we ,.. had accepted. There are viable alternatives which would allow the Oracle to remain on campus as an essential part of the University which I would be more than happy to spend lime studying these alternatives. AT THIS point I must say I was quite dismayed when Mackey asked the Board to propose a plan to move the Oracle off campus. I was dismayed because I felt he was trying to escape ORACLE responsibility and trying to escape ih the easiest wa:y with little regard for the needs of the students. I hope Mackey accepts our recom mendations. I hope he will continue to shoulder the responsibility he accepted when he became USF president, part of which is to provide the qommunity with a means of communication, necessary to its cohesive functioning. THIS IS best provided in the form of the on-campus newspaper. Howard Steele 4CHM-ZOO lf there is no Oracle next y ear, the blame will fall on the five hollow men" of the Board of Student Publications. In its 5 3 vote W e dnesday, the Board voiced its disapproval of Pres. Mackey's charge to propose ways to move the Oracle off campus but the Board also relinquished the only official chance for student and faculty input on the move. IF YOU feel it's harsh for us to blame these five BSP members, consider the fact some 50 students (not to mention five professionals) may be out of work, the Mass Com department may have one less paper to place interested students in, and the campus may be without any widely-circulated campus publication. BSP members are right in saying they were denied effective input to Mackey's initial decision to move the Oracle, but the Board is not naive and should have realized there are many decisions made on this campus where no input is taken and about which Mackey rarely changes his mind. During Wednesday's meeting, some members of the Board acted with closed minds ; refusing to undertake a study to determine the feasibility of an off-campus paper based on conclusions they drew from reading (some ad mittedly sketchily) a prepared, printed document on off-campus newspapers which have failed because they have been under university control. OBVIOUSLY, this was not the only route the Board could have chosen. "Between the conception And the creation Between the emotion And the response Falls the Shadow Life is very long" Eliot said the hollow men are the stuffed men, leaning together, with dried voices which whisper together, quiet and meaningless. THE ORACLE regrets the BSP decision, but encourages Mackey to check into other avenues of publication so this campus will not be without a daily newspaper. letters policy The Oracle welcomes letters to the editor on all topics. All letters must be signed and include the writer's student classification and telephone number. Letters wlll be limited to ISO words. VALEHIE WICKSTHOI\t Editor Sl'E TllO:\IPSO!'; :\dnrtising :\lanagt'r ANPA PaH:\ WRIGHT Managing Editor ACP All-Amt'ri(an si IH't' 196 7 BRl'('E HADDOCK Editorial Assistant Photo Editor . . . Hobin Clark Layout Editor.. . . . Dave J\toormann Sports Editor ............................... !\like Kaszuba Entertainment Editor ....................... l>a\'id Rutman Copy Editor .................................. lt:\n Trah:rn Adviser ..................................... Leo Stalnaker News phones974-2619, 28-12, 2398 DEADLINES: General news 3 p.m. daily for following day issue. Advertising (with prooll Thursday noon for Tuesday; Friday noon for Wednesday, Monday noon for Thursday, Tuesday noon for Friday. Deadlines extended one day without proof. Classified ads taken 8 a.m.-noon two days before publication in person or by mail with payment enclosed. Advertising rates on request. 974-2620, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-S p .m. Stories and pictures of interest to students may be submitted to the Oracle in LAN 469 or the suggestion boxes in the Library and UC. Editor: I strongly object to the implications set forth in the Oracle's coverage of WC'dnesday's meeting of the Board of Student Publications: one might infer from the statements published I oppose the independence of the newspaper. What I said in the meeting is adequately stated in the BSP memonamely. I would rather see the Oracle This public document promulgated at an annual cost of Sl-18.696.-15 or 9c per copy, to disseminate news to the students, staff and faculty or the l'niversity of South Florida.

