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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Panhellenics turn painters Members of the USF Panhellenic Council spent Saturday splashing six gallons of paint on the home of Marie Brand, 3203 Cherokee Ave. Brand, 84, was told to make repairs to her home by the city Bureau of Minimum Housing, but she couldn't make them so Julia Valentine, counselor with the Housing Op portunity Center and a former sorority member, called on Panhellenic. Valentine said Brand, who built her home with her husband in 1934, couldn't afford to move from her residence, which after the Panhellenic help, will meet the minimum standards. l Oracle Photos by Mike Kaszuba Officials puzzle over no-visit bill BY MARY RUTH MYERS Oracle Staff Writer USF officials said yesterday they were not concerned about a bill filed in the legislature which would ban all dorm visitation by members of the opposite sex. Rep. Richard Langley, R Clermont, has filed the bill calling for the end of dorm visitation, allowing only parents to visit dorm rooms. "THE BOARD of Regents d on pagt> :1


2-THE ORACLE April 23, 1974 1 Jury rules Wednesday on aides' NEW YORK Nine men and three women are expected to begin deliberating the fate of former Nixon cabinet officers John Mitchell and Maurice Stans Wednesday afternoon, the presiding judge in the historic trial said yesterday. Judge Lee Gagliardi made the prediction after both the prosecution and the defense rested shortly after 3 p.m Flatly contradicting the former commerce secretary, John Dean testified he never told Stans there was no obligation to reveal Robert L. Vesco s secret 1972 Nixon campaign contribution of $200,000 to federal investigators. SLA note sent SAN FRANCISCO A pen ciled note and tape recording claiming to be from the Sym bionese Liberation Army AN,-.5 TN Sr. & \Ila BlJL.LAlt.D s mG E. n-i AKES u 'S l"liE TO SHOP fOQ. '{Oue., JEANS t'>Rns '8EJ..L.S W E -.,tJ t.,,.-S -TANK.. -KNIT TOl=>S A. NIC!..E.. THLN4S TO WE.AA..


Cycle race Photo by Dale Randy Best, 2BIO, is not astride the cycle he rode in the Pi Kappa Alpha 100-mile bike marathon this Saturday and Sunday. The club collected approximately $1,400 in this venture and at a dance Saturday night, with the money going to muscular dystrophy charities. Officer's dismissal 1.justified': Uravich Public Safety and Security Director Paul Uravich in a memo to Equal Opportunities Specialist for Adminisatrative Affairs Phyllis, Hamm yesterday said the firing of officer Charles Moore was justified. Hamm had recommended Friday that Moore be reinstated because she said there was not enough documentation of reasons to terminate him. She said Uravich told her in a memo "he didn't think it was necessary to discuss it further." "Uravich said I drew conclusions that we didn't discuss and then made my recommendation," Hamm said. Uravich said he had not changed his mind on Moore's case and still did not feel he should discuss the incident with the media. "I'm puzzled by this case," Hamm said. "There's nothing in his file to show this man's work was unsatisfactory. Too many department heads feel it's unnecessary to document things during the probationary period." She said she would take the matter to Vice President for Ad ministrative Affairs Ken Thompson today. Filing deadline set Friday for Senior offices Friday is the last day students may file their senior class officer candidacy. The Office of Student Organizations, UC 217, is ac cepting applications. Elections for Senior Class officers will be May 1-2 in the UC Lobby and Andros Cafeteria. Any student with 90 hours or more is eligible to vote. Decals available USF vehicle decals can be purchased from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the University Police station. Yearly decals are $6 for cars and $2 for bicycles. THE ORACLE -April 23, 1974 3 AA UP, UFF merge USF's chapter of the American Association of University Professors CAAUP) has voted to form a coalition with the United Faculty of Florida CUFF), AAUP's Membership Committee Chairman Willis Truitt said,yesterday. UFF was approved by a vote of more than two to one on favor. UFF was formed when the Florida Higher Education Association CFHEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) merged earlier this month. Truitt said he felt the merger would benefit AAUP because. UFF had greater resources and lobbying power than AAUP has. A "Unity Celebration" will be held B p.m. April 30 at the Gates Apartments Recreation Center, he said. TRUITT GAID the AFT-FHEA merger was ap proved unanimously at USF and the coalition with He said all faculty are invited and refreshments will be served. I Alumni I Continued from page 1 "THE COMMITTEE'S role is to provide legislative oversight, and we've been doing some of that with the Real Estate ComI mission," Rose said. "But with our investigations of, one, Tom Adams; two, USF and the bid ding thing; and three' Christian, we have not nad a whole lot of time." The committee completed a full probe of Lt. Gov. Tom Adams after it was revealed he was using state employes to work on his farm. The committee also recently finished investigating charges of bid collusion and conflict of interest in connection with a USF audio-visual contract and. termed the University's handling of the affair as "a shame However, the Christian probe has occupied most of Rose's time for over <\ year. Rose said he began the probe after analysing stories by Betty Orsini of the St. Petersburg Times and found contract patterns were "too coincidental" to escape a probe. Upon recommendation from Rose's committee, Gov. Reubin Askew early last month assigned the case to the special prosection unit, headed by attorney Austin. SINCE THEN, the two USF alumni who say they never knew each other while in school, have worked closely and erxchanged much information. Much of the investigative work was done by Rose, Willis aid, although he said the prosecutors uncovered much "through our subpoena power." Both men obviously have a high sense of integrity. Protecting the individual's rights is of primary consideration in any probe, Rose said. When not involved in legal or investigative affairs, both men enjoy sailing and Rose also en joys reading. The River Riot I t IS : Coming t games, music, food, laughter t .... 