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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
Wright, Sandra ( Editor )
Kaszuba, Mike ( Managing editor )
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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tuesday's 0 R A 1 Alligator' may face university takeover Vol. 9 No. 55 f 12 pages BY MIKE KASZUBA Oracle Managing Editor The University of Florida (UF) off-campus student newspaper, which became editorially and financially independent last February, will be taken over again by the university if it does not obtain $25,000 by Sept. 1, editor Jim Seale said last night. SEALE SAID the Independent Alligator is under contract with UF to turn over its assets to the university "should we go under." If that happens, he said the school's College of Journalism and Communication would then take over the function of the paper. "Our reserves will be running out Aug. 30," Seale said, "and the money just isn't coming in fast enough. On paper we look okay, but our advertisors haven't paid their bills yet." With payments for advertising running almost two months behind, Seale said the paper could not meet operation and facility costs "which cover a five day period when we only publish twice a week in the sum mer." TONY KENDZIOR, the paper's general manager, said the paper is now competing with UF's Public Functions Office for $12,000 of Student Activities and Service Fee money the office did not use of its original $25,000 university allocation. "But, we're running number two for that Kendzior said. He said the student activity money was currently the only money available to the independent publication. The paper had gone to the St. Petersburg Times and the Florida Press Association for advice and financial assistance, Seale said, told to go to the UF administration "on the principle that we (the paper) were providing a service to SEALE, who had earlier said that going to the university for aid "would be like the Washington Post going to Nixon," said he would meet with UF Pres. Robert Marston today to discuss the paper's future. Editor-elect David Smith had said the Independent Alligator was also considering a student "subscription" system, in which students would pay a $1 subscription during registration. Both Smith and Kendzior said pinpointing an exact day the paper would no longer be able to publish "is purely a judgment call." Mall work underway Oracle photo by Andy Sla!kow "Everybody just assumes that since the Alligator has been around so long, it'll always be around," Seale said. "There's kind of a lackadaisical-attitude taken here about the whole situation." Physical Plant workers busy on the adding floral decnrations to the area. mall to be located between Arts and Above, workers add some plants to the Letters and Education yesterday began area where a parking lot was located. Goodwin resigns registration post at USF BY SANDRA WRIGHT Oracle Editor Director of Records and Registration Dennis Goodwin said yesterday he has resigned his position effective Aug 30, to get back to a more relaxed pace." "IT WILL give m e a chance to get back in the classroom_," Goodwin said. "I am just not interested in publishing and research and all that is tied to a four-year institution. At two -year institutions the emphasis is on teaching and that is what I am interested in." Goodwin s a id he has accepte d a po s t with a t wo-year in s titution Faulkne r State Community College in Bay Minette, Alabama. He will hold a "split position" and will serve as director of institutional research a nd campus development as well a s teaching economics. Faulkner State has a bout 2 ,000 students, Goodwin said, adding that this appeal s to him. "I R E ALLY want to get back to a smaller institution," he said. Goodwin who has been at USF four years, said his resignation is not directly related to "any personalities" on campus. He said he has "learned an a w ful lot at USF and will miss "my friends'' here. "I've been h ere under three administrations, John Allen, Ford eyes inflation fight WASHINGTON (UPI) -President Ford told Con gress and the nation last night that stopping inflation was his "first priority." He proposed an early "domestic summit meeting" t o find a bipartisan plan of a c tion W arning "it may take some time to stop inflation," he a lso called for t h e r e a c tiv a tion of th e Cost o f Livin g C ouncil to "let u s monitor wages and p rices" with o u t imposing formal controls. In a n a ti o nally broadcast s peech to a joint session of the H ouse a nd Se n a t e e xpected to set th e to n e o f hi s new a d m inistration F ord said h e had n o legi s l a tive s hoppin g list" ye t. He f oc used his at t e nt io n on a n earli e r c ongressi o n a l proposal t hat th e Whit e H ouse conven e a n e conomi c c on fe r e nce of th e n atio n's top econo m i c exp erts Outl ining the a ims of his presi de nc y o n jus t th e third f ull d a y i n office, F o r d said: "A month a go th e d is t ii1guis h e d majority leader of tlw Senate ask e d th e White H o use t o c onven e an econo m i c confer e nce o f members of Congress t h e Presi dent's eco no m i c c o nsultant s [111d some of the best economi c brains from labor, ind ustry a1;d a griculture. "Later th i s w a s per f ecte d b y resolu t i on to assemble a s ummit meeting t o devise a bipartisan acti o n plan for s t::ibili i y ;iJl(I growth i n t h e American e conomy. NPit.her I 110r my staff have m u c h time j ust nmN for l et.I.e r wr iti ng s0 i will respon d in iWr son I accept your sugges t i on a n d I will pe rson ally presid e. "Furthermore, I propose tha t the summi t m eeting .be held a t an early d a t e and in full vi e w of the American public." The President s a i d the economy is "critically dependent on how w e interact with t h e economies of other countries." "My first priority i s to work with you to bring inflation under control. Inflation is our domestic public enemy number one. To restore economic confid ence t h e government in Wa s hington must provide l eaders hip. It do e s no g ood to blame the public for spending t oo muc h wh e n t h e go vernment i s spending t oo much, Ford said. Whil e h e indicat e d he intended to follow former President Nixon's stres s on curbing government spending, Ford also spoke o u t again s t un warran te d cuts in national d efense." A stro n g d e fense i s th e surest way to p eace and alrea d y has made possibl e the U S policy of d etente with the Sovi e t Union and mainl a n d C hina. "A strong d e fense i s the surest way to p e ace," h e said. "Strength makes cle t ente a tt a in a ble \Neakn ess invited w a r as m y gene ration k n ows f ro m f ou r bitte r exp e r ie nces." F o r d a lso qu ickly reaffirmed the main lines of U.S. for e i g n p o lic y wh i c h emer ged un de r t h e N i x on adm i n istra tion spe c if ically reassuring Moscow a nct Pekin g of th e c onstancy o f A m e rican e f f o rts i.t> achieve world peace in t h e nuclear age. i\nd he p ledged hi s a d miui s trntion to v i goro u s e fforts t o a d vance th e process w h ich brou ght hopes o f peace" to th e M iddl e East. Harris Dean and now Pres < Cecil) Mackey, Goodwin said "There have been a lot ol changes and reorganization. 1 1 has been really interesting anc educational." BUREAUCRATIC policie! forced on state universitie! partly influenced his decision Goodwin said. "In the state system, with thE Legislature and the Board rn R egents, the name of t he game i! deadlines," Goodwin said. "l'w just tired of deadlines." While at Faulkner StatE Goodwin said he will work on hi doctorate in educational ad ministration. tz. f H ,_'f Dennis Goodwin ... to work on PhD


