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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
Wickstrom, Valerie ( Editor )
Wright, Sandra ( Managing editor )
Thompson, Sue ( Advertising manager )
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Picture yourself as Oscar A unique self-portrait of both the photographer and the viewer is one of several works shown in Visual Arts Professor Oscar Bailey's photography exhibit. The display continues through March 15 in the Theatre Gallery. Oracl e photo by Chris Malone State funds firm friday's BY SANDRA WRIGHT Oracle Managing Editor The South Florida Educational Planning Council a private, non profit corporation with membership consisting of 12 county school boards and the USF College of Education, has a state funded USF account budgetary records show The corporation, whose records have been subpoenaed by Florida Auditor Gen. Ernest Ellison as. part of a financial compliance audit and in vestigation into outside interests at the University, is housed in the College of Education It has a state-funded account which is allocated for salaries and ex penses, USF Budget Officer Rick Fender said yesterday "I HAVE NO idea what it is used for," Fender said. "I don't know what the purpose of the account is The accoiint responsible to the corporation s executive director Dr. William Dannenburg, an Education faculty member, is budgeted about $11,400 for salary and $3,200 for expenses, Fender said. The salary money is designated to pay for one employe, classified as "staff assistant two," Fender said. However, Dannenburg denied having a position funded for the corporation. He said a staff assistant does all the corporation's clerical work but said she worked jointly for him and another faculty member who "happens to have an office next to mine. "THAT IS INCORRECT;" Dannenburg said of the budget records showing the private firm receives state money to pay a staff assistant. The expense money is spent for telephone calls, xeroxing materials and general expenses such as travel, Dannenburg said. Typewriter repairs are also in cluded as are purchase of Oracle by Doc Parker Write on Today's Oracle is the last issue for Qtr. 2. The newspaper will resume publication March 26, the second day of Qtr. 3 and will continue to be circulated Tuesday through Friday each week. materials necessary for cor poration projects, he said. The clerical service is part of USF's annual dues for corporate membership, Dannenburg said. County school boards pay cash, he said, with the amount based on their participation in corporate proj_ects and their student total. ORACLE HILLSBOROUGH County pays about $1, 000 annually, Dannenburg said. Continued on page 11 March 8, 1974 Vol. 8, No. 125 16 pages Agent to be determined Bargain elections planned BY MATT BOKOR Oracle Starr Writer Elections will be held to select a collective bargaining agent for university personnel provided enough faculty desire one, Ken Boutwell, State University System CSUSJ vice chancellor for Administrative Affairs, said yesterday .. Lucoff fires heads In WUSF shake-up BY SANDRA WRIGHT Oracle Managing Editor WUSF P roduction Man ager Dick Brown and Station Mana ger A lice Z ac h e r a l ha v e be e n fir e d fr o m th e ir positions effective n e xt w ee k Acting Edu catio nal R es our ces direc t o r M a nn y Lucoff said l as t nig ht. Bill Brad y w ill mov e to ac tin g sta tion m a n a g e r and p rog r a m dir ec t o r for the t e l ev i s i o n sta tion and D ave D i a l will coor din a t e rad i o p rog r ammi ng. Lucoff said. H armon B r ide will become producti o n ma n age r "I .Jl'ST d o n t have a n y comm e n t as t o w hy." Lucoff said. I ca n onl y assume h e ( Lucoff J fee l s there i s a reason for it t h a t esca p e s me a t this time." Brow n said. "Fro m my point of view. it conce rn s m e g r eatly th e o v e r all c hange s h e h a s see n fit t o put i nt o e ffect. Brown declin e d to comment furth e r a nd sourc e s indi c ated h e i s c ont e mplating t a king action b eca u se o f his dis mi ssal. D r William Scheuerle assi s t a nt v ice preside nt for A ca d e mic Affa ir s. said last night h e "was aware th a t Dr Lucoff w as m a king chang e s but would n o t say w h e ther h e had consult e d w ith him c onc e rnin g th e firings He and Lucof f sai d Z ac h e ral and Brow n wer e dis m isse d only from t he ir m a n age rial pos t s an d will continue t o work in the statio n Tll E :\L\ TTF:B i s n o t publi c infor ma tion Sch e ue rl e said. "This really i s n 't unive r sity business h e said. Sch e ue rl e would not s upply r easo n s for the firin gs saying !1e d i d n 't "\1ork a l t ha t level. .. Lucoff a l so d ec lin e d t o explain the r eorga nizal i o n "We 'll want the faculty to decide if an election is necessary," Boutwell said "If enough people want one we'll have one HE SAID the earliest t ime an election could be held would be e arly next year, but Florida Supreme Court action will be the m ain determinant. State Supreme Court Chief Justice J a mes Adk i ns s aid a session for "o ral argumentation must be s et up before the court ac ts on guid e lin e s submitt e d this w e ek A d a te in e arl y April i s s et for the v e rbal dis cussion he said H o we ve r, A dkin s s aid c ourt ac tion on th e implement a t ion of the guid e lin es is s till subject to l eg islativ e action. TllE ( i l"JDEI I:\'.ES were distri but e d to the justices Monda y after th e C o urt a p point e d Pu b lic Employ e' s Rights Commissio n agre ed on the cont e xt o f the dr aft. D r W illi s Truitt coordina t o r for th e l oca l A m e rican Fe d e r atio n of Teac h e r s

2-THE ORACLE March 8, 1974 Ellsberg indictments hit ex-aides WASHINGTON Six persons, including former top presidential aides John D Ehrlichman and Challes W. Colson, were indicted yesterday by a Watergate grand jur.Y for the 1971 burglary at the office of Daniel Ells berg's psychiatrist. Com piled from the news wires of United Press International datory rollback in domestic c rud e oil pri ce s which Nixon c ited a s the main rea son he vetoed the emergency energy bill Wednesday. retail b e ef pri c es b y reducing their r e cord profit margins. /\ supermarket spokesman predict e d pric e s will drop "in the next week or so. The charges in the case of the White House "Plumbers" were the second set of major in dictments to shake the Nixon administration in six days. Nixon refuses data WASHINGTON The chairman. of the House .)udiciary Committee accused,.Pres. Nixon yesterday of withholding per tinerit evidence from his im. peachment inquiry, but he headed off a motion to subpoena Nixon for the material. The subpoena motion followed disclo s ure b y John M Doar special committee counsel, that the White House had refused a request for six items pertaining to conversations between the President of the United States and another person. Stans takes money NEW YORK The government's key witness testified yesterday the president of financier Robert L. Vesco's top <'Ompany had delivered a $200,000 1972 campaign gift to Maurice H. Stans and then said that Vesco "would like to get some help." The testimony was a dramatic early climax to the government's case against Stans, former secretary of commerce in the Nixon a dministration and former Atty. G e n John N. Mit chell. Pres. fights profits WASHINGTON -Pres. Nixon won a pair of tentative victories in the House yesterday in his fight over crude oil price levels and a "windfall profits" tax against the oil industry The House reversed itself and voted to kill a proposed man-Butz: cut beef cost WASHINGTON Agriculture S ecretary Earl L. Butz urged supermarkets yesterday to cut Butz complained the con suming public i s getting hit with higher retail prices for beef at the same time farmers' prices are going down." "A genuine horror tale with a Strange twist:' -William Wolf. Cue Magazine "'The Other.' A demonic tale of undiminished horror." Playboy Magazine State receives extra gas WASHINGTON Gov. Reubin Askew annou ::ed Florida will get an additional 20-million gallons of gasoline in March, enough to provide another four gallons for each driver. Although the 20-million-gallon increase boosted Florida's peak month allocation from 330to 350million gallons, Askew said he still thinks Florida is entitled to more. He said he will push for further hikes in the state's March allocation. Christian hush urged TALLAHASSEE State Education Commissioner Floyd Christian said yes.terday his attorney has asked him not to comment on matters that will touch on a grand jury in vestigation of his financial dealings Joseph Jacobs, a prominent Tallahassee attorney hired by Christian, said it would be "inappropriate" to comment on a barrage of newspaper disclosure and a call by at least one newspaper and the head of a teacher's lobbying organization for his resignation pending the outcome of the jury review FFT, FEA merge TALLAHASSEE The Florida Federation of Teachers

