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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
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University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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' Faculty 1dissatisfied Dye sees no problem Leslie Small ... says faculty dissatisfied Jon English ... eyes lawsuit BY SANDRA WRIGHT Oracle Managing Editor Although two Business Administration faculty said they are con sidering a lawsuit because of tenure denials and four others said the college is suffering serious morale problems, Business Dean Howard Dye said yesterday he "can't get that upset" about the situation. Two of the 10 faculty Dye asked be denied tenure, Dr. Jon English of Management and Andrew Wallace of Marketing, said they are leaving open the option of filing a lawsuit. English termed tenure practices in the college as "arbitrary, capricious and discriminatory" and said "politicalcronyism" is a basis for deciding who gets tenure. "IF THE CHAIRMAN of the department or the dean don't like you, you're in trouble," English said. "The injustices and inequities in this college are widespread." English and two others who Dye asked be denied tenure said the dean never spoke directly with them before the decision was made. "He never called me down, never talked to me at all and he makes that kind of decision," Dr. Les Small, a Finance professor whose recommended tenure denial was overridden by Vice President for Academic Affairs Carl Riggs, said. "The dean came by one day (after Riggs' decision) and shook my hand and said 'congratulations' and that's the last time I talked to him." MANAGEMENT PROFESSOR Rodney Sherman also said he had not spoken to Dye before the recommended denial was made. "He may know me and he may not," Sherman said. "That's nonsense," Dye said. "We've had a meeting here. Yes, in fact, we've gone over to the vice president's office. They were able to make any points they wished." HOWEVER, AT LEAST six faculty said most Business professors are very dissatisfied. Two of those whose tenure was denied said they are glad to leave USF and one, Charles Landry of Finance, said he has already submitted his resignation. Summer plans made Computer carpool ready USF will implement a computerized carpooling system summer quarter, James Dudley, administrative assistant to SG Pres. Richard Merrick, said yesterday. SG is co-sponsor with the Tampa Bay Area Rapid Transit Authority

2-THE.ORACLE April 12, 1974 Nixon subpoenaed for 41 tapes WASHINGTON The House Judiciary Committee sub poenaed Pres. Nixon for 41 tape recordings yesterday in an at tempt to determine whether his role in Watergate warrants his impeachment. The committee's demand for the evidence was approved on a 33 to 3 bipartisan vote The legal papers were served on the President's Watergate lawyer, James D. St Clair, at 4 :16 p.m EDT, making Nixon the first president ever to be subpoenaed by Congress. Earlier in the day, the White House offered to provide the House Judiciary Committee some of the tapes it wants for its impeachment inquiry The move failed to satisfy the committee's Democratic majority Reform bill passes WASHINGTON The Senate approved yesterday a com prehensive package of political reforms including the financing of presidential and congressional campaigns with taxpayers' money beginning in 1976. The measure, partly spurred by the Watergate scandals, would also limit the amount of money candidates could spend and put an end .to "fat cat" contributions. r wire news edited by Sheila Hooper Com piled from the news wires of United Press International Vets get money WASHINGTON -Pres. Nixon signed an urgent supplemental appropriations bill providing $750 million for Vietnam veterans benefit payments. The White House said the major supplemental ap propriations bill now pending in the House, was not expected to be enacted in time and to make veterans payments required by law Jury convicts Boyle MEDIA, Pa. W A "Tony" Boyle president of the 200,000 member United Mine Workers union for nearly a de cade, was convicted of three counts of first degree murder yes{erday on charges he set in motion the 1969 Yablonski slayings A jury of nine men and three women found that Boyle ordered the assassination of union 971 archrival Joseph A "Jock" Yablonski in June 1969 and authorized a secret UMW fund of $20,000 to pay hired killers Break-in trial set WASHINGTON Judge Gerhard A. Gesell yesterday set June 17 for the federal conspiracy trial of former presidential ad viser John D Ehrilchman and five others in connection with the Ellsberg break-in day with wn cup. Public vote on ERA fails TALLAHASSEE The House General Legislation Committee overwhelmingly rejected a proposal for a "straw ballot" public referendum on the Equal Rights Amendment t about how your CAR works All Dl) j.I vf-' University women are invited LJ ;,fc> ..JO d 1 1 onat10n ... starting this Saturday the 13th 9 A.M. til noon meet us in UC 251 Keep your shirt on FLING is here! SPARKLING VODKA COCKTAIL .Available in your favorite flavorsStrawberry and Orange r ---------------, I How to get your "HAVE A FLING" T-SHIRT I I If you would like a "Have a Fling" T-Shirt (Available I I in Medium and Small sizes only), just send $2. 00 I I (includes handling and postage for each shirt) to J I "Fling", P.O. aox 9, Pekin, 111. 61554. I I Be sure to specify size. I L VODKA COC'

Oracle photo by Jeff Steel Fashion talk Three members of Delta Gamma discuss the plans for the fashion show the group is sponsoring Tuesday in the UC Ballroom. Tickets for the event are $1. Machines idle THE ORACLE April 12, 1974 3 USF jolns local effort to recycle paper ltems BY WAYNE SPRAGUE Oracle Staff Writer If lugging old Oracles, Tribunes and Times to recycling centers has been taxing your conservationist spirit, take heart; help is on the way. Tampa will install newspaper recycling containers on campus over the weekend for use by students, faculty and nearby residents, Norman Conaty, Tampa director of sanitation, said. USF PHYSICAL PLANT Director Charles Butler said the University has made arrangements with the city to enlarge their city-wide recycling program to include USF. The city will be responsible for the containers and the picking up of materials, he said. The six collection sites on campus will be located on the west side of the UC; the south side of Gamma Hall; between Epsilon Delta and Iota Halls; on the south side of the Lan-Lit Building; the north side of the Gymnasium and the west side of the Chemistry Building, John Andrews, land and grounds keeping superintendent, said. CONATY SAID the city has over 30 voluntary recycling centers in operation The newspaper recycling "is going great," Conaty said. "We collect around 40,000 pounds of newspaper a week," he said. The city also collects glass and tin cans, he said. From January to March the program collected 2,245 pounds of aluminum, 22,465 pounds of tin, 49,265 pounds of white glass, 27,640 pounds of colored glass, and 339,525 pounds of cardboard. TREMENDOUS '""' 6v '-'''"''i-c., g (,ih'"" f..,,d .... o'q.. Ku,11111) \!111111. C(.