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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
Wickstrom, Valerie ( Editor )
Wright, Sandra ( Managing editor )
Thompson, Sue ( Advertising manager )
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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University of South Florida -- Newspapers ( lcsh )
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Approved release to list enrollment BY VALERIE WICKSTROM Oracle Editor Preliminary registration figures will no longer be made available through offices of either Records and Registration or Administrative Planning. Earlier this quarter the Oracle announced Records and Registration was replaced by Administrative Planning as the source for the USF student head count. However, an Administration spokesman yesterday said the figures will now be issued as a press release through the Office of Information Services. The Oracle was told yesterday an unofficial, preliminary figure had been received from the computer center but the figure would be made available by memo to Dr. Jim Vickrey, director of University Relations, today. USF is required to submit official figuresto the Board of Regents by Feb. 7. Pre-registration for Qtr. 3 begins Feb. 4; it was originally announced registration figures would be released last week, 14 class days after the end of regular registration and early drop-add. University officials said yesterday the figures have been delayed because USF must issue an accurate registration count to insure proper budgeting. Last quarter's estimate of 20,000 students is estimated to be almost 1,000 students high by some sources. thursday's ORACLE Jan. 31, 1974 Vol. 8, No. 104 12 pages Anne Frank draws big USFcrowd Many USF students stood in long lines yesterday waiting to view the play "The Diary of Anne Frank," performed in LAN 103 at 2 p.m. The production was staged by the Speech Department. See Story on page 6. Oracle photo by Robin Clark Stone will support public evaluations BY SANDRA WRIGHT Oracle Managing Editor A spokesman for Florida Secretary of State Richard Stone yesterday said Stone will support a move by the state attorney general to open university files containing employe evaluations. Deputy Atty Gen Barry Richard has said Atty Gen Robert Shevin will introduce a resolution in Tuesday s Florida Cabinet meeting requesting state university presidents open all files in accordance with Florida State Statute 119. This, he said, would include evaluations currently closed. "His (Stone's) position was if what Mr Shevin told us, is the Omnibus Act was a permissive act that said the Regents may restrict records of some em ployees," Kelley said. "But Mr. Shevin said we (cabinet) had the authority not to approve it, and we did not." Overestimated enrollment means $200,000 loss all employes work for the state their records should be open," Randall Kelley, education aide to Stone, said. "I see no reason why they should be closed." THE CABINET has twice rejected Board of Regents (BORl attempts to close evaluations but the documents are still closed at USF. University General Counsel Larry Robinson said he feels the Omnibus Education Act, which states the BOR may limit access to evaluative material, permits confidential documents. Sources have indicated many Florida universities also maintain closed evaluations. State University System Chan cellor Robert Mautz has said the BOR will make no further at tempts to gain cabinet approval for secret records but noted the issue is a technical legal one He said he "assumed" evaluations are now closed. BY WAYNE SPRAGUE Oracle Staff Writer Although it will be "bad management state law will require withdrawal of approximately $200,000 in allocated funds from USF, State University System (SUS) Chancellor Robert Mautz said yesterday Mautz said the Legislative Appropriations Act "requires allocation and reallocation on the basis of actual (university) enrollment. SUS allocations are based on projected enrollment with no knowledge of future at tendance figures, he said USF OVERESTIMATED its 1973-74 enrollment by the equivalent of approximately 400 full-time students, causing ad ministrative officials here to prepare for loss of as much as $250,000. Administrative Affairs has reserved funds and can replace the entire amount the university stands to lose USF officials have said Mautz said he "regretted" the withdrawal and hoped it would not happen again. "We think the practice of allocating and then withdrawing funds from the universities is bad management he said. MAUTZ HAS SAID the universities should be able to accurately predict the funds available to them to be able to function efficiently Mautz said his office has determined USF must return about $200,000 and said he has sent a letter concerning the Athletic squads may be cut See story page 8. matter to Vice President for Finance and Planning Bert Hartley Hartley said yesterday his office has not received the letter. "Our understanding, based on KELLEY SAID he feels Shevin 's proposed resolution would earn cabinet support. Only Education Commissioner Floyd Continued on page 12


2-THE ORACLE January 31, 1974 Saxbe to defend Nixon's stan d WASHINGTON r .ms arres t e d i n N .'w. Y o r k n c harge s o f '.!ie;::al poi;S( ''.' '!Uil and inlerst alP l :. :,. ----"""u:.'t' !\ ".:.;'il;.: .. .. The Orac1. 1 Ftori d f' ;n1 :; academ1..: y .1 : : pe riod m i d .1111, Ave ., T a r n p ; i .. .: :::-_iif C.:riday, du: ::. !Je r ihl'( ,ugh r:1i d )ur. "'.J:iq q .::...ligust b v the 1:=;1., .'i 'i -" '"-'-=" .-.. -


