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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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wednesday's ORACLE April 3, 1974 Vol. 9 no.6 12 pages Photo by Ooc Parker Top cat USF maintenance worker James Williams literally held one of the University's highest positions yesterday as he shovels gravel on the roof of the LanguageLiterature building. Honored today Art group cited BY MARY RUTH MYERS Oracle Staff Writer USF's Picasso Committee today will receive a Governor's Award for the Arts, Director of University Relations Jim Vickrey said yesterday. Ti)e committee is raising funds to construct the Picasso sculp ture "Bust of a Woman." COMMITTEE Chairman George Jenkins and USF Pres. Cecil Mackey will receive the award from Gov. Reubin Askew at 11 a.m. in Askew's conference room, Vickrey said. "There are four categories, none of which the Picasso Committee fit into, so they created a special category for the Picasso," he said. "There will be five awards this year." The Fine Arts Council of Florida chooses the recipients of the award, Vickrey said. The council is part of the Division of Cultural Affairs. "I THOUGHT this kind of recognition would be a per suasive response to critics who UP seeks witness University Police (UP) are requesting the person who wit nessed a hit and run accident March 25 to contact them. The accident occurred in lot three and involved a 1968 Ford Falcon and a 1971 Ford two-door. UP can be contacted at 974-2628. have argued that this particular sculpture is without artistic value or that the project is without merit and not worthy of public support," he said. Vickrey said the award is the highest given in the state for cultura!projects and t he council is the hi_ghest state agency concerned with such projects. "An award of this kind should end the question of does the project have merit," he said. Study time USF Pres. Cecil Mackey and Dr. Carl Riggs, vice president for Student Affairs, confer at a faculty and staff briefing yesterday on the problem of padded enrollment. Oracle photo by Wayne Spraguo Mackey promises no padding cover-up BY WAYNE SPRAGUE Oracle Staff Writer See related editorial USF Pres. Cecil Mackey said yesterday there will be no sweeping "under the rug" of any enrollment padding found at USF. Speaking at a faculty and staff briefing, Mackey said it would be "far better for us to identify and call attention to those things which could be subject to question" than to have an outside person come "digging around" later. HE ENCOURAGED faculty and department chairmen to assure their colleagues channels of communication are open and encouraged persons with in formation or concerns to come to USF officials. "If there are any irregularities, we must discover and correct them ourselves," he said. "We must make it clear what has happened is a matter they (the House Appropriations Com mittee) deserve tv know about." The committee accused state universities of "padding" enrollment figures and falsifying data in order lo receive a larger appropriation. The charge was made after a Florida State University memorandum describing "padding" was revealed MACKEY said State Univer sity System Chancellor Robert Mautz has requested the universities forward results of internal audits to him by Friday so he may submit them to the Education Subcommittee of the House Appropriations Com mittee. Last Friday, Mackey directed each dean and Academic Planning to review enrollment and registration data "to determine whether or not there have been any abuses." Mackey told the group of about 150 at yesterday's early morning session "it is very important each of you convey to your colleagues that we need to know whatever has taken place." IF THERE are memos en couraging enrollment padding, the chairman of the appropriate department should be notified, Mackey said. USF faculty and students may be subpoenaed by the auditing officials, Mackey said "We have no way of knowing who the auditor General will pick to in terview," he said. Mackey: said the types of courses most open to possible abuses are variable credit courses, directed independent study, thesis and dissertation courses. BUT, he said, "We can't allow possible abuses of some of the process to invalidate the process completely. There is a great deal of valuable work done in these areas," he said. Mackey said the University must also maintain credibility of its enrollment and budgeting processes. "There will be a need for monitoring the data which is to our budgeting," he said. Mackey said the Committee would rather deal with a fee structure in which fees are assessed by the number of hours taken, with no maximum. The committee feels this would .. prevent future padding activity, Mackey said. THERE IS "little or no reason" to be concerned by overloads as long as students are not coerced into taking them and the student does the work for the academic credit, Mackey said. But the possibility of keeping such a system has "gone by the boards," he said. Artful selection Students browse through works included in an art sale sponsored by USF's Young Democrats. The sale, which ends tomorrow, and has over 1,200 different prints, is on display on the UC lawn.


2-THE ORACLE April 3, 1974 Prosecutors need more material WASHINGTON Watergate prosecutors said yesterday they have not received "all relevant material" from Pres. Nixon as the White House claims, and will Issue further subpoenas if they must to get needed evidence. Compiled from the news \Vires of United Press International release her if they wish to collect an add itional $4 m ii lion food ranso m. In New York, t he H ea rst Corp. announced $4 million had been plac ed in escrow in San Fran cisco's Wells Fargo Bank for continuation of the food gi veaw ay demanded by the Sym bionese Liberation Army which kidnaped the girl Feb. 4. The statement was issued within hours after White House spokesmen told reporters Nixon had turned over "all relevant material" Jaworski had requested. Jaworski 's office said "a number" of requests still are outstanding. Nixon: warn Pres. NEW YORK Pres. Nixon's brother testified yesterday that a lawyer for financier Robert L. Vesco asked him to warn the President in 1972 that Vesco's secret $200,000 campaign con tribution might be exposed. He refused to do so Donald Nixon Sr. testified, but suggested the lawyer get in touch with former Atty Gen. John N. Mit chell. Pompidou dies PARIS Georges Pompidou who inherited from Gen. Charles de Gaulle the presidency of France and a determination to recreate the glory of France, died yesterday of an undisclosed ailment. He was 62. For many months Pompidou s had been of concern to Frenchmen. He himself had declared however "My health is my affair." Askew wants full disclosure TALLAHASSEE Gov. Heubin Askew asked the l egis l ature yes terday for strong law s to restore the "po litic s of honor in our land." but backed down s lightl y from his prior insistence that officeholders be made to tell the peopl e exac tly what they earn, what they