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The oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
Wright, Sandra ( Editor )
Moormann, Dave ( Managing editor )
Wallace, Tom ( Advertising manager )
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Oracle Photo by Mark Sherman Queen crowned Linda Vaki Price, a senior in Mass Communications, was seiected Miss Black Uhuru for 1974-75, last Friday night. The contestants wore African dress and were introduced by their astrological sign and Swahili name. See related story, page 8. Court dismisses McDonald suit BY MIKE ARCHER Assistant News Editor Former USF faculty member Edward McDonald said last night he will appeal the dismissal of his $100,0001aw suit against USF Pres. Cecil Mackey in his role as Oracle publisher. The suit was thrown out Friday by U.S District Judge Ben Krentzman because a similar suit filed by McDonald in 1972 was dismissed on grounds the constitutional issues raised were not justified by the suit. "THE NOTICE of appeal has already been signed," McDonald said. "This decision takes nothing away from the value of the present case." McDonald declined further comment on the future of the case. McDonald, wM .s claimed his .-resignation frora, the Afro Amei'ican Studies : Department in June, 1972 was forced by USF officials, filed the suit last month against Mackey, Vice President for Academic Affairs Carl Riggs and former University Coundl Larry Robinson. Cecil Mackey cited-in suit THE SUIT asks $100;(!00 for 'slander, defamation, and libel" allegedly contained in two Oracle stories published April 3, 1973 and May 7, 1974. It also asks reinstatement with full back pay The dismissal is the most recent in a series of unsuccessful attempts by McDonald to gain reinstatment. McDONALD'S first suit, filed in September, 1972, sought reinstatement, claiming he had been denied due process. He said he had been told to r:esign his assistant profe:ssorspip or be fired : The Department Health, Educatfon and Welfare later dismissed a civil rights com plaint b f McDonald charging :Mackey with racial bias FOLLOWING dismissal of the fil'st suit, McDonald filed apother suit against the-:-: -Equal ployment. Opportunity mission. Last May, USF filed s 'uit against McDonald to enjoin him from filing further suits against the University. That suit has not yet been adjudicated but is expected to be heard within the next few months, Mackey ha s said. Textbook Center to open late Students will be unable to buy books in the Textbook Center until one to three weeks after the beginning of Qtr. 2, Director of Auxiliary Services Tom Berry said yesterday. The delay will be caused by the application of a substance intended to fireproof the hazardous polyurethane foam insulation on the center walls, Berry said. BERRY SAID it could be "two weeks, give or take a week, after the beginning of the quarter before center personnel .can replace books removed during the application of the fireproofing." Ken Thompson, vice president for Administration, will send a letter to USF faculty indicating they will "have to do something different for the first couple weeks of classes" because textbooks will be unavailable, Berry said. The fireproofing material, Pyrocrete, is being applied to meet an Aug. 13 state directive to "immediately" correct the fire hazard of the foam insulation in the center. Berry said he has considered "setting up a tent to sell the books from" but said it would be "physically im possible to move that many books from the receiving center to where they could _be sold." THE TEXTBOOK CENTER will close soon to give personnel a chance to prepare for the upcoming work and "save some time," Berry said. Dr. Ellen Kimmel, associate professor of Education, said USF needs "more independent bookstore services to give the present Textbook Center some competition." "I test my students every week on material based heavily on the textbook," Kimmel said, "but I won't penalize them for something that is the Textbook Center's fault." The 'faculty should consider duplicating textbook material and sending the bill to the center, she said. SG PRES. Richard Merrick said the delay is "typical of the history of the Textbook Center operation." Both the students and faculty at USF are dissatisfied with inefficient bookstore service which is not oriented to meeting the needs of either group, he -said. "We should get away from the Textbook Center as sole supplier of our books," Merrick said. "Perhaps we should set up a solid textbook cooperative on-or off campus." Berry said the Textbook Receiving Office will -be fireproofed after work on the Textbook Center is completed. A vendor has been chosen to apply the Pyrocrete, but it will take two or three weeks for the product to arrive from the manufacturer, Berry said. Tom Berry ... books unavailable ed


2-TH. E ORACLE November 13, 1974 Ford admits nation in recession WASHINGTON :____. The coal strike yesterday put a tight squeeze on a U.S. economy that Pres. Ford conceded for the first time was entering a recession Even a short strike was certain to add to the recessionary forces by further slowing the nation's industrial output and idling hundreds of thousands of nonstriking workers. A prolonged strike would exhaust coal supplies and bring key industries, particularly steel, autos and power utilities, to a halt. More than a million workers would be idled, pushing the nation's unemployment rate well beyond the current three-year high of 6 per cent. A police spokesman said the youth s body was found about 1 :15 a m by police with his knees and legs sticking out of the sand. Testimony challenged WASHINGTON Judge John J Sirica interrupted the Watergate cover-up trial yesterday to personally challenge the testimony of for mer Nixon lawyer Herbert W Kalmbach who broke down in tears while telling how he betrayed a friend to collect payoff money for the Watergate burglars. Kalmbach, in an emotionh packed day on the witness stand Killed in frat 'ilZing lost control when he recalled LONG BRANCH, N .J. _Seven betraying a friend to get money Monmouth College students for the payoffs, which he insisted yesterday were charged with were for humanitarian purposes manslaughter in the hazing death and not hush money l d h d Sirica, conducting the seven-of a student who P unge ea week-old trial in U.S. District first into a sand "grave" he dug Court, excused the jury and as part of a fraternity initiation, police said. challenged Kalmbach's Poffce said William Flowers, testimo,llY he thoug?t about --i9 of Neptune, was digging a six. $220,000 he and disbursed JQot grave ori _-tq. the team was solely esterda and for family support and legal fees. rhe hole.y -Kalmbach became tearful Appellate court. dismisses charge TALLAHASSEE The 1st District Court of Appeal sentto the Supreme Court Tuesday its decision dismissing criminal indictments against former Education Commissioner Floyd Christian and Senate Pres. Dempsey Barron said the Legislature should not get in the act until the court rules. "I would hope the Governor would wait and see what the Supreme Court' does. We may or may not be discussing a moot point Barron said. Florida in good shape TALLAHASSEE Florida is not going to b e bacy hurt by. the current coal strike unless it goes on for months and months, a state utilities regulation official said yesterday The only major users of coal are Tampa Electric Co. and Gulf Power Co., according to Joe Jenkins Jr., head of the state Public Service Commission department. .. Fram the Wires a! ._ United Press Welcome to be seen MIAMI BEACH The Miami Beach City Council, feeling the sting of the sagging economy, did an about face yesterday and decided they might like to host the 1976 Republican and Democratic National Con ventions But the councilmen agreed the city should not offer any fat in ducements to land the political conclaves, as they did in 1972. The 1972 conventions, which saw widespread street demon strations police tear gassing and violence that resulted in nearly 1,000 arrests, soured many beach residents and officials and once prompted late Mayor Chuck Hall to say he hoped the beach never hosted another national political convention. when he related that in early August, 1972, about two months after the burglary, he called Thomas V Jones board chair person of the Northrop Corp., to solicit $50,000 in cash for a "speci<:i.l need." Wa_r on rats' NEW YORK -A team of Health Department ex terminators, armed with an acutely toxic poison that causes death by choking, yesterday launched a 48-hour war against 14 an army of "super rats" plaguing a section of New York City. Warning residents of the danger of the poison-zinc phosphide -to children and household pets, the extermintors moved into the Mott Haven area of the Bronx where the super rats have been thriving. The rodents are immune to regular poison and pass the immunity to their offspring. Rockefeller 'hopeful' WASHINGTON Nelson A. Rockefeller said he was "hopeful" but "not confident that Congress will confirm him as HOIM the nation's 41st vice president. Arriving here for a meeting with Pres. Ford Rockefeller said he was "not counting the votes" on his confirmation, which has been jeopardized by millions of dollars in gifts and loans to friends and associates and a book aimed at a former political ponent. Rockefeller said he and Ford would discuss today's opening of hearings before the Senate Rules Committee on the issues which have delayed committee action "I'm hopeful not confident, Rockefeller told newsmen at National Airport. YOU 01N SPRfAD lflE ME$A.GE OF LCNE ... lflE OFCHRISf FOR ALL PEOPLE. Have you ever considered the priesthood as a way to ser v e people? The Paul i st Fathers are a small community of American priests Progressive. searching young and energetic they form a religious fami ly A Paulist is a man of the Sp i rit, a man of his time. He rejoices in the signs of hope around him and celebrates with the people he serves Every Paulist is a m i ssionary : in the pulpit, or parish house, on the campus, in the. inner-city He communi cates with the spoken word, the printed page, and with contemporar y media. His mission is to all of America. His message is love; the love of Christ for all people. For more information send for The Paulist Papers Write to: Father Don C. Campbell, Room 100 PAULISf FAlFIERS 415 WEST 59TH ST., NEW YORK, N Y .10019 IWhippin Post I -tc -tc i Now Playing.... : -tc I Albatross i -tc If there had to be a strike, right now is the best time for Florida, Jenkins added, because it's cool Utility hike debated t : -tc enough to ,do without air ditioning, and not cold enough yet to throw a heavy load on heating. , which uses coal to generate most of its electricity, is in go which nobody expects." WEST PALM BEACH Florida Power & Light Co. officials said yesterday a $69 million interim rate hike would give the utility a minimum fair rate of return, but Dade County Mayor Steve Clark said it would be "an outrage" on FPL customers. -tc t Next Week.... : i Road Turkey i -tc -tc -tc i HAPPY HOUR Wed. & Sat. The Oracle is th& official student-edited newspaper of the University of South -tc Florida and is published four times weekly, Tuesday through Friday, during the -tc 5 Ito f academic year period September through mid-June ; twice during the academic year -tc ..,. D ra f starts A f 8 0 0 p .M period mid-June through August, by the Uni versity of South Florida, 4202 Fawler Ave., Tampa, Fla. 33620. Opinions expressed in the Oracle are those al the editors or al the writer and not -tc those of the University of South Florida Address correspondence to the Oracle, LET -tc 472, Tampa, Fla. 33620. -tc 1 .f7 2 7 N f 1 A Second class postage paid at Tampa, Fla The Oracle reserves the right lo regulate -tc "lo a ve the typographical tone al all advertisements and r evise o r turn away copy it considers -tc On Florida north of Flet cher 935-5414 to all On a non d i scriminatory basis without regard to race, color, rellg1on, sex, age or "'?'- ....-_


