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The oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
Wright, Sandra ( Editor )
Moormann, Dave ( Managing editor )
Wallace, Tom ( Advertising manager )
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Denying felons admission 1off base,' Harrison says Deputy Atty. Gen. Baya Harrison yesterday termed "off base" a proposed Board of Regents

2-THE ORACLE October 1, 1974 Mrs. Ford's surgeons optimistic \VASHlNGTON Betty Ford's doctors reported yesterday they found slight traces of cancer cells in the First Lady's lymph tissue but said there was no clinical evidence the disease had spread to other parts of her body. The surgeons said they remain optimistic for Mrs. Ford's "prolonged survival." They said "microscopic traces of cancer cells were detected in only two of the 3 lymph nodes removed during Mrs Ford's operation. Specialists attending a national Cancer Institute Conference on breast cancer said statistics show that for women with one to three cancerbearing "positive" lymph nodes there is a five-year surviva! rate of 62 per cent and a 10 yea r survival rate of 38 p e r ce nt. Terrorists kill Prats BUENOS AIRES -Terrorists yesterday killed Gen. Carlos Prats. former commander-inchief of the Chilean army. and his wife in a bomb attack and wounded three Argentine army men with shots fired from speeding car. Warning of marijuana WASHINGTON -Chairman James 0. Eastland of the Senate Internal Security subcommittee said yesterday if the current rate of marijuana us e continues. Americans mav find themselves sa ddled with large populatiori of semi-zombies.'' Eastland, in an introduction to a report of subcommittee hearings on marijuana, blamed the news media in part, for the increase. Testimony postponed LONG BEACH Calif. Former President Nixon's illness is dangerous enough that he will not be able to travel for prolonged periods for at least a month, and possibly three months, ruling out his early testimony in the Watergate cover-up trial, his From the Wires of United Press I nternationa I doctor said yesterday. At a specially called news conference at Long Beach Memorial Hospital, which Nixon entered a week ago, Dr. John C. Lungren said he expected final reports on Nixon's diagnoses by tomorrow. Lungren said Nixon might be released from the hospital by the end of the week, but would require an extensive period of convalescence for his phlebitis and blood clot condition. Two killed in Belfast BELFAST Two teen-age gunmen riding a motorcycle kill ed an elderly Roman Catholic man at a bakery in east Belfast today in a new outburst of Protestant extremist violence. Other terrorists wounded a 16-year-old Catholic girl as she kissed her boyfriend good night at a bus stop. Standard time back WASHINGTON -The Senate voted Monday to repeal year round daylight savings time and return the country to standard time during the "dark" months, November through February. State witnesses testify "t\-6$ (today's wo_D IJ-12<1 At the Corner of Fletcher TALLAHASSEE The state says it will produce witnesses today to prove that Clearwater architect Walter Melody "contrived" to funnel a $487 000 state education contract to a firm that was not the low bidder. Prosecutor Aaron Bowden told the jury that he can prove Melody was paid $4,500 by the company that benefitted from the contract at the same time he was drawing $1,500 as the state' s consulting architect on the job. Melody is being tried before Circuit Judge Ben Willis on charges of lying to the grand jury that indicted former education commissioner Floyd Christian for allegedly accepting over $70,000 in bribes in return for state contracts. Elections invalidated ST PETERSBURG Hillsborough County Circuit Court Judge Laurence I. Goodrich invalidated the outcome of five political races in the Sept. 10 first primary in Pinellas County yesterday and ordered new elections. The judge ordered a new primary in the five races which involve two state legislative seats, two county school board races and one county commission race. All weree in the republican party primary. Football player held GAINESVILLE -Former University of Florida football player Joseph Francis Abbott was being held without bond From the Wires of United Press International today in the Alachua County Jail following his arrest on first degree murder charges in the death of a woman. Abbott was arrested early Saturday and charged in con nection with the death of Cathryn Lynn Leland. Neighbors had noticed Miss Leland missing from her south west Gainesville apartment for five or six days and called police. Entering the apartment, police found Miss Leland's badly decomposed body nude from the waist down with her hands tied behind her back in the doorway of her apartment. LUTZ PAINT & BODY SHOP The place to have your I car repaired correctly. 907 129th Ave. Phone 971-1115 1 & 2 Br. Apts. $140 UP Furn. & Unf. Carpet Near USF Rec. Room, 2 Pools, 2 Laundry Rooms. Saunas, Tennis Courts "Now taking summer leases for 1 bedroom apartments." OFFICE HOURS 9 a.m. -6 p.m. Mon -Fri Res. Mgr. Sat & Sun Skipper Road E. of Nebraska Ph: 971-5236 The Oracle is th2 official student-edited newspaper ot the University of South Florida and is published four times weekly, Tuesday through Friday, the academic year period September through mid-June; twice during the academir. year period mid-June through Augus1, by the University of South Florida, 4202 Fowler Ave., Tampa, Fla. 33620. Opinions expressed in the Oracle are those of the editors or of the writer and not those of the University cf South Florida. Address correspondence to the Oracle, LET 472, Tampa, Fla., 33620. Second class postage paid at Tampa, Fla. The Oracle reserves the right to regulate the typographical tone of all advertisements and revise or turn away copy it considers objectionable. Programs, activities and facilities of the University of South Florida are available to ona non-discriminatory bas!s, without regard to race color, religion, sex, age or national origin. The University is an affirmative action Equal Opportunity Employer. Poor phone service TALLAHASSEE A public service commission telephone engineer yesterday blamed rapid population growth as the reason for poor phone service in the Tampa-Sarasota area. Clayton Moore, chief PSC telephone engineer, said the General Telephone Co., which operates in Tampa and Sarasota, is installing equipment to impove service but that the high growth rate will temporarily prevent totally efficient service. On a recent trip to Tampa, Commissioner William T. Mayo said he counted 58 rings before a long distance operator answered to place his call. JEWELRY Sterling African Egyptian Scandinavian and Florida Os ART Obras l'\alalie Rodins Art Prints WATERBEDS Package $6-1.95 Handcrafted Frames Students, Faculty and Staff of U.S.F. Ill) SAVE$$ on TIRES Mounting & Balancing 5 o % available 0 t\ Mastercharge BankAmericard = Discount lllllll J !t:.: Q ;n all tire $ KOON'S 9545 N. Florida 933-6571 FLASH. BONANZA SERVING SUPER STEAK DINNER FOR A DOLLAR FORTY NINE. STOP. RIB EYE STEAK, BAKED POTATO, TOSSED SALAD, TEXAS TOAST. FREE REFILLS ON ALL BEVERAGES EXCEPT MILK. STOP. ALSO FOR A DOLLAR TWENTY NINE GROUND STEAK DINNER INCLUDING BAKED POTATO, TOSSED SALAD, TEXAS TOAST. DON'T STOP TILL YOU GET TO BONANZA TUESDAY NIGHT (4 p.m. to 9 p.m. only) -' -----4910 E. Busch Blvd,, Busch Plaza Between 40th and 56th Streets For Take Out Orders Call 988-9743