DOONESBURY /-:Z'3 YOIJMEAN ... y0{//1EAN ... .. 10SEE .. / Yes .. yes by Garry Trudeau J: 51/PPOS!i FRIWKtY, I YOIJR!i RIGHT, THINK BIJT /,(//lcR ONlY /?AL OIOICG /)() 7111/T IS 70 60 TO UAV6 WASHINGTON/ "!HEM? I \ CZAI!.. Hl!15&LF?l \ WHY, I HEAR Vt"R.Y NIC&! \ Monday session set by ACLU The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) will hold an open meeting at the Brown Bottle Monday night at 7 featuring discussions of local ACLU needs, Tampa Pres. Jack Moore said yesterday. "We will present films on civil rights," Moore said, "with a discussion following about specific ACLU needs in the Tampa area." The films are "Speech and Protest" and "Interrogation and Counsel," which concern rights of citizens, Moore said. Moore said a discussion con cerning "general education" of students concerning their con stitutional rights will follow the films. The Florida ACLU chapter is constructing a "Student Bill of Rights," Moore said, which will also be discussed at the meeting. Establishment of a USF student chapter will also be discussed, he said. There is already a student group at the St. Petersburg campus. "We will also set up a student ACLU chapter," Moore said, "to work on problems associated with students." Free beer will be provided at the meeting, Moore said. Campus to obtain lighting BY SANDRA WRIGHT Oracle Managing Editor Additional campus lighting, delayed by non-performance of a construction firm, is noY. scheduled for installation by March 17, Procurement Director Ed Beatie said yesterday. Nineteen lights will be installed along the sidewalk extending southeast of the Language Literature Building, Beatie said He said the prestressed concrete light poles were originally scheduled to be in Dec 20 but the firm awarded the contract never delivered them. "We reached a point where wf. baa to have those lights," Beatie said Beatie said his office made repeated attempts to contact Southern but always "got a recorded answering service." "WE HAD phoned out on numerous occasions,' Bea tif said. "But he had service and to our knowledge we never got an answer." Ed Beatie .. places new order Yesterday. a call to Southern was also answered by a recording saying "We are temporarily out of the office When you hear the tone. leave your name and telephone number Beatie said he wrote the company. Southern Line Constructors. Dec. 4 to remind them the completion date was Dec. 20, MacKay at Duke on leave Dr. Maxine MacKay, special assistant for Women's Affairs, has left USF on a one-quarter leave of absence, Dr. Carl Riggs, vice-president for Academic Affairs, said last night. She will be doing research on the Middle Ages at Duke University and will return al the beginning of Qtr. III. he said. Earlene Dickey. assistant professor of Behavioral Sciences. has been appointed to relieve Dr MacKay during her absence. MacKay, a long-time USF faculty member. has been active in equal opportunity programs at the University FRIDAY FORUM midL&&ESZ W &ICZLW we "and I trust the deadline will be met." He said Southern officials never "to my knowledge'" responded to the request so he obtained permission to re-award the contract. "I simply found out they ULtR M"' AJ :::::::: m Buildin ,,, Av. !fil i WrE 1!1 :::: u of Soe Fla. ::: Hampton Mae Institute providing individuafued educational programing for handicapped and nonhandicapped children. .For further information CALL 233-3814


6-THE ORACLE January 25, 197 4 Scheduled movies vary BY DAVID RUTMAN Entertainment Editor Horror, comedy and a comedyhorror film are among the movies scheduled for this weekend on campus. Steve McQueen and Ali McGraw met and fell in love on the set of "The Getaway," being presented tonight, tomorrow and Sunday in LAN 103. The film is about a paroied convict, played by McQueen, who pulls a bank robbery for some gangsters but escapes with the loot and Ali McGraw. "The Getaway" will be presented by SEAC at 7:30 and 10 p.m. Admission is 75 cents. BUSBY BERKELEY'S technicolor classic "The Gang's All Here," along with Betty Boop