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The oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Legislators will trim capital outlay request 0 R A ( BY MIKE ARCHER in projected state revenue next year. Assistant News Editor A $508 million capital outlay budget request for state universities, approved last week by the Board of Regents (BOR), will be significantly reduc.ed .in com-mittee, legislative leaders said yesterday. I'M VERY CAUTIOUS about the future," he said. However, Saunders said the $80 million decrease will not substantially dent the projected $5 billion state budget and the liklihood of cutbacks from last year's allocations for the universities is not great. Nov. 8, 1974 Capital outlay money is used for construction of new buildings and other facilities, roads, parking lots, the cost of renovating old facilities and utility costs. But, he said, the "quality" of univc;:rsity facilities will receive as much 'attention as the "quantity" of such L 9 No. 84 facilities. MEETING MONDAY in Gainesville, the BOR ap proved the capital outlay requests, about $20 million of which was requested by USF for the Tampa and :Sayboro campuses. Renovations of space at three of the older state in stitutions, Florida State University, University of Florida, and Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, will probably be considered prior to the f 12 pages Rep. Edmond Fortune, D-Pace, chairperson of the funding of new facilities, he said. House Appropriations Committee, said a special sub committee has been set up to help .limit capital outlay requests from the state universities and other governmental agencies. Senate Ways and Means Committee Chairperson Bob Saunders, D-Gainesville, said the subcommittee will work to develop a "common sense approach," to funding capital outlay. He said the BOR's $508 million request is "sub stantially far and away from what can be realistically considered." BVT HE ADDED, "that's not unsual," because the annual requests contain "everything the BOR feels is .. necessary." Final allocations never match these requests, he said. Fortune said ithas always been difficult to determine the capital outlay allocation for universities because the money from bonds backedby the gross utility tax, the amount of which is difficult to deter-. mine. "We're spendjng an awful lot of money," he said. "An d we really don't know if we need it." Fortune said the subcommittee will try to "hold the line as much as possible," due to an $80 million decrease Curious onlookers watch of Omega Psi Phi perform a fraternal routine outside the UC. Although the crowd may have enjoyed the spectacle, the purpose. of" :Omega Psi Phl's per.. formance was more than entertainment The USF students. were engaging in Black Greek Week, a fraternity. Bird nests purposely swept away Harry Kim nests swept away BY DAVID RUSS Oracle Staff Writer USF maintenance personnel swept egg-laden pigeon nests nestled atop ledges on the Social Science building onto the ground this week, killing unhatched birds in 10 to 15 of the nests, Dr. Harry Kim, professor of Geography, said yesterday. The ledges were then covered with an irritating gooey substance called "Roost-No-More," he said". KIM SAID he has received complaints from students who had been watching the b.irds build their nests and waiting for the eggs to hatch: Tuesday, the students noticed the nests were missing and in their place were long lines of yellow chemical paste designed to keep the birds from landing on the ledges, Kim said. Kim said he recovered one baby bird, hatched a day after the nests were removed, which had died "in ab sence of the mother bird, kept away by the paste." However, Robert Kraemer, superintendent of the Maintenance Department, said his personnel have not bothered pigeons at the Social Science Building "in over two months'." CHARLES BUTLER, .director of the Physicai Plant, said when pigeons land on the yellow paste -"it gives them a hot-foot _and they take off." The Physical Plant has no policy toward nests con taining eggs, Butler said. "I see_ no reason why the nest eggs can't be allowed to hatch and fully develop before they are removed and the applied." Butler said the substance is only a temporary solution because it wears off after a while and must be reapplied. "Besides, all it does is make them one building and fly to another." The removal of the nests is a "senseless and very sad solution to the pigeon problem at USF," Kim sajd. "I REALIZE the maintenance department wanted to save money and works on a limited budget," he said "But at the University we teach about ecology and man and we should be able to apply our knowledge and solve the problem without killing innocent creatures. He said building -design is to blame for the problem. The flat ledges afford the birds a perfect place to build their nests. Slanted covers or screening should be added to the ledges to keep the birds off, he said.


2-THE ORACLE November 8, 1974 Tapes declared proper evidence WASHINGTON U.S. District Judge John J. Sirica yesterday declared Richard M. Nixon's secret tapes to be proper evidence in the Watergate cover up trial, overriding defense objections that they were illegal wiretaps and thus inadmissible. In a brief courtroom statement. Sirica ruled that the prosecutors had laid "su fficient foundation to admit the Z G tapes, which include Nixon's White House conversations between June 23, 1972, six days after the Watergate bugging arrests, through April 26, 1973, as the alleged cover-up began to unravel. They are expected to be introduced beginning Monday in the trial of five men charged with attempting to cover up high level involvement in the break-in and bugging of Democratic national headquarters June 17, 1972. Sugar problems grow MANILA -The Philippine government yesterday ordered t he suspension of trading and export of sugar in the wake of a chain of six storms that destroyed sugar cane still in the fields The Philippines is one of the From the wires of UPI world s major suppliers of sugar. whose prices on th e London Termin a l Market reached record highs because of scarcity. Cancer link seen WASHINGTON An environmental group said yesterday it has uncovered a "significant relationship" between cancer deaths and drinking water taken from the Mississippi River. More than 1 million persons in llO L ouisiana parishes who drink Mississippi water may be ex posed to the problem, the Environmental Defense Fund said. Rebel forces revolt LA PAZ Bolivia -Radio stations broadcasting in Santa Cruz in southeastern Bolivia announced yesterday that rebel forces in full scale revolt against the military. government of President Hugo Banzer were in control