Red massacre, or, The hold-up men of Barren Lands

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Red massacre, or, The hold-up men of Barren Lands

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Red massacre, or, The hold-up men of Barren Lands
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American Indian weekly.
Dair, Spencer
Place of Publication:
Cleveland A. Westbrook, c1911
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1 online resource (29 p.) 28 cm. : ;


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Outlaws -- Fiction ( lcsh )
Dime novels ( lcsh )
Western stories ( lcsh )
History -- Fiction -- Canada -- 1867-1914 ( lcsh )
Serial ( sobekcm )

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University of South Florida Library
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University of South Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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D14-00517 ( USFLDC DOI )
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THE Gi'Jltm wmetK euPm, 0110, U. 1. I. Published Weekly. By $:1,.50 per year; _ $1.25 for 6' month's. Copyright, i911, by The Arthur Westbrook Company. . . '. , . ....-.. ;,'. _';' .:. LORD FORREST, LADY FORREST, HAROLD PONSONBY, JUDITH PON-SU:5.HERh'RwWP; BUSTER:' E .ASY, MNG HAIB-Mefu-" SONBY-Members of the ultra fashionable and of Eadeye's 'Of bandits. r " • English; who go-to the Ca!ladian N orth\y est on at PEplt IS by the a. f1ttn;mg tnl? After many the ladles are notoriOli's _ ,.:';-' . krdnapped thel r rescue almost resultmg In the death of aU iI -.. " ' f&ur. '. BIG MoosE-InQiarr' diieltain wh9 -meets a terrible death at BAPTISTE, HENRI-Trapper-guides attached to the Post of the the hands of Bye. omen. wealthy women he kidnaps. ' GUIDES, TRAPPERS. CONSTABULARY AND -. CHAPTER I , THE: RAID' eN TB1!) FUR COMPANY'S STORE. , -..... '" ,.,company's pay box;!I'll giV{l you till if it isn't on the I:ll drop' you and help mjself _. . . . '\ --.j "One-t-w-';'" ': ."Hand up the pay box ' , Dutchie-and be quick ab<1Ut But before the bad..been u.1lt&'ed:tkere.e , ame the . . it!" . sound :of hurried 'lind a. head *aa: ,th.nist This ' stiutlin g c9mmandr heard' .byi the sto!,ekeeper the "doer: ' . . \ , , I ' .• at one of the posts of the great Huqson Bay . A.J; he heard the footfalls, ike stQrekeeper that Company, in Mackenzie caused !rim 'to raise it might be friendly been his head from aecount (i),VeF which he ' was by the report of the shGt, had hastened to bending. ' . ._.' learn its cause. But the move ' was a 'dlsastrous: one for himi' His hopes were as quickly as they ' Crash! weu"t the sixshooter which the le-;;'der of the had arisen, for th. e c!ied: ' ;,Hoid-Up Men of Lands held ill his right hand"What's tlie , trouble, Ba.deyeY \ top pu ing and a red sppt in the storekeeper's left'ear't6id .upaholler?': . .'J ,_.'.: '" the comse of blill'et f . I' '!..... . . '. "N a w-he. just to want"to see ifho was talk, just' to YOll\"not' tb get But so YO,tl as . curious!" snarled the bandit. ! " Now hand over the '. we1Lgo round, beh.ind the oQunter andh-eIP4dmhand • , '1-'" A -• • I. "", ", ... : ..... :/ • '.'" .,


TI{E AMERICAN INDIAN W E EKLY. IIp the Dutchie don't act overwilling. Step lively, 'caJise he evidently expects caller& -and we wan t , to a cleau getaway!" . , . , CHAPTER II. THE KIDNAPPING . .... No urgi..llg did second Man need to carry out the of his leader for haste and, while the With a bo,!!nd, the two bandits who had robbed the f?torekeeper vented his anger aLthe l"0bbery in a flow storekeeper of the company's cash gained the door-':' . of curses ' ana oaths that would have made ' a muie. and 'as they gazed in the direction th; sound of '} . gre' en with envy, the robber picked up the the shot had come, they were to ' behoid , two , square )ron box from under the counter and' set it women dashing toward the log stockade, closely fol: down on the-rough board. lowed by Slasher! "TakG: a ' p $ei> inside, Pieface, " and , be sure you've Evident was it that the' y had exerted . all their got -the ri'ght qne..!.....we don't want to tote off sometpin' strength to re-ach the company's house in the hope of ,that ain't worth the carrying!" .;, .' escaping from the bandit who' was pursUing ' them. "'Qv,ickly the man obeyed, thanks t o the fact the store. But the sight of the t"!o strangers in the keepe ; 'had been in the act of going over ' his ' acco .unts doorway told them that such an wou l d be " and had the box open to make sure i t contaiu.'e d folly and they darted into the underbrush. money to pay' them. Slasher, I'll help youJ} , shouted Bad .. -': Wliat 's all all r-ight!" chuckled the eye; leaping forward as he spoke. "Pieface, you make man whO haf!: bee,n adil,l'essed a1:l-Bad eye, when ' his your getaway ! " ' packages of crisp bank notes. Amazed to , think that two such beautiful women--< Put tIiem bills iiJ:t shirt, Pief:B.c,e, they'll be sure' for the brief time thathe had been gi en to see them safe.there-and-i W"e"'meet anybody , there' w on't be n o was sufficient for the .leader of men to drop, 'y'o .',' " ' notice that they the ordinary , " This ' v;..::ts sol!ieyed as " so o n as i t was should be in Lands of ' Mackenzie waken: 'aITa., J1, grin of satisfaction, the robber -Badeye .had guessed that must, be per . passfld ;from behmd the counter to t h e side of ' hIS sons (:)f Importance into his cunn ,ing mind had come ';" " ' , ' . the thought of adding to the sum total of his raid by ' Dutcilie, f6r. taking things so kianapping and holding them for ransom . and quiet like!" taunted Badeye . " I knew I wasn't The handicap of their. corduroy hunting proved making no misJake when I decided to .collect from too great for the women and though they fought like you in 'stead of from Jeff Peters, over oil the Yellow. Amazons, laYing about them with the butts of their' knife. . ','" dfles, it was but the work of a few minutes for the "\Yhen you 'Y..0!1r to ' YO}l two outlaws to ;knock weapons their hands and can to consider .his account set. bind their arms , behind them with strips of rawhide. tIed-though I may--" , ,"Whatcher going to do with 'em?"queried S l agher. Of . sudden, as the leader of the Ho l d -up Men was ' as soon the fairprisonets had been made fast. baiting': the storekeeper, there rang. out three sharp " 'em with us. Quick, you take the smaller whistles ! . • ' one and I'll take the other!'" ," Instan,tly ' disappeared from the faces of ' "Aw, ,what's' the use of hampering with a the two couple of skirts 1" growled the other outlaw. ' "They'll 's Slasher!'" declared Pieface, exeitedly . , be In the way all the time . 'they can't make :fifty miles "Glad it ain't Redtop!" returned his chief. "We've' ' a day like we can-we'n have to alongand got a ,hE)ap si ,ght, bi\,ger' to get away on ,Slasher's' maybe get shot because we can't travel fast 'count of than we have on the o'ther them ! " - • "Y'du g o first-I"n stay behiRa to' guard you and "We, wont be shot at so long as we have the ladies," stand anyone off who tri'es to cut in. Dutchie, so"s you .BaBeye . "But even if we that's n;t' won't be tempted to hit our trail. I'll, just hobble . the qu.estlOniI told you to take the smaller one,! , Now you!" take her, or I 11 drop you wh'ere you stand!" As ' 4p: spoke, the terrible outlaw took rapid stride' Real , izing from long with the to the . edge of the counter-and pulled the trigger of leader of the Ho.ld=up men !hat he would keep his word sixshooter the second time. a human hfe mean.t not as much as that of a 'wild . 'ammnl to him because as he had ofte a d h as the :'eport .rf!-ng out, the storekeeper fell to the being isn't fit to k t h: s ';, ,a flour, the bloo.d gushang from a wound in,-his groin I If d " . . . 'th' ep ,IS, 0 Jec to 1m " . ' . '.. . ' se an e prisoner allotted to ' him, threw her . WIth the :rev , ?rberatlOn from over his ' shoulder as ' lightly as though slte bag ,sound,eCl :he ' p , y' the of !lq1lr, then ' chi!;lf, who 'already taken plercmg sb,rleks of , women screammg Ill' terr61' ! the. trail. ' . , .


.' / THE AMERICAN INDIAN' WEEKLY. / The other member of' 'the raiding outlaws, Redtop ' , having been attracted by the shooting and screaming, "" had Gome, up just as Slasher was disappearing over the trail with his -victim. . . Divining that s9mething wusual was foot, he hastened after his pal, at tlie same time keeping a look,out behind against surprise ; :from that quarter. , "What's doing 1" he demanded as he overtook his fellow bandit. "Oh, . Badeye 's gone bugs over these two I toLd him it was death to tote off, but he wouldn't listen to so we've got to hit the. trail with the two or 'em." "Huh, I Badeye's' right about their being a good haul-providing the otper' s as nifty as this one." "She's better." ' , ' 's your trouble?" "It's a cinch the company won't let our littk call on 'Dutch' Fielder go unnoticed-and when we get the Royal Northwest Mounted Police on our tracks, these dames are more than likely to delay us. Why, there ain't a _ woman who can knock : off more'n thirtY , miles a day, allowing she's used to hiking-which these ones surely ain't!" "Oh, well ; Badeye bows what he's up to. Probably he intends to ransom 'em-anyhow, woman's worth something up in the Barren Lands." Straight along the trail to the North which skirted the Eastern shore of Lake Rei: in the almost unknown area between .. Great Salve and Great Bear' lakes, -the outlaws trotted with their booty and prisoners for two miles, then made a sliarp turn and descended to the . water where they liad left their canoes. -' to pay if he wants to get you back!' ' . returned the bandit-chieftain . "No, no, . ladies, much as it goes against my finer nature to subject you to such treat ment, I r-eckon youJil prove the most valuab l e pelts that have ever been bagged in the Barren Lands, eh, boysi" "That ';s what!" choruse'd "'the' other outlawS', thus appealed to. "But this is ,outrageous-infamous! The idea of'personi like . you daring to lay violent hanils on MrS. ..... / /. Ponsonby and me I'? snapped Lady you realize that Lord Forrest is one of the richest and most .... -.-: v.-... :,;" powerful peers in England?" .',' : "Sorry ' to say, Lady, my acquaintance with such like ain't extensive-but I'm sure glad to know your husband's rich," "He'll be able to give up fifty thousand -for you-and it won't bother him -at'.all. . , . "Considering the circumstances, boys > and the value of our guests, I'll just go ' along il'" the, dug-out ) . _:.. "..,-... you and make sure,j;hey're coIilloi-tabIe . b ' efore ' I . go back tn Dutchie's to ' open ' :' ' Again was the fiery Lady Forrest . about to speak '. • . • • "!r .; .... when her compamon mterposed. . ",' -: ' : : "For heaven's sake, Angela,-"do keep:.quiet! ,,"ou've talked so much already that these b;rutes .know the wealth of our husbands-and itwill cpst them more -to get us back with every word you speak!" The sharp rebuke a flush to the cheeks and a flash of to the eyes of 'the titled out she profited by 'the advice and lapsed into silence, ml:rch to the disappointment"of'the outlaws. you take the beauty Slasher's toting and,'-; put her in the canoe with Pieface . I 'll keep Slasher . and the other o'ue;;.with me. We. 'll paddle to our first dug:out and then stop there for a , few hours, long enough for me 'to find out what's duing back at the company's shack!' . "You'll find that there will b e a great deal 'doing'to use your vulgarism-when Mr. ' Ponsonby and Lord Forrest return and learn what has happened to us!" , exclaimed the prisoner whom the leader of the bandits had been carrying. ,-"Ha, so we're going to a Lord on our trail, eh chuckled Badeye. "And I suppose one of you is Lady Forrest 1" he added, looking from one to' the other of ,the angry women. , " I am Lady Forrest! " declared ,the one whom Slasher had brought to the canoes, ' ' And I advise you to release . us this instant-if you value your liv:es! ;'If it's ransom that you want, I'll give you my ringsyou can see them' b y unbinding my and taking off m y gloves. ' They're worth at .least fiv-e thousand dollars!" "Which jsn't a . teItth part or what me , lord have , " CHAPTER III. A DESPERATE AT ESCAPE. As the leader of the bandits his decision to go to hiding place with his pals, he rnto his canoe, gave it a mighty sp.ove which it -far out into the placid waters of the lake i n the wild 'er, ness ahd then ' bent to the paddle, hiS powerful ' strokes ' bein . g takell( with an ease which belied their effectiveness. Mrs. Ponsonby had been placed flat in the bottom of the frail craft and though she turned her head from side side, she could get no idea of the direction in whi5lh they were going and, determined to knowdespite her;eeming acquies c ence to fate which . h.,a!f. overtaken h e r and her c.ompanjqn, she haa. formed" R . desperate rE;lsolve not to be taken as a prisoner wherever the ' o\1tlaws willed-and with a sudden 1I\ovement, she raised ,her head and about her, ..


" " 'THE AMERICAN INDIAN vVEEKL Y. \ outlaws were stillstl,riggling, the' two women, set off with e asy, strokes not alone fold "Just keep where you , was put. ' If yoh make another that they were accomp lished swimmers but that they move liKe that, I'll have to send you to' sleep!" had learned to swim in clothes. ' The short time she had had, however, proved ' suffi-Unfortunately for the brave woman, h0weV'er, she. cient for the sportswoman -tq recqgnize lan, dmar.ks had waited. too long before springing her coup! " which told her that they were .still travelling to' the The . where she had capsiped tlie can{)es North and, satisfied, she made no further attempt to only about eight feet and the, outlaws" with the sit up. " aid of the overturned canoes, had ' managed by dint of But in lier mind she was ' planning her coup'-and ,hard work to make their way to still shallower tensely she for the moment when snesh ould -where it was but .little work for them to gain the it! . -' _ " , shore-and they , did, awful were the curses 'WID h . , Close , al,pngside Badeye's capoe , Redtop kept his . they called down upon the head of the woman 'Who had \ . After the few hundred yards, th, e desperadoes of subjected the:r:h to their Unwelcome immersion. ]ior 'n.;t the Barren Land,S hugged the shore, afraid alone were they ' to' the but they had that they might be seen from ,t)1e company's post . lost their rifles, ., \ , ' last) how eyer, they the location of, the Bu.t B8,deye did not intend to lose his to dugou.t. To any' one not a.ware of its existence, its add to the spoils of'the theft of Fur company's cash presence nfWCl' would have b..e'en suspected! the ransom for the wives of the wealthy EnglishmenJ A bluff, s(')Ine fee;1i:;.h.\gh, ran along the lake f o r "Quick, grab the other end of my canoe, Redtop," more thanthree; hundred, and' at' its botto m wfls he and when this. had, ' been done, he con aran'k . growth of reeds and'linderbrush. tinned: 1 " Now rais ' e it up arid turn it so we can dump ' " To the Hold -up men, howev:,er, who knew,. almost ont the water." , , : ' every bush surrounding the entire lake, , the slant of ,., To ot less strength, the task would han re ,the lmderbraS:h away , from '!;he water the quired hard exertion and many minutes but the leader .-exact spot where the opening to their cave was. the Plen and ' his ' assistant performed the "Slasher, I'll swing the canoe round. so you can get . trick 'with e:;tse. :" out first. Go right up to the dug-out and out . " Get som , e long ' of rawhide, Slasher, " he some grub. We, can't let our prisoners go hungry cried. "Pieface, bring a couple of paddles frDiD. the ' and lose flesh. Redtop, let-" . . dug-out. Be lively,'; he added, striding' __ onto the But the instructions were never finished! snore that he might get a view of'. the swimming fuRealizing that the time for action come,., -' gitives. ' ,'The wOmen: are beginning to head for the she to put her plan, despe ,rate as i.t was, into execution, land!'" . m the she fiHt the turning, Mrs. Pon, the members of the outlaw band obeyed and s(mby gave a , lurch, throwing herself against in a. few minutes Badeye was driving his canoe in purthe gunwale of the frail craft in a franti; effort to suit of the women with strokes made the more power capsize it!'. Iul by his anger. In the leader of ' the outlaws . But the bandits did not find the recapture of their her purpose and exerted his utmost 'skill to steady quarry SQ easy as they expected! the c!lonoe-but without. avail. Over went the ftail As Mrs. Ponsonby beheld the approach of the canoe, craft, ' spilling the , three occupants ' into the ice cold she turned. her head toward her companion. Blft the moment she moved, Slasher pointed . his , six s400ter at her and hissed: water. " We'll spread out, .Angela, so the canoe can come 'in .And as the canoe the plucky woman between us . If they try to take you aboard :first, I'll grasped the side of the other ' and jerked it \ seize the side and dump them again. If they try' t o ' , So unexpected had been the action that the bandits take me, must it. The is much deeper ' were c aught, unprepared and, spluttering and cUl: slng here-and} f I get the chance, as , soon , as the brutes they struggled in the lake. • ' " have cap . sized, 1'11 get the canoe and push it away so Seizing her titled companion as she struck the water, 'they won't be able to take hold of it again! 11 ' Mrs. Ponsonby whispered, -tensely:.. . _ Clever, indeed, was the scheme-and it' w..o'uld "Now's our time, .Angela ! From the way some of succeeded had not Badeye b een one ' of the men in the p4ese brutes act, I they can't swim. befrail craft . . No sooner had he seen , the two me-and if you feel your strength going, put your rate, however, than he exclaimed: ,.: ..... i hand on my shoulder-J'm going to head back down '" , ' th 1 k I" '-,,"They're up to some monkey . e a e. \ • , _ _y! e '11 take the little one first, she isn't so hard to , Much less time than it takes to relate them did or so tricky as the , other . T'l1 circle arod' we can incidents and instructions take and whiie the get in front of her . . When I give the word, you tl;lrow