THE ORACLE -January 31, 1974 3 Bid process termed sham Bert Hartley ... 'conclusion erroneous' BY SANDRA WRIGHT Oracle Managing Editor TALLAHASSEE The Joint Senate-House Legislative Auditing Committee last night adopted a report concluding although there was "no criminal intent involved in a USF bidding project, the affair was a ''sham The group also ordered Florida Auditor Gen. Ernest Ellison to conduct an investigation into outside employment of all t .P.achinll and research and ad_ ... Bagful of Books ministrative personnel at the University THE BID contract for an audio-visual project, was awarded to Resource, Inc which was headed by a USF faculty member. "The procedure ... appears to have been contrived and leads one to believe the entire bid process was a sham, the report states However, the legislators ab solved the faculty member, Dr Robert Wimmert, from any "bid collusion" activities But they criticized what they found to be poor management of the bid contract. The report termed the project as "poorly handled USF VICE President for Finance and Planning Bert Hartley earlier told the group he "investigated" the matter completely and felt the University had acted properly in the procedure. The committee feels Vice Pres. Hartley's conclusions were erroneous, the report states The committee found the charges of the project's unsuccessful low bidder, Art Maynor

4-THE ORACLE January 31, 1974 Film move bares 1armpit' Editor: After reading the article in the Jan. 22 Oracle. "Film l\1ove Eyed." I was reallv shocked. Shocked first. with the College of Lan-Lit.and secondly. with all of USF. This article was a fine example of what an armpit this school is. students or the equipment. so it would seem to me any blame for the ef1uip ment rusting. because of improper storage space. should be. placed en tirely on both the College of Lan-Lit :rnd the Administration. The College and the Administration concluding the equipment is rusting because it is not being used is just incredible they are the ones keeping it from student use. have an awareness of their bodies doesnt mean they are trying to ac complish the same goals. They are of two different concepts. as are the film sequences. IT :\L\KES me very angry and defiant the Administration again refuses to recognize the interests of the students. What are we here for to learn what they want us to learn. or school in search of one that does offer your major. CLEAHLY, the Fine Arts film sequence wants the HEW equipment. Of course they are in favor of the Mass Com film sequence coming over to them. They don't want the Mass Com film sequence but still have the equipment. As to why they would want the Mass Com's equipment, which was Here is a man <"Doc" Horsman), who has spent four years of his life, that I know of. trying to turn this school into something worth noting. And now it seems :;ill his years of effort are to be of no avail. ----ORACLE------HORSMAN came to this university to teach all aspects of commercial film production and film theory, as a means of communication. He even brought his own equipment did." Why did you bother with the article? J.K. Middleton 4POL ORACLE VALERIE WICKSTROM Editor SUE THOMPSON Advertising Manager ANPA Pacemaker Award 1967, 1969 SDX Mark of Excellence 1972 SANDRA WRIGHT Managing Editor ACP All-American since 1967 BRUCE HADDOCK Editorial Assistant Photo Editor ................................ Robin Clark Layout Editor ............................... Da ve Moormann Sports Editor ............................... Mike Kaszuba Entertainment Edit01s ..................... Anne Laughlin Heather Shields Copy Editor ................................. Jea,n Trahan Adviser ..................................... Leo Stalnaker News phones-974-2619, 2842, 2398 DEADLINES: General news 3 p.m. daily for following day issue Advertising (With proof) Thursday noon for Tuesday, Friday noon for Wednesday, Monday noon for Thursday, Tuesday noon for Friday. Deadlines extended one day without proof. Classified ads taken a a.m.-noon two days before publication in person or by mail with payment enclosed. Advertising rates on request, 974-2620, Monday through Friday, B a.m.-5 p .m. Stories and pictures of interest to students may be submitted to the Oracle in LAN 469 or the suggestion boxes in the Library and UC. to follow our own individual interests? T.he Mass Com film majors want their sequence and the equipment allotted to them for that specific use. It's not just a matter of 30 or even 50 students; it's a matter of several hundred wanting more space so they can achieve their major in their present film sequence. Why would the department want to discontinue your major? Say your sequence had equipment the depart ment wanted; of course they would want you to merge in with them; they would then have the use of your equipment. But realizing the two majors had a definite conflict