THE ORACLE -October 1, 1974 3 Few blacks in high posts here USF and Tampa Urban League (TULl officials said yesterday there are too few blacks in USF administrative positions. The comments were in response to a report released in New York earlier this week by the John Hay Whitney Foun dation which stated, "blacks are grossly under-represented in the governing, faculty, and student bodies and on all levels of em ployment in public college and universities in Florida and three other southern states JIM VICKREY, Director of University Relations, said the percentage of blacks in faculty and student bodies was low and "there are too few blacks in administrative positions. "That is why we

4-THEORACLE October 1, 1974 Vote today-or don't complain When citizens reject their chance to have input in the governmental process, they forfeit their right to be a vital part of that governing process The Oracle urges the entire University community to take advantage of the opportunity they have today and cast their votes wisely. Unfortunately, if the response to a straw ballot published in last week's Oracle is any indication, members of the University community are apathetic about politics in this state. Out of a student body of approximately 20,000 and a faculty totaling an estimated 1,100, five people cared enough to return ballots. IF A COMPARABLE number vote today, USF can pride itself on caring as much about governmental affairs as most Americans do. It's too bad most Americans care almost nothing about government. Ironically, the United States talks more than any other nation about being a participatory democracy where all citizens have a voice in ruling the country. In reality, although each person has the right to have a say in choosing their leaders, very few exercise this right. But everyone complains when a scandal erupts. If the citizens of Florida care anything about open, honest govern ment, they will cast their votes today The choices in at least one race have never been clearer. IF THE PEOPLE do not give Comptroller Fred "Bud" Dickinson an overwhelming no-confidence vote, they they can look forward to four more years of closed doors and continuing scandals. But, by choosing Gerald Lewis to replace Dickinson they can open the office of the comptrollertreasurer and remove the taint from the Cabinet. This is not the only important race up for grabs today. Another Cabinet seatsecretary of state-is also being vacated In the Oracle'.s straw ballot, Beverly Dozier received all five votes while her opponent for secretary of state, Bruce Smathers, received no votes. Lewis also netted all of the votes in his race. In the House of Representatives, District 66 race, H. Lee Moffitt got three votes to Ed Rood's one. In District 67, Warren Dawson received three votes to Ray Knopke's one IN THE RACE for Tampa mayor, Joe Kotvas and William Poe split the votes evenly with each candidate receiving two. Even these races are not the only ones facing local voters today A seat in the state Senate is also opening up and the contestants in that race are Elvin Martinez and Guy Spicola. In this race, the Oracle recommend voters choose Martinez. Martinez has consistently shown his concern for educational matters and has proved his support for open government. At the request of the State Council of Student Body Presidents, Martinez asked Atty. Gen. Robert Shevin whether Vice President for Student Affairs J9e Howell could deny SG access to documents because USF ORACLE ACP All-American since 1967 officials said they were "working papers." The result was an opm1on from Shevin which not only opened the Howell file but also removed the working paper" cloak from all areas of state government. Although Spicola is an able legislator we feel the principles Martinez stands for are more in line with the needs of the University community., IN ANOTHER important race, former Secretary of State Richard Stone will face U.S. Congressman Bill Editorials Government is a trust, and the officers of the government are trustees; and both the trust and the trustees are created for the benefit of the people. Gunter In this race we endorse Gunter because of his strong stand for con servation and against industrial abuse of natural resources. Whether you, as a registered voter, Henry Clay are in agree ment with the Oracle s endorsements is not the most important issue The key i s sue is whether you care enough to be involved in the govern mental process. Commentaries Planned STAFF Each week the Oracle will provide space for a commentary by either a member of the USF community or state-level educator. Anyone interested in writing a commentary may contact the editor at 9H-2842 Editor. .... Sandra Wright Advertising Manager ... Tom Wallace Managing Editor .... Dave Moormann News Editor ................ Wayne Sprague Entertainment Editors Ellie Sommer David Rutman Sports Editor. Layout Editor Copy Editor ... Rindy Weatherly ....... Matt Bokor ............ Susan Demko Photo Editors Illustration Editor Librarian Adviser. Virginia t:ioffman Mark Sherman ... Terry Kirkpatrick Advertising Coordinator Production Manager .. Anna Bozo .. Leo Stalnaker .. Harry Daniels .. Joe McKenzie CClmpositor News Phon"i?s ... Kim Hackbarth 974-2619 or 2842 or 2398 SDX Mark of Excellence 1972 ANPA Pacemaker Award 1967, 1969 DEADLINES: General news J p.m. daily for following day issue. Advertising, 5 p .m. Wed nesday for Tuesday issue, 5 p.m. Thursday for Wednesday issue, 5 p.m. Friday for Thursday issue, 5 p.m. Monday for Friday issue. Actvertisers requiring proofs must submit c:opy one day prior to normal deadline. Classified ads taken 8 a.m. to 12 noon, LET 472, two days before publication in person or by mail with payment enclosed. Advertising rates on request, 974-2620, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Stories and pictures of interest lo students may be submitted to the Oracle in LET 469 or through the suggestion boxes in the Library and UC. This public document was promulgated at an annual cost of $1-13,514.76 or 8c per copy, to disseminate news to the students, staff and faculty of the University of South Florida. (Seventy-one per cent of the per issue cost is offset by advertising revenue.)


