Chalcatzingo Monument 27

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Chalcatzingo Monument 27
Collins, Lori D.
Doering, Travis F.
Gonzalez, Jorge ( Modeler )
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Cultural Heritage ( lcsh )
Products And Technology ( local )
Science, Nature, and Education ( local )
Archaeology ( lcsh )
Mexico ( lcsh )
Olmecs ( lcsh )
Aerial Photogrammetry ( lcsh )
North and Central America -- Mexico


Monument 27, also known as The Hunter (El cazador), is a low relief, well-faced carved stela–fractured and broken and showing indications of mutilation. The stela depicts a left-facing walking personage. Along the sides of the stela appear square-shaped areas with wrapped details that frame the central figure but are highly eroded and abraded. The rock itself is unique in its red coloring (possibly from fire treatment) with carving made to create differences in color across the relief. For a complete description of the stela, see: pgs. 129-130 Laser scanned and imaged using a phase shift instrument and photogrammetry (Collins and Doering 2013). 3D modeling by Collins and final model production by Jorge Gonzalez. Project collaborative with USF Doering and Collins and Mario Córdova Tello (Director del Proyecto Chalcatzingo, Morelos), Carolina Meza Rodríguez (INAH) and Omar Espinosa Severino (INAH).
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Hashtags: archaeology, heritage, laser-scanning, mexico, olmec, photogrammetry

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