2 -THE ORACLE August 13, 1974 Mitchell asks for trial delay WASHINGTON -Former Atty. Gen. John N Mitchell asked yesterday for a delay in the Watergate cover-up trial, arguing that "with Nixon gone the nightmare of Watergate is going to diminish" and give him a better chance for a fair trial. Mitchell joined another defendant John D. Ehrlichman, who was former President Richard M. Nixon's No. 2 aide, in asking for a "reasonable delay" in the start of the trial now scheduled for Sept. 3 or Sept. 9 "President Nixon's forced resignation has heightened the public view that Nixon and his close associates, i.e., Mitchell were criminal conspirators in Watergate," Mitchell's lawyer, William G Hundley, said in a two-page motion for continuance filed 'in U .S. District Court. "With Nixon gone, the nightmare of Watergate is going to diminish and in the foreseeable future the climate is going to be From the Wires of United Press International more conducive to providing these defendants a fair trial than they could receive on Sept. 9 1974." Hundley also cited the House Judiciary Committee's televised impeachment debate and said "the one thing that all 38 mem bers agreed on was that Mitchell was criminally involved in Watergate. Judge John J. Sirica told reporters later that after other defendants file their motions a s they are expected to do, he would hold a hearing on whether to delay the trial. Sirica also said he would sign an order today to turn over to Special Prosecutor Leon Jaworski portions of 17 additional tapes for use in the trial. This would make a total of 27 tapes given to prosecutors so far. Viet era amnesty asked HONOLULU President Chesterfield Smith of the American Bar Association said yesterday the nation should give amnesty to American men who evaded the draft in the Vietnam War or came out of the servi c e with tainted discharges. "A citizen of a free country should not be forced to fight in a war that neither he nor his elected representatives chose to initiat e or declare, Smith said at the opening session of the ABA annual convention." Blacks won't boycott WASHINGTON In a sharp reversal of past practice, members of the Congressional Black Caucus decided yesterday that they would not boycott the Immunity urged for Nixon ST PETERSBURG The St. Petersburg Times, an early advocate of impeachment of former President Nixon, called editorially in its Tuesday editions for amnesty for Nixon and the other conspirators in the Watergate coverup. '!..."!le feel strongly that the good of the country demands that this ordeal be put into the past as quickly as possible. For that reason, Nixon should be granted amnesty from prosecution ... "If the interests ofthe country require that the man the coverup be granted amnesty from prosecution, it clearly would not be right to punish those who conspired with him to carry it out," the Times said. The Times called for impeachment of the then president last Oct. 22, right after the socalled "Saturday night massacre," in an editorial which demanded that Nixon resign immediately or be impeached. The newspaper endorsed Sen. George McGovern, D-S.D for the presidency in the 1972 elec tion "The nightmare of Watergate is overcome," the Times said in its Tuesday editions, "but one remaining question nags the country. Will citizen Richard Nixon, no longer protected by the office of president, be prosecuted in the criminal courts for ob structions of justice he has already confessed? "Congress should head off any indictment of Nixon by adopting a resolution expressing the hope of its members that no prosecution will be pursued ... "Tomorrow's justice requires that the wounds begin to heal, that Americans resolve never again to permit such an abuse of power to reach so deeply into the constitution and that the people return to their search for national From the Wires of United Press International unity under their new president," the editorial said. Young smokers nabbed TAMPA An offcduty policeman arrested two boys aged six and eight Sunday when they began smoking marijuana in a movie theatre, police revealed yesterday. Sgt. Sammie L. Philmore said he and his young daughter had just settled into their seats at the Palace Theatre Sunday evening when five boys sitting in the row in front of them began passing a marijuana cigarette between them. "I recognized the smell right away," Sgt. Philmore said, "because the smoke was coming right back in our faces. I grabbed two of them, but the other three got away The eight-year-old boy was taken to a local hospital because police said he was "higher than a kite ... just plain stoned "It was dynamite stuff they were smoking," Philmore said "It checked out pure." The eight-year-old boy was released from the hospital several hours later and both youths were turned over to juvenile authorities TALLAHASSEE Despite a change in the textbook funding law, the Department of Education will be able to continue distribution to the public schools of House Clerk Allen Morris' "Florida Handbook," legislative leaders said yesterday. The Handbook, published every other year by Morris since 1947, The Oracle is the official student-edited newspaper of the University of South Florida and is published four times weekly, Tuesday through Friday, during the academic year period September through mid-June; twice during the academic year period mid-June through August, by the University of South Florida, 4202 Fowler Ave., Tampa, Fla. 33620. Opinions expressed in the Oracle are those of the editors or of the writer and not those of the University of South Florida. Address correspondence lo the Oracle, LAN 472, Tampa, Fla. 33620. Second class postage paid at Tampa, Fla. The Oracle reserves the right to regulate the.typographical tone of all advertisements and revise or turn away copy it considers objectionable. Programs, activities and facilities of the University of South Florida are available to all ori a non-discriminatory basis, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age or naticnal origin. The University is an affirmative action Equal Opportunity Employer. includes biographical sketches on state officials, a survey of Florida history, a copy of the state constitution and other reference materials. The department distributed without charge 12,000 copies of the handbook last year. It became questionable whether the new edition could be distributed by the state next spring because of a new law, sending money for textbooks directly to local school districts, and bypassing the department. House Speaker Designate Don Tucker D-Tallahassee, said the Morris Handbook "makes a significant contribution to the understanding of Florida and Florida's state governmenf," and he does not believe the legislature intended to stop its distribution to the public schools "I believe I can speak for the majority of the membership of the House in recommending that the Department of Education proceed, as it had previously planned, and make whatever arrangements are required to continue providing the Florida Handbook to the schools of Florida, with assurance that if any supporting appropriation or legislation is necessary, at the next session it will be forth coming," Tucker said in a letter to Education Commissioner Ralph Turlington. Senate Ways and Means Committee Chairman Robert Saunders, D-Gainesville, also said that distribution of the reference books should continue. 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THE ORACLE -August 13, 1974 3 Tuition cap lawsuit eyed BY PARKER STOKES Oracle Staff Writer A court suit to impose a ceiling on tuition may be filed in the next two weeks by Tampa a ttorney Arnold Levine SG Preside nt Richard Merrick said yesterday. AFTER a meeting with Levine last week, Merrick said, "At this point it seems we have virt ually all the material necessary to file in court within seven to fourteen days." The proposed suit will not be filed under the auspices of SG although Merrick, SG Attorney General Steve Johnson and Deputy Attorney General Doug Pettit are named as com plainants The three may file as students of USF and citizens of the state. The proposed suit names the Board of Regents (BORl as defendants because they devised the new fee structure to be im plemented this fall. Mysterious man on campus THE NEW fee schedule will assess student tuition upon the number of quarter hours taken For example, a student registered for fifteen hours will pay $195, plus a $6 health services fee. Baynard Kendrick, above, who created the character on which television's "Longstreet" was based, recently spoke to Dr. Ed Hirshberg's detective fiction class. Kendrick, who is now writing a history of Orlando, was the first president of the Mystery Writers of America. Health fair planned at. USF in October The health services fee is mandatory for all students taking over five credit hours. It is op tional for students taking less than five hours The suit, if filed, will ask for a declaratory judgment against the BOR, calling the new fee structure arbitrary and discriminatory to students The USF Health Planning Board (HPB) will sponsor a healtb fair at USF October 28-31, HPB Chairman Bill Lipp said. The fair will be held in the UC mall and will have represenUSF Library schedules hours USF's Library will be closed the week of Sept. 2 for reorganization but will remain open during the following hours over the quarter break: Aug. 24-25-Closed. Aug. 26-30-8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Aug. 31-Sept. 8-Closed. Sept. 9-22-Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p m., closed weekends. Sept. 23-Resume regular hours. Last Oracle issue set for Thursday The Oracle will publish for the last time this quarter Thursday. All l ette rs to the editor sho uld be submitted to the Oracle, LAN 469, no later than noon tomorrow. .,'lid": Dave Heinz Imports Sales Service Parts 238 8485 1101 E. Hillsboro. Ave. tatives from campus and the local community Lipp said he hoped to have large input from the various groups. The object of the fair is to acquaint the student with as many facets of health care as possible Lipp said These areas include personal health care as well as information on the availability of health care in the community, he said. The HPB expects to receive positive reactions from all concerned, Lipp said. The board is discussing ways of disseminating information to students on general health care and what the new role of the Health Center will be, he said. The board is also concerned about the collection of a health services fee which is mandatory for all students taking over five credit hours, Lipp said. It is optional for other students. MERRICK limited his discussion of the case because of its pending nature. Prof gets post Dr. Louis C. 