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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
Wickstrom, Valerie ( Editor )
Wright, Sandra ( Managing editor )
Thompson, Sue ( Advertising manager )
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Gas plan to commission BY MARY RUTH MYERS Oracle Staff Writer USF community members last night decided to request the Hillsborough County Commission to adopt a mandatory gasoline rationing program. The propo s al adopted during a town -meeting style" Focus Debate attended by about 100 people asks the county be placed on a plan modeled after the Oregon Plan. LEE NEEDLEMAN; 2SPE, and Frank Com .paretto, 2ACC, presented the original proposal during the debate, sponsored by the Speech Department. Needleman s proposal asked persons with over a half tank of gas be denied more. But there would be no minimum purchase required. Dino Pantages, 2MIB suggested a successful amend-ment to the proposal. There should be a minimal limit based -011 size of the car rather than the requi rement of having a half empty tank before getting gas," Pantages said. DR. JAMES Popevich, Speech professor, said, "You're suggesting a crazy world of 1984 where all odd licensed cars are on the road on odd numbered days and all even-licensed cars on the road on even-numbered days. You don't take into consideration some people need more gas than others." Eugene Roy, father of a USF student, received applause when he said, "All we 're doing here doesn't amount to this much (snapping his fingers)-you have to get to the senators and representatives who can do something about this. ltm& 'C< -u. % .. 't'1 .;, Oracle photo by Bili' Cullerton ORACLE Joe Bailer (left), 2ENG, and Jon Damonte, 3FIN, play a makeshift golf game while waiting in line for gas. Feb. 18,1974 Vol. 8, No. 114 12 pages Files action set BY SANDRAWRIGHT Oracle Managing Editor The Florida Cabinet today will again be asked to adopt a Regents prepare for tour of possible campus sites BY MATT BOKOR Oracle Staff Writer The Board o f Regents rnORl F ac ilities C ommittee is planning a trip to Tampa to e xa mine land offers for th e e x tension of USF s St. Petersburg campus, Chair m a n Juli u s Parker said yest e rday. The Faciliti e s Committee will det e rmine which land proposal will be pres ente d to the BOR for th e campus ext e nsion "TllE CO:\BIITTEE is tryin g to set up a m ee ting in T a mpa next Thursday o r Friday t o get a pres e ntation from Dr (Ce cil l Mac k e y ab out the land sites said P arker said he is h o p eful th e three-m e mb e r c ommitte e will b e abl e to go to Pin e llas County for a "fir s t-hand look" at the land off e r s. USF ha s r e c e i ve d thr ee formal land pres enta tions : a 1 50-ac re Clearwater tract. a 60-tr a ct from d e v e loper Fre d Bullard and a 35 acre s i te adj a c e nt to the exis tin g B ay Camp us. "TllE DECISIO:\ will be base d on suit a bility in terms of the size of th e tra ct. the loc ati o n o f the tract w ith respec t to th e pr e s e nt and projected po pulation cent e rs and th e avail a bility of utilities." Parke r said Bert H artle y, USF vic e president for Fina n c e and Planning, said yesterda y USF offici als ha v e not decided whi c h sit e is preferred The University must present a h a s requested about $8 million proposal to the BOR at its March from the Florida Legislature for 4 meeti ng so the Regents can vote Bay Campus building. The BOR on the matter. may request additional funds for The State Universit y land renovations. ............ Oracle photo by Rober! M ille r Pondering the pendulum Robert Lennard studies USF's pendulum in the Physics building. It's doubtful he's going to wait around for the pendulum to complete its 360 degree rotation, however, for it takes over 51 hours. r e solufion demand0ing 'tin' iversity administrators open files in compliance with the law, Deputy Atty Gen. Barry 'Richard said yesterday The resolution introdced by state Atty Gen. Robert Shevin at the last cabinet meeting, was never withdrawn and ''is still pending, Richard said. The resolution sparked controversy after Shevin and Richard learned the cabinet had already passed a policy which contained a phrase permitting closed records at the same meeting i t rejected a secret file s measure. "TllE STUPIJHTY of it is that one little sentence closed faculty evaluations) sneaked through at the same meeting we rejected a proposal for closed evaluations," he said. "I've got a lawyer checking its validity." However the resolution before th e cabinet now would have "broader" implications than opening faculty evaluations, Richard said. The resolution would mandate administrators to open any files covered by Florida Statute 119, the public document law We've been having problems with all kinds of records," Richard said. THREE inCidents relating to closed unive r sity files have been received by Richard's office, he said One, from the University of Florida conc e rned a student who wanted to s ee her own file," on e was from Florida In t e rnationul Universit y I think, a nd th e oth e r one w us y ours," Hic h a rd said. Th e Oracl e notifi e d Richard afte r USF' a d m inistr a tor s deni e d accrss to f11c11lt.y and a d min i st m t iv<' l' V !\luat i o ns USF l'rcs Cecil Mack e y l a :;t we e k s a i d he will reques t Larry H ob inson ge n e r a l c ounsel, to i ssue an o pinion concerning Barry Richard ... asks open files administrative evaluations. If the cabinet passes Shevin's resolution and university administrators continue to withhold such information the attorney general may take action, Richard said Walk service starts tonight Walk, an escort service for students will begin tonight at 8 p.m. Walk will provide escort service Sundays through Thursdays from 8 p.m to 1 a m for students who need t o cross campus. Students interested in using the Walk service should call the Walk line, 974-2318. The Walk program, headed by organizations around campus, needs volunteer es corts Persons interested in volunteering as escorts should contact the Rap Cadre, 974-2767.


