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The oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
Wright, Sandra ( Editor )
Moormann, Dave ( Managing editor )
Wallace, Tom ( Advertising manager )
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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University of South Florida -- Newspapers ( lcsh )
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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-.thursdag. s ORACLE Dismissal probed Equal Opportunity Assistant Phyllis Hamm is investigating a bookstore employe's claim she was unjustly fired. See story, page 3. Nov. 7, 1974 Vol. 9 No. 83 20 pages Investigation sought on sex discrimination Joe Howell for guidelines Richard Bowers ... will comply with HEW BY ILENE JACOBS Oracle Staff Writer The Tampa chapter of the National Organization of Women (NOW) will file formal charges today with the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW) requesting it investigate alleged sexual discrimination in USF's athletic program, NOW Represen tative Cathy Goodwin said. The charge will be submitted along with, and in support of a similar allegation to be filed today by the Student Senate THIS WILL BE the first time an organization in a Florida university has asked HEW to investigate alleged violations of Title IX of the 1972 Education Amendments Act, which forbids sexual discrimination in education programs or activities which receive Federal financial assistance; The charges stem from three-month investigations of the athletic program by the Student Affairs Committee of Student Senate arid NOW. The investigations' findings, as listed in a letter from NOW officers to USF Pres. Cecil Mackey, show funds are disproportionately allocated for women's athletics and athletic scholarships, and disproportionate use of facilites and equipment exists. The findings also indicate no "progressive affirmative action program" for women's athletics exists, discriminatory organization of the intramurlill program (classified by sex) is discriminatory and there is employment discrimination within the Athl etic Department in coaching assignments, salaries and job specifications. SENATOR JAY Welch said the charges were initiated only after changes in the program were sought through University ad ministrative channels. "The administration has been made perfectly aware (of the situation), including Dr. Mackey," Welch told the Student Senate Tuesday night, before it voted to authorize SG Pres. Richard Merrick to submit the charge to HEW. Mackey sees no need to move Oracle off USF Pres. Cecil Mackey said yesterday he sees "no need" to take action in the near future to move the Oracle off campus. "I don't see a need to pursue it right now," Mackey said. "That doesn't mean I never will." Mackey said he, like the Board of Regents, has put the issue of where the Oracle should be "on the back burner.'' He said he is too busy with other things to get involved with the Oracle matter. Mackey hosted on 'Emphasis' this evening USF Pres. Cecil Mackey will be featured on "Emph.asis" on WUSF-TV. tonight. The half-hour television program will provide an opportunity for Mackey to express his views on current topics of interest on campus and in state educational matters. Mackey said last month he would halt his plans to obtain approval from the Regents to move the paper off the USF campus. However, after a former faculty member filed a lawsuit alleging two Oracle stories defamed him, Mackey said he would reconsider his decision. Yesterday, Mackey said he will con tinue to consider all the issues involved but would take not foreseea ble action Oracle staff members said last night they are pleased with the decision. Norm Hale, WUSF News Director will be the moderator of the program which will be aired at 10 p m. Cecil Mackey ... on 'Emphasis' Welch and Goodwin met in August Vice President for Student Affairs Joe Howell, Athletic Director Richard Bowers and Coordinator of Women's Intercollegiate Athletics JoAnne Young to discuss their investigations' findings "It's too ba'd we had to resort to this," Goodwin said. HOWELL AND Bowers said they will wait until Title !X's proposed guidelines are passed in January before making changes in the athletic program. "We will comply when we know what to comply with,'' Bowers said "All we can do is wait and see what they (HEW) tell us to do." "Regardless of Title IX, we realize we've got some problems and every effort has got to be made to change them,'' Young said ... ,. She said the department was headway" and next year's budget will be based on "realistic needs." If the budget submitted is not accepted, Young said, then it is Mackey and not her or Bowers who is discriminating. photo by Mary Lovinfosse New technique of learning In what looks like a glimpse into a future classroom, this USF student ls engaged in a computerized method of learning used In USF's learning lab to help Increase her reading and study skills.


2-THEORACLE November 7, 1974 Argentina reveals state of siege BUENOS AIRES The Argentine government plagued by leftist guerrilla attacks and political assassination, yesterday declared a nationwide state of siege for an indefinite period after eleven school children were threatened by violence The move was announced by Interior Minister Alberto Rocamora five days after the terrorist killing of federal police chief Alberto Villar and his wife and the murders of four leftist activists over the past weekend. Rocamora said the state of siege was declared for an indefinite period to 9 ombat a wave of violence that has threatened even school children. Rocamora said the threats and rumors were part of a campaign "against the family in its most sensitive area." The state of siege limits civil liberties and gives police in creased arrest powers From th e w i res of U Pl Demo election results WASHINGTON The Democratic election victory introduced some new presidential prospec ts yesterday and two powerful conservatives Sen. Henry M. Jackson and Gov. George C Wallace, moved closer to declaring their intentions The outcome seemed to prove that no Republican has the to challenge President Ford for the GOP nomination should he choose to seek it and the White House quickly indicated he probably will. Newcpmers moved into national prominence by the voters Tuesd a y included former astronaut John Glenn, elected to the Senate from Ohio Bringing in the new WASHINGTON A younger, greener, more energetic and more liberal Congress stands waiting in the wings When it takes power in January, the Senate may no longer find itself less conservative than the house Even the GOP felt the leftward swing of Tuesday s elections Republicans who lost re-election bids or retired tended to be the older ones. In the new 94th Congress, the GOP House membership will be younger and more liberal than that which Gerald R. Ford used to lead. The elections tended to weed out mossbacks from both parties in the House Nearly one member in four will be a new face and once-dictatorial committee chairmen will have to share power-or risk losing it. Arabs hijack airliner BEIRUT Arabs claiming to belong to a Jordanian Free Nationalist Officers movement hijacked a Jordanian airliner from Jordan to Libya yesterday about 14 hours before Secretary of State Henry Kissinger's scheduled arrival in the Jor danian capital. Robbery scheme fails QUINCY, M a ss. Three men yesterday held a woman bank manager and three other persons hostage, handcuffed a "bomb" to her wrist and tried un successfully to force her to get money from the bank But the scheme failed the hostages were found unharmed and the "bomb turned out to be flares. A search was under way for the would-be robbers American Overseas Your on campus Travel A {)'ency b Sea blockade nets lobster PRESENTS: The new 1975 American Express Europe Book in limited supply MIAMI The first sea blockade of American waters since the War resulted in seizure of an ounce of marijuana and 50 undersize lobsters, in formed sources said yesterday. The blockade of 275 miles of Florida's east coast by 29 vessels and six aircraft, which began at 5 p m. Tu,esday, ended on schedule at 11 a.m. yesterday Agencies participating in the blockade insisted it was a suc cess, despite the meager results, pointing out it was an experiment in coordination between the agencies involved. Turner trial shifted TAMP A --:-The federal m&il fraud trial of Orlando supersalesman Glenn Turner and several of his associates, in-. '. :: From the Wires of united press International eluding famed Atty F : Lee Bailey has been transferred here from Jacksonville, the Tampa Tribune reported yesterday. Voter turnout low TALLAHASSEE Voter turnout in Florida yesterday a record low for a general election in recent years "proves that people just don't care whether they vote or not anymore," Secretary of State Dorothy Glisson said yesterday. The estimate turnout of 50.5 per cent of the eligible 3 5 million Presents TilAVELING TilOUEADOUR Empty Keg North Wed. & Thurs 8-11 p.m. Nov. 6 & 7 FREE we-_ter 1'.he Oracle i s the. official student-edited newspaper of the University of South Florida and is published four times weekly, Tuesday through Friday, during the academic year period September through mid-June; twice during the academic year period 'mid-June through August, by the University of South Florida, 4202 Fowler Ave., Tampa, Fla. 33620. Opinions expressed in the Oracle are those of the editors or of the writer and not those of the University of South Florida. Address correspondence to the Oracle, LET 472, Tampa, Fla. 33620 .. Second class postage paid at Tampa, Fla. The Oracle reserves the r ight to regulate the typographical tone of all advertisements and revise or turn away copy it considers objectionable. Programs, activities and facilities of the University of South Florida are .available to all on a non discriminatory basis, without regard to race, color religion sex, age or nati onal origin. The University is an affirmative action Equal Opportunity Employer. ." : 1 voters' fell far below Mrs. Glisson s admittedly optimistic forecast of 65-70 per cent. "It really was awfully lower than any general elction of recent times," she said. Felon hearing set TALLAHASSEE That on again, off-again board of regents hearing on a proposal to bar convicted felons from some university courses, including law and medicine, is on again. The board announced today that its executive committee will hold the public amng in Tallahassee Nov. 26. The time is 10 a m., the place, committee room "A" of the senate office building Ple a s e complet e c oupon and return or mail to ADM 102 for your FREE copy. ADDRESS: ________ PHONE: _________ 'Fun for ', uryone" Ph: 935-3590 $1.69 All You Can Eat Pizza-Spaghetti-Salad & Hot Garlic Bread Michelob On TapSangria Rose Chablis Chianti Beer or Wine 25' Per glass 25' Thur., Fri., Sat., 7th, 8th, & 9th of Nov. with USF 1.D. Take 1-75 To Busch Blvd. Exit. Go One Block West To Florida Ave. Our Convenient Entrance At The Rear _Of Tbe .Mall.


