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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
Wickstrom, Valerie ( Editor )
Wright, Sandra ( Managing editor )
Thompson, Sue ( Advertising manager )
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Rail Road axed BY MATT BOKOR Oracle Staff Writer The Underground Rail Road will definitely be removed from the airwaves, Educational Resources Director Manny Visions of 1984 Photo by Chri s Malone Although it appears USF Pres.Cecil Mackey is assuming the role of George Orwell's "Big Brother," actually he is being seen in a monitor at WUSF during taping of "Emphasis" yesterday. Lucoff said last night. The question is not if the Rail Road will go off the air, it's when," Lucoff said LUCOFF said various packages are being studied to determine what will go into the vacant time slot. No Rail Road replacement has been named, he said. "It will be broadcasting public affairs and fine arts entirely Lucoff said. USF Pres. Cecil Mackey said yesterday the music presented on the Rail Road "is not necessarily related to our educational mission "IT'S NOT entirely clear to me if we should be broadcasting any type of music outside of courses," Mackey said. Mackey said the station, faced like the rest of the university with a "budget crunch," could offer more courses to "justify use of state money He cited Dr. Larry Austin's radio course; "In troduction to Electronic Music," a s one such example. THE QUESTION isn t one of if it s duplicating what is of f e red on other stations Mackey said. "It' s a matter of it s being a pplicable to our educational goals. This type of format puts music in a "diff erent type of role from entertainment-oriented programs, he said. Health Center might start imposing 1minimalchar[jes' BY MARY Rl' TH MYERS Oracle Staff Writ e r Th e Health C enter may impose a minimal charge" for services next year, Vice President for Student Affairs Joe Howell said last night "The Health Center is planning to start a minimal charge, Student Finance Committee chairman Tony Carvalho said 'Tm concern e d people wiH have to pay anythirg at all LAST YEAH'S tlealth Center b udget was about $45 0 ,000 but n e xt year' s is projected for $375,000, h e said Howell said, The Director of the Health Center is going to see if that's the dollar figure he can work with He h asn't come back to m e with what that dollar will buy y et." Ca r valho said the Health Center is an "expensive package taking up about one third of the entire budget s funds. The other areas are liable to be eaten up by health services he s a id. "He a lth services keep going up." Health Cent e r Director Larry Stevens was unavailable for comment .last night STUDENT Publications projected budget is reduced from about $64,000 to $40,000, a cut of $24,000, Carvalho said "We don' t have any special reason for that figur e ( $40, 000), Howell said "No one really knows how mu c h they'll n ee d." H e said '.h a t w a s a ''totall y flex i b le" fig u re. suggest e d as a possible subsidy, Carvalho said DIRECTOH of Student Publications Leo Stalnaker said, "If the president's (Cecil Mackey l wishes are carried out the amount budg e ted for the Oracle is meaningless I guess they just needed a figure and that amount seemed right." I Animated Disney shorts Photo by Chris Malone Pot Luck That's probably not the phrase to describe the skills of Melissa Hattaway, 2ART, as she appears on her way to shaping a beautiful piece of hand craftsmanship. friday's ORACLE Feb. 15, 1974 Vol. a, No. 113 12 pages Since th e Orac l e fundeci th ro u g h St ud ent Publicatio n s alloca tions, will '.-le mo veil off campu s to become ind eptndent o f Unive r s ity s uppo r t. i t i s u n certain what the ooo figm c would cove r It. Jias been I See Page 7 .. ::::::::::::::::::


