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The oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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friday's ORACLE Oct. 25, 1974 Vol. 9 No. 76 12 pages Watergate role told by Segretti BY MIKE ARCHER Assistant News Editor "The only word to describe it is bizarre," con victed dirty trickster Donald H. Segretti said to an overflowing crowd in the Business Auditorium last night of his involvement in the Watergate scandal. "When it all started I was told it was a traditional activity in American political life," he said. Segretti, whose name in Italian means secret, said his four months and six weeks inside the minimum security Lompoc Federal Prison in California has taught him that there is no such thing as equal justice under the law. "I saw more injustice in that short time than yoti can shake a stick at," he said. Segretti said when he began playing dirty tricks to divide the Democratic candidates, he was encouraged by Dwight Chapin, former Pres. Richard Nixon's appointments secretary, so much that he "forgot what I was doing." "I got caught up in that bowl of spaghetti and the rest is history," he said prestige, and praise from "the powers that be" led him to play the dirty tricks-some of them in Tampa-that eventually landed him in jaiL Segretti's best known pranks included a fraudulent Citizens for Muskie document accusing Sen. Hubert Humphrey, D-Minnesota, and Sen. Henry Jackson, D-Washington, of sexual miscon duct and a letter contending that Rep. Shirley Chisholm, D-New York, had once been confined to a mental hospital. He said, however, that he thinks his role in the GOP strategy to divide the Democrat candidates had very little effect. Segretti said he thinks former President Richard Nixon had no direct knowledge of the Watergate break-in, but said people showd consider that opinion "in view of" the "theory of deniability That is, Nixon made it clear he did not want to know, and in this way approved the action, he said. Segretti said he thinks President Gerald Ford's pardon of Nixon was not the result of a political deal, but rather a "good deal of kinship." Oracle photo by Mary Lovinlosse "It was so easy, it started out slow, and as time passed I just got caught up in it,'' he said. "You have to look at the personality of the players," he said. "Gerald Ford has known Richard Nixon for a long time." Donald Segretti addresses crowd Segretti said the lure of moriey ($45,000 in alll, BY DAVID RUSS Oracle Staff Writer Members of the Status of Women' s Committee said yesterday Director of Personnel Services John Weicherding, is fostering an adversary attitude toward Career Service employes and favors the administration in his employe related decisions. Equal Opportunity Assistant Phyllis Hamm said she had gathered documentation supporting a claim by a career service applicant that she had been turned down for a job even though present job holders did not meet state specifications for that position HAMM PRESENTED a letter from Weicherding which said her attempts to document by name other individuals who did not meet the state's specifications were extremely unprofessional and lacked gbod judgement. Weicherding s letter said her failure with him to discus s the University's efforts to help the woman "are further examples of your immaturity." He also said last night he feels Hamm has the right to help ap plicants get jobs but "she should not use information gathered from currentemployes without telling them what she is using it for." WEICHERDING SAID Hamm s action will lead to closer scru tiny by the state department of personnel and less professional judgement in deciding who gets what job. .. political "dirty trickster"last night at USF Free shuttle bus service slated for January start BY ILENE JACOBS Oracle Staff Writer "If we keep 500 cars off campus, it will open up 500 An SG-funded free shuttle bus service running from USF to surrounding areas densely populated with students may be in operation by January, SG Pres. Richard Merrick said yesterday spaces and people can get a little closer to their classes, and it will be successful." -Otto Meerbott Two 45-passenger buses will run every half hour from 7: 30 a.m. to 5 p m. One route will run north from Fowler Avenue and 15th Street to 131st Street and across it onto the campus. The other route will run from Nebraska Avenue and Skipper Road to 30th Avenue, south on 30th, east on Fletcher Avenue, and onto the campus on North Palm UNIVERSITY POLICE Traffic Coordinator Otto Meerbott said he has been told by city officials the bus system will be running within a week's notice from the University. Meerbott said he is waitirig for SG to assure University officials the service will be used by the student body. SG has been told to verify the validity of an off-campus density study created last year to determine where student need for the service is greatest. He said state intervention will have an adverse effect on the current employes as well as the University on the whole. Weicherding said he has already received a call from the state department of personnel in relation to the matter requesting more information about employment procedures here Hamm said employes in question are qualified in their positions even though they do not meet state requirements. WEICHERDING said the criticism of his department as being favored toward the administration comes from "people who don't know how much we have done to help the employes." Vice President for Administration, Ken Thompson, said he is appointing a personnel committee composed of representatives from the Administrative and Professional Career Service, Equal Op-. portunity and Women's areas to judge the effectiveness of the per sonnel department s policies. USF Pres. Cecil Mackey said mo.5t of the issues discussed at the meeting were "-beyond the function of the committee as it was set up as an advisory board to the president." He called upon the members to advise him more on policies than to suggest affirmative actions that relate to organization and operation MACKEY ALSO suggested the committee consider reorganizing itself to limit the membership to 18 and the membership be rotated on a three year basis SG has also been told to promote the service s use by generating student enthusiasm, and to bear all or part of the cost from iheir "very considerable budget, Meerbott said. "When they do that, I'll contact my friends with the city and start the program," he said THE BUSES designed primarily for the students, will run on a three-month trial basis, Meerbott said "If we keep 500 cars off cam pus, it will open up 500 spaces and people can get a little closer to their classes and it will be successful," he said. The cost of the service will be $224 per day, Meerbott said, Metrick said he is "not really sure at this point" where the money to fund the buses will come from. He said SG Vice President Wayne Wechsler will meet soon with University ad ministrators to discuss how much of the Activity and Service Fee