Hamm investigates bookstore firing USF Special Assistant for Equal Opportunity Phyllis Hamm said yesterday she has begun an investigation into the firing of a Bookstore employe who says her termination was "unjust." Joyce Meyer, clerk-typist 3, said she was told she was fired Oct. 29 because of her "inability to produce the amount of work" expected, because part of her workload then had to be picked up by fellow employes and because of "insubordination." "THUS IT IS CLEAR that the attitude in this office by thos e who are in supervisory positions is not one of treating fellow employes either on a fair or equal level ," Meyer said in her letter. "I have also observed a negative attitude by those in the Bookstore office toward professors and students. In some instances, unfortunate situations could have been avoided if people had simply been polite and courteous." "I FEEL THE reasons were false and unjust," Meyer said in a letter to Hamm "I feel that the problem stemmed from them rather than from me." Burns said supervisors in the Bookstore may not always use "sugar-coated" tones but attributed any irritability to pressure and aggravation. Meyer said she was given only three and one-half weeks to learn her job and her instruction consisted primarily of being told "simply to read my procedure manual." She said she felt this was too little time and inadequate preparation. Burns said he and Tom Berry, Director of Auxiliary Services, have met with Hamm and Meyer and he has urged Hamm to question any employe she wishes. Bookstore Manager Jack Burns agreed most of the instruction consisted of reading the manual but said the job entailed mainly routine office work which he said he felt did not necessitate lengthy or repeated instruction. Meyer said she fears other employes may be coerced by "scare" tactics. She said employes are sometimes punished by being forced to work at night. Burns denied this. "Mr. (Ken) Thompson (vice president for Administration) has forbade me to discuss these matters with the Oracle," Hamm said. "I wish I could." Not only was there little instruction but super visors were rude and "screamed" at lier Meyer said. Minority study 1superficial' BY MIKE ARCHER Assistant News Editor Results of a study of women and minorities in Academic Affairs released last week, was dubbed "superficial" yesterday by Isiah Trice, equal op portunity assistant. The "Analysis By Titles Within Units" lists, out of a total of 137 administrators in Academic Affairs-29 females, and 5 blacks. "BUT YOU really can't tell by looking at the numbers," Trice said. He said that without data on salaries, relative degrees of responsibility, and duties assigned, "It's more of a superficial type of thing, which would indicate further analysis is needed." Equal Opportunity Coordinator Jim Vickrey said the study was done for two reasons. First, 1t demonstrates USF has made some improvement in hiring women and minority administrators Second it shows the need for more of them in upper level jobs, he said Pat Cecilia, wqo put together the study, said two thirds of the 29 women administrators, and several of the five black ad ministrators, are in jobs "sup portive of the decision-making process." Dr. Maxine MacKay, former Equal Opportunity Assistant, said hazy definitions of what constitutes an "administrative" job sometimes blur the fact that "women are always being made assistants to people in administrative positions. "It looks like we have an awful lot of women administrators. But we have a lot of 'assistant tos in there," she said She said "it is a good study," but may not take into account that often the woman are beside the fella who makes the decisions." DENISE Strenglein, a research associate in Institutional Studies, said upper-level administrative jobs include vice presidents and their associates, chairpersons, directors, deans and their associates. chairperson, all of which could be included in the upper level category, she said. Which Bacardi for cola? '-'-'-'-"'.-1.1 Bacardi dark rum's smooth, underpla yed flavor is perfect with cola or for use like wh iske y on the rocks, in high balls, Sours, Manhattans. The mixable one. THE ORACLE -November 7, 1974 The finest in waterbeds, custom frames, and accessories Waterbeds Handcrafted Frames Safety Liners Foam Pads Waterbed. 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4-THE ORACLE November 7, 1974 Unsigned constitution worthless Th e ide a of adopting a Bill of Student Rights is good but unfortunately may be t o tally worthl ess. A piece of paper, not officially adopted by the University is little more than a letter written to Santa Claus. Unless the SG Constitution is signed by USF Pres. Cecil Mackey and made an official part of the University, any bill of rights contained in the con stitution is worthless. Because of this the Oracle asks Mackey to reconsider his position in relation to the con stitution WE AGREE with Student Senate Pres. ProTempore Mike Malter who has said the bill of rights would be good because it would ensure that student's rights would be written down Stating the rights students feel they are entitled to and having USF administrators agree to respect these as guaranteed rights are two very different things We cannot fully agree with Student Senate member Richard Sarafan who said that the bill of rights would be something "the administration will have to reckon with." Unless the SG Constitution is by Mackey (as the faculty one has been) it is wor thl e ss as far as being an official recognized USF document and statement of policy. The bill of rights includes some very important things for students It would ensure their right to participate in the policy-making process of USF and would grant them the guaranteed right to participate in establishing rules affecting them Without such a bill of rights and without Mackey s signature on the constitution in which the bill is con tained, students are in an insecure Apathy strikes election polls at University Apathy has struck again at USF This time, it has manifested itself at the polls. In Tuesday's general election, in which the state voters named a governor, state representatives and senators, cabinet officers ; a member of the U.S. Senate and voted on seven important amendments to the state constitution, only slightly more than one-sixth of those registered in USF's precinct voted In a university community, where people are supposedly more aware of current issues and involved in the decision-making process, this is disgusting We have heard all the excuses. Everyone is busy. Everyone is sorry there is not a wider selection of qualified candidates. But not everyone cares enough to take enough time to use their power of the ballot. We can only hope that students will realize that although the system is not perfect and everyone cannot make dramatic policy decisions, we all do have a voice in government, if we use it. ORACLE editorials A dwarf sees farther than th e giant w h e n h e has the giant 's shoulder to mount on. Samuel Taylor Coleridge position. Students are entitled to know just where they stand and this would help in that respect. THE ORACLE hopes all USF students realize how important this issue is. It is not something which af fects only SG; it is a matter which will seriously affect the relationship bet ween students and administration for some time The Oracle feels SG should be recognized as the official represen tative of students at USF. Although the Board of Regents Manual specifies that SG speaks for studenl<> at the various state universities no internal USF document sets forth the way SG is to speak for students on this campus. This is one reason a constitut i on, signed by Mackey, is needed. To say SG represents the students is fine, but what does that mean? Does it mean SG must be consulted when student-related decisions are made? Does it mean SG appoints student representatives to committees? Ob viously USF does not interpret it as such because Student Affairs appoints student committee members, with input from SG. A constitution, recognized and honored by every University group, would settle these questions. The Oracle calls on Mackey to reconsider his decision and sign the SG Constitution thus ensuring students of their role and rights at USF. STAFF Editor. ....... Sandra Wright Photo Editor Mark Sherman Advertising Manager ......... Tom Wallac'? Illustration Editor ...... Terry Kirkpatrick Managing Editor .... Dave Moormann Librarian ..... Anna Bozo News Editor . ..... Wayne Sprague Adviser ..... Leo Stalnaker Entertainment Editor ........ Ellie Sommer Advertising Coordinator .... H arry Daniels Sports Editor. Rindy Weatherly Produ_!:tion Manager ... Joe McKenzie Layout Editor .Malt Bokor Co_py .... Luanne Kitchin Compositor. .Kim Hackbarth ACP All-American since 1967 SDX Mark of Excellence 1972 ANPA Pacemaker Award 1967, 1969 W i re Editor .. Larry V i anello .974-2619 or 2B4'for 2398 DEADLINES: General news 3 p m daily for following day issue. Advertising, 5 p.m. Wed n esday for Tuesday issue 5 p m Thursday for Wednesday issue 5 p.m. Friday for Thursday issue, 5 p.m. Monday for Friday issue. Adv ertisers requiring proofs must submit copy one da y prior to normal deadline Classified ads take n 8 a m to 12 noon, LET 472, two days befor e publication in pel'son or .bY mail with payment enclos e d Advertising rates on request 974 Monday through Friday, B a.m. lo 5 p m Stories and pictures of interest to students may be submitted lo the Oracle in LET 469 or through the suggestion boxes in the Library and UC. Commentaries planned Each week the Oracle will provide space for a commentary by either a member of the USF community or state-le ve l educator. Anyone interested in writing a commentary may contact the editor at 97 4-2842. This public document was promulgated at an annual cost of $143,514.iG or Sc p e r copy, to disseminate news to the students, staff and faculty of the University o f South Florida. (Seve nty-one per c e nt of th e per issue cost is offset b y advertisin g revenue )


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6-THE ORACLE November 7 1974 "Lonesome picker" and super storyteller Gamble Rogers plays guitarln the Empty Keg lonesome picker' 1et111ns to Keg Hcvicwcd b y ELLIE SOMMER Entertainment Editor By th e tim e I arriv e d at 7:4 5 a l arge crowd had already gathered in t h e Empty Key North Don Sm ith was loo kin g for Gamble Rogers, so th e s ho w could start. W e ta lk e d for a few minutes Don sai d he n e ver gets tired of Gamble's stories. Don, who play s e le c tric bass for Gamble, has been li s t ening steadily for the last yea r It was three minutes before showtime when Gamble sauntered up with a barbecue b ee f sandwich in his mouth and a 7-UP in his hand. H e said it helps the show. He walked on stage through the audience. After a few minutes of tuning and picking and ex changifig musical notes with Don, he got down to some serious guitar playing All I could hear was a train moving somewhere in the Keg. A train in the Keg? I realized it was GaII?ble's fantastic guitar picking rolling down the tracks. The audience loved it. The "pickers" in the group, as Gamble calls them, were on the edges of their seats. He suc cessfully brought the "sound" train through a tunnel and to a slow halt. All this he did with some mighty fine guitar playing, a few .. gestures and the facial expressions of a dedicated m u sic i a n "Gamble is an expo n ent of th e M erle Travis s tyl e of picking Don sa id. Travis' picking in volves a thumb and three fingers A nd Gamble one-ups the style by ad ding ext r a not es, giving th e m e lody an extra kick. He talked about th e South. H e started dialogue with some of th e audience. The r apport was building. He launched off on a political monologue And then he sang a short campaign song. A story of a turkey massacre and a short tale about a sleazy 'All Draft Beer Y2Price At bar

Artists to speak atUSF Internationally known artist Philip Pearlstein and art critic Jack Burnham of Northwestern University will speak at the National Council ofArt Administrators at USF The conference, attended by art administrators from college and universities nationwide, begins today and ends tomorrow. The conference is hosted by Dr. George Pappas, chairperson of the USF Art Department. USF was chosen to host the convention because of the impression made at last year's convention by USF's GRAPHICSTUDIO, a joint venture between the Art Department and the Florida Center for the Arts. Besides Pearlstein and Burnham, major participants in clude Herbert Burgart, dean of the School of Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University; Robert Carrigan, former president of the California In stitute of the Arts; Gary Neill Kennedy, president of the College of Art and Design in Nova Scotia; and John W. Straus, vice president of Visual and Per forming Arts, State University of New York at Purchase Two lectures will be presented in F AH 101 for public attendance. Burnham will speak at 9 a.m. today and Pearlstein will speak tomorrow at 2 p.m. Admission is free. Topics covered at the conference will be "Curriculum Issues," "Research Projects," "Evaluation of Art Faculty" and others. The conference will be in the form oflectures, case studies, and group rap sessions. Most meetings will be held at the Travelodge on Fowler Avenue. The National Council of Art Administrators is a professional organization for art department chairpersons, deans, directors of art schools and others involved in administering visual arts programs in American college and universities The Council's purpose is to provide op portunities for exchanging ideas and formulation of corporate stands on the important issues related to visual arts programs. Couple wins bridge tourney Fourteen teams of two com peted Monday night in the Annual UC Bridge Tournament. Teams were composed of student, staff and faculty members. The first place team was Carmen and Tassos Nakassis." Don Lacey and Fred Case took second place; Iyengar Krishnan and Subhash Kwatra won third place, and fourth place was won by Kaydette Grant and John Kern. Art prints on sale Art prints are on sale today from 10:30 to 5:30 p.m. on the UC lawn. Sponsored by the Young Democrats the sale features such artists as Klee, Monet Miro, and Toulouse-Lautrec. If bad weather prevails the print s wi!l be s old the IJ0.-' "Untitled" by Kurt Westfall part of the student photo show ********************************** l A Students and Faculty: (_:J t !HJ University of t Football Games : t price on $6 reserved seats a t except Fla. A & M game t tickets availabk at student : t _union on campus only nov. 9: t Tampa vs. West State tampa ********* ADM 102 Am_erican Overseas Travel Corporation Europe will never cost less Your on-campus Student Travel Center is working for you, to make it possible to see Europe at an irresistible rate. Stop in and sign up now for advance information on an up and coming s pecial student group charter for the summer of '75. M;:ike it your year tq, ,..remember. --------------THE ORACLE-November 7, 1974 Students exhibit photos REVIEWED BY LAURA DIAZ Entertainment Writer 7 Gary Monroe's two untitled shots from the "Environmental Nude" Series are among the best currently on display at the USF Un dergraduate Student Photography Show in FAH 110. Never showing a full nude, the shots hint at the beauty of the total body in water settings. The photos are clear and simple. His "Wall" offers so much contrast that the photo seems to be unreal Kurt Westfall's "Untitled" is an unusual shot of a seal, also in natural setting, but different in that there is no distinction between the water and sky. The effect is haunting Joy Zipkin's first "Untitled" photo is modern and dreamy, com bining the natural with the man-made. Seventeen other photographic artists' works are on display until Dec. 6 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays PAC announces .our 1st ANNUAL U-HAUL SALE. thurscklljt fridatj, MOY. 7-8-9 .... '1'1"1150 NORTH 30TH BT. TAMPA, FLA Formerly Losers HRT PRESENTS e s E N T E R Terry Knight Tues. thru Sun. Manager c)'f ''Grand Funk Railroad" Signed this.Act as his next major act next week -ELDERS Nov. 19 OUTLAWS 14929 N. NEBR.ASK.A AVE. Mon., Tue., & Wed. Ladies FREE Thursday: "South of the Border Night" Any Tequila Dririk .50 Tuesdays & all drinks all brands 7 5 all night long ", :_,.'


