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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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filed thursdau' s ORACLE :\ llSF student yesterday filed a lawsuit seeking to temporarily halt impeachment proceedings against President Hichard Nixon. The suit names Gerald Ford. C'arl Albert, Sam Gibbons and Lawton C'hiles as defen dants Set story page IO. Aug. 8, 1974 Vol. 9 No. 53 12 pages Nixon set to resign?

2 -THE ORACLE August 8, 1974 Ford prepares for presidency Vice President Gerald R Ford has instructed his aides-.w.-begin drafting his inaugural statement to the nation, drawing up a list of potential vice presidential choices and White House staff appointments and writing a long television address to the nation, the Chicago Sun-Times reported yesterday in a front page exelusive for its Thursday edition. "The order when to his staff on Monday night, when his ac cession to the Presidency became a likelihood," the newspaper said. b !fgan on Tuesday morn;ng ''A' 1,A;, vice presidents was compiled., said that' selection of a hew vice president would not be made for at least a week or two after Ford assumed office." The story, signed out of Washington by Morton Kondracke, said Ford "was un derstood to be soliciting ad ditional names in talks with friends and members in Congress." The initial list-composed entirely of Republicansincluded two Illinois legislators, Sen. Charles H. Percy and Rep. John B. Anderson, Kondracke said. The Sun-Times said other persons included on the vice presidential list included former New York Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller, Ohio Sen Robert Taft, Vermont Sen. Robert H. Stafford, Oregon Sen Mark 0. Hatfield, Massachusetts Sen. Edward W. Brooke, and California Gov. Ronald Reagan. Jacobsen pleads guilty WASHINGTON (UPI l Jake Jacobsen. former lawyer for the nation's largest milk cooperative, pleaded guilty yesterday to a charge that he gave former Treasury Secretary John B. Connally Jr. a $10,000 bribe. He thus agreed to testify against Connally Jacobsen, 54. of Austin, Tex., who served as White House legislative counsel in the Johnson administration. appeared before Chief U .S. District Judge George L. Hart Jr. in a 10-minute arraignment and entered his plea to one count of making a bribe. Hart released him into the From the Wires of United Press International custody of his lawyer and sent him to the probation office. which will make a report before sen tencing The felony carries a maximum penalty of a $10,000 fine and two years in prison. Jacobsen. silver haired and somber. refused any comment as he left the cour thouse. Connally and Jacobsen were indicted by a Watergate grand jury last July 29 in connection with an alleged payment of $10,000 to Connally for his aid in obtaining the 1971 increase in the federal price support for raw milk. ConnallY had just joined President Nixon's cabinet at the time and Jacobsen was representing the Associated Milk Producers Inc. Connally will be arraigned Friday. Senate votes to air trial WASHINGTON The Senate Rules Committee voted 8 to I Stay had 'good chance' TALLAHASSEE-Deputy Att. Gen. Baya Harrison said yesterday the state had "an absoh,itely feafistic" chance of getting a U.S. Supreme Court stay of Florida Chief Justice. James Adkins' order suspending grand jury probes into can didates Harrison filed a massive brief seeking the stay with the court's clerk in Washington Tuesday about an hour before Adkins reversed his order, ruling that investigations into Treasurer Thomas O'Malley and other candidates could continue. Harrison was seeking the stay from Justice Lewis Powell, who represents Florida and the 5th Judicial Circuit, because the full Supreme Court was in recess. He filed the briefs with the clerk to be sent to Powell at his Richmond home and then requested a meeting with the jurist. When Adkins reversed his decision, Harrison telegraphed Powell and the clerk's office rescinding Atty. Gen. Robert Shevin's application for the stay. "Our chances of getting the stay were absolutely realistic," Harrison said. He felt they were even excellent. One of the clerks there said he thought it was "an emergency." Harrison said Shevin would not have sent him to Washington "if we didn't feel we had a real chance." "Because of the way the order affected every grand jury in the state and the grand jury in Leon From the Wires of United Press County which almost everyone agreed was proceeding properly, and because we were on solid constitutional grounds with the equal protection argument, I was confident he would grant the stay," Harrison said. O'Malley hit by own car TALLAHASSEE State Treasurer Thomas O'Malley was struck by a car driven by his wife after he stepped out of the auto in front of the capitol building this morning. He was rushed to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, where an initial medical examination of an injured hip showed he had suf fered no fracture. His condition was listed .as satisfactory and hospital officials said O'Malley would be admitted for the night "for observation and further x rays." The incident occurred while O'Malley stood behind the 1973 Volvo driven by his wife. Press Secretary Jerry Davies said Mrs. O'Malley apparently thought she had put the car in forward gear and put it in reverse instead. The car reportedly rolled over O'Malley. Davies dispelled reports that the treasurer may have suffered a heart attack saying, "It's not The Oracle is the official student-edited newspaper of the University of South Florida and is published lour times weekly, Tuesday through Friday, during the academic year period September through mid-June; twice during the academic year period mid-June through August, by the University of South Florida, 4202 Fowler Ave., Tampa, Fla. 33620. Opinions expressed in the Oracle are those of the editors or of the writer and not those of the University of South Florida. Address correspondence to the Oracle, LAN 472, Tampa, Fla., 33620. Second class postage paid at Tampa, Fla The Oracle reserves the right to regulate the typographical tone of all advertisements and revise or turn away copy ii considers objectionable. Programs, activities and facilities of the University of South Florida are available to all on a non-discriminatory basis, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age or national origin. The University is an aff irmative action Equal Opportunity Employer. his heart. He didn't have a heart attack. 