THE ORACLE-November 13, 1974 3 Deans fail to adopt stand on executing wage study oracle Pho .to by Mark Sherman BY MIKE ARCHER Assistant News Editor The Council of Deans yesterday failed to agree on a way to im plement recommendations of an on-going study of unjustified differences in faculty salaries, proposed earlier this quarter by Dr. Carl Riggs, vice president for Academic Affairs. "I have no clear cut idea on the best way to do this," Riggs said after discussion of the study. "And my only consolation is that I have plenty of company." A STATISTICAL model for salary determination authored by special assistants Pat Cecilia and Isaiah Trice, was presented to the deans by Joe Carter, assistant vice president for Academic Affairs. Carl Riggs makes a point The model is an attempt to get basic information about the salaries of faculty to help "identify the disparities," Carter said "Once you have identified a certain number of variables ... speaking to the Council of Deans yesterday. Funding task force to meet next-year A higher education task force will meet next year to begin planning a new way to fund state universities and community colleges. -Senate Ways and Means Chairperson Bob Saunders said the first job the task force will face is to develop a "common accounting system," between higher education institutions in the state. THE COMMON accounting system would provide a "sim plified common-denominator to determine the cost of higher education per student" at the different institution, he said. "We need to know the cost of each student and each course," he said. This would enable legislators to better understand the financial needs of the state institutions, he said. "We don't want to pour all the money into one big pot and _say here Mr. University President dip it out as you please;'' Saun ders said. THE COMMITTEE will be finalized sometime after legislative appointments are made Nov. 19, he said. Representatives from the Board of Regents, the Department of Education, the Legislature, and the community colleges, will make up the task force's mem bers, he said Currently allocations to state universities are made on the basis of enrollment. The new method, whatever it will be, will place more emphasis on educational costs determined by a common measurement Saunders said. Saunders said whatever the new formula, "education should be kept as feasible as possible to students.'' Senate Education Committee chairperson Bob Graham DMiami Lakes, said there will be "an evolution of reform" in the funding of higher education over or three ,, Sfate Umversity System Chancellor Robert Mautz said a formula based on total cost rather than enrollment may result in the death of programs where expense is high and the number of students low. Key c In Concert SATURDAY NOV. 16 8 P.M. Bayfront Center Theatre, Reserved Seats $5 -$4, $3 JIMMY BUFFETT "Come Monday" "Pencil Mustathe" Tickets available at Modern Music & Music Phile, St. Pete; Stereo Tape, Clearwater; Rasputin's & Budget Tapes, Tampa; Slipped Disc, Largo & Port Richey. Mildew Bros. Blue Grass Band (rank, years in rank, years at USF, highest degree held, department), you would be able, with about 90 per cent accuracy, to see why a particular faculty member gets a particular salary," Carter said "THERE SHOULD be some standardization across these variables," he said. The cleans, and representatives of others not present, voiced strong opposition to any attempt to apply such a model to USF's nine colleges. Assistant Dean of Fine Arts Peter O'Sullivan said the use of such a model would place "hurdles" in the way of recruiting capable faculty. They would resent the adjustment of their salaries to fit a statistical formula, he said. HE _ALSO said use of the model could be mistaken by many faculty to be the main criteria for raises and promotion. "There are going to be faculty who will rely solely on this, he said. "The problem is that in many cases the productivity of a faculty member is unmeasurable." RUDOLF HENNING, assistant dean of Engineering, said the use of a statistical model to deter mine salary adjustment would contribute to the increasing standardization of higher education. "You lose the personality, and individuality universities should be a bastion of," he said Most of the deans said they would have no objection to looking at the model, provided it not be imposed. NURSING DEAN Gwen McDonald said use of the model "would not be beneficial to us at all," and O'Sullivan said "the information it could provide may be useful, but the presence of an accepted model would be dif ficult." Riggs told the deans of the need to consider ways to alleviate unjustifiable salary. inequities, and said no immediate solution be "perfect." SLIK CHIK $5.00 Off anv Outfit Stop In Our New Location 4023 W. Waters Ave. or 10024 N. 30th St. Super Clothes!


4-THE ORACLE November 13, 1974 Food service review can help community An objective review of operations can only benefit any group or company seeking to serve : For this reason, we feel the investigation into the operations of Saga Food Service, planned by the Student Senate, should better enable the university to assess its relation to Saga and should help Saga decide whether it is doing its job. If the complaints Senators Barbara Frank and Richard Sarafan say they have collected are accurate, it would appear Saga is doing less than students staff and faculty should expect. AT LAST week's Student Senate meeting, Frank told other senators she has received complaints about food with expired dates being sold in vend ing machines on campus insecticides being stored with food, mishandling of ice and nonrefrigeration of mayonnaise products. "There's good reason for an investigation, I assure you," Sarafan told the group The Oracle agrees. Students pay a high price for the service Saga offers and if there is any doubt that it is less than top quality, then an invest i gation is in order Last year, two food vending COI%c panies serviced the university com munity. Eastern Food Service held a contract entitling it to operate campus snack bars and cafeteria areas while Saga held a contract giving it vending machine rights. However, the University canceled its contract with Eastern and when it was rebid, Saga gained a monopoly The Oracle felt the cancellation with Eastern was more than justified. The official USF reason for the cancellation was a "dissatisfaction" with the direction Eastern was going but the contract termination came on the heels of stories concerning expired food sold through Eastern outlets on campus WE HOPE the complaints currently lodged with the senate concerning Saga prove to be erroneous. We wouid like to think food service companies strive to provide quality service rather than cheap rip-offs. However, only a thorough review will supply the an swers. The Oracle commends Frank and Sarafan for their efforts and concern in ORACLE ACP All-American smce 1967 SDX Mark of Excellence 1972 editorials Practical politics consists in ignoring facts. Henry Brooks Adams this area which is so important to students, especially those who live on campus and depend heavily upon food service provided through the univer sity At least one state univ ersity has found it advantageous to do without the services of an outside catering firm and supply its community with food prepared by its own staff FLORIDA AGRICULTURAL and Mechanical University ( FAMU) in Tallahassee serves meals prepared by its employ es and there are few if any, complaints concerning the quality of food served there In fact, FAMU is a popular pl a ce for members of the State University System staff to lunch The Oracle is not suggesting USF boot Saga and hire a crew of dieticians But we are saying that it is time to look into the food service offered to the university community and ascertain whether it is up to the high standards which USF staff and students deserve. ''WHAT\5 COO KIN'?'' ANPA Pacemaker Award 1967, 1969 Editor. .......... ..... Sandra Wright Humane pigeon control needed Advertising Manager ..... Tom Wallace Managing Editor ... ... Dave Moormann News Editor ................ Wayne Sprague Entertainment Editor ........ Ellie Sommer Sports Editor ............ Rindy Weatherly Layout Editor .................. Matt Bokor Copy Editor .. Luanne Kitchin Wire Editor ........... ...... Larry Vianello Photo Edit<>r Mark Sherman 1 llustration Editor ....... Terry Kirkpatrick Librarian ......... Anna Bozo Adviser .... Leo Stalnaker Advertising Coordinator ..... Harry Daniels Production Manager ......... Joe McKenzie Compositor. Kim Hackbarth DEADLINES: General news 2 p.m. daily for following day issue. Advertising (with proof) Thursday noon for Tuesday, Monday noon for Thursday. Deadlines e x tended one day without proof. Classified ads taken 8 a m.-12 noon two days before publication in person or by mail with payment enclosed. Advertising rates on request, 9742620, Monday through Friday, 8 a m .-5 p.m. Stories and pictures of interest to students may be submitted to the Oracle in LAN 469 or through the suggestion boxes in the Library and UC ....... ... '".;; ,;.; .. :.. \.;.. .,,. ,.. '>i.....;. .: Getting rid of pesty insects or animals is one thing; inhumanity to living creatures is quite another The Oracle feels USF has crossed the line in killing unhatched birds and coating window ledges around campus with an obnoxious substance called "Roost-No-More." Although Physical Plant officials This public document was promulgated at an annual cost of $143,514.76 or Sc per copy, to disseminate news to the students, staffand faculty of the University of South Florida. -Kim:1>0inted out that .. tM_.Oat ledges on campus buildings offer the birds a good place to build nests. He has suggested placing slanted covers or screening over the ledges to keep pigeons away. WE FEEL this solution to be far preferable to the applicatfon of "Roost No-More." The Oracle hopes Physical Plant officials will consider expending energy in putting up screen rather than material leading to the destruction of innocent creatures. Any portion of the web of life is too valuable to annihilate. By simply using the most expedient method of bird control available, USF could be con tributing to the wiping out of a necessary part of the ecosyscem Particularly in an academic com munity, this is inexcusable