\.\,: '\C(.(., J1"1 IJrp l .\ Lim \'-\. Ind '-' F r Our ftt'<' c.,Y.\j WRITE : Ace Music Center .sJl-13630 West Dixie Highway W -North Miami, Florida 33161 Terminal s wait activation BY MARY HUTH MYERS Oracle Starr Writer Three computer terminals in the Business Administration which were supposed to be connected March 29 are still not functioning Computer Research Ce nter Operations Manager John Jackson said yeste rd ay. The terminals were moved from the Science Cent e r March 28 with three others whieh were put in Engineering, Jackson said. "WE MOVE D them then because the telep hon e lines were s uppo sed to be ready the next day," he said. "Apparently there is some holdup on the part of the telephone company. USF s Telephone Supervisor Joan Moyer said General Telephone was having trouble with cable faciliti es. The cable fittings weren t right," she said. Moyer said General Telephone had informed her they were go ing to connect the terminals yesterday. However, Alice Woods a secretary in Busin ess Administration said some fur ther trouble had arisen and the terminals were still unconnected. JACKSON SAID the terminals were moved to make it more convenien t for the computer' s heaviest users, who are mainly Enginee ring or Business majors. "If the phone company says there is going to b e any more dela y we'll put them back in the Scienc e Center for awhi le," he s aid. Th e terminals in Engineering were not connected w hen first planned eith e r Jac kson said. They were returned to the Science Center because of this. 13ECAUSE Business i s further away, it made it difficult for us to move them," he said. "We'd just paid Phys i cal Plant to move the m ov e r th e re; we didn't want to pay again to move th e m back.'' Jackson said the temporary loss of the three t erminals ha s caused some "inconvenience to users bu( no backlog o f programs. "There are a lot of times, especially near the end of the quarter, when students don't use the terminals very much," he said. NEW IN TAMPA A A T FOHEIGN CAH PARTS. INC 9931 FLA. A VE. PH: 933-7897 FLORILAND MALL T ompo, Fkmdo 1541 S. DALE MABRY T ampo, EXECUTIVE PLAZA Stondon, fk>r id o CLEARWATER MALL Clearwater, Hondo WINTER HAVEN MALL Winter Hoven, flo11do LAKE PARKER MALL Lol.elon d 395 PARK AVE. SOUTH Wint.,. Poril, flor+do FIELDS PLAZA leesbvrg, Fb-ido CUTLER RIDGE CENTER Miomi fk>rido TONIGHT EWING STREET TIMES SG receives complaints regarding rent problems E x T R A E x T R A BY STEVE SPINA Oracle Staff Writer USF's Off-Campus Hou sing Offic e has received a t least IO complaints from st ud e nts con cerning depo s it returns and one case of "bla t a nt discrimi nati o n against a bla c k t ena nt .John S hell y. SG secretary of Com munit y Services, said Two apartme nt comp l exes La Mancha Dos and Paradise Apartments, were cited for refusing to return deposits to s tudents, Shell y said. GEORGE HASEMAr-.;, manager of L a Mancha Dos. s aid "virtu a lly everybody gets the ir deposits returne d, unless they break their contract or inflict se riou s damage to the apart ment. P a radis e Apartmen t s a l so was ci ted for holding back on depo sits. but acting manager C hri s tin e Williams said s tud e nts forfeit the ir depo s its" if they break the ir lease and all a p a rt ment te nant s a r e automatically charge d $25 for ru g c l eaning. These terms are in th e lease Williams said. Tl would not b e f a ir lo the s tudents" lo r e lease any names S h elly s aid, b eca u se they are "involved in n eg otiation s wit h t h e landlord s and the point o f the office i s t o try to m e diat e h e sa id. 75 w/ID THE EMPTY KEG RETURN GIG Fri. April 12 8:30 p.m. JEAN COCTEAU'S 1<:,; A -103 BLOOD OF LAN realistic documentary composed of unreal happenings" Fri. April 12, Sat. April 13, 7:30 & 10:00 Sun. April 14, 8:00 ONLY


/ 4 -THE ORACLE April 12, 1974 Mackey responds to reaction Take too much away from the people and you get trouble. Marie Antoinette, Czar Nicholas II, and King George III took too much and found revolution on their hands. Pres. Cecil Mackey found that history can repeat itself when reaction to his actions culminated in an effort to "Dump Mackey," which gained University-wide interest and unusually high response from this commuter campus. THE REACTION-from students, faculty and staff members-came after Mackey, over a one-year period: instituted a weekend curfew which ended late night activities; -initiated fund-raising for con struction of Picasso's "Bust of a Woman" on campus without Faculty Senate support or student input; -sought to remove the Oracle from campus despite opposition from the Board of Student Publications, SG and the Faculty Senate and -approved cutting the most popular student-oriented program offered by the campus-located radio station. MACKEY'S TROUBLES may have been one reason two of these decisions have been reversed (at least ternporarily) in the past two days. Yesterday he announced the Oracle will remain on campus at least through fall quarter and Dr Joe Howell, vice president for Student Affairs, said the 11 p.m. campus-wide curfew has been repealed for weekend movies. In addition, Howell announced Mackey 's decision to override recommendations from Athletic Director Dick Bowers, Howell and a lame duck Athletic Council that golf be cut from USF's athletics program. These three actions are small but significant in that they show Mackey ry()IJ Wf\NT WEEKEND !=IL.MS? ... AND GOLF? ANt:> ASTuoeNT-ED1Te:P News r .. WELL,WH'i' 010N'T 1r1ou SA'T' SO?/?'' USF'. needs efficient book store Editor: Has anyone ever heard of a book store staffing its cash registers with people not properly trair.ed in operation procedure, demanding its customers park in a lot adjacent to the store (rather than in the lot directly in front of the store), being open for "service" while not allowing you access to the books, ordering an entirely different edition of a book for a class (at their whim without consulting the faculty member.who teaches the course), and not having enough copies of a text for a class? HERE IN NORTH TAMPA it's called letters the "University Textbook Center." Any other bookstore in the outside business World would go bankrupt operating on the same level of incompetence. Its customers would be free to choose not to do business with it and they would take their business elsewhere. How long will the students and ORACLE ANPA Pacemaker Award 1967, 1969 SDX Mark of Excellence 1972 Editor Advertising Manager Managing Editor News Editor Copy Editor Editorial Editor Valerie Wickstrom Tom Wallace Sandra Wright Mike Kaszuba J'ean Trahan Dave Herzog ACP All-AmeriCan since 1967 Photo Editor Bill Cullerton Sports Editor Dave Moormann Entertainment Editor Ed Reed Advisor Leo Stalnaker News phones 974-2619, 2842, 2398 DEADLINES: General news 3 p.m. dally for followlng d1y Issue. Advertising (With proof) Thursday noon for Tuesday, Friday noon for Wednesday, Mond1y noon for Thursday, Tuesday noon for Friday. De1dllnes extended without proof. CIHslfled 1ds t1ken I a.m. noon two d1ys before publlcatlon In person or by mill with p1yment enclosed. Advertising rates on request, 974-2620, Mondly through Frld1y, I 1.m.