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The oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
Wright, Sandra ( Editor )
Moormann, Dave ( Managing editor )
Wallace, Tom ( Advertising manager )
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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0 R A Harrison sees USF 1 circumventing' laws ( .Nov. 20, 1974 L Vol. 9 No. 89 f 40 pages BY SANDRA WRIGHT and MIKE ARCHER Oracle Staff Writers See related story, page 3 Deputy Atty. Gen. Baya Harrison said yest.erday he will consider presenting information to a state attorney regarding continuing att.empt" to circumvent the public documents law at USF. Harrison Said the decision by USF officials to destroy active but confidential faculty recommendations of students registered with the "placement office is against the law. "THAT'S A CRIME," he said. A state law has been in effect for more than a year prohibiting confidential recommendations and a federal law went into effect yest.erday prohibiting the denial of "any and all official records, files, and data" to students. Festival starts tomorrow Oracle Photo by f.l\ark Sherman USPs Festival of the Hill begins on Crescenf Hill (outside of the UC) tomorrow, complete with a flea market and a of art by staff, faculty and students. Artwork may be during the two-day event. See editorial, page 4 and story, page 6. Corporation check proves 1 entirely satisfactory' BY MIKE ARCHER Assistant News Editor Board of Regents Chairperson Marshall Criser said Monday a check info the operation of a private corporation which receives USF support has proven "entirely satisfactory." Since its inception April 16, 1970, the South Florida Education Planning Council has received $56,121 from USF in the form of facilities and staff. "BASED ON the information that I have, there is no reason to question the corporation's role or function," Criser said. A special state audit of the Council whose records were subpoenaed last March, will not be completed and sent here for response for at least 28 days. "We're getting the so-called adverse findings ready," Deputy Auditor Gen ; George Warner said yesterday. USF will have 20 days after receiving the audit to respond. THE COUNCIL is a private, non-profit corporation located on campus "to provide a fun damental link" between area schools and colleges; promoting "cooperative planning, research and development," USF Pres. Omnibus at stands the Dtr. 1 Omnibus is included with today's Oracle. Cecil Mackey said in a letter fo Criser The was in response to Criser's decision last month to look into the corporation, housed in USF's College_ of Education and headed by Education faculty members. "It is my opm1on this Council benefits directly the University of South Florida, the member school districts and the State of Florida by aiding in resolution of common educational problems, Mackey wrot e DUES ARE paid by 12 county school districts who are members of the corporation. Expenditures have included $2,726 for con sultants, $3,125 for travel, $1,500 for fellow s hips and $1,446 for "hospitality." Criser said the letter from Mackey in support of the cor poration was a satisfactory ex planation for the use of tax money to finance the private corporation. The corporation has an "educational purpose," he said USF officials said the records will be destroyed to protect the con fidentiality of faculty who made the recommendations before it was required they be public. "We have a duty under common law to keep them confidential," USF Genera) Counsel St.eve Wenzel said. WENZEL SAID the intent of Congress, in passing the law making student records public, is to make the files accurate. He said the law provides a period of 45 days the student requests the records for compliance, and during this tune USF officials are obligat.ed to "clean them up." "I'm not saying that to do this is not against the law, I'm saying that's what I think Congress int.ended," Wenzel said. Harrison said to withhold these records from students in order to destroy them is illegat "THEY ARE CLASSIFIED limited access but to destroy them would be a violation of the law;" he said. "It is obvious there is a continuing attempt down there to cir" cumventboth the public records law, and the Sunshine Law," he said. Placement Center Director Glenda Lentz said Monday to make the active confidential recommendations public, even tbough they are part of stdent files, would betray confidence of faculty who gave them. She said "we have no choice buttodestroy." the records, and she will take full responsibility for her actions. WENZEL SAID the records will not be released becau5e USF officials fear legal difficulties prompted by irate students who received poor recommendations and faculty upset at their being released. He said students could sue faculty for poor recommendations in like intelligence health, and. personal appearance. Also, he said faculty c,ould sue USF for making poor recommendations public, When were done originally on a form marked "not to be shown" to students : "The stud ent's interest is in not having that's untrue in the files," Wenzel said. "We are effectuating Congress' intent, which is fo make these files accurate." 'Hott/iii' today USF Pres. Cecil Mackey Will hold a "Hotline" session today at 2 p.m. in EDU 202C. Students, faculty and staff can question Mackey on topics of interest to the USF comniunitv Oracle pllolo by Mary Lovlnfoue Shine on "Shine," a creation by Kevin Rhodes, goes on display today in the TAT Gallery. The work is made with wood, metal, shoes, neon, rags and shoe polish. Rhodes will discuss the concepts behind his art in tomorrow's Oracle. /


2-THE ORACLE November 20, 1974 Chrysler plans drastic cutback DETROIT Chrysler Corp. yesterday announced plans to shut all but one of its six U S auto assembly plants from the day before Thanksgiving to Jan. 6, slashing an additional 43,900 workers from its payrolls. The drastic cutback to trim 50,000 cars from its production schedules will bring the No. 3 ai.ttomaker s number of workers idled temporarily or indefinitely to 70,500 hourly workers in December. The company employs 110,000 hourly workers. The only assembly plant that will operate normally is the St. Louis facility which builds Fury, Coronet, Valiant and Dart models. However, on Jan. 2, it will switch from a two-shift operation to a one shift operation. Plants that will be closed through Jan. 6 are at Belvidere, Ill Newark, Del., and the Hamtramck, Jefferson Avenue and Lynch Road plants in the Detroit area. The Hamtramck and Newark plants already are closed to cut back production of the compact Valiant and Dart models. With just one plant operating in the United States, Chrysler will build about 15,000 cars during December. French unions strike PARIS -French workers heeding union calls for a one-day general strike disrupted much of the nation's activity yesterday and an estimated 200,000 demonstrators marched in Paris. The strike by union members demanding higher wages and job security disrupted transportation, radio and television, hospital, bank, school and utilities. But absenteeism was limited and the walkout failed to shut down vital services. One western diplomat after a tour of Paris said : "The strike is a moderate failure." However, two long-running work