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4 -THE ORACLE August 13, 1974 Court must decide Nixon 'S fate Although Richard Nixon has lost his powerful national office his troubles are not over And it is the job of the courtsnot Congress-to decide when and how proceedings involving Nixon will be settled. A bill introduced in Congress last week would urge the judicial system to give Nixon immunity from possible criminal prosecution. By acting on such a measure Congress would be usurping a judicial function; Congress is not a body which should assess the guilt or innocence of any person MANY representatives say they would support amnesty for Nixon because they feel he has endured enough pain through resignation. However, this is irrelevant in an analysis of his guilt or innocence in such matters as obstruction of justice or accepting illegal contributions. Such matters cannot be ignored simply because the person involved has gone through personal hardship. Criminal litigation and prosecution are not matters which should be decided by any body other than the courts. If judicial officials feel there is any basis for action to be brought against Nixon, the courts should be given a free hand in pursuing the case. Any interference from Congress would serve to upset -the. system -of justice which America purports to value so highly If the sickening tragedy of Watergate has taught the United States anything it should be that no person is above the law. We wonder how lasting this costly lesson will be if, now that Nixon has stepped down, the ex-president is automatically excused for any part he may have played in illegal activities connected with the scandal. ONE BY ONE, the underlings in the Nixon administration have faced bodies which reviewed activities. If the coitrts feel Nixon was directly involved, he too must face investigators without political pressure urging the judiciary to take a "hands off" stand on the case The Watergate scandal has also shown the nation that our Constitutionally-prescribed systems work. By urging amnesty for Nixon-and ignoring the role the courts are designated to assume-Congress and the American people will be ignoring the system which has shown itself to work for almost 200 years. One exception may cost the entire system. Although some legfslators say prosecution of the ex-president would polarize the nation and serve only to further the American people, we disagree. Instead, we see amnesty for Nixon as something which would divide the nation, To give Nixon a blanket okay for whatever he may have done while president-while ordinary people are forced to pay the legal con sequences for their actions-would not only defeat the idea that America is a country of laws and not of men but would set a dangerous precedent. ORACLE If Congress can apply pressure on the judiciary in the case of an ex-president it can also apply pressure in many cases. And Florida has seen what mixing politics and judicial procedures can do in the recent turmoil surrounding Justice Adkins ruling banning grand jury probes of politicians The issue of Nixon's innocence or guilt must be decided by a court without outside pressure. If our concept of fairness and equal protection means anything it must mean that all men stand as equals before the law. /\ 0 \ f \ 1 I I ./ I I I// J ,/ I uyou TWO ARE STEPPING-ON MYSKIRT ... II Business College needs review It is too late to hope that the situation in the College of Business will improve without outside aid The Oracle urges USF Pres. Cecil Mackey and Vice President for Academic Affairs Carl Riggs to immediately look into the concerns voiced by college faculty before the University loses many high quality instructors. For two quarters, college faculty have expressed dismay at the policies employed by Dean Howard Dye. Discontent within the college has been so strong that both the Board of Regents and Atty. Gen. Robert Shevin's office have begun inquiries into USF tenure practices. A SUBSTANTIAL number of faculty and students say Dye, who came to USF this year, employes a "publish or perish" policy in granting of tenure. Others say he is trying to "purge" the college of dissidents and replace those with views different from his own with his friends. His latest action would appear to give support to the latter assertion. Less than two weeks ago, Dye fired Dr. David Sleeper from his position as chairman of the Marketing Depart ment, Sleeper, who formed the editorials "If the injustice is part of the necessary friction of the machine.of government, let it go, let it go: Perchance it will wear smooth,-certainly the machine will wear out but if it is of such a nature that it requires you to be the agent of Injustice to another, then break the law. Let your life be a counter force to stop the machine." department in 1968, was relieved of his chairmanship via memo, which was circulated through the department while Sleeper was on vacation. In his place, Dr. Thomas Ness has been named acting chairman Such an action is totally uncalled for and will doubtless serve to increase the uneasy feeling most Business faculty already seem to have. Even if it is necessary to remove someone from his or her job, to do so in an underhanded manner tends to create an un derstandable paranoia among faculty. USF MUST move to correct the situation in the College of Business or there will soon be only the shambles of what was a strong, unified college. Although Dye has said all of his actions and policies are aimed at improving the 'college, the Oracle wonders if he has considered the fact that humans-not unfeeling machines-fill the college. Henry David Thoreau Mechanically hacking away at people's lives and job security is not only unsettling to those directly in volved but also is injurous to the entire community. University personnel and those in the surrounding area who are concerned about the quality of education offered at USF are becoming polarized as charges and countercharges between faculty and administration threaten to wreck the College of Business. Questions which need answers quickly include: -If the College of Business needs impoving, what is the goal of the "improvement?" -How many of the faculty currently employed do not fit the new image Dye envisions for the college? -Do Dye's promotion and tenure practices conform with state's Omnibus Education Act? STAFF The Oracle urges Mackey and Riggs to find the answers to these and other questions raised by faculty and students before one of the outside groups investigating the situation find answers which may be extremely unpleasant. Editor. .. Sandra Wright Entertainment Editor.. .. Diane Hubbard Advertising Manager ........... Alice Fant Wire Editor .......... Harry Straight Managing Editor. ....... Mike Kaszuba Adviser .............. Leo Stalnaker Photo Editor Richard Urban Illustration Editor ....... Terry Kirkpatrick Advertising Coordinator ..... Harry Daniels Production Mana9er .Joe McKenzie Copy Editor : Susan Demko Compositor ................ Kim Hackbarth Sports Editor ...... Dave Moormann News Phones .974-2619, 2842, 2398 ACP All-American since 1967 SDX Mark of Excellence 1912 ANPA Pacemaker Award 1967, 1969 DEADLINES: General news 2 p .m. daily for following day issue. Advertising (with proof) Thursday noon for Tuesday, Monday noon for Thursday. Deadlines extended one day without proof. Classified ads taken 8 noon two days before publication in person or by mail with payment enclosed. Advertising rates on request, 974-2620, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. p.m. Stories and pictures of interest to students may be submitted to the Oracle in LAN 469 or the suggestion boxes in the Library and UC. This public document was promulgated at an annual cost of $143,514.76 or 8c per copy to disseminate news to the students, staff and faculty of the University of South Florida.