2 -THE ORACLE February 19, 1974 Chopper pilot takes mind tests WASHINGTON (UPI) Pfc. Robert K Accompanied by a male nutse, Preston, 20, of Panama City, Fla. left Walter Reed's psychiatric center in suburban Forest Glen Md., for a brief arraignment Monday morning in District of Columbia Superior Court. Hearst to give food SAN FRANCISCO Mexican Foreign Minister Emilio o: Rabasa, opening a conference of 24 hemisphere foreign ministers, called yesterday for Latin American unity when they begin a scheduled "new dialogue" with U.S. S .ecretary of State Henry A. Kissinger later in the week Pres. warns Nixon KAMPALA

THE ORACLE -February 19, 1974 3 SOR to offer assistance in utility deficit payoff Riding the elevator People often bring some odd things to class, but Styles Wilson, 4SPE, carries it to extremes, as he gets ready to board his motorcycle on a Lan-Lit elevator. Wonder if the bike enjoyed the ride? BY WAYNE SPRAGUE Oracle Staff Writer A state administrator yesterday said the Board of Regents (BOR) will help USF pay its uttlity deficit but will probably provide no. more than $100,000 of the $211,000 debt. Dr. Keu Boutwell, State University System vice chancellor for Administrative Affairs, said the BOR will give USF some money but said he sees no reason USF should n(>t be able to pay the remaiJ?ing defi

4 -THE ORACLE February 19, 1974 SG proposal gives reasoning Both film programs needed What will he do when 'he comes to the.bottom? f Keep salaries on nine-month basis l Editor: There is an attempt by Professor Donald Harkness to have the Univer sity distribute nine-month salaries on a 12-month basis. Dr. Harkness believes ORACLE ACP All-American smce 1967 SOX Mark of Excellence ANP A Pacemaker Award 1967, 1969 Editor .. Valerie Wici

DOONESBURY by Garry Trudeau IN A RJRl1Al COMPLAINT ()6/J MT!! THE f:E.O., 'TJIREE ;ffA.!OR at ctMf'/NlliS CLAIME/J 711AT MANY OF "!HtlR RflllltRS 'TAKING 7Hff G!/515 CG5SA1/0N 700 $,e'a&Y. / OFF/C/At5 ARE LOOK/AG INTO T/113 INCIOENf. / Health Center fine Editor: This is in defense against the attack on the student Health Center by whoever it was ... Only about $8 of students' $190 tuition goes to the center per quarter. That means one visit per quarter to the doctor and you've gotten more than your money s worth as a visit to a private doctor and a filled prescription would cost well beyond $8 on the outside SECONDLY, long waits in any health care facility are inevitable unless it s an emergency. This is as true at USF as it is in any private facility. As doctors on the outside are overcrowded with patients, out-of-town students would be lucky indeed to be ac cepted as a new patient with a local doctor At USF, students may make a doctor's ap pointment if they wish, though it means waiting the same period of time that would be necessary at any doctor's office Thirdly, as part of the health care center's program to serve women, family planning clinics are offered every Thursday, and a part-time gynecologist is being sought to aid the clinic. The lack of a full time gynecologist can probably be explained in one 'Whatever it is ... unfair to center Editor : You recently ran a letter asking for more of Jean Har man's column "Whatever it is," claiming it was great. Well, I want to know "Whatever the hell it is" because "Whatever it is" sure isn't interesting or am using It is downright stupid and has no place in a seemingly intelligent college newspaper Harman's recent column about getting aid at the student health center being next to impos s ible was idiotic. If she doesn t like the service the nurses give, next tim e l e t Harman die of pneumonia Never when I had a cold did I have trouble from the nurses !\fay be if she didn "tact like a wise guy s h e wouldn't have touble. e ither' Bruce Banner :lBIO word money. Why should a gyno work for a state salary when much more than that is available on the outside? AND LASTLY, any time a mere two full-time doctors, aided by three part-time doctors and 15 nurses, are expected to serve a community of 19,000 24 hours a day, seven days a week, not every need can be met all the time. It is most unfortunate to have tuition monies pay the salary of a columnist who needs to learn the most basic reporting techniques ... digging below the surface, getting the facts straight and presenting both sides of the story. Jack Carlisle 4COM Sharon Carlisle 3NUR 'Stardust' finds Dot Editor: I wish to express my ap preciation to the office of Student Affairs for forwarding my letter to the Oracle. The effort which they displayed is a fine tribute to the University of South Florida. I found Dot! 'Stardust' Michael Mayer 1724 Leon Simon Dr N.O., La 70122 Tampa's Fi::::-1 Chinese Cui11ine 1 Family Style Dinners I Talce Out Orderz from romplcte I Menu -"" .'-'oups, ln1rees, l>e&;crta wf I C.ckt.Us S.FYM I ,__. "o,.til Open 4-1 2 Daily Sun. 1-10 ff 07 BUSCH Bl VD. 935-765 IW THE ORACLE -February 19, 1974 5 Argentines contrast lifestyles BY ALEJANDRO ROJO and CHRIS VAN DAU University of Buenos Aires Editor's note: Alejandro and Chris were among 18 Argentine students who visited USF this month as part of "Operation Amigo." The men were interested in making comparisons between USF and their university and in relaying their impressions of American_ fife to our community, so the Oracle made this space available to them. After being only one week in Tampa, it is our proposal to develop our first impressions on the life of the Americans. We are aware seven days is not enough time to know a nation but we want only to make a rough sketch of how two Argentines lived their first days in a far country they had never visited. WE WILL begin by observing the custom that most students live away from home when they go to college, something which is not true in Argentina In our