Otero y Colominas Cuban Photographs

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Otero y Colominas was a commercial photography firm based at 32 San Rafel in Havana, Cuba during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Along with other early photojournalists, the firm worked to document Havana at peace as well at war, including the Cuban War of Independence from 1895-1898. Many of the firm's photographs first appeared in the Cuban periodical La Figaro, and Otero y Colominas also cultivated an international presence, showing two photographs at the 1900 World’s Fair in Paris, France.

This collection of 51 photographs contains images depicting many facets of life in Havana in the 1890s. Some landmarks shown include the Cementerio de Cristobal Colon, known for its ornate monuments and gates, and the Alameda de Paula, the oldest boulevard in Havana. Also depicted are several of Havana's leisure destinations, including the Parque San Juan de Dios and the Hotel Mascotte. Many of the photographs feature images of wartime industry such as cavalry docks, soldiers, and munitions factories, illustrating how the Cuban War of Independence affected Havana’s civilian population. The collection also contains photographs of Cuban foliage and rivers, as well as other towns.