ORACLE February 15, 1974 Gas dealers threaten. shutdown The Soviet secret police threatened to bring treason charges which carry the death penalty, against exiled Alexander I. Solzhenitsyn before he was exiled, the novelist was quoted as saying yesterday. Solzhenitsyn said through his lawyer last 11ight he will leave today for Zurich Switzer land Wirt ntws Edited by Sheila Hooper Giveaway wrong WASHINGTON -A group of leading corporate economists predicted yesterday the nation will escape a recession this year, but will suffer higher unemployment, rising prices and a m a rked slowdown in produc tion The forecast of the economic consultants to the Business Council, a select organization of major U.S. business executiv es. fell on th e optimistic side of a range of private and governm e nt projection s for 1974, som e of which say energy shortages will produce an outright recession USF ARTIST SERIES pres'ents THE ALIVE COMPANY'S PRODUCTION OF ... .,., /$ .,,,. "This is the popular music of the last third of the century-IT HAS TO BE!" -Derek Jewell, LONDON SUNDAY TIMES I well & lllnf tn. "Impassioned and powerful, capable of stirr1S ring an audience almost to a frenzy. DO NOT r 1 MISS THIS SUPER-MUSICAL!" -Clive Barnes, N. Y. TIMES and now yo u con go to BREL ove r a rn i l i i o n p e ople hove Friday, Feb. 22 USF GYM Saturday, Feb. 23 8:30 p.m. Tickets $3.00 USF Fulltime students $1.50 ON SALE NOW Theatre Box Office 1: 15-4: 30 weekdays


THE ORACLE -February 15, 1974 3 Shore alternatives eyed Vice president for Academic Affairs Cari Riggs said yesterday he is considering "alternative" for dealing with problems within the Theater Department. The Theater Faculty Advisory Committee has conducted an investigation of reported dissatisfaction within the department, at the request of Fine Arts Dean Donald Saff. The group's report has not been submitted, he said. A person could also be gin'n a one year probation Riggs said. Friday & Saturday Last chance to hear the USF begins mini-UN Photo by Jeff Steel Rigg said he is considering the "alternatives" in relation to Theater Chairman Herb Shore. "When a problem arises, a:ll such alternatives are discussed," he said. One of the sessions in yesterday's Kingdom; Brazil's Marcia Colares de initial Model UN activities was a South Oliveira; assistaQt p_rofessor of History American seminar. Discussing our Dr. Edward D. BiUingsley of South southern neighbors are, from left to right, America, and Elaine Carlyle, SPMS, Philip Adkins, representing the United Jamaica's representative. Riggs emphasized no decision has been reached concerning the department pending results of the committee investigation. But he listed several possibilities now Deceptive insurance sales carry fines, license loss being eyed. "It would be possible to dismiss someone from an administrative line and keep them around permanently in a teaching position," Riggs said Ml BACK YARD 6902 N. 40th St. BY JILL AARONSON Oracle Staff Writer Jarry Davies, director of the State Insurance Commission Bureau of Research and Con sumer Education, said insurance agents practicing deceptive sales tactics on or off university campuses could have their licenses revoked or be fined, or both. Davies' response was promp ted by questions of possible ac tion against unauthorized solicitation by insurance representatives on the USF campus. Legislators support USF debate squad BY MATT BOKOR Oracle Staff Writer State Rep Kenneth Myers, D Miami, yesterday said he will exert pressure on the Board of Regents

4 -THE ORACLE February 15, 1974 The USF campus has diverse opinions on whether Picasso's concrete "Bust of a Woman" should be constructed. However one construction proposal the campus is unified on is the need for a new bookstore The current Textbook Center, where class materials and books are sold, and the UC bookstore, which stocks paper, leisure reading, clothes, and other sundries, are overcrowded, understaffed, and beset by numerous problems which cause customer complaints. THERE ARE plans for a new textbook center estimated as a $1.8-million 40,000 square foot project but until Auxiliary Services either saves some money or secures low-interest financing, th e plans aren't worth the paper they've been proposed on Tom Berry Auxiliary Services director, is one of the main people who would like to see USF get a new textbook center, but Berry doesn't want to make a $1.8-million move if the costs are going to be passed on to student consumers He predicts book costs are