country, the Argentine Republic, the universities are mixed with other buildings of the cities and have no dorms. Most of the Argentine students don't go away from home, unless th. ey have to do it for geographic reasons We also felt as a. dif ference that all the buildings and campus are disconnected with most of the peop1e who live in Tampa because we think the university should interact and be more a part of the surrounding community. In this brief article, we couldn't neglect to mention another aspect which impressed us from the first moment we were on campus : We are referring to comfort, the buildings of USF, the houses of students and the high percentage of cars they possess. THE BIG GREEN spaces disseminated in all the campus is another aspect we consider important to observe, because those open spaces contribute to create a way of life, difficult .. to find in our days where pollution is too common We have also been impressed by the great interest shown by the academic authorities to develop as many and different cultural and recreational activities as were possible. It's very important, and we want to emphasize it, for the education of the future graduate; this participation in many and different activities that touch men's lives and plays down the exaggerated specialization of the activities of a professional. For instance the newspaper, the Oracle is important as a way for students to participate in the university's community and as a laboratory for future journalists. ANOTHER ASPECT that has attracted our attention is the different new isses that are presented to the students. We would like these new experiences to continue and to develop for the great value these studies bring to society We also observed that for most American students, the Latin American countries are only names. We think the integration of the American continent will be developed with the reciprocate knowledge of We may think this first where students visited USF sho1Jld be the beginnfri}r of an approach between those who, like us, want one day to see the in tegration of all the Americas. SUMMER JOBS Guys & Gals needed for summer employment at National Parks, Private Camps Dude Ranches and Resorts throughout the nation. Over 50,000 students aided each year. For FREE information on student assistance program send self-addressed STAMPED envelope to Opportunity Research, Dept. SJO, 55 Flathead Drive, Kalispell, MT 59901. .... YOU MUST APPLY EARLY .... THIS STUOF.NT ASS1SlANCE PROGRAM H AS BEEN REVIEWED SY THE FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION USF ARTIST SERIES presents. THE ALIVE COMPANY'S PRODUCTION OF ... Jt1eque1 .,,, "This is tne popular music of the last third of the century-IT HAS TO BE!" -Derek Jewell, LONDON SUNDAY TIMES /$ "'''' I ,,,,, r, 11,;nf In. "Impassioned and powerful, capable of stir-.,,.s ring an audience almost to a frenzy. DO NOT r I MISS THIS SUPER-MUSICAL!" -Clive Barnes, N. Y. TIMES and now '{OU con go to BREL over a million people hove Friday, Feb. 22 USF GYM Saturday, Feb. 23 8:30 p.m. Tickets $3.00 USF Fulltime students $1.50 ON SALE NOW Theatre Box Office 1: 15-4: 30 weekdays


February 19, 1974 11 I .,,,,.,../. b'" .< l i f : I : I ,,s;;' I i l I !' l I I Joe Cocker, Leon Russell and 41 friends ... star in "Mad Dogs and Englishmen" showing tonight. Conference presentations vary Interest in the occult, women's rights, drugs and sexual freedom during 19th century Britain .vill be explored during the Victorian Counter-Culture Conference Feb. 27-March L The conference, with an ex pected attendance of 170 scholars from the U.S and abroad, will examine issues which contrasted Look Out! The Victorian CounterC ult ur e Conference, featuring drama and art presentations, is scheduled Feb. 27-March 1 at USF. with the,..propriety of the Vic torian Age. THE LITTLE Soho Un derground Book s hop UC 251; Darwin's Impact on the 19th century Imagination, SOC lobby ; and the Crystal Palace Photographic display, ENG lobby will be continuing exhibits Feb. 27 to March L Admission is free. Graphics furn.ished "Salome," presented Feb. 28, March 1-3 and 6-9 by the Theatre Department, i s a good example of Victorian co unter-cultur e Once banned because the play shows the incestuous relationship between Salome and her step father "Salome" depicts the story of the murder of John the Baptist at the hands of a Judean king, his wife and daughter. "Jack the Ripper and Scenes from the Buried Life," a chamber theatre production adapted from actual letters written by Jack the Ripper to the London Tim es w ill be pres e nted 8 p.m March 1 and 2 in LAN 103. Admission is free. Trial by Jury, a chamber production of .the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, will be presented in a free public preview in TAR at 5:30 p m. March 1. STAGED AND performed by USF Music Department faculty and students, "Trial by Jury" is a spoof of Victorian Courts and judges and lawyers. in addition to plays and exhibits, noted speakers will be featured during the Victorian Counter-Cul lure Conference These will include Noel Annan, leading spokesman in the British House of Lords, Elisabeth Janeway, feminist author and Walter F. Cannon, chairman of science and technology at the Smithsonian Institute Forensic championships here The USF Speech Department will host the state championship forensics tournament for 30 Florida colleges and universities Feb. 22-24. The Intercollegiate Foren-sics Association Tour-. nament will include five in dividual speaking events and novice and varsity debates on the subject. "Resolved: that the Liebling to speak Deputy Director of the U.S Department of Treasury Herman Liebling will speak tomorrow at 2 p m in BUS 317. "An Insider's View of the Economic Report of the President" will be the topic of his speech. Liebling will also accept questions from the audience. Fe