Boom town '. The Terrace jb .. t .. \! ".. I( ,t, .... expand at a 'record'fate'and students:lea.ving for break may return to find new apartments and businesse" s opened even closer to USF's back yard. Mackey to host grads. A reception for all seniors graduating at the end of Qtr_ 2 will be held Wednesday in the UC Plan Hotline next Tuesday USF Pres. Cecil Mackey will talk informally with students Tuesday at 1 : : m p m in ENG 104 for the last "Hotline" session of Qtr. 2. Any students who wish to discuss a matter with Mackey or have a question are invited to attend. Ballroom and will feature an address by USF Pres. Cecil Mackey, Student Affairs Coordinator Phyllis Marshall said yesterrlay. Marshall, who said the event is the' first of its kind at the lfn! itv. said all bachelor's and n.asll'r's graduates are in vited. ThP event will last from 2-3 p.m., she said. 1 s the first time this has ever don e here," Marshall said. assume there will be one eve r y quarter from now on." In vi tat ions to the reception have mailed to all those graduating. sh(' said THE ORACLE-March 8, 1974 3 Faculty react to credit given 12th grade tests BY RUSSELL MANLEY Oracle Staff Writer The plan to award incoming students up to 36 credit hours on the basis of their Florida Statewide Twelfth Grade 'Test score drew mixed reactions from USF faculty yesterday. The program gives students who score 475 or higher nine hours er.edit in each area in which they rank in the 97th percentile or above. Dr. William Scheuerle, USF assistant vice president for Academic Affairs, announced the implementation of this program at Wednesday's Faculty Senate meeting, saying it was a one-year experiment and will begin Qtr. 4 "IT DOESN'T make sense to give college credit for work done in high school," Dr. Sape Zylstra, assistant profe.ssor of Humanities, said yesterday. uwe should compete for quality students through high academic standards." Dr. Dean Martin, professor of Chemistry, said, "I think anything that will bring outstanding students to us is wor thwhile." Associate professor of Mathematics Dr. Fred Zerla said the experiment and results should be closely scrutinized and also said he is unsure of the value of the College Level Examination Program < CLEP l. I DON'T Tllli'\K it will apply to that many students at USF," Les Small, assistant professor of Finance, said. "Most of the eligible students will probably get scholarships to big name schools." Dr. Max Dertke, director of University Studies, said his staff would send out information on the new program to all state high schools next week. ., J1I". .. : SELECT WINES, CHEESES DELJ.MEATS. PARTY TRAYS Sar.idwiches To Go BUSCH BLVD. BUI LAii[) PAn-Y/AY i N :_;;. ,...., O 1'. .. Bulla. rd Wir'M,! & Wedge "' Ph. 985:,;248.5/0pen Sunday 11-4 The Supreme Court wants film like "the goodole days': So here it is ... Iota RA faces job loss BY Mi\HY In'Tll MYEHS Oradt Slaff \Vril1 r Dave Kopp. nsidcnt ;1ssislan! of l ot.a I. was given cmploy m('nt "options" to considcr although hl' was nol fired. !lous in g and Food Director llay King said :>l'st1' r day. Kopp is resident assistant on the floor where t hl' lot a I Streakers." th e first known liSF streakers. liv e. KIN(; WOll LJ) not say wh;1t options Kopp had been given or th e reason behind tll(' action. "This is cntirPly a m ; 1(t('r hl't wecn Mr. Kopp and !lous ing." King said. Kopp could not he rcaclll'ci for comment but sourc('s said llw ;1ct ion was r elall'd to l IH s1rc:1king ;ind incticat ('d K0.pp may hav(' hl'l'n a s tr('akcr. 1 \ sourcl.' said Kopp was toid if IH' f'('signl'O Student Affairs \\'ould n'commlnd nothing about slrl'aki n g I H' pl<1ccd in his files. lui\l l'Vl'l'. if h l' r('maincd a s r(' s id('11l :1ssistant. the in fonnation would lH' insl'rll'cl "IIE'S BEi'\(; used ;is a scapl'goal. .. tlw source said. });1:- light streaking l'Ontinuccl with r!'ports in cluding one' of a d;ish I>:-: a sludl'nt through th e UC al noon ;rnd a s('conct a s t uclent n('ar th(' L;1n guag('-LitPrature Building. lksid1t student:< said sl r (';1king illl'idlnts \\.'('d 1wsda:;111d T111sd;1:11ights \ I 1T t'O\ t'f'('d hY :1rp;1 11wdi;1 and 101<1 I r1pr<'Sl'lll al ins s; 1 id l IH'\' :1:1d r<'t'l'i\ id 11111111rous t;ills from Say so long to MIDNIGHT Mi\DNESS with 11: ill THE BIG HU: i\T Tiff r:mU i S Our farewell cluuhl< bill ;ti I rid: 1y, M : 1l'l'li 8 ;v, Saf.urrl < ty, M;in:l1 'l 1 ... N" Q ()( r 1 i Bay Arca journaiis ts requestin g times and places scheduled for org;1nizrd streaks. Textbook center shut over break The l!SF Text book Cen t e r \\'ill he closed for restockin g until l\Ltrch 2 1 manag('r. Jack Burns said. Old books \\'ill be bought back toda:throug h next Friday out sid(' of th(' Bookstore. I A film classic -now an unparalleled comedy. 1 From New Lme Cinema. the gang who brought you REEFER MADNESS ." YOU WON'T CLAP AT THiS ONE! -PLUS-The famous 1929 Marihuana Western "HIGH ON THE RANGE"} 9t... Starring Yakima Canutt, "World's Greatest Cowboy. March 8, 9, 10 Film Art Series 7:30 & 9:30 p.m. ENA $1.00


