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The Oracle

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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
Wickstrom, Valerie ( Editor )
Wright, Sandra ( Managing editor )
Thompson, Sue ( Advertising manager )
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Shutdown possible Bike traffic congested This view from Fontana shows Fletcher A ve.-one street which is used (increasingly) by cyclists who can't get or don't want gas, Photo by Bill Cullerton wtdnesday's Gas plan underway ORACLE BY SANDRA WRIGHT Oracle Managing Editor USF officials are currently developing a contingency plan if the gasoline crisis worsens, which could include eliminating some academic programs and possibly closing the University for a period Pres. Cecil Mackey said yesterday. "We are wrestling with the problem Mackey said. "We have given general attention to all kinds of alternatives." MACKEY said he has considered the possibility of "shutting down" the University in the event of a severe fuel crunch but said no decision has been made. Currently the crisis appears to be somewhat lessened, he said If the crisis continues some programs may be eliminated to save gas of those coming to USF to participate, he said. But it is difficult to decide which could be cut because a schedule of classes convenient for resident students may be unacceptable for com muters, he said. "One of the problems is what might affect residents one way would probably affect commuters completely differently," Mackey said. THE PROBLEM is also being eyed by Academic Affairs but administrators there are finding it difficult also, Vice President for Academic Affairs Carl Riggs bid last night "When you do that (eliminate a program) you are implying one program is of greater or lesser importance than another," Riggs said. "And you are a lot of students out of what they are paying for." Another possible fuel-saving measure being considered in volves University purchasing of autos for personnel use during University business trips, Mackey said. Persons using the autos would get gas from University allocations rather than at local service stations, which would allow business trips if rationing is imposed, he said. "THE QUESTION is, if rationing comes will there be a system which will allow' the University to receive increased allocations," Mackey said. "We could have University vehicles filled up on campus if we could get the allocations." While the plan is being com pleted, the University is carefull y Photo by Chris Malone it hurts! Christine Savage, 4INR, grimaces as she gives blood during the annual Personnel Services blood drive. D o nna Martin was one nurse who h elpe d take M ood during the seven-hour drive. supervising use of fuel by campus vehicles, Mackey said He noted any final proposal must consider gasoline used by University Police and "emergency" vehicles. The contingency plan, still in the process of being finalized, will be "fairly flexible Mackey said. Feb. 27r1974 Vol. 8, No. 119 12 pages Proposals would place police on bikes ... or on horseback, like Mounties USF mounted police force suggested for campus BY JILL AARONSON Oracle Staff Writer Mounted police at USF? Student Senate Resident Affairs Committee Chairman Richard Bass yesterday said he is preparing a memorandum to the U niversity Police suggesting policemen mounted on hors e s r ep lace some patrol cars. Bass said h e got his idea from an articl e published in the magazine "College and University Business" about a mo unted polic e system at Rutgers Uni v e r s it y in New Brunsw i ck. New Jersey. MOUNTED police wou ld not only cut down on gasoli n e con sumpt ion and pollution, Bass s aid, but h e feels the program woul d a lso improve the servi ces offered b y Univ e rsity Police USF D i r e cto r of Public Saf ety and Security Paul Uravich said he doesn't think the use of mounted police would accomplish very much. ''The areas covered by mounted polic e at Rutgers University cannot be compared to USF-we ha ve a more concentrated area to cover as op posed to the isolated areas and parks at Rutgers," he said. URAVICH said h e would consider Bass' memora ndum if he justified how s u c h a program would benefi t USF, bu t he asked, "Couldn't we accomplish the same things mo r e efficie ntl y by instituting a bicycle patrol?" Urav i c h said h e has b ee n conside rin g the possibilities of employin g bicycles in some capacity. "Bicycles wou ld be cleaner and l e ss expe nsi ve than horses and I know of some universities and municipalities now using such a system," he said. UP: Push cars University Police (UP) request anyone running out of gas on campus to push their car off the street or into a parking lot to avoid their car be ing impound ed. "We h a ve found locked cars, apparently out of gas, left unattended in the middle of t h e street, UP Lt. Charles Wilsoil said yesterday. "We had to impound t hem because th ey were creating a traffic hazard." Wilson also said it would help if a note was l eft on the car explaining it was out of gasoline.''


2-THE ORACLE. February 27, 1974 Nixon won't appear in aide trial WASHINGTON-Pres. Nixon, citing the threat of similar at tempts by courts across the land, formally declined yesterday to appear as a witness at California criminal proceedings against his former White House adviser, John. D. Ehrlichman. In a letter to Chief Judge Harold H. Greene of the District of Columbia Superior Court, the President's &chief Watergate counsel refused a subpoena for Nixon to appear at Ehrlichman's pretrial hearing and April 15 trial in connection with the 1971 breakin at the office of Daniel Ells berg's Los Angeles psychiatrist. Buying rules change WASHINGTON-New rules were announced by a government agency yesterday with the aim of making it easier for young couples to buy their own homes. Thomas Bomar, chairman of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board (FHLBB), said his agency would now allow federally in sured savings and loan associations to negotiate flexible mortgage payment schedules with _home buyers. w1rt ntws edited by Sheila Hooper Students protest SAN JUAN, P R.