8-THE ORACLE sports November 7, 1974 USF nine ties Hawks USF scored three seventh inning runs, then held off a late Hillsborough Community College rally to tie the Hawks 6-6 in a game called because of darkness at Redsland yesterday. The Brahmans took a 6-4 lead into the last of the seventh and final inning on the strength of a two-run triple by Weldon Wright. But Jay Keller, one of four pit chers used by Coach Jack But terfield, lost his control and surrendered the tying runs. With three weekend games remaining on the fall baseball schedule, USF's record stands at 12c4-2 The Brahmans' most recent victory was a 8-1 conquest of Florida College Wednesday. Wright was again the offensive hero, hitting USF's first home run of the exhibition season. "We've won without hitting the ball terribly hard and that's encouraging," Butterfield said. "My feeling in baseball is that you start with defense and go from there." Successful soccer coach Holcomb eager to begin tennis campaign BY RINDY WEA TH ERL Y Oracle Sports Editor The soccer season isn't over yet, but coach Dan Holcomb is already turning an eye toward the upcoming tennis campaign "I'm excited about it," Holcomb, who last week was named interim tennis coach, said. "It gives me a chance to develop another program to national prominence." HOLCOMB HAS compiled a 78-26-6 record in soccer. Last year the Brahman boaters advanced to the second round of the NCAA playoffs. "I hope to be ambitious about it," Holcomb said of his tennis duties. "(Former coach Spaff) Taylor has done an excellent job up to this point. My challenge is to upgrade the program.'' To achieve that aim, Holcomb said he would emphasize scheduling and recruiting But recruiting for tennis will be more difficult than for soccer, he said. "There's not the pool to select from that there is in soccer, because a lot more schools are seeking natiOnal promin e nce in tennis, Holcomb said "RIGHT NOW we're not get ting the best players from out of state," he said "We've got to find out why." Holcomb has already begun his recruiting efforts. "I'm now trying to renew my tennis contacts from the past," he said. The Brahman mentor was tennis coach at Florida State University before coming to USF. To upgrade the schedule, Holcomb said his team might have to travel more. "THE TOP teams come down to play Miami," he said, adding he hoped USF's squad would be able to visit there to play some of those teams. Holcomb said newly-elected captain Oscar Olea will conduct tennis workouts until the soccer season ends Classes: 8030 N. Nebraska 933-7511 9 a.m. 12 p.m. or 6 p.m. -9 p.m. Campus Talent Weekend Nov. 8 & 9 8 :30 11 :00

THE ORACLE-November 7, 1974 9 r Brahman boaters to face FTU l BY JEFF WHITTLE Oracle Sports Writer USF's soccer team could make a giant step toward attaining an NCAA tournament bid when it faces Florida Technological University (FTU) today at 3:30 p m on the soccer field. "Impressive wins over FTU and Eckerd would really be nice," said Brahman coach Dan Holcomb. "The bids come out Monday and we'll know then whether we should pack our bags or continue training." HOLCOMB IS confident, though, that his squad is still in the running for one of the four southern bids. "I really feel like we have a way-better chance. than we did before, considering Navy is no longer in the picture," he said. Since the first round of the tournament conflicts with the traditional Army Navy football game, the Midshipmen, currently ahead of USF in the rankings, Cage ticket sales top last year's Basketball season ticket sales have already reached last year's total according to USF Director of Alumni Affairs Joe Tomaino. And Tomaino who heads up the "First Team" of Tampa businessmen pledged to increase attendance at Brahman basketball games, is almost certain the total will continue to grow. "THINGS LOOK very good he said. "If the pledges hold up, I'm pretty confident that we're going to reach our goal of 1,000 season tickets Tomaino said most sales will have to come in largescale amounts, at the corporate level. "We're trying to get businesses to Soccer Club wins match Tallies by Doug McGowan, Kirby Rambert, David Willard and Francis Osata gave USF's International Soccer Club a victory over the Clearwater Athletic Soccer Club last Sunday. The game was the club's first of the season. USF's next contest is with the Dunedin Spurs Sunday at 2 p.m. on the soccer field Club Pres. Diego Bertagna is setting up a slate of exhibition games this fall in preparation for the Florida Suncoast Soccer League season, which begins in January. "We're trying to get a captain coach, Bertagna said "We're leaving it up to the players to elect him." buy tickets in blocks and distribute them to their em ployes," he said The ''First Team'' has also been busy with plans to allow ticket holders certain fringe benefits An Interfra ternity Council sponsored party with free beer will be held for those with tickets to the season's home opener. Tentative plans are also being made to have a local nightspot give anyone with a ticket stub a free beer after each game. TOMAINO SAID he hopes the students at .USF will become involved with the basketball team "USF has never really had a lot of student enthusiasm for athletics," he said. "We'd like some input from students to give us some ideas on how we can get them to the games." Bacardi dark rum for what? rLA Rl: 1 :] ROUr. have asked the tournament selection committee not to consider them for one of the playoff spots. The Brahmans are seventh in the latest southern ratings. "WE'VE PLAYED three more nationally ranked teams than anyone else being considered for bids," Holcomb said. "I'm sure the committee will take that into consideration.'' Both Holcomb and USF Sports Information Director John Renneker have written letters to the committee explaining the difficulty of the Brahmans; schedule, a schedule which in cluded the top four teams in the country. '.'The guys know they have to win the rest to stay in the running (for a bid)," he said. SO FAR this year, the Knights (of FTU) have depended on standout goalie Winston Dubose to keep their opponents off the scoreboard. Dubose was all-state and won a trip to the Olympic trials last year. "We played against him last year in the Florida Amateur Cup Tournament," Holcomb said," "and he's classy." Today s contest will be the final home game for the Brahmans this season USF closes out the regular season Saturday against Eckerd College in St. Peters burg. EARLY REGISTRATION!! For: Accredited <;ourses in Bible & Religion From: The University Bible Chair 12720 N. Fla. Ave. Zip-33612 For: $2.00 per hour!! Offerings for the Winter Quarter: Christian Evidences II Acts of Apostles The New Testament Romans The Old Testament Teaching the Bible as authori ta ti ve. I want more information about the course and total program. NAME: ______________ Call 932-1345 or 935-4192 1974 BACARDI IMPORTS, INC., MIAMI, FL. TEQUILA 80 PROOF. '"DON EMILIO'" IS A TRADEMARK OF BACARDI & COMPANY LIMITED. NOW OPEN 113th Avenue N. and 30th St. SHERWOOD'S elnn PANCAKE HOUSE Convenient to USF for breakfast, lunch, dinner. Doors open 6 a.m. daily! So far about 40 people have tried out for positions on the team. Those interested in joining may attend the regular practices Monday and Thursda y from 5 to 6:3 0 p .m. on th e soccer field. Bowling team slates tryouts DOMINO'S November 4-Sfar Pizza Specials/ Tryouts for USF s in tercollegiat e bowling team will be held Saturday at 9 a.m. at Eastgate Lanes on Hillsborough Avenue. Although the team has already begun competition, there are still openings for more bowlers. USF has won twice beating th e Universit y of Florida and Florida St.ate Univ e rsity. Anyone int e rested in joining the sq uad i s as ked to attend the tryouts or call Steve McLain or Bob Wimmer at 974-6213.


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12-THE ORACLE November 7, 1974 Medical deans against bargaining BY MIKE ARCHER Assistant News Editor College of Medicine Dr. Don Smith said yesterday the college is "unanimously against" collective bargaining for faculty Speaking at a meeting with State University System Chan cellor-Designate E. T. York, Smith said the medicine faculty will do everything in its power to stay out of the United Faculty of Florida (UFF), which now claims enough support among SUS faculty toJorce a bargaining election. DR. BOB WHITAKER, president of the University's UFF chapter said of the faculty in the College of Medicine would Women group conducts survey of employes-The Status.. of" Women Com mittee is conducting a survey "of Career Service employes to determine if sex discrimination exists in salaries at USF, Special Assistant for Equal Opportunity Phyllis Hamm said yesterday. "Education variables and who you're married to" sometimes affects your salary, Hamm said. She said U. S Department of Labor statistics show a woman college graduate earns less money than a man with an eighth grade education. "We hope to find whether this is true," Hamm said, "if there are women with bachelor's degrees in clerical positions here." The survey asks participants to fill out their highest level of education and whether they are married to students or USF faculty or staff members. Hamm said it has taken two years to draft the survey. Results will be submitted to Vice President for Administration Ken Thompson. Frat recruits USF's newly-formed chapter of Lambda Alpha Epsilon, a criminal justice fraternity, will have an organizational and recruitment meeting Nov ,13 from 4 to 5 p.m. in SOC 110. The fraternity is dedicated to the furtherance of professionalism in the area of Criminal Justice activities. Unlike its national counterpart, the fraternity is open to all in terested persons. What? Sip Bacardi before you mix it? '' Sure. It's surprisingly dry, not sweet. Lightbodied, not heavy. Delightfully smooth. And so good mixed, it's got to be good ::,:::: un-mixed, right? Try it. FLA, 80 PR('('F not be eligible to join the UFF anyway, because only about 20 per cent hold salary contracts with the state. "There is a real question about their eligibility,'' he said. "With the approval of the Board of Regents (BQR), we'll simply exclude them." Smith, and other represen tatives from the college, said the unionization of Medicine faculty would hurt recruiting efforts in the college, and result in "misrepresentation" of the 15 member staff. "This is a professional school, not involved much in undergraduate work," one official said UNIVERSITY BICYCLE CENTER SALES and REPAIRS f On All Makes Franchised Dealer Raleigh Follis Panasonic We Waited to Get the PROMPTED BY questions from USF P res. Cecil Mackey, another official said unionization "offers an immediate barrier in recruiting faculty. "I don't see how you practice clinical surgery in ..a union," another said. York told the group other medical faculty, as well as faculty in law and engineering schools in the state, were generally opposed to the UFF, and said the law allows them to form their own unions and bargain separately BOR Chairperson Marshall Criser said from his Palm Beach office the adverse reaction of USF's medical faculty to You'll save time and money later Open 8 a.m.