4-THE ORACLE 1,,I T I. L:L'' March 8, 1974 .r =--i Streaking solution to activities cuts Editor: We believe the time has come to speak out in behalf of the students who live here at Little by little campus activities are being slowly but surely taken away from us. We had a top-notch radio show r must shackle his own freedom for fear of losing his job. In such an environment, academic freedom is lost. No system will ever be perfect, but if some serious changes are not made in the present tenure system, not only professors will feel the effects of tenure. Students also will suffer the consequences. And so will the state of Florida. Student-oriented faculty denied tenure, discouraged Editor: A rather frightening situation has recently been discovered concerning everyone who is a part of the University community, especially the students It concerns the quality of USF education. Any educational institution has two types of teachers. There are teachers who walk into class, give a lecture, a test, and never have a thought about what is going to happen to the student once he goes out into the "real world." This teacher has usually never been in the "real world.' and has spent his entire life teaching. THE SECOND type of teacher bases his courses on reality. Theories are taught in relation to practicality. This type of teacher not only teaches theories, he applies them to real situations. This type of teacher has: 1) a working relationship with the professional world; 2l concern about students' post-educational success; 3) constant evaluation of his teaching abilities based upon the successes and or failures of his students after they leave the university. Obviously, this teacher is more effective. However, if one checks the policies of USF, he will be surprised to find that this second type of teacher is being denied tenure. He is in effect, being denied a job. This is a fact. Ask Cecil Mackey. FOR EXAMPLE, a USF marketing professor has spent five years working toward building a professional college that will prepare students for "life after education." He has spearheaded programs to expose students to in d us trial representatives. He helps students line up job interviews, he has published more than almost anyone in his department, he maintains com munication wjth graduates He was unanimously voted by his peers to be granted tenure Award 1967, 1969 Editor . Valerie Wickstrom Researchers out of place He is known and respected nationally as a good teacher. Despite this, he has been denied tenure. In fact, the vast majority of teachers who feel the student is of primary importance have been denied tenure. Advertising Manager ... Sue Thompson Managing Editor Sandra Wright Layout Editor .Dave Mooi'mann Copy Editor ... Jean Trahan Photo Editor. ....... Bill Cullerton Editorial Assistant ... Stevan Northcutt Sports Editor ............... Mike Kaszuba Entertainment Editor ....... Anne Laughlin Advisor ...... Leo Stalnaker News phones ............ 974-2619, 2842, 2398 DEADLINES: General news 3 p.m. daily for following day issue. Advertising (with proof) Thursday noon for Tuesday, Friday noon for Wednesday, Monday noon for Thursday, Tuesday noon for Friday. Deadlines ex tended without proof. Classified ads taken 8 a.m. noon two days before publication in person or by mail with payment enclosed Advertising rates on request, 974-2620, Monday through Friday, 8 a :m. 5 p .m. Stories and pictures of interest to students may be submitted to the Oracle in LAN 469 or the suggestion boxes in the Library and UC Editor: The current rage for teaching ex cellence accountability, etc., seems based on an assumption I think fallacious. It is that there exists an established body of knowledge tTHE TRUTH.l Manv teach onlv in the classroom where thev have. autocratic control over young and inexperienced minds. Others dare to express themselves beyond the classroom. in public and professional meetings and in articles and books exposed to peer evaluation. Does anvone doubt which group is more intellectually. which moves easily toward integrity and wisdom, depending less on rhetorical gim mickry? The instructor involved in research does not belong to the community of scholars. He may well forget to teach skepticism and reason and he may be reduced to old generalizations and entertainment. He does not compete \\'ith his equals. James W. Silver Professor of History This public document wa!> promulgated at an annual cost or $1.t8,li!l6..t5 or !le per copy. to disseminate news to the students, staff and facultv or the l'niversity or South Florida. (Fifty-nine cent or the per issue cost is offset by ad\'ertising revenue. l The result of this will be the continued downhill ride to ruin USF has begun If vou were a USF teacher who had spent five years building a professional college and were denied tenure for no reason whatever. wouldn't you go looking for a job elsewhere9 Of course \\'HE:\ .\LL teachers concerned with students leave. what will hold students' interest in l'SF as an educational institution 9 1 feel the situation should be in \estigated further and remedied im mediately. David Board 3C0!\1


DOONESBURY by Garry Trudeau 'INfORl'fAt:' "!NfOl

6-THE ORACLE March 8, 1974 1Sex Madness 1 tonight EASY TRAILS INC. "QUAlflY" CAMPING EQUIPMENT 8711 N. 40th St. 988-004S "Sex Madness," presented by Florida Center for the Arts, is the 1937 exploitation film showing this weekend in ENA. It explores the sexual mores of the suppressed culture in this innocent era, where sexual freedom meant disease and disgrace. The film tells the story of a small town beauty queen who "Sex Madness" ... at ENA tonight Photo .furnished travels to the big city. Here she succumbs to empty promises and meaningless glitter and ends up in disgrace and despair. With the "Sex Madness" movie, there will be a 15-minute marijuana western, "High on the Range." It features Yakina Canut, a Hollywood stunt man who staged the chariot race in "Ben Hur," and is billed as the "World's Greatest Cowboy." Admission price is $1 and the movies will be shown tonight, tomorrow and Sunday at 7: 30 and 9:30 p.m. Suspense offered in 1The Other' Thomas Tyron's shocking best seller .. "The Other," is the SEAC movie being shown tonight, tomorrow and Sunday in F AH 101. Show times are 7: 30 and 10 p.m. Robert Mulligan, who also directed "Summer of '42," uses the aspect of terror to explore an ex peri e nce of m yst ical reality that defies scientific explanation The movie revolves around a ten-year-old boy who is possessed by his dead twin brother who wills him to commit a series of murders. Admission is 75 cents with ID OPEN Thur., Fri., 9-9 Mon., Tues., Wad., & Sat., 9-6 Davis axes budget bill SG Pres. Bill Davis used his power to veto Student Senate legislation for the first time during his administration Tuesday night. The vetoed legislation, Bill No. 6 called for the establishment of a Student Senate Ways and Means Committee to formulate budget proposals DA VIS SAID he vetoed the bill because it was too vague to be binding. The entire Senate gave Davis a standing ovation when he com pleted his executive business report. A resolution requesting a Student Senate Student Affairs Committee investigation of the University qrfew and other Photo furnished Harpo Marx ... in "At the Circus" possible ways in which USF could conserve energy was adopted University curfew and other meeting, which was the last this quarter. THE CURFEW, announced by University officials February 6, curtails all scheduled recreational and other activities on campus at 11 p m Sunday through Thursday and at mid night Friday and Saturday, A resolution commending the organizers of the New Renaissance Fair held last week was also adopted. Marx Brothers films presented "The Big Store and "At the Circus," two Marx Brothers film s, are billed in Qt.r. 2 s last Midnight Madness tonight and tomorrow at midnight in the ENA. In "The Big Store," Groucho portrays a pr ivate detective with Harpo as his assistant. They are hir ed by a Mrs Phelps to protect her nephew and th e escapade s that follow are t ypica l Marx Brothers comedy. "At the Circus," the perfect setting for the Marx Brothers presents the Marx Brothers as trying to save a c ircus from bankruptcy amid the typic:il confusion the y create. TREMENDOUS 0..;/'i;.. DISCOUNTS "" "ti''? (.;ih"">.hnd'."' Ku,tum. \loo!',. t'll'.. l'tt Ju .. 1 Drop L\ ..\ Lbw "ti' i;.." \ nd ''' \. fur Our frl"l' l : H:tlog : WRITE: Ace Music Center .sffS,_ 13630 West Di>(ie Highway 'W" North Miami. Florida 33161 In other business, the Senate accepted a resolution praising and th a nking Davis, SG Vice Pres. Mark Levine, and the SG Cabinet for their efforts t his past year. Classifieds Ph. 974-2620 For Your Denim Needs: *LEE *LEVI *WRANGLER SEE LOUIE'S DEPT. STORE 1902 E. 7th Ave. Phone 248-1389 ,f)ar 84 J.Jt Aul{.-"'tDNIT .... Ah F\l"M\lU\lr PAROO'I 01'\Bou"T '-'UC\ -fONN\tlT nf P\f\Jt C.UR(tf.NT lOn\!.t)'t' Freeport, Bahamas 3 days/2 nights $78.00 inc. air fare* For complete details contact: American Overseas Travel Corp University of South Florida ADM 102, 4202 f'owler Ave Tampa, Fla. 33620 Ph. 97 4-2695 YOUR ON CAMPUS TRAVEL AGENCY departures available for Spring Break