-Police opened fire on about 500 University of Puerto Rico students yesterday as they marched on the office of the university president to protest the nomination of a new chan cellor for the main campus in suburban Rio Piedras A spokesman for the Rio Piedras Medical Center said three students, one of them a coed, were treated for injuries suffered when they were hit by rocks, but no one was wounded by gunfire Counsel seeks data WASHINGTON-John M. Doar, special counsel to the House Judiciary Committee, has made his first request to the White House for presidential documents, tapes and logs in connectidn with its impeachment inqujry, it was disclosed yesterday. Com piled from the news wires of United Press A source close to the inquiry said the request was made Monday by Doar to James D. St. Clair, Pres. Nixon's chief at torney on Watergate matters. Rebozo testifies WASHINGTON-Pres Nixon's close friend, Charles G. "Bebe" Rebozo said in sworn testimony released yesterday the only person with whom he discussed a $100,000 contribution from billionaire Howard Hughes was Nixon's p(lrsonal secretary, Rose Mary Woods. Hearst awaits reply SAN FRANCISCO-The longest silence since negotiations started in the Patricia Hearst kidnaping stretched on yesterday raising fears her abductors had carried out their threat to break off talks Village Prescription Center I Crisis may affect. budget THE ONLY PHARMACY IN TOWN WITH STUDENT; STAFF, & FACULTY DISCOUNTI ON Rx's 10938 N. St. Phone 988-3896 TALLAHASSEE The gasoline shortage could result in an $88 million deficit in funds for roads, bridges and mass transit systems in Florida, House Transportation Chairman Vernon Holloway said yesterday. "That means either we curtail our transportation programs or raise new taxes," Holloway said .. Official arraigned ST. AUGUSTINE Standing quietly in a green suit, suspended Oracl2 Photo by Chris Malone Rep. McDonald wants UF-FSU TV games St. Johns County Manager Alan P Stanford pleaded innocent yesterday to charges he killed his neighbor and former Broadway star Athalia Ponsell Lindsley with fierce swings from a machete. The one-time Broadway ac tress and model was slain on the front porch of her home in broad daylight Jan. 23, apparently as she walked out to her mailbox Law requires plans TALLAHASSEE The House Environmental Protection Committee Monday approved a $50 million bill that would require cities and counties to adopt comprehensive plans for con trolling urban sprawl by 1977. If a city or county fails to devise its own growth policy by then, the State Planning Division of the. Department of Ad ministration would draw up one for the locality, under the unanimously approved bill. Frey donates raise WASHINGTON Rep. Louis Frey, R-Fla., said yesterday he will donate his salary increase to charity if Congress fails to kill a proposed pay hike for top governmental officials. Presiderit Nixon, in his fiscal 1975 budget, recommended a pay increase of 7 5 per cent in each of the next three years for top government bureaucrats, in cluding Senators and Congressmen For Congress, the current salary of $42,500 would be in creased to $52,797 by the end of three years if the pay hike goes through. Game may be aired TALLAHASSEE State Rep. Dennis McDonald, R-St. Petersburg, introduced a bill to require Florida's Educational Television Network to broadcast the Florida-Florida State football game next fall. McDonald said his bill specifies the broadcast could only pe made if the game is sold out three days before kickoff but he noted the big cross-state rivalry is always a sellout. The Oracle is the ofllcial student-edited newspaper of the University of South Florida and is published four times weekly, Tuesday Friday, during the academic year period September through mid-June; twice during the academic year period mid-June through August, by the University of South Florida, 4_202 Fowler Ave ., Tampa, Fla 33620, Opinions e><, age or national origin. Tiie University Is an affirmative action Equal Opportunity Employer. Stone wants change &tmmi. COCOA Secretary of State Richard Stone proposed yesterday the Kennedy Space Center be converted into a research and development center for finding solutions to the problems of the 70's. COMPLETE STOCK OF PHONO CARTRIDGES AND NEEDLES BY I PICKERING I "The right Pickering cartridg"' for your equipment is the be11t cartridge money can buy" -that's the statement Pickering makes In its national advertising, and we subscribe to it fully. That's why at all times you'll find a complete selection of Pickering cartridges and replacement styli in -.our stock. These cartridges have been specifically designed and engineered not only to peak specifications and performance characteristics, but also to achieve total compatibility with your music system In order to help you get the most out of It. You've Got A Friend 4812 E. Busch Blvd. 988-7059 -" ., ... WET PARROTT LOUNGE Featuring DANNY DEE (Night1y Mon-Sat) USF NITE Sun & Mon 10# off Drinks with student or faculty ID Ask for special groups rates See the DIAMONDS STARTING March 23 2501 E. Fowler 971-3900 Train for the Navy's sky now. If you qualify, you can sign up for Navy flight training while you're still in college and be assured of the program you want. Our AOC Program (if you want to be a Pilot) or our NFOC Program (if you want to be a Flight Officer) can get you into the Navy sky for an exciting, challenging career. Be someone special. Fly For more information: See the Officer Information Team on campus, AOC 108, today and tomorrow, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. March 1st by appointment only, or call Temple Terrace, 985-1010 anytime.