DOONESBURY by Garry Trudeau I U/!5H YOU C0(!t0 HAV& 5EN THE XPR/0N ON H/5 FAC!3 a/HEN I 1lJt0 Hl/'1 Ht'f? HAVt TO 01/T TIO /'1/U/ON F0RM5 A al#K I IT W.45 : J O,SAVCY 5fCl?At<.Y ( I FOR611/E M&,SIR .. \ THE ORACLE-January 31, 1974 5 Reader laments U RR cut Editor: For those of us still lamenting the demise of progressive rock broadcasting in the greater Bay area, we can quit signing "Save the Railroad" petitions. As usual, someone off the USF campus is now providing what our radio station should Others have taken the lead, responding to listener preferences and refusing to ignore the fact there is a large listening audience who will support and listen to a station devoted to something more than top 40 trash. We should all be aware now of the blatant disregard by USF administrators of a substantial portion of their community as expressed last spring in an ex tensive two-week survey which showed a strong 67 per cent majority preferred Underground Railroad programming So, in his omnipotent wisdom, Ed Resources director, Manny Lucoff, decided to kill the only progressive rock station in the area. Logical thinking, but typical of the USF mentality. AS A RESULT, more knowledgeable and responsive radio programmers have filled the void left by the derailed URR with a commercial, progressive rock station The station policy has been so successful and listener response so favorable, lttttrs the station management have expanded their hours so true rock fans can listen to other than title cuts and hit tunes from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. Station WQSR 102-FM, has not sat on its hands insisting on some ridiculous, undefinable serious music criteria, as has Lucoff with full Administration backing. As a result, WQSR's management is now considering moving to a 24hour progressive rock format.. Therefore, the time has come for us at USF truly concerned about the future of progressive rock music in the Tampa Bay area to redirect our efforts. In stead of handling the thumb twiddli ng, ignorant, closed minded idiots of WUSF and the Mackey administration petitions begging for a reinstatement of URR hours, we shoilld now direct our efforts to \\Tiling the WQSR management in Sarasota. At least they will listen. Eat your heart out Dave Dial. Richard Urban 4COM Smith defends special students Bill Scheuerle heads study here You said Ask two people what are the two biggest traditions at USF (in two minutes or less). If you get a blank look you are on the right track If after one minute you get a blank look you are doing even better. After all, this IS a reasonably difficult task. Weeell still no answer? A few good answers I got were ... uh .. uh .. cutting down the Administration (this one is good year round) red envelopes on your windshield ( this one is only applicable if you are a model student), low-grad(. dope (whoops students at USF don' t do things like that.. .do they?), Homecoming (well, isn't that always a tradition?) Knocky Parker

8-THE ORACLE January 31, 1974 Frank' story of endurance Oracle photos by Robin Clark Complete cast takes to stage chuing "Diary of Anne Frank" air raid Song Fest postponed The SEAC Song Fest, scheduled for today, tomorrow and Saturday, has been post. poned until Qtr. 3 due to a tight budget and lack of manpower, according to Richard Alter, associate program director for SEAC. "We're shorthanded," Alter said. "A number of students didn't continue workirig for us and one position hasn't been filled." The Song Fest was budgeted between $1,000 and $1,500, ac cording to Alter. "Our funds are committed to the poin t we shouldn't commit more money," Alter said. "We'll wait till Qtr. 3 when we have the people and the money to do it right." Alter s .aid Campus Talent Auditions, a talent show using USF students, will fill the time gap left by the Song Fest post ponement. Please Vote 30 or 31 for MIKE MALTER, Student Senate LAN-LIT District 1 Double Talk as Anne Frank, played by Teresa Hogan, falks to her double, Kitty, played by Gina Sami, in "The Diary of Anne Frank" BY PARKER STOKES Entertainment Writer "The Diary of Anne Frank" was presented by the Department of Speech Communication yesterday and will be presented Wednesday at 2 p m. in Lan 103. Directed and adapted for the stage by Marcia Deming, a Speech Communication graduate student, this version is heightened by visual effects The stage is shadowy and moody with indistinct figures in the background. The play is one of human endurance against oppression. Anne Frank, a Jewish girl portrayed by Terri Hogan lives in Holland during the Nazi occupation. The setting is the building where Anne's family is hiding fr-om the Nazis with another family, the VanDaans. In the opening scene, four silhouetted forms are speaking in unison. Moving with purpose, the figures assemble an entrapment around the family's secure niche. Though her world is crumbling due to Nazi harassment, Anne says she must keep faith in mankind, though the outlook for the future is not bright. Throughout the play, Anne has an imaginary friend. As Anne's world starts to collapse her fantasy, played by Gina Sarni, says "We think we have found a solution but the solution does not seem able to resist the facts which reduce it to nothing Despite the harshness, Anne, through a romance with .Peter ( prtuitw J VanDaan, played by Richard Kaye seems to find an essen tially positive answer. She is able to confide in Peter the secret fears and hopes of her soul. Finally Anne concludes, "I simply cannot build up my hopes on a foundation of confusion, misery, and death ... .must uphold my ideas. For perhaps the time will come when I will be able to carry them out." READ ORACLE CLASSIFIED ADS! Village Prescription Center THE ONLY PHARMACY IN TOWN WITH STUDENT, STAFF, & FACULTY DISCOUNT ON Rx's i0938 N. 56th St. Phone 988-3896


