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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
Wickstrom, Valerie ( Editor )
Wright, Sandra ( Managing editor )
Wallace, Tom ( Advertising manager )
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Bouncing ball Oracle photo by Dan Walsh Jacks is not just a game for kids, Dianne Hohman, (left) and Ginny Fablinger, both 4EDU, discover. The two friends find the childhood game is a good way to pass a warm, sunny afternoon between classes. Pay 1inadequate' Riggs assistant dean reviews BY SANDRA WRIGHT Oracle Managing Editor USF Vice President for Academic Affairs Carl Riggs said yesterday he will investigate the student status of an assistant dean whose records show he is currently enrolled in 30 hours of graduate courses. Louis White, assistant dean of Education, who has a master's degree in Management, is enrolled in 30 hours of graduate courses in Psychology, registration records show. However, White and Psychology graduate supervisor Dr. Dave Clement said the assistant dean is only taking two courses < 10 hours) this quarter, with the rest of the hours representing classes already taken. WHITE SAID the other 20 hours of classes were taken "at different times .. stretched over two quarters they go back three or four quarters," adding he could not remember when he had taken the classes. White said he was not enrolled in the courses when he took them but had made an agreement with the professors involved to withhold his grade until he signed up for the classes at a later date. Under regulations, administrators may fake up to six class hours without paying any fee White said he took five hours per quarter the quarters when he was not actually registered. "We couldn't see any harm in doing it that way," Clement said. "It was a big hassle to him to register." HOWEVEH, one faculty member said the system showed poor management which potentially could allow persons to sit in on classes for several quarters and then enroll for heavy loads, paying only one tuition fee. Theoretically, if the system continues the professor said, someone could attend until he or she accumulated 180 hours and enroll for all of them in one quarter. "I ought to look at what's going on in that department," Riggs said, "although I have the greatest confidence in Dave Clement." Two faculty members in the College of Educ a I.ion charged the courses White is taking interfere with his performance of college tl1ursdau's duties. White. ho\\'ever. saici lh<'Y did not. White schedule shO\\'S he is in class up to four hours two day s a week and three hours t\\'o othl'r days. Two other classes on his schedule are listed "hours arranged." But Clement said White's schedule includes only l\\'o classes one which calls him from his University job from 1-2 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday and one which meets from 6-8 p m. those same days. Whether the courses reflected on White s schedule this quarter had been audited before or whether he has taken other large loads is uncertain be ca use student records are confidential due to a recently passed Florida law. ORACLE May 2, 1974 Vol. 9 No. 23 12 pages Robinson resigns from USF post BY SANDRA WRIGHT Oracle Managing Editor University General Counsel Larry Robinson resigned yesterday, citing inadequate salary as his main reason for leaving but making note of unfavorable publicity he said he has received. "I could say you harassed me out of office," he said, "but I wouldn't really say that. Or I could say the picture you published of me depressed me to the point I had to leave.'' Robinson, half-joking about his publicized legal conflicts with Florida Atty. Gen. Robert Shevin, former Deputy Atty. Gen Barry Richard and the Senate Education Committee staff, said his primary reason for quitting USF was low pay. "The University cannot pay me adequately," Robinson, who earns $29,000 annually, said. Robinson will join a private law firm, Drymon, Robinson and Clark, in Sarasota. One partner in the firm is James Clark, former executive assistant to Pres. Cecil Mackey, who quit USF in November, 1972. Heavy traffic !ines streets on campus Traffic jams and USF arc no strangers, ex pecially around noon or :l p.m. as staff and students head for home or local restaurants. Parking is also a problem sometimes because of the many vehicles on campus. Or.:iclr: pho1o b y D oc Parker The law firm will handle the 'University's litigation, Robinson said, with the general counsel's office on campus probably conducting most of the "office practice. The Sarasota firm will handle the courtroom aspects of cases, Robinson said, noting he enjoys this aspect of legal practice. "I like more litigation than the University has to offer," Robinson, who is currently supervising four lawsuits for Mackey and other USF administrators, said. Hobinson 's resignation will become effective July I and no decision concerning a replacement has been made, Director of University Helations Jim Vickrey said. Mackey is currently deciding on a course of action, he said. l{obinson wbo said he will "miss" the University said he has en joyed working here as well as teaching cla sses. He has taught American Idea, Senior Seminar and Engineering Law and said he is in continuing this work. Larry Robinson .leaves July 1


2-THE ORACLE May 2, 1974 Nixon gives one-third of tapes WASHINGTON -The edited transcripts of 42 White House conversations released by Pres. Nixon represent less than onethird the tapes subpoenaed or requested b y various Watergate investigators. Compiled from the news wires of United Press International The material turned over to the .Judiciary Committee and made public represents 3 1 of the 42 conversations originally subpoenaed by the committee. The White House said nine had never been recorded and they were unable to find two others. In other matters dealing with Watergate, Pres. Nixon's lawyers yesterday asked U S. District Judge John J Sirica to quash a subpoena by the W .itergate prosecutors for 64 White House tapes. In a form;.! claim, Nixon said the materials covered by the subpoena "ar e within the constitutional privilege of the President to refuse to disclose confidential information when disclosure would be contrary to the public interest." 7 charged in 'Zebra' SAN FRANCISCO In a massive early morning dragnet, more than 100 police officers yesterday arrested seve n young black men described as members of a terrorist murder cult called the "Death Ang els" and charged them with the random "Zebra" killings of 12 >vhite persons. Mayor Joseph L. Alioto said the San Francisco murders were part of a statewide conspiracy by the previously unknown Death Angels that included 7:l murderous assaults throughout California since 1970. I Sadat defends tour ALEXANDRIA, Egypt Egyptian Pres. Anwar Sadat yesterday publicly defended Sec. of State Henry Kissinger's Middle East mission to arrange a troop disengagement between Israel and Syria and denied it Farnell testifies to jury. TALLAHASSEE -The grand jury 111ve::.tigating the financial dealings of indicted and resigned Education Commissioner Floyd Christian yesterday questioned former Hillsborough County School Superintendent Crockett Farnell in a closed-door court-room. Farnell, currently assistant director of the University. of Miami Desegrl'gation is in rhargl' of consulting Sl'rvices in the Tampa-North Florida area. Following Farrwll w;1s .James Glisson, pr1 .. .;idist rid Court .Judg1 B!'n Knntzm;1n. 'I'll!' grand jury is inv!'stigating th!' affairs of Stal< ( 'omptrolll'r l'nd .. Bud .. Dickinson and will nonv1m this morning with an app1ara1H' hy Dickinson 1 a strong possibility Gurney seat eyed T.-\l ,l \11:\SSJ.:I: Sl;1l1 S1n. Hich: 1rd l'l'ltigr<'W. l>-1\liami. s;iid h!' has .. no of k110wing .. what !'ll<'l'I lh!' indtl'lnwnt of S!'n l:dwanl will han rn1 Ill!' campaign for .. s s!'at Bui I '!'It igr!'