own and how much they owe Askew said he felt the public, torn with distrust of public of ficials because of Watergate and other scandals, wants "no less" than full disclosure, and he personally wants to require filing of income tax returns and net worth statements. Facti1ty fl1es open TALLAHASSEE The cabinet voted 6-1 yesterday to abolish secrecy of university and junior college faculty records. Atty. Gen Robert Shevin said his proposal removing the exemption will not be effective for 45 days, giving the legislature time to contradict the cabinet if it so chooses. Education Commissioner Floyd Christian voted against opening up the faculty evaluations, saying school of ficials might be sued by disgruntled faculty members who find out about adverse evaluations blocking their promotion or tenure. Fla. faces slowdown TALLAHASSEE An economic report forecastfng higher unemployment and in creased prices for Florida this year, due to national and in ternational problems beyond the power of state government to so lve, was sent to th e legislature yesterday by Gov. H e ubin Askew. The r epor t m ade it plain an economic s lowdown will be aggravated in Florida if the federal government, in dealing with the gasoline shortage, pushes measures that discourage vacations and favors prot ec tion of jobs in manufacturing over those in the service industries vital to tourism. GOP gets trees TALLAHASSEE Republicans must be expecting more than their share of headaches in the 1974 legislature. The senate mi nority staff instead of send ing flowers to the 14 GOP senators placed on their desks a minature potted tree, its branches loaded with remedies for headache, indigestion, con stipation and other ailments likely to beset a harried lawmaker in an election year. With it went this ditty: "When you're down and out and feeling low, just shake our tree and go, go, go." Vets plan walk TALLAHASSEE Since legislators boycotted a statewide convention of Vietnam veterans here last week. Florida State University students 'and ex servicemen plan to walk to the capitol "to have their voices heard... a spokesman said yesterday. About 100 of the vets. including some from Texas. met at FSU last week for a conference on legislation needed for the returning servicemen. The oracle is the official student-edited newspaper 01 the University of South Florida and is published four times weekly, Tuesday through Friday, during the academic year period September through mid-June; twice during the academic year. period mid-June through August, by the University of South Florida, 4202 Fowler Ave .. Tampa, Fla. 33620. O?inions expressed in The Oracle are those of the editors or of the writer and not those of the University of South Florida. Address correspondence to The Oracle, LAN 472, Tampa; Fla., 33620. Second class postage paid at Tampa, Fla. The Oracle reserves the right to regulate the typographical tone of all advertisements and revise or turn away copy ii considers objectionable. Programs, activities and facilities of the University of South Florida are available to alt on a non.discriminatory basis, without regard tc race, color, religion, sex, age or national origin. The University is an affirmative action Equal Opportunity Employer. Pot law changes LANSING Mich. A Democratic state representative, who smokes marijuana in public, announced a petition drive yesterday to make the narco tic l ega l for Michigan a dults. Bullard's action came one day a ft e r voters in the college communities of Ann Arbor a nd Ypsilanti approved measures that would make public smoking of marijuana punishable by a maximum $5 fine. Hearst sets demand SAN FRANCISCO The kidnapers of Patricia Hearst yesterday were given 30 days to Agnew under attack ANNAPOLIS, Md. The The Hogan of Silver and turquoise Handmade Indian Jcwlery Navajo-Zuni Hopi rugs, pottery, baskets, beadwork. PHASE Ill RECORDS SO .UL & ROCK'N' ROLL Latest Albums $3.75 8-Track:; 4 for $9.99 !El $ .50 over 1000 to choose from 1462 N. Nebraska Ave Ph. 977-5448 r wire ntws edited by Sheila Hooper Maryland Bar Association asked the state's highest court yes t erday to bar former Vice Pres. Spiro T Agnew from the practice of law for life because he violat ed public trust. i i I I I "Something else" from the director of MWS*H METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER presents "BREWSTER MCCLOUD" Starring BUD C.ORT SALLY KELLERMAN MICHAEL MURPHY ," Fri.,Sat., 7:30& IO:OOp.m. ..,._ ..._ Sun.8:000nly .., '.: "." LAN 103, $.75 ?!AT $ .50 i I I


Pot shot Oracle photo by Bill Culterton From his expression, Steve Holton, 2DUS, seems to be relying on a lot more than luck, as he carefully shapes a clay image in the ceramics room of the UC. THE ORACLE -April 3, 1974 3 Riggs: nothing from UWF about president position BY SANDHA WHIGHT Oracle Managing Editor USF Vice President for Academic Affairs Carl Riggs said yesterday he has not been offered the presidency of the University of West Florida -;er.T .!l "" r

4 -THE ORACLE April 3 1974 Legislature investigates fairly Pres. Cecil Mackey has said people who USF a dministrator s have encouraged enrollment "padding" should deal directly with th e University instead of going to outside sources." USF r esidents, who suspect th ey have encouraged or have been encouraged to take overloads should take their complaints to USF administrators, Mackey has said. Mackey, who was executive vice president at Florida State University before h e c ame here in August 1971, doesn't want USF to join FSU on any legislative appropriations blacklist which may develop and could include t hos e schools accused of e nrollm ent p a dding. AT FSU, those with complaints a bout enrollment padding didn't go th e administration route, but inst ead went to th e House Appropriations Committee. Th e mov e didn t create good publi c ity for FSU, but it brought an i ss u e out into th e open which, when resolved may clean up the state education budgeting process -something which has needed correction for a long time. We doubt FSU a dmini strators feel the disclosure of budget padding i s beneficial, particularly in the lig ht of th e r es i g n ation of A r ts and Sciences Dean Marti n Roeder however, we fee l the good results from th i s i nvestigation will o ut weig h the bad. We wond e r however w hat would have happened had the compl a int s ori ginated here. "I VP iHIS PROBLtM FROM TH AUOIENCI .. PU'T IT IN MV MAT ... "1'r' M/tG-IC WAND AND PRILSTO ... IPULL OUT THE ANSWEP. !!'' AND /\LTllOUGll Pres. Mackey may be sincere in his request to have the Administration handle padding research, we wonder w hether an impartial group might not do th e job better. In a 7 a m. co nf erence Mackey said, Humble people real US power source Editor: Nineteen months ago when I first came to this campus I felt bewildered ; made anxious by the environment, "-p_eQple and activities which are so strange to m e. I am a married stu'dent with seven children from the opposite part of the globe ; Mrs. Bigelow language specialist in the Counseling Center for Human Development; Besides