of the city Prison employe.s Four h ours later. the Bolivian joint chiefs of staff declared that the government was in control of the s ituation. Tlw rev olt Jed by dissident members of the two major political parties and small groups of a rebel regiment quartered in Santa Cruz. failed to gain support and were crushed. t h e government said. Order to shoot, late CLEVELAND -An Ohio Highway Patrol investig ator testified yesterday that an Ohio National Guard sergeant told him he gave an order for Guard troops to fire during student demonstrations at Kent State University but the order came after some shots had already been fired. Kissinger delays trip ANKARA Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger has post poned his scheduled visit to Ankara because Turkey has been unable to solve its 53-day-old government crisis, premier designate Bulent Ecevit said yesterday_ Ecevit also said he was quitting efforts to form a new government. He mentioned no new date for the Kissinger visit, originally set for today and tomorrow to discuss the Cyprus problem. Ecevit said he had asked Pres.Fahri Korut.urk to relieve him of the task of forming a n ew government and the president accept e d. Ecevit had a 40-minute meeting wit h U.S. Ambassador William B Macomber. their sec ond in two da ys. f **!** fI11 University of Tampa $ : F oothall Games : : 1h price on $6 reserved seats : : except Fla. A & M :ame : : tickets available at student 7 l -tc union on campus on y nov. 9 : Tampa vs. West Trxa:-; Statr tampa :::::::::: {::::::,.......=-NOW OPEN! The first :! of 4 cinemas unlUEASITW 1 977-1410 UNIVERSITY SQ.MAU 2200 E fOWLER AVE. 'tack drug train ing ... T .... o- .-0--0 BURT REYNOLDS TALLAHASSEE -Department of Health and Reha bili ta tive Services Secretary 0. J Keller said yesterday that workers inside Florida's prisons lack adequate to cope with inmate drug addiction and alcoholism problems. Keller told educators and state officials attending a special seminar held b y the Florida Drug Abuse Prevention and Education Trust that 82 per cent of the state's prisoners have drug and alcohol problems. I am urging more one-or two day seminars for volunteer and professional workers for training on how to treat and handle drug offend .ers,': said Keller. Stone to :be named 'rALLAHASSEE Sen -elect Richard Stone and Lieutenant Governor-elect Jim Williams are almost certain to be among national conventioq. delegates to be named here today and tomorrow by the state Democrat.ic Executive Committee. i The committee chooses io delegates to round out a Florjda roster of 48elected and 13 ex official delegates to represent Florida at the national mid-term convention in Kansas City. The ex-official delegates are From the Wires of United Press International Gov. Reubin Askew, Sen. Lawton Chiles and t he state's Democratic congressmen. Space mission staged CAPE The 1,100-member team which has launched and guarded the safety of American astronauts in space for six years staged a major dress rehearsal yesterday for next year's U.S.-Russian joint space mission The.rehearsal marked the beginning of the end for the entire team; which will be disbancted after the July 15 launch. That will be the last Apollo mission and will end a special career for the engineers and officials who have worked together in control centers for many years, some' of them dating. back to America's first manned rocket' launch in May of 1961. -IMPORT ffiOJOR PllRIS JlO No Dale Mabrv Rd Tampa. F 1or ida 876 7021 10 per cent discount with this. coupon The Oracle is the. official student-edited newspaper of the University of South Florida and is published four times weekly, Tuesday through Friday, during the academic vearperiod September through midJUne ; twice during the academic year period mid-June through August, by the University of South Florida, 4202 Fowler Ave., Tampa, Fla. 33620. Opinions expressed in the Cracle are those ot the editors or of the writer and not those of the University. of South Florida. Address correspondence to the Oracle, LET 472, Tampa, Fla. 33620. Second class postage paid at Tampa, Fla. The Oracle reserves the right to regulate the tyPographical tone of all advertisements and revise or turn-away copy it considers objectionable. Programs, activities and facilities Ot the University of South Florida are available to all on a non-discriminatory basis, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age or national origin. The University is an affirmative action Equal Opportunity Employer. New Policy F amily Entertainment All S ea ts s2.oo At All Times DOUBLE FEATURE 1. Five Easy Pieces-R with Jack Nicholson and Karen Black 2. Easy Rider -R with Peter Fonda and Jack Nicholson Midnite Show Fri. & Sat. NOW OPEN 113th Avenue N. and 30th St. SHER. WOOD'S lnn PANCAKE HOUSE Convenientto USF for breakfast, lunch, dinner. Doors open 6 a.m. daily!


Status of Women group opposes proposed changes THE ORACLE -November 8, 1974 3 NOVA VILLA -2 bdrm., unfur. in Temple Terrace (2 locations) from $160 1000 ft. north of Fowler on 58th St. 988-2412 988-2102 Cecil Mackey group 'less unique' Members of the Status of Women Committee said yesterday they feared an upcoming reorganization by USF Pres. Cecil Mackey will destroy the "uniqueness" of the group. "Status of Women Committees are rather new That's the uniqueness of it, Associate Professor of Humanities Gladys Kashdin said "Never before have committees on campuses looked into sexual discrimination. Our problem is Simmons appointed Procurement chief Acting Director of Procurement Keith Simmons has been named permanent head of Procurement Bob Wallace, assistant vice president for Administration said yesterday Simmons replaces Ed Beatie, who resigned the post earlier this quarter. Wallace said Simmons was chosen after a tw

4-THE ORACLE November 8, 1974 Bargaining U FF won't g o away Whether all members of the State University System < SUS ) staff or the faculty at the nine state schools like it or not, collective bargaining is a very real force which will have to be faced. Pretending it has not been given sanction by legislation passed last session is like stick i ng your head in the sand and pretending anything you are uncomfortable with will go away Collective bargaining and the United Facultv of Florida