DOONESBURY i P: r don't care what happens. .;. 9&AVT!F(ff.-i >A Ji ? j P...,Y, &H, OHN. I YGS.,SIR.! / t:fR ESP/3C/AllY JHOSE3 IN PRJGON I SlJCHAS .-ru"'"" .,,../ Jr IS, SIR by Garry Trudeau 'tt I want you all to I tonewall it, let them 1lead the Fifth A G(JARI?/ 1H& !CE BR.OKEN// / THE ORACLE -August 13, 1974 5 Fair lauds togetherness Editor's r.ote: The following letter is not from a USF student. The letter was written b y Jim Fair, a Tampa native and a con troversial figure in state politics Editor: togetherness .. Who is with you .. whom are you with.. in spirit in residence inanything ? To be with connotes oneness, oriented in duration and direc tion. Closeness enhances chances of meaning; it can be on-going, long-lasting, or for a term or two intended to help each other survive and succeed. Regarding togetherness so many appellations appear in use that a meeting of minds might over come misunderstandings. As you look around at the many couples occupying common quarters, "room-mates" falls short of conveying a life-bolstering relationship (At the Naval Academy a roommate was referred to as a wife. At colleges isn't a room-mate often a common-law wife !?) So-What's in your mind when someone says "room-mate", or "my old-man" or "my old lady", or "partner"-or how do you refer to the one you're living with, shacking with, or cohabiting with? Now cohabitation doesn't necessarily include coitus or being with the opposite sex. But for semantics it can lead to our evolving definitions, or significations of the degree or of the purpose of partners-in-pad'. It can imply a state of being beyond 'apartment-partner', pad-pal 'roommate' etc Under different circumstances of cohabitation, which doesn't necessarily involve sex, couldn't those together be comrades, each a 'comrade-in-cohabitation' or 'cine'? Or do you see (as I do, being ex Navy) a better classification by using "mate"-roommate, termate, schoolmate, bedmate, trialmate, lifemate, tripmate, shipmate-? Shipmate to me has a standing by-you-loyalty-inference indeed rare in our 'I-don't-want-to-get invol ved' society. .Shipmate implies a weathering of storms and an enjoyment of liberties (ashore) On the personal side I've been i looking for a shipmate, a help-ma te, someone to encourage, inspire and generally help strengthen my buoyancy while I do likewise instinctively No matter the appellation given, shouldn t mutual-help be the philosophy to the Doesn't mutual-help strengthen life so essential to survival, to the very existence making possible each man' s God, as he conceives Him ? "Existence precedes essence", for if everyone were dead there'd be no God as people think of Him. Life, then, flows from futile struggles in loneliness to the weatherings and enjoyments from togetherness, from shipmates on a short or long cruise, from shipmates on life 's full voyage as family. In life the smallest units of the family of man-the roommates the shipmates, the helpmatesexist to strengthen the .likelihood of each others survival, whether of same or opposite sex, and these mutual strengtheners merit society's plandits. Isn't this bolstering-of-life so godly a trait as to merit being revered, not censored by society? Isn t law illegalizing life-styles strengthening of participants what is ungodly? Isn't the sanc tity of wood and stone, those little used buildings labeled places-of worship the less sacred than the day-in-day-out, pad-places of worshippers of life in the here and now? A pad-pal, a comradein-cohabita tion, a bolstering buddy-what matters the name if it's in the spirit of a teammate, a help-mate, a meaningful roommate? What matters. the name if one is so lucky as to have the companionship of a shipmate in LIFE? We'll make it, if we can just have the right ship-mate : to help man the pumps to keep mankind afloat ; to help point out the rocks and shoals; to help get us on the right course; to help bring aboard the supplies and spirit of purpose; to help our moorings be secure and all shipshape enough. In living together, "Is ego domination to be the ruination of nearts in palpitation?" In self centeredness, is there too infrequently asked, "How can I help?" Whether openly" asked or intuitively sensed and responded to, lucky are those with each other in a togetherness the greater by self.,Jranscendence. To rise above self for the cause of the cohabitating couple appears the start for rising to the needs of the the needs of the country, to the needs Qf Mankinci. To transcend to live with the interests of the other at h .eart-how beautiful it is when it's mutual. It' s real love Are you living with your mate? Is there a togetherness now nourishing the growth in you of empathy so as to expand to a feeling for your fellowman for a universal togetherness? To do in thoughtfullness for the other that 's being WITH. Jim Fair ''political prisoner" For LOVE of beautiful ANNOUNCING A NEW LOCATION AT HERALD SQUARE 5110 FOWLER AVE. 985-4451 USF on 1suicidal' path OUR DOWNTOWN OFFICE AT 130 S. FRANKLIN 223-2548 As low as $24.50 a month SPECIAL RATES FOR STUDENTS Editor: Th i s letter is in reference to the quality of education presently demonstrated by USF. Spe cifically, the policy President Mackey and Vice President Riggs seem to be pursuing is, in our opinion, suicidal. A university, as a free marketplace of ideas, should encourage criticism, even when it's not constructive Here at USF a dictatorship is rapidly evolving in which the administration "holds all the cards." Witness the abrupt removal of a professor from his as chairman while on vacation. What is happening at the University 'of South Florida? Amid wild speculative rumors regarding "publish or perish," tenure practice s, and more importantly, the actual value of any USF degree, the concerned student doesn t know who or what to believe The sc hools are presently into a period of financial troubles, the ittttrs worst of which have yet to be seen. Perhaps the administration feels it can treat professors as expendable items due tothe number of currently unemployed instructors who would be happy to fill the empty slots. This isn't the case of the students. The major difference here is professors are paid, the students are paying. As a primary consumer of University products we are not expendable and should not be considered so by the ad ministration of USF In truth, the s tudents have probably contributed mor e than th ey realize by their over whelming apathetic attitude toward school, both academically and soc ially. Maybe we arc too hasty in our judgments; however until our questions and general bewilderment are cleared up, and we receive a clear statement of policies and procedures, we will maintain our original opinions If indeed USF is willing to hang itself, we certainly are not. Michele Ronnick Caron Ann Branch polity The Oracle welcomes letters to the editor on all topics. Letters should be typewritten triple spaced. The editor reserves the right to edit or shorten letters. Mail boxes are located in the UC and Library for letters to the editor. "AN IMMENSELY ROMANTIC MOVIE WITH STYLE AND CRITICAL INTELLIGENCE. 'The Virgin And The Gypsy' is satisfying because it realizes its goals!" -v;ncent Canby N. Y nmes "A BEAUTIFUL AND ENGROSSING FILM. NOTHING SHORT OF MASTERLY. PURE PLEASURE.,, -Jud;th cr;sr. Now Magaz ; ne GJl."H.VLawrell.ce's DIE VIRGIN AND DIE GYPSY Color Prints bv Movirl.1b :\ Pictures R1lwr: .1 d11rsion of Cinrcom Corpor.1ti1'n I!!] Fri., Sat., Aug. 16 & 17 7:30 & 10 pm LAN 103, FREE for USF Students with validated Summer ID, Faculty, Stall Non-registered Students 75c


