Ceramic Box (Base)

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Ceramic Box (Base)
Collins, Lori D.
Doering, Travis F.
Gonzalez, Jorge ( Modeler )
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Archaeology ( lcsh )
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Mexico ( lcsh )
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This box (base) was laser scanned with a Konica minolta 9i triangulation scanner as part of a collaboration project with the The Centro de Investigación de las Culturas Olmeca y Maya (CICOM) museum, Mexico. The museum had provenance as possibly La Venta for the box and its lid. The basal portion of the box was displayed along with the lid (see additional model posted) and also has continuation of incised iconography noted on the front of the lid. The base, with four feet, had a resin-like material adhering to the interior portion. The lid likely has red hematite pigmentation noted around the personage face and adhering to cracks and surface cuts.
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Hashtags: 3dmodeling, archaeology, education, laserscanning, mexico, olmec

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University of South Florida Library
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