Pedestal Sculpture, Kaminaljuyu, Guatemala

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Pedestal Sculpture, Kaminaljuyu, Guatemala
Collins, Lori D.
Doering, Travis F.
Gonzalez, Jorge ( Modeler )
University of South Florida
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Guatemala -- Guatemala City


Pedestal sculpture- Kaminaljuyu, Guatemala. Curated at the Museo Nacional de Arqueología y Etnología, in Guatemala City. Accession number MUNAE 3094, ID m 20. The piece is unusual, with a snake emerging between the depicted standing human personage‚Äôs legs, with snakes on either side and middle of the headdress and shown entwined on the back of the sculpture. The piece is displayed against a wall and visitors do not see the intricate details on the back of the sculpture. 3D laser scanned as part of a project funded by the Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies (FAMSI) in 2007, where we documented a number of sculpture and artifact pieces from Kaminaljuyu. 141 artifacts and sculptures were scanned and documented during the project. Scanned with a Konica Minolta 9i close range triangulation imaging system
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Hashtags: archaeology, pedestal, heritage, sketchfab, sculpture, guatemala, 3dlaserscanning, mesoamerica, kaminaljuytu

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