DOONESBURY .l UH .. 0 ZONKR .. I [ 0 Age shouldn't be a sign of quality music Editor: I hope the last paragraph of Mark Townsend's letter ("If you don't like WUSF, turn it off," Nov. 6) was mistyped or misquoted in some way. His justifications of classical music seem poorly stated. (" ... while no music will be as great as the Classics, simply because no music will ever be so old ... ") Age itself is no merit, though things of value do generally survive the test of time. Also, he decries the lack of melody in modern rock, a statement which is quite untrue. (and often, modern composers re-use the melodies of classical music; an example is the spate of recent versions of 'Also sprach Zarathustra'). The Underground Rail Road) ought to represented on WUSF-FM. Shirley Jean Fisher 6LIN by Garry Trudeau A5 YOU MAY RECAU, 711& PRES!llffNT HAS ASl

6-THE "lRACLE November 13, 1974 Music highlights UC talent show REVIEWED BY LESLIE CRUTCHER Oracle Correspondent The acts at Campus Talent Weekend were paid $10 each to perform Most deserved at least ten times that amount ; some should have given back change. FELDMAN HANGER was excellent, with a professional demeanor that was not present in the other competition The set was tight and their sound was good. Experimenting com petently with tempos and har monies they gave a refreshing lift to some old favorites like "Love the One You're With" and "Motherless Child." Opening with an up-tempo original; "Younger than Star Trek," Feldman Hanger readied the audience for 30. minutes of in telligent, capable and tasteful music, sometimes bouncing, sometimes mellow, always good. Their style varies; the set included Marshall Tucker, CSN&Y and very good --ChicagQ, a heavy load for an acoustic group."possessed by the boogie spirit," was great on piano, and for a drummer he wasn't bad on guitar. "Clergyman Emergency" had the audience clapping bouncing and tapping with Esak, as well as joining in the chorus A boogie singalong takes talent. Esak has a good voice for boogie and blues, very low, soft and husky, that lends well to a mellow version of "Maybelline," even for just two verses His repertoire was good and surprising After so much boogie woogie, he switched to The Band's "Cripple Creek." ll was a good version ; but Esak had a cold and the yodels oozed into soft "woo woo" His best choice was "Love Potion No. 9," an excellent rendition of a good oldie that became another singalong after the first stanza. MAGGIE ZEH and BRUCE SHATKUN. also put in good performances. Zeh is A Folk Singer orthodox and unerring, with a \ beautiful voice and competent guitar playing. Her exclusive folk genre, though, was too restrictive; a touch of country or pop would have alleviated the sameness Shatkun was right : he's no singer, but he dia have .. some good choices. "Casey Jones" was the opener on guitar and then "Low Spark of High Heeled Boys" on piano Ap parently more able on piano, he shoulri stick with it. After exposure to so much musical ability, the lack of comical ability last weekend was appalling ALAN MANDELL'S claim to famt is Yamaha motorcycle imitations The idea was to relate a funny story and then imitate appropriate sounds; the product, though, was .many peculiar sounds with an imitation of a story added. The story lines were disjointed, and in many cases there was no story line, merely an explanatory sentence before the imitation. He does a good Spanish Guitar. Nellie Zamora opened the first set of the UC talent night Latin beat on guitar and in vocals. W1 I L chainsaw imitation, as well as a school bus ; but onomatopoeia should not stand alone, and neither should Mandell Another major disappointment was Suzanne Stevenson, a woman in thick makeup and a feather boa who sang favorites and showtunes from the '30s and '40s. One of her most notable characteristics was her inability to sing The music last weekend was good; the comedy atrocious for free, they say one can t complain But as an indication of the best comical talent on campus, students must be a somber crowd indeed I Weight W I Announces a NEW Meeting! I at University Square Mall I Community Room -]. C. Penney's I I Starts .Thursday I ; Nov. 14 1 I = for more information call 5 I i = .. (C.><; wICH(lflS .u10 uu ( GS t((O Tlu. O fWAIUIS 0' W(l(i,HI wdCH (lfl S = !ii1111111111111111111mmiiiiiii'iiiillunlii.l1iiliiii1iii'lil1iiil"i'ii1lliiiii'liii1iii1111111i111111111111111111111111ffi. Feldman Hanger, two of the many guitarists .. featured at the weekend talent program. WESTERN SIZZLIN STEAK HOUSE No. 12 Mon.-Sun. 11 to 11 To Go Order Service : 9712235 Stage Coach Broiled chopped sirloin steak bakedpotato or trench fries Luncheon Special Crossword Puzzle ACROSS 1. Linking device a, Barrel 12. Aardvark l4. Bitter drug 15.Common I 2. 3 12. S a 'I-lo 7 8 9 10 .ti 13 .,. 19 :LO dog :u 12 .. 2.3 '-'I l.S :Lio l.l 2.8 2.9 3o 31 32. 33 3'f JS' 16. Hasten 17. Warble 18. Compass point 3V 37 38 19 19. GU:l's name 20. That man 'tO 'fl 'f3 21. Hindu queen 23. Greek letter 25.Fresh .... If{. 'fol 'f9 S<> 28. Pale 30. Curved plank: naut. 32. Toward 33. Becloud 34. Bingo 36. College degree 37. Stop up 39. Grain 40. Before 42. Behold! :13. Ori the ocean 51 S2 I >B 44. Thus 46: Numbers 48. Cheer 51. Yearn for 53. Sea eagle 54. Distance measure Answer lo Puzzle 53 Slo 5, 55. Region 56. Unfastener 58. Microbe 5 _9. Bee's weapon DOWN 1. Arrived 2. Burden 3 Spoke 4. Animal friend 5. French "the" 6. Of racial groups 7 Check 8. Money 9. Foreigner 10. Offspring 11. Cask 13. Paper measures S't 57 19. Beast 22. Among 24. Except 26. Girl's name 27. Fleece 28. Ecclesiastic 29. Proximate 31. Long ago: archaic 35. Ripping 38. Motor lodge 39. Unable to 41. Ardent 45. Make believe 47. Cupid 49. Sheltered side 50. German "mister" 5L Droop 52. Anger 54. Humans 57. Yes: Span .. LARGE VARIETY OF BROILED SIRLOIN CUT DAILY from Sl .59 to 53.99 party reservations available West of USF on Fowler at 15th St. and 4240 W. Kennedy -


