Incensario from Kaminaljuyu

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Incensario from Kaminaljuyu
Collins, Lori D.
Doering, Travis F.
Gonzalez, Jorge ( Modeler )
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Digital humanities ( lcsh )
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Guatemala ( lcsh )
Kaminaljuyu Site ( lcsh )
Laser scanning ( local )
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Sketchfab ( local )
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The archaeological site of Kaminaljuyú was a major Formative period center (c. 1200 BC to AD 250) that today is situated within the urban sprawl of modern-day Guatemala City. This painted two part effigy ceramic piece is an incense burner (Early Classic, 200-500), and has cutouts for smoke along the top of the head, mouth, and eyes. Depicted is a personage in seated position, with a hunched back. The personage is wearing ornate jade ornaments (compound ear spools, head piece pendant, and necklace). The piece has noted repair damage and cracking. It is in the collections of the Museo Nacional de Arqueología y Etnología (MNAE#2484). height top: 13.1 cm, width: 14.4 cm, depth: 12.2 cm height base: 11.6 cm, width: 14.5 cm, depth: 11.8 cm Scanning (triangulation), modeling (Geomagic) by Collins and Doering, finalized texture model (Maya) by Jorge Gonzalez.
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Hashtags: 3d-scan, ceramic, digitalhumanities, education, guatemala, heritage, kaminaljuyu, laserscanning, mayan, museums, sculpture, sketchfab, staffpick, worldheritage, worldmonumentsfund

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