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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Watch what yQu say It looks like little Tony Watson won't have any problem guarding his words as long as his mama, Inez Watson, Elem. Edu., keeps his vocal abilities under wraps. The two still enjoyed a shady rest under USF trees yesterday. Sex not bias by frats lawful: Shevin BY MARY RUTH MYERS Oracle Staff Writer Student organizations which discriminate on the basis of sex may have to "prove their worth" or be moved off campus because of an opinioB given yesterday by Atty. Gen. Robert Shevin, Carol Spring, USF Student Organization assistant director, said. "An organization utilizing state property and receiving funds through the University is not in fact a truly private organization," Shevin said. This means, he said, they cannot discriminate on the basis of sex. i\SSISTJ\NT Atty. Gen Sharon Smith said the opinion was primarily concerned with honoraries such as Omicrom Delta Kappa and Mortarboard but could also include fraternities and sororities. Shevin gave his opinion after a question arose at UF concerning ODK and similar groups. "Although they (fraternities l really are a separate issue, most of the same legal principles are involved," Smith said. "If they are rece1vmg state funds and using University facilities, they have to come under this opinion." SHE SAID Shevin's opinion had ramifications not only for organizations which discriminate on the basis of sex but those which discriminate against "any protected group under the fourteenth amendment.'' Spring said, "I don't know what wednesday's we're going to do I guess we're going to ask them to prove their worth as a single-sex group." Sl_le said no student organization receives funds unless the request is for something which has University wide appeal. However, all of these groups use University facilities. Continued on page 12 ORACLE March 27, 1974 Vol. 9 No. 2 12 pages Public pays dues, corporate travel BY S,\'.\IHL\ WHlssor of both said th<'y have filPd formal complaints with the AHC Assistant professor of Manag e nwnt .Jon English said yesterday he h ad mailtd a formal grievance to the AHC on Mond ;w. The administration has recommended (to the Hoard of Regent s l th al each be dPnil'd tenure. English said his complaint is based on his hclief th en arl' 110 clear cut criteria for evaluating one faculty mcmlwr \is-a \ is anollwr There an instames of some people being ncommendl'd for tenure while otht>rs 11 ith similar qualifications arc denit>d it. he said. ".\S OF righl now. I still don't know I have btPn denil'd tenure." English said. "I don t st'(' any reason why I should bi' IPrminated ... who are d e nied leJlltr(' after Sl'\'en vcars must seek employnwnt elsewhere. Della said based on his teaching record. high student ('Jlrollrn cnt and what he said Wt're good student e\'aluations. lw Cont inned on pag1 t :! "I:\ :\0 \\'..\Y is it for personal. private or individual gain." Shelton, who serves on the corporate board. said. "At least not as far as I can see, and I think 1 can see pretty well." Public funds are also used to pay travel expense for corporate members or employes making trips while conducting corporate business. Shelton said. Persons write-off such expenses on public fundcd accounts. he said. The group can justify such use nf public funds because of its he said. One major project underway now concerns a l'nntinuing education center and Shelton said he feels such projects han' been especially beneficial to smaller member counties "IT IS beginning to realize the potential we hoped to see it de\elop for years." he said. Tlw group found it necessary to band together as a legal. corporate entity b ecause of a "stale regulation Shelton said. By attaining corporate status. he said. the group was seeking to aYoid any appearance of im propriety. Hecorcls of the corporation. which also receives $3.200 in CSF funds. according to officials. Tall order This structure, ap pearing to rival a skyscraper, is actually Just an unusual look at a light which is one of a series just installed on the sidewalk leading to parking lot 22 on campus. I I I I I I I I I I I I I


2-THE ORACLE March 27, 1974 Aide's lawyer demands mistrial NEW YORK-John N Mit chell's defense attorney injected the Watergate case into the conspiracy trial of Mitchell and Maurice Stans yesterday, using a Watergate tape transcript for the first time in a criminal proceeding. Stans' attorney promptly demanded a mistrial. When Peter Fleming, counsel for the former U.S. attorney general started asking John Dean, ousted White House counsel, about his activities in the Water?;ate coverup, Walter Bonner, Stans' attorney, rose and moved for a mistrial. U S District Judge Lee P Gagliardi denied it. Both defense attorneys previously have complained the massive publicity surrounding the Watergate scandal prejudices the case of their clients. Arab leaders unite TUNIS-Arab league leaders split into small working groups yesterday in efforts to harmonize the Arab world's polic y for the future, conference sources said After a 10-minute opening session, the 21-nation conference of foreign ministers divided into five commissions to study Compiled from the news wires of United Press International political, juridicial, economic, administrative and financial and social and cultural questions, the sources said Inter-Arab relations was high on the agenda and diplomatic sources said this item involved moves to patch up a trift in Arab rank that appeared over the decision to lift the oil embargo against the United States Anti-busing passes WASHINGTON Rejecting arguments that it goes too far and may be unconstitutional the House approved yesterday a strong antibusing amendment to the $7 billion federal aid to education bill. On a vote of 293 to 117, the House adopted the amendment sponsored by four Michigan congressmen. It would prohibit busing beyond the second nearest school to achieve a racial balance in classrooms Sec. talks us role MOSCOW Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and Communist party general secretary Leonid I. Brezhn e v took up the Middle