0 'Malley underwent open heart surgery last January. Hospital administrator M T. Mustion said O'Malley was "perking along pretty good." Tampa$ ;:;,-, Chile$e Cui$ine. 1 e Family Style Dinners. I Take Out Orders Select from l complete Chinese I Menu Soups, Appetizers, Entrees, Desserts wf4 t Cockt!lils Served I Lounge Now Open Open 4-12 Daily Sunday 1-10 2807 E. Busch Blvd. 935-7651 T ao o New Policy FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT! 2 Pictures for the Price of 1 All Seats $2.00 At All Times Double Feature "The Three Musketeers" at 12, 4 and 8 and Midnite Friday & Saturday "Emperor of the North" at 2, 6and 10 PG Mldnite Sh9w Fri. &-Sat. Wednesday in favor of allowing live television coverage of President Nixon's trial if he is impeached. The committee. considering changes in the rules under which an impeachment trial in the Senate would be held. agreed to a resolution suspending the rules which now prohibit any radio and television coverage of Senate proceedings. Only asistant Senate Republican leader Hobert P. Griffin voted against the resolution. Griffin called Monday for Nixon to resign his office. The House Rules Committee recommended Tuesday that Nixon's impeachment hearingswhich could lead to Senate trialbe opened to live radio and television broadcasts. Students, Faculty, & Staff of USF $ave $ on tires discount 50% On Tire Purchases Mounting and Balance Available M/C Master C:harge B/A Bankamericard 8.l.Jld.MUllWD c:m::a JKOONS TIRE CENTER 9545 N. FLA AVE PH: 933-6571 The Better Buys are at The Better Half. Jeans $4. 99 -$9. 99 Knit Tops $2. 99 -$4. 99 Tank Tops 31 $7.50 Dress Slacks $5. 99 The Better Half factory Pants 119 Bullard Pkwy. (56th St. & Busch) CHILDREN'S CENTER "DAY CARE" 1501 W. BUSCH BLVD. TAMPA FLORIDA Now Accepting Registrations For Fall-Sept. l NURSERY PRESCHOOL KINDERGARTEN 3 WEEKS -7 YRS. CERTIFIED TEACHERS PH: 932-1103 or 985-1619


No recycling here Oracle plloto by Richard Urban Members of the University community do not always think to put their aluminum waste articles in recycling bins, as this look at the USF Riverfront property shows. The property, to the east of campus along the Hillsborough River, is strewn with litter sometimes, as the photo shows. Alligator mulls finances BY MIKE KASZUBA Oracle Managing Editor Editors of the University of .Florida

4 -THE ORACLE AUJUSt 8, 1974 Richard Nixon must leave office For the good of the nation, for the preservation of the Constitution and for preservation of the concept that no man is above the law, Richard Nix-0n must be removed from the presidency. Nixon has made a mockery of the Constitution and the laws governing the United States. His actions connected with the coverup of the Watergate break -in and use of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to invade the privacy of citi zens amount to high crimes which the Constitution cites as grounds for impeachment. THE TRANSCRIPTS of tapes, released reluctantly by Nixon, reveal an absess which must be removed before it corrupts the entire governmental system. Nixon's blatent disregard for the law (in ordering the CIA to limit the FBI Watergate in vestigation to aid his own political campaign) and his disqain for the Constitutional process (ignoring subpoenas from the House Judiciary Committee) must be checked or it will irrevocably impair the country's legal system The issue is not Nixon's morality or lack of it; morality is a private matter and although a nation iooks to a president for moral and ethical leadership this should not be an issue in the removal of a man from office. However, when a man tramples on laws which other citizens inust abide by and when he disregards vehicles, such as the Constitution, on which the govern mental system is based, that man mqst be stopped And the Constitution provides a method for stopping such a '11an. Impeachment by the Hotise of Representatives and a trial before the Senate is the right way for the machine to progress and, although this process may be slow, this is the wisest path The road may be long but at its end must be the impeachment of Nixon and his ouster from office; anything less would be a mischarge of justice and would set an extremely dangerous precedent. IF TllE Senate fails to convict Nixon following his own admission that he ordered the investigation of the Watergate break-in limited what will it take to remove someone from office ? Failure to oust Nixon would put future presidents abo v e the law and would invite even greater abuse of power than Nixon has shown Of course one option is open to Nixon which would spare the country the pain of a lengthy impeachment proceeding. The president could resign and allow Vice President Gerald Ford to take office. Although many newspaper editorials have called for this action, we feel it would be unfortunate. Nixon, who has placed his own ambitions above everything else, must be removed but that removal should follow the Con stitutionally-prescribed pattern. By following this lengthy process the country will be able to see the system can work when it is not aborted by a This public document was promulgated at an annual cost of $14:1.51.t.76 or Sc per copy, to dissi;>minatenews to the students, staff and faculty of the University of South Florida.