cartoons, will be featured as tonight's Midnight Madness show, sponsored by Florida Center for the Arts. Tomorrow, Midnight Madness will feature two horror films, "Curse of the Demon" and ... Black Sunday." These films deal in cinematic witchcraft. Midnight Madness begins at midnight in the ENA. Admission each night is $1. The Chaplin Retrospective" series, sponsored by the Florida Center for the Arts, continues with -"The Gold Rush" and "Pay Day." "The Gold Rush" has often been called the best silent comedy made. "Pay Day" is a rare Chaplin silent comedy short. TJIESE TWO comedies will be presented tonight, tomorrow and Sunday at 7 and 9:30 p.m. in the ENA. Admission is $1. "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein," featuring Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney, plus the cartoon "Wabbit Trouble," are tonight's features at Head Theatre. Tomorrow night, Head Theatre .features a talent show, an Our Gang comedy, chapter five of "Phantom Empire," plus the old guidance movies, "Are You Popular'?" and "What to do on a Date HEAD THEATRE takes place at midnight in LAN 103. Admission is 75 cents for club members, $1 for non-members "Slaughterhouse Five" will be shown on the Bay Campus in the Auditorium tonight at 8 p.m. There is no admission charge. BO-JANGLES Pizza, Catering, Italian Sandwiches, and Meatballs, Quick Service 119 Bullard Pkwy. 988-5052 Across from Western Auto in Terrace Plaza HONDA VILLAGE sales service parts Honda's are our business Our only business mon. 9 til 9 weekdays til 6 971-8171 14727 N. Nebraska Authorized Honda Car Dealer AtSHAKET'S we serve fun (also pizza) AND 8114 N. Fla. Ave. Tampa,. Fla. 935-3101 Fraternities, Sororities& Other Campus Organizations. !!! Hey Students !!! i AMERICAN OVERSEAS i J/ Ski-A-Week in Europe. : AIRLINES PRESENT. i # LV M : Waikiki Pokole 7 days in Hawaii : arch 18, 197 4 # : Depart: Tampa -Mar. 17, 1974 : # Return: March 26, : Return: Tampa -Mar. 24, 1974 i Only $317.00 'k Only: $475.51 inc. airfare f FOR MORE DETAILS CONTACT: i Mail coupon to: OR STOP BY AND A O T PICK UP YOUR # American Overseas Travel : merican verseas ravel FREE VANDA : : Adm. 102, 4202 Fowler Ave. : Adm.102, 4202 Fowler Ave. ORQIID AND # # Tampa. 33620 PH. 97 4-2695 : Tampa, 33620. PH. 97 4-2695 BROCHURE # : _,' HURRY! Limited number of seats available : Please send me info on Ski-A-Week. Please send me info on a week in Hawaii. : NAME : # NAME # ADDRESS PH : : ** ADDRESS PH : W-OTY -ZIP ST ATE :.: OTY ZIP STATE : *:Based on New York G.I.T.


Marionettes enact Jack and beanstalk An evil giant, an adventurous young boy and a mysteriously growing beanstalk are only a few of the attention riveters in the Vagabond Marionettes' production of "Jack and the Puppeteers ... show marionettes Gulf Symphony plays tomorrow Three dances from Part Two of "A Three-Cornered Hal will be performed tomorrow night al 8 :30 p m by th e Florid a Gulf Coast S y mphony in Bayfront Auditorium. Piani s t Martin Jon es will b e the guest a rtist. Othe r sc lcdi o n s pla ye d by !ht> sympho n y w ill b e l\'l ozart s S y mphon y no. :19 in E flat minor a Britt e n piano c onc e rto and Rachmaninoff' s llhapsod y on a Them e o f P a g a nini Call 2S:l -OG79 f or t i c k c t in form atio n Beanstalk," to be presented at USF tomorrow The event is sponsored by the Florida Center for the Arts tomorrow at 9:30 and 11:30 a m in LAN 108. Attendance is limited to USF students, faculty staff, and any children th e y bring to the p erformance. Grownups mus t present USF ID cards. Admission for all is 75 cents. Enthusiastic response to "Jack and the Beanstalk" will probably r esult in the Florida Center' s sponsorship of additional live programs for children. The e nactm ent of the familiar s tor y of young Jack, his magic b ea n s the giant, and the hen that laid the gold e n e ggs will be follow e d by a demonstration of th e art of puppetry S p e ci a l features of the produ c tion will include hand m a de, tw o-and-a-half foot marionettes, a live actor in the