THE ORACLE -November 8, 1974 DOONESBURY by Garry Trudeau CLEP: Is it any good? 50 WHAT:S HAPPENIN; MAN? \ RIJFIJS, I OON'T KNOW WHAT's HAPPENING. IF I 0/0, I WOt/tON'T BE H!3Rc .. BY ARNOLD L. STOLBERG Graduate Student I am writing about a serious problem is arising as a result of the great increase in the use of the CLEP tests. i have been involved in the evalu ation of the CLEP examinations While so involved, I have observed the administration of our university irresponsibly expending a great deal of energy lauding the benefits of this examination; namely getting a degree i n less time without warning the un wary student of the possible hazards of such a course of ac tions. gutst commtntary,_ The first of these problems will seriously affect those students whose aspirations include a graduate education The com petition for admission into law schools medical schools and graduate schools especially in Psychology, is becoming in creasingly more keen. Because the credentials of the students I Endorsement 'inconsistent' Editor : My objection to the Oracle's endorsement of Jeffrey Latham over Tom O M a lle y in the race for Insurance C ommissioner lies in the unreasoning stigma you attach to the indictment of Mr. O 'J\.lalley. The inconsistenc y of your position is demonstrated when one remembers that you favor equal opportunity for guilty . { J Petit thanked for assistance \'.i Edit o r : 111 56 N. 30th St. (Across From Schlitz) I would like to thank the members of SG (e specially Doug Petti tl for their help in obtaining my rent deposit. After many attempts over a two and one-half month period one phorie call from SG did the job. Name Withl)eld as requested New Hours: Mon. thru Sat. 12-9 p.m. Sunday 12-6 p.mlt decide ; it s high time that we all remember that" even elected officials are innocent until proven guilty in a c ourt of law. Steven Vincent 3EGB Fun-Furniture Bean Bag Chairs Passion Pads-Extra Long Filling for Chairs CONEY' S INTERIORS : ll;; S. Howard 258-2J : H Minimum maintainence hair i s the goal o f the profess i onal hairc uttet's at the House of England. They feature the finest hairstyling designe d according lo your type of .hair, your f eatures, and your. li f estyle. They'll also teach you a bout the chemistry of your hair and the products you use on ii. Education is the answer ... to most hair problems because nobody ever taught you how to do ii yourself. The House of England staff will create a hairstyle that not only looks great w hen yo u l eave t he salon but leach you hov1 to dupl icate ii at h ome. Confidence is the feeling ... you II hav e with your newfound knowledge about your h air. You'll n ever again b e plagued with terminal frizzies o r be searchi ng for y o u r h a t No w y ou ll know h o w t o cl e an s e treat, and groom your ha ir, Ii ke a professiona I. A n e w you is the reward ... from a trip to the House of Engla nd Be part o f today with happy h ealthy, hair Hair that Shines and swings Wash and w ear hair. Hair that says you' r e wilh it, here an d now. Brought to you b y the p e ople w h o love y our h a i r a' much as you do. By Appointment Only 585-6544 Open till 8 Wed and Fri. 511 Ro1cuy Road. Largo applying are becoming significantly more impressive because the number of positions available is decreasing and because the number of applications is on the rise, the prospective applicant must be concerned about improving his list of qualifications in every way possible. When decisions are based on minute details the student who has skipped one or more years of his undergraduate only stands to lose in the evaluation There is less with which to measure his accomplishments. If the student has any interest at all in tending some graduate program, he should discuss this with a faculty member in his prospective field -of interest. It will be unfortunate when he learns the truth from first hand experience-:too late The second point that I wish to make refers to the mean i ng of a college education. Many people pursue a college degree with the hopes of improving their em ployment status. The unfortunate reality is that a bachelor s degree is no longer the key to a better job. Given this. one can only ask the question as to the merit of shortening one's academic ex perience. The most anyone can hope to gain is an increased exposure to a variety of in t e 11 e ct u al experiences. Bypassing a year of school will only serve to decrease this last remaining benefit. Until a legitimate analysis of these examinations and their impact can be made, the heavy push for their use should cease. You, as students, should demand a complete ex planation of the situation because you are the only ones who stand to lose and the cost may be g reat. The administration benefits from the increase in hours and in the increase in degrees awarded, but the students loss may be felt by rejection from graudate schools and in an inferior education. SELECT WLfVES, CHEESES DELI 1 l1EATS TRAYS Chi Alpha Open Frida y s till 9 p.m. B USC H BLV D BULLARD PARKWAY Bullard :;; Parkway t Near Corner Of "' I 56th & Buscb Blvd for those who wanl to work out their faith in the contemporary s c ene ." Tuesdays 9 p.m. .. 3X BERGMAN .PERSONA Stars. Bibi Anderson, Liv Ullmann Best: Picture, Director, Actress ... National Society of Film Critics Friday Nov. 8, 7: 30 & 9: 30 p.m. ENA $1.00 INGMAR BERGMAN'S JEWELED HORROR TALE HOUR OF THE WOLF Saturday Nov. 9, 7: 30 & 9: 30 p.m. ENA $1.00 S ff AME Max Von Sydow BEST: Picture, Director, Actress ... National Society of Film Critics Sunday Nov. 10, 7: 30 & 9: 30 p.m. ENA $1.00 Film Art Series Suggested for Mature Audiences


6-THE ORACLE ----------, eg offers 11 ; Po' Boys,' 1 1 c heap ale i II i. Is the price of beer in ; the Empty Keg too much for you? Theri listen to the "Po' Boys" 1 1 today at Slappy Hour from 3 to 5 p.m. in the I Empty Keg North. Beer is reduced courtesy of Saga. The "Po' Boys" is a three-member local i i group that plays 11 8 established acoustic rock tunes and a few rn original. numbers. Formed three months 1 ago, it has played the 1j I Collage, Stonehenge and Mi Back Yard. The group members are Billy Daniels on 1, l harp, Richard Ferrera :; on guitar and Ralph i Ferrera on piano and melodica. The Ferrera I i also do vocals l I They play soiigs such i I 1 as "Swe_et Virginia," i "Midnight Rambler," "Dixie Lullaby" -and ID I\ "Wang Dang Doodle," plus Ralph's original i works. like "At Home." I I APOLOGIES The Oracle _apologizes to stud ent Joy<;e .. Zipkin for not crediting her with the picture run yesterday of her photograph "Untitled," currently on exhibit In F -AH 110. RANSOM Members of Lamba Chi Alpha were on the loose kidnaping students last night. Ransom for their hostages is a minimum to two cans of food. The canned goQdswill be donated to Corpus Christi. Catholic Church for distribution to the needy .for 1'hanksgiving. RED TIDE Director of Sponsored Research at USF, Dr. William Taft, will host the. WUSF-FM < 98. 