Photo by Michael White A new kind of Baseball? ... Fort Myers High School students practice for an oral interpretation performance for a contest hosted by USF. Asolo Theatre begins season BY JEFF STRANGE Oracle Entertainment Writ e r The Asolo State Theater company of Florida has op e n e d their 15th consecutive s e a son with nine pla y s showing from F eb. 14 through Sept. 1 at th e Ringling Museum s playhous e in Sarasota First on stage al the State Theater is Sir Arthur Wing Pinero's fun-filled tour-de-forc e about theater folk "Trelawny Of The Wells The play is rotating in the Asolo s repertory for 33 performances from Feb. 14 through Aug 27. STARTING Feb. 16 and lasting through May 24 will be Sir Noel Coward s "Private Lives." This is one of modern theater' s favorite pieces of sophisticated slapstick about upper-class marriage and divorce. An American Professional Premiere of the famed German play "The Devil's General" will play Feb. 25 through May 22. Serious and toally compelling this drama centers on the dilemma of a Luftwaffe general who must choose between his moral duty to mankind and the arbitrary duty imposed on him by his nation Phillip Dunning and George Abbott s "Broadway" will play M a rch 1 through June 20. The first play to get at the heart o f pro hibition and racketeering in the twentie s ; it remains the best o f its kind EDWAHD Albee s "A D e licat e B a lanc e will be rotating s h o w s fr o m April 5 through Jun e 2 2 Albe e a Pulitzer Prize-winne r, t a k e s a forceful yet sympatheti c look at what it means to love and b ea r r es ponsibility for oth e r s while s t ill m a intaining the in te g r i t y of oneself. The e ffort to s ur v i ve i s brought out in a s ubu r b a n couple w ith th eir d a ught e r the wife s s i s t e r and the c oupl e s b es t friend s. "A r senic and Old La ce. b y J oseph K e s s l e ring, is one of th e mo s t f a m ous farce-com edv hits o f all times. The play aro und a genteel, homi cida l f a mil y liv ing in their qu a int Vic t oria n hous e in Brookl y n i n the early 1940s. It is being shown from May 31 through Aug 29. Inherit The Wind," b y Robert E. Lee and Jerome Lawrence i s based on the famous Scopes monkey trail. Th e action takes place with a fiery trial over the r ight to teach Darwin's th e ory of evolution in a small Southern Bible town. It can be viewed May 3 1 through Aug. 29. JEAN ANOUILH'S "Ring Round The Moon" can be called a farce, comedy or charade with music. Featuring twin brothers and a aristocratic aunt who sees each twin gets the right woman for him like it or not. This classiic of laughter will be per formed June 28 through Aug 31. William Shakespeare's universal theatrical masterpiece, "Macbeth" is the last of Asolo's professional productions. Macbeth and Banquo generals in a Socottish army, first suppress a rebellion against their king then meet three witches with glowing prophecies of greatness for Macbeth. Also included is treachery and dark deeds, foul murders and great battle scenes "Macbeth" can be viewed from July 27 through Aug. 31. Two "Theater for Young We a/10 ntalce xera11 People" plays are also slated for the 1974 Asolo season : Arthur Fauquez wonderful adaptation of Cer vantes' masterwork, Don Quixote of La Mancha" (14 performance s March 17 through June 21) and Paul SiI!s montage bf fairy tales Story Theatre" < 13 performances from Aug 4-25.) THE ST. PETE campus will sponsor a bus trip to Sarasota to view "The Devil's General." The bus will leave March 6 at 5 p.m. and will return about 11: 45 p.m A limited amount of tickets are now on sale in the St. Pete Activities Office : Tickets are $5.50 each. To order subscriptions and tickets, call the Asolo Box Office at (813) 355-2771, or write Asolo Mailing Department, Postal Drawer E, Sarasota, Florida, 33578. SAVE 50% on Tires KING TIRE WAREHOUSE OUTLET Steel Radial, Belted R.W.L. Polyester & Nylon Most Sizes In Stock 5411 E. Henry Ph. 621-4550 Open Mon.-Fri 11-7 Sat. 9-2 Sain lettu1 E, vel0P4" Cataleg SfotHtl lulletin1 Clrculan Form1 o tlandbill1 Noticn o ""' Cardi Moll akochvfft ln1truction1 Hoene '9c1n1 Data. Sheet C..t Sheet OrdM knn1 P'rlce Ultl Werii Sheeh 1 .. umn Ann .. Jncementl Stuffen TWO LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU BEITER lnsty-prlnts .... 0'7 W Kennedy &Ivel __,._.___. .,..' Tompo, Flo 33609 Tampa, Flo 33617 985-2083 THE ORACLE -February 19, 1974 7 1Exorcist' a chilling movie BY ED REED Oracle Entertainment Writer "The Exorcist," a chilling tale of demonic possession, is now under. study by some Anthropology classes of Dr. Shiloh,. USF profes sor of Anthropology. A survey was conducted last weekend at an exclu sive showing of '"The Exorcist" by several of his student assistants in the lobby of the Hillsborough II theater. Dr Shiloh explains the survey in terms of psychological forcement testing whether a viewer's beliefs and values about the occult and possession are reinforced by the movie Al though there seems to be a small wave of possessions throughout the country as a : result of The Exorcist," Shiloh wants to measure its effect "THIS IS an exercise in methodology and fieldwork," he said yesterday. "Most movie reviews are opinion and im pressions where this survey analyzes its effect from a scientific point of view The survey was given to the movie goers before and after they had seen the film. The results will be analyzed and published toward the end of the week, Sililoh said The movie is one of remarkable effect. Director William Frie dkin, who won an Oscar for his direction of "The French Connection." outdoes himself from the opening shots in Iraq to the exorcism rites at the end FOR THOSE who read the book the movie excels in the visual