\\' alTUs1d of ha\ing a roll' in llH bringing of Ill!' misd1n11a1wr Roller Bowl I I02 Busd1 Bh1l. 7::Ulp.m.-IO::Ulp.m. FREE ADMISSION Wirh rhis ('tlllpon Oil Thursd;l\S & S11111l:n Skates 501 Goocl lhru \la, The Oracle is the official student-edited newspaper of the University of South Florida and is published four times weekly. Tuesday through Fride1y during the academic year period September through mid-June" twice during th<' academic year period mid-June through August, by the University of South Florida. U02 Fowler Ave., Tampa, Fla. 33620 Opinions expressed in The Oracle are those of the editors or of the writer and not those of the University of South Florida. Address correspondence to The Oracle. LAN 472, Tampa, Fla., 3J620 Second class postage paid at Tampa, Fla. The Oracle rese'"es the right to regulate the typographical tone of all advertisements and revise or turn away copy it considers objectionable. Programs, activities and facilities of the University of South Florida are available to all on a non-discriminatory basis, without regard to race. color, religion. sex age or national origin. The University is an affirmative action Equal Opportunity Employer charge involving alleged violation of the Campaign Financial Reporting law, said he was not a part of bringing the matter to the jury's attention. Court unholds laws TALLAHASSEE -The State Supreme Court yesterday upheld two state obscenity statutes used in Miami and St. Petersburg to prohibit the showing of the controversial films, "Deep Throat" and "The Devil in Miss .Jones." The court reversed a ruling by !Jadl' County Circuit Court Judge IUwa Grossman that a law providing for both criminal and civil action against a defendant was a form of double jeopardy and unconstitutional. OVER A BARREL? Don't be ... use ORACLE Classifieds was directed against Russia. Egyptian officials said Kissinger will return to Alexandria Saturday after his first visits to Jerusalem and Damascus -visits that will allow him to gauge his chances of s uccess in solving the deadlock that i s holding up further Middle East peace moves. THE JERRY W ALl\ER GOODTIME RECORD REVUE from FM 101 featuring 50's & 60's Rock-n-Roll Costume judging and other contest prizes to he given. FREE Fri. May 3 Argos Activity room Sponsored by Argos and Andros Piogram Councils ;; ... .. 511 h "' srF.CIAL rn..-.:n: s tn S A G A EMPTY to McDonalds 920 E. FOWLER AVE. *CORNcR Of fOWUR and NHRASKA @) 3411 BUSCH ILVD. *ACROSS fROM BUSCH GARDINI 6906 N. S6th ST. *ACROSS fROM KING HIGH SCHOOL BIJT) SC/11.lTZ 20c F R I D A y 3-5


THE ORACLE -May 2, 1974 3 Streaking The Bradfield Comet was 100 million miles away from USF when Frederick Fallon, Astronomy in structor, and Martin DeGeorge, observatory curator, shot this photo. The comet's tail can be seen in the left while the white streak in the upper right is light from a star, Fallon said. Rlggs ends lottery A University-wide policy, prohibiting lotteries as methods for distributing state travel funds, will be instituted, USF Vice President for Academic Affairs Carl Riggs said yesterday. "That (lottery) is not a good way to make decisions on travel," Riggs said. "We want to preclude it happening again." A lottery system was used this year by Department B in the USF College of Education to distribute travel money. Department Chairman Dick Loveless said he used the system, after department faculty devised it, because funds were inadequate. Health officials disagree over 1unidentified' illness BY MARY RUTH MYERS Oracle Staff Writer specific illness and requires at least 48 hours to prove ... We just don't have enough evidence to say it's one thing or the other yet." Although equitable distribution of scarce funds presents a problem, this does not justify the use of a lottery, Riggs said. "They ought to be able to come up with some other way," he said. "This is the first time I \ e heard of using a lottery and I thought I'd heard of about everything." In the future, each college dean will be required to keep informed of distribution procedures being used in his or her college, Riggs said Development of travel funding priorities will also be encouraged, he said. Twenty USF students are under observation by the Hillsborough County Health Department after symptoms of food poisoning or a viral infection were reported here yesterday. Fontana Cafeteria Manager Guy Herman said he is trying to cooperate with Phillips in every way por:sible and is looking himself to see if he can find the cause for th e illness. ANNOUNCING A NEW LOCATION All 20 are residents of Fontana Hall, a housing complex adjacent to the University, Truax, Public Information Officer of the Hillsborough County Health Department, said last night. EARLIER in the day, two USF health officials disagreed on the cause of the illness, symptoms of which were nausea and stomach cramps, En vironmental Health Officer Barry Phillips said. Phillips said he did not know the cause of the illness but said it was possibly transmitted through food. Last night, Truax said the Department was taking food samples from Fontana and stool samples from the patients. At least two students were still patients at the Student Health Center at 10 p .m last night. DIRECTOR of Student Health Services Larry Stevens initially reported 12 cases, seven of which were from Fontana Hall. "You can't really say it's any kind of food poisoning," Stevens said. "Food poisoning is a very "I THINK IT'S a viral infection," he said "Something like the flu, which is also going around now." He said he did not believe it was transmitted by the food in Fontana's cafeteria because people who have not eaten there have come down with the symptoms. Phillips said Fontana is cooperating "very well" and has supplied nearly all the names he has received of students with the symptoms. He said he has been able to talk to only seven of the students. "WE HAVE distributed forms to Fontana and to University Housing to be filled out by anyone with the symptoms," h e said. "We hav e also tak en specimen samples from students and samples from the food which we'll take to the state lab." Phillips added h e has also asked the coop e ration of the County Health Department. Council of Deans revises pass-fail course provision BY WAYNE SPRAGUE Oracle Staff Writer The Council of Deans, meeting Tuesday behind closed doors approved several modifications in the proposed S-U grading policy Dave Jordon, assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affa irs said yesterday. A council subcommittee, consisting of Language Literature Dean Phillip Ric e, Fine Arts Dean Donald Saff and Associate Dean of Social Science Gil Kushner, made the recom mendation to modify the SU policy passed by the Facult y Senate. Jordan said \1.0:\(; \\ 'ITH minor changes. the modifications r emo\'e from the Office of the Registrar the dut y t o ass ign the S-C or I grade to the students Till' ne11 plan re qui r es the instructor to tra nsmit the ap propriate grade. where the original plan rlquired th e prnft sso r to gil'l' thl' student an .\. B. C D For I. 11hich 11ould be d1;ing1:cl to an S or l. b1 thl' H l'gistrars olficc. Tlw propq-;a l also i n cludes a 'vet inn inclic;11 ing an inc ompletl l!r.\:'\ S \11> \'ice l'res1clen1 tor \ caclemic -\fla ir s Car l Higgs 11ill trl' to rush the re1 i secl pliin IJLlore the Slnate <.Jt its \\ 'td nesd ay meeting so it m ay be ap prov e d in time to be included in th e new academic catalogu es. "Time is running out,'.' h e said. Failing this, Jordan said, Riggs will see if the Senate Un dergraduate Programs Com mittee can okay the pla n without Senate approval. But Program Committee Chairman Lou Penner said yes terday the full Senate would have to approve th e policy. .. AT HERALD SQUARE 5110 FOWLER AVE. 985-4451 OUR DOWNTOWN f)FFICE AT 130 S. FRANKLIN i 23-254b SPECIAL RATES FOR STUDENTS DURING THE SEASON.