6 -THE ORACLE Student talent well-liked arts August 13, 1974 BY DIANE HUBBARD Oracle Entertainment Editor The mood was relaxed and friendly. The lights were very low and a good crowd, not large but interested, had settled in the wooden chairs of the Empty Keg South for the student talent Coffeehouse last Friday night. THE "STUDENT talent" was highlighted by several professional-level performances Even the less polished per formances came off well due to the warmth and attentiveness of the audience Leading the show was Henry Sellenthin, who gave one of the evening's best performances. Sellenthin played guitar and a smooth-sounding piano, and his "megaphone" voice was reminiscent of Rudy Valle. Highlights were his comic ballad "Old Kentucky and of course "The Entertainer." He didn t play up to the audience, however, and his no-nonsense approach to performing somewhat stunted the crowd's warmth. Nelly Zamora enhanced the intimate atmosphere with her Slappy Hour: summer's last The quarter's last "Slappy Hour" will feature live music and reduced beer prices from 3 to 5 p.m. this Wednesday in the Empty Keg. "Crossfire" will provide the music in their first appearance on campus. The Climax Blues Band WUS-Fhosts 174 candidates plays Friday at Bayfront Center. Students can compare can didates for upcoming elections as WU SF-FM, 89 7, presents "Campaign '74,'' a nightly series of half hour interviews at 8:30 p.m. Concert features :\,, 1Cllmax,' 'Mountaln' The series begins this week with interviews with Tampa's seven mayoral candidates "Mountain," "Climax Blues Band," and Duke Williams will appear in concert Friday at 7:30 p.m at the Bayfront Center in St. P.etersbur.g. Ti(!. kets are on sale for $6, and are at the follO\ving locations: Rasputins, Music Library, Budget Tapes and Viviano's in Tampa; Real Place. :and Music Odyssey in SL Peters"Mountain" is a heavy, loud band, Ray Telford of "Sounds' said, "however they have more subtlety and imagination than many more accoustically in clined outfits." Felix Pappalardi, bassist and singer who formerly was the producer for "Cream", LUTZ PAI.NT & SHOP The place to have your car repaired correctly. 907 129th Ave. Phone 971-1115 ______ I joined with the other three artists-Leslie West, lead guitarist, Corky Laing, drummer, and Steve Knight, organist-and molded them to his own distinc. tive kind of music. "Climax Blues Band" draws their style from the urban Chicago blues that led to their : formation nearly six years ago. Lacking a popular hit single or album, their success in the U.S. has been less sensational.. than their success abroad. Tuesday's guest is Bob Mar tinez, Assoc. Exec Hillsborough Classroom Teachers Assoc.; Wednesday's is Vince Meloy, City Councilman; Thursday's, Bill Peo, Tampa businessman, Friday's, Frank Scionti, Tampa businessman; and. Saturday's guest is Aston White, former director, Metropolitan Development Agency Sunday and Monday Logan Browning, for mer City of Tampa Comptroller and.Joe Kotvas, City Councilman were guests on the program. -All Musicians---If anything you purchase from us ever needs serv1cmg, we will loan you something to use in the meantime. Complete PA equipment such as Crown, JBL, Tascam mixers, Cerwin Vega, Soundcraftsman equalizers, TEAC, Shure, including free consultation, is available through: "Sensuous Sound Systems" ,, (a part of Stereo World) \l)jl/1/0rld 4812 E. BUSCH BLVD. PH. 988-7059 I I gutsy Cuban songs that had the audience clapping and chanting with her. Her heavily-strummed guitar emmited the mellowest of sounds, but her voice began to show strain as she neared the end of her set. She played and sang her own composition about Cuba, "Of My Memories." I wished that some of her memories had been in English though, after a half hour of Spanish songs. BRUCE SHATKUN proved himself an able performer as well as a musicia n-his obvious en thusiasm on stage and the variety of his material drew heavy ap plause and calls for "more." His repertoire ranged from Dead" selections to a variation on the Beatles' "Here Comes the Sun," all done well. At the end of the evening Bruce combined forces with Larry Feldman, also on guitar, and the ( __ r_eu_ie_w_J two produced some of the best vocal and instrumental sounds of the show. Other performers Friday night were Louis Telzer and Dante Pansa, whose selections were somewhat mellow and sleepy The comedy team identified only as Jodi and Henry had some clever skit ideas that were, for the most part, poorly and un professionally presented A second Coffeehouse Saturday night featured performers 0 V Hanger and Larry Feldman, Alicia Olmo, Ron McGinnis and Butch Darby, Steve Carlin, Phil Monroe and Tom Walker. TAMPA'S MOST UNIQUE INDOOR TROPICAL ''Improve your OFFICE and PLANT SHOWROOM HOME by bringing NATURE indoors with the natural use Of living plants" Quality indoor plantings Decorative import!HI and domestic pottery Brass and copper imports Mon. thru Sat. Large selection Of hanging 9:00:00 baskets, planted & unplanted }{ (JJ/_ .,. M"";'m VISIT OUR. Division of Rent-A-Plant, Inc 3313 s. Westshor Blvd. A OJO IN ING I .... N. ofll Pro4 llY4. Phm m-14.. GREENHOUSES New In Town??? Need Furniture? Broyhill Furniture Rental 1) 100 % Purchase Option 2) Cater To University Students 3) From $29.00 A Month All Styles, Colors and Fabrics st. !JQr9.vbiU (Across from Schlitz) FREE BEER LIVE MUSIC USF STUDENTS WELCOME Saturday afternoon August 24th The Student Apt. Complex La Mancha Dos Apts. block from cam pus on 42nd St.


8 -THE ORACLE sports August 13, 1974 Mayhugh signs with golf team Hal Mayhugh, Hillsborough Community College's number one golfer, has agreed to play for USF next season. The former Plant High School star will join Ed Maibe as a newcomer to Coach Bob Shiver's squad. Maibe will arrive here second quarter following com pletion of courses at Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield, Ill. NOW sees discrimination BY RINDY WEATHEHLY Assistant Sports Editor USF could be charg e d with violating a federal l a w prohibiting discrimination a gainst women in e ducation programs, representatives of th e National Organization for Women (NOWl claimed after last week' s meeting with USF Athletic Director Richard Bowers and Coordinator of Women's Intercollegiate Athletics JoAnne Young. "We can request that HEW (U. S Department of Health, Education and Welfare) suspend all federal funds until such time as USF is in compliance with the law," Lee Decesare, chairone of the Employment Discrimination Committee of NOW's Tampa chapter, said yesterday. "THE LAW has been on the Oracle photo by Andy Slatkow "I don't see that we are in violation (of the law). If we are, 99 per cent of the schools are. We're moving as fast as we can (to provide equal opportunity for women.)" books for two yea rs," C athy Goodwin USF graduate and a member of NOW, said. "We don't want to be unreasonable. "We realize complete restructuring can't take place in one year. But we regret that nothing has been done, Goodwin said. I don't see that we are in violation (of the law)," Bowers _..:_Richard Bowers said. "If w e are, 99 per cent of the schools a r e We're moving as fast as we ca n ( to provide equal op portunity for women)." NOW REPRESENTATIVES and Bowers agre ed discrepancies do exist in granting of scholar ships In the past, USF had given scholarships to women, bringing in enough talent for the Brah misses tennis team to be ranked 1974-75 Women's tennis schedule Date Feb. 8 Feb. 14 Feb. 22 Feb. 28-Mar 1 Mar. 7 Mar. 8 Mar 14 Mar. 24 April 4 April 10-April 12 Tentative School University of Miami University of Florida University of Miami FSU Invitational Stetson University University of Tampa University of Florida Princeton University Stetson University Southern Collegiate Invitational Place Miami USF USF Tallahassee USF USF Gainesville USF Deland Columbus, Miss. numb e r three in the nation But th e Association for In te r co llegi a t e Athletics for Wom e n ( AIAW l outlawe d fin a n c i a l aid based on athl etic a bilit y. S o U SF discontinued it s schola r s hip program in ord e r to c ontinu e participating in AIA W tournament s. IN THE spring of 1973, the AIA W policy was changed aft e r tennis players from Marymount College brought suit. Sinc e then, USF has not given any new scholarships to women No additional funds were provid e d this year for athletics And none of the money already allocated was taken away from th e men and given