DOONESBURY I "A LOOK AT Ot/R NllN!TldNS l1ARKT 8A5Kflr SHOWS CJ GRENAOE5 UP $/.3? ANf) UP $725 A l/N!T. WIT# nlE56 INCREASES, me : COST Or A fiR-Fl6HT IS j (Jp 35't THIS T/Mc /.AST YEAR!" .;:' """"' by Garry Trudeau SG offers support Editor: Today there will be a run-off election which will decide either nomin ee s for the election in November or in some cases decide \Vho actually occupies k ey governmental positions All USF students who are regi s t e red to v ote should do s o Th e p e ople who are < or are notl el ec ted will be the ones that will m a ke th e decisions in m a n y k ey areas that affect students such as tuition, city and county building projects with many of these people Based on our experiences, we feel that the following candidates are the most viable from the students' stand point. State Comptroller: Gerald Lewis U. S. Senator: Richard Stone State Senator, Dist. 22: Elvin L. /Y41'/r ittttrs Martinez. House of Rep., Dist. 66: No preference. House of Rep. Dist. 67: War r en Dawson House of Rep., Dist. 69: Geo r ge She ldon. Hillsborough Coutny Ccm mission: Fran Davin. Hillsborough Sup. of Elections: Robin Krivanek. Mayor City of Tampa: William Poe. Cit y Council Dist. 1 : Sandy Warsaw Freedman. Cit y Council, Dist. 2 : Jan Platt. City Council Dist. 5 : Charles Miranda W e urge every eligible stud ent to vote-the vote you don't cast could cost you money next year. Richard Merrick President Wayne Wechsler Vice President Student Government Piano, Organ I (Classical), Voice as taught by Murdoch L. Beaton, Graduate of the Royal Academy of Music, London England Studios Located in Te1nple Terrace, Wellswood, Westshore, Town 'N Counrtry and Carroll wood. ]>hone 238-] 153 -4653 Campus phones begin with 974 instead of 971 Editor: I would like to take this op portunity to welcome everyone back this quarter and to offer this reminder. USF has dozens of telephone extensions all begin ning with 974. ., not 971. Those of us having a number similar to one of the University's answer wrong numbers several times daily. Just remember to dial 974. Thanks John Cannon 4ACC THE ORACLE -October 1, 1974 This is merely a reminder that MONROE HEALTH FOODS is still the most ALIVE health food shop in c., \ ALL of TAMPA. You'll find JUNE and \'I, BI LL, the best selection of natural foods \A, and vitamins in town, plus the superific 1 a'. SMOOTHIES, MILK SHAKES, JUICE BAR & SCREAMING MUNCHIES! For expert nutritional counseling, call 988-5000. Ask for JUNE or BILL. 11103 N. 56th St. Temple Terrace 1 & 2 Br. Apts. $140 UP *Furn. & Unf. Carpet Near USF Rec. Room, 2 Pools, 2 Laundry Rooms. Saunas, Tennis Courts 5 letters polity "Now taking summer leases for I bedroom apartments." The Oracle welcomes letters to the editor on all topics. Letters should be typewritten triple spaced. The editor reserves the right to edit or shorten letters. Mail boxes are located in the UC and Library for letters to the editor ear OFFICE HOURS 9 a.m. -6 p.m. Mon -Fri Res. Mgr. Sat & Sun er Road E. of Nebraska Ph: 971-5236 PARACHUTE CLUB Meeting Tuesday Oct. l 7:30 p.m. U.C.215 Stvcte"' t Aris. 13"700 N. St. I 81o:tf...o.._. C'A"-p>:t .. 0100