4 -THE ORACLE May 2, 1974 Moral decisions up to individuals The Florida Legislature took a baby step forward and a giant step backward yesterday. The Senate Health and Rehabilitative Services rarily passpcl" SP11atl' l:clucatio11 <'om111ill<'l' hill hy Sl'11. ORACLE ACP All-Amtri('clay night to appro\e a bill by Hl'p .. -\Ian Backl'r. D -:\ :\liami. which 1rnuld include dormiton residents in thl' Landlord-Tenant .\ct. The bill 11ill now go bC'fore the full Judician Committee_ probably next week It mu"t undergo further committee action in \\ay s and :\leans before being placed on the claendar. There is some doubt there is sufficient time for this bill to be passed into law


DOONESBURY by Garry Trudeau THE ORACLE-May 2, 1974 5 115 A 111/TTE!< OF Fired University officer prepares for HEW appeal BY MARY RUTH MYERS Oracle Staff Writer Charles Moore, terminated early in April from his position as a University Police officer, said he has decided to take his case to the Department of Health, Education and Welfare ' \IAllE ME W,\NT TO VOTE FOii NIXO, -.;!"' Andy Warhol "'lllCll,\Htr IS TllE KINI; OF Un!EIJY 1111.AHIOl!s.' -Variety a mamDtm Ill Ill 111111' :: Rl I OHH-. HiUO MWIH IJO ill Rf.HTH I .\\THI I ,.,j I OHU.-. HHHl ......... 11 OU0.11111 '"' l.OHFJ .... lflttn ..... u 11\RHl HI H\"dT/ :--nHHl .. (, JJ\ .. IU .... l'I. 'llllf"Jl twmu. JOll"I I OIH HJl'f..1'41 l HHW .. Hi' .. ,f -4.HTIH. \I\ 14' HUl'f. 'l\ITll HI! 11\HIJ 1111. 111\0 .. 1 HH lt\flll \ U 't'I' fll ll' I'll\'' \J \Jiii\ flll JI \l!IJ '1. \I\!)\ ;1. lfl'l..,t U 1\ II HllH 1 t II I 1,l!HI 1' l!t 11 1-.J Friday :t Saturday 4, 7::)0 & 9::rn p.rn. E'\A Film Art S1'.rics Moore said he has referred his case to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People ' q .be'. c ( n Cec ce Ee: : .. 1 0 i "carnal Knowledge' is brilliant. 1 A fe ast of a film!" -Judith Crist, N. Y. Magazine '"Carnal Knowledge' is one of the best movies ever!" ?.; Mike Nichols.Jack Nicholson, (anclice Bergen. i Arthur Garfunkel, Ann-Margret and Jules f-eiffer. z ...... ".. Carnal Knowledge. D ..... ., ........ -,..,.. Cl ......... An Avco Embassy Picture 1 .Ju1AJl 3 LidJsor i.JJnoo1d .;11qnJ.Jx3. iJ11.13 s.:-.,r.r .'.q uc-;,M. P 1fU)'tf .au6.sac g Thurs. 7:30 & 9:30 May 2 LAN 103 p.m. $1.00 Film Art Series ''S MASH HIT!'' -NEWSWEEK "A fun drama about a swinging MEYER:;:.::::; lady!" VIXEN. INTRODUCING ERICA GAVIN AS VIXEN RESTRICTED TO ADULT AUDIENCES IN EASTMANCOLOR PRODUCED AND DIRECTED BY RUSS MEYER AN EVE PRODUCTION MIDNIGHT MADNESS $1.00 Friday May 3, Midnight MIDNIGHT MADNESS Saturday May 4, LAN 103 Midnight $1.00


6 -THE ORACLE May 2, 1974 Photo furnished Candice Bergen and ArtGarfunkel grin and Jonathan have "Carnal Knowledge" Nichols' movie sex games "Carnal Knowledge," directed by Mike Nichols, is the revealirig story of two men and their sexual relationships an\i hang-ups. The film is being shown tonight at 7:30 and 9:30 in LAN 103 by the F ilm Arts Series. Jack Nicholsori and Art Garfunkel play two businessmen who have been friends since college days at Amherst College. They were virgins at school, and have different ideas about sex, but both are preoccupied with the subjec;t. Mike Nichols has done an excellent job in bringing out the best from Candice Bergen, Cynthia O'Neal, Carol Kane, Rita Moreno and Ann-Margret, who play the women in the lives of Nicholson and GarfunkeL Cartoonist Jules Feiffer wrote the screenplay and i (represents a summary of his feelings, attitudes and knowledge regarding the sexual games played in American society "Ca,rnal Knowledge" is movie which reveals sex in many forms with a realistic approach. It is cruel in parts, but. then S!> is our society. Admission to the one-day showing is $1. Profs $how a .rt, pottery at Jqcal gallery festival Two l!SF fitl'llltv n;l'.llll>trs will parlieipat( ; in tla." two -Wl'l'k l\fov f"pst ii al of i\rt s lwld hy M:fgllla;1 llOllSl' c;alllril'S '.at Buseh Blvd Dr.. llans .Ju<'rgl'.nSl'n pr: >fl'ssor of llnmanitil's. artist. pborn Cunningham will be assisted by Averill Summer on piano. The recital begins at 8:30 p m in F AH 101 and is sponsored by the Department of Music and the College of Fine Arts. Student performers are Cristine Harding, 4SPE, Rob Rodriguez, 3ANT, and Yvonne Darrin, 4STA. All shows will begin at 2 p.m. FREE PARKING FREE ADMISSION FREE Ride on the Roller Coaster This coupon entitles you to a Ji'REE ride on thrilling, all-steel Figure 8 Zyclon Roller Coaster. Acres of Fun and Thrills 4115 Busch Blvd., Opposite Busch Gardens Ph. 988-5168 [Offer expires Mon., May S] the d .epot r appearing this weekend i : thurs.-sat. : i 11REAL EYES'' with Charlotte Wilson ; : coming home next weekend : : & Neighbors" (corner of Bearss & Nebraska) : BtJrgerland Presents War Against :Y2P.ound ''. of Grognd Chuck-' on a :s-inch ron pota:to salad, & 12810 Nebraska Ave. {between. Fowler & Fletcher) Open 24 Hours. Daily toast I .,nd hash