THE ORACLE -November 13, 1974 7 Slick reveals Airplane's influence Editor's Note: Jan Carter and Brett Palmer spoke with the controversial Grace Slick, after Jefferson Starship' s well received performance last Wednesday at Tampa's Curtis Hixon Hall The interview follows a brief history of the group BY JAN CARTER and BRETT PALMER Oracle Staff Writers Jefferson Airplane first took flight in the propelled by the acid fever of Haight Ashbury and held aloft by the sweet cannabis smoke their audiences always seemed to generate. Preaching the revolution, the Airplane, along with the Beatles and Stones, launched an era of free love and atypical values Their hit single, "White Rabbit," introduced AM radio to the heretofore unmentionable hallucinogenic drug and its ef fects. Acid rock was born and with it a new and freer generation of rock expression. But whether the Jeffersc ; m Airplane was in fluenced by their followers or their followers by them is in consequential; their impact was devastating, nevertheless. As the revolution mellowed and died, howevex, so did the Airplane. After the departure of lead vocalist Marty Balin, the group floated on the currents of past successes searching for new sources of energy. The Airplane finally scrapped, guitarist Jorma Kaukonen and bassist Jack Casady formed Hot Tuna along with violinist Poppa John Creach; drummer Spencer 0 OMEGA Dryden joined up with the New Riders of the Purpl e Sage Vocalists Grace Slick and Paul Kantner revised and revamped the stripped hull of their former group to form the Jefferson Starship. The Starship proved to be a machine composed of interchangeable parts,. drawing component musicians from Quicksilver and The Grateful Dead. Oracle: Are you into women's lib? Slick: I have been since I was born. But individually, I don't give a shit what other women do, as a matter of fact, they bore me 'cause th1!y aren' t educated and they aren't very funny. I like people who are funny Oracle: If there was one thing in the country you'd like to have happen, what would it be? Slick: An absolute monarchy with a communist parliament. Oracle: Why? Slick: Because it's interesting You've got both equality and you've got some kings and queens riding by in chariots .. with long nails and crowns. It's really ridiculous and I like that, a little show but have it equal for everybody at the same time. Oracle: Would you like to be queen? Slick: Why not? Everybody would for a while ... Or you can have an absolute monarchy in a line. The only trouble with that is, that you may have this great All N.A.S A astronauts, since the space program began, have worn Omega watches on their wrists. Ordi nary, every day jewelry store Omega Speedmaster chronographs. The kind anyone can buy. Every Omega, whether for an astronaut or conventional wear, is made to the most exacting standards to assure utmost dependability. We're proud to be an authorized Omega dealer because they make the best watches in this world, or any other. $235. 2-button, 4-dial Speedmaster wris t computer. Measures elapsed intervals o f hours minutes and seconds. Stainless steel case with matching brace;et. Water-resistant. Jacobs Fine Jewelers Since 1890 University Square Mall Tampa Also Jacksonville West Palm Beach Orlando Merritt Island Daytona Beach Come in, write or phone for fre e Omega style brochure. J, !;;.:: ... ; ..-:1$".Y.!i.'; t::t. '.A:U :;:f'"".".'. .. -... marvelous king and queen but the kid is a dud. So you might have to have it like a beauty pageant. Oracle: Did you feel any responsibility towards the people who were influenced by you? Slick: No, I didn't then but I do now. Because in the letters that I get the people can't even spell and stuff. And they thought we said you all go out and down 800 mic. 's a day of acid for a year, and nobody actually said that, but they thought we did We should have pulled back on it a little bit. I met a lot of people who are really crazy from having done that in the wrong circumstances Like you cannot take acid in the middle of Harlem I mean, okay, we, the Grateful Dead, whatever it is, the San Francisco business, everybody goes over to Marin County; wbich is beautiful. They take their clothes off and blah isn't this great the flowers growing everywhere, friends all around ... and everybody's all together and that's And then these four turkeys from the middle of Chicago down 800 mic 's of acid and go down town Chicago and wonder why they freak out. They don't kriow how powerful that drug is and what you're supposed to do with it. Oracle : Do you still consume drugs in the legendary propor tions attributed to you? Slick : Not when I'm singing at all, 'cause it messes it up Oracle: What is your favorite drug? Slick: Probably booze ... lt's not necessarily a favorite drug but it's the most commonly used drug and its also a lot easier to get and more reliable Like if you ask for '64 Dom Perignon or if you ask for Heinikens Beer kriow what you're getting. But if you ask for cocaine you don't know what the hell you're getting. I asked for some cocaine once and it was Ritalin. You can snort coke all night but you can t snort Ritalin all night. It'll tear your heart out the next morning. I damn near died from that stupid stuff .. .! don't like drugs that you can't. tell what's happening. I don't like street drugs anymore. Oracle: Would you like to do something with Marty Balin