them there are other m embers of the USF community, es p ec ially and Mr. Jim Rodgers, principal of the Sulphur Springs Elementary School. I think the real pow e r of America is due neither to the most talented politicians nor to the huge space program. but to those humbl e people with greatness of soul who quie tly dedicate their whole lives to the great ideals of America. to education. to the present and future America n generations and to the entire humanit y. NGUYEN TAN PHAT From Viet Nam r -ORACLE Editorial "If there a r e problems, we will not sweep them under the rug." A nice statem e nt easy to quote in th e press no doubt. But do Mackey's words speak as loudl y as his actions? We wonder what would have hap p e n e d to charges of bid collusion in volving Vice President for Finance a nd Planning Bert Hartley (former assistant to th e v ic e president for Administration at FSU l if the legi slature a nd the press hadn' t taken the case to the public. WE WONDEH what would have happened to complaints against t h e P hysical plant administr ation if the press hasn't been co ntacted and we wonder what prompted Vice President For Administration Ken Thompson 's wh itewash of th e compl ai nt report. We wonder how long the Ad m inistration w ill allow a corporation to use campus faci lities and U niv ersity professors' and secretaries' tim e

DOONESBURY vv'""L > fl n r RFf/SIN6 1Ht3 AWARP MR.. ftOl/f tllltt Bt3 HIG MEXICAN-AMtru who allow certain personal barriers to get in the way of the incredible color, imagination, and sexual arousal available in Luminous Procuress''. Margaret Mueller 4ART HAIR STYLING ANO REGULAR CUTS NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY TERRACE VILL.AGE SHOPPING COMPLEX PHONE 988'253 10930 N. 58TH STREET TEMPLE TERRACE, FL.A. "We Sell fhe lest & File. the lest" 237 EAST DAVIS BLVD. Tampa, Florida 33606 Phone 255-1361 Hardware Keys Made \ ADMITTEDLY Sallis is not alone is his denouncements; when the lights came on after Procuress the auditorium was conspicuously less full than before the film began. I a m in clined to believe this was a reflection not on the quality of the film but on the mental ity of certain film goers. It occurs to me that perhaps we need to re examine our proprieties when a film like Pink Flamingos is brought back by popular demand and one like "Luminous Procuress" is left poorly at Moster Charge FinancinQ -aANKAMERICARD 15 SPEEDS 10 SPEEDS 3 SPEEDS LIGHTWEIGHTS FOLDAWAYS TANDEMS ADULT TRIKES GIRLS" BUU BIKES Hours: M, w f 10 om-8pm HOn: All blfces sold fully aue,.;.,,fed Tu. Th. s. 9:J o om-6pm and tested CONDOR-ATALA-BOB The finest in bicycles, accessories and apparel. SALES PARTS .REPAIRS RENTALS of the thousands of films made since the inception of the art, only a handful are universally recognized as masterpieces. Films such as Citizen Kane, Grand Illusion, Rashomon, and The Seventh Seal have become classics in the art of cinema. Janus Films is privileged to have made these and others available to the American public. Now, Janus is proud to present a new addition to this list of immortal classics a major work of art from one of the world s master filmmakers. A Janus Films R elease Akira Kurosawa's first film in color ("The so und o f the trolley ) Bay Area Premiere Wed. April 3, 7:30 & 9:50 p.m. LAN 103, $1.00 Film Art SERIES


6-THE ORACLE April 3, 1974 McCartney's mixed media display some work_ s feature interesting graphics 1Exorcist' reviewed .. by -occultist Heim BY JEFF STRANGE Oracle Entertainment Writer Dr William Heim, a leading authority on _the -occult, is speaking today at 2 p .m in LAN 116 on "The and other aspects of the occult. -Heim, who did his PhD -. Dr Qeim disc_usses 'ExorCist' dissertation on the occult, teaches the Literature of the Occult course with The Exor cist" as required reading. Heim describes "The Exor cist" as a simple melodrama of good versus evil. The good wins out as exemplified by the self sacraficing act of the priest to rid the demon from the girl. Heim doesn't understand why "The Exorcist" has produced many faintings and shock in audiences. Occult and horror filrris are expected to scare you and Heim says "The Exorcist" is not as sopl)isticated as the horror films "Frankenstein" and "Wolfma -n."_ Heiin sees danger as a result of "The Exorcist." People can be psychologically harmed by the perfor _mance of exorcisms Heim has appeared on WFLATV in Tampa arid been interviewed by the Associated _Press and Various American and Canadian radio stations as an authority on occult subjects : TV _shows-._ Miller play Movies cfepict ---historic leaders -Theater' In America presents "A Memory of Two Mondays" A by the North tonight ori channel 3 at 8:30 p m. Tampa Branch Library Film This is a portrayal of a blueSeries of "Buried Cities : Pompeii collar worker's life in the 1930s by and Herculaneum" will be show n Arthur Miller today at 7 :30 p m at the library it fe afores er youthful employe located at' 8916. N Boulevard .' of ai:i auto parts warehouse, Scheduled with the featured film whose feelings and observations is a version of "Casey at the Bat" -of the people around him parallel and the classic ghost story "The ;:_those of Arthur Miller who as a Open Window." teenager, also worked in a The films are open to the public "wareho_ use obtaining a first-hand and admission is free. look at the world. The Ybor City Branch Library, NBC News Presents at 10 p m 150JJ Nebraska Ave., will present on channel 8 Special Edition, a "He is Risen",_ featuring report on American scientists religious paintings and working on cancer, which many photography depicting the life of believe to be a self-defeating Christ -as part of its Film Series research. for adults today at 3: 30 p .m Also today on channel 3 at 10 The Children's Film Series p.m. will be Legislature, a sixtyThursday at 3:30 will present minute_ review of the days' : ac"Booker T. Washington", a film ti \'i tie, s in _Tallahassee .. This about the black Amerkan leader program will be broadcast at 10 Admission is free for both -on Thursday and Friday nights programs and the public is inalso \'ited Art show mixes media BY ELIZ/\llETll (;11rns Oradc Entertainment An exibition by D a niel M c Cartney, 4ART, can v i ewed in the UC Gallery from B a.m. to :i p.m. daily through Friday. McCartney participat e d in an ex ibition of s tud e nt painting s at Valencia Community College and the Winter Park Art F'estival in 1972 and in two undergraduate showings at USF in 1973 and 74. The ex ibition includ es pa in tings and drawings don e in c h alk and s t e ncils. In his work s, Mc Cartney has achieved inter es ting combinations with th ese m ed ia His use of s t encile d lett ers is particularly e ffectiv e for they are used individually as-design elements and not necessarily linked together to form words or to represent th e alphabet. The stenciled l e tt e r s are what could be terme d as th e formal e l e ment of th e work s and color wat e rcol ors co uld reprc sl'nt till' generally expressed through informal e lem e nt. CHAINWHEEL DRIVE Hicycle Shop The finest in Touring and Racing equipment .::::: Fuji, Gitane, Sutter, Sekine 120 day service e;ontract. II All @ Master Charge 11148 N. 30th Street-Across from Schlitz i 9 a.m.-6 p.m. 971-2439 a FOREIGN CAR OWNERS Tired of being ripped-off on auto service? Well stop in at--TEMPLE TERRACE FINA 5601 E. Fowler Ave.-Temple Terrace, Fl. 33617--Phone 988-1974 FOREIGN MOTORCAR SERVICE "Honest work at an Honest Rate". Specializing m DATSUN, TOYOTA and BRITISH MOTOR CARS MASTER CHARGE (most other makes serviced also) BANKAMERICARD Come on in and talk to people who really care about cars Owned and operated by USF alumnus BURGER KING BIG PLAIN T .he. _GREAT AM.ERICAN HAMBURGER 10-midnight weekdays 10-1am Fri & Sat 30th Street 2 Blks So. ofFowler Help wanted p _art time day & nights