-6 p.m. 1220 E. Fletcher Ave. Phone 971-2277 ''VERY BEST RECIPE" ... and l Vow! w-e can offer this Exciting New Taste ... Call in your order. Pick up in 10 min .. AYailable at ... unionization is not .uncommon throughout the SUS. third and one half of the entire 8,000 faculty in the SUS. "THEHE ARE large segments of university communities that are not interested in unions," he said. "We will then take our cards up to the PERC, and ask them to Grder the BOR to call an elec lion, Whitacker said But Whitaker said after Dec. 1 when the Public Employe Relations Commission (PERC) will have the legal authority to determine and name bargaining units for faculty, the UFF will claim support from between one York told the medicc.l school faculty that until the PERC defines bargaining units for employes, the BOR' s ]position, that all state university employes be represented by the SUS, will stand. American Overseas Travel Corporation is _your on campus Student Travel Center. Stop in today and see our special student discount Ski and Sun packages. Ski: Smuggler's Notch ........ $300 Vail ..................... $375 Aspen ................... $384 Kitzbuhel, Austria ..... $494.27 Sun: "Bahama Star" .... $164 Mexico ............ $169 Guatemala ........ $170 Costa Rica ......... $185 We specialize in student group and charter travel. '). I _..,... ; !..) / h? NOTJ7! 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Student Senate opposes area rezoning request THE ORACLE -November 7, 1974 There will be a meeting of the Magic Club; every Tuesday from 4-6 p.m. 13 BY ILENE JACOBS Oracle Staff Writer The Student Senate passed a motion Tuesday night to oppose commercial rezoning of almost an acre and a half of University Community zoned property west of the University. The Edward J. DeBartolo Corp. wants to rezone the property adjacent to the DeBartolo-owned mall to allow the construction of a bank. THE SENATE then voted fo make students aware of DeBartolo's request through a table in the UC. DeBartolo's request will come before the Hillsborough County Planning Commission Friday. The corporation also owns the 40 acres of land on the corner of 30th Street and Fowler Avenue, on which it is considering construction of an office building and apartments. / Some senators expressed concern that one change granted in rezoning the land for com mercial use could lead to the "corruption" of other property within the University Community district. OPPOSING ARGUMENTS stating the 40 acres belonging to DeBartolo are so valuable they .will be used regardless of the senate's opinion were also heard. Among the nine other resolutions considered at the four-hour meeting were: -A request that the Resident Affairs Committee investigate the quality of Saga's food service after preliminar.y investigations showed one is necessary. Senator Barbara Frank said she _has received complaints that food has been sold that is beyond .Family Kitchen eyes opening. this quarter The Family Kitchen Co-op will meet Monday to determine feasibility of its low cost meal program, Wendee Wechsberg, Co-op member, said. The Kitchen, known last year as the Free Kitchen, would provide a hot vegetable dinner for a donation of 25 cents. It will have its first dinner Monday at 5 p.m. in the Episcopal Center on campus, followed by a meeting to organize the Co-op Kitchen for the year, Wechsberg said. One requirement to eat at the Kitchen is to help clean up after dinner is over, and if possible assist in cooking the vegetables, she said. "The biggest hassel was having to get down on the people to help clean up last year." The only way to make the kitchen to work is to have everybody help, she said. Monday's meeting is very important, Wechsberg said. If their is a good showing of in terested people, the kitchen will be able to begin a schedule of trial dinners. The Kitchen will get fresh fruits and vegetables every Saturday from the Farmers Market and the Co-op Store. The average daily meal will consist of a salad, bread, a main vegetable dish, rice or soup, and fresh fruits. Persons interested in !earing to cook vegetables in various ways on a limited budget are welcome to assist in the preparation of the dinners, she said. ACLU student group to be. formed here A student chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) will be formed in con junction with the Tampa ACLU this quarter-with a new kind of organization CAUSE, the university volunteer service, will provide volunteers and arrange course credit for them, and SG Atty. Gen. Doug Pettit will provide those volunteers with legal cases Pettit will meet with Tampa chapter president Jerry Knarr tomorrow to finalize plans for the organization. Knarr said two possibilities exist for the group. "We can either form a student chapter or merge all the students into the Tampa chapter," he said. "It depends on the interest in it." Members will "court watch," Pettit said, check on the legality of local judges' decisions. They wil also conduct research for area attorneys and interview prisoners in the county jail, he said. ''This is practical experience for people who want to do volunteer work and are in terested in law," he said. An attempt at forming a student chapter was started last March, Pettit said, but failed because "we just didn't have the cooperation from the Tampa chapter." But Pettit said he is confident he can get volunteers through CAUSE. Tax, record workshop planned A free public workshop on payroll taxes and records will be held Nov. 12 at the USF St. Petersburg Campus from 7 to 10 p.m. in the Auditorium, Building A. Jackie Edwards, Internal Revenue Service agent; Rett Hensley, senior field auditor, Florida Department of Commerce, Bureau of Unemployment Compensation and Robert L. Hurd, C.P.A. and USF instructor, are workshop leaders. The workshop is intended to provide information on all aspects of taxes and records, including penalties, money saving practices, tax forms and unemployment tax returns. the expiration date, food has been mishandled and there has been no refrigeration of mayonnaise products. THE SENATE requested SG Pres. Richard Merrick allocate no more than $350 from SG's account to pay for a priority polling system which will automatically record senators' votes. The engineering honor society, Tau Beta Pi, will design and construct the system, which will have a 50-senator capacity. Some senators, arguing in favor of the request, said the polling system will be necessary when the Senate expands after Qtr. 2's reapportionment. INTERNATIONAL CAREER? 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14-THE ORACLE November 7, 1974 Graham, Entine at symposium Special to the Oracle State Sen Robert Graham and Dr. Alan En tine of the State University of New York at Stony Brook will be keynote speakers at a New Careers at Mid-Life Symposium, a conference to aid middle-aged men and women in "recycling" their lives, Nov. 15 and 16 at USF. A symposium preview at 8 p.m., Nov. 15, in the UC 252 will feature both Graham and Entine. This preview is free and open to the public .. GRAHAM, chairperson of the Senate Education Committee, will discuss "Education's ResponsibHity to Mature Entine, who initiated mid-oeareer c0unseling and in formatfonpr()i!:ams for the New York Uniyersify will talk on "The Middle Years,, Career and Educational Opportunities." The Nov, 16 symposium will be from 9:30 a;m. to 5:30 p ni. in UC 252 and will require a $5registration fee. Registration begins at 9 a.m. Dr. Alice Yohaleni, research associate with the Conservation of Human Resources Project, Columbia University, will speak on "Adult Potential at Mid-Life" 2: 30 to 4: 30 on "Family Ad justments", "How to Enter the Labor Market,'' ''Personal Evaluations" and "Career Op portunities." Workshops of interest to men will beheld from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m on "Career Change: Cost and Benefits," "Options of Retirement," "Personal Evaluations," "Career Op portunities" and "Entry or Re entry to College." at 9:30 a.m. sk A PANEL discussion from I 11 ft 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p m. will feature Dr. Robert Stoltz, vice -You planned this snow president of the College Entrance weekend with your friends Examination Board, on "Educational Opportunities for ages ago. And nothing could Adults;" Joan Green, regional makeyouchangeyourplans. director, Women's Bureau, Toobadyourperiod Employment Standards Ad-couldn'thavehappenedsome ministration, U.S. Department of other weekend. But you're Labor, on. "Employment Op-not worried. You brought portunities at Mid-Life;" alongTampaxtampons. Margaret Jacks, director, You won't have to give Florida Division of Aging, on up one precious moment in "Pre-retirement Opport\inities,'' that deep powder. You feel and Joe Mills, state director, confident protected by vocational, technical and adult Tampax tampons. They're education on "The Adult Learner softly compressed for the and Performer." bestpcissible absorbency. Foollowing a dutch treat lunch, Worn internally, so Tampax participants may choose to at-tamponsarecomfortableand tend one of two talks at 2 p.m discreet. They give you Dr. Juanita Williams, head of USF's women's studies program, protectwnyoucandependon, will discuss "Alternatives for whetheronskisortoboggan. Women." Dr. Edward Flem-Friendsarewaitingfor ming, psychologist, gerontology you on the slopes. You won't department, Florida Mental havetodisappointthem Health Institue, and professor, when you have Tampax St. Leo College, will talk on tampons tucked discreetly "Changing Life Patterns .for into the pocket of your parka. Men."workshops designed for women will be from .Bacardi light rum for what? Enjoy it in Daiquiris and Bacardi Cocktails. And use it like gin or vodka in Martinis, Screwdrivers, Bloody Marys, tonic, bitter lemon. BACARDI rum. r:..A., RUM 80 rROOF. THE 11-FASHIOI STORE WESTSHORE PLAZA NORTHGATE SHOPPING CENTER BRITTON PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER DOWNTOWN: 705 FRANKLIN STREET UNIVERSITY SQUARE MALL Shirt Sets New Spark in big fops and little fops, Shirts with matching "T" Shirts I and shells in dusty hues.