1 merriment 1 UNIVERSITY LECTURE SERIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCE COUNCIL CESAR CHAVE:Z OF THE UNITED FARM WORKERS Art.-.C10 WILL SPE.Af<.f\T UNIVFS0ofLAo GYM APR.26 fP.!'1. TOMORROW "prophesy in the New Age" psychic BERNADENE VILLANUEV Lecture & Discussion APRIL 24 8:00 p.m. LAN 103 FREE


4-:-THE ORACLE April 23, 1974 bill pressures profs Oxford wants graffiti walk Editor: In regard to the outr age felt by the Oracle concerning"sidewalk van dalism," I feel a few 'words are in order There was a time when toleration of the Oracle's weak editorializing seemed more Pathetic attacks upon controversial issues could be explained when one considered their status. Fear of being scooted off campus helped to dampen the editorial page and r:ealizing the Oracle is nothing more than a "'lab" for future jour nalism students, puts their recent history of muckraking in proper perspective. Well, Cecil finally let them stay but the Oracle insists on remaining what it has always been -a squeaky wheeL I CANNOT UNDERSTAND the horror that must have shaken the 1 Oracle office when the .first news of the muddy adulteratio,n of a campus sidewalk, trickled in. The editorial must hav e twitched with ex citement there was a wrong in the air and that personal attacks could be avoided Evert -the master of eye sores himself, Terry Kirkpatrick, swung his mop into action (some say he uses a pen) and stained another page with his stupid cartoon graphics. When Kirkpatrick began working for the Oracle I restrained my criticism by ( letters J assuming his artwork could only im prove. At this point I believe it never will. The whole fervor created around the incident really confuses me Suggesting the weakening of the morale of some of the Physical Plant workers is very humorous (something new for the Oracle) I find it hard to imagine-one of these masons, towel in hand, lamenting the defacing of his creation, in some dark corner of a bar. Stating that the vandalized sidewalk is now of no use, or even dangerous to the blind and handicapped is somewhat of an exaggeration (something not so new for the Oracle). If anything, the grooves in the cement might help to create traction for a wheel chair for the fifty feet of inclined walkway. The ramps leyding into the UC are well marred for that same reason but no one seems to object. AFTER READING MUCH of the scriptions (sic) engraved into tl'le. ORACLE ANPA Pacemaker Award 1967, 1969 SDX Mark Qf Excellence 1972 Editor Valerie Wickstrom Advertising Manager Managing Editor News Editor Copy Editor Tom Wallace Sandra Wright Mike Kaszuba 'Jean Trahan ACP All-American since 1967 Photo Editor Barbara Montgomery Sports Editor Dave Moormann Entertainment Editor Jeff Strange Advisor Leo Stalnaker News phones 974, 2842, 2398 DEADLINES: General news 3 p.m. dally for following day Issue. Advertising (with proof) Thursday noon for Tuesday, Friday noon for Wednesday, Monday noon for Thursday, Tuesday noon for Friday; Deadllnes extended without proof. Classlfled ads taken a a m ..:... noon two days before publlcatlon In person or by mall with payment enclosed Advertising rates on request, 974-2620, Monday through Friday, a a.m.-5 p.m. Stories and pictures of Interest to students may be submitted to the Oracle In LAH 469 or the suggestion boxes In the Library and UC. cement I really felt good. I could sense the excitement expressed in each of the authors as they made their own private statements for thousands to read in the future. Graffiti has its own kind of warmth which is hard to define. It of. fers a free and honest exprei:;sion tha t sometimes shocks an extremely moralistic society or suggests thought for the viewer. USF is a spacey and cold university in appearance. I feel a touch of sidewalk art does nothing more than express 11 sense of togetherness among people I resent the "you didn't have permission" attitude expressed by the Oracle and sipcerely hope the sidewalk stays as is. John Oxford 4COM Editors' note: The Oracle still believes the sidewalk vandalism was an outrageous act and that graffiti is out of place when it destroys_ a facility which must be used by all University community members. 1. Cartoonist Terry Kirkpatrick's fans far outnumber his few critics. letters policy The Oracle welcomes letters to the editor on all topics. All letters must be signed and include the writer's student classification and telephone number. Letters will be limited to 150 words. Letters should be typewritten triple spaced. The editor reserves the right to edit or shorten letters. Mail boxes are located in the UC and Library for letters to the edit.or. Who is the legi s l ature trying t o kid" Faced w ith accusations of publi s h or perish policies and problems of padding in g r ad u ate student enro llm e nt s, some sena tor s h ave filed a bill which would allow the Board of Regents

