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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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*Special Gtr. 2 Omnibus inside* Pinellas acts Land offered BY MATT BOKOR Oracle Staff Writer The Pinellas County Com mission yesterday voted to offer USF 85 acres for expansion of the Bay Campus. The decision was made after Commissioner Patrick asked the group to offer the land, citing "problems" with other land sites currently being con sidered for campus expansion ILEY, addressing the commissioners, said, "I am specifically proposing the county donate, free of charge, an 85-acre Big faculty cuts seen for atr. 4 BY WAYNE SPRAGl,JE Oracle Staff Writer USF faculty lines will face unusually large cutbacks Qtr 4 this year, estimations indicate. Direttor of Academic Budgeting Eila Hanni said last night the reduction in positions this year will exceed last year's reductions by about 30 positions. HANNI SAID the predictions were made the technique the Board of Regents (BOR), which makes the allocations, has used in the past to determine summer allocations. The estimates show USF will be allocated about 505 Full Time Equivalent Faculty positions including graduate assistant positions this summer, she said. The average number of positions during the other quarters is 1,033, Hanni said HANNI SAID the BOR is not expected to make allocations for summer quarter until late June. Summer allocations are made with the allocations for the following year and follow fund allotments made by the Florida Legislature in late spring. "The University is in an unbelievable position," Bert president for Finance and Planning said. "It is a real chaotic planning process." "We just don't have any rational way of planning for funding," he said Hanni said the BOR was trying to get the appropriations law changed so the summer session will be funded with the year it follows. "Hopefully this year will be the last year the summer session will be funded out of the next year's budget," she said. tract on the north side of Walsingham Road and on the east side of..Ulmerton Road ." Iley mentioned what he called flaws with sites the University and various agencies are now for extension of the campus. He found faults with the tracts proposed by developer Fred Bullard as well as the Toytown Landfill in St. Peter sburg. "The Bullard tract. .. has insurmountable typographical problems; ... the -Toytown site ... has the well-recognized problems associated with a not" so-sanitary sanitary landfill The downtown site does little to at-tract a county-wide population due to its location," Iley said. ILEY THEN proposed the new site be considered and listed favorable effects a new campus would have on Pinellas county and its residents. "It is centrally located ... and is easily accessible for most county residents," he said, and "There is Continued on page 12 Long lines await those gas P ersor.l's 1n the usF 'area, and throughout Tampa, are. finding long lines them .when they purchase gasolil)e Although most local .. truckers have ended their strike, gasoline dealers report fuel shortages so motoi-lsts must line up for the precious com-modity. Photo 11v Jeff Steele wednesday's ORACLE Feb. 6, 1974 Vol. 8, No. 107 28 pages Two compete today in SG runoff vote BY JILL AARONSON Oracle Staff Writer The run-off between SG vice presidential candidates Michael Einstein, and Wayne Wechsler will be today only from 8:00 a m. until 6:00 p.m. Wechsler led the vice presidential race with 610 votes Einstein came in second with 384, followed by John Koch, 332; Bill Parker, 186; and Claretha Saulter, 149. RICHARD MERRICK won the presidential election with 998 votes (900 were needed for a majority). He was followed by Steve Johnson, 344; Bennie Herring, 142; Andy Derek, 116; and Jonathan Wise, llL The SG constitution was ap proved by a vote of 1,319 to 169. Continued on page 12 Women discuss 1isolation' Meeting during an open forum yesterday, USF women discussed various problems they encounter. See story page 3 Photo by Jeff St..le


2-THE ORACLE February 6, 1974 Kissinger knew office spying \\"ASHI:\GTO:\ CPI> Secretary of State Henry A Kissinger acknowledged he kne\\ in 1971 of military spying on his office and of White House attempts to investigate it. according to Senate testimony published yesterday. But Kissinger denied he lied during his confirmation hearings when he said he knew nothing of the White House plumbers group or the involvement in it of his former aide. David Young Health care appeal WASHINGTON to lift' and limb hut ; tlso to the imnwdiate food supplies of millions of .-\nwricans. Bones alter theory \L\Slll:\(;To!\ 1 l :P1 > Pushing the story of man s enilution back an cstimated million ycars. an anthropologist ycstl'l'day rC'portcd the discovery of a skull fragnwnt and shin and thigh bones of a :l-million-ycar old ape man in Ethiopia. "Wc now havC' absolute C'vidence our ancestors walked on two legs over :l million years ago." Dr D. Carl Johanson of Case Western Reserve Univer sity in Cleveland. said Simon warns US WASHINGTON t UPI l Energy chief William E. Simon warned Americans yesterday !he energy crisis could become a catastrophe if they lose con fidence in the government. "If people don't believe us when we tell them there is an energy crisis; if they think we are acting in cahoots with the major Cabinet chooses Shields TALLAHASSEE