6-THEORACLE October 1, 1974 Sorority rush encourages girls to meet new friends BY ELLIE SOMMER Entertainment Editor Two-hundred fifty girls at tended a sorority rush Sunday, twice as many as last year, ac cording to Vicki Oppenheim, Panhellenic Rush Chairman Girls are encouraged to attend rush even if they are not planning to join a sorority "It' s a good way to meet people and make new friends," Oppenheim said OF THE benefits i ncluded in joining a sorority, Oppenheim listed sisterhood, security, fulfillment through service and hospitality when traveling to other c i ties "I think joining a sorority makes you more aware, more of a leader," she said "Sororities help you learn about the University as a whole, and how to cope with real problems .: Having picked up their in vitations yest .erday, interested girls will attend a second set of parties tonight and tomorrow night she said "AT THIS point ,' she said "the girls are really select i ng the parties they wish to attend Oppenheim said the parties the prospective pledges a chance to explore the sororities they might wish to join Finally the girls select four sororities and attend these specific parties Sunday Monday is invitation day again and Tuesday nears the final decision tii:ie for the girls Oppenheim said. is a serious night," she said referring to a week from today when the girls narrow their choices down to two After att:nding two parties, they sign their pledge bids and wait. Pledgeships are announced 5 p m Wednesday. Activities Mart plans set Student organizations, University agencies and Student Affairs services are encouraged to sign up now for the Oct 9 Activities Mart. Registration ends Oct. 7 at noon. A registration and staff of their purpose and to recruit new members. Administrators may prov e ex trell\.ely helpful in the recruitment area, she said. fee of $6 is required 1 ,.1 A meeting-_ is.. scheduled money magazine eultOI tomorrow at 2 p m. to plan and organize the individuat f!Hers thrihy savings activities, according to Carol Managing editor of Money" Spring director of the program. magazine, William S Rukeyser, activities, Carol Spring, assistant will respond to questions directly director of Student from the public on National o rganizations, said. Money or Public Radio's news facility problems can be magazine All Things Condiscussed at the meeting, she sidered .. today through Friday. said. The public interview is only a The Activities Mart will begin segment of the NPR program at noon and end when a street broadcast over WUSF 89.7 dance gets underway, sponsored each week-night from 5-6: 30: by CA USE Prizes will be Rukeyser will answer awarded for the best display by questions on money an organization or agency. management, inflation, inUniversity administrators will vestments; savings and other take an active role in promoting economic-i;elated topics various organizations and will Rukeyser became Money's participate i n the day of fun and first managing editor when it was games. established in 1972; He had The idea Of Activities Mart is to previously been an associate inform the whole Univrsity of the editor of Fortune magazine for many organizations and ac-five years. on campus, she said. Tomorrow's meeting will explain the how, when and where of Activities Mart. Spring c;ited the Oct. 9 program as an cellent opportunity for organizations to inform students -... II Fraternities rush prospective pledges II BY ELLIE SOMMER Entertainment Editor The formal Interfra terni ty Presidents Council Rush is over ; but this week individual fr a ternities will continue to rush prospective pledges Each fraternity sets up its own rush schedule, according to Kit Whitehurst, IFPC public relations officer Anyone can go to rush but pledging is by in vitation only," he said Usually rush is open the first couple of weeks of the quarter but Musical jokes featured at coffeehouse tonight Musician and humorist Art Schill will appear tonight and tomorrow night at 8 in the Empty Keg North Admission is free The Coffeehouse is sponsored by the UC Program Office Schill has appeared on the Mike Douglas and Johnny Carson shows He has also played the Blue Angel in Los Angeles some fraternities rush con tinuously," h e said. Whitehur s t described two of the most c ommon means of joining a fr a ternity. Some guys look for a c e rtain frat and join, but others just fall into it through friends or roommates, he said Joining a fraternity is a good social opportunity to meet people, form common bonds, and retain long term friendships, Whitehurst said. "Intramurals are a big part of fraternities at USF," he said, adding that a lot of healthy competition develops from the intr amural rivalry Sports and friendship are not the only aspects of fraternity life Governing activities and service projects are also part of the learning experience shared by fraternity brothers Whitehurst said Through these service projects, fraternities can promote the image of USF in the community, he said. Henry's Complete Foreign and Domestic Car Repair and Service FAST SERVICE 28 Years Experience All Makes, All Models Phone 971-9161 13614 Nebraska, Tampa Do it yourself auto repair center Rent a service bay & lift for $5.00 hour & save up to 50% by doing your own repairs. Call for reservation 932-7709. We will obtain parts or you may provide your own. If you are not a do-it-yourselfer take advantage of our unconditionally guaranteed service & repair work at competitive prices. We are proud of ou r reputation. Open 24 hours for your convenience. North Tampa Sunoco FLETCHER AVE. & 1-75 932-7709 Colonial Cleaners & Lau. ndry IN GRANT CITY PLAZA SPECIAL We Clean on Saturdays Until 12 o'cloc k 2 PANTS (dry cleaned and pressed) FOR$1.59 Alterations done on premises ... Where nothing possibly go wor "g MIDNITE SHOW FRI. & SAT 971-1104


Oracle photo by Dave Lenox USF art students display work The artistic talents of two USF students, Raquel Fruchter and Maria Zamora, will be on display 5 to 8 p.m. until Friday in the University Center Gallery IS '" !SS 17 I') 20 :I.I 21. 1.'t 1.S 24 17 30 ,, SS 31 33 3't ;re ,, *o 188 '+I o+-S SS! '+7 'tll 't') 51 51 48. Pure and DOWN simple 49. German "I" 1. Swingmusic 50. Experienced phrase 51. Comfort 2. Land 52 Bashful measure 53. Duct 3 Empty 4. Come in 5. Flashed 6. Main arteries 7. Depart 8.-Baba 9. Evergreen shrub 10 At rest 11. Animal 16. Sings in a round 17. Public notice 19. Printer's measure 22. Wing u i.1. 38 '+1 '+3 .. .,. so 53 23. Recede 24. Over: poet. 25. Breaks 27. Weapons 28. Golf mound 29. Sea eagle 31. Poem 32. Showy 34. Fasten to 37. Article 313. Shuffle 39. Pinnacle 40. Appeal U.In 42. Chinese weight 43. Eskimo house 44. Whale 46. Service charge 49. Lives LARGE VARIETY OF BROILED SIRLOIN CUT DAILY from Sl .59 lo $3.99 party reservations available This fee also enables a student to use the Crafts Shop during Qtr 1. East of USF on Fowler at 15th St. 7 '?'> Whippin Post : Thig week ,, ,, ,, : f Road Turkey Wed & Sat 5 draft : : starts at 8 p.m. : I ()/RlS IN FREE TUES. g THURS. I : On Florida north of Fletcher : i 14727 N. Fla. Ave. Ph. 935-5414 i f "Open Air Beer Garden" *****************************************************t