to the women. USF h;:is a moral commitment to continue giving aid to those athlete s now on scholarship, Bowers said. "I'D LIKE to see some money allocated to assist in recruiting next year, he said of the women' s budget. "I think the law requires them to reallocate the funds now," SG Sen Jay Welch said "I would not like to see scholarships cut from those they already have. Compliance with the law might be painful," Welch said UF tanker offered job er Sale Prices Kathy Hammer, a swimmer at the University of Florida is "under strong consideration for the position of women's swim ming coach at USF, JoAnne Young, USF's coordinator of women's intercollegiate athletics said yesterday "I'm all in favor of her," Young said of the former Plant High School swimmer who hopes to return to the Tampa Bay area. DON GARLITS of Temple Terrace II 8836 N. 56th St. 988":'9361 (Next to Chicken Unlimited) Putting around A second -quarter junior at Florida, Hammer is checking to see how many credit hours she can transfer before making the final decision on whether to accept the post. Hammer is majoring in Mass Com munications Roy Riverio (Manager) 9:30 to 7 This USF student takes advantage of the putting greens near the Andros tennis courts to sharpen up his putting game. Judging from the number of balls he plans to hit, he'll have plenty of practice before tackling USF's tough course. Young has been seeking someone to fill the position vacated by Rico Maschino who remains as USF's men' s diving coach Pfost Freshour win tennis doubles crown Phil Pfost and Frank Freshour teamed to take the intramural tennis doubles title with a 6-1, 2-6, 6-4 victory over Robert Amon and Stephen Mutshler. In regular season action, the paddleball doubles tandem of Neel Voss and Gene Owen scored triumphs against Robert Scoles and Jeff Oescher and Tim Mohan and Joe Joiner Fun-Furniture Bean Bag Chairs Passion Pads-Extra Long Filling for Chairs CONEY'S INTERIORS :ns S. Howard 2;;s-21:n PROGRESSIVE JAZZ presented by Student Government Productions Thursday Aug. 15th 8 p.m. FREE-in the Empty Keg SGr==> New Mission Hills Apts Immediate Occupancy 2 Bdrm -$195.00 Large Pool Area Recreation Room Attractive and Roomy Apts Private Setting Complete Modern Kitchens For Responsible Students Office Hours : 9-5 Mon. Sot. 1-5 Sun. 5105 Mission Hills Ave. Ph. 988-8232


But 11That1s Entertainment11 is more than entertainment, it's history in a sense. It's what America used to escape a depression and a world war; the fantasy trips of the past. BY JAN CARTER Oracle Entertainment Writer You walk into the theater and leave the present behind when you attend a screening of "That's Entertainment." Eleven stars, people every movie goer has known for countless films and countless years, take you by the hand and lead you into the past glory of Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) Studios. A SALUTE to MGM, the film is a concentrated collection of those musical extravaganzas that mesmerized a restless America in the 1930s, '40s and '50s (and cost a bundle to put together). The stars? They're our tour guides into the past. People whose names were, and in some cases still are, synonymous with entertainment and the movies. People like Fred Astaire, Bing Crosby, Gene Kelly, Peter Lawford, Liza Minelli, Donald O'Connor, Debbie Reynolds, Mickey Rooney, Frank Sinatra, James Stewart and Elizabeth Taylor. And there are other famous names and faces in the film clips Clark Gable, Judy Garland, Ann Miller, Esther Williams, Joan Crawford and Jeannette Powell. THE ORACLE -August 13, 1974 1Entertainment': A nostalgic look at musical films ,rtUltW 7 As diverse as the films presented are, all have a single element in common. For a musical is just not a musical ...... .... without that mandatory frivilous Donate on a Regular Blood Plasma gaiety, of carefree nonsensical Program and Receive up to $60 a month. optimisn. B St d ID ONLY IN a musical could Gene rmg U ent Or this ad and receive a Kelly slosh merrily about in the 1 bOnUS With your first donation. pouring rain, singing at the top of HYLAND DONOR CENTER his lungs; only in a musical could Fred Astaire run through an 238 W. KenneCly Blvd. entire dance routine in a train Tampa, Fla. 33602 station; only in a musical could appointment available to fit your class schedule Esther Williams dive into a Monday through Friday multi-colored swimming pool as red and orange smoke billowed all about her-only in a musical. But "That's Entertainment" is more than entertainment, it's history in a sense. It's what America used to escape a depression and a world war; the fantasy trips of the past. Choreography, set designs, the extras, and most important, the stars-everything clicked. Corner of Bearss & Nebraska a:ooto 2:30 Beer, Wine, & Good Music All of the old favorites When the musical caught on, became big box office, every available star in MGM was more or less forced to try their collective hands at the old soft shoe. The results-hilarious. Joan Crawford stumbling through a song and dance routine, Clark Gable wielding a straw hat and cane in ''Putting on Appearing This Week .. in MGM's new film "That's Entertainment." Children's literature to be performed the Ritz." When Nelson Eddy sings to Jeanette MacDonald, "When I'm calling youououououou," you know that's entertainment. When Donald O'Connor "Children's Fantasy Show," a program of children's literature, will be presented tonight at 8 p.m. in LAN 478-but it ain't necessarily just for kids. Performed versions of "Pippi Longstocking," "Elephant's Child," "Bartholomew and the Obleck" and "Phantom Toll Booth" vary in age-group appeal, but there is something in therri everyone can enjoy, Dr. Raymond Schneider said .. Students from Schneider's class, "Oral Interpretation of Children's Literature" SPE 525, Golden Gate Auto Parts DISCOUNTS to USF students on all American & Foreign auto parts. 6B04 Fou1for A 1w. (1 mile easl of 56tli St.) 98.5=41461 have adapted and staged the stories and will perform in them as their final group project for the class "Children;s literature is some of the most basic kinds of literature we have," Schneider said. "It goes back to some of our most fundamental ideas." "Makes 'Em Laugh," with some superb acrobatic stage antics, you know that's entertainment. And when thirty years of lighthearted, bouyant, and ec statically exuberant films are compressed into the best of the best, for a fact, "That's En tertainment." New Location: 106 Fletcher Plaza .. At the corner of Fla. Ave. & Fletcher Jewelry Contemporary Household Items Beanbag Chairs .......... $29. 9 5 Art Prints (Naugahyde) Handcrafted Waterbed Frames Waterbed Package .......... $64. 9 5 Same I.ow Prices I Real Eyes Wed. thru Sat. Happy Hour 5-8 Daily A SIGHT FOR SORE EARS. LEAR JET STEREO 8 WITH BURLED ELM FINISH. Model A-25. Auto 8-Track. This little giant fits comfortably in any car. even sports cars and coifr poets. Burled elm grain finish makes it look grei\L The rich tones of 30 biq watts of Peilk Musi c Power (lOW RMS) make it sound greilt. Built in headphone jack. Lear,,Jet slide controls. Full tone control. Full volume control. Full stereo balance. Pushbutton program selector. and program indicator svstem. Plus a negative positive selection switch so it's easy to instilll in your boat. truck. plane or camper. as well as your car. $ 6 9 9 5 Viviano Stereo Shops I :i:rn S IJlllc i\l<1hry l I l:JB l\. :lllth