THE AMERICAN INDIAN WE.EKLY. /J your rawhide , ovllr . her head and pttll on U hard! No matter )f it does chol}e her, it won't. be for long-but mind you keep her short of breath! Then we 'll do the sal:q; e thing . to Jhe other!" ;; .1\11 the while' he hiJ,a., been speaking the leadeI' of outlaw5; had been working ills canoe out and ahead of the fugitives and almost as he finished his {:r'istruc .. tions, he cried: "Now!';. I ". . Wit4 a sharp hiss, the long piece of moose hide shot . through the air, its .. loop ,expanding as it sped, then ' quive,red a moment B:nd :nnaJlY settled over Lady For: rest 's l:j.S it lanaed about her neck, Redtop gave a jerk that caused tl;J.e woman to groan with pain. 'c Good boy: now the other. one!" . / .But Mrs. Ponsonby was to prove so eaf!y a catch! With the skill of a porpoise, she dove and dodged, hut the weight of her ' clothes taxed her strength and at last the second noose settled about her neck! dug-out, the leader of , bandits hailed the man he had left and, as they jOllied him at the shore , exclaimed ' : "Get some niee"es of cloth so we can blindfold these ladies./' I ain.'t . agoing to take an'y ' ;hances on their seei'ng the they can tell tlieir hubbies when they are brought back." Ha;tily :Pieface and Slasher went back to' the cave, procured strips of gingham and upon their return to' 'the canoe proceeded to bind them around the fore heads of the beautiful priso.ners . " 1:' This taken, the women were quickly led through the underbrush and soon found themselves inside the dug-out where the bandages were removed. , If you " lidie,s feel hUngry, we should be. pleased to' have you help yourselves," announced Badeye, bowing witli mock ' defe:r:ence toward the table upon willch -:his companions had set out some food . "Eat1 " snapped Lady F'orrest, her anger again sharpening her tongue. can you expect US to eat when we are drenched to the skin 1 Build a fire at once us to dry we ' shaU take terrible colds . " .'" CHAPTER IV . . "Sorry but afire's the one thing cab. 't ,'-.., smiled the hanait-chieftlj.irl.. ' C C T .he smoke weuld tell any. one who n:4ght be lookmg for yO'U all too plainly where you are.';. -,-FRIEND OR FOE. pressure against their cillns as the raw. hide . ropes tightened, ' cDupled .with the f.!1a! their "Captors , might 1ltrangle them to death, ma-de the woOmen desist frDm offering any further resistance as Badeye once more stal:t"ed to paddle up to the dug-out. Not many str.okel' had he taken with ills ' paddle, ' . however, tha11l. hi.s keen 'ear caught a gurgling and gasping from. Lady lfurrest: ., '''Reckon you'd best , change the rope hald on WoOmeR, Redtop," announced. C , We . don't want nG dead ladies round our camps-they woOn't bring neaT as much ' as live ones. Just put the raw. hides under their arms." As he" spoke, the leader of the Holcl.:up Men of Barren Laad-s sent the canoe back and soon his pal was making the necessary shifts. "Why rwt take 'em into the canoe, chief? ;[,t'll 'eveclastiniiy take the gimp out of 'em ' to haul 'em here to the 1D.()le in the bluff, through the "-Oh, it won't .hurt 'em any. And I dOR't mind if they Ri18 taken down a bit: That @ig one there's so c1llite .she'd ' ,giv:e us a lot of . trouMe if we didn't .spoil helr'Splla-its, som.ehow.'" His , vet clothes reminding him all too forcibly of Mrs. P , onsohby's rl'lsourcefulness, Redtop no objection inhuman treatment Badeye ' pi'oposed to give his fa'iT captives -aRd the c an,oe weRt '1!I.p tile iJ.ake wilt1t ' I ts 'trann't 1rnow but we've gGt some Squaw du.ds kieking about somewhere . Pieface, see if you can't :find 'em. " . "I found 'em already and here they are," a.nnounced the fellow, going to a dark corner of the cave whence he:.,.. returned with two pall'S of leggings and two skirts, all made ' of deer skin, and a couple' of dark blue flannel shirts. ,; If eare to w-e-a;r thes .e, y;ou're 'Welco:m.e," dec1ful'ed the le.acler of th.e 01!l.tlaws as he placed thegar ments on a , chair.. Lay Forrest threw up 'her hands in disgust at the though.t of donning such habiliments but l\irs. Ponsonby exclaimed: . . ; 'c Don't be squeamish, Angela-anything is better than to drag ar6imd in the things we ha-ve on. Besides, it won't be 'l01'l-g' be-oI'e Ha1'01(1 aJ1d Hugh come ' ;US, and we can get back ,ilp,to oxur OVi'1il things ag ain wMJa .. we :geit ,t.G the '''Muc h f.or , reminding me of th.em , gents;" . g :rinnj3c1 R'Rcley .e. "I'd mo,st for . gotten . about ,sending


, . AMERICAN INDIAN' WEEJ<:LY. , ' , em wQrd that yQU was safe anq waiting for them to. ,,'CI-IAPTFJR V : fQr k Qver SQme cQin so. 's YQU,' CQuld gQ_ back, to. 'em." '" , _ ,y., , BADEYE wn:ITElS' HIS DEMAND RANSOM. "NQW if yQU ladies'll just make ' 'yQur ' change Qf , _'; " as rast as , yQU can, I'll "Qe planning .m! nQte ,and,' As;;: ;atter 'Qf precautiQn, the nQtQriQUs leader of , the when you're dQr:,e 1'1l , wJ;ite it and .get-it ' . ' HQld-up Menof-BaFen Lands' had the TQQ to. spe "ak because Qf the c ' Qntempt wIth placea in PQsitiQn 15efQre to. 1-the cave which the their high PQsitiQn in lQr that reason he was ' unable to. get a view Qf the lake '. ' sQciety, th'e began to' examine the' gai;'ments as and the ca;Qe the unexpected apprQac'h Qf which had the bandits'left the cave. ',been at : ii : time inQPPQrtune IQr !tim. ' _ .... DQn 't try to get away," Badeye, "HQW mari-y are in it Y" }le asked Qf his IQQkQut. in'the entrance. "Tliere ain't no. w:ay Jmt this front Only Qne! '", if YQil make a dash Qut Qf it, '\Ve'll drQP yQU ---'''HQw-far'lmt is he?" _ . in yQur jrac!Fs , ransQm Qr nQ.ransQm!" . , ' .', ""',, AbQut o.f a mile." , While ' were , theIr dl'ench:ed ,.-"Did iQU bring 'QlIT canQes into. ,the }'eeds, Pieface, o.r clQthes and getting into. the Qthers, the Ql'ltlaws. hlLd leave them the lake where they'-co.:uld be seen Y" their first oPPQrtunity to. talk tQgether _ raid "Brought' $em. jn. '" ,.-_ ' Qn, t he company's PQst. . . " .GQod boy! ' Slasher, let me knQW !ls SQQn as , yo.U "HQW l d yQU happen'tQ fall -to. the Slasher .?" can tell who. Qr what SQrt Qf a man it is in the cano.e." aSKed Pief{lce. "I supPQsed SQme Qf the traders , were ' Even thQugh th' e " prisQners, -iike their captQrs, were cQming in Qn the-run when I heard . unable to Qbtai;il a 'g1:impse Qf the w ' ater, the wQrds ' "So. tlid -r-until I heard wQmen's vQices, " 'returned ' tlie wliich b.etrayed ey,tdent . Ufleasiness, gave the man who. had given the warning to., his , pals iii the them ' , . , .-,' , , stQckade. was lying)Il the' bus.hes, ' "Pe; haps it's HarQld!" exclaimed. Mrs. PQnsonby. ,.. the,traii.,w.hen JuS-E_ as trymg , : 'I-Ie went aCrQSS t}'wlake this mQrning. -.As he, to.o.k to. pace they weren t lIke what nQ',hunter 0.1' lils binQcula:r:s with him, he may have y seen -the brutal-, wild animal WQu).d make-:::-I heered a:laugh and preety _ treatment to' which we have been subjected and be quickalQng CQme the WQ, men and Henri, Qnly the h-alf-' coming to. us I " -" -_., , _ breed was in the lead. " . " that be stUlllling, return!ld her' VFI:Qm the way he acte . d, I CQuld tet! )I.e , thQught compan 'iQn, i " I say, let's take a chance and scream to there was s , Qmething wrQng at __ tge PQst and when let him knQW , where ' we are! , , ' , . started Qn the I just drQPped him." Thesugges'tiQn arQused the ban.dit-chifrftain '.like :J,'he, CQld blQQd

THE AMERICAN INDIAN WEEKLY. r. '1 ' ,'r.,!7. • , , --.... • ?'I , ._ .. ... ;or • 'r '). , _ This report' received , a sigh , of relief , by kno 'wthat-and I'll'take precjoUs good care to cut Badeye and up Qne of tlie candles he a : cetiple of, sizeable , heles in his , canoe beforer I ' 'frad put out" approach,:,of strap.ger ' was ' li:ver ,ll1Y l ittle returned, the of the desper he",';ent ' 'to the ha' it r i ":A:na:;'W>w'?let's have a to eat. I3'lJ. be ,';; and then to , a ' hole dug in the " waIT from pro-I: ' able to work" better WI put somethiilg unde r , my; bel1r,-_' '..-;/ /: r; anced a strip of birch bark and pencil. and the ladies is ,hungry, h)Q, I , can tell from the way For he cbewed the end -of it &.nd theY'r.e chewi!l , g on them gags. t1-/ d ' ; , ,;. ;,began to write la15eriously, stopping' , evercr now and' , ThIs sally brought , r.oars of laughter from the then , to the lead in-his meuth but at last he ' outl:;tws quickly they drew up to tbe' table while , . ' I that'limake ' em sit up '--and Bade;ve removed -the pieces clotb from , notice!" he chuckled. ' niouths. ; , . "Read itr"': eX'claittred and Redtop, ain't no higii:to.ned feed but Clearing . his throat, like an embarrassed schooiboy t9 it after a day:or two : ' Now--" ._ ,..,/ to' recit , e a pie ,ce If poe.try, the -tliat we slia!r..,r>e your caP:r-4' began: .' .' ' , tjve)3 e , ri.gth of ila, shed Lady "lord forest. Yure, wife and wife of :iure frend ".A s s o on , as Lord Forrest knows where we are, he:ll ! _ safe. 'Sorry clj.c1n't' have the plezu! of meetin and I ,doubt :if wli!. li:ve yu but that Will come later pervidin that is if yu wants leave the f os! delivermg your: msultmg , to see vure wifes agen. forest havin kinely tole "Now don'tJ ou go, to worrying your, about " ine , -y-u rich, I ' w-ant to that canhev her back an yure fren hi sI.! by payin fifty thousand , away this grub as _you be pittmg . ap ' ece. ' Taint much when yu consicTers what good lookers the tral1 as soon as I get baGk fromthe yost eatthey are but well hev the chence of meetin ' yll agen :ing'il gi v e you , ..'. , -l;l0 we ' wont be tew hard on 'the fust time. if 'you Tlie that they -not _to m wanvyure wives ]jaCk, send word'by bapte!;!ttell him tb,e', dug-out women WIth.consternatlOn. But, come to the big -ja,ck pine at digger -brook befor a l o ok fro:n nhecked J he that , sUnrjse. jf iu 'aint got the mone y , well hold the ladies on her frIend s tongtle and they ate WIth wnat relish while yu -get only let me no. -if baptesf..,.aint at tile they could . jack pine by' sunrise ill no Yu dont want em and will ' "" trade em bunks or this aint so dont delay jf yu wants' if Y1!' dont t m e ans wat , i says as dutchie, 'he ' nos me. CHAPTER VI. , . with love badeye." , While the ,had bee:o. this, THE .EVIDENC E OJ)' THE RAID IS'DISCOVERED. '_, ' arilazing note, ' he had kept 'watch of 'the ' faces of his ' , ,' ; , . . captives out .of one corner of his eye-and the When he part;tken of all the , food ' cared lor, of anger that, he beheld told him he had. indited a coiu-the banditchieftain delivered ;rders to his men . ' muni cation that w ould produce action 1!Pon the, part ,their while he was away on his mlssion, ' bowed of the . English Lord and his the ' action wit h mo c k gravity tq his p-risoners , teo, k two sixwas destined,-to be hiS doom! ' Sho oters from a _ secret njche in the wall of ftb.e cave , " , )'That sure'll stir th, e animals up," grinned Redtop, called to his lookout. ' , , when , his had: finished. "yvho you send "Any Qne 1a,1,re, Slashed" , -,-' __ it " "Nary a soul." , " Going to take it myself." -<, 8-ood : $tay on -duty till I get '9ack-your, eyes ,' "Better not tak' e the 'risk: ' ""'asserte ' d Pieface. "I'd are better than those of my other. boys . Ii you see ' ! jus-r as soon if, anything happened to' me it an y trouble or commotion down 'by the Postl tell the : wouldn ' t , mean so ' much . " , .. boys and have them put the women in canoes and "That's all right" boy, but I want to tend to this strike for headquarter!;! : " ' "--, . .little job myself.'" "If anything happens to' me, don't accept any ran-'< a bacT in the, dark,! 1 mused soni at all-sell the women to .the higllest bidger.s a'mong ' "Now don ) go to about me ; " interpos ' e , d Running Bear's tribe !" .', Bade ye. ' "I'm going down in my canoe so there ,won't At the ,thought of so awful , a fate; !he. two . be any troubl e : " shuddered and'shrank back from their captors, actionS "Unless Big Moose sets out after YOl,!o Goo d as you whi c h delighted the cruel bandit-chieftain and with llo \ are at the paddle, _ chief, there ain't a man on ,earth that , chuckle he added: one like ' th1:tt Injun.", . , "Keep a close >yatch on the righ . t .