-5 p.m. Stories nd pictures of interest to students m1y be submitted to the Or1cte In LAN 469 or the suggestion boxes In the Library 1nd lJC. faculty tolerate this shoddy attempt at serving the academic community? Where are all you activists when we need you for constructive reform? Form an ad hoc committee, student senate and faculty senate. Write editorials, Oracle. The ad hoc com mittees could work together and study bookstore reform, and submit questionnaires to other state univer sities in the country to see how they operate (i.e an off-campus alternative or an on-campus co-op), and make constructive suggestions for reform. Place the suggestions on a petition in the UC where concerned members of the University could add their signatures. Then the petition should be sent to Pres. Mackey and his vice presidents, the BOR members and the state legislature. A university should provide its students and faculty with an en vironment in which to explore knowledge. A university without an efficient bookstore is severely han dicapped in meeting that goal. C. A. Jones 2DUS This public document was promulgated at an annual cost of $148,696.45 or 9c per copy, to disseminate news to the students, staff and faculty of the University of South Florida. (Fifty-nine per cent of the per issue cost is offset by advertising revenue.) responds (at least partially l to the public. THE ACTIO:\S show Mackey -realized his salary is paid by taxpayers who send their children to or who themselves attend University of South Florida. These people the public to whom Mackey and Florida's entire educational system are responsible want quality for their money in terms of educational benefits not only in the classroom, but also through the ac tivities, programs and services the University offers. If you give the people a publish-or perish educational institution, remove professors who have strong community ties and cut back student programs and services, you're bound to get trouble, if not a full-scale revolution. The strong community reaction which brought about the recent changes mentioned previously may be ebbing. But quite possibly, this may be just the start of a display of public discontent which may reach out beyond the USF community and the Tampa Bay Area and into the power pockets of the state. letters policy The Oracle welcomes letters to the editor on all topics. All letters must be signed and include the writer's student classification and telephone number. Letters will be limited to 150 words. Letters should be typewritten triple spaced. The editor reserves the right to edit or shorten letters. A lady and a friend of ours died Monday. Her passing should not go unnoticed because her living with us should not be forgotten Mrs. Marjorie Rogers, the secretary for the Mass Com munications Department for the past nine years, was advisor, typist, bookkeeper, confessor, crisis-fixer record keeper and above all, friend to every student and faculty member. To the student who tried to "con" her with a phony excuse, or the instructor who had "forgotten" to meet some academic deadline, she could chasten the errant one with a stern stare and sometimes, with a few succinct words of reprimand. But always, the admonishment would be followed by a helpful word or action to put the situation right. As much as any other official of the department, Marge helped create and develop on this campus the facilities and the environment in which young people can study journalism and communications media. Nothing gave her greater satisfaction than to learn a new graduate landed that first job in the profession. For dedicated ser vice, hard and tedious work during the beginning years, the department and the University had a matchless secretary. But most of all, she was someone who really cared about the people whom she served so devotedly. We will miss her greatly, and we wanted to put this on the record. The Faculty, Staff and Students of the Mass Communications Dept.


DOONESBURY by Garry Trudeau THE ORACLE -April 12, 1974 5 "' IT 116ANS I 1116/IT 6ET IN IF 8Glf LOU JACOBI H !ht lull '"" ALAN ARKIN """ .. A&odUyGouldPTcdicloi l111tOOucmc Ah0St1rrm1 MARCIA ROOO VINCENT GARDENIA EUIABETH WILSON JON KORKlS r;:;AlAN ARKIN '"""""'Br JACK BRODSKY """'""Br JlllS FEIFFER """ "'" e., "(lfllllCUO LJ,.,09, 111q"'"I accompanr""OI Panl or A<1u11Gu.,doan -& April 13, 14 7:30 & 9:30 p.m. April 15 7 & 9 p.m. Cll.tJIBY IHUX! ENA $1.00 Film Art Series Several administrators indicated concern over the possibility the system would be used by outside individuals to exert influence upon what are now internal decisions of the University VICE PRESIDENT for Academic Affairs Carl Riggs said he has heard concern that the plan might turn into something like the "12-hour bill" which was used by outsiders to tell universities to "do this and this and this." Decarlo said, "There may be those who would use this for evil purposes," but people should not let this get in the way of solving "a situation that is quite a problem." "The most notable 'Lear' of our time!" -Arthur Knight, Saturday Review PAUL SCOFIELD In PETER BROOK'S King Lear Kill Thursday 1nd st1rrin1 April rn IRENE WORTH 2:30, 5:00, 7:309 10:00 p.m. SHOWN AT THE TODD THEATRE Nebrska at Fowler Students $1.00 General $1.50 USF. Film Art Series I fCJAlJET I I fUTUAE I I SHCJLK!! I : ... Qli...-.., ...... ... :.: m-P-c?-'-'"""' : 5 i o i o i .-,_ : Model 4240 Stereo 2 + Quadradial 4 Receiver : Marantz has something that will take care of the future for you. : It's the Model 4240 Stereo 2 + Quadradial 4 Receiver. Built with : : precision from the inside, out -and safeguards against obso-: lescence ... the 4240 just gets better with age. Here are the : reasons. The Dolby Noise Reduction Circuit virtually eliminates : noise and hiss from tape and FM Dolby-encoded broadcasts, giving your music the finest clarity and of sound. The 4240 : offers a unique hidden pocket, which accomm'odates an SQ Decoder : : or any future 4 -channel Matrix design. So it's set for the future. : And, in the case of advanced improvements in 4-channel technol : ogy, simply replace the inexpensive decoder -not the unit. : There's also power to spare. You get over 80 Watts RMS Continuous Power with less than 0.5% THO or IM Distortion for any frequency : from 20Hz to 20kHz at 8 Ohms. This gives you more than 40 Watts : RMS per channel in the bridged stereo mode, and over 17 Watts : RMS per channel in the Quadradial mode. The exclusive feature of : Vari-Matrix allows you to play your stereo collection with full : 4-channel effect of a live performance. With the 4240, the future : is here ... in the Marantz Quadradial Touch. Once you hear it, : you'll understand why. : : .. : We sound better. : Viviano Stereo Shops : Now 2 Locatlon1 : 1536 S Dale Mabry. phone 251-1085 ; 11158 N 30th Street. phone 977-0670 : ..