Dodes'ka-den The Japanese film begins tonight at 7: 30 and 9: 50 in LAN 103. Photo furnished THE ORACLE -April 3, 1974 7 JFK killing analyzed Two members of the Cambridge, Mass. Assassination Information Bureau, David Williams and Harvey Wazijian, will discuss the con troversy surrounding Pres. John F Kennedy's assassination tonight at 8 p.m at University of Tampa's Falk Theatre. A slide and film presentation designed by the bureau entitled "Who Killed J F .K.? provides evidence there was a conspiracy to kill John Kennedy to Williams and Wazijian. The presentation raises numerous questions about links between the government and Lee Harvey Oswald r------------------M I START A NEW GOOD HABIT THIS QUARTER-, GET ALL YOUR DRUGS AT THE I 1 1 VILLAGE PRESCRIPTION CENTER I 109388 N. 56 st. I I 988-3896 I ---------------------Foreign film shows hope CONCERT "Country Joe McDonald" BY ED REED Oracle Entertainment Editor The Japanese film Dodes 'ka den" ("The Sound of the Trolley ) is the first film from master director Akira Kurosawa in more than five years, and his first film in color It will be shown tonight a t 7:30 and 9:50 in LAN 103. Admission is $1.00. "Dodes ka-den deals with life in a Tokyo slum and is an af firmation of life. It states the belief man can overcome any adversity as long as he has his dreams for escape and hope. THE FILM c enters around its inhabitants whose lives are in tertwined by their proximity to each other and deprived living conditions. Just as their problems are varied, so are their fantasies which shield them from despair. Through the use of their senses of humor and their imaginations these people Lit hour productions presented The first Lit erature Hour for Qtr 3 will be presented today at 2 p m. in LAN 103. The Student Honors Reading will include M arriage," by Gregory Corso, read by Ron Fisher; "From the Book of Practical Cats," by T.S. Eliot read by J ohn Korin e k; Littl e Me, by P a tri c k D e nnis, r ead b y Debbie Mit c h ell: I Am W aiting, b y L awre nce F erlinghetti, read b y Jean Haw e s T h e Speech D epartmenl pres e n t a ti o n s for the r es t o f thi s quarte r will incl u de the F a cult y Interpr e tation H our n ex t W e d n es d ay: "Hain," b y Somerset M a u g h a m direct e d b y Da n G e ntr y A pril 17 and 24: Th e Le sso n. b y Ionesc o dir ec t e d b y Bern a rd D owns M ay I and B : and "Th e l3ig Stor y a n original d o cum enta r y com e d y compil e d and dire ct e d b y R ay mond J. Schneide r. May a nd 2 2 All s hows will b e pre se nted a l 2 p.m. W e dn es days in L A N 103. "The Jung le Book b y Rud ya rd Kipling dir ec ted b y G e org e R. R a ndolph i s the S peech D e p artment's major produ c tion thi s quarter. and will be pr ese nt e d M ay 17 a nd 18 a t 8 p.m. in LAN 10: 3 and a t the St. P e t ersburg c a mpus May 10 and II Admission l o all Spe e ch Dep artme nt producti o ns is fr ee manage to survive and brighten their surroundings, often making the viewer forget the meanness which surrounds them. Kurosawa weaves their stories and dreams together through the use of good editing and color often attaining moments of surrealism without being obvious in his technique Although not one of the best products of the film industry to come from Japan, it ranks high in the art of finesse and sensitivity by an understanding director Yoshitaka Zushi stars as Rokushan, an unfortunate slum dwe ller who lives by his wits and hides his d espair by a comical approach to life. Virtually without world fame, Zushi deserves merit for the role. "Dodes 'ka-den" is believed to be the last film that will be made by director Kurosawa, who has returned to the screen after a oeriod of disillusionment with the social qualities of the Japanese film industry. SUPER SIXTY RAISED WHITE LETTER & "The Outlaws" Thursday April 11, 7:30 Fort Homer Hesterly Armory Tickets $2.50 in advance $3.00 day. of show Ticket Locations: Tampa -Rasputans, Music Library, Budget Tapes and Records St. Pete -Music Phile Proceeds go to Unitarian Fellowship of Tampa FULL 4 PLY POL VESTER YOUR c SIZE COST FET A YOUR LEHAVRE SPORT CAR TIRE NARROW WHITE --. 520 x 10 550 x 12 600 x 12 520 x 13 560 x 13 600 x 13 615 x 13 650 x 13 700 x 13 A78 x 13 560 x 14 695 x 14 735 x 14 560 x 1 5 600 x I S L SIZE COST A-60-13 24.63 G-60-14 28.86 L-00-14 33.96 G-60-15 28.86 L-00-15 34.38 YOUR COST 13.72 16.35 17.00 15.92 17.76 16.30 17.99 16.85 17.42 17.59 17.33 15.63 17.63 15.29 18.57 FET 2.02 2.90 3.49 2 .96 3.47 FET 1.16 1.36 1.45 1.46 1.45 1.61 1.45 1.82 1.88 1.83 1.53 1.88 1.96 1.74 1.92 G-78-13 18.75 E-78 20.10 F-78 21.03 G-78-14 21.61 H-78-14 22.86 J-78 24.18 G-78-15 22.03 H-78 23.22 J-7815 24.69 L-78-15 24.91 LE HAVRE RADIAL SPORT CAR TIRE YOUR SIZE COST HT 155 SR-12 25.00 1.49 155 SR-13 26.19 1.61 165 SR-13 26.74 1.84 175SRl3 29.36 1.86 165 SR-14 28.52 1.92 .175 SRl4 30.89 2 .05 155SR-15 28.64 1.92 165 SR15 30.17 2.00 R 1.95 2.22 2.37 2.53 2.75 2.89 2.60 2 .80 3.01 3.13 THESE RADIALS FIT MOST COMPACT CARS BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC GET EVEN BETTER GAS MILEAGE THIS IS A PRICE Y.OU CAN AFFORD DUDDV1S FOR TIRES J1tt1t"f4'1J 1 7500 EAST FOW,_ER 988-4144 TRAC-ACTION 50 SERIES SIZE 050 13 6 .5014 M 5 014 E5014 G 5 0 -15 L 5 0 15 YOUR COST 31.77 40.11 48.03 37.32 40.38 47.20 FET 2 .19 2 .84 3.43 2.52 2.77 3.64