East, the European security conference and troop reductions in Europe in talks that went into the night. In a joint statement, they said "special attention" was given to the Soviet-American role in the search for Middle East peace The same consideration was also given to the Soviet-promoted security conference and the stalemated talks in Vienna on mutual and balanced force reductions It also said the talks touched on Soviet-American relations, particularly in the economic and trade fields. Price controls end WASHINGTON The Senate State gets diluted fuel TALLAHASSEE A State Agriculture Department official said yesterday millions of gallons of diluted gasoline are being shipped into Florida, but most of the impure fuel is caught at storage facilities and kept off the retail market. John Whitton, chief of the state Petroleum-Inspection Bureau, said the number of "stop-sale" orders issued by the department increased as the energy shortage worsened. Whitton said the impurities are not intentional "watering down" of the fuel. He said there is a specified range of standards gasoline must meet, and in an effort to stretch the refined production of each oil barrel, producers often aim for the low threshhold in the allowable range. Mexico sets bond after being accused of violating Mexico's 12-mile fishing boun dary. r wire ntws edited by \.. Sheila Hooper Sen., Hawkins ctash TALLAHASSEE -An electionyear rift between Florida's top two republicans developed yesterday when Sen Edward J. Gurney said Public Service Commissioner Paula F. Hawkins of Maitland is not really being considered for any high-level federal appointment. Mrs. Hawkins angrily retorted she is indeed under consideration by the Nixon administration for : he job of U S Treasurer. She ;aid an envoy from Gurney's >ffice told her, "if it's anything 1eeding Senate confirmation, you can count Ed out." procedure of getting engineering and environmental studies. The Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council rejected the Belcher plan last month because it said the firm failed to provide adequate information and technical data. Tourist aim asked TALLAHASSEE State Rep. Jerry G. Melvin, D-Fort Walton Beach, called for a $1 million emergency appropriation yesterday for promoting tourism during the energy shortage Melvin, the chairman of a commerce subcommittee on tourism and commercial development, said with fuel no longer a "crisis" but still ex pensive and harder to find than before the shortage hit, many potential tourists "have become convinced Florida is either too far away, or they are no longer wanted in this state. Banking Committee yesterday voted to permit Pres. Nixon s emergency power to control wages and prices to lapse April 30 as scheduled. The commit tee voted 11-4 not to extend th e Economic Stabilization Act under which the President ha s been operating for the past 21 months. Shultz discusses oil WASHINGTON On the eve of his departure to three South American countries Treasury Secretary George P. Shultz said yesterday he would discuss the energy crisis with Venezuelan officials and expressed hope oil prices would be lowered He termed his trip to Venezuela, Brazil and Chile very important" and said talks would center on monetary, trade and ener gy issues. On the s ubject of oil, he said, Venezuela clearly wants to lower the prices," and added "I believe prices will fall. MINI STORAGE 5 Sizes of units Maximum Security $1.00 off For Students & Faculty 1500 E. Busch Blvd. Ph. 935-4700 197 4 SONGFEST PICK UP APPLICATIONS NOW IN CTR 222 Catagories; 1. Acoustic Single, Duo 2. Acoustic Group Deadline Thurs March 28 Cash Prizes SONGFEST TO BE HELD APRIL 5,6 USF Theatre Some of the keenest, sharpest dialogue m film. & btc "' MICHAEL J. POLLARD ROBERT REDFORD "stumble-bum Fauss" "cool, amoral HALSY" Fri., Sat. 7:30 & 10:00 p.m. March 29, 30 Sunday 8:00 p.m. ONLY ..,...___ March 31 LAN. 103 75' w/1.0. R FT. MYERS -The owner of a U S. fishing boat seized by Mexican authorities said yesterday he had learned from the American Embassy in Mexico his shrimper and four others held in the port of Isla Mujeres could be freed on posting $10,000 bond each Oil ptan passes TONIGHT Robert H. Villers, owner of the arrested shrimper Vilco, said after getting off to a slow start. U S diplomats were "doing a fine job" of trying to get the five BRADENTON The Manatee County Commission approved the conceptual plan for a $273 million refinery and offshore supertanker platform for Port Manatee, clearing the way for Belcher Oil Company to move ahead with its planning studies Yesterday' s action was necessary for the firm t.o go ahead with a $16 million STREET DANCE shrimp boats released Villers' boat was Clrrested and towed by a Mexican gunboat into the port city of Isla Mujeres on the Yucatan peni nsula Saturday. The Oracle is the official student-edited newspaper of the University of South Florida and is published four limes weekly, Tuesday through Friday, during the academic year period September through mid-June; twice during the academic year period midJ1ne through August, by the lJniversity of South Florida, 4202 Fowler' Ave., Tampa, Fla. 33620. Opinions expressed in The Oracle are those of the editors or of the writer and not those of the University of South Florida. Address correspondence to The Oracle, LAN 472, Tampa, Fla., 33620. Second class postage paid at Tampa, Fla. The Oracle reserves the right to regulate the typographical tone of all actvertisements and revise or turn away copy it considers objectionable. Programs, activities and facilities of the University of South Florida are available to all on a non-discriminatory basis, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age or national origin The University is an affirmative action Equal Opportunity Employer. ''DEVASTATIONS'' CRESCENT HILL 8:30 P.M. FREE B.S.U.


Sunshine state Photo by Chris Malone THE ORACLE-March 27, 1974 3 Sensitivity program to undergo rev1s1on The first sensitivity training program for University Police r. Howell will speak. In addition, 1recruitment nights at the UC Center in the ballroom from 8-11 p.m. on Wed. & Thurs. March 27 & 28.


