Florida Legislative Investigation Committee (Johns Committee) Archive

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This digital collection contains University of South Florida archives related to the Florida Legislative Investigation Committee (also known as the Johns Committee in reference to its first chairman Charley Johns). The Johns Committee was commissioned by the Florida Legislature in 1956 to investigate "anti-American" activities, not unlike similar investigations during the McCarthy era, and to identify and potentially eliminate homosexual influences from Florida government and education.  The official mandate was to "investigate all organizations whose principles or activities include a course of conduct on the part of any person or group which could constitute violence, or a violation of the laws of the state, or would be inimical to the well being and orderly pursuit of their personal and business activities by the majority of the citizens of this state." The Committee was disbanded on July 1, 1965 after the Florida Legislature discontinued funding.
The official Committee documents are available for viewing at the Florida State Archives in Tallahassee.