THE AMERICl\N INDIAN WEEKLY. cute and tdckyJ I'll be back in half an hoUr, barring ping to his knees and pointing' to marks on the groU:nd . accidents. , . , ' w lii c h o , f his compan i ons c:ould see. As h e re a ched his canoe, :BaQ.eye stooped (lown, mind, eome , on to the Post-Il-ve a feelirig picJred up a fair-sized stone, wound the insufting note som ething's wrong!" returned Ponsonb Y . . about it, tied the birehbark fast with a piece of raw. Cr e stfailep. to think his as a scout received hide, th;en .entered his fra,il craft and was soon gliding su c h s cant att.ention, the gu.ide" nevertheless sprang over the surface of the lake. to his feet, crying: The shots attend-itnt upon the raid on. the Fur com"Hav e,.ze. care, have ze car. e ! Let ,Baptiste go first. panY)i cash had not been heard by Henri a:p.d thewo-Maybe ambush at sto..rehous e!" . . men alone. Baptiste, who had guided Jjord Forrest and At tbis suggestion, both Englishmenthrew their rio. ' Harold Ponsonby: more to the South in a-quest for bear fle s to their . shouldeTs, that they might be ready for' had heard the faint reports. Ignorant of their meaning any em e rgency, and followed the Fenchman to the edge yet believing they denoted trouble-and ' , serIous ' of the clearing in _ which th e stockade stood, where they at th1lt...,....;l1e hji.d told his fears to his patrons ahd waited :Baptist e made his way' inside. ' quickly they had retraced .their steps to the Post. . long , v ere they kept in suspense, however! In aQ,dition to being heavy stockholders in'the Fur --A g l a nc e at the interior o f the store revealed the both Forrest and Ponsonb y w ere hunters of k eeper , half way rormd the ena. of the counter big gawe and they had brought their wives witn them h e crawled b e f o re un c onsciousn e ss ov ertook. him. on a tour of the Posts, considering it rare sport to' With a the guide waS: over the, boards and traverse the almos . t unkqown of the great look i n g in where he knew/ ;Fielder always kept Mackenzie Te r ritory. ' his ' cas h box...:..and a s he saw empty iron c a se on Almost to the arctic circle had they been and it was oIi the ,;floor, 11e gasped in terror! theiI;.I;eturn that-'they stopped at .the Post on Rey '( Q,,;ee. ck! Que eck! it i s a raid!" he shouted, rUDJ?-ing " presided over by Hl;tns Fielder, whom the trappers 1ra<1 to the d o or and b ecko ning to the Englishmen to join 'fnicknamed ' ( Dl\ chie. ". " him. , " . " .... . As a usual thing, 'pay m ent for the shipped out' Thor o u g hl y the two men dashed ' across the in'the spring was made promptly but in this year there an.d )nto, the sto c kade. , had been some d elay and it'was early June -when the "Is h e dem anded Forrest, he approached money arrived. And no one was sp grad to see tlie the storekeeper. ' squa d O'f the Royal North-West Mounted Police which "NO', h ees che s t she , m Q ve , " repli ed B aptiste. accompani ed t he p aymaster as w as the storeke eper for ' ( Wha t did they g e t ? " asked Ponsoi'lb y . many an d v iolent had been the he had b e en Z e mon e e for ze tra p pers! " drawn inf o b y angry trappers-'over the' failure to "By S t . Ge,o:rge! ' Th at's a , bally: shame-ana after pay tl i em . And it was in conseq:ueli'C"'e of: this desire to the "vay _the poor de v ils have been bully ragging old eve! ything in. readiness against the . retm.'ll of the too<' his "I say: Ponspn first trapper that-the storekeepI' had been co.unting out . by, suppose we ChIP m and advance enough fuilds to pay his mone y and checking his accounts against it when the felle rs . off, what?" . Badey,e and his gang had made theiroldescent up6n him. D]lri n? conversation, guide had left the Word had been brought to the banaits by' a runner s t or e room andw a s m aking a hasty examination of the from among their at Fort.Ra; some fgty ground when he discerned the foot prints of the to the South on an arm of ,the' Great Slave Lake, 'that the women and followed them to t1?-e spot where his fellow pay: , chest 'had been sent to the Lake Rae Post-but the gujde , informant did not know , that 31rl' injury to one of the And as he beheld the white face and the pOol of .,. hors e s had caused a day's delay in its delivery. blood in which the head was lying, he gave vent to a And this fact . was to prove the richly merited downs cream that qui ckly brought the Englishman lipon the fall qf t he Hold-up Men of Barren Lands-for when scene. -,' . , the rai d upon Fielder was made, the ' members of the Judith and be ?" gasped Ponfamous constabulary were less than twenty-five miles sonb y . This is their and they sUrely never . from the Post! -, would leave him. 1--" , . Comi n g i n b y the trail '\Vhic h Redtop .had been ' guard"Perhaps they are in their rooms, too frightened to' Englishmen and their g uide did 'not run across stir ont, " ' suggested Forrest and they both rushed back. of Henri welt eriug in its blood. But the sha to the stoekade, threw ORen the to rooms ..' rp and stared, blankly as t h ey beheld them empty eyes of B a ptIste the spot where the outla:w had B t ' ' t h " h db' . . . t ' d h' h . ap IS e, owever, a .cen traIlmg the footprints mam aUle IS watc . ' . . . and soo n dIScovered where the two women had entered ) . Som e o ne been he exclaimed, sudq,enly, dltopthe bush e s, the spot .of the struggle and the heavier , . .


THE' AMERICAN INDIAN WEEKLY. j. tracks made by the banaits as they strQde fQrth, . t weighted dQwn with their captives. And in an instant,_ the guide cQmprehended what had transp,ired! / , 'Darting: back to the hQuse, he met the twO' Englishmen at the"dQQr. "Ze z e y have been keednapped!" he, shrieked. ,'''What dO' yQU mean ' ? HQW yQU knQw?" de PonsQnby. "I ha v:e ze tracks seen." ="Where1", . "CQme. I ShQw." And fQllQwed by the anxious hus -bands, ' the' led the way to' t4, e bushes. -' ' .Whic h way' did the dE)yils carry them, Baptiste 1" d emanded FQrr est, after staring at the trampled grQ,und fQr se v e r a l minutes. '''1'0' the NQrth." " "Then after CQme Qn, PonsQnby ( B a ptiste, yQU . l ea d u s t o the k i d ll'appers and 1'11 give yQU a hundred • " P Q,mds-five hundred clQllars in yQur mQne!! ,,-, A t the mentiQ n Qf SO' gteat a price, the guide leaped f erward, taking his patrQns at a smart trO't Until he cam e the place where the bandits had turned and m a de their way to' the Re a lizing the si.gnificance O'f the change in qirectiO'Il" the Frenchman exclaimed: "It nO' u s e in trying to" fQllO'W O'n f90't. .3e keednap pel ' S h a v e to ze lake. Back to' the ,hO'use and to' the canO'e I ' , _ FO'rrest _ w as O'n the PO'int O'f d isputing. the advisability O'f the mO've when his cO'mpaniO'n prevented and sick at aeart they returned. _ "WhO' do ' YO'11 'think did this ? " demarrded PO'nsO'nby, as t n ey reached the dO'Qr. , "Only one man have ze nerve-:Badeye!" de , -clared Ba'ptiste; PO'sitively. . "WhO' 's he i " chorused his patrO'ns . "Ze leader O'f ze HQld-up men I" , "Why didn't yO'll tell us he was in this locality, if . you. knew he wM SO' desperate a fellQw?" thundered his lordship . "I believe yQU are in sllares with him O'n this , business!" And he strode ml3nacingly tQward the diminutive guide. ." '\,. "NO'W dO'n't be an ass, Hugh; and set Baptiste against HO'W shO'uld hE)' know the bandit was in this reg-iO'n 1 " 've , h eard Qf liim ' ever since we left# Great Bear Lake. "CO'me, hO'W IQng will it yO'U to' O'ver. haul Ca wdO'r and his ' cO'nstables ? " t'De p ends hO'W fast the y ride I maybe ten hO'ur, maybe n D t b efDre zey reach ze FDrt. " , "We ll, I'll ' give YDU five thDusand dDllars if YDu'll ' g e t the m back here befDre mDrning!" :'-'But why wouldn't it b e better fDr us ' to' tiste h e r e and gO' after the g i rls in the canDe ? " prO' t es t e d FDrrest. ' Because we three are nO' match the bandits;.YDli and I knDw n Qthing about and !IDYthing shQuld happen to Bap, tiste, wa bet" IJ BIG lIIOOSE AGREES TO HELP TRIll , .... that by up the trail with only... one man whO' lmew the lay 6f the land tlie! wonld probably be jeDp ardizing .the changes fDr their. wives, Forrest yielded the poin!. ' '7. "I III giv:e yQU a sum equal to that prDmised by PDn. sO'nby if suc' ceed in bringing back the PDlice , Baptist_e/'-he exclaimed. "And dO'n; ,t:, a nrinute longer than necessary. We can lDOk after Fielde r ahd therEl. are, guns enDugh in the"'pll-\cl! tQE mable us to' stand Dff,any mDre raiders. " His e yes fairi'Y snapping a fthe thDUght Df possessing sO' muc h money, the guide cried: r_' • "Me gO'me gO' now!" and with a h ound If,S,struck. the trail, settling' intD a ' -steady gait, part lDpe, trDt that carr ied , him Dver the grDund at a surptlsmg , . , 1'at-e Df speed . . , "WdtJder how the bandits gDt the drop On Fielder, he a l w a y s seemed like a exclaim e d FO'rrest as he and his companiDn retraeed their steps to' the stQckade. . "We'll learn that when we've brought the old hl-. lDW back to' his senses. Get SDme brandy, Hugh; while I ' b 'ind lip his wDund. There's Qruy SCDtch in my flask . ,,' . , > Quickly tlie otlier went in search Df .. the PQwetfnl r.estorative whUe PDnsorrby removed the wQunded rrtltr1 '8 trDuserS frQm the wound and began to' wipe the blDDd with his kerchief . Raising the 's nead tendel'ly ? FDrrest pDureda stiff dDse' Df. the brandy dDW11 his thrDat and they SQDn had the satis ' factiO'n O'f seeing the German dpen his eyes . , , .. , . FDr a n:).Dment he , blinked, seemingly to gather his Wits, tlien exclaimed: .. Thank gimmel Y Du've gDt back! Did YDU get the ladies 1 " , , "NO', we w ere tDD late. " "Where' s Baptiste 1 " , (' GDne to' bring bac k C a wdDr and his CDns tables." " Gut! Gut! The y are the ones to' ketch that :Badeye ! The y shot m e in the hip SO' I c Dnldn ' t fDilDW-but w1l:en I h eard the ladi es s crea m ; I tried to' crawl,tQ the <1oQr! A c h ' lIiintn e l the d e vils I w i sh I had the l e gs to 'trail , , ,-" em ! " Su c h actiDn oeing entirel y Qut O'f the qUestiQn, the


"' 'FEE AMEIUCAN INDIAN WEEKLY. . . ' ..... .' ' ...... .• '" " up ' the wounded. 0: ' ''B;uh ' ! 1vP.ere 'EnrH" , , .. " • . and carrIe ' him to his bunk while he ' told them-'the .c'Murdered'!", :,'" , , incidents h . old-up, learning! : in ' of )Ienri 's o .0. _" ":I3y gar!l1ifi;l him ,,' ' " ,"il " _ ' s;',:'" .... ".:-=-::'get ';Big Moose , rri0hey anf! Bal.ey:e heart aRd scalp I ",. , '" '. -" _.-, , he , fillally deQlare!i/.." ' This ' wil'l : be the fullsh of ' Badeye • wish to Let and ' o t Horn-up men! Will take tlieir a any themalone and Pon.' ':trailand chase " tnem .into the'Beamort Sea, 'ilhe' cal1't so; . ' "'", ' catch the fiendS! one man whtYcan do it It" ' on ' a minute; Big ' Moose. , -Badeye'took"our ." JAnd, the ' prophecy come ' S'" _ . ' ' ' • " • ' t:P-tle." neIther .. not men who heard,'it' had any Rye MQose, come my,room;" mterrupte, d tlie idea of the blood that, was to , be ' shed befor.e the , vOIce' of the before the' other could finish ... tip oLthe' Held-up Men of Lands though he was ' not, aWare of it, plished.! '""" ,.....' ' , " , . ' -, tl!.e that. the baJ;ldits had ,kidnapped two., , " '" r<: '!; • .... • • l' . • -. , "But if has been: the': been ,the possible thlng so, wUY' hP.Sll't , Cawdor got ' after them Defote? ;hay' sll:fd. , . . ' . ' demande.' didf'we areh 't' " . , Turnir(g, the form of . specpl.'ais R of his woodmanship l:!weet to the imen , of Indian standing in the door. ' ,: --: " ,', _ ' oUhe. he in but he did Chagrmed to h thi,nk , the redsk,innad"'been able to " l?ot tIiought of losipg all the money due him .that his . , -'-"" " . s ue was iii the at :-' him, ignorant' of':wlaether :lie was friead' or foe.', wan.t 1" "9uritered Ponsonby" ' , ' Where D-.;tt,.chie 1" th, e new'comer finally declanded. comp'ity owe BiK Moose." . "In bed,-he is < been ' shot-.''in -the hip, ' . ' announced " ,Good-we'll ' give "it to y.ou." Ponso;nby. ' ' ' Ere the pact could be -rati , fied; howe ' ver, . there "Who shQt him 1" a crash of glass and an object r o lled " across the floor. his gang, f,, 1 .}' . ' . ',_ "" ,. H e ap .. devill him! By ' gar, he , get mOney, _ too 1 ' " , " "Every cen:t F', elder !lad -in hiS bOX which came this' .., • " " . , , . , , 'At the .,,;,7 a look of ' awful fUry and for B: -h.e " was .. " '-:,." _' : , less, then bu:r;,st int'o &. torrent of wild Gu' rses . " . ' . ' ,gar!' Big get him Badeye! " h , e . finallY . grunted, shaking hjs significantly. "Pale-;' ',With a oat1;ts, the indian whirled, saw'that f,ace, know w;here,;him :Went, up, down." , the object had been 'hurled through the window on "Up the : lake, Baptiste said, down" returned Forrest: the lake sine . of , stockade-; theJ;l "'out the , front " Whe r e J?a'teest r ' asked the Indian; the mention of door' 'and clown t@ the water.... '_ ,_ guid.e " seemin .. g to, give , him an' i-'lea. ' ... B ' t . h " h d ' . " ' .' . U! u e steppe lll, tc! . hIS canoe , to give pursuit "Gone te b:ring Caw-dor and the four to-,the whose outline ' he coUld Just discern it .who ' are with him, They' came .. up' ;tnis ' sldmmed'i.the s-g.;ace oI' the lake, was first amazed , mOrnmg ;WIth pay. box." .. " tIl en ,to feel it ' sink under