6 -THE ORACLE April 12, 1974 Mackey extends curfew For Your Denim Needs: BY ED REED Oracle Entertainment Editor USF s 11 p m. curfew will be relaxed beginning today Vice President for Student Affairs Joe Howell said In a meeting with Oracle and SG representatives, Howell said curfews will be extended on weekends until 2 a.m. Friday and Saturday nights for "film programs only." The extension will include the use of the Auditorium and the ENA auditoriums only "The new proposal was stimulated by the Hotline session President Mackey held in Beta hall," Howell said. Most students at the session asked questions concerning the curfew and its Joe Howell .. announces extension effect on late night en tertainment. From this and other circumstances surrounding the issue, Dr Howell made th e recommend a tion to Mackey that an extension on fhe curfew for weekend film entertainment should be made, and Mackey agreed. "People say that Pres. Mackey doesn't listen to the requests of students, but he does Howell said The proposal, though, does not allow any other forms of entertainment other than the previous Midnight Madness or "Head Theater" film series to be performed at the auditoriums, Howell said. Speakers concerts or plays cannot be scheduled. Howell also cited a security problem in the Lan-Lit building which he said will be solved by using the front entrance as the ticket entrance to the auditorium Band lacks showmanship BY JEFF STRANGE Oracle Entertainment Writer "The Ewing Street Times" played the first of three engagements at the Empty Keg Wednesday night. They started late and finished early, closing with the promise to play more and better music the following nights. ::> Playing a good variety of music .. when they weren't too busy on stage, the band was in their lack of a performance. POPULAR group which has played at USF before, demonstrated their musical versatility by playing country, folk and rock'n'roll. They are talented musicians, especially John and Michael at guitar and vocals, but the audience wit nessed a practice session more than a concert. The group called their first show a tune-up for their in struments and the following shows would feature cuts from their album. Included in their act was a broken guitar string, Eggs, 111usic, films fill Easter weekend This weekend is filled with many varied events, from rock concerts to recitals, and films to egg hunts On campus there are two films being presented, the SEAC weekend film "The Blood of a Poet," and "Little Murders," sponsored by the Film Art Series. Produced and written by Jean Cocteau, "The Blood of a Poet" stars Lee Miller and Enrico Rivero It is a film of the Avantgarde School of Cinema, and as Cocteau puts it, "a realistic documentary composed of unreal happenings." Ii will be in LAN 103 tonight and tomorrow at 7 _:30 and 10 p.m. and Sunday at 8 p.m. only "Litt.le Murders directed by Alan Arkin who starred in "Catch 22," is a satirical comment on society made up of totally insane scenes and predicaments. Elliot Gould, and Donald Sutherland star in this "Doctor Strangelove" of the 1970's. It is being presented in ENA tonight, tomorrow and Sunday at 7 :30 and 9 :30 p m Finally, a folk dance of music and dance will be held in the gardens of Beaux Arts Gallery 7711 60th St., Pinellas Park. whistling to attract attention of a fellow band member and an apology that they couldn t play longer because they weren't given enough time They started at 9 p.m for the 8 :30 engagement and finished at 10:45. But even this is misleading because the band consumed time between each song with setting changes like "musical chairs They introduced songs with comments like "better than nothing," and "I have a bad voice but will sing because I paid for the amplifiers. They even had the gall to ask the audience to help the band for 10 minutes and carry equipment upstairs after the show Their style was one of self criticism. This saved the audience from doing the honors Their final song was good and you had the feeling they were saving their best for last. You can chance it and see them tonight in the Empty Keg at 8 :30. Admission is 75 cents. "Otherwise, any scheduling of the facilities will follow normal procedure Howell said D a le Rose University lecturer and head of the "Midnight Madness" film series, said he was overjoyed "It's certainly exciting that the programs can be re-established again and I'm going to get started right away scheduling some good films for the rest of the quarter," Rose said H e said the program could begin next weekend HAIR STYLING AND REGULAR CUTS *LEE *LEVI *WRANGLER SEE LOUIE'S DEPT. STORE 1902 E. 7th Ave. Phone 248-1389 NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY TERRACE VILLAGE SHOPPING COMPLEX PHONE 988253 10930 N. !56TH STREET TEMPLE TERRACE, FLA. SLIK CHIK Jump into spring with Snappy Easter outfits Pick an egg and get up to $5 off on any outfit. 10024 N. 30th St. 10;.7 p.m. JBL's Century100 The most successful loudspeaker JBL e ver mode, and it s not e v en on original. It's a copy JBL s tole it from the le ading make r o f professional recording studio monitors: JBL. Oiled walnut. Dimensional f o a m grille in colors like Ultra Blue, Russet Bro w n o r Burnt Orange. Bea utiful. $ 2 7 3 UBI.. Only at er8rld 4812 E. BUSCH BLVD. PH. 988-7059 There will be several concerts in the Bay area tonight. The "James Gang" and Jim Stafford are playing under the bill of the "Beach Boys at Curtis Hixon Hall .at 8 p m. Tlckets are $5.50 and $6, and are almost sold out "The Doobie Brothers and the "Ozark Mountain Daredevils" are at the Bayfront Center in St. Petersburg. Tickets are $6, and the concert starts at 7 :30 p m If a studio recorded & mixed down the music you listen to through these 11 JBL1s'', don't you think the same speaker in !!!!ii i I Other events include a SEAC sponsored Easter Party for children tomorrow 9:30 a m till noon in the UC Ballroom There will be a tuba recital of John Sm i th tonight at 8:3 0 in FAH 1 01. I your own system would be the best choice?