rol e of the giant, a nd special lightin g effects Costumes will be a uth e ntic reproductions of the 15th century. The Vagabond Marionettes Compa ny has toured widely in the east, bringing thousands of children of all ages the e x cit e m e nt and magic of popular fair y ta l c s ALL DAV, ALL NIGHT, ALL WEEK! DRAFT Pitchers $1.00 11 AM TUES. FRI. at 6 PM Thurs., Fri Sat. THE OUTLAWS Ml BACK YARD 6902 N. 40th St. Starring BARBARA S T EELE THE 111-FASHIOll STORE WESTSHOR E PLAZA : NORTHGATE SHOPPING CENTER BRITTON PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER DOWNTOWN: 705 FRANKLIN STREET THE ''DUTCH BOY'' A NEW SLACK ON THE FASHION SCENE, WITH A 4 INCH WAISTBAND. AVAILABLE IN CORDUROY AND POLYESTER. 7


8-THE ORACLE January 25, 1974 USF Long Island BY PAM JONES Oracle Sports Writer everybody healthy." To do this, the team has been getting a little more rest than usual from When the Blackbirds of Long practice Island University come to town The Brahmans will be facing a Senior guard Arthur Jones awaits Long Island practicing the jumper that did in Florida State Oracle photo by Chris Malone to meet the Brahmans tomorrow team which plays a similar style night at the Armory, a fast-paced game to their own Leading the game should be the result. Blackbirds will be 6'6" center The Brahmans will be out to Ruben Rodriguez, the team's defend their undefeated mark at number one rebounder and the Armory, as well as trying' to scorer. raise their season record above PLAYING THE game at the the .500 figure. Armory could give the Brahmans "We will probably go with our an advantage. The crowd at the regular running game," said Armory is closer to the action Coach Don Williams. "As long as and, in Williams' opinion, "the it's effective, we'll stay with it." team and the crowd get more AN ADDED burden to involved." Williams' task will be the abThe Brahmans still have to sence of senior John Kiser. Kiser prove they didn't suffer a letdown left for his home in Indiana in spirit after the FSU win last Wednesday night after learning week. Williams expressed the of the death of his father. belief this has not occurred. "John's absence may affect the "This team can meet a challenge group," said Even real well," he added. while he was injured, Kiser acted Starting for the Brahmans will sell it fast with Oracle Guitars, Amps & Accessories At Discount Prices. Old And New Instruments CHARLIE'S' 4505 MUSIC S. Dale CENTER Mabry 837-2957 CHAINWHEEL DRIVE Quality products & service 3, 5&10 speed Bikes trade-ins, used hikes Racing & Touring equipment 11148 N. 30th St. from Schlitz Open 9 to 6 Phone 971-2439 Fuji Gitane Bottecchia Sutter as a "cheerleader" for the team, be Leon Smith and Jack James as Women host tournevl so p ROYALLY I SY RINDY WEATHERLY "We'd like to have some people Oracle Sports Writer USF's women's basketball squad makes its home debut in the Central Florida Senior College Invitational tomorrow to root for us for a change," Coach Cheatham said. The Brahmisses will host the tournament, which should feature a lot of action, according to Coach Jane Cheatham. Other schools participating in the one-day event are Rollins College, Florida Tech, St. Leo, and Flagler. "Flagler will probably be the team to beat," Cheatham said. "They were third in the state last year. The tournament begins at 9 a.m in the gyril, and will con tinue until about 5 p m. It is to the public and there is no admission charge. In their first three games, the Brahmisses' opponents have had the home crowd advantage. Rugby opens USF s rugby club opens its 1974 home season on the intramural field tomorrow when it hosts Naples at 3 p m. The club, in its second season, finished fourth in the state last I : AND FAST Busby Berkeley's masterpiece. ALICE CARMEN FAYE MIRANDA IN BUSBY BERKELEY'S THE GANG'S ALL HERE IN TECHNICOLOR. Betty Boop Shorts Tonight: Jan. 25 ENA $1.00 MIDNIGHT MADNEss I I I I I I I I FREE DELIVERY One coupon per person please thanks. To validate coupon fill in name and phone numl::;er. FAST HOT FREE DELIVERY Buck's Shoes Ph. 988-5356 A NEW YEAR GIFT To help you celebrate the arrival of the New Year and a new school term, here's a $1.00 towards any large, one item pizza. So invite your friends over and share the joys of the festive occasion with Domino's pizza. 2030 FLETCHER -Phone: 971-7875 I DOMINO'S PIZZA


