Weeden Island Punctated Ceramic Vessel Sherd

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Weeden Island Punctated Ceramic Vessel Sherd
Collins, Lori D.
Doering, Travis F.
Garcia, Noelia ( Modeler )
University of South Florida
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Ceramic materials


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Cultural property ( lcsh )
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United States -- Florida -- Saint Petersburg


This Weeden Island Punctated rim sherd is a classic example of this ceramic type. It dates to the Weeden Island period, ca. AD 400-900 and is a small piece of what would have been a large pot that was likely used in a mortuary context. The punctated design is made by pressing the edge of a pointed tool into the wet clay before firing. The Weeden Island pottery series, which includes several different types was originally defined by Gordon Willey for the Florida Gulf Coast and was named after the Weeden Island site, 8Pi1, in Pinellas County, Florida. This sherd is unprovenienced, meaning that it lacks any information about what site it is from. This decorative sherd is used as part of a teaching collection to allow hands-on study and analyses of archaeological materials.
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