. DOONESBURY mAT'S RIGHT j A HGART YtAH, RJP, ATTACK. A 7HEY WU? PRE77-Y-ME .. BAO I '1 a I I 11_ L., 50 HOW YOU8EN? /JAi), OKAY ... ANV YOUREiF? I YOU KNOW, SON, ldllot YOV ((JM& AS aosc m fJ6ATH A5 ;r YOll /..OOK BACK f ON UFC JIN[) 'IOV SC/3 : aM!?lY 7HAN CYER BCFO!?E AU Tfle MISTAKES by Garry Trudeau 50HEI? Y(}{/AR .. I Yl/P. Ht"R I.AM ... RIGHT /-ICREi MTH YOf/. I -THE ORACLE -August 8, 1974 5 SG role 1changed' Editor's note: Each Thursday the Oracle will make space available for a guest commentary from a person connected with either USF or state-level higher educallon. Today's commentary is by Jean Harmon, a USF student who has worked with the Oracle and is now working in Student Activities. BY JEAN HARMON USF Student The role of student government has drastically changed this summer, to the dismay of some and the joy of others. On this issue itself there is no debate left. The relevant question ieft is more one of re-evaluation and reconsidera ti,pn of student government. THIS LAST years' voting turn out was an all-time low of less than 2,000 students; or 12.5 per cent of students in attendance. During the two (2) election days I saw no one tying anyone's hands or kidnapping a student, ren-_ ,,.-gutst, -dering he or she unable to vote. More accurately I heard com ments such as "What has Student Government ever done for me?" or "Student Government never does anything." The executive branch, composed of President, VicePresident, and appointed cabinet members over the last several' years have Worked for the bike paths on 131st Street (accomplished), worked to get refrigerators permitted on campus,

6 -THE ORACLE SEAC plans fall program arts August 8, 1974 USF Chorus stages recital A musical reading of the Verdi "Requiem" will be presented by the i\JsF University-Com11J 'unity Chotus under the direction of .Rob' trt Summer Monday from 7 to ll: p .m. in FAH 101. Soloists wili be Mary Martin, soprano; Annetta Monroe, mezzo soprano; Joseph Napoli, tenor; and Gerald Reynolds, bass. SEAC will continue to sponsor a variety of programs during Quarter 1, including the Slappy Hour and other Coffeehouse events, student art exhibits, and campusscreened films, Fran Lala, SEAC assistant program director said. Slappy Hour, featured on Wednesday during this quarter, will be rescheduled from Wednesday to Friday from 3 to 5 p.m. in the fall. "During the summer Wed nesday is like Friday. It seems to be a heavier day as far as the number of students on campus," Lala said. Th UC Gallery will continue to .host student art exhibits throughout Quarter 1. An outdoor art show, Fesitval of the Hill, is tentatively scheduled for Nov. 21 and Nov. 22 on Crescent Drive. "Students and faculty members will have a chance to sell their art during the festival. There should be live music, too," she added. SEAC is also planning another River Riot outdoor music festival for early October. The tentatively scheduled event would be held on USF's riverfront Campus talent to be featured in Empty Keg Campus performers will appear at the weekend Coffeehouse Friday and Saturday evening at 8 : 30 in the Empty Keg South. Performers were selected previously during SEAC sponsored and audience judged auditions. Each act performing will receive $10. A well rounded program, the entertainment will include contemporary, Spanish, blues, folk, and rock music. Featured during Friday night s Coffeehouse are Louis Telzer, Henry Sellenthin, Bruce Shatkun, Nelly Zamora, and Dante Pansa. Saturday evening's performers are 0. V. Hanger and Larry Feldman, Alicia Olmo, Ron McGinnis and Butch Darby, Steve Carlin, and Phil Monroe