8-THE ORACLE sports Stetson deals USF second straight loss I INVENTORY REDUCTION SALE : 30o/o OFF ; I All waterbed I I Fran1es I I custom waterbed I April 3, 1974 Softball faces deadline today Today is the entry deadline for Intramural Softball. All team entries must be turned in by 5 p.m. today to the In tramural PED 100 with softball action starting next Tuesda:y, April 9. There is also an Officials Clinic at 2 p .m. today in PED 114 for anyone interested in umpiring the games. Intramural coodinator Andy Honker has said all teams are required to provide an official in order to play. BY PAM JONES Oracle Sports-Writer Even though they managed to ruin Bill Rhoden's perfect ear ned-run average, USF fell to the Stetson Hatters 7-4 in DeLand yesterday afternoon. Yesterday's loss dropped the Brahmans' season record to 16-5-1. BEFOHE yesterday's contest, Rhoden had pitched his way to a record of 6-0, without giving up an earned run That record lasted until the second inning, when USF left fielder Tony Ciccarello put a double down the leftfield line to score Bobby Reynolds and Weldon Wright. In the top of the ninth, the Brahmans tried to stage a comeback but it was a little too late as Coach Beefy Wright's Practice begins for IM softball with opening day set for April 9 (see story above) Sports Wire Florida A&M cans grid coach, staff TALLAHASSEE (UPil Florida A & M's Head Coach Jim Williams and his entire staff, who failed to produce a winning team in two seasons, were fired yesterday. Pres. Benjamin Perry Jr. relieved the coaches after they Sailing club hosts meet After a fourth-place finish in the Pensacola Junior College Keel Boat and Silver Spoon Regatta last weekend, USF s Windjammer Sailing Club will participate in Florida State-USF Inivitational April 12-1'3. The Brahmans followed winner Tulane University and runners up Florida State and West Florida Universities. Team member Wendy Burns said those interested in sailing can attend the club's 6 p.m. meeting today in the UC 203 or call 971-3605. failed to submit resignations on demand last month. "Why resign., I have no reason to resign Williams told UPI when contacted in his athletic quarters. He said he and his staff got separate letters from Perry. Williams said he has tenure as a professor of physical education until February. 1975. and he will remain on the faculty pending future plans. "H.ight now. I don't know what I'll do ... he said. Perry said he commissioned the university Athletic and Fiscal Policy Committee to study the athletic program after the Rattlers chalked up identical seasons of 5-6 under Williams last year and the year before. "l felt intuitively that something was wrong with our athletic program. he said. Rep. Joe Lang Kershaw. D Miami. has urged the House to name a committee to investigate the athletic programs at all tax supported universities in the Florida system, including A & M, Florida State and University of Florida. I furniture I HHE 020 000 002-4 I 0 l I 4119 GUNN HIGHWAY I I Dibbs Plaza I USF I Ph. 932-4765 I --------------------Stetson Oil 022 01 x-7 10 I WP-Hhoden, LP-Ruling. squad picked up two more runs on four hits. "I was really impressed with the way they came back in the ninth," commented assistant Br ahman coach .Jeff Davis. "IF WE hadn't come back like th a t, it might have left us down. There's a lot of difference between losing and coming back the way we did This way it might be a springboard for Thursday night." Thursday night, the team travels to Lakeland's Joker Marchant Field to take on the Moccasins of Florida Southern College Junior righthander Jay Keller is expected to get the start. Of the ten hits Stetson collected off losing pitcher Steve Ruling seven came with a two-strike count on the Hatter batters. Ruling went the distance for USF, striking out five and walking five. "When they were ahead of us early in the game, it wasn t by much," Davis said. "They hit the ball well and played good defense but our error in the sixth really hurt us. THE NUMBER ONE KILLER OF YOUNG AMERICANS .IS YOUNG AMERICANS. .' "'':' ,, l "Oeo >. You don't mean to be But you are. The numbers are simp le. Latest available figures show that 8,000 American people between the ages of 15 and 25 died in alcohol related crashes. And almost all the drunk drivers who caused those crashes were also under 25. 1.380 died in combat. 3.420 committed suicide. 2,731 died of cancer. You march against war. You fight for clean air and clean water. You eat natural foods. You practice yoga. You are so much for life. And you are so much against killing. It would be unthinkable for you to kill another human being on purpose. So then, why is this happening? I I I I I I t ASAP 330 W. Platt Street Suite 200 Tampa, Florida 33606 I I don't want to get killed and I don't want l to kill anyone. Tell me how I can help. I I I I I City _____ state. __ --"Zi.,..p __ It's incredible. but one of the STOP DRMIG DRUNK. most dangerous things you can do sroPKIWllG EACH is to have a few bottles of wine with friends and drive home. GREATER TAMPA You can change it. You have to. SAFETY ACTION PROJECT Prepend by the U.S. Dept. cf Tr1nsport1tlon, N1tlon1I Hl1hw1y Traffic Safety Admlnlstr1tlon, 1IMI pr--by tM Or1c11 1s 1 pullllc service ldvertlMllMllt.


THE ORACLE-April 3, 1974 Lindsey leads the way as golfers visit Kissimmee PIPE AND POUCH BY RINDY WEATHERLY Oracle Sports Writer USF's golf team will get a second chance at Florida International and the University of Mia .mi as play begins in the 10th annual GAC Intercollegiate Golf Classic in Kissimmee today. The Brahmans, who finished third behind the two in last week's Miami Invitational, will try to break the stranglehold of the University of Florida, team champions six of the ten years the tournament has been played. PAT LINDSEY, USF's number one golfer according to Coach Bob Shiver, faces stiff com petition from last year's in dividual champion Gary Koch of Florida and Dick Grout and Jay Rickles of Florida International. After finishing 72 holes of the Miami tournament in a tie at 291, Grout defeated Rickles in a sudden death playoff. USF's Lindsey finished third with a 298. "Pat has been playing real good golf. He is an especially strong wedge player and a good putter. He doesn't seem to let the pressure get to him," Shiver said. LINDSEY finished second in the Miami Beach Fall Intercollegiate Tournament and third in the Port Malabar National Collegiate Golf Tournament less than two weeks ago. Sophomore Tom Bracke, who carded a 300 for sixth place at Miami last week, is USF's number two man, according to Shiver. He replaces Ian Davidson while Davidson recovers from torn ligaments in his wrist. "Bracke is potentially a really fine player. He has been up and down this year, but he hits the ball awfully strong and awfully far." Free swingers Oracle photos by Doc Parker Charlotte Thomas steadies herself on the balance beam while Charles McArthur does a flip on the high bar. The Gymnastics Room (GYM 107) is available for recreational play when not in use by classes. sports shorts A 68-foot leap catapulted Sherrie Aly into first place in th e women's jumping events as USF s Wat e r Skiing Club plac fi11islu d s ixth in the 16-team Gator Invitational Hngl1y 'f'1111n11111111I l11s l w1:1kc11d. State champions Florida Stat.1 w1111 llw v .. 111. with 1111 Mia mi Tridents second. USF blanked Bucknell J00 in t.111, op1i11, ,.111111d, 111 .. 11 '"l,id Orlando 10-8, but lost to Jacksonville and I .. 