DOONESBURY fl/G Of/!<. RlltA/Z.. 8ROAPCAST!N6 10 BRING YOtJ A 5PGC!Al. PR&SCNTAT!ON-THe IV86Y I ":1by Garry Trudeau --ORACLE Bulletin Board TODAY USF Lacrosse Club The USF Lacrosse Club w ill practice today and Thursday afternoon at 5:30 on the in tramural football fields. All students and staff are invited to participate. Beginners are especially welcome. History Community Dr. Ailon Shiloh will speak on "Disaster Behavior in Historical Perspective: Guidelines to 21st Century Programming" at 7 p .m. in UC 203. Baptist Campus Ministry The topic of discussion will be, "Graduation -Now What?" at 6:30 p.m. in the Ministry. Lunch is offered at 11 :30 a.m. to l p.m. for 75 cents Thursdays. There will be an. all-night craft party Friday. SIMS The Students International Meditation Society will have an introductory lecture on the technique of Transcendental Meditation as taught by Maharishi MaheshYogi. Meet in UC 251 at 7 :30 p .m. Everyone intere sted is invited. Applications being accepted for loans The Office of Financial Aids will accept applications for Short Term Loans for Qtr. 4 Registration Fees May 6 through June 5, Assistant Director of Financial Aids George Mccowen said yesterday "These loans are open to any student who needs the money," Mccowen said "We have a short application form the student must fill out but no big in vestigation is done. If the student s ay s he needs money we assum e he needs it. Mccowen said students receiving loan s will need an adult co-signer on the not e. P ayme nt on the loans will be due Aug u s t rn. Mccowen said a tot a l s ervic e charge of $4.10 will be imposed on each loan of $ 190 Election set Elections for the Natural Science Council will be h eld May 8 but applications should be filed b y May 1 Sha ron P a rrott, a Council spokesman said Any declar e d Natural Scienc e m a jor can appl y to run she said Applications c a n be file d in SCA 4 0 6 University Chapel Fellowship There will be a Godspell rehearsal at 7 :30 p m and male vocalists are needed Meet in the UCF. WEDNESDAY Sierra Club Ralph Schreiber, a doctoral student, will be the speaker for the presentation of a slide show on the Brown Pelican and birds of the Tampa Bay area. The meeting will start at 7:30 in UC 252-W SAO There will be a meeting with a speaker from the IRS at 2 p m in BUS 107. Everyone is invited to attend. Faculty-Staff Bible Study Galatians 4 will be studied in the Andros Conference Room from 12-12:45 p.m. Any stall member i s invited to attend. University Chapel Fellowship Visitation with people in St Loke's Methodist Church in Plant City will be at 6:30 p m If a ride is needed call 988-1185 and meet at the UCF. College Republican Clu b The College Republican Club i s ha v ing a meeting at 4 p.m. in UC 204. All are welcome d to attend. Aereopagus There will be a seminar b y Dr. James F Strange on "New Testament Archaeology.'' Anyone interested i s invited to attend at 2 p .m. in LAN 245. Women s Center Betty Castor will speak on "Women in Politics" in UC 251 ai 7:30 p m Everyone is invited at attend. USF Tampa Bay Rallye Club There will be a club m eeting discussi ng the upcoming rallye "Tried and Yukky, with hints offered. There will also be plans made for lhe upcoming electi ons. Anyone in terested in fun is invi ted to attend in UC 255 at 8:30 THURSDAY Seminar Program Dr. Virgil C. Boekelhelde from the University of Oregon will speak on ."Novel Aromatic Molecules -The Hole In the Doughnut. The lecture will begin at 4 p.m. in CHE 105. Student Nurse Association of Florida There wil be a meeting in the Nursing Classroom Trailer at 12: 15 p.m. for mem bers and prospective members. USF Windjammers There will be a weekly meeting at 6 p m in UC 203. Why not join the most active socia l and special Interest club on campus for fun, sailing and sunshine? SATURDAY USF Tampa Bay Rallye Club T r ie d 1md Yukky" a fun rallye will be llc f ore e xams. If you are intereste d i n particip a t ing in th is program, please call G a r c ia at the Counseling Center for Humo n D e v elopment ir the Andros Building at 974 2 866 o r 2853 For a p rogr a m for veterans call Paul \IJ11Lrl

6 -THE ORACLE April 23, 1974 Experts discuss exorcism as societal phenomenon IT'S TIME TO REFORM CAMPAIGN FINANCING John W. Gardner, Cha i rman Common C ause Former Se cretary of Health, Education and Welfare A discussion on "Exorcism" Possession and You" will replace this month's Focus debate sponsored by the Speech department. The symptam will fe<*e a panel of three experts

Nixon death possible THE ORACLE -April 23, 1974 7 Psychic discusses predictions Photo furnished Psychic Bernadene Villanueva .. checks her crystal ball for glimpses of the future Sierra club to hear b rown pelican talk The life of the brown pelicana Florida bird currently on the endangered species list-will be reviewed .. a USF doctoral candidate at tomorrow s meeting of the Tampa Bay area Sierra Club. Physicist shows films tomorrow John Scholfill, director of film at the School Art Institute of Chicago, will be on campus Wednesday through Friday presenting his films and lectures His .first public appearance is Wednesday when he will show films at 7 p.m. in the Business Auditorium, Will Hindle, associate professor of Visual Arts, said. Among those scheduled are "Filmpiece for Sunshine," "Xfilm," "Die, 1966," "Die, 1973" and "The