7) radio caH-in program "New Directions." His guest for today's 9 a.m. show will be Dean Martin of the Chemistry Dep?rtment speaking on red tide. THEi\TRE The TAR 454 Theatre Lab Workshop will continue todav at 2 with "Los Vendidos'; and "Animal" in TAR 120 The production is free. "Vendidos," directed by Rosemary Orlando, stars s tudents Jeff Norton, Tom Lewis, Mike Billeris, Eddie Wison, Mark Wilson and Chifra Holt. "Animal," directed by Heather Gubner, takes a light look at a frantic mother and her attempts to introduce her daughter to the proper ways of society. BRAZILIA Tonight at i ::lo in UC 252, you can spend "A Night in Brazil." The program is by the Foreign Student Committee of the World Affairs Council. Guest of honor Valdemir deFranca, the Brazilian Vice Consul of the Embassy of Brazil at Miami, will November 8, 1974 Three Bergman films screened "Persona" Tonight "Hour of the Wolf" Tomorrow "Shame" Sunday 7:30 and 9:30 Engineering Auditorium Reviewed by ELLIE SOMMER Entertainment Editor For those filmgoers who eagerly pursue the art in cinema, Ingmar Bergman will once again pose three of his impossible and provocative visions on screen. USF in the past few years has enjoyed a vast exposure to the brilliant Swedish director through the courtesy of. Florida Center the Arts. "Hour of the Wolf" 0968) is by far. the best of the presentations. The images are sterile and concise, as is Bergman's style He introduces madness and demonism through an artist's inner dreams. Leaving only a diary, an artist

luc offers comedy, music in Keg I THE ORACLE -November 8, 1974 BY DAN CALLAHAN Entertainment \l\'riter To hear the best performers do their thing on sta ge come to the Empty Kei; South tonight and tomorrow at 8 p m Each act will perform a thirty minute set, and five acts will be feat ured each night. Nellie Zamora will open Friday night with her folk-Spanish style mus ic Z;rn10ra began playing guitar five years ago in high She does a lo t of her own songs along with popular Spanish son gs I have ten original turies I'd like to do something with r:.omeday," she said. Next will be Larry Feldman and O.V. Hanger who have piayed together since this past July They perform original acoustic music with influences of "Crosby, Stills Nash and Young Guitarist Henry Sellenthin will be the t hird performer tonight. He has been pla y ing seriously for the past two years. I ve always fooled around with the piano. We had one in our home, he said. Henry Gradstien and Adam Leslie will perform their comedy routine in the fourth slot. Bruce Shatkun will close this evening with country rock music. He has played guitar for 11 years. Saturday night begins with Steve Carlin s mostly original music Steve started playing guitar four years ago. "I love all kinds of music. I started playing for expression, Carlin said. '" Oracle Photo by Mark Sherman Last two performances. John Esak will follow, playing songs by the Beatles The Band Chuck Berry and some original tunes. He is a graduate student in Music at USF. Next Alan Mandell will do a comedy routine. I don't try to draw from any particular comedian. I'm trying to be original," he said He started doing comedy four years ago in Jacksonville. The fourth act is Suzanne Stevenson singing some hot numbers from the '30s and '40s. Maggie Zeh will end the talent show with her own music and songs of Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez. She has been singing all her life and been playing the guitar for five years, she said. "I feel this is the best way I can express myself." ...biting comedy," Butley" Presented by explores ttie complex The Theatre Department relationship between a Univ. of South Florida university lecturer and his UNIVERSITY former star pupil. THEATRE The Evening Stal)dard (London) heralded November 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 "Butley" as"best new play 8:30 p.m. of the year" in 1972. USF Students free, Gen. $3, Other Stu. $1.50 Reservations: 813-974-2323 weekdays 9 4:30 p .m. Theatre Box Office open weekdays 1: 15 4 : 30 p;m. DOWN CLOTHES IN FLORIDA? .YOU.BET! Don't freeze on that deer stand, in that canoe, on that bike or camping trip, "speck" fishing, Thur., Fri., 9 9 7 Emotional explosion or even at Tampa Stadium watching the Spartans play. Mon., Tues., Wed. Sat., 9 6 Today ls the last day to experience the theatrical montage of dance, music and poetry directed by Berrrard Downs, speech instructor. Adapted from the works o f Dame Edith Sitwell, "Facade" will be presented at 2 Take along the "SUPERVEST" by Snow Lion into its own stuff-sack about the size of an orange, av. wt. 15 oz. CAii Sizes-XS, S M L XL) ALSO IN STOCK: Sweaters, Coats; Hoods, Mit tens, & Sleep ing Bags. Polarguard -Parkas & Sleeping Bags. Fiberfill II-Sleeping Bags. p .m. in LET 103. Just 3 Blocks South of Busch Gardens at 8711 N. 40th St. 988-0045 'Firesign' show presented by Head Theatre A special perform anc e of the Firesign Theater's "The Further Adventures of Nick Danger" will highlight the Hea d Theatre Follies talen t show this weekend, sponsored by SGP The pla y is the first major p rod uction of the Head Theatre Follies," Jody Ben tiey, director of "N ick Danger," said. According to the re(!ord album on which th e play appears, "Ni ck Danger" is "an original radio script first broadcast Dec. 7, 1941 on the Firesign Mystery Theater But as Ben tley will tell you, "It sounds official, but they must be kidding." Buster Keaton and Little Rascals shorts wiil also be shown. One of the Keaton shorts, "Cops," features a recorded musical soundtrack by Dr John Knocky Parker. Head Theatre begins midnight Friday and Saturda y in LET 103. "Nick Danger" plays at 12:30 a.m. and runs 30 minutes, followed bv more films. Ad mission is free with validated ID. We 1T,.aited to Get the "VERY BEST RECIPE" .... and Sou! Tre can offer th is Exciting New Taste ... Call in your order. Pick up in 10 min. Available at ... Andros Snack Bar (974-2671)-open till 1:00 a.m. Brahman Ice Cream Parlor (974-2397) -open til 12 UC Snack Bar (974-2392) -open till 11 :00 Sun. -Thurs. J V 0 U7! Enjoy Your Favorite Pizza 1citlwut /earing the campus! ..;,_PRICES-12" Cheese Pizza $1.90 -Pepperoni ....... add .35 Sausage ........... add .35 l\ilushroom ...... .. add .35 Onions ............ add .20 Peppers ........... add .20 Call In And Pick Up