THE ORACLE -November 7, 1974 15 U.S. Congress still in disorder WASHINGTON In this election week, perhaps the voters should be reminded they have a long way to go before they clean up Capitol Hill. Congress has spent millions of dollars in vestigating Watergate, but it still has not set its own house in order. A spot check investigation has turned up these continuing abuses: The Constitution forbids acceptance of any and all foreign gifts Nonetheless, in this session of Congress alone, we have un covered more than 100 such illegal trips by the nation's lawmakers and their aides --'The free mail privilege, by law, is restricted to official business only New standards have been adopted to make congressional newsletters less of a promotion piece for the members. Yet we have found numerous newsletters which violate even these minimal restrictions. .:__ Federal law prohibits soliciting or accepting campaign contributions on .federal property. This is one statute that most congressmen know quite well. Yet representatives of labor unions and other special interest groups regularly drop off cam paign contributions on Capitol Hill. In addition, a number of lawmakers use their congressional offices to send out political contribution mailings. One reason congressmen so freely flout campaign laws, apparently; is that the Justice Dept. bas refused to enforce them. Since the original campaign was adopted in 197i, the Clerk 6f the House and the Secretary of the Senate have forwarded nearly 10;000 apparent violations to the JustiCe Dept. for investigatfon and possible prosecution. Some 1,800 incidents have been reported to Justice this year alone. So far, however, the Justice Dept. has failed to act. Indeed; only a few attorneys have been assigned to handle reported violations. Some of the camplaints are purely technical in nature: a candidate filed a late report, or a contributor was not properly identified Many other -cases, however, involve serious in fractions of the law including the acceptance of illegal corporate contributions, illegal expenditure of personal funds and violations of the general spending limitations. Henry the Plumber During the first Nixon ad ministration Henry Kissinger s concern over news "leaks" helped to stimulate wiretaps on members of his own National Security Council staff. Press reports of the wiretap campaign embarrassed Kissinger so much that he threatened to resign. But the adverse publicity apparently didn't cure him. He has now begun an intensive effort to plug the leaks at the State Dept. Kiss in ger is outraged over pre s s r e port s many of them our s atxiut his Middle East n e goti a tion s a nd his celebrated "tilts" to ward Turke y and white Africa. A few week s ago he restric t e d the di stribution of c la ssifie d c a ble s. The Europ ea n Affair s Bur e au, for example, u se d to g et 30 copie s of inc oming cables Th e y now get six. A te a m of top aide s tour e d th e WEEKLV BY JACK department and told lesser bureaucrats they would hen ceforth receive only those telegrams that were directly related to their particular jobs And they were warned not to duplicate the few cables they get. In addition, the director general of the Foreign Service lectured his underlings on the "ethics" of their calling. "Malicious" news leaks, he told them, maligned the "integrity" of the Foreign Service Those who could not live with Kissinger's policies, he suggested, should resign or take "leave without pay." The truth is there is little in formation which must be kept secret in the interest of national security. Indeed, Henry, Kissinger himself is walking proof of the hyprocrisy of the classification system. He routinely holds "background "press conferences in which he divulges sensitive information. The bits and pieces he reveals, however, are. carefully selected to further the aims and desires of Henry Kissinger. Recently, CBS newsman Daniel .Schorr was the U.S. government's role in the 1973 coup in Chile. He obtained information critical of Kissinger and visited the State Dept. for a rebuttal. Kissinger's executive assistant, Larry Eagleburger, reached into the State Dept.'s vaults and produced three top secret documents that tended to back Kissinger's side of the story About a week earlier, Kissinger's press spokesman had heatedly branded news leaks a "disgrace to the Foreign Ser vice Ford to Ford: President Ford is under severe pressure from his former Michigan backers to switch economic gears. He is still calling upon the American people to spend less in order to keep prices down and curb inflation. But Americans are already spending less than the auto industry would like on new cars. New car sales are down drastically. A rec e nt nine-day survey shows Ford and Chrysler sales off 18 per cent, General Motors down 34 per cent and American Mot.ors down 46 per cent. Close to 65,000 workers have been laid off the Big Three production lines. Hard times in the auto industry are also spreading swiftly to the industries that produce auto accessories and to everyone who does business with the auto community As a former congressman from Michigan, President Ford is close to the auto tycoons They want him to urge Americans to spend more, not less. The nation's number one problem, they are pleading, is not inflation but recession. When :the auto tycoons speak, Ford out of habit listens. So if the TOO. D New Po 'licy.c_faniily Entertainment! All se ats .52.00 At All Times DOUBLEFEATURE -: L Littte Big -Ma.n--.. PG. with Dustin Hoffman and Faye Dunaway and 2. A .Man Called Horse-. PG with Richard Harris MIDNITE SHOW FRI. & SAT economy continues to weaken, he is likely to take their advice. Washington Whirl According to U S narcotics agents, a dope runner recently flew into Jamaica in an am phibious plane to make a pickup and paid his peasant suppliers with counterfeit money. On his next run, he came in at night and the peasants put up landing flares in a swamp full of alligators ... Consumer advocate Ralph Nader, say our sources, will soon call for the resignation of President Ford's economic chief, William Simon Beta Hall thanks those who contributed to the handicapped students' fund: Saga Food Service Ann Winn Floral Shop Terrace Camera Shop RadioShack Coin Laundry Tweed Shop Fashions The Gold Leaf Boutique Plant Adoption Center University Cinema Silver Squash I Diane J; Dougherty Tam-Bay Realty Inc. The Frame House Temple Terrace Lounge Inc. CasualCorner fusty Prints Lynn Hackett School Kids Records Athletic Shoe Factory j:hainwheel Drive Campus Prescript-ion Shop M-aln Street Ice Cream Parlor BroyhiU-Furniture .Rental Bailie's.Men;sWear Maye's sut> Shop Dr. Cecil Mackey or. Joe Howell. Or Carl R iggs Dr. Chuck Hewitt or, Margaret Fisher Mr. Dan Walbolt Mr. Troy Collier Mr. Ray King Mr. Jim Morgan Miss Joan Tallis Mr. Terry Edmondso. n Mr. Leo Stalnaker Max Bromley Mrs. Phyllis l)o'larshall Mr. Mac Davis Gail Best David Persky Ms. Pat King Miss Nancy Browning Miss Judy Armstrong Mrs. Helen Kovac: Mrs. Jane Bradley Mrs. Dorothy Thompsen Mrs. Kathy Beall The Beta Hall Staff The Gamma Hall Staff The Mu Cheerleaders RAN116-USF 2207 E. Fletcher Terrace Plaza Temple Terrace 8889 N. 56th St. University Square 11716 N. 56th St. 56th & 127th Ave. University Square 10414 N. Florida Box 1212, Lutz 4235 Busch Blvd. 5101 E. Busch 5303 Busch Blvd. University Square 5101 E. Busch 4309 Branch Ave. 11156 N. 30th St. lll46N. 30th St. lll48 N. 30th St. 1U44 N; 30th St. .Ul40N:30thSt. lll30 N. 30th St. N. 30th St. HOI6 N. 30th St. The Rl's: Carolyn Gamel jim .Crouch Jari,''kummerfeldt Larr;y Roe Sharon Senzik Maxine Hill Marv Haisten Jeff Mack Cliffeen Dyes Bob Bradshaw Sue Decke r 197 4 BACARDI IMPORTS. INC. MIAMI, FL. TEQUILA 80 PROOF. "DON EMILIO" IS A TRADEMARK OF BACARDI & COMPANY LIMITED. DOMINO'S November 4-Star Pizza Specials! Font a n a Hall La Manch a Dos with e a c h Domin o p,,za pur c ha sed Delt a, Epsilon Zeta Eta, Theta, Iota Kappa Lambda, a nd Mu Dorm s