8-THE ORACLE November 13, 1974 entertainment spotlight THEATRE Two plays by one of the prominent new American playwrights, Jean-Claude Van Itallie, will be performed today at 2 p m in TAR 120. "Thoughts on the Instant of Greeting a Friend on the Street'' stars Bill Downe and Beatrice Harmon, who also directed the performance. "Eat Cake" is the fantasy rape of the American housewife, which examines the involvement of TV myths in our lives Directed by Marla McGrath, the play stars Tom Lewis and Diana Gussler. AUDITIONS Auditions for the Theatre Department's second major production, "Peer Gynt," will be. tonight at 7 in TAR 120. Thirty parts are still open, with positions for dancers, actors, gymnasts, tumblers and wrestlers. Adapted and directed by Dale AJ Rose, and based on ihe play by Henrik Ibsen "Peer Gynt" is the fantasy of one man's search for identity while he seeks to become Em porer of the world. MOVIE Pi Sigma Epsilon s fund raising activites for p l edge classes will present "Night of the Living Dead" and three cartoons tonight at 7 and 9 in LET 103. Advance tickets are 75 cents at the table in the UC or from any PSE member, or $1 at the door before showings. OFFCAMPUS TRYOUTS Tryouts for the Bokonon ist Players' production of the drama "The Night Thoreau Spent in.Jail" will be Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 18, 19, at 7:30 p.m at The New Place, 281117 St. The play, which concerns Thoreau's struggle to withstand the pressures brought against him by the society of his day, has a cast of 18. There are 11 male roles including a child, and seven female roles ; Auditions are open to anyone. For further information contact John Marsh at 251-8210. Miss Black Uhuru chosen Linda Vaki Price was selected Miss Black Uhuru for 1974-75 Friday night in the closing event of the Black Student Union s annual black beauty and talent competition. "Uhuru" is the Swahili word for freedom." First runner-up was JoAnn Parham and second runner-up was Lynn Smith. ELDERS The selection of Miss Black Uhuru culminated a three day event in which 19 contestants were questioned by judges on the theme "Living Blackness." The contestants also performed in a talent competition. The w i nner received gifts from the BSU and the black fraternities, sororities and organizations on campus. .75 The best progressive musical group to perform here -seen at Street Dance -Thurs. thru Sun. Love myths staged at Lit Hour BY ELLIE SOMMER Entertainment Editor Three myths, staged by R.J. Schneider, associate professor of speech, will be presented today at 2 p.m. in LET 103. "Narcissus and Echo," "Psyche and Eros" and "Orpheus and Euridice" examine different types of love The first, "Narcissus and Echo," is a story of self-love. Creating a "visual flower" image at the beginning and end offers a new dimension to the visual translation of the myth, Schneider said. "I've been getting ideas from classes for a long time ," he said. "The image for Narcissus and Echo came out of a class last summer, SPE 525. rehearsal many ideas are formed through improvisations and discussions, Schneider said. The cast participated a great deal in the creation of movement for the trilogy, he said Female love is explored next in "Psyche and Eros," a beautiful love story with a happy ending, Schneider said. Eros, the "cupid" of the gods, on an errand for Venus, wounds h i mself with his own arrow and falls in love with the lovely Psyche, a mortal. Their story is one of trials and adventure. Psyche is never allowed to see her husband Eros, who is one of the most handsome of all gods. Closing the program is "Or pheus and Euridice, a myth concerning the male aspect of love. Highlighting this myth will be "What i s a Youth sung by Robert Bullock. Bullock plays Orpheus, the lover of Euridice, who goes to Hades to plead for her release from death. Orpheus, the patron god of music, commands people with his en chanting music. Schneider said he looked for the emotional value of the myths rather than the literary import. In adapting the stories, he wanted no reference to a par ticular country or person. He sees the images as universal. As with the production NOVA VILLA -2 bdrm., unfur. LUTZ PAINT & BODY SHOP in Temple Terrace (2 locations) from $160 1000 ft. north of Fowler on 58th St. 988-2412 988-2102 The place to have your car repaired correctly. 907 129th Ave. Phone 971-1115 Goodbye plain old paper gift certificates ... Hello Fashion 1 Gift Coins! You need never buy another g i ft that's too b ig, t oo sm a ll, t oo ord i nary. Not wit h Fashion 1 Gift Coins a lar g e ioken o f yo ur affect i on that's just right. Th e y m a k e p l ain old p ap e r g ift c e rtific at es pass e1 F a shion 1 Gi ft Coins come in $ 25 denominations and a suede drawstring bag. You can give o ne. o r a s man y a s y o u wish. 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IO-THE ORACLE November 13, 1974 DUFY. A study of th';, vibrant Raoul Dufy, the master of stony, geometrical forms and a palette limited almost entirely to ochres, greens and blues His vivacious character however caused him in later life to revert to brighter colors and the result was that he developed the witty style by means of which he asserted his artistic originality. Over 100 reproductions, many in FULL COLOR Special Value lmports3.98 CCRCT. A master of universal scope, Corot is considered among the greatest painters of all the schools A master of modern landscape painting his portraits and nudes are also the equal of his best landscapes. Over 100 reproductions, many in FULL COLOR Special Value lmport53.98 CHAGALL. The .development of this inspired and enigmatic artist, who has captured the imagination and admiration of almost every 20th cen. tury artist, is traced through a thorough introductory text and over 100 reporductions-many in full color. Follow this drlist's genius from h i s earliest canvases through his later commissions in France and the U.S A must for any art library! Only $3.98 BCSCH. This artist's curious mixturesof tradition and.invention inspire his paintings to be in that is al once meticulous and masterly and in a technique that is always rich and varied. Bosch gives free rein to an imagination nourished by mystery plays and the grotesque fantasies of Gothic church sculpture. The inexplicable haun .ting beauty of his genu i ne works certainly derives largely from his superb painting technique and the glowi ng transparency of his finely modulated color. 70 reproductions ; on coated -stock -33 in FULL COLOR. Special Value Import 53.98 -ER9.:nc ART OF THE Sexual Theme in Oriental Painting and Si:ulj)ture. By Pl) Jlip Rawson; Intro. by Alex Comfort. Frank ap praisal i n text & carefully selected art of Eastern erotic art, cardinal image In Asian religious symbolism & powerful inspiration to poets & examines the most significant & beautiful works of India, the 1s1amic.countries: China & Japan, with historical & psychosocial background. 292 I lfus 32 in Full .color; B 'I" x 1 l't". Pub. at $20.QO Only 514.98 Crafts & Guides: THE CRAFT BOOK Ed. by Colin Elliot. Crafts to suit every taste and every age, macrame to home wine.making. Comprehensive and straightiorward in. structions take the. reader right from the first simple stages of each craft to the -manufacture .of complex and beautiful ar ticles. Full instructions on pottery, beadwork, jewelry, woodcarving, kite.making, and much more. 128 pages-18 in color; 9 x 12". Pub. at sli.95 Only 54.98 CREATING ART FROM ANYTHING By Dona Z. Meilach. A handbook for students, teachers and artists that explores the use of everyday objects as art materials. Concise and well illustrated with 250 black and white and color photographs. This is a highly attractive and useful book ori the trend known as found.object art. Pub ats7.95 OnlyS3 .98 CELEBRITY NEEDLEPOINT. By Joan Scobey & Lee Parr McGrath. Here, from eillows to table tops, chair coverings to designs on canvas, is the. needlepoint of some of the most renowned celebrities-men as well as women-in Am.erica today. Profuse Illustrations, many in full coior, of the celebrities' creations will help the reader adapt the designs for his personal needlepoint projects. Pub at $12.50 Only S3.98 THINGS TO MAKE WITH PAPER: 187 Fun Projects. By Don Munson: and Allianora Rosse : The' beautiful, amusing and useful things described In this boOk can all be made from. the paper that everyor.e has around the house with only an occasional assist from the stationery or .art store. up the house with these creative ideas! Full directions for making 187 objectsplans, photos. Pub. at$8.9S QnlyS3.98 CA .NDLEMAKING, : A Step-by-Step Guide. By Beatrice Heller. A basic primer for the candlemaker, with easy-to-follow Instructi ons for designing, executing and even selling candles. Includes descriptions of material and tools, how to prepare and color the wax and how to create molds. Pob at$4.95 OnlySl.49 MARY MARTIN'S NEEDLEPOINT. By Mary Mar.tin. Gives an offstage account of the pleasures o(needlepoint. Included is an illustrated how-to section written espec ially for beginners. 37 color plates 54 black and white photographs, 16 how. to drawings. Pub. at$15 .95 OnlySS.98 The Writer's Digest Guide: HOW TO MAKE MCNEY IN YCUR .SPARE TIME BY WRITING. Edited by K irk Polking: Will alert you to the myriad opportunities awaiting the writer on both a national and local level. It has an in-depth subject index to help you find your own special interest. Includes a special supplement: 100 places to sell what you write. Pub. atS4.95 Only$1.98 FURNITURE OF THE WORLD. _By Peter Philp. Over 175 illustrations in color and black and white. A survey of furniture from the simplest forms serving the needs of primitivepeoples, to the sophistication of the masterpieces of the 18th century arid the new styles of today made possible by the use of. modern materials. Sections of beds, chairs, tables, chests, cupboards and their related forms, including method of construction and mater la ls used. Pub. atS12.50 Only U.98 HCUDINI: A Magician Among the Spirits. By Harry Houdini. One man's magic may be another man's spiritualism. But not to Houdini. To the master magician of them all, spiritualism was a fake. Follow Houdini on his way to seances and meefthe spirituansts of his time Hand-cralte