( 8-THEORACLE sports Brahmans lose first game October 1, 1974 Officials' clinics set Those interested in officiating intramural (li\'I) football Qtr. 1 are asked to attend one of two clinics, to be held today at 4 p.m. in PED 104 and tomorrow at 2 p .m. in PED 113. Basketball officials will meet tomorrow at 4 p.m. in PED 100. Pay is $2.85 per game. The entry deadline for those planning to play IM football is tommorrow. Signup sheets should be turned in to the Intramural Office, PED 100. BY BILL FAY Oracle Sports Writer USF's soccer team failed in its quest for revenge Saturday, losing 2-1 to the Clemson Tigers. The Brahmans controlled play in the first half firing six shots at the Clemson goal and not allowing any attempts at their own goal. Twice during the half the Brahmans had breakaway chances at the Tigers but both times they came away empty handed. The second half opened with USF again taking control, but a slip-up in the Brahmans' defensive backfield allowed the Tigers' Jon Babashak to get the ball deep in Brahman territory. He fired an angle shot from the corner and it eluded USF goalkeeper Dave Dolphus for the first goal of the game with only eight minutes gone in the half. More than 20 minutes later the Brahmans registered their first tally of the season. Junior John Heidger took a pass at midfi e ld dribbled down the right sideline eluding three Tiger defenders and fired a blast at Tiger goalkeeper Denis Carrington. Carrington deflected the ball in front of his own net where USF's Mike Knott stood waiting. He tapped it in at 28:05 of the second half The revitalized Brahman team, spurred on by an overflow crowd of 1600 people again took the upper hand until a defensive lapse allowed the Tigers to score the winning goal. The play started as a routine Tiger throw-in by Clemson s Eric Smith. Smith tossed the ball to teammate Rennie Phillips who Oracle photo by Gabe Puniska headed it past goalkeeper Dolphus at the 3B:40 mark. The Brahmans protested that the throw -in was illegal but the referees disallowed the protest. USF outshot Clemson 12-8, and goalie Dolphus was credited with five saves while Clemson's Carrington had six. "This game took place too early in the season Brahman coach Dan Holcomb said. "Neither team looked real sharp but I guarantee we'll both get better." The Brahmans next game is against Howard University in the Clemson Invitational Friday. It's Today and now Pulsar shows it! Time Date Pulsar, the great American timepiece, the first completely new way to tell time in 500 years, now presents the new Date Model. Stainless steel, $275. 14 karat yellow gold filled, $395. Do Something Beautiful., Jacobs Fergus Hopper challenges a speedy opponent ... in Saturday's 2-1 loss to the Clemson Tigers. Fine Jewelers Since 1890 University Square Mall Tampa Also Jacksonville West Palm Beach Orlando Merritt Island 971-3380 Denim Walking Suit, 100 percent Cotton, $55. Corduroy Walking Suit, 100 percent Cotton, $45. Qiana Shirts, $17 to $25. t fl, 1i!a1t TFINE SPORTSWEAR FOR MEN HERALD SQUARE 5114 E. FOWLER (5 Blocks W of 56th on Fowler) 985-2146 Mon. thru Sat 10-6 Thank You! The USF Debate Team is still here, and this year is fully funded because student support would not allow a program of such value to be discontinued. Needless to say, we 're ready to travel and naturally looking for new members. It costs you nothing to stop by and see what's up. So, if you like to travel (throughout the eastern and midwestern United States) and discuss the limitations of Presidential powers-Join the USF Debate Team Let the University spend some money ($) on you!! Meetings on Mon. Wed. & Fri. 4:00 p.m. LET 466


( FenCers garner second THE ORACLE-October 1, 1974 USF's fencing team took second in men's epee and foil to move into second place in the team point standings after the season' s first Florida In tercollegiate Fencing Association Judokas get high honors Two USF judo instructors placed among the top three in their classes at t he Ichiban Judo Tournament in St. Petersburg Saturday. (FIFA) tournament last weekend The team of Dennis Dunbar, Dan Daly and Jeff Ganoung was second in foil and Steve Whiteside, Daly and Dunbar were runnerups in epee The University of Florida won both events by one bout for a 24-point total, four ahead of USF in the FIFA standings Other teams competing in the tourney were Florida State University, Miami-Dade North Junior College Florida In ternational University, Brevard Community College and Embry Riddle Aeronautical Institute. Iri the women's foil competition, C i ndy Elyea finished second and Margaret McCubbin placed fourth. Both are from USF. The team's next tournaments will be at Miami-Dade North Oct. 19-20. The meet on Oct. 19 is sponsored by FIFA, and is open to intercollegiate teams. The tourney the following day is an Amateur Fencing League of America event, open to all USF's team holds regular practices Tuesday and Thursday at 7 p.m in the fencing room

10-THE ORACLE October 1, 1974 Turlington. favors ceiling on tuition fee structure BY ILENE JACOBS Oracle Staff Writer Education Commissione r R a lph Turlington said yesterday he favors imposing a tuition ceiling on the present fee structure. Turlington was on campus speaking to the Council of Deans and attending a reception in the College of Education. The Council of Deans discussed with Turlington the new fee structure, budget problems. and the urban university's role in higher education USF Pres. Cecil Mackey told the commissioner the new fee structure is counter to the basic philosophy of providing a broad education by a public in stitution." He said the structure, by inhibiting many students from taking some electives is "taking the education out of the educational process" and producing "overspecialized" students Acting Dean of the College of Arts and Letters, Daniel R.utenberg, said "most students feel they pass through here only once and like to take advantage of the educational opportunity they have now, which includes taking certain electives. Turlipgton also told the council by September 1976 all universities should probably be on the semester system. Weight National Open Meeting Month Sept. JO th -Oct.20th. for more information about meetings ... call collect (813) 877-6796 collect calls cheerfully accepted WEIGHT WATCHERS{i) '"WE: G H 7 W A TCHERs AND @ ARE REGISTERE D TRADEMARKS OF WEIGHT WATC HER S 'i I N C G P EAT NECK NY Vle iGHT WATCHERS INTERNATIONA L 1 9 7 -1