4-THE ORACLE March %7, 1974 T Tit TO SEE AN ACTING HEAD?? 11 l Ed resources needs permanent director The recent announcement that a permanent director of Educational Resources will soon be named is like a breath of fresh air in a stuffy room Since the post became vacant with the dismissal of former director Gerhard Eichholz last summer Educational Resources has been the subject of heated controversy that serves no constructive purpose to anyone AT THE center of the turmoil is Acting Director Manny Lucoff Lucoff's actions concerning WUSF-FM, which is under his control, have caused much student discontent and have strained an already shaky student-administration relationship His axing of the Underground Rail Road WUSF production manager Dick Brown and station manager Alice Zacherl has resulted in charges that he has ignored and attempted to avoid the opinions and desires of WUSF's audience and that he is a puppet on Cecil Mackey's short string Lucoff's trade of $5,000 in student activities money to Fine Arts has been questioned and criticized He has been the subject of a complaint to the FCC J for allegedly hampering attempts to gain access to certain documents relating to WUSF THAT'S A lot of controversy But maybe the controversy is not entirely Lucoff's fault. As acting director he is in a pretty tight situation. He doesn't want to present a picture of one whose hands are tied because his job may be temporary. But the fact is, "acting" director is by definition a temporary job That fact obstructs attempts to develop a long range plan of development and results in skepticism about any action the acting director does take. Consequently, Lucoff is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't and Educational Resources finds itself gasping for breath in a directionless void MANNY LUCOFF has been acting director Jong enough. A permanent director should be chosen as soon as possible Whether the new director is Lucoff or someone, Educational Resources will finally have a chance for meaningful leadership It will be as welcome as a breath of fresh air. Tenure denial wrong for Small Editor: The last week of Qtr. 2 USF took another step toward what Pres. Mackey calls "improving. the university." Ten people from the USF faculty were denied tenure on the grounds they have not been publishing. Dr Leslie Small was one of these 10. I am writing this for many students since we share a mutual feeling for Dr. Small I took a class from him Qtr. 1 and feel it was one of the most worth while courses I have ever taken or ever will take. I did not get an A or B lttttrs policy The Oracle welcomes letters to the editor on all topics. All letters must be signed and include the writer's student classification and telephone number. (which all of us would like), but I learned more from Dr Small than I learned in all my other classes com bined I have never known any other teacher who cares as much about his students as Dr. Small does and because of this interest he has in his students, I learned really learned; not just memorized for the time I needed to know the material. AS DR. SMALL told his students last quarter, he did not publish because it would take too much of the time he wanted to give them Isn t the dedication obvious'? He was willing to give everything to his students For example, a student who was being cheated on interest rates and was given good advice by Dr Small ; he took the lender to court and won My complaint is not for me. I have already taken Dr. Small's course and I already learned some of what he has to offer his students. My complaint is for those who have not had the op portunity to be in one of his classes. ORACLE ANPA Pacemaker Award 1967, 1969 SOX Mark of Excellence 1972 ACP All-American smce 1967 Editor Photo Editor Advertising Manager Managing Editor Layout Ed: .or Valerie Wickstrom Tom Wallace Sandra Wright Dave Moormann Jean Trahan Stevan Northcutt Sports Editor Entertainment Editor Advisor Bill Cullerton M i ke Kaszuba Ed Reed Leo Stalnaker 974 2619, 2842 2398 COP. Y Editor News phones Editorial Editor DEADLINES: GenerI news 3 p.m. dllY for following dY luue. Advertising (with proof! ThursdY noon for Tuesday, Frldy noon for Wednesdy, Mondy noon for ThursdY TuesdY noon for Frldy. Da.dllnes e>

DOONESBURY =er 0 REPGAT!N6 7H "llJP STORY. 10MORR0/AJ THE PRES/PENT /)//1-l BE FlYIN6 7V fRJTTERS, E AL48.4MA 70 0l!VR A MAJOR. SPEECH I fQ ====::c-. by Garry Trudeau ff

6 -THE ORACLE March 27, 1974 Oracle photo by Jeff Steel Sa ff art BY ELIZ:\BETll (;11rns Oracle EnlPrlainmcnt Writer A one-man show entitled "Recent Prints" by Donald J. Safi', dean of the College of Fine Arts, is on exhibit in the Teaching Gallery of the Fine Arts building, staged by the Florida Center for the Arts. The exhibit can be viewed from a a.m. lo 5 p.m. weekdays through April 2. Saff's works are part of several public and private collections including the collections of the Museum of Modern Art. Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Graphic Arts in New York. Fogg Museum al Harvard University and Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Saff has had one-man shows in New York, Florida and Italy and some of his previous works have been exhibited in major printmakers' exhibitions in the United States. rtUltW message. the works are more of an experience through a new type of media. The designs were created with a dental drill and glue on a phl'nolic 1plastic1 plate combined in certain works with transfers and collage. Fine. delicate lines offset by a stark while background are characteristic of most of the works. The exhibit may have much more to offer than just Rn observable, unusual technique, but since adequate explaination is not available the average art viewer is lost among these works which seem empty in content. "Springfield" combines a map and plastic Not actually conveying a ... the graphic is one on display in a collection by Donald Saff Hindle refuses Cannes request PIPE AND POUCH BY .JEFF STIL\:\(iE Entertain nHnt Writer William Hindle. associate professor of Visual Arts. has been selected to attend the internationally famous Cannes Film FLsti\aJ Hindle's films. "Billabong" anci "Watersmith." 