stoppages continued to have damaging effects-a mail strike in its second month and a gar bage strike in Paris, now in its second week. Niion sets the blame WASHINGTON Convinced that John Mitchell was "not gonna make it anyway," formerPres. Richard Nixon once or dered a top aide to pressure him to take full blame for Watergate and draw attention away from the White House, according to tapes played in federal court yesterday. Nixon's order to "go see Mit chell" was relayed to aide John Ehrlichman during a lengthy April 14, 1973, meeting at the time the Watergate cover-up was collapsing and threating to to uncover high White House. The tapes of White House meetings that day, played in the Watergate cover-up trial of Ehrlichman, Mitchell, H.R. Haldeman and two other former Nixon aides, also indicated that Nixon planned to pardon the Watergate principals toward the end of his term as president. In a meeting with Ehrlichman and Haldeman, the discussion focused primarily on trying to get Mitchell, the former attorney general and Nixon campaign manager, to admit his role in Watergate to the prosecutors because-as Nixon put it-"he's not gonna make it anyway." Assassination foiled BEIRUT -Abu Iyad, No. 2 man to Yasser Arafat in the leadership of Al Fatah guerrilla movement, admitted yesterday that his men had planned to assassinate King Hussein of Jordan during the recent Arab summit conference in Rabat, Morocco. Reports in Rabat said Moroccan officials had frustrated a plot to kill Hussein with the arr,ests of at least 14 members of Al Fatah, the powerful guerilla organization headed by Arafat, who is also chairperson of the Palestine Liberation Organization There had been no official confirmation of the reports. Speaking at a public rally at the Arab University of Beirut, Abu Iyad said two attempts were made and vowed Palestinian guerillas would make further attempts on the life of the Jor danian monarch two groups included women among their members, he added Failure will not discourage us, but wili make us stage further attempts, Abu Iyad said "The Fatah movement is committed to a resolution taken earlier by its revolutionary council that calls for assassinating Hussein and overthrowing the Jordanian regime," he said. Sugar prices falling ATLANTIC CITY Retail sugar prices will begin dropping next year and may eventually fall to 20 cents a pound the head of the Agriculture Department's Sugar Division said yesterday. Arthur B. Calcagnini, speaking at the annual convention of the National Soft Drink Association in Atlantic City, said a drop in domestic demand and an in crease in production will bring the prices down in 1975. Fasting for hunger BOSTON More than 4,700 Boston area college students are expected to participate in a one-Tucker elected speaker "Fourteen members of Al Fatah attempted to assassinate Hussein, but they failed," Abu Iyad said "Another group attempted to carry out this task, but they also failed." day fast tomorrow "in order to experience what hunger feels like," according to the best campus estimates and. the president of Boston College. TALLAHASSEE Rep. Don. won election to a two-year term as speaker of the house yesterday and called for a re-examination of state education priorities. Tucker, first elected to the house in 1966, defeated the Republican nominee for speaker, .Rep William James, R-Delray Beach, by an vote which went along straight party lines. Tucker and James did not vote. Tucker said education, reforms in the Public Service Commission and a cutback in government spending are his main priorities next year. '.'I am concernedthat Florida's public schools are oriented t'oward preparing the high school graduate to go to college when in fact more than half move directly intothe work force where such an education may not be. relevant in terms of making a living," Tucker told the house members. "I am concerned thatwe are not doing enough to stimulate the one '.high '.school studentdfi .20 who drops out before gradliation. "Every Floridian has a right to read. The skill is so important and so basic to successfully in our society thal it cannot be I am hopefUl this committee will closely ; examine education in this basic area." I i I Revenue bills I TALLAHASSEE The house overwhel.rtl.ingly passed :tw. o bills yesterday which wou1d allow more cities to benefit from state revenue sharing programs. The lawmakers, in their first action of the special session, voted 118-1 to eliminate a requirement which makes city levy at least three mills in property taxes to be eligible for revenues from a fund which uses cigarette taxes as a basis for assistance monies PSC urges reduction WEST PALM BEACH The Public Service Commission sent a request to the .governor yesterday urging him to ask the special session of the to pass a resoh.ttion calling for federal action to reduce crude oil prices. Commissioner w. T Billy" Mayo expressed confidence that the governor' s staff prepare the resolution quickly for consideration by the lawmakers later in the day. School bus searched MIAMI BEACH Pu:lice searching for marijuana a school bus headed for Miami Beach Senior High yesterday ; and turned up two bottles of Mogen David wine and a pair of dice. The Oracle is the. official student -edited newspaper of the University of South Florida and is published four times weekly, Tuesday through Friday, during the academic year period September through mid-June; twice during the academic year period mid-June through August, by the University of South Florida, 4202 Fowler Ave., Tampa, Fla. 33620. Opinions expressed in the Oracle an! those of the editors or of the writer a .nd not those of the University of South Florida. Address correspondence to the Oracle, LET 472, Tampa, Fla. 33620 Second class postage paid at Tampa, Fla. The Oracle reserves the right to regulate the typographical tone of all advertisements and revise or turn away copy it considers objectionable. Programs; activities and facilities of the University of South Florida are available to all on a non-discriminator.y basis, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age or national origin. The University is an affirmative action Equal Opportunity Employer. Six Miami police units and one Florida Highway Patrol car lay in wait for the bus at 7 a.m. after officers said they had received a "reliable tip" the students were smoking marijuana on the way to school. More than 50 of them laughing and jeering the officers-were told to evacuate the bus, while police searched for thPdrug. Not a trace of marijuana could be found, police said. One of the wine bottles, however, was half empty _Secretary testifies TALLAHASSEE Mrs. Betty Potts, secretary to Supreme Court Justice Joseph Boyd, testified yesterday that .he .threatened her with the "Mafia" when he learned she was going to tell a different story than him about a secret memorandum that has led to misconduct charges against the newly-reelected jurist. 