THE ORACLE -February 6, 1974 3 Picasso group devises fund plan BY MARY RUTH MYERS Oracle Staff Writer The slogan for the next phase of the "Bust of a Woman" fund raising campaign is "350 squared times 3," George Jenkins, chairman of the Picasso Executive Committee, said Jenkins said the committee is trying to get 350 people to donate $350 each year for three years. "We're just getting this new phase of the campaign underway A weighty load Photo by Bill Cullerlon More women than men are in weight lifting classes this quarter, according to Instructor Tony Jonaitis. Julie Adler, 3ENDG, gets a different lift with Sheila Zeszotek, 2PSY, Cheley Beckman, 3DUS, and Jan Glidewell, 2COM, sharing the load. Health, care centers discussed at forum BY Jl!DIE COX Oracle Staff Writer Feelings of isolation among groups of women and specific problems of USF women faculty were explored yesterday in a forum which attracted over 90 people. Sponsored by the Status of Wome n Committee, the forum was split into groups of students, staff. facuity, and administrators \\'ho were instructed to discuss "what USF women want." ac cording to Sue Saxon, committee chairman. S'ITBE:\'TS attending were primarily interested in day care l'l'ntprs and the Health Center's rwl'd for a full-time gynecologist. Cindy Elyea. 2DUS, said, "I don't fl'l'l the Health Center is adl'(jttall' for the size of this llni\'l'rsitv. However. I have found out abotit other services the l 'nin'rsity offt>rs I did not know Wl'l'l' aYailabll>. .. l'tggy llanlt>y. -11\lTH. was disappointed with tht> forum. "I didn't know it was just about W\\lllt'n ht'rt' at thl' l l ni\'ersity. I wantt'd tu talk mort> about W1111wn 's Liht'rat ion in gprwral. .. Tlw .-\dm in ist rat ion group diSl'USSt'd tlwir classification. Doris Ackerman, assistant librarian, said, "We discussed whether we should remain in the A & P CHRISTIAN SUPPLIES in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Sarasota," he said. THE CAMPAIGI\ for the Picasso statue has previously been concentrating on major gifts, he said, but is now actively seeking any contributions. "There has been no real significant change since the first of the year in the amount of contributions we've received," Jenkins said. He said the Christmas holidays and now Gasparilla have slowed campaign. "We're going to step up activity in March and April. Jenkins said. Dr. Jim Vickrey, USF director of University Relations, said fun.a raisers have collected about 25 per cent of. the total $500,000 needed to build the statue. "IT IS going to take longer than anticipated but that doesn't concern me," he said. "We're not worried we won't reach our goal." Vickrey said "350 squared times 3" would make up the difference between what has been collected and what is needed to build the Pic:asso statue. He said one of the reasons the campaign is going slowly is because the Executive Committee has had problems organizing their time. "The committee is now beginning to organize itself and can spend more time on the campaign." Vickrey said. Jenkins said he had not ex pected a significant increase from the amount pledged at the first of the .year. "It takes a great deal of time getting up the of who to approach for funds. he said. State integration report to be ready by Monda. y BY WAYNE SPRAGUE Oracle Staff Writer Florida will submit its revised university integration plan to Health, Education and Welfare

., 4-:: .THE ORACLE February 6, 1974 Leadership experience important Vote Wechsler in SG race today Students have two simple choices to make today, but some will only make one: not to vote in SG run-off election some won't bother to vote because they will readily admit they couldn't one way or the other who wins. An,y person who is a part of any org anization on this campus will tell you apathy is the biggest problem any group faces "AS LONG as people don't give a damn, .yQu can bet there will be elected officials ()Vhether in SG or Washington) who. do just as they please. Theii: reasoning? Constituents aren't con with their performance so what difference does it make? Another popUiar excuse for not voting is, "I don'.t know the candidates." A majority in 49 states di!fn't know a lot about RiChard Nixon in Nov. '72 but they still went to the polls. If you have a chance, talk to the candidates. If not, talk with your .friends. Read what you can. Look at the Don't just read the words. How tJ:iat poster grab you? Positively, ... nega,fively, blah? *** I IF YOU choose fo vote in election, the second choice is for whom. Only the office of SG vice president is liP for and only two candidates ar-e. running: Mike Einstein and Wayne Wechsler. Wayne Wechsler ... led first ballot Our choice is Wayne Wechsler His past record proves Wechsler Is con cerned with people, not theories. During Wechsler's four years at USF his activities have included: Director, Intensive Tutorial; Co-Director and line cutbacks -. .... ::f::. '. : -. .: fttit{f!Ji;gareful planning f ; : ,'. ... :.;' : ,. ,; Pres. : Mackey won't lose the shirt off ,;his back this year. :>. The '$200,000 recall Of State funds by overestimates at the USF -level fortunately won't change niore : [th_ an the reassignment of some researc;h (faculty) lines. _________________ ...._ :{ \OR:ACLE. }AcP since 1967 1 .. 