0111. Th e Brahmans, who wer e follrl.h i11 tlw 1:1111 l11s l y1-, have three more matches scheduled I.his s prin g Tllf' y lrnviI to Orlando for a 2 p.m. match Saturday, I.hen visit. .Jar;k so11vill< April 1:1 and Naples April 27. LOU CYRULIK, Glen Salwak, Alan Fadel and Rick Vershure round out the six-man contingent representing USF in the four-Oay GAC event, which has attracted thirteen other schools. "Cyrulik is the longest hitter off the tee on our team," the coach said. "He has played some steady golf for us." "Salwak has a beautiful golf swing. He plays a good, strong iron game." "FADEL needs more experience since he is only a freshman. He has started scoring better now that his putting is coming around. He's another long hitter, strong off the tee," the Brahman mentor said. "Vershure is a junior college transfer from Michigan. He is not as long off the tee, but he's a good iron player and a good putter. He scores well on the short courses," Shiver said. The Brahmans have a pair of four-way matches at home before the May 20-21. Tournament of Champions in Miami. Decals on sale Automobile decals may be purchased at the. University Police station today from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Ph. 933-2176 9326 Floriland Mall Leas Campbell presents THE MIKE-BLOOMFIELD MARK NASTALIN ALL STAR BAND Michael Bloomfield-guitar Mark Nastalin-keyboards Jellyroll Troy...:....bass and vocals George Reins-drums Plus Special Guest DION ("Abraham, .Martin and John", plus 11 gold records> Friday, April 5 8 p.m. Homer-Hesterly Armory 500 N. Howard Tickets-54.00 in advance, ss.oo day of show Available at Budget Tapes and Rasputins in Tampa Music Odyssey and Modern Music in St. Pete Asylum Records-Sarasota Stereo-rama-Clearwater RARE BIRD HANDLERS WANTED You need a certain touch. A special drive. Whatever comes up in Navy air, you have to handle it. Jockey ing a hot jet off the deck in foul weather. Hunting through skyways where even the wind gets lost. Or bossing the little black box with the big punch Whatever you do, you learn to do it right. You learn the difference between taming a falcon and a wren. If you think you can handle the job, let us know. Our birds are ready when you are. If you're going to be something, why not be some thing special? For more information: See the officer information team on campus, AOC 108, April 8th thru 12th, 9:00 to 5:00. (April 19th by appointment only), or call Temple Terr:ace, 9851010 anytime. 9


10-THEORACLE April 3, 1974 Exam week to be eyed BY HlJSSELL MANLEY Oracle Staff Writer A proposal to institute a final exam week at USF will be first on the agenda when the Faculty Senate holds its first Qtr. 3 meeting today. Dr. Louis Penner' s Un dergraduage Programs Com mittee drafted the resolution which calls for a one week ex tension of Qtr. 1 and the designation of the last weeks of Qtrs. 2 and 3 as final exam periods. "The idea's been kicking around for almost a :year," Senate Chairman Dr .. Jesse Binford said. "Dr. (Stanley) Deans in Natural Science did a survey on the matter and the majority of professors in the college wanted an exam week." For the session starting July, 1974, Euromed will assist qualified Amer ican students in gaining admission to recognized overseas medical schools. Learning experience during travel The proposal states an exam week would "allow students more time to prepare for examinations" and "put USF in accord with the other state universities, all of which have final examination periods." "I was at the last committee meeting, and they didn't think an exam week would cause a loss of class time," Binford said. "It would provide time for classes to have two-hour finals if they need it." And that's just the beginning. Since the language barrier constitutes the preponderate difficulty in su. cceed ing at a foreign school, the Euromed program also includes an intensive 12 week medical and. conversa tlonal language course, mandatory tor air students. Five hours daily, 5 days per week (12 weeks) the course is given in the country where the student will attend medical school. is discussed by (from left) Tom Allen, 4PSY, and Spiro Crassas In addition, Euromed provides stu dents with a 12 week intensive cul tural orientation program, with Amer ican students now studying medi cine in that particular country serving as counselors. Overseas program. offers credit for Europe work Other items on the agenda include proposed distribution of nine months salary over 12 months and a request from Vice President for Academic Affairs Carl Riggs to speak on equal opportunity goals Senior or r;raduate students current11 enrolled in an Am.eriean university are eligible to participate in the Euromed procram. For application and further information, phone toll free: BY MARCIA SHANBERG Oracle Feature Editor For just slightly more money th;in it would cost to remain iri Tampa, you can study in Florence, Italy or London, England, for six months. .. The program, sponsored by the State University System, offers a variety ofcourses and credits are automatically transfered, Spiro Crassas of the Overseas Studies Information Center at USF said. A CASTLE in Florence and a hotel in Loridon serve as. dor_ ; mitories arid classraoms, he said. Field trips are organized and students travel to points of lerest, .Crassas said. Furthr information may be o?tained at 2 p;_ffi; tomorrow in UC 165 or from Crassas in SOC 301. A slide presentation and question and answer period with -Florida State University representatives and students who have participated in the program will highlight the meeting. THE OVERSEAS Studies In. formation Center, under the auspices ofthe USF International Relations Department, provides information concerning studying or working abroad anywhere in the world, Crassas said. It also provides information concerning the "cheapest ways to get in Europe," he said. The Center issues 1riternational student I.D .s which allow stud:ents a two-thirds discount in inter-European flights; Decals total $6 865 : .. : USF students and staff spent Chuck :Seeman said Monday. $6,875 (or decals during Staff members purchased 54 March, Traffic Coordinator annual decals, 37 annual decal replaceinents and 21 decals, he said; This totalled $445. Chuck Beeman traffic coordinator Commuting studepts bought 466 i'jnnual decals, 107 replacements and 470 qu11rterly Beeman said. Commuters spent $4, 783 on automobile decals .' Twenty anriual .... decal ;,replacements, one quarterly. tepl}lcernenr and 29 quarterly ;decals were purchased_ by Beeman said : This totalled $137. Annual bicycle decals sold totaled 755, he said. This arrtounted to $1510. STUDENT FINANCE SOCIAL MEETING WED APRIL 3rd 2 PM BUS. 113 WELCOME FINANCE MAJORS & ALL INTERESTED The Cente_r is "not a travel agency" but an "assistant to the student," Carassas said (800) E45 in New York State phonf! : "Somethi119 else" from the director of M*SH SEAC Weekend Movie (516) 746-2380 or write, Euromed, Ltd. 170 Old Country Roail Mineola. N.Y. f1501 EL CAESAR'S ITALIAN FRIED CHICKEN Same menus and fme. quality Italian foods under a new management. SPECIALIZING IN TAKE OUT ORDERS:. I { < Fried Chicken Italian Style Phone-in orders are welcome Spaghetti "'" for speedy service Rigatoni flht / \ Open Mon. Sat. Ham --9pm Temple Terrace Village 10910 .N._56th street. Phone 988-9771 Like to Fly _or Want to Learn ? JOIN THE U S F FLYING CLUBNQW General Tonight UC 251 7:30 All New Members -Welcome ,.Bi '1l PRIVATE PILOTS GROUND SCHOOL COURSE Thurs. April 4 $9c. 286 6 .m. I Fly-In Airport FREE FOO_ D AIRP.LANE CONTESTS 11 W I All e come :-::<:-:-. KBllQll!f!!!liJ!!