2-THE ORACLE October 25, 1974 Three American Nazis arrested BOSTON Three members of the American Nazi Party were arrested yesterday in racially troubled South Boston on charges of attempting to incite a riot on the 30th day of court-ordered Boston school desegregation. The Nazis, who were making their third appearance in Boston during the past month were arrested while the were handing out anti-black literature and urging people to disobey the desgregation order. Among those arrested was Harold Mantius III, 26, of Arlington Va., self-styled leader of a group calling itself the Revolutionary Voice of National Socialism. Also arrested were Jerry Lee McGhee, 22, and Mark Graes, 18. both of Arlington, Va. The three m e n were scheduled to be arraigned in South Boston District Court. The Nazis who oppose in tegration. a ppeared in Boston From the wires of UPI twic e during the first week of classes under the busing order. At that time they drove through the city in a large yellow school bus displaying "W hite Power" signs before they were escorted out of state b y police. Students called home CHARLOTTE, N.C. Several students were injured yesterday when fighting broke out at In dependence High School. One student was kicked in the eye. The outbreak occurred on the day four students from Boston were scheduled to leave afte r a four-day visit to see how integration is working in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school system. The Boston students were called hom e Wednesday night by the Boston School Committee which said the trip was a mistake. Ford 'namby-pamby' TUSCALOOSA, Ala. Assistant Senate Democratic Leader Robert C. Byrd yesterday charged Pres. Ford with adop ting a "namby-pamby" attack on inflation. Byrd said Ford shows no signs of coming to grips with the economic situation "or, worse, that he even understands it. Byrd said "inflation has not been licked and it is not likely to be licked by the namby-pamby approach of his WIN buttons." Obscenity attributed WASHINGTON Two of the Watergate cover-up defendants have attributed to former Pres. Richard M. Nixon an obscene remark about Canadian Prime Minister Pierre E. Trudeau during a 1973 meeting with aides, it was disclos e d yesterday. The cont e ntion was made by H. R. Haldeman and John D. Ehrlichman, who w e r e Nixon's top two assistants, in a con f erence with cover-up trial Judge John .J. Sirica concerning a White House tape played in court Monday. ln that whispered conversation at Sir ica's bench, it was reported yesterday Haldeman and Ehrlichman told the judge it was Nixon w ho made the remark: "That asshole Trudeau is something e lse CORRECTION NOTICE Th e coupon that ran for Tavola Ca Ida on the Restaurant page on Wed nesday Oct. 2:1, should have had an expiration date of Oct. :rn. ES:" Ill Ill I Ill II Ill Ill llll lllllllllll llllll I llll Ill II Ill Ill II llllll llll I Ill I Ill Ill Ill I Ill Ill Ill Ill Ill I Ill II Ill Ill Ill Ill II i=_e @llillJlJ CALIFORNIA = = I _I t1"".; ... )t' t'e-,O E PSC eliminates charges I A child that is H I TALLAHASSEE The Public Service Commission voted finall y yesterday to eliminate automatic pass-on of fuel charges by utilities and undertake an overhaul of the fuel adjustment clause. The PSC unanimously accepted a compromise reached by Atty Gen Robert Shevin, public ad vocate Fred Karl and lawyers for the five large, investor-owned power companies, requiring public hearings and commission approval each time fuel charges are changed. Electric bills will not be lowered because of the com promise, but might come down slightly later, Karl said Current, or October, fuel charges will remain in effect until the PSC revises its fuel adjustment for mula, probably next month November increases, which wete to go into effect next week, have been delayed. The compromise hopefully ends a week-long controversy precipitated by a Shevin opinion that changes in the fuel charges without public hearings are illegal. From the Wires of United Press International Cubans drah charter MIAMI A nine-member commission has been named to Jay the groundwork for a new Cuban constitution to replace the one drafted in 1940, Havana radio reported yesterday. Broadcasts monitored in Miami said the commission was established at a recent meeting of government officials at Havana's Palace of the Revolution Blas Roa of the Communist Party' s Cerftral Committee, was named to head the commission. Cuban Premier Fidel Castro expressed optimism that the commission could "prepare a good draft," the broadcasts said. "We want our constitution to be ... well analyzed and well discussed .. by the masses," Castro said. Cuba's 1940 constitution was MIMI'S SEAFOOD Now Open Offering fresh fish, shrimp, a variety of seafoods, and Appalachicola oysters. Fresh cheriystone clams Thurs., Fri., and Sat. The Oracle is the official student.edited newspaper of the University of South Florida and is published four times weekly, Tuesday through Friday, during the academic year period September through mid-June; twice during the academic year period mid.June through August, by the University of South Florida, 4202 Fowler Ave., Tampa, Fla. 33620. Opinions expressed in the Oracle are those of the editors or of the writer and not those of the University of South Florida. Address correspondence to the Oracle, LET 472, Tampa, Fla., 33620. Second class postage paid at Tampa, Fla. The Oracle reserves the right to regulate the typographical tone of all advertisements and revise or turn away copy it considers objectionable. Programs, activities and facilities of the University of South Florida are available to all on a nan.discriminatory basis, without regard to race, color, religion, sex age or national origin. The University is an affirmative action Equal Opportunity Empioyer. drafted while the late dictator Fulgencio Batista was in power Castro ousted Batista in 1959. Thomas seeks source WEST PALM BEACH GOP gubernatorial nominee Jerry Thomas asked Gov. Reubin Askew yesterday to get his former law partner, David Levin to disclose his sources of income and net worth. Thomas charged that while chairperson of the Pollution Control Board, Levin may have been able to steer business to the Pensacola law firm. 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THE ORACLE-October25, 1974 3 Bargaining said not needed YOUTH & HEALTH BY DAVE MOORMANN Oracle Managing Editor Dr. Jesse Binford Faculty Senate chairperson yesterday said collective bargaining is a pig in a poke" and is unnecessary at USF. Speaking on Emphasis, a WUSF-TV panel discussion, Binford said a university which is properly operated does not require collective bargaining. 'I DON'T SEE a need for it now," he said, "but I'm willing to be educated on this. The Faculty Senate is trying to do something about the lack of information it has." Binford said he was not sure if collective bargaining unions would experience any more success than the Board of Regents in dealing with problems between faculty and the Administration. It is a question of whether tenure at USF could be bargained away; "this is where we part ways with the union," he said. Binford also said he didn't know of any USF classes designed solely to attract Presidents Council to meet Monday of Presidents, a body composed of the nine university presidents m the State University System, will meet in Tallahassee Monday to discuss a range of issues, including the campus concession fund pohcy and a follow-up of the annual state audit of the universities SUS Chancellor Robert Mautz will speak on the Common Course Numbering Project, a state program designed to standardize related courses at the universities and community colleges under a common number. USF Vice President for Administration Ken Thompson will ad. dress the council on policy concerning the use of funds earned by campus concessions A state audit of USF revealed last week that USF officials failed to properly document some of the $60 000 used here from concession funds, Auditor Gen. Ernest Ellison has Assistant Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs Steve McArthur will present a follow-up report on the state audit. The Council will also discuss enrollment limitations at state universities and rulings by university attorneys on how students can meet residency requirements. A report on recodification of the BOR operating manual will be presented by BOR Corporate Secretary Hendrix Chandler. Armed robbery suspect arrested; bond $10,000 BY DAVID RUSS Oracle Staff Writer A non-student has been arrested artd charged with armed robbery in connection with an auto theft reported on campus Wednesday morning, the University Police

