Art and Art History Collection (Saskia)

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The Art and Art History Collection features a wide range of digital images with an emphasis on the history of Western art. Image sets include: The Dresden Collection, Brueghel and Rubens, Ancient Greek Art (Architecture and Sculpture), Ancient Art (Minoan and Roman), Roman Art, Michelangelo, Italian Renaissance, Realism, Impressionism, and Post-Impressionism, and Contemporary Architecture. Images from art history textbooks include: Gardner, Expanded Gardner, Stokstad, Gilbert, Hartt, Cunningham, and Reich. There are 3,645 images in this collection.

Access note: Only thumbnail images and descriptive information are available to non-USF users.  Full access to this collection is available only to authorized users on the USF network on campus or via VPN. For more information or to report technical issues please contact us.