. . INDIAN' WEEKLY: . . r < .:. ••• ;.;'" ." ,. '" _ . b .,_'.,. .. .. :.::. ' ...., , ad succeede . d in .... clJ.tting' sins in. by tll . e delivery: o.f the mo.te and the shock o.f its ."-Howling; ,Big'M, rmn his under his Fo.i:rest , read' it" fbr a ' ; eco.nd time ;; and as :he (lid .. a .nd.the 9ause o.f Its' actio.n " was instap.tly ap-: so.,.hi!,! }aw iell. . parent.. " . -the His ' was h .o.we_ ver, at . " "'., ail .. :fro.mthe sto.clrade, and" runi:l4ng in, he beheld F.o.r. We .can'CuseBig M< sii6sti> his face purple With ' anger, ho.ldfug strip ".., '" . 4' e<' o.f birq bafk in his . hand. :.r •... ;. "Why no.t?" demanded bqth ,the ' EiigIiSm;an ' and <" Do. l you kno.w where the jack pille by Digger the in the' ' . !:. ;:. " • .. i .s;. Big 1'" he cho.rtled : . . .. . . = ' Badeye particularly, that if we "are ' . ' UhUl. '" .' -'. Willing to.. pay the ransom,.io.!' by ;;.' .",,' .... ,'_ '. ,L " :. .-' . '.L:WhS, the blo.oming banditif will d.iffer.ence . " Never mind, answer me!'" . between Bitptiste ami .:Big tliey' likely ."-H9w to tlIink .the ... Frei;l.c1Jman's ; -the MDlfuted "Ho.;w far is . it . Po.lice 1" '.. . ..:' :;<-, _ r 0 "Five miJ:e." , '" 'rIte o.pj.ectio.ibdid no.J;seElJn a yalid '0. the o.thers, T-en do.llars." . :i. _ .• c • ho.':Vever, and time rin ; ' SHo.w so.o.n Big' get mo.ney-:?-Y" _ . --. .: "I tell yo.u J;o.Und the ba:l1...Yt li4rg, l :. "The .rinute you .get back,"". :',': . Hugll, -just write_ a Big Moo.sit' Can leave it at< g-o., S'ay o.r do'?" the ja-'<;!kpine"a;he tey" -/'" put fJ. po.te V;e give ip. a co.nspicu': .. . !his ;'o.f .o.f was OUB place, I mean , where it can be plainly seen":" hallerl by hIS lo.rdshlp and 9.Ulckly he fie' ad9,ed . as ' he the 'lo.o.k 0.1 'sufprise the, ' ofd . apo.l!t;r-writing his reply-bUf .whe'I! he go.t. to. the '. hJ1o.uglit to. his face, , "'" ' . greeting, . " SiJ1, ' :'he sto.pp _ ed. : . . (' All right,' Wg go.' , What no.te say!j".... ,_" What , shall tell the bo.ull,Sle1].:HaL l' he asked. " .. Again., e ither-o.f the Englishmen .. could spe.aki " .Just .say: ' ( ' Sir: no.te the i1!iterrupten?t it was wo.rph mo.pey: o.r YDl(l . us to. .... we ' No. so.o.ner had he left thero.o.m than' Fielder turne' d ' may l?e-certam no., to. o.ur WIves. Then r tG his " . " ' . : '. '" .;);, .' . . -"I havel!'t had the. chance ."But he ll be . too Wise a ladt o bring' them. ' do.nit let ge( there are . any,''-in " Hal, " th.e ":t much the party w:,tth yo.u,. o.r pro.perly Wlth ;Badeye." like a clums-y_ way' to. hirii mto a ' , . , , .".' ",'.' fo.r pther: .. :J" "Because he ;"night take it 'into. h . is':lieau,te run ges.tlOnJ that WEYgQ.. to.-liim . . It:will pr6bably while it's baa . eno.ugh to..,have them '. the iile-a ,that abie 'to. h9 1 d the both /,0. 118 ,in the ' hands o.f the 1;>anditS, it . is . lik;e peing at • fo.r a still exf-o.rbitant ransom." . -' " cq:rppared:with wha:tJt wo.uld be to fall clutches.< "'" Ane] we'd in a..prelty then; " . -tlie Indians. , in paf1;, of the co.'Untry'! ' . ' , . . p. , 'Don't yo.u understand, o.Id cnap," 1dea -."But h SlW can :"Ve fo.o.l him 1 maY' insist' upon is tQ 'play f0r time against toe return o.r Cawao.r aid' hearing We no.,te 1" -exclainied ' Po.nso.nby. . . ,: nia 'cGnstables 1; If the fello.w wo.n' ' agree .to. . ei ther ,;; "Tell hIm Yo.unger brothers. An ' he o.f o.ur pro.po.sit i ons " . he may hiinseif and, , has to. de is to. de,liver ,Yo.ur the ja(lk a bit elever, we.can anq he the 'truth,Cawdo.r and_ his time " tnmQrro.w wh-ent,h,e M . Ps: , certainly , rest9red ' the ladies to. yo.ur . pro.tection.." "wiU be here! ' . ' . _ . . . ." . Readily to. this arrangement .'" _ '''Great head, H;i, great ejaculated Fo.r; est. ' -yet despite care, BIg ' And witho.ut ' ado., he . wro.te the answer as his wer!l l two. ;v;hite wa:mep . with the Ho.ld::u.p Men! " friend had o.utlined it/ finishing just as :the Indian-re: '. So.mewhat reco.vered fro.m the o.ccasio.ned turJ;led. . .


. / THE AMERICAN INDIAN WEEKLY . make out t h e o f the canoe going away from. them, .!J1ey were unabl e to see where the propelling it was. , CHAPTER X . BADEYE DECIDES TO. DOUBL'E QN "HIS TRACKS. .1 Rushing to the outlet of the brook at the first alarm, "Funny PonsonbY 'and his nobs didn't make any Badeye a few hurried questions, then picked attempt to answer your note : Badeye," exclaimed PieLady out of the other stepped into it face after the excitement had blown over, in the effort and bll:de Redtop follow. to divert his chief's . mind that riot be called "This may be a trick 'to rush us-better watch out!" to ask for h i s remissness in allowing the Indian steal cautioned Slasher. into the midst of the camp. ' . "Never mind about us, just see tliat the woman "How do you know he hasn't? Been up to see" redoesn't get, away . from you!" retorted the bandit-turned;. chieftain, as he fairly leaped , the canoe over the water with his powerful strokes. 'With heartfelt r e l ief, Mrs. Ponsonby heard t h e swish _ ,o'f the paddle as it was plunged into and withdrawn fro m the water, for Badeye . was not attempting silence in his effort to recover his prisQner, and' eagerly she watched the dim outline grQW larger and 'larger. "Who's got you?" called the leader of the adoes, as he was within feet of his qua,rry. "An Indian." "Big Moose-by all that's living!" ejaculated Red tQP. "W,here is he, lady t Tell me so I can get a shot . , .... at the devil!" . . , :He was at the front end the canoe, towing .... it while he swam but I ,can't se e his hand now." • • Fa, r several mmutes, Badeye paddled about, bQth he his companion .earching the surface ' of the water for a trace of the India:n-'-..,.b}.lt without ' avail. And fi-nally they gav e up the attempt, t aking the stolen canoe its precious contents and tQwing it back to the mouth Qf the . ExcitecUy the bandits discussed the probab l e fate . , , of t4e redskin-yet he was so near to them that if his sh90ting irons had not been wet he could have moved them down, one by one ! Realizing that it W:Quld be impossible for him to. carry out his plan of running off with the white wo man when he heard the second canoe in pursUit of him, " . BiO" Moose had abandQned his attempt and, diving, he o swam as 'great a distance as he was able under water and then came to the surface more than a rQd from "Why, no." ;, Then suppose you and Sla.sher go up to the jack pille and find out-it ' would be , just my accursed luck it Ba.ptiste wcre tonave come when we were all watchffi-g the lake . Step lively, but keep your.,eyes and ears open so y ou won't walk into any trap." Hastily the bandits left the beach, proceeding with the utmost caution as they approached the rendezvous but not a suspiciou; sound did they hear and at last they to peep forth from the fringe of bushes behind which the. w ere concealed . '/, . As his eyes . caught sight of the bit of white against the tree trunk, Pieface nudged his pal. . "There it is, there's the answer!" he breatned in Sla sher' s ear. old man was right, the Frenchie c ome while-..we w afj all down at the water . .." ' "Yes, I reckon he's been .here , right enough-but don't you place too big ' a bet on the fact,that gone . . The fellows , down at the Post may want to get a line on how many there are of us. It's my opinion that Big Moose " s trick was for just that purpose . " Impressed with the plausibility of this idea, Pieface was wondering how it would be safest to approach the tree to get the n ote when his companion solved the problem. . Taking his doubl e -edg ed from its sheath, Slasher picked out a straight s a pl i ng, cut it, trimmed it anP the n m a de a slit in the small end . ' This done , he dropped to his belly and began to w..ork himself forwar.d, snake like , through the grass and bushes until he was within two f eet of the base of tlie tree. Pausing to learn if he could hear a sound which would . indicate that . other than friendly, eyes had watched his advance , he cautiously raised the slit-ended stick up the -t ree trunk until the latter rested in the where he went down. slot, then gave it a sudden twist and brought the letter Pausing only long enough to get his breath, he reto the ground. eated the performance until he gained the shore. So excited and elated was he at his success in secur as he did so, his curu{ing again asserted itself. . ing the nQte without being detected that he neyer "B' M t t t dollar, the n get paleface', noticed the paper was sopping wet. 19 oose ge wen y But when he delivered it to Badeye, the bandit.chiefsquaws ! " he told himself . And inwardly, tain snapped: he. made a wide detour, approac hed the jack pine t ree, "What to you, fall into the brookY" , placed the wet but still intact envelope in a cleft in "No, why?" demanded the man he had sent to the the bark and set out on his return to the stGckade ! j a ck pine , in chorus.


THE AMERICAN INDIAN 'WEEKLY. llse redskin. "Note zvolls where they in a dense clump of ready?" , Boldly Big Moose travelted, the trail until he was "Yes. Here it is." within fifty yards .of the jack pine when he:turned But befDre Big oose cDuld take it, P onsonby reached, tDward tne' l ake, bringing intD ' p lay all the prDverbial .out his hand" and graspe, d it. . ' Cl;mning 9f"' his race in his way tD the 'c.2e !ter. put it in an envelope, Hugh. It'lr'look more edge ,without so ,much as betraying his by , digl'lified." And going ' .out into the stDreroom, he the snapping .of a twig. " , ,< " quickly returned 'with the wrapper. And as he gained the shDre,. he 'drew himseif to ' his "How.'ll I adfu.ess the cur7" full J?,eight' .and looked tDward -the' mouth "Don 't , address, him at all-leave it blank. Now, Big Brook. As he caught sight .of the .outlines ,.of the tWD MDose, I'll double -the price if you'll g!'lt' back here in can Des riding so silently on the lake his hear'lfbeat the -' , an hour.' ' / faster-and instantly crDuching till h ' e was no ta:ller I , " Sho I" the redskin, the letter and __ than the reeds, be!5an his tealthy approach, , setting out.oJ ,peven dreaming that an attempt at rescue might ,But thDUgh they waited alliKiously, Big, did be made from the lake, Redtop and, Pieface satwith not c5>me' back I. their faces toward the tewering' piIie tree, CH{\.PTER IX. BIG MOOSE.'S TREACHERY. , their ears to catch the first word which should annoUnce the arrivaL of the messenger from the PDst . But Mrs. Ponsonby was mDre alert I Cautiously she had raised herself Until her head was above the gunwales • .of the canoe and when she found that. her ac.t was :n.Dt noticed-or if it were, nDt " to:"""she manage' d to herself along until Enraged at the loss of his ' canoe, the crafty Indian she could lean' the end o-f the determined tD appropriate the one ' 'belonging to Allil she was in this position when, she suddenly be bandit-chieftian and he alsD told himself that if he had held the head, and shoulders .of Ii, man loom close beside , ,1_ If a chance, wDttld 're' cover only, the monei due: her from the weed . s ; , -.. him. from tile Fnr, co:rp.pany, but that should have, Beheving that it was either her husband vr LDrd paid to' the .other trappers. Forrest, she w!lited until the figure was almost upon And as he thought o.i'the enj'oyment 'he could have her and then breathed: with so many dollars " hls anger gra, dulilly vanished. "Harold I" Yet he was to be balked in beth' his pian's-though' ' n-"it theeffect of heT' exclamation was dji[eremt he ntade a discovery which proved af far m ore moment fr:om that she e'Jt]>'Mtedf, ' ta bim: I .A mome.'1lt, the:t"e was tense silence, then a sudden leaJp " W.Iie:n Badeye ha retmped from h'Q.rli:o:g his demand fEJ'rwa:1:'t:l and she felt the end of tire canoe b 'eing lor the. enormous ra om through the WiIl,GeW' .of ont into: lake whlle a. C'l:tu:ekled " ' stoe-kade, he Eejoined 's compa-nions at the jack Pine . "Pa1eface ' squaw, huh 1 Big Moose don't wap.t shall we caul];? s.keo. Slasher. the bank twenty wh.e1'l p3ileface , I" . . ' .of the b'roO'k, mea:tr the tree.' . the <:llS'coV'el'Y that ske W8JS' bemg the vretlnR of a , , 'And lay 0-Yl'selves. ope' tQ g ,etting, captured?" second kid1'llappimg" the Englishwoman was , rendered sllOl1ted Redtop.. "Boy. yoyalk like a. foel." speecHless fOl\-the moment, then, realizing that anything YDu've get a better pIa ' wo-lild prefe'1'able to . C'ap:tu1"e by aJ!l lmlian: , she " Cut out this quaneling I" s p ,ped their. chief. "Red-!lfl:auted: , t ' . ht tl.' . . • -Help 1 lil 1 , 1 n o . p s rIg , . U.ere s no use 111 r ' mng manecessary risks. ___ " . ' , e , p " " .' We'll 'put the in. the. and ,keep' them -in :lRJedtop and Pieface were OIl! thei'II feet and the water so we can make a \ quick geta.way-if we ,rnshmg to the warter. . ' " , shonld be obliged to. ,-FuI'i'ol:ls -at the Irtlstration of his-sclil: eme, the redskin. "Redtop, you and Pieface >;Till', stand guard .over who _ was at the' end of the , eraft away from, shore ' first them and I'H take Slasher with e up to the tree. As I thenlght of sJil'00'ting the woman as she sat i'li1 the eanoe, l:eckon we'll have an answer ight s.oon, 'Ye'1-1' just then' hig des ire 110 carry her to I his mgwam overcame " make things ready now." his tnirst fOT ven ' geance an.d he made a desperate' etJi().rt ' Realizing that protest , would vain, the prisoners tD' draw tire bo 'at' with him out into' the lake, ttusting , ' -madQ.., none and were soon ensco\l.Ced ' in -the canoes to' hHllr tl\ 'at those ' (')n: sho r e wo'l!l'ld Rot dare shoot at "bound hand' and ' foot, while tIleir took up posiflim. r0r ileal" 01' hitti,tlg the woman j.mstead , (!If tions on the. shore some ten ,feet after which the se mj-da-rk'ness. the bandit-chieftain and his pal went 'to the renae-Such was ; the case for' theugn. they could