THE ORACLE -April 12, 1974 7 Picasso committee seeks grant The Picasso Committee has requested a grant from the Fine Arts Council of Florida, Development Director Terry Edmonson said Wednesday. The Council selected the group, which is raising funds to build a 100-foot statue of Pablo Picasso's "Bust of a Woman,'' to receive a Governor's Award for the Fine Arts. COUNCIL GRANTS _Officer Museum unit plans meeting with USF County officials will arrange a meeting with USF administrators in the next few days to determine what the University will offer to have the proposed $2. 7 million museum placed on campus, a planning Commission official said yesterday. Commission Planner Larry Freid said he would like to have a meeting With USF officials and Museum Director Mike Mayfield "as soon as possible; like tomorrow or Monday." FREID SAID Mayfield is supposed to make the appointment and notify him, but said Mayfield had not yet done so. ''I guess I'll have to give him a call," he said. Joe Busta, executive assistant to USF Pres. Cecil Mackey, said yesterday afternoon the University has not yet been contacted on the Mayfield indicated "he doesn't want to speak to the Oracle just now." FREID SAID there has already been a similar meeting with University of Tampa After both universities have been contacted, "the Planning Commission will write a program for the museum ... and see which university best meets (the museum's) needs," Freid said. Freid said the commission is looking for space requirements, in cluding future expansion, land cost, parking, possible staffing and the vicinity of information resource centers. Tutorial service workers: more volunteers needed Intensive Tutorial ols along the same lines IT preschools function on, he said. Attention Seniors! Last Day to Apply for Quarter III Graduation is Friday April 12 Registrar's ADM 264 "They've been having a lot of problems with their schools," he said. "So we're going to work with them to hopefully improve both programs." Bob Nulf said he could not disclose the amount of the request. Edmonson also said he would not disclose the amount. Nulf said, "We have received about 175 grant requests so far. The recipients will be announced at the same time, probably about June or July." Nulf said there would be a big competition for grants because requests total about $1.75 million while the available funds will be FLIGHT SHOP J.. cVERYTHING FOR THE ':['AVIATION ENTHUSIAST Log Books Flight Cases Portable Radios Cessna Piper Beechcraft Owner Manuals Headsets Test Books Computers Plotters WAC & Sectional Charts including Carribean Head sets and Mikes Sunglasses Most Complete line of Plastic Scale Models e Cups & Glassware Ashtrays Instrument Charts Flight Training Courses Aircraft Pictures Aviation Books & Magazines A & P Mechanic School Aviatio n Jewelry ELT's Tech Publications FLY IN OR DRIVE IN St. Petersburg-Clearwater Airport St:Petersburg, Florida 33732 813-531-3545 FLIG> DEL TA AIRCRAFT CORPORATION around $983,000. "We've got so many problems requesting funds and they are so varied that it's difficult to decide," he said "We've got requests ranging from things like this major Picasso statue to the Florida Symphony Orchestra to the Asolo Theatre to inQ.ividual dance groups." "I think getting a grant from the Council would be a good morale boosting effect on the people trying to raise money for the statue," Edmonson said "We don't know how they'll decide, but we're hoping if they us once with the award they will again with some funds." IF YOU'RE PLAYING TENNIS WITH A HORNY BULL DON'T LET HIM -CHARGE THE NET. The Montezuma Horny Bull: l oz Montezuma Tequila. montezuma' 5 oz CONCENTRATED ORAI:JGE BREAKFAST DRINK. Over ice -It's sensational, and that's no bull. TEQ__UILA c 1974. 80 Proof. Tequila_ Barton Distillers Impart (a .. New York. New York


8 -THE ORACLE Aprll 12, 1974 Policy 1una .cceptable' Senate asks discipline changes A proposal calling for revision of Career Service employe disciplinary action and setting up procedures for review of such action has been submitted to Pres. Cecil Mackey by Career Services Senate Pres. Bill Hickok. "Disciplinary policy, as it now stands, cites 25 specific offenses which any employe of the University should know are unacceptable Phyllis Hamm chairman of the Senate committee which drew up the revisions said "The policies as Vets need certification Veterans whose G.I. Bill will run out May 31 should send in their Veterans Administration certification cards as soon as possible to in$ure their May checks, Veterans Affairs Director Bob Jett said "I feel very confident Congress will pass a G.I Bill which will extend the veterans' delimitating date an extra two years," Jett said He said there are many older students at USF whose G .I. Bill benefits will run out beca:use they have been out of the service eight years. "They must send their cards in soon in order to insure their checks and to tell the VA they are still attending school," Jett said He also urged all to write their legislative leaders to support a bill which would provide for a Department of Veterans Affairs. "This would be a cabinet level department," Jett said "They should also support a bill which provides for a waiving of most of the fees veterans have to pay to public institutions like .this University Profs to probe pesticide use on Gulf fish Two USF marine scientists will examine effects of pesticides on deep-sea Gulf fish with a $16,000 grant from the National En vironmental Protection Agency . Assistant professor Dr Ronald Baird and associate professor Dr. Thomas Hopkins, both of the USF Marine Science Institute, will work on the project until August, when they will submit a report to the EPA. Baird said the study was a follow-up of work he did for the EPA last year, when he surveyed the pesticide residue and mer cury content of i nshore Gulf fish. "We have no idea what we will find in the deep-sea fish, Baird said "To my knowledge there has nev er been a study of this type conducted in the Gulf. The amounts of mercury and pest i cide w ere reasonabl y low in the inshore fish but it could be a different story with the deep-sea species Baird said graduate student William Weiss will be a fulltime research assistant for the project. "Actually-. we've already begun work on it. but. as yet, we have no results he said written are degrading to Career Service people "OUR REVISION makes the guidelines similar to those im posed on faculty and administrative personnel,'' she said. "And the proposal also sets up a board to review disciplinary actions Hamm said much of the op-position s he has encountered has been in r eference to the review board However she said, State Career Service Personnel Rules stipulate a review procedure must be available at each institution. "It bothers me supervisor s would take actions in the course of the i r jobs that they wouldn't want reviewed," Hamm said "Any of my actions as an em ploye c a n be reviewed at any time." THE PROPOSAL was approved by the Senate Friday and sent to Mackey this week Hamm s aid. "I haven t heard anything from the President's office as yet," she said The Administrative and Professional Council discussed the proposal and its pos sible effects on administrative per sonnel Wednesday, but took no definite action 'The general idea behind our revision is that discipline should be corrective in nature rather than punishment," Hamm said. Bose. 11ie most highly reviewed speaker regardless of size or price Here are the judgments of the most respected critics and reviewers. "After a time trial measured in months rather than weeks, this one can definitely proclaim Bose is best, big or small, high or low." Irving Kolodin SATURDAY REVIEW "It is our opinion that this is the ;:.peaker system to own, regardless of price if one wams the ultimate in listening pleasure." e/e HIGH FIDELITY ... If your response to it is like ours, you'll be to turn it off and go to bed. Norman Eisenberg, HIGH FIDELITY "To hear a thunderous "low C" organ pedal. .. .or a clean, weighty impact of a bass is truly impressive ... There 1s no doubt that the much abused and overworked term "breakthrough" applies to the Bose 901 and its bold new concepts." ---Bert Whyte AUDIO ... I must say that I have never heard a speaker system in my own home which could surpass, or even equal, the Bos e 901 for overall 'realism' of sound." / The most highly reviewed speaker regardless of size or price. "The Bose have replaced forever ........._ our bulky studio speakers with compact, handsome units. The only trouble is -our studio is beginning to look like a living room!" DOWNBEAT Hirsch-Houk Laboratories, STEREO REVIEW I \ \ "But these speakers provide a qualit'.' which is not to be matched. STEREO & HI Fl TIMES "I urge that you listen for your\ self. I think you will have to agree that Bose has, in a single giant step, produced one of the "The 901 is very possibly finest speaker systems ever the only speaker to date to made." actually pour fourth in true AMERICAN RECORD 'concert hall fashion." GUIDE HI -Fl BUYER'S GUIDE The one review that really will convince you. is your own. We invite you .tP compare the BOSE 901 Direct/Reflecting Speaker with any conventional speaker, and hear the difference for yourself. viviano stereo shop 2 tampa locations: 1536 south dale mabry, tampa, florida 33609 11158 north 30th st., tampa, florida


THE ORACLE-April 12, 1974 THE CHAIN WARDS GREAT "TO.DAY" SHOP WHERE A GUY CAN AFFORD TO LOOK THE WAY HE FEELS Put-together Power NOW IN THE CHAIN ... a powerful new look for the guy who's ready for it. The colors are wild, designs far out ... even the textures are off-beat. And, you can get it all together in shirts and slacks made for each other, made just for that guy who's tired of the same old grind. These threads are something else ... and they're in THE CHAIN now. Shirt power ... $12.QO Slack power ... $17.QO Lots more Put-Togethers in THE CHAIN: Shirts from $12.00-$18.00 Slacks from $16.00-$25.00 ENJOY WHAT YOU NEED NOW-JUST SAY "CHARGE IT!" HAIN SHO CLEARANCE 40o/o OFF RIB KNIT SHIRTS CUFFED DOUBLE KNIT SLACKS SCREWDRIVER JEANS GET IT ALL TOGETHER IN THE CHAIN SHOP ENJOY WHAT YOU NEED NOW JUST SAY CARGE IT NORTH TAMPA STORE ONLY 9393 Floriland Mall Tampa Busch Blvd. and Florida Ave. Phone 933-6411 Open Mon.-Sat. 10 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Sundo1s 12:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.