------lntramurals -------Playoff: a rematch It will be a summer rerun today when Again and Snow meet for the overall intramural softball championship. For it was those two clubs which met in a playoff for the first half title, with Snow emerging the victor, 9-6. Again earned the right to battle the first half titlists by virtue of a 4-1 triumph over Student Accounting Organization last Thursday. The win in the regular season finale for both squads gave the second half title to Again. Offensive stars for the victors were Rick Nelson and Bob Pierce The pair collected two hits apieee and scored three of their team's four runs. Joe Lis picked up the win, hurling a complete game and running into trouble only in the fifth inning. After retiring the lea doff batter, he surrendered hits to Paul Hughes, mound opponent Jeff Whittaker and Gary Sheen. But Lis choked off the rally, giving up just one run. Again carries a better overall record than Snow into today's 4:15 contest. The two clubs shared identical 2-1 first half regular season marks. But Snow won the playoff Snow was winless in two games in the second half, as Again swept through its three encounters undefeated WHIPPIN POST This Week John Bailey Group Muscadine HAPPY HOUR TUES WED, THUR & SAT. GIRLS FREE TUES, WED & THUR. 14727 N. FLA. SOUTH OF BEARSS AVE. THE ORACLE -August 13, 1974 Run, don't walk The game was more of a pitcher's duel than a hitting contest last Thursday when Again defeated Student Accounting Organization, 4-1, in the intramural softball second half playoff. But the base paths were a busy place as players from both squads were trying to bring their team victory. The runners at left scamper back into the bases. The players at right were less fortunate, as they are forced out. Again meets Snow today at 4: 15 p.m. at the intramural fields for the overall softball crown. EVERYBODY LOVES A GOOD LISTENER. Come in and talk to the over-the-hill gang at "Straight-Arrow Hi Fi" and get some straight answers and straight deals on stereo components. While you are there ask about our third annual display & demonstrator sale and receive a free copy of Stereo Review Magazine or Audio Magazine. Up to 20 per cent off on most components on display and thats the "Straight Scoop." SUNCOAST f ERE CENTER INC. 1539 S. DALE MABRY -TAMPA, FLA. PH. 253-0319 9


10 -THE ORACLE August 13, 1974 Exchange program set BY LAURIE HODSON Oracle Staff Writer A pioneer personnel exchange program between USF and the University of Paris will go into effect Qtr. 1, Dr. Philip Boss.erman, professor of Sociology said. "THIS IS the first time that a program of this kind has been arranged between a United States university and a university in France, Bosserman said. l "Students and professors from Tomorrow Board of Student Publications The Board of Student Publications will meet tomorrow at 1 p.m. in the Library Lounge. All interested studenrs snould ar. tend. Aug. 19-23 Pi Sigma Epsilon Pi Sigma Epsilon will hold its quarterly all departments are eligible for exchange. It represents a real coup for USF and the State University System USF will send one biology professor and one mathematics professor, ''since they (the University of Paris) requested people from these areas," Bosserman said. The University of Paris is sending a history professor, Nicole Rougier and a linguistics professor Marina deVos. Book X Change beginning the last wee k of classes (Aug. 19-23.) Students may bring in books they wish to have sold at that time or during registration for Qtr. 1. Used text. books can then be purchased during registration or the first week of classes next quarter. The Book X-Change will be open 9 a m to 5 p.m. in the Empty Keg, UC 103. AN ALTERNATIVE LAMA.KGB.A DDS La Mancha Dos was designed as alternative for students with no taste for dormitory rooms, but without the budget to afford the high rates of most conventional e LOW COST : '$72-$90 per month. That should be less than even a dormitory. WALK TO l!SF : We are located I block from USF. You don't need a car to get to classes if you live at La Mancha Dos. PRIV AC'Y : Bedroom-study to yourself. Sleep when you want. study when you want, decorate and use as you want. ROOMINESS : Fully equipped all-electric kitchen separate dining room, spacious living room, two full bathrooms. patios overlooking beautiful courtyards. e PLllSHNESS : Thick shag carpet wall-to-wall. classy Bar celona-style furniture. luxury accomodations throughout. SO('IAL LIFE : Planned parties at least once a month, grills for barbecuing, all residents young and single. RECREATION : Two recreation buildings, three pools, sauna, billiards, exHcise room with universal gym, tennis, basketball, volleyball, ping-pong, color TV lounges, meditation room. BEA l'TY : Trees, flowers, shrubbery, outsitlt. ,; pla.:e where the outdoors can be enjoyed. Resenations are no\\ at(evlt'd for next l'all. and for this summer. Spt>tifo apls. reserwd on a Isl tonw Isl st>rH hasis. LA MANCHA DOS APTS. 1 Block from USF on 42nd St. Phone 971-0100 ROUGIER will teach a course compari ng American and French youths to British youths and a course comparing the British working classes to American and French working classes De Vos will teach linguistics and French courses, Bosserman added. The French university will also send two graduate sociology majors, who will be working as assistants in the French Department. PERSONS interested in par ticipating in the program or housing either the students or the professors, should contact Bosserman at 974-2891, or the secretary of the Sociology Department at 974-2893. FARAH Matching corduroy jeans in green, tan, navy, black. 29 to 36. 14.00 A safari jacket in wide wale corduroy with shoulder labs and shirred waist. Green, tan, navy or black. 5-M L. 22.00 REAL FUR IS FLJNI 100 per cent acrylic cable stitched, belted sweater in ivory with real sheared lamb collar. 5-M-L. 52.00 University Square Mall phone 977-1085 Servicing All Makes & We Honor BankAmericard Master Charge American Express


( J THE ORACLE August 13, 1974 classified ads t .. ".:: .. .. .. 11 ( SERVICES OFFERED) .THE WOMEN' S CENTER-Open 10 a .m. to 6 p.m; Mon: thru Fri. Problem pregnancy counseling, birth control info, legal & gyn. referrals. Ongoing Consciousness Raising groups, resourse library. We need volunteer staffers & newsletter con tributions. UC 159A, Ph. 974-2687. 8;15 TYPING, Fast, Neat and Accurate. Turabian. I BM Corrective Selectric. Carbon Ribbon. Pica or Elite. Term Papers, Theses, Resumes. 988-0836 Lucy Wilson 8;15 EXTRAORDINARY TYPIST-6 plus years of Quality dissertations-term paper.s-MS statistical dataI BM selectric-pica-type changes-carb. rib.-Little further away BUT the Quality is what counts References furnished-Gloria 884-3909. 8;15 FAST accurate ty'ping service. 48 hr .. service in most instances. 2 min. from USF. Between 8: 30 and 5 call 879-7222 ext. 238. After 6 call 988-3435. Ask for Liz. 8;15 THE SECRETARIAT Word Processing Center. Professional typing-automatic equipment with many type styles. Fast Delivery. Call 933-4524. 8;15 SPECIALIZED TYPIST I BM CORRECT! NG Selectric, carbon ribbon, pica or elite, Greek symbols. Exp. Turabian, Campbell, APA, etc. 5 min. from USF. Nina Schiro, 971-2139 or 235-3261. 10 ;2 NEED A BARTENDER? Would you like to" be able to get out of the kitchen when you have a party? We provide college students as bartenders trained for private parties. "We are eager lo serve you Student Bartending Service. 986-2242. 8;15 DO exams have you down? Wil tutor in French, German or Italian. Reasonable rate. Call Carol, 974-2433 Tuesday or Thursday evenings, 6 to 10 p.m. 8;15. ( HELP WANTED ) WE ARE presently accepting applications for full-time audio sales people May be male or female. Apply Stereo World, 4812 E. Busch Blvd. 8;15 RESEARCH ASSISTANT: Sept. 1, 1974 thru June 30, 1975 Skilled typist with knowledge of statistics is required for USF Research project. Call 974-2681 or send resume to Soc. P o. Box 72. 8;13 CONCERT CAPITOL REVIEW-new monthly music & arts newspaper. needs a commercial C advertising) artist. Preferences for layout and paste -up ex perience. Work odd hours, paid on com mission basis Call CRAIG, 971-9359 or CCR office, 971-3571. 8;15 THE Career Education Curriculum Laboratory, Florida State University, announces the following vacant faculty positions: Instructional Designer. Vocational Curriculum Specialist, Visual Communications Designer, Technical Administrative Associate. For further information please contact your university placement office-AOC 105, Ext. 2171. Florida State University is an Affirmative Action employer and encourages applications from qualified minority group members and women. 