,;, :. ff r f ,.., THE AMERICAN MOVIES. A Pictorial Encyclopedia. Paul Michael. Ed. in chief. A pictorial guide to over lOOOof the best and most R(>pular sound films, as well as illustrated com. pi la lions of all the film awards from 1927 to the present. Over 1000 photos 400 pages; 81/2" x 11" ... Pub. ats17.50 : Only $6.98 SAILING SHIPS. By Patrick J. Brophy. Clippers, schooners, barques and compositeships, among others, all have their place in a story made immediate with extracts from con temporary journals; and a brief history of navigation-from the earliest rutters to the invention of the chronometer as well as a section on the hazards to sail and wood construction complete this beautifully written and illustrated book. 32 pages in Color 1()() in B&W. Pub. at Sl0.95 Only $3.98 MOVIE GREATS. A Pictorial Encyclopedia. Paul Michael, Ed. in chief. A pictorial presentation of over 700 actors and acressses, directors and producers Who have made their mark in American sound film. Not only the top stars but also the character men and women who have given their talents to the medium. For each player a brief biography, for each director and producer a complete I isling of their sound films. Over 700 photos. 256 pages 81/2" x J 1 ". Pub. at $12.50 Only $4.98 THE WORLD ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE FILM. Ed. by Tim Cawkwell & John M. Smith. The first truly international reference work on the movies Stars1 directors, cameramen, and all the others who have contributed to this art form since its inception early in the twentieth century. By far the most complete book -over 2,000 entries, meticulously cross-referenced and indexed. 500 photos. Pub. at $25.00 Only $7.98 The New Yo.r!< Times GREAT SONGS OF BROADWAY. introductions by Alan Jay Lerner and Jule Styne 74 songs from 63 great Broadway shows arranged for voice, piano and 'guitar. An astonishing collection Of songs that have become woven into the fabric ot' American life. From "Give My Regards to Broadway" from Little Johnny Jones to "I Don't Know How to Love Him" from Jesus Christ Superstar, this is truly a book -that gives Broadway's regards to everyone. Spiral Bound for easy use ,at the piano Pub, atS17.5o Only $8.98 COSELL. By Howard Cosell. 8-pages of photographs. Arrogant pompous, vain, crUel, verbose a show off. "I have been called all of these. Of course, I am. That's Howard Cosell telling it like it is. He writes about Patterson, Liston, Durocher, Namath, Foreman, Jimmy Brown, Vince Lombardi, Jackie Robinson and many more. He tells great stories about them, tragic, dramatic or hilarious and always revealing. Cosell's autobiography will rank among the best sports books of our time. Pub. al$8.95 Only 52.98 FLORIDA. Text by Bern Keating, Photography by Franke Keating. Nearly 200 photographs in brilliant Color and black & white show Florida's abundant beauty, often views the visitor might otherwise never see. Both the motivation to preserve and the insight to enjoy what is preserved are provided In the splendor of this book. Large 10" x 14" format. Pub at 525.00 Only $12.98 WORLD TREASURY CF BIRDS IN COLOR. Text by Cecil Matsen. Describes the curious and yet endearing habits and peculiarities of over 130 categories of birds including all the principal kinds of America, Europe, Seas and Tropical. Printed on a lux paper, the book is entirely illustrated in Full-color with engravings by Audubon, Gould, Travies, and several other artists. Pub at S8.95 Only $3.98 GARDEN FLOWERS. An encyclopedia of over 60 varieties of popular garden flowers; their characteristics, where they grow, when they bloom, their different species & genus, and their common & botanical names includes lips on how to grow them for the best results. Each description accompanied by a Full-Color, detailed, botanical drawing. Pub. at $8.95 Only $3.98 FOREVER FLOWERS. By Rejean Metzler. Lavishly illustrated in black & white and Color is a new simple technique in the world of art & nature. Treated with a solution of glycerin and water, leaves, pods, berries, cones, small nuts, etc can be made to have everlasting beauty. Pub. at Sl0.95 Only $4.98 ocated in the UC Building Center of Campus WILD FLOWERS. Text by Matthias Hermann. An encyclopedia of over 70 varieties of wild flowers, their characteristics and where they can be found. Each flower is identified by its Latin name and the description is accompan.ieci by a FULLCOLOR detailed drawing Pub ats8.95 Only $3.98 HERBS AND MEDICINAL FLOWERS. Text by Matthias Herman. Dozens Of beautiful Full-color detailed Illustrations accompanied by authoritative and In c i sive text introduce the reader to plants with curative power. Each is identified qy01'19!11ri. '-li>f-'1til\ -a?q name, the names of Its curiants, and a concise description Of its CtJ.C!i'ftvt.f?!l-:Yers.' Over.200"@n>t-ries & 221 Illustrations 8''. x 10" ... .P.up '' ''!Ir 10' '"'"'we ich ... OnlySJ.98 .... V 1. +.; 39 fritV'J ; ,., .,;, THE ORACLE -November 13, 1974 TREASURY OF CHRISTMAS STORIES. Edited by Ann McGovern. Here is a wonderful potpourri of holiday cheer tor readers of 1111 ages. 29 magical selections are included in this treasury of stories. poems and songs. Pub. atS3.50 Only $1.69 PICTORIAL KEY TO THE TAROT In Full Color. By A E Waite; Intro. by C. San Reproduces all 78 Tarot cards in four sumptuous colors with, alongside Waite's explanations ot the significance of the cards, and an Intro. explaining the methods of Tarot divination & fortune-telling. Pub. at $15.00 Only $4.98 GRIM FAIRY TALES FOR ADULTS: Parodies Of the Literary Lions, By Joel Wells What might happen if some nursery tales were to be retold by modern authors-Hansel and Gretel by J.O. S 1 -ng. r Peter J -hn -pd-k, Who Killed Cock Robin? by A n R-ns.' Hiiariousiy funny and should appeal to anyone stranded on a desert island with nothing else to read, and it is nicely balanced for throwing al cats or passing congressmen. Pub. at $3.95 Only s1.oo A BOCK CF WORD GAMES. By HarolcfH. Hart. Intriguing variety of challenging pencil pastimes for peciple who enjoy word games. 142 dif ferent games with answers in the back of the book Pub. ats3.95 Only s1.oo THE BEDTIME BOCK CF 365. NURSERY RHYMES. A wonderfu(new collection of' well loved rhymes & nursery verses one for each day Of the year! Contai'ns gentle verses for lullaby time, riddles to puzzle & amuse and a wonderful variety of rhymes, all enchl!nlingly & colorfully illustrated. A book you will want to look at or sing from or read, over & over again. Delightful for children of all ages Special Values2.98 TRUE. IRISH GHOST STORIES. Ed. by. St; John D Seymour, B.D. :A distinguished Irish scholar (author of Irish Witchcraft & Demonology in this series) has brought togethe r the best authenticated ghost stories oi recent centuries. '256 pages. Pub. al$7.95 OnlyS2 .98 THIRTY STRANGE STORIES. By H G Weirs. Intro. by Michael Lord. The great master of science fiction (War of.the Worlds, etc.) was .also a devoted writer of uncanny and macabre tales. Here are the best thirty of his imaginative stories in this genre. Pub. at Sl0.00 -only SJ.98 Jill Johnston: LESBIAN NATION The Feminist Solution. "Blacks In America were the first to understand that an oppressed group must with: draw ... to establish its own identity ... Femlnists who still sleep with men are delivering their most vital energies to the opgressor". Pub. at S7.95 only 5.1-98 THE FORTU.NE TELLERS. 32-pages of Full-Color Illustrations. One Of the most comprehensive books In the field, this Is an intriguing collection Of traditional methods of divination ranging from the Tarot to Tasseography. Contains a wealth of lntormatlon on less well known methods Of fortune telling such as the Runes and scrylng, as as the more liar I Ching and palmistry. Some of the most famous occultists reveal their secrets. Pub. al$7.95 Only S3.98 ART TREASURES OF THE WORLD. Excellent survey of ar. t and ar chitectural treasures in each country. Profusely illustrated with Over 260 illustrcitions, 120 in Full Color in each volume s11A"x1lt14". Pub. at $6,95 Only 53:98 Each. ART TREASURES IN THE BRITISH ISLES ART TREASURES IN FRANCE SJ.98 SJ.98 $3.98 $3.98 ART TREASURES IN GERMANY ART l'REASURES IN SPAIN VINCENT VAN GOGH. By Marc Edo Tralbaut. The most comprehensive study of Van Gogh ever published presented by the leading wo.rld authority on the artist -intensively moving & revealing account of his life & work; h i s crises & defeats his doubts & accomplishments. c;ontains reproductions of drawings & paintings never before appearing in any book, clarifies gaps & obscurities in the artist's corresi>ondence old misconceptions are done away with, and new perspectives a ppear. Hundreds of reproductions in B&W and FULL-COLOR. 10"x12". Pub. atS42 .50. OnlyS19.98 THE COMPLETE HOLIDAY COOKBOOK Here to make your holidays unforgettable are menus, holiday ideas and recipes to reflect the glamour and magic of each holiday moment. Find countless inspirations for parties, dinners and treats that do justice to your special way of celebrating .holidays throughout the entire year. Beautiful full. page color illustrations and many black and whi te pictures. A must for every cook. Special $2.98 THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS CCOKBCCK. 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12 -THE 0 RAC LE Challenge 1too tough' sports Holcomb proud of boaters November 13, 1974 BY JEFF WHITTLE Oracle Sports Writer According to an old adage, hindsight is always 20-20. For USF soccer coach Dan Photo by Gabe Puniska Holcomb that statement fits the bill. "IT WAS just a problem of us challenging ourselves too tough too early ," Holcomb said. But the USF coach hasn't let the Brahmans' worst-ever 6 -6-2 season record dampen his spirits. "I'm just as proud of the guys as I can be," he said "We played the top four teams in the country and nobody else did thatnobody That s really a com pliment to the players to accept a challenge like that." The Brahmans dismissed all hopes of an NCAA tournament Handcrafted iewelry Unique pieces imported from Africa, Egypt, Thailand, Mexico, Finland, Central & South America, as well as Indian jewelry and hand crafted sterling. bid Saturday when they lost to Eckerd College 2-1. USF took the lead when fullback Fergus Hopper headed in a corner kick, but Triton standout Martin Bremer scored twice to hand USF its final loss "I DON'T want to cry about injuries," Holcomb explained "but that d oes make or break a team that is small in numbers And the Brahmans did suffer their share Captain Sean O Brien played the entire season on a damaged knee which will undergo surgery late this month. Mike Martinez today's world Eckerd goalie Jim DiNoble gets a save as USF loses its soccer finale 2-1 in FLETCHER PLAZA at the corner of Florida & Fletcher Dunedin Spurs beat USF Soccer Club USF's International Soccer Club suffered its first setback of the season Sunday, ra : ing to the Dunedin Spurs 3-0. The loss gave USF a 1-1 record, since it had beaten the Clearwater Athletic Soccer Club earlier in the season : USF will have a rematch with the Spurs next Sunday in Clearwater The Club members will meet tomorrow at 6 : 30p m. in PED 112 to elect a captain-coach, Pres. Diego Bertagna said. Practices ar. e held Mondays and Thursdays from 5 to 6:'30 p m. on the soccer field. Those interested in joining are invited to attend. NOW OPEN 113th Avenue N. I and 30th St. SHERWOOD'S v e tnn PANCAKE HOUSE Convenientto USF for breakfast, lunch, dinner. Doors open 6 a.m. was lost midway through the sea son with a dislocated elbow, and Bill Bourne injured his upper leg on the St. Louis trip, causing him to miss USF s last three games Holcomb also said Pete Mohrmann s pulled hamstring Con Foley s sprained ankle and Mike Knott's injured thigh contributed to the team's poor record WITH ALL but two players returning next season though, maybe another well-worn cliche is appropriated Wait until next year. Minimum maintainence hair is the goal of the professional hairculters at the House of England. They feature the ftnest hairstyling designed according to your type of hair, your features, and your l i festyle They'll also teach you about the chemistry of your ha i r arid,the products you u s e on it. Education is the answer ... to most hair .problems because nobody ever taught you how to do it yourself. The House of England staff will create a hairstyle that not only looks great whe n you leave the s alon but. teach you ho w to duplicate it. at home Confidence is the feeling ... y ou 'll have with your newfound k nowledge about your hair. You 'll never again be plagued with terminal frizzles or be searching for your hat. Now you'll know how to cleanse treat, and groom your hair, like a professional. A new you is the reward from a trip to the House of England. Be part of today with happy, healthy, hair. Hair that Shines and sw i ngs. Wash and wear hair. Hair that says you're with I t, here and now Brought to you by the people who love your hair as much as you do. By Appointment Only 595,5544 Open till 8 Wed. and Fri. 511 Ro1ery Rood. Lar90 DOMINO'S November 4-Star Pizza Specials# ,,....-:/. w i th eac h D ommoP1zz<: purchased Della, Epsilon. Zeta Eta. Th eta I ota Kappa L a mbd a an d M u Dorms