Scientist." Scholfill received his PhD from the University of California at Berkeley Lawrence Radiation Lab Tampa, Fi::::--J Chinese Cui1Jine l Family Style Dinnera Takt: Out Orden Select from l roniplcte -7.J _"ioups, Ent l>ea.i;crta .f 4 Cedrt.U1 S.rn4 I ,..,... .... Opelll Ope" 4 12: Daily Sun. 1-10 Ralph W. Schreiber, a can didate for a USF PhD in June, has spent the past six years researching and studying pelicans in Florida and California He will speak at 7: 30 p m in UC 252-West. "I am just beginning to scratch the surface," Schreiber said of his work which is considered more extensive than any other research on the brown pelican. "Though we know more about the brown pelican than any other aquatic bird in Florida, we really don't know anything," Schreiber said. RIGHT SHOP J, EVERYTHING FOR THE 'I"" AVIATION ENTHUSIAST Log Books Flight Coses Portable Radios Cessna Piper Beechcroft Owner Manuals _Headsets Test Books Computers Plotters WAC & Sectional. Charts including Corribean Head sets and Mikes Sunglasses Most Complete Line of Plcistic Scall' Models e Cups & Glassw'ore Ashtrays Instrument Charts Flight Training Aircraft Pictures Aviation Books & Magazines A & P Mechanic School Aviation Jewelry ELT's tech Publications FLY IN OR DRIVE IN St. Petersburg-Clearwater Airport St. Petersburg, Florida 33732 813-531-3545 DEL TA AIRCRAFT CORPORATION A woman described as the nation's "most accurate prophetess will give a guest lecture here Wednesday on "Prophesy in the New Age" which will include discussion of the possible suicide or death of President Nixon Bernadene Villanueva who has predicted hundreds of major airline crashes and the end of the Vietnam war to the month, will speak tomorrow at 8 p.m in LAN 103, Robert Smith SEAC information director, said Villanueva and her husband Ernest are ordained ministers of Halarion House, a creative consciousness center in Tampa which offers ''New Age Curriculum" in the occult, metaphysical and self-help, yoga, meditation, astrology, numerology, palmistry, tarot and ESP development. In her lecture Wednesday she will discuss recent Watergate developments, an assassination attempt on Henry Kissinger, UFO sightings and the possible SAVE 50% on Tires KING TIRE WAREHOUSE OUTLET St.ff! Radial, Belted R.W.L. Polyester & Nylon Most Sizes In Stock 5411 E. Henry Ph. 621-4550 Open Mon.-Fri. 11-7 Sat. 9-2 suicide or death of President Nixon, Smith said. Her more notable local predictions include one made July 11, 1973 when she predicted five major airline crashes within six weeks, according to the Tampa Tribune. The following day the paper carried the story of a Brazilian jetliner which crashed in flames six miles short of Orly Airport in Paris. WHEN A HORNY BULL LOWERS HIS HEAD, HE IS NOT BEING HUMBLE. The Montezuma Horny Bull: 1 oz. Montezuma Tequila. monte zuma 5 oz CONCENTRATED ORANGE BREAKFAST DRINK.Over ice. It's sensational, and that's no bull.. TEQ__UILA c 1 97 4 80 Proof. Tequi l a Borton Distillers Impo rt Co New York. New York. Have we got a summer for you!


8-THE ORACLE sports Gingold falters Greg Gingold, USF's premier table tennis player, traveled to Lacrosse, Wisconsin in hopes of winning the National Intercollegiate Championships this weekend, but returned to Tampa a disappointed man. Needing to finish at least second in his bracket to reach the playoffs, Gingold placed third with a 5-3 record Dave Phillips of New York took the overall title. Netters finally defeated BY DA VE MOO RM ANN Oracle Sports Editor A rarity occured in men's tennis yesterday afternoon-USF lost. Until the 6-3 setback to Florida State, Coach Spaff Taylor's squad had suffered only two defeats in 15 outings, and had taken nine consecutive dual matches. BUT THE BUBBLE finally burst when USF ran into what Taylor called a "really solid" Seminole squad "They're the best we've faced," he said of yesterday's opponents. "Even their sub stitutes were really strong." In defeat, the Brahmans still received exceptional individual play as USF's top seed Oscar Olea scored a 7-6, 7-5 victory over 22-year old Reggie Genois a member of the Canadian Davis Cup squad. "IT WAS A great match," Taylor said. "It was a good win for Oscar." Kevin Hedberg, with a victory over Enrique Andrade, a former teammate of Olea and Carlos Alvarado at Corpus Christi, gave USF its other singles triumph. The number three doubles "I think at this point, I'm pretty optimistic we'll finish with our best record ever." -'-Spaff Taylor team of Griff Lamkin and Gary Roebuck provided the Brahmans with their third point of the day. "WE DIDN'T LOOK so good in some places said Taylor, "but we looked good in the number three and number one singles." Yesterday's loss hasn't dimUSF skiers finish 3rd Competing in its largest meet of the year, USF placed third among 17 schools at the Rollins Spring Intercollegiate Water Ski Tournament this weekend The Tars easily captured the tourney with Florida Southern taking the runnerup position. Sherrie Aly was USF's lone individual winner copping the women's jump competition with a 59-foot leap. med talk of postseason com petition for USF and Taylor said with the team's 13-3 mark, postseason play is a "possibility Following easy weekend vic tories over Cumberland, Tampa and Vanderbilt and the loss yesterday, USF has seven mat ches remaining. Taylor said he believes USF can sweep them all. "I THINK AT this point I'm pretty optimistic we'll finish with our best record ever," he said "We have to be careful of a mental letdown though. Among