THE ORACLE August 8, 1974 7 Righteous. Brothers perform in weekend concert at Busch Oracle pho!o by Rldwlrd.UrNn Roy Lichtenstein's lithograph "Untitled" Works by contemporary artists Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert ell, Louise Nevelson and others are now on display, in USF's Library Gallery. Courts available to USF students The Righteous Brothers, who rocketed to national popularity in the early sixties with their hit recordings "'Little Latin and Lupelu" and "You've Lost That Lovin Feeling, are performing at Busch this weekend. Ttie singers will do four shows Saturday and Sunday at 5 and 7 p.m. in Busch Garden's Stanleyville Amphitheater Busch offiCials will give away 20 copies of the Right.eous Brothers' new album,. which is not to be released publicly until Monday, Tom Stork, public relations director for Busch Gardens, said Bill Nedley and Bobby Hatfield began their association as a music team in 1962. In the following 6 years they sold more than 10 million records and received three gold albums and four gold singles : USF tennis and basketball courts are available for use by students, faculty, and staff with ID cards when they are not being used by classes or for varsity practice JUN/OR cAguAL9 Contact PED 100 for further information, ext. 2125. Sizes 3 to 13 ( 10 per cent OFF) With Presentation of This Ad 502 Tampa Street-Ph. 229-2280 The two separated in 1968 to "explore their individual talents Admission to the concert is the Garden s regular entrance price -$4.75 for adults, $3.75 for children 5 to 11, and free for children under 5. Delcraft 15 & 17 Ft. Aluminum NOW RENTING: Canoes & Backpacks i'Qualffy" Easy Camping Equipment Trails 8711 N. _.40th St. 988-0045 -Inc. 'Thur.; Fri. 9-9 Mon., Tues., Wed., & Sat., 9-6 OUTFITTERS FOR CAMPING, BACKPACKING,_ CANOEING {The iargest se18ction of Freeze Diy Food in the area) .. FONTANA In The Fall Fontana Hall we do the shopping, we cook the meals, we .wash the dishes, we do the cleaning, and there's never a worry about water bills, gas bills, and electric bills. Our modern facilities provide you with convenience, privacy, and a complete recreation area to enioy at your leisure. Meals are served three times daily at convenient times to fit your schedule. In addition we serve a wide selection of entrees and a II you care to eat. All For Less Than $6 a Day phone 9 71-9550


8 -THE ORACLE sports August 8, 1974 BOB SHIVER USF adds JC golfer Ed Mabie, who finished 20th in the national junior college tournament, will be playing golf for USF next season, coach Bob Shiver said yesterday. "He is already committed to come here," Shiver said. But he said Mabie probably will not arrive until Qtr 2 since he does not yet have enough credit hours to graduate from the school he is now attending, Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield, Ill "I saw him at the national tournament in Fort Myers," Shiver said. ''He has a beautiful golf swing, hits the ball far and has a real good head on his shoulders. "He was the second leading player in his conference up there (Illinois)," Shiver said. USF won't need to do too much recruiting this year, because "we have everybody coming back Shiver said The Brahmans finished second behind Big Ten titlist Indiana University in the Tournament of Champions in Miami last May Delicate balance Renee Neely, a Hillsborough Community College student, straightens herself on the balance beam. Neely was exercising in the gymnastics room of USF's gym yesterday. lacrosse practices scheduled Saturday Members of USF's Lacrosse Club and other interested people are asked to attend an 11 a m meeting Saturday at the park on MacDill A venue northwest of Interstate 75. The practice is to be held in conjunction with an organizational meeting for a junior lacrosse team of 14 to 18 year olds. Fun-Furniture Bean Bag Chairs Passion Pads-Extra Long Filling for Chairs CONEY'S INTERIORS 315 S. Howard 258-2131 SPECIAL USED CAR SALE Over .100 Cars lo Choose From Beautiful Powder Blue, with radio, 4 speed, Real Nice '2290 '70.QIDA 2 door hardtop, power steering, mag wheel s Only '1690 '73 DATSUN 1/1 Ton P 1d1u p -.ul h reol k>w mllfOV SH th" lo M l i eve at l1 diong Mo1or1. $AVE '73 VW 412 WAGON Beautiful red w mat ching int. 1,200 miles, radio tac. air, auto VW' s best SAVE '10 DATSUN I a.;g. finish with matching i nterior # 349$& $1090 '72 PONTIAC LtMANS .c.