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Images from the International Independent Showmen's Museum Photographic Collection portrays the life and times of the ever-changing American carnival from the late 1800s to the modern day. Featured in the collection are many photographs related to the means of transporting carnival equipment and personnel, i.e. railroads, trucks, semi-trailers, etc. There are carnival rides, game concessions, shows, and show fronts. Many carnivals were family owned and operated, and there are several of those prominent families from the business depicted.

The collection of photos, as well as many artifacts from carnival history, are housed at the International Independent Showmen's Association property, 6915 Riverview Drive, Riverview, Florida until the new museum of the American Carnival building is completed. This historic photography collection has been digitized and made available to the public through the generosity of many of the International Independent Showmen's Association's individual members, contributing both finances and labor. Also of great help was generous support through a grant from the Community Foundation of Greater Sun City Center.

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