the opponents left on USF's schedule are Miami Dade-South which meets the Brahmans Thursday, Jacksonville University and recent additions to USF s slate. New College and Flagler College. Ear Piercing every Saturday 11-5 $8.88 Factory Jewelry Outlet 4812 E. Busch Blvd. 988-9467 CAMPUS CYCLERY CLINIC-BRING YOUR SICK BIKE TO US. BICYCLE SALES AND REPAIRS HOURS: 10-6, 10-5 SAT. 5224 FOWLER 988-9316 %Mile East From USF tntrance Delcraft Women shine in tourneys 1S & 17 Ft. Aluminum BY RINDY WEATHERLY Oracle Sports Writer They didn't win any first place trophies, but USF's women's intercollegiate squads turned in a pair of respectable performances in weekend action The tennis team tied for fifth with Vanderbilt at the Southern Collegiate tourney in Columbus Miss., while the softball team finished behind University of 1 Florida and Flagler College in the Flori<;la Senior College Invitational at St. Petersburg. GAIL O'CONNOR 'stormed back from a first round loss to 'Jane Harsch of Vanderbilt to win the consolation singles as the Brahmisses .finished a notch above their showing in the state tennis tourne y two weeks earlier. "They played their hearts out, and they learned a lot," tennis coach JoAnne Young said. "Just going, playing and measuring their degree of success was an invaluable experience for them : After her three c set los s to Harsch, l-6, 6-4; 6-4, O'Connor captured five matches in straight sets finishing up with a 6-3,6-4 victory over Louisia na State's Meg Meyers in the consolation finals. "GAIL PLAYED a really good first set against Harsch Her stroking was excellent. She just lost steadiness on her backhand," Young said "Her other op ponents .ere easy, except Silvanna Urroz Urroz who knocked off USF s Sue Fane in the third consolation round, lost to O Connor 6-3 iwthe first set arid was edged 7-6 in the second In other singles matches, USF s Robin Edenbaum topped Patsy Beauchamp and Mary Ann Viser, but fell t o eighth-seeded Donna Stockton of Trinity in the third round Terry Sherlock also grabbed a first round win before bowing out whipping Beverly Thurman o'f Murray State 6-0,6-1. BOTH OF THE Brahmisses' doubles pairs were eliminated in the third round with O Connor and Fane losing to number six seed Mary Hamm and Val Franta of Trinity University. USF's softball team was not as fortunate, finishing 2-2 in the St. Petersburg tourney. After a forfeit victory over Tampa, the Brahmisses split with Florida and lost to tourney winner Flagler, leaving 16 on base in their two defeats Debbie Wohlers had a double, a triple and a home run as USF ayeraged 13 hits per game Paula Thrift also homered and Joanne Rogers contributed a pair of triples. NOW RENTING: Canoes & Backpacks EASY TRAILS INC. 11QUALITV" CAMPING EQUIPMENT 8711 N. 40th St. 988-0045 Thur., Fri., 9-9 Mon., Tues., Wed., & Sat., 9-6 OUTFllTERS FOR CAMPING, BACKPACKING, CANOEING YOUR AUTHORIZED KEEPSAKE JEWELER 1500 So. Dale Mabry (on Neptune) Phone 253-3577 _) {Tlie largest selection of Freeze Dry Food in the area) SPECIAL FOR APRIL Donate on a regular blood plasma program and receive up to $65 a month. Bring student l.D. or this ad and receive a bonus with your first donation. HYLAND DONOR CENTER 238 W. Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, Fla. 33602 8:00 to 2:30 appointment available to fit your schedule MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY CALL 253-2844


THE ORACLE -April 23, 1974 9 /ntramurals A WBG scores big David Scott's four round trippers led a parade of 10 home runs as AWBG blasted the Whiffers 21-1 in intramural softball action yesterday. Club cashes in Lloyd Dounn Jack James, Ron Younger, Sonny Johnson and Sid D y son also homered for AWBG, and the Whiffers' lone tal1y came on Bruce Root s four-bagger. In dorm action Beta teams split 2-2 with Beta Ground beating Beta 1 West 12-4 and Beta 2 East edging Alpha 4 West 3-1. Alpha 2 West defeated Beta 1 East 9-3. Eta 1 stopped Zeta 2 13-3 and Iota 3 eased past Theta 2 14-7 to round out the dorm games. Greek contests found Sigma Epsilon beating Sigma Nu 22-10, while TKE overcame a 12-0 deficit, slipping past Kappa Alpha Psi 14-13 Finishing 22nd in a field of-78, this Ford Pinto earned USF's Sports Car Club $125 at "Sebring Comes to Road Atlanta" Saturday. Pro driver Chuck Singletary did most of the driving in the three-hour challenge race. BICYCLE CENTER Adams lifts USF to Win SALES and BY PAM JONES Oracle Sports Writer The Brahmans are back Coming off a three-game losing streak, the Golden Brahman baseball team picked up its third victory in a row, defeating the Eckerd Tritons 6-5 yesterday afternoon A ONE OUT clutch single by USF shortstop Chuck Adams with the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth provided the winning edge. Designated hitter Bill Eerkes contributed a three-run run his sixth this season, with two men on in the sixth. "I was relaxed today, Berkes commented. "The more relaxed I am, the better I hit. If you go up to the plate with confidence and con centration, you can do the job Starting pitcher Mark Baum was replaced by sophomore southpaw Jim Franklin at the top of the seventh "They always play good defense for me when I pitch," Franklin said "Everybody was really fired up." YESTERDAY'S AP-PEARANCE was only Franklin's second of the season and his first win When you haven't pitched in so long, you feel you have to prove more," he said Franklin s last appearance was in mid March against Campbell College Tomorrow, USF goes to Gainesville to take on the Gators before travelling to Tallahassee for a two-game set with the Seminoles this weekend. "BASEBALL' S a game of momentum said Berkes "We have momentum now and everybody's up It's a team e ffort with everybody contributing. The R II E USF 020 003 001-6 7 :I Eckerd JOO 003 001-5 11 2 WP-Franklin. LP-Saleski. HR-Eerkes