Neanderthal men seek dominance ... in special show scheduled tonight Art series presents Hays Video-artist Ron Hays is guest lecturer tonight at 7 p.m. for the "Future of the Image" series being held in F AH 101. Hays, artist-in-residence for WGBH in Boston, was recently commissioned by Leonard Bernstein to create a video image composition to Wagner's "Prelude and Love Death" from "Tristan and Isolde" His work has been aired nationally titled "Music Image." CBS recently did a half hour show on Hays' synthesizer work. Hays will show tapes of his work and talk about synthesizer and video possibilities. The class is open to the public Ta/i's comedy presented Jacques Tati's French comedy "Playtime,". will be presented tonight in LAN 103 by the Florida Center for the Arts. The comedy was produced in 1967 and received release in America in 1973. "Playtime" will be shown at 7:30 and 9:30 p.m. Admission is $1. Tickets are available 45 minutes before showtime. The Key to Success Oracle Classifieds ENJOY 4 EXCITING DAYS ON BOARD t lt SHIP f;RUISING THE BAHAMA ISLANDS iC ONJ,Y $162.00 per person t Depart Miami -March 18, 1974 Return Miami March 22, 1974 i a For Complete details contact: t American Overseas iC Travel Corp t ADM 102, 4202 Fowler Ave. t Ph. 974,-2695 f! ON tAMPUS TRAVEL AGENCY and guests are invited to meet with the seminar group to discuss the lecture. THE GOSPEL SHOP 1 2104 E. Sligh (22nd & Sligh> CHRISTIAN SUPPLIES THE ORACLE -January 31, 1974 7 Sex battle highlighted 1Primal Man' traces dominance history BY ANNE LAUGHLIN Entertainment Editor '"The Battle for Dominance," second in the Travelers Theatre of Man series. "Primal Man," will air tonight at 9 p.m. on Channel 10. "Battle for Dominance" utilizes experiments and a tennis match to trace from prehistory to present what makes some men leaders and other followers. Using the battle between the sexes and the institutipnalization of authority, dominance patterns in society are traced. Modern day footage includes a video-tape of a dramatic ''simulated-prison'' experiment conducted at Stanford Uriiver sity. The experiment demonstrated the extent to which symbols -in this case uniforms -are a modern form of dominance. "Primal Man" also looks at .the most current publicized battle for dominance between the sexes, the Billie Jean King B "Primal Man" also looks at the most current publicized battle for dominance between the sexes, the Billie Jean King-Bobby Riggs tennis match. The special also documents recent potential experiments with elementary age children at Montessori schools. Results indicate the eldest child in a family develops greater leadership abilities tJ:ian his or her siblings. "Primal Man" is produced by Jack Kaufman and is a David Wolper Presentation. Dennis Azzarella scripted and directed "The Battle for Dominance." Alexandar Scourby narrates. LUTHERAN WORSHIP By Popular Demand, Worship is Noon SUNDAYS at the Ep.iscopal Center on 50th Street For Information, call 988-4025


8-THE ORACLE January 31, 1974 Evaluation of programs may cancel some sports "I've asked Dr. Bowers, in conjunction with the individ .ual head coaches, to make a recommendation as to what sports can compete on what level in light of the university's Division I direction." -Dr. Joe Howell Swim "We icnew as the budget got smaller, something would have to go .. 1'11 always like swimming, but as assistant athletic di'rector I'd like to see the University of South Florida have a top-notch athletic program." Spaff Taylor ,. shorts USF's judo club will meet tomorrow from 2-3 p m and Saturday 12-2 p m. in the gym's :.vrestling room. Men and women, beginning and a dvanced students are invited to participate *** Pensacola s Naval Air Station will provide the competition on the USF soccer field against the Brahman lacrosse club, Sunday at 11 a m Pensacola is the newest team in the league Confucius says shop BY MiKE KASZUBA Oracle Sports Editor Dr. Joe Howell, vice president for Student Affairs, said yesterday he has asked USF athletic director Dr Richard Bowers to conduct an evaluation of the University's athletic programs that could lead to the termination of one or more sports. "I've asked Dr. Bowers, in conjunction with the individual head coaches, to make a recommendation as lo what sports can compete on what level Bob Grindey Tennis "I have heard it said in the past tennis would be the least likely to go. To me it's kind of absurd to drop tennis -it's a boom sport now. sports USF s soccer club which lost to the St. Pete Kickers H last Sunday in an exhibition, will open its regular season against Tarpon Springs Pannellenic 2 p m. at Tarpon Springs sell it fast with Oracle Clas.5ifieds _OUNA FLEET COMP ANY, LTD 4532 W. Kennedy Blvd. Teak and Rosewood + Wicker + Paintings + Brassware + Rattan All types of handicrafts and accessories. in light of the University's Division I direction," Howell said "WE'LL BE looking at swimming very closely, golf very closely, tennis-very closely Soccer-not so closely baseball-closely," he said, continuing, "I assume we will maintain our basketball program Bowers said Howell has asked hipl to "submit to recommendations and project dollar figures for the various sports "I'll suggest a dollar allocation to the council as far as the amounts each sport would have to have to survive It's a matter of putting all of our eggs in a few baskets to take a few and help them along," Bowers sa id. HOWELL SAID a combination of sports could be eliminated or "maybe none at all However, both Howell and Bowers said swimming was the most disadvantaged sport. "We 'll have to look