Psychic researcher, Villanueva set talk Prophetess Bernadene Villanueva and psychic researcher Tom Valentine will engage in lecture and discussion today in the UC Ballroom at 8 p.m. Villanueva spoke to a capacity Vegetarians set meeting An organizational meeting tonight of campus vegetarians will feature a talk by Dr David Hessinger, assistant professor of biology on the physiological aspects of meatless diets. Kitty Viseoni, lDUS, and Mike Pearson, 2ART, said the meeting begins at 8 p.m. in UC 251-East. The group will discuss planning vegetable dinners and pressuri11g food seryiccs to provide vegetarian meals. "We're mainly interested in getting people together to see what we can do," Viseoni said. "We're expecting about 30 people tonight. They all eat on campus and know what few choices are available." Workshop canceled A workshop on "Creating and Maintaining a Successful Con sciousness, sponsored by MSIA and scheduled Saturday, has been canceled. The workshop may be rescheduled later this quarter, Don Morris said. audience in LAN 103 April 24 concerning "Prophesy in the New Age." She is an ordained minister of Hilarion House, a creative consciousness center in Tampa, and author of many articles on psychic topics Valentine is an author jour nalist and anthropologist as well as phychic researcher. He lives in Evanston, Ill. and is cur' rently on a limited lecture tour. The topic of his lecture is ''The Great -Pyramid: Man's Monument to Man." He is expected to demonstrate with visual aids how geometry and astronomy were embodied in the Great Pyramid to deliver a prophetic message. There will be no admission charge for the lecture. Comic operas start ton,ght USF Opera Productions of "Gianni Schicchi" and "The Telephone" begin tonight at 8:30 in the University Theatre. The short, comic operas which feature faculty members and students are scheduled for three performances this weekend and three more next weekend. Tickets are $1 for full time students and $2 for the general public and are available from the Theatre Box Office (974-2323). Friday's performance will benefit the USF Women's Club Scholarship Endowment Fund and tickets for this night are $3.50. AtSHAKEY'S we serve fun (also pizza) 'Fraternities, Sororities Other ,Campus 8114 N. Fla. Ave Tampa, Fla. 935-3101 Organizatio.ns. THE 111-f ASHIOll STORE THE ORACLE-May 2, 1974 WESTSHOR E PLAZA NORTHGATE SHOPPING CENTER BRITTON PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER DOWNTOWN: 705 FRANKLIN STREET HALTER PANTSUITS WARM WEATHER FASHIONS TAILORED TO FLORIDA LIFE. IN PRINTS AND S OLIDS : ..... .' OF EASY-CARE FABRICS. 7


8 -THE ORACLE sports May 1, 1974 USFseeks net victory Attempting to improve its 16-3 record, USF's men's tennis squad entertains Flagler College today at 2 p.m on the Andros Courts Following the season's home finale, the Brahmans' winningest tennis squad in history leaves on a Georgia trip next week to face West Georgia, Mercer and Valdosta State. USF closes out the regular season May 8 in Jacksonville against the Dolphins. Oracle photo by Doc Parker Bob Reynolds .. scores second run --------lntramurals--------TEP stays unbeaten Tau Epsilon Phi CTEPJ faced Tau Kappa Epsilon in a battle of the undefeated and came away with a 174 wih in intramural softball yesterday. Jerry Graeber went four-for-four and Jim Goeb had a home run and a single for TEP. Lambda Chi also remained unbeaten as it swept past Delta Tau Delta, 18-9 0 J Zaldaman, Chuck Bautista, Ron Plumlee and Dan Davis hit home runs for the winners. HUFUS REED HURLED his second consecutive shutout as Penthouse defeated Black Soul, 14-0. Flash Mottern and D. 'C. Kenney went four-for-four for Penthouse_ Beta 2 West hit fivP home runs in a l!i-9 win over Alpha 4 West. Eric Hc.rris had three hits for the losers. H.amon Quisumbing and Boh Debell scored the tiebreaking and winning runs in the last inning as Lambda 2 cased past Iola 2, 1413. ll/\NOY llllOOES, Ken Frit'dland, and llich Diaz had three hits apiece lo lead Alpha :1 West past B('ta 2 East, (i-t. Buddy Beatty had thre e hits ror th( losers. /\gain scored in ev('ry inning but the second as it .crushed the Hiwa cloy llhumprts, Hi-I. Beta :l Wl'st sc1>nd l"ivt' runs in th(' l"irsf two innings as it PdgPd Alpha 2 West, S-4. DON llO<;ENSTElN and Frank l'rincip(' hit honw nms to h('lp Bela 4 West defeat lkta :1 East The Bi.Jdwt'iSt'r Boys put It'll runs across in !ht' third in11n!