10-THE ORACLE Oracle photo by Bill Cullerton Moo What, you may ask, is a bovine creature doing at USF's riverfront property? Well, we're not sure but maybe the Golden Brahman is "moooving" home. VVAWsets Tallahassee lobby effort The Tampa Bay Chapter of Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) will travel Friday to Tallahassee to present petitions supporting three veterans' bills for the legislature, Vice Coordinator Ed Cooper said yesterdiiY THE PETITIONS support three bills one of which has been passed by the House of Representatives, he said "House Bill 2233 provides for ti.lition wavers at state universities for all veterans who served from 1964 to the end of the Vietnam hostilities,'' Cooper said. "Bill 2234 gives tuition help for Vietnam vets going fo private institutions House Bill 2233 was approved by the House yesterday. The third bill would establish state Veterans Affairs Department, Cooper said. Cooper said interested persons could contact the VV AW office at 924-9003 or Coordinator Carl Brown at 626-7320. The World's Greatest Summer School Appalachian State University_ has the WORLD'S GREATEST summer school. That's quite a claim to make, but it's true. Appalachian thinks that sum-mer school is just as important as any other quarter of the year. arid they back it up with a special curriculum .. There are courses, workshops, seminars and o -ther shOrt courses to fit your schedule. An excellent faculty makes. the course s worth taking. There are one-week, twoweek, fourweek and six-week courses The courses include some 66 special workshops -workshops dealing with what's happening. in the world, specifically designed to deal with trends and new technology, including courses not offered during the rest of the academic year. If you're saying, "Sure, every university has summer courses, that' s true, but no other university can offer the bonus of Daniel Boone Country, the most popular recreation area in the East. ASU is located in the heart of this beautiful, unhurried area. There you will find the Appalachian Trail, the Blue Ridge Parkway, golf courses, majestic mountains, quiet streams, family tourist attractions, the leading craftsmen and artists. in the country and an average summertime temperature of 69 degrees. There' s even a day camp for children. Let us tell you more. Just fill out. cut out and send in the request form below. We'll rush back informatio.n on the summer school at Appalachian State University, The Cool School. Appalachian State Univ. Boone, N. c. 28608 Name ............................... Address .............. ... ........... City, Stale ..... ..................... .. April 23, 1974 Student regents endorsed BY STEVE SPINA Oracle Staff Writer Bill Davis executive secretary for the State Council of Student Body Presidents (SCSBP), met in Tallahassee last week with members of the Senate Education Committee to "present the will of the council" pertaining to the SCSBP's proposal to appoint student members to the Board of Regents (BQR). Davis, who is also executive assistant to USF SG. Pres. Richard Merrick, was invited to Tallahassee by the Education Committee staff THE COMMITTEE passed the bill, amending the original SCSBP proposal callling for three students to sit on the BOR, representing all state universities The bill passed by the committee recommends two students be appointed instead of three in order to keep the number of Regents uneven "Students will," Davis said "have representation in the governance of the system. Students are more capable of comminicating our needs and in putting into the system what our behavior would be in certain situations." The SCSBP's reasoning for having students on the BOR is "students are consumers of the service," he said. Davis went to Tallahassee on behalf of the SCSBP which unanimously amended the bill to require Gov. Reubin Askew to ap point students to the Board from nominations of the SCSBP. Davis said this would "insure democratic input." The SCSBP would nominate two students, from different univer sities to represent students on the BOR he added _No student would be able to sit on the Board more than one "consecutive year" to insure I SEAllS, llOEJll'CK A\D \.0. equal representation of all nine state un_ iversities, Davis said. Davis said the bill now goes to the Senate floor and from there it will go to the House of Representatives. The SCSBP will meet this Saturday at Florida State University to further discuss the bill and to review the bills in the legislature regarding student fees. p----------------I Got Spring -Fever? I I Get Something To Cure It At The I I VILLAGE PRESCRIPTION CENTER I I 10938B N. 56 st. 988-3896 I ._ ____________________ Psychology Club presents the film "Warrendale" Tuesday, April 23rd LAN 103 8:00p.m. Alan King's award-winning documentary of a progressive residential treatment center for emotionally disturbed children. I Sears I Scientists, Engineers, Students our two NEW electronic pocket Slide-Rule Calculators give you instant square roots or can be used for everyday bookkeeping with no special training! The most sophisticated calculator we've ever offered. Small but brilliant, this 8-digit calculator does slide