4-THE ORACLE October 25, 1974 : : 1.Jt-: ; -!?'' -. '\ Delay Gulf drilling 1n could help ecology The possibility of a serious oil spill which could permanently damage the ecological balance in the Gulf of Florida is far too dangerous to be ignored. The concerns of oil industries must take a backseat to the well-being of the environment. Dr. John Betz, a USF biologist respected throughout the state for his environmental expertise, has said a bad oil spill "might change the ecology of the entire Gulf of Mexico." This possibility should be enough to make state and federal officials demand oil companies be denied the rights to drill for off-shore oil in the Gulf until a great deal more research is completed. AND A good portion of that research can be, done by USF. The University has received a state grant amounting to $950,000 to study the Gulf before and after oil exploration. However, we are afraid that the "after" study may be more of an autopsy than a study of the life systems in the marine environment. We urge postponement of drilling until USF and other institutions with marine and energy experts perform additional studies of what the effects of not only a potential oil spill but also drilling its elf could do to the ecosystems in the Gulf. Even the searching for oil may harm delicate life systems in the water. TRUDY BERNHARD, a state director-at-large for the Isaac Walton League, a national environmental group, has said she is concerned about mud being dumped in the Gulf waters off New Orleans as major companies exploie the area in search of oil. She said prolonged mud dumping would cause areas of the Gulf's floor to be "buried in layers of filth." editorials Even when laws have been written down, !hey ought nol always lo remain unallered. Arislolle The Oracle agrees with Bernhard that to risk this potential destruction of part of the natural environment "would be criminal." Bernhard has also said that while on a tour of oil drilling sites in the Gulf, the main platform of the oil field revealed considerable "marsh degredation." This, afong with damage to estuaries near onshore facilities serving oil rigs, has eliminated breeding grounds for many marine creatures as well as birds depending on the shallow water for their life. THE ORACLE urges local, state and federal leaders to look again at the Gulf of Mexico before more damage is done. Destruction of vital links in the ecosystem can never be undone. Rushing headlong into drilling at the risk of ecological disaster can help no one. But waiting for study and research results can hurt no one. USF Marine Science Prof. David Wallace has said results of the study underway at the University will. be released Feb. 15. The Oracle urges state and federal officials to halt fur ther oil exploration in the Gulf until that time. This would allow the USF study to be of real value and not a mere post mortem of the marine life. We recognize the need for additional oil. But oil, obtained at the expense of natural resources and life systems, is far too costly for us to want to buy. Students who commute deserve attention A large and frequently ignored segment of USF's student body is getting some much deserved attention in a conference which started yester day and continues through today. The problems of serving commuters and their relationship to a university are being examined by officials from several community colleges as well as state universities. The Oracle feels this look into the special problems encountered by both a university and a student when that student lives away from the institution will be of particular benefit to USF, a school where an estimated 86 per cent of the students are commuters. HOWEVER. EVEN that 86 per cent figure is subject to question, as a spokesperson for the conference has pointed out. Dr. Chuck Hewitt, USF assistant to the vice president for Student Affairs. has noted that no one has ever sufficiently defined what a commuter is. Is a student who lives in an ment complex less than one mile from campus a commuter, a resident or another category altogether? This is only one question which the conference representatives plan to examine. Other is:-ues which we feel should be considered include: -Are most events sponsored by ma ior universities attended bv com m u'ters or residents? Can a This public document was IH"Omulgated at an annual cost of Sll:l,:it.t.ili or Sc per copy. to disst>minate news to the students. staff and faculty of the l niYersity of South Florida. < Seyenty-one (lt'r cPnt of the per issue cost is offst'l by adYertising reYenue. l generalization be made from such data or does it vary substantially from a university-oriented town such as Gainesville to a metropolitan area like Tampa? -IF MOST events are attended by one group rather than the other, why is this so? Perhaps universities should consider events with special appeal to not only various ethnic groups but also to those in differing locales. -Why do many students choose to live in close proximity to campus? At USF, many students live within walking or biking distance from the University. Is this to economize on gasoline, to help cut down on air pollution or because they enjoy the atmostphere around the University? THESE ARE just a few questions the panel needs to examine. There are many more which, if answered, would be of benefit to both students and the universities as a whole. The Oracle thanks USF. and the University of Florida for sponsoring this conference which we feel could benefit education throughout the state. ORACLE ACP All-American since 1967 SDX Mark of Excellence 1972 ANPA Pacemaker Award 1967, 1969 STAFF Edilor ............ Sandra Wright Advertising Manager .... Tom Wallace Managing Edito r ... Dave Moormann News Editor. ...... Wayne Sprague Enlerlainmenl Editor ....... Ellie Sommer Sports Edilor. ......... Rindy Weatherly Layout Edilor .... Mall Bokor Copy Editor ..... Luanne Kitchin Wire Editor Larry Vianel lo Pholo Editor llluslralion Editor Librarian Adviser .. Mark Sherman .. Terry Kirkpatrick Advertising Coordinator Production Manager Compositor. _.Anna Bozo .. Leo Stalnaker .Harry Daniels .Joe McKenzie .. Kim Hackbarth News Phones .. 974-2619 or 2842 or 2398 DEADLINES; General news 3 p.m. daily for following day issue. Advertising, 5 p.m. Wed nesday for Tuesday issue, s p.m. Thursday for Wednesday issue, S p.m. Friday for issue, s p.m. Monday for Friday issue. Advertisers requiring proofs must submit copy one day prior to normal deadline. Classified ads taken B a.m. to 12 noon, LET 472, two days before publication in person or by mail with payment enclosed. Advertising rates on request, 974, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Stories and pictures of interest to students may be subr.iitted to the Oracle in LET 469 or through the suggestion boxes in the Library and UC.