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THE ORACLE -November 20, 1974 3 Search groups must post notification of meetings Oracle photo by Mary Lovlnfosse BY MIKE ARCHER Assistant News Editor Deputy Atty. Gen. Bay a Harrison said yesterday the decision by the Arts and Letters dean search committee not to reveal the time and location of today's meeting is a "blatant violation" of the Sunshine Law. Harrison said the committee must make this information available to anyone interested in the meeting. Written notice of the meeting is required by state law, he said Helping hand "IF THE LAW says I can't throw you out when you get there, then I'll let you try to find us," search committee chairperson Theordore Hoffman said yesterday, after refusing to give the time and location of the meeting Two members of USF's scuba diving class assist each other with their equipment. The class, offered by the Physical Education Department, is one of many con ducted in the natatorium to acquaint students with water sports. An opinion dated Oct. 14, frqm Atty. Gen Robert Shevin states search committee meetings must be open to the public Fiore appointed to state Status of Women group Hoffman said the meetings "are more effective, and more efficient" when secret. ';You have to respect the in dividuals involved," he said. of names of applicants for the position could jeopardize their current jobs, he said. Dr. Silvia Fiore, chairperson of USF's Status of Women Com mittee, has been appointed to the Governor's Commission on the Status of Women. Gov. Reubin Askew appointed Fiore to a two-year term on the commission, which serves as an advisory board to the governor on matters which affect or are of Minimum hours may be set for dissertations BY MARY RUTH MYERS Oracle Staff Writer USF students working toward a doctorate degree may be required to take a minimum number of research credit hours Graduate Studies Director John Briggs said Monday at a Graduate Council meeting. "Sometimes the faculty member supervising a graduate student may not be requiring the student sign up for as many hours as he should," he said. "The professor doesn't get credit for his teaching load and the department loses the funds." Briggs said after students finish required structured courses in a doctorate program, they may not sign up for enough research credit hours even though a faculty member is spending time helping them. The problem with a minimum is it places a credit value on a Ph.D degree which is philosophically not desirable," he said Briggs said chairpersons of all departments with doctorate programs have recommended against having a university-wide minimum number of required research credit hours. Education Professor Ed Uprichard said, "I'm afraid if we set a minimum then the Board of Regents ;. Near the USF campus at Terrace Plaza, 56th St. and Busch Blvd. Phone 985-1672, and West Kennedy at Dale Mabry, Phone 872-9246. a ., io \ :,_ 6 a ; t J ; l l I t > / 1 l I ( L l I I I 1 I l I I


4-THE ORACLE November 20, 1974 USF Textbook Center needs careful review It looks like students and faculty are in luck ; the Textbook Center is now scheduled to open on time next quarter. However it is anyone's guess whether other problems will prevent the bookstore from fully meeting the University's needs Unfortunately, every quarter brings a shower of complaints from faculty and students concerning the bookstore. Either professors say the bookstore did not order enough texts or they say the bookstore ordered the books too late so students will have to do without texts until the second or third week of the quarter. THE PROBLEM must be remedied if students are to get their money's worth out of USF classes It is unfair to expect students to go to the library to check out literary works because there is not an adequate supply in the campus bookstore and it is unfair to tell students they must shop around or do their best to find the tools they need for class The Oracle urges Vice President for Administration Ken Thompson to immediately begin an aggressive vestigation into the Textbook Center and alternate solutions to the problem of more students than texts. And we feel the best place for him to go to begin his review is to Faculty Senat eanastuden L Senate These two groups represent those most iiltimately involved in the problem and co1,1l9. offer suggestions as well as more clearly spell out the problems In addition to asking the senates for ideas, the Oracle suggests Thompson also ask the groups for the names of several people who could form a committee which would devote time over the Christmas break to investigate the problem. WE. SUGGEST the committee members. be appointed by the senates themselves with Thompson and Director of Auxiliary Services .Tom Berry serving as ex-<>fficio members. By allowing the senates to do the ap pointing, much needed valuable time will be saved as it will cut through the b .ureaucratic red tape of faculty recommendations going to Academic Affairs, then to Thompson, then to ORACLE ACP All-American since 1967 SDX Mark of Excellence 1972 ANPA Pacemaker Award 1967, 1969 editorials Old forms of government finally grow so oppressive that they must b e thrown off even at the risk of reigns of terror. Herbert Spencer Mackey while student suggestions are filtered up through Student Affairs. We also ask that this committee be taken seriously and take their own job seriously Another committee which casually reviews a problem and wastes time getting bogged down in petty squabbles will do no good We, need ? hard working dedicated group of people willing to spend their holiday time looking for a solution to a big campus problem Surely in a campus with 20,000 students there are four or five who are willing to spend part of their break working on a project which could benefit the entire University The only thing left to do is ask the appropriate senates to supply the names of such people A group of concerned USF people working together and taking the trouble to get all the facts related to campus book purchasing problems can come tip with some alternatives to the problems which continually crop up 'BLE.'55 AMERICA" Editor...... .... Sandra Wright Advertising Manager ......... Tom Wallace Managing Editor ......... Dave Moormann News Editor ............ Wayne Sprague Entertainment Editor ........ Ellie Soni mer Hill festival a community event Sports Editor ...... : ...... Rindy Weatherly Layout Editor ................. Matt Bokor Copy Editor ......... ...... Luanne Kitchin Wire Editor Larry Vianello Photo Editor ... ,. ........... Mark Sherman Illustration Editor .... ... Terry Kirkpatrick L ibrarian ...... Anna Bozo Adviser ........ Leo Stalnaker Advertising Coordinator .Harry Daniels Production Manager ..... Joe McKenzie Compositor. ............ Kim Hackbarth DEADLINES: General news 2 p.m. da'ily for following day issue. Advertising (with proof) Thursday noon for Tuesday, Monday noon for Thursday. Deadlines extended one day w ithout proof. Class i f i ed ads taken 8 a m .-12. noon two days before publication in person or by mail with payment enclosed. Advertising rates on request, 974-2620, Monday through Friday, 8 a m .5 p m Stories and pictures of interest to students may be submitted to the Oracle in LAN 469 or through the suggestion boxes in the Library and UC. USF students and staff will get a chance tomorrow to take their artwork out of their closets and head for the hill. The Festival of the Hill will provide an opportunity for those with arts and This public document was promulgated at an annual cost of $143, 5 1 4.iG or Sc per copy, to disseminate news to the students, staff and faculty of the University. of South Florida.