-( as it beat Taken Heat, 20-7. IF YOU TALK OVER A HORNYBULfS HEAD, THAT'S EXACTLY WHERE HE'LL TOSS YOU. :) e.1_-_ I 1 .-1-"<;/ k ; l \ ,1\ The Montezuma Horny Bull: ,. 1 oz. Montezuma T equi la mant 5 oz. CONCENTRATED ORANGE ezu ma BREAKFAST DRINK. Over ice. I .... -\. It's sensational, and that's no bull. -,__ 't 197.1. 80 Proof Tequr!o Borto n 0 .... 1.111..'1" lr'1'111... r\1'\" \, .. ... Ruling halts Gators BY PAM .JONES Oracle Sports Writer Winding up the season the same way he started it, USF right hander Steve Ruling picked up his fifth win of the season, shutting out the Florida Gators 30 yesterday afternoon "It feels great," said Ruling. "I didn't think I'd do this well." THE BRAHMANS JUMPED out to a 2-0 lead in the first inning, when Glenn Alvarez scored on Bobby Reynolds' triple, and Reynolds scored on an error by Gator catcher John Fuller. Chuck Adams belted his first home run of the season in the fourth for the final score of the afternoon. After giving up a single and a walk in the first, Ruling didn't allow another Gator runner to reach base until the seventh inning. "I used my fastball a lot more today," commented the junior hurler_ The wind was blowing in, and it made the ball sink." THE VICTIM OF a mid-season slump, Ruling says he has developed a new delivery that helps him get the ball in better. "I think I could probably pitch good ball forever I've got my stuff together now, Ruling said. Ruling has been picked by LISF l l. of Fla. llH-Adams RHE 200 100 OOx-: 1 5 2 000 000 000-0 5 2 LP-Chappell. l,iwl10:1tiLI 410 N DAi..E MABR ,-Parts and Accessories For All Foreign Cars 876 7021 Florida State Coach Jack Stallings to go on a goodwill tour to South America with a State Department team in June. Reflecting on his first season at USF, Ruling said, I started off good with the nohitter, then I had three or four games where they got seven runs off me. These last four games I've felt good, and being picked for the South American team has been a real boost. LUTHERAN WORSHIP By Popular Demand, Worship is SUNDAYS at the Episcopal Center on DAILY LUNCH SPECIALS Egg salad sandwich plus homemade soup of the day. 99 cents Organic peanut butter and banana sandwich plus homemade soup of the day. 99 cents Crisp garden salad plus homemade soup of the day. 85 cents Steamed vegetable plate served on organic brown rice.85 cents 5326 E. Busch Blvd. Temple Terrace, Fla. (Pantry Pride Plaza) 988-3008 open daily at lla.m. now open Sunday (5.,9 p.m. only) i An opportunity to he part of the first i major singles resort in the U.S. The first large-scale singles resort in the U.S. is opening on Clearwater : Beach. 15 men and women have already been chosen to join a group of : : resort professionals -not as employes -but as profit-sharing staff : : rpembers in the first of a number of singles resorts opening. Five ad: : ditional women age 22 to 30 are still nee_ded. No hotel experience : : necessary but an "up on people" attitude is. : : We define our singles resort as a place where young marrieds and : : singles alike can gather and meet in non-plastic ways. You'll live and : : work in unique atmosphere that's fun for resort guest and staff alike. : : Excellent salary, room, board and partnership status on the profits. : : Applicants must be available May 1st thru September. A great place to : : be single this summer. : : Interviews will be held on the LTSF Campus Make your ap: : pointment at ADM 150. Student Employment. l p.m. sharp, : : Sunday May 5. : : If you cannot attend the meeting, but are interested phone : : Sue Krause, 813-446-9340. Mon. -Fri., 10 a.m. noon or 2-4 : p.m. B e


Photo furnishf:)d Final practice Mary Heath gets in some mound work before USF's softball team's trip to Jacksonville for this weekend's state tournament. sports shorts Registration deadline for the May 9 and IO intramural (!IV!) track meet is tomorrow for men and Monday for women. Sign-up forms may be obtained in PED JOO before 5 p.m. both days. IM officials said this marks the first time men and women's track meets will be conducted on the same days. :\ "THIEi> i\!\D Yukky fun rallye has been scheduled by th e USF Tampa Bay Rallye Club tTBRC l this S aturday. Registration for th e event begins at 7 p.m. in the Fine Arts parking lot wit h th e first car leaving al 8 p.111. Entry fees for the under :io mile rallye are $2.50 for TBH C members. $:l for other clubs and students and $:l.50 for the ge neral public. l'SF'S L\CIWSSE CIXB. follo\\'ing a disappointing per formance in l\1iarni last weekend. returns home Sunday \1ith an 11 a.m. match against the L"niversity of I\liami. On their recent r 1111 SI l'1tcr slJl'rgs :\Ju11ici1,al l'icr. 11ill l1;11ur1 l SJ-" f{ol!in s. Lckcrd. F lorirl;1 St;1t1. Flc1r1d;t. \\'tst 1 .. r1cl;1 :\Ji;11111 ;rnci l'l'JISCICOla lu11ior ( 'olil'f,'.