DOONESBURY by Garry Trudeau l .. I FcEl THIS OV&R/J/HlM!NG COl1Pf/l5!0N Oracle lacking Fontana stories Editor: In reading the Oracle I rarely see any news pertaining to the more th a n 800 residents of Fontana Hall subcommunity. I feel that Fontana is an in teresting and significant part of the University and some at tention should be given to Fon tana in the Oracle Stephen Ergon Jr. Fontana Hall L.S.F. questioned Editor: What on earth was L S F. ? Be on the lookout for A C T Thank you Charles Gay 4COM letters polity The Oracle welcomes letters to the editor on all topics. THE ORACLE -October 25, 1974 5 President Ford 1defended' BY ROY G FRAl\CIS Sociology Professor Not onl y the mush headed but the general population seem to be wringing their hands tonight. Our new President who was doing so much to reconcile diverging segments of the country is besieged with venomous ex pressions because he had the audacity to act in a merciful way. These people seem to base their complaints on one of two premises both of which are probably false Some argue that this action in pardoning the ex-president violated the basic principle that all people are equal before the law : they say that this act in dicates one law for people in high places and another for all others for the commoners. Others argue that the timing pf the action implies the existence of a deal having been made prior to Nixon s resignation or, possibly before Ford's having been nominated for vice-president. Let me argue to the contrary of each proposition In regards to the first argument, let it be observed that in his act of mercy, Ford in fact pardoned the entire logical class of living ex-presidents of the United States In pardoning the entire logical class Ford acted totally without prejudice He did not pardon on the basis of sex color political affiliation age religion economic status or even how one became a living ex president. He did not withhold mercy from any female expresident, any Black expresident, any Buddhist expresident, any Socialist ex president, a young ex-president or an impoverished expresident. He did not even ex clude an impeached ex president. The fact that historic circumstance prevented him from having an opportunity to have been thus unfair and unequal in his application of the power to pardon cannot be taken as proof that he was by choice unfair All living were pardoned in that single act of mercy. We are a most fortunate people that Richard the Wicked was succeeded by Gerald the Merciful Moreover we must imagine also the magnificent restraint manifest by His Merciful. Lesser hands once caught up in the Presidential pardoning business might have been carried away. Consider the character of the sweeping statement in the act of pardon: full free, and absolute for any crimes committed or may have been committed, or par-Gym hours irk readers Editor : We students have almost no alloted time to use the gym, now that it is closed on Sunday s. Monday through Friday we have graciously been given five hours to play basketball. Three out of those five most students are attending classes. Sup posedly, we are allowed to use the gym on Saturdays but many times there i s a "olleyball fen cing, karate, or other tournament occupying the courts It seems to me that since we are paying more money this year, we should have more student activities and not a cutback in the few we did lttttrs possess Now with the gym closed, we have nothing more constructive to do with our time than to go get loaded. There must be something a "big time university like South Florida can do with this situation. Joe Natoli 2COM Charlie Doud 2EGU ... biting comedy,"Butley" Presented by explores the complex The Theatre Department relationship between a Univ. of South Florida university lecturer and his UNIVERSITY former star pupil. THEATRE The Evening Standard November 1, 2, 3 and (London) heralded November 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 "Butley" as "best new play 8: JO p.m. of the year" in 1972. USF Students free,. Gen. $3, Other Stu. $1.50 Reservations: 813-974-2323 weekdays 9 4:30 p.m. Theatre Box Office open weekdays 1:15 4 :30 p.m. SPECIAL COMMUTER MATINEE Mon., Nov. 4, 2:00 p.m. USF students only. Validated ID required per admission. guest -commentary ticipated in. Any conceivable crime was included To Gerald the Merciful there was no such things as an unpardonable crime Not even, say, hiding the fact that an agency for a re:.election committee hired a part-time dishwasher with laundered money to reduce the political chances of a popular governor would be serious enough to be considered outside the boun daries of mercy Having been thus broadly committed to mercy, lesser individuals would have been tempted to pardon all past presidents, living or dead, for any possible crimes they had or might have committed That some such individuals need to be pardoned goes almost without saying But Gerald the Merciful, being also Gerald the Restrained ; refrained from carrying things too far Had he been thus tempted and had yielded to such temptation he may have also been tempted to include in his pardoning manifesto all present presidents and the final step would have been to include all future presidents Now, there would have been an abuse of presidential power But Gerald the Merciful and the Restrained yielded not to temptation And what reward does he get for this kind of action? He gets abused How unfair. In respect to the argument that this was not an act of restrained mercy but the fulfillment of a political deal let me call my mushy-headed reader' s attention to the scope of the ad of pardon. They seem to have stopped thinking and began reacting at the mere thought of a pardon I will grant them that by naming the existing member of the log i cal categor y of all living ex presidents b y name s, Inc. Original Uncut Version October 25, 26, 27 7:30 and 9:30 p.m.


6-THE ORACLE October 25, 1974 'Heavy Traffic' is a sexy cartoon Editor's NQte : Screening:_da!es have been changed for two films in the Film Arrseries at USF "Heavy Traffic( will be presented !his weekend. It was ori.girially sch e duled for Nov 22-24. "Sisters/ originally scheduled for !his weekend, has been rescheduled for Nov. 22-24 Reviewed b y DAVID R UTJ\1A N Entertainment.\Vriter Life is like a pinball machine, sa y s the film Heav y Traffic." It s full of flashing lights and distractions and no matter how hard you try you just can t control it. This analog y is the basis of the X.-ra ted cartoon, from the makers of Fritz the Cat. All through the story of Michael and his gi1+ friend, the pinball machine is frequently seen in terspersed between Michael' s adventures with the street people of New York City And the street people of New York Cit y are in abundance in the raunchy, sexy, violent animated comedy Hookers drag queens Puerto Ricans, w inos gangsters con artists and multiple amputee killers are the people that Michael encounter in his search for' m e aning in' life. The plot is lightweight and the film moves along briskl y Writer director Ralph Bakshi s film is not as consistentl y funn y as was his Fritz the Cat," but it is innovative; as .the cartoon characters are projected on actual backdrop scenes o( New York City. The musical score is another highlight of the film The jazz version of "Scarborough Fair," Duplicate bridge tourney slated The UC Traveling Duplicate BridgeTournament is scheduled for Nov. 4, 7 p : m in UC 256. The tournament is open to students faculty and staff To parti cipate in the com 7 petition those interested must sign up immediately in UC 222. Judy Kirby will oversee the tournament. To inform participants of the few differences between duplicate and rubber bridge a short lecture wili be given 15 minutes before the tournament -l;>egins, Kirby said. Highest scoring students will nave their names engraved on the traveling trophy in the uc lobby. Overall first and second place winners will receive a trophy to take home Describing the pinball game that life is, "Heavy Traffic is unusually perceptive The film also shows that not e v eryone loses at pinball, there are eventually winners too. by Sergio Mendez and Brazil 77, is played throughout the picture A wild version of Chuck Berry s classic tune "Maybelline is also presented "Heavy Traffic" Pre sented by Fla. Center for the Aris Ton ight, tomorrow and Sunday nigh! 7 :30 and 9 : 30 ENA Admi ssion is Sl. -{ Animated hookers looking for work ... in X-rated weekend movie artists USF's student edi.ted quarterly needs creative photography, etchings, drawings and graphics Bring submissions to LET 472 between 8 and 5 daily. All artwork will be returned. olllllibus YOU BET! Don't fr.eeze on that deer stand, in that canoe, on that bike or camping trip, "speck" fishing, or even at Tampa Stadium watching the Spartans play. Take along the "SUPERVEST" by Snow Lion Packs into its own stuff-sack about the $2650 size of an orange, av. wt. 15 oz. CAii Siz e s -XS, 5, M L XL) ALSO IN STOCK: Thur., Fri., 9-9 Mon Tues. Wed., Sat., 9 6 Down-Parkas, Sweaters, Coats, Hoods, Mit tens, & Sleeping Bags. Polarguard -Parkas & Sleeping Bags. Fiberfill I I-Sleeping Bags. Just 3 Blocks South of Busch Gardens at 8711 N. 40th St. 988-0045 Continued Showing doors open l o'clock 1 977-1410 UNIVERSITY SQ.MALL 2200 E. FOWLER AVE ,; "Pure entertainment!" -JEFFREY LYONS, WPIX-TV ?f\ J1 D rli a1116i0. THWAY Complete Stereo Systems: $199. to $5,000. ... if you haven't heard Akai, Marantz, Sony and Sylvania stereo systems, visit the Economy TV And Stereo Showplace near the campus. Com. ponents for the serious student of sound, from rock to Bach ... turntables, amplifiers, speakers, quads, AM-FM receivers, tape decks, recorders, cassettes ... all are featured where stereo is a specialty. Expert sales counselors to help you select just the right components for your needs and your budget. Hearing is believing at ... Near the USF campus at Terrace Plaza, 56th St. & Busch Blvd. and at West Kennedy & Dale Mabry.