DOONESBURY by Garry Trudeau THE ORACLE -November 20, 1974 5 '!HG PRC&IJENT Bookstore fireproofers TO WHICH YOU ) 1 KNOW! I KNOfJJ! OVf/l. Hffl.E I \ YGS, WOO[)Rf)UJ? "" AtW[)E IS 1HE mATS /Q39 /JtC/S!ON CORRECT; OF Tl/1110N5 11/00/JROPJ. VS. McCAll I! ""'-linked to past complaints "-GOOIJ TO Ger THAT OFF Y(}(ll<.. C#&S!; EH, IUOOPY? I t1" :J ,OV8 1H8 /AWi! / BY DAVID RUSS Oracle Staff Writer Financial backers of the firm chosen to fireproof the Textbook Center were original in corporators of a similar firm which folded under numerous consumer complaints of shoddy service, a Pinellas County of ficial said yesterday. Richard Lindgren, director of Consumer Affairs for Pinellas County, said his office received many complaints concerning Thermoseal, Inc., for allegedly using shoddy materials and refusing to honor the five-year guarantee on their work. THE INCORPORATORS of Thermoseal, Inc., were Ther moseal Pres. David L. Lewis, Henry Willis, Jacqueline Willis and David H. Willis, Lindgren said. The principals of H. P. Coatings, Inc., are General Manager Henry Willis, owner of 98 per cent of the corporation's Marriage still message' in spite of movement for liberation No matter how liberated women may' think they are getting, marriage is still the media message for all females over the age of 12. It may even be the message for all women under the age of 12 but they are cozier about sending out their signals to that set than to their elders. THE THING is that when "Rhoda" finally landed a man, she was acting out the fantasy of all writers and advertisers that every woman would be better off married and snugly set in her connubial ways. liberated woman BY MARY McGRATH Here they have created a character who made a career of being single and decided that there would be more plot possibilities if they put her in double harness. Most women would reach the completely opposite conclusion. Even women who spent their Jives in pursuit of husbands would have to agree that catching one usually is the end of the fun and the beginning of the routine. It's strange that those same writers and producers who manage to keep Rhoda's Minneapolis girl friend in happy single times week after week could not imagine a plot line that could do the same for a girl from New York. Night students need stickers when parking on campus THE THING IS, of course, that single women make hay while married women make markets. It wouldn't do to have too many of the independent, living-alone and-loving-it types peopling the small screen to create the illusion that such a life was an acceptable form for everyone. Who would buy the king-size beds, loaves of bread and giant-ecomomy size packages if everybody was Mary Richards? In spite of several protests, night students are being ticketed for parking violations and failure to purchase a decal University Police Traffic Coordinator Otto Meerbott said. Night students are required to buy parking decals even though the parking patrollers do not currently work at night, he said. It is "University folklore" to assume night students are exempt from this responsibility, Meerbott said. He said the parking patrollers may begin working from noon to 8 p.m. one or two nights a week beginning Dec. 2 There is a special procedure to Grants offered The German Academic Ex change Service is offering 40 scholarships to United States students in all fields except German The scholarships will cover tuition, room. partial board and premium health and travel insurance. The deadline for application is Jan. 31. For further inforrnotion. contact the Graduate Studies Office, AD'.\J 229, at 974-2846. register night students by phone if they can't visit the UP station during the day, he said. SIAMESE TWINS AT BIRTH ... What the Devil hath joined together let no man cut asunder! To allow audiences to regain their composure after each showing of "Sisters" no one will be seated during a SPECIAL SHOCK RECOVERY PERIOD! Pressman Wiiliams prestnts AnAmcric;in lntcrnJt1on;1I Relc,1sc rEJ:=:;";MARGOT KIDDER JENNIFER SALT Color by MOVIE LAB Friday, Saturday and Sunday, November 22, 2:1, 2 1 i: :io aml !I: :w p.m .. $1.00 EN A.. Film Art Series stock; David L. Willis, his son and one per cent owner in the corporation's stock; and Jacqueline Willis, also a one per cent owner of the corporation's stock. Ken Thompson, vice president for Administration, announced Monday the appointment of H.P. Coatings, Inc., to fireproof the Textbook Center, at a cost of "just under $12,000." Last summer Thermoseal, Inc., was called to appear before the Pinellas Consumer Affairs Office to answer complaints made against it, Lindgren said. The incorporators refused to appear, and "on, or about July 1," dissolved the corporation, Li.Qdgren said. BECAUSE THE incorporators were no longer representatives of Thermoseal, Inc., they were no longer liable to consumer office action, he said. Although financially backed and managed by three of the original incorporators of Ther moseal, Inc., the H. P. Coatings Corp. cannot be held accountable for Thermoseal actions because there is no legal connection between the two companies, he said. Lindgren said Thermoseal, Inc., did small jobs such as ap plying roof sealant to residences. However, H. P. Coatings, Inc. services only large institutions. He said his office has received no complaints regarding H. P Coatings since the company was incorporated April, 1974, two months before the dissolution of Thermoseal, Inc. US F DANCE DEPARTMENT presents ... ., -"SOUL MIRRORS" "ABEND" "BAROCCIANA" "COPPELIA PAS DE DEUX" "OLD THRILLS" FRIDAY & SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 22 & 23 UNIVERSITY THEATRE 8:30 p.m. --------CONCERT USF Students free, General $3.00, Other Students $1.50 Reservations: 974-2323 weekdays 9:00 a.m. 4:30 p.m. Theatre Box Office open weekdays 1: 15 4:30 p.m. ''TBE HIRELING IS GRAND PRIZE WINNER CANNES FILM FESTIVA I FILM OF STUNNING EFFECTand CONSEQUENCE!' -JUDITH CRIST, New York Magazine "***112*! A film of sensuous power, of black moods and brooding passion." N.Y. Daily News Eliwbeth&llam ExeCTJLi\e J:1cducer Terc-nce Mer LR.:luced ty f':en ,"1t'c--id Direro1 ty Alan Bnqp; i\ \Xl>rld film r:lt\.1uctic n .. FIRST AREA SHOWING! Wednesday and Thursday, November :Wand 21 7:30 and !1:30 p.m $1.00 LET 103 Film Art Series


