Lizard effigy pipe

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Lizard effigy pipe
Collins, Lori D.
Doering, Travis F.
Gonzalez, Jorge ( Modeler )
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This piece was laser scanned using a Konica Minolta 9i triangulation scanner as part of a project to document key artifacts from Lake Jackson (along with several metal artifacts from across the state) for the Florida Park Service. Drs. Lori Collins and Travis Doering scanned a number of pieces from these collections that are curated by the Florida Division of Historical Resources, Florida Bureau of Archaeological Research. This pipe is from Lake Jackson Mound 3 (Tallahassee, Florida). Ceramic lizard effigy pipe depicts a lizard holding a Lake Jackson Plain bowl. This pipe was found in a deposit at the site and is discused in the Calvin Jones article from 1982, entitled “Southern Cult Manifestations at the Lake Jackson Site, Leon County, Florida: Salvage Excavation of Mound 3”. Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology 7(1):1-44.
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