Farid Karam M.D. Lebanon Antiquities Collection

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The Farid Karam, M.D. Lebanon Antiquities Collection consists of 149 objects, including jars, goblets, bottles, oil lamps, unguentariums, and busts/figures. Most of the items came from Roman Syria, a wealthy province on the Eastern Mediterranean, and date from the 1st through the 4th centuries AD. All of the items in the collection have been digitally photographed and are available here.

In Fall 2016 Dr Davide Tanasi and his team at USF's Center for Virtualization and Applied Spatial Technologies (CVAST) 3D scanned all 149 Karam objects using CVAST's FaroArm, a coordinate measuring machine (CMM). So far 91 of the 149 3D models have been completed and are available here, complementing the original medium and high-resolution digital photography.

The 3D models are made available online via Richard Bernardy's (Digital Collections Systems Administrator and Software Developer - USF Libraries Digital Scholarship Services) 3DHOP-based MODEL3D viewer plugin (SobekCM).

The collection of artifacts was donated to the USF Libraries Special Collections in 1998 by Dr. Farid Karam and his wife Jehanne.

This digital collection has evolved over time with incremental improvements. The initial digital collection work was completed by Claudia Dold who performed the original medium resolution digital photography and researched & cataloged the artifacts. Most of the artifacts were digitally photographed later with newer equipment and at higher resolution by Richard Bernardy and Pam Reagan. In the Spring of 2017 the first batch of 3D models created by Dr. Tanasi and his team were added.