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The Oracle

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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
Wickstrom, Valerie ( Editor )
Wright, Sandra ( Managing editor )
Thompson, Sue ( Advertising manager )
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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'i\ little sunshine Photo by Jeff Steel USF Council of Deans meetings are still closed to the press, however Oracle photographer Jeff Steel was allowed in during their meeting yesterday and got this shot of Business Dean Howard Dye, left, and Social and Behavioral Sciences Acting. Dean Travis Northcutt. A story on the meeting, given after the meeting by Dr. Carl Riggs, vice president for Academic Affairs, is on page 3. Thompson on Access Ken Thompson, USF vic e president for Ad mini s tration, will answer que s tions tonight on WUSF-FM' s Access question and answe r progr a m ( s v a a c a n c n z 0 d e t t I see preview on page 6 Phot o Listeners may call in questions to 89.7 at 974-2215 starting at 6:30 p.m Thompson c oordin a ted the recently-releas e d USF energy conservation program. w.ednesday's Feb. 13, 1974 ORACLE Vol. 8, No. 111 12 pages AAUP asks review of all faculty files BY SANDRA WRIGHT Oracle Managing Editor The USF American Association of University Professors proposal entitled "confidentiality of evaluations" but passed another section which contained one sentence stating evaluations would be secret. He sai d the Board members had not studied the proposal carefully because it was not controversial. "It was some anonymous gobbledygook of the type the BOR is always hoisting off on us," Ingle said Ingle said Atty Gen. Robert Shevin is considering reintroducing, in next week's Cabinet meeting, a resolution calling for totally open files. He said ad ministrative evaluations are now open although USF officials are withholding them. The y are definitely violating the law," Ingle said.


2 -THE ORACLE February 13, 1974 Soviet police take Solzhenitsyn MOSCOW :lni:: composition Elcctrontc Musi

THE February 13, 1974 3 Fletcher bike path ok'd Photo by Bill Cullerton Harmonica Harvey A green bough, sweet music and thou -or at least that is what Harvey Myers, 4FIN, might be thinking as he plays his harmonica while nestled in the branches of a large oak. Theater c :ommittee ends investigl!tion Theater Advisory Committee chairman Belt said last night the committee has com pleted its investigation of dissent in the theater department. Belt saidthe report was "being typed" .and would probably be delivered to Fine Arts Dean Donald Saff today. Belt would not comment on the contents of the report .and said disC:Jo.sure now Would be ''inappropriate.'' Saff has said he .requested the Black week features Redemptize BY JILL AARONSON Oracle Staff Writer The gospel group "Redemptize" will sing tonight at 8 p.m. in UC 251 in a special choir jamboree organized to help celebrate Black History Week. committee look into the matter after hearing reports of fear, distrust, and dissatisfaction in the department. Theater Department Chairman Herb Shore said yesterday he had not seen the report ang did not know its contents "There are problems in the department, but none that can't be solved and solved relatively smoothly," he said. Vice President for Academic Affairs Carl Riggs said yesterday he had heard of "rumblings" in the department. Riggs said he has been gathering information on the matter and no decision of any kind has been made. BY MAHY RUTH MYERS Oracle Staff Writer The Florida Department of Transportation rDOT J has ap proved construction of a bike path along Fletcher Ave., Joe Hamilton, of the Hillsborough County Department of Engineers, said yesterday. "The Fletcher bike path plans are complete, the specifications are complete, we've got the permit now and we'll begin ad verfo ,ng it next he said. IIAMIL1;0N. said the plans must be advertised before con struction can begin. He said the bike path should be completed in about 60 days. Hillsborough County Com missioner Bob Curry said the delay in approval from the DOT probably resulted bec'ause Fletcher Ave. is a "primary road." .-"This is the first time the state has been approached with a bike path along a primary road. They've been setting guidelines The week is being sponsored by f'le Black Student Union, CoChairman Claretha Saulter, 3POL. said yesterday. Black ; istory Week was in troduced in 1926 by Carter G. Woodson, the founder and director of the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History aLENTINE'S SPECIAL Saulter said the Black Student Union organized the week's act"ivities at USF to make both blacks and whites aware of the accomplishments of black people so as to instill black pride and diminish prejudice. ""A rap night" is scheduled tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. in UC 200 to discuss events involving blacks up to I\l74. Saulter said. :\II Black History Week ac ti\'itil's are open free of charge to l'\eryorw interested. she said. f<:ll'l'tions of Black Student l 'nion officers are scheduled lolilll'l'llll'lll of tht tll'W officl'r:-. \\'ill lw made Fridav nit.:ht a party at l'irll's 1\t: ti1itits l.oungl' at \l. saict. towards your U next pizza. : .' '. DOMINO'S PIZZA and requirements," Curry said. CURHY said Hillsborough County will spend another $50,000 to $100,000 on bike paths next year. "There may be a great deal of federal funds available next year through the 'state and so even more will be built," he said. Income tax h_elp