. . '" "Because the letter ' is , . , o ,ut much danger-just it isn't' from 'the " so-"By thunder !'Ihave it!" cried Redtop. '--"iIis ' nobs jers Police our danger will come so ' used 'Big' Moose : as . his messenger tlie cuss ' doubled ' as from . Bi g Moose and his hucks. And between pro. back' on us wl1e.n he found he couldn't getaway: with' vidillg a Rca,lpto dangle from some redskin's belt and'? the canoe and left tlie _ ." d ' oing my piece in prison, I'll take. .. .. "Reclon re rigp.t, boy," de.ciared ' his -leader. " "But we ain't caught with anysbrt Qf luCk, "Just light ene of oui' eandtes , and hold ) t we Stow the grub the ' canoes and we?ll : coat while I read what the men have ta...&ay." . make o-ur start as soon can.'" -' ' , Quicirly Pieface ob;eyed and though 9utlaws could ' Pieface, however, was determined to make one more not get' to read the ' note, the expressi6n that effort to dissuade his chief ' from his av(rwed p'Qrpose. " ' on BaCleye's ' f!we was to , .iell,'them "Ain't the boys who are down: in Athabasca that his plan had nQt worked out to his likmg-and, -'. planning on , making a run. for' the d\IDgeon when this opinion ,!as ,conii,rmed 'whel;t he read it . things get,too hot for them 1': he "They m;st.,think ' we are silple':miiidEl.,d'!" snarled " "What, oI it?"" , Slasher. "Too bae1 you have sent wo;d back ' ,'Why; if. they'should happ-en to come along while' that you'd take the w.omen to FortJ?ae a"iId stay ,.we was being besieged, they'-d , like . as not fall ipto .,' ' . there until the ginks got their, coin!" an If they don't we'll be pa:cR:ed in like sl1rthat such ' f!, b@ ' proposition 'about having dines ill a case." 'em come up here ,and jom their hl;l.zarued Red' t All don't amount to "shucks," retorted _ top. :'We emgl:tt to make another good piece OF money Badeye: I ,pnly hope we do find , some of tlte boys , on : them; eh, , Badel';e " ' ,_ whe.n we get tlfere. Four men against ' all his nibs ' "Not They're evide ,ntly 'up' \0 samething ' and will to his and .with n.!lcessity are . simply , sparring .. for time::""any fODl would know. , IpJunsat the saIl).e tlIne, am 't. an overwhelmirig wouldn't af their, the:re "sfoJ!ce: . ,c , ' ,. ,-, ' no good in . trying to do,Pe out JVhat . was minds "But there:s no use arguing-I said w.e wouldg.o .-!we've got too much to attend to right here. " , to the Dungeon""""and te the dun' geon we go!" , .. asked , . "'" , , of the futility oJ further talk, the others fin"That we'regoing to have Big an(:liis' whole ' all! consented to the idea and-without more delay, ,band of braves on al!r tr' ails within twenty-four 49urs they entered -the--canoes and began to paddle b!).eK on and that it's, up to us to -hustle _ and ,ot!,t of';'the t , he course w.hicli they had j)lst ceme. r< ' . " ,, ' '-7way. . "But how w:e , ar,range about the J:l,linsom if we . duck h protested Pieface. ' ' _ . " . "TJ:tat'll guys see we 'don-'t fall for their game, they'll ,take another tack ... if we , ' r hang round here, the bucks may. be doWn on us any CHM>TER XI. moment, rush us, seize -the girls and vamoose"":'and then we ' won't have anyone-to ransom : " , .:.. CONSTABLE O'TOOLE'S WAGER! Against this logic there was no argiiment; for all the -, ' , ",purred on by the incentive of earning ten thouHold-up men ' well knew thelonging of ihej'edskins for -, sand d911ars:;-m ' ore money than .had , ever dared white and tlie lengths to which ,they WQuld go ,.J • . 0 , obtain them, and they content.ed 'themselves with to oWll--;Baptiste over ' t'h!3ground with. . amazi:qg rapidity in his effort to overtake the meinbers . W asking in which direction they w , ere going . of the: Royal "'Northwest Mounted Police whO" had ;r ]lor some time, however, the b . andit-chieJtain did not , . ' ,co;rtE,ld the pay box , of the Fur comnanito the Post on reply to the question, going over in minq the ad. Lake Rey . . , And thanks to the fact' th t . f h ' or varipuS places horses had gone very lame and that thea te, he mamtamed for hIS gang. • . ' , ' . a ary ' A 1 h ,'.", met severa trappers who gave them/alarmmg rep'orts t ast e announced, d . " " " . ' . they were a vancmg very slowly. , . We II go back down the lake and hit for the dun-Not ten miles liad they proce d d h ' It" . " e e w en.. nspec or geon.. ' Cawdor had come acroJ)s an old trapper by the name Thls reply caused , amazement among his men, which of'Lafitte. ' , they were not slow to show. "But that's, almost under the of F ort Rae!" protested ' Redtop. '.' "So much the better-for the w o men. ' If happens to ,they will be able to get to the Fort withold bearman.Y" asked" the inspect o r :.' " , , .


, AMERICAN INDIAN WEEKLY. THis reply caused the constables to look at one anFrom his horses at a smart trot, he held other ill surprise after their significant exchange them dow-n ,to, a walk and as they noticed the change '"Of, glances, Cawdor continued: , in the gait, -the constables whis p er:ed among ' themselves. l'What makes j ou think the Hold-up IYien on ' Of a: sudden, Ca .wdor 'drew rein. ," ' tlie warpath f" , , " (may' have _ been mistaken, men," he , , " 'Cause, Pierre, he done seen 'em yesterday: morn. contritely, " ' , 'Th.ere's evidently some basis fQr tb.e rumor' ing and he COme over to me and told me to draw his that this part of the country. And if he is money:.." , ' . .' ' s cnanc 1 t01llake a , !tai'e for Fort , Rae oy '''Oh, 'Pierre is always having scares. The last I mg h1m-up . . Let's dismount and have a b ite of 'grub heard of Bad' eye, he rustling ClittIe down near the ' -and then. we 'lL go back to the Post. ' What with the Montana border. I believe he's within a cou.ple pay Dutchie has ' ree:eived /:!.nd the, presenee of' tlie ' two of hunared miles pf the place.'" ' at it Jl"ould .sure i he leader "Mebbe so, mebbe not. Still, I t'ink I go and get of , the Hold-up 'men-if he knew the facts." my monee and Pierre's. It's there, ain't it?" " , This change in their plans sliiteg the constables to '8. "It certainly is. We brought it up from the Fort "T" a.nd willV1gIy they ar-ew rein, disPlounted and " . and delivered it to Fielder notmore ' than a couple of . partook 'Of a hearty lmich.' ' ' hours ago." "\ " oJ' ' _ ' No , one t1:-e bandits, and as the' As the old trapper heard this definite that ot them rather wore away, the Inspector bethe pay had arrived from the Fur company,.he lost no " came less an.or ba;rgain that ain't got two sides " " ' White-face, oDe' of Big Moose is bucks was over to to it-what do I get if a runner does come? The pay my shack yesterday and he said he'd seen 'em paddof all of yez for a year?" , ling up the lake yesterday afternoon. And glad I "Make it half the returned Cawdor. it was up inste 'ad of down he saw the devils-or I .. 'I'll take yez!" declared the' so wouldn be expecting to find my money at the Post." that it his comrades of the force. -"Well, it's there, all right," replied Cawdor. But "Oh, Barney, me lad, it's a ra-;"e ' good thing tnat as the woodsman resumed. the trail, the inspector was you're a saving man and will have enough to ' live on " not a.s light-hearted J ls before. fo.:.;. a 'year your pay and smoking I


THE AMERICAN INDIAN WEEKLY. t your expense," chuckled Canton, who was a Scotch man, and the o..thers indulged their fancy in declaring what they would do with the extra money they recl;lived. As the afternoon wore away and night ca'ine on the , . ' ,.inspector posted a picket and built a fire aroundwhich the other membel'S of the' Mounted Police sat, talking and smoking. -: 0 . But' a sudden_ they wereo brought to their feet by the challenge of ,the picket: "Who goes Were Y" CHAPTER XII. .. THE TROUBLES OF THE ENGLISHMEN INCREASE. " way, to round-up the le'ader of the Hold-up Men ' of Barren Lands. / "Baptiste, up behind me. Canton, PllSh yourhorse to , the limit1 \ "Forward, gallop!" With a the constables set their horses at top" speed, threadmg the winding trail vyith ii:dinite skill and shQwing 'their bravery by the pace 'at which they rode in the dark. ' , . , . And at about the same time the four members of the Royal North-west Mounted Police to the aid of the distressed and sacked Post on: Lake EeYj Big . Moose returned from his mission to the jack pine tree. Noting his drenched condition, Ponsonby exclaimed : ' ; "Did you have a fight with the devils Y" , On the tip , of his did the buck have it to deny> Never wai1;ill.g for , the ' reply, Cawdor arid his men, the sp.ggestion, then , his cunning cam&.to his relief and guns at their shoulders, toward theircompandetermined to, hide his treachery in a bl .are of lies, . . h il b h ' replied: ' " Ion m tetra u.!-as t ey him, they heard a voice cry: . "UhUh! Badeye, him 'up to trick. When Big Moose "It's me, Baptiste, tFapper from the LaKe Rey Post. got to jack pine ' , him jump. out a1).d begin &hoot . . Who are you'" -"Big Moose crouch down and sneak for lake. Badknowing whether the who disputing and him pal!eface follow,. shoqting all time. But the way with him were ' friends or foes, the halfbreed Moose fool ' . em-a"'ll.d bullets no hit, byme bye get' had jumped into the bushes the instant he had heard to lake, jump in and swim off!" , .,. , })e challenge bui in the hope that he iWght have over' '''But Lady Forrest and Mrs. Ponsonby, did you the members of the Mounted Police Squad he had -orlhear them?" asked the husband of tlie answered. ',-amqous y. , . "We're the Royal North-West MOullted Police!" At this question, which his worry caused him to ask,', rang out the voice of the sentry, "You're safe Bapboth the storekeeper and his travelling companion tiste. " grunted in dismay, for it the very facts which . But lipon this statement the words of the inspecthey had to keep from the redskin. tor: And no sooner had 17he nobleman beheld the look of "Oo, me show ' Wha:t's wrong?" . , gloating cunnip.g . which in the Oree chieftain's "Badeye's raided the Post!" cried the trapper-guide, eyes at the mention of the ladies than he cursed emerging from his hiding place into the , roundly for his mistake. But it was too late to remedy "Did he get the money?'; asked Cawdor... it all the men in the stockade listened ' eagerly for "Yes-and the ladies too! He and his men kil--" the buck's reply. ' , But the inspecj;or did not, wait 'f-or the mess t enger to '''Big ' Moose don't know which um but him seen fuiish. . one dark." . "lJ.'b horse! TO,horse!" he shouted. "Canton, as YOU;' " .That's Judith!" jleclared Forrest. "Oh, where was mount's lame, you 'go on to the Fort and tell the SupAngela. that she wasn't with her? You don;t erintendent that I want twenty more men ' . Have them the harmed , her, Fielded" . . come to the If I'm not there, I'll word ' ,'Not much-after the note Badeye wrote you. What where you can hit my trail." was Mrs. Ponsonby doing, Moose?" , "Hadn't I be 'st hear all Baptiste can tell, sir, then I "Sleeping." . , can make a better report." . "By the jack pine?" "All rig?t. Speak lively, Baptiste, we don't want to "N 0, what you think, Badeye : heap fool, all same linger long here:" other paleface? ,.' "Badeye, he done kill my pard, Hen , ri, shoot Dutchie . "Aha, 'then you took a little prowl through the camp ' , in the ear and the hip and clean up all and when he'd eh ?" ' exclaimed the , storekeeper. "Get any sCafPs?" , done that, he grabbed ze ladies." . !" growled the Cree chieftain, his face growing 'JBy thunder! To think such a thing has been ' pulled terrIble to behold. t . off 'in our territory, men!" exclaimed the inspector. . "Then how did you come to . find her?" , : '''We're got to redeem ourse ,lves-and there's only one "W t 'I en up by .water." Then, e..vidently fearing'that "


/ THE AMERICAN ' INDIAN W-EEKL Y. ,t . --;: I: the cross-questioning 'of the men. might become -embarwith the bandits and yet you not .only do that'but you ' he ' exclaimed: "Big Moose want um twenty threaten not to , give ' hi!ll the money .you promised in dollar!" .. _ , " ' , " return for his taking tlie note to the spot designated I "But you haven't brought any' answer back'" proI UC)ll't doubt f up one arm ",ill "Oh, very well, if you think it's fair to promise 'to )1is anxiety to prevent such a deed . . ' ;You made your , .-bring us back an answer and then not even . give us bed, now lie in it! If Y0U called ' Big':Moose I n assurance that our n'ote has been delivered, " ,snapped he came-he would :!mOW that you .were afraid if him -. ,':;the nobleman. , and he'd do absolutely as he pleased . . You'd never..., oJ r • • " " "I certajp.lY do-I know> Big Moose!" exclaimed know whether.or not you could depend on him. , . , 'Fielder-and there was that in his tone which caused "No, my l , ord, the ' onl y th.i.w; to do now is to wait . Englishman to look at him. And what they' read for Ca wdo i -and his men. ':.( ',' _ __ eyes caused th1m both to put their hands in their With anything but good grac,e, the Englishinen ",})oekets and draw f9rth a piece of gold which they gave cepted the outcome of their rashness and smokllg and to him. drinking they strove to while away the 40urs of terri-'Pausing only to bite the coins, the Indian. droppe.d ble _ ' them into 'the neck of his shirt, ,grunted and passid But had they chanced to look out upon Lake Rey , from the room . as they moped in the stockade, some half. -hour afte!; , 'Y ou made a bad piece of business of this, my ' lord, " exclaimed Fielder, as soon as the ;redskin was ':"out of hearing. .' ' "What do you mean.9" demanded the nobieman ,: startled' . . "You've not only away the fact that there are , . ' white women with Badeye . but by disbelieving his story, no , matter how impossible it sounded, you've Big Moose your enemy 1" / . -, CHAPTER XIII. PURSUED AND PURSUERS PASS, 'J , In bla'n]('dismay, the two Englishmen looked at one another as they heard the words of the storekeeper. "What do' you mean by making him an enemyY" fin ' ally demanded Lord Forrest. , "SimPly that. I warned you not to let him know, under any c"onditions that there were white women Big Moose hacfleft in his rage, they seen two canoes silently and cautioUsly toward the South! Unlike their positions when they had been taken up the lake to the dug-out, when they returned, the two women were allowed to sit up. ' • " But B a de y e was destined to repent his lrilldness ! As the glimmer of light from the window in Fielders room across the mirror-like surface of the w a t e r, IJady suddenJy shouted: -"Th e re's the Oh, Hugh! Hu-ug-", But b e fore she , could raise her' voice . to a pitch that would give ' it sufficient carrying pQwer to , ' rea' ch the shore , Redtop clapped his hand over 'her mouth, stir.. ' fling the cry in her throat . "Anothe r sound from either of you '"'and 1'11 put a bull e t through you!" hissed the bandit.chieftain. And dropping his paddle, he whipped his sixshooters into the air, hol .ding them so thafthe light glinted on their , barrels. "I ought to do it, anyhow," he continued more 'to himself than to his "There's enough mone y in the pay we got to keep us for