Head flick stars Nixon Richard Nixon will star in the last Head Theatre tonight and tomorrow at midnight in LAN Head Theatre forced to move off campus because its midnight show time conflicted with the energy curfew will also feature Recital scheduled A recital by Martha Rearick, i associate professor of Music Arts, and Marilyn Marzuki, associate professor of Music Arts, will be presented as a part of the Faculty Series Monday .at 8 :30 p.rn. iOL Rearick will play Marzuki, the harp. Annamary Dickey, assistant protessor of Music Arts, will be the speaker. The program will include "Intermezzo" by Hendrick Andriessen, "Sonata in F" by Benedetto Marcello," Sonata No. 5 in E minor" by Johann Sebastian Bach, "Terna con Variazioni" by Rossini, "Sonata de Camera op. 42" by Marius Flothius, ,and "Les Chansons de Bilitis" by Claude Debussy. Admission is free. Classifieds LAN 472 Spanky and Or Gang, "Kid from Borneo" and "Flash Gordqn.'' a satire on features the famous "You won't have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore" speech as well as the Checkers speech. Alger Hiss, the excesses of the McCarthy era and J. Edgar Hoover are all used to make Nixon look ridiculous. According to Dave Ellman, Head Theatre official, Head Theatre may move to Sarasota or St. Petersburg. t\!JW EVENlNI G SERVICE .for the SHABBAT Sponsored by: USF JEWISH STUDENT UNION FRIDAY-MARCH STH 7:30 P.M. UNIVERSITY CHAPEL FELLOWSHIP Fontana HaH THE ORACLE -March 8, 1974 7 /voungb/Ood to speak Gene Youngblood a Los Angeles-based news media authority and author of "Ex panded Cinema", will speak on campus today on the communication systems with a special emphasis on cable TV and computers. Personal interviews with Youngblood can be arranged by calling 2650. BUY YOUR CAMERA FROM US -WE'LL TEACH YOU HOW.TO USE IT!! J\IAMIYA/SEKOR 500DTL 35mm .. '. List $229.95 Special $149.95 PLUS: PAC is offering a free workshop in camera technique for everyone who buys a MAMIY A-SEKOR from us this week. 11150 N. 30TH ST., TAMPA, FLA. 33612 Phone (813) 971-3606 Phone 971-9550


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Former president Allen still active in education BY RUSSELL MANLEY Oracle Staff Writer Do former university presidents always retire into peaceful obscurity'? In the case of Dr. John Allen, USF's first chief executive, the answer is an emphatic No. Allen has been active in education since he left USF in .1970. "FOLLOWING MY resignation at South Florida, I helped organize the University of North Florida in Jacksonville," Allen said in a special interview. "I was there for about two years." He said his experience in developing USF had given him sufficient expertise to help the new university get off the ground. John Allen .. compiling history More recently, Allen has been working with the Southern Association of Colleges and Maze Pnoto by Bill cu11erton .. If trying to find your way to class was as difficult as it appears by the architectural design of the Business Building, classes might be a little thin. Fortunately for students and staff, the stairway's path is not as con fusing as its structure. WUSF sets specials Three specials will be aired by WUSF radio and television in the next two weeks. Ted Sullivan. programming coordinator, said yesterday. A three-part program designed to give advice on preparing in come tax will be presented !\larch 18. 20 and 22 on Channel Hi. Sullivan said. It will be hosted by Personal Finance instructor Leslie Small. The first color YOU art course \1ill be presented March 25 on WUSF-TV with instructor Bruce Marsh. National Public Radio will present a program on language, featuring variow; professors discussing what they sec as the complex. deceptive English language. Bert H artley, USF vice president for Finance and Planning. will be th e guest on "Access" Wednesday night on WUSF FM starting at fi::lO p.m Listen ers may phone questions in to the station by calling 974-2215. GRISSETT MUSIC Authorized Dealer Gibson, Yamaha, Epiphone Randall Amplifiers Dobro Guitars L"sed Guitars and Amps Lessons -Guitar, a String Banjo, Piano 88!!0 ii!ith St. Temple Terrace !!l 5tudent Discount with USF ID Secondary Schools, which evaluates and accredits all universities in the south. "In recent months, I have visited Virginia, Texas, North Carolina and Tennessee for purposes of accreditation," Allen said. "You know, I also did similar work in New York before I came to USF." AS PRESIDENT emeritus, Allen is furnished with an oncampus office in the Library. "I work there on and off," he said. "Right now I am involved in pulling together the early history of USF but I don't get to put as much time into it as I would iike," Allen said. "Right now it's just a personal thing but if it turr:: into something useful, I will rriake it available to the university. _It's a little early to predict on though." Allen said his USF history will focus on "what went on before anyone else was here, when we were planning. "You know," he said, "We were one of the first schools to be completely planned and built as a state university. We had to make long range plans for graduate school and a possible medical school. It's those early days I am studying Oracle Classifieds Every Raleigh lightweight 10speed follows a winning tradition. Designed and handmade in Haleigh's own factories in Carlton, England, they are born and bred in the sanw place as the Haleigh champions. Follow the Leader THE BICYCLE FIT FOR YOU. Expt>rt Hepairs on all :\lakes of Bicycles. HiO:i Franklin Street Ph. :!:rn-840H One block east of Tampa Polict De11t. r GUEST TO BE TAMPA STADIUM SUNDAY MARCH 17 2 PM Ge111ral Adminio11. Tickets 011 Sale NOW! $5.00 advance $6.00 day ofshow STADIUM BOX OFFICE (Noon to 6PM) Mon. thru Sot. (Temple Terrace) {Sarasota) (New Port Richey) MAIL ORDERS, Money Order & Self.Addressed Stamped En.elope to CONCERTI WEil TAMPA STADIUM, 4201 N. Dale Mabry, Tampa, Fla 33607 Produced by Concerts Wesf a special. announcement from WEIGHTi -WATCHERS@ NEW MEETING! For your convenience, Weight Watchers has opened a new meeting Wednesdays at 7: 30 p.m. at the Summ1t West Apartments, 11500 Summit West Blvd. (near 56th and Fowler). Form a car pool and join the weight control program that's scientific, certain and safe. You don't have to be alone anymore. SUMMIT WEST APTS. 11500 Summit West Blvd. (near 56th & Fowler) Wednesday ...... 7: 30 P .M. Wherever you are, we are. There's a meeting near you. WEIGHT WATCHERS. COLLECT CALLS CHEERFULLY ACCEPTED CALL 813-877-6796 STREAK ON DOWN TO the depot and Enjoy 11AMANDA JONES" (Rock n' Roll) Tonite thru Saturday 14985 N. Nebraska Avenue ( at the corner of Nebraska and Bearss}