()oor S""1n, foe Pofy oi r c ond1 t iomng, power ,,..,,ing, beavtifu1 yellow w lh motching i nte r ior $1990 '72 VW CONVERTIBLE .. SpMd tro rumiu1on ith a r r condihon1ng, orange wlh blocla. Otilx 1 of lhe if! 0 1 $AVE '71 AUDI 4' 0oot Sedon, beoutiful PQ'Wl'deir blu with matching i n teriot at thit Pfic $1990 '69BMW ..... k1 color wifh matching interior, iaool nic and on this ptice. Agaln glven 2nd chance A mix up in the intramural (JM> pro gram Tuesday resulted in Again showing up for its game against Student Accounting Organiz a ti o n with only five players losing the c ontest 11-10 and th e n filing a prot e st with the IM offi c e. The g a me, to decide the second half softball champion. has been rescheduled for 4 :15 p.m. today Phil Mansell student assistant to Coordinator of Recreational Sports Andy Honker, said he received a number of phone calls from people before the game asking if it would be played But we really didn't know until 3 :30 p m. if we were going to get it in, he said. Get To Know The Candidates Forum The eight candidates for mayor of Tampa will appear in the U.C BaUroom. 1 2 at 2 p.m. I U .C. BALLROOM This will be an informal Forum, and everyone .is invited. Sponsored by Student Government. Student Discount With USF ID Temple Tcrra1c 988-1419 q')1-0\00


Chip Conner-THE ORACLE August 8, 1974 9 BY DAVE MOORMANN Oracle Sports Editor Maris and Mantle, Hornung and Taylor, Gibson and Conner. Chances are you've heard of the first two combinations and their exploits during the 1960' s. But w.hy is the third pair being mentioned? LIKE THE Yankee duo and the Packer tandem, those two worked together to make the i r rriark in sports It just so happens that coaching basketball at the University of Virginia doesn't transform your name into "We know each other well so that's no problem. The program is moving along well .. l've told him (Gibson) just to get ready to come back to coach the team." -Chip Conner household word. Yet Bill G i bson and his assistant Chip Conner may soon be known to the USF c ommunity. Gibson le f t his Virginia post Oracle pholo by Andy Slatkow Poor position It mus.t have been a strange looking creature which laid this unique egg. On closer observation, though, it is not an egg at all but rather a perfectly normal golf ball. Pfost, Freshour take semifinals Phil Pfost and Frank Freshour beat Ed Hoffman and Jim Wright 6-3, 3 6 6-4 to win th e s emifinals of intramural tennis doubles l a st w eek Pfost and F r eshour will play the League B champions for the o v e rall titl e. In singles matches Freshour was not so fortunate H e lost to undef e ated Neil Shoaf 6 -2, 4-6, 6-3, and David Tolle 4 6 7-5, 6 3 Semifin a l s a re scheduled this week, with finals to b e played next week I I I -All Musicians-If anything you purchase from us ever needs serv1cmg, we will loan you something to use in the meantime. Complete PA equipment such as Crown, JBL, Tascam mixers, Cerwi n Vega, Soundcraftsman equalizers, TEAC, Shure, including free consultation, is available through: "Sensuous Sound Systems" r--. (a part of Stereo World) Q:)J 4812 E BUSCH BLVD. PH. 988-7059 I I keY half of coaching co-mbo last March and came here with hopes of building Brahman basketball into a national power He brought two essential things with him-a strong desire to succeed, and Conner. WHILE TURNING Virginia into a contender Gibson relied on Conner s help for seven seasons. consider myself fortunate to have Chip," Gibson said. "Personally I felt he should have had the Virginia job. I pushed for it but it didn t happen Following the selection of the new Virginia coach, Gibson quickly chose Conner over 48 other people who had applied for the assistant coach job THUS, AN association begun during the 1963-64 Virginia basketball season was retained. That year All-Atlantic Coast Conference forward-guard Conner played for first-year coach G ibson. Since then, the two have become very close, both in business and friendship "He's got a lot of class said Gibson "I respect him very much." SINCE GIBSON suffered a heart attack July 4, Conner and Assistant Coach Phil Collins have carried the