16 -THE ORACLE November 7, 1974 SUS must 1get on the offense BY MARY RUTH MYERS Oracle Staff Writer The State University System CSUS) must "get on the offense" in dealing with the Legislature next spring State University System (SUS ) ChancellorDesignate E. T. York said at yesterday's Faculty Senate meeting York will be coordinating SUS legislative programs until he becomes chancellor in July. "One of our tasks must be to restore some confidence in our ability to manage our own affairs," he said. Problems of working with the Legislature have been particularly acute during the past year, he said York who spent most of the Payment deferment forms ready Sixty-day deferment request forms for Qtr 2 for students receiving VA benefits are available in the Office of Veterans Affairs in CTR 166 on the Tampa campus and SPB 152 at the St. Petersburg campus Deadlines for completing deferment requests are Jan. 10 for special students, J ,an. 13 for regular students and Jan. 17 for continuing education students. Forms completed after these dates must include a $25 late fee No requests will be processed after Jan. 31. SG council elects Alexia Hart, University of West Florida SG Pres., was elected chairperson of the State Council of Student Body Presidents at a meeting Sunday Hart, who became SG Pres. of the Pensacola university in July will take office in January. She is replacing Dave Aronofsky of Florida State University The Qtr. 1 deferment payment deadline is Nov. 29. Students should pay in the cashier's office by 3 p m Nov. 27 or have mailed their payment postmarked by Nov. 29. sponsors bazaar The USF Women's Club is sponsoring a bazaar on Nov. 14, 15 and 16 in the UC Ballroom. The bazaar will feature the usual types of clothing, toys, small appliances, and furniture It also will include a table of handicrafts Rflfreshments will be sold as well. The bazaar will be open to the public from 10 a.m. to 5 p m. on Nov. 14, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Nov. 15 and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m on Nov. 16. All proceeds from bazaar sales will be added to the USF Women's Club Scholarship Fund. WHEN YOU SAY stl!ilk &BrlW YOU'VE SAID A FL MON-STEAK u110NEU:SS SIRLOIN N v um $3. 95 ...... 16 25 n.JES-ROAST PRIME RIBS OF BEF $4.25 ......... 16.!.5 WED-BEEF BROCHElTE wrnt RICE $3. 95 ........... S4.95 ntlJRS-HALF SPRING CHICKEN 1.->llm OR TERIYAKI) WITH RIC $3.95 .......... sus 1608 GULF-TO-BAY BLVD CllARWATER. FLA. 600 HWY. 17-92 FERN PARK. FLI'\. 300 S. STATE RD. 7. PLANTATION. FLA. 500 N. FED. HWY POMPANO BEACH. FLA. 2727 E. SUNRISE BLVD .. n. LAUDERDAll. FLA. 1000 SO. FED. HWY .. HAUANDAll. FLA. 4455 N. W. 36TH S"l., MIAMI SPRINGS. FLA. 8495 SW 132 ST S. MIAMI. Fl.A. FOR A BEAUTIFUL COLOR T-SHIRT OFUS (AS PICTURED ABOVE) SEND $2.50 TO; Box ss Steak & Brew Inc Illinois ""'677 Name ____ A.ddr-ess -----Size S M l. XL OHi Ii C.OO U\.\'l!llJ o.,11Wt\ l \!'.T., hour-long meeting responding to Senate member' s questions, said the SUS will request the Legislature provide full coverage for faculty 1mcier the Teachers Retirement System He said it would be appropriate for the Faculty Senate to pass a resolution encouraging this and to send the resolution to the legislative delegation. Dr Charles Arnade, professor of Interdisciplinary Social Science, asked York what to do about "students who think they deserve a C for just registering for a class," CLEP tests and "teachers having to win popularity contests York said there is a nationwide trend toward giving students higher grades. "We must make a constant assessment he said "I would share your concern very much about any reduction in standards." York told the senate chances are very good for the SUS to return to the semester system A common calendar may be adopted by 1976, he said. Library open The USF Library will be open from 8:00 a m to 5 :00 p m. on Veterans Day (Monday) and on the day after Thanksgiving (November 29), but will be closed on Thanksgiving Day Astronomy Ch airperson H e inrich Eichhorn -von Wurmb asked York about the future of collective bargaining for state university faculty. "Collective bargaining is not York said. "The faculty will hav e the chance to make the decision of whether they want it and if they do, who they want as a bargaining agent." Open Fridays till 9 p m BUSCH BLVD BULL ARD PAR K WAY ,..: Bullard V'l Parkway I Near Corner Of ,,.., I 56th & Busch Blvd. jfraternitp r@arbersbop (Sebring Certified) (Unisex Shop) SHAGS STYLING LA YER CUTS RAZOR CUTS PH 971-3633 Appointments Available Hours daily 9-6 13520 UNIVERSITY PLAZA WEST SHORE PLAZA UtHVERSITY SQUARE MALL Tyrone Square, St. Petersburg DeSoto Square, Bradenton Clearwater Mall, Clearwater Miami. Orlando, Tallahassee Hollywood and Pensacola


Sessums urges laws deterring possible conflict of interest BY MARY RUTH MYERS Oracie Staff Writer Legislation preventing c o n flicts of interest and requir i ng financial disclosure for public officials needs to be strengthened, former Speaker of the House Terrell Sessums said last night on "Access" on WUSF FM Sessums, who is currently teaching a course in state politics at USF, said past legislation has not been aimed at prohibiting conflicts of interest but rather demands public disclosure of such conflicts "WE NEED TO go beyond that," he said "We have to go beyond mere disclosure, which often goes undetected, to prohibiting those conflicts." Sessums said he believes as the credibility of public officials improves, voters will become less cynical and participate more in elections "We do have to show greater restraint than we have shown in limiting the number of elections and the number of ballots, he said. This wou ld also increase voter participation, he said. This year has been a very good year for women in politics, Sessums said, showing a change in general attitudes about women in public office "MANY WOMEN who have been elected to public office have Intern plans announced in Political Science The Political Science Department is now accepting applications for POL 571, Field Work. POL 571 provides an op portunity for students to work as research-administrative assistants in various institutions of local government, John Sidor, professor of Political Science said Positions for Qtr. 2 are available with the Tampa City Council the Tampa Metropolitan Development Agency the Hillsborough City-County Planning Commission, and the City Manager s Office in St. Petersburg Additional positions may be available in the City Manager's Office in Plant City, Pinellas Park and elsewhere The course is open to all majors. Applicants need to be graduate students s e niors or juniors and need to have ap proximately a B average in their major. Applications are available in the Political Science Department, SOC 352 and must be received by Monday, Dec 9. For further information contact John Sidor in SOC 369, or call 9742358. demonstrated they are very capable of doing a fine job he said. ''Th e bulk of the people are trying to determine the nature of the person they are dealing with irrespective of sex," Sessums said. "Ability, sincerity honesty and the training to do the job will be what elects a person to office Now accepting applications from neat, well-groomed individuals. Positions available: hostesses, waiters, cooks, bussers and dishwashers. STEAK 8301 N. Dale Mabry Tampa 933-7579 Equal Opportunity Employer Students, Faculty and Staff of U.S.F. \llQ SA VE $$ on TIRES (>''\ Mounting & Balancing 5 O % available 0 t\ Mastercharge BankAmericard:: Discount : [J Pon all tire urcha ._"'