at. the disadvantages and advantages facing each particular sport Bowers said. But, I would think swimming wold be considered closely because of their chances of success in Division I." "In order for swimming to get any competition, they have to go out of the state Howell said, adding "and that runs into a large travel budget. On the other hand, baseball could play a fiftygame schedule without ever going out of the state HEAD SWIMMING COACH Bob Grindey agreed with Howell saying, "There's two reasons why swimming would be drop ped. Number one is because we have a large number of people Number two is that in order to c ompete with good people, you' ve got lo go out of stale "If we drop our program, at the end of this year, my recom mendation would be not to have a team nex t year. I'd rather have that than have a watered-down program," Grindey said Both coif coach Bob Shiver and head tennis mentor Spaff Taylor said they hoped their respective sports would not be cancelled. "If. that

USF edges AJA, James side/1i1ed BY PAM JONES Oracle Sports Writer The Golden Brahmans came from behind last night to defeat Athletes in Action in a close 86-84 game Senior Jack James, the team captain, was unable to play after suffering a slight shoulder separation in a class yesterday morning. Coach Don Williams said the injury "isn't too bad," but added "we wanted to be sure that Jack will be ready for Saturday af ternoon.'' The game was a .virtual runaway for AIA in the first half, when they led at one point by a 15 point margin. In the second half, however, the lead changed hands six times; with USF hanging on to the winning edge in the final seconds on a free throw by Gerald Long and a la.y-up by Warren Walk. WILLIAMS BLAMED the team's relatively poor showing on two things. "It was tough to get the team up for this game," he said, '"and a lot of the boys were pretty tired they're taking heavy loads this quarter." God's help AIA USF G FT GFT Fields 6 0 12 Smith 8 3 19 Blacklock 8 6 22 Mill 3 1 7 Gibbs 0 2 Long 2 3 7 Weakley 2 12 Dietz 1 0 2 Smith 11 2 24 Jones 12 1 25 Berry 4 2 8 DuPont 7 4 18 Stiff 1 0 2 Walk 4 0 8 ---Totals : 36 12 84 Totals: 37 12 86 AJA .............................. 54 30 USF ............................. 47 39 86 Fouled Out: Berry (AJA) Technicals: None Attendance : 750 Arthur Jones led the Brahmans in both rebounding and scoring, pulling in a total of 11 off the boards, and hitting for 25 points from the floor. Athletes in Action had two high scorers in Jim Blacklock, with 22 points, .and Vince Smith, who hit from all over the court for a total of 24. Smith also led the team in rebounds with seven. THIS GAME was the third out of their last four in which the Brahmans have gone down to the wire to win. Williams commented on this saying, "This team is getting a lot of experience in clutch situations." At half-time of last night's game, the Tampa Times sports department took on the Florida Wheels in a wheelchair basketball game. Needless to say, experience prevailed, and the Florida Wheels won, but the game was enjoyed by the crowd of 750. Tomorrow, the Brahmans leave for Kingston, Rhode Island, where they will meet the Rams of the University of Rhode Island Both Jack James and John Kiser will be ready to play in the game. Women top Rollins BY RINDY WEATHERLY Oracle Sports Writer The USF Brahmisses built up a big margin and held off a fourth quarter surge to top arch-foe Rollins College 38-34 in their match -up here last night. After two tries USF wins "Stopping Nancy Yeargin and Cissie Collins was the whole game," noted USF mentor Jane Cheatham. Rollins coach Ginny Mack agreed. ''South Florida did a fine job of containing Collins on the baseline," Mack said. Collins has been the Tars' leading scorer, averaging 20 points per game, but she was held to only two buckets from the field. The Brahmisses had been unable to stop Rollins in two previous meetings, but USF s inspired team play did the job this time. "We wanted this one more than anything," guard Karen Hackshaw said. Mary Ann Holmes turned in another fine performance, scoring 12 points and forcing the Tars to cough up the ball Jamie Wise and Agnes Colston battled Nancy Yeargin of Rollins on the boards giving USF a slight edge in rebounds. "They deserved to win," said Coach Mack of Rollins. "They were the better team.' The Brahmisses are 4-3 on the season. They face a tough Florida squad here Saturday at 2 p m THE 11-f ASlllOll STORE THE ORACLE -January 31, 1974 WESTSHOR E PLAZA NORTHGATE SHOPPING CENTER BRITTOl\I PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER DOWNTOWN: 705 FRANKLIN STREET SHIRT-JACK Make the fashion scene with a new three piece pant suit look, especially designed for you. Voile print short sleeve jacket, halter top and pants. Polyester and cotton blend. Washable. 9