1. :'1 I ,.-, y ., .. ". f" sD.i_Mark Excellence -..... .. ,. ,. .. : i ',:, ANPA 1969.. Editor : ...... Valerie Wickstrom Advertising Manager ........ Sue Thompson Managing Editor '.. Sandra Wright Layout Editor Dave Moormann Copy Editor ....... Jean Trahan Editorial Editor .. Bruce Haddock Photo Editor .................. Bill Cullerton Sports Editor ... : ......... .Mike Kaszuba Entertainment Editors ..... Anne Laughlin Heather Shields Advisor Leo Stalnaker News phones ...... 974-2619, 2842, 2398 DEADLINES: General news 3 p .m. daily for following day issue Advertising (with proof) Thursday noon for Tuesday, Friday noon for Wodnesday. Monday noon for Thursday. Tuosday noon for Friday. Deadlines U hnded without proof. Classified ads taken 8 .-. m noon two days before publication in Pl'rson or by mail, with payment enclosed. Advl'rlisong rates on request. 974-2620, Mondy through Friday. 8 a m S p m Stl'ln,,s and pictures of interest to students mv I>\ submitted to the Oracle in LAN 469 '"" th,\ suggl"stion boxes in the Library and uc USF wasn't alone in overprojecting enrollment Florida Tech in Orlando and Florida Atlantic in Boca Raton miscalculated. However, USF's long guess was a S11rprise if only because of the University's age and the experience of most of its finance and planning officers The Oracle hopes the Administration will be more careful in future projec. tions. An ove rguesstimate of 400 full time equivalency students does not appear to be a gross mistake super ficially ; but when one studies the figures and considers what could happen to various academic positions withir:i the University if a more serious error had been made, the dangers fo faculty and students are apparent Assuredly, the Administration will never cut its positions even for what some believe is incompetence. policy The oracle welcomes letters to .the editor on all topics. All letters must be signed and indude the writer's student classification' 'and telephone number. Letters will be limited to 150 wor

DOONESBURY '} -;:: 000\J n/\".r-.. by Garry Trudeau l5. IT 1 5 5A! O !HAT THE M I GHTY EAGL-E llNO/VS THE Hl6H E 5 T R E A CHES OF 1HE AND T H tOWlY 6RA55HOPPER. I S EARTH BOUND ANO 511.4Ll. 8t/T CAN/\D : THE SPI RIT OF THE GRASS-HOPPER. SOAR '"'-AS H l6H AS THATO F 1 -' / THE GAGff? WHAT 1HE HEU ... 7 c 0 ...... -....... :,t l; 0 /' /' !T'S AN AUE601tt, MAN, AN \ USF makes good Sj>orts Illustrated 1n Editor: Just a short note on something you might have missed. I happened to come across the enclosed article in the current issue of Sports Illustrated. Even mention in a sports publication as huge as Sports Illustrated is quite an accomplishment for a school which four years ago didn t even have a basketball team. Also one more word on Coach Don Williams M y calcu l ations have his overall record at 48 wins and 40 losses in three-and-a-half years with eight games remaining this season Thi s is a rather astonishing considering the calibre of the teams his teams have pla y ed Let's all support our t eam in its e ffort to win all of t h e ir remaini ng games. P S In case Notre Dame or UCL A are we're ready! J ames Noel 2MUS Coach Hugh Durham of Florida State can b e excused if he felt a c ertain sens e of almost-instant replay in the final 10 seconds of the game agains t Jacksonville. Las t we e k against South Florida, Seminole Guard Carlton Byr d missed the front hall of a one a nd-on e situation with his team leading by letters policy The Oracle welcomes letters to the editor on all topics. All letters must be signed and include the writer's student classification and telephone number. Letters will be limited to 150 words. Letters should be typewritten triple spaced. The editor reserv2s the right to edit or shorten letters. Mail boxes are located in the UC and Library for letters to the editor. 1wo points and just nine seconds left. South Florida t i ed 1he game and won by a point in overtime This week there were 10 se conds l eft and another twowpoint margin when Byrd got h i s one-and one opportunity. He responded this time by making both for a 78 74 win. Durham rushed onto the court and kissed him.-Sporls Illustrated Themis funded Amigo promo Editor: Th e m is the freshman sophomore honor society at USF, is co -sponsor of "Operation A migo and purchased the sp a ce for th e progr a m in the Oracle Friday. I r egret the ad v ertisement was attributed in error to the Division of Student Affa irs I appreciate this means of m a king kno w n to the public a nd to Th e mi s m embers the contribu t ion of the society, and to thank Th e mis for its good work in b e h a lf of th e University and the s tudent s visitin g from A rgentina Margare t B. Fisher as s i stant to th e Vice Pres ident for Student Affa irs Guitars, Amps & Accessories At Discount Prices. Old And N e w Instruments CHARLIE'S' MUSIC 45o5 S. Dale CENTER 837-2957 Mabry THE ORACLE -February 6, 1974 5 Religious introspection set during scratching week Religion has had its days as a taboo word on college campuses Associating religion with "squareness... or re\'i\'alist zeal. many on uni\'ersity campuses in the past ha\'e rejected religious in \'Olvement although most ha\'e explored religion at some time in their lives Most people share a lingering c uriosity or int e rest in theology. but few take the time to develop it. Now. for those who have