aspects of the story but some background is left out, which is to be expected in a twohour film Otherwise, "The Exorcist" follows closely the story line nf the book because the screenplay was written and prqduced by William I>.eter Blatty, the book's author. It took $10 million to make thus the techn ical quality of the movie is good The production crew even brought huge air con ditioning units to the studio for cold scenes in the girl s bedroom so actors' breath could be seen The acting is also credible with the somber Jason Miller as Father Karras, and an effective job by Linda Blair as the 12-year old possessed girl. The part of the detective is played by Lee J Cobb "THE EXORCIST" is an example of the moyie industry s progressive movement toward an open and realistic experiment in effect, and although the $3.50 price may be a little high the experience is well worth it. If you're good enough, you can be a Navy Nuclear Officet'. Aboard every Navy nuclear-powered ship, there are officers from colleges just like this one. The point is that to be considered for this extraordinary program, you don't have to go to the Naval Academy ... or join the NROTC. What the Navy needs now are some very special college graduates who aren't afraid to find out how good they really are. Who will consider our extensive and demanding training program (designed by the Atomic Energy Commission), the most exciting challenge of their lives Achallenge that offers an ambitious college graduate an exciting future as a Naval Officer, with his first assignment being a n uclear-powered surface ship orsubmarine. For more information: see the officer information team on campus AOC 108 Feb. 25th through 28 th 9 to 5 pm March I by appointment only. or call Temple Terrace 985-1010 anytime


Council meets to 1review' 8-THE ORACLE sports BY MIKE KASZUBA Oracle Sports Editor Over your one-half already chewed slice of stale toast spread with the jelly from three stolen apricot containers from Howard Johnson's, and topped off with two overpriced Saga vending machine candy bars and a snack bar's watered-down version of a cup of coffeethese acidic anecdotes. USF's athletic council met yesterday to discuss what Tonite Athletic Director Dr Richard Bowers called a "review sess10n of the candidates for the head basketball coaching job. "We're going to review just where we are on the situation," Bowers said "We've got the field narrowed down ... and I'm going to let the council see some folders on some additonal candidates maybe five or six USF vs. In related matters, head Coach Don Williams' graduate assistant Larry Bauer, has left USF to become the junior varsity basketball coach at Leto High School, where he had interned as a teacher last year. "It was not likely he would be retained," Bowers said I was informed by Mr Docs 37. Penthouse 32 WOMEN'S PERFORMANCE NIGHT Keg Tuesday Night 8:00 -11:00 p.m. FREE Sponsored by Women's Center andSEAC Everyone W elrome "FLORIDA Southern's play is very similar to our style said Williams. '"We match up on personnel very well." Besides Edwards, the Moccasins have two outstanding guards Gary Myers and Joe Brown, helping the offensive attack The biggest problem facing the team now is fack of rest "The fatigue level is something we probably won't be able to over come this quarter," commented Williams. "It's a combination of the schedufo, travel and the academic loads the boys are carrying.'' Bauer was unavailable for comment. Collins said however, he has talked to all the applicants the council has interviewed and "they all expressed they wanted me to stay on. "I'm going to be here next year ... at least one more year," he said. "

Lobbers boom onto center court Oscar Olea THE ORACLE -February 19, 1974 Weekend hot, cold for women BY RINDY WEATHERLY Oracle Sports Writer 9 USF's women's tennis team plunges into the meat of its schedule this weekend, with matches against Rollins and Florida Southern, while Florida State waits in the wings. "We have a very tough week of practice and matches ahead," USF Coach JoAnne Young said. "Rollins should be our toughest competition in the state." THE BRAHMISSES travel to Winter Park for the Friday match with the Tars, returning home Saturday against Florida Southern. USF meets Florida State Feb. 27 as a prelude to the FSU Invitational, which begins the next day. Young's netters evened their record at 1-1 by beating Florida Atlantic; 9-0 Friday. Top seed Gail O'Connor defeated Terry Lambert 6-0, 6-2, while Terry Sherlock, Robin Edenbaum, Sue Fane and Becky Reese blanked their opponents 6-0, 6-0. Candy Fishel stopped Margaret Dorsey 6-2, 6-2, and teamed with Sherlock to lead a sweep of the doubles events. USF'S WOMEN'S basketball team was not as fortunate, dropping three straight in Florida State;s weekend tour ney, and losing key players Karen Hackshaw and Jamie Wise to injuries. Coach Spaff Taylor Both will be out at least a week according to Coach Jane Cheatham, who "was pleased with the girls' performance" despite the setbacks. Tennis delayed till Friday BY PAM JONES Oracle Sports Writer USF's men's tennis team had an easy time in their exhibition match with Edison Community College Friday, winning 8-1. The only loss for the Brahmans came at the hands of Edison s sports shorts Cindy Elyea, USF Fencing Club member, placed 13 out of a field of 50 women fencers last weekend at the Junior Olympics in Tallahassee In one of her three wins, Elyea upset the defending champion in the Nationals, but lost a chance to advance in the tournament when she fell two points shy of going on to the next level of comp e tition. USF's Lacrosse Club was edged by the Orlando Lacrosse Club 8-6 Sunday on the soccer field. Dick Menninger and Bob Ritsh led the Brahmans in scoring with two scores apiece while Mike