10__..:THE ORACLE sports March 8, 1974 Plunging Diver Bill Bergey knifes through the water with perfect form during the National Independent Intercollegiate Swimming and Diving Championships. Photo by Ric Sauls i Oracle photos by Bill Cullerton Take your base .. Jennifer Steegmiller of the Baptist Campus Ministry (BCM) drew a free pass to first during the women's intramural softball championship game yesterday. Her team edged out the girls from Kappa 7-6. Jonaitis needs help for Special Olympics It may not b e Munich, but to 500 kids from Hillsborough County the Special Olympics is probably as close as they will ever come, and at least as important. The county-level meet for slow learning children will be held at USF's track March 23 Trainer Tony Jonaitis appealed for student and faculty volunteers to help stage it. "The Special Olympics seem to do something for everyone they touch Not just the children, but the parents, teachers, coaches, officials, volunteers, all of us. Jonailis asked thos e willing lo donate four hours of their time to contact him a t the PE office between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. at 974-2125. Locally sponsored by the Tampa Jaycees, the event's national sponsor is the Joseph P. Kennedy Junior Foundation. COME HEAR I "CLASS ACTION" I THURS., FRI., I SAT. NIGHTS ALSO-CHINKY, ROSES ARE RED VIOLETS ARE BLUE, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND I LOVE YOU. FRITZ GAS LINE WEARY ?!!? 100 New and Used Volkswagens in stock '73 Toyota Wagon 4 speed, Air Cond. '73 Datsun 610 Coupe, Automatic Air Cond. '73 Gremlins '72 Gremlins '73 Pinto '72 Pinto '72 Vega '71 Hornet Automatic & Air Cond. Air Conditioning Air Conditioning Air Conditioning Brahman nine readies for 13-game stretch IOc DRAFT 8-9 P. M. '72 Datsun Pickup I BIRDSONG VOLKSWAGEN BY PAM .JONES Oracle Sports Writer Today marks the beginning of a tough stretch of 13 games in 15 days for th e Golden Brahman baseball team. USF will be trying to defend a five-game win streak when they host the University of Con necticut this afternoon at 30 p.m. Coach Beefy Wright will be going with junior righthander Steve Ruling on the mound for today's game. ACCORDING TO Assistant Coach Jeff Davis, the team has looked good so far. "We're get ting good defense up the middle. even though we're alternating secondbasemen," he said. Davis also pointed out several individuals who have made strong contributions to the team. "Weldon Wright ahs been doing a good job for us both as a designated hitter and as a third baseman," the assistant coach said In pitching, we've gotten great performances from Steve Ruling, and Jay Keller and Chuck Mischo have done a real good job for us," Davis said. "We have also gotten real good relief pit ching from Joe Lom ascolo and Spence Schalip." DA VIS ALSO commented on the overall attitude of the team. Playing more games is giving more people a chance to play, h e said. "And everybody is helping everybody else on the team People are picking each other up when someone has a bad day." Among the teams USF will face in the next two weeks are the University of North Caro lin a a nd St. Leo College. UNC has been a powerhouse in th e ACC for seve r al yea r s a nd St. Leo i s cons idered by many to be a small college power. I I MI BACK YARD 6902 N. 4-0th St. MONARCH .. '.> Site A70-13 070i4 E70-14 F70-14 G70-14 H70-14 G70l 5 H70-1 S 11333 No. Fla. Ave. Ph: 933-2811 ROAD HUGGER Polyester Cord-Raised Letters-Tubeless Si"xk Distributor Sole F E Ply Rep .... N.;r.iber Bose Price Price TAX 4 5 .60-13 6.00-13 704-460-361 28.48b 23.95 1 .95 4 6 .95-14 704-4 7(11,. i I 31.03c 24.95 2 .27 ... 7 .35-i4 704-4; 4-361 2 14c 26.95 2.49 4 7 .75-14 704-481-361 32. 14c 27.95 2 .57 4 8 .25-14 704-484-361 33. 44c 28.95 2 .79 4 8 .55-14 704-487-361 35.06c 29.95 2.90 1 8 25-15 704-494-361 37.98c 29.45 2 .98 4 8 55-1 s 704-497-361 38. 32c 30.45 3 .06 Free mountingNo trade Necessary ROAD HUGGER 70 SERIES, 60 SERIES AND 50 SERIES ALSO ON SALE 3218 S. MacDill Ave. 3 Blo cks South of Bay to Bay 839-7320 839-6261 Open Mon-Fri 8-6 Sat. 8-3


THE ORACLE -March 8, 1974 ll Howell 1couldn't wait' for council BY MIKE KASZUBA Oracle Sports Editor Vice President for Student Affairs Joe Howell said yester day "right or wrong .I just felt I couldn't wait for a new Athletic Council" before he gave his recommendation to drop both intercollegiate swim and golf to Pres. Cecil Mackey Howell said he sent the recommendation fo Mackey by passing normal Athletic Council input, because he said the procedure of waiting for the new Athletic Council to take the place of the old "would take too The council, which has a rotating memb,ership _and is currently in the process of seating new members, was by. passed by Howell for its recommendations on dropping swimming and golf. "We're in the midst of recruiting seasons for swimming an d golf ... spring is when you recruit; Howell said. "Conservatively speaking, it would've taken .two weeks to name the council and by the time council made their studies it would be late spring or early summer before we got their recommendations ... we couldn't wait that long," he said. Howell said the main delay in naming the council was "we didn't have the names till two weeks ago" and "we wanted to wait until we had employment of the new basketball coach : Although fle said the decision is in Mackey's hands, Howell said he assumed the new council would be named ''in the next few days." However, Howell. said he had been told by USF Athletic Director Richard Bowers that the council said "If the decision to recommend the cuts had already been made, it

12-THE ORACLE March 8, 1974 ernttltt Opens Friday, March 15 e See unusual hand craftsmen at work in their stalls e Sing and dance to true Bavarian oompah bands. e Tingle with excitement as you watch the Schuhplattler dancers. e See the amazing Alpine horn blowers and bell ringers. e Feel the electrifying excitement as your pleasure mounts. The German Munich Oktoberfest has entertained hundreds of thousands of visitors annually for 164 years. Now the same atmosphere, flavor and excitment of the largest and most renowned European folk festival is being duplicated on ,the outskirts of Tampa, Florida. Captured is the spirit of Gemi.ilichkeit, the rousing good fun and friendli ness where there are no strangers. It is family fun for everyone. The Festival is easily reached from all points via Interstate 4, US Highways 301 and 41 (Tamiami Trail) and State Road 60 (Adamo Drive). e Beer Drinking Contests daily in the old Bavarian Tradition. e Enjoy the pageantry as authenti cally costumed guides, hosts and performers serve and entertain. e A complete midway of thrill rides, shows arid games. e Inspect the multitude of new and unusual exhibitions of the arts, crafts, business and industry. Daily, 11 :00 AM until midnight THE FESTIVAL CONTINUES THROUGH SUNDAY, MARCH 24th! Enjoy the finest in German and domestic beers. Exquisite German food prepared in the old continental tradition. SPONSORED BY 181 THE SERTOMA CLUBS, CENTRAL FLORIDA DISTRICT.