8 -THE ORACLE Brahmans down Tech 2-1 sports November 8, 1974 It's the classic matchup. USF, fighting for a postseason NCAA soccer tournament bid, enters the contest with a quality defense. Eckerd, led by phenomenal scorer Martin Bremer, boasts a potent offense. USF to finish fall season Coach Jack Butterfield will get his last look at USF's baseball players before January, as the Brahmans wrap up their fall exhibition season with a three-game home stand this weekend. USF, 12-4-2, entertains Florida College today at 3:30 p.m. then meets Tampa ina twin bill tieginning at 1:30p.m tomorrow. For Butterfield, in his first year as USF head baseball coach, the close of the season means he must cho0se who will be invited back to next year's tryouts. "All we've tried to do this fall is evaluate all the players," But-. terfield said. "We're going to make some hard decisions over the winter." "We've learned a lot about the players and I'm sure the players have learned a lot abot our system of doing things. It's been mutually beneficial." Jim Klindt and Mark Miggins will pitch today, Butterfield said, while Steve Ruling, Mark Baum, Chris Welsh, Jay Keller and Doug Hollins will work tomorrow's doubleheader. Deadline today for IM. entries The Brahman defense, which was apparent in yesterday's 2-1 victory over Florida Tech ( FTU), has performed well all year. In amassing a 6-5-2 season record, USF has allowed just 16 points BUT THE Brahman offense has suffered. The team has scored just 20 goals. Yesterday it took a penalty kick by Larry Byrne to win the game. "We were flat again, USF's Fred Sikorski said after his team's final home game of the year. "When we don't play good teams we just don't play good." At 2 p.m. tomorrow in St. Petersburg, the Brahmans will meet the Tritons, one of the top Division III schools in the country. And Eckerd's Bremer has already outscored the entire USF squad with 25 goals. Even goalie Jim DiNoble has one goal to his credit. His defensive ability may not match FTU's Winston Men and women interested in signing up for intramural cross country or archery must submit entry blanks to the Intramural Office, PED 100, by 5 p.m. today. L..m aadbutchersJ Those entering .the archery tournament may shoot Tuesday or Wednesday from 6 p.m. Cross country will be held Thursday at 4:15 p.m. on the two mile course across the street from the Campus Information Center. More information may be obtained by contacting the In tramural Office at 974-2125. Beer Imported Domestic Draught or Bottled 11-1 a.m. weekdays Side Orders Corned beef Kosher pickles Ham & Swiss Sauerkraut combination Basket 'o Chips kosher pickled tomatoe Reuben Turkey Pastrami 730 W. Brandon Blvd. Wine Champagne 1 Rose 1 Sangria 1 White wine .Beaujolais 1-12 p.m. Sundays DEAR A 'KADAMA MAMA, RECIPES FOR A DEEP THIRST. Dear Akadama Mama .. ,I. was caught .in: your can!t-hurtme-and sorrx-it-you-scared-me mouse trap. And you'll be pleased to know I wasn't hurt or anymore scared than someone being trapped in an elevator overnight. Barbara Joy, the lady who caught me and a mouse's bestfriend, has been making .. me the' drihks on.therecipe card you sent along They sure are good and I jike them but getting along ln a people world gives me a deep thirst so please send me a whole bunch more. Rover Dear Rov, Sorry for the delay. But Vern, my friend and goldfish, got' his tank water all over vour retu rn address. So the or.ily way to send you more recipes was through this ad. Dubose's, who recorded 18 saves in the first half yesterday. But it has resulted in a number of Eckerd shutouts. l'SF'S FI:\'AL regular season game is alo its last chance to impress the NCAA selection committee. "I think we've got a real good char, of getting a bid," Coach Dan Holcomb said. "It's. looking better ever day," said Sikorski. 248-5935 R1veone11 1603Y2 7th AVENUE YBOR CITY HANDCRAFTED JEWELRY HANDMADE & IMPORTED CLOTHING MADE TO ORDER EMBROIDERED CLOTHING cont/us CALCULATOR SALE THE BASIC CALCULATOR WITH PERCENT% KEY AND SQUARE ROOT CORVUS 312 INCLUDES: A/C ADAPTER-CHARGER AND CARRYING CASE FOR HOME, SCHOOL & BUSINESS Corvus Is a subsicjiary of MOSTEK Corporation, a In MOS/LSI elec Ironic technology ond the first company in the world to introduce the single chip calculator integrated cir(uit in 1970. J RECHARGEABLE MEMORY Automatic percentage key ("lo) Automatic constant on all five functions. Eight.:c!igit display with full. floating decimal and negative sign. Memory storage indicator. Nickel codmium rechargsable batteries and AC adapter I charger. PORTABLE SLID. RULE CALCULATOR WITH MEMORY o;rect Acee" Mer..,,., pnMdes stn;!Hioy (MS) and Rocall (MR) for s1oring lntomlod'IC19 resdt.s or constants. Special scientific funttlons tndude Reciprocol,Square Root, Pl. Addition, Subtrocticn, MulHphcatlon, cnl Division functions at th.o touch of a by. ConYenlent fJtchonge {EXJ lcey exchangtt contents of display with memory.. S::ientific Notation {EE} allows manuc1 entry of number. Automatic conver!Ion to sdtntffic nOtatfon _,,., onswe'rs 10 to the 6th degrff or 10 to the ,'95 .. ,-Jrd dgcee. "Automatic constant en standard fundtonl (always second nvrnber f'ntered). full-tlooliog decimcl. Mixed/chain calculations, powen.. Algebraic logic makes problem ent:y slmple .... exac.lly as you write it. Bright, 1 O

( football f oretast J Editor's note-Last week Jeff Whittle was 8-2, so he's now 28-12 overall. I dropped to 6 -4, and 44-15-1. College BY RINDY WEATHERLY Oracle SportS 't!}di.tor FLORl':1: .. 0VER the Bulldogs can't b .. ...ton, they sur beat Florida. The Su ur\d >reputation to protect. \ .. ...::, .. ALAB .,. R. 1:> Richard TpdcCa'nQ/G:if will wash LSU otif OHIO ST4,TE Q Spartans Archie Griffin and hi PENN STATE OV J STATE -Joe Paterno' s may have some troublewi too m.uch. BRIGHAM YOUNG OW BYU is making a serio:; Athletic Conference ch MIAMI OVER FLORI straight. The Seminol showing promise earl" MICHIGAN OVER wm have to play l?, diana AUBURNOV these teatl}f _.v losses last/We SOU '' .. LIFORNIA OVER S : T ... T ran into trouble agains should be easier, but the n counted out completely. .... .. .... OVER BAYLOR The Longhorns are ge & stronger every week, anticipating their shootout with Texas A&M. This could be close, though, because the Bears are fierce in their own den Pro BY JEFF WHITTLE Oracle Sports Writer MINNESOTA OVER ST. LOUISA hard hitting game that probably won't see many points scored. Chuck Foreman should be the difference against the crippled Cards OAKLAND, Q'VSf bti:'IROIT The Lions are playing out leag1*in more ways than one. DALLAS Although the Cowbo ir'. s this year, NEW ENGLA the poor Browns. week's frustratiot.i WASHINGTOJt L .. EagJes have losr'P while the Redsk( Still, it could be"'i LOS ANGELES Brocklin may be g more than a new c could lose big BUFFALOOV off and running may beat them, b PITTSBURGH OVER CINC game but the Steelers a:re deep .er fenses will make it exciting. ren't. .. K JETS MIAMI OVER NEW ORLEANS The Dolphins finally found their offense last week. The Saints never had one Gym to close on Saturdays Dual autocross scheduled The gymnasium and equipment room will be closed Saturdays due to a shortage of personnel, Assistant