Ocmulgee Earth Lodge in 3D

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Ocmulgee Earth Lodge in 3D
Collins, Lori D.
Doering, Travis F.
University of South Florida
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Archaeology ( lcsh )
Cultural property ( lcsh )
Terrestrial laser scanning ( lcsh )
3D model ( lcsh )


As part of our collaboration with the NPS Southeast Archeological Center, our researchers used 3D terrestrail and aerial laser scanning and GPS to survey and 3D map the terrain and surrounding environs at Ocmulgee National Landmark. Included in our research was the examination of the earth lodge. Here, we are constructing interior and exterior “as-built” models for the site, and have used these to create virtual exploration tools. Our model can be viewed in full VR experience, and we are providing the NPS with detailed CAD and as-built design models to help in not only better understanding the site, but to use for interpretation and long-term preservation initiatives.
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Hashtags: archaeology, cad, heritage, virtual_reality, tls, 3d-model, preservation, national-park-service, national-monument, libraries, university-of-south-florida, terrestrial-laser-scanning-survey

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University of South Florida
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