<' JJ:11 lllf.'. p l;1C"t"J third Ill 1111' 1 1"C'lll l"<'l2l!ill;ii 1 1J;1 llCJll()J1SiJlpS ;11 ,, ...... 11rl<':lll' t 'SJ' r;111ks Sl'('. CllHI 11; ti:" -t;1tl' l11il111rt Fl1J1L1 St;1t<' For Books THE ORACLE -May 2, 1974 Tars tune up with easy 9-0 win Capturing all nine matches in straight sets, Rollins College shut out USF's Brahmisses 9-0 here yesterday in the Tars' final contest before the national tennis championships June 18-23 "We knew they were going to be tough. The fact that we won as many games in some of those sets as we did was really good," USF Coach JoAnne Young said. IN THE FEATURED event, top seed Rayni Fox of Rollins blasted Gail O'Connor 6-0, 6-2. O'Connor had taken a 2-1 lead before losing the second set. "I don't think either of us were in top form," Fox said after the match. "Gail is always tough, Winner of the singles at the Southern Collegiate tourney, Fox CHAINWHEEL DRIVE : Bicycle Shop : : All bikes fully Prompt : : assembled repair : & guaranteed service 120 day i service contract i : i1148N.30thSt. : Across from Schlitz : Open 9 lo 6 Ph. 971-2439 ................................... BUG & MINI-CAR TIRE SAVINGS Students Only -Bring Your l.D. Fulda P-25 Tubeless Radial Polyester Cord -Rayon Belts Save Gas and Get Good Tire Mileage -Positive Handling '155RX12 '145RX13 '155 RX13 165RX 13 165RX14 '155RX15 165RX15 Reg. Price 535. 00 ea. 31.00 ea. 37.00 ea. 40.00 ea. 41.00 ea. 4?.00 ca 45.00 8H 1..:i1nflb!l'. fr1r v r1l111r11'. I' "'''r 1 11 JW J\.v!S1 hw1y '""'I ,,,,cf''''!'"'' IJ;,J;,111" !111-.I; '"'"''" '-1t,, .. ,_,,i frrJ11: dw perip!1 v:hri prr1rJrr1rn J>rr11!r;11r1 ind1 ; :J', l ''. l!(d l..)1vrc11 :....; r _;if1ir 'il.'<.,ll'.nl ArHI $119 95 1 :\1 c...;t.:'YI'' i 1 1. 11h 1 1 1nultir\(!\ trirn Stereo Shops 1536 S Dale Mabry, phone 251-1085 11158 N 3Qth Street. phone 977-0670 ................................ "has the potential" to win the nationals, according to h e r coach, Ginny Mack, although "she will have to be playing very well." TllE MOST EXCITl:\'.G match of the day, said, was :\ancy Yeargin"s 1;-:1. lil O\'cr Sue Fane. "There ll'as nothing slo11 ;diout it. They r a n each othn 11ith 11i1k forehand shots ... Young said Yesterday's loss :.;a\"l' thl' Brahmisses a 7--l final mark. r I Got Spring Fever? I I Get Something To Cure It At The I I VILLAGE PRESCRIPTION CENTER I I 109388 N. 56 st. 988-3896 I :, : NAT SHERMAN : PURE NATURAL CIGARETTES : : For Men & Women : The best cigarettes in the world. l\'.o flavorings, no saltpeter, no tars added \as in ordinary cigarettes) Extra milcl, rich in flavor & rich in aroma Sherman's s Cigarettes Are Crisp And Firm : Further proof of their purity. That's because we use no : a glyceri1w o PIPE AND POUCH : Ph. : : 933-2176 Floriland Mall i ............................................. : au I 0 \!EEi< SCflEDU! E (SAME AS OTHER USF Cl;Af!Nti 16 \l:JSF-T\i iiH\ULl.MENT UNL Vi! TEO !JSF Coiil''lC Crr;dit Courses by television -in YOUR home )r i 1; a rr!served room on campus. Each I es son broadcast ti.ii ce. OllART[R ; 1 SCIHJIJI [ fi'illD AMI ]ri-1Jlll ANTllROPOl.OGICAL PERSPECTiV[S (4) !Ms. \l.i:riciCJ I!. \falcrman) MTR 1;:30 or 8:00 p .m. 1/j[)] Aln :rnrrnDUCTION TO ART (3) (Mr. Brucc Marsh) iirn G :00 or :30 p. m. 'j'jlJ2 EOC 5r:S -5Ul flEl\C[PTl!A1 IWTOR DEVELOPMENT ( 4) (Dr. Louis Bo11ers) Mrn 'i :00 or 7:30 p, m ENG 211-501 Clll?liUJT (3) (Dr" l_a1irr,ncr: Bror 1r) llTR 5:00 or 8 :30 p. m. l/j(Jl1 FIN /IJl-C1[JJ PrnsnMAl. FINANCE (5) (rJr. SrnJll) rmmF 3:00 or 5 :30 p.m. 1 1 )()5 fiPY rn-1)IJI viFATll[R MAN (5) (Dr. IJc1111y M Jr,) MTR 5:30 or 9 :00 p.m. MIJS :rn-'iili JSSl!l:S IN MIJSIC (2) (Mr'. J :1c11 1 ,r:s F 11 :30 or 8 :00 p. m. S'.)I JUl -'iOl SOCIAi SCIENCE STATISTICS (11 ) (Slaff) MTRF 3:30 r r 7 :00 p.m. Ctl!JRS[ BYRADiiJ (:-11;s1-1-1, r;r1. 7 ) f!506 MUS 205-501 lMrnrJDIJCTlilM TO ELECTRONIC MUSIC (3) ( Mr. Larry 1 \usti n) M':I 1 1 :00 p. m. 11:1\i TO REG I STER: :-llJ OUT YOUR REGISTRATION FORM THE SAME AS FOR OlHER Be certain yoLi have the cor-rect r'eference number. p refix, course and section numbers. WHEN YOU REGISTER, NOTIFY THE Y.O.U. OFFICE IMMEDIATELY so your nam8 and addr 8ss can be put on the list to receive ;.1 coursr; syllabus, vic;,iinfJ schedule, and other necessary information prior to the begin nin g of classes Y.O.IJ. IS LOCATEn IN Tl!E BASEMENT OF THE LIBRARY, UL/ 020-D TCLEPIHJll[: ex1. 23. its LITTLc PROFcSSOR BOOKCtNTCR Floriland Mall Busch & Florido Ave.