Coordinator of Recreational Sports Andy Honker said. They will remain open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m until 9:45 p m. The Fourth Annual Autumn Dual Autocross will be held Sunday at noon in Commuter Lot 22. The event a autocross is sponsored by USF s Sports Car Club Trophies will be awarded in every class. There will be two mirror-image courses with two cars traveling them at the same time, racing each other and the clock. Admission is free. Students and members of the Council of Tampa Bay Autosports Clubs must pay $3.50 to enter and others will be charged $4. Regi stratiort for the autocross is at 10 a m An open practice will be held tomorrow at noon ; also at Commuter Lot 22. Those par ticipating will be charged $1. THE ORACLE -November 8, 1974 9 Mackey to play lacrosse USF Pres. Cecil Mackey will be playing with the lacrosse team at tomorrow's practice, from 10 a m to noon at the intramural fields At the Activities Mart auction Oct. 9, the lacrosse team arid SG made a joint bid of $55 to have Mackey at their command for 30 minutes each. He has already fulfilled his obligation to SG by handing out pamphlets. Mackey was not sure what position he will play. "Anything that doesn't look hazardous to life and limb, I'll try," he said. While he was at the University of Illinois, Mackey was active in tennis, handball, boxing, basketball and volleyball. Of his future lacrosse plans, Mackey said, "If it turns out to be a game I can play and enjoy, I wouldn't rule out the idea (of playing again)." The Aorida Wheels BV (Tampa team) vs. Ft. Lauderdale Gold Coasters (Conference champs) Saturday, November 9 8 p.m. USF Gym $1.00 Donation ADIDAS Join The Ecology Fight! T-Shirfs White Red Yellow Blue Give a "Beautiful" REAL LIVE TREE This Year. One That They Can Decorate for Christmas. We have NORFOLK ISLAND Pl N ES C5 ft. Tall) (Reserve yours now with. a small deposit) $2.39 ea.I Also TERRARIUMS, SAND GRAVEL, FIGURINES, TERRARIUM PLANTS (and FREE instructions), INDOOR PLANTS AND TREES (Outdoor Too), HANGING GARDENS AND BASKETS full of Healthy and Happy Plants. SPECIAL Boutique Plant Get to----11154 N. 30th St. (Across from Schlitz) 971-0421 False Aralias (Triples) 2.50 Mums (Potted) 2.50 Adoption Center OPEN WEEKENDS and WEEKDAYS 9-5: 30 Corner 56th St. and 127th Ave. J;J;b,. (Closed Wednesday) !Temple Terrace belween Fletcher & Fowler) Sig Difference In Prescription Prices (These prices quoted as of Aug. 15 197 4 from Tampa Tribune) -tc********************** t Check Campus Hydropres Valium Lanoxin Ampicillin Norinyl Hycodan ..,.(hypertension, (tranquilizer) (heart) (antibiotic, -tc d t )

10-THE ORACLE November 8, 1974 Saga to be investigated by Student Senate group BY ILENE JACOBS Oracle Staff Writer The SG Resident Affairs Committee will initiate its in vestigation of Saga Food Service at Tuesday's Student Senate meeting, Committee Chairperson Cecil White said. "Nothing has been started as yet, he said. The senate voted to direct the action at this Tuesday's meeting. The investigation stems from "numerous complaints" con cerning the quality of the food service provided by Saga, Senators Barbara Frank and Richard Sarafan said. Frank told the senators she has received complaints about food with expired dates being sold in the vending machines, in secticides being stored with food, mishandling of ice and nonrefrigeration of mayonnaise products. Presidents' lobbying good idea: Mackey The Resident Affairs Committee was authorized by the senate to document these com plaints and to investigate their validity. "There's good reason to have an investigation, I assure you," Sarafan told the senate. USF Pres. Cecil Mackey said yesterday university presidents should personally lobby the Legislature to secure funding. Speaking on Emphasis on WUSF-TV, Mackey said "It would be helpful to have a representative of a particular institution working in the legislative process." Mackey said university presidents primarily need to work for more resources but should also push for reassessment of the method of allocating resources. "We need to emphasize our accomplishments," he said. Many of the Legislature's actions show thev doubt the benefits some of programs. he said. Mackey also said there was overwhelming support from faculty and administrators as well as from many students to return to the semester system. "The primary objective is to get the universities, community colleges and public schools on a common calendar," he said. The semester system would also save money by reducing the time spent processing registration forms. schedule changes and other items. Mackey said. However, he said much of the preliminary investigation leading to the official study was "personal." "Lots of friends complained and people in the SG office complained," he said. He said he had tried to deter mine the expiration dates on food purchased in vending machines, but had compiled no data, as the dates were in code. Exclusive Campus Showings <1> Jesus Christ Superstar 1:15-3:15-5:15-7:15-9:15 (G) (2) $1.00 'Tll 2 P.M. EVERYDAY An all NEW film ... AIRPORT 1975 :J'Q' A IHYERSAL PICTURE TECHNICOLQP. -A'ilSIOll" \ -::J ) ./. 1:30-330 5:30-J-30 930 B -ONESB:'AK)ERs ''' OMAR KHAYYAM Persian-American Restaurant Saeed B. Shirvani welcomes his many friends from USF. They have helped him in school and in business. Now, the OMAR KHAYYAM says THANKS by serving fine Persian and favorite American foodsat easy to take prices. Featuring American food and sandwiches at lunch Persian, Near Eastern and American Dinners The OMAR KHAYYAM RESTAURANT 4115 East Hillsborough Avenue 626-2070 .,.,_ _____ THURSDAY Coming October 10th "The Big ,\pple Ifrrnc". A night especially concciYcd for people 21 old and older. W c have happening-every day of the week. MONDAY is Rock :'\' Roll a nostalgia rendition of ;ill the oldies. There arc dann' contests. prizes and general fun for all. TUESDAY at lunch Stuff to Wear Fashion Show. Tuesday night is Country Dinner ni.irht. a mixture of food and music. r.rcat Banjo music and any one of t hrec different special menus. Buffet Style. WEDNESDAY Paul Riley. ,\n acoustical guitar player that we hclieYe you will en.ioy very much. In fact. we think he is so g-ood wc\e g-iven him three other ni.!!hb: Friday. Saturday and Sunday. Ask your Waiter ;ibout it. FRIDAY starts the week-end and we feel that Paul Riley is a good way to start. SATURDAY and Sunday we have Eggs Benedict and Champa!("ne from 12 until 2 p.m. Again Paul Riley will appear those nig-hts. SUNDAY along with the Eggs Benedict ;iml ( 'hampag-ne you can enjoy a special Prime Rih dinner from Ii :00 p.m. uni ii 11 :00 p.m. or until it runs out. COME JOIN THE GREAT GOINGS-ON!