Leaving on a jet plane Photo by Doc Parker USF Pres. Cecil Mackey and John Petrick, 3EGR, president of USF's flying club, confer about the activities Petrick and his group have planned for Aviation Week. The program, which featured this T -34 trainer yesterday, has continuous plane exhibitions on the UC Mall until Friday. Tampa lawyers studying s huttle service contract BY JILL ARRONSON Oracle Staff Writer Tampa Bus Lines Director Harry Orr said yesterday the contract for a shuttle bus service for USF is now being reviewed by lawyers for the City of Tampa. After the legal arrangements are completed, the contract will be sent to USF for approval, Orr said "IF USF officials agree with the contract we can begin im mediate service," he said. "A majority (of students) said they would be willing to walk up to three blocks in order to catch a shuttle bus." -Mark Levine Route 18, known as the South Florida route will be changed next month so the North Tampa shuttle (independent of the proposed USF shuttle) will cut in, he said. "THIS WOULD decrease the waitfor a bus on that route from two hours to one hour and ten minutes," Orr said This route services only the North Tampa and USF general area, he said but buses are available to downtown Tampa. Orr said the bus route from downtown to USF is a poor operation from a financial standpoint," because not enough people are taking advantage of the service The basic fare for Tampa buses is 40 cents, he said. There is an additional 10-cent charge for transfers he added SG Vice Pres. Mark Levine said a recently conducted SG survey on student attitudes toward the shuttle system indicates an "overwhelming" positive response. "Most students listed economics and convenience as motives for using a shuttle system, and a majority said they would be willing to walk up to three blocks in order to catch a shuttle bus," Levine said Bidding proposals drawn for Oracle THE CURRENT gasoline situation would definitely be "a plus in our ries Florida Center for the Arts GRAND OPENING "The work will be done on an independent study Political Science course timt!," he said. "But first we need people now to work with us in the matter." ONE FREE WEEK OF DAY CARE Leeds said students are needed to come in to the SG office to be interviewed for various ACLU positions, including deputy attorney general who will coordinate the new student affiliation. "Students are urged to contact either Richard Merrick (SG President-elect) or me if they're interested in this program," Leeds said MONTESSORI DAY CARE CENTER 933-1107 238-6315


4-THE ORACLE February 27, 1974 USF should know Oracle future Cecil Mackey has said the Oracle will be off campus by September. Meanwhile, the Oracle and its editors \'\ 11 \ \Ill continue to receive several off-therecord questions each day asking when the Oracle will go off campus, how it will go, and what form it will take. WE DO not know. By Fall quarter campus com"2. O'CLOCK AND ALL'S WE.LL USF" IS THE BEST 2 O'CLOCK AND ALL'S JSU calls for Pepsi boycott Editor: the This is an open letter to University community calling for a boycott of all Pepsi-Cola products The reason for such a boycott is simple: Free People Before Trade! Pepsi-Cola has signed a massive trade agreement with the Soviet Union while Jews in the Soviet Union are persecuted and denied basic human rights. By boycotting all Pepsi products

DOONESBURY MJ!XIN'ON ANOTHER. SPEECH, PAT? I by Garry Trudeau 7HE 81G6tsT, R51GNATION SP&ECH. I NONG Of Y()(Jfl. Bf/S!N&ss, uw. I THE ORACLE -February 27, 1974 5 Students not at 1resort' Editor: Your cartoon concerning Pres. Mackey in your issue of Feb 19 was not funny, but informative. You criticized him for moving the Underground Rail Road off WUSF or allowing it to be removed. Isn't the student body of this University going to be sufficiently mature enough to realize a university station is there for their education and not the entertainment of the students? To most people with sensitivity for good music, what was played on the Underground Rail Road was at best mediocre and at the worst culturally offensive. complishments may be? Has it ever occurred to you some of the faculty members who spout off to the public the treatment they receive is unfair, may in fact deserve precisely the treatment they receive? In summation, has it ever occurred to the Oracle the primary pur pose of a university is not the adulation and perpetration of entrenched mediocrity, but the education of the most talented segment of our society so they can enjoy and appreciate those things which set us off most distinctly as human beings as opposed to animals I BELIEVE the time has come for the Oracle to face the reality a university is not a resort with an obligation for gratuitous en tertainment and students don't only have rights but also obligations. When it has come to the point a masked punk can physically attack the president of this University in the presence of other students and get away, there is something desperately wrong with those who let him get away. H.K. Eichhorn-von Wurmb Chairman, Astronomy Pies may work when talks fail YOU CRITICIZED him for moving the Oracle off campus. Has it dawned on you money is in short supply, the Oracle is a considerable ,financial burden to the university and the State University System is under no obligation to provide the same news to the student body you read in the daily newspapers? Has it ever dawned on you there is an alternative to regarding students, faculty and ad ministration in a mutually ad versary position? You criticize Mackey with regard to his attitude toward SG. It seems to me the most vocal criticism of SG comes from the students themselves who simply don't bother to vote. Has it ever occurred to you the officers of SG who represent counting the votes by which they are elected a small minority of an the students at USF are very well rewarded for their efforts and royally for whatever their acEditor: Any institute of higher learning must be responsive to the needs and opinions of the individuals who compose it. USF has shown increasing evidence it is losing communication with the faculty and student body. Some of the unfavorable results of such an absence of rapport are currently occurring in our school. The problem seems to stem from a basic difference in the Administrations' conception of the purpose of this University and its image, and the opinion held by the students and faculty. These differences must be aired and discussed, and result in significant improvement for both parties, if communication within the University is to remain fruitful. SEVERAL instances can be cited to illustrate the lack of communication. SG has been trying to draft a new constitution which would increase