offered USF students, faculty, or staff members who neeg help in completing income tax returns arid make less than $10,000 can receive help under the Incoine Tax Assistance Program. The program is being offered through the cooperation of the College of Business, Accountmg students faculty, and Per sonnel Training. For reservations c;:ill 974-2438 or stop by F AO 122. Curry and Hamilton both s aid construction has been delayed on the bike path .set along 131st St. because of drainage problems and problems involvirjg General Telephone's buried cable. "'I'll E construction is being done as fast as General Telephone cai1 expose the cable and move it aside," Hamilton said The cable has to be exposed by. hand, he said. "l hope this path .will be completed by the end of next month," Hamilton said. .TONIGHT MAD MOUNTAIN MIME TROUPE "an expenence m the FEB 13, 14 8:30 p.m. EMPTY KEG 75c STUDENT $1.50 PUBLIC


4 -THE ORACLE February 1 3 1974 ORACLE letters Head Theatre saves energy Editor: According to Thursday's Oracle, a curfew is to be imposed on all campus activities after 11 p.m. on weekdays and midnight on weekends We realize the myriad of activities occurring on campus after these hours (facetiousness intended.) One of these energy consuming activities is a very well-attended function called Head Theatre Hundreds of people gather in the dark LAN auditorium every weekend at midnight to see movies from a single projector Where would these people be if they were not in a dark room watching movies? Perhaps running hundreds of stereos, and lights Think about it and save Head Theatre. Jack Kiely mus Alan Jones 2DUS Cine more tolerant in film instruc tio n Editor: Deborah M. Norton : really Deb as if students here at USF had any say in administrative deceptions, or for that matter, student preferences and regulations; remember the URR? They played music once, remember gang? If you want to "stop it now It 's only the beginning," I wish you all the luck in the world, kid I woul d even hazard a guess Cine students would toss in a few verbal hand grenades for the cause; power to the people and all that jazz. AS I Understand it, Fine Arts offers individual film-making which is not to be thought of as_ a si_ ngular persoQ making his singular film all alone B elieve it or not "crews" are us e d and the "Hollywood" s t y l e h as been known to lurk the hallways late at night. Yes, it is true, each function does not require the title of Script Girl, Camera Operator S ound Man D .P. and so on; such concerns are consolidated and juggled as best as posslble by as few as possible, owing to the independent spirit of film-making. Now you asked for someone to tell you the two sequences are the same. So here I am to ask you this question; what is the main reason for going through all the problems of creating a film? Farmers I plight told YOU ASK the students from both schools why they are into film, and you may come to a parallel motivation, I bet you will Then again, you may not. But I don't think Mass Com would allow the individualistic style of film-making to survive, where as Fine Arts would almost be compelled to by its nature to allow the Mass Com form to exist. Editor : I believe this letter is necessary both as general information and as an an tidote to Tuesday's Oracle editorial. The food which reaches our tables is produced by the poorest group of people in the United States. The effects of malnutrition, pesticide poisoning, anci poor medical care yield a life ex pectancy of 49 years according to. government statistics Maternal and infant mortality is 125 per cent higher than the national rate, tuberculosis and pneumonia occur 260 per cent more often The statistics go on the average migrant house has 1.9 rooms and 90 per cent have no indoor plumbing IF farmworkers were paid a decent wage annually, they would be able to go to doctors, send their children to school instead of to the fields, buy good food and live where they want instead of typhoid camps. Farmworkers have realized this for 100 years. The first attempts to organize came in the late 1800's. At that time the U.S. was im porting Japanese and Chinese workers because they could get them cheaply As the Anglo, Chinese, and Japanese workers attempted to organize their efforts were broken by racism as the growers successfully played one ethnic group against another This has been used throughout the century against Filipino, black, Mexican and anglo ORACLE ACP All-American since 1967 SDX Mark of Excellence ANP A Pacemaker Award 1967, 1969 Editor .. Valerie W.icks!rom Adver!ising Manager Sue Managing Edi!or ...... Sandra Wright La you I Editor ............ Dave Moormann Copy Editor .......... Jean Trahan Editorial Editor ..... Bruce Haddock Photo Editor ........ Bill Cullerton Sports Editor . Mike Kaszuba Entertainment Editors ..... Anne Laughlin Advisor News phones ... Leo Stalnaker .. 