( tlassified ads J THE ORACLE-November 8, 1974 11 { MOBILE HOMES J ( AUTOMOTIVE l 1 2 WIDE MOBILE home-must sell due to graduation. Take over payments of 577.77 per month. 855-4435 Ext. 59 or 54. 11 ;8. '69 CHEVROLET Biscayne-56,000 miles, AC, power brakes, & steering, automatic, Ampex cassette d\!ck, excellent condition, Sl ,000 offer, Cr 3ig 971-7463. 11 ;8 HELP WANTED J P .!l.RT-time Help in cleaning & cookin'9-:-.eeded immediately. Transportation & reference needed. Excellent salary. Ca!I 234-3761 afler4:30. 11-8. I ED cti i : !lless lo manage youth $300 per month plus apt. Call Dianne T alone229-6517 ll; l ,5,7,12. TEMPORARY HELP Agency seeks students for exciting parttimc work. High pay, hours flexible. Call now for info-935">i14. 12;6 r FOR SALE J NO GENERATION GAP! THIS lovely home is right for all ages and near USF & VA hosp. LR, DR com bination, Fam. Rm.,3 BR and 2 baths. Yes with cent. H-A, garage and fenced back. yard. Priced in Mid JO's. Doesn't cost to take a look! IT'S MIGHTY NICE FOR this price! High 20's-C. H-A, 3 years yoong. 3 BR., 11/2 baths, new kitchen, garage-sidewalk for tykes. Call me at 877-4922. Pauline Ferraro 877-8227 Coyle Realty-Jeanne B. Coyle Realtor 11 ; 7,13 AMERICAN INDIAN JEWELRY: USF students have small Indian jewelry business, Zuni, Hopi, Navajo, very reasonable. Student prices. Call for ap pointinent 977-7202. 11 ;l. CANOES! New 16 font fiberglass. Namebrand-guarantee. S138.00 Hurry! Call 229-0561, 2904 Florida Ave. 11 ;15 1 TV, RADIO, STEREO"' t CITIZENS Band Radio Cobra S-SB Base Mobile five months old, with Asiatic Pre Amp Desk Mike, ,watt, swr, modulation meter, _and. SO' .coax, call Ben at 971n,8. SHARP Ele.ctronic' Calculators. 529.95 to S119.95. Call Tim Hammond c ampus Representative 974-6348 Room 219. 11 ;19 STEREOS, TV's, Calculators Strictly Wholesale prices & quotes. Top Brands: Marantz, Sony, Toshiba, Sinclair, etc. I am a student, not a store. You can save by calling Steve Most 977-7 or Fontana 1333 971-9550 leave message. 11 ;12 au .. lIUSF-TV CHMJNEL 16 I MOTORCYCLES & SCOOTERS I HONDA CB 450 1970, 6100 miles. >600. Good condition. 988-4430 anytime. 11 ;8. I FOR RENT 71/2 MINUTES FROM USF l New 2 bdr w-w carpet central heat and air, drapes, furn. $180-unfurn S155. Phone 988-6393. ti RENT in a La Manclla Do. s townhouse is only S72.00 to S90.00 per month. l block from campus off Fletcher on 42nd St. 971-0100. 1 bedroom studios are now available at La Mancha Dos. Completely furnished, wall to-wall shag. 5165-month. l block from USF off Fletcher on42nd St. 971-0100. TF. TRAILER Lots. Each has septic tank, well, and one a.ere fertile land. Ideal for large gar\len. Approx. 30 min. from USF. 535.00 per month. (904) H6-4948 Brooksville. 11 ;19 FOR RENT-Furn., one bedroom, near USF. Short term lease. No pets please. Call 977-1644 after 5 p.m. and weekends, 12709 N 19th St. 12;6 NEW two bedroom duplex, 6 min. from USF. Unfurn. No deposit on pets, no lease required. Lots pf room. 971-5605 1031, 11-1,-5-6-7-8 11-12, 11-13, 11-14, 11-15 2 BR !\'\Obile Home-5130.00 mo. Near S. Lutz-prefer couple or 2 single female students-baby OK Call 988-5492. 11 ;15 BEAUTIFUL apartment-all the con veniences, central air, balcony, dish washer, fish on dock off the river. Quiet, available immediately. 988' 7234, 988-9121. 11 ;15 2 BR DUPLEX. New duplex w-carpet, drapes, AC, fenced patio, trees, parking. Unfurnished. Have lowered rent to 5145mo. Call Mr. Coates, 876-2431 Ext. 35, day-870-1142 eves. 11 ;13 APTS & :HOUSES TOSHARE GRAD. Student seeks female roomate to share completely furnished apartment, 2 bedrooms. $135.00 includes all utilities. Complex has pool-tennis-courts. After. 5 :30 961-5317. 11 ;14 1 C WEEK SCHEDULE (SAME AS OTHER USF COURSES) Enro 11 ment Un 1 i mi ted USF College Credit Courses by tel evisio n -in YOUR home or in a reserved room on campus. Each 1 es son broadcas t hi ce. QUARTER ll SCHEDULE 1975 ART 310-501 INTRODUCTION TO ART (3) (Mr. Bruce Marsh) M\./F 5:30 or 8 :00 p.m. 3124 LIN 321-501 LANGUAGE AND MEANING (4) (Mr. Robert O'Hara) TR 3:30 or 8 :00 p.m. 2264 MUS 371-501 ISSUES IN MUSIC (2) (Mr. Jacques Abram) M 4:00 or 8:30 p.m. 3199 PHI 112-50 1 LOVE, SEX, & VIOLENCE ( 2 ) (Dr. James Gould) TR 4:00 or 8:30 p. m. (Mr. John iori o) 4328 PHY 371-501 CONTEMPORARY PHYSICS (5) (Dr. Roger Clapp) MTWRF 3:00 or 7:30 p. m. COURSE BY RAD! O (WUSF-FM, 89.7) 2180 MUS 205-501 INTRODUCTION TO ELECTRONIC MUSIC (3) (Mr. Larry Austin) TR 4:00 p. m. HOW TO REGISTER : FILL OUT YOUR REGISTRATION FORM THE SAME AS FOR OTHER COURSES. Be cedai n you have the correct reference number, prefix, course and section numbers. WHEN YOU REGISTER NOTIFY THE Y.0.U. OFFICE IMMEDIATELY so your name \;ill be added t1J the: class roll, and \le M UST have your address for you to receive course syll abus, exam notices, and other necessary information prior to the beglnning of classes. Y.0.IJ. r s LOCATED IN THE BASEMDJT OF THE LIBRARY, UL! 7.0-D. TELEPHONE : 7 4-231i'l, ext. #23. 1 SERVICES OFFERED I GRE PREPARATION COURSE near USF. Score 1,000 or your money back. 18 hrs. S35; course repeatable free. Over 800 have taken our course in South Florida in the last 3 years. For info call 305-854-7466. 10 1, 3, 8, 10, 15, 17, 22, 24, 29, 31. TYPING THESES, dissertations, term papers, IBM F'llst, neai, accurate Turabian. 3 minutes USF Nina Schiro, 971-2139. 12;6. FAST, accurate typing-profession;,! results--48 hr. service. LIZ 879-7222 Ex!. 238 (day) 988-3435 {eves) 102,3,8, 10, 15, 17, 22, 24, 29, 31, 11 5 ,7' 12, 14, 19,21,26,12-3 5 : CANOE RENTALS Day-Weck Ph. 935-0018 10-4 THE SECRETARIAT Professional typing. Many type styles. Fast delivery. Call after 5:30. 933-4524. AL T 12;4 LSAT PREPARATIPN COURSE near usi=. Half of our students scored over 600. 70 pt. improvement or your money back. 20 hrs, 570. course repeatable free. Attend first class free, no obligation. For info call 305854-7466. 10-2, 4, 9, 11, 16, 18, 23, 25. TY Pl NG -Experienced Professional. Choose type style. Term papers, Theses, etc. Near USF. Lucy Wilson -988-0836. 