Ali Frazier THE ORACLE-January 25, 1974 Buy one 89 cent specia !,.,.:,,, Get one for % price. Play it again TAS-T FRIED CHICKEN 2301 E. Fletcher Ave. BY MIKE KASZUBA Oracle Sports Editor Editor's Note: With only three days remaining until Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier square-off in their "Fight of the Century II," the Oracle contacted Jack Solowitz Fort Homer Hesterly Armory closed-circuit coordinator for the fight, for his opinion. MK -Do you think any fighter has lost any of the assets he had three years ago, that would give one the advantage over the other? JSThey probably haven't lost any heart.. they both have a lot of confidence but you don't get any better when you get old MK What do you think are the chances of the loser, or, for that matter, the winner, retiring after the fight? JS -I don't see anything ahead for the loser. It's a win fight, with the winner getting a shot at the Foreman-Norton winner. Whoever loses has no future as far as boxing goes, I think. MK What does Ali have to do to win this time? JSIn order for Ali to win he has to get the leverage and get off his toes ... I don't think he can dance on his toes for 12 rounds, though. They both have intestinal fortitude both real tough physically. MK -How many rounds do you think it will go? JS -I look for it to go the full 12 rounds they re two real tough guys. I can't pick a winner, it could be either one. MK -Do you think the "skir mish" between Ali and Frazier while they were reviewing their first fight for ABC's Wide World of Sports was staged? JSNaw that wasn't a put-on I personally feel Joe blew his cool like Ali said. There's no telling what can happen when them two get together That whole show was supposed to be a publicity stunt. MK Seeing as George Foreman beat Joe Frazier badly a year ago and that Frazier is the winner of the last Ali-Frazier fight, do you think either Ali or Frazier can give Foreman a good fight? JS -I couldn't say ... but assuming Foreman does win his match with Norton, he must fight USF DANCE DEPT DANCE CONCERT University Theatre 8:30 pm Tues. Wed. Jan. 29, 30 fuHtime-studcnts $1 others $2 the winner of the Ali-Frazier fight. And looking at it from a drawing standpoint, a hookup like that would draw real -I mean real money. Offer good at Fletcher location only 1-22-74thru 1-25-74 tuat Juhia Wruhiug <1Jn. BOUTIQUE _..;:.-".: 'Jh Price t JEANS, SLACKS, TOPS, ';1 DRESSES, SHIRTS, REFRESHMENTS SERVED PHONE 971-0077 12802 NEBRASKA AVENUE OPEN 10:00 -10:00 SEVEN DAYS A WEEK 9


USF's opportunity plan under HEW examination urac1e Dho o by o n .HEW representative, Sandra Etchison, confers with Engineering Dean, Ed Kopp. BY TONY BRIGGS Oracle Staff Writer Several members from the U S Department of Health Education and Welfare (HEW) are currently at USF gathering in formation to review the Equal Educational Opportunity plans, Dr. Jim Vickrey, director of University Relations, said yesterday HEW has directed Florida and 10 other states to submit the plans providing desegregation and equal education opportunities for all students Vickrey said the HEW team is at USF gathering background information to "gain a firmer base on which to evaluate the (Equal Educational Opportunity) plan." The Board of Regents had submitted a plan earlier but HEW rejected it as being "too general," he said. Financial aid given to 5,000 BY JUDIE COX Oracle Staff Writer Approximately 5000 USF students now receive some form of financial aid, George Gold smith, director of Financial Aids, said yesterday. Alm0st 500 students have been awarded some type of scholar ship, he said. To receive a scholarship for next year. a student must apply before next Friday, Goldsmith noted Almost 700 