9742619, 2842, 2398 DEADLINES: General news J p m daily for following day issue. Advertising (with proof) Thursday noon for Tuesday, Friday noon for Wednesday, Monday noon for Thursday, Tuesday noon for Friday. Deadlines ex tended without proof. Classi!ied ads taken 8 a m noon two days before publication in person or by mail with payment enclosed. Advertising rates on request, 9742620 Monday through Friday, 8 a .m. s p m Stories and pictures of interest to students may be submitted to the Oracle in LAN 469 or the suggestion boxes in the Library and UC. workers Violence is another tactic used by agribusiness Migrant camps were burned in the 1930's and people beaten. The violence used against strikers last spring is witness to the fact that this tactic is still used to break organizing efforts In the 1960's farm workers began using the boycottasking people not to buy certain products and not shop at certain stores to put economic pressure on the grower-shippers so that they will negotiate earnestly. In 1970 after five years of strikes and boycotting, grape growers representing 85 per cent of the industry agreed to sign contracts with the United Farm Workers. Besides racism and violence, another tactic agribusiness has used has been pitting the huge Teamster Union against the farmworker organized unions Teamsters have been invited by agribusiness to sign contracts which eliminated pesticide controls, overtime pay, elected representatives, seniority systems, paid holidays and had the effect of lowering wages. This hap pened in 1970 when lettuce was first organized by the UFW and again when the contracts expired in 1973. are fighting for their lives It is very clear that although progressive legislation is a help, even good laws mean nothing when they are not enforced There are laws against child labor and laws on housing stan dards and still we have child labor and slum conditions. On the other hand good legislation is next to impossible to pass, due to the organized resistance of growers as the massacre of Carlucci's farm labor bill in sub-committee last week will attest. Staff will aid handicapped .Editor: In the past few weeks, the library has had additional book stacks installed on the first and third floors. This has caused already crowded conditions to become nearly intolerable, and for students and staff in wheelchairs, much of the material will not be easily ac cessible This is truly unfortunate but until we are able to move into the new library building we will need to squeeze over 400,000 volumes into a building d esigned to hold 200,000 books In order to assist those individuals who cannot physically get to the materials I hav e asked all library staff m e mbers to be sens iti ve to this problem and would app r eciate your publi shing this lett e r in order to inform handicapped students they sho uld fee l free to ask any library staff m e mb e r for assistance in locating books Dennis Robison Assistant Director, Library Farmworkers in Western grapes and lettuce are on strike again. They ask for your strength in the boycotts The Support Committee on campus asks that you understand the problems farm workers face whenever they raise their voices in legitimate protest. The Support Committee believes it is possible to get 10,000 signatures, it is possible to get more We were misquoted in Tuesday s editorial. Saga infrequently carries UFW lettuce. Its policies before Student Government passed a pro-boycott resolution last quarter have not changed since. Managers are trained in public relations to seem agreeable especially when it costs them no change in policy So far, we and 2,000 other students are asking Saga to use only UFW iceburg lettuce and when it is not available

DOONESBURY YOU HEAR/J !11-Tf!E ENER6Y by Garry Trudeau vvc.,, c @ () @ c 1T's All. < OON'T YOU 5?.I !) (1 f' IT'S JUST NO GOOD PRETEN/JINGI GO HOME TO YOllR. FAM!i-1-1Hlil<'S NO STORY RJR. YOll HERE ANYMORE.I v (.,.(__.. @ @,,c /)I"',.....'-FAR. NOJ WArrA 11/Nf/T&/ I Focus leaders sought Applications for "Focus" student leader positions must be submitted by Friday, Vicki Wallenfels, special assistant for FOCUS said FOCUS sessions, scheduled June 27 through July 30, are in depth orientation programs for entering freshmen, transfer students and parents of fresh men. APPLICANTS must be full time students who have attended USF at least two quarters and have a 2 3 minimum GPA Wallenfels said Applications are available in Argos and Andros Centers, UC, Fontana, ADM 151 and FAO 126 and must be turned in to the Division of University Studies, F AO 126, she said Math talk scheduled Persons int"erested in the "extremal properties of polynomials" are invited to hear m a thematician Dr. Paul Erdos speak on the subject here Tuesday Erdos '.t1rrently a visiting professor at University of Florida, will speak in PHY 130 at 4 p m. The colloquium is open to everyone LUn PAINT & BODY SHOP The place to have you ar repaired correctly. 907 129th Ave PH. 97 1 115 Information sessions for ap plicants are scheduled tonight and tomorrow might at 7 : 30 p m. in UC 255 TWENTY leaders and 10 alternates will be selected, Wallenfels said. Leaders will be paid $225 and mom and board will be provided "If YOU SEE NO OTHER FILM THIS YEAR,SEE'SACCO & VANZETII'!" -Kevin Saunders, ABCTV "A MUST FOR ALL! EXTRAORDINARY! IT IS AS REMARKABLE AS 'Z'" -Bernard Drew, GANNETINEWS SERVICE "UNCOMMONLY INTERESTING, DEVASTATINGLY MOVING!" Hollis Alpert SATURDAY REVIEW SACCO VA N ZETTI Wed. Feb. 13 7:00 & 9:30 p.m. LAN 103 $1.00 THE ORACLE -February 13, 1974 5 Walbolt writes offender No new soliciting charges filed BY JILL AARONSON Oracle Staff Writer but deceptive," Walbolt said "I must admit they are generally helpful he said Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs Dan Walbolt yesterday said he has not received any complaints about on-campus solicitation since an article on the subject appeared in the Oracle Jan. 24. The usual response from the nptified companies is a proclamation of disbelief its agents are using such tactics, Walbolt said Busta said anyoqe approached by a s alesman on campus should notify either University Police or Student Affairs. Several students had com plained agents were on campus trying to convince them to buy life insurance JOE