Cecil caged Oracle Photo by Mark Sherman USF Pres. Cecil Mackey straps on his headgear in preparation for lacrosse practice last Saturday. Mackey was fulfilling his obligation to the Lacrosse Club after being purchased at the Activities Mart. Golfers take fifth at Malabar tourney BY JEFF WHITTLE Oracle Sports Writer Winding up its fall tournament schedule,. the USF golf team finished fifth in the Florida In tercollegiate Tournament at Port Malabar last week. I was a little disappointed," said Brahman mentor Bob Shiver His squad had an 1194 total, 60 strokes behind the University of Florida. "WE HAD a real bad first round; the next three rounds were a little better golf, but nothing super-fantastic," Shiver said Florida was led by medalist Andy Bean, who fired a one under-par 283, and runnerup Phil Hancock, one shot off the pace at 284. Alan Fadel copped low honors for the Brahmans with a 298, followed by Tom Bracke at 299. Pat Lindsey finished at 303, Glen Salwak carded a 304 and Ian Davidson had a 306. Doug Lacrosse shot a 320. Lindsey won the Wes Berner Memorial Trophy, voted by the coaches at the tournament. The award, named after the late Brahman golf coach, is based not only on the golfer's ability, but also on character, leadership, and contributions to his sc hool's golf program "NOW WE'LL just take a little time off," Shiver said after the meet. "We've been playing a lot of golf, so we'll just take a break and get the guys' grades in shape." The Brahmans' next tour-nament competition, the Seminole Invitational at Tallahassee, is in February. Hague tops bowl!3rs Terry Hague continued her domination of the women's bowling results in USF Bowling League action last week. Hague rolled a 190 game and a 488 series to take top honors in both categories. Mike Jacobson, who had high game among the men the week before, had the best series this time, a 534. The high game, a 207, was rolled by Del Santee N :;/' NOW RENTING M IJ /. ... '(" "QUALITY" CAMPING ff t\ EQUIPMENT \t N CANOESBACKPACKSSTOVES ff WEEKL y TENTS (ALL STYLES & SIZES) LANTERNS ICE CHESTS DAILY SCREENED DINING PATIOS DINING CANOPIES l \ \ EASl OPEN THURS. & FRI. 9-9 N :. toILS MON., TUES, WEDS., & SAT. 9-6 '.\ nM OUTFITIEKS FOR CAMPING, BACKPACKING, CANOEING N INC. [THE LARGEST SELECTION OF -.----FREEZE DRY FOODS IN THE AREA] "=!'. 8711 N. 40th ST. THE ORACLE -November 13, 1974 13 Brahmans win final 3 games BY RINDY WEATHERLY Oracle Sports Editor Scoring 29 runs in three games, USF last weekend beat Florida College once and the University of Tampa twice to end its fall baseball season at 15-4-2. The Brahmans beat Florida College 8-3 on Friday, then took both ends of a Saturday doubleheader with Tampa, 7-2 and 14-3. "WE PLAYED the best Saturday that we've played so far," coach Jack Butterfield said. "We got good pitching excellent defense and very very good hitting. "We hit the daylights out of the ball in the second game," he said. Shortstop Chuck Adams hit the Brahmans' second home run of the fall season against Tampa. He also contributed a pair of triples. In the first game of the doubleheader, USF had 14 hits, including three by Mark Miggins and two each by Adams, Dave Bearden, Lou Garcia and Tony Rizzo. Steve Ruling and Chris Welsh held the Spartans to only five hits. BRAD SILVER'S bases-loaded triple accounted for three Brah man runs in the second game. Carlos Tosca and Tony Ciccarello had three safeties and Rick Stenholm and Chris Barquin had two apiece in USF's 15-hit attack. Jay Keller, Doug Hollins and Mark Baum split the pitching T o o o New PolicyFamily Entertainment All Seats s2.oo At All Times DOUBLE FEATURE 1. Five Easy Pieces-R with Jack Nicholson and Karen Black 2. Easy Rider -R with Peter Fonda and Jack Nicholson Midnite Show Fri. & Sat. chores, giving up seven hits. USF was 3 against the Spartans and 5-0 against Florida College this fall. formerly of Head Hunter, Miami Beach and Ophie's of Tampa, plus 14 years of experience in Europe-L' orea I-Paris-Italy-Yugoslavia-Lebanon. II[ ____ ,r_, you to his new haircutting salon. PHOENECIA 3612 Henderson Blvd., phone 8i0-0077 Mon. through Sat. 10 to 8 HONEYWE 'LL PENTAX SPOTMATIC F handles like a professional! Revolutionary Super-Multi Coated Takumar lenses give the sharpest, truest color pic tures you can take. Wide-open through-the lens metering Locking shutter release; self-timer ASA range from 20 to 3200 Great Pentax "feel" and design Plus othe. r exceptional features that make Pentax Spotmatic F capable of outperforming most other cameras Southern Photo & News 1515 No. Marion St. Tampa. Fla. 22:l-.t:l29 artists USF 's student edited quarterly needs creative photography, etchings, drawings and graphics. Bring submissions to LET 472 between 8 and 5 daily. 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Oracle Photo by Mark Shermano A minor tune-up Bicycles have their advantages: They're smog free, economical, anyone can drive one and maintenance is a cinch. Here, Mark Mastre, 2COM, makes a minor a