10-THE ORACLE January 31, 1974 Bicycle parking to be improved BY MARY RUTH MYERS Oracle Staff Writer A pedestrian mall area with greenery and an outdoor vending area or a new design bike rack may be developed to help alleviate the campus bicycle parking problem, Bert Hartley, USF vice president for Finance and e1anning, said yesterday. "There is a significant need for additional bicycle parking near the key academic buildings," he said The area around Language Literature has the greatest need, he said. HE SAID a new kind of bike rack, circular rather than linear, is being studied This design provides better access to the racks and incrt:ascd safety. but there is some problem aligning this design rack with sidewalks. he said "A circular rack can serve 30 to 50 bikes. we need to serve several hundred. Hartley said. "We can't put that much bicycle parking in the green area near Language-Literature.'' Oracle photo by c;nris Malone Members of the social science advisory board, talk of plans for a possible 'Simulation Day.' Board discusses proposal for high school day BY TONY BRIGGS Oracle Staff Writer "Simulation Day," a program designed to allow Hillsborough County high school students to visit USF and experience a day here, was the main topic of discussion at the Social Science Advisory Board meeting yesterday. The Board is trying to obtain permission from the Hills borough County Board of Education to allow students to attend Simulation Day. However, George Duncan, board member, said he has been unsuccessful in trying to reach these officials. IT WAS SUGGESTED Simulation Day be held in con junction with an anthropology festival at the beginning of Qtr. 3, but rio date was set. THE MEMBERS of the board also discussed the possibility of starting a program called "An Evening With ... ," in which various topics and personalities dealing with Social Science would be discussed. The Student Advisory Board of Engineering also met yesterday and again discussed the up-Paper crisis could delay schedules Printed class schedules are becoming increasingly difficult for USF to obtain, Dennis Goodwin, director of Records and Registration, said Tuesday. The national paper shortage presented serious problems last year when only one printing company bid on the Qtr. 2 class schedule, he said. "We sent out 26 letters and only got one bid back for $34,000," Goodwin said. "We had thought we'd pay about $7 ,000 for a four-quarter bid from one outfit." The Board of Regents then authorized USF to let out an "emergency bid" which was awarded to Newspaper Printing Co. of St. Petersburg, which also prints the Oracle. Goodwin said the green Qtr : 3 schedules were printed by the Daytona News Journal which bid about $3,000 for one quarter only. He said the total cost of preparation, typing and reproduction was $5,278. W "Now we've got to start again," Goodwin said, noting m schedules for both Qtr. 1 and Qtr. 4 must go out on bid !fil within a few weeks. "We conduct both registrations at the h same time, so we'll have to find someone with a lot of paper," he said. Goodwin also expressed concern his printing budget W would "run out before the things are finished." coming Engineering Expo '74. The National Science Council also met yesterday, even though it is "in a state of reorganization." The Board currently has no constitution but is working on a new one. The Board did discuss the possibility of getting a courtesy phone for the Center. THE BOARD also discussed the possibility of obtaining two calculators which would be available to students. Qtr. 3 catalog contains errors Typo errors in the Qtr. 3 class schedule may cause confusion, according to Dennis Goodwin, director of Records and Registration, who announced corrections yesterday. Regular Registration and Early Drop-Add dates listed on page 1.1 begin March 21 and end March 22, not Feb. 22 as listed. -The correct reference. number for YOU's WUSF-TV presentation of Introduction to Art is 1851, not 1951 as published. Education majors will Drop Add in EDU 309, not in EDU 112 which includes offices for un dergraduate advising. D Emil Kauder's economic course should be titled "History of Economic Thought" and is worth three credits, not a variable number as published Issues in Music," taught by Dr. Jacques Abrams, is course number 371, not 271, as published. "The schedule is really com plete this quarter," Goodwin said. "Our only problem was the bid was awarded so late we did a rush job proofreading : Hartley said Elm Drive may be closed from the west end of the Language-Lit erature Building and made into a pedestrian mall area with greenery, tables and chairs. and possible an outside vending area. BICYCLE PAHKING would then be in racks in the roadway parallel to the sidewalk, he said. "This idea has appeal because it would solve a significant traffic congestion problem in an area with the highest chance of ac cidents," Hartley said. Factors concerning location of parking, the type of racks and the problem of tying parking with the bicycle system must be studied before action is taken, he said "We need to relate the overall on-campus bike situation with the approved bicycle highway systems of Temple Terrace, Tampa and also of Hillsborough County," Hartley said. Giant Hot lEl'.!'S CRISPY ftZ'Z.a Giant Cold Sandwiches 3 doers north of Skipper weekciavs 8:30-11 Rd. on Neb. Ave. DIRECT FROM NEW YORK "A GLORIOUSLY FUNNY PLAY!" .IMOGENE COCA Clive Barnes, N .Y. Times Saint-Subber KING DONOVAN Presents in Pri the son er of Second Avenue A NEW COMEDY BY NEIL SIMON "Finest play since 'The Odd Couple' Time Magazine