BUSTA, executive assistant to USF Pres. Cecil Mackey, said no one is authorized to come on campus and sell products,. such as insurance or magazines, to students on campus. Walbolt said he has written a letter to the company to remind its officials of University policy prohibiting solicitation. He sai_ d he has not yet received a response from the company. against which most of the recent complaints '.were aimed but he anticipates a response soon Walbolt declined to name the company "WE HAVE had some cases where the initial contact and the reason given for the personal interview could be called nothing SEE MORE GLASS. See more glass That'.s beautiful. Come in and get your Tiffany-styled Pepsi glass : For 'one old quarter you get some of that Pepsi and your_ glass .. .. Then, t:ike it home, fill it with ice and you'll be Holden something in which you can catch a little rye or whatever. Get that Pepsi gli3-SS, at the Andros Coffee Shop and Golden Brahman Ice Cream Parlor. Begin hoarding them; Mr. Caulfield would have. Saga USF ARTIST SERIES presents THE ALIVE COMPANY'S PRODUCTION OF ... Jt1Cf all .,,, "This is the popular music of the last third of the century-IT HAS TO BE!" -Derek Jewell, LONDON SUNDAY TIMES "Impassioned and powerful, capable of s tirring an audience almost to a frenzy. DO NOT MISS THIS SUPER-MUSICAL!" -Clive Barnes, N.Y. TIMES /$ "'''' I ,,,,, & //f/lf tn. ,,,,.s and now can go to BREL over a million people hov e Friday, Feb. 22 8:30 p.m. USF CVM USF Fulltime students $1.50 ON SALE NOW Theatre Box Office l: 15-4: 30 weekdays Saturday, F eh. 23 Tickets $3.00


6 -THE ORACLE 1Sacco and Vanzetti' screened "Sacco a nd Van ze lli," 2 r e t elling of the 1 9 2 0 tria l o f two Italia n immig r a nt s w ill b e s hown toni g h t al 7 and 9::30 p m i n LAN 10:3. D u r i ng a reel scar e in 1 9 1 9 Attorne y Ge n e r a l M i t c h ell Pal m e r ins t itut es a series o f r a i d s agai n s t r a d ical o rgan i za t i on s s u s p ec t e d o f cons pirin g lo overth row th e U.S. gove rnm e nt. WllIL E a ser i es o f t h es e r a i ds a r e t al;ing p lace o n the east coas t. t wo s h o e comp a n y emplo yes a r e kill e d d uri ng a ro utin e robbery. A week late r Sacco a n d V a n z e t t i a r e p icke d u p f o r p ossessi on o f f i rearms ( a v i o lati on of immigrati o n law s ) a nd w h e n Sacco s pistol mat c h es the typ e u s ed in th e robb e r y t h e two a r e int errogat e d a nd charge d w ith t h e mur d e r s Proof Sa cc o a nd V a n ze tti h a d p rese nted The Mad Mountain Mime Troupe is appearing in th e SEAC Coffeehouse in the Empty Keg tonight at 8:30 p m. be e n t r a n sporti n g anarch i s t literature i s t h o u g h t to h a v e influe n c ed t h e j ury du r ing the 45day tr i a l and the two are se n t e n c e d t o d ea t h ALTllOl!G ll robb e r y e vide n c e points t o prof essiona l mob s t e r s 1 1 s upr e m e c ourt j ustic e s d e n y a t o ta l of fi motio n s 11 a p p ea l s a n d '13 r eques t s for a n e w trial. Mor e t h an 17,000 indiv i d u a l l e tt e r s a nd GO p e tition s from l aw s choo l fac u lties a r e i gnor e d and S acco and V a n ze tt i are e lectrocut e d d es p i l e a p l e a fro m Pres i d e nt Cal v i n Coolid ge. B .icca rdo C u cc i olla a s Sacco w on t h e 1971 Cannes Film F es tiv a l B es t Actor Award. Admi ss ion i s $1 and tic k ets w ill b e av ailable a t t h e doo r 45 m i nut es b e fore e ac h scree nin g. STRAWBERRY FIELDS BY THE SEA $189.59 Depart Mar c h 15 Return M arch 24. 2 me als a da y and equipment included. Political persecution Photo furnished The troupe portrays everyday life through mime and music For details call Greatway Travel 229-7161 ... is the main theme of "Sacco and Vanzetti." Admission is 75 cents for students and $1.25 for the public 1 Counter-Culture' offerings varied CHAINWHEEL DRIVE Bicycle Shop "Jack the Ripper," the theories of Charles Darwin, a Gilbert and Sullivan musical, and many other byproducts of the Victorian Age will be featured during the Victorian Counter-Culture, starting Feb. 27. The Little Soho Underground Bookshop will feature erudite books like "The Clockmaker : Or the Sayings and Doings of Samuel Slick of Slickville" and other jabs at Victorian prudery. The bookshop will be located in UC 251. The Victorian Counter-Culture is designed to cover subversive art, literature, and social thought of the late 19th century. "The Victorian era is traditionally thought of in terms of respectability, propriety, earnestness, stability, and Saga says food starchy A survey of campus residents conducted last week in dicates students feel they are being fed too many starches, Ed Fisher. director of Saga Food Service, said "Surveys are taken every quarter. Fisher said, "to get students opinions on our ser vice Fisher said menus will be rl'viewed to see if there is too much starch offered in relation to protl'in It is Saga policy, he said, to rt'\'iew menus every week Thl'rl' is a problem with stardll's in a large cafeteria, Fislll'r said because of the large arit>ty offered. "Wl' don't control what studt>nls eat." Fisher said "If tlll'y sl'lect too many starches and not l'nough proteins. there is nothing we can do ... Fislwr said he and his managl'rs will re\'iew the survey. success, Dr. Raymond Schneider, associate professor of speech and adaptor of "Jack the Ripper," said. "It is a big safe target, able to be criticized. But it wasn t all that grand." "MOVING AND POWERFUL!" The finest in Touring and Racing equipment Fuji, Gitane, Sutter, Sekine 120 day service contract, Experienced & prompt repair service 1:.