Monroe and Jim Sadowski tallied once each. The club will travel to the University of Florida and Gainesville for a match there Saturday number one doubles team when they defeated Carlos Alvarado and Griff Lamkin. Coach Spaff Taylor said, "I think Alvarado and Lamkin can play better, I just don't think they were in spired to play their best with the score 7-0 going into their match." ALL USF players won their singles matches, with Alvarado and Kevin Hedberg taking theirs in straight sets. Number one player Oscar Olea had to go the full three sets before defeating Toby Crabel 3-6, 6-4, and 6-3. Taylor was pleas e d with the team's win over Edison. Edison beat Tampa U. decisively. and they'll be one of the top four junior college teams in the state this year," he said The team's scheduled regular season opener with Florida In ternational University Saturday was canceled due to rain. Since the two teams have another match set for April, Saturday's match will not be rescheduled. SATURDAY'S cancellation moves the team's opener back to its original date this coming Saturday against Ball State here at USF. Comparing the Ball State squad to Edison, Taylor said, "Ball State won't have as good a number-one player as Edison, but they might have better overall team balance." One of the USF team members, Ken Oliver. broke his wrist in practice and will be out for most of the season. "He should be back for the latter quarter of the season." T ay lor said. CAMPUS CYCLERY BICYCLE CLINl<:-lmlNG YOUR SICK BIKE TO llS. BICYCLE SALES AND REPAIRS HOURS: 10-6, 10-5 SAT. 522'1 FOWLER 988-9316 l/2Mile East From USF entrance I Oracle Classifieds I "Everybody played and everybody worked hard," Cheatham said. "They're im proving every game." S.O.Q. 4 S1 a ndartl of ct11a hrtauMe SpoflP!iii!ll ha111 .. Draperies art expensive and duervt tkt best. Using the Adjust-a-Drape ond Sanitone metkods, Spotfen COil guarantee even kemlin11 ond lengths. Pltoh that ore absolutely vertical, brigkler, cleaner, Jparkli119 colors and whitts. {13524 UNIVERSITY PLAZA) Pick Up and Home Delivery Call 236-5541


10 -THE ORACLE February 19, 1974 Model UN passes Mid East motion Sam Gibbons ... addresses Ml.JN BY KAY GRIMES Orncle Staff Writer The Model United Nations W;itcr Ski Club THURSDAY B,1t1a'1 Club G rn 1n UC 75:) to t1ear Bi1r'f...: OP Pr:::a1tt1' ttkr';.;1rc1S qu0stonc.. ,vll rms. .. c:n:.>Cl Tliose are welcome. Seminar Program This Thursday at 4 p.rn. in CHE 105 Dr. Donald E. Ayers, with Up john Company, will speak on "Chemistry of Prostaglandins." The public is invited. cso Christian Science Organization will have a regular meeting Thursday at 4:30 p.m. in UC 200. Those interested are welcome to attend. FRIDAY University Chapel Fellowship University Chapel Fellowship's "Human Sexuality Growth Group," led by Bill Lipp, will meet Friday from 2:30 p.m. at the Fellowship. This is the last week meetings will be open. JSU The Jewish Student Union presents "A Shabbat Evening" Friday at the Burlington Arms Apartments No. 57. The evening will include Israeli Dancing, a Shabbat dinner, creative worship services and a program entitled, "A Look Into Death." Please RSVP by Feb. 20 to Steve in Zeta 220 at 974-6592. Sl.50 will be charged to cover the cost of the meal. SATURDAY Phi Beta Lambda Phi Beta Lambda will announce the winner of the beer raffle and will also con. duct a car wash. Oak Grove United Methodist Church Oak Grove United Methodist Church presents "The Salt Company" Coffee House Saturday at 8 p_m_ beside the church on the corner of Waters and Habana Avenues. Singing Saturday will be "Brothers and Sisters" from USF. The group formed last fall and has sung many times on and off campus. The public is welcome. There is no charge. SUNDAY Ur.iversity Chapel Fellowship The Fellowship will meet tor worship Sunday at 10:30 a.m. and for Dinner Discussion from 5.7 p.m. at the fellowship. There is a 50 cent charge for dinner and all per5ons are welcome. VVAW VVAW is sponsoring a Bluegrass Festival Sunday from l p.m. at the Soccer Field. Everyone is welcome. The charge is $1 for students and Sl.50 for others. Groups include Orange Blossom Bluegrass, Sunny Bluegrass and Country Bluegrass. There will also be an amateur contest so bring your instruments. Tickets are available at the Women's Center, Mi Back Yard, Mason Tracling Co., Cross Lode Booksyore, Great Pants Factory, Holiday Bar and VVAW Headquarters (305 W. Waters). Also available from any VVAW member. MONDAY Women's Center Women's Center presents "Women in the Professions Women in Broadcasting" Monday at 7:30 p.m. in UC 252. The public is welcome. Circle K Circle K will meet Monday at 2 p.m. in UC 201 for a regular meeting. Those interested are invited to attend. CONTINUING EVENTS SG There will be a SG Senate meeting Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. in UC 252. Those interested are welcome to attend. Lacrosse Club The Lacrosse Club practices Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternnoon from 4:30-6 on the intramural football fields. All students and staff members are invited to attend. Beginners are especially welcome. College of Nursing The College of Nursing will present a Pre Nursing convocation Mar. 11at2 p.m. in UC 252. All interested students are invited. GBA Graduate Business Association is holding a numberr of open discussiohs to get to Know ideas about graduate program changes, course content, new courses, and GBA meeting times and activities. The last two meetings are Feb. 27 from noon to 1 :30 in BUS Faculty Lounge and Mar. 2 from 1-7 p.m. at USF Thonotosassa Lake Retreat. Cooperative Education and Placement Career Planning Sessions for all students interested in the Co-op Program is held every Wednesday at 2 p.m. in AOC 101. All interested students are