students benefited from grants and another 900 students have jobs to aid them financially, Goldsmith said Deadline for financial aid other than scholarship applications is March 1. Financial Aids will accept applications anytime but those received deadlines are given priority, he said. "To receive any form of financial aid, a student must be in good academic standing with the University," Goldsmith said. The student must also be able to show financial need "We offer commitments of assistance to students who need ft until we run out of funds," Goldsmith said. Don't miss this exciting Puppet Play Professional Puppet Theatre for Children 2 performances onlyll SATURDAY, JAN. 26 9:30 & 11:30 a.m. LAN 103 75c open to USF faculty, staff, students & their children USF ID's 1required for adults Florida Center for the Arts The r e vis e d plan should be submitt e d within two weeks, Vickrey said The HEW team is touring several Florida Universities this week, including Florida State University, Florida A&M and the University of North Florida. Vickrey said USF has be e n called a "leader in equal education opportunity in the system." HE SAID the HEW t e am will talkto several group s during their two-day vis it. including tlw Afro-American Societv. a womens group and four deans. Vickrey said students or faculty members who wish to address the team may do s o at ;1 p ublic meeting a t 9 ::lO thi s morning in UC 158. Stud e nts or faculty who wis h to comment or complain about educ a tion a l opportunities a t USF s hould a tt e nd, he said. ******************* STONEHENGE t 9711 Nebraska Ave. iC Upstairs bar and gameroom "' featuring THE RITUAL -tc for the next 2 weeks t Thurs. thru Sat. 7 1 pm -le "******************* DIRECT FROM -NEW YORK "A GLORIOUSLY FUNNY PLAY!" IMOGENE COCA Clive Barnes, N.Y.Times Saint-Subber KING DONOVAN Presents in Pri the son er of Second Avenue A NEW COMEDY BY NEIL SIMON "Finest play since 1'The Odd Couple'" Time Magazine MCKAY AUDITORIUM .SUNDAY FED 3rd 2 P.M. & 8 P.M. STUDENT DISCOUNT $2.00 RESERVATIONS & INFO


( t: A S S I J! I It A It S ) ( HELP WANTED l NEED mature responsible reliable person lo maintain household with 2 children ages 4 & 7. 3 p.m. lo 8 p .m. 3 lo 4 evenings per week. Days vary wk. lo wk. Musi be able lo transport children. References please. $2.25 per hr. 935-1381. MALE School Club Leader to work with Elementary Schoql Age Children for YMCA 10-15 hours per week. $2.00 per hour. Call Jerry Rupert 229-6517. STUDENTS wanted for permanent partlime employment taking inventory In grocery and variety stores. Reply RGIS Inventory Specialists 5445Marlner St: Rm. 208 Phone 879-3876. STUDENTS! Full or part tim;i openirf!ls are available to earn money selling ice cream in your area. The hours will be arranged to fit your class schedule. Circus Man Ice cream 876-5263 4610 W. Ohio Ave. EXPERIENCED ENCODER OPERATOR needed immediately for temporary assignment day or night shift, ideal for students, Prestige location. Top pay, no fee. Call Pat or Dee MANPOWER, Inc 253-0408. HOW ABOUT a little side money? Hours to suit your school schedule. Help needed full or part time as hostesses, busboys, or waitresses. Experience preferred but not necessary. Good money, nicest coffee shop in Tampa. Great working conditions. Please apply at B.J.'s Coffee Shop, 2055 NDale Mabry, between 2 and 5 p.m. PART-TIME phone representative for taxsheltered Investment company. Work In our office Mon.-Thurs from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. and Fri. 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. 20 hr. week. Start at 52.50 hr. Plus monthly bonus. Experience desired but not necessary. Call between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. Mon. thru Fri. t 872-9236. WAITRESS needed foe" daytime, casllier needed for evenings. Call Paesanos 9U-1447. ( REAL ESTATI: ) OPEN HOUSE Sunday Jan. 27th & Feb. 3rd 10:00 a .m.5 p.m. 1'25 11Sth Ave Corner 21st St. & 115th Ave. Beautiful five bedroom-two bath-spilt level home. Ideal for large family. Sale by owner. 