rule functions with split second accuracy! Adds up to time-saver for technicians who figure complicated math on the road. Yet easy for family to use for simple bookkeeping, too. Also has six-key memory and automatic constant. Both calculators run on r e chargeable batteries or house current and incl ude recharger-.adapter; case. with case and adapter-recharger Trigonometric functions Square roots, squares and reciprocals Quadratic equations Pi, +/-change sign Raises any number to any power Exchanges X and Y values Radians and degrees Performs logarithms a Hyperbolic functions 16995 A sophisticated calculator ... ideal for students. Pocket size 8-digit calculator with full memory. Calculates most slide rule functions quietly and accurately. Automatic constant, percent key, floating and fixed decimal. Calculates square roots, squares, reciprocals Has +/-change sign. Exchanges X and Y values with case and adapter-recharger 11995 Use Sears Easy Payment Plan TAMPA q_ PETERSBl'RG CLEARWATER 2010 2300 1297 E. Hillsboroullh Bhd. Minouri Avr. Phonr23f>.5711 f'honr347-9021 Phoa-8171


THE ORACLE -April 23, 1974 11 ( t: 4SS1.!1 It 4 It S) I MOBILE HOMES J .. r .... M.IS_c_._F_O_R_s_A_L_E].. [ HELP WANTED J I SERVICES OFFERED I ( AUTOMOTIVE: ) 12x60. Like new. 2 bedroom, l bath, CH-A, fully carpeted, stove, v1asher, refrigerator. anchored. Near USF. S4,000, refinance or buy equity and take over payments. 9327100 after 5. TERRY'S Chenille Shop Handmade & imported gifts, tapestries, robes, spreads, quilts, pillows. Come on out. Just J mi. N. of Fowler on 301. Sl.95 Speciai-Figleaves for bashful streakers. SUMMER jobs. Save over $2,000. Call Mr. Abrams for interview 971-4470. NEED dependable, honest person to work part-time. Can negotiate full time. Position-store clerk, nights. 2 min. from campus. Blue Creative Work, 2102 E. Busch Blvd. 935-4327. WANTED-student to do housekeeping in private home twice a month or possibly once a week, 9:4, Day of week flexible. Call 935-1357 evenings. COUNTER help wanted. Experienced preferred. 11 to 2 Mon. thru Fri. Also 11 to 5 Mon. thru Fri. Apply in person-Dairy Queen at Temple Terrace 10830 N 56 St. INSTANT BREAD! Instant work and pay on the days that suit you. We need laborers and warehouse workers. Days and evenings. Just stop by our office at 6 :30 a.m. on the day you need to work. HANDY ANDY, 1733 w. Kennedy. -WANTED-Motorcycle Mech. w-extensive exper'ience in 2 & 4 cycle engines. Make some easy money in your spare time wpotential for future profits. Call evenings 988-2081 or 988-0128. POSITION available. Partially paralyzed male student living in own home adjacent to campus with one other student in residence needs an able-bodied male or female to help present attendant. Private TYPING, Fast, Neat, Accurate, Exp. Turabian I BM Corrective Selectric. Carbon ribbon. Pica or Elite. All types of work. Close to USF. 988-0836 Lucy Wilson. FAST accurate typing service. 48 hr. service in most instances. 2 min. from USF. Betwe_en 8:30 and 5:00 call 879-7222 ext. 238. After 6:00 Ci!ll 988-3435. Ask for Liz. SPECIALIZED TYPIST IBM CORRECTING Selectric, carbon ribbon, pica or elite. Greek symbols. Exp. Turabian, Campbell, APA, etc. 5 min. from USF. Nina Schiro, 971-2139. If no answer, 235-3261. CANOE RENTALS by day or week. 935-0018. EVE CO now offers USF students 20 per cent of on all mobile home supplies, and labor. Skirting starting from $99.95. Patio Porch 10'x20' white w-any color trim. $159.95 Anchors installed for $9.95. 986-3072. EXTRAORDINARY TYPIST-6plus quality years. Dissertations-manuscriptsstatistics. I BM Selectric-carbon rib-elite pica. References. During all week call 6-8 a.m. or 6-10 p.m.-Anytime weekends-BJ 884-3909. DO YOU live in an apartment or duplex? Do you hate carrying your garbage to the dumpster? No need to do it, call G-Man GARBAGE SERVICE. Free gift-phone 971-9818. room, board, tuition and small salary ,.ri : provided. Must have references, be [ J dependable. Call 988-4985 for further in-formation. PERSONAL [ LOST & FOUND J:A :C engaged in other educational experiences this summer? Contact us about academic credit. Qtr. 4 application deadline May 24. LOST: All black Labrador Retriever without collar. Last seen around Busch Gardens. Please call 988-0519 after 5 p .m., if seen or found. LOST-Texas Instruments SR-10, in LIF 101 B ( Zoo-321). Case has pocket clip broken. Reward for return or informatiori leading to recovery. Contact Dave Neilphone 634-1797. LOST: 1901 Illinois pocketwalch in the Fine Arts parking lot 4-11-74. Reward of 540.00 contact Judy 971-7427. FOUND one key in LAN-LIT Building. Identify-LAN 472. LOST April 16. Man's gold cross with chain of much sentimental value. Reward' of fered. Call 988-5775. Lost it between gym and Physical Education building. I APTS. & HOUSES TO SHARE I WE'RE looking for a girl with her head together to share our house on the Hillsborough River near 40th SI. Neat, private room with carpeting & phone. No hassles-$56.25 per month + 1.a utilities. Call Suzie, Mark or Duane 239-9114. Off-Campus Term Prog., FAO 122, 2536. Orientation sessions M, W, F at 2 p.m. in FAQ 10011!. Qlr. 4 enrollment in OCT limited because of large numbers so act NOW. See ad in TRAVEL also. SEAC Quarter 3 Photo Contest entry forms available at rm 222. Deadline April 25 at noon. All entries submitted to CTR 222. Students, staff, faculty eligible. DISASTER BEHAVIOR IN HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE; Guidelines to 21st century programming presented by Dr. Ai Ion Shiloh, professor of Anthropology. Tuesday, April 23, 7 p.m. UC 203. Spon sored by the History Community. PART .German Shepherd & part Collie puppies. 