Vandalized Copper Eagle

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Vandalized Copper Eagle
Collins, Lori D.
Doering, Travis F.
Gonzalez, Jorge ( Modeler )
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University of South Florida’s Drs. Lori Collins and Travis Doering worked with Florida State Parks (Florida Department of Environmental Protection) to restore a historic copper eagle sculpture that is part of a Civil War monument from the Natural Bridge Battlefield Historic State Park. The 3D scanned model of the copper eagle sculpture (6 ft. wing span), was used to create a bronze replica of this heavily vandalized piece. This piece was scanned with a Minolta 9i triangulation instrument as well as an articulating arm with FARO laser probe. This piece had been shot and sprayed by numerous gun blasts, and in this version of our model, major holes have been digitally “filled” but the areas of bullet spray are still noted. These were digitally sculpted and repaired for the final version that was then used to create the replica that is today back atop the monument.
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Hashtags: battlefield, civil-war, digitalhumanities, education, florida, history, laserscanning, lidar, monuments, museum

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