the student's share in the decisionmaking process within the school. These efforts have met with repeated refusals, though supported by a significant number of students. Under similar circumstances, the radio station, presumably oriented towards the student audience, has been arbitrarily altered. Even after overwhelming evidence was offered in support of the now defunct Rail Road in the form of surveys the students were denied a voics in that issue of direct concern to them. Petitions, personal requests, all peaceful means of input, have been exhausted to no avail. It is unfortunate, both for the students and the Administration, peaceful means of exchanging ideas can not be utilized in our school. Not that we should en courage the emergence of a "Society of the Pie," as one outspoken professor, who chooses to remain anonymous recently suggested but maybe it is time to point out to the Administration when peaceful and sincere efforts to communicate go continually unheard, the only alternative left to the students in violence. M. Fente 4POL Check your local Sign own name or face results radio listings for time and station. Editor: It has come to my attention someone is signing my name to correspondence without my consent or knowledge. This is to inform anyone who uses my name without per mission that I have instructed the recipient of the mail, and the postal authorities to take whatever legal action may be required to prevent such actions in the future, and to rectify any damage that may have resulted from past forgeries. If the shoe fits--Ruth Carlyle 3DUS Tune in, drink Bud, have-fun! ANHEUSER-BUSCH, INC1 ST. LOUIS Something for everyone Syncom Electronic Music ,.------Black Gospel Choir "Fun City" / "Yggdrasil" Art and craft sidewalk display by USF \ / studtnts, staff. and faculty '.' ;: Dance Presentations b); USF Dance depart; ( FREE dinner ser\'t'd ; ; between 5:30 & 7 PM Grassy area between TAT and Fine Arts &1 Wed. Feb. 27 3pm -11 pm '-(" v I -2:n rJr\ \ Co-sponsored by Executive branch & Fine Arts Council of Student Government I I I \


6-THE ORACLE February 27, 1974 Darwin slides won't show Mackey says pie no laughing matter Curtis Wienker, anthropology instructor, will not present a slide show on e volution tomorrow at 2 p.m. in the Kiva, as announced in Tuesday' s Oracle. BY SANDRA WRIGHT Oracle Managing Editor-Although the pie tossed in the face of USF Pres. Cecil Mack e y during Hotline last week has caused numerous smiles and snickers across campus and sparked over 70 letters to the Oracle, Mackey said yesterday the incident is "certainly not furiny. "It is not an act that is in keeping with the total concept of what a university community is supposed to be," Mackey said. "It is antithetical to everything a university stands for." Mackey said he did not wish to discuss the pie matter at length because the act speaks so well for itself." Although University Police are searching for the pie-tosser, and possible disciplinary charges could be pending, Mackey decVned to say what may result from the investigation "I don't want to speculate on the possibilities," Mackey said. The incident has sparked over 70 letters to the Oracle, with response ranging from disgust to cries for pies to be plastered on the face of Pres. Richard Nixon. No more -pie letters will be printed, Oracle editors decided yesterday. One letter received was from an unidentified person who Fox show acclaimed Virgil Fox, one of the most famous organists in America, will present his "Heavy Organ" Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. at the Bayfront Center. A light show will accompany the all-Bach program during the one-man show. Fox has appeared with New York Philharmonic, Philadelphia Orchestra, Boston Symphony, National Symphony and CBS Symphony as well as symphonies in Toronto, Paris and Dallas. A show recorded at New York's Fillmore East has the distinction of being one of only two classical records to hit the Top 40. Tickets can be obtained at Montgomery Wards and Bayfront Center for $3, $4, $5 and $6. Decal time set Parking decals will be sold at. the University Police station only between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. starting March 1, University Public Safety and Security Director Paul Uravich said yesterday. "It is a waste of manpower to have someone at the desk until 11 p.m. because only one or two people are coming in at night," he said. Uravich said provisions will be made at the beginning of each quarter to accomodate new students and those with special problems making them unable to purchase decals before 5 p.m. Student talent offered USF students will provide music and comedy tonight and tomorrow night in the Empty Keg at 8 :30 p.m. Roger Miller and Friends, David Rutman, Bruce Shatkun, Henery and Jody, Jon Weidinger Greg Linden and O.V. H::inger will be featured in the SEAC coffeehouse. claimed to be the pie pitcher. Th e paper also got two calls from a person claiming to be the p astry villain. An exhibit on Charles Darwin, located in the west lobby of the Social Science Building, will continue through Saturday. THORNHILL TIRE STUDENT SPECIAL! I 11Power Streak11 78 GOOD/YEAR 4PLY POLYESTER CORD $18.70 Blackwall Size Blackwall Price with Tire Off Your Car 878-13 19.50 C78-14 19.50 E78-14 20.75 F78-14 21.25 G78-14 23.25 H78-14 26.50 560-15 19.75 A78-13 blackwall tubeless plus $L78Fed. Ex. Tax and tire off your car. Plus Fed. Ex. Tu. 1.83 2.14 2.24 2.41 1.78------1----F=7=g"""_1-=-5---+----\_-24.75 2.42 6 riding ribs give great traction and mileage "S"-shaped tread pattern and contour shoulder G?S-15 25.75 _2.63 H78-15 27.00 2.82 WHITEWALLS $3.00 MORE PER TIRE gives ease of steering and cornering control. Triple-tempered polyester cord body won"t flat-spot. Tufsyn rubber tread gives long -lasting strength. Big, bold ''Husky" look. LIBERAL BUDGET TERMS ... LOW MONTHLY PAYMENTS! quality service at discount prices!!! BRAKE RELINE OFFER! EXCEl'f DISC BRAKFB Disc brakes extra. $29' Includes VW's,Toyotas,Datsun Install brake linings on all four wheels Inspect master cylinder & hydraulic brake-hoses Rem?ve, clean, inspect, and repack front wheel bearmgs, add new fluid Adjust all four brakes *NEW Wheel Cylinders if NEEDED only ... 7 50cach *DRUMS Turned if NEEDED only 3.00each *FRONT GREASE SEALS if NEEDED only :3.95 pair *RETURN SPRINGS if NEEDED only .88 each *Master Cylin der, hoses, wheel bearings extra cost if NEEDED. THORNHILL TIRE AND APPLIANCE 14725 N. FLORIDA AVE. "SNAP.BACK" ENGINE TUNEUP includes labor, these parts ... services: New Spark Plugs New Points New Condenser OUR SPECIALISTS WI-LL ALSO Set Dwell ... Choke Time Engine Balance Carburetor Test Starti"ng, Charging Systems ... Cylinder Compression ... Acceleration Any 6 cyl. U.S auto -add $4 for 8 cyl. cars. includes VW's, Toyotas,Datsun THREE WAYS TO PAY OUR OWN EASY PAY PL.AN BANKAllERICARD. I! .1!11-,' T /t1 'I PHONE 935-4569