10-THE ORACLE sports April 12, 1974 Club se'ts rallye The first "Scavenger Hunt Rallye" of the year, sponsored by the Greater Tampa Autosports Club, is slated at 7 p.m. Participants must bring a car with a working odometer, a flashlight, clip board and pen or pencil to Paesano's on 56th Street for the 10-15 mile event. Athletics-------Continued from page I could," said Howell "but the moratorium has us locked in. HOWELL SAID he did not have any idea if the BOR would let USF go ahead with plans. The decision by Mackey to discontinue swimming at USF ended more than a month of speculation that had begun February 20 when Howell and Bowers sent him a memorandum requesting the elimination of both swimming and golf "The main reason," said Howell, in explaining Mackey's move, "was to relieve the anxiety of the students. The practical reason was that we needed to find our budget, scheduling and coaches for next year." "CONSIDERING the economics of the matter, I think it's the only route we can take at this time," Bowers said. Since its move to Division I this season, USF officials pressed a desire to compete with major collegiate powers, though possessing a limited athletic budget. Experiencing its third suc cessive losing year, swimming received $18,312 of student ac tivities and service fees for 197374, ranking it just behind soccer and well in back of basketball's $109,781. INFORMED of Mackey's decision swimming Coach Bob Grindey refused to comment. Grindey had for indecision, saying it was keeping him from taking a stance on recruiting or relocation of players. Golf Coach Bob Shiv"1', who Howell indicated will be kept in his present position next year, said "everybody here at the golf course is extremely pleased USF is going to keep the golf program "I've changed my mind back ano forth several times in this waiting game," h e said, "but all along I felt in the back of my mind that we d keep it becau se I felt we had a good golf cour se and the weather was suitable to the sport." TONITE & SATURDAY Music by USF's "Class Action" Brahmans return towinning track EASY TRAILS INC. "QUALITY" CAMPING EQUIPMENT' 8711 N. 40th St. 988-004S Thur., Fri., 9-9 Mon., Tues., Wed., & Sat., 9-6 Women Free Always. USF's Golden Brahman baseball team broke its five game losing streak in notable fashion yesterday, knocking off Florida Southern College, the nation's number three small college team, 4-2. "It feels good to win one," commented Coach Beefy Wright. "In nine years here, this is only about the third game we've won with the wind blowing in." The Brahmans big inning came in the second, when they picked up three runs on one hit. Third baseman Tony Rizzo had the lone RBI, driving in Tom Guess who had reached base with a sacrifice bunt. Starting pitcher Charlie Mischo went the distance for the Brahmans, picking up his fifth win of the year. "I thought Charlie pitched a good game,'' Wright said. "He should have had a shutout, but we weren't that sharp defensively." Commenting on the team's recent problems, Wright said, "I think some of the guys have been battling themselves, but they'll RHE USF 030 100 OOx-4 5 3 Fla. So. Oll 000 000-2 9 2. WP-Mischo. LP-Fisher. USF downs Generals With a clean sweep of the singles, USF's Brahmans eased by Washington and Lee University 8-1 in their tennis match yesterday, boosting their season's record to 10-2 Capturing two-set victories in all six singles matches, the Brah mans took two of three in. the doubles as they breezed to their sixth straight win. Carl Harnish and Ken Voelker handed USF its only setback, edging substitutes Rex Yoakley and Mike Weinstein 7-6, 6-4. "When we have a match sewed up, I liketo give our substitutes a chance to play," Coach Spaff Taylor said. The Brahmans face a week of prac;tice before their next match, a 2p. m. contest with Cumberland College at Andros Thursday be all right. I think they'll be sky high now." Tomorrow, the Brahmans host St. Leo in a 1:30 p.m. contest before going on the road to face Rollins Monday : OUTFITTERS FOR CAMPING, BACK PACKING, CANOEING Canoe & Back pack Sales & Rentals Mi Back Yard 6902 N. 40th St. Pass the Jug. Pour the Jug.Jug-a-lug. Jug is the Great American Folk Wine. In Apple r Strawberry Glen. Full of the crisp cold bite of resh-picked country apples or sweet juicy trawberries. When you finish a jug of Jug, you can put a andle or daisies in it for a romantic meal. Or blow our favorite tune on ir. Enough sell. You want a Great American Poster? Send us just $1.00. Our Great American Poster easures 24" x 26". Resplendent in full color. Complete with painted-on frame. If you're decorating your room in American Gothic, it will fit right in Get yours fast for a mere $1.00 (no stam s lease) before we run out. JUG GREAT AMERICAN POSTER 12 E. Grand Ave. Room AA Chicago, Ill. 60611. Please send me posters, for which I have enclosed S __ Send my poscer co: Address _________________ I I I I I I I I 1 I I I Cicy Scace Zip I Offer good uncil February lsc, 1975 Void if restricted or forI bidden by law. Available only in U.S.A. Please allow 4 weeks for I delivery Poster Guarantee: If you receive a damaged poster, s1mI ply recurn ic to the above address and you will receive a new one. J


