Chalcatzingo Monument 31

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Chalcatzingo Monument 31
Collins, Lori D.
Doering, Travis F.
Gonzalez, Jorge ( Modeler )
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Chalcatzingo, Morelos, Mexico Middle Formative Period The site contains one of the most extensive collections of Middle Formative period (c. 900-500 BC) bas-relief stone sculpture outside of the Olmec Gulf Coast lowlands. Monument 31 shows a feline with a beak-like mouth who is holding a human personage facing down with what appears to be entrails extending from the stomach region. The feline has a cloud ( ā€œSā€ shaped symbol) and what has been interpretted to be three raindrops overhead. Documented with terrestrial laser scanning techniques (Doering, Collins) and 3D modeled using Geomagic and Maya software (Collins and Jorge Gonzalez- final model). Project collaborative- USF Doering and Collins and Arqueólogo Mario Córdova Tello - Director del Proyecto Arqueológico Chalcatzingo and Arqueóloga Carolina Meza Rodríguez - Responsable Operativo de la Z. A. Chalcatzingo.
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Hashtags: 3dmodeling, archaeology, education, laserscanning, mexico, olmec

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