going to continue to rise in price, along with other paper products, and says students can't afford additional price hikes. The Textbook Center could solve 80 per cent of its problems ordering, stocking, selling, and buying back-if three-fourths of USF's textbooks were ordered on a retention basis for use for at least one academic year. Retention would afso save students money since used books could be resold more often. WITHOUT A retenti-0n plan, the Textbook Center faces numerous problems because unsold books cannot be returned to publishers Problems crop up and prices go up when : books are ordered for a class but then are not required; new editions with minor changes are required so used old editions can't be sold; too many or too few books are ordered (unless contacted the bookstore generally cuts orders slightly because of a 10 per cent annual overstock) and students are either without books or the bookstore is overstocked. Retain books. for savings 11Say Dude, which way to the bookstore?" as well as many difficulties in pricing, ;;tockmg, and sellmg could be o:vercome if USF faculty volun tarily adopted a retention plan for books. There would be less faculty, textbook center personnel, and students, but most importantly USF could take a big step towards getting a new textbook center. 1Gassing' new national pastime The American people, as a nation, have a deep-rooted need for activities that allow group interaction. The great baseball stadiums of the Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth eras were as popular as they were, not so much because of the greatness of the teams or players, but because they offered an opportunity for fans to get together frequently. Over a few cold beers, any first base group of fans could discuss the state of the union or the miserable weather of the past few days, and remain aloof outside world. Football stadiums, to a great extent, have replaced the ball parks as. the new meeting arenas. Usually larger than ORACLE ACP AU-American since 1967 SDX Mark of Excellence ANP A Pacemaker Award 1967, 1969 Editor .................. Valerie Wickstrom Advertising Manager ........ Sue Thompson Managing Editor ............ Sandra Wright Layout Editor .... ......... Dave Moormann Copy Editor ................... Jean Trahan Editorial Editor ... ......... Bruce Haddock Photo Editor ................. Bill Cullerton Sports Editor ............... Mike Kaszuba Entertainment Editors ..... Anne Laughlin Advisor ...................... Leo Stalnaker News phones ............ 974-2619, 2842, 2398 DEADLINES: General news 3 p.m. daily for following day issue Advertising (with proof) Thursday noon for Tuesday, Friday noon for Wednesday, Monday noon for Thurs:!ay, Tuesday noon for Friday. Deadlines ex tended without proof. Classified ads taken 8 a.m. noon two days before publication in person or by mall with payment enclosed. Advertising rates on request, 974, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. 5 p .m. Stories and pictures of interest to students may be submitted to the Oracle In LAN 469 or the suggestion boxes In the Library and UC. ball parks, the stadiums increased the number of participants allowed to mingle in the Saturday and Sunday melee. However, both of those ac tivities rely on a limited source from which to draw their constituency, Both appeal primarily to lower and middle class audiences, and therefore, fail to achieve ultimate goal of all great pastimes, i.e., universal appeal. UNLIKE ITS less fortunate predecessors, the booming new pastime is unaffected by class con sciousness. Consequently, it is destined to surpass all prior events in its popularity and in the zealousness of its public. The "Great Gas Race," as some have affectionately dubbed the new sport of waiting in line to buy our preciously needed gas, has gotten off to a fulminating start. Already, its active practitioners, known as "gassers," number well into the millions, and each weekend promises to add to the popularity of this activity. The critical factor in the surprisingly rapid response to what was formerly an obscure sport, at least in the United States, though somewhat better