18-THE ORACLE November 7 1974 'I: 'to re: 1:1 't Q:' { H "' JI' Slr!PPER \ .,._F ------'----!. UNtYellS ITY POWLGifl 80f./ti;l:W Yll.t.A o:i 8i#SCH 6t.v.o. -_. c"' soOTH .. -.. '. A spacious park setting in the heart of Tampa's Northside Luxury living minutes from the action 1and2 bedroom deluxe units from $175./month. The Deluxe Rental Apartment of TenniCondo 977-4800 14400 N 46thStre et Tampa Across from U.S.F. Golf Course Ph.971 14400 42nd St. Tampa Fla. !-: .c i &.t FLORAWOOD VILLAS New 2 Bedroom Duplex From $185 washerdryer hook-up central air. smaU pets welcome -. recreation room dishwashers and disposal COUNTRY LIVING 977-1142 CANTERBURY VILLAGE Q 1 bedroom $175 and $180 2 bedroom $190 4 bedroom townhouse $350 10 a.nd 12 month leases 1 month FREE RENT with a year's lease on a townhouse pool laundry facilities close to USF pets welcome WELCOME USF 985-4061 An Adult Complex A spacious park setting in the heart of Tampa's Northside. Luxury living minutes from the action. 1and2 bedroom delu x e units from $175./month. The Deluxe Rental Apartment of TenniCondo 977-4800 1440 0 N 46 th S treet Tamp a Acros s from U.S.F. Golf Course "Where b eautiful living meets the river" 5900 E. Sligh Avenue Tampa, Florida 33617 (J Phone 985-3962 or 985-2765 FONTANA HALL The finest in of -campus housing $ 6.30 a d ay includes: maid service pool table utilities 3 meals a day swimming pool Get on next quarter's waiting list TODAY 971-9550


( classified ads J THE ORACLE-November 7, 1974 19 .., I ... SERVICES OFFERED "" I GRE PREPARATION COURSE near USF. [ AUTOMOTIVE ] '69 CHEVROLET Biscayne-56,000 miles. AC, power brakes, & steering, automatic, Ampex cassette deck, excellent condition, Sl,000 offer, Craig 971-7463. 11 ;8 [ HELP WANTED ] .. MOTORCYCLES & SCOOTERS I HONDA CB 450 1970, 6100_miles. $600. Good condition. 988-4430 anytime. 11 ;8. TRAVEL OPPORTUNITIES I EUROPE-ISRAEL-AFRICA-ASIA -Travel discounts year round. Student Air Travel Agency, Inc. 5299 Roswell Road, Atlanta, Score 1,000 or your money back. 18 hrs. 535; course repeatable free. Over 800 have taken our course in South Florida in the last 3 years. For info call 305-854-7466. 10 1 J 8, 10, 15, 17, 22, 24, 29, 31. TYPING 66 PLYMOUTH. Well maintained. New brakes two tires. Needs lront end align ment. tune-up. Green, parked in FAO lot. Let's haggle, 621-1462. 11 ;8. PART -time Help in cleaning & cooking ne e ded immediately. Transportation & r eference needed. Excellent salary. Call 234-3761 afler4:30. 118 MARRIED childless couple to manage youth hostel SJOO per month plus apt. Call Dianne Talone229-6517 ll; l ,S,7,12. ... r ___ F_o_R_R.EN_T __.).. j 71/2MINUTES -THESES, dissertations, term papers, IBM, Fast, neat, accurate Turabian. 3 minutes USF. Nina Schiro, 971-2139. 12;6 FAST, accurate typing-professional results-48 hr. service. LIZ 879-7222 Ext. 238 (day) 988-3435 (eves) 10-2, J, 8, l 0, 15,17,22,24,29,31,115.7' 12, 14, )9 ,21,26, 12-3,5: FROM USF 12 WIDE MOBILE home-must sell due lo DELIVERY person needed. Part-time 5:308:30 Reliable with economical car. 988 8804, 985-2333. 11 ;7 r FOR SALE ) NO GENERATION GAP! THIS lovely home is right for all ages and near USF & VA hosp LR, DR. com b ination, Fam. Rm. J BR and 2 baths. Yes with cent. H-A, garage and fenced back yard. Priced in Mid JO's. Doesn't cost to take a look! IT'S MIGHTY NICE FOR this price! High 20's-C. H-A, 3 years young. 3 BR P h baths, new kitchen, garage-sidewalk for tykes. Call me at 877-4922. Pauline Ferraro 877-8227 Coyle Realty-Jeanne B Coyle Realtor 11;7,13 AMERICAN INDIAN JEWELRY: USF students have small Indian jewelry business, Zuni, Hopi, Navajo, very reasonable. Student prices. Call for ap pointment 977-7202. 11 ;1. l TV, STEREO I CITIZENS Band Radio Cobra S-SB BaseMobile five months old, with Asiatic Pre Amp Desk Mike, watt, swr, modulation meter, and 50' coax, call Ben at 971-3373. 11 ;8. SHARP Electronic Calculators. 529.95 to 5119.95. Call Tim Hammond Campus Representative 974-6348 Room 219. 11 ;19 STEREOS, TV's, Calculators Strictly Wholesale prices & quotes Top Brands: Marantz, Sony, Toshiba, Sinclair, etc. I am a student, not a store. You can save by calling Steve Most 977-7433 or Fontana Rm. 1333 971-9550 leave message. 11 ;12 ( LOST & FOUND J LOST black Playboy Bunny key ring. Keys attached. $5.00 Reward. 974-6593, John. 11 ;8 FOUND: One gold hooo earring on Thurs. downstairs ladies restroom Lan-Lit Bldg Identify in LET 472. 11 ;7 LOST : Kodak Pocket 110 Camera; has important film inside. Name engraved, reward offered. Carol 974-6375. 11 ;8 WHITE Spitz lost near u sF. Answers to Oso If found, call Yvonne at 971-2341, ext. so before 5:00 and 977-5358 after 5'00 11 ;14 New 2 bdr w-w carpet central heat and air, drapes, furn. $180-unfurn S155. Phone 988-6393. If RENT in a La Mancha Dos townhouse is only S72.00 to 590.00 per month. 1 block from campus off Fletcher on 42nd St 971-0100. 1 bedroom studios are now available at La Mancha Dos. Completely furnished, wallto-wall shag. 5165-month. l block from USF off Fletcher on 42nd St. 971-0100. TF. TRAILER Lots. Each has septic tank, well, and one acre fertile land. Ideal for large garden. Approx. 30 min. from USF. 535.00 per month. (904) 796-4948 Brooksville. 11 ;19 FOR RENT-Furn., one bedroom, near USF. Short term lease. No pets please. Call 977-1644 after 5 p.m. and weekends, 12709 N. 19th St. 12;6. NEW two bedroom duplex, 6 min. from USF. Unfurn. No deposit on pets, no lease required. Lots of room. 971-5605 10-31, 111,-5-6-7 8 11-12, 11-13, 11-14, 11-15 2 BR Mobile Home-$130.00 mo. Near S. Lutz-prefer couple or 2 single female students-baby OK. Call 98S-S492. 11 ;15 BEAUTIFUL apartment-all the con veniences, central air, balcony, dish washer, fish on dock off the river. Quiet, available immediately. 988-7234, 9889121. 11 ;15 2 BR DUPLEX. New duplex w-carpet, drapes, AC, fenced patio, trees, parking. Unfurnished. Have lowered rent to $145-mo. Call Mr. Coates, 876-2431 Ext. 35, day-870-1142eves. 11;13 ( PERSONAL ) ARTISTS & Craftsman can reserve space now for FESTIVAL OF THE HILL Nov. 21 & 22. Come to UC 222. 11 ;20 NEED roommate for Qtrs. II Ill. Call Maria-collect at 955-3336 and leave your number. 11 ; 7 I NTE RESTED IN Christian Science? I Want to find out more about it? Christian Science Organization at USF meets every Thursday at 4 :30 p m UC 200. 10-24,25,31, 11-7, 14 APTS. & HOUSES TO SHARE I GRAD. Student seeks female roomate to share completely furnished apartment, 2 bedrooms. $135.00 includes all utilities. Complex has pool-tennis courts. After 5:30 961-5317. 11 ;14 USE! the classifieds call 974-2620 Need foreign car parts? vw DATSUN TOYOTA TRIUMPH AND OTHERS MG OPEL Save with Student Discounts! We can serve you better because we stock parts and accessories for imported cars only! [Open Saturday 9 a.m. -1p.m.1 Daily 8:00 5:30 imported car parts 4218 Florida Ave. Ph. 237-3966 graduation. Take over payments of s77.77 per month. 855-4435 Ext. 59 or 54. 11 ;8. LARGE WOODED lot S min. from campus in small student o riented setting. Safe Area. Fishing or studying dock, garden tracts. Call Bob 988-4085. 12 ;6. SELL or renl-1 BR furnset up in nice park near USF and shoppingLess for cash Phone evenings-971-4654, 935-8354.. 11 ;8 CANOE RENTALS Day-Week Ph. 935-0018 10 4 THE SECRETARIAT Professional typing. Many type styles. Fast delivery. Call after 5:30. 933-4524.AL T 12;_4 I I Dave Heinz Imports Sales Service Parts 2:!8-8485 1101 E. Hillsborough Ave. S IZE P RICE (Men S M L XL/Wome n S M l) S 2 9 9 5 TOTAL ___ STATE ___ ZIP ___ W CCKS l'O'l OCl .. 1VCl>Y. Name. City I I I I ORACLE LET 472 -Tampa, Fla. 33620 Number of times to rur. .. Address Zip CLASSIFiED RATES: Campus-First 20 words minimum $1.20, paid in advance, with 1.0._ Additional .Wqf,dS 6 cents each Off-Campus. First 15 words minimum $1.50, j)aid in advance. Additional words 10 cents each. Deadline12 noon, 2 days prior to publication. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I _I _I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I l I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I


20 -THE ORACLE November 7, 1974 I FiJN STUFF I Floriland Mall Open Mon-Sat 10 am to 9 pm Looking for value? See us. JUST SAY "CHARGE IT" AT WARDS Get into tops and bottoms for fun and easy going togetherness.Feel great and look super, from a sale-priced group of action looks for juniors on the go in our Jr. Reflections Shop. Tops. Pop on top coverage 588 like this polyeste' r /cotton smock. Blue, green, wine, beige prints. S-M-L. Pants. Cuffed, stitch-creased, 9 88 casual-looking acrylic. Wine, hunter, cobalt, brown 5 to 13 Save 2.12 Juniors. Sale of all $8 tops and $}2 pants. 9393 Fla. Ave. Sundays 12:30 pm to 5:30 pm


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