had the itch but have made excuses to a void scratching. the USF Campus Ministers Association is sponsoring a week of insight, truth, challenge and hope in religious exploration THE SEMINAHS and discussions will ha r dly scratch the surface of general religious practic e, experience, and belief, but are offered so people may investigate the various possibilities religion offers. Those whose past experiences include some type of formal religious training may have thought they had all the answers they needed If their values did not face up to the challenge, they either dropped them completely or ad9pted the values of whoever presented the strongest argument. The crisis of value failure is usually the result of blindly ac, Commentary. By Brn('(' Haddock cepting what one is taught, without questioning it. College presenis: an op-portunity to raise those questions PEOPLE WHO have never received formal religious training are likely lo face questions or g ain an increased awareness of some supernatural force playing a part in the lives of other people around them It is not unusual to find your self at some lime or other, within a group expounding upon the effect of religion in' our lives ; sometimes it seems as though such discussions are almost expected as part of the academic environment so the confrontation between science and religion continues to be waged A variety of orgamzations promote such discussions on the USF campus. They include Aeropagus, the Bahai Club, Baptist Student Union, Campus Crusade for Christ, Catholic Student Organization, Chi Alpha, Christian Science Organization Jewish Student Union, Son Worshippers, Student Association of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Sa in ts. Lutheran Student Organization Student Vestry of the Episcopal Church, and the University Chapel Fellowship . ALL OF THEM have a com l llOn concern : people. If. you've irnd an itch this week affords an excellent opportunity for you to scratch. Highlights will include a religious and service system vocations mart on Wednesday. Occupations in h

6-THE ORACLE February 6, 1974 Folk Music '30's and '40's music will be sung by Leon Redbone today at 3: 30 p.m. in the Empty Keg. USF professor composes work "S antiago.,. a work c ompo se d by USF Huma niti es profes s or Theodo r e Hoffman w as p e r form e d S a turd ay night for the coron a tion ball of the Kr ewe o f Sant Yago Th e work d ealt with t he m a rt y rdom of S t James, the p a tron saint of S pain, the losing of Spain to th e Rom a ns and its eventu a l recl a imation by the Spa nish USF soprano solois t Elizab e th Wrancher and a small or c hestra mad e up of USF faculty and students performed Santiago." "To the best of my knowledge this is one of the few times, and perhaps the only time in he history of the United States a fraternal organization has commissioned a lengthy musical work, and I hope it serves as a forerunner for others of its kind," Hoffn:ian said. TV Picasso offered WUSF Channel 16 will broadcast a special program on "Bust of a Woman," the Picasso sculpture for which USF is currently raising $500,000, tonight at 9 p.m. The program follows an hour film "Chicago Picasso" detailing the artistic and technical aspects of the Picasso sculpture erected in Chicago's Civic Center Plaza. 1Place' screened A Safe Place," presented by the Florida Center for the Arts, will be shown tonight at 7:30 and 9:30 p m. in LAN 103. The movie, a BBS production directed by Henry Jaglom, is a film essay on time, memory, and a young woman "A Safe Place" utilizes com plex time and musical structures to tell the story. Admission is $1. Redbone showing Leon Redbone will be av pearing tonight through Friday night at 8 :30 p .m. in the Empty Keg. Redbone sings folk music reminiscent of the '30' s and '40's He will also appear today at :!:30 p m. in the Empty Keg There is no charge for this afternoon's performance. Ad mission is 75 cents for the remaining shows. APPLIED l\lUSIC School TIWOf)" Arr:uu:tni,: Cornpos1t1011 Ekctro111c Mus1r 1wxt session: FEB. 18 SlltTC: 4C fH"!.' \Y ... ll L.SU\"'lnO Avr T4M,." f"l C'IRl(""IA 33603 239-9472 Among the guests will be John Coker, assistant dean of Fine Arts and Margaret Miller, USF art history instructor Guests will draw insights from the "Chicago Picasso" film and attempt to apply them to Bust of A Woman." "Quest," Insight," and "One of Us", regularly scheduled, will not be shown. "'Anne Frank" presented last time "The Diary of Anne Frank," presented by the Speech Department, will have its final performance today at 2 p m in LAN 103. The half-hour show, directed by graduate Marcia Deming, is free of charge ATTENTION: An instant rainbow is pulled from a box by Orson Welles In "A Safe Place," screened tonight at 7: 30 and 9: 30 p.m. in LAN 103. STUDENTS OF LANGUAGE-LITERATURE COLLEGE We the College of Lang-Lit Student Council are ready to elect officers and to begin spending your money. The eight people who comprise the Council which technically represents you, are ready to act with or without your approval. You can come and participate, you can hold an office, but think, that of all of you, there are 8 of us spending money for the whole college. If you don't care, then we will spend your money as we want; if you do care, then come and speak up. We will be in LAN 343 on Monday February 11, at 2:00.