known in Western Europe, rests on the universality of its appeal. Any car owner has an equal chance to become a devoted member of this new sport. Fortunately, the physical requirements are few, other than abundant patience and resistance to heat and monoxide poisoning, whereas the benefits are numerous ALREADY, SOME of the more ex perienced "gassers" have developed styles of their own. One such style is the "beach approach," which basically consists of pretending that the waiting line is the ocean front. These people come equipped with suntan lotion, dark glasses, and a reclining chair attached to the roof of their cars. One automobile manufacturer claims a sharp rise in his sales of convertibles since the "Gas Race." He attributes his new found market to the interest the "beach gassers" express for the convenience of a full sun top. Another style of "gasser" emphasizes the consumption of alcohol. Beer of any variety seems to be the most popular beverage though some Commentary hard liquor is consumed. The distinguishing trait of this style is that its participants try to get as drunk as possible while discussing some subject of little interest, usually the president, with a fellow "gasser." The ex" perienced "booze gasser" usually brings a co-pilot along for assured companionship. They split the cost of the beer and keep drinking and talking until they either buy the gas or pass out. There have been attempts to use "gassing" as a combination en tertainment source and steam bath. The "gasser" in this case must paint the outside of his car black and attempt to "gas" only on hot sunny days, preferably between one and three o'clock in the afternoon. During these hours and while wearing a rubber suit, the "gasser" must keep his car under direct sunlight with all his car windows tightly shut. However, this last style of "sweat gassing" has not been received with much enthusiasm by the public. REGARDLESS of what style of "gassing" any car owner chooses to follow, whether an existing one or an innovation of his own, he is sure to find many hours of invigorating interaction, barring a condition of high blood pressure, at his neighborhood gas station. The few unperceptive and conservative non-sports fans that fail to see the value of "gassing" and suggest the rationing of gas as a means to stop the lines need only to ride down to their corner station to see that gassing is keenly in tune with the needs of American morale Furthermore, if gas This public document wa!. promulgated at an annual cost of $148,696..15 or 9c per copy, to disseminate news to the students, staff and faculty of the University of South Florida. rationing were instituted, it would deal a crippling blow to one of our most successful efforts in recent times, to bring the American people closer together. M.Fente 4PO.L URR axe part of USF plan Editor: I wish I knew the real reason the URR is being taken off the air. Like Bill Davis, a lot of us have known the decision to take the Rail Road off the air was made a long time ago-but why? I know it's political. Maybe I'm a little reluctant to accept the URR termination as another display of the fact that we are the Indians. DR. LUCOFF said in the article, "If there is progressive rock music in the Bay area aired 24 hours daily, then the time could be better used." Dr. William Scheuerle, assistant vice president for Academic Affairs, said the "final decision (to scrap URRJ would be made by Lucoff Looks like the verdict is in gang. But don't blame Lucoff. He's only doing his job-taking orders. Scheuerle's comment on the effect of the 11 p m curfew on the URR, "If things have to go, things have to go." I've never known a businessman to let go of a product, in this case a produc tion format, so easily unless it was to his or the company's assured ad vantage. WE HA \'E:\'T heard much from Pres. Mackey on the URR expiration plan. WUSF is only part of the whole system but now it's coming into line. And somewhere on the other side of Mackey is the impetus behind the assassination of the URR. Seventeen dead in f ive years?-One hundred trillion to one. It's incredible, isn't it9 Suzy Pfund 4HUM