program. For tunately; Gibson and Conner are aware of the needs of one another. "We know each other well so that's no problem," said Gibson's assistant since 1967. "The program is moving along well." "I' m constantly telling h i m that there s no reason to rush his return, Conners said. We've had a good recruiting year and the schedule' s been completed. I' v e told him j ust to get ready to come back to coach the team." Gibson said he is confident Conner can handle the basketball team's affairs until his return next month, at which time their combination will begin to click. "We mjike a great team," said Gibson "We moved the program at Virginia and we can move it at USF Village Prescription Center The only pharmacy 1n town with student, staff & faculty discount on 10938 N. 56th St. RX's Phone 98S-JS96 J J. 's PHOTOGRAPHY 20% discount with this ad 510 l East Busch Blvd. Tampa ph. 988-8054 or 985-2333 OPEN -11 1.M. TO 7 P.M. 3440 SO. DAU MABRY 120 BUUARD PARKWAY AT El PRADO TEMPlf TERRACE presents ... HONESTY'' Unisex Hair Styling Salon *STARRING. Bar hara -formerly of Canned Ego For Appointments Call 251-2653 Ope n M o nday -Friday 10-8 Saturday 1 0 6 .. 2227 S D a l e M abry -T ampa


10 -THE ORACLE August 8, 1974 Support mounts for faculty suit BY STEVE SPINA Oracle. Staff Writer USF Psychology professor Herbert Kimmel &aid yesterday tie has received "a lot of support" from faculty members for his proposed suit against the State. "We ruive received money, as of this moment, from 32 faculty members," in support of the suit, Kimmel said. Additional faculty members have shown a willingness to join in the suit and "we an ticipate the number will go higher," he said. THE SUIT, which will be filed "next week, probabiy," will charge violation of the state constitution's equal protection clause and im pairment of contract, Kimmel said. The action springs from a legislative move to provide a four per cent salary adjustment for State University System (SUS) faculty who prefer the t}Jree year old Florida Retirement System (FRS) over the Teachers Retirement System (TRS), a move which Kimmel said discriminates against TRS members. "A number of the 32 are not members of TRS but are in fact under the other system," Kimmel said, adding "(they) believed we have been discriminated against." "WE'RE QUITE confident that we will gain the remedy that we seek, being treated equally," Kimmel said. Kimmel said he feels the state of Florida will correct the situation without having it brought to court by "recognizing easier ways to rectify its mistake Co-complainants may mail checks to Kimmel, payable to Herbert account, he said. Lawsuit seeks halt to _impeach efforts A suit aimed at stopping the impeachment proceedings against President Nixon has been filed by USF student Herbert Ferrell, 3MAN. law office of Hoofer and Sheffey in Tampa. Neither Ferrell nor his attorneys were available for comment late yesterday The main point of the count suit was to stop the imI 1111 peachment proceedings on the I basis that it disinfranchised the voters who supported Nixon in '72. The suit named Vice President Gerald Ford, House Speaker Carl Albert Florida Senator Lawton Chiles and Representative Sain Gibbons of Tampa as defendants. The class action suit, filed yesterday in the Middle District Court of Hillsborough County, cites the necessity of a fair trial. The suit called for a temporary injunct.ion and a declaratory judgment. The suit is being handled by the 28 MENU ITEMS THE WORKS Beefburger w cheese tomato, lettuce pickle, onion coleslaw, fries anci free schooner of beer with this ad and purchase L On Fowler and 14th New Mission Hills Apts Immediate Occupancy 2 Bdrm $195.00 Large Pool Area Recreation Room Attractive and Roomy Apts Private Setting Complete Modern Kitchens :flf 11-fASllQI STOIE WESTSHORE PLAZA NORTHGATE SHOPPING CENTER BRITTON PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER DOWNTOWN: 705 FRANKLIN STREET A Brushed Denim Shirt Suit with a touch of the "West." Trimmed in suede for the casual look of today.