Oracle photo by Chris Malone "Passionella" and "Prince Charming" ... converse in Speech production Literature hour mocks fairytale "Passionella and Others," presenting stories by Jules Feiffer, is the third and final Qtr. 2 Literature Hour and will be presented free today at 2 p m in LAN 103. Adapted and directed by Bernard Downs, interpretation in structor of the department of Speech Communication, the program features two stories : "Passionella a modern variation on the Cinderella legend; and "Harold Swerg," a commentary on the values society places on competition. DOWNS, who has directed such successes as Catcher in the Rye" and "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," described Jules Feiffer as "uniquely a voice of the present. "He is a satirist and a social commentator," said Downs "Feiffer's humor delights and instructs us at the same time The musical libraries of MGM, Warner Brothers and Disney Productions provide the various musical accompaniments to "Passionella," the tale of a chimney sweep whose fairy god mother lives in her television set. THROUGH MAGIC, Ella ( Cathy Jackson) is transformed i nto a voluptuous movi e star, wins fame and fortune, and even meets famous rock star Flip "The Prince" Charming (Larry O'Con nell). But her beauty only lasts from the Huntley B r inkley Report through the Lat e Late Show, after which she again an average chimney sweep. "Harold Swerg, however, is quite content with being an average filing clerk even though his athletic abilities are of Olympic caliber When Harold ( John Korinek) refuses to enter into com petition, he is called a "foundation crumbier b e cause he will not "play the game. How Harold finally responds to this situation-and the ultimate unexpected fate of Passionella and her "prince" will provide laughs and philosophy as well The show will be present e d again next W e dnesday at 2 p.m. in LAN 103. Admission to both performances is free Period novels shown Victorian bookstore open The Little Soho Underground Bookstore a re created Victorian bookstore is presented as part of the Victorian Counter-Culture Conference in UC 251 today through Saturday Books will also be on exhibit in the Special Collections Room in the Some of the books illustrating counter-culture attitudes are "Lady Hamilton and Lord Nelson Women in Labour" an-i "Varney th e Vampire or the Feast of Blood." Mqre typical books of that e ra on exhibit are A Treati s e Again s t Dic ing, D a n c ing Pl ay s and Int e rludes," and o ther w ork s on t e mperan ce, prud e r y and fashion Littl e Soh o was the un-derground center of London during the Victorian p e r iod much like Greenwich Village in Ameri ca, ac c ording to Willia m Stewart, USF acq u isition s librarian "Ma ny book s hops in S oho t e nded to b e coffeehouses,'' Stewart said Exhibit hour s arc B a .m. to ;, p.m today through Frid ay a n d B a m. to noon on Saturd ay Dance presented A video tap e o n dan ce the r apy for the ag ed will be sho w n Frid ay a t 2 p m in T A R 2 22. The film, s ponsor e d by the D ance Dep a rtm e nt i s o pen to the publi c Admission i s free. THE ORACLE-February 27, 1974 7 Renaissance Fair begins Free alternative food, films and music are offered today from 3-11 p m at the Renaissance Fair in the grassy area between F AH and TAT. "We set up this fair to provide alternative entertainment for the University which would be enjoyable and free for the students," Kerry Kennedy, coordinator of Women's Affairs, said ROCK, Bluegrass and festival music will be performed by the popular Tampa-based group Friends and Neighbors." Other groups appearing are a Band offers act BY ELIZABETH GIBBS Oracle Entertainment Writer "The Devastations the band w hich failed to appear for the Homecoming Dance on Jan. 19, have offered their act "anytime during the year for an engagement at no charge to the school." The offer came i n a letter of apology to Richard Alter, associate program director of SEAC, from Pedyne Productions the agency through which the group was employed for the dance The free Devastation act is now being considered for a street dance during Black and Aware Week, the first week or Qtr 3 Alter said. Alter said what happened at the Homecoming Dance will not stop him from contacting Pedyne Productions again "They offer low-key local groups he said. "It's not the agency's fault the group did not show up." Reef talk set today A Louisiana State University professor will discuss results of 2 study involving a mrn1 submarine and a deep Jamaicc: reef. Dr. Clyde Moore will t he movement of sediment from the Deep Fore reef into adjacent waters today at 4 p m. in CHE 203. heavy rock band "Yggdrasil, the tJSF Jazz Band, the Black Gospel Choir a folk-rock band Fun City" and folk singer Paul Riley from Boneshakers Electronic music from SYCOM will be presented between bands STUDENTS, faculty and staff will display arts, crafts and ceramics in a large tent and along the sidewalk. Films from the Art Depart ment are scheduled at different times throughout the day and three different dance productions are featured. One of the dance productions will be held at sunset. A major aspect of the fair is he free alternative foods which will be served on a first come, first served basis from 5 :307:30 p m. "THE PURPOSE of the natural foods is to get away from hotdogs an d popcorn at most carnivals Kennedy said. Donations of time and work by musicians and SG members enabled the Fine Arts Council and executive branch of SG to sponsor the free fair Kennedy said Chainw-he_ e I Drive Quality Products and Repair Service 3, 5, & 10 speed bikes Racing and Touring equipment o Fuji o Lambert o Gitane o Sutter o Sekine o Bottecchia Inquire about our guarantee THE 11148 N. 30th St. Across from Schlitz Open 9to6 Ph. 971-2439 BIG DROP TODAY U .C. Mall 2 pm Feh.27 USF FLYING CLUB The Greek System presents KOCO WITH 20 KEGS OF BEER Tickets on sale in the U .C Donations $1.00 proceeds to go to the American Red Cross Wildlife Club Saturday, March 2 8:00 p.m.