THE ORACLE -February 15, 1974. 5 DOONESBURY by Garry Trudeau tJ'--c_ -...., BVT..81/T.!T:S Jl()r Presidents council meets today TOO /.Ar&, AN!JRcWS! 100 UTTU ANO TiJo lAT&! -.... OV&R! I S/4M !Tl I CAN P/KJflE. IT! I'V& GOT CHAR.TS, f3RAPH5, YOIJ NAHG !Tl I.'11 VCNPR.&PARE/J TO SHOW YOl/ Pl!$lltXISlY tlNPtSCtOSIP tv&'/! ,,9FACT5.I NOT n (") r --t !MPR&SSSJ. (" c .....___ /) ,.., WHAT AR!i GOING 10 TEU TH& 510CKHOUJERS? C> The Council of University Presidents, meeting today in Tallahassee, are expected to discuss the proposed architecture college and increased utility costs incurred by the univer sities. The Council, presidents of the nine state universities and State University System

6 THEORACLE February 15, 1974 'Limelight' Charles Chaplin will star tonight, tomorrow and Sunday in ENA. CHARLES. CHAPLIN'S portrait of a music hall comic i e w with Claire Bloom & Buster Keaton written, directed and scored by Charles Chaplin ACADEMY AWARD WINNER Best Original Musical Score LAST FILM IN THE CHAPLIN SERIES February 15, 16, 17 7 & 9: 30 p.m. ENA Admission $1.50 USF Students $1.00 Children under 8 $1.00 Florida Center for the Arts Film Art Series I EARLY BIRD SPECIAL $1.95 COMPLETE DINNER FROM SOUP TO NUTS 5PM-7PM ONLY DIFFERENT ENTREE DAILY AT THE INTERCHANGE RED CARPET INN 0 109 E. FOWLER A VE (JUST WEST OF 1-75) 933-6531 "They do not love that do not show their love." William Shakespeare Choose Keepsake with complete confidence, because the famous Keepsake Guarantee assures a p erfect engagement diamond of precise cut and superb color. There is no finer diamond ring. ,, T-M Reg. A H. Pond Co HOW ro PLAN Y-ouR ENGAGE;;m.-AN; ;;;o"DiN-G".., Send new 20 pg. booklet, '.'Planning Your Engagement and Wedding" plus full color folder and 44 pg. Bride's Book gift offer all for only 25. F-73 I Nome _______________ I (Please Prin t ) I Addre ss---------------1 I CilY--------'C0.------1 I Stole Z i p __ : i::i:. .:? .... -


The Skeleton Dance ... a Disney Short Fifty animated Disney shorts will be presented tonight and tomorrow at midnight in ENA. "Wind in the Willows," "Silly Symphonies and "Legend of Sleepy Hollow" are all included in the presentation. Corrections Dr Hans Juergensen will recite original poetry Feb. 22 in the Physics Auditorium at 8 p.m in stead of tonight as an nounced earlier. Student Suzanne Crosby, 6ART, won the $100 Best Display award for her photography in the Gasparilla Sidewalk Art Festival last week. She was not mentioned in the list of USF winners A horn recital by Douglas Hill, assistant professor of Music Arts, scheduled for tomorrow night has been canceled w E e v e e k n e t n s d "What's Up Doc," starring Barbra Streisand and Ryan O'Neal will be shown tonight, tomorrow and Sunday at 7 : 30 and 10 p.m in LAN 103. Admission is 75 cents with a student ID The USF Jazz Band will hold a concert at Clearwater Junior College Sunday at 4 p.m. SEAC Coffehouse auditions will be held in the Empty Keg at 8 p.m. Monday. Musical and other talent should sign up in UC 222 by 5 p.m. Monday. Entries for Valencia Community College's annual drawing competition should be submitted by Monday. Artists interested in entering the competition should call (305) 299-5000 for in formation. Dance class added The Dance Department is adding a new beginning ballet class Intro to Ballet, for Qtr. 3. The class will meet on MWF from 5 to 6 p,m. All interested students should contact the Dance Department. \ BIRDSONG VOLKSWAGEN :: : : ::: :-::: :::: .: "Tampa's full service J ::::::: VW dealership'' :::::::: % w 0 @ New and Used Car Sales ::::::: :;:::::: Parts Service Modern Paint & Body Shop (We repair all makes & models) GAS SHORTAGE !???! "The Dasher is here" The following is an exerpt from the Jan. 28th issue of Automotive News. "The Dasher can certainly deliver the mileage thirty teams of newsmen driving automatics and standards in a 60-mile economy test through city and country averaged 35.578 miles per gallon. Top figure was 42.571 on a four-speed car." VW's -Toyotas -Vegas Pintos Hornets -MG's BIRDSONG VOLKSWAGEN 11333 No. Fla. Ave. Ph: 933-2811 (Florida at Fowler) THE ORACLE -February 15, 1974 THE 111-FASHIOI STORE WESTSHOR E PLAZA NORTHGATE SHOPPING CENTER BRITTON PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER DOWNTOWN: 705 FRANKLIN STREET SHIRT-ON-SHIRT DRESSES A fashion-look so perfect for spring wardrobes. Contrasting layered collars and crisp cuffs accent these lovely styles. The spotlight is on shirt-on-shirt dresses for spring. 7