welcome. Orientation Session for all Co-op students going on a training assignment Qtr. 3 will be held Mar. 6 at 2 p.m. in UC 252. This meeting is mandatory and all students going on a training assignment must be present in order to receive an "S" grade for that quarter. Testing and Advanced Placement The tests coming up are: Feb. 23, the American College Testing (ACT) in SOC and the Graduate Record Examination in the BSA, BUS and SOC; Feb. 26, the School and College Ability Test (SCAT) in FAQ 220. For appointments, applications and questions go by FAO 201 or call 974-2741. real UN operated. The MUN, which began Thursday with seminars and committee meetings, continued over the weekend with General Assembly and Security Council meetings and speakers. The MUN ended Sunday afternoon with an awards banquet at the Hed Carpet Inn on Fov.Ier Ave. Mackey still against SG constitution BY JILL AARONSON Oracle Staff Writer USF Pres. Cecil Mackey said last week a letter from SG administrators will not alter his decision to not sign the amended SG constitution and make it an officia l University document. "I think it is to the student's benefit to be able to amend it witho u t me having to sign it," Mackey said. S.G, PRES Bill Davis said it has been USF policy for the University president to approve the SG constitution. The original SG constitution was recognized as an official University document by former USF Pres. John Allen and was not repudiated at any time by Mackey, Davis said. Mackey approved an amendment to the old constitution concerning reapportionment of the student senate, Davis said. A FEB. 8 letter to Mackey coauthored by Davis and SG Pres.elect Richard Merrick stated ... a refusal to continue that recognition at this time would leave open the possibility for some to conclude that the University of South Florida administration is attempting to refuse to recognize the USF Student Government as the representative of all the students." Enclosed with the Jetter was a proposed policy statement which included what Davis said were verbal commitments Mackey made concerning SG at a Novernber, 1973 meeting of Mackey, Vice President for Student Affairs Joe Howell, Davis and SG Secretary of Academic Affairs Ben Johnson. One proposed policy stated, "The University Administration recognizes Student Government as that segment of its internal advisory governance structure which students in the same manner in which it recognizes that the faculty is represented by the Faculty Senate, career service is represented by the Career Ser vice Senate, and administrative and professional personnel are representec! by the Administrative and Professional Committee." MACKEY SAID his reasons for approving the faculty constitution, and not SG's, is, "students are different-they are essentially transitory." He said the Board of Regents

( t: A S S I H II . &&_LL [ HELP WANTED ) ARTIST-photographer needs people in terested in art or theater to assist in projects. No limit on numbers. Call Art Brown evenings 834-5341. PARTT .IME TELEPHONE REPRESENTATIVE FOR TAX SHEL TERED INVESTMENT CO. WORK IN OUR OFFICE MON-THURS 5pm to 9pm and on FRI. 4 to 8pm. START AT $2.50 AN HOUR PLUS MONTHLY BONUS CALL 872-9236 BETWEEN 1 and 5pm. FULLER BRUSH invites you to reap the rewards along with the freedom of in dependence an opportunity to make more per hour than most people make on a salary part time work. 932-2635. ( MISC. FOR SALE ) FREE lo good home: Mixed breed puppies, 9 weeks old. Nick 971-1466. IRISH Setter Puppies, AKC, $75 and up, 949-6335 .. SMOOTH gaited western pleasure horse: Gentte but spi.dted. $275. 935-3537. Y need someone to take ov1>r m y contrad at.Fontana Hall for 3rd Qlr. Call Drake eves. after 9:30 971-7656. PR E-1900 Upright Piano; excellent condition s200 .oo. Call 971-8354 after 5-: 30 p.m. WE HAVE denims in regular and bells and cords in bells. Also boots, shirts, & western hats. Only 10 min. from campus. Straight leg Levi cords in 3 colors have just come in. Bermax Western Wear 8702 Nebraska Ave. [ REAL ESTATE ) TOWNHOUSE for sale. 2 BDR., close lo USF 11;, baths. Kitchen equipped. $24,000 FHA financing available. 988-7189. S4636 EQUITY is Yours! Take over payments on 3BR, 12x60 mobile home $91 per mo. 5 minutes from USF Phone Betty after 3 p .m., 971-9759. RIVERFRONT, C B ., 2 bdrm. 1'12 bath home, 15 min. to Temple Terrace. $45,000 Elsi e Pickard,, Inc. 677-1677, 677-1248. AUTOMOTIVE ) '73 DODGE Van 6 cylinder, standard shift, 12,000 miles, carpel and paneling. $2650. 971-7553 after 6 '69 JAVELIN SST excellent condition, radio-heater, pow e r steering, tangerine orange with spoiler & other trimmings. Good tires. Small 290V8 2 BBL for good gas mil eage. Call Scot 971-5900. 67 CAMARO, headers, Nabb whee ls. $750. 8508 11th St. after 4 :30 p.m. FOR SALE: '68 F irebird convertible auto-T, A-C, and PS. Power top, n e w tires. Economical JSO engine. For mo r e in formation call St eve at 971-3125. SERVICES OFFERED I TERM PAPERS typed-quick, neat and accurate. Reasonable rates. Contact Cynthia al 971-5948 anytime after 5 : 30. FAST, accurate typing service. 48 hr. service in most instances. 2 mi'n from USF. Between 8 :30 .and 5:00 call 879-7222 ext. 238 .. After 6:00 call 988-3435 Ask for Liz. SPECIALIZED TYPIST IBM CORRECTING Selectric, carbon ribbon, pica or elite. Greek symbols. Exp. Turabian, Campbell, APA, etc. s min. from USF. Nina Schiro, 971-2139. If no answer, 235-3261. CANOE RENTALS-SALES DAY OR WEEK 935-0018 TYPING, Fast, Neat, Accurate, Turabian. I BM Corrective Selectric. Carbon ribbon. Pica or Elite. All types of work. Machine is great for professional looking Theses. Close to USF. 988-0836 Lucy Wilson EXTRAORDINARY TYPIST 6+ years of Quality University work, IBM rib-pica-type chgs References-90 WPM-All Style Manuals. Dis se rt ation s ,SI a Ii st i cal data-term papers:MsS-Rush Jobs-Gloria 884-1'69 MUSIC theory, Jazi-Rock, Arranging. Evening Classes begin February 18. Ap plied Music Phone 239-9472. TYPING: Term Papers; Briefs. Short notice "if necessai'y," See: Mary Ellen Wilson 1259 Norlhside Dr., Apt 3 Northside Villas. ( FOR RENT J LA MANCHA DOS Tampa's only student apt. complex. $72-90 per month. 