THE ORACLE -February 6, 1974 7 Council of Deans favors extension of 90 day rule Photo by Doc Parker Thr Council of Deans. 111rrting behind dosed doors. yesterday ,otrd to rrcomnwnd extension of thr "!JO-day rule" to Thr council also turned down a Health to be broadcast by WUSF-TV State Sen Jack D Gordon. D Miami, chairman of the Florida 'subcommittee on health care cost. will discuss inflationary health care costs on WUSFc TV next Monday at 9: :lO p m .. a Channel 16 spokesman said yesterday. Viewers wishing to ask questions will be able to call the station from 9 :30 to 10 p.m Monday night at 974-2215 Amigo coordinators go over ideas, Gordon will offer viewers in formation on new systems for reimbursing patients for hos pital services along with possible controls on inflationary health maintenance and health in surance services. in first day of program which began yesterday. Latin America discussion highlights day for visitors BY TONY BRIGGS Oracle Staff Writer A talk on "Ethics and Emics in Anthropological Field Work in Latin America" was the highlight yesterday for 18 Argentine students visiting USF in the Operation Amigo project. The talk, given by assistant professor of anthropology Evelyn Kessler, focused on procedures used by anthropologists and her opinions on some contemporary anthropological theories. KESSLER SAID an-thropologists have a respon sibility to publish any in formation which they find in their research. She said they should be responsible to the financier of their mission and they should consider people with whom they are working Kessler said some of the natives of Latin America do not look favorably on scientists coming into their villages to dig up graveyards. Rap Cadre to issue weekly drug reports One of the greatest "sins" of the anthropologists is ethnocentrism; believing your culture is superior to any other, she said. Because of this, Kessler said, Indians of Latin America were treated badly by early Spanish explorers. She said the Spanish did not consider the Indians to be human, in some cases. BY TONY BRIGGS Oracle Staff Writer The Drug Analysis Program of the Rap Cadre yesterday began issuing weekly reports on drugs circulating in the USF com munity and their effects on users. The first report stated Ritalin, a non-amphetamine, central nervous system stimulant, is appearing more frequently on campus. THE REPORT said the drug, which when taken resembles the effects of CNS stimulant {in creased blood pressure and respiratory rate, suppressed appetite and alertness), is available in 5, 10 and 20 milligram scored tablets and are marked with the word "Ciba. Adverse reactions to the drug are usually mild and infrequent, the report said. The most com mon reactions are nervousness and insomnia, but the user may experience hypersensitivity, nausea, dizziness, headaches and abdominal pains. The report said an overdose of Ritalin can cause vomiting, tremors, hallucinations and hypertension. To treat an overdose, the user should be protected from self-injury and external stimuli. EXCESSIVE USE of the drug can lead to marked tolerance and psychological dependence, the report said. Intravenous use can result in serious medical complications or death. Deposits have been found in the lungs, brain, heart, liver, spleen, and kidneys of users, the report said. Persons who have taken an overdose or have severe in toxication can call the Help Line at 974-2767. KESSLER, WHO has been at anthropological digs in Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Ecuador, said she thought theories advanced by Thor Hyerdahl (saying Egyp tians crossed the Atlantic to form the Central American civilizations) were ridiculous. She also dismissed Erich von Danikiri's theories of civilizations from ancient astronauts and called von Danikin an "idiot." The Amigo students also at tended lectures on "The United States and Latin America" and "Economic Interdependency and Developing Countries" on the second day 9f their two-week visit to USF. --------------------I THANKS I I For voting in the S.G. elections Jan. 30-31. Please : I take the time to vote in the VICE PRESIDENTIAL I I RUN OFF tomorrow in your college or the UC. ; : l

8 -THE ORACLE February 6, 1974 Cage conference organizes with USF candidacy BY MIKE KASZUBA Oracle Sports Editor Well, if you're going to buy a new car, might as well build a garage to keep it in. Following such logic it's no surprise then USF is also in the running to be a member of a spanking new basketballoriented conference, considering it's ambitious endeavor to corral a top-name basketball coach. The new league, which will draw its membership from the schools listed to the right and bottom of this story, is the brainstorm of J. I. Clements, athletic director at Georgia Southern. "The purpose of the league," Clements said, "is number one to help eliminate scheduling problems for the schools. Two to help create some rivalries ... and three, to create good, lasting rivalries. "Say USF was leading the conference and came down here to Georgia Southern ... why, there would be a lot of enthusiasm down here and vice-versa if we came down there," he said. Whether the day would come for the Brahmans to make Clements' hypothetical situation true with basketball powerhouse Jacksonville University as an entree may take time, although the conference has already been depleted of rumored entrees Florida State, Tulane, and Memphis State. FLORIDA STATE is in-terested more in a football conference than a basketball one. They said it