11(n ('hi>sen as part of a tribute to tlw :\nll'rican Film-l\Jakers. lrn11 (\'Pr llindlP said he will not William Hindle ... won't go to France Tryouts set for readings The Speech Department is holding tryouts today for the Student Honors Reading Hour at 2 p.m. in LAN 478. All participants are required to audition the material they intend to perform. Trvouts for Ionesco's "The .. are scheduled today and tomorrow at -I p.m. in LA:\ -178 Applicants are requested to prepare a reading from the text filed in the library resene room under SPE :l20 and :i22. Center offers Spanish mass A mass in Spanish will be celebrated hy Father Antonio Diez in the Catholic Student Center at 2 p.m. Friday for all Spanish-speaking students. A meeting will follow to initiate an organization of Spanish speaking students on campus. attend because he doesn't understand and is not interested in all the glamour involved with the Cannes Festival. "Watersmith" deals with the Olympic swimmers of 1968 while in training. The film took a year to make and cannot be viewed or rushed with an impatient mind. he said. "\Vatersmith' has won the New York and Montreal Film Festivals of l97:l. Hindle was awarded a $15.000 grant to film "Watersmith" from the TimeLife distributors. The film has profiled more than double the PXpPnse. "BILL:\BO:\G," filmed in 1968, is a short piece of work dealing \':ith the confines of an Oregon Job Corps Center. "Billabong," \1ith its authenticity and richness in mood and situation. has created its own category in the world of film art. Hindle does his own sound, filming and editing in his works. He compares himself to a painter who does a complete job in his line of work. "A work of art should be done in all phases, Hindle said Hindle lectures two or three times a year but is relatively unknown in Florida. He said he i-s interested in organizing a film department. Both Fine Arts and LanguageLiterature currently have film programs. however University officials have proposed their ('onsolidation Ph. 933-2176 9326 Floriland Mall ENJOY TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi There will be a free introductory lecture Wednesday and Thursday, March 26th & 27th al 7:30 p.m., in the University Center, room 251 Students International Meditation Societ Did your funds get LOW at the end of the quarter? Saga has a better way You need never be hungry again Spring into a quarterly meal plan You get: You pay only: Gtr Ill meal hours 20 meals Mon-Sun 12 meals Mon-Sun (any you wish) 15 meals Mon-Sun 10 meals Mon-Sun (any you wish) 207.83 196.98 189.52 179.02 Weekdays Breakfast Lunch Dinner Fri. dinner Sat. Breakfast Lunch Dinner Ideal for commuters and non-residents Plans may be purchased in RAN 110 Any questions? Sun. Breakfast 974-2587 Lunch Andros 7:00-9:30 11:15-2:15 4:30-6:00 4:30-6:30 9:00-10:00 12:00-1:30 4:30-6:30 9:00-11:00 12:30-2:30 Arg<;>s 7:00-9:30 11 :15-1 :30 4:15-6:30 CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED


Photos furnished THE ORACLE -March 27, 1974 7 1Dev11s' shocking BY ED HEED Oracle Entertainment Editor An example of the realistic move ment in films of the early i'O's. 'The Devil s .. portrays the violent and bizarre events that occurre d in France in 1634. With graphic d e tail and emotional emphasis, th e film has been praised by many a s a masterpiece while others have been sickened and shocked by its realism. British director Ken Russell is note d for his lively documentaries on the BBC, and now in th e film industry he has created a reali s tic treatment of the sometimes buried history of the religious European society. Others of hi s films include "Women in Love" and "Savage Messiah." prtUltW mother sup erior, played by Vanessa R edgrave. The acting is e xcell ent and the mood of the film is very intense. moving from the sadism of th e government to the eroticism of the church. Ironies exist in lhe confronta tion of church and state in which the priest burns at the stake as the city walls fall to the government of Richelieu. Some scenes are gripping, revealing the tortures of a religious inquisition, but Russell uses the effect to demonstrate the reality of human history. Oliver Reed and Venessa Redgrave ... endure the wages of sin tonight in LAN 103 Based on Aldous Hu .xley s "The Devils of Loudun, the film depicts the emotional trials of a priest. portraye d by Oliver Reed, and the s exual fantasies of a "The D evils" will be shown tonight at 7 a nd 9 in LAN 103. Admission i s $1. Electronic show BY ED ltEEI> Oracle Entertainment Editor The first concert of the Sycom Systems Complex held last night in the USF Theater resulted in an experiment in visual and a udio perception. Beginning w ith a s m all win e p arty emerging out o f I h e s tage floor. th e program progressed throug h a collage of colors a nd sounds into th e erotic movements or a d a nce routine. The mus ic a l pieces were composed hy students and facult y and clearl y dPmnnstra tc lhe \ 'dril'd talent at USF. Some sounds \\"l're strange and IW\1 I 1; th e l'ilr. whic h prnv ided an unusual li stening experience. Otlwr compositions employed more in slrunwnls s uch as cellos. piano ;111d guitars. Sev eral complex dance routines with interestin g settings combined In m a ke Sycom tia a success ful event. [musit] Tonight's concert is centered around an e nvironm enta l theme and w ill be much more informa l : lis tener s a r e invit e d lo come a nd go as I hcy please. Th e concert will feature a multi-ste r eo e ffect \\"ilh sources o r sound a t locations in th e t heat e r whic h \1ill lw emphasize d b y several film s. \ 'ideolapes a nd dances. Appearin g in last night s conL'f'rl Wl'r e K enji Koni s hi F l'rnandcz. D ebbi e N igro. D a lt Stoneman and Laura Ti c ml':\' in .. Audio Sph e res: .. ,John f<:sak in "The Walw" and .J. l\1i z cill' in "Tangential I I. Linda S. l\lacorki11d;i l e performed in "Tin1her Patch No. I" a c -Com films showing scheduled for May BY ELIZABETll (;11rns Orade Enlerlainm1l \\"rilr1 The second annual Florida Festival of Student Films has been tentatively scheduled for May 28 and 29 in LAN Itl:l. Free dance set tonight The Devastations, a rhythm and blues band. arc performing tonight on Crescent Hill at 8:30. The Devastations failed to show for the Homecoming dance at Curtis Hixon in January. The group has made apologies and will be play ing here free Five of the group' s six members a r e or have been students a t Florida A & M University. Among their r ecording's is the hit song It's Limited." SEAC and thl Black Student Union a r e cosponsorin g the street dance wh i c h will last a bout t w o hours. The use of :15rnm film which wil l :lilow the stude nt s to e nt e r othL'r festivals such as th e Cannes a nd th e Atlanta Film F estivals. ha s made the showing of th e film s at an on-campus location t entative because of a lack or facili lies. The premiere. which is scheduled May 26 at a n off campus location, will open the films for viewing by a rea dignitaries and members of the film industry in Florida. The student-produced film s arc entitled "Once in a Full Moon" and "As Long As the Dream Lasts." "Once in a Full Moon .. i s directed by Mark Jones. 4COM and written by Isaias Casanova. 4COM. The leading roles are Jason. played by Michael Leighton 3COM-THE, and Willie, played by Charles Watson, 3ENG-COM "As Long As the Dream Las ts .. is written and directed by Ed ward Mc Craw, 4COM The leading roles are Jenny. played by Linda Marie Novak (who is currently not at lending school in order lo work on the film l and Rick, played by Angeio La Marco. who has studied acting at the Hoy al Academy of Acting in London. England effective Village Prescription Center companied by Kevin Dennis, Tim Anderson and S Spencer. "M3" featured Eric Romoser, Bob Stohl and Kat Epple. THE ONLY PHARMACY IN TOWN WITH STUDENT, STAFF, & FACULTY DISCOUNT! ON Rx's I 10938 N. 56th St. Phone 988-3896 August 1972, the Olympics 8 directors capture what the naked eye cannot see ... Bay Area Premiere Fri. March 28 Sat. March 30 7 : 30 & 9 : 3 0 p m Sun. M arch 31 7 & 9 p.m. ENA $ 1.00 Film Art S eries .ad. VISIONS OF EIGHI UNIVERSITY DODGE Let your new neighbor service your car while you're in class Free shuttle service to the University University Dodge Just west of USF on Fowler Ave Ph. 971-0330 for appt or pickup