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Term Papers, Theses, Resumes. 988-0836 Lucy Wilson 8;15 EXTRAORDINARY TYPIST-6 plus of Quality dissertations-term papers-MS statistical data-I BM selectric-pica-type changes-carb. rib.-Little further away BUT the Q.1ality is what counts. References furn; shed-Gloria 884-3909. 8;15 FAST accurate typing service. 48 hr. service in most instances 2 min. from USF. Between 8: 30 and 5 call 879-7222 ext. 238. After 6 c _all 988-3435. Ask for Liz. 8;15 THE SECRETARIAT Word Processing Center. Professional typing-automatic equipment with many type styles. Fast Delivery. Call 933-4524. 8;15 SPECIALIZED TYPIST IBM CORRECTING Selectric, carbon ribbon, pica or elite, Greek symbols. Exp. Turabian, Campbell, APA, etc. 5 min. from USF. Nina Schiro, 971-2139 or 235-3261. 10;2 NEED A BARTENDER? Would you like to be able to get out of the kitchen when you have a party? We provide college students as bartenders trained for private parties, "We are eager to serve you." Student Bartending Service. 986-2242. 8;15 00 exams have you down? Wil tutor in French, German or Italian. Reasonable rate. Call Carol, 974-2433 Tuesday or Thursday evenings, 6 to io p.m. 8;15. [ FOR SALE ) WE HAVE denims in regular and bells, and cords in bells. Also boots, shirts and western hats. Only 10 min. from campus. Straight leg Levi cords in 3 colors have just come in. Berma-x Western Wear 8702 Nebraska Ave. 8;15 ONE and a half year old AKC Afghan hound, Must sell no,Y. $100 Call 971-7212. Leave name and number where you can be reached. FREE CATALOG-Hundreds of books & gifts. Write Studio II, 22101/2 Bristol Ave., Tampa Fla. 33606. 8;15. USED paperbacks, sci-Ii, fiction, westerns, romance, mystery. Over 15,000 books available. Open 9-9 daily. Unique Books, 12943 Florida Ave., 935-0782. Buy, sell, trade. 9 ;25. WE ARE presently accepting applications for full-lime audio sales people. May be male or female. Apply Stereo World, 4812 E. Busch Blvd. 8;15 OFFICE PHONE Solicitor-Tax sheller investment co. Start $2.50 hr. plus com mission. Work Mon.-Fri. from 5 to 9 p.m. Want responsible and reliable people. Call after 1 p.m. at 872-9236. 8;8 RESEARCH ASSISTANT: Sept. 1, 1974 lhru June 30, 1975. Skilled typist with knowledge of statistics is required for USF Research project. Call 974-2681 or send resume to Soc. P. O. Box 72. 8;13 ANYONE interested in volunteering for the Prevention of Blindness tele-auction on Aug. 17 from 9 am to 1 pm or 1 pm lo 5 pm please contact Libby at 933-1691 (alter 5 pm J. On camera. and off camera help .-. needed.. 8 ;6 CONCERT CAPITOL REVIEW-new monthly music & arts newspaper. needs a commercial (advertising) artist. Preferences for layout and paste-up ex perience. Work odd hours, paid on com mission basis. Call CRAIG, 971-9359 or CCR office, 971-3571. 8;15 THE Career Education Curriculum Laboratory, Florida State University, announces the foliowing vacant faculty positions: I nstructiona"1 Designer, Vocational Curriculum Specialist, Visual Communications Designer, Technical Administrative Associate. For further information please contact your university placement office-AOC 105, Ext. 2171. Florida State University is an Affirmative Action employer and encourages ap plications from qualified minority group merTibers and women. 8;15 ( AUTOMOTIVE ) 1969 OPEL Kadette. $675. Recently tuned. Call before 12 noon .or in evenings. 988-1262. 8;15 72 PORSCHE 914 appearance group, AM-FM radio, mag wheels. Call 224-1788 days or 988-5033 after 6 p.m. 8 ;15 1974 VOLKS. Cost $3,340. Price 52,700. Contact Robert Dansby, Credit Union, 9742710. 8 ;13 1965 VW CAMPER. Formica and shag. New engine, new tires. Excellent buy at Sl,100. Call 920-3941. 8;8 VW 411 1972. In great shape, 35,000 original miles, radial tires, for sale. 21 mpg. 52,400. Call 971-3010 alter 5 p.m. 8 ;8 1968 vw FASTBACK 1971 engine, good tires. AM-FM radio and tapeplayer. $850. Call anytime at 988-7282. 8;8 T100. 8;15 FURNISHED home in Bay Crest. 3 bdr., 2 bath, LR OR & family room, large kitchen, washer & dryer. Incl. cent. air. Availabte_ Sept. Call 884. 8 ;13 1 BOR. TRAILER for rent in Land 0' Lakes in pine forest. Furnished, ac, you ca"re for yard. $75 deposit, $125 a mo. Call Joyce 971-9650. 