565,000. Phone 879-5471. OVERSIZE 'hACRE Near U S F Yr. Old 3 BR, 2 BA, Huge L.R., Pan. Fam. Rm. Ser. Porch, cen. H & AC, Cptd. Drapes, Dwash. Ref. Wash-Dry. Free water, County Taxes. 7''2 per cent Mtge. 535,900 Owner 988-3896 or evenings 988-0063. REAL ESTATE Fish Farms, F ish Camp, Commercial, Residential, Riverfront, Acreage, Apt. Complexes, Motels, a few of the categories we handle. Call us. Let us help. ELSIE 0PICKARD, INC., Phones 677-1677 & 677-1248. ( MOBILE HOMES J WOODED LOT for mobile home, s min. from USF, $50 month ly, includes waler, sewer. Quiet beautiful, boat ramp, fishing Call Bob 988-4085. MOBILE HOME 12x60 2 bedroom, central air and heal. Completely set up in Paradise Village 4812A Valda Ln $4,800 621-1656 or 626-7535. FOR SALE: 1973 65 fl. 2 BR, 2 BA. AC, skirt, patio roof, storage bid;. Some furn Poss. Feb. Isl. $5795.00 terms. 6U-5209, 985-2968. I LOST & FOUND l LOST: Book bag, Cale & Physics books, glasses. pocket slide rule. Lost Jan. 19 8:00 a .m. on campus. Call 985-2177 after 5:00 p m REWARD! LOST: Black OftYX rltlfl With star In center. REWARD. 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QUICK SERVICE 4 minutes from campus. Call Janie Odom, 988-2161. c FOR RENT ) FURNISHED apt. ; north Tampa. Air conditioned, heat; 1 bedroom, livlngroom, kitchen, bthroom. Single person only S90 per month. Call now. 235-4311 or 232-0011. NEW RIVERFRONT guesthovse for mature couple as caretakers. Sitting room, studio bedroom, kitchen, bath, patio. Furnished. No children. fU-I003. APT. for sub-let, 1 br. furn., 5123 mo., call after 6:00, 971-4412, W. T Ward Apts. LA MANCHA DOS, Tampa's only student apt. complex. 572-90 per month. 1 block from campus on 42nd St. 971-0100. 71/z MINUTS FROMUSF New complex on s acres. Children & pets -come. No lease. 2 bedrooms, wall to wall carpet; drapes; central heat & air; unfurnished S155. Ph. "8-5263 days. "85614 evenings & weekends. ( PERSONAL l BARBRA Valente has a Beautiful Smilel Bill. ABORTION is safe. Abortion is legal. In Clearwater call toll free for information. Dial 1-800-432-3753. DATE MATCH I NG service. 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12 -THE ORACLE January 25, 1974 'Issues' challenged The Anthropology Club Presents Mr. Mayfield of the Hills borough County Mus eum This Friday Jan:. 25_ BY JILL AARONSON Oracle Staff Writer Third in a three-part series Administration goals for USF, as stated in the document "Major Issues haye been challenged by members of the University community. The document, authored by Vice President for Student Affairs Joe Howell, includes "lack of a plan" as a problem warranting attention. BUT HOWELL said yesterday he did not mean the University has no plan ''Even though, generally, we know what our goals are," Howell said," "we don't really have a plan that can be articulated to the public Increased community suspicion of administrative actions is included in a section entitled "Issues Stated by Student Affairs." The document (analysis J states ... All personnel reflect their frustration toward the administration .'' Howell said many people have a negative attitude toward the Administration. "A GOOD example," Howell said, "involves this document. This was simply an honest at tempt to identify problems, but some people think there is a secret plan behind it." One goal stated in "Major Issues" is to create a "truly contemporary metropolitan university Bill Davis, SG president, said this conflicts with the code of the State University System. THE SOUTHERN Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges also noted the confusion in semantics. In their recent reaccreditation report they stated, "The terms metropolitan and urban appear to have been used almost in terchangeably in the various statements related to purpose; and this practice may have left some confusion in the minds of those for whom an urban university may have a specified limited meaning Howell agreed there is a dif ference in the use of the two words. "I think metropolitan is a better description of USF," Howell said. I Iii!