Suilamor, of live in Galway

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Suilamor was a remake of an older play written by Boucicault, known as Daddy O’Dowd, which had been put on stage in 1873. The production of Daddy O’Dowd was a commercial failure and, after four weeks on stage, it was pulled. Suilamor was returned to the stage several years later, edited and revised for the audience. Unfortunately, once more the play was unsympathetically lambasted by critics and audience members alike. The London audience found Boucicault’s views on Irish politics unacceptable, and Boucicault even went so far as to place an ad in the newspaper stating that the views were required to forward the design and the intent of the work. Nonetheless, the London crowd was unyielding and Boucicault ended his work in England and travelled to New York to begin work anew.