8-THE ORACLE sports Swimmers prepare for cut IF[]AIJETI March 27, 197 4 BY MIKE KASZUBA Oracle Sports Editor After nearly five weeks of inactivity, Vice President for Student Affairs Joe Howell said Photo by Duke Hamblin (PAC) Heads Up An unidentified member of US F's Parachute. Club practices target landing at the Zephyrhills Airport. The club, which placed sixth in the National Collegiate Parachuting Championships, is open to all students. yesterday recommendations to drop both the golf and swim in tercollegiate programs "should be getting action very soon." Howell and USF Athletic Director Richard Bowers for warded their recommendati ons to Pres. Cecil Mackey in a letter dated Feb. 20. "AS FAR as I know they 're still on the President's desk," Howell said In the meantime, however Brahman Swim Coach Bob Grindey has been in the process of relocating some of his swimmers in anticipation of his program's being cut. "I'm just trying to help some of the boys," the coach s a id 'iWe' ve had four swimmers visit other schools ... none of them have signed a nything yet, but a couple of them have had verbal offers. GRINDEY said freshmen John Connelly and Paul Celotto are the two most sought after swimmers and said Florida State, Miami Tulane and South Carolina Universities have c ontacted him about his swimmers. "We' ve had a tremendous amount of inquiries concerning our swimmers," Grindey said "All our boys are real enthused about swimming ... I doubt if anybody will quit (swimming ) just because we've dropped the program over here. I FUTURE I QHn,,ILtt s LJ uun = o/1.1 / r;Jif,,,,;., ,....---W>r: "f/, w2-(J-!..f,/? 0 0 ....;.:;. ...11., -' .u.... ... -,....___ : Model 4240 Stereo 2 + Quadradial 4 Receiver : : Marantz has something that will take care of the future for you. : ; It's the Model 4240 Stereo 2 + Quadradial 4 Receiver. Built with : precision from the inside, out -and safeguards against obso lescence the 4240 just gets better with age. Here are the : reasons. The Dolby Noise Reduction Circuit virtually eliminates : : noise and hiss from tape and FM Dolby-encoded broadcasts, giving : your music the finest clarity and crispness of sound. The 4240 offers a unique hidden pocket, which accomm'odates an SQ Decoder : or any future 4 -channel Matrix design. So i t's set for the future. : And, in the case of advanced improvements in 4-channel technol- : ogy, simply replace the inexpensive decoder -not the entire unit. : There's also power to spare. You get over 80 Watts RMS Continuous : Power with less than 0.5% THO or IM Distortion for any frequency : from 20Hz to 20kHz at 8 Ohms. This gives you more than 40 Watts : RMS per channel in the bridged stereo mode, and over 17 Watts : RMS per channel in the Quadradial mode. The exclusive feature of : Vari-Matrix allows you to play your stereo collection with full : Guess wants pro future 4-channel effect of a live performance. With the 4240, the future : is here ... in the Marantz Quadradial Touch. Once you hear it : you'll understand why. : ............ BY PAM JONES Oracle Sports Writer Firstbase for USF and the New York Mets seem to be connected. Don Ellison, last year' s firstsacker. is now a member of the Mets organization while this year' s firstbaseman Tom Guess was selected by the Mets in the 1973 'Winter draft. They drafted me. because of the wa y I had played in Legion ball the year before, said Guess. "I had been hurt my first year at HCC, so I didn't sign. I wanted to pla y my last year there. UNDER NCAA rules, a player attending a four-year school cannot sign a professional contract until he is 21. "If I'm drafted again, I'll sign," Guess commented "I'll try to sign even if .I'm not drafted he said. "I've always wanted to play professional baseball The twenty-year-old native of Tampa is now new to the game of baseball, having played since he was seven. Guess is pursuing a degree in physical education. "I really like my major. I love working with little ki. ds and that's what I'm doing now interning at Foster Elementary School," he said. Guess admitted there is a difference between playing at Hillsborough Community College and USF "The atmosphere is different here At HCC, we got credit for winning Here, hardly anyone comes to the games, and it's like we're by ourselves." Due to a mix-up in scheduling, yesterday's baseball game with Fairfield University was ruled a forfeit and today's game has been canceled "The atmosphere is differenthere. At HCC, we got credit for winning. Here, hardly anyone comes to the. games, and it's like we're by ouf:. selves." -Tom Guess ANOTHER difference is the playing field "At Lopez (where HCC plays its home games), the wind almost always blew out. Here the wind blows against the batter, especially if you're left handed. Even if you're a power hitter, the wind holds the ball up. Now, I'm trying to hit more to the opposite field," said Guess. This year's team is playing under somewhat unusual cir cumstances, with Coach Beefy Wright having already announced his resignation, effective at the end of the season. sell it fast with Oracle Classifieds "Coach Wright's leaving has affected discipline at practice, Guess said, but Jeff Davis (Graduate Assistant Coach ) has don e a great job ; no one around could have done bett e r under the circumstances. I think Jeff is the m ain reason for th e team being w here it is right now." : We sound better. : : i Viviano Stereo Shops : Now 2 Locations 1 5 36 S. D a le M a bry, phone 251-1085 : : 11158 N 30th Stre e t phone 977 0670 .. PIERRE CARDIN EUROPEAN CLOTHING FOR MEN ROLAND NIK-NIK 1708 SOUTH DALE MABRY Mon. 10-9 253-5419 Tues.-Sat. 10-6 .................................................................................................................................................. i I 'THE DEPOT i i NEW HAPPY HOUR daily from 1-7 p.m. I Appearing this weekend I i THE OUTLAWS I 14985 N. Nebraska i (Corner of Bearss and Nebraska) I "' ................................................................................................................................................. ...