Strangelove: THE ORACLE -October 25, 1974 7 a movie explodes new weapons Strangelove" Presented by UC and SGP Tonight and tomorrow night 7:30and lOLET 103 Admission is free with ID Reviewed by JAN CARTER Entertainment Writer and solidarity: the President, the military the almighty bomb. "Strangelove" laughs at death, laughs at the holocaust, laughs at the human beings who so thoroughly perpetrate their own annihilation What of the force of nuclear weapons and the men that make them? What chance have they against weapons that, when properly directed, hit their target with such deadly accuracy as to shake the target's very reason for existence? And what defense is there against such a missile whose payload is as explosively dangerous as it is elusively in tangible Whose payload is the immeasurable power of satire ? LIKE Stanley Kubrick's later work, "2001: A Space Odyssey "Strangelove" warns against an overly sophisticated technology capable of totally destroying its creators. But the film is more often cited for its peculiar brand of macabre humor, portraying total nuclear war as comedy and finding humor where before only solemnity and horror existed. 34 bombers armed with hydrogen devices to destroy the Soviet Union in an attempt to cleanse the free world of communist subversion. A frantic and clumsy race to recall or destroy the aircraft monopolizes the remainder of the film as a host of superb actors portray thoroughly ineffectual government leadership in the midst of a crisis. Slim Pickens corrals the big bomb and rides it to target destination singular) performance is turned in by the then unknown George C. Scott, better known for his later dramatic roles. is terrifically convincing as the boyishly ex citable and comic;illy immature Turgidson. "Doctor Strangelove. Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb shocked the America of 1964 by ridiculing and exposing its symbols of strength More precisely, ''Doctor Strangelove" unfolds as the result of one ludicrously simple action taken by the insane General Jack Ripper , wife of the former ruler. Minolta SR Demo Day and.Special. Sale : "Promise me you'll follow in the footsteps of iny husband." Mrs. Teasdale implores. "How do you like that?" Grouchoasks, "I haven't been on the job five minutes and already she's making advances at me!" Chico and Harpo are spies for neighboring Sylvania. and the laughs come fast and furious as the countries go to war. Admission is free with validated ID cards. new albums: Let Minolta factory representative John Mulvaney show you how to make fine photography easier. In the Minolta SR-T, the metering system doesn'. t become an obstacle between you and your creati.vity. All photograpl'!ic decisions are made in the viewfinder. So you can set shutter speed and adjust aperture without looking away from your subject. Take advantage Of Minolta's complete ROrv10 PHOTO EMPORIUM BILLY JOEL STREETLIFE SERENAOE LOGGINS&MESSINA MOTHER LODE r"'' ..... 1-"' 0 ""' n !! v;,., : .. .. ....... i;. .r., .. ,.. ; s.,. .. '-'T;.t-,. ; J Gu"'" I ...... -. -. .. ft '"{;;'.-' .. .... .... ...! Dave Mason 1'(3117, ,'.;1:11. llL\\tO:--:ll 0..,1.1{! \l)I. 1 W .ly[l"!'>" on sale 4.49 Sale t.!;ood c thm Oct .)] system Of quality lenses and accessories for wide angle, telephoto, close-up, macro-photography, plus a special 2 year factory warranty on Minolta SR cameras. lt1 s Minolta Demonstration Day and Special Sale Friday1 October 25th, from 11 : oo to 7 p.m. For an uncomplicated demonstration of fine 35 mm reflex photography, come see the Minolta System. Fowler and 5lst St. at Herald Square Phone 985-2114 For Everything Photographic special: Ihm :.... /.o::_:_:ilf\ ,>' l{'f'rcmin r!11!\l11i,,tl llrwf..,Jiopi 3.49 Open, Noon -9p.nL Every dav includins: .., 1 .. I Sundav Budget Tapes & Records 10944 .56th St. 988-2985 ''A Clockwork Orarige "Doctor Strangelove. like Kubrick's succeeding films. is a collection of visually exciting images : the impersonal and frightening war room. the realistically erractic footage of a ground battle the immense bombers streaking over Russian landscape: Adapted from Pet .er George s "Red Alert," the screenplay for "Strangelove" was by Kubrick, Terry Southern and the author himself. Now accepting applications from neat, well-groomed individuals. Positions available: hostesses, waiters, waitresses, cooks, brssers and dishwashers. STEAK 8301 N. Dale Mabry Tampa 933-7579 Equal Opportunity Employer


8-THE ORACLE Soccer team hosts FIU sports October 25, 1974 Billiards entries due Today is the last day to sign up for intramural billiards. Entry forms are available in the In. tramural Office; PED 100. Activity in the sport w.ill begin Wednesday. BY JEFF WHITTLE Oracle Sports Writer Never say die A pretty good motto for the four-time defeated USF soccer team which faces Florida In ternational University