( t: A S A It S ) THE ORACLE -April 12, 1974 VILLAGE PRESCRIPTION CENTER no lines no hassles the alternative pharmacy Terrace Village Shopping Center [ HELP WANTED J I. SERVICESOFFERED:. r: PERSONAL a l personal service student, faculty and discount on Rx's staff 10938-B N. 56th St. 988-3896 SUMMER positions Mass. boys' camp has openings for gen counselors music science ham radio, tennis, golf swimming, etc. Interviews Thurs Apr. le-Sign for appt.-Stud. Empl. ADM 150 PART TIME eve. & weekends 2 or 3 students needed. Can study on job. Laundromat attendant. Call alter 5:30 p m 9350646. SUMMER position available. Male Camp Counselor (minimum age 18). Teach English Riding. JClll Ranch tamp, Brooksville, Fla. For info call local no 971-6525 Mon-Thurs. Ask for Ellen. CAN YOU QUALIFY FOR CWSP WORK? Responsible office help needed. Contact Philosophy Department, x-2454, LAN 259. ( MISC. FOR SALE J FREE beautiful black kittens. Box trained. Eight weeks old Call 9711069. FOR SALE: Bedroom set, nine-drawer dresser, two night tables, double bed w mattress, head and loot boards. Must be painted. A sking $60. Call 971-7875 evenings, ask for Jim Lucas or Leslie Brown. [ LOST & FOUND J LOST April 6, Black male cat. Named Shankar. Lo s t near USF 22nd St. between Fletcher and Skipper. Wearing a cl ear flea collar. Has one bad eye Reward oflered. Call 971-2115. REWARD all black German Shepherd lost near Busch and 14th Street. Male ten months, answers to Dakota. Please call 932-8071 if found. LOST: Large male German Shepherd. Last seen on campus near 30th St 988-1262. r FORRENT J FURNISHED l bedroom 32' Trailer on lake about 10 miles north of campus. $65 a month including water and garbage. Phone 68Y-2646. ]l/ 1 MINUTES FROMUSF New 2 br, w-w carpet, central heat and air, drapes, furnished! Sl8Q. Phone 988-5263 days or 988-5614 evenings& wkends. COLONIAL GARDENS Students welcome6 month lease 2 br, 1 bath, luxury apart ments. Swimming pool laundry, and Rec room. 2002 East 131 Ave. 971-4977 LA MANCHA DOS, Tampa's only stuocnt apt. complex. $72-90 per month. 1 from campus on 42nd St. 971-0100 t AUTOMOTIVE 1959 CHEVY, 6 cylinder stick. Good body, tires, & running condition. SllO firm 977. 5417 after 5 :00 p m CHEVY "69" Convertible 4 -spee d Hurst. New clutch. Good engine, tires, 2 stereo headphone s hook-up $695. Was $995, or will trade for boat or dirtbike. Call 986-3072, 985-1785 985-2968 afte r 5 1968 VW BUSBrand new engine, n e w paint and all brakes less than one y ear old. No rust interior ilnd exterior, in immaculate condition. 933-2727 evenings. 1970 OPEL Kadett, four speed, carpet, tape deck, 25 MPG. Sl,100 or best ofler. Call Marcia, 974-6254 (5) rm. 212. PAPERS typed-Selectric, 75c -Doublespaced page. Spelling & grammar corrected. Carolyn, rm. 15A, Soc, Sci. or 935-3597 TYPING, Fast, Neat, Accurate, Exp. Turabian I BM Corrective Selectric. Carbon ribbon. Pica or Elite. All types of work. Close to USF. 988-0836 Lucy Wllsoh FAST accurate typing service. 48 hr. service In most instances. 2 min. from USF. Between 8:30 and 5 :00 call 879-7222 ext. 238. Aiiter 6:00 call 988-3435 Ask for Liz. SPECIALIZED TYPIST IBM CORRECTING Selectric, carbon ribbon, pica or elite. Greek symbols. Exp. Turabian, Campbell, APA, etc. 5 min. from USF. Nina Schiro, 971-2139. If no answer, 235-3261. EXPERT TYPIST SPECIALIZING IN TURABIAN Term Papers, Theses, Dissertations & Reports. QUICK SERVICE 4 minutes from campus .Call Janie Odom, 9882161. USF CHILDREN'S CENTER. Fowler Ave. at Riverhills Drive. Pre-school childrenEducational program including Day Care-;, day or full day. Professional Supervision. 988-2257, 9887740. GRAPHICS SERVICE GRAPHS--CHARTS-CORPORATE I DE NT I TY-LETTERHEADS BROCHURES-NEWSPAPER LAYOUTS-HANDBILLS Call M e l Johns on 971-2634 after 6 p .m. EV ECO now oflers USF students 20 per cent off on all mobile home supplies, and labor. Sk irting starting irom $99.95. Patio Porch 10'x20' white w -any color trim 5159.95 Anchors installed for $ 9 .95. 985-3072 MOTORCYCLES & SCOOTERS I 1973 HONDA CB -450 excellent condition, only 3200 mi. Still under warranty I Save gas, gets 45-50 m p g. s1200 Call 876-3871>-Phil FOR SALE 1972 Honda CLJ50 Excellent condit ion. Villa Capri Apts. A-15. 22 St & Skippe r Rd. Mornings only $475.00. TRAVEL OPPORTUNITIES GO WHERE THE CROWDS DON'T KNOW! Year round OVERLAND camping safaris. Europe, Russia, England, Africa, Scan. dinavia, or where ever. Discover more or. your own-without hitching; Eat betterbut cheaper; Go further-be safer; and DO MORE than you could ever do by yourself. Trail _Blazers: TOLL FREE 800223-5586. EUROPE-ISRAEL-AFRICA Travel discounts year-round. Student Air Travel Agency, lnc. 201 Allen Rd. Suite 410, Atlanta, Ga. 30328 (404) 256-4258 INTERESTED IN NO-FRILLS LOW COST JET TRAVEL lo Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, Africa? EDUCATIONAL FLIGHTS can help you find the least ex pensive way to get them. Phone us toll free at (800) 233-5569. r MUSICAL J FENDER Super R e v erb Amp 40 walls RMS, 4-10" speakers 3 yrs. old Good cond i tion Comp a ct and reliable New -SSOO S ell for S200. Alpha 417-974-6315 Brad. I MOBILE HOMES J WOODED LOT for mobile home 5 min. from USF, sso monthly, includes water, sewe r Quiet beautiful. boat ramp, fishing. Call Bob 988-4085. Handcrafted Indian Jewelry Sale made b y Indians of the Southw es t Navajo over 500 items including Rings Belts Bracelets Pendants Squash blossoms Earrings and more Zuni :sale takes Place Thurs. Fri. Sat 10 a.m.