Library offers varied services HY Jl'DJE C'OX Oracle Staff \\'riter The USF Library is becoming less a place of just books and more a place of people and ideas with the development of several programs designedto aid students in getting the most out of Library facilities Library research methods and materials are being offered in an Outreach program, a clinic for term paper writers teaching basic writing and research skills, and a of program oriented displays used to em phasize the Library's place in the USF community. OUTREACH was evolved when Library officials became con cerned students were having difficulty using library research methods and tools. Two parts to the Outreach program include the Library Lecture Series and a formal course (LLI 200), both of which are based with the reference department. The progr.ams are coordinated by the Library lnstruc_ tion Librarian who also edits the new edition of the LLI 200 textbook. LLI 200 is offered every quarter on a pass-fail basis, under the College of Language and Literature for two hours of credit. Librarians teach the course and v i sit classrooms upon request for the Lecture Series. THE TERM PAPER Clinic, another service offered by the reference department is designed to aid students who have dif ficulty with any aspect of writing a term paper. Students are first assisted in selecting or narrowing down their topic and then are shown how to use the card catalog, encyclopedias, indexes .and other library resources. Longer visiting hours approved by state's BOR 'f ALLAHASSEE

10 -THE ORACLE February 6, 1974 Senators want communication HY JILL .\:\RO:\"SO:\" Oracle Staff Writer Members of the Student Senate will be meeting with Vice President for Student Affairs Joe Howell today at 2 :30 p m to open new lines of communication. senators said last night. Robert Leeds. chairman of th e Senate Chairmen's Committee on Committees. s aid the purpose of the meeting i s to con\'ince Howell there is a need for senate com munication with Pres. Cecil l\lackey Se\' er al disappro\'al of the Oracle and its CO\'erage of the SG Senate A resolution s tating the Oracle h a s failed to fulfill its duty to inform the students of th e ac ti\'ities of its representatives was withdrawn from the agenda before the meeting but it wa s mentioned in legislati\'e r emarks. The Senat e passed a resolution to urge Ed Fisher. director of Saga Food Service at USF. to increase the hours of th e Satellite snack bar in the basement of the Science Center Enginetring Senator Fred l\lillt r s aid he has rec e ived many complaints fr o m students becaus e there i s n o place to get snacks at night wlw n thev ha ve labs. The SG monthly financial report was submitted by Tony Carvalho, SG Secretary of Finance. The budget, covering the remainder of this quarter and Qtr 3, allows total expenditures of $24,984. The amount of money s pent to date is $12,541.60. The financial report lists $105. 8 5 s p e nt on grills for the d orm a reas. Human relations heads UP sensitivity program Where's.Tampa? Actually Jim Milliken, 4EDE, and Trish Weaver, 2POL, are in search of a ride, and with the aid of the SG rider board located in the UC, the pair will get to their destination on time. BY 1\1.\HY IWTH l\IYEHS Oraclt> Staff Writt>r "Human R e lation Skills" will be the focus of a new training program for University Police WPl officers. Dr Gary Klukken of the USF Counseling Center for Human Development said yesterday. Klukken said the program, beginning next Monday will attempt to show the officers s ituations and skills involved in dealing with people "WE WANT not so much a model response for them to follow but to h e lp provide a wider repertoire of res ponses ,'' he said. Klukken and Dr. Mike Lillibridge dev elope d the training program, a long with UP Sgt. Joe Forbes. Forbes said nine officers will initially participate in the program which will be held in Merrick sees involvement as SG's primary mission BY JILL AARONSON Oracle Staff Writer SG President-elect Richard M .errick said Monday his major immediate plan is to encourage students to vote in today' s vice presidential run-off Merrick said he is not en dorsing a candidate for SG vice president.' "I PLAN to go through the dorms on a door-to-door basis asking people for their suggestions and grievances while giving students the chance to get to know me," Merrick said. -. Since Merrick became active in SG in 1971, he has held the following positions: College of Ba sic Studies senator, chairman of the Election Rules Committee, secretary of Resident Affairs, secretary of Commuter Affairs, secretary of Information, and executive assistant to the president. Merrick is also currently president of the Caucus for a New University but a new president wiHbe selected soon, he said. MERRICK SAID he will conduct interviews for all SG cabinet positions after the run-off election "I will talk to everyone who applies Experience in SG is not