( football f oretast J Editor's note-My 9-1 last week was the best mark so tar this season, giving me a 31-8-1 record. Pro upsets dropped Jeff Whittle to 5-5, so he's now 13-7 overall. College BY RINDY WEATHERLY Oracle Sports Editor CALIFORNIA OVER UCLA California is due for an upset. The Golden Bears have been looking for someone to knock over, and UCLA has been looking for a place to fall. AUBURN OVER FLORIDA STATE Auburn is getting better every week. So are the Seminoles, but they have farther to go. TULANE OVER GEORGIA TECH The Green Wave has been riding high again this season. Georgia Tech should have trouble keeping its head above water. CLEMSON OVER TENNESSEE -This season is down the drain for the Vols. Clemson is on the upswing after holding off Duke's fourth quarter surge last week. PITTSBURGH OVER NAVY The Panthers have finally hit their stride after struggling through the first part of their schedule. FLORIDA OVER DUKEFlorida will be trying t-0 "win one for the Gator." But that could be a tall order against a tough Blue Devil squad. MICHIGAN STATE OVER PURDUE-Charlie Baggett's offensive skills wiU give the Spartans the edge, although it will be close. TENNESSEE STATE OVER FLORIDA A&M The Blue Tigers will spoil the Rattlers' perfect 4-0 mark. NOTRE DAME OVER MIAMI Beating Army 48-0 doesn't really prove-much, but the Irish do have a better football team than the Hurricanes. MARYLAND OVER NORTH CAROLINA STATE Bob Avellini finally has the Maryland offense untracked. The Terps will hand the Wolfpack its second straight loss. Pro BY JEFF WHITTLE Oracle Sports Writer PHILADELPHIA OVER NEW ORLEANS-The Eagles are two games behind the Cards, so they know they can't let up. Even against the Saints. BUFF ALO OVER CHICAGO-The Bears could easily make this one closer tha_n everyone thinks, but the Bills are just too much for them to handle. CINCINNATI OVER HOUSTON-The Bengals are still smarting after last week's loss to Oakland. They should win big. CLEVELAND OVER DENVER-The Browns are due for a good performance. Look for Greg Pruitt to have a big day with the Bronco defense. MIAMI OVER BALTIMORE-No one knows what the Dolphins are going to do this year, but chances are, losing to the Colts doesn't figure into their plans. DALLAS OVER NEW YORK GIANTS-The Cowboys look to be at least somewhat rejuvenated, but Craig Morton may help the Giants pull off an upset. LOS ANGELES OVER NEW YORK JETS-James Harris has put zip hack into the Ram offense, while the Jets have been grounded most of the year. MINNESOTA OVER NEW ENGLAND-Both these teams are trying to get back into the win column. The Yikes should hold on in a tough game. ST. LOUIS OVER WASHINGTON-The high-flying Cardinals show no signs of folding under pressure. Sonny and the Skins will be dumped quite handily. OAKLAND OVER SAN DIEGO-The are stronger, deeper and more talented than the Chargers. No contest. USF nine to play today Looking for its 10th win against only two losses, USF's baseball team plays the Florida College Falcons here at 3:30 p.m. today. The Brahmans suffered their second loss of the fall season yesterday, a 4-2 defeat at the hands of Hillsborough Com munity College, when a ninth inning rally fell short. "We had opportunities," USF coach Jack Butterfield said. "We had guys on second in six of the Costume Contest FRIDAY, OCT. 25 6 00-7 00 DINNER 6 30-7 30 GAMES 7 30-8 00 SKITS 8 00-8 30 COSTUME CONTEST 8 30-9 00 MOVIES nine innings but couldn't get the base hits." Butterfield said Doug Hollins and Dave Dennison will pitch today's game. THE ORACLE-October 25, 1974 9 Golden Brahman tourney brlngs fencers to USF The Golden Brahman Halloween Fencing Tournament, sponsored by USF's Fencing Club, will be tomorrow and Sunday in USF's gymnasium. "The competition will be pretty stiff," USF fencer Jeff Ganoung said. "We'll have the best from each of the divisions in Florida." Among the teams expected to enter are Florida State University, the University of Florida, the University of Tampa and the University of Miami. The meet is sanctioned by the Amateur Fencing League of America. All participants must be league members and must pay a $3.50 weapons fee. Tomorrow's action begins with men's saber at 9 a.m. and men's foil at 11 a.m. On Sunday, women's foil is at 9 a.m. and Mountaineering to be discussed on WUSF-TV The attractions of mountain climbing will be discussed on WUSF-TV's Sports Roundtable show tonight at 10:30. A filmed demonstration of climbing techniques will also be shown. Bill Lippe, Don Lacey and Gary Kluckin will join host Dick Crippen on the program. men's epee is at noon. Trophies will be awarded to the top three fir1ishers in each event. The tournament is free to the public. This is the third meet the Brah man fencers have participated in this fall. Next weekend the team will travel to Tallahassee for the Seminole Open. 248-5935 R1oenne11 16031h 7th AVENUE YIOR CITY HANDCRAFTED JEWELRY HANDMADE & IMPORTED CLOTHING MADE TO ORDER EMBROIDERED CLOTHING Or HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE BOMB. ""outrageous, daring, inventive, devilish, macabre and scintillating comedy,"SA TU RDA Y. REVIEW Fri. and Sat., Oct. 25 & 26 LET 103 7:30 & 10:00 p.m. USF students with validated ID FREE (Others $1.00) Sponsored by SGP and UC. Rated PG ALL You Care To Eat I at Every Smoked Mullet Dinners With BBQ Beans & Coleslaw ONLY sl.25 Jars of Beer: Pint soc Quart $1.00 1/2 Gal $2.00 Gal. $4.00 6902 N. 40th St. 3 miles south of Busch Gardens DOMINO'S BRINGS BACK :.THE NICKEL COKE! Who says that you can't get anything for a nickel! At DOMINO'S you can get 2 big 16 oz. COKES for only 5 each with every pizza you order. Call Domino's right now and get your nickel's worth! FAST HOT FREE DELIVERY [!gDOMINO'S DPIZZA-Domino'> People are The Pina People, Period. Oct 31st 1974


10THE ORACLE October 25, 1974 Ford has right idea in self-sacrifices Personally, I think Pres. Ford had the right idea in urging all Americans to think about what they could give up to help themselves and the nation en vironmentally and economically. Self-sacrifice is not only good for you; it saves money. I do not hesitate to throw myself into the breach in such a good cause. The first thing I am giving up is collect telephone calls not sending but receiving. If:\ my experience with raising a family, collect calls cost twice; once when you get the bill and once when the kid tells you what he called for. I'm also giving up purchasing clothing for my youngsters. The idea of standing in line to purchase recycled blue jeans never did seem economically feasible. Much simpler, they should just exchange closets and achieve the same effect. From now on, everyb