THE ORACLE -March 8, 1974 13 Statisticulation journal published BY MARSHA SHANBERG Oracle Correspondent In an issue of USF's newest special-interest newsletter two bell curves engage in dialogue. Jokes and brain teasers are take offs on mathematical formulae. And the editor's name is listed as Chi. The Journal of American 8tatisticula ti on ( J AS) began publication in September for use in EDQ 607, a graduate-level class in Statistical Analysis for Educational Research, and has been published weekly for students and professors. LAST WEEK the JAS editor surfaced and explained the development of his "altern?tive" newsletter. Statisticulation is d efine d as the art of lying with statistics while maintain ing an appearance HAV E 't'OU SEEN SMOK1NU SOMEHIJNC. A VAIN? of objectivity and rationality," C hi said. "From there I just decided to apply the definition to my articles and cartoons. The whole Journal misrepresents everything it says." The JAS accepts material contributions and usually r ece ives limericks brain teasers and jokes. Iri addition, quotes are rewritten to fit the statisticulation formula and a feature of the one-to-two page newsletter is a regular report of classroom remarks. AN OFFSPRING of the JAS has been the I Collecta Data Statisticulation Honor Society Members who contribute $ 1 get a gold-sealed certificate signed by president Tab U Lation, treasurer Ann Alice Iss Editor Chi and r eco rding secretary Polly Graph. Contributors also get a wallet-size membership card. The honor society was started mainly to raise money for the publication of JAS "I get more material than money ,', Chi said. Dr. Richard Jaeger, associate professor of Education and EDQ 607 instructor, partially inspired the JAS, Chi said. Jaeger has "a. pretty good sense of humor which Chi said he finds "peculiar among profes sors of statistics." SO YOU CAN STAND ON i VouR HEAD. BtG DEAL! IJI\_ lL Jaeger said the JAS has been a "valuable addition to the class It has helped create a positive spirit of comraderie," he said. STUDENTS IN the class agree with him Helene Silverman, 8EDU, said "It's super; it has really added something to the class The statistics problems provide practice and JAS helps create a positive atmosphere." Chi plans to continue the publication Qtr. 3, but does not plan to reveal the editor's identity to the class or Jaeger. "It' s lik e when you do a favor for someone, Chi said. "Yo u don't tell the world We Need You; WELL1WELL1WELL. IF IT ISN'T MR. PYTHAGORAS! .JAEGER SAID he usually gets copies of JAS through the mail in a plain brown envelope each week. It i s usually accompanied by a typewritten letter signed by Chi who is unknown to Jaeger a nd other members of the I Collecta Data', society including Dr. Jo Ann Long. Training program offered Long an assistant professor of Education, first became acquainted with JAS through a graduate student. She soon joined the honor society and said, The whole thing is absolutely h yste rical. It i s a measure of the kind of person he mr. Jaeger) is that such a thing as JAS could come about. I think it 's great." Teaching careers in marketing distribution and ot her business courses as well as op portunities outside of e ducation are available to graduates of USF's Distributive Education Pope said students interested in majoring in DE should make their decision early so they can benefit from early work ex perience and DECA activities. Energy studies discussion set A publi c forum on ene rgy research next week will feature an address by Dr William B. Phillips, director of Science and Engineering for the Bnard of Regents. The talk, which will b e followld by audience discussion. is scheduled 2 p.m. Wedne s day in PHY 141. His topic will be "Energy Hesearch in Florida Universities." For more inform atio n about this program, contact Dr. G. E. Pat terson FAO 237, 974-2100 ext. 355. TfKA JS NUMBER I Basketball is only one of your many talents. Congratulations from Your Little Sisters ATTENTION C.P.A. CADIDATES PROTECT YOUR JOB SECURITY DURING THE ENERGY CRISIS! l. Comprehensive five week review for May exam begins last week in March. z. The only course in Florida with a full lifetime guarantee only available to May students! 3. Locations in Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tampa and West Palm Beach. 4. 100 hours of classroom instruction. 5. Total cost is $250. 6. Apptoved by the state of Florida for Veterans Training (Jacksonville and Tampa). For further information: Write or call collect ( 904) 376-8261 ---;'\,/} THE NATIONAL GROUP, INC. NATIONAL CPA REVIEW COURSE GROUP 1135 N.W. 23rd Avenue 1 NC. Gainesville, Flol"ida 32601 TURN TO TOYO T A UNIVERSITY VOLUNTEER SERVICES invites you to a Street Dance on Tuesday, March 26 8-10 p.m. Crescent Hill The following groups will have booths available for information: APO Service Fraternity Circle K Service Etmos Helpline Intensive Tutorial Rapcadre In addition, re.::ruitment nights will be in the UC Ballroom from 8-11 p.m. on Wed. & Thurs. March 27 & 28. If you want to "meet your Tampa community" come and talk to various agency directors "The Brothers and Sisters" will entertain 11CRUNCH THE CRISIS" University Toyota Inc. Florida Ave., South of Fowler Phone: 933-6402