a prerequisite," Merrick said. The only requirements, he said, is for applicants to file a personnel form in the SG office before the interview. THE CABINET posts inClude, secretary of Finance, secretary of Academic Affairs secretary of Resident Affairs, secretary of Information, coordinator of Drug analysis The Drug Analysis Program of the USF Rap Cadre released the following results of drugs tested during last week. DESCRIPTION Large pink-coated tab SKF K 21 capsule Lilly Hl2 Cap Blotter acid Brown powder in clear capsule Black & white cap PURPORTED CONTENTS Unknown Unknown Unknown Blotter acid Mescaline ANALYZED CONTENTS Negative for LSD, PCP, etc. 1 + No positive results Positive for LSD Negative Tetracycline or ? Negative for LSD, PCP, etc. Comments: + Probably ferrous sulfate (iron capsule) Negative for LSD, PCP, amphetemine, etc. Women's Affairs, attorney general, and executive assistant to the president. Merrick said he is undecided about the position of secretary of Minority Affairs "The position has been filled before," he said. "However, it hasn't been filled for sometime and it's in a kind of nebulous state." Merrick said his first goal when he takes office next quarter is to f inish work on carry-over projects from the present administration. "ONCE WE GET those priority concerns rolling we'll look around for new projects," he said. Merrick said he wants to talk to the student organiza lions on campus and "try to create more of a cultural and social life at USF than there has been. Merrick said he is deeply concerned about questions of students' rights at USF "I don't believe the situation here is consistent with situations on other state university cam puses he said. WORKING WITH the State Council of Student Body Presidents is also part of Merrick's plans. "I expect it to become an in creasingly active organization," he said. Merrick, 24, is working on his doctorate in English. He is married and has an eight week-old son named Robert and a six-year-old son by a previous marriage. thre e phases so ev e ry officer can take part in it. Th e r e will be five weekly two-hour sessions. he s aid PAll L llHAVICll, director of Public Safety and S ecurity. said he hopes every UP e mploye will eventua lly participate in the program. This would include the cl erks who handl e parking tickets as well as UP officers "Not a lot of police departments have gone into this, f<'orbes said. "The function is to h e lp th e officer und erstand the f actors involved in interpersonal relations with people Klukken said the program will utilize video tape. "We will have them involv e d in different roles a nd situations, tape it, and play it back to them." f<'orbes said a reevaluation of the program will be made after e ach session and changes may be made then "This is the most important s t e p the reevaluation, he said: National Student Exchange Program Application Deadline For Fall 1974 Exchange Is March 1, 1974 Over 25 universities now in NSE Program in all sections of the country. Freshmen and sophomores with 2.5 average are eligible. See Chris Randall at Off-Campus Term Program, F AO 122, Ext. 2536. Moster Charge Finqncing Hours : M, W f 10 ampm Tu. Th., S, 9 :30 am6pm 237 EAST DAVIS BLVD. ,..,.,..,.... Tampa, Florida 33606 Phone 255-1361 Hardware Keys Made 15 SPEEDS 10 SPEEDS 3 SPEEDS LIGHTWEIGHTS FOLDAWAYS TANDEMS Al)ULT TRIKES BOYS' BUZZ BIKES NOTE: Atl bllces sold fully auendtled aftd tes fftd Crescent Maserati Mercier Sekine. Bottecchia Motobecane Gitane flandria Coppi and lAMllJRT die worirl'.1 tir11 Aero Space Tlie finest in bicycles, accessories and apparel SALES PARTS REPAIRS RENTALS \ \ '' EASY -.\ \TRAILS QUAUTY CAMPING EQUIPME. 8711 N. 40th St. 988-0045 Opn Thur., Fri., s.t. 9.9 Mon. & Wed. 9 Sull. 1-6, Closetl_TMI. OUTFITIERS FOR CAMPING BACK PACKING, CANOEING We Carry CAMP TRAILS, WENZEL, YflQR STAG, COGHLAN'$ OPTIMUS, MOUNTAUfHOUSI, COLEMAN. & QTHERS ....... FlORIDA TRAILS INC.


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Must nave car, patience and love children. Live in during week. Girls attend school from 8:30 to 3:30. Plenty of free time. Excellent accomodations and benefits. Call 229-6481 before 5:30 p.m. ARTIST TIRED OF WAITING ON TABLES? fast sketch portrait artists. ( APPLY: Tues.thru Fri. Busch Gardens 30th Street entrance in c-o Claudia Van Koba PERSONAL MEN!-WOMEN! l JOBS ON SHIPS! No experience required. Excellent pay. Worldwide travel. Perfect summer job Send S3.00 for in formation. SEAFAX, Dept. 17-D P.O. Box 2049, Port Angeles, Washington 98362. FREE weight loss program for USF students. Meetings will be on Wednesdays at 3 p.m. beginning Jan. 30th. To sign up attend introductory meeting in AOC 218 on Jan. at 3 p.m. DATE MATCHING service. It's a simple, inexpensive and fun way to get acquain ted. For complete information, application, write New Friends, P .0. Box 22693, Tampa, Florida 33622. JACQUES BREL is alive and well living in Paris and will visit USF Feb. 22 and 23. URGENT CALL FOR RIVER-TUBING ENTHUSIASTS TO TELL ALL Would vou help us in a study about river tubing in Florida. If you have or do engage in this activity, please notify Prof. Phil Bosserman (Tel. 2891) or Prof. Louis Kutcher !Tel. 2522) or by mall !SOC 107). MARRIAGE ALIVE! A weekend experience In creative living as couples led by Mike Liiiibridge and Gary Klukken of the Counseling Center; Dorl Hansel who Is In a private counseling practice; Bob Haywood and Bill Lipp of University Chapel Fellowship. The weekend of March 1,2,3. $75. Contact Bob or Bill at988-1185 or Mike or Gary at 974-2832. FREE WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM for USF students. First meeting: Fri. Feb. 8 at noon in AOC 218. WHAT IS consciousness raising? Come and find out. Open forum and group organization Wed. Feb. 6, CTR 252. Women and men welcome. to participate. Spon sored by USF's Women's Center. ( MISC. FOR SALE ) AFRICAN Lion Hunting Dogs (Rhodesian Ridgebacks). Puppies 5 wks. 