My own home town in Ireland

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My own home town in Ireland
Solman, Alfred ( Composer )
Costello, Bartley
Joe Morris Music Co.
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Popular music -- 1911-1920 ( lcsh )


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First line verse: While the River Shannon's flowing and it sings it's Irish song. First line of chorus: Should you drift along the Shannon some fine day. Instrumentation: For voice and piano.

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University Of South Florida
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University Of South Florida
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. 2 My Own Home Town In Ireland Words by BARTLEY COSTELLO l\Iusic by ALFRED SOLMAN Animat_o Recitativo cantabile Should you drift a-long the Shan-non some fine day,, _____ Ive been di:ifting from the Shan-non years and years,_ ____ OoplJright 1915 /Jlf Joe Morris Music Co. 145 W: 45th St. New York. You will I have The Publishers reserve the right to the use of this Music or Melody for Mechanical Instruments. International Copyright Secured. All rights reserved. Albert Australian Agents Sydne. I


find had the town I came from on your my share of sor rows, joys and tears, _____ No But I -rish heart could miss it in my dreams Ihi hap py If For it in has an dreams .. I I -rish al-ways spark, And the roam, On the town you need-n't banks of that old My own Home. etc. s. name it, n -ver, p You could To my find it 111 the dark. dear old I -rish home lento -----=------3


My own Home etc. 3. Riv -er --' Shan nons --And it cresc. IL stops for just a mo -ment At the dolce Just to old MQth-er__ Of the '--' 9 ...... :


) ) ) 5 My Own Home Town In Ireland Words by BARTLEY COSTELLO MALE QUARTETTE in F1 Music by ALFRED SOLMAN Melody Tenor I riv er Shan -And it Tenor II the riv Shan er -non s Bass I riv Shan er -nous Bass II riv Shan flow -ing, er non s r.-. -.. l l 4U its' r sings I rish song, It stops for just a mo-ment __ II r.-. Melody : : 4U r r r r I ft r r T l sings its' rish song, s tops for just a mo ment At the .. -.. sings its' I rish song, It stops for just a mo ment r.-. I r sings its' I rish song, It stops for just a mo ment long. __ tell old moth-er, __ Of the town where I be -long. __ tell tell my dear old moth-er, __ lOvethat's in Ire -....-...._ land. town in my heart_ self and my own home town in Ire land. love in self and my own homti town in


SO.NG OF UNRIVALED EXCELLENCE, BY A f AMED WRJTE.K. -'LFRED SOLMAN'S INCOMPARABLE LOVE 8ALLAJ)1 Words by PAUL BENEDEI< Con spirit<> PUBLISHED IN FOUR KEYS If I Could Live to Love You IThen I would Love to Live.) High Baritone or Mezzo Soprano in C could live __ to love Music by ALFRED SOLMAN you, ) I would love ---sor row, Copyngllt 1!114 hy The Joe Morris Music Co. f45W. 45tfi St NctJJ Yor.t \ The Publishers resnve the r ig'bt to the of this Music or Melody for Meehan ical Instruments. fntn-nationa/ Copvright Securell. All rights rei;nvP.d FOR SALE BY ALL DEALERS!