\ all bikes fully as.sembled & guaranteed S tefan Kanter. TIME MAGAZINE Master Charge SACCO&. VANZETTI 11148 N. 30th Street Acros.s from Schlitz TONIGHT! 9 a.m. -6 p.m. 974-2439 Wed. Feb. 18 7 & 9: 30 p.m. LAN 103 $1.00 OO SIXTH ANNUAL MODEL UNITED NATIONS simulation of a UN Session General Assembly, Security Council, Committees Open to the public The following sessions of the Model United Nations are open to the public. Interested persons are encouraged to attend, to observe the proceedings. To attend, go to the information desk in the second floor lobby, in the UC. SCHEDULE OF EVENTS W ednesday, F ebruary lJ, 1974 12:0 0 noon 9 :00 pm On-Campus regist ration UC 251 Thursday, February 14, 1974 (Valentine s Day!) 9 :00 am 12:00 noon R egistration u c 251 1 2:00 noon 1 :30 pm S emina r I Iba l :JO pm J :OO pm Seminar fl tba 6 :00 pm Committee Meetings Political and Security UC 2 48N S pe cial P olitical UC 248S Truste e ship UC 252 UC 2 5 1 S ocicl Cultural, H umanitarian Security Council UC 255 6 7 :00 pm D inne r Break 7 :00 pm 9 :00 pm Dav i d Wheal "Int'!. E conomic Situ ation PHY 141 I ba Recepti on R e d Carpe t Inn Pool s id e Friday, February 15. 1974 9 : 0 0 am 12:00 n oo n committee Meetings (s ame as a bove) U C 255 6 1 2 :00 noon 1 :00 pm Lunch Break 1 :00 pm 5 :00 pm Committee Meetings (same as abov e ) uc 2 5 5 6 J :JO pm 4:JO pm Security Council Hon. Sam Gibbons ''Multinational Corporations'' 5 :00 pm 7:00 pm Dinner Break 7 00 pm. 11:00 pm OPENING SESSION OF U C 248 GENERAL ASSEMBLY, MAJOR POWER SPEECHES SECURITY COUNCIL Saturday, F e b ruary 16, 1974 UC 255 6 9 :00 a m 12:00 noon General Assembly U C 248 S ecurity Council 12:00 n oon. l :JO pm L unch Break l : J O p m 5 :00 p m G e n eral Assembly S ecurity Council 5:00 p m 6 :30 p m D inne r Break 7:00 pm 8 :00 pm Dr. J G Stoes si ng e r U C 248 UC 255 6 "The United Nations" K !VA 8 :JO pm 10 pm Sunday, February 1 7 197 4 8 :OO am Buffet Breakfas t R ed Carpe t I n n W a k e -up, Eve r y o ne b r e a kfas t 9 : 3 0 am 1:00 pm G eneral Assembly UC 248 S ecurity Council UC 2 5 5 6 1 :JO pm J:OO pm Awards Banque t R ed Carpet Inn MEETING ROOMS Ge neral A ssembly UC 2 4 8 N &S Security Council UC 2552 5 6 -?mmittees: P o l i tica l and S ecuri t y U C 248N Speci a l Political U C 2 48S Trus t eeshi p UC 252 Soci al Cultural & H umani t a r ian UC 251 Rooms ava ilable for B l oc a nd spe c ial m eetings: 200, 201. 202, 203, 204, Keys are at information desk


<>raphics furnished A dream world .. .is presented today in "Child of the Sea," the second Literature Hour this quarter. Lecture explores Atlantis theory Dr. Albert Gessman, professor of Ancient Studies, will speak on the myth of Atlantis tomorrow at 7 p.m in LAN 460 at a meeting of the Ancient Studies League. The lecture will start with Plato' s account of the lost con tinent and discuss the literary, historical, and linguistic evidence concerning Atlantis. Admission is free. rLiM.EilGHTi 0 with Claire Bloom & Buster Keaton written, directed and scored by Charles Chaplin ACADEMY AWARD WINNER Best Original Musical Score LAST FILM IN THE CHAPLIN SERIES February 15, 16, 17 7&9:30p.m. ENA Admission $1.50 USF Students $1.00 Children under 8 $1.00 Florida Center for the Arts Film Art Series THE ORACLE -February 13, 1974 7 Theater portrays dreams .. Child of the Sea ... an original chamber th eatre drama. will be pr ese nted today at 2 p.m. in LAN Im as th e second Liter a tur e Hour presented this quarter. acc ur a te record." Randolph said THE SHOW is presented in black and white with a com bination of visual. vocal. and media effects to help the audience create their own colors. Carruthers, who leads us through the world of his imagination. The main character in his imagination is the Child, played by Joan O'Connell Director and writer George Randolph. oral interpretation instructor. describes "C hild of the Sea .. as a "Salvador Dali. s urrealisti c r e ligious. Alice in Wonderland ... .\CCOHDl!\"G to Randolph. the production is based on his own dream experiences. "I originally produced it in 1969. exactly five years ago." Randolph said. "At that tim e. it was done as a Literature Hour. then taken to New York and performed for a Speech Com munication Convention." "A lot of the show is not written down and I wanted to redo it before I forgot so I could make an Juergensen to recite Dr. Hans Juergensen, professor of Humanities, will give a reading of his poetry Friday at 8 p m. in the Physics Auditorium Juergensen has written "Hebraic Modes" and "From the Divide" and is currently involved in a government program teaching poetry to sixth grade students. The poetry reading is spon sored by the USF English Forum and is open to the public. After a grandiose opening. the audience is introduced to the Dreamer. played by Mike THE PRODUCTION will be repeated next Wednesday at 2 p.m in LAN 103. Admission is free. ROAD RUNNER TAVERN Playing Saturday Nights Herbie at the Piano Rhythm a nd Blues and Rock and Roll Music Draft Beer 30c Game Room Pool tables Foosball Bowling & Pinball Machines Dancing Area Mon. -Sat. 9 am to 1 pm Sun. 1 pm to. Midnight 7921 N. Armenia Ave. South of Waters PH: 935-9829 Tampa's only Natural Foods Restaurant serving fresh & wholesome natural foods Wed. Feb. 13th: Broiled Turbot Flounder Dinner w-organic brown rice, fresh garden salad, & wholewheat bread. $1.95 Thurs. Feb. 14: Zucchini-Cheese Casserole w-homemade soup of the day, garden salad, & wholewheat bread. $1.95 Fri. Feb. 15: Garbanzo Bean Loaf w-homemade tomato vegetable sauce, brown rice, garden salad, & wholewheat bread. $1.95 Garbanzo Bean Loaf w-homemade tomato vegetable sauce, brown rice, garden salad, & wholewheat bread. $1.85 Sat. Feb. 16: Vegetable-Cheese-Nut Casserole w-brown rice, garden salad, & wholewheat bread. $1.85 5326 E. Busch Blvd. (next to Pantry Pride) 988-3008 Temple Terrace Mon. Sat. 11 am 9 pm Sunday 5pm 9pm


