Safety Harbor Incised Ceramic Rim Sherd

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Safety Harbor Incised Ceramic Rim Sherd
Collins, Lori D.
Doering, Travis F.
Garcia, Noelia ( Modeler )
University of South Florida
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Archaeology ( lcsh )
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United States -- Florida -- Saint Petersburg


This rim sherd is from a Safety Harbor Incised vessel from the Anderson Mound at the Jungle Prada Site Complex (8PI54). Ceramic sherds, shell, bone, and lithic tools, among other artifacts and features, were discovered during archaeological excavations at this site. Many of these artifacts, especially the ceramics, can be assigned to specific time periods based on their stylistic qualities. This sherd is diagnostic of the Safety Harbor period which lasted from AD 900-1725. The rim sherd also is helpful in reconstructing the original shape and size of the vessel. The Jungle Prada Site Complex is extensive, with a large portion preserved on City of St. Petersburg Parks and Recreation lands as part of Jungle Prada Park. Mounds and middens extend to adjacent private lands. This sherd was laser scanned using a structured light instrument to create the 3D model.
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