10 -THE ORACLE 1 Access' format remains despite Brown's firing Jay Fris, left, and Walt Hobbs ... discuss OCT urban programs. USF students earn credit through OCT BY MAltSllA Oraclt Ftatun Editor USF students can earn credit hours while living and working in an inner city area in New York City or New Orleans through the Off-Campus Term Project WCTl. Jay f<'riss, :mus, fornd that "being in the minority and knowing you 'll never be ac cepted" because you arc dif ferent was a novel experience. llE SPENT two inonths living in N e w York City and working at the Horiion Park Youth Development Center which is a recreation and drug rehabilil ation center. Marsha Gordon, 2NSE, found she "really got into the social life" working as a cocktail waitress to cam ,111oney and by volunteering at a hospital. 1 pushed a recreation cart. a grocery cart filled with old magazines al Charity Hospital. a welfare ho.:;pit,d that serves Ow entire stale of Louisiana." activitil's to see how the cities were run The students could "finally sec how all the pieces of the city fit together, how l'vcrything is interrelated," (;ordon said. KEITH LUPTON, director of tl:c OCT program, said. "Urban Survival presents an opportunity for an in-depth and intense urban study dealing with all the per cept iims and senses in the real world envl'r and San l'rancisco and we will have a student in our Urban udies progra111 in llonolulu this su111mt'r." lw said. Ill' also said besides l lSF stucknts. National Student Exhangl' Program studt'nts from tlw l '111\' l'rsity of l\lassachusl'lts and South Dakota Statt ha\'e also partil'ipatl'd in l lSF's l:rhan Sun i a I prngra m. No immediate change of for mat is expected for WUSF's "Access," station director Norm Hale said, despite the dismissal of previous moderator Larry Brown "Access" is "self explanatory," Hale said. "It is an access or route students may take to ask questions of the administrators. "AT THE PRESENT time, ''Access" will stay the way it is," Dave Aipel, Brown's replacement, said. The basic format of "interviewing" will remain, he said, because he "doesn't have any ideas to change it." Aipel said he will write the questions asked during the program himself, but he may discuss them with Hale. "I don't really have to have them cleared by anybody," Aipel said. Hale said Aipel "can ask any questions he wants to," but said he will review the questions if Aipel wishes to make sure he is questioning the guest in the correct area of concentration. STUDENTS MAY talk with USF officials without "getting bogged down with the channels one must take to get to the ad ministrators," Hale said. "This is TODD Double Feature Last day BURT REYNOLDS LIGHTNING" CWOody: 'Diaq_e cAlleit and PG United Ario sis GOHHO'I; said she was "mver bored for a 111inute." She said slw spent the first couplt of \\'eeks "running around like a tourist "and buying things guidebooks. i\f!er a \1 hilt'. though, you do so111e serious thinking and cjPcidt what you want to gel fro111 lhP ,isit. its a completely inclependtnt thing You can get anything you'n looking for out of it. BLOW YOUR MINO, NOT YOUR MONEY. She found that it "stnngthPtwd my career goals Wall Hobbs. :!POL. is in terested in politics and tlw lcgal system. He said he soon rPalizcd how ii.effective a nwans legislation is for sol\'ing thc problems of peopie. VIC LAWRENCE, 3DUS, "never had an average day." He found plenty to keep him busy and said, "You even feel guilty when you 're not doing anything. Gordon said Urban Survival was a way to "find out your strengths and weaknesses." It also taught her "how to manage time and money." All four students agreed it was great to "see things we've been reading about." They attended -::ity council meetings and other LEAR JET STEREO 8"' Model Ac20 Auto 8-Track. The sound will delight you The price will amaze vou. This is the real thing : from thopll' who invented Stereo With separate controls for tone. ,olume and stereo balance. T me to life sound "ith ,1 full :!l ""'"' uf f\,1k Mu,;ic l\1wcr Fine tuning ,rnd 11r<'gr,1lll indic,1t<'r -,;terns Sl,l'k .rnd ttilll ,111d ,;nMll l'l1l'll9h 1,1 fit l'<'lllf, ,rt,1bl\ inf<' 111\ c.u Ewn >1x111,; $.Jg 9 5 l'l)fl1J1tKtS. Viviano Stereo Shops Now 2 Location 1536 S Dale Mabry. phone 251-1085 11158 N. 30th Streetphone 977 0670 the initial idea behind the program, he said. Aipel said the major "em phasis of the program is to call in." He said he plans on discussing general University topics every week and "wants to keep it general and interesting to whoever is listening." During the summer Hale said WUSF will schedule its own guests and try to get "some people from the community on the program." MAMIYA/SEKOR 500 DTL W /CASE, VIVITAR STROBE SHOE & 135 MM AUTOMATIC LENS SPECIAL $255.00 NOW FEATURING BESSLER COLOR If you're good enough, you can be a Navy Nuclear Officer. Aboard every Navy nuclear-powered ship, there are offi.cers from colleges just like this one. The point is that to be considered for this extraordinary program, you don't have to go to the N aval Academy ... or join the NROTC. What the Navy needs now are some very special college graduates who aren t afraid to find out how good they really are. Who will consider our extensive and demanding training program (designed by the Atomic Energy Commission), the most exciting challenge of their lives. A challenge that offers an ambitious college graduate an exciting future as a Naval Officer, with his first assignment being a nuclear-powered surface ship or submarine. U.S. NA VY RECRUITING STATION 8808 N 56t h STREET TEMPLE TERRACE. FLA PH, 985-1010 Be a success 1n the NAVY


( t: 4 S S I _H It A ( HELP WANTED BUSINESS manager for student run volunteer program. Long hours, lousy pay. E x t. 2099. RESPONSIBLE organized person wanted as governess to 3 children (one Rubella child requiring extra care). 5 min. from USF (2 p.m. to 8 p m M -F) (9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sat). Experience or training in special education preferred. Possible Au Pair. E xcellent Opportunity for right. person. Call Pam 971-4660 all holidays & Sundays off. Must have drivers license. UNIQUE opportunity lo teach in established open classroom school in Sebring. Previous experience in open classroom not n ecessary. Looking for someone who wants to learn how to run open progra. m \Vith Integrated day I vertical gfouping, and other features of the British 'infant School for children aged 5-8. Call Brooks Mitchell, 977-5711. for detatts. 1F YOU dig albums & tapes & are interested 1n earning some good bread on a part-time basis. call Michael Al 988-2629. TYPING, Fast, Neai, Accurate, Exp. Turabian I BM Corrective Selectric. Carbon ribbon. P ica or Elite. All types of work. Close to USF. 988-0836 Lucy Wilson. FAST accurate typing service. 48 hr. service in most instances. 