6-THEORACLE November 20, 1974 E on Hill. Royal Lichtenstein Circus, Quarter Crescent Hill. i -ploy' "Fm." c .. Poeb"y i 5: 15 p .m. Knocky Parker Trio, 9 p.m Real Eyes Band, Crescent j: Crescent Hill Hill. '"' .. M. Taking it easy at last year's festival Richard Merrick watches Hill activities USF sponsors 2-day cultural celebration Music, poetry, art, crafts, theatre and even a circus are some of the many events scheduled for the second Festival of the Hill. The program is sponsored by the USF community through the cooperative efforts of the Departments of Art, Dance, English, Humanities, Music, Speech and Theatre; the Foreign Students Affairs; the Gospel Choir; and the UC. The outdoor festival tomorrow and Friday from noon to 8 p m. will be on Crescent Hill just north of the UC. Some performances will be in nearby buildings and some events will continue past 8 p.m All events are open to the public and free. A SLIDE show of Tampa will be presented both days by Ed -Hlrshbei:g professor of English A film festival will also !:le presented twice. Lichtenstein Quarter Ring Cir cus, complete with clowns, animals, mimers, fire-eaters, magicians and tight-roj>e walkers, will perform twice tomorrow. "Facade," recently given an award for Outstanding Creativity at the annual SnoBird Festival, will also be staged on the Hill. Adapted from the works of Dame Edith Sitwell and the music of Sir William Walton, the production, directed by Bernard Downs combines music, poetry and dance A CONCERT of boogie, barrelhouse and blues will rock the air when the Knocky" Parker Trio steps on stage John "Knocky" Parker, professor of English, Dick Brightwell, director of Continuing Education and Ruth Brightwell a counselor in Education form the trio which has played throughout Florida for ten years. The USF Band, under the direction of Dr Jantes._profi ;' will Moving from ragtime to folk, perform a variety of com Bruce Shatkun will play piano positions including a Manci n i 'and acoustic guitar. medley and "The Sounds of the ',.. Dr. Hans Juergensen, Carpenters professor of Humanities will Returning to USF on their third introduc e student and faculty national tour the Royal poets who will read their own and Crafts by USF students will be on sale at the Festival of the Hill OPEN EVENINGS 13522 UNIVERSITY PLAZA UNISEX HAIR CUTTERS AND YOUR :-RED KEN PLACE TAMPA, FLORIDA 33612 PH: 971-4891 others' poetry, some of which has appeared in national and campus publications. Poets include Robert L Smith, Jay Deitz Ellie So in mer, Dr. John Hatcher, Pattie Minchen, Dr. Willie Reader, Jess Cohn and others. DIRECTLY following the poetry readings Real Eyes, formerly Yggdrasill, will play a mixture of San Francisco rock, blues and jazz. Real Eyes plays a tremendous amount of original music as well as tunes by such groups as the Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry and Grateful Dead Story clarified The Oracle apologizes for not giving Kevin Stinnette credit for the magnificent job as Smaug in "The Hobbit." Also the production will play at the St. Petersburg campus Saturday at 8 p.m. not Friday as previously stated. Shop OF TEMPLE TERRACE Fight Inflation: Make your own Christmas gifts! 8824 N. 56th Street Temple Terrace, Fla. Goodbye plain old paper gift certificates ... Hello Fashion 1 Gift Coins! You nee d neve r buy ano ther gift t hat' s t o o big, tio n s and a s u ede d r aws trin g bag. Yo u can giv e t oo s m a ll, t oo or din ary Not w it h F ashio n 1 Gift o n e o r as man y as you wis h It' s a s m ar t gift ide a Coins a large t o k e n of yo ur affe ctio n tha t' s ju s t f or m an, wo m a n or c hild right. L e t .the m r e d ee m it f o r f i ne go ld j ewe l ry of They make plain o l d p a p e r gif t certif i cates t he i r c h o i ce o r cus t o m -made t o t hei r de s ign p asse1 E i ther way, yo u 'l l b e lo n g r e m embe red f o r yo u r F ash i o n 1 Gif t Coins come in $ 2 5 deno m i na sophis t ic ated gift. LOVE TOKEN GIFT COINS, $25 ea., Can be redeemed for Fine Gold Jewelry priced from $5.95-$20,000 only at fashin 1 DIAMONDS PRECIOUS STONES FINE GOLD JEWELRY TAMPA N D a le M ab r y ( j ust past Car r ollwood) 9613 077 T ues. -Sat. 1 0 am-5:45 pm Fri 10 am-8 pm C losed M ondays CLEARWATER C l ea r w ater Mall U S 1 9 at Hwy. 60 726-3514 Mo n.-S at. 10 am -9 p m


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Caste relationships studied in 1Hireling' "The Hireling" Directed by Alan Bridge s Tonight and tomorrow night 7 : 30 and 9 : 30 p m Admission Sl LET 103 Reviewed By LAURA DIAZ Entertainment Writer "The Hireling" is a film about class differences in post-World War I England The story itself has been told many times, clothed in various disguises. A man of lower station falls in love with an aristocratic lady who in turn is in love with a man of her station and rejects the man of lower class. But what distinguishes this film from others like it is the superb acting of Sarah Miles and Robert Shaw. Sarah Miles' performance of Lady Franklin won her a special citation at the Cannes Film Festival. She captures the anguish, boredom and repressed emotion of an aristocratic young lady whose body and soul are the victims of overcultivization. At first she basks i n the glow of the chauffeur's admiration, but breeding and propriet y e v en tually cost her the one opportunity for true passion as she disposes of him for a titled suitor. Robert Shaw s performance of Leadbetter the chauffeur is a model of the working-class man. Finally forced to abase himself with futile declarations of love Shaw creates a figure of profound patho s -a man who is defeated even when he confronts Lady Franklin with the duplicity of her suitor who is keeping a mistress. His passionate accusations are simply dismissed as the inap propriate utterings of an un derling The direction and cinematic style are typically English The plot moves along simply enough until the climax during the last half hour. The movie is made with such care and sensitivity, that despite the rather common plot viewers are made to feel as if there has never been a movie made on the subject. Narcissus and Echo Three love myths, staged by.R.J. Schneider, will be presented today in LET 103. The myths examine three types of love: self-love in "Narcissus and Echo," female love in "Psyche and Eros," and male love in "Orpheus and Euridice." The production emphasizes the emotional importance of the legends rather than their literary import, director said. USF showcase STUDENT THEATRE "My Next Husband Will Be a Beauty" is b e ing presented at 2 p m today i n TAR 120. Directed by Michael Billeris the play purports a theory that as love grows older the emotions become warped and love turns into hate. Student actors are Sha ryllynn Shaw as Henrietta, William Downes as Henry, Rosemary Orlando as Virginia ar.d Jeff Norton as the boy. WIND ENSEMBLE The USF Wind Ensemble, conducted b y Dr James Croft was r e centl y s elected to perform at th e Music E ducators National Conv e ntion in New Orleans in M a r c h The g roup was selected by the judging of anonymous tap e s submitted to a panel, and th e USF tape was selected a bove all oth e r entries ACCESS Dr Robert Whitak e r will be Eli s e Boston 's g ue s t tonight on Access on WUSF-FM at 6 : 3 0 p m Whitaker, from the United Faculty of Fl o rida, will discuss coll ectiv e barg aining Lis tener s may parti c ipate b y c a llin g 974-2215. 