. 8 -THE ORACLE sports 27, 1974 Baseballers open season BY PAM JONES .Oracle Sports Writer Officials from the USF ad ministration, local government and the major leagues will be present this afternoon when the Golden Brahman baseball team opens its 1974 season. Pre-game ceremonies will begin at 3 p.m. at the USF diamond, with game time slated for 3:30. According to Brahman assistant Coach .kff Davis both Pres. Cecil Mackey and Dr. Richard Bowers, athletic director, will be welcoming fans to the game. Mackey, Bowers and Vice President for Student Affairs Joe Howell will throw out the first baseballs of the season. "Richard Chaney will be here to represent Mayor Greco, and Hillsborough County Commission Chairman Bob Curry will also be here," said Davis. Among the major league dignitaries invited to the game are two former coaches, Al Lopez and Tony Cuccionello. "Dr. Bowers has also invited members of other major league teams to the game," Davis said. "This year, the game has .been made a part of the Greek Week activities. Through that, refreshments will be awarded to the fraternity or sorority with the most people at the game," Davis said. To open the season, Coach Beefy Wright's last at USF the Brahmans are hosting cross-to.wn rivals, the Tampa Spartans. Spartan ace Sam Howell is ex pected to-start against USF's top right-hander Steve Ruling USF Tony Ciccarello-If comes Beefy Wright out Tony Rizzo-3b ...... __ swinging;. ___ ... Dave Beardenc Classifieds Ph. 974-2620 "THE HAIRE" COMPLETE -MEN'S HAffiSTYLING THEATRE FOR NEW REPERTORY Speeializing m Shags, Gypsies, and Boy cuts for women Ph. 971-6375 2505 Skipper Rd. 9-5:30 daily Thurs. & Fri. til 9 p.m. closed Weds. Now will be open regulary as of March I. Salomi Feb. 28 March 3 University Theater Curtain 8: 30 p.m. March 6-9 phone 97 4-2323 HAIR MORE OR LESS That is the Question!! We Have It. Military Shag .Long Shag Executive Toupee 211 E. ARCTIC 935-6929 across from NORTH GATE SHOPPING CENTER next to ALLSTATE DAILY 9 -6, Ei-enings b ...Appt. MEN'S SHOP


Course running THE ORACLE -February 27, 1974 9 ; red: Howell 1n BY MIKE KASZUBA Oracle Sports Editor An across-the-board golf course fee increase has been instituted by Vice President for Administration Ken Thompson as a first step to help the course that, according to Joe Howell, vice president for Student Affairs, "has been operating in the red since September." Golf Course Manager Bob Shiver said "Rates did go up a little bit-not much STUDENT prices have gone up from $1.50 on weekdays and $2 on weekends to $2 and $3 respec tively, with all nonstudents up to $4 weekdays and $6 weekends. "Golf is now self supporting," th_!:! course manager said "We need the extra revenue to stay above water Thompson was unavailable for comment, as was Tern Berry, director of Auxiliary Services, sports shorts Seven members of the 1973 USF soccer team have been named to the All-State Soccer Team, six of which were placed on the first team. The Brahman s entire front line of Sean O'Brien, Pete Mohrmann, Mike Knott and Frank Bono were chosen along with fullbacks Fergus Hopper and Con al Foley Freshman goalie Dave Dolphus made the second team USF's Water Ski team will meet during the free hour today in the UC. Club president Laura Combes said the team will discuss the upcoming Rollins College Spring Water Ski Tournament March 23-24. After losing to Unbersity of Florida last Saturday, USF s Lacrosse Club will meet the Miami Lacrosse Club this Sunday in an away meet. LUTZ PAINT & BODY SHOP The place to have you car repaired correctly. 907 l 29th PH. 971 -l 11 5 both of whom are responsible for the course's administration since its switch from Student Affairs to Administrative Affairs Feb. 13. HOWEVER, Howell said the course had expended "a little over $30,000 in two unexpected occurances." "I dori't know if you've ever heard of the Brown return, but when career service employes got raises the state really in fact dictated from where we got the money. One source was Auxiliary Services which included the golf course "A lso we had transferred golf coach Wes Berner to teaching research and had to switch Bobby (Shiver) around when he came in," Howell said. HOWELL also said the course's use had not been up to what the Administration had projected. "We have to project figures for the course operation based on what it has done in the past. "Since the course is now self supporting, if it had troubles they (Thompson) would have to raise prices accordingly .I guess if it got bad enough we'd have to close it," H"well said. LEHAVRE SPORT CAR TIRE NARROW WHITE Dr. Joe Howell course has troubles. Five seniors plus head coach Don Williams ended their final USF basketball seasons last night, bowing to the Butler Bulldogs 68-60. The loss left the Brahmans with an 11-14 season mark as opposed to a 14-11 record last year. Down by as much as 12 points early in the t hird quarter, the Brahmans comeback effort stalled after pulling within one of the Bulldogs at 57-56. Women tackle Seminoles, tourney starts tomorrow BY RINDY WEATHERLY Oracle Sports Writer USF's women's tennis team is in Tallahassee today preparing for the Florida State University Invitational Collegiate Tennis Tournament a three-day event which begins tomorrow. "This is a very tough tour nament," Coach JoAnne Young said "Of the 18 teams par ticipating, 10 are from out of state. SUPER SIXTY RAISED WHITE LETTER YOUR SIZE COST FET 520 x 10 550 x 12 600 x 12 520 x 13 560 x 13 600 x 13 615 x 13 650 x 13 700 x 13 A78 x 13 560 x 14 695 x 14 735 x 14 560 x 15 600 x ISL A-60-13 24.63 G-60-14 28.86 L.fi0-14 33.96 G-60-15 28.86 L.fi0-15 34.38 YOUR COST 13.72 16.35" 