-----------------------------------THE ORACLE-March 27, 1974 9 One more time Ken Walker (r) and his teammates proved last night that the basketball season ls not quite over at USF. Walker ls a me:inber of a fraternity team taking part in Black Emphasis Week activities. 9racle photos by Bill cunerton Former Yankee baseball coach becomes applicant Former New York Yankee hurler and player representative Steve Hamilton is "one of the ten top candidates" for the USF baseball coaching job, Brahman. Athletic Director Richard Bowers said yesterday. Hamilton, famous for his "blooper" pitch and infamous for hitting Boston star Tony Conigliaro with a pitch that eventually ended Conigliaro 's career, is currently a coach at Moorehead State University. llu Enrollment Unlimited your open university 10 WEEK SCHEDUtE (SAME AS OTHER USF COURSES) CHANNEL 16 WUSF-TV (* courses listed with incorrect numbers in class schedule. Please use shown here.) USF College Credit Courses by television -in YOUR home or In a reserved room on campus. Each lesson broadcast QUARTER 111 SCHEDULE 4395 ANT 371-501 ANTHROPOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVES (4) MTR Brahmans can Kalamazoo (Or. Evelyn Kessler) 4:30 or p.m. )f 1851 ART 310-50i INTRODUCTION TO ART (3) (Mr. Bruce Marsh) MTR 5:30 or 8:00 .p.m. BY RINOY WEA TH ERL Y Oracle Sports Writer With a cushion of five victories in the singles competition, USF's tennis team survived two doubles losses, defeating Kalamazoo College 6-3 at Andros yesterday. "This is the first time we've had this many three-set mat ches," Brahman Coach Spaff Sun coast Taylor said. "To win one like that is always very gratifying. It will do the team morale a lot of good." Oscar Olea and Carlos Alvarado led the near sweep of the singles, putting away Alex Dalrymple and Rick Moore in straight sets. Brahmans Mike Huss, George Falinski and Gary Lacrosse Tournament -------------------------Games today Air Force vs. 10 a.m. St. Lawrence Warming up .. US F's women's in tercollegiate softball team resumes practice, preparing for Thursday's opener. Williams vs. 4 p.m. U. of South Golfers journey to invitational l'SF's (;olden Brahman golf team is in Miami today for lite opPning of the Miami Invitational (;olf Tournament. an event which has attracted ahoul ;)0 learns, according lo Sports Information Director .John Henneker. The Brahmans are coming oH a sixth-place finish in lite Port :\lalahar '.\alional Collegiate Golf Touma mcnt. Their irn:1 total was only one strokt hl'hind Tennessee TPch. Pat of l'SF was third in the individual standings with a 2 Hi .Jacks on dll!' l' n i versity 's Scott Frye took top honors, carding a 20X. Indiana copped the lean championship. with .Jacksonville placing S!'cond. Thirty teams participated in the three-day compPtilion. Roebuck split their matches. Huss beat Mark Thomson 6-4, 4-6, 6-1, while Falinski topped Mike Thomson 6-2, 1-6, 7-6. Roebuck outlasted Mark Henderson 6-4, 36 7-6. Kalamazoo averted a shutout when senior Steve Thomson defeated USF's Kevin Hedberg 7-6, 4-6, 6-3. In the doubles, Alvarado and Griff Lamkin teamed for the Brahmans' only victory, coasting past Dalrymple and David Emig 6-0, 6-3. Olea and Huss lost to Steve and Mike Thomson while Hedburg and Falinski were beaten by Moore and Mark Thomson. "We were just very tough today mentally. That's why Roebuck won, and why we won those three set matches," Taylor said. 0291 ECN 489-501 HISTORY OF ECONOMIC THOUGHT (3) (Dr. Emil Kauder) MTR 5:00 or 8:30 p.m. 2107 .. MUS ISSUES IN MUSIC (2) (Mr. Jacques.Aeram) F 5:00 or 8:00 p.m. if804 PSY 201-501 INTRODUCT!ON TO PSYCHOLOGY (5) (Or. Strong) MTWRF 3:30 or 7:00.p.m. 5109 SSI 301-501 SOCIAL SCIENCE STATISTICS (4) (Or. Karl Achenbach) MTRF 4:00 or 9:00 p.m. W::W COURSE BY RADIO (WUSF-FM, 89.7) 2025 MUS 205-501 iNTRODUCJION TO ELECTRONIC MUSIC {3) (Mr. Larry Austiri) MW 4:00 o.m. HOW TO REGISTER: COME BY THE Y.O.U. OFFICE TO PICK UP YOUR ADD FORM AND FILL IT our HERE. Y.O.U. IS LOCATED IN THE BASEMtNT-_OF THE LIBRARY, ULI 20-0. TELEPHONE: ext. 23. SENIORS AND GRADUATE STUDENTS An opportunity to he part of the first major singles resort in the U.S. First large-scale singles resort in the U.S. is opening on Clearwater Beach. 20 men and women will be chosen to join a group of resort professionals-not as employees-but as profit-sharing staff members in the first of a number of singles resorts opening. No hotel experience necessary but an "up on people" attitude is. We define our singles resort as a place where young marrieds and singles alike can gather and meet in a non-plastic way. You'll ilve and work in a unique atmosphere that's fun for resort guest and staff alike. Excellent salary, room, board, and partnership status on the profits. Applicants must be available May lst thru September. A unique singles Summer-or a life time opportunity. A great place to be single this summer. Information meeting and interviews at 10 a.m. sharp, Saturday March 30 at the Happy Island Inn, 100 Coronado Dr. Clearwater Beach, Fla. If you cannot attend meeting but are interested, phone Sue Krause 813-367-1911, Monday thru Friday lOa.m. to noon or 2 to 4p.m.