8 -THE ORACLE sports Cagers meet Armstrong St. } 'ou too l 'Ull n1jo_..,. the highPIJI S.O.Q. Standard Of Quality 1974 Warren Walk Improves scoring average. sports USF's Sports Car Club will sponsor a practice autocross noon tomorrow'in preparation for a noon autocross Sunday in the Physical Education parking lot. Registration for both events at 11 a m. with a $1 charge for non members Everyone is invited I, BY PAM JONES Oracle Sports Writer When the Golden Brahman basketball team goes on the road this weekend to meet the Pirates of Armstrong State College, they wiltbe taking on the NCAA' s 14th ranked team in the small college division. Saturday night's game will be played in the Savannah Civic Center the sixth of a seven-game nome stretch for the Pirates. So far this season, Armstrong State has compiled a record of 15-4, and leads the Southern Atlantic Conference with a 6-2 record. According to Brahman Coach -Don Williams, USF's overtime loss to Dayton on Monday night "was awfully hard to take The team has come back from their disappointment, ; however, "and they're playing real well DO\\.'." Assistant coach Phil Collms wiUbe scouting the Pirates when they take on Augusta tonight. Williams says that shorts The Brafiman Lacrosse Club will host the Orlando Lacrosse team 2 p.m. Sunday on the soccer field. USF's Rugby team will face the .. Orlando Rugby club 2 p m. tomorrow in a home meet on the rugby field. 10 WEEK SCHEDULE (SAME.AS 'OTHER USF COURSES) Enrollment Unlimited CHANNEL 16 WUSF-TV (* courses listed with incorrect numbers in class .schedule. Please use.numbers shown here.} USF College Credit Courses by television -in YOUR home or in a reserved room on campus. Each lesson broadcast twice. QUARTER 111 SCHEDULE 4395 ANT 371-501 ANTHROPOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVES (Or. Evelyn Kessler) MTR 4:30 or 7:30 p.m. 1851 ART 310-501 INTRODUCTION TO ART (3) (Mr. Bruce Marsh) MTR 5:30 or 8:00 p.m. 0291 ECN 489-501 HISTORY OF ECONOMIC THOUGHT (3) (Or. Kauder) MTR 5:00 or 8:30 p.m. 2107 MUS 371-501 ISSUES IN MUSIC (2) (Or. Jacques Abram) f 5:00 or 8:00 p .m. 4804 PSY 201-501 INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY (5) (Or, Paschal Strong) MTWRF 3:30 or 7:00 p.m. 5109 SSI 301-501 SOCIAL SCIENCE STATISTICS (4) (Or. Karl Achenbach) MTRF 4:00 or 9:00 p.m. NEW COURSE BY RADIO (WUSF-FM, 89.7) 2025 MUS 205-501 I NTROOUCTION TO ELECTRONIC MUSIC (3) (Or. Larry Austin) MW 4:00 HOW TO REGISTER: FILL OUT YOUR REGISTRATION FORM THE SAME. AS FOR OTHER COURSES. Be certain you have the correct reference number, prefix, course and section numbers. WHEN YOU REGISTER, NOTIFY THE Y.O.U. OFFICE IMMEDIATELY so your name and address can be put on the list to receive a course syllabus, viewing schedule, and other necessary information prior to the begi n .ni ng of cl asses. Y.O.U. IS LOCATED IN THE BASEMENT OF LIBRARY, ULI 2Q.:O. TELEPHONE: 974-2341, ext. 23. I line up for tomorrow's game will be determined by what Coilins sees "We kllow that they (Arm strong State) can run The line-up will depend on how quick they are with this Unbeatable Team For Dry Cleaning Draperies One of Armstrong State's top players from last year, Sam Berry, is ineligible this year after playing professional ball ill Mexico Even without Berry, the Pirates have been averaging almost 90 points per game this season. Guaranteed length Even Hemlines Pleats absolutely San1tone frrtjfad Moslrr Drydrantr Brighter, cleaner sparkling colors and I I 'Juifars, Amps & .Accessories At Discount Prices. Old And New Instruments CHARLIE'S' 4505 MUSIC S. Dale CENTER Mabry 837-2957 Piek Up and vertical Hoaw CaB 13524 UNIVERSITY PLAZA .:::; _--------------. 1 1.... ----... :-; '.. < y -:#II s -------e ---s s l o .. 0 ..... _. o u ) ( f; ( (f) .fl _.,_

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