17.00 15.92 17.76 16.30 17.99 16.85 17.42 17.59 17.33 15.63 17.63 15.29 18.57 FET 1.16 1.36 1.35 1.46 1.45 1.61 1.45 1.82 1.88 1.83 1.53 1.88 1.96 1.74 1.92 2.02 2 .90 3.49 .2.96 3.47 Four of the first five seeded singles players are from Rollins College, while USF has no one 'in the top eight. "We haven't got anyone seeded because we haven't played much, and no one we've played is seeded," Young said. Her team, which has a 2-1 record, has had three matches rained out. Young said the Brahmisses "still seem to be having a hard FULL 4 PLY POL VESTER YOUR SIZE COST FET C -78 18.75 1.95 E-78-14 20.10 2.22 F -78-14 21.03 2 .37 G -78-14 21.61 2 .53 H -78-14 22.86 2.75 J -78-14 24.18 2 .89 G -78-15 22.03 2.60 H -78-15 23.22 2.80 J -78-15 24.69 3 .01 L 24.91 3.13 time getting started, which may be due to not enough warmups." Another problem according to the USF mentor, is lack of concentration in the doubles matches "They let up a little and relax too much in doubles. They need to play them just as hard as the singles." The Brahmisses play Florida State this afternoon as a prelude to tomorrow's action. w H I T E w A L L LEHARVRE RADIAL THESE RADIALS SPORT CAR TIRE YOUR FIT MOST COMPACT SIZE COST FET CARS BOTH FOREIGN ---AND DOMESTIC -155 SR-12 25.00 1.49 155 SR-13 26.19 1.61 GET EVEN BETTER 165SR-13 26.74 1.84 175 SR-13 29.36 1.86 GAS MILEAGE -THIS 165 SR-14 28.52 1.92 IS A PRICE Y.OU 175 SR 14 30.89 2 .05 155 SR-15 28.64 1.92 CAN AFFORD 165 SR-15 30.17 2.00 988-4144 '_Front end check free -Alignment for USF students, faculty, and em ployees -$6.95 most cars -Get our prize on front end work Computerized Electronic Balancing WITH A NAME LIKE DUDDY'S, YOU'VE GOT TO BE DIFFERENT! TRAC-ACTION $ STEEL BEL TED 50 SERIES WHITEWALL YOUR YOUR SIZE COST FET SIZE COST FET B501 3 31.77 2 .19 AR70 13 32.69 2 1 7 6.50-14 40.11 2.B4 FR70 14 41.79 2 9 1 M50-14 4B.03 3 .43 GR70-14 43.93 2 .88 E50-14 37.32 2 .52 FRI01 5 43. 2 0 2 .65 650-15 40.36 2.71 GR70 1 5 45.52 3 .06 L5015 47.20 3.64 ERIB-14 36. 6 2 2 .30 HR7B-14 4 3 .96 2.92 RAISED WHITE JR781 5 4 7 1 5 3-43 LETTERS LR78 1 5 49.09 3.48


10-THE ORACLE February 27, 1974 Flexible beer measure presented to legislators Sign right here Photo by Chris Malone Ophelia Young, a worker in the new Student Career Employment Center (ADM 151) assists Fred Jolowski as he fills out a job application. BY JILL AAl'WNSON Oracle Staff Writer SG Vice President Mark Levine has asked the Hillsborough County Legislative Delegation to support on-campus sale of beer in locations other than the Empty Keg. The proposal, local bill 45, would allow the University president to decide where beer can be sold on campus, Levine said. Currently legislative ap proval is needed for changes in location of alcoholic sales on campus. IT WOULD be an amendment to a clause of the Special Acts of 1971 which restricts beer sale at USF to within the boundaries of the Rathsk'eller

( t: A S S It ( HELP WANTED ) I SERVICES OFFERED I WANTED: Acctg. major, parttime mor nings or afternoons to assist controller of local construction firm. Ph. 223-4577, in St. Pete. 522-2194. ( MISC. FOR SALE ] 10-SPEED bicycle 550. Western Flyer. Call Steve Brier al 971-7425. EVERYTHING in my apt. must go! Fur niture-waterbed & frame, desk, bookshelves, etc. Kitchen utensils, sheets, towels, clothing, books, all at give away prices. 971-2065. CANOE RENTALS-SALES DAY OR WEEK 935-0018 FAST, accurate typing service. 48 hr. service in most instances. 2 min. from USF. Between 8:30 and 5:00 call 879-7222 ext. 238. After 6:00 call 988-3435. Ask for Liz. SPECIALIZED TYPIST lBM CORRECTING Selectric, carbon ribbon, pica or elite. Greek symbols. Exp. Turabian, Campbell, APA, etc. s min. from USF. Nina Schiro, 971-2139. If no answer, 235-3261. TYPING, Fast, Neat, Accurate, Turabian. I BM Corrective Selectric. Carbon ribbon. Pica or Elite. All.types of work. Machine is TWO English Racers 10 speed bikes. $80 great for professional looking Theses. AltS) r PERSONAL m J HAVE Call HELPLINE at 974-2555 If you need to talk to a woman, call the WOMEN'S LINE at 974-2556 HISTORY community and all other in terested persons, Dr. Thomas Sanders speaks on "White Squaws and Red Women," Room UC 251 at 8 p.m. on Feb. 26, 1974. DATE MATCHING service. !l's a simple, inexpensive and fun way to get acquain ted. For complete _information, application, write New Friends, P.O. Box 22693, Tampa, Florida 33622. A UNIQUE opportunity for personal growth & a lot of fun! A sailing cruise thru the Bahamas during spring break! What 1i break! Interested? Call Bob Haywood at 988 for information. THE ORACLE -February 27, 1974 SOAR THROUGH ___..,,. AVIATION WEEK UC MALL Feb. 25 -March 1 Sponsored by USF Flying Club i 11 each or $150 for both, very good condition. Close to USF. 988-0836 Lucy Wilson. Also, one English racer 10 speed bike "( ""'"' ( FOR RENT l ( J A-C USED AUTO PARTS ( MOBILE HOMES J FOR SALE: 1969 BMW 2002. 4 speed, 23-28 l BDRM. new unfurnished apt. in beautiful mpg. Good condition. Best offer. Phone SPECIALIZING IN FOREIGN CARS AND PARTS private wooded setting. 5 m1ns from USF. 677-1392 after 6:00 p.m. MUST SELL: '71 12x60 2 bedroom mobile home. Take over payments of S78.02 per month. 932-9637. ..itooDED LOT for mobile home, 5 min. from USF, SSO monthly, includes water, sewer. Quiet beautiful, boat ramp, fishing. Call Bob 988-4085. I TV, RADIO, STEREO I .... K LH No. 23 speakers, 9 months old, under warranty. Will sell for best offer. Call Lenny or Danny 971-0269. ( REAL ESTATE J RIVERFRONT, C.B., 2 bdrm, p;, bath home, 15 min. to Temple Terrace. 545,000 Elsie Pickard, Inc. 677-1677, 677-1248. OVERi..OOKING THE RIVER embraced by l full acre, this 3 bdrm, 2 bath concrete block home is a gracious offering for suburban life. Features central heat and air. Spacious paneled family room, large eat-in kitchen, living room dining room, l&xlA enclosed patio, new wall to wall carpeting. Priced in '70s. 877-4922, Pauline Ferraro Assoc. 877-8227 YOUR COUNTRY HOME! 2 acres heavy with oak, well appointed 4 or 5 bedroom, 3 bath, 111 2 story brick home. Living room and family room with fire places. Master suite opens onto huge patio and pool area. Sprinklers, 3 car garage. Priced in 90's with flexible financing. Pauline Ferraro Assoc. 