IO-THE ORACLE March 27, 1974 .. ,.-.. Oracle photo by Doc Puker Add and subtract Streaking, curfew topics for Access Streaking on the USF campus and the effec ts of th e 11 p .m. University curfew will be among the topics discussed tonight when Vice President for Student Affairs Joe Howell answers questions on "Access." The WUSF-FM questionanswer program begins at 6:30 p.m. and is broadcast weekly. Persons with questions sho uld call the studio at 974-2215. vice president for Student Af fairs, May 22 and Ken Thompson, vice president for Ad ministration, May 29. Pres. Cecil Mackey will answer questions April 24 and May 8, according to Joe Busta, assistant to the president. Killian discusses racial situation here tomorrow With Qtr. 3 having begun Monday, it's been a hectic week for many USF students. And to add to the chaos, dropping and adding classes can be quite a hassle. Friday marks the add deadline while the drop date is May 3. Visitir:g the weekly programs during the remainder of the quarter will be: Paul Uravich, director of University Public Safety and Security, April 3; Dr. Jim Vickrey, Affirmative Action coordinator, April 10; Dr. Carl Riggs, vice president for Academic Affairs, April 17 and May 15; Bert Hartley, vice president for Finance and Planning, May 1 ; Dr. Joe Howell Dr. Lewis M. Killian, specialist in collective behavior, race relations and social psychology, will speak in BSA tomorrow at 2 p.m. Sponsored by the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Killian 's topic will be "Whatever' happened to the Racial Crisis in America?'' USAF gives weather data Killian has written s uch books as "White Southerners," "Racial Crisis in America," and "The Impossible Revolution." BY :\li\B(' IA Slli\NBEBG Ora de Sl<1ff Wriltr A set o: weather microcards has been donated to USF by the United States Air Force. USF one of the few. if not the only. universities in the country lo have such <.i file accordin g to officials. The-cards. which contain charts. maps. articl es. draw ing s a nd photos r el<.iting to weather phenomena. were previously th e properly of the Firs t W(ather Squadron. Milit;1ry Airlift Command at Mat:Dill Air Foret.' Base. llll. I>E\\'EY Stowtrs. assot:iate professor of Glography. said the cards provide reliable data concerning "anything anyone intl'rested in fly ing would have lo know. Thl' y \Vere LISl'd for l'l'conna issant'l' by th e Air Data relating to storms. tor nadoci;; number of days of doudi1wss l'ach year and what months are most prl'vall'nt is inl'lud

( t: IJ A S S I II ( HELP WANTED J ( PERSONA L l ORACLE CIRCULATION Pylng position delivering Oracle on campus. Must have Tuesday and Thurs day mornings free. Inquire LAN 472 or phone 974-2617. THE PENINSULA motor Club CAAA) Is considering all majors for domestic travel counselors for the 3rd & 4th quarters of the co-op program. Students interested in assis ting members in planning trips and providing general travel information please -contact Mike Turner at the Co-op Office, 974-2171, room AOC 105, for further information. PART-TIME, no experience necessary. Days and hours flexible. Trans. can be worked out. For interview write: James Palmer Accounting Bkkg. and Tax S er vice, 7022 N 40 St Tampa Florida. ( MISC. FOR SALE ) GERMAN SHEPHERD pups-8 wks. old. 525. 238-5020 Eves. & Weekends KILN, approx. 14" 220 v thermosta_ t Old but complete. $35. Bill Moyse, Lan-Lit468. WE HAVE denims in regular and bells and corqs in bells. Also boots shirts, & western hats. Only 10 min. from campus. Straight leg Levi cords in 3 colors have just come in. Bermax Western Wear 8702 Nebraska Ave. ( FOR REN T TWO BR DUPLEX unfurn. a c, Kitchen equip. $150 a month. $100 deposit. Call 8342251, 839-7503, 985-2790. FURNISHED room in private a-c home. Private entrance & bath. Parking for small car. Quiel area near USF. Upper or Graduate male student only. Phon e 988 7667 after s p m COLONIAL GARDENS Students welcome6 month lease 2 br, 1 bath, luxury apart ments. Swimming pool, laundry, and Rec room. 2002 East 131 Ave. 971-4977. GREEN OAK Villa New 1 & 2 Bedroom furni shed apartments; Vari ed lease ; near USF Call 971-4408 or 971-1424. LA MANCHA DOS Tampa's only studen t apt. complex. $72-90 pe r month. 1 from campus on 42nd SI 971-0100. LOST? HELPLINE training March 30th 31st and April 61h and 7th. For more Information, come by AOC 201 or call 974-2555. TRAVEL TO BEAUTIFUL FIJI! I If you graduate soon there will never be a better lime to see !he world. In Fiji, !he Peace Corps teaches English, library science, arts and crafts, biology, chemistry, general science and physics. Countries all over the world are asking for Peace Corps -teachers and social science workers to spend two years in Africa, Asia and the islands of the Pacific and Carib bean If you never thought about it before, now is !he time. Peace Corps offers tree transportation, a living allowance, medical care, 48 days paid vacation, readjustment allowance on completion of service. Contact Peace Corps and VISTA recruiters !his w e ek Wednesday through Friday al the ACTION table in University Center. Act now. ACTION awaits you and so does beautiful Fiji. NOMINATIONS tor !he Women's Center Board of Directors will be accepted !his week. Anyone wishing lo apply must submi t a short slalemenl of purpose lo !he Women' s Center Room CTR 259. TEST anxious s t udents interested in the possibility of improving their academic performance should contact J ell B edell al t he Counseling Cent e r al 974-2833 by April 3, 1974. MODERN MUSIC THEORY e vening clas ses for hobby and caree r -oriented musicians. All instrumentalists and vocalists, beginning lo advanced are eligible. Classes begin April 8 Call Applied Music School 2 39-9472. DATE MATCHING ser vice. It's a simple, inexp e nsive and fun w a y t o g e t acquain t e d For comple t e information, ap plicatio n write Ne w F r i e nd s P.O Box 22693, T ampa, Florida 33622. ( LOST & FOUND ) FOUND Women gem stone call 2960 and ask for M e l Horowitz or go to Univ ersity Apt 23 ne x t to Fontana. ( REAL ESTATE ) NEAR USF. Lake Ellen by owner, 3 bdrm. 2 baths, pane led family rm. Utility rm, dble garage dishwasher, disposal. bit. in oven w w carpet, c-a & h Citrus trees, f e nced yard. $ 41,000. 