2 min. from USF. Between 8 :30 and 5 :00 call 879-7222 ext. 238. Aller 6:00 call 988-3435 Ask for Liz. SPECIALIZED TYPIST IBM CORRECTING Selectric, carbon ribbon, pica or elite. Greek symbols. Exp. Turabian, Campbell, APA, etc. S min. from USF. Nina Sch.iro, 971-2139. If no answer, 235-3261. EXTRAORDINARY TYPIST-6 plus quality .yea rs. Dis se rt at ions-manuscripts I BM Selectric-carbon .rib-elitepica. References. During all week call 6 8 a.m. or' 6 1 0 p m".-Anylime weekends-BJ DO in an apartment or duplex? Do you hale carrying your garbage lo the dumpster? No need to do ii, call G-Man GARBAGE SERVICE. Free gill-phone r J ., ..... m '"'" ""' ( AUTOMOTIVE ) old. Available now $125 These will be some of the Best feathered Setters i n the South. 935-0484 FORMER Classi c Pleasure Cruiser coro verled lo n ifty houseboat. Come live aboard $3,000 or best offer. Needs Love call: 9775 537 NE HAVE denims in regular and bells. .ind cords in bells. Also boots, shirts & western hats. Only 10 m i n from campus. Straight leg Levi cords irl 3 colors have ;ust come i n Bermax Western Wear 8702 N ebraska Ave. SCM 210 Portable Electric Typewriter, Pica. Elec. carriage return, 6 repeat features with case $165.00 $247 retail. Like new. c.111 839-3901. RALEIGH "Sprite" 27 M e n's 10-speed touring bicycle. 23" white frame. Perfect condition-New last Sept. $85. 9713695. SIAMESE. Sealpoint kittens males. Litter lrained. 8 wlh c d apartments, di!>wa<.>her, Qclrbflqe disposal. fully carpctecl pool. l<1undry : Vaned Ncilr llSF .lf line.I S f & Skipper Road-Call 971 ltOH or 97 l 142';1. Departm ental Ctiairman, fall 1974, associate or full professor, to administer Department of Communication with graduate and undergraduate programs in Oral Interpretation, Rhetorical and Communication Theory, and Speech Science, with cooperaflve programs i n Speech .Education. A minimum of five years teaching ex perience; Ph.D. with publication record; and administrative experie.nce. EXPERIENCES. Going abroad or engaged in other educational experiences this summer? Contact us about academic credit. Qtr. 4 application deadline May 74. Off -Campus Term Prog., FAQ 122, 2536 Orientation sessions M, W, F at 2 p.m. in FAQ lOON, Qtr. 4 enrollment in OCT limited because of large numbers so act NOW See ad in TRAVEL also. ALL artists & craftsmen sign up now for exhibit space for the FESTIVAL OF THE HILL'S ART SALE to be held May 8 & 9. $1 per table to defray cost. Reserve thru SEAC. --------------GRADUATE student i n Social Science with wide educational. background is seeking for the summer employment in teaching or research. Please contact Spiro 971-8228 or 97. .""MOBILE 11;, : l. ,. Ji;.; WOOD.ED LOT tor mobile home, 5 min. from USF, S50 monthly, includes water, sewer. Quiet beautiful. boat ramp, fishing. Call Bob 988-4085 G-MAN Garbage Service ()Wn your own service .prbage service PH The Un i versity of South Florida Opera presents THE TELEPHONE cJ::kC.ARLO and gianni schicchi by puccini University Theatre. 8 :30 p.m. THURSDAY l\1AY 2 FRIDAY. r>.1AY 3 1L'S r \".()\1 E \. S C L UB \i.\Lj SE'\!EFIT PERFOR'.\.\NCE1 S:.TURDAY. r>.1AY 4 THURSDAY. l\lAY 9 FRIDAY. !\lAY 10 SATURDAY l\1AY II USF FULL-Tlr>.lE STUDENTS .. Sl.00 GENERAL .. 2 .00 GALA BENEFIT PE.RFORr>.lANCE 3.50 RESERVATIONS l\lADE BY CALLING USF .BOX OFFICE. 9742323


12 -THE ORACLE May 2, 1974 Senate: probe Bookstore Straight down It is hard to tell where USF is heading by this sign. The Faculty Senate y es terday p a ssed a m easure r e questing the Auxiliary Services Committee investigate Univer s ity Book s tore operations and report to the Senate no later than Sept. 1. The resolution, submitted by Donald Stein, assistant professor of Psychology, called for examination of Bookstore procedures in areas such as pricing, communiCation with the faculty, and overall ef ficiency SENATE CHAIRMAN Dr. Jesse Binford said he would refer the resolution to Auxiliary Services Committee Chairman Dr. Samuel Isaak. The Senate also passed a proposal on procedures for dealing with academic dishonesty. Dr. Louis Penner, assistant professor of Psychology, said the proposal gives more discretionary power to the instructor in disciplining students than the procedure approved by the Council of Deans In other action, the Senate approved a resolution to allow any Regents to tour Eckerd; USF not included in plan Employment Opportunities Contact Manager LUMS BY Rl1SSELL MANLEY Oracle Staff Writer With negotiations between the State L.niversity System (SUS l and Eckerd College concerning possible SUS expansion set to resume tomorrow, possible USF involvement in the plans. has not been mentioned Eckerd Pres. Billy Wireman said yesterday two represen tatives of the Board of Regents ( BOR > Facilities Committee will continue evaluations of the Eckerd campus which have been going on for the last month when they visit the St. Petersburg school tomorrow. "THEY: WiLL TRY to make the determination whether our facilities .can handle the expansion plans they have," Wireman :, said tlie : question of USF invalvemenf".in the ex pansion has been "left open." : "I know nothing about it and neither does Pres. Cecil Mackey," 1 USF D'irector, of University Relatio.ns Jim Vickrey said. ''No one from USF has been invf)lved in it. "QUITE FRANKLY, you folks 's l'nrollnwnt program in H< >TC bet11eln the l"ninr s ity of Tampa and CSF .... Jim Saho l'Ommittee chairman. said. Pro and con opinions will be prcsented and ""all relevant opinions are in\ited.. Sabo said authorize the Chancellor to begin serious negotiations with .us." k Henry's ,. .. fotet:Jn ond .' Car Repair and Serv'ice. 'I .:. FAS. T SERVICE \ 28 Yetus Experie.nce All All Models-' Phone 971 .. 9161 13614 Nebraska, Tampa .I'>. .. JOc Draft ------------COLD COMFORT Country Rock Thurs. Fri. Sat. Mi Back Yard 6902 N. 4-0th Women Free Adm. .. .......................................... : e I \ :. PHOTOGRAPHY ;i / i CONTEST EXHIBIT : /!' .': U.C. Gallery CTR 108 :.:. Through Fri. May 17 Speti<;tl Thanks to i l'I;;;: 1L .................................................................................................. .. IN TAMPA CHUCK'S JIFFY. TUNE-UP CENTER "dedroni('. tune-up hy the worlds :,!realest sun mathine" ,. most 4-6 cv.J. $14.95 I most 8 cyl. $16.95 I points. plu:,!s <"ondenser and lahor incluof London \ -r;: .. o f'o' r rnoreinfornfalfon contact:' i .. ,:'.:Pr Rt>berf sfrahnon : ->'< "'--for Studet'fl "' The GRIPEVINE will take place May 1. 1974 in the uc Room 215 at 2:00 p.m. Drop in and find out what i happening wi1h student-veterans. Discover means to effect Legilation benefits for veterans. Meet the new President of The V eterans Awareness Council. Sponsored by the Office of V eteran's Affairs. CTR. 166-9742291. you love. :) 1 1 : r I i 1 l r J (;i v < : r ()(:;JI j I 111 Pr : 1 1 1 !;1111 $7.95 Wt.' Ar:cr:p< : Bank Arnerir:ard Diners Club Shoppers Master C h arge Carte Blanche American E xpress .JEWELERS IN TAMPA SHOP AT GORDON'S 3924 BRITTON PLAZA SHOPPING CTR. NORTHGATE SHOPPING CENTER OTHER STORES IN: St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Seminole, Bradenton, Plant City and Lakeland.


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