THE AMERICAN INDIAN t e rest of the 'summer-and: by trying to r,aise more money on you two ' women , we'ie"'only getting ourselves into trouble!" -But how grave 'Yas th' e trol'lble"neither the potorious. leader' of the Hoid-up men _;:.of Barren Lanas or . his pa:s . " kn I . . il! . cr1IQ..e ew . His ho-wever, had the . silencing the womeh, !lS he had intended, ' and not so much as a tion did they ask during the remainder of t11e .trip. In order to reach the -subterranean cave, wb,ich the bandits called 'the , dungeon, it was necessary for the men in the canoes to l and about ten miles b'elow ' Postand then ta;ke their way, through, -the . Two trails there were! ',one winaing in anq. Q .ut through underbrush tIi e ' other tp leading , t6'Fort Rae=-and out of consideratitrrr'fornis priso:p,ers, Baa,e ye chose the latt, er. ' , . " Yet his kindness for ' a secona time came near'to prov-ing his undofu.g. _ ,'.,. " "That 's of the ' Moup.teQ Judith!;' she cri ed. let's hail them ! . ,, ' . Again Bail eye and Slashel; clapped their hands over the moutIlS",,'of their ' priso ,ners-and: time in no , gentle . manner: . '.. : ;.: . . . But even in so dire an ex:tremity, the bandit-chieftain did not, lose."his ' head. ' ." ': . Instead, when and the live . s of his men were in danger, ne showed ' his resourcefulness by ing: .. , "Those men aren't constables-:-they're'-Injuns! If you let' "them hear you, you're -lost'!' ' " " But surely wouldn't alldw th' e fiends " to .carry, us off!' ; protested Lady' Forrest . . ,-"Don't youflatter yourself, I'd gladly seU _ you to , to ' saye the ' of my. men' il.1ad myself I " When they had' their landing and safely stored their ianoes 'Where they o:riiy .. be ready any emergency, should they come by thee lake again ; but were '6ut of sight, of ev en the -BADEYE PLAOES' HIS "SILENT -,'" eyes, ' Ba:deye liad ormeq l1is ihte of:qJ.arch wit1:l '-, . . _ ' " fie-face in the 1eM followed by ' Nothing cOlud have showed the pro;d . . La,d y Forrest, STasher and hi$elf." , , so clearly as , these the utter lack of regard in ..... F10r tWQ .th!3Y trudge q o-v!lr unwh i ch.tb,e the ban<,lits 'held her, and' l1S teven :rail, making scarcely more than a snail's pac , e ow ' reahz.ed the fact, she lapsed into siience which w . 4 ... ' mg to ... the extreme weaTiness of the prisoners, when ,not until she was iowered irito the Dun:":: sudde n l y Pieface ' s t opped, listened,. t]:ien geon, some three hours later. • to hill chief. . ' .. ---"What sort of. a is this?" she ' d-emanded, with , " They're conling!" he gasped. a bit df her former :fire. . \ ' ,'Who? " demancled .Lady,Forrest. , ,-..-. "It's to be your home -1lD.til your Lord ,and before t.: a.ny of his men could speak,. Badeye 'master for you.,...::.or rather sends tne fifty thouhissed: ',' "'. " sana dollars ' f 6 r you, mJ' lady, ; ' , chuckled """ : ' SUence! PH rap anyone over tl'!e hea d wh ' O . "What, you expect me to live in, a llOfe in, the Into the bushes 'On the left, liveiy ari d quiet!" .' ground?" the arrogant beauty. . Placing their h a nds roughly' over the mouths of tIieir: , "I shoUld . think it would be preferable to' a hot, ca,.ptives to prevent 'any Qutcry, and Slasher stuffy , ,. carried them out, of the "Prep osterous! r'Ileyel!heard of' such indignities But so had the two parties that were .travellmg' being h'eaped 11pon t wo women!." . the trail been, to Qne:anoth'er-owlng't? a shalP tum in The ' of the poblewoman ' had no effect the path, that the bandits bar.ely had' time to conceal the b , an'dits,however, and raising the. trap rock which "themselves when up dashed memberll ,oftb,e ' Royal gave entrooce to the subterranean' cave ; they quickly N 6 rtll,west Mounted who had been . summpned lo-iered he:c. But wh .e.n they wer , e all ' once inside all-d' by Bantiste. , _ Lady Forrest still kept up 'her tir ade of abuse, Badeye Scarce daring to breathe lest they might btltray their exclaimed: . . , presence ' to the very men fr:om whom they most deSired-"Now see here! I've heard all the talk I want out of to escape, the o 'uthiw s watched the horsemen dash by-y ou! If y ou op e n your head again until y ou are spoken" and as the last ' one passed they sighs , to, I'll put a gag in your mouth and keep it there day, • . . in and day out, removing it-' only when you are ' obliged . of reYef. to eat, whiC'h. will be once a day;-until your huSband But barely they left their throats r:allsoms You or I decide to . sell you t , o the ' of ' them shook like a le3;f! t-, "" Injuns!"-" La4! Forrest had, also been at the' passing This awful threat had the o( stopping. the :riders and her eyes h a d beheld a flash of red, wagging of the noblewoman } s tongue and'She subsided " ,\. .


THE INDIAN 'WEEKL Y. in a that was welcomed by ' ev 'ery .member of the . "By setting .,traps 'in trails 'to the' : desperate band. . ; " . r. , r. . ;:-t;ap having b ' een slipped b!!-!,!k inte place The wicked cunning of this scheine caused the out-., ,when the bandits pad entered, Redtop a l!1ws to gasp . with amazement, . then they expr.essed their flambeau and its 'rays revealed an interior vastly lieE-rtY . approval and, ,that t)1ey mig:g.t put the'plan into ferent from that which the two Englishwomen 'had ex: immediate operation, Preface went iilto one . of the bUnk pected. ' , ' rooms and returnea q,arrying three , big, steel traps with . The flo.or was ' c overed with beautiful. rugs serrated edge!.. ' ',. . ',' ' the skin.s of aninials indigenous to the regiqn and the..:. "Wasp" 'em up clean," admoriished his leader. , walls were hung with silks which 1:)'ore the inimitable ' "They all caught their w olves---.and them bucks llave embroidery of the Chinese while , all about were :fire got a scent that coUId locate them ill a minute," arms and knives of every sort and descriptioJ1. Thus adjured, the d e sp erad6 es lost no tinie in scour"But where do you sleep and do your cO, oking ? " ming the terrible i]J.strum e nts :with sand ana water while . quired . Fonsonby, staring about her at her sUrBade y e prepared some bacon and eggs and coffee. roundings though she were at soine scene .AS soon a s the food was ready, the me . n ate t4eir . from the Arabian nights. , ,_" share of it' and then, taking the 1>O'rtio)18 f , or .theif prls-"We have other rooms thak-the dungeon is quite and the-traps; they ascended to the snrface/ an extensi v e -establishment," smiled Badeye. , , "I want, you !liL to , come with me .SO' you can see And indeed it was for it consisted. of tliree other where I plant our 'sil-ent sentinels ',' " declared the nO' rooms beside the one 'in wh.ich they were, a kltchen and torious outlaw, 1Vhen the food had beenlowered into two sleeping rooms. ' the dig dungeon. if any orjon have., occasion to , But the bandit-chieftain did not propose ' to let his go out, be mighty careful you d 'on't run foul of them." A pris 'QUers into ' . all secrets his underground reThE( warnin.g, hovyever , was s';lper.fluous they. all A .". "treat and callmg hIS men to hpn, he said, . in a tone knew the terrIble PQwer of the pIeces , of and wIth .. so low that thewomen could not hear his words: out more ado ; they went to work :Q.lacing them under : "When you ' have occasion to go into any oithe other their pileS' " of ' leaves, so that they the effect of " rooms, dQn'j; use'. tl1e secret doors. Go up to the surstones covered, in the three trails leaQ.iD.g to':' the 1'e-1.'fa:ce and then down. Pm . going to give this room to trea!. . . ,:-the women. They can t t do any harm here-and unless .suddenly, as the! .set the last "silent Red',I'm all off we're" going to have some lively work cut top stood up and smffed. . .put for us 'when Big Moose and his braves locate us!" "I sm e ll horses!" he whispered. ;r . : ' if we sh ' ould be killed, the WQmen woUld starve "injun or M. P.?''' Pieface. ' . . death," protested , ' Slasher. _ . But . before outlaw , could .rep!y, a > "Don't worry about that. Even ifwe all -are done through tl:!e alr close above theIT lieads. . pp, there are' the' other boys who are due here 'day after, tomorrow " , so they'll be safe ' enough . " .: ' " That makes me think, ought 'nt we to warn Buster and Easy Dong Hair of the danger we're in 1 " quired Pieface. \ . "Sure we ought-'-but. they're nO' fools. And it woUld . be a heap sight easier to locate a fleajn a haylnow than them. Now you ' boys . come up' with me and we'll pre-pare some grub." ';c, . ' . Quickly the men obeJed and as they moUnted the' one after another, Badeye called to his prisoners: ,. "Don't be alarmed, ladies. We're not going far, only to cook you some food. This room is , to be , yours as long as you do us the ' honor to stay with us : None of us will enter it a case of airest neces sity. Even your food lowered to y'ou . . " . . And without giving the astonished womeI\ the o.pportunity to protest against, being left aloJ;le in a room unuerground, the bandit-chieftain scrambled up the ladder and rejoined his companion sin the kitchen, , which was entered by a second trap similar to that leading to the big dungeon. THE STRUGGLE TO' THE pEATH. In consternat16n, the gazed at one another, unti J B a deye breathed: : . . ' .'Down on your b ' ellies! Worm the trap to mY' bunki-oom, thatJs behind a little hill which will cut us off from the view pf wlioever's _attaclfingl" No second command did tlie me'll need and with. the stealth of snakes, they to the entrance to the bunk room I}nd then dropped dowp. to the. floor. Yet before .they had time to close the secret stop.e, a terrible y e ll broke on the air! ' , '. , . ' Ha. , ! One of my 'siient sentinels' has already;' ggt to work!" chuckled Badeye. " We dian't get them . set a minute too soon, boys!'" , , Readily _did the others understa.nd this and as they heard the agonize ' a shrieks of the victim the wolf trap had caught, they. danced with glee. . ' . ' ' "Shall wego up and see who we've goU" asked • '. "We"re safe enough frpm them,"'declared Badeye, Redtop, eagerly, -putting one foot ' on . the ladder as he ,", ' when all the others had .9ffered . . , "It's the spoke, Jpjuns of whom I'm the most afraid. And there's oilly "Not There may be others in the scouting party . '. ' Helping 'themselves copiously to liquor which was in .:_ the kitchen in ' quantities, the men soon fell to talkin,g the methods to which they should resort topro-tect themselves fro ' m the Mounted Police. . ', one way to find out _ when they are sKulking about. 'J We'll wait fifteen minutes arid iLthe yells still con"How's that?" demanded Redtop and . Slaslier, totinue, we'll take a 'peep!" .,gether. With the best patience they could summon , the band-\


THE ' J\MER:I<;:AN INDIAN " . . its awaitea the allotted time and when the, screams And, still appalled at the suggestion of the chieftain, ' still cont:inued lillabated, Baaeye gave the word 'to asthe outlaws picked up their prisoner and carried him cen.,d. " ' ",to the trap door. through which he wasloweped into But when they b-eheld their captive, it 'was the out, the bunkroom. , laws w.h' o wer' e astounded! , " The ' moment ,that the panel _rock had been sUpped I, Instead oi beh ' oIding a ll1eniber of , the' Mounted: Po-into place, Badeye went up to the wolf:man who was lice ,or an upon a monstrous lying on the floor. gray wolf! o . ' . ':Who. he demanded. "Beats anythi:q.g I ever knew or heered. of!" eJacu-But Ius only reply was a deep snarl! _ lated Redtop, staring at the captive for several . So unexpect _ ed was this form of so true minutes-and his , opinion was confirmed ' by the ex-to the outraged growl of the gray wolf was it, that the" clamations of his companions. "If there ever was Jt outlaws standing, abou:t the prostrate rorpl gasped in' sh ,riek that sQuri

THE ,AMERICAN INDIAN '< WEEKLY. ........ ; -:: I , ," ;<' , ' I back to prevent it from entering his flesh.! , ><' When Pieface had made sure that so the brush "By , -reckon' he's dead this time 1 "', ex-surrounding the dQngeon was free from inimical prowlclaimed Redtop; first to recover from the stress of ers, he ' return:ed to hls chief and so reported, after the struggle to the death to, which they had been Un-which /the body of Big Moose, witp. . its iIisulting mes willing witnesEles . ' " 11 f '" sage pinned to the sace-"Well, if'it ain't; I'll :fix him I" ex;..


THE AMERICAN INDIAN WEEKL. . "They are all we hadwith us, my lord:", -"Do you mean to say -you liaven't beeu back to the Fort since you left here yesterday' forenoon What in the name of St. Gegrge have ' you been up to ' . : .. This question brought to the min4 of themspector the ,fact that if. he had' listened to , the' requests and sug gestions of his constables that, they would 'have been at the Post in good time at least to have received 'the demand for ransom from Intdeye, if.not to have pre vented the kidnapping and theft of the money. And as he realized these , points, lie Qecame extremely un , comfortable, fearing least some of his m@' might betray him. But.there is an esprit de C01'PS among the splen. did guardians of the gre'at Northwest and, for the sake of maintaining their reputation unsoiled, ' rione of the constables said a word about the' heated discussion i n which they had indulged while eating. . -"What do .you, propose to do, Cawdor dem anded ,the wealthy c ommonerz after a , silence min, utes. . ' " T ake up the trail, sir. " .> "Ho w 1'" , "D se one of Dutchie 's / canoes and pad1 e up' to t he big jack pine .'" XVII. T H E E NGLISHMEN OR 'I'Ali;'< A GUIDE TQ;.--THE LAIR O F BADElYEl • . It was Ponsonb y who finally came to the'relief of the distressed inspector by exclaiming: ' Ere the' inspector could put his p 'lan Jnto executIon , "This 'is no time to hold . . a quiz ' z , Hugh. Just however, there was an excited demand ITom the storeown words to the test, do something, don't talk 1" room: -"But Cawdor wanteCl to-ask me some questions . " "Wh.ere Dutchie ? " . '''hen give him the chanceJ don't ' keep putting in ' " Hello, that you, Joe 1 Come in{o tp.e back room," your own oar. ' Now, ' Cawdor, wnat else . do .you wish called Fieldel: . . ,tQ know?"" Hurriedly the newcomer obeyed but when he beheld "Who took the reply back to' Badeye arid the the uniforms ' of the Mounted Police, he stopped on the rendezvous was, sir. " . tlireshold and looked from one to another Of the occu " "Big .oose delivered our answeI:.,' carrying .it to a o.the "room: qWzzicall Y . big pine, s Qrrfe five mi les to the North. " _And then . "What" s loe? Never mind these peop l e . the commoner reiated the contents of the answer. You can tal k hefore : thelI!. if you have anything to say. " "Bad, very bad, sir," lamented the inspector. But Joe, who was a .4a1 breed trapper, was not on e "Bad? Why, pray) " interposed Lord Forrest. to be dFiven to g iving information, esp!3cially whe n it . . "For tbe reason that" Badeye is no fool and will real was . important. , ' ize that were o:qly p l aying with' fiim to gain time matter, you seek?" ' he asked, peering at the . while you summoned our corps , And 1'11 ventu r e ' t-o storekeep er. . . _ , say, SiT; that by this time the thieving ' murderer IS "Yes, got shot up bit, yesterday afternoon." making all speed possi ' ble "Shot, b y juju, }vho shoot?" , This opinion put. a new aspect on the matter-and' _ C'lBadeye .'" , t;he of the wealthy Euglishmen 'grew even more At-the mentign of the notorious bandit, the trapper serio u s than before as t he y realized its force, paled....' . ' "But what slrould we have done/' de'ip,a.nded the" get pay he a sked in a voice scargely above nobleman. . --"'" a whisper . . "Hay e arranged for a meeting with them, my lord. "Yes, every cent .!..' By hook or. -by crook, you coul'd have mlj,nageq to keep _. "By juju, me, Joe, me go Join Injuns an' tek heem the b andits along until we arrive.d-"and then we could trail 1" snarled the ha1breed-and bad it not been for have swooped down on them, and rounded up the en-the quick work of burly Constable O'Toole, the fellow', tire outfit. would have slipped out the door . "As it is, we may be . ' obliged to trail them over all "Sacre, what you do, stop me, ' J oe 1" he demanded Mackenzie 1" angril y. " "That's not the worst of it, Cawdol' 1 " cried the "Just tell us ' what you know about the Indians going stp rekeep e r from his bunk. . , on the warpath," commanded CSLwdor, divining t hat . , " Then out with it, Dutchie," returned the in, specior. was the meaning the trapper intended h . is words t o "That. n e vil Big Moose knows that there are white carry. . • women with the bandits 1" • . , 'Big Moose bucks, heem a ll go." "Ha-where's the chief novv'" ... "-w1ro for?" '<'G d . 00. n ess o n l y knows , " r eturned Ponsonby. "He "Badeye:" I left h e r in. about fQur . hours ago.": "Why?" . " , H ' m , that means that got to send a "Badeye, heem got heap pretty pal eface squaws I " . men up to the village of his tribe in order to hold the At this vulgar allusion to their wives .both Lord braves in check-they'll all be likely to take the war-Forrest and thewealthy commoner clenched their fists wh e n they he a r of the prizes that are to be ' won. and toward the 'little trapper as 'though they /. Butthere's this ,satisfac tion, if you can thinl,r I it is would wreak their v , eng e ance on him . one, that b e tween the Indians' and the M . P's.,. Badeye "Don't take offense, my lord," soothed the inspect?f, . -and bis b and of kidnappe rs win' rounde!l up. hurriedly stepping between the men . ." J OelS a poor ig-"Which I presume will be a, blessing to this part of norant devi l who d,.oesn't know any better. Indeed I the .coup-try if it should prove. negative satis-venture that l:!e4as no idea .. the bandit's ' priso!lers , factIOn to us , returned Lord Forrest. .' Lady Forrest and Mr.!. Ponso nby." And . then, l ower -.