( : IA A s s It A It s: ) THE ORACLE-April 3, 1974 11 HELP WANTED ) r PERSONAL J ( ) L./103 W KENWEDY 13LV0. BOOKKEEPER needed. Experien.ce necessary. 10 hours weekly: Work own schedule. Good pay. Call IT Ext. 2099. POSITION Available. Partially paralyzed male student living In own home adjacent to campus with one other student In residence needs an able-bodied male or female to help present attendant. Private room, board, and small salary provided. Must have references, be dependable. Call 988-4985 for further information. PIZZA HUT Wanted waitresses part-time Mon. Wed. Fri. 11 a.m.-2:30 p.m. & evenings 5 p.m. till closing. Also weekends. Wanted pizza makers part-time evenings & weekends. Please apply in person Pizza Hut, 1202 E. Fowler Ave. STUDENT wanted as household helper to assist in the care of my home. Part-tinie, 12 hours per week-Hours to suit. 949 1735. STUDENT WANTED-Babysitting and help keep house in exchange for room and board during the summer. Contact Linda Greene 884-7937. Call after 3:00 p.m. APTS. & HOUSES TO SHARE FEMALE ROOMMATE needed to share two bedroom apt. close to USF. Your own room is just S72.SO plus ':2 util. Less if we get another person. Call evenings 988-8070. ROOMMATE NEEDED One male or female needed to share two bedroom apt. have own room. Green Tree Village Apts. Apt. furnished. Lease runs to June. Call 9710992. FEMALE roommate needed lo share 2 bedroom apl. Close to USF with pool, laundry-$87.50 plus lh utilities. 971A786. MALE roommate needed desperately! Nice 2 bdr. furnished trailer, sao a mo., everything included except your food. Call Scott or Prue after 2 p.m. at 971-8592 ( FOR RENT J TWO BR. DUPLEX unfurn. a-c, Kitchen equip. $150 a month. $100 deposit. Call 8342251, 839-7503, 985-2790. LA MANCHA DOS, Tampa's only student apt. complex. $72-90 per month. 1 from campus on 42nd St. 971-0100. 7'12 MINUTES FROMUSF New 2 br, w-w carpet, central heat and air, drapes, furnished! $180. Phone 988-5263 days or 981-5614 evenings& wkends. FURNISHED room In private a-c home. Private entrance & bath. Parking for small c;ir. Quiet area near USF. Upper or Graduate m;ile student only. Phone 9117667 alter 5 p.m. COLONIAL GARDENS Students welcome-6 month leue 2 br, 1 batl\. luxury apart. ments. Swimming pool, laundry, and Rec room. 2002 East lll Ave. 971. FELLOW USF Staff members! We have gotten a Bible study-sharing group star ted. The group meets in Andros Con ference room on Wed. from 12-12:30. Bring your Lunch! We're studying Galatians. ENJOY and experience! Grow in a group! For Mon. (7:30) TA and Thurs. (7:30) groups call Bill. Call Bob about Wed. (8:00). Faculty stall group and afternoon sexuality group. Groups begin wk of April 1st. University Chapel Fellowship 988. MORE from the Univ. Chapel Fellowship! Sunday worship 11: 00. Visit with some great people in Plant City on Wed. 6:309:01>-Meet here, rides provided. Sing nr play with a performing music groupGodspell Tues. Night. A committed Christian concerns group will be starting Tues. p.m.-call Rick for details 98-1185. DATE MATCHING service. It's a simple, inexpensive and fun way to get acquainted. For complete information, ap plication, write New Friends, P.O. Bo:< 22693, Tampa, Florida 33622. TEST anxious students interested in the possibility of improving their academic performance should contact Jeff Bedell at the Counseling Center at 974-2833 by April 3, 1974. MODERN MUSIC THEORY evening classes for hobby and career-oriented musicians. All instrumentalists and vocalists, beginning to advanced are eligible Classes begin April 8. Call Applied Music School 239-9472. THE Psychological Clinic, Dept. of Psychology, will iJffer group counseling for personal problems to faculty, staff, and part-lime students during Qtr. Ill. Grous will begin early in April and will be conducted by doctoral students in psychology under supervision of a faculty member. Anyone interested may call Mrs. Diane Ludington, 974-2795 or Dr. Donald Stein, 974-2885 througl1 Apr. 4. NEAR USF, Lake Ellen by owner, 3 bdrm. 2 baths, paneled family rm. Utility rm, dble garage, dishwasher, disposal, bit. in oven, w-w carpet, c-a & h. Citrus trees, fenced yard. S41,000. 933. 90' ALAFIA Riverfront-C.B. 2 bdrm, 1'12 bath home. 15 min. to Temple Terrace. 545,000. 5 acres for trailer or home; l/2 acre homeslte wooded-$5,500; 1 section on river, will divide; trailer parks, grove, ranches, & commercial. Elsie Pickard, Inc. 677-1677' 677-1248. .. TRAVEL OPPORTUNITIES GO WHERE THE CROWDS DON'TKNOWI I Year round OVERLAND camping Hlrls. Europe, Russia, Engfnd, Afrlu, Scandinvl, or where ever. Discover more on your own-without hitching; Et better but cheper; Go further-be safer; nd DO MORE fhan you could ever do by yourself. Trll llluers: TOLL FREE 800-223-558'. EUROPE-ISRAEL-AFRICA Travel discounts yeu-round. Student Air Travef Agency, Inc. 201 Allen Rd. Suite 410, Atlanta, Ga. 30328 ( 404) 256-4258. ( MISC. FOR SALE ) ( .._ __ R__De_s ___ ] .. PINBALL machines for sale. 12 to choose from. All reconditioned and fully guaranteed. Sl00-5200. C;ill 971-2899 between 4 and 6 p.m. A.K.C. Peking115e free to middle-aged professional home-9401 11th St. N. Tamp;i. Must spay, or alter. Only dog lovers apply to adopt. No small children. Home 11lr conditioned-Worth $200.00 RIDE NEEDED to Plant City on Fridays call 752. Will pay. [ lOST & FOUND ) FOUNDYoung male Cocker Spaniel. White with black head & ears. 933 Apt. 355. Cash in on values! Check the classified page LAN 472 Ph. 974-2620 i Ii mn MUST SELL my car 1966 Ford Falcon as it is-$250. Interested please call Danny 9852670 5:30-6:30 Mon-Fri, Sat-Sun all day. Good dPal-Price is right. Again 985-2670 Danny J .S.C.A. '73 CAPRI, V-6, AM-FM radio, 8 track stereo, 4 speed, decor interior, copper metallic color, tan interior, 11,000 mi. 25 mpg, perfect cond. $2995. Call Steve 932-2175. 1966 CHEVROLET Van. Auto. Trans. Tape player, carpeting & extras. New engine. Excellent condition. $850. See Dave in room 307 Fontana Hall Fletcher Avenue. VOLKSWAGEN engine repair value work. complete overhauls, tune-ups valve ad justment, FREE estimations. A peoples co-operative reasonable fair and honest work. 935-6992 OM Shanti-George. SERVICESOFFERED I SPECIALIZED TYPIST I BM CORRECTING Selectric, carbon ribbon, pica or elite. Greek symbols. Exp. :rurabian, Campbell, APA, etc. 5 min. from USF. Nina Schiro, 971-2139. If no answer, 235-3261. EXTRAORDINARY TYPIST-6 plus quality years. Dissertations-manuscriptsstatistics. I BM Selectric-carbon rib-elitepica. References. During all week call 6-8 a.m. or 6-10 p.m.