8;13 2 BOR. DUPLEX. Furnished, near USF. Avoid fall housing hassles. Move in soon 2 units available. Lawn, trees. S150 mo. 5 min. to USF, near 15th & Fowler. Call eves. 977-193( 8;8 FERNWOOO GARDEN APARTMENTS1701 E. 131st Ave.-971-4014; 130 units; one and two bedroom furnished and un furnished units; $100 deposit; water and garbage included in rent; 9 month or one year lease; central air and heat or room units; carpeting and drapes furnished; washers and dryers on premises; ming pool, picnic area; children allowed; pets allowed; S50 pet depnsit; rent -one bedroom furnished S170; one bedroom unfurnished $145; two bedroom furnished S190; two bedroom unfurnished $180. ( MOBILE HOMES J 12x64 BUDDY 73. Cen. air-heat, 2 bdrms with built-in desks, sliding glass door, separate dining-kitcl!en, pets, large fol and storage shed. 15 min. from USF. Country. 986-3009.l 8;15 2 BEDROOM, FULL E!ATH MOBILE HOME. Cen. AC-heat, new w-w shag carpet, furn. In wooded setting 5 min. from USF. S175 mo., $75 deposit. Call 988-4085 or 988-0238. 8;8, 15 NICE 12x58, 2 bdr. setup in nice park near USF area. Carpet, AC. Cheaper than rent. Take payments of $72.91 on lot. Rent $40. ssoo equity. Call 971-6052. 8; 13 Male to share two bedroom, 12' by 60' mobile home. S60 month plus one third utilities. Call Rick after 7 pm at 971-2236. 8;15 ( PERSONAL ) CARSON OPTICAL 11710 Fla. Ave., 935-7854. Eyeglasses, Rx sunglasses & photogray; plastic or hardened lenses made. Gold wire frames and fashioned frames. Duplicate broken lenses and repair frames. 8;15 MATURE married couple wanted to live in for services. Call Clara for interview at 988-1185. 8;15 SPENO fall term In NEW YORK CITY in an URBAN SURVIVAL project. Intense, in depth urban learning for 15 hours credit. See Keith Lupton, OCT Prag., FAO 122, Ext. 2536. 8;15 FREE room & board in exchange for assisting male student in wheelchair. Call (813) 345-1298 or contact Dale Hartman, CTR 217. 9;25 COMIC and sci-Ii collectors. Stop chasing around for comics. One stop for all. Over 300,000 comics, magazines available. Open 9-9. Unique Books, 12943 Fla. Ave. 9 ;25 .. I TV, RADIO, STEREO t DON'T pay the high mail order prices. Thieve's Warehouse of Tampa. 1531 S. Dale Mabry. 254-7561. If ONE PAIR Bose series II speakers two months old S499.95. Call John 988-7059.8 ;13 FOR SALE: Harmon Kardon 930, Marantz 7G's, Thorens TO 165. PERFECT. Together or seoarate. Call John or Mark 988-2420. 8 ;13 --. TR.AVEL OPPORTUNITIES' I LIMA, PERU project Dec. 12-24. Cost est. $550 -incl. trans. from Miami, room, breakfast, dinner, local trans. Est. 4 hours credit. See Keith Lupton, OCT Program, FAO 122, 2536. 8;15 MOTORCYCLES & SCOOTERS I WANTED: wecan sell your motorcycle fast. $IO fee is all you pay. We need 100 every week. AAA Cycle Exchange, 4119 Gunn Highway 933-7459. 8;15 ---------------VESPA Ciao motorbike for sale. 50 cc, only 501> miles. $725 including helmet. Ph. 9333752. 8;15 ( LOST & FOUND ) ( ) REWARD SIAMESE CAT-declawed. Lost in vicinity of Busch Blvd. and 16th Street, 3 weeks ago (June 30) Call 986-3009, 986-1967, 986-. 2259. 8;13 WAf\ITEO: creative bass player and vocalist for. serious, original band. Nol interested in top 41> and other trash. Call Bill, 837-2257 after 6 p.m. 8;8 --------------Tampa, Fla. 33620 Name. Address City Zip I I I l I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I CLASSIFIED RATES: I $1.50 minimum for five lines per insertion. Extra lines 20 cents per line per issue. For ads running more than four times. $1.00 for five lines per issue, Deadline: 12 noon, two days prior to publication. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I! 111111111111111111-111 L I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I l I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I


12 -THE. ORACLE August 8, 1974 ,/ CHOOSE FROM EVERY Jr. REFLECTION SHOP DRESS IN ONE & TWO p 1ECE STYLES AND SAVE 20 %OFF OF REG. PRICE Take your pick of a doble collar coat or shirt dress ... and many more from our dress dept. Shown is a polyester knit dot pattern with a splash of white at the collar, cuffs and hem. Hunter green, brown or berry. Jr. Petite 3-13. 9393 Floriland Mall Tampa Busch Blvd. and Florida Ave. Phone 933-6411 Open Mon.-Sat. 10 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Sundays 12:.30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.


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