933-1944. NEED A PLACE TO GO FOR THE PASSOVER SEDER? (2nd NIGHT) CONTACT: ANDY GAMSON THETA 211 974-6343 RELIGIOUS COMMITTEE JEWISH STUDENT UNION AllS) !191ii APTS. & HOUSES TO SHARE I NEED A ROOMMATE Femla roommte needed to shue 2 br. pt.' Your own room, soma fumltura Must like plants. S72.50 mo. plu1 1/1 utll. Evenlnes-fU-8070. Roommates needed to share new 3 bdr. house. Large kitchen, livingroom, ac and carpeting, $67 per month plus 1 3 utilities. Will have own room. Near 15th and Fletcher, with carport, no hassles landlord, and screened-in patio for plant lovers. Move in on or after April 1. For more info call Lucy at 977-1523. I :rH E ORACLE-March 27, 1974 11 A C USED AUTO P ARTS SPECI A LIZING IN FOREIGN CARS AND PARTS 10% DISCOUNT ON ALL PARTS F O R USF STUDENTS 14525 FLORIDA AVE. PH. 932-4329 SERVICES OFFERED I TY Pl NG, Fast, N e a t Accurate, Exp. Turabian I BM Corrective Selectric. Carbon ribbon. Pica or Elite. All types of work. Close to USF. 9880836 Lucy Wilson. FAST accurate typing service. 48 hr. service in most instances. 2 min. from USF. Betwee n 8 :30 and 5 :00 call 879-7222 ext. 238. After 6 :00 call 988-3435. Ask for Liz. SPECIALIZED TYPIST I BM CORRECTING Selectric, carbon ribbon, pica or elite. Gree k symbols. E x p Turabian, Campbell, APA, etc. S m i n from USF Nina Schiro, 971-2139. If no answe r 235-3261. ( MUSICAL 1 APPLICATIONS available for Qtr. Ill Songfest Cas h prizes. Sign up now in SEAC office CTR 222. Deadline !his Thursday Mar. 28. For more info call 2637. MARTIN acoustic guitar, six months old with ha rdshell case Must s ell $385.00 firm. St e ve Phon e 971-0366. TRAVEL OPPORTUNITIES J EUROPE-ISRAEL-AFRI CA Travel discounts year.round Student Air Trave l Agency, Inc. 201 Allen Rd. Suite 410, Atlanta, Ga 30328 (404) 256-4258. ( AUTOMOTIVE PORSC H E 2 cl assi cs, Speed s t e r (Con ver!) Cabriole t (Con ve r!). 1600s engine, T y p e 644 g earbox, h ardtop, many o ther p arts Clearwate r 581-746" 0 even i ngs Masho r Charge Finqncing ...... b U.lM!RIWD Hours: M, W. f 1 0 amlJPiTI T u Th. S, 9 :30 am-6pm "We Sell the Best & fix the Rest" 237 EAST DAVIS BLVD. __... Tampa, Florida 33606 Phone 255-1361 Hardware Key s Made 15 SPEEDS 1 0 SPEEDS 3 SPEEDS LIGHTWE I GHTS FOLDAWAYS TANDEMS ADULT TRIKES BOYS Ii GllUS BUZZ BIKES NOTE: All bikes sold fully assembled ar. d testftf CRES CENT G I TANE C.C.M. BA.TAZUS ATALA BOB JACKSON The fines! in b icycles accessories ond opi)hrel. SALES PARTS .REPAIRS RENTALS PSE BOOK X CHANGE End the used book 'buying battle Buy student books at student prices fro m students UC 103 March 25, 26, 27, 28 & 29 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. RETURN OF UNSOLD BOOKS April 1,2,3,4, & 5 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. approved by student government Costa Rica/ Guatemala /El Salvador 8 days 7 nights* $299.00 incl. air f ar-e For details contact AMERICAN OVERSEAS TRAVEL CORP. University of South Florida ADM. 102, 4202 Fowler Ave. Tampa, Fla. 33620 PH. 974-2695 YOUR ON CAJ\IPUS VEL AGENCY *DEPARTURES AVAILABLE FOR SPRING BREAK


12-THE ORACLE March 27, 1974 Developers may nix rezoning BY RUSSELL MANLEY Oracle Staff Writer The Edward J. DeBartolo Company, developer of the University Square mall on Fowler, has for the present, decided not to ask for rezoning of property adjacent to USF, a university official said yesterday. The DeBartolo Company had planned to asked 23 acres of land Oracle photos by Jeff Steel Checkup Carol O'Brien, staff member at the Medical Center library, takes advantage of the cashiers office check cashing service as she heads a long line of people waiting their turn. Tenure---('ontinuPCI from pagt I felt he had met the criteria for tenure. EX-AH{' chairman Sotirios Barber, still on the committee. said yesterday he has personally received "several compiaints" from faculty who have been denied tenure. Barber said, "people are alleging they have been denied tenure for reasons external .to their work assignment." The basic issue is "once again the Administration has failed to Neal takes over as acting head of USF planning No replacement has been named to fill the office of the USF director of Planning, Bert Hartley, vice president for Finance and Planning. said yesterday. The post has been vacant since the death of Clyde Hill early second quarter. Assistant Director of Planning Roxy Neal has assumed the positi9n of acting director until a replacement is found, Hartley said. Hartley said he is currently seeking people who would be interested in the job both inc ternally or externally from campus. He said he hopes to have the position filled within two months. specify what was expected and live by its commitments to faculty," Barber said. "They continue to deny tenure on the basis of inapplicable criteria. he said. IHJSll\ESS DE:\!\ Howard Dye, whose tenure recommendations have received criticism. said his recommendations were made in the intert'st of upgrading the faculty. Dye said most of the com plaining faculty in Business an those to whom tl'nure has been denied. "A niajor proportion of the faculty are as interested in upbringing the quality of the faculty." he said. The total list by college of the number of eligible faculty granted. deferred. or denied tenure is as follows : Granted Deferred Denied Soda I Sl'ienl'e I:! 8 :1 :'l:ursing 0 0 0 l\;alural 10 :! ) i\ledidne :1 0 0 l,a ngua !{t-1.iterature 8 8 0 Fine :\rls :l :1 0 Engineering 7 (I Edul'alion :!0 ;l Ii Business !I :1 fi Add deadline Friday Friday is the last day to add classes for Qtr. :l and is also the deadline for students to withdraw from school with a refund The drop date for classes is Ma_y 3. west of campus be changed from UC zoning, which rermits developments that serve University needs, to InstitutionalProfessional and Commercial-I zoning, which are more permissive, officials said. BUT USF Vice President for Finance and Planning Bert Hartley said yesterday, "


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