THE ORACLE-October 1, 1974 11 don't look your age' at 50 Ed itor' s note : The "Liberated Woman" column by nationally.syndicated columnist Mar y McGrath is now a regular feature of the Oracle. The column is planned for three days each week and is especially prepared for college papers. The author studied at Suffolk University and was a contributor to the Boston Herald. She also writes the syndicated column, "Speaking Frankly." You who have never had to use your fingers to count your birth da y c andles may not know it but ther e are implications to b ein g a semic e ntenarian (50) t h a t onl y s trike you when y ou get there Fifty is t h e year "they" s t art t h e cou ntdown t o w ard your s huffl e off this mortal c o il. IT'S THE year peopl e s t art telling you th at you ce rt a inl y do n t loo k your age as though a n y one o f such adva n ce d de c rep i tude should sur e l y be crumbling around the e dges like a public building built b y the lowest bidding builder under government contract. It s the year the most callous liberated woman and unnoticing suddenly start offering you seats on the subway opening doors and allowing you to pass in first, and seeing, in general that you are well taken care of, for fear you will have a cardiac arrest before their very e yes. policemen, priests and public officials a lot younger these days-forgetting that YOU are a lot older these days But there s a bonus you might not have thought of, baby, if getting on is getting you down Fifty is also when you don't have to worry any more what the he c k THEY gave to s ay about it any more You' v e gotten where you' re going and, even if it's not where you wanted to be at least there is comfort in knowing you can begin to rest upon those laurels you' ve accumulated It's the time when you can let the gray show, parade your wrinkles as merit badges in the battles of life and state opinions from your experience rather than from theory It s the shadier, lazier side of life. What can be wrong with that ? Volunteers needed Voluteers are needed to read text assignments this quarter, Dale Hartman, advisor to han dicapped students, said yesterday. Anyone interested should come to UC 217 or call 974-2615 But it s not only 'they who worr y about your age Fift y is also the time when YOU begin to worr y i f y our wardrobe i s a ppropriat e for a pe r son "your age ," if your at titud e s your actions and your ideas tell it like you are-or only as you'd like yourself to be GOLDEN GATE IT'S THE time when you begin to notice that they are makfog AUTO PARTS ( bulletin board J Scuba Club The Scuba C lub w ill m eet Wednesday, O c t. 2, i n UC 204 at B p.m. Thi s is the first m eeti ng this quarter and all interested pe r s ons are invited.There wil l be a charge of S2. 00 a quarter for dues. Them is Themis will be meeting Wednesda y Oct. 2 i n UC 202 at 2 p m Thi s w ill be a general meeting for all members. Pre-Medical Society The Pre-Medical Soc iety will meet Wednesday, Oct. 2 in CHE 101 at 7 p m Thi s will be a general meeting followed by a film and program on plasti c surgery. All i n tereste d persons and prep rofe ss ional students a r e invited to attend. Chess Club The Chess C lub is meeting Wednesday, Oct. 2. i n UC 2 05 at 2 p.m. The topics w ill b e elections, dues, and upcoming in. tercollegiate activities. A U interested students are invited to attend. The En!llish Forum The English Forum will meet Wednesday, OctOber 2. i n LET 3 39 a t 2 p.m. The meetin g wi!I concern e lecti ons and future p lans. All grad. and undeq1rad. English m a j o rs a n d Engli sh fac ulty a r e i nvit ed to attend Refreshments w i i l be served. Windjammers The Yvindi amme-rs w i l l meet Wednesday .. OC1. 2 i n U C 256 a t 6:30 p.r.i. This will be a g -enen1! me!!ting aod all interes-ted student s art;: invi ted to anencL Ancie ir:n.rj_ F J r,,r'ri1 : E Svc i ft1 1 : VJl".:1'=)y ., 1ill meet r;..-; .... 7 i'r .-.,:; _t: .:; .. rrr. T h t i \i111lll he a t. 1 1 rn:':tnbe,rs and .... .. : .-::, ... .. ,.,i .i}f"<:: ... .r:O f"J attend. ;;. .. 1J':i m i : for H u m a n ...... .,?:: An.J rr.1 :':!. 1 i .h IJT .fanir:<: Sn z p.rn t n : '}: '., ; ; n. ?r. "/;r, J r)r fu rlf,i : r Jn \!Jt)'(Jk ;J), (''7/\ rJ: r .. ;,Jj t)1c: J ;r,JH.Jc; .11 / 1':.,rJ/.': r; JL r .c ; ;t, .f11 /HJ r! .. t .'/t .. :; I ;-:,c-:: ::. 'J'r :: ;;r < : c :z r>':.r:tc:d t.

12-THE ORACLE October 1, 1974 United Fund drive begins HONEYWELL PENTAX ES II The camera for photo perfectionists in a hurry! A campaign to raise $22,000 for the United Fund ( UFl began Friday at USF. UF Chairperson Phyllis Marshall said. USF s quota of $22,000 is part of the Tampa United Fund goal of $1,700,000. she said. The campaign will continue through Oct. 31. Marshall said there are 14 captains soliciting for funds in all of the colleges auxiliary ser vices physical plant. SG, the library, Academic Affairs and Student Affairs. The moriey collected here at USF will go to aid some 40 human care services including the Red Cross, the Cerebral Palsy Clinic, the MacDonald Training Center and the Salvation Army. Although USF's drive is aimed primarily at faculty and staff, Oracle SG ad raises eyebrows A classified advertisement sponsored by SG which ran last week in the Oracle raised many eyebrows around campus. The advertiser, SG's Student Finance Committee, was looking for "an attractive person" to work as a secretary-receptionist in its' office. Many people couldn't understand the correlation between attractive" and "secretary receptionist." "H people were turned off by the ad, I'm sorry," its composer, Alan Jotkoff, said."! wasn't talking about attractive in the physical sense, I meant neat in appearance." "I didn't want a man with unkempt hair or a woman with blue jeans (to apply for the job l," he said. "I don't care what they wore afterwards." Jotkoff found his "attractive" person, a female, who will begin work today, he said. Audit---Continued from page I ELLISON ALSO criticized purchasing procedures at F AMU. He said goods bought by the university could, in many in stances, "have been purchased at lower prices by utilization of state contract prices Ellison also recommended UF implement "new mechanical receipting equipment" to help eliminate any problems in in ternal control of fund transfers and expenditures. At FSU, Ellison recommended guidelines be prepared for "all contracts and grants and that the legal basis for authorizing any internally created fund or project be stated therein." This, he said, would help clarify the university's fiscal policies. Ellison hit the records of the health center and hospital at UF. He said he found "numerous errors" in accounts maintained. "I noted frequent errors in amounts billed patients who were admitted to the