4 weeks old. Are looking for a good home. Please call 254-7591 evenings or contact Dr. Artzybushev LAN 291. uATE MATCHING ervice. It's a simple, inexpensive and fun way to get acquainted. For comple1e information, ap plication, write New Friends, P.O. Bo;'( 22693. Tampa, Florida 33622. HAVE PROBLEMS? Call Helpline at 974-2555. If you need to talk to a woman, call the Women's Line al 974-2556. FUTURE CPA's Learn How to prepare for the CPA Exam. Becker CPA REVIEW ( J COURSE. Call Collect: Jacksonville 904-355-9037, Miami 305-373-2592, Tampa 813-REAL ESTATE 238-2681. 9=' 111A .. LA_F_I 2-bdrm, .1'/ .. 2 r MUSICAL J home. 15 mm. to Temple Terrace. S45,000 s acres for trailer or home; lfl acre homesite wooded-Ss,soo; 1 section on river, will divide; trailer parks, grove, ranches, & commercial. Elsie Pickard, Inc. 677-1677, 677-1248. Wa MARTIN D-35 ACOUSTIC GUITAR Cost S600.00, will sell for S425.00. Call Hank 872-2755 before 5:00, 971-6829 after 6 :00. COMPLETE WATERBED Complete bed includes ready-to-stain floor frame, quality mattress with 5-yr. guarante e fitted safety ii1w1. and foam pad. Stained and upholstered frame packages are also a;ai13ble_ WATER MATTRESS 1all siz2s1 ..... WA HEATERS. 29. 9 5-49.95 CUSTOM FRAMES ..... FROM $29.00 to rnur specifications toooy's world llJ'.l4 \\'_ llillsborough Peacock Alley, 3Auhlfl:.1P: 1311 2 "71" MGB, new metallic paint, new tires, radio and heater. Great condition 28 mpg and over. Asking $2,235. Call 971-2318. '68 FIREBIRD 400-New brakes & front end. 4 speed, AM-FM radio. Needs minor body work. Just passed inspec. $1,000 842-8738 after 7:00 p.m. FREE Porsche 912 body, damaged but repairable, with the purchase of newly rebuilt Eng., 5so Trans-Axle, mi5C. parts and tools $1,200, write B. K. Morse, 515 Park Dr. N.W., Bradenton, Fl. 33505. '72 CAPRI V6, 2600, 4-speed, decor group _style wheels, $2,200. Call 258-2121. FOR SALE: '68 Chevy Van Camper. Good condition $1,095. Call 988-5064. (TV, RADIO, STEREO J DON'T pay the high mail order prices. Theive's Warehouse of Tampa. 1531 s. Dale Mabry._ 254-7561. I .. TRAVEL OPPORTUNITIES SUMMER URBAN SURVIVAL PROJECT, New York City. 2 months in Times Square. Intense, in-depth urban experience. Full credit. Off-Campus Term Prog., FAQ 122, 2536. See ad in PERSONAL also. GO WHERE THE CROWDS DON'T KNOW! Year round OVERLAND camping safaris. Europe, Russia, England, Africa, Scan dinavia, or where ever. Discover more or. your own-without hitching; Eat betterbut cheaper; Go further-be safer; and DO MORE than you could ever do by yourself. Trail Blazers: TOLL FREE 800223-5586. EUROPE-ISRAEL-AFRICA Travel discounts year-round. Student Air Travel Agency, Inc. 201 Allen Rd. Suite 410, Atlanta, Ga. 30328 (404) 256-4258. Dave Heinz Imports. Sales Service Parts 238 8485 1101 E, Hillsboro. Ave. I FOR SALE-1973 trailer 12'x65'. 2 bdr. furnished. On lot in trailer park, 3 miles east of USF off Fowler. Call 988-1360. WOODED LOT for mobile home, 5 min. from USF, $50 monthly, includes w _ater, sewer. Quiet beautiful, boat ramp, fishing. Call Bob 988-4085. I FOR RENT J COLONIAL GARDENS Students welcome-6 month lease 2 _br, 1 bath, luxury apart ments. Swimming pool, laundry, and Rec room. 2002 East 131 Ave. 971-4977. 1 MINUTES FROMUSF New 2 br, w-w carpet, central _heat and air, drapes, furnished! 5180. Phone 988-5263 days or 988-5614 evenings& wkends. LA YoANCHA DOS, Tampa's only stuncn1 complex. 572-90 per month. 1 bloc". from campus or 42nd SI. 971-0100. GREEN OAK Villa Apts.-1 &2 Bedroom furnished & unfurnished apartments, diswasher, garbage disposal, 1ully car peted, pool, laundry: Varied Leases. Nea; USF al 42nd SI. & Skipper Road-Call 9714408 or 971-1424. LARGE 2 bedroom duplex, all electric, w-w carpeting, paneled, AC-water and garbage included, utility room. Temple Terrace area, 5170. Petless. 988-2119 or 255-8261. ---------------WE HAVE denims in regular and bells, and cords in bells. Also boots, shirts & western hats. Only 10 min. from campus. Straight leg Levi c6rds in 3 colors have iust come in. Bermax Western Wear 8702 Nebraska Ave. RALIEGH Grand Prix. 25'2" frame, alloy sun-tour derailler, bar end shifters, bugger bag, lights, close ratio freewheel, S l 55. 9R8-7091. PERFECT color Panasonic 12 in. 5300. 971-' 2727. Contessa 5 siring Banjo. Sl20. 971-2727. GAR Y'S Medusa Imports Presents Ecuador & Peru Hand Embroidered shirts and blouses. Cool casual-short' sleeve originals. Corner of Fletcher & 30th St T & Th afternoons 2-S. MOTORCYCLES & SCOOTERS '73 YAMAHA R D-350, Showroom cond. 50-60 m.p.g., 2 helmets included, Call Jeff 974. 6382 or 83, rm. 223. sell it fast with Oracle Classifieds __ ......... --also .t:

12-THE ORACLE April 23, 1974 English Leather toiletries for men. Everything a man needs to feel well groomed. 'Even when he's wearing nothing at all Streakers, y our end i s in sight. Cover-up w ith an Eng lish Leather T-Shirt. Send for your English LeatherT-Shirt. T S lrnt h as p1ctt11L' elf G1:! ,11:d Guy Streake1::; and r eads .. St1ea k w 1 tl: Leathc1 or 11oth111,_1 ilt al!" Check s ize S M L : XL :--Enclose c heck QI m,,::c'V ,, : ,ie: ai;d se::,! t o PO B o x 35':1. D c ;'t CN. NJ 0:-033 \' N ame ,) Address--------------Please send me ____ TShirt s "2.50 eac h i A 0 w t'-"' ... ..... eeks tvr J e 1 '.1["'1 C O\'.PAl\jY. INC. N,vtn\.) <'. "\ : :547:


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