8-THE ORACLE February 13, 1974 Modern languages without head Parrish named 1 caretaker' Dr. James Parrish. former LJSF English department chairman for 11 years. has been appointed interim chairman of Modern Languages following firing of Language Chairman Cleon Capsas. "It's kind of a holding action." Parrish said last night. "It could be for four days and it could be four months." Parrish. whose position Capsas termed "caretaker of the zoo" yesterday, said he was appointed by Languc:ge-Literature Dean Philip after what he assumed was faculty con-No decision reached on land offers Bert Hartley, USF vice president for Finance and Planning, yesterday said University officials are pleased Clearwater has donated 150 acres to the University for proposed Bay Campus extension. "We were very happy to see the city develop a proposal whereby th e University could receive 150 acres of a 320-acre parcel owned by the city," Hartley said. Hartley said University officials should receive Clear water' s official proposal outlining all details this morning. "Members of the university staff will analyze the proposal within the next two weeks," Hartley said, "so we will be prepared lo present all proposals to the Board of Regents at their :Vlarch 4 meeting." USF has also been offered land by St. Petersburg, Pinellas County. and Fred Bullard, a private developer. Chemistry schedule rearranged The Chemistry department has announced schedule changes which will affect students preregistering for Qtr. 3 classes. According to Dr. Jack Fer nandez, coordinator of the division of Organic Chemistry, these classes will be offered Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays: CHM 331-001at4 p.m. in CHE 100; 333-001 only at 11 a.m. in CHE 100; 335-002 at noon CHE 105. sultati on. He said although h e has la k e n several languages. "I don't knoll' any of them." He said he was chosen because of his administrative ability ''I'm almost a professional ad ministrator." Parrish said. "That s my only basis for qualification for the job." Parrish said h e plans no sub s tantive changes within the department. "It would probably be inap propriate for me to make any major changes in a discipline not my oll'n." Parrish said. Former Chairman Capsas charged he ll'as given a quil-or be-f ired ultimatum by Rice and \'ice President for Academic ,\!fairs Carl Riggs last ll'l'l'k. He said no reasons ll'er e gi\"C'n for lhe decision. Riggs yesterday indicated agreement with Capsas' appraisal of the situation but declined further specific comment. ERA foe speaks State Rep. Dennis MacDonald, R-St. Petersburg. will speak at tomorrow's meeting of the USF College Republican C lub 2 p.m. in UC 251. MacDonald will speak against passage of the Equal l{ights Amendment. He is a leading contender for the Male Cha uvinist Pig of thP Year award awarded by the Pinellas county chapter of National Organization of Women. Anyone may attend. Expense-paid week for two in Austria NATllRAL HEALTH FOODS 14401 Fla. Ave. Ph. 932-5254 YOllH GOOD HEALTH IS OUR CONCERN *NATURAL VITAMINS *WORTHINGTON *COSMETICS MEATLESS MEATS *BREADS CEREALS *HOFFMAN PRODUCTS PLUS FRESH FRUITS & VEG. YEAR ROUND CHECk OUR PRICES!! lOper cent DISCOUNT TO STUDENTS, FACULTY & STAFF A-C USED AUTO PARTS SPEUAUZING IN FOREIGN CARS AND PARTS 10% DISCOUNT ON ALL PARTS FOR USF STUDENTS 14525 FLORIDA AVE. PH. 9:12-4329 ---1 : ... PRIZE SAAB99LE. The pride of Swedish engineering. .. Overhead cam engine, rack and pinion steering, front wheel drive, fold-Qown rear see1ts. 20 PAIRS HART SKIS Competition USA model Hart fiberglass, foamed wood <::ore 20 YASHICA CAMERAS Atoron E .lectro model. Automatic ultra-miniature camera .. 50 SAMSONITE' SUIT-PAKS Carries two men's suits, shirts, shoes, etc. I CHM 631-901 has been canceled. OFFICIAL RULES via Icelandic Airlines. Enjoy the,__ ______________________ __, fabulous resort of Kitzbi.ihel. Plant clinics set Saturday If you give or get a plant for Valentine's Day, you won't want to miss Saturday's plant clinic at the USF Botanical Garden. Dr. Derek Burch, Garden director, will answer questions and give plant growing advice during sessions at noon and 2 p m The format of the clinics will be similar to that of two sessions held earlier this quarter. Anyone in the University community may attend. Because clinics are limited to 30 persons each. reservations must be made by calling the Oracle, 974-2398. I I I I i I L 1 On entry blank at right. or piece of 3 x 5 paper. print your name. address and zip. Mall to Dannon Yogurt Sweepstakes. PO Box 651. Brooklyn.NY 11202 2 Each entry must be accompanied by two disks from containers of Dannon Yogurt or the words Oannon Yogurt prrnted in plain block letters on a 3-x 5 paper 3 Winners will be selected in random drawings conducted by Marden-Kane. Inc an independent judging o rgani zation. whose decisions are final. Limit one prize to a family. Taxes on any prize are the sole responsibility o f the winner. No substitutions will be made for any prize offered. 4 Enter as often as you wisheach entry must be mailed separately Entries must be postmarked by April 20. t 974. and received by April 30. 1974. 5 Sweepstakes open to residents of States east of the Mississippi River. except employees and their fam111es of Dannon Yogurt. and its affiliates. its advertising agencies and Marden-Karle. Inc. Otter void where prohibited or restricted by law. All federal. state and local laws apply. flfP\JlF\EJl 250 WHOLE EARTH CATALOGS Dannon Yogurt Winter Carnival Sweepstakes P.O. Box 651, Brooklyn, N .Y. 11202 Please enter me in your sweepstakes. Enclosed are two disks from Dan non containers. or the words Dannon Yogurt" printed in block letters on a 3"x 5"piece of paper NAME-\Please print pla1nly l ADDRESS--------------------