14-THE ORACLE March 8, 1974 ... Only 3 advising offices schedule night students The Death of 'BESSIE SMITH a play by Edward Albee Theatre Centre TAR. 120 March 7-10 BY JOYCE DEQUINE Oracle Staff Writer Only three areas at USF are open to offer students academic advising at night, Harriet Seligsohn associate director of University Studies, said Night advising hours are set in Business, open 5-7 p.m. Monday through Thursday; Language1.,;jteraturEi,. open until 6 p .m. Tuesday : 'and the f.)jvision of University Studies, open 5-8 p m. Wednesday. AU other advising offices are open until 5 but sometimes make appointments for night students. ROBERT TURNER, coor dinator of advising for Social and Behavioral Sciences, said there were a substantial number of night students who come during the day for evening registration, and "to have someone here for one or two students doesn't make a lot of sense. He said the college is open for appointments during the night and "would be glad to offer night hours if students would take advantage of it." Director of advising in Natural Sciences Walter Williams said it was "unlikely any Natural Science programs could be completed at night. He said however, there are 50 class sections offered at night. "I don't believe night enrollment is as substantial as in other colleges," Williams said. "I will say that we're in the process Investigation---Continued from page 1 This money is spent for projects -such a canoe trip planned on the Withlacoochee River. with USF Physical Education students, he said Such projects serve to enrich educational experiences, ac cording to Dannenburg. The University does not have a firm position concerning offering state support to private organizati ons, Joe Busta, executive assistant to USF Pres. Cecil Mackey, said yesterday I know we do have a lot of private organizations that do support the University, he said. Busta, who said he did "not know much about" the planning Nursing meet held A pre-nursing convocat ion will be held Monday at 2 p m in UC 252 for all interested students Further information ma y b e obtained from the Nursing office 974-2191. corporation, said neither he nor Mackey were aware the firm's records had been subpoenaed until reading the Oracle Mackey is looking into the matter, Busta said Lutz youth needs blood Blood donations are needed for an eight-year-old Lutz boy scheduled to undergo open heart surgery April 1 at T ampa General Hospital. Anyone can donate blood to Brian T. Brown by indic a ting his name and the Children s Crippled Clinic in Tampa when the blood donation is made. Any type blood can be donat e d at either the V etera n s Ad ministration Hospital on 1 3lst Ave and 3 0th St. o r at Universit y Community Hospital on 3 0th St. a nd Fletcher Ave of taking a look at night enrollment, night students and night programs, to see if they are adequate. Duscussing why Fine Arts advising offices are open only by appointment, Jim Oliver, academic adviser for Art, said, "It is not possible to major in our department if a student can only go at night." He said this is because Fine Arts students must have the night for furthering studies in workshops and studios In the case of Music and Dance he said, most recitals are held at night. CHARLES GORDON, director of Student Personnel, said Education previously had a night program but had poor results. Engineering Advising Coor dinator Rudolf E Henning said Engineering has one graduate program, the Master of Engineering, and one Bachelor program, the Bachelor of Engineering, which can be completed exclusively at night. In the area of night advising, there is "not much traffic," Henning said "I will stay in the evening if someone wants to see me," he said "ENGLISH, HUMANITIES, Religious Studies, P .hilosophy and Speech have programs that may be completed at night Language-Literature Adviser Catherine Sanders said The reason the office is not ope n a f ter 6 p.m. is that th ere h a s been no traffic this quarter. Staying open is a new thing this qu arter and it hasn't been very a c tive so far." Director of Financial Aids George Goldsmith said the Financial Aids o ffice has sent in a report to Vice Presid e nt for Student Affairs Joe Howell ex plaining wha t it will take to ex pand the office s t o accommodate night student s. 8:00 pm FREE 974-2701 YOUNG DEMOCRATS Announce An opportunity for studentis to .work in the campaign of a Fla. candidate for. U.S. Senate. Be in U.C. 256 on Sat. March 9, at 2:30 Candidate will be present. Support Young Democrats and Come sre us Saturday! Streakers, Streakers!!! Run to Buck's Shoes and get your 11FREE'' pair of Tube Socks ($1.25 value) with your purchase of Pro-Ked's Tennis Shoes. (": (.. .Tenure discontent grows BUCK'S SHOES BY JILL AARONSON Oracle Staff Writer Dissatisfaction with tenure recommendations is apparentl y not limited to the College of Business and a source from the College of Education yesterday said he has heard a lot of bitching Faculty discontent in Busin e ss climaxed when it was revealed Dean Howard Dye recommend e d tenure denial for 10 out of 19 facult y considered for tenure. He asked deferment for three and tenure for six FACULTY become eligible for tenure after five years of em ployment If a faculty member is deferred, he is brought up for t enure the following year. Faculty denied tenure after seven years are given a year's notice and are not rehired Complaints about tenure recommendations in Business are because those interested in relating to students and the community were the ones for which denial was r e commended, despite valid qualifications, a Business source said. An Education sour ce said the s ystem of tenure s e l ec tion is vicious. but dissatisfaction in that college has been c ompound e d b y low morale resulting fr o m college reorganization EDll('t\TION f a culty. form e rl y classified by their area of specialization are now placed in departments labeled A B D. E. The basis for classification under the new system is unclear. DONATE ON A REGULAR .BLOOD PLASMA PROGRAM AND RECEIVE UPI TO $45 A MONTH BRING STUDENT 10 OR THIS AD AND RECEIVE A BONUS WITH YOUR FIRST DONATION HYLAND DONOR CENTER 238 W. Kennedy Blvd. Ta1npa, Fla. 33602 8:00 to 2:30 appointment available to fit your class Monday through Friday call 253-2844 w;y_....,.. __ ..._ the source said, and many do not understand it. "A lot' of people feel they were denied the op portunit y to offer input, he said "No one wants to stand up and be counted it s too touchy a si tua tion i t involves their livelihood." the sour ce said FINE FOOTWEAR FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY 9233 56th Street Ph. 988-5356 TEMPLE TERRACE, FLA PRESENTS \\. 0.. '"7' .......... r:> .a ;;_-Y I (' \ \ 1 FOX Free Beer Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday 3300 S. Dale Mabry Tampa Florida Open Nightly at 9PM