8;15 ( AUTOMOTIVE ) 1969 OPEL Kadette. 5675. Recently tuned. Call before 12 noon or iii evenings. .988-1262." B;15 72 PORSCHE 914.appearance group, AM-FM radio, mag wheels. Call 224-1788 days or 988-5033 after 6 p .m. 8 ;15 1974 VOLKS. Cost $3,340. Price $2,700. Contact Robert Dansby, Credit Union, 9742710. 8;13 1965 MERCURY Park Lane runs trailer hitch, approximately 80,000 miles. $100 or best offer. 689-0803. 8;15 TRANSFERRED & must sell 1973 Triumph Spitfire. 8 mos. old fire red convertible. Excellent condition, 35 mpg. 14,000 miles. Call 876-7622. 8;15 1965 VW CAMPER. Formica and shag. New engine, new tires. Excellent buy. Must sell. Call 920-5941. 8;15 I MOTORCYCLES & SCOOTERS t WANTED: We can sell your motorcycle fast. $10 fee is all you pay. We need 100 every week. AAA Cycle Exchange, 4119 Gunn Highway 933-7459. 8 ;15 VESPA Ciao motorbike for !".al e. so r.c, only 500 miles. $225 including helmet. Ph 933-3752. 8;15 MOTORCYCLE-1974 Kawasaki G5-100. Dirt and road. Less than 2,000 miles. Excellent cond. Only $379 plus 2 free heimets. Won't la't long. Call 977-0822. 8 ;15 cords in bells. Also boots, shirts and built-in desks, sliding glass door, separate fast, dinner, local trans. Est. 4 hours l ) western hats. Only 10 min. from campus. dining-kitchen, pets, large lot and storage credit. See Keith Lupton, OCT Program, FOR RENT Straight leg Levi cords in 3 colors have jus! shed 15 min. from USF. Country. FAO 122, 2536. 8;15 come in. Bermax Western Wear 8702 986-30095 8;15 Nebraska Ave. 8;15 ( ) .. _.. ___________ ...... NICE 12x58, 2 bdr. setup in nice park near 71/2MINUTES FROMUSF New 2 bdr w-w carpet central heat and air. drapes, furn. $180-unfurn $155. Phone 988-6393. ti LA MANCHA DOS, Tampa's only student apt. complex. $72-$90 per month. 1 block from campus on 42nd St 971-0100. 8;15 FURNISHED home in Bay Crest. 3 bdr., 2 bath, LR DR & family room, large kitchen, washer & dryer. Incl. cent. air. Available Sept Call 884-0048. 8;13 1 BDR. TRAILER for rent in Land 0' Lakes in pine forest Furnished, ac, you care for yard. S75 deposit, $125 a mo. Call Joyce 971-9650. 0;13 CANTERBURY VILLAGE -1 bdr, 2 bdr apts. and 4 bdr townhouses 10 and 12 mo. leases, deposit now will hold fo,r Sept. Pool, laundry lac., pets welcome. 50th St. and Fletcher 985-4061. FERNWOOD GARDEN APARTMENTS1701 E 131st Ave.-971-4014; 130 units; one arid two bedroom furnished and un furnished units; $100 deposit; water and garbage included in rent; 9 month or one year lease; central air and heat or room units; carpeting and drapes furnished; washers and dryers on premises;_ swim ming pool, picnic area; children allowed; pets allowed; $50 pet deposit; rent one bedroom furnished $170; one bedroom unfurnished $145; two bedroom furnished $190; two bedroom unfurnished $180. FOR RENT-Furn., one bedroom, near USF. Short term lease No pets please Call 977-1644 after 5 p m and weekends, 12709 N. 19th St 12;6. FURN. ROOM in pvt. AC home. Pvt. en!. and bath, parking, small car. Quiet area near USF. Upper or grad. male students only. Ph. 988-7667 after 5 p.m. FLORAWOOD VILLAS Country Living New 2 bdrm. duplex apts. $175-$185. Near USF & VA Hospital. 1 mile N of Skipper on Livingston Ave. Call 977-1142. 12;6 I APTS. & HOUSES TO SHARE ROOMMATE wanted to share large furn. townhouse 5 min. from USF. Own room and bath. Call Donna at 988-8236. 8;15 ROOMMATE WANTED Male to share two bedroom, 12' by 60' mobile home. $60 month plus one third utilities. Call Rick after 7 pm at 971-2236. 8;15 ROOMMATE wanted to share extra nice AC, 2 bdrm duplex with USF grad. beginning Sept. 1. $80 incl. all. Call Nancy 251-0663 or 971-6987. 8;13 FEMALE roommate needed for fall qtr. Immediate occupancy. Lg. 2 bdrm., furn. apt. close to USF. AC, swimming pool Own room or share with friend. Call now. Dianne 988-6519. $58.50 per mo. 8 ;15 ROOMMATE wanted to share large fur nished apt. with 2 other g irls. One third rent plus utilities. Call after 5 p .m. 977-1313. 8 ;15 ( PERSONAL ) CARSON OPTICAL 11710 Fla. Ave., 935-7854. Eyeglasses, Rx sunglasses & photogray; plastic or hardened lenses made. Gold wire frames and fashioned frames. Duplicate broken lenses and repair frames. 8;15 MA

i2 -THE ORACLE August 13, 1974 Mayor candidates speak BY STEVE SPINA Oracle Staff Writer Tampa mayoral candidates were introduced to the USF community yesterday in a "Meet Insurance plan now available to. young vets Young Florida veterans : discharged from military service aftet April 2, 1970, are eligible for new:low-cost Veterans Group Life I n surance which offers up to $20,00( ) coverage for $3.40 per month, the Veterans Ad mJni '$:tra;tion (V-A) has an-.: must a'l)ply before Aug 1, 1975,for the nonrenewable five year program, whjch also offers coverage in amourits of $5,ooo, $10,000 and $15,000. Rates for the maxfmum $20,000 Goverage are $3.40 a month for vets under 35 and $6.70 for older vets. Application for ms (VA Form veterans discharged prior to 1, 1974, are available.from VA offices or from the office of Servicemen's Group Life 212 Washington St., Newark, N J 07102. Ap must furnish evidence of good health. However v A -rated service-connected disabilities will be waived : __ Ser y iCemen discharged after .. Aug. 1 will rece i ve application forms automatically, the VA -.said the Candidates" forum sponsor e d by SG. CANDIDATE Bob Martinez, a n a tive Tampan told the a udience of about 3 0 persons he is interested in a "progressive" Tampa and a better community for its citizens. Martinez said he would try to enrich and promote the city of T a mpa culturally if elected mayor. Vince Meloy cited his seven years experience on the Tampa city council as his best asset to the citizens of Tampa. Meloy said he would increase the role of the city council if elected. Logan Browning, a former certified public accountant and city comptroller under former mayor Dick Greco, said he is "very familiar with municipal problems" and solutions to these problems Running the city of Tampa is a "multi million dollar business and is a "horrendous operation," he said CITY COU N CILMA N Joe Kotvas promis e d to w o rk sol ely o n the proble m s facing all T a mp a ns. Kotv a s s a i d h e h a s b e en working full time as c ity councilman for the p a st thr ee years and is a lways willing to help citizens with their problems He cited the pollution of Tampa Bay as one problem facing the c i ty and said he has a plan to improve the bay waters. Kotvas is a former Tampa policeman. Bill Poe was the last speaker and he cited his experience as a businessman as his best asset for the mayor s seat. Poe said the position of mayor is an "ad ministrative position," and said he sees his experience with "a rather s izeable firm a value to me and to the citizens of Tampa." Three other mayoral can didates not attending the forum were Alton White, Frank Scionti and Thomas Burns @ JUN/OR cAguALg Sizes 3 to 13 (10 per cent OFF) With Presentation of This. Ad 502 Tampa Street-Ph. 229-2280 Village Prescription Center The only pharrnacy in town with student, staff & faculty discount on 10938 N. 56th St. RX's Phone 988-3896 LARRY' S SCOOTER DEPOT. Full w sLom cycl es and a complete line of ac cessorie s and speed equipment 14.635 NEBRASKA TAMP A FLORIDA 977-5432 jfraternitp jarbersbop (Sebring Certified) (Unisex Shop) SHAGS STYLING LA YER CUTS RAZOR CUTS PH 971-3633 Appointments Available Hours daily 9.-6 13520 UNIVERSITY PLAZA FONTANA In The Fall At Ha II we do the shopping, we cook the meals, we wash the dishes, we do the cleaning, and there's never a worry 'about water bills, gas bills, and electric bills. Our modern facilities provide you -with conv enience, privacy, and a complete recreati_on area to eniov at your leisure. Meals _are served three times daily at convenient times to fit your schedule. 111 addition we serve a wide selection -of entrees and all you care to eat: AU-for Less Than $6 a Day phone 971-9550


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