877-8227. Coyle Realty Jeanne B. Coyle, Realtor 877-8227. I LOST & FOUND: I sso REWARD for info concerning stolen Emerson Quad Lica m-2 camera and lenses. I am willing to pay for return of merchandise. Call 971-7644. TRAVEL OPPORTUNITIES J JAMAICA-june 6-18, 5 credits, 5385. Gov'!., Social, Business, Culture, Education in teraction Kingston. Apply now & register for s hrs. Qtr. 3. Also 12 hrs. option Qtr. 4 all off campus. See Lupton, OCT Prog., FAQ 122. Carpet, A-C, 5145. 988-4085 evenings. 4 BDRM., 2 bath, furnished mobile home in wooded setting 5 min. from USF. Not surrounded by elderly couples. Ideal for several students. $160. 988-4085. 2 FONTANA Hall contracts for sale for Quarter Ill. Call Dale or Susan 971-0690. GEMINI HOUSE APTS 'Mile (23rd St.) to USF Central Air & Heat 2 Bedrooms Furnished S 180.00 Call Greg -971-4051. COLONIAL GARDENS APARTMENTS 6 month 1ease-Students Welcome. Furnished or Unfurnished i BR, l Complete with swimming pool, rec room & laundry facilities. TAKE OVER Fontana Hall contract at anytime! Call Tom at 971-2971 for in formation. LA MANCHA DOS, Tampa's only student apt. complex. 572-90 per month. l block from campus on 42nd St. 971-0100. GREEN OAK Villa -New l & 2 Bedroom furnished apartments; Varied lease; near USF. Call 971-4408 or 971-1424. problems quarter three? Fontana Hall contract for sale. You. keep my SSO deposit. Call Steve Ackerman at res. 985-2487 or 977-5222, or office 251-0661. ( MISCEUANEOUS l COMICS for Collectors, Photos, Nostalgia Items Paperbacks. Fla.'s No. 1 Store. Over 25,000 Books, open 9-9 12943 Florida Ave. ?35782 Browsers Welcome. ( MUSICAL l 3 Old GIBSON Guitars. Real gu t sy axes '60' SG '60' Es335 '58' Les Paul Jr. Grover keys Hum bucking pickups. Great cond. Perfect n ecks with smooth frets. Be a rock star for only 5200. 985-2670 Glenn. SEAC sponsors 2 nights of campus en tertainment. Wed. Feb. 27th & Thurs. Feb. 28th. Empty Keg, 8:30 p.m. Come see your friends. Music, comedy & coke. FREE admission. "We Sell the Best & fi:r the Rest" 237 EAST DAVIS BlVD. Tam po, Florido 33606 Phone 255-1361 Hardware Key5 Mode Moster Charge Financing 15 SPEEDS l 0 SPEEDS 3 SPEEDS LIGHTWEIGHTS FOLDAWAYS TANDEMS ADULT TRIKES l\OYS' .. <;:;IRLS. BUZZ BIKES Hours: M, W f IO omBpm NOH: All bikes sold fully assembled and test.,d Tu. Th., S, 9:30 ompm Crescent Maserati Mercier Sekine a Bottecchia Motobecane Gitane F londria Coppi and lAM8ERT lh world's lirsl Aeto Space lilre. The finest in bicycles, occ eViories and apparel. SALES PARTS REPAIRS RENTALS FOR SALE 1973 Nova Hatchback, 14,800 miles, excellent condition, automatic. Must Sell; 52095 or best offer. Contact Bill Brown 971-9550. I APTS. & HOUSES TO SHARE I ROOMMATE needed-have your own large room in a nice two bedroom mobile home. Central air & heat, pool, laundry facilities, s minutes to campus. Available Feb. ls!. 570 per mo. 971-8808. FEMALE roommate needed to share 2 bedroom apartment for Qtr. 3, 570 monthly plus one third utilities. Very close to USF. Call 971-4061 after 5 p.m. FEMALE ROOMMATE NEEDED FOR QUARTER 3. A few minutes from USF. 2 Bedroom, air conditioned, pool. $87.50. Ruth 971-1999. I MOTORCYCLES & SCOOTERS I '72 HONDA 450, electric start, good mileage, dependable and mechanically sound. 4,000 miles, looks sharp. Must Sell to best offer over $700. Call 977-1415 anytime. sell it fast with Oracle Cla8sifieds 10% DISCOUNT ON ALL PARTS FOR USF STUDENTS 14525. FLORIDA AVE. PH. 932-4329 I QUALITY EASY \CAMPING EQUIPME TRAILS \ 8711 N. 40th St. j 988-0045 Open Thur., Fri., Sert. 9-9 Mon. & Wed. 9-6 Sun. 1-6, Closed Tues. OUTFlnERS FOR CAMPING BACK PACKING, CANOEING We Carry CAMP TRAILS, WENZEL, WHITE STAG, COCHLAN'S OPTIMUS, MOUNTAUf-HOUSE;. COLEMAN & OTHERS w1.w MH!lterof FLORIDA TRAILS i\SSOCIA TION. INC. ...................................................................................................................... .,. ................... I International Cycle City I 14975 Nebraska Ave (at Bearss) 977-4775 I I TAMPA'S NEWEST & MOST I I COMPLETE CYCLE SHOP ; Bicycles, Go-Karts, I The Hot New Can-Am's, I Carabelas & CM Chaparrals, The Unicar, newest concept m I Benelli, Norton, Moto-Guzzi, economical transportation Ducati, AJJ I = We feature a complete line of quality accessories, lubricants ands parts and the best service on all makes of I bicycles, Go-Karts, and motorcycles f .......................... ......................................................................................................................


12-THE ORACLE February 27, 1974 Soliciting brings disagreement BY MARY RUTH MYERS Oracle Staff Writer Although Terry Edmonson, USF Foundation executive director, said yesterday the concert program at WUSF does not have permission to ask for contributions from outside sources now, a WUSF official said Edmonson himself has approved the,practice. Edmonson said he did not know where WUSF received permission to campaign for funds "I've raised the question of where they permissio n but have no answer for it," he said. BUT DR. MANNY Lucoff, acting director of Educational Resources, said_ WUSF has received permission to solicit froni several authorities, including Edmonsoq. "It is the standard practice to speak for public support for public programming," Lucoff said "It is a good source of flinding for us and quite legitimate," he said. Earlier, Florida Center for the Arts Programming Coordinator Dale Rose had questioned why the concert program at WUSF was being allowed to solicit funds while other groups were forced to wait until the annual funding plans were coordinate(}. LUCOFF SAID WUSF may have allowed to solicit because it reached out into the surrounding community more than m9st University organizations. McLuhan talk broljldcl!st today WUSF-TV will present the entire discussion presented in the gym Monday by Marshall McL1,1han tonight at 10 p.m. in color, Ted Sullivan, Community Service coordinator, said yesterday. Frat member fractures leg during initiation_ BY JOYCE DEQUINE Oracle Staff Writer A fraternity pledge who broke his leg during an initiation was not the victim of a "road trip


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