HELP WANTED SECURITY G,1.JARDS MALE or FEMALE. All equipment furnished. Evening, night. and weekend shifts. Within walking or biking distance of USF. 223-1561 for ap pointment. JR., SR. o.r Grad. student with B average is needed to fill part-time afternoon position as legal assistant. If interested call 8728424. ( MISC. FOR SALE ) GARAGE SALE f;ri. & 1519 Fletcher. Red mail box near Fletcher & 15th. Tapestries, bedspreads, plants, clothes, weights, toys, odds and ends-some FREE! s MONTH male 'hound puppy: All' wormed. 5 lbs. dog food, leash, bone, all : SERVICES OFFERED l FAST, accurate typing service. 48 hr. service in most instances. 2 min. from USF. Between 8:30 and 5:00 call 879-7222 ext. 238. After 6:00 call 988-3435. Ask for Liz. SPECIALIZED TYPIST IBM CORRECTING Selectric, carbon ribbon, pica or elite. Greek symbols. Exp. Turabian, Campbell, APA, etc. 5 min. from USF. Nina Schiro, 971-2139. 11 no answer, TYPING, Fast, Neat, Accurate, Turabian. I BM Corrective Selectric. Carbon ribbon. Pica or Elite. All types of work. Machine is great for professional looking Theses. C.l?se to USF. 988-0836 Lucy t EXPERT TYPIST SPECtALIZING IN TURABIAN Term Papers, Theses, Dissertations>!.& Reports .. .SERVICE 4 min6ti>s frem campus.iCail 'Janie Odom, .,. APTS. & HOUSES TO SHARE lJRGENTL Y needed for Qtr. 111, one female to share a 2 bdrm. apt. w-2 other girls. $50 a mo. plus one third utilities. If interested call Debbie at 971-8528 as soon as possible!!! FEMALE roommate needed to share 2 bedroom apartment for Qtr. 3, $10 monthly plus one third utilities. Very close to USF. Cali 971-4061 after 5 p.m. ROOMMATE needed for Woodcrest duplex have all furn., pool, laundry close by. $80 mo. phis utilities. Call Allan 988-79S8 days or Tues., Fri., or weekend nights. ROOMMATE needed to share 3 BR, 2 bath ,apt_. W-2 serious students. l'/2 nii.0 from usF. Your room comes w-bed; bookcases, dresser & Ap .t. l)as pOQ, 1 & tennis ct. call yJ1s-1.112 after 6 P",' ORACLE -March 8, 1974 WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC CORPORATION 6001 S. West Shore Blvd 837-7544 Engineering Assistant must have 2 years credit towards mechanical engineering degree, and knowledge of computer codes and stress analysis outstanding benefit package equal opportunity employer ., i 1 // ,.. Y \ ."\. ; / : f f 17:' / : I i HA v E YO {J R ; i J I : i' E "J ( FOR RENT J NEED a place to live Qlr. Iii!!!! Fontana YOUNG .like flexi .ble person .share new. home. 3 BEDROOM. FURNISHED, IN St. Pete, cptd., AC; TV, phone, stereo. Call collect 526-8666 after 6 p.m. Only $85 per mo. FR"'AKY CHICK wanted to sublet apt. for Quarter 111. La Mancha Dos S67 per mo. Cail 977-0646. Roomies are kind and lovely people. We want you. i i DRAPERIES iii I 11 PROFESSIONALLY CLEANED!!: i ; : j'ii /). <>.. ; I FOR SALE 12x60 Trailer near USF 2 bedrooms 1 bath, central air-heat, tully carpeted. Outside shed. Call 971-1228 after 5 p.m. ( REAL ESTATE J 90' ALAFIA Riverfront, C.B., 2 bdrm, 1'12 bath home, 15 min. to Temple Terrace. Elsie Pickard, Inc. 677-1677, 677-1248. TWO STORY WATERFRONT. Colonial 5BR, 3 bath, fireplace, sundeck, huge gameroom, walk-in attic along with many other features IT'lake this home an exciting opportunity for the adventurous decorator and architectural minded family. Situated on 2 lots on close-in ski size lake only minutes from USF. The potential of this offering makes it one of the best values among fine homes that one can find on today's house market. CALL RILEY TUCKER, ASSOC., BOB PINSON, INC., REALTOR, 238-6428. [ RIDES J ONE OR more riders needed to Atlanta over Spring break to split gas. 'Also going to Athens, Birmingham, and maybe Knoxville. Leaving Tampa March 13th or 14th, returning the 20hh or 21st. If interested, call 971-4905. NEED RIDE-St. Pete. to Tampacanipus and back. March quarter. Mondays 12.10 p.m., Tuesdays 5.9 p.m., Wednesdays and Fridays 12 to 2 p.m. Call 896-0521. ( LOST & FOUND J FOllND: Grey and white male cat vicinity of Skipper and 22nd Street. Phone 971-8207 LOST: Male dog, light brown, shaggy, pink nose, knee high, Dade County tag. REWARD 932-2719. ( AUTOMOTIVE l PORSCHE, 2 classics, Speedster (Convert) Cabriolet (Convert). 1600s engine, Type 644 gearbox, hardtop, many other parts. Clearwater 581-7460 evenings. '68 FURY Iii, power steering, power brakes, ac, new tires, radio, perfect running condition. Interior & body good condition. Must sell-leaving. $900. 971-7259 '69 FORD Econoline w-pop-up camper, stove, refrigerator. Call 839-0688. 1968 VW BUS, brand new engine, new paint, good tires, immaculate condition. $1750. 933-2727 evenings. ( MUSICAL APPLICATIONS available for Qlr. 111 Songfest. Auditions to be held April 4 in TAT. Cash prizes. Sign up now in SEAC office CTR 222. For more info, call Penn, ext. 2637. FOR SALE: Wurlitzer electric organ, JI t octave 4100BP, S425. Cail 977-0354 after 5 p.m. MOTORCYCLES & SCOOTERS 1973 YAMAHA 250 MX, excellent condition; been raced. Call 935-4483. Hall contract for .sale! For informati'On call Tom at 971-2971 anytime. $100.00 FREE! Take over Fontana Hall contract Qtr. Ill. Contract includes room, meals, maid service. Call Steve Ackerman 251'0661 before 6 p.m., 977-5222 after 6 p.m. RIVERFRONT DUPLEXES New, 2BR., AC, in tranquil wooded area, close lo USF and town. 932-1619. TWO FONTANA contracts for sale. For information call Jack 977-0451. ROOMMATE wanted to share 3 bedroom, AC home in Thonotosassa, 4 miles from campus. Private room with scenic surroundings. S60 a mo. plus utilities. Call 986-2588. GREEN OAK Villa New I & 2 Bedroom furnished apartments; Varied lease; near USF. Cail 971-4408 or 971-1424. LA MANCHA DOS, Tampa's only student apt. complex. $72-90 per month. 1 from campus on 42nd St. 971-0100. TRAVEL OPPORTUNITIES I JAMAICA-june 6-18, s credits, S385. Gov'!., Social, Business, Culture, Education in teraction Kingston. Apply now & register for 5 hrs. Qtr. 3. Also 12 hrs. option Qtr. 4 ail off campus. See Lupton, OCT Prog., FAQ 122. FEMALE roommate wanted to share quiet, clean, mobile home. Will have private bedroom and i 2 bath. $85.00 and l / 2 utilities monthly. Call 977-1840 after 2. Ask fo1 Cathy. [ PERSONAL ] WANTED to buy -Io speed bicycle, good condition. Prefer a Raleigh. Contact Billy Davis at 974-2401 or 977-5692. Thanks. DATE MATCHING service. It's a simple, inexpensive and fun way to get acquain ted. For comp;ete information, ap. plication, write New Friends, P.O. Box 12693, Tampa, Florida 33622. HAVE PROBLEMS? Call HELPLINE at 974-2555. If you need to talk to a woman, call the WOMEN'S LINE at 974-2556. HELPLINE TRAINING FOR QUARTER 111 March 30, 31, April 6 & 7. For more in formation come by AOC 211 or call 974 2555. TONTO-I Love you, you sex fiend. You really are the best, G.J. Keep up the good work! Happy Friday, Arma. ( MISCEUANEOUS J COMICS for Collectors, Photos. Nostc1lgi.1 Paperbacks. Fla.'s No. 1 Stu1 t Over 25,000 BoOks open 9.9 12943 Flor1tl.l Ave. 935-0782 Browsers Welcoml'. i ". w.\"' .. I < J: ... 1. .::::::.\__ ;: .... ; t 0 '-. ... _7--..J. .... -. s.o.q. nd Sam tone Draperies ore expensive and deserve the best. Using the Adjust-a-Drape and Sanitone methods, Spotless ccin guarantee even hemlines and lengths. Pleats thot ore absolutely vertical, brighter, cleaner, sporkling colors and whites. {13524 UN PLAZA) Pick Up ond Home Delivery Call 236-554 t 1-\ony

16 -THE ORACLE March 8, 197 4 W e spent over S50,000 to save you a few bucks on Pion eet; Sherwood and Advent Like everything else, stereo components are becoming more expensive. We've been told by all our suppliers that new price schedule. s, up 15 to 20 lo in some cases, will go into effect in the next 30 days. So we made one hell of a buy before the increase. Over $50,000 worth of Pioneer Sherwood and Advent components. The stereo listed below are at these prices until they're gone. Then never again. Our prices will go up. We won't make any more on them, but you'll pay more. That's the sad story of inflation. Our lim ited budget speciat For $319 you can buy th i s system and get a darn good sound. However some sacrifices are necessary at the of the musical range to get satisfactory acoustic output (loudness l. This $319 system is very adequate for small listening areaJ Receiver: Superscope R330 18 watts (RMS l Marantz 's new economy receiver Turntable: Garrard 408 Base and Dust Cover Grado cartridge/ diamond needle Lo.udspeakers. : Advent II The first and only full range, available under $75.00 high fidelity speaker The $399 system. A wider, louder sound. I This system gives accurate musical reproduction in every respect with enough output to fill a mediumsized room. Receiver : Sherwood 71 OOA 54 watts (RMS) Rated "Best Buy" in the leading consumer magazine Turntable: Garrard 40B Base and Dust cover Grado cartridge/diamond needle Loudspeakers: Smaller Advents Only speaker in its price rang. e to deliver low bass to 30 hz. The $599 system. You've got to hear it. Our $1079 System. Unbelievable sound reproduction. This system will play as loudly as your ears can stand. The unbelievable Bose Speakers delivers a reflected sound that brings the concert hall right into your home. The $599 system combines completely satisfying Receiver : accuracy with enough umph to knock your next door .Pioneer 828 neighbor's nightie off. For most people the point of d i minishing returns is in this price_ range. Receiver: Pioneer SX 727 138 watts (RMS) Received rave reviews in all notable Stereo maga zines Turntable : Garrard 62 Base and Dust cover Stanton 500E Loudspeakers: Large Advents (utility finish) Performance eq'ual to the most expensive speakers available. The $399 A wider, louder sound. Highly rated by all stereo magazines Turntable: Dual 1216 Base and Dust cover Stanton 681 EE Loudspeakers: Bose 901 Direct reflecting speaker system At Viviano Stereo Shops we demonstrate, and service the-majority of good stereo equipment avail able. Of the many systems we can put together in each of the price ranges we've discussed, w,e've selected here a representative system from each category that will offer the best value for your budget outlay. We're confident that we can furni s h you with a bi:!tter system for less money and w i th better serv ice than you ore likely to get elsewhere. v1v1ano stere o shop 2 tampa locations: 1536 south dale mabry 11158 north 30th street


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