Product Photography

Shooting Studio 3D Virtual Reality (VR) Objects

Studio Information about the Karam object shoot

Karam Studio Shoot

Camera KODAK PROFESSIONAL DCS Pro SLR/n Digital Camera
Software Kodak Professional DCS Camera Manager-exposure and remote shutter release-incremental mechanised studio shots without touching the camera
Setting/Lense Manual/Macro
fstop/shutter f16, 1/2  and  f8, 1/6
Grayscale Kodak Testcard Grayscale, The Zone System (USF Tampa Library, TR145.W5 1968  Tampa Circulating, 5th Floor), The Negative (USF Tampa Library, TR591.A3  Tampa Circulating, 5th Floor).
Tripod Standard Tripod/use a level to level the cameraon tripod/15 degree angle down on object
Lighting Flood lamp stands / Coolux 65 watts flourescents bulbs Model no. WZT130NCI. 45 degree angle.
Set black cloth/fixed set up on tabletop
Turntable 3D VR product turntable for (72 frames, 36 frames) for incremental studio photography.

Examples of other Product Photography Turntables and Equipment: Photosimile 5000, emeDigital, Product Photography

Turntable Photography Techniques-Tabletop Studio.

File Type/size RAW/12-13.5 MB.

Tips on how to work with RAW files in Photoshop: Adobe Photoshop CS4, Digital Photography School, Working with RAW images in Photoshop.

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About the Flash Configuration Process

Product Photography &
Flash Animation Process for 3D Virtual Reality(VR) Objects

Adobe Flash animation process and Information provided by Richard Bernardy

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Edit the images and batch create the jpg versions
M Encoder (from the MPlayer/MEncoder suite) to generate an AVI movie from the jpgs
Adobe Flash CS3 Video Encoder Convert the AVI to a .flv
Adobe Flash CS3 Create the .swf. embed the .flv. and add the controls