THE AMERICAN INDIAN WEEKLY. • , . ' ...,. f. .... ,..iJ jng hi:s voice and leaning toward the El?-gljshman, he .. ' "But why not? What do they care who goes ' aIQng .",add1ld: !'From the way.he talks! I he can give if they sl:lcceed in capturing Badeye1:' demanded :!;Jord: , us some very valuable mfQrmatIOn-mdeed, he may Forrest, Impatiently. "" _ / . save , lIS pe _ rhapf! weeks, of futile for-the "You forRet 'that it iBn't Badeye the'red . . outlayv.s. ", " ' . ' . ' . :gugh," Ponsonby. , "We're. the op:es Th_ ese had the effect of qUletmg the teI?-Ptlrs . wn9are after hIm!" ,', 7' , _ of both nobleman a?d and re. .'! Then by St. George! . If there's danger of our wives sumed, while they awaIted the _ falling into the hands of the IndianS we'll trail the . ,. further questIOns of the inspector. ' ' braves! Come on ' men, we may be time ' that 's 'm-"How do -you'know they've gone on ,the warpath, valuable!", . Joe?" continued Cawdor. , . . _' Part of this the tr.apper did "not , under--" "My squaw, Marie, she done been up to the village stand-but he cOlYd make out enough of -it'to ltiiow t4at aFter medicine for, baby. She th,ilre when'f messenger the tall Englishman desired to hurry and he quickly come from Big . Moose." . -' replied:'" _' , "Why, I thought you told me Big Moose was at his ' use go too quick, Injun, no get to e:gd 01 laKe village1" . ' . ... " fore ten, mebbe 'leven 'clock." --: "Who, me, Joersay thatt Nev-air! Yon don'listen' ,"B'ut why not-if the Big Moose has had time to trail right. Me, Joe, say messenger come from ' BIg Moose tne bandits; and send a messenger for his braves smce • he found trail Badeye, ' want all heem injun come to . he left here about :rntdnight?" demanded Cawdor. ' • heem. " , '. . ' , " . 'Cause braves, lIeem _bringing Injun witch:" This announcement that"ihe redskiri was on the track ,.' What fOI!?" .... of the leader of the Hold-up Men of Barre n Lands "To cuss out l3adeye an9. bring he em from . seD:t the. excitement of the hearers to concert 'pitch and geoIl. !" . . . . / . .,.. , ' -they awaited the next question and anJove!. Thay would be , some ' sight swer-and they were not disappointed! _ Hugh?' , . e:x:claimed the wealthy commoner. , "Where did' Big Moose locate Badeye, Joe? " "Yes-'7-if it weren't'for the . . .."0ver by dungeon." _ ' -'Well; if the sQrceress ' succeeds in <;lrawing Badeye . "Dungeon,:what do you mean by from his we s4;:tll be able to them-at any , t he inspecto r, to whom the fact that there was such a . rate, we snall be nearer to them than' we are now/" place in the region was a , surprise : '.' ,,"The thing t.o do is evidently to p ' ersuade the Indians "Heem hol'y'in ground where B'adeye hang out."_ tQ lead :us to dungeoJ?-," said Cawdor . "Where are "Where1" : . -they gomg to 'hlt the Joe?!' " . " Me;' Joe, no know.", , " 1\le, Joe, :0.0 know-somewhere near the end of the Searchingly the inspector at the trappe]' as lake. " . .' he'-uttered his denial, as though , he woUld look him ' "How are they going to get " through and through to learn whether or not the half.-" Come : in' can,oes , " _ .. -,,/' breed were concealing the location of the retreat for -"Then why 'can't we paddle down tliere and arrive": purposes of .his own: ' , _ ,. before them, oursel;,es ll:t the bUhes and .But Joe dId not flrnch before the stern glance. when they start out, traIL them asked Forrest, ' . "Willing to swear on -your rifle , y ou don't know ' " ,And get shot for our pains?" returned the inspeli _ where the is?" asked Cawdor, mentioning the "You seelI!. to, my that-Big. > oath that was held Plost sacred b y the trappers in Moose and hI!, braves conSIder thIS ' a _ prrv.ate matt-er-:;:. Barren Lands.,' l!-nd they would resent the fact of being fol1owed, _ "Oui, ceratinment, yes, yes! " stammered the trapper, eve.n if the. y should not we Intended to prevent ip. excitement r;nixing up .French and E _ nglish . J th?;r carrymg off the ladles," " ' _ "Have you any Id ea where It IS?" Then cal?we do. seems to me that we d9 n't. ' , ' Why? '.' ' get anywhere. time a possible way of our , "Because we ' want to go there." ting the there's always an "After "snapped the nobleman, peevishly. . . '. "I have it!" suddenly excla4ned Ponsonby. -"Why "What heem do to you?", , -not let J,?e trail the bucks and then back for "Nothing to me, He stole pay us!" -' from Dutchie, yours among the moneyJ. ran ' off , with . "How ab.o.ut it, Joe, will you do asked Caw, Lady Fi.orrest ana Mrs ' . ' Ponsonby and either lie or one dor, " . -' , .'. ' - • .. of his men murdered Henri-that's the list of his latest "N-" began the trapper when the wealthy com' raid." .,.' monel' interrupted. . .. "Sacre, Badeye heem, terrible feller. But heem got "Perhaps a . bunch of these would make you ' more my monee so me, Joe, go with Injuns." willing," he smiled , drawing from his . pocket several . "Then we'll aU go with, the Indians,' ' . announced bills of large denomination. • Ponsonby. ' . . _, -At the sight of the money, the halfbreed's eyes. "Will they take US r do you think, asked Caw sparlded and he shifted from one fo'Ot to the ' other, ner.:. dor, who knew the nature of the redmen thoroughly " and was well aware that when they were out on little . "How.about it nowt Joe?" . smiled the inspecto r. ' missions ' of'-...vengeance such as tIle ' present, the fewer .. "Think you might possibly be ab le to' do it?" ', wliite men there were in the: r egi on, to say nothing of "How much Joe get?" demanded the trapper after the' M, P 's . , the they liked it. . deliberation for several minutes. . no, me, Joe , no t'ink so. , " '" "One hUndred dollars,"., announced


THE; INDIAN WEEKLY. "NQ joke 1". ," none. 1 'll the" money .. to your frIend , Ii here, to keep ' for: YOUf if that would make. you f e e l any surer of getting it . " " , Th i s off ,er proved a clincher and his' bce wreathed in smiles at the prospec t ot earning s o m u ch money lI;l so short a time and he quickly said: . " All right. if oe d , D}t . Heem go now and m eet Injun. Come back here for others.' I , , . tlWhy not lEit us ride slowly down to the head of the ? ' ' . suggested Forr. est . ' , Joe, can't you blaze some sort of trail so G'awdor or some of his men c a n Jollow you 1" , "vVho, m e , J 08 f Sure, 'certainmentr" , , "Then wh a t will it be demanded 't-he inspector. twigs on left s i de traiL" . : " Good " l\fr. Ponsonby , if you'll just put Joe' s reward ' ... I ,thInk, -QUl ckl y was t h !s . formalIty: c Qmphed with and WIth a h urrie d Dod, the tra pIJer d isappeared fro m the stockad e . ,', CHAPTER XV II1 . , King, don ' t yo u go to 'it-instead of this Post1 " " ' , ' We ;re waiting, sir, for a guide , t 'O us,'" re the and he , R graphIC account of all the excItIng weldefits of . whlCh he kne w in connection with the kidnapping andJheft . of the money . Di s mounting , as soon as he had received this report, the enteted thQ stockade and was soon chatting with t he two Englishmen. ' ' T hei r c . bnv ei'sationwas interrupted, however, ' ''by a _ cry' from O'Toole: . , _ ('Here c om e s paddling up the lake for dear Ill'!" II1stUl1tly. t he men all hastened down to the landing. _ "What's happened, ' asked Gawd.or, :p.oting '" T rom t h e exp-rel>sioI! on the trapper's face . that some event of unusual importance must have transpired . :eut thesight of the matl y tiIites ,augmented squad of the 11. P's. caus ed him to sit and stare in wonder. ' 1 " Where'd heem came fi'om 1" he finally ' a sked. "Fort Rae. ,But n e v e r mind about them, have 'you c tnne to . gt1ide us to the dungeon ? " . ' I.'.ou i! O tti! Ou i ! An' . heem mus t: be queeck. Big h een! been kHl e d!" . "Who told yeut' , "vVh itewolf. Heem ' went llea d to join Big Moose an' .foun d hil1l..t!-ea d , shot full o f hol e s in face . " "The n wh y ' muSt we hurry ' . ' BANDITS TAK E MOR E 9 A PTrV " E S . n.o going t o br i n g wit . e ll to draw Badeye from " ' dunge o n .. " ' ,. . Whi l e t he Englishrue;n and the m ' embers of Royal . ' . NorthW est MOlmt e d Pelice were waiting as patientl Sen vv Ultewolf and fiv e bucks besIde t?, lay as po ss ible for the tim.e to com e ' when the y w e r e to s!t watch fur Badeye-an' s hoot heem. Me fix WIth WhIteout, the r e suddenly sounded the pou1iding of many' wolf to be gaide-for money . " , hoofs. ) I ,'. at the low voi c e in which the trapper added . Ignorant of whether it was a raid, e n m d ss e of the these last, but mast important, words of all, Ponsonby Hold-up Men of Barren' Lands, a bunch of Lndiah braves Itsked : ". ' "Iiow mttch on the .. or, , of their qwn ' corps, the , " ' Same as me:" , constables seIzed theIr car:bines and rushed to the door . Cawdor was ' dn . the point of protesting ,when Lord that they might P 'OUf a , volley into t,he apprqaching Fortest s . Uenced him by agreeing to ,pay the' extra fee . , ho!semep. should they prove'io be e nemies . .. d . t, scarcely had they taken their stands than round an ,qui ckly the men swung onto -their ' horses ; the Eng_ a bend ' in the' trail galloped the Sl1perhi t ehdent of the lishtrlen tiding with superintenden t and the i nspec .,Constabulal'Y , hi:rnse lf, and at his he e ls . came . fifty splen tor while Joe wriggled about behind O'T oole . -did s pec imens of rugged manhood. At the head of the lake, they picked up Whitewolf . . ' B!'ietly ltclmowledging the"'" salute of the inspector and the other members of the avenging party and then the superintendent exclaimed: ' " proceeded with the utmost ca:1.1tio n.. . . .. " ,Have yeu any horsemen go by' here ?''' But when they had arrived within i few hundl'.ed "Hors einen, no , indeed . Who are they1" , yards of ,the retreat, they were startled to hear blo o d'.'M em bers of BadElYe's gang, We ran ac ' ross them curdling ' shrieks, early this morning about five mil e s above theFort, "Quick, men, i t may be that the dev ils are , torturing We tried to ride them dbwn, but the 'ir mounts l11t'lst, the women ! " gasped Ponsonby . . , be for they outdistanced us' al1d though But Whitewolf instantly dispelled ' his fears! w e ' c a u ght-slght of them se veral times afterward, we "That nat palefac ' e , him Injun!"-he grunted, lost the m entire l y some ten' miles back." "'rhen what do e s it mean ? I thought your ' people "Are y ou sure they w e r e me mbers of the ' Hold-Up wer en't going to the c1ungeon 9 : ' , . Men '", ' , . , Him c h a n ge d mind afte r Joe g one. 'Bout 'twenty "Positive. I r ecq gnized Lon g Ha,jr through' my go. Jus t to se _ e . dea;d c hi e f and t ake bod y to village." ,bi nocularS' and Powe r s ide ntified the other two as A t the fir s t outcry, White w ' olf had d espatched one Buster a n n Easy . " , o f hi s c ompan i ons to learn the caus e arid that they "Then they '-ve p T o b a bl y g one , to -the dungeon.," an-might no t walk into any tra p, the m anhunters halted n o u nced C awd o r. . _ until the s c put s hould r eturn. , , ... a\Vh e r e ' s that ? " deman d ed the superintende . P t. But W 1 1eD h e did, hi s f ace w as a s white as it could . ' .''\V b e re Bftd e y e i s h o l d ing :Gac1y Forres t and Mrs. b e und e r the c ov e ring o f g au d y h ue d p a i n t wi t h ,V-hich Ponson b y ,Pri so ne'rs f or fif t y thous a n d dollars ransom it was s-treake d! . ' api ece. " . _" "Little Fox; , Big F eathe r and flop Toaq. caught-in , " W ell, if y ou k n o-iv the pl a ce, wh y , in the naJUe of the' traps!" h e e,x-claimed n a tive tongue, which Joe