-6 p.m. April 11, 12 13 Travelodge USF -2501 E. Fowler Tampa ALL STUDENTS, faculty and staff who have children should make sure to tell their kids about the big Easter Party tomorrow, at 9:30 in the UC Ballroom. HAVE PROBLEMS? Call Helpline at 974-2555. If you need to talk to a woman, call the Women's Line al 974-2556 DATE MATCHING service. It s a simple, inexpens ive and fun way to get acquain ted. For" complete information, application, write New FriendS, P O Bo:'< 22693, Tampa, Florida 33622. LUNCH OR DINNER 2FOR1 While they last. Enjoy 15 complimentary meals at the Purple Jester Lounge, Busch Blvd Membership card s12 .oo. Good 7 days a week except some holidays. Great for groups. Contact the Windjammer Sailing Club or call 986-3072 or 985-2968 Frank C. Everts Dinner Club of America DON'T LOSE OUTCALL NOW SEAC Quarter 3 Photo Contest entry forms available at SEAC office rm 222.,Deadline April 25 at noon All entries submitted to CTR 222. Students, staff, faculty eligible. FOR PEOPLE who have difficulty asserting themselves with others there will be a group in SELF-ASSERTION training offered lhru the Counseling C enter. Contact Dr. Mik e Lillibridge at 974-2832. FREE-All white, female kitten. 6 mo., litter trained. In need of a good home. For details call 971-7021. Evenings and weekends. WOMEN-Would you like to learn how to work on you r own car? The Women's Center is sponsoring a car-care workshop starting Saturday 9:00 a .m. till noon UC 251. Donation 5 1. Pretty cheap compared to a service station rip off! (TV, RADIO, STEREO) SACRIFICE-Two SP75 Fisher 3 way SPEAKERS, two weeks old, paid S360 asking $221)-Also GAF SUPER 8 movie projector almost new 541)-8 Track Deck S35 Call evenings 971-8808 ACOUSTIC Research 120 Watt RMS Stereo Amplif!er-Perfect condition-5145 .00. Call Bob 974-6484. DON'T pay the high mail order prices. Theive's Warehouse of Tampa. 1531 S Dale Mabry. 254-7561. ( REAL ESTATE ) 90' ALAFIA RiverfronlC B 2 bdrm, p;, bath home. 15 min. to Temple Terrace. $45,000 s acres for trailer or home; 112 acre homesite wooded$5,500; 1 section on river, will divide; trailer parks, grove, ranches, & commercial. Elsie Pickard, Inc. 6771677, 677-1248 NEAR USF, Lake Ellen by owner, 3 bdrm. 2 baths. paneled family rm. Utility rm, dble garage, dishwasher, disposal, bit. in oven, w-w carpet, c-a & h Citrus trees, fenced yard. $41,000. 933-1944. BR., 1'1 2 bath townhouse; ww carpet, central heat & air, fenced backyard screened porch, corner lot, 2 m i les from USF. Call 974-2711 ext. 46 after 5 p m CALL 988-4963. GRISSETI MUSIC Authorized Dealer Gibson, Yamaha, Epiphone Dobros Randall Amplifiers Used Guitars and Amps Lessons-Guitar, 5 String Banjo, Piano sales service parts Honda's are our business Our only business mon. 9 til 9 weekdays 9 til 6 971-8171 14727 N. Nebraska 8890 56th St. Temple Terrace 988-1419 STUDENT DISCOUNT WITH USF ID Authorized Honda Car Dealer "Jon Voight's Conroy looms up as just about the lustiest, most joyful presence in current films." -Pauline Kael, THE NEW YORKER t::\ \::;;) JON VOIGHT IS One beautiful m an. 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12-THE ORACLE April 12, 1974 We spent over SS0,000 to save you a few bucks on Pioneer, Sherwood and Advent Like everythin. g e lse, stereo components ore becoming ;nore expensive. We' ve been told by all our suppliers hot new price schedules, up 15 to 20/o in some will go into effect in th!'! next 30 days. So we mode one '.lell of a buy before the increase. Over $50,000 worth of Pioneer, Sherwood and Advent components. The ;tereo systems listed below are at these prices until :hey're gone. Then never _again. Our will go up. 'Ne won't make any more on them, but you'll pay 11ore. That's the sad story of inflation. i:)ur limited budget special. For $339 you can buy this system and get a darn -;iood sound. However some sacrifices are necessary at the extremes of the musical range to get satisfactory ::icoustic output (loudness). This $339 system is very ::idequate for small listening areas. Receiver: p;oneer SX 4:l4 24 watts (RMS) -AS l Turntable: B.S.R. 260 AX Base and_ Dust Cover inc/ cartridge Loudspeakers: Advent II The first and only full range, high fidelity speaker available under $75.00 The $399 system. A wider, louder sound. This system gives accurate musical reproduction in every respect with enough output to fill a medium-sized room. Receiver: Sherwood 71 OOA 54 watts (RMS) Rated "Be_ st Buy" in the leading consumer magazine Turntable: B S .R. 260 AX Base and Dust cover inc / cartridge Loudspeakers: Smaller Advents Only speaker in its price range to deliver low boss to 30 hz. The $619 got to hear it. The : $ 619 system combines completely satisfying accuracy with enough umph to knock your next door neighbor's nightie off. For most people the point of diminishing returns is in this price range. Receiver : Pjoneer SX 727 138 watts (RMS) Received rave reviews in all notable Stereo maga zines Turntable: B.S.R. 510 AX Bose and Dust cover inc / cartridge Loudspeakers: Large _Advents Performance equal to the most expensive speakers available. The $399 system. A wider, louder sound. Our $1079 System. Unbelievable sound reproduction. This system will play as loudly as your ears con stand. The unbelievable Bose Speakers delivers a re flected sound that brings the concert hall right into your home. Receiver: Pioneer 828 Highly rated by all stereo magazines Turntable: Dual 1216 Base and Dust cover Stanton 681 EE Loudspeakers: Bose 901 Direct reflecting speaker system At Viviano Stereo Shops we demonstrate, sell and service the majority of good stereo equipment avail able. Of the many systems we can put together in each of the price ranges we've discussed, we've selected here a representative system from each category that will offer the best value for your budget outlay. We're confident that we can furnish you with a better system for less money and with better service than you are l ikely tb get P.lsewhere. "'.'' ;.,,w' ><1 t v1v1ano stereo shop 2 tampa locations: 1536 south dale mabry 11158 north 30th street


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