( tlassified ads J THE ORACLE -October 25, 1974 11 [ PERSONAL ) .. c .... _M_o_s_iL_E_H_o_M_E_s ..... Jioo STUDENT Musicians are invited to sign up for CAMPUS TALENT COMPETITION, Tues. & Wed. Oct. 29-30. 510 contracts will be awarded to 10 winners, who will be feature d CAMPUS TALENT WEEKEND, Nov. 8-9. Sign up in UC Program Office, CTR 222, 974-2637. 10;25 r ....... _H_E-LP_w_A_N_T_Eo_ .. J_ .... ...... )"" DO YOU HAVE PL.UMBING SKILLS? Earn good money worki ng one weekend. 8714162, afternoons, 837-9845, evenings. 10;25. NEEDED CLERK with bookkeeping ex perience Apply at Slik Chik 10024 N. 30th. 11 ;l. { FOR SAlE J LEVI BELLS in denim, cords & brush denim. Straight legs in denim & cords. Also acme boots & good selection of western shirts. Only 10 min. from campus -4 blocks north of Dog Tracks. Bermax Western Wear. 8702 Nebraska Ave. i0-31. 13' AMF SUNFISH SAILBOAT. Has hole would make good project for someone with fiberglass knowledge. Asking S275. See or write Bud-2323 E 112th Ave., Tampa, FL 33612 10;25. FOR SALE. Young male golden Cocker Spaniel. AKC registe r e d w ith papers, a b eautiful p et. Sl50. 988-5884. 10-25: AMERICAN INDIAN JEWElRY: USF students have small Indian jewelry business, Zuni, Hopi, Navajo, very reasonable Student price s Call for ap pointment 977-7202. 11 ;l. I SERYICES OFFERED ,, MATH TUTOR-Small group rate-SJ-hr. Loads of inside information. Specializing in hard core non-mathematical minds. Have B'A-USF and PhD-FSU. Call 933-1178 anytime. 10 ;25. LSAT PREPARATION COURSE near USF. Half of our students scored over 600. 70 pt. improvement or your money.back. 20 hrs, S70. course repeatable free. Attend first class free, no obligation. For info call 3058547466. 10-2, 4 9, 11, 16, 18, 23, 25. TYPING THESES, dissertations, term papers, I BM. Fast, neat, accurate Turabian. 3 minutes USF. Nina Schiro, 9?1-. 12;6 TODAY MINOLTA DEMO 11 a.m. to 3 p m TAKE advantage of special low prices today only. FOCUS PHOTOGRAPHY. Fowler at Herald Square. 985-2114. 10;25. TYPING Experienced Professional. Choose type style. Term papers, Theses, etc. Near USF. Lucy Wilson 988-0836. 10;25,29,11 ;5,8,12 CHILDREN'S Center Daycare. Mon. thru Thurs. 24 hours Fri. and Sat. nights. Reasonable-75cents per hour. Call today 932 1103. 10 ; 25; 11 ;1,8, 15,22 ; 12 ;6. "TYPING," neat and accurate. I BM Selectric, Greek symbols. Close to USF. 626-0321. 9-24; 9-27; 10. 1 ; 10-4; 10-8; 10-11; 10-15; 1018; 1022; 10-25 1 bedroom furn. apt. 5145 a month, 90 day lease. Children, small pet ok. Call 935-1870 or 935-5192. 10;25 FOR RENT-Furn., on e bedroom, near USF. Short term lease No pets please. Call 977-1644 after 5 p .m. and weekends, 12709 N. 12;6. FONTANA ROOM for rent with 20 meal plan. Must get out of lease by Nov. lsi. If interested contact Jeff. 988-3582. 10 ;25 TWO BEDROOM duplex, 6 min. fom USF. Unfurn. No deposit on pets, no lease required. Lots of room. 971-5605. 10 ;30 71/2MINUTES FROMUSF New 2 bdr w-w carpet central heat and air, drapes, furn. 5180-unfurn S155. Phone 9886393. tf 1 BEDROOM, A-C duplex. Nicely furnished, Free waler and garbage collection. W ell kept yard, good parking. Near 1-75 and Fletcher. Sll5 single, s120 couple. 932-0525, 971-8662. 10-25 TRAILER LOTS for rent. S45 and up. 6 miles from campus_ Water and garbage included. Large lots. Stud ents preferre d 986-2301. 10-25 VILLAGE SQUARE APTS. 2 b edroom duplex. C entral air, w-w carpet, appliances, drapes. 5159. 971-0357. 14208 12th St. off Fletcher. 10-25 I TV, RADIO, STEREO t .... STEREO COMPONENTS from 20-50 per c ent off list all major brands available, with full factory warranty, Cali Infinity Distributors Co. at 971-0090-Serving USF area for4 years. 10-25: FISHER 202 AMCFM Stereo Amp. $110. 24" RCA B&W TV S30. For more information call 935-0463, after 5 Bob or Rick. 10-15 STEREO LOUDSPEAKERS 3-way with 12" woofer. 5 high compliance midrange & high compression tweeter. Brand New Sl80-pair. 977-7620. 10-25 APTS. & HOUSES TO SHARE I WANT TO trade roommates? We do! One of us must move because has dog & other needs new roommate for lovely apt. near campus {Pool, sauna, etc.). If you & your roommate want to switch (for reasons other than obnoxiousness of one or both of You) & dogs are permitted at your apt .-or if you need a roommate &-or an apt., Call Carolyn or Page 971-6001. 10 ;25. 30 YR. OLD working grad student seeks roommate to share partially furnished apt. 933. 1267 before 5 : 30. 10-31 ( AUTOMOTIVE ) 1972 DATSUN 1200, loved and cared for. ( & FOUND ) Four speed, new tires, great' mileage. Call ------- 935-7932 evenings or weekends. 11 ;l. : Oracle classifieds work! To place your ad come to LET 472 or call 974-2620 TODAY! PLEASE RETURN!!! Lost Lab. puppy. 5 mo. old. + 16th at shoulder. Last seen at UC yellow-honey ears & ridge down back. Answers to "Belle". NOTE: IMPORTANT MEDICATION NEEDED DAILY. 9770282, or 974-2360 Steve Estes. 10;30. T oo o New Policy Family Entertainment All Seats S2.00 At All Times DOUBLE FEATURE The Lords of Flatbush PG and Stonekiller R with Charles Bronson Midnite Show Fri. & Sat. I TRAVEL OPPORTUNITIES I EUROPE-ISRAEL-AFRICA-ASIA -Trave l discounts year round. Student Air Travel Agency, Inc. 5299 Roswell Road, Atlanta, Georgia. 30342, (404)252 -3433. 11-7: LIMA, PERU ... Dec. 12-24. 4 credits. 