TH;E AMERICAN WEEKLY. " ' -interpreted fer Englis)men and tIre the' "=See he:e, just constabulary, : _ .hundred dolla:rs from some "little one man bank downn .. . ''' ,Why 't seme of the let them out country, you've got-such a ' swelled -head I'm" surprised : 'Ylutewelf. , you could it tlirough ' We trap door..., , " , an ran away when the first one caught "On these ladies in the big I.'O tI?ns eloquent . _J!or he to the leader, I'm perfectly willing you should clear outhIS trIbesmen at a SWIft run. only -you've ' got , to go now!" ':' . , " : Close .at his heels galloped several ()f M. And as he the , ba:ndit-chieftain out' . :liut :when they the spot scout ha'q, his shooting jrons . and swept them bank and forth 011 ,.declaroo the bucks held prIsoner there wasn't a Jme with the faces of his astonished followers : ' S3gn of a man, IndIan or white, to be seen! . For' a IQng time, Badeye -had been the 'fact that Buster was taking every opportunity possible ;; to belittle him and run him down to the other memha-s the gang ind, when he broke forth in' io such caustic (JRAPTE. R XIX, . he determined to bull .by the horn,s , i '. and settle the matter once ana for all. . BADEYEl GE'l'S RID OF A 'l'!WUBLE:M:AKJilR. "Why, ain't any of you he sneered after,;-a silence which _ was 'so intense it could have been cut with , When Long Hair, Buster and Easy reached the duna k nife. "-rou don't mean to say you're going to stay; they went from one of the trap doors to another, wit'h , us, From the line of talk you've been glVlng the signal kn(Jcks _ by which bandits made handing out lately,I thought .aU you waf! looking for' theirpresenee known to one another. was the chance to start a rival gang to I.Irine. But I've They had expected to find their chief and, companions given you the you're --too . much of a dirty in the big room and consequently, when their signal sneaking little coward to go!" . ';C was -greeted .by a woman's voice, exclaiIning: "Is that As heuttered these., words, th.e bandlt you, Hal?)' they stared at one.. another in amazement . 'sprang to his feet and with a stride reached tnc amaied _ "Let's go down and find out what's up,'" suggested Buster, Never in lloll their 10l;lg years of association Easy. But his companjons quickly outvoted hill-with their leader they seen him ' wr:ought ,;.::--' evidently been up to some deyiltry again he was at that moment, and they wondered what w a s ill ,-which would account for the la:r:ge force ' of the :store their par. . ' . . M. P's, we sa w: leaving the Fort tb;is moming," , de' 'Bnt long kept in Long HaIr. "That being the cas 'e, the thing t6" one of pis back hIS belt, Bad, do IS to find the fellows. if they're here. " And quickly eye the pockets of his underhireling, throwing he went to the trap door leading to' the bandit-chiefeverythmg onto the fioor, ' , z tain's bunkrooll-_ "Where 's o the m.oney you got-for your share of t:p,e 'Fol' several minutes, none ?f the sleeping men i."obberies down the line Y " n.e. :r;oared. . _ aroused by.the repeated rappmgs. But at hist Redtop I got a cent-Long HaIr .. has . the whole heard -them and answer .ing signal, one long !" \ . ,,' " -,,and one short whIstle. '. Is that so, Long HaIr? .. ' They're down -there," exelaimed Buster. And as U I've got the share that belongs to you and the rest Redtop ,slid ba,qlf the secretly moving r/Jck, th.e three boys, Easy and the other fellel'S got late arnvals !)f the gang dropped to the fioor below. 'So you can t even the' truth to your boss, eh" "How' s aske . d Pieface who hlld awakene'(t ' sneered Badeye. dIg up that boodle or I'll send' "Fine. We cleaned up a couple of b)li1ks _ down !in your III:isera?le ,little soul down int9 the regions the) Ath.a.basca river r _ egion . Got a good ehunk of where it'll s1, zzle and Be lively!" . . z boodle, too . But say, what's the meaning of the dames And to lend foree to hIS words, bandit-chieftain in the big room 1 _ Badeye been getting spliced 1" pressed the cold steel muzzle ' of his revolver .against "No, I only . wish he had. Between you and me, he'S'" outll1w's .temple.! " • . got us into, an all-fired ' bad mess-but don't let on to How ean I dIg 'l t when you got yoU!' gun agin my _ him I think--' , _.. head? " he growled. ' . -. .-, .... The awakening of the b.andtt chieftain put an end to . "That's for you to find out. Come, my finger)s get: any fillther confidences between the of the tmg ' : . . gang and :Redtop related the events of the kidnappiI;lg An mstant the. erstwh.lle . his the theft of the Fur company's . money. ' maste!, then a wlune arrogance, he Say, Bad.eye, YOll're sure dippy to run yourself into put his. hanet In the bosom -of his shut .and took out a such a game as that . . Why that old moss-backed Fur -P0p-eh., . . quit paying , dividends, if it has to; to pro. You am t got s.o low you've taken to holdin , g VIde money to trail 11S down!'" declared Buster. ' up your own gang, have you 1 :p,e sneered as h e handed "Now let . me "have a peep at the skirts and Pll tell the bag to Badeye. . , . ... ' you, if you've made as bad a break with them: as you . But the l eader of the bandits hIm no heed, • have,;irith the pay dlrt,l' mg t() Redtop: . . . . ,,For several moments the notori'ous leader of the " Just take count i.t and divide it am"ong Hold-up Men of Barren Lands gazed at tn. e outlaw who you-and anythmg else m that plle on the , fioor. . had a.ared criticize him so s e verely, at last saying: "This coyote did lt -;t have a cent to ' ills .. .. , . .,


THE AMERICAN INDIAN WEEKLY. . . ' name when he joined us and he 't have one when : danger which their leader ' believed them to be in-and he leaves.", . . for a moment several of them wished they had been "Since you haven't got the ne 'rve to get:out on YOl1r from the gang. at. the'same time as Buster. But " oWllhook, Buster" I'm going to throw you out I Pi. eface, l . t was oply for an this disloyalty showed .. 'open the trap I" '-:-. " and tpe men about the prepar' ations which were As he spoke, the bandit-chieftain ' seized the trembto be their ,death warrants-with a :will I " . ling' outlaw as though he were a bag-of sawdust and the n ; lldst of them, however, the outlaws ' were surswung, him back and forth several times to get moprIsed to hear another wail from the wolf traps. And mentum. ' , " , " ' . , no h "ad its piercing echo died away than shrieks ' ''Now: when you go out Buster just re;'ember that from the direction ' of the other two traps' l the very :first time I lay eyes on I'll drill you full . "Shall I , see what's doing?'! answered ex of lead I So long L" And with a mighty heave, he sent cItedly. 0' , • ---" • the disgraced sailing through the trap door I ,_ "Not on your I The springi1J.g of the three of .. . '-' ,'them at the same tIme, alm<:>st shows there's a bunch CHAPTER Tim NET TIGHTENS,ABOPT THE HOLD-UP -,MEN. of people round here-and if you sho-qld raise the trap door, you'd let them know whel'e 'it's located-which is just 'what they'd give a siz-eable pile 6f money firid out." / I ngthing but Injuns,. anyhow, declared 'Slasher, after listening i:p.tently to the "Evidently, we nipped Big Moose just in, time, " " . . ' Theef'fect. " of expulsion of Buster from chuckled Badeye. "He probablY-,thought he'd raId tpeir nefarious 'gang caused theo'ther members to whisus , . But. I reckon the sight of his carcass, together per among themselYes . with 'my note"will change their minds." ' . "':Any of you don't what I did to Buster1 You But the bandIt-chieftain was mistaken in this proph-can go, if that's. the c.a&e: every mother's son of you I" ' ecy I -"Now don't get all het up, Badeye," soothed Ked-For the five men who were to the locality "We was just, saying muong Y ourselves that it day after day in order to avenge the death of their seemed soH of tough to throw the, kid out and not give chief were even then drawing close to' the , hini a ' cent. That's all." ' . ' , with tilem were coining the troop of Royal North-west "Then it-why: ma:tl, dear/that sneak's got Mounted Police. more cold, hard' cash salted than you've any :idea . .I Badey e !;leemed' to change his mind and, know because the last time I missed any money qut of sprmgmg to the ladder, w ent 'up, cautiously gazed my jElans, '1 watched; him, sawhim lift a ceuple of' hun7 about, then dartec1 toward the first captive in the wolf 'dre<;l. and then traitled him to his cache-and ' say, he : t .ap whom he brought to the entrance to the cav . e and Mid a ' bale of it that would flped an elephant I" dropped, in, after which he went through the same (' Why didn't you call him 1" .demanded performance with the other two. "What 'Jas the use. I want ed to wait uP.til he got up And just as he "yas .the stone panel back 'into against something pretty stiff and then I decided to place , . he heard the crHlS of amaz?ment that went up turn liim loose-ancl I've done it. If he doesn't get from the Troopers and Indians at the disappearance '. '.{ to fifteen fOT those bank jobs, I'll miss my of the captmed braves I -,', ( I "'We're sure in for a siege of it now," he chuckled, "But let's pass him up from now on . Long Hair, did as he the -you have any trouble g,etting iway1" , '-'.'Well, WIth these hanqsol!le looking gents, here, . 'it '! " even see a fly mug or an M. F. until this seems as though we ought to fina 'out what was going morning-and then we had to ride: h!ard for it to beat' on," grinned "How about it, you wall-ey e d them out. " , mut, what's domg up above 1" " " . "Whenl*was that 1" asked Badeye, in surprise. , ' ,And he gave the steel trap holding the' leg of the "Do:.wn by the Fort. I seen one guy put .his glasses " brave Hop a kick which on us, so I reckon they.lmow who we are, all hunky." the redskm to groan Wlth pam I . "They didn't see you turn in here, did they1" . "Now don't whine and complain," sneer ed the out: , "l'ifaw, we 'em in 'about five miles . But they law. "Just an swer my question-or. I'll giveyou didn't stop coming." " another one I -"H'm, how ,many was there 1" "Come, speak up 'lively-what 's going on -up there 1 • "All of fifty." \7Vho're all the people who've just arrived some of fom we saw last night, or rather this your fellpw , scalpers,?" ' " '. mornmg, when we were coming from the lake to the But Hop Toad, hIS .face terrible to behold because dungeon, that makes fifty-foUr then th-ere's the two of the fury written on it, was . true to the Englishmen, -that makes' heaven only traditions of his race-and simply glo 'wered at his ' knows how many trappers they've lined up by this tormentor I ' .. . time. , , r "I'll attendto you"later, you ;edskinned 'mutI" , , we could only get the bucks to , figHting 'em, ' it snarle d the outlaw. "Let's see 'what this lad's got' w{)uJ d give us a chance to make a sneak. ' , to sa.y 1 " aI\d"'he bestow<;ld a kick upon the lower pa.rt "As we'd better just our kegs of pow.der . of BJg Feather's l e g I • o er thIS way and put 'em inj;o their holes, against the ,TJ?,e buck did the. forbearance of Hop Toad, > of too many M. P's." however, and,-:though the -pam must have been terriD.c Plainly did these instructions tell the the ' he hounded feet, seize(L a chair, swung it around " . . :9 . __


, . THE AMERICAN INDIAN WEEKLY. .I _ ' '" ' .. -.... .,." • ...his head with, increaJble swiftness and brought it down an ' d , they wisely kept silent-but Li1;.tle Fox 1.angheil full 'upon Pieface:s head, sendillg him crash4tg tu the gleefully at the threat. , ' Jloor I .-;., • I ' Bilt the next-instant, he bitterly regrette, d his act! _ . , " him righ,t for tortu!,ing the poor'devils so!'" With a snort:.more like the cry of a wild:' anima,I tlfan declared Slasher . -a human being, the bandit-chieftain was"'upo n him ( "That may be,"" agreed I}adeye. "But none Bending over,)e the foot of /the leg held in. ' of the r.est of you try any: 'funny business / There'Jl the terrible jaws, of the steel trap an-d"began to jerk none too mapYof us here as it IS. " . . ' viciously. .-e .' • there,'s a heap. sight more of you than ther:e'll Forseveral moments, the buck stood the excruciating be to-night when the M. ''s : get through with you!" , pain, then sliildenly went insane with the agony and jee1:'ed Little FoX: __ . y _ :-burst into the most ear-splitting, blo.odcurdling shrieks "Much obliged, you wi h the ingI;owing face, for and' wails! ' " . information . So lpng as it's white men who have And Badeye " s monstroUs brutality was destined to be come, I don't care . I was only afraid it was some more his doom! _ . -'. of Big Moose's dirty tribe-;-a'lld I don't want to be Frantically he called to the redskin' to 'ire .silent-but . obliged, to bring any more in here!" chuc1rled ' Badeye. the buck paid him no heed. .' . "W:ell, you won't get the chance-don:t w9rryi" c Finding. words of , no ' avail, the leader ortb:e outlaws retorted Little Fox. "If you 'don't believe .,me) j;ust tried beating him with the butt oJ his raise 'that trap and , see what h ,app;l, ns to you -!" . this proved eqp.'ally unavailing, he whipped out' his ' "Oh ho, that:s their game is it, sharpshooting!" exsixshoGter and sent .,a bullet crashirig into Little Fox's claimed the bandit-chieftain-and instantly he I grew skull! . very grave, finally adding: "It's'sure a mighty good And just as the pistol was ' dis-chargea, Inspector,' thing they don't know the locations of the secret Cawdor and Constable O'Toole chanced to , be walkingdoors. " . over the r . oom! ". -"But they wilL -before long-Buster'll fell 'emIr> "What's that? " demanded the latter. "Didn't you gloated Big Feather: ;. ' he ,ar anything? . It seemed to me 1: he 'ard the wailing' -CJIAPTER }tXI. THE RED MASSACRE. of _ a soul -in"Imrgatory and then a boo:rn like' crack ' of doom!'" , ' .; , 'By St. George! I wonder if we , can be over the rooms of the_ dvugeon !" exclaimed t;he ,!qspectVr. "You just standwhere you _ lare , O'Toole an

, TaE AMERICAN INDiAN WEEKLY. liQng the tide of Fortune b ' een against the brive Buster did not know, had 'l' W!l 'back the 'door plucky w 'pmen-but at last it ,had turned-the, the big room tt} ,the bunk '['oom of Badeye. , :man " '"prodding the earth, in , 'the effort to locate' one oJ And,;,ts they had so, they ,caught siglit of the I the entrances t( ; the subterranean r etreat was hone • legs of ' the intrepid, on ladder! ' : other than M:r, Ponsonby1 , " ' ''l'b ' ey'vc, founcl our the woNot keen of hearing, so d esperately diQ. tb e woman n:jeD F.' exclaimed Reatop. . , , ' , , , I ,strive to IP,ake' presence known that ,t4e English-," 'c: 'I'nen pump your"guns, \nto .gevil who's respon-man felt-rather than he3J{'d-'ner efforts'-:"anCl sud-. sibl e!" snapp'ed Badeye. I denly standing ' ' ,,' " ' ' ,", I rmd as he spoKe, the guns m the hands of every , , '!I want the'man in. tlrueerow'd with th. e .;pair of of thc -outlaws . " ,I el4'S. ' , ' , ' . ' A moment; 0 'Toole on the ladder, as peil'et 'Phe demand IDstantl y the' "i'est @f' the after 'pelle t 'of lead found its 10d,giRg place in his nddy, , and they ran Cawdor replied : :', 1,; ionglpr to hold, on the' . 'Toole is the' mall fer VOl l Ml', Ponsouby. " '-, lac, o ,er relaxe,.d and he fell bl:lJ(', k to the fidor! < ,'. " :'1;'hen senel Ilim ' here>!'" tir e , 6o{u-" ' ,Iturrah! We've ,got oIte & Hold car-'_' ' lrumer-but had the w otcl : s lips than :pump the next . devil wuo , shows , hImself . . ' the. (':Qnstable at his e1bow : .;. 'j ' " , full!" Bacleye, stand 0fi .• "'v\Th,:at is it. sid" he ask;edeagerly. '" , " _ <>, J' Yet before the other coul . d reply, he 'had caught the.' But hIS1 , exultatlOn was 'premature ! " . ':s}>und the pounding from below! . A d07-;D. or of constatmlary had seen the '; Glory be-I think, si.r, we've felIDd the ladies'!'; , their, p>opulal' riddled with bullets and the W1th an angl.YgI'owl, hh;.e the suvdued snadof a tigress "Don't stop to thfuk, mall-find out!" to uPQn her prtly they thrust their

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