sports Photo by Doc Parker Take that USF Club \I sports wire FORT LAUDERDALE

10-THE ORACLE February 13, 1974 Books get once over Photo by Bill Cullerton Elma Hogan, Bookstpre clerk, skims through "I'm OK, You're OK," one of 10 novels on the Bookstore's current best seller list. Other books are listed in a story which appears elsewhere on this page. Council of Deans seek honor student change BY \\'A Yl\'E SPRAGUE Oracle Staff Writer The Council of Deans, meeting behind closed doors, yesterday passed a motion recommending changes in the system of classifying honor students, Vice President for Academic Affairs Cai:! :Riggs said. The motion recommended any student who is within the top five per cent of his college for three of four quarters shall be designated a "President's Scholar." The student must not take the courses pass-fail and must take 12 or more hours quarterly. All such students would be recognized at the next annual Fall Honors Convocation if the proposal is gccepted by Riggs. The motion also recommended special designations be given graduating students who high GPA:s. Studer.ts with a GPA between 3.5 and 3.71 would be designated "cum laude," students with an average .between 3.71 and 3.90 would be designated "magna cum lauGHf '-'CH(llS '"1(1110t110Hl '" GRAND OPENING !\lultinationals are cor-porations with world-wide ramifil'at ions and they do $500 billion worth of business, Cooper said. The Chronicle's latest list, based on reports from 64 college bookstores, rated "I'm OK, You're OK," by Thomas A Harris the best seller, followed by "Chariots of the Gods 9 "The Best and The Brightest," "Our Bodies, Ourselves," "America," "Journey to Ixtlan," "The Joy of Sex," "Jonathan Livingston Seagull." "A Separate Reality" and the tenth best seller "The Making of a President." by Theodore White. ONE FREE WEEK OF CARE "TllIS IS a major issue now dlnloping ... he said. "The qulsti1111 is will thesl' dominate and ta kt mtr thl' small countries Hogan said all of these hooks. t>xcept "America." are available at the UC bookstore. MONTESSORI DAY CARE -CENTER 933-1107 238-6315


( t: 4 S S I !., II [ HELP WANTED ) I SERVICES OFFERED I LIKE entertainment? The Oracle needs two or three people interested in writing about campus activities. Call Anne or Valerie, 974-2619 or come by LAN 469. All majors are eligible. ARTIST. TIRED OF WAITING ON TABLES? fast sketch portrait artists. APPLY: Tues. thru Fri. Busch Gardens 30th Street entrance In c-o Claudia Van Koba ACCOUNT! NG MAJORS Financial & Budgetary Officer wanted. For immediate employment contact Patti University Volunte.r Services. 974-2388 SOC 7P DELIVERY help wanted, part time af ternoons or full time day 10-7 p.m. 223-5439 or 971-3674 after 7. ( MISC. FOR SALE ) 35mm CAMERA-Nikkormat by Nikon with "FTN" meter, $140. 28mm wide angle lens to fit Nikon, $60. Both for 5190. Must sell. Great condition. Ph. 971-1023. Ask for Bill. AFRICAN Lion Hunting Dogs (Rhodesian Ridgebacks). Puppies 5 wks. Wormed Shots-Best protection and catch dogs for hogs, deer, bear and large game. Call 238-2622 mornings-nights. SCUBA Diving Equipment -most major brands available at discounted prices. Buy now and be prepared for spring break and next quarter's scuba class. Call Don Saunders, ETA 120, 974-6541. IR I SH Setter Puppies, AKC, $75 and up, 949-6335. TERRARIUMS for Valentine's. Bottle gardens, Cactus dishes. Reasonable 935-3537. SMOOTH gaited western pleasure horse. Gentle but spirited. $275. 935-3537. DESPERATELY need someone to take over my contract at Fontana Hall for 3rd Qtr. Call-Drake eves. after 9:30 971-7656. PRE-1900 Upright Piano; excellent condition $200. 00. Call 971-8354 after 5:30 p.m. ( MOBILE HOMES ] WOODED lot for mobile home. 5 min. from USF, $50 monthly, includes water, sewer. Quiet, beautiful, boat ramp, fishing. Call Bob 988-4085. [ RIDES ) INDEPENDENT girl in wheelchair needs ride on Tuesday, Thursday from Plant City to USF. Will pay for ride. 752-8240. TERM PAPERS typed-quick, neat and accurate. Reasonable rates. Contact Cynthia at 971-5984 any.time after 5:30 FAST, accurate typing service. 48 hr. service in most instances 2 min. from USF. Between 8:30 and 5:00 call 879-7222 ext. 238. After 6:00 call 988-3435. Ask for Liz. SPECIALIZED TYPIST IBM CORRECTING Selectric, carbon ribbon, pica or elite. Greek symbOls. Exp. Turabian, Campbell, APA, etc. 5 min. from USF. Nina Schiro, 971-2139. If no answer, 235-3261. CANOE RENTALS-SALES DAYORWEEK 935-0018 TYPING, Fast, Neat, Accurate, Turabian. I BM Corrective Selectric. Carbon ribbOn Pica or Elite. All types of work. Machine is .great for professional looking Theses Close to USF. 988-0836 Lucy Wilson. ( FOR RENT J SUBLET one bedroom apt. Furnished, some rooms carpeted. Start on or before Mar. 1. Call 977-0697 s120 per month. 71/2 MINUTES FROM US F New complex on 5 acres. Children & pets welcome. No lease. 