CAUSE day announced by Mayor Lloyd Copeland THE ORACLE -October 1, 1974 1 & 2 Br. Apts. $140 UP Furn. & Unf. Carpet Near USF 13 BY LAURA DIAZ Oracle Staff Writer area, Leeds said. Mike Malter, and Dr. Spielberg er will appear on Black Contact" at 3 p.m. Oct. 19 to discuss the IT program. On Oct. 26 Leeds and Janice Wloch, UVS director, will discuss CAUSE on "College Kaleidescope" at 3:30 p m Rec. Room, 2 Pools, 2 Laundry Rooms. Saunas, In recognition of student involvement in community ser vices through the aid of such groups as USF's Community and University Service Encounter

14-THE ORACLE October 1, 1974 Bargaining info plan passes BY i\IARY RUTH MYERS Oracle Staff Writer The State University System Mnt plut Jigns. RKhorgecble botttry pock 12 hour portable or dirod from AC power using Adapter I Charger (included). full one Y= _,..,,1y on urvlct ard compo..,enb. Corvus ls a of MOSTEK Corporation, a leader In MDS/lSI electronic technology ond the first company in the world to introduce the sing16chip colculotor integrated circuit in 1970. RECHARGEABLE MEMORY Aulomotic percentage key ("lo) Automotic conslonl on all five functions E i ght-digit disploy with full floating decimal ond negative sign, Memory storoge indicotor. Nickel cadmium rechargsoble batteries and AC adapter I charger. NEW POCKET SIZED CALCULATOR Automatic(%} percentage key. Special overagir.g (NJ key. Full display. Full floating decimal and negative sign. Auloma!ic constant on five functions. Copobifity lo pMorm chain and mixed colculations Size: 4 7/a"L, 3''W, 'l.''H Weight: 5 oz. with batteries IUlftCfl DOWNTOWN TAMPA 820 ND'. FRANKLIN ST. 223-2000 TYRONE SQUARE ST. PETE PHONE 343-2000 DOWNTOWN ST. PETE 230 1st Ave. N. PHONE 821-4000 15 DAY TRIAL OFFER