( t: A S S D ( HELP WANTED ) j SERVICES OFFERED PART-TIME phone representative for taxsheltered investment company. Work In our office Mon.-Thurs. from 5 p m. to 9 p m. and Fri. 4 p .m. to 8 p.m. week. Start at $2.50 hr. Plus monthly bonus Experience desired but not necess.ary. Call between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. Mon. thru Fri. at 872-9236. STUDENTS! Full or part time openings are available to earn money selling ice cream in your area. The hours will be arranged to .fit your Class scheduie. Circus Man lee Crem 876,5263 4610 w. Ohio Ave. HOW ABOUT a little side money? Hours to suit your school schedule. Help needed full or part time as hostesses, busboys, cir waitresses. Experience preferred but not. necessary. Good money, nicest coffee shop in Tampa. Great working conditions Please apply at B .J.'s Coffee Shop, 2055 N Dale Mabry, between 2 and 5 p m [ MISC. FOR SALE ) WE HAVE denims In regular and bells and. cords in bells: Also boots, shirts, & 1 western hats. Only 10 min. from campus. Straight leg Levi cords in 3 colors have just come in Bermax Western Wear 8702 Nebraska Ave FOR SALE: Violin made 194f by promlnen t California luthler. Paid $650, make offer. 596-2317 I PERSONAL l MEN!-WOMENI JOBS ON SHIPS! No experience required. Excelleht pay. Worldwide travel. Perfect summer job or career. Send $3.00 for In formation. SEAFAX, Dept. 17-D P.O. Box 2049, Port Angeles, Washington 98362. FREE weight loss program for USF students. Meetings will be on Wednesdays at 3 p.m. beginning Jan. 30th To s i gn up attend introductory meeting in AOC 218 on Jan. 30 at 3 p.m. SINGLE Divorced, Widowed join our discussion group Northeast United ""!efhodist 6400 _15t!I St. 238-4359. WANTED: Campus talent for auditions on Thursday Jan: 31, 8:00 p.m to 11 :00 p.m. In Empty Keg. Applications are available in CTR 222 or i;all 2637. JACQUES BREL Is alive and well and living in Paris and will visit USF Feb. 22 and 23. ABORTION is sate.' Abortion is legal. In Clearwater cali toll free for information. P i al 1 -432:3753. DATE MATCHING service. It's a simple, inexpensive and fun way to get acquain ted. For complete Information, application, write New Friends, P.O. Box 22693, Tampa, Florida 33622. ( MUSICAL ) 20LDGIBSON SG' s Early 60's, excellent com!. Humbocklng, Grover Keys, cherry-finish perfect neck, w ide frets. Great sound. Check i t out! 1 S200 '85-2670 Glenn FAST accurate typing service. 48 hr. service in most Instances. 2 min. from USF Between 8 :30 and 5:00 call 879-7222 ext. 239. After 6 :00 call 988-3435. Ask for Liz CANOE RENTALS DAY OR WEEK 935.0018 SPECIALIZED TYPIST IBM CORRECTING Selectric, carbon ribbon, pica or elite. Greek symbols. Exp Turablan, Campbell, APA, etc. 5 min. from USF. Nina Schiro, 971-2139. If no answer, 235-3261. PROFESSIONAL TYPIST IBM SELECTRIC. w-carbon ribbon, type changes and Greek letters. TURABIAN & other styles. Reasonable rates. 5 min from USF. 971-6041 after 6 p.m; I FOR RENT l GREEN OAK Villa New 1 & 2 Bedroom furnished apartments; Varied lease; near USF. call 971-44081or 971-1424. NEW RIVERFRONT guasthouse tor mature cciuple as.caretakers Slttlng room, studio bedroom, kitchen, bath, patio. Furnished. No children. 988-8003: APT. for sub-let, 1 br. furn 5123 mo call after 6 : 00, 971-4412, W T Ward Apts LA MANCHA DOS, Tampa' s only student apt. complex. $72-90 per month. 1 block from campus on 42nd St 971-0100. 7'h MINUTES FROMUSF New complex on 5 a .cres. Children & pets welcome. No lease. 2 bedrooms, wall to wall carpet; drapes; Electric Heat & Air; unfurnished $155. Ph. 988 days. 9885614 evenings & weekends ; TWO Fontana Hall leases for sale. Phone 971-8783 after 9 p .m. REAL ESTATE l 2000' on beautiful Alafia near proposed 1 -75 .. Zoned R-3 MH. Hurry won t last! 5 A W well & septic 330' x 660' Wooded homesite. 20 min. to Temple Terrace. Elsie Pickkard Inc., Phones 677-1677 & 6771248. OPEN HOUSE Sunday Jan. 27th & Feb. 3rd 10:00 a.m.-5 p.m. 1925 115th Ave Corner 21st St. & 115th Ave. Beautiful five bedroom-two bath$plit level home. Ideal for large family. Sale by owner. $65,000. Phone 879-54n. I APTS. & HOUSES TO SHARE I HOUSE wanted despertet 1 to A BR house round campus. Being thrown out by ungrtetul lmndlord Please Help 11 98t9361 before Feb. 1st. FEMALE roomm,ta l!lanted IM MEDIATELY to sliare nice apartment. Next to pool, clubhouse, etc. Very close to USF. Call 971-4905 fter 5:30 for a.tsy. AltS) ( AUTOMOTIVE l SUNBEAM Alpine, 1966, Excellent condition both engine and bod'/', low m lleage, disc brakes, 25 MPG, 5500. 933-4668 after 5 :00 p.m '73 CAMARO, loaded, greet conditions, 53450 or best offer Call 177-4208 after 5:00 p m. '71 BUICK Skylark Custom, 31,000 mi steel radials,. gets good mileage, AC, PS, PB, perfect shape, gold & tan, $1900. 977-0892 after 5. FOR SALE : 1966 Chevy Malibu Fair con dition. 180i Win ; Terr. 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Driven mainly back and forth to USF Perfect condition-just tuned. $550 Phone Leo Willison at 238-8444 18-5) FOR SALE : 1973 Yamaha Rd 60 motorcycle. Driven exactly 102 m i les by slightly bruised devout coward. Gets 185 MPG. 5340 firm. Call Dr. L V Anderson at 988-.4465 or 974-2100. r RIDES l GOING HOME for the weekend? Someone needs a ride. If you can give someone who's going to your town a ride, call 974 ... 2419 or come by the Student Government Community Services window In UC 156. CARPOOL from Plnt City. 5 days. week. Must return to Plant City by 2:45 p.m. 752 5901. Have you been accepted to medical or dental school yet? If so -you are eligible to apply for a ,Navy Medical scholarship which includes full tuition, $200 per year for books, and $400 per month spending money. Caln 985-10r ; -::-or complete information U.S. N r'.v y Station r :;vs N. 56th st. Te: l Terrace, Fla. THE ORACLE-January 31, 1974 11 RICKI'S lAUNDRY BASKET We also do dry cleaning -same day if it's an emergency Guitars, Amps & Accessories A t Discount Prices. Old And New Instruments CHARLIE'S' MUSIC 4505 S. Dale CENTER Mabry _