16 -THE ORACLE November 1974 Oracle photo by Dave Lenox Children of students ... at Learning Space Files to get review A Florida Department of Personnel (DOP) official will be on campus Thursday and Friday to investigate claims of possible illegalities in the hiring procedure at USF, Charles Brannon, DOP Chief of Recruitment and Examination, said yesterday. Brannon said he intended to personally visit USF last Friday, but "transportation problems" kept him in Tallahassee. A supervisor of Examination and Administration will study per sonnel files to determine if state law was violated when five career service employes were approved for jobs even though they reportedly did not meet state specifications, Brannon said. John Weicherding, USF director of Personnel, has said he fears the investigation will reduce the "professional judgment" his office is allowed when considering job applicants. Personnel Services has made no special preparations for the upcoming investigation, Weicherding said. He said the hiring approval decisions were based on interpretations of state rules and regulations concerning educational and on-the-job experience. Course info forms ready Synopses of over 400 courses offered Qtr. 2 will be available today in several locations on campus Information included in the synopses are the instructors' names, number and kinds of test s, number and length of papers, additional -reading requirements and outside projects. They will be available at the UC desk, and all college academic advising offices except the Colleges of Medicine, Engineering and Nursing. Joe Vito, coordinator of the SGsponsored project, said about 30 per cent of the faculty responded to SG s request to fill out course information sheets. The project will be continued every quarter, he said. Vito said although the synopses are a good way to find out about course requirements, the best way is to go directly to the instructor or the department and ask them. Dave Heinz Imports Sales Service Parts 2388-185 1101 E. Hillsborough Ave. Medicines Feeds Equipment For Your Horse We have plenty of Levi's Jean Jackets Belt Buckles Youngsters find place at center BY ILENE JACOBS Oracle Staff Writer Four-y e ar-old M e lissa stood in the theater pit singing "Delta Dawn at the top of her lungs while nine or ten children list e ned appreciatively. Melissa is enrolled in a daycare center that really isn't a daycare center, staffed by people who don't really believe in daycare centers IN THE midst of dayc a re center woes at USF, Learning Space points out that University students and faculty members need an institution to care for and teach their children USF Pres. Cecil Mackey last month established a daycare center committee to study the feasibility of creating such centers on campus The majority of the 70 children who attend Learning Space a private center located near USF, are children of persons who work at the University owner and director Fern Chapin said The USF education, psychology, and physical education departments frequently send students to ob serve it, she said LEARNING Space is a place where "the children take the responsibility for learning," Chapin said Lots of raw materials are furnished the two through five year-{)ld enrollees to work with. Old high heels and straw hats ropes and tires, and toy stoves and pots let the children explore their creativity. ''The children are very unique," staff inember Pamela Hunsucker said. Hunsucker, like much of the staff, is enrolled at USF. Because it's a different kind of place, the children are dif ferent," she said "They're real characters," she said motioning to one tiny girl who comes to the center with a Women's Liberation button complete with a painted fist pinned to her blouse CHAPIN SAID she hopes USF will eventually buy Learning Space as part of its daycare center program No steps in this direction have been taken, she said, but "it's an idea." Students Faculty and Staff of U.S.F. \lllQ SA VE $$ on TIRES (>"\\ Mounting & Balancing S 5 o % available 0 t\ Mastercharge BankAmericard = Discount 111181 lftl 0 ;n all tire i KOON'S Urchases$ 9545 N. Florida 933-6571 Reserve Lif e Insumflce Company WE DARE TO COMPARE The B e st 111 {;;: Life-sau in g s i:s: H e alth i:s: Disability In come Check with us before you decide 988-9197 On e block e ast of USF in Herald Square CHOPPERS L .. Aguilar's Cycle Ph. 986-1400 Sales We specialize Also, in choppers used Ha rleys & Parts and other motorcycles Authorized dealer on Steen and Tri Sport 1 mile West of 301 on Fowler Ave. F&H REPAIR Domestic & Foreign Car Repairs UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT We specialize in "IMPORT CAR REPAffiS" VALVE JOB ON MOST IMPORTS $1000 No AppointmentNecessary Air Condition Repairs -NO JOB TOO LARGE OR TOO SMALL !00% Guarantee on All Repairs Competitive Rates 15512 NORTH FLORIDA A VE: Owner & Operator Phone 961-1452 VERNON HYDE NOW OPEN 113th Avenue N. and 30th St. SHERWOOD'S elnn PANCAKE HOUSE Convenient to USF for breakfast, lunch, dinner. Doors open 6 a.m. daily!


UFF preparing contract for presentation to BOR THE ORACLE-November 13, 1974 The Natural Science Student Council 17 BY MARY RUTH MYERS Oracle Staff Writer collective bargaining election, he said to get on the ballot. "If they are going to do so they will have to move pretty fast," he said. will hold elections Nov. 19th and 20th. The United Faculty of Florida

18-THE ORACLE November 13, 1974 ,,, Oracle Photo by Mark Shermar> Lights come down Wayne Scraggs of the UP directs traffic here when the traffic lights at Palm and Oak came down after Weldon Parry drove his truck with the boom raised -through the intersection. Handicap committee seeks membership BY ILENE JACOBS Oracle Staff Writer The Advisory Committee on Handicapped Students is attempting to gain membership on a University building committee to ensure new buildings have adequate facilities for handicapped students, Dale Hart man, adviser to handicapped students, said. The push is in light of a Sep tember study which revealed inadequacies in the six bathrooms in the newly-built Classroom Building A HARTMAN SAID an improperly placed screen just beyond the bathrooms' doors prevented wheelchair students from entering. ''These things could be avgi!."led if someone gets on a building committee before the buildings are ever started," Hartman said. Roxy Neal, director of Facilities Planning and Operations, said the mistakes will be corrected before Qtr. 2. "The administration was just grand" in working to correct the faults, Hartman said HE SAID the architectural firm, John Howes Associates, followed the set of guidelines required for handicapped students, "to the letter" but left out "practical aspects." "The practical use of the bathroom was pretty impossible," Hartman said. battery operated ones. John Howey said his firm used a standard wheelchair to test the adequacy of the bathrooms, not realizing they are smaller than "It didn't enter my mind that battery-operated wheelchairs would have dii'ferent dimens ions he s aid. WUSF-TV MARK CARSON SAM CARSON, OPTICIANS 11710 N. Florida at Fowler Ave. 935-7854 Dr's Eyeglass /( Prescriptions ltl!_f:'1><11, filled /;>/( '/:>1_,A '/( Q Rainbow Colored <'l!Jt;i_Cli: J/ Plastic Lenses S 'Ito/( LIFE LONG RESIDENT OF f_,/i;'.t\!s /i;'.t\! NORTH TAMPA 1 0 WECK SCHEDULE (SAME AS OTHER USF COURSES) au Enrollment Unlimited CHANNEL 16 USF Colle g e Credit Courses by television in YOUR home or in a room on campus. Each lesson broadcast twice. QUARTER I I SCHEDULE 1975 ART 310-501 INTRODUCTION -TO ART (3) (Mr. Bruce Marsh) MWF 5:30 or 8:00 p. m. 3124 LIN 3 21-501 LANGUAGE AND MEANING (4) (Mr. Robert 01Hara) TR 3:30 or 8:00 p :m. 2264 MUS 371-501 ISSUES JN MUSIC (2) (Mr. Jacques Abram) M 4:00 or 8:30 p.m. Preliminary hearing set for tuition suit 319 9 PHI 112-501 LOVE, SEX, & VIOLENCE (2) (Dr. James Gould) TR 4:00 or 8:30 p.m. (Mr. John lori o) -A preliminary hearing date for a tuition suit filed in September by three USF students against the Board of Regents

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UC 200. 10-24,25,31, 11-7, 14 "THE CHINESE People, 1974" lecture with slides by Prof. Willard Uphaus, Mon., Nov. 18, 2 pm, Classroom Building A Room 103 Free. 11-15 WANT TC organize co-op play group for 2 year olds 3 mornings-week 977 1979. 11: 13, 11: 15. I .. TV, RADIO, STEREO I SHARP Electronic Calculators. 529.95 to 5119.95 Call Tim Hammon d Campus Representative 974-6348 Room 219. 11 ;19 STEREOS, TV's, Calculators Strictly Wholesale prices & quotes. Top Brands: Marantz, Sony, Toshiba, Sinclair, etc. I am a student, no! a store. You can save by calling Steve Mos! 977-7433 or Fontana Rm. 1333 971-9550 leave messa9e. 11 ;12 No extra charge for colored bond paper. Sales letters Catalog Sheets Bulletins Forms Notices Direct Mail Instructions Data Sheets Order Forms Work Sheets Announcements Enve lopes Letterheads Circulars Handbills Post Cards Brochures House Organs Co .st Sheets Price Lists Resumes Stuffers LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU BETTER insty-prints 4347 W. 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I with this ad I Motorcycles-authorized auto deale' r 14701 Nebraska Ave. 971-8171 HAVE YOUR I DRAPERIES !PROFESSIONALLY CLEANED j s.o.q. (Standard of uallty) becau8e Spotles ha ..... + Samtone .... Draperies are exptniiv and deserve tM beat. Uiint the Adjust-a Drope and Sonitone methods, Spotltts con guarantee even hemlines and lentths Pleats thot ore absolutely vertical, brighter, cleaner, Jporklint colors and whites. (13624 UNIVERSITY PLAZA) Pick Up and Home Delivery Call 236


20-THE ORACLE November 13, 1974 Area zoning proposition offered BY MARY RUTH MYERS Oracle Staff Writer The Edward J. DeBartolo Corp., developers of University Square Mall, has proposed a compromise by which it hopes to achieve desired rezoning of property on Fowler Avenue, a USF official said yesterday. ((ounlyl c : : N the University would face in later years from other requests. Hartley said he has asked each representative group on campus to submit a written recom mendation by Wednesday. USF Pres. Cecil Mackey will then make a recommendation to present to County Planning Commission at its Monday meeting. : Company officials have C.2 Zoning (County) Area Up for rezoning --,:------------------------Cl Zoning (City of Tampa) 8. V> 0 c :;: I promised to place a deed restriction on commercially zoned property along Fowler Avenue if the University will go along with a zoning variance requestfor property on which the firm wishes to build a bank, Bert Hartley. vice president for A similar process of receiving input from the University community is being conducted on a zoning request for a piece of property located diagonally across from the USF Riverfront Recreation area, he said. Finance and Planning, said. "THEY WILL place a deed restriction on their property currently zoned C-1, such that no future development could occur unless it was consistent with University Community


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