10;25,29, 11;5,8,12 COMMEDIA Produdions will be holding its first workshop Sat., Nov. 9, 101 at rec room, Gates Apartments, for .the newly formed Commedia School for Im provisational Theatre. Introductory Fee only $1.00 Try ii you'lflike it. 11 ;8 LARGE WOODED lot 5 min. from campus in small student oriented setting. Safe Ar ea. Fishing or studying dock. garden tracts. Call Bob 988-4085. 12 ;6. SELL or rent-1 BR furn-set up in nice park near USF and shopping-Less for cash. Phone evenings-971-4654, 935-8354. 11 ;8 I LOST & FOUND J LOST black Playboy Bunny key ring. Keys attached. $5.00 Reward. 974-6593, John. 11 ;8. LOST : Kodak Pocket 110 camera; has important film inside. Name engraved,. reward offered. Carol 974-6375. 11 ;8 WHITE Spitz lost near USF. Answers to Oso. If found, call Yvonne at 971-2341, ext. 50 before 5 :00 and 977-5358 after 5'00 11 ;14 LOST Dog Large Shepherd black and tan, has Wisconsin tags, walks with limp. Needs medication. Home: 961-5385, School: 974-2361 974-2260. Ask for Denny. 11 ;13 on a regular Blood Plosma Program ... and receive 66 PLYMOUTH. Well maintained. New brakes, two tires. Needs front end alignment, tune-up. Green, parked in FAO lot Let's haggle, 621-1462. 11 ;8. 1972 Datsun $1200. 1968 Rambler 5595. 1965 Buick $295. 1966 Chevy $295. 1966 Olds $295. 2290561, 2904 Florida [ PERSONAL 11 ;15 ) FULLY FURNISHED 1 BR apt., W-W carpet, A-C, b _icycle included 5160.00-mo. 13104 Leisurewood (off of 131st Ave.). 10;30,11 ;1,6,8. ARTISTS & craftsman can reserve space now for FESTIVAL OF THE HILL Nov."21 & 22. Come to. UC 222. 11 ;20. INTERESTED IN Christian Scl:ence? Want to find out more about II? Christian Science Organization at USF meets every Thursday at 4:30 p.m. UC 200. 10-24,25,3.1, 11-7, 14 appointment available ta fit your class schedule I CHILDREN'S .center .Daycare; Mon. 'thru Thurs. 24 hours. Fri. and Sat. nights. Reasonable-75 cents per hour. Call today. 932-1103. 10;25;11 ;1,8,15,22;12;6. $60 a monlh I /Hours lfam' to 2 : 30 pm "TYPING," neat and accurate. IBM Selectric, Greek .symbols. Close to USF. Please call 626-0321. 9-24; 9-27; 10-1; 10-4; 10-8; 10-11; 10-15; 10-18_; 10-22; .10-25 HYLAND DONOR CENTER 238 W. Kennedy

12-THE ORACLE November 8, l974 While you're making plans for the weekend Corpus Christi Catholic Church 9715 56th St. Temple Terrace Rectory 162 Glen Ridge, ph 988-1593 Daily Mass: i:30 a.m. Sat. 8:30 a.m.; Sunday Masses: 7:30 a.m., 9:00, 10:30, 12:00 & 7:00 p.m.; Vigil Confessions: Sat. 4 to 5 before and after Vigil Mass PASTOR: Fr. Nicholas McLoughlin ASST. PASTOR: Fr Leo VanDenOetlaar, SJ. THE CHAPEL (University Chapel Fellowship) ,\n Ecumenical Center for Ministries in Higher Education Sponsored by: United Methodist Church, United Presbyterian U.S.A., United Presbyterian U.S., United Church of Chris! Disciples Sunday Worship-Year Round 9:45 -Coffee & Donuts at The Chapel 10: 15 a.m. __.::Leave for First United Church on East Fowler 10:30a.m.looking for something But can'tfind it???? TRY JESUS Florida Ave. Baptist Church 4208 No. Florida Ave. Ed Gardner, Pastor SS-9:45AM PM Worship Hours 11 : 00 AM 7: 00 PM Baptist Campus Ministry 13110 N. 50 St. phone 988-6487 Ron Hawkins, Pirector Judy Caelenhead.,Associate Dir. Regular Activities: Tue. 6:30 p.m. Kaleidoscope Wed 12:30 p.m. Mini Meditations Thurs. 11: 30 1 :Jo Lunch served at Baptist Student Center Forest Hills Wesleyan Church 914 West 131s! Avenue Pastor John Chambers Sunday School -10 a.m. Worship-1 i a.m. Sunday Evening Service-7:30 p ,m. Christian Science Organization at USF Meets Thursday UC200 4:30 p.m. Temple Terrace 10002-56th ::,t 988-1138 College Dept. Worship Yo1.t evr.e. J..nvlie. Catholic Student Center Ph. 988-3727 Mass Sunday lla.m. .F'r. Muldoon Chaplin ALL LUTHERAN WORSHIP Every Sunday 12:15 Episcopal Student Chapel THE GOSPEL SHOP 10020 N. 30th St. 971-8862 Across from Busch Gardens HRS: 12 Noontill 7 pm 6daysa week e BIBLES CHRISTIA!\ BOOKS e RECORDS e CARDS AND OTHER MERCHANDISE Major religions agree on importance of brotherly love. Central Avenue Baptist Church Su11day School-9:45am Wed Prayer-7:30pm Wed. Worship Service-11 :OOam & 7 : 30pm 'William K. Bolner Pai-itot 6608 Central Are. Tampa. Fla. Many Americans, accustomed to years of affluence, have begun to pull in their belts as they feel the pinch of shortages and i11flation: Yet the people who have been hit hardest are those already. at the bottom of the economic ladder: the elderly living on incomes, the unemployed !iv. ing on public assistance-not to mention the growing millions of under-privileged and starving people amund the world. "' All major religions teach that God's love for each person demands of us a concern for those less fortu-nate than ourselves. Ideally, our churches and synagogues can become powerhouses of spiritual strength by which we come together to express God's love for those in need. This is the message of a national advertising program for 1974-75 by Religion In American Life. Space and time contributed through The Advertising Council to the "RIAL program by such media as newspapers and magazines, radio and tele vision, transit and outdoor posters, is valued at over $27 million annually. It is used by RIAL to tell the message of 43 national reli gious groups (Catholic, Jew ish, Orthodoi-:, and Prntes tant) to the American people. This year's advertising theme urges that you "St:irt treating your brothers and sisters like brothers and sis ters." It uses case histories to show how local houses or worship have worked to help build non-profit housing fo1 the elderly, shopping co operatives for American In dians, employment opportunities for Chicanos, half way houses for parolees. ATTEND the Church of Your Choice This Sunday! St. Anselm's Chapel. Sunday Services: 9:00 a.m.-Holy Communion (Folk Song) 10:30 a m. -Family Service (Church School) Episcopal University Center 12910 50th Phone 988-6928 .................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... I the Oracle needs experienced I I reporters. come to LET 469, I I a afternoons. I 1 ......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... J


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