5575 includes transportation from Miami, room, breakfast, dinner. See Lupton, OCT Program. FAO 122, 2536. 10-31 ( MUSICAL J LUDWIG DRUMS, complete Hollywood set, Paiste cymbals, Black Oyster Pearl finish, Beautiful condition. Must sell to best offer. 685-5306. 10-25: GREAT 1963 Fender Mustang bass, hard case. 590 or best offer. Paula 971-8499, 9359343. Leave Message. 10, :22, 25. Top Dollar For Your Equity We pay all closing costs Ann Del Valle Realty, Inc. Realtor 877-6007 839-4279 Fun-Furniture Bean Bag Chairs Passion Pads-Extra Long Filling for Chairs CONEY'S INTERIORS :115 S. Howard 258-21:11 BUSCH GARDENS ENTERTAINMENT AUDITIONS-Place: Ramada Inn 820 E Busch Blvd., Tampa Time: 2 :00 pm I i i 6 :00 pm Dates: Nov. 4 & 5 1974 Call Busch Gardens Entertainment Manager 813-9885171 for additional information and audition appointment. An Equal Op portunity Employer. 10-23,24,25,30,31 ;l 1 -1: McNick CONGRATULATIONS! You finally made it. The crisis is over. A new day has dawned! 3-West 10;25. on o regular Blood Plasma Program ... and receiv e o month EVE co. Discounts-lO'x20' Canopy 5129 .95-Skirting 588.96-Tool Sheds S91 .68-Anchors S9.95 installed-Awnings S 18. 96-Scree n porches Low-985-1785 or 986-3072. 10-31 NEW TRAILERS. 10 per cent down. You s elect decor at factory (carpets, paneling, appliance color, exterior windows}. Payments to fit your budget. Nature's Trail Mobile Home Park. 986-2301. 10-25 1972 MOBILE HOME 12 wide. A-C I bedroom. 5400 down and assume S77-mo. 5 miles to USF. 855-44H ext. 59. 10 ;25. appointment availabl e t o fit your clas s schedule! ,---.., /.:-" :1,(J Hours 8 om to 2 :30 pm HYLAND DONOR CENTER 238 W. Kennedy Phone 253-2844 PRESENTS the dance rock sounds of '1/VE BAIT'' Free Beer and Sunday Open Nightly at 9 PM 3300 S. Dale Mabry 1----------------------------------------------I I I I I I I I I l C LASS IF i ED RATES: CampusORACLE First 20 words minimum $1.20, paid in advance, with l.D. Additional words 6 cents each. 011-CampusLET 472 -Tampa, Fla. 33620 F irst 15 words m1n1mum $1.50, paid in advance. Additional words 10 cen ts each. Deadline-Number ot times to run .......... 12 noon 2 days prior to publication. Name. Address City Zip I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I l I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 111111111111 IL I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I


12-THE ORACLE October 25, 1974 Daycare alternatives suggested BY ILE;'l;E JACOBS Oracle Staff Writer The USF Daycare Committee yesterday discussed alternatives to establishing a traditional oncampus daycare center here. "We could spot people in dif ferent neighborhoods with concentrations of staff, she said "IT MAY NOT be a bad idea to buy playpens and bassinets and stash them in a corner of the classroom, Fisher said. No problems hav e arisen when mothers have left their c hildren in her office during class she said. Dr. Margaret Fisher a ssistant to the vice president for Student Affairs, told the 16-member committee that several small daycare centers could be set up at different locations in the area surrounding lJSF Open Pit BBQ Now Open At Mi Back Yard Free Beer! With purchase of each sandwich This week only-All Day, All Night, All Week Also featuring: FISHER -SAID women whose homes meet the fe(leral daycare facility requirements could obtain licenses to provide care for between three and six children Burgers, BBQ Chicken, Roast Beef, Ham Open 11 a.m.-Midnight daily 1902 N. 40th St. < 3 miles south of Busch) While you're making plans for the weekend TFlECHAPEL (Univ_ersityChapel Fellowship) A:n Ecumenical <;enter Ministries ill Higher Education -' .. -... Sponsored liy: united Methodist Church, United Presbyterian u s.A., united 'Presbyterian U.S.; United church of. Christ D.iseiples Year Round 9:45 a.m. Coffee & Donuts at The Chapel 10: 15 a.m. Leave for First United Church on East Fowler 10:30a.m.-:-WQrstiip To hove your, church message on this page caff Gregg Weiss aptist :Campus. Min.istry 131ION.50St. phone 988-6487 Ron Hawkins, Director Judy Cadenhead,Associate "Oir. Regular Tue 6 :30 p m Kaleidosco pe Wed 12:30 p m M ini Meditations Thurs. 11:301:30 Lun.cti served at Baptist Student Center Central Avenue Baptist Church Sunday School-9: 45am Wed. Prayer.:-7: 30pm Wed Worship _Service-11 : ooam & 7:30pm William K. Botner Pastor 6608 Central Arn. Tampa. Fla. Christian Science Organization of USF Meets Thursday UC 4:30 p.m. Committee member Bob Leeds said Fisher s multiple location proposal was "very exciting" and said he was pleased with the other members input to the committee's first meeting. The daycare committee is charged. with compiling a feasibility study for USF Pres. Cecil Mackey who will make the final decision on the establish ment of a center here. I & 2 Br. Apts. $140 UP Furn. & Unf. Carpet. Near USF Rec. Room, 2 Pools, 2 Laundry Rooms. Saunas, Tennis Courts "Now taking summer leases for 1 bedroorn apartmen ts." OFFICE HOURS 9 a.m. -6 p.m. Mon -Fri. R _es. Mgr. Sat & Sun Skiooer Road E. of Nebraska Ph: 971-5236 988-1138 College Dept. Worship Yoll aJte. J..n.vUe.d Wlih a. pWtpo-ti e. -l-6. a:t .tt6 Be.ot Bible Study 9:30.A.M. 11:00 A.M. & .7:00 A Catholic Church ; with a difference l'atholic S-tudent l1enter Mass: Sunday lla.m. ATTEND the Church of Your Choice This Sunday! Ph. ALL LUTHERAN WORSHIP Everv Sundav 12:15 .... piscopal Chapel THE GOSPEL SHOP 10020 N. 30th St. 971-8862 Across from Busch Gardens HRS 12Noontill7pm 6daysa week BIBLES CHRISTIAN BOOKS RECORDS CARDS AND OT. HER MERCHANDISE St. Anselm's Chapel Sunday ServiCes: 9 : oo a. m. Holy Communion


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