0 c Bearss & Nebraska 0 Dark Meeting Sarah Miles takes Robert Shaw downstairs to examine the electricity generator in "The Hireling. THE ORACLE-November 20, 1974 11 Entertainers carry week Mahler s Symphony No. 1 the forced exodus of American dians from their ancestr1;1l lands Bill Cosby, a drama starring Richard Chamberlain and a special report on the right to be human are scheduled for viewing this week on WUSF-TV Channel 16. Tonight at 10 p.m on "Evening a t Symphony," Seija Ozawa conducts the Boston S y mphony Orchestra which will perform Mahler s Symphony No. 1. When shown live on TV in Boston the telephone switchboa r d lighted up w i th calls from excited viewers and the audience gave the or c hestra a standing ovation after the performance Alistair Cooke examines the Gold Rush and the removal of Indians .from their ancestral homelands toda y at 2 : 3 0 p m on Gone W e st, Part 2," part of the America series. Bill C o sby; Johnn y Cash B.B King and Helen Reddy are featur e d on the premiere of Feeling Good," Saturday n i ght a t 9 Th e show is a health care series for adults Cash appears in a segment a bout mental health, Cosby a nd Reddy are featured in a spot a bout prenatal care, and King s hows the best way to cook vegetables Richard Chamberlain, for merl y TV' s "Dr. Kildare," plays Thomas Mendip, a man who no longer finds life worth living in the Hollywood Television Theater pN>duction of "The Lady's Not for Burning Sunday at 6 p m. The Right to Be Human-1974, a three-day humanities symposium sponsored by Florida State University, is the topic of a two hour version of "The Florida Report," Sunday night at 8 Free Roll of Film 1 per customer limit a

12-THE ORACLE sports Grindey resting at home November 1974 BY RINDY WEATHERLY Oracle Sports Editor Swimming coach Bob Grindey yesterday said he feels "pretty good but kind of tired," and is looking forward to returning to his duties at USF. Soccer Club gains forfeit The USF International Soccer Club gained a captain-coach, but missed out on an exhibition game earlier this week. Joe Murdoch was elected by the members of the club to serve in the double-duty position but when his team arrived in Dunedin for its scheduled contest with the Spurs, its opponents were not there. "It was mostly a matter of mismanagement by the Dunedin Spurs' president," Diego Bertagna, USF club president, said When the Brahmans arrived at the field for the 2 p .m. game they found out it had been postponed until 4 p.m. USF had to leave before the contest could get under way, and the Spurs were forced to forfeit since they had not notified the Brahmans of the time change. "It was unfortunate," said Bertagna, "but it will never happen again." The Brahmans face the Panhellenic Soccer Club Sunday at 2 p.m. on the soccer field in one of their final preseason gam. es USF s regular season opens Jan. 16. Twelve games are scheduled with other teams in the Florida Suncoast Soccer League. The league includes teams from St. Petersburg, Tarpon Springs and Clearwater Gym group reorganizes .. deactivated. last year, the Gymnastics Club is b ack into the swing of. thi ngs at USF We're working on getting everybody in shape, said Club Pres. Steve Teal. The gymnasts are currently working under a three year plan that Teal hopes will help them work into competing form." Other club officers recently elected are Tim Carr vice president, and Bob Peterson, secretary. Carr has been the coach at the Clear water YMCA for several years. Future plans include clinics featuring top coaches from around the country and demonstrations for area high schools. The first of these demonstrations will be during Qtr. 2 at Bradenton-Manatee High School. The club practices every Friday from 4 to 6 p m. in the Gymnastics Room

THE ORACLE -November 20, 1974 13 Foil fencers take second place photo by Gabe Puniska Charge challenged Doug Aplin's drive to the hoop is impeded by Joe Reccordin USF's basketball team's workout yesterday. The squad is preparing for its opener against Florida Technological University Nov. 30. Women cagers to begin workouts The USF women's intercollegiate basketball team will begin practicing next week. "We're just looking for basketball players," Cheatham said, explaining that the prac tices are not tryouts. "We want to get something going." The sessions are scheduled from 6:30 t.o 8:30 p.m. Monday and Tuesday and Dec. 2 to 4 in the gym. They are open to all fulltime undergraduate female students The USF men's foil team of Dennis Dunbar, Dan Daly and Jerry Reid captured the second place trophy in foil fencing at a Florida Fencing League of America tournament at Daytona Beach last Saturday. Jacobson, Cohen top USF Bowling League Mike Jacobson and Marta Cohen copped high series honors to lead the USF Bowling League in last week's action at Florida Lanes. Jacobson rolled a three-game 561 in the men's division, while Bill Grothe':; 217 was the top single game total. Cohen had a 488 to lead the women's group. Terry Kant took high game with a 200. IM winners announced Lisa Perlmutter topped Gail Warrington 6-1, 5-7, 8-6 to take the women's intramural tennis crown last week. Perlmutter defeated Cheryl Condon and Warrington got by Cathy Goodwin to earn their way into the finals. In intramural archery, Ken Hoff captured the men's title with a 192-point total. David Comstock finished second at 160. Cynthia Starun's 170 was high for the seven women competing, followed by Carolyn Johnson at 117. Daly then entered a meet at the University of Florida Sunday, winning foil and taking third in saber. His first place finish was enough to earn a C rating from the Amateur Fencing League of America. In the Daytona Beach tour nament, the Brahmans' only foil team Joss was to_ Miami-Dade Community College North, winners of the event USF beat Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, the University of Florida, Florida International University, Florida State University and Brevard Com munity College. USF's four-weapon team managed only a 1-4-1 record. The women's foil team did not participate since Cindy Elyea, one of only two USF women planning to enter, was ill and did not make the trip. The next meet on the Brah mans' schedule is the Sunshine Festival Nov. 30 through Dec. 1 in Ocala. The tourney will feature individual competition in men's foil, epee and saber and women's foil. Open Pit BBQ Now Open At Mi Back Yard Serving Daily: BBQ Chicken Dinners Slabs of Ribs Burgers Rib Dinners Ham and Cheddar All served with BBQ Beans or Slaw or Potato Salad, and Kosher Pickle 6902 N. 40th St. MARK CARSON SAM CARSON, OPTICIANS 11710 N. Florida at Fowler Ave. 935-7854 Dr's Eyeglass It Prescriptions filled ;;./( :P.r., 'It 0 Rainbow Colored 'fj Plastic Lenses 8 'Ito LIFE LONG RESIDENT OF .l.,e.t\r:e.t\r NORTH TAMPA WORLD FAMOUS 4s 71,,,. u. -1. "-l. lJ. ch 4s This has never been done before and will probably never happen again! So ... Now is the time to SA VE $100. 00 as well as getting a receiver I I FairTraded NOW! FairTraded NOW! FairTraded NOW! FairTraded NOW! List Price List Price List Price $360.00 $299.00 $480.00 $399.00 $600.00 $499.00 Deposit be accepted I to hold these low prices! widest frequency response, best square wave response, and lowest distortion of any receiver in the world. Z Bring any receiver that out I Sold Only ::::::" '"