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Enro 11 men.t Unlimited CHANNEL 16 WUSF-TV (* courses listed with incorrect numbers in cl ass schedule. Pl ease use numbers shown her(J.) USF College Credit Courses by in YOUR home or in a reserved room on campus. Each 1 e 'sson broadcast twice. QUARTER Ill SCHEDULE 4395 ANT 371-501 ANTHROPOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVES-(4) Evelyn Kessler) MTR 4:30 or 7:30 p.m. 1851 ART 310-501 !NTROOIJCT!ON TO ART (3) (Mr. Bruce Marsh) MTR 5:30 or 8:00 p. m. 0291 ECN 489-501 HISTORY OF ECONOMIC-THOUGHT (3) (Or. Emil Kauder) MTR 5:00 or p.m, 2107 MUS 371-501 ISSUES IN MUSIC (2) (Or. Jacques Abram) F 5:00 or 8:00 p. 4804 PSY 201-501 I NTROOUCT l ON TD PSYCHOLOGY (5) Paschal Strong) MTWRF 3:30 or 7:00 p.m. 5109 SS! 301-501 SOCIAL SCIENCE STATISTICS (4) (Or. Karl AG-l:le.obach) MTRF 4:00 or 9:00 p.m. NEW COURSE BY RADIO (WUSF-FM, 89.7) 2025 MUS 205-501 INTRODUCTION TD ELECTRONIC MUSIC (3) (Or. Larry Austin) MW 4:00 p.m. HOW TD REGISTER: FI LL OUJ YOUR REG I STRA HON FORM THE SAME AS FOR OTHER COURSES. Be certain you have_ the correct reference number, prefix, course numbers. WHEN YOU REGISTER, NOTIFY THE Y.O.U. OFFICE 1 .MMEDIATELY so your name and address can be put on the list to receive a course syllabus, viewing schedule, and other necessary information prior to the-beginning of classes. Y. O. U. IS LOCATED l N THE BASEMENT OF THE LIBRARY, ULI 20-0. TELEPHONE: 974-2341, ext. 23. Bahamas 3 days/ 2 nights $78.00 inc. air fare For complete details contact: American Overseas Travel Corp. University of South Florida ADM 102, 4202 Fowler Ave Tampa, Fla .. 33620 Ph. YOUR ON CAMPUS TRAVEL AGENCY departures available for Spring Break 11


12-THE ORACLE February 6, 1974 Cabinet delays records action BY SANDRA WRIGHT Oracle Managing Editor The Florida Cabinet yesterday deferred action on a resolution by Atty. Gen. Robert Shevin requiring university presidents to open all employe records to public inspection But the resolution will be considered at the Feb. 19 meeting -\Yhere it may be decided by a close vote, Secretary of State Richard Stone said last night. "I WILL support it,'' Stone said from his home last night. "I think anyol)e on the public payroll should be subject to the Sunshine Law." mandate the cabinet to maintain the classification. STONE declined to speculate whether the resolution would gain cabinet support. "They (cabinet) always have (supported it) in the past," Stone SG Continued from page I Only 1,798 votes, ap-proximately 13 per cent of those eligible, were cast on campus during the l;wo days of elections Three absentee ballots from co op students were also received THE SENATORS elected are, in the College of Social and Behavioral Science, district 1: said. "But it's always been close, like three to four .'' The resolution notes failure to produce public documents is a "misdemeanor if violated," Stone said administrators' failure to produce requested Fine Arts, John Husfield; in the College of Education, district 1: Margaret Marino and Robert Leeds, district 2: Andrew Knable, district 3 : Gail Kenney, Edmund Everette and Andrew Gamson; in the College of Language and Literature, district 1: Michael Malter and Patricia Glasnap, district 2: evaluations had precipitated the resolution "THAT'S exactly why (it was introduced)." he said "I am going to continue to support it. Monday a spokesman for Education Commissioner Floyd Victoria Harman; in the College of Natural Science, district 1: Raymond Broderson and Phil Tinsley, district 2: Jonathan Weiss, district 3 : Robert Peterson Students may vote today by presenting validated ID's (or an ID stamped during last weeks' election) at one of the following Christian said the publi c record "problem" is apparl! "centered around USF" uc cording to investigations he has begun at Christian's directive But he noted other universities may also be experiencing legal interpretation difficulties. polling places : in the UC, in SOC, in LAN, in Fine Arts, in Education, in the Life Science building, and outside the Science Center. LUTZ PAINT & BODY SHOP Shevin 's resolution would call for all personnel files, including evaluations, to be public. He drafted the resolution after the Oracle notified him USF officials were withholding evaluations from inspection. Shevin yesterday said there is no exemption making any per sonnel records confidential since the Cabinet has rejected Board of Regents


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