1 block from campus on 42nd St 971-0100 TAKE OVER lease on one bedroom fur nished apt. close to USF. Take over lease for $50. Occupant leaving by Feb. 21Also: 19" Admiral TV, black & while. Call 9710263. GREEN OAK Villa New 1 & 2 Bedroom furnished apartments; Varied lease; near USF. Call 971-4408 or 971-1424. SUBLET one bedroom apt. Furnished, some rooms carpeted. Start on or before Mar. 1. Call 977-0697 $120 per month. FURN. RM. i n pvt. A C home. Pvt. en!. and bath, quie t area, n ear USF Upper o r grad. male student only. Phone 988-7667 after 5. 2 BEDROOM. 1'12 bath trailer, central air & heat, W W carpet, furnished or un furnishe d Call 239-9225 after 6 I LOST & FOUND J LOST : Ful ly lined homemade, gold plaid C.P. O jacket. Has s eamstress tag at neck. Reward offered for r eturn. Call 977-5532. r RIDES ) INDEPENDENT girl in wheelchair needs ride on Tuesday, Thursday from Plant City to USF. Will pay for ride. 752-8240. The Key to Success Oracle Classifieds DONATE ON A REGULAR BLOOD PLASMA PROGRAM AND RECEIVE UP TO $45 A MONTH BRING STUDENT ID OR THIS AD AND RECEIVE A BONUS WITH YOUR FIRST DONATION HYLAND DONOR CENTER 238 W. Kennedy Blvd. 8:00 to Tatnpa, Fla. 33602 2:30 intment available to fit your class ay through Friday call 2'53-2844 -AllS) APTS. & HOUSES TO SHARE MALE ROOMMATE needed. j>ates Apart ments. 971-3423. Call anytime. 2 Bdrm, 2 Bath. MALE roommates needed to share 3 bdrm. mobile home. 2 bath, carpeted, central AC & heat. 3 miles to USF. $55 per mo. & share utilities. Call 971-5321after6 or leave name & number in Rm. 16 Engr. bldg. r PERSONAL l DATE MATCHING service. It's a simple, inexpensive and fun way to get acquain ted. For complete information, application, write New Friends, P .o. Box 22693, Tampa, Florida 33622. 1974 SWISS HIKERS FORMING -Last summer a group of ten c'amped and hiked for a month in Swi tzerland with Dolf Waldmeier, Swiss Guide and Mountaineer. This year a new group is forming for this exciting, inexpensive experience in the Alps. Gel into the mountains, the people, the group and especially yourself. Meeting together in the country February 23-call Don Lacey 974-2503 sam-Spm. HAVE p R.OBLEMS? Call HELPLINE at 974-2555 If need to talk to a woman, call the WOMEN'S LINE at 974-2556. MOTORCYCLES & SCOOTERS I 1966 HONDA 160cc, $150.00 Save gas. 1801 Win Terrace, No. 112 just off Fletcher. Call Kathy at 974-2711 before s p m HONDA 1972 CL350, 8000 miles, saves gas. Street or trail. Make offer over $550. Call 257-6941 afte r 6 or on weekends. Remembe r you meet the n icest people on a Honda [ MOBILE HOMES ) WOODED Joi for mobile home. 5 min. from USF, $50 monthly, includes waler, sewer. Quiet, boat ramp, fishing. Call Bob 988-4085 [ MUSICAL ) GIBSON Acoustic guitar Model LGO two years old Call, then come by and check ii out. Ph. 977-1727 ask for Mark: Before noon Mon-Thurs, after 6 Mon -Fri. Anytime weekends. ACOUSTIC Jam tonight, Empty Keg Free, Set-up & sound provided, 8:00 Come, music & a good time. Sponsored by SEAC. TONIGHT SEAC presents Mad Dogs & Englishme n in LAN at 7:30 & 10: 00. Featuring Joe Cocker, Leon Russell, Rita Coolidg e. 75 cents with ID. "Cocker mesmerize s his audience." Dave Heinz Imports Sales Service Parts 238 8485 1101 E. Hiilsboro. Ave. THE ORACLE -February 19, 1974 Classifieds Ph. 97 4-2620 KOIN KLEEN WASH-DRY-FOLD 18PER POUND DRY CLEANING BY LOAD OR PIECE DROP OFF & PICK UP IN 24 HOURS ATIENDANT ALWAYS ON DUTY OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 7AM-10PM 9307 56th ST. TEMPLE TERRACE PH. 988-9790 11 I SHURE STVLIS \ I 25% OF: F I I I 1 with this ad 1 : good this week only I 1 (ends Feb. 23rd) 1 I I I I 1 4812 E. Busch Blvd. 1 I world I I 988-7059 I \ I EARLY BIRD SPECIAL $1.95 COMPLETE DINNER FROM SOUP TO NUTS 5PM-7PM ONLY DIFFERENT ENTREE DAILY AT THE INTERCHANGE RED CARPET INN 0 109 E. FOWLER AVE (JUST WEST OF 1-75) 933-6531 9 days 8 nights $-164.00 incl. air fare For details contact: American Overseas Travel Corp. University of South Florida ADM 102, 4202 Fowler A vc. Tampa, Fla. 33620 PH. YOUR ON CAMPUS TRAVEL AGENCY


12-THE ORACLE February 19, 1974 Horsman sees suit as possibility BY SANDRA WRIGHT Oracle Managing Editor Dr. David Horsman, head of the Mass Communications film program at USF, said yesterday he may "resort to legal means for redress of grievances" he has with administrators. Horsman, whose program would be ... moved to-the College of Fine Arts if a proposal now pending is accepted by administrators, said he feels he has been denied a promotion because of. his objections to transferring film equipment to Fine Arts. "l THINK I have been denied promotion and have suffered continual harassment because ot' my continuing opposition to ef forts to reallocate the equipment to Fine Arts," he said. "the only thing that would make Dr. (Carll Riggs (vice president for Academic Affairs) happy would be for me to resign or consent to move the equipment to Fine Arts." Horsman said the proposal to move the program to Fine Arts was a "covert" attempt to get him to resign or drop opposition to equipment transferral. "It's a covert way of asking.for my resignation," Horsman said. "If that's what they want, why aren't they man enough to do it?" HE SAID the proposed move was contrived to get the equip ment moved to Fine Arts. "Absolutely not," Riggs said yesterday. "A lot of the problems are because David


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