( classified ads J I.-. A-UTOM-OTIVE_...J THE ORACLE -October 1, 1974 TRAVEL OPPORTUNITIES I ( REAL ESTATE 15 J ( PERSONAL ) GUYS-GALS 18-24 years old A progressive New York Co. is expanding operations in the 5. E Now hiring ambitious folks for staff full and part time of Tampa office Long hair O.K. $160-$200 PER WEEK. For appt. call Mr. O 'Cleary al 870-1543. 9 a.m.2:30 p m 10-4 NEED TO RENT your apartment or find a roommate? Come by the Student Government office and leave the in formation with us We will be happy to help you through our Community Services Office.-974-2419orcomeinUC 156. 10-4 BABYSITTERS needed for the Student Government Babysitting Referral Service. Babysit when and however often you like. Come in and register at UC 156. Also, if you need a sitter, call us at 974-2419. 10-4 ( FOR RENT 71/2 MINUTES FROM USF ) New 2 bdr w-w carpet central heat and air, drapes, furn. $180-unfurn $155. Phone 988-6393. If FOR RENT-Furn. one bedroom, near USF. Short term lease. No pets please. Call 977-1644 after 5 p m and weekends, 12709 N 19th St 12;6. FLORAWOOD VILLAS Country Living New 2 bdrm. duplex apts. $175-$185. Near USF & VA Hospital. 1 mile N of Skipper on Livingston Ave. Call 977-1142. 12; 6 2 BEDROOM DUPLEX. Unfurn, 6 minutes from USF. No deposit on pets Lots of room. Phone 986-3582 or 971-5605. 10-9 RAINBOW Rentals Furn. one bdrm apts. Patio & pool, Lndry rms. S150. 971-6937 near USF. 10-18 LAKEFRONT APT. New furnished, one bdrm, LR, DR, kit., carpeted, ac, Gen tleman. S175.00 incl. utiliti es. 986-3072 104 FOR RENT: 1 bedroom duplex, furn. S125 mo. 9802 N 11th St. 10-3. DUPLEX APTS. 8614B Mulberry Dr. Two bedrooms, air conditioned. Can be shared by students. $40.00 weekly. 10-8. ( HELP WANTED ) CHANGE!! This is not a normal ad because it is not a normal job and we don't want normal people. We want ambitious young people who are not molded into society and want to make it without compromise. We offer hard work, preservation of your individuality and S160 per week. For appt. call 563-0404. Ask for Mr. Hamilton, 9 a.m.-2 p m .10-4 MARRIED, childless coupl e to operate Youth Hostel. Apartment plus S300 per month P references given to graduate students in Psychology, Sociology and Counseling. R e ferences required. 229-6517, Dianne Talone. 10-3. SECRETARY needed for Student Council. S2 hr.10hr.perweek.Call2749or2503. 10-1. PARALYZED veteran needs a part-time aide in return for room & board or a small salary. For more information, call Lynn, 971-3247. 10-4. I APTS. & HOUSES TO SHARE I QUIET MALE or female to share cottage on lake, patio and plants with vegetarian. S60 month + half utilities. Steve 961-0871 after 5 Ten minutes f rom USF. 9-24; 101 SHARE NEW large furnished apartment, 2 bedrooms, 1 '12 bath. 3 blocks from USF. 574 month plus utilities. Mark or Joe 971-8927, 5to9p.m. 10-1 ( FOR SALE ) CALCULATOR-CASIO 8 digit, lloating decimal, square root and m emory, AC adaptor, NEW, S75. 971-3579. 101 LEVI BELLS in d enim. cord s & brush denim. Straight l e g s in d e n i m & cords. Also acme boot s & good sel e cti o n of western shirts. Only 10 min. from campus 4 blocks n orth of Dog Track s. B ermax W e st ern Wear 8?'02 Ncbr a!>ka Ave 10-31. I .._ SERVICES OFFERED I SPECIALIZED TYPIST IBM CORRECTING Selectric, carbon ribbon, pica or elite, Greek symbols. Exp. Turabian, Campbell, APA, etc. 5 min. f rom USF. Nina Schiro, 971-2139 or 235-3261. 10; 2 TYPING, Fast, Neat, and Accurate. Term Papers, Theses Resumes. Close to USF. 988-0836. Lucy W ilson 10-22 "TYPING," neat and accurate. IBM Selectric, Greek symbols. Close to USF. Please call 626-0321. 9 -24; 9-27; 10-1; 10c 4 ; 10-8; 10-11; 10-15; 10-18_; 10-22; 10-25 CANOE RENTALS Day-Week Ph. 935-0018 10-4 HAVE A problem? Call HELPLINE 974-2555 or Women's Line 974-2556. If interested in trai ning as an operator, please contact HELPLINE. 103 SECRETARIAL Position, 15 hours a week, 52.00 an hour. Call IT 2099. 10-3 RIDING LESSONS -English Equitation and Dressage. Wi II teach you on your own horse or will furnish one Call Casey 9613190. 10-4. GRE PREPARATION COURSE near USF. Score 1,000 or your money back. 18 hrs. S35; course repeatable free. Over 800 have taken our course in South Florida in the last 3 years. For info call 305-854-7466. 10-1, 3,. 8, 10, 15, 17, 22, 24, 29, 31. [ LOST & FOUND ) REWARD-Lost Golden Retriever. Male, 70 lbs Lost around USF area. If you s ee or hear anything about the dog please call me. I love him very much. Margie 971-9432, 971-2045, 971-8499, 971-1751. 104 LOST 3 in. silver cross -very important -please call Denise Drum, 974-6373 -6374 -63336370. 102 LOST: Man's steel -rimmed prescription eyeglasses. 1st floor men' s room, Bus Ad. Bldg. Sept 25. 510 reward. Phone 253-0367. 10-2. LUTHERAN WORSHIP Every Sunday 12: 15 p ,m. The Episcopal Student Chapel for information call 988-4025 or 988-8336 VW 411, 1972, 36,000 miles, original own e r Runs beautifully. 27 mpg. 52,400. Call 9713010 afte r 6 p m 10-1, 10-3. VOLVO 1969, 142 s. New: Radials, shocks, brakes, clutch, FM cassette ste reo, air conditioning, 42,000 Excellent condition. Ask for P e t e r 1108 Fontana. 10-2. MOTORCYCLES & SCOOTERS I '67 LAMBRETTA Scooter 150cc 4 speed Has been in storage. Ridden less than 150 miles total. Runs and looks perfect. Gets over lOOmpg Has buddy seat, new inspection sticker. Over S750 new, now only $225. Trade up for Dirt Bike considered. Call 837-3860 after 5 or weekends 10-1. 1973 HONDA 350 cb. Only 400 miles. 5850. Call 985-2064 or 988-2982. 10-4. Dave Heinz Imports Sales Service Parts 238-8485 llOI E. Hillsborough Ave. LIMA, PERU ... D e c 1224. 4 credits. $575 includes transportation from Miami, room, breakfas t d i nn e r See Lupton, OCT Program. FAO 122, 2536. 10-31 t-shirts I MEADOWOOD CONDO' S 3 b edroom, one floor garden home. All ap pliances, full draperies. Must sell. Assume 7 3 p e r c ent mortgage or buy conventional. or assume with owner taking back s e cond 536,000; 51,500 b elow present asking p rice for same unit. Pl e ase call 9889212. 10-4 as IS THIS YOUR FAVORITE ATHLETIC SHOE? Above print is now available on 100 per cent quality cotton t-shirts in Red, Navy Blue or White. Send check or money order for -$4. 75 to: Be sure to state your size and color of shirt desired ----------------------------------------------ORACLE LET 472 -Tampa, Fla. 33620 Number of times to run ........... Name. Address City Zip I I I I I I I I I l I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I i I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I i I I I I l I I I I I CLASSIFiED RATES: Campus-First 20 words minimum $1. 20 paid in advance, with l.D. Additional words 6 cents each. Off-Campus-First 15 words minimum $1.50, paid in advance. Additional words lOt:ents each. Deadline-12 noon, 2 days prior to public.ation. I I I I l I I I I I I I I I I I I I l I I I LJ I I J I I I I l I I I I I DONATE appointment available to fit your class schedule I on a regular Blood Plasma Program ... and receive w;$40 a month Hours 8 am to' 2:30 pm \ HYLAND DONOR CENTER 238 W. Kennedy Phone 253-2844


16 -THE 0 RACLE October 1, 1974 RECORD .. Choose from a fantastic collection Best Sellers! Folk *Rock *Jazz Rhythm & Blues Hurry for best selection! 8-TRACK TAPES Famous artists with today's fabulous sounds I Famous artists too! Extra Special I Classical Vox 0 Record Sets Sale! $6 99 ........... HOP & t----IOOKSTORE LocatedintheUCBuilding Center of Cam pus


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