2 bedrooms, wall to wall carpet; drapes; Central heat & air; Furnished $180. Phone 988-5263 days. 988-5614 evenings & weekends. GREEN OAK Villa -New 1 & 2 Bedroom furnished apartments; Varied lease; near USF. Call 971-4408 or 971-1424. :rAKE OVER lease on one bedroom fur nished apt. close to USF. Take over lease for 550. Occupant leaving by Feb. 21. Also: 19" Admiral TV, black & white. Call 9710263. FOREST HILLS. Darling 2 BR with shag, air con., stove, refrig. Prestige area, fenced yd., well. Lease. $200, plus $100 damage. Owner 985-1078, 933-3973. LA MANCHA DOS, Tampa's only student apt. complex. $72-90 per month. 1 block from campus on 42nd St. 971-0100. ( MUSICAL l FLUTE for sale. Artley silver plated closed hole in good condition. Plays easily. Ask for Scott Johnson Iota Rm. 222 974-6215 or 6216. Asking SlOO. (TV, RADIO, STEREO 1 FOR SALE: Akai 8 track recording deck. Needs minor adjustments. Make offer. 971-3674 after 7 p.m. Classifieds Ph. 97 4-2620 "We Sell the Best & Fix the Rest" 237 EAST DAVIS BlVD. Florida 33606 Phone 255-1361 Hardware Keys Made 15 SPEEDS 10 SPEEDS 3 SPEEDS Mosler Charge LIGHTWEIGHTS FOLDAWAYS TANDEMS ADULT TRIKES BOYS' GIRLS' BU2Z BIKES Hours: M, W, f 10 om-Bpm NOTE: All bilres sold fully assembled and tested Tu. Th, S, 9,JO om-6pm Crescent Maserati Mercier Sekine Bottecchia Motobecane Gitane flandria Coppi and LAMBERT 11te world's lirs1 Aeto Space like. The finest in bicycles, accessories ond opporel. SALES PARTS REPAIRS RENTALS AllS) THE ORACLE -February 13, 1974 EASY QUALITY CAMPING EQUIPME ll ( AUTOMOTIVE ) '67 CAMARO, headers, Nabb wheels. S750. 8508 11th St. after 4:30 p.m. TRAILS 8711 N. 40th St. 988-0045 FOR SALE: '68 Firebird convertible auto-T, A-C, and PS. Power top, new tires. Economical 350 engine. For more in formation call Steve at 971-3125. VAN for sale. '69 Ford Van, low mileage, 6 cylinder, automatic. A bargain for $900. 977-4947 afternoons. '71 TOYOTA Corona, 4 door, vinyl top, air conditioned, luggage rack, and trailer hitch. Very good condition & gas saver. Needs some engine work. Reasonable 971-3489. APTS. & HOUSES TO SHARE WANTED: Girl to sublet an apt. at La Mancha Dos. Rent only 567 .oo per month. Call Doris at 879-7700 or 971-8354 after 5:30 p.m. MALE ROOMMATE needed !'ates Apart ments. 971-3423. Call anytime. 2 Bdrm, 2 Bath. NEEDED NOW! Female roommate to share 2 bdrm. apt. with 2 girls: Very close to USF Only $65 a month. Call after 7, 988-0319. ROOMMATE needed to share furnished 2 bedroom 1112 bath apartment. Will have your own room. Rent is $66.00 a month and one third of utilities may move in anytime after March 16. Contact Sharon 977-1585. FOUND: Black kitten with white collar. If not claimed we'd like to give him to whoever wants him. Please contact Chris or Lee, Mu 133 USF, if he is yours or you want him. c PERSONAL l FORMER SCOUTS : Do you want to continue the principles of Scouting? Would you join a fraternity founded on the principles of scouting, by scouts? Then check into Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity. We will hold open meetings on Feb. 13 & 14 in UC Rm. 255 from 8 p m to 10 p.m. We want to meet you. .( REAL ESTATE 1 OVERSIZE 1;, ACRE Near USF, Yr. old 3 BR, 2 BA, huge LR, Pan. family rm., Ser. porch, Cen H&AC, Cptd., Drapes D-wash., Ref., Wash-Dry. Free water, County taxes. 71;, per cent mtg. $35,900. Owner 988-3896 or evenings 9880063. [ MISCEUANEOUS ) SEAC sponsors second coffee house auditions for Qtr. II. Musical and other appropriate talent should sign up by Mon. Feb. 18 in CTR 222. Future student cof feehouses will consist of talent screened at these auditions. Auditions will be held Mon. Feb. 18 in Empty Keg, 8 :00 p.m. 0,.. n....., Fri., s.t. ,_, ...., ... ,,_, ,s.i.. 1-. a ... o .... OUTFITIERS FOR CAMPING. BACK PACKl.NG. CANOEING ', We Carry CAMP TRAILS, WENZEL, Qin STAG, COGHLAN'S OPTIMUS, MOUNTAUfHOUSE;. COLEMAN & OTHERS CHANNEL 16 WUSF-TV Aliff 11w11ut 1n Mil& ........... FLORIDA TRAILS t\SS()CIATION. INC. 10 WEEK SCHEDULE (SAME AS OTHER USF COURSES) Enrollment Unlimited (* courses 1 isted with incorrect numbers in class schedule. Please use numbers shown here.) USF College Credit Courses by television -in YOUR home or in a reserved room on campus. Each lesson broadcast twice. QUARTER I II SCHEDULE 4395 ANT 371-501 ANTHROPOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVES (4) (Dr. Evelyn Kessler) MTR 4:30 or 7:30 p.m. 1851 ART 310-501 INTROOIJCTION TO ART (3) (Mr. Bruce Marsh) MTR 5:30 or 8:00 p.m. 0291 ECN 489-501 HISTORY OF ECONOMIC THOUGHT (3) (Or. Emil Kauder) MTR 5:00 or 8:30 p.m. 2107 MUS 371-501 ISSUES IN MUSIC. (2) (Or. Jacques Abram) F 5:00 or 8:00 4804 PSY 201-501 INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY (5) (Or. Paschal Strong) MTWRF 3:30 or 7:00 p.m. 5109 SS! 301-501 SOCIAL SCIENCE STATISTiCS (4) (Or. Karl Achenbach) MTRF 4:00 or 9:00 p.m. NEW COURSE BY RAO I 0 (WUSF-FM, 89. 7) 2025 MUS 205-501 INTRODUCTION TO ELECTRONIC MUSIC (3) (Dr-Larry Austin) MW 4:00 p.m. HOW TO REGISTER: FILL OUT YOUR REGISTRATION FORM THE SAME AS FOR OTHER COURSES. Be certain you have the correct reference number, prefix, course and section n .umbers. WHEN YOU REGISTER, NOTIFY THE Y.O.U. OFFICE IMMEDIATELY so your name and address can be put on the list to receive a course syllabus, viewing schedule, and other necessary information prior to the beginning of classes. Y. O. U. IS LOCATED IN THE BASEMENT OF THE LI BR ARY, UL I 20-D. TELEPHONE: 974-2341, ext. 23. Cartagena/Santa Marta 8 days 7 nights* $236.00 incl. rur fare For Details contact American Overseas Travel Corp University of South Florida Adm. 102, 4202 Fowler Ave Tampa, Fla. 33620 PH. 974-2695 YOUR ON CAMPUS TRAVEL AGENCY departures available for Spring Break


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