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Housebroken. $700 firm, call 988-4985. 11-21: 64VW Blown Engine $190 Phone 988-8953 9 p.m. -11 p.m. 11 ;27 j APTS. & HOUSES I I_ TO SHARE Female roommate needed Dec. 1st or after. Call now 988-7304 after 4 pm. 11-22: ( MOBILE HOMES J SACRIFICE Holiday Trailer 29' Excellent Condition 949-4018 after 6:00 P.M. 11: 13, 14, 19, 20 LARGE WOODED lo! 5 min. from campus in small student oriented setting. Safe Area. Fishing or studying dock, garden tracls. Call Bob 988-4085. 12 ;6. 12 WIDE Mobile Home 1972, 3 miles from USF. Nolhing down. Assume payments. Financing should be no problem. Call 855-4435 Ext. 59. 11-22 r LOST & FOUND J REWARD FOR relurn of treasured family heirloom dinner ring. Gold-onyx. 9 diamonds. Lost Monday Vicinity AOC Reply Kelmie Bigelow AOC 217, 974-2833. 11-21: LOST. Female Sealpoint Siamese cat. Lost on campus near the University Chapel Fellowship, Friday, Nov. 8. Reward if returned. 988-1185. 11-20: FCUND: gray and while male cal, near physical education building. Call after '"00 pm 885-1119. ; T oo o New Policy -Family Enlertainmenl All Seats $2.00 Al All Times DOUBLE FEATURE 1. Death Wish -R with Charles Bronson and 2. Serpico -R with Al Pacino Mldnlte Show Fri. &.Sat. November 20, 1974 C tlassified ads J I .... i..._F_o_R ....... RE_N_r_ ..... J.. r HELP WANTED l TV, RADIO, STEREO MANCHESTER APARTMENTS New, 1 .arge, one bedroom apartments. Central heat & air on the corner of 121h and 140th Streets. 24 hour phone service-971-1555. Unfurnished S 140.00 11-21: IN TtlE STICKS BIKING DISTANCE 2 BR, w-w carpet, central heal. and air, Drapes. Furn-S185, unfurn-$160. Pets welcome. Phone988-6393. t.f. RENT in a La Mancha Dos townhouse is only $72.00 to $90.00 per month. 1 block from campus off Fletcher on 42nd St. 971-0100. l bedroom studios are now available at La Mancha Dos. Completely furnished, walllo-wall shag. 5165-month 1 block from USF off Fletcher on 42nd St. 971-0100. TF. FEMALE Fontana Hall Am Leaving end Quarter I. come meet your friendly suite-mates. Call 977-1028 Room 412 Meals included. FOR RENT-Furn., one bedroom, near USF. Short term lease No pets please. Call 977-1644 after 5 p.m. and weekends, 12709 N. 19th St. 12 ;6. DUPLEX: 2 Bed. Unfurnished, Central A-H, w-w carpeting, drapes. USF Area. 988-7969 (Eve. ) 12-4 FEMALE needed lo take over Fonlana Hall lease, Quarters 11 & 111. Kee SSO deposit. Contact Kym Crosby in No. 930, or leave message at 985-1282. 11-22 PRIVATE ROOM, bath, entrance. Near USF. Upper level students. 988-7667. 11-22: 2 B. Trailer, 1'12 bath, privale lot, 5100 a month, 986-3619. 11 ;23 2 Br. House on lake. Pasco County. $175-mo. Lites, water, & garbage included. Call 689-2646. 11 ;22 TEMPORARY HELP Agency seeks students for exciting parttime work. High pay, hours flexible. Call now for into-935-1114. 12;6 FEMALE Vocalisl tor part lime work making radio jingles. Wide vocal range necessary. Sound Advertising 689-7730. After 5 p. m. 11-22 ARTIST TECHNICIAN FCR community access Video Program ... opor!Unity to use skills helping minority and poor people develop their own television program. Little or no pay ... good training and experience ... contact pat1i,at C.A.U.S.E. ext. 2388 SOC 7P before noon, Friday, November 22nd. 11 ;22 I PERSONAL ) WANT TC organize co-op play group for 2 year olds 3 mornings-week 977-1979. 11: 13, 11: 15. ARTISTS & Craftsman can reserve space now tor FESTIVAL OF THE HILL Nov. 21 & 22. Come to UC 222. 11 ;20. WC MEN! Need someone to rap with? The Women's Counseling Program is here with support and information regarding pregnancy, rape, birlh control, V. D., and sexuality. We Care! 974-2654. UC 159. 1122, 11-27, 12-5 PROFESSIONAL photographer seeking models for glamor and men's magazines. If you're interested in modeling and feel you have the qualifications, please drop me a line for details and interview. I'll work on location to suit you or in my studio. Only those who are serious need apply. -Photography by Don c. Munafo, 2210. Almeria Way So., St. Petersburg, Fla. 33712. Telephone 867-7581. formerly of HeaQ. Hunter, Miami Beach and Ophie's of Tampa, plus 14 years of experience in Europe-L'oreal-Paris-Italy-Yugoslavia-Lebanon. lfi_ you to his new J '11//H,lf.,e()< haircutting salon. PHOENECIA 3612 Henderson Blvd., phone 870-0077 Mon. through Sat. 10 to 8 THE FLORIDA GULF COAST SYMPHONY Irwin Hoffman, Music Director Nov. 21, 1974 McKay Auditorium o 8:30p.m. guest artist FRANCO GULLI, Violinist Program: Brahms: Serenade No. 1 in D Major Barber: Adagio for Strings Paganini: Violin Concerto No. 2 STUDENT COUPONS available at USP Music Department. For $1.00, this coupon may be exchanged for a ticket on the night of performance, depending on availability of seats. Or call 253-0679, Symphony office. ********************************** iC A Students and Faculty: iC 0 lfll University of Tampa iC .::::::. Homecoming Game iC 112 $6 d ; pnce on reserve seats ; except Fla. A & lVI game t available at student 7 a union on campus only nov. 23 see Tampa vs Southern Miss. tampa stadium Harman Kardon 930, Marantz 7Gs, Thorens 165TD. All or separale Bes! Offer. 988-2420 John or Mark. Equipment in perfect shape. 11-20: YOUR A D could be working for you now. Oracle classifieds work. Call 974-2620 to place your ad today! is the goal of the professional haircutters at the House of England. They feature the finest hairstyling designed according to your type of hair, your features, and your lifestyle. They'll also teach you about the chemistry of your hair and the products you use on it. Educaiion is the answer ... to most hair problems because nobody ever taught you how to I do it yourself. House of England creates your great looking hairstyle and teaches you how to duplicate it. Confidence is the feeling ... you'll have with your newfound knowledge about your hair. 