12-THE ORACLE January 31, 1974 ) ;u Oracle photo by Doc Parker Few students voted in SG elections yesterday but many consulted their Oracles for candidate platforms. Jewish program starts In an attempt to give the university community a broader insight Into the Jewish religion the Jewish Student Union sponsored the first of a series of educational seminars Monday night, entitled "What is Judaism." Rabbi Theodore Brod, of a Tampa synagogue, discussed Jewish marriage traditions and how teachings of Judaism vary from generation to generation. Having retired after 39 years Brod was called back to the Tampa area and is currently taking courses at USF He will be a "resource person at each seminar scheduled from 8-10 p.m. every Monday through March 4. USF professors conduct institute BY MARSHA SPAIN Oracle Correspondant A "Housing Institute," designed to increase city housing employes understanding of city government, is being conducted by USF Political Science professor Dr John Sidor Sessions began Jan. 16 and will be held from 3-5 p m every Monday and Wednesday until March 18 at the Ybor City branch of the Tampa Public Library Other USF faculty participating in the Institute include Dr. John Cooke and Dr. Warren Shows, Economics; Dr. Robert Welker, Accounting Law; Norma Jean Emond, Sociology, and Gene Dunham, Finance. The program is financed by the City of Tampa, and the Bureau of Minimum Housing Standards serves as the operating agency Representatives from Tampa legal firms are also involved, as are the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council the Hills borough City-County Planning Commission and hie Tampa Housing Authority. The Jacksonville area office of Housing and Urban Development and the Housing Authority also have represen tatives at the meetings. Stone Continued from page I Christian is likely to object, he said. Christian, the only cabinet member voting to make evaluations secret last month, was unavailable for comment yesterday. "Taxpayers are their (university employes) em ployers, not the presidents and not the secretary of state," Kelley said. "It does create all kinds of personnel-level problems but all other public employees seem to be living with them." Kelley also said Stone supports open me. etings, even for groups MAYKA & SONS YACHTING SERVICE INC. -Sailing Adventure.......... __ ,,. custom made to your needs and desires Tampa 988-9438 Clearwater 442-4382 College talk p remature BY WAYNE SPRAGUE Oracle Staff Writer Speculation conc e rning the site of a proposed state a rchitecture college has been "prema ture and inappropriate State University S y stem Chancellor Robert Mautz said yesterday The argument over where the college should go, whether at USF or Florid a Technological University and the Florida Association of the American Institute of Architects doesn't have any doors on his office and it's never created a problem," Kelley said "About the only thing it does is clean up the language a little when someone comes in. It hasn't any depth of comment." THEORIES: decision "The r e s more on it in the newspapers than in my of fice he said THE FAAIA has also con ducted a study int o what would be the most suitable site for the college, M a utz s aid. Mautz has said the survey "slightly" favors USF but said y e sterday although the BOR will consider it it is not part of our survey Mautz has said he favors FTU as the site becau s e of its central state location and its overall program Robert Mautz ...speculation premature Faculty-Staff fund to be established The first University-wide "Faculty-Staff Annual Fund" campaign will begin in a few USF Development Director Terry Edmonson said yesterday. "This is the first time faculty and staff have joined together to raise money on a University-wide level he said The fund has two objectives for expenditures during the 74-75 fiscal year, Edmonson said. One objective is to provide honor scholarships for deserving students entering Qtr 1, 1974, he said "The primary consideration will be the children of faculty and staff but it won't be exclusively for them,"' HE SAID. "Recommendations will be received from Finaneial Aid. The primary consideration will be the children of faculty and staff, but it won't be exclusively for them, he said. "Recom mendations will be received from Financial Aid." Another objective will be allocation of "seed mone y to attract some state funds, he said. This would provide a repair service to handicapped students and employes where they could work on their equipment, Ed monson said This will only be a small sum ; we' re mainly hoping to attract state funds," he said Edmonson said a steering committee has been named to handle funds and solicitation Dr Hartley Mellish, associate professor of Economics, is chairman and Phyllis Marshall director of Student Organizations is vice chairman. .WANTED 1 NEW SEAC ASSOCIATES 1. President 3. Publicity 2. Budgetary Officer ,4. Major Events 5. Campus Entertainment 6. University Community 7 Cultural Arts & Education $250 to $325 per quarter Applications available CTR 222 & UC desk Application deadline; Feb. 8, 1974 5 p.m For further information contact SEAC Office Ext. 2637 CTR 222 Paid Political Advertisement 1. WU. SF equality in programming 2. Published faculty evaluations 3. Improve student-police relations 4. Legal aid referral service 5. An energetic, sensitive S G. ELECT MIKE EINSTEIN STU DENT GOVT. VICE PRESIDENT .-


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