_, Room 128 of the Social' Science Bldg. From 2:00 lo 3:00 p.m. DONATE ON A REGULAR BLOOD PLASMA PROGRAM AND RECEIVE UP TO $45 A MONTH BRING STUDENT ID OR THIS AD AND RECEIVE A BONUS WITH YOUR FIRST DONATION HYLAND DONOR CENTER 238 W. Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, Fla. 33602 appointment available to fit your class Monday through Friday call 253-2844 l -***************************** ( job mart J : PLAYING THIS WEEK AT THE WHIPPING POST The following emplOyers will be interviewing on-campus oil the dates as indicated. Contact -Student Career and Employment Center (AOC 105) to schedule appointments and for further information. Jan. 2a Aetna Insurance Company BA-Bus. Major or Liberal Arts major with previous busiriess experience or coursework Mar June, & Alumni. Chubb Pacific Indemnity BA-Business & Liberal Arts Mar. June, Aug Florida Parole & Probation BA,MACriminology, Psychology, Sociology majors prefer_r_ ed. Will consider others. Dec Mar .. June. Aug Alumni. Martin Marietta Corp. BS,MS Aerospace Elect. Engr., Mechanics, Physics, Indus., Mech. Engr., Engr. Tech., Mar. & June. Jan. 29 Chubb Pacific Indemnity Info same as for Jan. 28. Martin Marietta Corp. Info same as for Jan 28 Sears, Roebuck and Co. -BA-Mkt, Fin., Econ & Mgt. Mar. June, & Aug. Jan. 30 FMC Corporation BS-M.E Mar., Jun Alumni. .Haskins-& Sells, CPA -BA.MA-Acct. Mar June, Aug & Alumni. Motorola, Inc. -BS, MS-Elect. Engr. Mar., June, & Aug Southwire BS-1.E., E.E. M.E. ChE & Civil, Mar., June & Alumni. S.t. Pete T i mes -Majors in Advertising, Sales, News Std., Bus., Mkt., Mgt.-Summer ONLY .Texas Instruments Non-technical or technical discipline, part-time employment ONLY. Jan. 31 Ernst & Ernst -BA,MA -Accounting, Mar., June, Aug. Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta -BA.MA-Bus. Adm., Fin .. Mg!., Econ .. Comp Sci., Mar. Haskins & Sells CPA Info same as for Jan. 30. Tornwall, Lang & Lee -BA,MA-Actg. Mar. & June .. Feb I Allstate Insurance Co. BA,MA-All Majors. Mar. Ernst & Ernst Info same as for Jan. 31. Olin Corporation BS,MS-ChE ., M.E., I.E., June, Aug. & Alumni. Tornwall, Lang & Lee Info same as for Jan. 31. The following employers have been video taped for Quarter 11 and may be seen al your request : Arthur Andersen Arthur Young, Coo_pers & Lyhrand Electronic Data Flr,s t F .. ln1nc1-_1 .corp.First .Qf Florida P-. Flor.IC!.F!Q.W;llf'. & .. l;lgt\t, General Telephone Grn. d u nJcin, :ijallmark Cerda, Mass ero!her:s. O)lllf,l.l Cornlnii, Peat, Marwick & P,r,lca Waterhouse, Prudential, Radiation, Southern Bell, Weatlngtiowe, West Point Pepparlll, Xerox. ttie following school systems are also on video-tape: Dekalb County, Nashville Metropolitan Tennessee. JObs available for students or. campus are: OPS POSITIONS ION-CAMPUS! For Books Teacher Aids ( 1), Veterans Ad ministration Counselor (1) and Night & Desk Clerk (l) CWSP POSITIONS CON-CAMPUS) FAT CHANCE Clerical (14), Typist (7), Errand-Runner (!), Recreation Aid (!), Receptionist (1), Audio-Visual Assistant (1), Sewing (l), Student Night Patrol (l), Graders (1), Shop Worker (!), Proctor Duty (1), InputOutput Clerk (1), Equipment Room Worker (1), Accountant (l), Photography Assistant (l) and Miscellaneous Work ( l) FLA A VE NORTH OF FLETCHER For further instructions contact Student Employment, AOC 105. ***************************** ''HARMON KARDON 630'' -stereo receiver do you think there's something better??? as far as fidelity goes, there isn't !!! as a matter of fact, it's yours FREE, if you can come up with a receiver that has lower distortion & wider frequency response than the this is also the only receiver with 2 separate power supplies! also fantastic is the price $359.95 understand it before you buy POWER 30-30 W RMS per 8 ohms 4812 E. Busch Blvd. FREQUENCY RESPONSE 1to100,000 Hz -lDb INTERMODULATION DISTORTION -.15 per cent at full rated power 988-7059 -W its LITTLt PROFcSSOR 600KCtN1CR Floriland Mall Busch Blvd. & Florida Ave.


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