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THE ORACLE -November 20, 1974 15 New Senate president to look into SUS By United Press International TALLAHASSEE Dempse y Barron, a Panhandle lawyer and avid hunter, became Senate President yesterday v owing to ''pierce the academic veil of secrecy hiding state univer sities and reorganize the massive Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services Barron, the "dean of the senate," with 14 years behind him, said Florida's economy is "in for serious times" with revenues on the decline because of inflation and said huge cuts must be made in state spending More than 65 cents of each tax dollar i s spent for education in Florida he said, with the kin dergartens and public schools working to ensure "equal educational opportunities for every child in Florida, regardless of wealth in the county in which he resides." "The picture becomes in. creasingly clouded" in the junior BAIRD MOBILE HOMES Selling Quality Homes for over 27 years-phone 237-3357 6307 Nebraska Ave. Tampa hours 8 to 8 Mon thru Fri. 9 to 5 Sat 1 to 6 Sun colleges, however, with little or no real visibility in the four year university systems," Barron said. The taxpayers are unable to see where their money goes, he said The cost per hour of educating a K-12 student is about $40, he r----;i II Planning head Kenneth Hollett has been appointed director of the USF Division of Facilities Planning. Hollett replaces Roxy Neal, assistant director of Facilities Plan ning, who has served as acting director since the death of Clyde Hill in January. As director of Facilities Planning, Hollett is responsible for planning and developing the University's Physical Plant master plan directing and coordinating plans and estimates for new construction and rim novation and the maintenance of current data on campus buildings and utilities. Hollett, who has been senior planning consultant with the University of Florida since 1973, was previously a senior associate with Dober and Associates, Planning and Design Consultants, Belmont Mass. He holds a B.A. in Architecture from Stanford University, where he also completed a graduate thesis in planning. Among his other previous positions are director of University Planning and assistant professor Architecture, University of Idaho, and city planner for Incline Village, Nev. and Sari Diego, Calif. means a better mobile home Exclusive Dealer for Beautiful Economical Student Living 197 4-2Br. 12' wide "PEACHTREE" "BOANZA" by Redman "Concord" by Champion Financing Available Up To 15 yrs. I 113: 10 N. Nebraska ''Crestview'' *Special* 12' x 52' lBR $49750 Deluxe Appliances Wall Oven Fully Carpeted Fully Furnished Central Heat & Air 2800 E. Hillsborough, Tampa Phone-238-6476 4695.00 or Select from a large assortment of styles and modelsWe will get you what you want for the price you want to pay. HDJ!lil .. li523 E. Hillsborough Tampa Hours: Mon.-Sat 8a.m. to!Jp.m. Sunday 12-!lJ>.m. Ph. 621-:1427 621-3428 FHA Financing Available! said, while the hourly cost at a four y ear university is $220. The basis cost for handling 20,000 K12 students is $20 million as opposed to $54 million for the same number of university students he said -"If we could increase the student-faculty ratio at the universities from 16 to 20 students per i nstructor, or increase the average instructing time per faculty member from 10 to 15 hours per week, we would save approximately $35 million per y ear," the S enate President said "Addit i o nal millions i n indirect costs could be s aved a s well." Barron bla sted admission polic ies a t uni vers ities which "seek and reward only the most academically gifted and said he will call a meeting of the Board of Regents and university presidents to change them Temple Terrace _Auto Parts 8820 N. 56th St. Phone 988-5243 OLDEST AUTO PARTS HOUSE IN TEMPLE TERRACE Fast dependable service Brake drum turning on premises Hydraulic press service available COMPLETE LINE AUTO PARTS Bob G roS$, ............::: ------12x60 2Br. Throughout Delux $5165.00 $500 D /W. 120 Mo. Includes: Sales Tax 6602 E. Hillsborough Ave. Ph. 621-6044 or -621-6045 Want real PLUSH Living? Come see thi,s CUSTOMIZED 8X 40 Specially built for s tudent need s MOBILE HOME Central Air Wall paper throughout Shag carpet all the way up the walls -Fully furnished -Champagne colored f ,urniture -Eye level rang e Queen bed -Candelabra lighting PRICE ONLY Financing Terms Available Phone 626-6115


"The home of unparallemd tourte111" EXCELLENT GOURMET FOOD w. specialin ill an uollc 4islie1 fl'Olll BANGLADESHINDIA PAKISTAN 1 .. ;111,, d_ft__,...,,IE i!\a ha h Jf n tl'rna tin n al Our 20 years' experienced chef has served many a King, Queen, Maharaja, etc. and says: "Here you not only eat, you get a Maharaialike treat!" 2000 Main St. SR 580 ( 'h mile Weit of U.S. 19) Dunedin, Fl. Tues thru Thurs Fri and Sal 11:30-2:00 5:30-10:00 Sun 11: 30-8: 30 11 :30-2:00 5:30-9:00 CLOSED MONDAY 1 I; BEER & WINE 971-6453 2324 E. FLETCHER 839 1902 E. Fowler Ave. Specializing in Italian and American.Food, Juicy Steaks Delicious Pizzas OHll II UL TO 7 P.M. 3440 SO. DALE MOIY ATB:PIAOO 120UllAID PAlllWAV TIMPlf TERRACE Call Fern Copeland at 974-2620 for space on this page( -File.ff...., Chi7e$e 1 Family s:;.:Dinners I Take -out Orders Select from :1: complete Chinese I Menu '. Soups ; Appetizers, ,.a Entrees, Desserts .f .. Cocktails Served I ., Lounge Now Open Open .4-12 Daily Sunday 1-10 ._ "FoOd Gift Certi11cate Available" :: E. Busch Blvd. 935-7651 ,: TUNl1lJNG-1 RESTAURANT ,. Tempfe Terrace Plaza Happy Hour Su.nday thru Thursday'. 7-9pm Wednesday Broiled flounder with brown rice, garden salad, whole wheat bread Thursday Vegetable-cheese-nut casserole with brown rice, garden salad, whole wheat bread 5326 E. Busch Blvd. (Pantry Pride Plaza) 9.88-3008 Open Daily 11 a.m. -8:45 p.m. Sunday 5 -8:45 p.m. only Open Daily 11 a.m.-Midnight Now Serving Open. Pit. Bar-B-Q ... Slabs of Ribs Rib Dinners BBQ Chicken Dinners Roast Beef Sandwiches 6 oz. Yard Burgers 6 oz. Cheddar Burgers Ham on Rye Stacked High BBQ Chicken Sandwiches Dine Out-All above orders served with BBQ Beans; Cole Slaw or Potato Salad, and a Kosher Pickle. Tonite Serving Draft Beer in Pint, Quart, Half Gallon, Gallon Jars. 690 2 N. 40th St. (3 miles S. of Busch Gardens) Great Deli San.dwiches served till 1 a.m. Fine Wines and Cheeses-Draft an<\ Imported Beer Open Mon.-Sat. 11 a.m. tol a.m., Sun. 1 p.m. to 12 midnite Old English Atmosphere Entertainment on Weekends pRoutl liON. PUB 4970 Busch Blvd. CARRY OUT SERVICE 4254 s. Dale Mabry Next to A & P CATERING & PARTY TRAYS NexttoWoolco 985-2013 839-1497 TA\181.rA EAbBA. 17fl 7 sKIPPER RB. ) R -------------= -Hours OpenM th S t 11 a.m. -1 a.m. on. ru a


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