-Anytime weekends-BJ 884. PAPERS typed-Selectric, 75c-Doublespaced page. Spell!ng & grammar corrected. Carolyn, rm. 15A, Soc, Sci., or 935. TYPING, Fast, Neat, Accurate, Exp. Turabian I BM Corrective Selectric. Carbon ribbon. Pica or Elite. All types of work. Close to USF. 988 Lucy Wilson. FAST accurate typing service. 48 hr. service in most instances. 2 min. from USF. Between 8:30 and 5:00 call 879-7222 ext. 238. After 6:00 call 988. Ask for Liz. I =-MOBILE HOMES ) WOODED LOT for mobile home, 5 min. from USF, $50 monthly, includes water, sewer. Quiet beautiful, boat ramp, fishing. Call Bob 988-4085. A-C USED AUTO PARTS SPECIALIZING IN FOREIGN CARS AND PARTS 10% DISCOUNT ON ALL PARTS FOR USF STUDENTS I c= PH. 932-4329 Fraternity House Barbershop (Sebring Certified) {Unisex Shop) SHAGS STYLING LA YER CUTS RAZOR cu-rs PH-971-3633 Appointments Available Hours daily 9-6 thurs.&fri. 9-ZOO 13520 u N IVERSrrv PLAZA & 4803 Busch Blvd. There's no easy way for Charlie Nelson to become Dr. Nelson. But there is a way to make it somewhat easier. Our way. The Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program. It won't soften the demands of your professors. or those you make upon yourself -but ii may free you from t11ose financial problems whicl1. understandably. can put a crimp "' your concer.trzit1on. If you qudl1fy. our scholarship program will covt>r the costs of your medical education. More. you'll rece1vl a good rnonll1ly allowance all througl1 your schooling. But what happens

AAU P considers coalition w Orld Wide Oracle photo by Dave Watson From left, Masoto Nishioka, 4EGG, Shaheen Siddiqi, 4EGR, and Grace Chang, 4ACC, will be part of the contingent at the World Affairs Council International Dinner Friday at '1: 30 p.m. in the UC Ballroom. Tickets may be purchased until noon Friday in UC 217 or by calling 974-2615. [ job mart ) The following employers will be in terviewi!'g on-campus on the days as indicated. Contact Student Career and Em ployment Center (AOC 105 or 974-2200) to schedule appointments and for complete information. April 9 NASA BS-Mechanical, Electrical Engineers. June and Aug. U.S. Navy Recrui.ting-B or Many major. Dec., Mar., June, Aug. and Alumni. Through April 12. April 10 Metropolitan Life Ins. Co.-BA-Mkt or any other applicant who shows interest in insurance or selling profession. Dec ... 1\1\arch, and Aug. U.S. Navy Recruiting-Same as April 9. Cqnnecticut Mutual Life B or M -all majors. Dec., March, June, Aug. and alumni. April 12 Maryland Casually BBusiness related majors and Engineering: Na.val Ordinance Station BS Mechanical, Chemical, Aerospace, Electronic, Industrial, Metailugist, Chemist, Phy., Engineering. Dec., June, Aug. and alumni. April 15 Del Monte Sales Co BA-Marketing. June. J.C. Penny Co. BA. MA-Accounting. June. Maas Elrothers B or MAall Majors. June, Aug. and alumni. April 16 Electronic Data Systems B or M-all Majors. June. H. J. Heinz Company Bachelors-Mkt., Bus. Adm., Mgt. Jun, Aug. and Alumni. April 17 Adams Packaging Assoc., Inc. B or M Accounting. June and alumni. Arthur Anderson and Co. B or M Ac counting. June and Aug. Electronic Data Systems Same as April -16 April 18 Allstate Insurance Co. B or Mall Majors. June and Alumni. Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta B or MBus., Fin., Econ., Mgt. .Acctg., Computer Sci., No Mkt. March., June, Aug. and Alumni. April 19 Allstate Insurance Co. -Same as April 18. F .iremann's Fund BA-Mkt. Bus. Adm., Econ., Liberal Arts. March and June. Social Security Admin. BALiberal Arts., Soc. Sci., Psy.;soc., other majors with bachelor degree. June and Aug. April 23 Florida Parole and Probation BA, MA Criminology, Psy., Soc. (Will consi _der othersi Dec., March, :June, Aug., and Alumni. Metro Contract Services BA-Mkt., Mgt., Bus. Adm., June, Aug. and Alumni. Professional Economic Services B or M Aii majors. Dec., March, June, Aug., and Alumni. The USF chapter of th e American Association of University Professors c AA UP l will meet at lp.m. today in LAN 118 to decide whether to en t e r a coalit.ion with the n ew l y formed United Faculty of Florida < UFF >, AAUP member Dr. Sotirios Barber said yesterday. Barber said the partial coalition, if entered, would adopt the UFF as the collective bargaining agent for the AAUP. THIS WOULD be advantageous as "the AAUP does not begin to have the resources of the UFF," Barber said. It is not equipped to go to court regularly or to lobby in Tallahassee. "The most productive role the /\AU! can p lay i s to r e m ain the con sc i e n c e of the profession and le a ve th e mu s cle to others who are better equipped," B arber said. The UFF was form ed last month when the Florida Hig her Education Association and th e state American Federation of Teachers merged, he said. BARBER SAID th e AAUP would retain its identity and standards a nd could withdraw from the agreement with a 90-day notice he said. Dr. Jack Moore, president of USF's AAUP, said no decision on the coalition will be made unless the local members agree. Barber said while the unity ************************************ It WOMEN'S SELF DEFENSE umrse -' \Offered to USF women STUDENTS f I I Taught by USF black belt Doug Duncan. Sessions Tues. & Thurs. 6-7 p.m. Sign up now in UC 156 course starts 25c per person April 9 SPONSORED BY STUDENT GOVT 11 REMEMBER SOVIET JEWRY BOYCOTT PEPSI SOCIAL ACTION COMMITTEE USF JEWISH STUDENT UNION IS RUNNING THE TEAM YOUR THING? CAN YOU USE $2;000 DURING YOUR LAST TWO YEARS OF-COLLEGE? GO ARMY R.O.T.C. AVAILABLE TO: -MALE AND FEMALE -l,2,3, & 4 YEAR SCHOLARSHIPS ARE AVAILABLE -FREE FLIGHT TRAINING, RANGER AND.AIRBORNE TRAINING ARE AVAILABLE ENROLL NOW PROGRAM AVAILABLE AT: UNIVERSITY OF TAMPA HILLSBOROUGH COMMUNITY COLLEGE USF STUDENTS CAN ENROLL AS SPECIAL STUDENTS CONTACT: ROTC UNIVEl{SITY OF TAMPA 253-3726 achie v e d would bring increased influence to th e faculty, profe ssors would s till not be in th e posi tion of s tren g th th e Administration enjoy s. vourfirst tampon 1should bea Kotex r--:------, Fo1 a 111<11 size packaoe o f Kotex t rirnpons ( 5 a pretty purse con1a11 1 cc. and a very explanatory book en111lcd T ell !t Like It Is ... 'rna il lt 1 1 S Order tu rrn \ ':1th 25 t 1n coin to cove1 m1.1d1n9 trnd handlin g 10 : Kote x tampons B ox 551 CN1 Neenah, Wisconsin 54956 ----Coty _____________ ___ .su r 0 _____ Z !p ___ Allo:,. .i ,.eeks for delivery. O!ler cxpue5 D ec ember 3 1 197 4 Limit one per c u s 1omcr. 0Feminjnity today from Kimberly-Clark


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